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As my colleague Jeff Stein reported, even liberals have been hard pressed to gin up outrage over the Senate bill.

Seating him on the bench would increase the number of cases that liberals win.

David Leonhardt chides liberals for being reluctant to talk about it.

As a last word, though, I did see some liberals Thursday afternoon doing the “correlation isn’t causation” routine on this finding of the study.

What’s more, the causal mechanism is one liberals embrace in most contexts: representation matters.

Trump’s callousness and indiscipline has left many liberals yearning for Bush’s more dignified and decent bearing.

She has harsh words for liberals.

She goes on to say that liberals “demonize Christians” and endanger the country with our talk of “racism and xenophobia.”

liberals, on the other hand, have jumped on the issue of gun control, calling for bans on assault weapons.

To counter those (mostly unfounded) allegations that the platform is biased toward liberals, Facebook is partnering with right-wing sites as well.

This leads to situations where Facebook partners with right-leaning organizations to fact-check liberals sites.

Anti-Ossoff ads funded by outside groups painted him as an outsider backed by California liberals and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

Kaine, 58, who could appeal to independents and moderates, has never been aligned with party liberals.

King has long been considered a “moderate” Republican, someone “with whom liberals can find common ground.”

Obviously, liberals and Democrats will hate whatever Ryan and his crew come up with.

The vacancy gives Obama the opportunity to change the dynamics of the court, giving liberals a 5-4 advantage.

The vacancy gives Obama the opportunity to change the dynamics of the court, giving liberals a 5-4 advantage.

For the past quarter-century, the Court has been narrowly divided between five conservatives and four liberals.

liberals such as Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) are calling for the Senate to swiftly confirm Obama’s nominee.

But Breitbart got results, getting scoops and infuriating liberals.

At the time, liberals argued that Andrew Breitbart’s approach pointed to an ugly blind spot about racism in the conservative movement.

For some liberals in the United States, the presidential election results have been a total turn-off.

Or it could be that liberals are generally feeling downtrodden and aren’t yet ready to let joy back into their lives.)

What’s more, conservatives reported a greater willingness than liberals to reach out across the aisle in their love lives post-election.

Around 60 percent of the liberals responded they are less likely to date a conservative than two years ago.

The billionaire conservative Koch brothers have teamed up with liberals on prison reform.

But the best thing Barrett has going for her in Trump’s eyes might be how worried liberals are about her.

On one side of this debate are old-school liberals with strong ties to the labor movement and urban political machines.

More broadly, conventional liberals are suspicious of claims that deregulation and innovation will benefit workers and consumers in the long run.

It’s not the only one, but from my conversations with liberals, it appears to have been something of a breaking point.

But I also know this: The pain liberals are feeling today is similar to the pain Mitt Romney’s voters felt four years ago.

It is not just for liberals and Democrats to practice toward conservatives and Republicans.

liberals, in particular, blame insufficient economic populism for the white working class’s movement toward the Republicans.

But the fact remains that Obama’s two Supreme Court appointments both replaced fellow liberals.

The liberals are getting too upset.” You have both these things.

The arrests came on the same the Quebec liberals are set to unveil their budget.

liberals wanted to use the money to finance new domestic spending.

Instead, the core groups behind the New Deal — industrial unions, African Americans, and urban liberals — transformed the party from below.

(We can hypothesize that the past 20 weeks have felt a lot longer to liberals than to Trump supporters.)

Rank-and-file Democrats trust them; if they’re saying this stuff is ridiculous, then ordinary liberals will start to think the same thing.

“It doesn’t mean you’re gonna agree, and I think we liberals have a tendency to think that empathy equals enabling.

It didn’t convert when media liberals repeatedly violated ordinary journalistic standards by reporting the uncorroborated accusations against Kavanaugh that followed Christine Blasey Ford’s.

The Indivisible Project, a group started by former congressional aides, wrote a “how-to” guide for liberals looking to resist Trump.

There’s something reassuring, perhaps, for liberals in this boring pick, even if they disagree with Kavanaugh’s positions.

Sixty-four percent of liberals said the same.

Director Mimi Leder described the movie as the “origin story” of the justice, who became a hero among U.S. liberals.

In practice, however, liberals hate him and have hated him for a very long time.

But many liberals and progressives have begun clinging to one faint hope that he could still be stopped — through the Electoral College.

Many progressives and liberals are clearly unhappy with the outcome of this election and fearful of a Trump presidency, and understandably so.

(Hillary Clinton is not very popular among the military, so I’m not sure liberals want to make that play.)

They are also more likely to identify themselves as liberals.

But a lot of liberals, temperamentally and psychologically, don’t want a fight.

Biden’s popularity frustrates lefties who think him insufficiently progressive and liberals who see him as an out-of-touch white guy.

As a result, some liberals resent Buttigieg for representing a status quo that frustrates them.

But being gay doesn’t make him not-white or not-male.” Another challenge for Buttigieg is that Obama didn’t win just by impressing openness-minded liberals.

liberals are always trying to fight the last battle and not the next one,” said Holton.

Yeah, a bunch of liberals going crazy.

We should not get along.” And I think Democrats and liberals tend to always try to get along, and the Republicans certainly haven’t.

Why is it that every time something happens, liberals always want to blame someone else?

In 85 percent of these cases, the vote was 5-4 — often four reliable conservatives versus four reliable liberals, with one swing justice.

Most liberals favor this outcome.

liberals, of course, joined in the critique.

For liberals, meanwhile, “Kenyan anticolonialist” became something of a punchline.

But the court’s oldest members — Stephen Breyer (79) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (85) — are liberals.

A weekly tracking poll released by Nanos Research on Tuesday put the Conservatives at 35 percent public support, with the liberals at 34 percent.

A Jan. 8 Nanos poll put the liberals at 39 percent and the Conservatives at 33 percent.

The four liberals (Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan) dissented.

liberals warn against jumping to conclusions and preach about the consequences of overreaction.

liberals talk about the need for new gun control laws like background checks and argue that “something is wrong” with American gun culture.

The candidate chosen by party members will be their flag bearer for the October 2019 general election, against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberals.

Democrats, meanwhile, are calling them hypocrites for calling on liberals like Franken to resign.

Its only real success was in terrifying and mobilizing liberals against what they saw as a presidential abuse of power.

Successive Canadian governments have made clear over decades they will not touch the system and the liberals have consistently ruled out changes.

The groups are, from left to right: Progressive Activists, Traditional liberals, Passive liberals, Politically Disengaged, Moderates, Traditional Conservatives, and Devoted Conservatives.

The middle four groups, from Traditional liberals to Moderates, make up the so-called exhausted majority.

It doesn’t say whether mainstream Democrats talk more like Progressive Activists or Passive liberals.

That would seem a noncontroversial idea for liberals, but some are balking at it.

What we find in the backlash by liberals against progressives is nothing other than a betrayal of the true and full values of liberalism.

The strangeness of this has not been lost on either liberals or conservatives.

When they do happen, these incidents often target liberals and leftists, despite the breathless media coverage of conservative speakers being run off campuses.

Trump’s accession to the presidency alarmed liberals on two levels.

The liberals are expected to pick their new leader on Wednesday.

One dissent, by Sonia Sotomayor and joined by the Court’s other three liberals, narrowly argued against the specific drugs.

It’s telling that neither Sotomayor nor Elena Kagan, the two other liberals on the Court, joined Breyer’s opinion.

The court is now split 4-4 between conservatives and liberals, meaning Scalia’s successor could influence its ideological direction for years to come.

The Court’s four liberals dissented.

It produces precedents that liberals do not like that meanwhile must be applied by lower courts.

In every 5–4 decision this term in which Kennedy was in the majority, he joined the four conservatives rather than the four liberals.

When John McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate in 2008, liberals were horrified.

Some liberals appear to be skeptical of this — Republicans hate him so much!

More importantly, many liberals think Trump is unelectable because he’s too conservative for America, and that’s just not accurate.

A lot of the pro-Trump-to-be-anti-Trump liberals assume that nonwhite voters will save them.

Since Monday, the authorities have recovered 12 “suspicious packages” containing explosive devices meant for prominent American liberals.

More recently it’s provocation, street fighting with liberals, and identity politics for aging white Christians.

The sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia means the Supreme Court is now evenly divided between conservatives and liberals.

liberals increasingly believed that committing troops to large overseas wars was too costly and usually counterproductive.

Lieberman’s hawkish views might have been a good fit among Democratic Party liberals in 1964, but not in 2004.

liberals tend to prefer the latter argument, hoping to make a proactive case for a progressive vision of America.

liberals and conservatives don’t attack one another in the same ways.

In response, liberals have taken to using the phrase against the right.

These were the liberals who weren’t socialist radicals but nevertheless worked to promote the same causes within and through the system.

Gillibrand backs a Medicare-for-all bill championed by Democratic Party liberals.

The liberals are expected to pick their new leader on Wednesday.

She will face criticism from liberals in the party, but she can argue she put up a fight.

The liberals have tapped former Toronto Police chief Bill Blair, now a member of parliament, to head up the legalization efforts.

But for most party leaders, who are likely ideological liberals, all of this stuff matters.

About that: liberals might look at Republican politicians and argue that the party has caved with astonishing speed to an authoritarian demagogue.

More recently, many liberals have shifted their attention to arenas, like the courts, where they can do things.

Phyllis Schlafly, who died Monday at the age of 92, was revered by social conservatives and reviled by liberals.

He sided with the court’s liberals by voting in favor of abortion rights and gay rights in some cases.

The current finalists generally are considered more moderate than liberals in the tradition of Obama’s two previous appointments, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan.

Quebec’s liberals held power for 13 out of the last 15 years.

JL: And I think it is really important for Democrats, for liberals to ask what weren’t they getting?

This isn’t some new attempt to do for liberals what the Koch Brothers have done for conservatives, at least not yet.

I wonder a bit whether liberals will be able to resist turning toward rage after this.

People are angry right now, but I think liberals like to be inspired.

And Tuesday might prove that a culture war against liberals might not be enough, either.

Now, liberals are looking more and more likely to try to nationalize that system if they take back Congress.

Could Trump’s election, which has triggered such despair in liberals, similarly jolt the United States into following a Democratic-friendly course?

liberals were quick to celebrate: This was a bill they had been determined to strangle before it came to a vote.

I think it’s a much more relevant distinction than saying people are Democrats or Republicans, or that they’re conservatives or liberals.

The prospect of more than a decade of Harper in power was, for many Canadian liberals, unbearably terrifying.

So when Trudeau won in 2015, Canadian liberals were overjoyed.

Even some leftists who voted for the NDP, and not the liberals, were thrilled just to see Harper out.

In the name of “safety,” liberals are silencing campus debate.

But he then joined the four liberals to block the question anyway — because, he said, Ross had given a phony justification for the move.

You might never know that the vast majority of professors, liberals as well as conservatives, defend the free exchange of ideas on campus.

Four Supreme Court liberals wanted to block Ross’s addition of the question as “arbitrary and capricious,” but Roberts disagreed.

Democrats and liberals howled, calling it an unprecedentedly partisan Supreme Court vetting process.

All eyes are still on Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes sides with the court’s liberals in major cases.

And by remarkable coincidence, Hillary Clinton won precisely 17 red Virginia statehouse districts in 2016, giving liberals reason to believe they are winnable.

But even Hurst, one of the candidates who was happy with the fundraising, argued that many liberals still seem uninterested in the campaigns.

“I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the great people of Florida,” Scott said.

Some white liberals have the privilege to pretend that Jill Stein is going to be taken seriously.

“I really don’t think it matters, because these raging liberals are really angering people,” former Rep. Tom Marino (R-Pa.) told VICE News.

These members can hardly be called liberals, but their middle-of-the-road politics have made them a dying breed.

It’s safe to say that many of those voters across all four candidates might consider themselves liberals.

“We will not allow liberals and communists to govern in Iraq,” he said during a speech at a conference in Iraq in February.

You get a liberal to talk to liberals and a conservative to talk to conservatives.

Failing to retake the House is a sign that liberals will have to somewhat temper their expectations after Election Day.

And even some Democrats and liberals are on board.

Many Democrats and liberals would prefer a full-on child allowance, which all families would receive regardless of income.

But that seems like wishful thinking for liberals.

Reporters were exasperated during an exchange with the president Friday after federal agents arrested a Florida man suspected of sending bombs to notable liberals.

Now, all three of the Grievance Study authors identify as political liberals.

The Flint crisis also resonates with liberals who have long warned that state budget austerity would have lasting effects on the most vulnerable people.

In last night’s State of the Union, Obama promised to try harder to bridge the gap between conservatives and liberals.

liberals see fascism as the culmination of conservative thinking: an authoritarian, nationalist, and racist system of government organized around corporate power.

Many liberals speculated that pro-war Bush administration officials had leaked Plame’s identity to punish her and her husband for disloyalty.

Both Ann Coulter and Camille Paglia have alienated liberals while attracting strong gay male fan bases for years.

Like MedReleaf, they too are hoping the liberals will nip the unruly pot shops in the bud.

We are liberals.

It also raised questions about Trudeau’s handling of the affair and polls show his liberals could lose an election this October.

The company has historically had close ties to the liberals.

In 2016, SNC-Lavalin admitted that some former executives had illegally arranged donations of more than C$80,000 to the liberals from 2004 to 2011.


Opinion polls show the controversy is costing the liberals.

A weekly tracking poll released by Nanos Research on Tuesday put the Conservatives at 35 percent public support, with the liberals at 34 percent.

The Texas state capital is best known as countercultural hub, a home base for beleaguered Texas liberals.

A Jan. 8 poll by the same firm had the liberals at 39 percent and the Conservatives at 33 percent.

But the liberals oppose the idea, since probes take months to complete and are likely to trigger negative headlines.

Because right now, the Supreme Court only has eight members — four liberals and four conservatives — thanks to Senate Republicans’ refusal to confirm Merrick Garland.

He gave $ to liberals Megan Barry and Phil Bredesen, who’s running against Marsha (Blackburn)!,” said another text (Lee did eventually win anyway).

“A lot of liberals are down and despondent about the election and the actions already occurring from Trump,” he said.

Trump is hoping — and liberals are fearful — that terrorist attacks will make his personal political appeal stronger.

What’s more, it would have given liberals their first Supreme Court majority in a remarkably long time — since the 1960s.

Reaching across the aisle is more important than satisfying liberals.

liberals are furious over President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

Many conservatives see liberals as closed-minded, judgmental, and immoral.

Many liberals see conservatives as closed-minded, unintelligent, and holding racist and misogynistic views.

In response to the attack, a handful of Democrats and liberals also began raising money to help show bipartisan unity.

The liberals who started the fundraiser tried to fight that narrative through a gesture in the wake of a jarring event.

But liberals who ended up dismissing the whole thing as astroturf hype were making a big mistake.

If you look at the whole list of elected officials in the Democratic Party who have endorsed Hillary Clinton, a lot are tried-and-true liberals.

Their prison farms are the two that the liberals are considering reopening, at least for now.

If Republicans were going to treat the Court as a purely political institution, many liberals began to suggest, then they needed to as well.

“The liberals are taking away our heritage,” said James Moore from North Carolina.

They aren’t fire-breathing outsiders eager to tear down the current system, or culture warriors eager to anger liberals and elites.

It doesn’t require nefarious intent from Facebook’s developers to cause liberals to see mostly liberal-friendly news and conservatives the opposite.

liberals care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our own citizens,” he says.

liberals care more about illegal immigrants than they do about our own citizens,” he says.

If Kennedy votes with the Court’s four liberals to overturn Texas’s laws, it could loosen abortion restrictions nationwide.

The court is evenly divided between liberals and conservatives following the February death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

Monday’s ruling was similar to another 5-4 ruling a year ago in which Gorsuch also joined the liberals in the majority.

The court is evenly divided between liberals and conservatives following the February death of conservative Justice Antonin Scalia.

So there’s no liberals left in the Republican Party.

With GamerGaters added to that lovely mix, the_donald took a formal stand against “Social Justice Warriors” in April, referring to politically correct liberals.

Bennet clearly believes liberals live in a bubble.

What liberals could learn from NeverTrumpers in the coming battle with left-wing illiberalism.

They are mostly targets who care about public opinion, who rely on the support of centrists and liberals, but have made some bad decisions.

Many of these attacks have been explicitly white supremacist or right-wing in nature, targeting perceived liberals, ethnic minorities, or women.

He replaced retired Justice Anthony Kennedy, a conservative who sometimes sided with the court’s liberals on social issues like abortion.

That said, Jordan represents a fresh page in the state’s Democratic politics, and one that is exciting younger liberals in the state.

liberals are feeling better than they have in months about the congressional elections.

This history means that traditional French liberals — the camp in which Araud is best situated — have a very particular approach to race and racism.

He’s a Trump supporter so dismissive of evidence that if he didn’t exist, liberals would have to invent him.

Indeed, for all the big-name liberals, established journalists, and agog #NeverTrumpers I see retweeting Mitchell, I never see well-known conservatives seriously promoting his stuff.

Part of Nate Silver’s popularity is he flatters liberals’ perceptions of themselves as empirical, data-driven, and evidence-minded.

Instead, it’s a profound debate splitting liberals in increasingly diverse democracies — in Europe and in the United States.

The oldest of them are two of the court’s four liberals: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (86) and Stephen Breyer (80).

Mitchell makes liberals look good, and he confirms their worst stereotypes about anti-science conservatives.

Many liberals worried whether the strike would truly represent or help the marginalized women it claimed to.

If what MacLean writes were true, the obvious solution for liberals and the left would be to come up with their own centralized approach.

Meanwhile, although socialists have found real success pressuring liberals from the outside, it’s not nearly enough to achieve their ambitious goals.

liberals and socialists today need each other, whether they like it or not.

The modern American left seems to treat “liberals” and “liberalism” as enemies rather than partners.

The book never defines “liberals” or “liberalism” as terms, nor engages with their political tradition in any sustained way.

Punching left is a time-honored tradition among liberals, especially in relatively right-leaning America.

But why should liberals care about Sunkara’s book — or the critique from the socialist left at all — given their vast numerical superiority?

Why shouldn’t liberals just dismiss Sunkara and his fellow travelers as gadflies?

liberals also need to learn from socialists in another, less tangible way.

This is what American liberals need to learn from.

It’s time liberals start acting like it.

liberals are always trying to fight the last battle and not the next one,” said Holton.

Lots of liberals (including Bernie Sanders) don’t like this and have proposed changing it.

BUT: I think liberals could profit from imagining how they themselves would react … 4/ … were the shoe on the other foot.

13/ And it’s that level of ideological horror that liberals need to recognize that many conservatives feel about idea of a Hillary vote.

14/ Finally, as I said in the column, I’m not angrily blaming liberals for this situation.

15/ But in their quest to woo conservatives into a popular front, liberals just need to recognize the scale of the “ask.”

At the same time, liberals: It’s not just social conservatives who have made her the least popular non-Trump nominee of modern times.

The thing that liberals find most consistently horrifying and disgusting about Trump’s candidacy is its overt racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia.

This sometimes get lost in coverage of conservative #NeverTrump sentiment, but conservatives have never been horrified at Trump for the same reasons as liberals.

Impartial science could, ideally, be a bridge between liberals and conservatives—a gap that seems wider than ever.

The choice of Garland, 63, may disappoint some liberals who wanted Obama to find a more progressive nominee.

More surprisingly, Sanders beat Hillary Clinton not only with voters who identify as “very liberal” but also among “somewhat liberals” and “moderates.”

The result has been a reminder, to liberals, of what they like about Sanders and mistrust about Clinton.

The policy puts Clinton in a bind: It’s popular with liberals but dangerous in a general election.

Now, it’s the certainly the case that liberals are concerned about Roe’s fate.

Polls have shown that Trudeau’s liberals could lose the vote as the damage from the scandal spreads.

At the breakfast-centric website Extra Crispy, Hanson O’Haver breaks down the mechanics of the link between liberals and Starbucks.

liberals might disagree with Clinton’s true position on single-payer, but I think they would respect it.

Matthew Goodwin at Politico exhorted liberals on October 16 to “learn the lesson of Brexit” and not underestimate Trump’s chances of winning.

The liberals had originally sought a six-month extension.

The liberals had originally sought a six-month extension.

When I was growing up and when I was a younger man, liberals and conservatives were friends with differences.

I don’t mean listen to me or listen to liberals who put him down.

As usual, the Bible Thumpers were out in full force, shouting about faggots and dykes and heathens and sinning liberals.

After a night that thoroughly depressed most liberals, these are two notable bright spots.

liberals have got to stop acceding to the toxic premise that government is bad.

liberals see a lot riding on the race.

Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional election on Tuesday isn’t just a disappointment for liberals.

The Hillary Clinton campaign is taking some hard knocks from liberals over its maladroit attacks on Bernie Sanders’ single-payer proposal.

Rightly or not, they’ve come to view immigrants, other ethnicities, and often liberals as competitors in a zero-sum fight.

Just as important, Cooter said, groups like the Three Percenters are eager for confrontation with anti-Trump liberals, who are themselves taking to the streets.

But both liberals and Whigs would have to agree to disagree on some of their principles for the sake of a majoritarian coalition.

When a Facebook post shared by Sieting calling for the death of Muslims came to light, the discovery provoked liberals to organize demonstrations.

However, Democrats could also potentially lose some liberals who favor a smaller international role for the United States.

Both liberals and conservatives long for an idyllic, nonexistent past; they simply dream of different decades.

Sanders is doing very well with young people and with liberals, but he’s not transforming electorates.

While liberals have come out in force since Trump’s election, the fact is that Trump has been president for a matter of weeks.

liberals insist, however, that they’re in it for the long haul.

Especially among liberals, the same questions about her often arise.

One might ask:  How could these ostensibly respectable middle-class white liberals self-destruct in such a way?

The film’s news peg may be the current administration, but its target is self-satisfied liberals who more or less trust the system.

“I will not stand idly by while unethical liberals try to steal an election,” the Republican governor said in a news conference Thursday night.

“I will not stand idly by while unethical liberals try to steal an election,” the Republican governor said in a news conference Thursday night.

However, it averted the potential disaster for conservatives of liberals locking in a Court majority.

That means four conservatives and three liberals will decide the case.

Conservatives, of course, rejected democratization, but liberals were wary of it as well.

That assumption breaks down a key choice the liberals will have to make: Squeezing out the black market or generating revenue through taxes.

This should alarm liberals greatly.

As liberals continue to relearn through hard experience, capturing the presidency and operating in Washington, DC — is simply not enough.

That, naturally, has many liberals freaking out: How could this guy be within striking distance of becoming president, even if he’s not favored?

The court, one justice short amid the fight over President Donald Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh, is currently split 4-4 between conservatives and liberals.

liberals, African Americans, and Latinos are less confident in police.

This is far more than liberals who say the same.

But there’s been a dueling line of thinking, particularly on the right, that these concerns are generally exaggerated by liberals and Trump haters.

White liberals are a powerful force in Democratic Party politics, but they’re not nearly enough to win the nomination this year.

By promising an inquiry ahead of the fall federal election, the liberals raised hopes that cold cases would be re-examined.

Other high-ranking politicians are less surprising: Grijalva, Coleman, and Slaughter are widely known as liberals.

It’s a fact that may surprise many liberals: Mass incarceration is a result of way more than the war on drugs.

Polls have shown that Trudeau’s liberals could lose the vote as the damage from the scandal spreads.

Can he direct money and enthusiasm down ballot, where liberals have been badly failing?

But the center-left liberals may not care too much as their core supporters are progressive thinkers, women and younger voters.

Throughout the Obama era, liberals — especially young ones — have simply done a miserable job of showing up to vote in midterm elections.

Conservative over-confidence or missteps could be the liberals’ best hope for reversing their slumping poll numbers, pollster Nick Nanos said.

Chief Justice John Roberts formally welcomed Kavanaugh, 53, to a court that now has five conservative members and four liberals.

liberals excoriated him for hedging in response to Ed Gillespie’s anti-immigrant attacks.

Rather, he says, they share a “dissatisfaction with modern life in many ways for the same reasons liberals were dissatisfied before.

I think the challenge for liberals who would like to address this is: How do you navigate that?

I spoke with Maher last week about Donald Trump, the politics of late-night TV, the credulity of American voters, and his criticisms of liberals.

liberals are supposed to support people who are oppressed, or at least that’s how I was brought up.

Look, Americans, including liberals, are myopic.

Some of the liberals I argue with say to me, “Yeah, but it’s not everywhere.”

So you think liberals are inconsistent in terms of the stands they take or the things they get excited about?

But it’s certainly not all liberals.

As long as you frame it in terms of liberals standing up for liberal principles, it’s the right argument.

I think both liberals and conservatives, especially younger people, get their news in ways that only reinforce what they already believe.

There’s a good reason for that: Polls show most Americans, including the majority of Democrats and liberals, oppose cutting penalties for violent offenders.

In the aftermath of Trump’s election, I spoke to top liberals terrified that Trump would outflank them, and quickly.

liberals aren’t afraid Trump will outflank them anymore.

They are working for liberals, too.

Progressives and liberals want to reconcile the competing demands of capital and labor.

Many of these are liberals like Ulyukayev or Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who oppose his vision of an economy dominated by huge state corporations.

“It was a test to see if liberals are really as slow and humorless as people claim,” Carlson said.

The police will not protect us; neither will the military, or well-meaning liberals, or your favorite oh-so-progressive politicians.

The New York attorney general, Eric Schneiderman, is known for high-profile lawsuits that liberals love.

Related: Burkina Faso’s Ousted Interim President Is Back in Office After Attempted Coup The Conservatives have repeatedly denounced the liberals position as ideological.

Ossoff is the subject of constant and feverish discussion among local liberals.

BUT: I think liberals could profit from imagining how they themselves would react were the shoe on the other foot.

Now Milo’s wondering why liberals didn’t demonize George the same way in 2006 when he went on ‘Howard Stern.’

To liberals, in particular, Pence’s abortion position reveals that he, fundamentally, doesn’t respect women enough to give them freedom of choice.

The idea that liberals and cultural elites suffer from religious illiteracy is now widely accepted, by both the accusers and the accused.

And yes, our body politic would be well served if non-Christian liberals expanded their knowledge of Christian practice and vocabulary.

What liberals find objectionable is shameless propaganda that turns Christianity into a wedge issue — the war on Christmas!

liberals are overwhelmingly supportive of her.

About 85 percent of liberals are voting for Clinton in November, according to YouGov polling.

Both shows stormed onscreen at a time when furious liberals craved a space to be unapologetically pissed off at the conservative status quo.

“Mike Cernovich has an audience that we want to reach, and that includes Republicans, conservatives, liberals, Democrats, people of all ilks,” she said.

Unfortunately, the [Ontario] liberals are not just going to price carbon and stop there.

He is, as he notes in the book, an embodiment of the cosmopolitan ideals so many modern liberals hold dear.

“I don’t see a majority against the liberals, I don’t see a majority against the socialists, I don’t see a majority against the EPP…

Against them are establishment liberals, social justice activists, the newly resurgent socialist left, and those few conservatives who reject ethnonationalism on principle.

There’s this strange alliance between the liberals and the CIA, who are convinced that Russia is behind Donald Trump.

Right now, liberals are so anti-Russia that I think you can’t do anything.

Thoughtful liberals say this is a stolen seat that belongs to Merrick Garland, not Neil Gorsuch, and we do not disagree.

liberals say the party needs to stick to its core values on issues such as abortion, immigration, gun control and gay rights.

In the face of election results that horrified many liberals on Tuesday, there was some good news for them: Marijuana legalization won big.

America’s liberals finally have a candidate they can wholeheartedly root for in the Republican primaries — Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

One big thing liberals want in a Republican nominee is someone who is likely to lose in November, and Cruz fits the bill.

Rather than apologize for the noxious rhetoric, which, along with Muslims, targeted Black Lives Matter activists, transgender people, and liberals, Sieting doubled down.

“If Donald Trump is president he will appoint liberals to the Supreme Court,” Cruz said.

Cruz offers liberals the best of both worlds.

That makes him the clear guy for liberals to root for.

A smattering of libertarians and curious liberals circulate.

It infects liberals too.

Here are some of them: O’Keefe leads Project Veritas, an outfit that publishes undercover sting videos intended to embarrass liberals and mainstream media.

What the order proved most effective at doing was mobilizing liberals across the country to protest in massive numbers.

As voting results begin to come in across the country, however, American liberals are beginning to panic that the experts were wrong yet again.

liberals excoriated him for hedging in response to Ed Gillespie’s anti-immigrant attacks.

1) Since Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, many liberals have assumed Hillary Clinton will easily defeat him in a landslide.

But, judging by the current state of polls, liberals shouldn’t be too smug that she’s got this locked up just yet.

American voters aren’t down-the-line liberals or conservatives the way the people they elect are.

She will face criticism from liberals in the party, but she can argue she put up a fight.

The question for many liberals, then, is: Did the wave peak too soon only to dissipate in the face of a strengthening economy?

Though it feels like the odds for liberals have gone from overwhelmingly positive to desperate quickly, the reality is a bit duller.

In that story, the liberals‘ supposed failures left an opening for the Muslim Brotherhood to sweep in and establish a hard-line Islamist government.

In both the Covington and Smollett cases, liberals were quick to condemn what was, at first glance, unacceptable behavior.

Millhiser notes that Justice Alito pretty much accepted this logic in Hobby Lobby, which could have been be bad news for liberals.

Much worse for liberals was that Kennedy seemed to accept it in this case too.

The piece concluded with the following lines: “Can liberals and libertarians really learn to work together?

The election results mean more than a setback for liberals’ and libertarians’ policy ambitions.

In these ominous circumstances, it is urgently necessary for liberals and libertarians to recognize the heightened stakes and act accordingly.

I want to finish up on news by talking about sort of what’s going on today with conservatives versus liberals.

liberals hate it because it’ll likely cover fewer people and punish the poor.

The court’s 5-4 ruling, which saw conservative Chief Justice John Roberts join the court’s four liberals in the majority, ultimately proved decisive.

Instead, liberals tend to push much narrower legislative ideas designed for maximum poll appeal.

liberals in the 1970s also believed that institutions were holding back the advancement of their favored policies.

The institutional reforms also did not produce the policy successes that liberals expected.

This is the attitude that liberals typically take toward tax cuts.

The state’s electorate is heavy on white liberals, among whom Sanders has done very well, and Latinos, among whom he’s been competitive.

She also sees satirical bills as carrying a message for liberals.

The four liberals, however, disagreed, with a scathing dissent written by Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

American liberals are very concerned about the earning power of fast-food workers.

The four liberals want the courts to take a more active role at protecting racial minorities’ representation in the redistricting process.

It typically looks at what liberals and Democrats have been doing, particularly in the past few months.

But some liberals, many of whom backed Hillary Clinton, said that the party must excite its diverse coalition by speaking to identity issues.

While Democrats lost big, liberals won some of the big initiatives that were on statewide ballots.

In a night that was pretty dour for liberals and Democrats, these are significant wins.

And of course, stricter gun laws are a major goal for liberals, giving them yet another bright spot in several states’ ballot initiatives.

It is not just for liberals and Democrats to practice toward conservatives and Republicans.

Cruz has hammered Trump on key issues, and said on Saturday that if elected he would appoint liberals to the Supreme Court.

For example, he sided with the court’s liberals by voting in favor of abortion rights and gay rights in key cases.

Just that one picture of worms squirming in the mouth separated out the conservatives from the liberals with an accuracy of about 83 percent.

Many liberals are also opposed to the submerged state.

The liberals did not respond to request for comment.

The liberals explicitly pointed to the potential of “renewable energy exports like hydro-electricity” in its 2015 platform.

He does better with liberals, with young people, with white voters, with men.

trial brought Los Angeles’s boiling racial tensions to the doorsteps of white liberals who were comfortably ensconced in their enclave.

liberals have baselessly claimed false flags too.

liberals can embrace computer models of global warming without tossing aside everything they hold dear.

Sharing the wealth: Heitkamp sent almost $2.7 million to the North Dakota Democratic Party, which helps liberals running in state races.

liberals obviously wouldn’t be thrilled with this outcome, but it’s not like it would bring the Court into wildly new or unprecedented territory.

(The court currently has four liberals, three conservatives, and one swing vote, plus conservative nominee Neil Gorsuch.)

(The 1994 crime law was also bigger than prison sentencing policy, including a host of policies that liberals still support.

liberals also won a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court by a huge margin in April.

For those versed in the petty squabbles that turn leftists against liberals and vice versa, this conflict is familiar.

This is very much a minority view in economics — even among liberals.

One of the most striking things about the rise of the $15-an-hour minimum wage is how little opposition it’s provoked from establishment liberals.

Outrage from liberals and a few anti-Trump conservatives will remain omnipresent.

Without Kennedy on the court, the justices are split 4-4 between liberals and conservatives.

Attorney General Griffin Bell found his confirmation opposed by liberals in the Senate.

Breitbart offered a listicle of “15 Times Celebrities Envisioned Violence Against Trump and the GOP.” LifeZette and scolded liberals for criticizing GOP policies.

After liberals used the Giffords shooting to attack the rhetoric of the Tea Party, perhaps this was only fair play.

Thank you liberals and your knowledge economy for the hook up.

And they haven’t seen fit to take liberals’ advice and swap him out for another equally conservative nominee.

He thinks liberals should not talk about white privilege for fear of annoying white working-class voters.

Is the SWF a way to put welfare state liberals on the slippery slope to collective ownership of the means of production?

liberals held an “empty chair town hall” for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL).

It’s time liberals took notice.

It’s time that liberals took notice.

This is a source of growing alarm among cosmopolitan-minded liberals.

Many liberals see this as essentially evidence of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies, a natural affinity between a would-be dictator and an actual one.

This is part of the reason that liberals, for instance, are reevaluating their support for former President Bill Clinton.

All of this is definitely a big wake up call for people who consider themselves liberals.

Vallerian argued that a moratorium on prosecuting laws that the government intends to change would be a show of good faith from the liberals.

It laid bare a peculiar, and possibly temporary, quirk of liberals: their aching desire to believe the best of their opponents.

He had an agenda and a policy, but he became, to many liberals, something of a disappointment.

She found liberals or Democrats were generally speaking more supportive of government-led public health interventions.

So targeted messages about the different ways obesity impacts one’s health didn’t really change how liberals viewed obesity.

In fact, when it came to messaging, liberals actually ranked the prompt about military fitness as one of the weakest reasons for government intervention.

$700 well spent.” Great work from Simpsons Against The liberals on the Delta union busting attempt.

A divided GOP and united Democratic party offers liberals their best hope of preserving the law.

But while the liberals objected to the previous government’s process, their tactics for remedying the situation may be significantly more grave.

Since Scalia’s death, the Supreme Court has been ideologically split with four conservatives and four liberals.

If you look at it, there’s the same number of liberals and conservatives.

But this time around, when conservative Justice Michael Gableman decided not to run for another term, Wisconsin liberals didn’t let the opportunity slip by.

liberals may find this sentiment perplexing on the grounds that Republican policies seem ill-suited to promote the economic interests of the working class.

And she didn’t just turn conservatives and liberals against one another — she divided conservatives, too.

It’s difficult to argue many liberals would make the inverse choice if circumstances demanded it.

Because almost all conservatives are now Republicans and almost all liberals are now Democrats, we tend to conflate ideology and party identity.

But if you care about sticking it to coastal elite universities that are full of liberals, that provision makes sense.

(It’s not as if The Walking Dead doesn’t appeal to social liberals as well.

For the program to go ahead, a justice from the conservative bloc would need to side with the four liberals.

Motivated reasoning can affect anyone, and liberals do it, too.

The war on women, Smith informed her charges, was “invented” by liberals to beat back Republican gains in Congress and at the state level.

At the Atlantic, Robinson Meyer asked Brooke Binkowski, the head of fact-checking website, if “fake news” targeted toward liberals is on the rise.

Only 9 percent of the liberals in the study made arguments that reflected conservative moral principles.

The liberals are expected to pick their new leader on Wednesday.

This is far more than liberals who say the same.

“I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election,” Scott told reporters.

While the liberals have promised to undo these cuts, it’s still unclear whether those were merely election promises or facts.

liberals need to learn to sell their message better,” he says.

liberals just can’t seem to quit homophobia when it comes to Donald Trump.

liberals have been shocked by Bolsonaro’s disparaging views of Brazil’s LGBT community, women, and minorities.

What’s more, both liberals and conservatives shifted their views equally after learning this fact.

Making fun of liberals is now the default mode for how the conservative media covers climate change.

The US gun lobby might dismiss us as a couple of liberals.

Unsurprisingly, the billboard has been subject to both trolling right-wingers and adoration from liberals.

The FN is hoping that reduced turnout among left-wing liberals holds the key to yet another political earthquake.

liberals and liberal-leaning demographics were most likely to agree with the statement.

But it wasn’t angry liberals who brought Yiannopoulos down.

Left-leaning liberals are not immune to them, and NBA players are just as prone to conspiracy theories as right-wing comedians.

The point is not, of course, that liberals are sexual deviants.

liberals would have liked to believe that Obama was right and theirs was the real, true America.

the email read, making it clear which party Trudeau’s liberals most aligned with.

Many conservatives, centrists, and liberals are not pleased with the executive order.

These are the types of issues conservatives and liberals tend to be sharply divided on.

When Trump takes a position on something, liberals are sure to oppose it.

liberals saw him as a throwback to the days of sexism and racism.

“I’d form a united front, not a popular front.” (A united front lets in social democrats but not liberals.)

She is viewed as something of a cult figure for U.S. liberals, known by the nickname “Notorious RBG,” after the late rapper Notorious BIG.

Because of your opposition to Trump, you’ve now got a bunch of liberals who are now saying, “Ah, yes.

Where the point is not, “This is a good policy.” The point is, “This is going to make liberals really upset.” Yeah.

Here, I will argue against conservatives and give liberals some credit for that.

Despite all that, he was showered with cash from liberals and came quite close to winning outright in the first round.

Voters on the left and center instead threw support to the pro-environment, pro-EU Green parties (known as the “Greens”) and liberals.

But the pro-EU center is not depleted; instead, it’s reemerged among the Greens and liberals and other smaller centrist parties.

liberals have watched helplessly as President Donald Trump and the Republican Senate reshaped the judicial system over the past two years.

For liberals the word is interdicted and unsayable.

But rather than raging at Trump, liberals are outraged by the hypothetical outrage that Obama would have faced.

And it is frustrating for liberals to watch this happen when Republican Party politicians are able to skate by with little scrutiny.

There are at least two important areas, though, where tech entrepreneurs stand apart from typical liberals.

Another video segment featured NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch going after the media and liberals.

Of course, liberals should not be complacent about Trump’s ability to win a general election.

In the weeks before endorsing that incident, Trump targeted other liberals with veiled threats or language meant to vilify his adversaries.

#Troublemakers.” He’s also got into it with Rep. Maxine Waters when she encouraged liberals to confront Republicans in public places.

“I got along with Democrats and liberals and Republicans and conservatives,” he added.

And he backed more funding for police, which the 1994 law included and remains a popular way to fight crime among liberals and conservatives.

Six months before a national election, polls show liberals deadlocked or trailing the rival Conservative Party, and Trudeau is being cautious about weed.

The Court’s oldest members — Stephen Breyer (79) and Ruth Bader Ginsburg (85) — are liberals.

At that moment, liberals needed to offer a political vision that said, “We’re not just individuals.

Conservative writers may disagree with Trump’s policies, to be sure, but they dislike liberals way more than they dislike Trump.

If you don’t, don’t.” But we liberals are susceptible to this kind of pressure, and so she caved.

liberals say this isn’t normal; conservatives say it is.

As liberals, we’re worried about all those things.

It’s obvious that liberals aren’t going to win by flattering the Joe Six-Packs of the world.

Republicans and Democrats, or rather liberals and conservatives, have unmade citizens in different ways.

The vast majority of liberals who participated in the poll expressed disapproval to both circumstances.

Many more are self-styled moderates or liberals who are nonetheless skeptical of big changes like free college or single-payer.

But dairy farmers have great political clout in Canada, too, and concessions could hurt the ruling liberals ahead of a 2019 federal election.

Merely taking the money out of politics, in other words, is nowhere near enough if liberals want to create a comprehensive welfare state.

For many liberals watching, it’s about damn time.

As white liberals became more vocal about racial inequality, more racially conservative Democrats left the party and helped power Donald Trump’s electoral victory.

White liberals are now less likely than African Americans to say that black people should be able to get ahead without any special help.

White liberals also have warmer feelings about immigrants than Hispanics do.

The key difference is that white liberals have changed their minds very rapidly, thus altering the political space in which Democratic Party politicians operate.

And unlike Republicans’ other ideas, automatic enrollment is the rare health proposal that doesn’t reflexively alienate liberals.

But for heartbroken liberals still reeling from the loss on November 8, they might not be willing to wait for that fight.

Gillum has an even more literal link — he’s a candidate whom liberals love to drop into the 2020 speculation game.

After all, many non-Catholic conservatives — and indeed some quite nonreligious conservatives and even some people who identify as liberals — think exactly that.

It’s hard to make a show with dog-whistle appeals for both diehard conservatives and liberals, but Designated Survivor just might have done it.

liberals are, likewise, alarmed.

PiS, a nationalist, socially conservative party, sees Catholicism as a key element of national identity, while Polish liberals say bishops wield too much power.

Michelle Rempel, the Conservative critic on citizenship and immigration, highlighted the the “key beneficiary” of the liberals first piece of immigration legislation.

As you would expect in a GOP-dominated Washington, more often than not this strategy failed when liberals tried it.

Nancy Pelosi took over as speaker in early 2019, which left liberals less alarmed.

Doug Jones’s narrow victory over Roy Moore on Tuesday night looked, to many liberals, like a rare exception.

liberals did way better when the answer “proved” that gun control reduced crime, conservatives did way better when it “proved” that it didn’t.

And these people have been politicians and they have been on both sides, Democrats, Republicans, liberals, conservatives.

In recent years, Democrats had increasingly embraced a strategy of appealing to college-educated social liberals on the coasts and nonwhite voters throughout the country.

That, more than anything Warren would actually do as vice president, might be the main attraction for liberals.

Most remaining white Democratic presidential voters are either liberals or lack strong political preferences.

“You make liberals crazy for that part of liberalism that has gone off the deep end,” Maher told Yiannopoulos.

All of this helped him promise change in a way that sounded credible to liberals.

liberals roundly condemned the possibility of a serious political figure embracing violence against peaceful protesters.

And none of them can do what liberals want them to do: cut down on the number of guns in America, full-stop.

The cast of main characters includes liberals, communists, suffragettes, and artists.

(In commentary from both liberals and conservatives, words like “unprecedented” and “extraordinary” are often used).

liberals tend to rely on a range of liberal and mainstream news sources.

We hope liberals in a sentence examples were helpful.