Lining in a sentence | Use of the word lining examples

Silver lining for Swifties?

But the city’s crippling housing shortage—the homeless people lining the freeways.

Schale had previously said of his fellow Democrat Nelson: “Not a guy who’s lining up to give the keynote speech at the DNC.

Festooned in wreaths and lights lining the eaves, this house’s front lawn is watched over by a festive holiday jester.

lining the staircase that leads upstairs are framed accolades for Vapium’s products from outlets like GQ, Maxim, and The Cannabist.

The troops are lining up behind Johnny Depp … this time his 17-year-old daughter is clearly saying Amber Heard is not to be believed.

It’s a strange relationship: a secretive quasi-dictator lining up alongside a group that says it’s dedicated to revealing state secrets.

There’s a silver lining for Lynch, though … “I’ll take him out to dinner after we wax him a few times.”

From that standpoint it maybe has a silver lining to it.

Crowds of onlookers gathered Tuesday along the canal and its footbridges to catch a glimpse of the half-submerged detritus lining the canal bed.

Crowds of onlookers gathered Tuesday along the canal and its footbridges to catch a glimpse of the half-submerged detritus lining the canal bed.

Harajuku’s Busy Works shop was more art gallery than clothing boutique, and the customers lining up out front treated the graphic T-shirts accordingly.

They were lining up cocaine on one of their devices,” he says.

I plan to eat sensibly, but with the locals lining up, piling their plates high, I guess I succumb to peer pressure.

But the state’s Democratic establishment is lining up behind A.J.

You know, and there’s, there’s a bunch of these other ones, other Senators that are kind of lining up behind.

Video footage showed ambulances lining the streets of Lombok and many houses damaged with only parts of brick walls standing.

On the walls lining the classroom, glossy programs advertised life in Israel.

We also saw camel carcasses lining this same motorway, so it appeared that, for drivers, the feeling was mutual.

Although that was the silver lining, much of the report reflected the bleaker results of conflict and war.

Although that was the silver lining, much of the report reflected the bleaker results of conflict and war.

Hundreds of people reportedly begin lining up early in the morning to receive a sandwich for lunch.

“Little did Paul know that Rick was lining his own pockets.” Reporting by Nathan Layne; Editing by Will Dunham

People in Paris mourned with Macron, with observers lining the streets as the cathedral burned.

“There were already protesters lining up and blocking sections of the freeway in LA.

In 2000, she suffered a stroke, and the subsequent medication she was given damaged her intestines and stomach lining.

They are already lining up cash to increase that offer.

Sanchez swung and missed on two straight pitches before lining to left for a 5-4 advantage.

As a result, they are setting up alliances and lining up outside investors to combat spiraling development costs.

(An Ontario man who helped install the Olympic swimming pools in Rio reportedly left a toonie in the lining to help Canadian swimmers.)

Overseas voting is already underway, with thousands lining up outside Indonesian missions in Singapore and Australia.

“Blue Hill Bay,” 2013, is equally scenic, but here the soft, ethereal quality of trees lining the foreground brings to mind certain Corot landscapes.

I think it’s because of all these factors lining up.

The only silver lining for Twitter: This generated a lot of funny tweets.

It gets particularly hard after midnight—that’s when people start lining up.

After the shooting, Republicans and Democrats were lining up in expected formation around the issue.

This month, Cancer, you’ll find a silver lining in even the worse situations.

Birth control prevents the development of a uterine lining that would need to be sloughed off with a period.

As a result, they are setting up alliances and lining up outside investors to combat spiraling development costs.

There is one silver lining: we have a strong bench.

Every month, a woman’s uterine lining sheds during her period if she’s not pregnant.

The idea is these factors may alter the microbiome — the ecology of diverse bacteria lining the intestines and colon.

Center — but the crowds started lining up Tuesday night and waited until sunrise to make sure they got a seat.

The silver lining here is that Arpaio is 84 and so will probably be dead soon.

The buildings lining the way, he recalls, crowded above one’s head in an indistinguishable tangle: synagogues, Roman Catholic churches, and mosques.

But she found a silver lining: “It reminded me I still have way too many things.

Simpson says there’s a silver lining to having a kidnapping felony on your record … you can still get the royal treatment in Vegas!

He did, however, manage to find a silver lining.

Tim Beckham greeted Tropeano by lining a double to left field, and Seager followed with a run-scoring single to make it 5-1.

Silver lining — the joint’s got 4 stars on Yelp.

It could simply be in a minor slump because it’s lining up more ambitious things to come.

There is a silver lining to all of this, which is that serial killers are not as potent as they once were.

(Doctors disagree with this definition of abortion, saying that pregnancy begins after the fertilized egg attaches to the lining.)

Its soft lining and adjustable strap keep her comfortable through her whole nap.

Players quickly found the silver lining of the situation after practice … taking all his Jordan brand cleats and team gear.

The fans lining up outside are more diverse in terms of age and ethnicity than I’ve seen among any other major cult following.

They’re open to the public, who secure a spot in the audience by lining up outside.

Courtney Barnett has a special knack for lining her visuals up to her strung together narratives.

Hours before Trump’s tweet, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted Iran’s clerics for lining their own pockets and funding terrorism.

The main installation is entitled No Water In, and it features work (lining the main gallery walls) from Nonas’s Crude Thinking series.

(Scientists do this so that rennet doesn’t have to be harvested from the stomach lining of calves.)

In a miniature gym with signs of “Vote Aqui/ Vote Here” lining the walls, the same whispers began about her presence.

Anna tells me that her first reaction was “Why are there so many people lining up for our food?”

My heart stopped, and I was resuscitated in the rain in front of people lining up to get in.

It’s not fixed now, but things are lining up and maybe we can make some progress.

Attendees started lining up 90 minutes before the doors opened at the Elks Lodge in Wakefield.

“You don’t think if he was a good player, 20 teams would be lining up?”

I used to think there was a silver lining to suffering — that poverty was in some ways ennobling.

Verdict: There’s a silver lining to this story — we now know the Art Institute has secret underground vaults.

I will never forget watching people lining up to vote in Afghanistan’s first presidential election, in 2004.

One silver lining for Democrats: The new voting restrictions may not have a huge impact on elections.

Though the contents of their lesson plans may be suspect, the study contained a major silver lining.

I can already hear Ozark fans lining up to say, “So what if it’s dark and moody?

Crypto exchange operators interviewed by Reuters said hundreds of start-ups are lining up to do IEOs, more than they could possibly handle.

All the sounds, he said, will be affected by the mother’s stomach lining, for example.

But the silver lining of that performance is how undeterred he looked after early struggles and a dreadful Game 3.

There was a period where, whenever I would travel, the lining of my suitcase would get slit open.

It was a pretty heartbreaking story about thousands of people who were lining up at a gymnasium in Virginia to receive free dental treatments.

This week Venezuelans are lining up to validate their signatures on a recall referendum for President Maduro.

The silver lining to the plague is the opportunity to strengthen and diversify urban forests, making them more resilient to the next invader.

They knew to sit on the benches lining two of the room’s four walls.

Turning south out of the darkness, Turcat began lining up for the approach.

But is it possible that there can be a silver lining in this dark crowd?

Kanye West is dealing with a medical emergency, but there’s a silver lining … it may have saved him millions of dollars.

Because that’s three weeks they aren’t lining their pockets with the dollars of fans.

lining the “main streets” are butchers, hair salons, bars, charcoal-sellers, and food vendors clouded in smoke as they char slabs of meat.

That being said, for every dystopian element of our hellscape present, there’s a hilarious silver lining to be found.

As the White House continues to ease restrictions on U.S.-Cuban relations, American financial services companies are lining up to do business.

You’ll be lining up with your hard drives to have your stuff.

“We see the silver lining,” said Edward Jones analyst Kyle Sanders.

So I suppose there’s a gray lining to the silver lining.

A silver lining is I guess there was no “ugly?”

By the time they get to the hole, though, Trump is lining up the son’s ball.

Nothing had a silver lining.

More and more corporations are cleaning up their energy use and supply chains and lining up behind climate action.

To remedy the issue, Garrett suggests keeping parchment paper on hand for lining pans, and McGorman says that sheet pans are your friend here.

But there’s a silver lining for Trump: When the responses are broken down along party lines, the current president fares a bit better.

“Sterling is under pressure as it looks like the BoE is lining up a more realistic view on Brexit.

An opportunity to reach this type of spending-savvy millennial has advertisers including Citigroup, Microsoft, Quip, and Casper lining up for sponsorship.

This could be due to a crack in the lining of your nasal membrane from dryness or irritation.

An Islamophobic politician in Denmark has been lining his pockets with donations he’s received while burning Qurans on YouTube.

An Islamophobic politician in Denmark has been lining his pockets with donations he’s received while burning Qurans on YouTube.

There’s a potential silver lining here though.

“I’m the one raising the money for them.” Some Republicans see a small silver lining in Trump talking more about Clinton.

The silver lining of the situation was that six of us banded together to find a larger, better studio, which we then subdivided.

The topline from the CBO was bad news — 22 million fewer Americans having insurance — but there was a silver lining for McConnell.

Every month, a woman’s uterine lining thickens and sheds during her period if she’s not pregnant.

Do you think there’s a silver lining to Trump’s election — that women are coming together, as evidenced by this book?

But the silver lining is that a lot of people have connected to others who are like-minded.

Titled “Subway Therapy,” the installation lining the underground walls beneath Manhattan’s Union Square was the idea of artist Matthew “Levee” Chavez.

The silver lining … Akon thinks Trump didn’t fully understand the power of the word and the pen, but maybe now he does.

In DC, tables lining the streets were covered in Trump t-shirts, hoodies, and hats to commemorate the inauguration.

Melania caught a ton of flack for her jacket, but George is trying to create a silver lining.

During the 37-minute first inning, Sanchez made it 3-0 by lining a 3-1 breaking ball into the right field seats for his 21st homer.

The government would be controlling the market, and effectively lining the pockets of those private stakeholders—while footing the public with the bill.

I add super greens powders to my smoothies, powdered liquorice to help with digestion, digestive enzymes and L-glutamine to help my stomach lining.

Brenda Meng has Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the digestive tract.

It quickly took off in the retail world, with stores like Nordstrom lining up to carry the label.

Her scan showed thickening of the gut lining and other indications of celiac disease.

One silver lining to filing late is that you can still submit your return electronically until November, according to the IRS.

“What happens is, over time, the uterine lining can become very thin if you take the pill regularly.

But the state’s Democratic establishment is lining up behind A.J.

lining art up on a scale?

For privacy advocates, it’s a silver lining to a highly contentious election year.

Donald Trump is closing in on Hillary Clinton in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, which shows Republicans lining up behind their bombastic candidate.

That’s why many veteran lawmakers are now preaching patience, because they say the facts, albeit slowly, are lining up in their favor.

It’s up to you to be the silver lining in the toxic orange gas cloud looming over our nation.

It’s not dystopian or utopian, and I’m really excited about it—we’re lining up a really wonderful cast right now.

Yet some prominent conservatives are now, all of a sudden, lining up to defend Assange.

Democrats are lining up in support of a provision included in the ACA that protects coverage for preexisting conditions.

I also said: “Maybe when I’m rich and famous I’ll be throwing up my stomach lining in an SUV.”

There is a silver lining here, though … cameras that catch you losing it take off 10 lbs.

The only silver lining here is that Boston has failed miserably in attempting to school Machado.

Dylan Moore led off by lining a single to left, and Smith was hit by a pitch.

So, there’s a silver lining for Barber—at least he’s still alive.

“It looks like the BoE is lining up a more realistic view on Brexit.

The silver lining for Mariah might be the closing line of the song.

What a great silver lining to this Michelin-starred mishap.

Republican officials are lining up to denounce the GOP nominee’s remarks in very strong terms indeed.

He says the government needs to stop lining the pockets of wealthy defense contractors.

The decline of traditional sauces could also have something to do with the number of exotic condiments now lining supermarket shelves.

Even elite Never Trump writers have started lining up to defend the nominee and the president behind him.

But if there’s a silver lining in this, it’s that the organization is at least taking feedback and regretting their bad decisions.

There is no wave of Republicans lining up behind the president, nor is there any tangible evidence of conservative independents coming home en masse.

When the show ended, clown lights spun on the trees lining the Washington Mall.

So Donovan devised a simple alternative: a waterproof outer lining called a boater that enclosed absorbent paper, which could be thrown out with ease.

The silver lining of the situation is, maybe another opportunity will open up for me with another organization.”

The game quickly took the country by storm with DDR fanatics lining up for the chance to compete.

But, like Thompson seemed to suggest, there’s a silver lining to all of this.

“My respects go out to all the people who have been lining up since early in the morning.”

“My respects go out to all the people who have been lining up since early in the morning.”

“It looks like the BoE is lining up a more realistic view on Brexit.

One silver lining: Anthony Scaramucci is currently busy with another gig.

Physically, “What is Missing” consists of a bronze megaphone with salvaged redwood lining the inside.

“If I can choose between lining his [Luckey’s] pockets or giving money to Valve or Sony, the choice is clear.”

In the outer office I have a bunch of ridiculous albums lining the shelves.

The installation in the small gallery is visually simple, with enamelware trays adorned with fish, flowers, fruit, and 28 speakers lining the walls.

The only silver lining to any of this, is the possibility of a “White House Apprentice.”

“That’s the one silver lining I see is people getting reenergized,” she said.

“But that is a problem of corrupt money, and governments and politicians and senior bureaucrats lining their pockets.”

(And if this isn’t going to happen, why are people lining up to throw millions of dollars at it?

Perhaps there is some kind of silver lining in that.

But the LHVC says they have a sense of humor and see the silver lining since it was some free prime time advertising.

Millions are skipping meals, missing medicines, and lining up for hours at shops during acute shortages and crippling inflation.

Hordes of fans are lining up inside the San Diego Convention Center to celebrate their favorite TV, movie, comic book, and video game properties.

But, there’s a silver lining here, Bruce — at least it wasn’t as bad as 50 Cent’s first pitch in 2014.

Extending legal status to DACA recipients is hugely popular, but Republicans are lining up against it.

Trump’s silver lining: Only he, and he alone, can save the American public from this calamity.

The 2016 RX 350, with a “silver lining metallic” paint job was one of those cars that tested out EXACTLY as expected.

Another un-named Labor source has said that the “silver lining” of the general election will be getting “shot of Corbyn earlier.”

One photo shows a group of Japanese Americans, dressed in suits, dresses, and hats, lining up to register.

That the overdose epidemic would have this silver lining was not a forgone conclusion.

We have to start lining them up!!!”

White isn’t lining up as anybody’s WR2 in Week 1.

Polarized presidential approval, the Republicans lining up behind Trump — all of this is telling us that party identification matters to people.

But, the Diesel tells us he doesn’t understand why dudes aren’t just lining up to play in Madison Square Garden.

So, not having diarrhea is the silver lining, here?

In the governor’s race alone, there are seven Democrats and four Republicans lining up to replace LePage, who is term-limited.

The silver lining here?

However, the one silver lining for her here is that New Hampshire is the smallest and therefore least important state of the six.

Crypto exchange operators interviewed by Reuters said hundreds of start-ups are lining up to do IEOs, more than they could possibly handle.

They weren’t quite exactly right, but there was a lining or some detail that I really loved.

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink says negative interest rates are lining up savers and the economy for “potentially dangerous financial and economic consequences.”

Since the show had been off the air for about 20 years, it wasn’t like people were lining up to get tickets.

Some liberals, though, are lining up for Obama’s advice.

The silver lining … it means they made a lot of money.

But when it comes to a “law and order” crackdown that will disproportionately hurt communities of color, he’s lining himself up for success.

The CAS verdict was highly controversial, with many high-profile current and former athletes lining up on both sides of the debate.

“If there’s a silver lining to the ominous, apocalyptic portents that eclipse myths carry, it’s the flushing away of abhorrent structures.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters says Donald Trump is acting like a dictator imposing the Muslim ban, but she sees a silver lining.

lining up outside one store, 30-year-old Nena said she had just shared one plate of food with her partner and their three children.

People are already lining up at 2 L.A. locations for a shipment sneaker blogs speculate will come Friday.

(“My tastes lining up with something that was commercial at that time.

And lining up all the companies and saying, “Okay, what do these companies have in common?”

Exporters were lining up supplies for October to December shipment, the trader said.

In first grade, I remember lining up all the kids in my neighborhood, bent over on a picnic bench with their pants down.

lining up policy and politics has been a challenge since they began this process.

The interviewer looks confused—but silver lining: It’s nice to see myself billed as a whistleblower.

The silver lining?

Business has been so good … celebs are now lining up to work with her, including Willow Smith.

Jim Gerow, another dyed-in-the-wool film buff, fondly remembers “lining up once a week to see each new installment” of the 14-part TV miniseries.

Women, children, and men amass, carrying bundles, backpacks, and babies, lining up to get into vans to go somewhere unspecified.

The item is made with a Kevlar lining and weighs about 4 1/2 pounds.

A jellyfish has little cells called nematocysts lining each tentacle like Christmas lights.

The Louisiana rapper says women lining up outside hotel rooms for a chance to have sex with celebs is totally common.

Hillary Clinton said goodbye to her presidential hopes Wednesday, but the silver lining is her campaign merchandise is selling like crazy.

MNL: I guess that’s a silver lining.

The image of Kelce printed on silk on the lining of the jacket.

No doubt Rihanna will stand out even in a sea of bright and shiny outfits lining the streets for the carnival and parade.

One silver lining, Kafka noted, is that what hardware you buy is becoming less relevant — well, mostly.

“If there is one silver lining that this accident has revealed, it is the ability to see who my true friends are.

Silver lining for Cleveland — the Chief Wahoo is officially retired with the Indians’ season ending.

They’re all lining up outside the front door with cops checking them for weapons.

Lots of guys in polo shirts and cagoules very slowly lining up a shot from a specialist rifle while wearing massive ear protectors?

Blackson even saw a silver lining to this particular NFL fight.

If CM Punk’s looking for another MMA fight, there’s already an opponent lining up — Beetlejuice from “The Howard Stern show.”

As usual, there were no lack of fans lining up to take photos with O.J., despite … you know.

Thousands of fans are lining the streets leading up to the store … where even more people have gathered.

He’s so cool about it … and sees a silver lining.

But Pilot says there was a silver lining.

According to docs, Swifties can start lining up at 6 AM and passes will be handed out at 7 to the first 32.

The 76ers were 10-72 last season … so, the silver lining — it can’t get any worse!

Blinding florescent lights from the shops lining the nearby Avenida Directorio road denote that the butchers are already at work.

Rapper Jim Jones got incredibly emotional after his mother’s house burned down on Christmas Day but still managed to find a silver lining.

Fans have been flocking to XXXTentacion’s South Florida death scene and lining it with balloons, flowers, candles and stuffed animals.

Behold … global warming’s silver lining.

But yuppies, foreigners, millennials with cash, and baby boomers are lining up.

So, with their fashion sense lining up, we asked KAT if he wants some on-camera work with LeBron’s production company.

Jordyn Woods and her mom, Elizabeth, stopped dead in their tracks with the question … what’s the silver lining over the whole Tristan/Khloe/Kylie mess?

Momager Elizabeth is chattier … heaping praise on Kris Jenner, proclaiming love for everyone and then addressing the silver lining question.

Gates was “lining his pockets” and “paying himself fake bonuses,” he said.

Silver lining — he’s on another mega-popular show now … which is also entering its third season.

One silver lining here … Chris hasn’t missed a step in his old routine!

There’s a silver lining here for those dying to see the American princess.

Fans have been lining up along the five-mile route since before dawn, and they are extremely fired up.

One silver lining to all their squabbles — it was a great source of material for Ray’s new “Curtains Closed” video.

He says the lifeguards are now a tourist attraction … with people lining up to watch ’em skip their ass over the pool.

The silver lining for Smolka … he says he finally gets to be the good guy for a change.

lining the canal’s bottom is “black mayonnaise,” a concoction of coal tar, heavy metals, and other sludge from decades of industrial run-off.

I dreamed a world took a week and a half to install, the glass lining a body of canvas two inches thick.

His blood was washed away with the water pouring on to the crowd from two dozen hosepipes lining the stage.

There is a silver lining to owing taxes this year.

Everything was finally lining up in the favor of Cobresal.

“That’s the silver lining.”

Always looking for that silver lining.

If onlookers are lining up to see canned food from North Korea, then what size crowds will fine art bring?

One silver lining for the airlines: Reduced seat capacity may allow them to hike passenger fares, analysts said.

While MCT is often used for patients with cancer, it can be beneficial for anyone hoping to find the silver lining of grief.

There is a silver lining: Although I may be staying in Japan’s worst hostel, the world’s only all-you-can-eat KFC is just nearby.

The silver lining here, though, is that a high lottery pick is only as good as the person making the pick.

In the old town of Annecy, France, travelers are greeted by pastel-painted houses and cafes lining a lovely lakeshore.

John Williamson’s prototype was indeed strange: a condom poked with holes and filled with pad lining.

And if you want a silver lining, you’re getting Las Vegas next year…oh, sorry…you’re getting VEGAS next year.

Perhaps it’s been a peek into the pages lining the checkout aisle at the supermarket about a celebrity baby’s botched facelift.

Fights broke out between rallygoers and counter-protesters: This group is lining up to charge into counterprotesters.

This is the silver lining of the Fashion Week foolishness: it has provided a timely opportunity to celebrate black hair love.

A cocktail waitress was lining the fridge with cans of Coors from a grocery store bag.

— before they offer the tiniest glint of a silver lining around that very dark cloud.

Does she want to see the base packed up tomorrow and its 7,000 workers lining up at their nearest employment office?

Video posted on Facebook showed people lining up at her table to greet her.

I know exactly what it is like lining up for the most sought-after beers.

Over 100 people braved the cold and wind in the provincial capital St. John’s, lining up outside a Tweed-branded store owned by Canopy.

Apparently, I learned, gurus are people too, even gurus lining the self-help shelves of friendly neighborhood bookstores.

A cystoscopy can further check for stones, as well as UTI causes by looking at the lining and bladder abnormalities.

The answer, we found, was in the properties of an ultra-thin layer of mucus lining the walls of the large intestine.

Every so often Juan picks at braces lining his upper teeth.

The silver lining is, of course, the possibility they might feel the same way.

After a few hours in Theme Hospital’s world, I was cynically cutting back on the heat and lining the walls with soda machines.

“That’s the lining of the cows stomach–it holds everything in,” Gabe says.

“It affects your hair follicles, the cells in the lining of your cheeks and, for pre-menopausal women, your ovaries.”

The choreography was more or less written in ulcers across my stomach lining.

I’m always searching for the silver lining.

But lining his pockets with vast sums of public money is the least of the problems with Trump’s conduct in this regard.

Who knows… does Elon?” Most analysts were skeptical, but some said a deal could materialize if Musk succeeded in lining up the right funding.

As longtime karate teacher Clarence Lee remembers it: “”Guys were practically lining up to fight Bruce Lee after his performance at Long Beach.”

A great showman, father of two Diniz was even able to smile and wave to the crowds lining the course well before the finish.

Do you think there’s a silver lining though, where this is replacing a traditional kinetic method of warfare?

One silver lining — Evans’ suspension will be back-dated … meaning he’ll be eligible to return in April 2018.

The silver lining: The iPhone X’s higher price tag helped second-quarter iPhone revenue grow 14 percent year over year.

Musicians from Connan Mockasin to Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes are lining up to collaborate with her.

“I’ve been stabbed,” she says, revealing the shredded lining of her coat.

Would the silver lining of Prince’s untimely end, his fans wondered, be the unveiling of the contents of his infamous vaults?

But unlike a lot of sabotaged pizza delivery stories, this one ends with a bit of a silver lining.

It seems Jay might not be in the best shape of his life, but there’s a silver lining: his position.

These meds decrease acid levels by dramatically reducing acid production through glands in the lining of your stomach.

lining the bottom are books along with outlines of familiar characters from Cogsworth and Lumiere to Mrs. Potts.

Or lining up at the IVF clinic to screen our embryos for abnormalities before having them implanted?

There’s a plethora of colorful billboards lining I-94 in Indiana, guiding you to fireworks stores the size of supermarkets.

In 2016, she was diagnosed with pericardial mesothelioma, an extremely rare form of cancer that develops in the lining around the heart.

“There is no indication that there is a force lining the border that [Customs and Border Protection] couldn’t take care of.

Some of Indonesia’s LGBT activists, however, saw a silver lining to the controversy.

This mouth reeks from decades of undigested beef lining its bloated gut.

Water bottles are strewn about the table, book bags lining the walls of the office.

The likes of Hot Club de Paris and GoodBooks had young fans lining up around the block to see them.

It could be a cloud with a silver lining,” she said.

The kids hosed water into a small pigpen and played in the hay lining the loft of the barn.

But he sees a silver lining.

However, Bread of Life is very different from the increasing amount of cake-stuffed outlets lining the country’s shopping streets.

Some of the largest tech companies appear to be lining up behind Apple.

“For me, the ‘Retribution’ video is an exploration of the eccentric, the stomach lining of reality,” added Williamson Bathory.

After lining up my class outside, we shuffled back into the building, preparing for round two.

Senior Labor figures began lining up on Sunday for the leadership after the center-left party lost what some commentators called an “unlosable” election.

When we came to a switchback in the trail, my light fell on a carving in an Alder tree lining the path.

On either side of the main thoroughfare, thousands of Soviet-era books are stacked on shelves lining the outermost walls.

Would the silver lining of Prince’s untimely end, his fans wondered, be the unveiling of the contents of his infamous vaults?

Before a recent game, here’s Kent Bazemore lining up a putt during pregame introductions.

If you live indoors, they’re perfect for dog waste or lining your bathroom trash can.

Bruce’s has a tropical lining.

“It affects your hair follicles, the cells in the lining of your cheeks and, for pre-menopausal women, your ovaries.

The hardest part was definitely lining up all the right things to make the transition smoothly.

The one silver lining for Clinton there is that New Hampshire is the smallest and therefore least important state in the firewall.

Nostalgic people will often find the “silver lining” in dark pasts.

The important thing is that you know it is about raising awareness, but the jackets are high quality with a soft-shell inner lining.

Here, conservatives are lining up to defend their nominee to be the fifth vote on the Supreme Court against allegations of sexual assault.

But several Republicans are lining up against him in the midterm elections.

The former are wrapped in plastic to protect their leather lining.

Instead of bohemians in cafés, we have people lining up for cronuts, the expensive hybrid of a croissant and a doughnut.

But he added that there may be a silver lining.

Others peruse the erotic photos lining the room.

She says that while she still talks to Doug regularly, she’s found a silver lining in their divorce.

Liberal states and environmental groups already are lining up to challenge Pruitt’s plans in court.

Formerly neutral superdelegates — including ones like Warren who are ideologically sympathetic to Sanders — are lining up behind Clinton.

Silver lining: he got to keep his parent’s antique furniture and both Emmys.

There was another cloud over what should’ve been a triumphant night for WWE, though this one may have a silver lining.

Already, Republicans are lining up to run against Clinton in 2020.

People quite rightly find this alarming, and with Republicans lining up near uniformly to defend him, the voters are lashing out and punishing them.

“It causes gastritis, or inflammation of the stomach lining.”

Coming in a rich Brandy colorway, the leather upper extends to inside lining and stacked leather outsoles.

The silver lining is that the museums can choose to reenter the program in 2018.

One term pops in both of their pieces: “silver lining.”

Its feral nature still exists, with wildflowers lining a stone pathway that leads to the tasting room/brewery.

A New York publicist briefs the TV crew lining up for a quick interview.

But there’s a silver lining to the shit hitting the fan: endorphins rush in and you get a burst of extra energy.

The main silver lining for Twitter, which now looks like it is run like a goat rodeo: This generated a lot of funny tweets.

The dress was stitched with a lining depicting Hispaniola, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, reflected with barbed wires with flowers blossoming.

Elegant palm trees hang over the symmetrical lawns of the peachy homes lining Chesapeake Lane in the Orangecrest neighborhood of Riverside, California.

It’s hard to find a silver lining here for Snap, Snapchat’s parent company.

That’s the silver lining.

Only silver lining for Austin — he’s getting their son on Christmas Eve and Day, right before his flight to Brazil.

UNIIQU3 likes to do some handiwork on her bag and slip some bottles into the lining.

Oh, yeah—you’d certainly see the rows of Santa figurines lining the walls.

Beyond all the magical mechanisms lining the corridor, visitors enter the spectacular ballroom.

Outside of the executive branch, other LGBTQ opponents or opportunists are lining up in opposition to existing law.

[Tony Romm / Recode] Employees at a tech company in Wisconsin are lining up to have microchips implanted under their skin.

There is a silver lining in that he’s still alive.

“The silver lining is that it could make AMLO rethink his approach to dealing with Pemex and oil reforms at large,” Urquieta said.

But I think there’s a silver lining here for the state of the campaign more generally.

The ‘Late Show’ host disagrees, strongly, but did find a silver lining … “The good news: Trump found the leaker.”

A heat shield lining the bottom will help deflect and absorb the scorching heat of atmospheric reentry, as with previous designs.

Trump insisted this week that he had a deep pool of “great people” lining up to push for the job.

Lots of scouts feel comfortable projecting Wentz to the NFL because they have seen him lining up under center and executing familiar NFL concepts.

There is one silver lining, though.

It’s important to remember, however—In an attempt at finding the silver lining of the situation—that there are places much, much colder.

Still, advocates see a silver lining in Tuesday’s vote. Sky News Specialist bathrooms chain Bathstore is said to be lining up the accountancy firm BDO to handle an insolvency process.

Many of those films were lower budget efforts, not the kind of blockbuster productions that have audiences lining up.

Maybe that’s the silver lining.

Some people may not like this look, but I thought it simplified the process of lining up shots on target.

Yes, it’s hard to imagine things lining up any straighter for Venus.

[Chris] Marker says remembering is not the opposite of forgetting but rather its lining.

NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) – Neither profit nor investor pressure explain U.S. firms lining up to mark 50 years of the LGBT-rights movement.

The silver lining of using sugarcane or silvergrass is you’d avoid a lot of the nitrogen pollution that comes with growing livestock feed.

The middleweight division can’t stop lining up compelling matches and this might be the best of the bunch.

She explained that the conceptual smart fabrics absorb human sweat, which is purified in tubes dispersed throughout the lining of the fabric.

Is anything really worth lining up and talking to a person for?

Because it only works its magic on cervical mucus and the uterine lining for 24 hours at a time, McDonald says.

Another problem linked to not taking combined pills consistently: You may notice that you’re spotting, as the uterine lining begins to break down.

Seems like a question worthy of lining a giant tank of heavy water with thousands of golden glass eyes.

It’s perhaps the only silver lining of the last two years.

Grandal began the inning by lining a single off the right-field scoreboard.

The fan responsible for lining the episode with Rick and Morty gags is Jeopardy!

It holds 28 fluid ounces and has a stainless steel lining to keep your liquids cold.

But higher crop yields are hardly a silver lining.

But in the case of Eagle Rock and the Women’s Beer Forum, there’s a bit of a silver lining.

“There was one holding a group of boys [who] were lining up to eat,” the senator said.

Considering who’s lining up behind Espy—Clinton, Soros, Schumer, Pelosi, Warren, Feinstein, Harris—it’s not a surprise.

She points to the salts lining the counter.

But he does see a small silver lining in Trump’s presidency: It’s gotten people so angry that they’re learning a lot.

The head of the FA later received a parcel at his house containing the trophy’s cup lining and a ransom note demanding £15,000.

His airway may have adapted and remodeled around the obstruction; it may have been absorbed into the lining of the lungs around it.

Despite the fact that my kidneys are probably failing and my stomach lining deteriorating, I feel more youthful and flavorful than ever.

“This might be the result of long-term damage the liquids do to the cells lining the esophagus,” the ACS says.

By the time the distant rumble of the champions’ bus is heard, it’s hard to move on the pavements lining the parade.

He realized the Marines’ tactic of lining up and charging the room was exactly what had gotten them trapped.

Joe Mauer is once again Minnesota’s silver lining.

There is a silver lining in your favorite pair of running shoes being discontinued: It probably hasn’t disappeared but just updated.

New York’s Democratic politicians are also lining up behind him.

For months now, pro-life leaders have been lining up behind the least likely pro-life hero our country has ever seen.

The airport reopened shortly after 7 a.m., with passengers lining up at security checkpoints, ticket counters and gates.

But I want to do something new again now, and I’m currently lining up the equipment for it.

Sheets of tattered, pale pink silk hung from the railings above us, near the rows of yellow and blue industrial lights lining the ceiling.

A mechanic who opened a brake drum would find it filled with fine dust from the decayed lining.

And that, economists say, is the cloud hovering over this silver lining.

Lopez told me the silver lining of President Trump’s election is that it seems to have galvanized a lot of people into action.

The silver lining in this cloud of customer abuse?

The pre-opening buzz was all word of mouth, and Zerazion saw a silver lining in that 16-month waiting period.

Earlier this morning, James watched people lining up for #Trump420.

“Yeah, but you won’t be second lining with them.”

I place my bets, lining up name cards next to my glasses.

The infection, endocarditis, is an inflammation of the lining of the heart’s chambers and valves.

In one early scene, we see Solo zip lining across the border between East Berlin and West Berlin.

RJ Barrett went the pink route … donning a custom suit with Canadian flag lining and his “Maple Mamba” nickname stitched in it as well.

But there may be a silver lining to find, here.

Sanchez ended the inning by lining out to Grichuk, who completed the play by diving face-first into the grass to make the catch.

In total, roughly 250 protesters await the Trump crowd lining up.

Silver lining: apparently, they weren’t half bad.

There’s a plethora of colorful billboards lining I-94 in Indiana, guiding you to fireworks stores the size of supermarkets.

Each cart has a slew of regulars lining up.

You start lining up behind him at the train approaches.

That killer is squamous cell oesophageal carcinoma—one of the two main forms of oesophageal cancer, which starts from the cells lining the oesophagus.

The silver lining of the Trump factor was more air-time for other countries and emergent leaders.

When he arrived to be interviewed by VICE News, Banks wearing in a suit with a lining printed with skulls and skull-and-crossbones pirate-themed cufflinks.

The series’ “villains,” such as they are, are those who believe that every dark cloud carries a silver lining.

The silver lining behind this cloud of tobacco smoke is the possibility that those who quit smoking also tend to drink less.

Jessica is lining up the shoes in order of size.

More from Tonic: There has to be something to the idea of men and women’s sexual responses not lining up quite right.

Earnings revisions: Citi: Refinitiv earnings: Autos cheap: FY earnings: There is a silver lining.

While bad luck can be unavoidable, there is a silver lining waiting for the wounded recovering in pastel-filled Thai hospitals.

One silver lining for Democrats: The new voting restrictions may not have a huge impact on elections.

The silver lining is that it’s available for one final weekend at fire-sale prices.

“If I can choose between lining his [Luckey’s] pockets or giving money to Valve or Sony, the choice is clear.”

Head to Chinatown in the next week and you’ll surely see plenty of lanterns and dragons lining the streets.

Tons of fans reportedly camped out and started lining up since Wednesday.

I decided to keep a gram of MDMA in the lining of my pants in case the police stopped us.

(Who says paranoia doesn’t have a silver lining?)

Here, the buildings lining the river had balconies, a few with umbrellas, a few with grills, or small curly-haired dogs barking.

But there’s a silver lining to this annual cloud.

The silver lining was this qualified the family for the state insurance.

It was a school holiday, and his fans had been lining up since midnight.

Well, reality is not lining up with this view of the world.

But there was a silver lining, according to Indian Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan, who addressed the Lok Sabha during question period.

Ledges lining the boxes offer the perfect spot from which an amorous frog can survey his territory and call out to his mate.

They’re lining up behind Marine vet Matt Morgan, who is trying to win by running a left-wing campaign.

does have a sort of silver lining.

He gestures to the news trucks lining the ridge.

There was this tattoo parlor on one of the beaches, packed with 18-year-olds lining up to get inked for the first time.

For a brief moment, I thought that if there could be a silver lining to this tragedy it might be my shrinking body.

lining up on Friday and having somebody be like, “Yo, I pulled these tracks for you.

If there’s any silver lining here it’s that at least everyone is doing the same thing.

Bradley Cooper’s good looks are proof that there’s a ‘Silver lining‘ to aging!

Levkoff told me that the only silver lining is its value in teaching the next generation of young men to do better.

This past weekend, tourists began lining up for the shuttle at 5:30 a.m., Dailey said, and wait times rose to two hours.

And that, strangely, could be the lone silver lining to these clips, he says.

They don’t take reservations, but it’s worth lining up outside for the food and the dedication to perfectly prepared Creole food.

Despite some clashes over the weekend, many of the 7,000 migrants have been lining up peacefully.

People who had been lining up since 6am grew increasingly angry.

In the immediate future, however, air cargo is lining up to be one of Amazon’s primary avenues of delivery operations.

People who had been lining up since 6am grew increasingly angry.

This season, everything seemed to be lining up.

Eleven minibus drivers had been lining up to get fuel.

Several cars had also been lining up from the other entrance.

With more than 10,000 bones lining its walls, Hueso sounds like a fairly nightmarish place to have dinner.

Still, Nitschke saw a silver lining to the experience.

One of them, Rep. Rodney Davis of Illinois, said a silver lining is America finally getting to see the bipartisan friendships in Congress.

One person who won’t be lining up to try the first slice?

Maybe when I’m rich and famous I’ll be back throwing up my stomach lining in people carriers.

San Francisco-based PG&E is working on lining up roughly $5.5 billion in so-called debtor-in-possession financing to help operations during bankruptcy proceedings.

lining its aisles aren’t photo albums of snakes and plummeting aircraft, but are instead volumes containing cross-sectional scans of human brains.

That includes the cancer, along with hair follicles, your taste buds and saliva glands, and your stomach lining.

The bulk of the screen shows a digitally animated image, with three additional, smaller ones lining the bottom.

Female senators are lining up to defend Ford.

Female senators are lining up to defend Ford.

With colorful houses lining its streets and tons of beautiful settings for outdoor recreation, it’s a well-deserved honor.

The news sent a buzz through the audience, with attendees lining up afterward to congratulate Stallard and Palette on the move.

Mark Dayton is retiring, and there’s a sizable field of candidates lining up to replace him.

He replaced the lining, but it was still in bad shape.

Both companies are eager to expand beyond China and have been busy lining up strategic partners and investors.

Thankfully, every cloud has a silver lining, even the godforsaken international break.

There does seem to be a silver lining in Fenwick’s new report, though.

How big-time campus football would function with some players lining up as school employees and others still classified as “student-athletes” is unknown.

We’re still left to ponder pockets, length, and lining.

The outer lining of a parka can require a little explanation, too.

The outer lining is made of Fjällräven’s signature G-1000 waxed polyester and cotton blend.

The outer lining is a cotton/nylon blend, and cotton just doesn’t do well wet.

Rating: Short one reliable teammate with a decent sense of lining up the shot.

But Wu Kan, head of equity trading at Shanshan Finance, said there may be a silver lining in that painful process for discerning investors.

“When you see the destruction up-close, the silver lining is there’s only been one fatality,” said Cuomo, after Christie finished.

We also guessed that because of those wins, the outfit was likely lining up commitments for a new mega fund.

“When you see the destruction up-close, the silver lining is there’s only been one fatality,” said Cuomo, after Christie finished.

I explained the situation to Nancy, and asked her what people were lining up for.

Guessing these guys are gonna look tame compared to the insane Philly fans who will be lining the parade route.

Wale believes President Trump is a “wild person,” but says there’s a silver lining in it all.

Turning, for instance, the famous orange lining into a patchwork collage.

lining the walls of consecutive rooms are two categories of new, small-format works: 20 boxed tableaux and 14 riveting drawings on paper.

Hundreds of people reportedly begin lining up early in the morning to receive a sandwich for lunch.

On the other hand, as weird as these things can get, there can still be a silver lining.

It’s lazy and limp and profoundly weird, and not in any meaningful way a “good movie.” And yet there’s a silver lining.

But there’s no such thing as a silver lining when the health and lives of millions of people are jeopardized.

But what scared Donald the most was a natural bodily function: the shedding of one’s uterine lining.

INTEL: Republicans are lining up the pieces, including CBO score, for last-ditch effort to repeal ACA.

The silver lining is that the active, power-dependent Even earbuds, unlike most others, may actually benefit from the change.

It’s pulled the … There’s a silver lining to every cloud.

I would say, yeah, every cloud has a silver lining.

I’m going to go back to silver lining.

So… how did he wind up lining up next to the Canadian dream team in 1987?

More than 8 patrol cars, and at least one armored van are lining the block.

Gamers, who are probably the early adopters lining up for a Rift, are probably well prepared.

You look at your seam on the bottle and you run your blade up and down, like lining up a pool shot.”

It’s hard to blame them for seeking out more of a silver lining, given everything else that’s going on.

… ’cause, as of now, they’re only lining up for him in Germany.

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