Linking in a sentence | Use of the word linking examples

linking up with Fade to Mind, Night Slugs, Diplo, Venus X, GHE20GOTH1K parties—all that helped,” Mike says.

Geode: Finally linking up with James (Jafu) and Travis (B9) were both big moments.

Adding fuel to the fire, studies linking height to greater earning potential regularly make headlines.

Or some dodgy app that you can’t even remember linking to your account.

Choose from strategic lists and itineraries, and receive advice for linking multiple parks, interesting stops between them, and nearby attractions and state parks.

Perhaps the most significant thing Yiannopoulos has accomplished at Breitbart is definitively linking the site to the alt-right.

A Facebook user named Arte Dignidad put together an infographic linking both Gimbrone and O’Brien under the same “white privilege” umbrella.

He started recruiting elderly volunteers, linking them with Korean major students at Princeton and Yale via Skype.

Dozens of protesters blocked entry to the gallery for guests of the ceremony, linking arms and chaining themselves to the gallery gates.

And linking people by their groups and stuff like that.

Motherboard reached out to Murray to find out whether he and others like him were linking a Trump vote to a larger agenda.

We’re not linking to other people in the Marvel universe.

That’s something that is definitely linking with our name as well.

During the presentation, Nicole Kushner Meyer didn’t hold back linking Kushner Cos. to the current U.S. administration.

There is strong evidence linking Trump’s foreign policy advisers to Russia, and Trump’s stated policy ideas are extremely favorable to Russian interests.

There’s similarly strong evidence linking Russian operatives to the Podesta hack.

In some cases, the resources are already there and it is simply a matter of linking entrepreneurs to the right network.

It’s not clear what evidence Trump has linking the FBI to the production of the dossier.

The United States’ two NAFTA partners have both resisted linking the tariffs to the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Ottawa said on Wednesday linking the tariffs and NAFTA will not improve the tri-country trade agreement.

The A321XLR is expected to be able to fly around eight hours in most cases, linking U.S. eastern cities deep into Europe.

Multiple researchers are linking the ransomware attack today to a version of a virus called Petya.

But … we had to ask — would he consider linking up with his ex-Lakers teammate, Magic Johnson, and coaching L.A. if Walton falters??

The Washington Post’s Jeff Guo rounded up a number of studies linking economic stress to surging support for conservative and anti-immigrant parties.

Migration officials remained in the shadow of immigration posts on a bridge linking the two countries.

Nice to have extraordinarily smart people serving our Country!” Trump said on Twitter, linking to Time’s video of Kushner’s appearance.

The doctor told her there was absolutely no evidence linking weight gain to the IUD.

– and in no way being told to avoid the temptation of tenuously linking Riyad Mahrez to a fundamentalist cleric from Tooting.

It’s worth being cautious about linking any one of these groups to Wednesday’s Jakarta attacks.

From that point, officers should proceed to subdue the person by calmly talking them down and eventually linking them to health care.

One of the Be Strong images is a heart with a hug around it, while the other shows two hands linking in solidarity.

Meanwhile, Google has pushed aggressively into app indexing, deep linking and mobile app advertising.

It entails linking vulnerable House Republicans to the lightning rod candidate in the hopes that bipartisan distaste for Trump will sink them both.

linking critics to box office figures is inevitable.

“For the first time, (the government) is linking the fact that everything can be achieved if workers are motivated,” he said.

Moran’s linking up with Warp Records was as fateful and fluid as her recordings.

“The majority of the Russian ad spend happened AFTER the election,” he continued, linking to this post from Facebook’s blog.

“We could, I guess,” he shrugged without much enthusiasm for Ping and, most of all, for linking Apple customers with Facebook.

That’s what CAISO is trying to do, linking to surrounding Western states.

He resigned in August 2016 following a news report linking him to covert payments from a pro-Kremlin political party in Ukraine.

At the moment, we don’t have any specific studies linking this increased stress from the recent presidential election and health outcomes.

Marine Online aims to become a one-stop shop for the shipping industry linking shipowners, charterers, surveyors and suppliers, Qi said.

[Only one study of the 75 found an effect linking spanking to a positive outcome.]

The A321XLR is expected to be able to fly around eight hours in most cases, linking U.S. eastern cities deep into Europe.

I don’t want to exaggerate what Trump said, in terms of linking him to other figures like that.

Minnesota Vikings

In Minnesota, the Vikings chose to all stand together linking arms in a show of team unity.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins asked the crowd to join the team in linking arms in a tweet sent out before the game.

Tom Brady stood linking arms with his teammates Phillip Dorsett, Cassius Marsh, and David Harris.

Hugo’s poems celebrated liberty, linking the Ancient Greeks with the modern world and embedding freedom of artistic expression into political freedom.

Okada would bring it back, slowing things down, linking moves together.

The world is covered in crisscrossing land, sea, and air routes linking multiple trading partners all across the globe.

There’s no shortage of these self-reported or correlational studies linking new media use to attentional drawbacks, either.

But linking the striatum to uncertainty offers some clues to why most people feel anxious about the future.

linking them together is critical.

His son, Donald Trump Jr., also retweeted a meme Friday that included a racist, Islamophobic conspiracy theory linking Omar to terrorism.

But both Chinese and U.S. officials appear to be avoiding linking her arrest to the trade dispute.

Sanches is the more proactive choice, linking to the front two, while Gomes is more experienced and more defensively reliable.

Steam could add some form of usefulness to this graph by linking highly shared articles about the game to the graph, providing context.

Facebook employed a Republican opposition-research firm to discredit activist protesters, in part by linking them to the liberal financier George Soros.

“This scares the shit out of me,” he wrote, linking to this article.

The effects are mesmerizing, again linking these works to her earlier paintings.

Prosecutors are also linking him to a March shooting, in which firearms he allegedly purchased through those applications were used.

Apple is linking up with, the popular music video app.

To sum up the state of the research, we have preliminary studies linking media multitasking to brain characteristics associated with mental health disorders.

The second episode in the series finds Webster exploring a “madlib” or exquisite corpse approach to linking the visuals.

Citing the “studies” linking MMA to domestic violence, Jaffee said the sport “harms women victimized by the glorification of distorted masculinity.”

I like linking all the worlds and relationships together.

The same team was behind another report linking dolphins’ oil exposure to lung damage and other significant problems.

Of the sites that did, a third of the time it was just a single page linking out.

She later added on Twitter: I’m not aware of evidence linking autism with vaccines.

“There have been rumors linking Boko Haram to Colombian cocaine traders, but the group is not involved in a big way.

Bubbles of texts, linking to boxes, pointing to arrows are not very easy on the eye.

Experts also say needle exchange sites can be crucial for linking people to addiction treatment.

But before the Reuters story broke, there was strong circumstantial evidence linking Egyptian security forces to Regeni’s murder.

“Right now we don’t have enough evidence linking the modern cases we are seeing, but that’s why we need more research.

Brown was arrested in September 2012 for linking to documents hacked from the security firms HBGary Federal and Stratfor.

The Bosphorus Bridge and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge linking the European and Asian parts of the country have been shut down.

But both Chinese and U.S. officials appear to be avoiding linking her arrest to the trade dispute.

But the evidence for linking sensation seeking to speed is not compelling.

Some roads linking the European Parliament to the Maelbeek station have also been closed.

We’re starting to see more of the linking of universal themes with the stories and experiences of immigrant families.

Some roads linking the European Parliament to the Maelbeek station have also been closed.

Over the course of this game and its predecessors, we learn of the horrors that linking the fire creates.

Especially when they had the browser and then the linking.

Last month, Facebook also removed two pages linked to Spencer (including one linking to after they were flagged by VICE News.

(For example: Stories linking the Zika virus to immigration polarized liberals and conservatives over whether Zika was a threat to the United States.)

linking anger to depression may also make it harder to criminalize black youth for it.

The surrounding Deir al-Zor province is important for IS, linking its de facto capital in Raqqa with its fighters in Iraq.

Najib denied the allegations and there has been no evidence linking him to corruption in the deal.

I follow threads linking place and people, past and present.

That would imply linking two sides together—in this case the Catholic Church and the LGBTQ community.

During the Fox News interview aired Monday, Bolsonaro brushed off allegations linking him to Rio’s militias.

Are you doing affiliate linking?

linking animal deaths to climate change is tricky.

He’s considered the father of “engaged Buddhism,” a movement linking mindfulness practice with social action.

He noted recent company hackathons that produced three different projects for linking with Echo, Amazon’s surprise hit voice-controlled speakers.

“The first matter is related to the linking of the land and sea (borders),” Bazzi said.

Consider the subtle play of mouths and hands linking the central poster to the foreground figures.

“The Turks may even have more direct evidence linking MBS to the crime.

In particular, Kelly said, Trump’s linking of terrorism to immigrants and their children is “deeply disturbing.”

The A321XLR is expected to be able to fly around eight hours in most cases, linking U.S. eastern cities deep into Europe.

As a trans woman, I worry about the longterm effects of linking disability to transgender rights.

“You came down the road to Arlit,” Ibrahim told Business Insider, referring to the badly degraded “uranium highway” linking the city to southern Niger.

In 1984, he was the first urologist to publish a journal article linking smoking to erectile dysfunction.

Representative Debbie Dingell told CBS she did not favor linking that issue to other policy objectives, such as wall funding.

Contemporary local figures will also be included, linking the past and present.

But here was his wife, with all her expertise, linking marijuana to a gruesome crime.

Erkmen understood that the two sides of the harbor are polar opposites, and found a most unusual and joyful way of linking them.

Considering cooperation on carbon pricing by linking a UK emissions trading system with the EU’s ETS.

Since arriving at the border last week, they have been denied entry through the gates linking Mexico to the United States.

By “linking up,” I of course mean that ‘Taker placed Post in a choke-slam on a big screen and people cheered wildly.

And by linking discounts to Amazon Prime membership, it could drive sales of those.

Fully decarbonizing electricity will inevitably involve enormous amounts of both — expanding and linking grids, and intensifying them with smart distributed energy technology.

Absent political absurdity, the regionalization of grids — eventually linking them nationally and even internationally — is the cheapest way to integrate more renewable energy.

But Perry was unsuccessful at linking her vague sense of political outrage to a personal, emotional core.

But I haven’t yet been able to find a study linking the two.

Even Facebook hired a DC PR firm to discredit its critics by linking them to Soros.

Even Facebook hired a DC PR firm to discredit its critics by linking them to Soros.

The two were nearly inseparable after first linking up in the fall of last year.

They were essentially a linking service.

You’re linking people with others, not unlike LinkedIn or any of the other, or Tinder or anything.

But given the elaborate lengths someone has gone to manufacture other evidence linking Wright to Nakamoto, it’s worth being very skeptical.

You’re linking people.

There was no DNA or fingerprint evidence linking him to the crime at the time—just eyewitnesses who said they recognized Jones’s face.

Still, there is a solid body of research linking alcohol to violence.

The second catalyst followed Hillary Clinton’s highly-publicized “alt-right speech” linking the group’s “God Emperor Trump” to white supremacy.

Indeed, linking extra money for hiring officers to reforms of scheduling practices could be an element of a greatly expanded COPS hiring grant program.

By linking his book directly to a live controversy, Dershowitz has managed to secure oodles of coverage and sell books.

A portrayal that understands that friendships made in the nighttime are more likely to be linking arms than breaking them.

It also lies near a main highway linking Aleppo to Damascus, Syria’s capital, to the south.

In June, Boring was selected by Chicago to build a 17-mile underground transit system linking that city’s downtown to its main airport.

It’s a wireless way of linking devices in close proximity to each other, similar to the way Bluetooth works.

“The first matter is related to the linking of the land and sea (borders),” Bazzi said.

Facebook employed a Republican opposition-research firm to discredit activist protesters, in part by linking them to the liberal financier George Soros.

And there are indications that some of its key products, like virtual reality and app linking, may work across older versions of Android.

It was widely condemned for playing on racial fears by featuring a black man’s mug shot and linking blackness with depravity.

There are fears that the tariffs could jeopardize talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) linking Canada, Mexico and the United States.

And the key to it has been linking those things together.

The rise of the “thread” has proven that Twitter is a great place to post longer ideas without linking out.

linking the words of leaders to acts of violence is tempting but tricky.

And that’s why studies linking meat eating or dairy eating to particular disease outcomes can be misleading.

Many of these sites now derive revenue from their reviews by linking the products to Amazon to receive referral fees.

But there’s a common thread linking all of these moves together.

This is hardly the first incident linking poppy seeds to death.

The first issue had a lot of women linking arms, and the second issue had women making fists.

The Arab coalition also struck the main road linking Hodeidah to the capital Sanaa to block reinforcements, residents and anti-Houthi Yemeni military officials said.

There has also been a substantial amount of research in recent years linking the drug to treating depression.

Filmstruck also did a stellar job of linking contemporary cinema with film history.

linking the ACA to Medicare and Social Security could quickly defuse the (so far) futile fights about repealing it.

1 Up Top Ahk achieves that by intensely linking us to Mozzy’s pathos.

The pipes, linking and crisscrossing over the trapezoidal floor-to-ceiling windows, are fitted with 30 faucets situated at varying heights.

Le Pen makes a point of linking globalization — and its (negative) consequences — back to her other obsession, Islamic fundamentalism.

The Rice reports have refocused things significantly, linking the unmasking to a specific Trump administration official.

Human Rights Watch told The Independent there was no “credible evidence” linking Somali refugees to any terrorist attacks in Kenya.

Washington said the charges linking him to Gulen were baseless.

New features include real-time metrics about group growth, engagement, and membership request filtering, tools to help remove “bad actors,” scheduled posting, and group-to-group linking.

So again, there’s a gradient linking income and life expectancy.

Last week, the Kremlin questioned the credibility of a report linking the incidents in Britain and Bulgaria.

Granted, every Marvel movie comes with built-in buzz — the studio’s cinematic strategy of linking universes and plots throughout different films guarantees as much.

Traffic stops for minor violations are one of the common threads linking high-profile police shootings.

On the border bridge linking the two cities, so many students cross every day that authorities have assigned them their own pedestrian lane.

“This is what government censorship looks like,” Teen Vogue columnist (and VICE contributor) Lauren Duca remarked, linking to the same article.

The Malacca Strait runs between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, linking the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The technological bridge between the apps is known as deep linking.

You’re linking people.

According to the White House, there isn’t good evidence linking access to birth control to lower rates of unintended pregnancies.

“Mothers are the major key to success” Khaled wrote on Twitter, linking to a page where you could buy the shirt posted above.

But there’s a growing body of evidence linking food insecurity (having too little or uncertain access to food) to obesity — particularly among women.

“Right now, [deep linking] is working,” Levine said.

It is a way of linking Hillary Clinton to the scary Muslim other, one of the convention’s biggest boogeymen to date.

As Tobacco, he’s played with a similar aesthetic, linking up with Beck, Aesop Rock, and Rob Sonic on his first three albums.

Imagine all these intersections of people, groups who aren’t really supposed to be meeting, linking up and coming together on the dancefloor.

When grouped with the other works here, a historical specificity is introduced, linking one tragedy after another in a horrific trajectory.

Kinkd, Kinkstr, and KNKI all describe themselves as communities and talk about tools for education or linking users to groups and events in-app.

But advertisers also want to avoid linking their companies or products to anything that’s controversial or racist.

[Peter Kafka and Rani Molla / Recode] Apple is linking up with, the popular music video app.

There were about 74,000 tweets linking to YouTube videos in his sample; the next-closest external site was Facebook, with only 23,000.

Then there’s the general problem of linking sounds with perceptions.

You would list a group of people you were linking to.

More and more victims are linking arms and refusing to be forced quietly into the night.

Bangladesh’s counterterrorism chief told Reuters on Wednesday that his country had found no evidence linking the suspect to militants in his home country.

There haven’t been any major studies linking alkaline water to improved athletic performance or long-term health, but it’s apparently not completely useless.

The brain stores long-term memories by linking neurons.

linking up with ETAs all over, he began documenting the acts, venues, competitions, festivals, fans, and memorabilia of this diamante-studded underworld.

Just Thursday morning, damning new evidence emerged linking Russia to the hacks.

The incident took place near the Kerch Strait linking the Black Sea with the Sea of Azov.

3) Platooning: This refers to cars linking together closely into vehicle trains, to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Stuart Hall called this moment “articulation,” a space of linking where the visible and the sayable engender a sense of feeling.

Fortify Rights also said it had gathered testimony linking ARSA to the threats against women working.

A lot of it is Twitter, and then people linking me to threads on 4chan.

But historically, when faced with these higher costs, Google will simply stop linking to such outlets at all.

The waterway separates Iran and Oman, linking the Gulf to the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea.

Jared Kushner has his security clearance downgraded; the UN released a report linking North Korea to Syria’s chemical weapons program.

We do much more of just linking out and frankly just doing our own reporting.

The city represented a strategic crossroads, linking Syria’s capital to ISIS strongholds in the country’s east.

Dozens of protesters blocked entry to the gallery for guests of the ceremony, linking arms and chaining themselves to the gallery gates.

“This specific bitcoin wallet address is the exact same address provided by dogdaygod, thus linking Defendant directly to dogdaygod,” the complaint reads.

Had deep linking existed then, they probably would have held a lot of that content on platform.

Because I’m single and only 24 years old, I especially hate hearing the troubling stats linking snoring to divorce.

VRE can be made somewhat less variable by linking up resources over a wide geographical area with more transmission lines.

The grid linking each charging station is, again, the drones themselves.

He had just started mapping, trying to map this sort of ecosystem of these far-right websites and linking.

After scrutinizing 240 studies on the topic, scientists at Stanford University failed to find any evidence linking organic food to better health.

China, meantime, has helped build an extension to the international airport in the Maldives, and a bridge linking it to the capital, Male.

This is called “linking back” and it’s super helpful to the blogging experience.]

But we’re just linking to this one here because it’s handy.

The story linking them is unclear, an enigma the viewer can either attempt to unravel or just ignore, appreciating each image as it appears.

There was no physical evidence linking anyone to the crime scene.

This aids in the study of how neurons and axons (the long “tails” of neurons linking them to other neurons) regenerate.

My ancestry dna results are back,” Eagles wrote, linking to a chart showing 7 percent African ancestry and 22 percent Native American.

That echoes Bannon’s description of The Movement as a “loose association” acting as the “connective tissue” linking national right-wing movements.

This, the first show linking these two sites of the museum in one exhibition, is extremely popular.

The video shows Wiki walking through a wooded area where he ends up linking with friends taking back forties and cooking over fire.

Mulligan’s research provides no concrete evidence linking the growth decline to Obamacare, but that didn’t stop him from jumping to a conclusion.

The semi-abstract image is composed of ferociously drawn lines linking spherical balls of energy that resemble blast waves radiating from an underwater explosion.

“When it is done, when you complete that analysis, there’s no direct evidence linking him to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

After linking with the eminent imprint last year, the blue-haired Afro-Honduran has since dropped some of the label’s smoothest singles.

It’s always the really ugly ones too.” Barnhill was commenting in a thread linking to Weidman’s tweet.

linking tools like these to human fact-checkers and social media platforms could make it easier to minimize duplication of efforts and support each other.

By the mid-1800s, doctors had started writing articles linking “insanity” to periods.

We talked about this mix as conceptually linking electronic music to metal.

(We’re not even linking to that).

But the article linking cigarette smoking to mesothelioma never made it into print.

But Republicans redrew Austin’s districts strategically, portioning off parts of the city and linking them to outside, conservative counties.

However, there is no evidence linking Collins to the leaks.

Mexico and Canada have both resisted linking the tariffs to NAFTA.

On Twitter, several people started linking me to a 18-minute recap by YouTube video creator Super Bunnyhop, aka George Weidman.

Researchers have said that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, despite Trump repeatedly linking immigration and crime.

A recent White House report on the future of AI talks about the idea of linking human and machine.

The map is built of a model of 50 years of data linking temperatures to first spring buds.

But they throw in there the notion that “American companies are disappearing along with good-paying jobs,” linking the tax issue to outsourcing worries.

Amid revelations that Facebook hired an opposition research firm to discredit its critics by linking them to Soros, this looks pretty bad.

The resulting data visualizations illustrate a tangled network of departures and arrivals, linking some to specific conflicts or environmental catastrophes.

“We know there’s no significant external evidence linking the suspects to this incident.”

The National Cancer Institute cites “no scientific evidence” linking antiperspirants to breast cancer development.

Before today’s kickoff, during the national anthem, the Chiefs decided to make their own gesture by linking arms during the Star Spangled Banner.

“Wrestling is always about linking up the past with the present.

(If this feels familiar, it’s because President Trump often tweets out this sentiment — I could keep linking — when it’s cold out.)

As a nondescript instrumental plays in the background, he says, “Real niggas linking up.

“Don’t Be George Sodini—Seriously—Get some game and get real,” wrote one MRA huckster, linking to his own online store.

The LAPD confirmed their testing of the folding buck knife revealed no evidence linking it to the double murder.

You can use buzz words like open reality, but I’m linking the virtual world to real places that are good for people again.

The tiny white capsule sprouted cilia legs and crawled to the edge of their palm, scanners linking to Yorick’s own augmented senses.

But a new study connects online and offline discrimination, linking hate speech on Twitter to rates of real-life hate crimes.

Though the social network stopped short of linking the pages to Russia, researchers subsequently showed links to the notorious Internet research Agency.

#ReleaseTheMemo is currently the top-trending hashtag among Russia-linked accounts, many of whom are linking out to WikiLeaks’ “submit” page.

It was a respectful and friendly conversation,” Lopez Obrador told reporters after Trump’s tweet linking the trade deal to wall funding.

Researchers found evidence linking National Action with far-right extremist groups in the United States, including Vanguard America and Atomwaffen.

Only one study of the 75 studies found an effect linking spanking to a positive life outcome.

Most of the people who are writing these newsletters are linking to things on the web.

Police currently believe the Barcelona and Cambrils incidents were planned in Alcanar — linking all three events.

And then the linking.

It examined the costs and benefits of linking up America’s three big grids into a single, functional national grid.

We now have a big pile of evidence linking sugary drink consumption to chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes.

“By linking the two issues, Trump is suggesting that if Cohen talks, his family members will be prosecuted.

Deep linking: These products — developer features that links apps to one another — are critical to Google.

They also do affiliate linking, and that’s sort of how they’re making money, and that’s super interesting so check that out.

Russia, meanwhile, is considering building a giant highway linking the Atlantic to the Pacific, going across Siberia.

also says he was not ID’d by any witnesses and “there is no scientific evidence linking him” to the shooting.

Locals speak of large numbers of cartel hitmen roaming the dirt roads linking the tiny villages and towns dotted around the mountains.

Locals speak of large numbers of cartel hitmen roaming the dirt roads linking the tiny villages and towns dotted around the mountains.

Separately, at least six suspected gangsters were killed on Monday near a bridge linking Rio and the neighboring city of Niteroi, police said.

While there is some research linking BCAAs to insulin resistance and diabetes, the long-term effects of taking amino acid supplements really aren’t known.

They’re optimistic that voters will see the attacks linking Brooks to Pelosi as disingenuous, and they might have point.

Still, a New Jersey judge dismissed two similar cases because the plaintiff’s lawyers didn’t present reliable evidence linking talc to ovarian cancer.

“For those who experience dysphoria, they may be linking into past negative associations with sexual experiences.

As computers grow more ubiquitous (linking household appliances to phones to cars in a vast, nebulous “Internet of Things”), new secrity challenges have emerged.

He criticized Uber and Lyft for not directly mentioning AB 5 or linking to context about the bill.

Since then, there have been reams of studies, all of which failed to yield any scientific evidence linking autism and vaccination.

“Obviously, we regret linking to any Twitter account that we have learned is illegitimate,” he said in a statement.

There were also a series of rumours linking GSP to a potential fight against Ireland’s UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor.

He then embarks on linking definitions from the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual to Trump’s public statements and private correspondence.

Firefighters found the bodies inside a burned-out vehicle on the road linking two parishes in the city of Nigran, in the province of Pontevedra.

Here’s a start,” Dustin tweeted, linking to his own Oscars acceptance speech from 2009.

Attia has a talent for verbal and visual puns, for linking seemingly disparate things and giving them new meanings.

Police say they believe the attack was a deliberate act but have found no evidence linking the incident to terrorism.

The feature does pit Google more squarely against startups working on similar “deep linking” tech.

URX, another deep linking startup, is now part of Pinterest.

Finally, there’s Apple, whose ambitions around search and app linking are anyone’s guess.

I see soccer the same way I see music, as a connective tissue linking the world’s cultures.”

Leonardo DiCaprio tweeted a thanks to Obama, linking to an article about establishing new national monuments just days before he’s out of office.

A hyperloop linking urban centres to remote Arctic communities is another.

We can do this more or less forever, linking tables to tables to tables to tables.

linking up with Fade to Mind, Night Slugs, Diplo, Venus X, GHE20GOTH1K parties—all that helped,” Mike says.

He followed up with a wave of messages linking back to a Motherboard article describing his antics.

Shumer said that the study adds to a small but growing body of evidence linking gender dysphoria and Asperger syndrome.

Shumer said that the study adds to a small but growing body of evidence linking gender dysphoria and Asperger syndrome.

The contract also includes construction of a second, 42-kilometer line linking 6th October City with Giza.

The villages are near a main highway within rebel territory linking Aleppo with the capital Damascus to the south.

You could sign up to the Sunrise website by linking you Google Calendar account.

His words are the strongest to date by a Dutch politician linking Russia to the incident.

The coalition reopened the al Wadea border crossing linking Saudi Arabia with territory in eastern Yemen on Thursday.

A new South Brooklyn ferry service will launch in summer 2017, linking Brooklynites with the Financial District and Midtown.

The European Chemical Agency said in March this year, however, there was no evidence linking it to cancer in humans.

Basically, it’s a more exclusive step up from Amazon Affiliate linking, and offers a better browsing experience.

“Through investigation, deputies located evidence linking two of the juveniles to the crime.

These people don’t really look alike, and beyond their high-test avarice and bank balances there isn’t much linking them.

You’ll need to listen to files through the app itself, which requires linking and downloading, and is all in all a bit clunky.

(How are you going to pay for continuing phone service without linking your name to it?)

Others testified about fingerprint and DNA evidence linking Rahimi to the bombs.

And that is now linking up neatly with Twitch, which had been developing its own casual esports operation in the form of Twitch Rivals.

But the key word here is theory, because there actually hasn’t been any research linking a particular area of study with mental health.

Van Gaal has only one year to run on his contract and media reports are linking former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho with the job.

Anslinger’s tactics included racist accusations linking marijuana to Mexican immigrants.

However, Popover said the potential biological mechanisms linking secondhand smoke exposure and pregnancy loss would be the same no matter where the mother lives.

That said, the two services are increasingly linking hands, with recent initiatives including click-to-call WhatsApp buttons on Facebook ads.

We’ve seen convoluted research linking birth control to a variety of cancers before.

Other research linking brain cancer to hormone exposure has turned up weak or contradictory results.

The company asserted there was no conclusive scientific evidence at the time linking Tasers to cardiac arrest or other fatal conditions.

The company is also considering app-to-app linking and services around data analytics, too.

Part of the appeal might have been linking up with a community of likeminded people who understood what she was going through.

However, in each case, media reports are linking them to U.S.-based IPOs.

Evidence linking Zika to microcephaly prompted the World Health Organization to declare a global health emergency in February.

Tomes says she found 303 reports linking Essure to fetal deaths.

Prior to the Chrome 69 update, users had to actively opt in to linking their web-based and browser-based IDs.

Todoist for iOS now also supports task search and deep linking in Spotlight.

A partner organization is releasing a study linking food insecurity to health costs in Massachusetts.

Next, Byrne turns to photographs from the November 2015 Paris shootings, linking the trauma with an El Greco pieta.

The forensic evidence linking the DNC breach to known Russian operations is very strong.

What should you consider before linking your Facebook account to a third party app?

Whether it was four-player Goldeneye or linking up PCs for Quake battles in the basement, the social element keeps video games exciting.

After linking up socially, Goldfarb and Anthony began discussing business ideas and technology, in part because of Anthony’s recent exposure to wearable devices.

The Food and Drug Administration later targeted kratom distributors and released scientifically dubious reports linking kratom to overdose deaths.

Imagine linking your OpenTable profile to show your most frequented restaurants, or your Gilt account to show your favorite brands.

Entanglement is a way of linking two different particles, in this case photons, at a distance, so that each share the same quantum state.

The boulevard linking the Prado with the Reina Sofia was another popular route to scoot.

The project included the development of new oil resources and linking them to an existing oilfield called Vincent.

This has led some folks to try out creative solutions, like linking hardware together to form a local network.

For that reason, we’re not linking to it.

Finland and Estonia have for years considered linking their capitals, which are divided by the Gulf of Finland.

What begins as a tale of linking up in the internet age—well, I won’t spoil anything.

Equivocal evidence linking exposure to malignant brain glioma in females.

Nixon has called the agency a “terrorist organization,” linking it to the many dangers it causes to the LGBTQ+ community.

“Without linking on to one another, standing beside our brothers and sisters of the human race — the human family — we’re nothing.”

Men and women avoided any type of behaviors linking them to the lower echelons of society.

The Western world had no problems here, constantly linking rampant drug use in sport with communists, particularly the Soviets and East Germans.

Traffic was restricted on the Oresund Bridge linking Denmark and Sweden at the request of Swedish police.

To add to the challenges, Homeland Security officials told the New York Times that some records linking families together have disappeared or been destroyed.

After dating (and singing about) Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal, Conor Kennedy, and Harry Styles, she stopped linking herself with men.

There is no significant scientific evidence at all linking those things together.

Escondida’s management has presented a contract offer including a $23,000 bonus to workers and a salary adjustment linking wages to inflation.

There was no corroborating evidence to prove Williams’s claim, and no physical evidence linking Kitchen to the murders.

The science linking them to climate change is improving.

I particularly focus on linking serial killers.

The science linking extreme weather events to climate change is “moving very quickly,” she said.

(We won’t be linking to these stories out of respect for Eugenie and Beatrice.)

Big icebergs break off Antarctica naturally, meaning scientists are not linking the rift to manmade climate change.

As we chat, we are leaning against the wall of a quiet hallway linking the spring training clubhouse to the weight room.

The app supports linking to your Disney Movies Anywhere account, too.

But it also needs the religious incentive linking the phenomenon to the person’s calling upon the gravely sick person.

A Brief History Of Deep linking Deep links are used to connect web or e-mail content with apps.

“There’s so much more we can accomplish in deep linking and this money will be used to fund Branch’s continued platform growth.”

Its boards are also designed for storing (and/or linking) to related assets — nesting assets within new boards acting like folders.

Refinery29 will not be linking or posting the photos out of respect for Jenner.

In recent years, Lisbon has embraced Beijing’s belt and road initiative to invest in infrastructure linking Asia to Europe.

He presaged our contemporary Black Lives Matter practice of both naming and resisting black animus while linking such gestures to practical politics.

But because of their attempts, they ended up linking themselves to their family heritage forever.

There are countless studies linking social media’s effects on our social perceptions and overall mental health.

They start, kind of, linking the two,” explains Peter Schmidt, the chief of the National Institute of Mental Health’s behavioral endocrinology branch.

These Jewish activists are linking arms with everyone else affected by this Trump-era intensifying of age-old prejudices, and that’s our only way forward.

Science linking individual corporations to climate change is more sophisticated.

Thankfully, Issa understands the power of Black women linking up.

By linking several μTugs together, they were able to pull a full-size sedan with a passenger inside (albeit very slowly).

(Though Facebook’s linking of WhatsApp and Facebook accounts for ad targeting purposes remains suspended in Europe, after regulatory push-back.)

THUMP: How did you end up linking up with Tri Angle for Third Law?

The company confirmed on Wednesday that customers were experiencing issues creating new accounts, logging in and linking their account to third parties.

She is also building her understanding of DMX, a method for linking controllers to lighting devices like LEDs and lasers.

The issue that was preventing successful account setup and device linking appears to be resolved.

These include Group analytics, membership request filtering, removed member clean-up, scheduled posts and group-to-group linking.

Then it started linking a few words together and at some point it started writing coherent paragraphs.

Group To Group linking: Some Groups are local chapters of bigger organizations, or are connected to similar groups with overlapping memberships.

Group to group linking lets admins display suggestions of similar or related groups that their members might want to join, too.

It includes rich data about those customers and their households, linking purchase data with browsing history, social data and detailed demographics.

One of the most important things to remember is there is no definitive evidence linking these THC levels to impairment.

Many say linking their Aadhaar identities to their bank accounts has led to fraud.

For your research, do you have a room covered in photos of anuses with interconnecting strings linking them together?

Account linking could also power up Instagram’s existing login platform.

Uniting the prismatic shards of your identity through account linking could let you carry that personality with you across the web.

The more profound question isn’t about linking ourselves to love objects, Hughes said.

It’s about linking to other brains, other people’s thoughts and memories—like Musk aims to do, eventually, with Neuralink.

Today’s takedown is the result of an internal investigation linking the newly discovered activity to other content out of Iran late last year.

There has been no evidence linking Najib directly to corruption in the deal, and he and his supporters have consistently denied any wrongdoing.

Police say they have found no evidence linking anyone else to the case.

But mostly because, just yards away, the bridge linking the neighborhood to the rest of downtown Atlanta was gone.

Thanks to DNA evidence linking Halliwell to O’Callaghan, the police pushed ahead with the case.

He would renegotiate the NAFTA trade accord linking the United States, Canada and Mexico.

They did this by linking doctors’ incomes to targets focused on providing information to women.

The result is a molecular blueprint linking molecular compounds to flavors.

The visuals we provide are merely another way of prompting thought patterns and meditative journeys through linking imagery with music.

There were tabloid rumors linking him to Madonna.

And they cited science linking those emissions to crop failures, rising seas, ocean acidification, and disasters like Haiyan.

While it seemed that the two had called their friendship quits, Instagram is linking them together in a bizarre way.

But by linking together the processing power from individual laptops and PCs all around the world, the task has become infinitely more manageable.

By making the product more mobile-friendly and linking to existing enterprise employee management systems, Microsoft can make Teams more relevant for shift employees.

“But in an unclassified environment what you were linking to was content on the internet anyway.

Researchers treated words used in Facebook posts like symptoms, linking certain words to diseases.

With this, you could measure the ROI of a given video by linking video watch time and sales, for example.

From the release: The next step is linking the arm’s movements to brain activity.

The company is offering real time account linking and updates on loan repayments through the fintech company Quovo.

His comments contradicted a police statement last month linking the tourist town attacks to separatists in the far south.

(Due to the graphic nature of the footage, Refinery29 is not embedding the video or linking to it.)

The green road sign indicates that filmmakers are linking their movies together, just as King playfully linked his books together.

SRS said on Thursday its demands include the hiring of a new chief financial officer as well as linking management compensation with performance targets.

Now, Twitter theorists and tabloids are linking the two events, claiming that Hanbury is at the heart of this supposed cheating scandal.

Despite no DNA evidence linking them to the crime, the Central Park Five were found guilty.

Never mind that there was no DNA evidence linking any of the boys to the crime.

However, there was no DNA evidence linking them to Meili’s attack.

It also lies near a main highway linking Aleppo to Damascus, Syria’s capital, to the south.

Among the more innocuous changes are the new guest mode and automatic account linking.

A common thread linking the two countries is the pope’s defense of indigenous people.

So far, there has been no evidence linking Christensen to other disappearances or murders.

Egnatia is a major trade route in the Balkans, linking Igoumenitsa port in eastern Greece to the Greek-Turkish border in the west.

A new series of infographic maps circumnavigate the world of 90s anime, linking dozens of countries to their most-searched titles on Google.

Prosecutors said the administrators made their commission by linking to marketplaces on the dark web — only accessible through Tor, an encrypted anonymity network.

Big icebergs break off Antarctica naturally, meaning scientists are not linking the rift to manmade climate change.

linking the future of the 24-year-old trade deal to Trump’s border wall plan has never been among U.S. negotiating objectives.

Zaiger described Monsarrat as a “serial litigator,” linking to coverage of a previous lawsuit taken against bloggers, where Monsarrat asked for $5.5 million.

Since the judge’s February order, Stone has tested the limits including some posts linking to articles about the case and asking rhetorical questions.

Short snippets of Damore’s screed appear in bold, parts of it highlighted, linking to Sampat’s Vignettes.

That way, when the data does leak, hackers will have a harder time linking any information to you.

Now, says Kaba, groups of all ages and races are linking together in newfound solidarity to create an even greater change.

Much has been written linking this love of tough men to McMahon’s abandonment issues and picking of fights as a young man.

In the 14 years since then, the evidence linking regular fast food consumption with a litany of undesirable outcomes has become overwhelming.

But being tall may also increase some health risks, with studies linking height to a higher risk of developing ovarian and prostate cancers.

And this review is a stark reminder that there’s strong evidence linking the two.”

linking executive pay to actual performance remains as much of a challenge as ever.

He then fully nerds out and goes another step back in time, linking it all to the “Song of Eärendil” from J.R.R.

KEY ASSUMPTIONS – The current political and financial relationships linking individual emirates within the UAE federal system are assumed to be maintained.

linking the two high-tech coastal cities has been discussed, off and on, since 1871.

FOLO: Fear Of linking Out Users kept coming back to apps with Uber buttons too.

“You’ve heard of FOMO, but we’re talking about FOLO: Fear Of linking Out,” Uber says in a statement.

Finland and Estonia have for years considered linking their capitals, which are divided by the Gulf of Finland.

before linking to Cook’s defiant statement posted on Apple’s website yesterday.

The three leaders said they would also pursue the development of an electricity cable linking their countries.

This PI, named Rod Wheeler, was asked by Fox if he had FBI connections who were in possession of information linking Rich to Wikileaks.

And on a conceptual level, VR does a better job of linking physical action to visual results.

We talked about this mix as conceptually linking electronic music to metal.

It was then that the harder task of linking individuals to the crimes began.

Even assuming evidence is found linking the knife to the slayings, its discovery is mostly a symbolic event.

On one hand, API integration, also known as “deep linking,” is a clever bit of marketing.

According to Medium, Collections make for an easy way of linking great stories, writers (and publications) worth following, and “other ideas from the web.”

Wakefield was disgraced after publishing a 1998 study linking the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine to autism in the medical journal The Lancet.

The road linking the affected districts with Gorontalo, the neighboring province, had just reopened.

linking up the two sides would give Assad a significant advantage in fighting the six-year rebellion against his rule.

In practice, this translates into much better data, linking medical history, presenting symptoms, treatment given, and, most crucially, clinical outcomes.

She renders death and destruction in sensual terms, linking societal greed to some kind of primal lust.

In January, an indictment was unsealed linking Wanzhou to alleged bank fraud designed to help the company circumvent U.S./Iranian sanctions.

Sonatrach CEO Abdelmoumene Ould Kaddour opened the 536-long pipeline linking the desert areas of Rhourd Ennous and Hassi R’mel on Wednesday.

The app creates mesh networks by linking phones via Bluetooth and peer-to-peer Wi-Fi, with each device functioning as a node in the network.

Egnatia is a major trade route in the Balkans, linking Igoumenitsa port in eastern Greece to the Greek-Turkish border in the west.

linking solvency to stress tests makes sense, but increases risks if the tests are too generous.

You’ll have to open the Foursquare app using deep linking to see tips or the menu.

There isn’t much linking these albums beyond their obscurity; the majority of them are quite strange.

The model works by linking accredited universities with unaccredited institutions, with the eventual goal of making the startup accredited itself.

It was not immediately clear if these customers had received doctors’ reports linking their illnesses to food eaten at the chain.

In 2016, there was a railway line constructed linking Madrid with Yiwu.

The right speaker acts as the base, linking up to the left and offering a very satisfying rotating volume control at its top.

There followed an explosion of headlines linking black people to cocaine use and criminality.

AIX hopes to partly address the liquidity issue by linking up with Euroclear, Europe’s largest securities settlement house for securities.

(linking the feature to the main camera confused people about where an image would show up, the company says.)

linking his arms for the double wrist lock, Barnett sat to the mat and kicked Arlovski over the top of him.

U.S. universities have increasingly become intolerant of rowdier fraternities, linking them to problems including binge drinking and sexual assault on campus.

It’s true that there is research linking the overuse of electronics to mental health disorders.

It cited a 2014 ruling, Svensson and Others, which found that merely linking couldn’t be considered as such.

With regard to combat and mixed martial arts, McCarthy talked glowingly about a study linking cannabis use to preventing brain damage.

One con artist I write about, Matthew Brown, loves to create Wikipedia entries and social media profiles, all linking to one another.

By linking certain accounts or users to a subdomain, admins can better control who can access an enterprise’s Dropbox account.

Nadella ends his note by linking to a post by Microsoft’s chief legal officer, Brad Smith.

If you’re still struggling to find the similarities between the two, CollegeHumor has you covered with this video linking the two stories.

Which wouldn’t be all that weird—as Malinow notes, directly linking depression and memory formation is a bit fishy to begin with.

Sites like Gizmodo, they’re pretty good about linking back to us and citing us by name.

As a thought experiment, imagine YouTube had turned off external linking to Patreon.

I can throw out 20-trick combos no problem, linking manuals with hastily concocted flips.

But if you can connect genetic communities you may be able to find all sorts of other valuable information linking you to your past.

Hase says that those businesses will likely further capitalize on the accelerating growth by linking up with India’s rising startups.

One route suggests a triangular hyperloop linking Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

… Half my Facebook feed is someone linking to a video with the headline: Watch X demolish Y.”

Modamani asked Facebook to remove the offending posts, and the article linking him to the Brussels bombings was taken down.

Each pin has to be between four and 12 digits, and it’s set up during the account linking process.

Each Bond unit costs $99, with multiple units capable of linking up together to control multiple rooms.

This week Walt and Nilay discuss how they use their tablets, laptops, and phones, and how there’s something missing linking those gadgets.

API integration, also known as “deep linking,” is actually a clever bit of marketing.

Also new in these core services for the Marketing Cloud is the ability to integrate deep linking into apps.

In practice, there are still challenges in linking up local authorities’ services with the NHS.

But that data showed only a dummy email address, along with an IP address and phone numbers linking to a prepaid Tracfone.

One route suggests a triangular hyperloop linking Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

But now, Caitlin Owens reports that more Republicans are talking about means testing them, rather than just linking them to people’s age.

linking portals provides an advantage to Ingress teams.

In other words, there’s a strategic advantage in linking to portals in remote areas, which are less likely to be hacked.

“Antarctica portals are also appealing because there is very little to block linking to them from New Zealand or Southern Australia.”

Zach cited “James Thirteen” (or “Snowman13”) as a trailblazer in the Ingress community for hacking and linking Antarctic portals for the Resistance team.

Widgets linking to Martha’s Twitter account (started in 2009) and Pinterest (2012) are also newer, but otherwise the site is basically the same.

“To my knowledge, there is nothing planned [for linking portals],” the user said.

At the NewFronts conference in New York this evening, Hart said he’s linking up with YouTube to get closer to his fans.

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have uncovered new evidence linking the WannaCry ransomware code to North Korea.

Developers will be able to integrate Cortana’s new proactive intelligence into their apps, too, by linking these new actions to their apps.

Other apps, like Zoosk’s Lively app, discourage users from posting inappropriate content by linking it to their public identity.

I really felt like this machine was linking me up to a world that I didn’t know.”

Other relevant numbers are useful in linking that violence to cocaine in particular.

Flow works by linking two computers connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and is compatible with both Macs and PCs at the same time.

We hope linking in a sentence examples were helpful.