Lineup in a sentence | Use of the word lineup examples

Nissan Motor Co Ltd’s (7201.T) sales plunged nearly 15%, with huge drops for much of its lineup including the best-selling Rogue SUV.

On Tuesday he dominated the powerful Yankees lineup for another five innings, giving up only one hit.

Five men stand behind a two-way mirror, police lineup style.

Stu has thick black hair and smiles warmly as he stands in the lineup.

What would it take for Stu to win the lineup, the host asks?

But the lineup that produced Nervous Breakdown didn’t last.

The newly minted lineup of Rollins, Ginn, and Descendents drummer Bill Stevenson offered new direction in a way Damaged never could.

The best lineup in baseball is taking on the best pitching staff.

Long before he defected, Gurriel proved to big league scouts that a Cuban hitter could anchor a big league lineup.

The next day, Martin rode the same lineup, and the Yankees won, 8-6.

The Yankees went to Cleveland after that, but nothing changed within Martin’s out-of-a-hat lineup.

“I figured immediately that Billy must have picked that lineup out of a hat.

We’ll go back to our regular lineup next time.

I was one of two storytellers on the lineup alongside a sketch troupe, a few burlesque dancers, and game show.

This season, Van Gundy frequently removed Drummond from the Pistons’ lineup down the stretch of games.

They praised the show’s thoughtful take on the news and its unusually diverse lineup of guests.

Fans access Amazon’s lineup by joining Prime, a club that includes two-day package delivery and other perks, for an annual fee.

But LiB’s about an awful lot more than the lineup.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ best lineup will feature Luol Deng at the four.

Vonleh is still an underdevolped black box, but he fit into the starting lineup in the second half.

Last year, despite curating the lineup of performers and transforming a space into a wacky carnival, I stayed in the shadows.

Otis College of Art and Design announces an extraordinary lineup of artists and curators participating as reviewers and mentors for its June residency program.

The year’s biggest open studios event returns with a typically full lineup of exhibitions, performances, screenings, and, of course, artists’ studios.

The lineup was a melange of libertarian-leaning pundits and conspiracy theorists, including former Trump advisor Roger Stone and Alex Jones of InfoWars.

The lineup for Trump’s Jan. 20 inauguration started shaping up this week amid reports the event committee is having trouble attracting A-list talent.

In 1949, the Brooklyn Dodger’s lineup for Game 1 of the World Series was pretty astounding for African Americans.

Fans immediately begin Photoshopping the lineup poster with their hilarious jokes.

Up and down the lineup, the plan seems to be working, with room to improve further.

This year’s lineup included performances from Chase & Status, Claude VonStroke, Giggs, De La Soul, Run the Jewels, Skream, and more.

Oh,and you may have noticed, CBS is missing from the lineup.

It had been rebranded as the Airbus A220 and folded into the Airbus product lineup.

It was as if Trump, a famously ravenous consumer of cable news, had tuned into another day’s lineup of broadcasts.

And he could sort through an opposing lineup, pick it apart, and present the strategy that would work in a few simple, encouraging sentences.


Instagram is the most popular app in Facebook’s lineup.

Intel updated its Core lineup of processors to the 8th generation.

Weaver hit third in the Sox’ World Series lineup, right ahead of Jackson.

But would it be shocking to see the Carolina Panthers work Stewart gradually back into the lineup?

But nine is the launch lineup right now.

General Motors has made Apple CarPlay and Android Auto available on its entire model lineup, and other automakers are quickly following that lead.

The lineup is kept secret until day of, but past performances have included Robert DeLong, Shiny Toy Guns, Boots Electric, UZ and Posso.

There will also be performances rivalling the lineup from Coachella.

Apple rolled out a new iPad this spring but didn’t touch its iPad Pro lineup, which is getting suspiciously old.

This year’s lineup would have featured Diplo, Marshmello, and Cashmere Cat, amon many others.

Despite the many adjustments its lineup experienced, however, the card turned out to be a pretty fun one.

We’re told the festival was almost sold out before the January 3 lineup was announced.

It’s the compact, two-door, four-seater hatchback of the Audi lineup, and it’s among the smallest cars the luxury automaker produces.

If it can’t deliver the numbers that, say, the incredibly white and male CBS lineup can, it’ll at least give us something different.

“It was a really good lineup,” Valentine says of the Blue Jays.

A big lineup for the May event gets bigger.

Unsound and its lineup of experimental and international artists, on the other hand, was anything but retro.

Update: The lineup of candidates who will debate on each night of the two-night first debate has been announced.

To prevent the debate lineup from being too enormous, then, the DNC decided to cap the number of participants at 20.

So the third debate could well have a far smaller lineup, and so far there are no plans for an undercard at all.

We are more than halfway through October, so our projections for the 2016-17 bowl lineup are getting more interesting and less projection-ing.

“That lineup is the one that was groundbreaking,” Popoff says.

Why do you think this is the classic lineup for the band?

The Oscars are usually reticent to nominate a lineup of all first-time director nominees.

That lineup of superfoods is impressive, but my favorite thing about this facial oil is its versatility.

In May, he’ll join a lineup of speakers that includes the CEOs of Uber, Airbnb, AT&T and Stitch Fix.

They are not on the Coachella lineup, not this year, so where are they all?

A burlesque friend was actually denied a spot on a lineup because the promoter had told her they already had a black artist performing.

The lineup had six white acts, but that was apparently beside the point.”

(There were no vegetarian options in this year’s lineup, and in true Chicago style, no vegetarian chili has won the cook off yet.)

Although the lineup is New York City–heavy (e.g.

Yadier Molina, a nine-time All-Star catcher, returned to the St. Louis lineup on Tuesday, going 2-for-4.

It’s November, which means Starbucks has officially unveiled this year’s “holiday cups” — a lineup of four festive (but not too festive!)

Beyoncé Knowles was the first Black woman ever to top the music festival’s lineup.

Even without established big leaguers Votto and Lawrie, the Canadian lineup could still cause some fits for opposing pitchers.

She eventually identified Feit in a lineup, and the priest told investigators he had been there that day.

“The primary reasons for the downturn were an aging lineup and an unintuitive user interface,” IDC reported.

“The primary reasons for the downturn were an aging lineup and an unintuitive user interface,” IDC reported.

I think it’s literally the most exciting product lineup of any company in the world.

What makes this channel different from Discover’s existing lineup of publishers, though, is that it’s a Snapchat-only media brand.

No equivocations, no caveats — the games lineup for the Switch is remarkably light.

A power-heavy lineup in a power-friendly ballpark—a lineup that hit more home runs than any other team in baseball last season—now featuring Giancarlo Stanton.

That gives the company greater negotiating leverage over third parties like Viacom from which it also licenses content to flesh out its lineup.

In the past few years, Marvel has spent a lot of time tweaking and reimagining its lineup of heroes.

He’s the only legitimately surprising person in the DNC lineup.

Over its 11 year history, Pitchfork Music Festival has always delegated a substantial portion of its lineup to local music.

Compared to last year’s record-breaking nine Chicago acts, the 2017 Pitchfork Fest lineup only had five locals and they all played on Sunday.

Natalie Cole was eulogized by an all-star lineup of Grammy winners.

When Dwayne Bacon replaces Kidd-Gilchrist in the starting lineup they destroy people.

It turns out McDonald’s all-day breakfast does not include the entire breakfast menu lineup.

Miley held down a Colorado lineup that has been putting up a lot of runs at Coors Field the past month.

This year, we may see savings on the QuietComfort 35 headphones, the newer addition to the QuietComfort lineup.

A Payton-Simmons-Gordon-Isaac-Bismack Biyombo lineup can, at its most switch-happy peak, be an uncrossable moat.

We Make America member and artist Ron Baron also expressed disappointment in the lineup’s lack of representation for the visual arts.

[Walt Mossberg | Recode] The speaker lineup is now set for Recode’s Code Commerce event on Oct. 25 in Las Vegas.

But shifting him to the bench at various times throughout the season won’t prevent that lineup from coalescing, particularly in crunch time.

Ableton has announced the lineup for the second annual Loop Festival.

Together, they possess a dynamism that’s been missing from every lineup Dallas has put on the floor in over a decade.

Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard, Stanley Johnson, Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond There’s a certain amount of nostalgic charm attached to a lineup like this.

Were you nervous knowing you had a diverse lineup of events at the Olympics?

On July 3rd, less than a month after the initial diagnosis of his elbow injury, Ohtani was cleared to return to the Angels’ lineup.

Should they try to have him back in the lineup as soon as possible, making sure he continued to progress as a hitter?

But mere hours after receiving the news that his elbow had been damaged further, he was in the lineup at DH.

Check out the full lineup and buy tickets here.

Ohtani needed surgery on his right elbow, but has been back in the lineup this season as a designated hitter.

The Yankees welcomed Aaron Judge back into their lineup after he missed two months with a strained left oblique.

They had a lineup almost without flaw, with Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, Xander Bogaerts, and J.D.

It took him all of 15 pitches to retire the top of the Orioles’ lineup and record the save—his 100th.

Nintendo made the surprise announcement of the New Nintendo 2DS XL, a new $149 console in the 3DS console lineup, on sale in July.

When a festival’s lineup is announced, its promotional poster of performers revealed, its impact on music at large becomes that much more apparent.

It’s sure to be the crown jewel of the east coast, and you can check out the entire lineup below.

But to many female industry vets and fans, the presentation of a festival lineup is more than a catalog of who to listen to.

a female artist doesn’t appear on the #Lollapalooza lineup until the fourth line, and Camila Cabello, who has a No.

“Seeing Ariana Grande listed first on Lolla’s 2019 lineup is a good sign,” says Book More Women.

Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain returned to the lineup after missing the previous three games with a right thumb injury.

They’ve only lost one game with a healthy starting lineup.

Don’t EVER question Antonio Gates in your fantasy football lineup — START HIM … so says the tight end himself.

Public on-sale for tickets, camping, and payment plans kicks off June 21, when the rest of the lineup will be announced.

Visit Desert Daze’s website for more info and check out the first round of its 2017 lineup below.

Brewers outfielder Lorenzo Cain returned to the lineup after missing the previous three games with a right thumb injury.

Does that hold true with you?Yeah, that’s true, the lineup does seem really diverse.

I’ve been asking people about the diversity of the lineup here.

Joey Gallo (oblique) is on the injured list, and Nomar Mazara was out of the lineup Monday night because of a mild hamstring injury.

Even with the acquisition of Shire, some said Takeda will need to bolster its lineup of experimental therapies to compete in the longer term.

But for the most part, the nine-strong Best Picture lineup boasts a healthy number of nominations across the board.

But there’s usually one or two major big studio competitors among the Best Picture lineup.

from the lineup.

The Cubs still have a lineup with Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant, Dexter Fowler, and Jason Heyward.

Fusion/Mondeo are an important part of the Ford car lineup.

You can view the full lineup here, and read our coverage of last year’s festival with Kowton here.

It instead beckoned an all-star lineup of right-wing provocateurs, fake news peddlers, pro-Trump lawmakers, political meme artists, and anti-anti-Trump contrarians.

It instead beckoned an all-star lineup of right-wing provocateurs, fake news peddlers, pro-Trump lawmakers, political meme artists, and anti-anti-Trump contrarians.

The lineup of performances I observed took place at Gallery Sensei on the Bowery on May 6.

Upstate NY music festival, Mysteryland, added a tranche of new names to its 2016 lineup announcement today.

The lineup for spring 2018 is pretty promising, but thankfully isn’t overwhelming with shows you must watch.

Altria’s move is strategic: It gives the company a fresh lineup of nicotine products as traditional cigarette smoking declines in popularity.

Check out the whole, stunning lineup above, and buy your advance tickets here.

Andy D. Park, who’s worked with all three members of the new PTL lineup in the past, produced the record.

Fushman is Hamid’s first addition to the lineup of general partners, and the firm expects to add at least one more soon.

Look at that lineup!

The lineup features some 100 people thus far and is still growing.

Klinsmann’s long-overdue insistence on having a more static starting lineup throughout the tournament gave him a center back pairing who were in sync.

But, he wrote for the Washington Post, “you are forgiven if you could not pick him out of a police lineup.”

WCFE says Rick’s camp explained it had to cancel Rick’s entire weekend lineup due to family and health issues.

The eclectic music lineup features: Aphex Twin, ODESZA, Björk Digital, Run the Jewels, Butthole Surfers, Blood Orange, RZA feat.

For the full lineup visit

The lineup went 0-for-10 with runners in scoring position, leaving 12 men on base.

Their lineup and rotation have been decimated by an endlessly recurrent tide of injuries.

Diaz was in the starting lineup Thursday against the Twins, hitting fourth and playing third base.

That’s a huge amount of power to have disappear from your lineup, let alone to have it replaced by Kyle Higashioka.

And it looked good: the print, the lineup, the organization.

Rosie Perez, a Brooklyn native of Puerto Rican heritage, opened the evening’s lineup.

Oculus has even devised a new “comfort” rating system, which divides its launch lineup of games into “comfortable,” “moderate,” and “intense” categories.

Until relatively recently, that slot in Maranello’s lineup was occupied by the F12berlinetta.

So the third debate could well have a far smaller lineup.

They’ll debut the new lineup at this year’s Maryland Doom Fest (which will take place in Frederick, Maryland from June 24-26).

A 6.5-liter V12 isn’t designed for fuel economy, and Ferrari intends to shift its lineup in the direction of turbos and hybrids.

Trimble’s current Pandora lineup features the Counting Crows, the Dropkick Murphys, Kanye West, U2 and Jack Johnson.

According to Hardwick, the show increasingly began to occupy an ungainly spot in the network’s lineup.

Panorama has announced the lineup for their second annual music festival.

See the full lineup below.

The Detroit collective has been deliberately enigmatic and at times downright deceitful about its identity, lineup, and backstory.

And just wait till we tell you about next year’s lineup!

At first I was confused by the presence of Michael Riedel in the lineup, as he seemed out of place among the other artist.

NBC is trying to get advertisers to stop thinking of its shows as part of a lineup and embrace them as individual entertainment units.

Bour, in the starting lineup for the first time since June 19, led off the bottom of the fifth with a solo homer.

“Encarnacion, Stanton and Judge, that’s three elite power hitters plugged into our lineup,” Boone told reporters.

The rest of the night’s lineup put the band to work, with artists like G.O.O.D.

He went 1-for-3 in his return to the lineup Sunday.

Stay tuned at for a complete lineup and other ticketing options.

He joined a reconstituted lineup of the group as a rap singer in 1988 under the new stage name Bushwick Bill.

I think it’s literally the most exciting product lineup of any company in the world.

It’s an intimidating lineup, but also one that skews toward the older end of the 18- to 49-year-old demographic (a.k.a.

The first five Nationals batters in the starting lineup each had at least one RBI.

Watch here starting at 215pm ET: Here’s the lineup of afternoon speakers for Tuesday, December 6th.

The lineup for information at times was longer than any line for either booze or boxing merchandise.

Google has been ramping up its Assistant voice-powered gadget lineup, recently announcing the Google Home Hub, a smart speaker with a screen.

Ford has said it will refresh 75 percent of its North American lineup over the next two years.

They went through a number of lineup changes but always featured vocalist Nicole Boychuk, whose impassioned, at times desperate sounding, delivery anchored their sound.

During lineup introductions, they clapped politely for each St. John’s player.

The long-running music festival’s full lineup was released today, and also featured Marshmello, Future Islands, and Yellow Claw.

It’s little surprise, then, that head coach Dwane Casey quickly settled on a closing lineup involving both.

But I, in all honesty, didn’t remember what the person looked like, and couldn’t have picked him out of a lineup.

All told, Casey’s new closing lineup has posted a ludicrous 57.3 net rating in 17 minutes together.

The lineup has been good enough that Casey may want to find places for it beyond the closing stretch.

You can read more about the lineup here (more great names to announce very soon) and sign up here.

There’s one major reasons Facebook’s video lineup doesn’t look too appealing: Most must-see television isn’t available.

He attempted to return to the lineup on April 26, but was 0-for-3 against the San Diego Padres and landed on the IL.

Golden Yangles, an experimental cheese cracker, was excised from the lineup in 1992.

At his convention over the summer, his speaker lineup included a roster of victims, or relatives of victims, of crimes committed by immigrants.

This is due in large part to a lineup that’s capable of pushing the material as far as it can go.

Same goes for fourth-place Apple, which recently said its Mac business is now worth $25 billion, a testament to its exclusively high-end lineup.

As a result, having a strong lineup of heroes is a (the?)

She stood by me at the lineup when I identified my attacker, after he was arrested for assaulting another woman.

Toyota executives said last month they are evaluating the company’s U.S. model lineup.

That Malkin has 66 goals and 88 assists in 118 games without Crosby in the lineup.

In addition to the informational fair, there will be a TBD lineup of talks and performances throughout the day, followed by a music-filled afterparty.

Yes, fans were excited for that lineup, but they were really coming out in droves to see Em specifically.

To Kauff he wrote, “Your mere presence in the lineup would inevitably burden patrons of the game with grave apprehension as to its integrity.”

Not only that, the band underwent lineup changes for the first time in a decade.

Oddly specific prediction: Only seven players from the 2017 opening night lineup are still on the roster one year later.

He’s never played a regular season game but got into the lineup for the playoffs and didn’t look out of place.

Many activist groups won’t formally endorse for a while, but they are paying close attention to the 2020 lineup.

An all-female lineup is intrinsically no more interesting than an all-male roster of swinging dicks, especially when it has no larger thematic purpose.

A survey by LFW organizer the British Fashion Council found that no designers in the lineup plan to use fur.

Noah Syndergaard made baseball’s best lineup look clueless by heaving a bunch of beautiful triple-digit fastballs.

Their starting lineup barely utilized the three-point line and couldn’t stop anybody on the other end.

The year’s lineup will be released online the following morning, January 19.

A Chicago law enforcement source tells us the next step may be a lineup in which Jussie will be asked to identify the culprits.

Not even a lineup controversy, in which MIA was pulled after comments she’d made about Black Lives Matter, could derail the day.

That’s nearly the same lineup as last season’s team, which bowed out in the second round of the NCAA tournament.

I follow fitness star Kayla Itsines on Instagram, so therefore I could pick her abs out of a lineup.

(Dario Saric is great, but slot Kuzma at the four in their starting lineup and…yikes.)

Putting together a polished convention with a coherent lineup of speakers requires a lot of hard work and attention to detail.

They rearranged their lineup, stretched out their closer, and brought starters on in relief.

Typically, the Warriors like to bring Maurice Speights in with their bench lineup, relying on him to space the floor alongside Festus Ezeli.

Fox’s new primetime lineup is stacked with network personalities with their own histories of harassing women, including guests and even co-hosts.

The Cubs, with their skyscraper of a lineup and pretty defense and Cy Young candidates, win games that make sense.

Spiegel joins a powerhouse lineup which includes the CEOs of AT&T, Uber, Airbnb, 21st Century Fox and Stitch Fix.

How did that lineup with your experience?I honestly wasn’t full of self-awareness back then and was making it up as I went along.

Besides the Activision lineup we have here, are there any other games you’ve seen at E3 that you’re stoked to play?

Despite the name … rock’s Prince of Darkness, Ozzy, was NOT part of the lineup.

Apple made some tweaks to the color lineup, including a gray version of the high-end ceramic “Edition” version, and new bands, but nothing crazy.

Hudson and Goldenberg join what was already a stellar speaking lineup for the December 6 event.

Goodson did not pull any punches with his lineup, and neither did the show’s contributors.

When fame got too much, lead singer Judith Pronk (or Alice) stepped back from the lineup, never to return to the spotlight again.

They’ll be in the starting lineup Friday.

The capper is the lineup of toupees on his desk, forming a silent audience for their concurrent meltdowns.

This Saturday was Latin Night at Pulse, featuring a lineup of reggaeton, bachata, merengue and salsa music.

The lineup of the festival includes: For the full lineup, visit

So the third debate could well have a far smaller lineup.

Here’s the outstanding lineup of speakers you’ll hear from that night: Awesome, right?

I found myself facing a man in a suit who, to this day, I couldn’t pick out of a lineup.

Has there been any talk of doing a tour or festival appearances with this lineup?Not yet.

How do you think the current lineup of the band lends itself to the creation of these songs as actual rites of passage?

Here’s what Mizuki looks like, highlighted in a lineup with the other characters featured in Criminal Girls 2.

Given how much sports is either on regional sports networks or Turner channels (particularly basketball), they’re not offering a comprehensive lineup.

Industry leaders took to Twitter and let CTA know their lineup was not acceptable.

An additional lineup announcement will follow on April 11.

He combined with Marvin Campbell to serve as Bryce Harper’s lineup protection and form the heart of the order.

Because whether or not he was hitting home runs every at-bat, just with him in the lineup, it was different for everyone.

Everyone was seeing better pitches if Bryce was in the lineup.

These fans of the new “Ghostbusters” trailer went with an all-male lineup.

This lineup of the 501st Legion under Steve Wozniak’s giant grinning face sums up the entire event pretty nicely.

(Though not without breaking up the flagging but still solid Thursday night Shonda Rhimes lineup.)

Together, they form a wearable computer lineup that has many interesting applications, notably fitness and medicine.

Given that lineup, Jessica grew up playing a lot of point guard, both on club teams and in driveway family games.

Earlier this week, the NHL announced its lineup of musical acts for All-Star Weekend.

The security was by far the tightest outside the large upstairs ballroom, where the GHE20G0TH1K lineup was taking place.

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has had a revolving lineup of Angels since 1995.

During the lineup, one Border Terrier starts violently gagging.

The Dreamcast corrected many of SEGA’s previous mistakes—it had a great launch lineup, was technologically advanced, and reasonably priced.

Seriously, how many NBA fans could pick Rodney McGruder out of a lineup?

See the full lineup of Tribeca’s VR Arcade here.

Formed in 1988, the original AVAIL lineup bore no resemblance to the revered band people would come to know.

He joined a reconstituted lineup of the group as a rap singer in 1988 under the new stage name Bushwick Bill.

This year’s lineup included ASAP Rocky, DVBBS, RL Grime, and Jeremih.

Ye’s lineup of talent is insane — we’re talking Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland and 2 Chainz.

You take three of your top six players out of your lineup, you’re gonna probably struggle.

It looks like the lineup includes Robert Englund and Maverick Carter, as well … but we’re not certain.

It’s NBA All-Star Weekend and LeBron James is bringing more than just his talents to the lineup.

Coachella was the place for music Saturday, with an awesome lineup.

●Stephon Marbury vs. Jimmy Butler In 2004, Team USA went with a double-point-guard starting lineup, because Larry Brown.

Jennifer said a female producer told her to use naked photos of herself from a previous nude lineup as inspiration.

isn’t goin’ to be coaching bums … she’s got former NBA stars Corey Maggette and Cuttino Mobley in her starting lineup.

Headliners include 311, Sublime With Rome, as well as the original Fishbone lineup, Barker playing with Goldfinger and loads more.

lineup tinkering” is a bit difficult to capture quantitatively, but we can still see evidence of it in the NBA’s lineup stats.

While we’d expect these lineups to be less potent than the death lineup, they’ve been surprisingly bad.

Though we only have a small sample of their minutes, this lineup has been outscored by 12 points per 100 possessions.

The always anticipated lineup dropped Tuesday … and there are a TON of heavy-hitters.

Now celebrating its 80th anniversary, Manhattan’s Galerie St. Etienne brings a scholarly approach to a uniquely diverse lineup.

Its ads have aired on CNN, NPR, Spotify and Fox News — a lineup that lends it an air of credibility.

I’ve completed thirty Interviews and I have a lineup for more folks.

Woodstock purists bitched about the lineup but the event’s co-creator says they need to get over it.

The new electric vehicles will go right to the heart of Ford’s lineup.

“Our investments and expanding lineup reflect our view that global offerings of electrified vehicles will exceed gasoline-powered vehicles within the next 15 years.”

Don’t expect to transition smoothly into the starting lineup right off the bat—you’ve got to give something up first.

These days, music festivals seem to put as much thought into their food offerings as their musical lineup.

Check out the full lineup below, and stay tuned for more additions soon.

Other lineup highlights include beloved NYC DJ Danny Tenaglia, a coveted b2b from Sasha and John Digweed, and OWSLA’s NGHTMRE.

Check out the full phase one lineup below.

Well, it happened: After a botched ticket roll-out and a brain-bleedingly weird lineup, Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary festival has officially been canceled, Billboard reports.

From 1973 to 1976, the band played six nights a week, five sets a night, through numerous lineup changes.

Check out the full lineup below.

View the full lineup below, and head to the official website for ticket information.

The day’s lineup included sets from Kehlani, Danny Brown, Chicago favorite Towkio, The 1975, and Lana Del Rey.

Did you know it was going to be the final record with that lineup?

Sir Martin Sorrell, Danica Patrick, and Troy Carter: Meet the newest additions to the IGNITION lineup

The lineup seemed made entirely of leadoff men and cleanup hitters, and the pitching staff had all varieties of just-barely-fading expertise.

And you have speeches by a number of great figures in this lineup, including Malcolm X.

This was a really weird lineup.

We played in Palm Springs with the original lineup with Scott Reagers on vocals, Yawning Man, and Always August.

I mean, what a weird lineup!

Their starting lineup is a well-balanced cocktail, and explosive in every way it needs to be.

I had told myself that unlike every other festival I’d attended, I would actually take advantage of the stacked lineup this time.

Today’s news only details Phase 1 of the lineup, so stay tuned for more announcements.

The festival also recently unveiled the full lineup for this year’s festival, including an array of workshops, conversations, and master classes.

Double checking on Coachella’s lineup from their site reveals a photo of the icy man himself, Gucci Mane.

VICE News Tonight is an addition to our lineup of shows.

Check out the poster and first phase of the Desert Daze 2018 lineup below.

I came to support Vanessa Johnston, Audrey Stewart, Mona Mira, and Darius Culpepper who were on the lineup.

View the lineup below and donate here.

The team confirmed Scherzer is making the start when it released its lineup for the nightcap.

Go to for full details on the festival, including its music lineup, and to purchase a ticket.

This is clearly the greatest music festival and lineup ever.

First in the lineup is fashion blogger and stylist Paola Alberdi.

Despite a good deal of turnover over the years, Suicidal Tendencies has unassumingly boasted the most consistently diverse lineup in heavy music, bar none.

On June 3, OG announced its new lineup.

But as green as this lineup was, with vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala as the only remaining founding member, their talent was palpable.

Better news: That lineup keeps getting better.

The rally lineup is promising on paper.

Bill Maher is on the lineup, as is the comedian Lewis Black.

Where technology and economics collide This afternoon, Apple executives took the stage to unveil a revised lineup of Mac laptops.

It’s a neat innovation, and arguably the biggest change to the Mac lineup in nearly a decade.

A decade ago, the Mac laptop lineup featured a MacBook and a MacBook Pro.

Right now, Cloher is on tour with both Barnett and Kurt Vile; talk about a stacked lineup.

View the full lineup below, and read our review from last year.

The Yankees welcomed Aaron Judge back into their lineup after he missed two months with a strained left oblique.

SchubasSchubas is under the same ownership as Lincoln Hall, which means the sound quality is top notch and the lineup doesn’t disappoint.

More importantly, we’re back to a Finnish lineup.

I think we have found that now with this lineup though.

Still, going into the draft, Riley wanted to take Plum, while Johnson was skeptical of a three-guard lineup.

Perhaps in preparation, he ran out a lineup with Plum and Lindsay Allen late in the New York game.

I thought we had more to offer and I still do, but the lineup had some ill chemistry.

The lineup for Roulette’s 2018 Mixology Festival, titled “Circuit Breakers,” features an enticing series of improbable audio-visual pairings.

Much has been written lately about Apple’s aging Mac lineup, so I won’t belabor the point.

Another issue: The Switch’s launch lineup, in terms of games, is fairly weak.

An injury to the tirelessly defensive-minded Tony Allen has forced the Grizzlies to move Selden into their starting lineup against the Spurs.

They may need to tighten up their lineup, which should include cutting down on Olynyk’s minutes.

In 1991, a sitcom about anthropomorphic dinosaurs popped up on ABC’s family friendly TGIF lineup, couched between Full House and Family Matters.

It also intersected with Stevens’ decision to go small and insert Gerald Green into the starting lineup.

Her series are such big hits that ABC has basically devoted its Thursday-night lineup to them.

Watch the Waypoint crew breakdown Nintendo’s E3 2017 lineup right here: Going back again to something we’ve already talked about.

The lineup outside remains steady.

The fair is set to host an all-star lineup of speakers involved in all different areas of the art industry.

“We have a really good lineup,” said third baseman Adrian Beltre, who also hit a home run.

“Our lineup is always up for the challenge.

Putting Jefferson in the starting lineup may be Cleveland’s last and only meaningful adjustment from here on out.

Frontwoman Katy Goodman came by to discuss the new record and the band’s newest lineup.

So far the group only has one show booked, September 25 at the Philharmonie in Paris, but the lineup is exciting.

The programming of the day followed suit, with the lineup organized not-so-much for stature but for continuity.

With that lineup, even if it was just a big, dark, empty room, Paradise Miami would still make this list.

DH Billy Butler, just signed by the Yankees and arriving at Fenway Park 90 minutes before game time, was in the lineup.

LF Franklin Gutierrez, who missed Sunday’s loss at Toronto because of a neck injury, returned to the lineup on Tuesday.

Other than one at-bat, Upton has been a black hole in the lineup.

As they told Noisey, ““TCBT is the culmination of two years of work and collaboration with the new lineup of Black Tusk.

Manager Brad Ausmus said Cabrera will be back in the lineup on Monday.

SWR always has a very diverse lineup, but the focus seems to center on death metal and grind, especially with the smaller bands.

Rumors lives up to it name by doing away with lineup announcements and all DJs performing extended sets.

Boston hopes to have 1B Hanley Ramirez in the lineup after he was a late scratch Wednesday due to flu-like symptoms.

Among a motley lineup of rock and free jazz groups that raged until the early hours, Crisis Actors stood out.

Among a motley lineup of rock and free jazz groups that raged until the early hours, Crisis Actors stood out.

Undeterred, Boleyn put together a new Hellion lineup.

Fedato: For the first time, we have a lineup that is only composed of female-identifying women.

… CF Andrew McCutchen, 2B Josh Harrison and 3B David Freese, all Pittsburgh regulars, were out of the starting lineup for rest purposes.

You could see it in the speakers’ lineup.

There’s finally a computer in Apple’s hardware lineup that’s worth buying that doesn’t come with a screen glued to it.

Ohtani had plenty of help Thursday as every hitter in the Angels lineup had at least one hit.

Just added to the lineup of speakers: Venmo COO Mike Vaughan, Reformation founder and CEO Yael Aflalo and Theory founder and president Andrew Rosen.

No two songs employ the same lineup of sounds and styles, and, still, You’ll Pay For This has cohesion and identity.

Other band members from the original lineup also returned for the single.

See website for the lineup.

This year alone, more than 50 percent of VIA’s lineup identify as female or non-binary.

2B Ian Kinsler wasn’t in manager Brad Ausmus’ starting lineup Sunday, but just to give him a day off.

Why won’t an international hockey body let me pick its roster and set its lineup?

The Dubs slotted Brandon Rush into the starting lineup and the win machine kept right on whirring.

Mubi’s January lineup features a selection of the pioneering documentary director’s films from the 1950s through 1970.

Bullock, who was inserted into the starting lineup four games ago, made 8 of 10 shots from the field.

Brian: How much do you take personal feelings about a player into account when drafting or making a starting lineup?

Shifting to the aforementioned smaller lineup full-time has goosed New Orleans’ offense a bit.

We’re really excited about this year’s lineup and we’ve found ways to put [more of] the budget towards it.

Looking at all the big names included, the lineup reads like a who’s who of popular dance acts.

He played in six of the team’s first eight games, but couldn’t maintain a spot in the starting lineup.

FORM Arcosanti, the music and arts festival curated by experimental pop band Hundred Waters (this year alongside Moses Sumney), has announced its 2017 lineup.

Rounding out the diverse lineup are artists including Deafheaven, Kelela, Tycho, Omar Souleyman, Shamir, Huerco S, Thundercat, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and more.

View the full lineup below.

Girardi finally put Rodriguez in the lineup on Thursday, but then then denied his request to play third base.

And they’re (most of) Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic lineup!

… Padres CF Jon Jay was out of the lineup.

Leivo, who was in the lineup for the first time in nearly two weeks, broke down the left side for his second-period goal.

Hood can slide into the lineup against teams that go small down the stretch, bumping Hayward or Ingles to the four spot.

LW Josh Leivo was back in the lineup after a four-game absence.

It took Utah a while to find its best lineup, but few opponents have been able to crack it so far.

… Carolina C Victor Rask returned to the lineup after he was a healthy scratch in consecutive games.

RF Scott Schebler was out of the lineup for the third straight game Tuesday but did make an appearance.

“He’s not going to strike everybody out.” 2B Josh Rutledge became a late scratch from the starting lineup due to dehydration.

The combination of 22-year-old debutant Sirotkin and Stroll, 19, is the former world champions’ youngest and rawest lineup yet.

Today, though, they’ve announced the lineup for a concert they’re calling the “Make America Great Again!’

2B Neil Walker was out of the Mets’ lineup for the second straight game because of a sore left knee.

… C Scott Laughton returned to the lineup for the Flyers after being a healthy scratch for the past seven games.

C Salvador Perez has a mild left thumb sprain and was not in the lineup.

He said Perez would likely be in the lineup Friday.

RW Kris Versteeg returned to the lineup against Philadelphia.

NOTES: Atlanta LF Matt Kemp returned to the starting lineup.

Did you assemble this lineup or did it just come to be?

… Reds OF Adam Duvall (illness) was out of the lineup for the second game in a row.

Last year, HARD Summer faced controversy for their lineup, which only included a handful of female acts.

However, upon its release, the video faced backlash and criticism from festivalgoers, fans and women on the festival’s lineup.

With those two inevitably finding their way into Charlotte’s starting lineup, the Hornets can rebuild on the fly around their franchise point guard.

NOTES: Padres CF Jon Jay was back atop the lineup after not starting since injuring his shoulder on Friday in Milwaukee and went 2-for-4.

… Giants manager Bruce Bochy is keeping 3B Matt Duffy and 2B Joe Panik in their usual lineup spots, despite both of them struggling.

Since its conception in 2013, the parties have featured an impressive lineup of Canadian female producers including Bambii and Debbie Doe.

Hinch had Reddick take the lineup to home plate before the game.

“We always try to do the lineup where we space it out a little bit.

Pickathon 2016 starts on Friday (lineup; tickets).

But is this really a great lineup?

They were the only members of the Baltimore lineup who did.

It’s a fine lineup, but it’s certainly not one that screams offensive juggernaut.

So the lineup is good but flawed.

It was the last record of that lineup.

He isn’t terribly creative with his bullpen usage or his lineup card, but overall the good far outweighs the bad.

Studies have shown that a manager’s lineup card and in-game decision-making don’t have nearly the impact that we once believed.

They’ll be part of a stacked lineup, supporting experimental anti-racist doom duo Divide and Dissolve with Pillow Pro and Netti.

Van Niekerk was originally drawn in the opening heat but organizers changed the lineup, which pleased the South African.

The Range Rover has been in the lineup since the 1970s; the fourth-generation has been around since 2013 and now has a hybrid option.

I’m always on the smallest font on the lineup poster but so far, I’ve stolen booze from Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys.

At this stage, Donald Trump’s campaign lineup appears to be in a bit of a perpetual shuffle.

At this stage, Donald Trump’s campaign lineup appears to be in a bit of a perpetual shuffle.

Cuthbert was in the lineup Saturday, batting seventh.

It could probably afford Twitter, too, but what a lineup of troubled companies that would be to fix.

The lineup is served alongside pandan leaf-infused water and salted pickled grapes and mango.

As a preview, Vox is debuting the above clip, in which a police lineup of Latino men breaks into a song about racial profiling.

Check out the set times and full lineup for Desert Daze 2017 below, and get ye to the desert!

Walker could anchor a starting lineup featuring Gordon Hayward, Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum.

The Mets were 52-50 at one point, and their lineup can still kind of look like that of a team with that record.

And though the lineup was joggled by a series of unfortunate injuries, the card delivered as a fun one all the same.

Cleveland’s rotation is finding a groove, and the lineup is putting together some big games, too.

(Although, granted, that specific lineup of trophies doesn’t happen too often.)

You can see the whole lineup above, and buy your tickets in advance here, starting at 1 PM EST.

Blake Griffin in the lineup or not, everyone stands for free t-shirts.

The depleted lineup collapsed in the third quarter.

It doesn’t get more Noisey than this lineup, baby.

Rounding out the lineup are Natasha Cloud or Tayler Hill, each of whom shot better than 33 percent from deep.

Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival has announced its 2019 lineup, hot on the heels of Coachella and Governors Ball.

Samsung’s smaller Korean rival, LG, is also aiming to build up its lineup of companion products.

Check out the Bonnaroo lineup below, and grab info at the festival’s website.

No matter what product you wind up treating your skin with, consider refreshing the rest of your skincare lineup, too.

Morales’s band Bronze Brain was also on the lineup.

Read on for 10 swaps to help you adultify your lineup ASAP.

… OF Cameron Maybin remains out of the Detroit lineup because of a bruised left thumb.

Coming later this year to the company’s lineup are the Smarter Fridge Cam, Smarter Mats, and Smarter Detect.

Like many in the lineup, Kristine, 27, was excited to help spread the gospel.

“Kingsday,” arguably the album’s centerpiece which Noisey is premiering below, is the song Krebs credits as a turning point for the new lineup.

Williams have the youngest lineup in Formula One, with 19-year-old Canadian Lance Stroll and 22-year-old Russian Sergey Sirotkin.

That’s why we expanded our lineup to include all the postseason action,” Ben Weinberger, Chief Product Officer of Sling TV, told Motherboard.


Influential Denver DIY venue Rhinoceropolis will also host a benefit show on Saturday, December 17, with the lineup still to be decided.

Check out the full lineup below and stay tuned for the exclusive on phase two of the lineup and more info in June.

In a lot of ways, the Leave Home lineup was practically the first time many of the members of the band collaborated.

He’d spend the next three years in the AHL, but never cracked the Predators’ lineup.

So it is this year with ABC’s Tuesday night lineup, which pins all its hopes on the Roseanne spinoff The Conners.

3B Todd Frazier hopes to return to the lineup Tuesday for Chicago, which is 7-21 at the new Yankee Stadium.

“His placement, he was at the eight o’clock hour on Fox News, and that was the anchor of the prime-time lineup.

The star-studded lineup of performers during the venue’s final week included Deadmau5, and Armin Van Buuren delivering a six-hour marathon set.

Check out the full Phase One lineup below.

So, the New Yorker count on the official UFC 205 lineup is just one: Evans.

C Sean Couturier will be out of the lineup approximately four weeks with a lower-body injury.

Gravity has now expanded its product lineup to include a weighted sleep mask, a cooling blanket for those who “sleep hot,” and more.

It’s that time of year again folks—the beloved Rothbury, Michigan summer festival, Electric Forest, is dropping their long-awaited 2016 lineup.

3-5 hitters in the Rays lineup.

Update [Wednesday, February 20th]: Electric Forest has officially unveiled the entire 2016 lineup.

Check out the full lineup below, and cop your tickets here.

The lineup runs pretty deep this time around, too.

Here’s the lineup in full: Lead photo by Timothy Norris.

Lindt has been trimming Russell Stover’s product lineup and cutting back on unprofitable promotions as it aims to turn around the business.

The lineup of speakers is phenomenal.

BMW in investing heavily to develop an extensive lineup of electrified, connected and later self-driving cars.

Check out the full lineup poster below, tickets go on-sale Friday here.

Back in September 2015, Apple launched its own iPhone Upgrade Plan along with its iPhone 6s lineup, directly competing with its carrier partners.

While the game lineup for the Nintendo Switch’s launch is a little slim, the year ahead is made up of some big swingers.

Go to for full details on the festival, including its music lineup, and to purchase a ticket.

See the entire lineup for Sónar Istanbul here.

(This issue wasn’t exclusive to the truest version of the Death lineup, either.

Per, last year’s Death lineup registered an effective field goal percentage (eFG%) of 59.3 on shots attempted immediately after offensive rebounds.

They score more than anyone, and their lineup as balanced as it is varied.

Needless to say, every photo finish must be captured with as much precision as possible in order to clearly determine the winning lineup.

You guys are about to go on tour with the new Sublime lineup.

Any favorites in this year’s lineup?Heilung, because of the ritualistic nature of their music.

…. Marlins 2B Derek Dietrich (bruised left wrist) returned to the lineup after missing Thursday’s game.

Which band from this year’s lineup was your favorite?

—Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve will join the team on the road and could be back in the lineup on Wednesday.

The only thing that can keep the King out of the lineup now is another benching.

… Flames LW Jaromir Jagr returned to the lineup after missing five games with a lower-body injury.

… Cowboys starting CB Orlando Scandrick (hamstring) missed the game, and rookie Anthony Brown replaced him in the lineup.

See the full lineup below.

View the first phase lineup below, and head to the official website for tickets and more information.

Before revealing the starting lineup to the team, Nicklaus offered advice that served him well throughout his career.

He really established the fastball the first time through the lineup, then he started mixing the accessory pitches as the game went on.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s (Riverdale, Supergirl, Carrie) gritty Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot might be the most anticipated horror event in Netflix’s fall lineup.

Baron and Snider join an amazing lineup of media and tech leaders who’ve signed on for our signature Recode onstage interviews.

SchubasSchubas is under the same ownership as Lincoln Hall, which means the sound quality is top notch and the lineup doesn’t disappoint.

— [Recode] Apple will introduce long-awaited updates to its Mac lineup at an Oct. 27 event.

Beach Goth​ boasts the best festival lineup this year.

Meanwhile, the Mac lineup has stagnated, with some models approaching years without an update.

Sales of Audi’s current lineup of SUVs “pay for what we want to do, which is lead the future,” Keogh said.

Also on the lineup is a sentient cowboy hat and the daughter that Trump always forgets when the family goes on vacation.

By intricately curating the lineup, the festival would go on to expose unrecognized indie artists on the same stage as veteran performers.

Profar started at third base and was 0-for-5 … Texas INF Adrian Beltre was not in the starting lineup and did not play.

Looking at festival culture today, it seems like the same lineup on every bill.

… Rays RF Steven Souza (left hand) returned to the lineup for the first time since getting hurt on Saturday.

The team is 10-2 with their other star—yes, star—back in the starting lineup.

The second year of forward-thinking festivities boasts a stacked lineup geared towards getting the country to, well, start boasting.

After waiting in a late afternoon lineup (an afternoon lineup!!!)

Noisey: The original lineup hasn’t played since 1984.

Though they are a jazz ensemble, the type of music they play varies, as does their lineup.

What’s more … the family says the same witness picked Jeezy out of a photo lineup as the shooter.

Stay tuned to Noisey for Phase III of the lineup, including two more headliners.

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