Liked in a sentence | Use of the word liked examples

I would’ve liked to have done one better and won Wimbledon.

Freedom — I was a child — was the freedom to do whatever I liked.

Okay, wait, you liked it?

Using ingenuity and zeal to triumph over … You probably liked Bird Box, right?

“He liked my vocals and my music.

“He liked my vocals and my music.

“But Holden liked it,” Brynn said.

The artists and pages that he’d “liked’ are mostly local bands or musicians.

Uncle had already gone on several of these interview-dates and hadn’t liked any of them; this was Aunty’s third.

She says that she just liked him in a way that she hadn’t felt about the other two.

I liked Don, but he was NOT responsible for me not firing Bob Mueller or Jeff Sessions.

However, critics liked it for the low-budget horror homage it was.

I liked her, I really liked her.

“I liked Infinity cars, and they were were always naming cars ‘Infinity Q’ and a number,” he explains.

He clearly liked the sound of me in pain, because things only got worse from there.

Adyn: OK, so at first we liked him “ironically” but the more we listened to him, it became a real thing.

This was the only poster liked and it was my favorite movie so I got it.

The New Yorker covers I bought outside the Met for like two bucks apiece and I just really liked how they complimented each other.

Road rage would not be a thing if people truly liked driving.

Anyway, it was funny and I liked it.

There was a moderate candidate: widely liked Democratic incumbent Gov.

“And that’s really different than, sort of, this past generation that was sort of seeking acceptance, trying to be liked.

Every conference-goer I spoke to liked what he actually said about Israel, but they didn’t quite trust the messenger.

If you liked Netflix’s Bloodline but wished it were 15 percent creepier, this is the show for you.

But people created their own echo chambers based on the posts and pages they liked.

Or you just liked him?

I really liked him, I thought he was an excellent boss.

“The first time I saw one of his grills, I liked how clean and tidy it was,” he says.

I’ve always had specific phobias that took up more brain space than I liked to admit.

It will be extremely difficult for me to eat romaine again—even when it’s safe—which is a bummer because I really liked it.

I liked my music between 120 and 130.

Before he won the presidency, Trump liked to criticize then-President Obama for announcing potential military decisions before they happened.

“He also liked poetry,” McCooty said.

The emails seem to confirm Sanders supporters’ general impression that many DNC officials liked Clinton more than Sanders.

And I couldn’t get off, because I liked the feel of the rush.

I kind of liked that.

But I think I did a very good job, and people really liked it.

I liked “Grace, Too” though.

Someone has liked a story about a toddler—well, a stock photo of a toddler—giving her mom the sweeter of two apples.

He liked to party, once complaining about the “dearth of artists” in the conservative movement.

(I liked both Malek and Bale, but I really don’t think they will be anywhere near my ballot this year.)

When I came across that whole crowd, I really liked the duality between the decadence and the extravagance, and the political awareness,” enthuses Patrik.

Would you call yourself a superfan?No, but I’ve liked them since 2004.

One is Aetna would have liked to stay in but needed to make good on their threat.

I finally saw a Josef Albers painting I liked, perhaps because it broke out of the insufferable square.

Hendrik Leber, a fund manager with Acatis, said he liked Cryan personally.

The Girls girls, by contrast, never did anything we’d have liked them to.

“He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,” Mateen’s former classmate, who did not give his name, told the Post.

It was not all pleasurable to read, although I liked it.

He was very competitive — we were both competitive — so we liked trying to prove each other wrong on various things.

“So I really liked that perspective and liked that image for myself.

And while I’m not sure I’d say I liked them, I found myself having quickly finished the bag.

When I asked Vuohelsilta why he liked to crush things, though, his answer was oddly tautological.

A swath of Massachusetts voters, in other words, liked Obama but didn’t like Warren.

Investors liked what they saw — Facebook stock was up almost 7 percent in after-hours trading.

I’m glad you liked it!

The study included a battery of questions measuring each of the six moral foundations, and also asked respondents which presidential candidate they liked best.

“I would have liked to see him have more balance on this group,” he said.

Now, it would be an oversimplification to say this period was all about Trump doing things Democrats liked.

He liked my praise or acknowledgement, however you want to do it, and he then retweeted it.

As a thinking human, you like the Golden State Warriors, the same way you liked the Webber Administration Kings and the Nash Suns.

What’s the background to your Twitter character?There’s not much background to it; I’ve always liked turtles.

He liked what he saw and made himself a fixture of Wolf’s classes.

Drake heard it and he liked it.

That was a joint that I had from before but I ended up playing it for him and he really liked that one.

Whether you liked Obama or not because I’ve got mixed reviews myself, Donald Trump was always a direct response to that.

Meredith was a homebody; Amanda did drugs and liked to party.

Most who met him liked him; many were surprised to learn the man’s profession.

It was either that or taking out a vowel, and we liked our vowels.

“I always liked when a show has backgrounds that make you want to pause and rewatch it,” Hanawalt explains.

Many people use Rotten Tomatoes to get a rough idea of whether critics generally liked a film.

Growing up, I liked basketball and chicken nuggets and reenacted the American Revolution in a three-cornered hat in my backyard.

KCMU and Sub Pop Records both began as a pastime for music hobbyists who liked to stay indoors and play records.

99, a band I liked but that had yet to become semi-legendary.

Those of us who helped build the scene in the 90s found it demolished—or so we liked to think.

That was why I thought he liked me,” Zara* remembers.

Democrats really liked it — but perhaps more surprisingly, our new research shows that Republicans kind of liked it too.

In case you missed that: They liked the ad.

And I really liked her.

Beaudoin told VICE this is a privilege she would have liked to share.

When he liked something he came up with he would paint several variations on it.

I liked getting high for all the usual reasons—it distracted and numbed me, and also because drugs are fun.

That’s almost as tough as if you asked me which photograph I liked the best.

For her part, Hamid said she liked Trump as a TV personality — just not as a politician.

It was a rainy day, and I liked the warm atmosphere in the studio.

“I got a bunch of private messages from photographers around the world that liked my creative way of thinking,” he enthuses.

So we haven’t made the progress in water that we would’ve liked.

You liked that.

So, overall, you guys, so you liked it?

You liked it?

LS: I liked it.

I liked this.

Right, but you liked it for a bit.

Yeah, so you liked it.

You liked the concept.

It was … Nobody really liked it.

LS: No, nobody liked it.

And nobody really liked that.

She probably liked The Martian.

But I never really connected to it as a person who liked church music.

Not necessarily sexually attractive — just cool enough to be liked by the people around you.

Yeah, I liked it.

Trump said women in particular liked his support for a strong military as they often wanted to feel safe at home.

It was warm and it was fuzzy and I really liked it—I can’t really explain it other than it became addictive instantly.

And so I’ve really liked seeing how talent shows became very popular again.

He hadn’t been doing a lot of stand-up then, so he liked to just have a conversation onstage.

They liked cheesy, painting-a-picture-type language.

Luckily for him, the managers liked the idea and Dave found himself holding down two weekly residences at inner city brothels.

That’s why he liked amateur actors and actresses.

You liked his coat.

It’s a sport for some people, but I never liked it.

And I think in general, he was a very, very beloved and well liked mayor.

I’ve liked it since I was a teenager, and I’m still playing it now.

I really liked the restaurant energy—everyone you worked with so different, interesting, intriguing.

So when I came to Del Posto I felt very much like a fish out of water, which was why I liked it.

Before being deleted, it had been retweeted 126,000 times and liked over 160,000 times.

She used to say she just really liked guns and hanging out with politicians.

She used to say she just really liked guns and hanging out with politicians.

I had a popular column right from the get-go and I liked the newspaper.

And John Miller was also into that, he was the head of digital at the time and he liked that idea.

He wants to be liked, so he would agree.

You know, it’s funny because I liked different writers for different reasons, but I didn’t have somebody I wanted to perfectly emulate.

I wasn’t a big fan of Tortoise, because they were a bit too jazzy for me, but I liked Labradford.

I played volleyball, and I was a terrible student, but I liked to read.

Kelly has been raising more money than McSally, and despite being lesser-known is well liked.

I never have liked the idea of thinking all the junk on my phone and on my desktop is just being uploaded somewhere.

I really liked this episode.

You couldn’t say, ‘oh, I liked that previous level, I want to go back to it.’

“[Trump] liked TV and competition.

You liked Marissa Mayer, for example — we’ll get to her.

I think she ideally would’ve liked to have done something internally.

And then for some reason people liked that number so … Ninety-nine!

They liked a Davos sponsorship.

I couldn’t have even the illusion of control with that technique, and I liked that.

She said … She probably liked the piece.

So she liked it.

She says she didn’t intend to match Lavinia but liked that the gown “felt very Social Creature.” She also Sharpied on a “More Poetry!!

Justin previously was a no-show at the Grammys because he didn’t think it was relevant or representative of the music fans really liked.

My wife liked it.

Brady made his mark on Instagram — where he “liked” four different posts featuring Colin’s new Nike ad.

I made notes of every shop, what I liked, what I disliked.

“I remember when I first started eight or nine years ago, our girls liked us but didn’t really love us,” she says.

He liked the ball, he said, turning one over in his long-fingered hands.

The track is more electro but I really liked the vibe of it.

I had just started drinking, so I was, like, intensely into everything I even remotely liked.

At this point it was a bit unclear as to whether she liked me that way, or just wanted to be friends.

We got along so well, and the things we liked to do in bed synced up perfectly.

It was the first time I did anything in school where teachers liked me and I wasn’t getting in trouble.

I did a take he really liked and he ran on set and picked me up.

Nissin assures concerned noodle-lovers that in blind taste tests, people liked the new version as much as the old.

But it is becoming increasingly clear that this will require a complete rethinking of the capitalist economy that has enshrined people liked Macron.)

He liked to joke about it: “a skinny kid with a funny name.” But that belied the odds he actually faced.

I’m reaching out to anyone … Samantha Bee is not liked by the people on my side.

I actually really liked u.”

He liked himself.

Would I have liked them if I’d read them when they first came out?

The difference is the Tea Party liked to say no; we like to say yes,” Pocan said.

And frankly a lot of people really liked it.

I liked was how each chapter of the book started off with sea-based erotic fanfiction.

I think we liked the idea of the band being just Tindersticks, the album just being Tindersticks.

Attendees often create a plan of attack days before BOS and liked using the printed directory to browse events by proximity.

Here are a few examples illustrating a man who likes to be liked.

He said he liked to take time off to work as a cook because it was less stressful.

As we walked out of the movie, I asked how he liked it.

He liked to play soccer and he was usually the goalie.

But I’m glad Miss Barry liked them.

People liked it.

Pyongyang certainly liked that since it claims the joint drills are both a pretext and rehearsal for a US-led invasion of North Korea.

Bill Cosby said he liked to drug and assault women for many years, but no one really took him seriously.

I really liked him a lot.

“It had an edge to it which I liked, it was punky,” he says.

I liked it.

“Let me just take a look at it.” It was actually, I actually liked what I saw.

At our dinner party, we talked about Elizabeth Warren and I said I liked Elizabeth Warren.

So we liked the product,” he explains.

The management at his new gym liked him; he was reliable and hard working.

Speaking of playing: Were there places in the film where the actors improvised dialogue that you especially liked?

As opposed to people who sort of understand, politically, what he would have liked to do, versus, “Write this story.

“It was obvious to everyone that if [Trump] had a north star, it was just to be liked,” says Wolff.

“The president fundamentally wants to be liked,” Walsh says in the book.

Sen. Ted Cruz explained on Tuesday that someone managing his Twitter account liked a pornographic tweet.

I liked the ceramic rods best for the crumble wax I was using.

I liked it a lot, minus all the screwing and unscrewing.

They liked the candidate more and were more interested in hiring them.

I liked it.

“We just bounced off each other and talked about things we liked.

And she had recently gotten a job in her field that she really liked, and we were just celebrating everything.

I use it way more than texting and that’s what I mostly liked before.

Mike always liked the slow, sad, dreamy, pretty stuff and I picked that up from him.

Mike Kinsella: I think we would’ve liked to keep going, but at the same time I mean we didn’t keep up much.

I liked Sean because he was really charming, but, you know, he was not a good person.

Roman Ragazzi, was good-looking, muscular, and well liked by those around him.

We had this principal who was a lovely, sweet man whom we all liked — beautifully bland and boring and ordinary, but a wonderful principal.

We liked it, but no one else really cared.

We liked Milken, but we liked the opportunity to like him more than we liked him, you know?

Mike Kinsella: We only agreed because we liked the Pygmalion Fest.

Women were actually split between Clinton and Sanders by age; young women liked Sanders, older women didn’t.

I really liked him and his family.

“Growing up I liked the dolls,” Darma says.

Readers also liked that the brand was easy to stow.

Although the dolls looked liked Jasmin, she loved them mostly for their clothes.

Don’t get me wrong: I liked it.

He was a corporal and liked to lead from the front, to be on top of everything.

Neither party liked the politics of bailing out big banks; still, most congressional leaders recognized they had to do it.

Are there any recent films like this that you guys have seen that you really liked?

He liked the name’s royal connotation, and its “nod to Scotland.”

I just liked the idea that they were fantasizing about me in my bikini.

Freddy: I liked how the F Society member didn’t talk to the FBI.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads PORTLAND, Ore. — Jef Geys liked to create enigmas.

If people liked it, awesome.

He’s always been someone that I’ve liked to watch.

“When I was young, I liked him because he was a catcher and had a funny mustache.

But when the ’84 Tigers won the World Series, you liked all of the players like Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammell, etc.

No rhyme or reason for Freddie, we’re told Louis just liked the ring of it and Briana didn’t object.

My mom liked it very much.

Historically, one of Microsoft’s existing product groups would have to decide it liked a research concept and then do the work of commercialization.

In his words, he simply liked the Enterprise series and felt like it should go on for a bit after it was canceled.

I was 16, 17 and stuff, so just like finding what I liked and trying to figure out what it was.

If they’ve liked the last three things, they’ll see this thing.

I liked watching this trailer because it helped me forget how sad Amy Adams looked in Nocturnal Animals.

These challenges made it all the more surprising to realize how much I liked the show.

“I would have liked to see him have more balance on this group,” he said.

Of course he liked them!!

Networks and optical … Super boring stuff, but you liked it.

And at the time you liked nice cigars.

Unlike a lot of critics, I’ve always at least liked The Walking Dead, even as I’ve grumbled about it.

“He asked them their names and he liked Elisabeth’s name ’cause that’s his daughter’s name,” Miller added.

The wig was more delicate than I liked, but the snakes moved and shook when I walked.

People really liked her personality because I dressed her up and had her sitting next to me in business meetings.

He moved them around so that the sounds he liked best would be most dominant in the recordings.

“Somebody told me there that Trump liked me because I looked like Melania when she was younger,” she continued.

“I never liked all his bragging.

He was familiar with our band and liked us.

Claire, was there a favorite article that you liked?

It might guess this through TV shows or music you’ve liked.

And I say that even about movies I really liked, such as, say, Thor: Ragnarok.

I was playing a teenager who liked to sing Elvis Presley songs and wanted to join the Army.

I was a little heartened to hear how much Jeff Bezos (the current owner of the Washington Post) liked it.

He liked the idea of reform because it signaled a process.

Amy first interviewed her in 2014, and we’re told Giudice liked that one enough to come back for more.

The reviewers liked how it was able to process all of the produce they fed into it with little waste.

The reviewers also liked that it is stable, affordable, intuitive, and effortless.

And then, you watched something else—something you liked, and something clicked just the right way?

That was when I realized I wanted to start over again; that I liked this.

I would have liked her to have a unibrow, for her clothes to be made by Mexican artisans.”

I’ve always liked horses, but I never thought I’d get into a horse club.

A group of teenage girls leaving a math class told VICE News they liked being able to learn in the facility.

When asked what their favorite subject is, they all yelled, “English!” — except for one girl who sheepishly admitted she liked math better.

While my white friends had their first kisses, I worked up the nerve to tell my first crush that I liked her.

I liked the way this one started but I realize I haven’t been paying attention.

He liked whiskey.

Ass had a half-dozen or so fans who regularly liked and commented on his posts.

(As many men have liked to point out lately.)

I liked car rides, the quiet displacements beyond the glass.

I liked going home.

He seemed to like it the exact amount he liked everything.

I really liked it.

I liked the name, I kept it.

I would have liked that, walking together like this, the wind off the ocean meeting us with its parcels of sea spray.

I think Steve liked the fact that I was a developer that enjoyed talking to other developers.

The Obama administration has aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers liked Thomas Drake who talked to the press about illegal government surveillance activities.

I liked seeing him wearing a suit [to testify before Congress about privacy issues] because it showed effort.

Invader tells Creators that Musée en Herbe originally approached him with the idea for Hello My Game Is…, and he immediately liked it.

“What I liked most about his race was that it didn’t feel constantly poll-tested,” Obama said during a podcast discussion with Axelrod.

“But I always liked Michael,” he repeated.

As expected, a U.S. president was responsible for many of the most “liked” and retweeted posts of the year.

Obama also had two of the three most “liked” tweets of the year, including the tweet above which came it at No.

(Twitter only listed the top three most “liked” tweets, and Trump wasn’t on that list either.)

I liked Sia, she was a good singer, but I shouldn’t like that more than the event.

I never met my favorite dealer, and that’s part of why I liked her so much.

I liked beer.

It’s going to be fun for us.” Forward Draymond Green said he also liked his team’s effort and struck an optimistic tone.

I liked her style.

“I liked touching the newsprint.” “Yah?” She said.

The police she knew, as a rule, were misogynists who liked it harder.

We’d all prefer to be liked by everyone, but it’s not possible.

“Garrett was liked and respected and loved everybody,” said Anderson, his former agent.

Is that because you liked the way it was written rather than wanting to read the same story?

I liked The Kelly File much better without @megynkelly.

I don’t think books have to be liked or disliked; they’re part of our mental landscape.

“I liked the competitiveness,” he says.

One of the neighbors told France Info the driver liked “girls and salsa.”

One of the neighbors told France Info the driver liked “girls and salsa.”

He liked the AHCA when it was considered a “win” for Republicans, finally moving a key campaign promise through the House.

What he liked about it was the immediate feedback.

He liked to joke around and mess around whenever possible, which I didn’t know before I got to know him.

She liked Booker’s message of unity and inclusivity.

I would have liked to have seen them do it before.

How did you get there, you just liked Obama?

I’m going to lose people who love me: I’ve never liked the Kinks,” he said.

“I very much have always liked Peyton Manning,” Trump said … “He’s a very good guy.

I kinda liked Gaga, though!

Yeah, I still hadn’t discovered the niche world as much as I would have liked, I think.

I liked your … the Pepsi CEO.

We love this podcast,” and they loved all kinds of … they liked one with Bill Gurley, they liked one here.

“We love entrepreneurship,” that’s what they liked.

They, “We love this.” “We love that.” They were very clear on the stuff they liked and they were …

This dedication seemed natural to me: I liked these bands and their music, so I wanted to learn more about them.

President Obama liked to golf a lot too.

President George W. Bush liked to take trips to his ranch in Texas.

He indulged in the youthful aristocratic pleasure of not being liked and his wit was purposefully caustic, his tongue often blistering.

Naismith himself liked the maneuver, but others in his Muscularly Christian cohort found the move ostentatious and thought it encouraged rough, individualist play.

But then some of you said you liked it.

Which actually is kind of why I liked fraud better.

And I found that really challenging and interesting, and I liked it.

And I really liked that work.

I liked to tell stories, so I got into comics around 1999 or 2000.

I liked being able to have an impact on something broader than an individual case or even a single office.

I liked that it was so different from the first two seasons, and David did an excellent job.

And thankfully, he liked feeding the squirrels.

I liked the fact that David Lynch never guarantees an audience anything.

Really, really liked both, admired both, and spent a lot of time with Mary in my role at Square.

But as with most of the recent episodes that have done this, I liked it quite a bit.

But whether she liked it or not, she was exceedingly kind.

The ones I liked much better at that time were put out by the Kotex company.

But we agreed, and he liked the film.

He represented everything about modern-day Cuba, or at least the version of itself that Cuba liked to present to the world.

I always liked the strategy.

I liked the old business school tool of like 70, 20, 10: 70 percent in the core, 20 in the adjacent tenet and new.

Yeah, but I really liked what they did then, because they made it …

I liked that one.

These Facebook users either liked, posted, commented, or shared things about the election.

They liked to invest in buildings and industry, anything but farms,” said Sheikh Faleh, the Qatari official.

I liked her the most.

He immediately liked and reposted one of the similar calls to action he saw on his feed.

Cruz actually won Iowa, but he isn’t liked by the establishment any more than Trump is.

Now, at this time, I wasn’t looking for a name, but I liked the sound of it.

As a kid, I never liked Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Intel executives liked to boast that Intel had the largest Android software team outside of Google.

Perhaps that’s the effect he had on children who watched his show and actually liked it.

There’s a reason Obama spent months assuring people that if they liked their health plan, they could keep it.

I really liked music and wanted to continue.

That’s awesome.” And I’ve always liked to build stuff and use my hands.

I never liked The Grateful Dead until I was older.

He was so humble and so supportive of the people he liked, and he would champion people he thought were working hard.

I liked it, and I was getting credentials—so in that sense, I was accomplishing something.

There’s a level at which I liked him as a journalist, because I just found him so fascinating and at times absurd.

We gambled very high, and if we’d not have liked it, we would not have put it out.

“Michael is a businessman for his own account/lawyer who I have always liked and respected.

Michael is a businessman for his own account/lawyer who I have always liked & respected.

Were you someone who liked explosions as a kid?Not really.

It wasn’t as centrally located in Dublin as he liked, but his students followed.

“I liked the idea when I was 17,” said Christensen, who turned 18 in February.

A purple skinned wayfarer who liked to stay back and use his crossbow.

Obviously at this point, Prince’s biggest hits were engrained in my psyche whether I liked it or not.

In reality, most viewers of the film seem to have liked it.

He was just saying it louder and stronger, and people liked it.

Well, white people liked it.

Maybe Walt liked the word gadget, I don’t know why.

****** Yeah, I liked that.

“When I was growing up, I knew I liked girls and I liked playing with boys and it was normal and accepted.

Trump said he liked the idea.

I’ve always liked Captain Holt, but in Brooklyn Nine-Nine season four, he became one of my favorite characters on TV for good.

GRADE: D- I liked eating this very much, but I had covered them in butter and maple syrup.

I did try this cool mirror where it turned my hair blue temporarily, and I actually liked it, a lot.

The ankle opening on them was strangely small, but the overall look of these jeans is one I liked a lot.

And might actually be liked by an actual boy!!!

“It’s because they’re well known and liked among Democratic voters,” she said.

I liked that size for exploring the territory of the brain.

Some of those attending the event, however, liked that Trump might be offering a more expansive view on immigration.

In 2013, he said of a protest staged by topless women from the activist group Femen: “I liked it …

I got a divorce and started to look for something that I really liked to do.

However, UMWA would have liked to have seen stronger language in the resolution about technology, namely carbon capture and sequestration.

I was playing cool shows with bands I liked, and was just sort of embarrassed.

MonicaMy ex-boyfriend liked to eat his own cum.

So I was still a meandering guy but I met someone I really liked and was inspired.

“He liked the whole idea very much,” Nesjar says in the reel.

“He liked the architectural part of it, and the layout, and so forth.

Louie: Well, I liked Vine because it was original comedy until it wasn’t.

You’d want some news on blank, whatever you … sports, or whatever you liked, and it would push it at you.

I liked Instagram and … KS: What do you mean?

I liked Instagram because I could see what people were up to.

Louie: I liked that I could talk to people and I didn’t have to use so much data texting like texting pictures and stuff.

People in my class liked it a lot.

One of the neighbors told France Info the driver liked “girls and salsa.”

Salt: We really just went with what we liked to wear, basically.

I never ever thought they liked it because it represented a POC knitting.

I also liked the idea of carrying on the nature theme from the previous video, “Far,” and just developing on that.

So Democrats who liked trade deals often counted on Republican votes to get them passed.

Soon I had it up on the flat-screen for my wife, who’d only liked the EP.

So Democrats who liked trade deals often counted on Republican votes to get them passed.

I liked how the cables coming up from the ocean are at these strange transition points around the globe.

I just liked the artwork really, and I thought the back of the neck would look cool.

Kavanaugh suggested that while he liked beer, and sometimes drank a little too much, he never blacked out.

The post first went viral locally, getting shared and liked several hundred times, mostly by fellow Arizonans.

Bloomberg says Jenner’s tweet, which was “liked” more than 327,000 times, cost Snap $1.3 billion in market value.

“The President very much liked and appreciated working with Prime Minister May.

I also liked Ga Hee Park’s oil painting, “Studio Visit,” in which a woman, surrounded by penises, seems to drool.

“I liked everybody at Motown and most of the Stax artists.

They watch the episodes and they send us a series of ideas on things they liked and didn’t like in them.

We liked it.

I also liked the portability of the console, as I travel quite a bit—I’m in a long-distance relationship.

I liked managing at the Post.

I liked managing at Vox too, actually.

“I really liked the music,” she remembers.

The country crooner even looked liked he coordinated his outfit to match the boys’ blues.

I really liked jungle.

So far, users haven’t liked the new Snapchat at all (though TechCrunch says downloads are actually up).

And that was one of the things that I really liked about the PFL.

Effusive and enthusiastic, Callahan wasn’t someone who liked sitting still.

He was like every other Republican, but a bit more so, and a bit better liked.

“People thought that there was no business anymore, but we liked the business and structure and didn’t believe the injury was fatal,” he said.

He liked it.

I knew people loved her, that people liked to be around her, but that right there, it did something to me.

Where Victoria Legrand’s cool continental tease gets more detached and high-handed as her brand matoors, the Madrid foursome want to be liked.

Polls regularly came back showing that as few as 17 percent of Americans liked the bill.

I would have liked to have you back on my … How do you know I wasn’t?

“Fenty Beauty just liked my post on IG,” Rico Nasty said with a dramatic gasp for breath.

I think a lot of these products are really well liked by a lot of people.

You liked it!

You liked it!

I really liked them.

I liked him.

Shortly before he was punched, Spencer denied that he was a neo-Nazi and said, “Yeah, sure,” when asked if he liked black people.

I liked them, but also found it restrictive.

I liked the new school.

I always liked that, because it sometimes feels like my work is a criticism of abstraction, and I never intended for that to happen.

At the time, he liked me.

He was also a well-regarded executive there, who was well liked by many I have spoken to at Google.

And we needed some other big industries to try and diversify, and because he’s a tech guy, he liked the idea of it.

Same thing happened in Austin, and some people in Austin liked that win.

VH1 decided to change their logo, and we liked the facelift.

“He never liked to be sitting down for long stretches.

Over the course of the day, liked a seemingly random selection of these comments.

But the Television Academy really liked the acting on This Is Us.

*Thumbs up* I also liked a photo posted by my old housemate.

This was the message sent: Charlie himself even liked it.

I really liked the examples of human chimeras.

The image was retweeted and liked thousands of times.

“He just wanted to fit in and no one liked him,” the unnamed classmate told the Post.

The pattern during the Clinton presidency and after suggests that the closer Clinton was to the levers of power, the less she was liked.

The post has gone wildly viral and in less than 24 hours, has been liked more than 150,000 times.

They liked her more as a traditional presidential wife.

They liked her even more as a betrayed presidential wife.

The line was his way of encouraging what he liked to see in the world.

But Gibb liked to run, going on jogs with the neighborhood dogs in the woods near her parents’ home outside of Boston.

“They obviously liked the metal festival,” a police spokeswoman told German broadcaster Norddeutscher Rundfunk.

“It was known that Fidel Castro liked to skindive,” the report reads.

David had liked magic as a young boy and had sent away for a magic kit that he saw advertised in a comic book.

I liked this street—people were using it and enjoying it and enjoying each other.

What I liked most about Roy Cohn was that he would do just the opposite.

It tends to be not liked by both the far left and the far right for different reasons but still not liked.

I liked that one from Massachusetts.

They failed to put together a bill they actually liked and thought would make the country a better place.

Remember when President Obama repeatedly promised that everyone who liked their health insurance could keep it?

But Walt liked it, walt liked it.

People who wanted comprehensive health plans won — and people who liked their skimpier, less expensive health plans lost.

“I have always liked photographing architecture but particularly with a human element involved,” Adnan said.

The casting guys liked her because she was small.

No one liked the jackets because they were Iceberg; they liked them because they had Mickey Mouse emblazoned on them.

Then MC Zulu, he has a great delivery and he liked the riddims I had.

They’re not friends — in fact we’re told Bey never really liked Kim, although Kim never harbored a grudge.

Bodies, in the third course, were represented just as Dalí liked to represent them: as something warped, outlandish, and not-right.

He just said he liked my vocals.

I was not only an only child, but I liked being alone.

And then after that, I had no more concerns about whether or not the person liked me or was impressed by me.

I liked the window, the glass held by the woman, the gentleman behind her, the painting on the wall and the tiles.

Yes, she liked the snakes.

It’s a little scary, because I don’t know if it’s good, but I know I liked doing it.

If you liked when he said that “torture works” then go look at where he took it back the next day.

I liked drawing aggressive, dominant women, everything that I wasn’t.

“I liked the play on ‘vanity,’ the sort of feminization, if you like, of the publishing industry,” she tells me.

“He liked to bring an issue to its head, get it resolved.

We all want to be liked at work — especially by our bosses.

I’ve always liked the Raiders, but I never collected until I met my wife.

I just liked it.

How do you know if a person even liked the story or the ad in these cases?

She really accepted me and helped me out with my Raiders collection because I always liked the Raiders.

And I’ve always liked the JBL audio system.

So I called him “Mr.” and I think he really liked that.

The one thing I would have liked to be able to do was sleep.

Visitors had a one-on-one opportunity to ask whatever they liked, from the practical (“What did your family do before the war?”)

What I liked most about Roy Cohn was that he would do just the opposite.

He was terrible.” I said, “Well, are there any presidents that we had that you liked or admired?” No.

Of course, you guys liked that because we were really weak.” We like it when Russia is weak.

That’s what I always liked too,” the president exclaimed.

Here’s what we liked better.

(Of course, conventional wisdom states that any solution put forth by the government is never loved, or liked, by everyone.)

While Trump’s made no secret of his hatred of late Sen. John McCain, Samson liked him enough to send $5,700 his way.

Just over 1,000 people had “liked” it, and 38,000 had “disliked” it.

He was nimble in the open court and liked to shoot jumpers, dribble, and pass.

“It appears the workers weren’t as efficient as they (employers) would have liked,” commented Margarita Koutalaki, a union representative.

I told my mother to see it, and once she did, she said she liked it but wished it had ended more cheerfully.

I recommend looking way back; the shit you liked in adolescence is probably still informing your taste now.

He had a lot of feminist-identifying female friends and spoke openly about progressive politics and racial justice—something I really liked about him.

Now he’s caucusing for Rubio: @rumpfshaker I already disliked Cruz and liked Rubio, that mailer took me over the edge finally.

Justin liked Steven’s version of “My Way” enough to post it on Instagram.

I liked working for him.

I liked her a lot.

I told him I liked his tip, but he then asked if he could split the by-line with me.

I think a little bit is, when we talk about that, “@KingJames liked your post,” I think there is that social currency.

I liked the alternative.” Wilson boasts that to respond to the Nike story, he decided to make the whole thing into a joke.

He liked the action star Bruce Lee—liked that he looked a little like Lee, and cast off the Asian man stereotype.

People really liked the beans and told us they would like to be able to buy and eat more.

How do you reconcile those two things?I liked the music.

I liked the aggression of the music, but wasn’t aggressive in my own attitude.

She liked to dance.

The result was legislation nobody liked, that nobody could defend, and that looks likely to fail.

Why is he liked by listeners?

Despite the fact she “liked” those images on Instagram, she had threatened to sue him.

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