Lifelong in a sentence | Use of the word lifelong examples

Even the ones with teeth are passive and don’t really want to hurt you (unless they’ve been subjected to lifelong animal cruelty).

This year, he aims to buy a car, a lifelong dream.

Some adults with autism still face daily and lifelong battles to cope in their day-to-day lives.

She studied at private art studios in Moscow beginning in 1907, making lifelong friendships with future members of the Constructivist group.

Some of the players are lifelong gamers, who would be doing the same thing if they were on the outside.

The blatant white nationalist demagoguery of the election has startled even lifelong Republicans.

Titled Playing Hurt: My Journey From Despair to Hope, it explores Saunders’ lifelong struggle with depression.

“But we also wanted to deal with the reality, which is that [depression] is a lifelong struggle, and that it continues.”

Kim became South Korea’s first senior fashion model last year, realizing his lifelong dream with a charismatic debut at Seoul Fashion Week.

lifelong treatment methods and a comprehensive therapy program, they say, are the most fail-safe methods for managing pedophilic desire.

Ramy Elhelw, 30, a lifelong member of the mosque, said the city serves as a kind of central hub for Muslims across the state.

But a lifelong entrepreneur turned fight promoter is out to change that perception, and he’s doing it by giving back.

So if Oprah can’t do permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be done.

If Oprah can’t buy permanent lifelong weight loss, maybe it can’t be bought.

My mother and father hail from Pakistan and India, respectively; both are lifelong, practicing Muslims.

A lifelong fisherman and resident of Ōshima, Shoji Murakami was a couple kilometers to sea when the earthquake began.

A lifelong FN member, he joined the party in 1974 when he was just 17 years old.

“Under this Governor’s policy, violent criminals will be treated the same as lifelong law-abiding citizens.

But the lifelong Star Wars fan, incensed by the way Electronic Arts handled Star Wars: Battlefront II, was fed up.

Though he says he is a “lifelong Democrat,” he plans to run as a self-funded independent.

It is a theory that holds some water since he later died of a heroin overdose despite a lifelong fear of needles.

Paine was a lifelong advocate of commerce, free trade, and free markets.

I just love the fact you’ve got someone who has made it their lifelong ambition to dedicate himself to one cut of meat.”

Then, as today, I see music as a kaleidoscope of styles, the exploration of which is a lifelong process.

Just go crazy back in the day,” offers Dionico “Dee” Chambers, the co-star of Project Heat and a lifelong friend to Dunn.

The country’s paramount leader is an unelected, lifelong figure literally called the “supreme leader,” after all.

For women with more severe cases, endometriosis can represent lifelong suffering, involving chronic pain and even many surgeries that don’t seem to help.

Many of these problems are lifelong.

A wild card, Lee Busby, a retired Marine colonel and “lifelong Alabamian,” just declared his own write-in bid earlier this week.

But maybe I don’t really have this thing that’s going to be lifelong.”

But maybe I don’t really have this thing that’s going to be lifelong.

He opened a gym in Portland, OR, and began what would be a lifelong process of accepting, rejecting, and adding.

The story is a real-life tale about how LeBron and his childhood friends beat the odds to win a championship and form lifelong bonds.

Yes, we do, and just part of who I am as a lifelong El Pasoan, I am in Juárez frequently.

And they made for a generation of lifelong memories.

DJ Kool Herc, another lifelong associate of Bambaataa, also would not criticize him, telling me: “I’m very much aware of the matter.

A lifelong Leicester fan, he followed Vardy’s career at the club from its very beginnings.

A lifelong Republican held up the sign “Republicans against Trump” at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Reno — and then things escalated.

That will definitely keep them reading — and turn them into lifelong comics fans.

lifelong struggles with mental health and addiction is one, a quest for deeper spiritual connection is another.

“I trust Hillary to lead this country because I have seen her lifelong devotion to our nation’s children,” Obama said.

I’m glad I went, and it sparked my lifelong love of travel.

The vigil last night brought together young members and allies to the community, as well as lifelong activists.

Her lifelong search for the divine in the natural world sometimes contradicted the laws of science, but also reflected her extraordinary sensitivity.

There are exceptions, like lifelong serial killers.

Research has shown height is linked to our lifelong well-being.

Casey Landman, 39, is a lifelong Phillies fan and has attended Baseball 101 every year from 2010 to 2016.

“I believe that lifelong Democrats and lifelong Republicans are looking for a home, and they’re not spending hours and hours on Twitter.”

During their Detroit years, Girard and his wife met and became lifelong friends of Charles and Ray Eames, the husband-and-wife design duo.

NYSS is devoted to the lifelong study and practice of art.

This began a lifelong and intimate friendship with the older artist.

“It’s really, really bad,” Norris, a lifelong Floridian, told VICE News.

“It’s really, really bad,” Norris, a lifelong Floridian, told VICE News.

The vertical paintings convey his lifelong interest in making extreme statements in which looking is central.

Start developing a love of reading Super-successful people from Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey boast a lifelong love of reading and literature.

The immediate hope is that artificial wombs could raise the survival rate of human fetuses and improve their lifelong health substantially.

Having spent many of my formative years with the Nintendo 64, I have a lifelong affinity for the console.

There are exceptions, like lifelong serial killers.

Are the benefits of youth tackle football worth risking the lifelong health of your brain?

What I want to know is, what is your input in what we can do as … I’m a lifelong Democrat.

My lifelong addiction to the teeth-shatteringly sweet, frozen churned mixture of cream, milk, sugar, and eggs started during my childhood in foggy London.

I’m a lifelong Democrat and I want to see something achieved.

For some people, lifelong drug use is likely a reality.

One day Henry announces that they’re moving in three weeks to Mississippi, where he’s fulfilled his lifelong dream and bought a farm.

But it pales in comparison to the potential for lifelong harm that forcible family separation will produce for the children subjected to it.

We must put an end to forcible family separation and allow these children the care of their parents to prevent lifelong harm.

Whether you rent or host, using Airbnb can lead to new discoveries and lifelong friendships.

The two men form what turns out to be a lifelong partnership, Bernie writing the lyrics, Elton writing the music and performing.

Once a person has been infected with Zika, they are thought to develop lifelong immunity.

The lifelong Republican voter declined to say how she voted in the 2016 presidential race.

It’s a gorgeously funny, vulnerable performance that is the stuff of lifelong crushes.

A bill pending in Albany leverages the Empire State’s unique position as the sitting president’s lifelong home.

Prodigy died last Tuesday after a lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia.

Thankfully cooler heads always prevail, of course, and even fighters who receive lifelong bans and/or large fines escape public shaming and criminal prosecution.

As a former president, he is entitled to lifelong health care and a pension worth more than $200,000 a year.

lifelong public servants, the Vogels wanted their collection to be accessible to the public for free.

You move nothing, change nothing, and carry zero burdens while my back develops a lifelong crank.

If anything I’m a lifelong pessimist.

Coretta Scott King is a lifelong freedom fighter herself.

Trump has consistently made his displeasure with Rosenstein known, at one point claiming he’s “a Democrat” even though Rosenstein is a lifelong Republican.

Watch VICE News confront Viktor Orban’s lifelong friend; a former gas engineer who has become a billionaire through winning state contracts.

They’re lifelong learners.

Early in his career, Matisse sought new ways to represent one of his lifelong passions, the human nude form.

“As a lifelong Yukoner, I am sure most of us just thought: Really?

In fact, he’s enjoyed a lifelong fascination with themes of mental disturbance.

But kids don’t merely get diseases that parents already have lifelong protection from.

Dimon, a lifelong Democrat, has been floated as a possible candidate for roles like Treasury Secretary in the past.

I also used to play for a very long time, so for me, I’ve had a lifelong obsession for the game.

Ecstatic about fulfilling his lifelong goal, Jay kept his head down and worked hard for four years.

His lifelong preoccupation with paint’s materiality, with muted colors, and with softly trembling light informed his resistance to branding his work.

Trump’s style proved to be successful — he beat out a highly competitive field of lifelong Republicans and a seasoned politician in Hillary Clinton.

If Brady’s lifelong dismissal of coffee is for real, he may truly be the most stringent athlete in history.

Richly textured and vividly rendered, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is clearly the fruit of a lifelong love.

Some cookbooks are conceived out of lifelong passion for a particular cuisine; others out of reflection on an esteemed chef’s career.

Computers allowed Armajani to extend his lifelong interest in mathematics.

Indeed, Armajani’s lifelong experimentation with the boundaries between language and art dates to those early explorations from his youth in Iran.

The stories jump from Africa to America, shifting focus from lifelong relationships to chance encounters to new marriages.

To lifelong residents and occasional visitors alike, New York can feel like the priciest place on the planet.

It’s an understandable thing to think: The country’s paramount leader is an unelected, lifelong figure literally called the “supreme leader,” after all.

It’s more that you’re offering something … It’s not just lifelong learning.

Like skills attainment courses for the sort of corporate employee, or the lifelong learner.

But form those coalitions and those networks because this is going to be a lifelong project, a lifelong struggle.

It just means I’m a lifelong learner, right?

Sex is a lifelong exploration and you’re just getting started.

Sex is a lifelong exploration, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Most of these tutor and protégé relationships developed into lifelong friendships.

“Myself, I’m a destroyed individual,” Stewart Redsky, a lifelong resident of Shoal Lake 40 told Trudeau.

“Myself, I’m a destroyed individual,” Stewart Redsky, a lifelong resident of Shoal Lake 40 told Trudeau.

Around the world, it is where people eat and connect, and where the simple routine of sharing meals becomes a series of lifelong memories.

But SDNY prosecutors blasted him as a lifelong swindler, and a greedy man who wouldn’t hesitate to threaten others to get his way.

Real heartbreaking stuff for a lifelong sausage lover.

A lifelong artist and activist, Rollins developed his collaborative practice while teaching middle school art classes in the South Bronx in the early 1980s.

Ingesting the heavy metal can severely affect mental and physical development, especially in children, causing brain damage and other potentially lifelong health impacts.

This advice has become the foundation of my desire to be a lifelong learner.

While a lifelong Harlem resident, Morales has traveled to places like Cuba and Ghana, to both deepen her education and broaden Red Sugarcane publications.

lifelong learning is crucial in the evolving work environment, the tools are getting better and more accessible.

lifelong learning educational content usage is ramping very fast.

lifelong learning, employee retraining is high at some companies.

Lastly, lifelong learning, greater than 50 percent of freelancers updated their skills within the past six months compared with 30 percent for non-freelancers.

Gender is a lifelong process.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces girl, you’re all about slow growth and lifelong friendships.

Richly textured and vividly rendered, The Last Black Man in San Francisco is clearly the fruit of a lifelong love.

Hailing from the Blumberg housing projects in North Philly, the brothers managed to build a strong, lifelong bond despite difficult circumstances.

That special relationship between the two nations contextualizes artist Vincent van Gogh’s lifelong adoration and appropriation of Japanese woodblock imagery into his paintings.

It was born out of a lifelong fascination with Jackie, and with the Kennedys, and with this period in American history.

Doyle’s love affair with suburbia is near lifelong.

She’s a lifelong avant-gardist and activist, and was part of one of the most influential movements to resist Margaret Thatcher.

I’m a lifelong Depeche Mode fan,” and replying to another user, “Of course DM isn’t connected to me.

Trump routinely derides Rosenstein, calling him a Democrat even though he’s a lifelong Republican.

Infants and preschool-age kids who experience these types of pollution may have increased lifelong risks for cancer, asthma, strokes, and heart disease.

To many who knew him, Kirkham was a lifelong scam artist, willing to take advantage of anyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

“Playing in the Dark,” which explores the correspondence between making art and make-believe plays, is rooted in her lifelong study of fairy tales.

A self-described “super nerdy fanboy,” he was a comics collector as a child and a lifelong fan of the medium.

You get the feeling that he was never interested in style, and that art for him has been a lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

Barbara Moore, another lifelong area resident and dissenter of Rocky Flats, shares Elofson-Gardine’s concern.

But for the better half of his decades-spanning career, Ivory was best known for his collaborations with lifelong partner Ismail Merchant.

Dntel tells THUMP of his remix, “I’ve known Nik for a while now, we share a lifelong allegiance to technopop.

It’s going to be a lifelong creative journey.

“The moniker billionaire now has become the catchphrase,” said Schultz, who’s been a lifelong Democrat but is pondering an independent run for president.

Wellness also isn’t the same as sobriety, which is a real, difficult, lifelong choice that people with addiction make every day.

“The moniker billionaire now has become the catchphrase,” said Schultz, who’s been a lifelong Democrat but is pondering an independent run for president.

The 44-year-old was a lifelong resident of Bento Rodrigues, a 600-person mining town in southern Brazil when her whole world became covered in mud.

With many viruses, getting the virus once confers lifelong immunity or at least immunity for many years.

Fortunately, his lifelong adoration of Star Wars has inspired some of his own diehard followers, including his wife as well as lucrative local businesses.

Given that drug addiction can be a lifelong condition, this can leave a patient stranded without necessary care — and perhaps cause him to relapse.

Drew Haffey, Dave’s lifelong friend, sported a hefty goatee and shaved head and served the invaluable role of team cook.

Bourdain could have made a case for his lifelong commitment to women’s rights.

We need a cultural change.” First of all, lifelong learning has got to be available to everyone.

In terms of the workforce, basically our thesis is that lifelong learning has got to be available to every American.

We’ve got to have the will to do it and sustained effort, and we have to commit to lifelong learning, lifelong training.

And in most cases, it’s something that is lifelong.

(Graphic: Implementing the new policy proposal “could create lifelong psychological trauma,” said Marielena Hincapie, executive director at the National Immigration Law Center.

That memorable exhibition included a childhood notebook on pigeons, which has been a lifelong interest.

(She also became a lifelong boxing fan, according to Goldstein.)

This structure promotes the development of a sustainable lifelong practice.

They portray a class-divided Italy through the lifelong relationship of two women who have a searingly realistic friendship of love, gratitude, competition, and betrayal.

It is also a glimpse into Zeid’s lifelong struggle with depression that earlier had included a suicide attempt.

Professor Ford’s lifelong friend, Leland Kaiser, indicated that under penalty of felony she does not remember that party.

His work grapples with sexuality, identity, illness, and death, and attests to a lifelong privileging of process and experimentation over technology.

Brandon Scott is a Cherokee Nation citizen and lifelong resident of Oklahoma.

Louis Segal is a retired teacher and lifelong Warriors fan born and raised in Oakland.

Experts say the trauma from such a separation can have lifelong consequences.

I remain lifelong friends with a few of those kids, who are now middle-aged adults like me.

The artist’s lifelong investigation of portraiture and self-portraiture had more to do with a fascination for the performance of the self than narcissism.

The impact on the children is lifelong, and unless we immediately end this ruthless policy, the stain on the United States may be permanent.

The chemical left lifelong scars.

“I’ve been a lifelong gun owner, and as governor, I had an A-rating from the NRA.

“People think that’s the only solution,” said Patrick, “and that you’re a lifelong failure if you fail to go.”

In 2016, he announced that he would leave his lifelong career in the coal industry to run for governor.

“That is a lifelong investment, a 50- to 100-year timeline investment,” Woods said.

VICE reached out to a bunch of them to get the stories behind their (apparent) lifelong commitments to Drake.

And isn’t that what makes one-time coworkers into lifelong friends?

We can nominate a Washington deal maker, profane and vulgar with a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain.

Both are lifelong Republicans with reputations for keeping politics out of their work.

David Mancuso had a lifelong project, The Loft, and it stands iconically as one of the more beautiful artworks of modernity.

Trump, a lifelong teetotaler, didn’t scour the globe to find the very best vodka.

Her historic campaign inspired millions and is an extension of her lifelong fight for middle-class families and children.

Through Allan, David met Bob and Arlene Kogod, of Washington, DC, who became lifelong patrons as well as great personal friends to David.

A lot of his feelings about the imminent lifelong job (and his love of Nirvana) were poured into this record.

A lifelong musician who talks like he’s his dues and is still waiting to reap some rewards, McClure is understandably skeptical.

Ingesting the heavy metal can severely affect mental and physical development, especially in children, causing brain damage and other potentially lifelong health impacts.

Upon release, he was given the lifelong designation of a Level 3 sex offender in the state of New York.

A 2016 MacArthur Fellow, Jones is a lifelong New Yorker and an associate professor at Columbia University.

Ingesting the heavy metal can stunt brain development and cause lifelong health impacts.

As we all know, Prince Charles had a lifelong love affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Yet if Donald Trump wins the nomination, this lifelong Republican would be willing to pull the lever for Hillary Clinton.

Another painting with darker patches, brushed with steady emotion, was in homage to his lifelong friend Ernie Briggs, who died last year.

His face was hideously burned during childhood by his abusive older brother Gregor (“the Mountain”), leading to a lifelong fear of fire.

Parsons also pursued a lifelong obsession with the occult, sex, and the intersection of the two.

“My lifelong passion has always been to coach basketball and it has been an honor coaching in the WNBA.

The plan never really materialized, though his love of music would be a lifelong romance.

And the later a young person starts to smoke, the less likely they are to develop a lifelong habit.”

The tribal identity – sometimes lifelong – attached to teams fosters civic pride and community fun.

— before finally leaning into his lifelong dalliances with racial demagoguery to become president.

There are exceptions, like lifelong serial killers.

That began a lifelong interest in politics.

Smokey Robinson was a lifelong friend of Aretha’s, with way too many memories to isolate just one.

My fantasy of getting liberated from the internet and finally finding happiness and peace misunderstands my lifelong mental health problems as external.

His sister Via, meanwhile, is in high school and discovering that her lifelong best friend Miranda (Danielle Rose Russell) has changed over the summer.

Walter Palmer, a lifelong big-game hunter from Minnesota, sparked a global controversy when he killed Cecil outside Hwange last summer.

He enlisted major corporations to offer their employees lifelong job security, asking only that workers repay them with loyalty.

It’s heart wrenching, and you begin to understand the lifelong impact that it has on victims and those in their lives.

Today: news writer Lauren O’Neill on her lifelong love of Britney Spears.

Richly textured and vividly rendered, it’s clearly the fruit of a lifelong love.

“We are sitting on a time bomb here and everyone can feel it,” said Kai Moibah, a lifelong resident of Koidu.

Food and beverage companies are notoriously skilled at targeting children in their efforts to turn people into lifelong customers.

A known lifelong baseball fan, he received his invite to the game through his work.

A lifelong programmer and tinkerer, Fries also is also the creator of Halo 2600.

Two are fellow Facebook engineers, Ben Maurer and Olaoluwa Okelola, both of whom shared some sense of lifelong “otherness” they could never pinpoint.

It is vindication in some lifelong battle against an enemy I could never find.

I sometimes wonder how her hypochondria developed and if either of our parents’ anxiety impacted her lifelong preoccupation with illness.

Parenting blogger and lifelong, self-proclaimed hypochondriac Kathleen Dennehy is convinced her four-year-old’s health anxiety is a direct result of her own illness obsession.

More From Tonic: Ultimately, immunologists hope to create a universal flu vaccine—one shot to provide lifelong protection against all virus strains.

Corbyn’s defenders argue that there is no clear evidence that he — a lifelong campaigner against racism — is anti-Semitic.

This was done to avoid paying for potentially lifelong costs in care.

Our time spent together in LA really helped solidify our lifelong friendships.

That said, Freedhoff noted there’s a distinction between effective, lifelong diet strategies and “quick fix” cleanses and fads.

A lifelong fan of speculative fiction, King began writing seriously while attending the University of Maine Orono.

Patients with beta thalassemia typically receive lifelong blood transfusions every few weeks.

I’m a lifelong Republican, and I don’t agree with what you’re doing.'”

I’m a lifelong Republican, and I don’t agree with what you’re doing.'”

lifelong learning is where it’s at” is my favorite one of these.

Second, they view child care as an investment in their lifelong earnings.

It consists in those lifelong activities that actualize the virtues of the rational part of the soul.

It perhaps makes sense for Trump, a lifelong business executive, to view himself as the salesman in chief.

It’s a constant, lifelong process.

There are exceptions, like lifelong serial killers.

The arrangements enact a tempered, unrelenting responsiveness in which lives lived under lifelong pressure aspire to a transcendence that’s actively treasured.

Tempel said that, though neither Logo-inspired education nor aspirational goals of AI are mainstream, they endure because of Papert’s lifelong advocation.

It can result in PTSD; it can result in lifelong issues with intimacy and trust.

And when it was all over, one lifelong Chicago devotee decided to celebrate with a beer.

Her exceptional control of such tension, she claims, derives from her lifelong sense that she is the tension.

I mean, I always had a lifelong love of coupons since I was a small child.

For Gibbons, a physiology graduate student and lifelong animal advocate, this project was a dream come true.

Like I said, I did have this lifelong love for coupons.

I’ve had a very successful career, but my greatest accomplishment has been meeting other activists while on the road and developing lifelong friendships.

My lifelong passions are the greatest influences: art, activism and an exploration of the social fabric of life.

Carving out this niche took a combination of resourcefulness, luck, and personality—along with a lifelong dedication to painting sea creatures.

“I believe that lifelong Democrats and lifelong Republicans are looking for a home, and they’re not spending hours and hours on Twitter.”

Before the measles vaccination was developed in 1963, an estimated 3–4 million Americans were infected each year with thousands developing lifelong complications.

The poll showed Clinton, a former senator representing the state, with a 30-point overall lead over Trump, a lifelong New Yorker.

Her telltale limp will be a lifelong reminder of the poliovirus that she contracted, and the public health system that failed her.

This wasn’t just lifelong liberals showing up and conservatives forgetting to vote, it was defections from typical R voters.

Our Rockette “sisters” are the people with whom we develop lifelong friendships.

Astronauts may feel permanently changed by the Overview Effect, enacting lifelong modifications to their habits and outlook when they return to the planet.

It would take until 2002 for the despot to resign from his post as “lifelong senator.”

TMZ broke the story … Prodigy died last week in Las Vegas after a lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia.

It is not a lifelong honeymoon.”

His lifelong insecurity about his looks was certainly a factor as well.

Steven Shaw, known to his fans as “Banachek,” is a magician, a mentalist, and a lifelong debunker of psychics.

A time when the potential for human connection seemed endless, when a shared enjoyment of a band could spark lifelong friendship?

lifelong city dwellers, he, Prinz and Miller are enthusiastic about the synergy being created with the 140-year-old family farm.

Meanwhile, synaptic plasticity is lifelong.

“There’s not too many people around,” says the musician Lil West, a lifelong resident of the town.

This year, he aims to buy a car, a lifelong dream.

A lifelong athlete, Lubin has wrestled with this choice since childhood.

I also felt satisfied because I was finally making my lifelong dream come true.

So is this a lifelong thing?

It was a formative experience that cemented a lifelong love for hiking and the outdoors.

The heart of the scandal involves Park’s relationship with her lifelong friend and confidant Choi Soon-sil.

Luckily, his lifelong day job in the Norwegian postal industry allows him to listen to music on headphones during every hour of every shift.

“A good way to think about this is through the lens of conspiracy,” Deadspin writer and lifelong Kings fan Patrick Redford told me.

Fini’s origins set this lifelong masquerade in motion.

Fittingly, Fini’s sexually charged, lifelong revolution, cycling through selfhoods and styles, leaves the senses exhausted and spent.

We see these people as innocently genuine and often beautiful, typical of Halprin’s lifelong quest for non-stylized dance movement.

Roger Peyrefitte’s fictionalized biography of Fersen and his lifelong companion, Nino Cesarini.

One of the scientists to first describe this phenomenon, Mount Sinai’s Shanna Swan, told Vox that these early chemical exposures have lifelong results.

“The lowered androgen and alteration of development that happens in utero [results in] changes that are lifelong,” she said.

Our prayers are with his children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and all who worked closely with Reverend Graham in his lifelong ministry.

The meticulousness of these paintings reveals Gilbert’s lifelong relationship with water; the occasional beachgoer could never paint them as intricately as she does.

Even the ones with teeth are passive and don’t really want to hurt you (unless they’ve been subjected to lifelong animal cruelty).

Everyone is forced into lifelong military service, akin to slavery.

Her paternal grandfather Murray Meisler, her uncle Al, and her father Jack had all been lifelong practitioners of the art.

A lifelong Pittsburgh resident, Ofran had voted for Clinton in the primary, though he said he harbored no animus toward the Vermont senator.

I trust Hillary to lead this country because I have seen her lifelong devotion to our nation’s children.

Nixon may also have alienated the federal judiciary by pledging to end its lifelong terms and security.

Clearly, Patterson had built a life in the company of sympathetic artists and lifelong friends, each of whom mourns his passing.

Many of these problems are lifelong.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads In Trickster Feminism, Anne Waldman continues her lifelong project of speaking to power through poetry.

Hope’s lifelong penchant for chorus girls was an open industry secret.

The lifelong New York City resident has never shown a particular interest in guns or hunting.

A lifelong New Yorker, she referred to Trump as a “shyster” and said she was also reading Omarosa Manigault Newman’s book, Unhinged.

Being a lifelong California voter has taught me to be deeply skeptical of referendums.

“It gave me not only a job, but the skills and tools needed for a lifelong career.

That he has continued with this lifelong line of inquiry speaks to his refusal to succumb to any overly simplistic retelling.

Later, I stumbled on ” Raising lifelong Learners”, which had helped me change my behaviors.

For the two Suites, Kelly worked with prominent printer Marcel Durassier, initiating what would become a lifelong affair with lithography.

During my mother’s illness, she, a nearly lifelong vegetarian, was urged by an oncological nutritionist to start eating more animal protein.

He was a lifelong bachelor.

“This has been a lifelong journey.

One wrong move inside the tiny mouth of a 1-year-old could mean a child with speech defects, problems eating, or lifelong problems breathing.

said Maegan Wilson, a 36-year-old mother of two and lifelong Flint resident.

said Maegan Wilson, a 36-year-old mother of two and lifelong Flint resident.

“Kumail is a lifelong rom-com fanatic—has watched all of them,” according to Gordon.

It sounds like the band is basically your lifelong love letter to horror.

Jackson is also a lifelong activist who self-published her memoir, The Transexual From Tobago.

Since then, I continue to explore what lifelong lessons students learn through the culture of these schools.

This year, he aims to buy a car, a lifelong dream.

As a lifelong football player, suppressing pain and acting tough had always seemed like the way men were supposed to act.

He had signed up to be studied as a synesthete for his lifelong associations between colors and numbers.

Jay Nixon, the governor of Missouri, who I thought did a terrible job managing so much of what happened there, a lifelong Democrat.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Darren Wilson is a lifelong Democrat.

“I am a lifelong #Republican, but I am ashamed of #GOP today,” Shonkwiler tweeted Wednesday.

They are a visual testimony of the forces that shape her everyday life: motherhood, creativity, and a lifelong struggle with mental illness.

One fan, John Dillingham, told us it only took him about an hour to score his lifelong reminder of a better time.

One fan, John Dillingham, told us it only took him about an hour to score his lifelong reminder of a better time.

As a lifelong political consultant, Manafort spent decades outmaneuvering competitors in hardfought campaigns by crafting messages with the power to sway millions.

Alex & Karen Memphis, TN Alex: Becoming a mom was a lifelong dream of mine.

Holland, who died in 2006, was a professor, playwright, author, and lifelong activist.

(I also recognize that not every gift needs to become a lifelong treasure.

Will she have a job with good insurance to cover her lifelong treatment?

I was a lifelong trivia nerd who just wanted to challenge myself, and do it before Trebek retired.

Thousands more have endured lifelong health complications as a result of botched operations and unsanitary conditions.

The deportation isn’t a talked-about part of Bisbee history — some lifelong residents seem unaware it ever happened.

Most Labour MPs are expected to back renewal, but leader Jeremy Corbyn will vote against it having been a lifelong opponent of nuclear weapons.

His lifelong friend and current business manager, Alex Santos also notes that Nene is big on alkaline water and natural orange juice.

Both McGhee, a painter, and Harris, a fiber artist, are lifelong Detroiters, and both have established a signature aesthetic akin to visual jazz.

Putin slowly but methodically expands his control over Eastern Europe, fulfilling his lifelong dream of reconstituting the former Soviet Union.

Trump bore little resemblance to the lifelong heartland conservatives whom the NRA typically backed.

It’s a constant, lifelong process.

Trump’s style proved to be successful — he beat out a highly competitive field of lifelong Republicans and a seasoned politician in Hillary Clinton.

Art making as a lifelong process.

So stopping teenagers from smoking could have a lifelong positive health impact, one reason Senate Democrats want a higher smoking age nationwide.

On the other hand, there’s an equally substantive body of research suggesting that early childhood education produces a profound, lifelong advantage.

Yanukovych, the Ukrainian president, lived an opulent lifestyle as well — particularly for a lifelong public servant.

Instead, it was the death of the band’s lifelong friend and influencer Randy Kwan that got them back together.

But school readiness seems to be an area where Head Start doesn’t really matter, while it has lifelong effects in other areas.

Behind all this strangeness is Bettina Richards: lifelong music nut, crate-digger extraordinaire and general font-of-knowledge.

But unlearning sexism is a lifelong process.

My lifelong operating system of checking out and muting my feelings didn’t suddenly go away because I got sober.

A lifelong conservative, Ziegler opposed Trump from the beginning of the 2016 presidential campaign, and he paid a steep price for that opposition.

For one, Stevens is a lifelong Republican who was appointed by Republican President Gerald Ford.

She decided last year that a medical intervention would be the only way to win her lifelong weight loss battle.

We’ve all started lifelong friendships here, and some of us even families.

Soyinka has been a lifelong critic of dictatorships in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa.

Babies born with anencephaly usually die soon after birth, and spina bifida can lead to lifelong disabilities.

(It was during her military career that she met her second husband and lifelong partner Ting Sheldon, after an unhappy marriage earlier on.)

He then fell into what would not be a unique lifelong obsession of building theories and possible meanings for the 234 parchment pages.

Burnie Burns: Rooster Teeth has always had a big following in the gamer community and we are lifelong gamers ourselves.

Vincent (1982) combines Burton’s burgeoning visual aesthetic with his lifelong love of the macabre and interest in stop-motion animation.

Much of that is due to the lifelong protections that vaccines offer.

It’s also lifelong.

Spiesshofer noted that we need a lifelong education ecosystem that enables intergenerational education.

“[Gorsuch] is a lifelong conservative activist, rewriting the law to make it something that it was never intended to be,” Merkley said.

Parul Vora Weber is a product researcher and designer who faces a lifelong challenge of autocorrect changing her name to Paul.

Food is the lifelong friend that never hurts you.

Her mastery of the piano was the result of a lifelong study of classical training, including time at Julliard, mixed with her uncommon style.

It was through moonlit dinners and enduring after parties that they forged their lifelong bonds.

But the quinine—the drug used to treat malaria back then—left him with lifelong tinnitus.

Exposure is linked to brain damage, lower IQ, behavioral disorders, and lifelong health impacts.

And I’ve harbored a suspicion that a “slow metabolism” might help explain my lifelong struggle to control my weight.

Both of these Hunts need to be in anger management of the lifelong variety.

Keeping an apartment clean and tidy is a lifelong endeavor.

I guess that’s a lifelong thing.

Babies born with anencephaly usually die soon after birth, and spina bifida can lead to lifelong disabilities.

In 1825, Delacroix visited England, which engendered his lifelong enthusiasm for Byron and Shakespeare.

If you let it, astrology can be a topic of lifelong study.

I am a lifelong Michigander.

The not-so-secret code phrase for gay men of “lifelong bachelor” still stubbornly shows up on a few dozen paid death notices every year.

A search of the New York Times archive shows “lifelong bachelor” appearing in just three obits published in the 21st century.

Hoover, a lifelong bachelor himself (certainly in the literal sense), famously kept files on congressmen’s sex lives, especially their affairs with other men.

In no time, you’ll all be laughing and creating lifelong memories you can pass down for generations.

And figuring out your own preferences is a lifelong process that can take lots of trial and error.

Andy Rubin has had a lifelong fascination with robotics.

The lawsuit claims that the encounter and threats have had a lifelong impact, including emotional, physical, and mental suffering.

With this one posture, Neery made visual her lifelong impulse of destroying patriarchal views of femininity and masculinity, of suffering and victory.

As the lifelong possessor of a Midwestern work ethic and an addiction to overachievement, this killed me.

We could practically write a memoir about our lifelong love affair with black tote bags.

He starred in a few productions and even earned the lifelong nickname “Gipper” from his memorable turn in “Knute Rockne, All-American,” according to Careercast.

Showalter continues to teach courses on Roth through a bookstore in Washington, DC, and the Osher lifelong Learning Institute.

It turns out that her experimenting is all part of a lifelong lesson.

Today, for example, we talk a lot about personal development, about lifelong learning and the ability to constantly develop your competencies.

“It’s going to be a lifelong struggle.”

(Lucio Fontana, another resolute abstractionist, was Melotti’s contemporary and lifelong friend.)

“To be chosen meant to be considered worthy of love and a lifelong commitment,” Lamont wrote in a paper titled Negotiating Courtship.

Scott is from Chicago and is a lifelong Cubs fan, so you know he roots for the underdog and never gives up hope!

For someone who has been a lifelong caregiver, she says it feels very foreign to put herself first, but she is finding her way.

This is why so many people meet their lifelong friends in college, she added.

(Of course, the worst thing that could happen is that I, a lifelong insomniac, will not be able to sleep.)

He’s evaluated policies including providing intensive tutoring, texting students about the lifelong effects of education, and encouraging teachers to specialize.

(“I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I’m also a lifelong truth-teller,” she explained.)

One such woman, Mary Beatrice Davidson Kenner, was a lifelong inventor who helped revolutionize menstrual pads.

Estefan is driven by his lifelong love of film.

Audience member: I’m a DFW native, lifelong Mavs fan.

In his playing career, Cote has been in more than 250 fights on ice, some of which left him with lifelong injuries.

But they’re also a channel for positive self-reflection, feeling fierce, and ultimately developing a lifelong relationship with ourselves.

My lifelong passion has been developing the world’s best silicon products,” Keller said in an Intel press release.

She’s a lifelong Republican voter and Independent thinker turned Democrat.

This experience — whether it began as a hoax or a veritable kidnapping — had lifelong repercussions for John Paul.

For me, gaming has been a lifelong passion: One swing over a pit of crocodiles in Pitfall!

Hopefully, it’ll become a lifelong habit instead of a fleeting high for only a few weeks.

But for the Michigan native, her choice to run for office stemmed from a lifelong desire: Protecting the American Dream.

“One way to be let down by many coworkers is to have high expectations that everyone wants to be lifelong friends,” says Taylor.

At the Studio School I shared a studio with Christopher Wool, and we became lifelong friends.

This is true—I am not, and it is not—but this is a lifelong pursuit.

Kennedy spent five months in a hospital and experienced lifelong back injuries.

I was sort of a lifelong music fan, college radio DJ or whatever, just really was a huge Fader fan as a kid.

The second point about Zika: Once people get the virus, they have what researchers think may be lifelong immunity.

Be a lifelong learner with the goal of doing more than getting a seat at the table.

Scholars widely disagree on Lincoln … but there are signs that lifelong bachelor Buchanan was truly the first gay president.

“It’s a lifelong sexual health issue that LGBTQ people have to face and it really starts as a young person in school.”

Once at the hospital, her son says she was diagnosed with permanent brain damage, leaving her requiring lifelong care.

“It’s a lifelong thing.

His team suggested he died after a lifelong battle with sickle cell anemia.

On Thursday, Danius announced that she would be resigning from the otherwise lifelong position.

Barry, the eccentric and lifelong antique collector, appeared in seasons 1-4 of “Storage Wars” … often riding in classic cars.

A few months ago, Sandra Bowes left her home of Maui to pursue her lifelong dream of being an actress in Hollywood.

“I’ve heard of women, many women, signing lifelong vows to only have sex with Keith.

As a lifelong Cubs fan, Michelle Obama told her husband that the Cubs winning the World Series would have made her dad happy.

OCD is, after all, like many mental illness: a chronic condition that may be lifelong.

Coming out
A lifelong process of self-acceptance.

It’s only very recently that I realized this is a lifelong diagnosis; it’s never going to be just done or fixed.

Coming out [kuhm-ing-out] | verb A lifelong process of self-acceptance.

Research told me that learning a new skill would take the limits off my life and open me up to lifelong learning.

I had taken my first step toward lifelong learning.

The district is craving someone who is a lifelong Democrat—someone who’s running on a platform like I am.”

Until we bought this house last year, we’d been lifelong renters, and I really appreciate how easy renting was.

I have made lifelong friends working in retail.

A lifelong vegetarian, McCartney does not use fur, leather, or PVC in her collections.

And on top of all that, they have to commit to a lifelong career path.

In general, the immunity usually is pretty good, and especially when we give it after the second time, and probably lifelong for most people.

A lifelong investment, for what?

“You have no country in Europe with recurring lifelong promotions like this,” said Orange Chief Financial Officer Ramon Fernandez.

Just before the match starts I talk to Mick Buckley, a lifelong fan who now sits on the AFC Wimbledon board of directors.

She unapologetically flaunts her lifelong romance with her brother.

Rather than just having a day-long experience, we’re trying to create a lifelong one.”

After all, in the eyes of his dad—a lifelong barback—he was a man now and a celebration was in order.

It was, after all, co-founder Rubin’s lifelong obsession with the technology that gave Google’s mobile operating system its name.

“As a visible minority born in Toronto who grew up a lifelong Habs fan, P.K.

“We’re supporting emerging artists that are pursuing a lifelong practice that isn’t necessarily focused on a market appeal.”

His co-founder John Hardie is a lifelong New Yorker who failed out of college twice because of his video game obsession.

The Orlando-based brothers Edwin and Andrew White performed the musical ritual they call Tonstartssbandht, a brief excursion into their lifelong collaboration.

Nail artistry wasn’t a lifelong passion for Maria Salandra, who has been Rihanna’s go-to manicurist for the last five years.

Ditsela, a lifelong ANC supporter, wasn’t listening.

Cook is a lifelong underachiever, but that comes with the territory when you swear a blood oath to Jeff Fisher’s passing game.

lifelong Prince fan or casual Netflix viewer — this is one to put in your mental queue.

Jack then succumbed to a fatal heart attack caused by repeated smoke inhalation after a lifelong heart problem.

But, yes: Piazza was a lifelong baseball rat whom the scouts failed to see as a professional.

“The only time I ever saw him violent was when he was eight or nine years old,” wrote one lifelong friend.

But laced amid this tremendous energy was a lifelong struggle to be taken seriously.

Twinrix is a popular option, which offers lifelong protection against the B virus and at least 25 years for adults for the A virus.

And Minnesota’s Sen. Tina Smith, a lifelong advocate for reproductive rights (and former Planned Parenthood colleague) whose voice is desperately needed in Washington.

While the tattoo was out of sight underneath an oversized leather jacket, Halsey apparently took the stage with a memento of her lifelong fandom.

Says he’s been a lifelong fan of them, even.

His family and Nachito’s have a lifelong relationship, the kind that is common between families in small towns.

From this trip emerged a lifelong friendship, as Nick Vallelonga, Lip’s son and the co-writer of Green Book, recalls.

His lifelong friend—Owney Madden—was a murdering, bootlegging Hell’s Kitchen gang leader with a tight grasp on the city’s illegal rackets.

The days of lyrical profundity and a lifelong commitment to the craft as the mandatory criteria for viable rap careers are behind us.

We’ve gathered the best podcasts for lifelong learners.

Negrete admits that he has dealt with a lifelong drug addiction problems himself, and working with Williams inspires him every single day.

Sharing the blood of an addict is one thing; witnessing and experiencing the lifelong consequences and conflicts of their behavior is another.

And it’s not unusual to find lifelong residents of the valley who have never even seen the thing.

He did vaudeville, more or less, a lifelong act where he played the straight man to a host of clowns.

As a lifelong club head, how you are reacting to what happened in Orlando?

“I would do anything to get two or three more years with my dad, who was a lifelong smoker,” said Punderson.

I happen to be a lifelong skier, and I was skiing one day about four years ago.

And, if you’re open to it, you might leave with some lifelong friends.

He operates by a lifelong credo of non-excitement, grimness in the face of all possible on-court pleasures.

As a lifelong fan, that news is more gratifying than anything.”

While he was a lifelong Labour voter and committed left winger, Ferguson had perhaps the most problematic relationship with socialism.

This week’s artist proves you don’t have to be a lifelong computer whiz to build the CGI universe of your dreams.

Pozole is a lifelong dish for me.

The company soft-launched in April with an interview between Roberts, a lifelong lover of literature, and the literary icon Joan Didion.

It’s a lifelong journey.

After college, I started a career in editorial, started earning (some) money, and started making (what I deemed to be) lifelong friends.

Entering into a potentially lifelong agreement at the age of eight!?

In addition to appeasing fans, the prospective line is fulfilling a lifelong dream of the singer.

We shouldn’t overlook the many things outside the classroom that might kick off an active, lifelong interest in technology.

My honest answer, as a lifelong Kingdom Hearts fan and expert, is: I have no idea.

But we also shouldn’t overlook the many things outside the classroom that might kick off an active, lifelong interest in technology.

This affinity for academics—he graduated high school in just three years—also begat a lifelong love of the arts.

“As a lifelong salesman, Trump has a huckster’s knack for selling a feeling,” Puschak pointed out in the video.

Despite stand-up being a lifelong dream of mine, I’d only previously made one attempt—about four years ago at an open mic in Denver.

But it’s only the achievement of a lifelong dream for him.

He gets off tour and finds out his mother, a lifelong smoker who is battling lung cancer, has gone to the terminal stage.

She wrote, “[Learn] the difference between lifelong friendships and situationships.

Her official royal biography states that she has a “lifelong commitment to causes such as social justice and women’s empowerment.”

I spoke to some people who have caused themselves various degrees of pain or a lifelong deformity while under the influence of narcotics.

For many, watching it as children themselves, this surreal preteen berry girl was their gateway to a lifelong kink.

Thicke, born Alan Willis Jeffrey in Kirkland Lake, Ontario, was a lifelong hockey fanatic.

Do you think these two are lifelong partners?

In visiting Cooperstown, I was fulfilling a lifelong dream as a baseball nerd.

“I’ve signed up for a lifelong walk of shame.”

Okay, so we can’t actually say for sure whether Phil is a lifelong admirer of Theodore Roosevelt.

Cherukuri has a lifelong love of Tesla coils, which produce powerful AC electrical fields.

Cameron, a queer black woman who uses a motorized scooter, is one of those aforementioned lifelong activists.

“Daenerys’ lifelong dream has been to avenge her family and claim her rightful seat on the Iron Throne.

The works are part of a lifelong exploration into capturing moments of amazement, awe, terror, and astonishment in physical formations.

Batiz started the company after her mother, a lifelong housewife, died of complications from Myelodeplastic Syndrome (MDS).

His work focuses on studying brain development in children, then applying lessons to adults in a program called “lifelong Kindergarten”.

“It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to fight professionally,” Elba said in a statement about the show.

On Friday, Jordyn Woods was seen on a Coachella stage with lifelong friend Jaden Smith during his set.

Bill Boyland, for example, a letter carrier in Albany, New York, was born deaf and is a lifelong music fan.

But they’re lifelong wrestling fans.

“Is that all it takes to destroy a lifelong dedication to one’s craft and community?

Hence starting your lifelong collection of guitars.

Political sites are mourning the death of a lifelong activist.

Does the motivation to keep playing still come from your lifelong love of music?We’ve never progressed in a way.

Specifically, I’m told Brighteye Ventures is on the look out for companies targeting various educational levels, from K-12 to university to lifelong learning.

So many of these women leave the show with lifelong friends, why not find a way for that narrative to shine?

We hope lifelong in a sentence examples were helpful.