Leveled in a sentence | Use of the word leveled examples

Then there are the federal hate speech charges leveled against Bolsonaro for his racist, homophobic and misogynist rants.

KS: Absolutely, although just nine months ago, the same things were leveled at the current president.

In 1992 Hurricane Andrew completely leveled state prison Dade Correctional Institution, which is now called Homestead Correctional Institution and houses 727 inmates today.

The Los Angeles Times later uncovered that Borders had resigned her post due to sexual assault allegations a woman had leveled against her son.

The NFL and NCAA leveled similar threats.

That criticism about oversight is leveled at management generally but it does briefly single out one individual.

(This critique has been leveled at a number of social practice works, most recently Andrea Fraser’s Open Plan exhibition at the Whitney Museum.)

Days after Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico and left it leveled, Ileana Cintron called her brother on the island.

Days after Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico and left it leveled, Ileana Cintron called her brother on the island.

Intense air strikes leveled entire districts and, according to rights groups, killed many civilians.

In Texas for example, between 2003 and 2016, there’s been a 19-fold increase in vaccine refusals — and it hasn’t leveled of lately.

The other major criticism that’s often leveled at The Americans is that it’s a “cold” show.

Bernie Sanders recently leveled a charge against Hillary Clinton: You can be a moderate.

For people living in comfort in the West, it is nearly unimaginable: entire neighborhoods leveled, and millions of people living in squalid, dangerous conditions.

For people living in comfort in the West, it is nearly unimaginable: entire neighborhoods leveled, and millions of people living in squalid, dangerous conditions.

The NFL and NCAA leveled similar threats.

The last hundred pages or so of Letters to Olson primarily addresses some of the critiques leveled by Yepez.

After 100 years of robust, dependable growth, demand has leveled off.

That’s about the same as a year ago — evidence that the dramatic shift to mobile has now leveled out in the U.S.

The wildfires were especially devastating in the city of Santa Rosa, where entire neighborhoods were leveled by fast-moving flames.

More controversially, some have argued that the protests represent a reactionary backlash: rich Brazilians upset that the PT has leveled Brazil’s hierarchies.

This isn’t just a criticism lobbed by Republican partisans — it’s also leveled by transparency advocates and other good government academics.

When I first started writing horoscopes, even Mercury retrograde needed explaining, but now all our Broadly readers have leveled up!

The worst of the blazes, November’s Camp Fire, leveled the town of Paradise and killed more than 80 people.

While stock initially shot up 3% in after hours trading, it quickly leveled off and is up only about 1% Friday morning.

The Conservative Party is still likely to win, despite a growing list of public complaints leveled against them and the late Labour surge.

That apparent transformation came after years of sharp criticism leveled against him for promoting bad science and dubious health advice.

Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us.

Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us.

“It is a spiteful act of vast, pointless sabotage leveled at working families and the middle class in every corner of America,” they said.

Joel McHale is a staunch supporter of the #MeToo movement, but has big issues with allegations like the one leveled against Aziz Ansari.

While that’s often leveled as both an admiring compliment and a sneering criticism, many people end up conceding that the brand is compelling.

It’s important to understand how Pavlensky’s political activism transcends the accusations of exhibitionism often leveled by his critics.

Which brings me to the second complaint leveled against Abigail: they say he’s “hideous.”

It was no coincidence that businesses built around razors and shaving accoutrements leveled off by 2018 as well.

We could probably double the length of this list by including every seemingly out-of-bounds attack Trump has leveled against one his fellow presidential contenders.

Figuration and abstraction are leveled by the plane of the canvas.

The artist mixes pedagogy with allusion, image with argument, to celebrate the energies of this leveled playing field of the internet.

The threats leveled against the summit would surely have carried the same devastating consequences faced by Drik.

The French delegation also remained modest, aware of the traditional accusations of arrogance leveled at France and Macron.

“There are three homes for sure that are leveled,” Spears said.

The most devastating recent earthquake in the country leveled the city of Bam, 1,000 km southeast of Tehran, in 2003, killing more than 26,000.

Police later leveled the more serious charge of subversion, which carries a possible 20-year jail term.

Not a single one of the combined 12 charges leveled against the two men alleges any wrongdoing related to Russian interference in the election.

With the advent of social media, you have a playing field that’s been leveled.

Nate leveled the allegation in a fiery Facebook post … saying, “Gsp cheated when he fought my brother he was on steroids.”

His resignation comes at a time when sexual misconduct allegations have been leveled against prominent U.S. figures in politics, entertainment and other industries.

“Our Christian history in Mosul is being barbarically leveled.

Hundreds more leveled similar critiques on social media.

The criticism of Sanders’s tepid “class first” approach is something that has been leveled at his campaign time and time again.

My thyroid has leveled out.

However, the study found that women leveled up just as quickly as men did, which the researchers said only makes their finding more robust.

After taking off in the immediate post-crisis years, it has leveled off, suggesting Germans may be a bit worse off than they were.

Record wildfires killed dozens and leveled entire towns, fueled by extreme heat, years of drought, and dead trees.

The universe has leveled my ass tenfold.

It really bothered me that something I was familiar with and seemed complete could be leveled and turned into something else.

Her opponent leveled at 3-3 and took the first set on a tiebreak, before turning the screw decisively in the second.

He has always denied corruption allegations leveled against him.

Of course, by the end of December, the year-on-year shooting numbers had leveled out and finished lower than in 2014.

The affable 29-year-old seated before me with the dripping wrist need not reiterate that he’s stacked his paper and leveled up.

Our supply chain has leveled up multiple times.

Big Hollywood is decidedly celebrity-centric, its critiques are leveled at the famous people in movies rather than the movies themselves.

All materials are leveled.

It started off slowly, until a state trooper absolutely leveled Idiot Fan No.

Spending in China on smartphones has leveled off and will decline for personal computers — no surprise there.

Economists say its impact has now leveled out.

Similar criticisms have been leveled at Ishmael Reed, who wrote, amongst others, a comic novel about slavery called Flight to Canada.

All these national differences leveled down by neoliberal capitalism.

The #MeToo movement has sparked a wave of harassment and abuse allegations leveled against dozens of powerful men in recent months.

But the charge leveled by Bennet is different.

Another major criticism leveled at the index was that it could only provide an approximate insight into auction prices.

That is what they leveled at you.

Being a nak muay in Bangkok leveled all of that out.

U.S. Democratic Representative John Conyers of Michigan resigned on Tuesday after accusations of sexual harassment were leveled against him.

The French Caribbean island of St. Martin was leveled by Hurricane Irma on September 12.

Earthquakes, and I’d Seize your experience at its weakest edge: leveled Along a fault of memories.

More than 300 stalls made up the market, 80 percent of which were leveled in the blast.

More than 300 stalls made up the market, 80 percent of which were leveled in the blast.

The extreme weather leveled hundreds of the town’s trailers, which make up 13.5 percent of all housing units in Bay County.

The extreme weather leveled hundreds of the town’s trailers, which make up 13.5 percent of all housing units in Bay County.

We leveled up and we reduced the gap between the two, so now it’s more like… nine years.

If any criticism can be leveled against Hot Fuzz, it’s that it’s too perfect.

Then the number of international players being drafted leveled off.

About 7,000 houses and businesses still lack power, after Maria leveled a grid that was ill-maintained before the storm.

(Trump’s campaign has repeatedly leveled personal accusations against Fields since news of the incident surfaced.)

Read next: Aerial views show how much Irma leveled Caribbean islands

There are now six women who have leveled accusations at Franken, including two new allegations Thursday morning.

One was the sheer severity of the charges he leveled against Clinton.

These are truly grave charges for which there is no evidence, yet Christie leveled them casually, like they were any other campaign talking point.

The photos below show Barbuda just three weeks after Hurricane Irma leveled the island.

Various linguists have leveled reasoned critiques of Chomskyan assumptions.

as a one-liner — a criticism that has been leveled more than once at Hammons.

In Idlib city, the provincial capital, one witness said a five-storey building was leveled and that at least fifteen people were feared dead.

And what happens if ExxonMobil is found guilty of the accusations leveled against it?

“…Russia does not feature in the charges that were leveled in any way.

If the repairs weren’t made, the homes were leveled.

The result is that as opioid painkiller deaths leveled off over the past few years, heroin and particularly fentanyl deaths have rapidly increased.

Minutes later, the building was almost leveled by a huge explosion.

Worse, Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

While often outdated and unfair, one criticism leveled at UFC fighters hailing from the UK is their insufficient proficiency in the wrestling department.

Little Mix did not comment one way or another on the allegations leveled against Kelly in “Surviving R.

In response, police in 2015 sometimes leveled their own criticisms and protests.

Instead, the painkiller problem seems to have by and large leveled off while other opioids have become much bigger concerns.

Local residents also said that parts of the modern town have been leveled by heavy airstrikes.

But it is also being leveled from outside, as the chaos troubling the Trump administration is clearly visible to even the most untrained eye.

Haiti’s colossal earthquake of 2010 leveled entire neighborhoods, and the capital Port au Prince was a reeling.

The long-running trickle of US-based drug trafficking allegations leveled at people with close links to the Venezuelan government is turning into a steady stream.

The long-running trickle of US-based drug trafficking allegations leveled at people with close links to the Venezuelan government is turning into a steady stream.

Special report: Hell and humanity in the shadow of ISIS “The Mosul Museum is completely destroyed and leveled to the ground.

The pair discussed Syria, Ukraine, cyber-security and nuclear issues, Patrushev was quoted as saying, adding Bolton had not leveled any allegations against Russia.

Similar criticisms were leveled at the Women’s March on Washington for being a movement that appealed to people in positions of privilege.

She saved two break points in the following game but Williams leveled for 2-2 when Stephens’s forehand sailed wide.

They have crafted communications teams that respond to damaging allegations leveled against their campaign in the media.

Three homes on the block were leveled including the one with his family still inside.

Two business execs — Bob Stefanowski and David Stemerman — had established early leads, but the field has leveled out in recent months.

On Wednesday, it leveled those charges.

Now Sutton, who has denied all the allegations leveled at him, is gone too and the wheels are in danger of falling off.

And even as food prices have leveled out since 2011, we continue to deal with the reverberations of the Arab Spring.

It has leveled game play, which can keep players engaged in short-term goals and achievements.

As the country’s two largest opposition leveled accusations of fraud, the government extended a national state of emergency by three months.

But many messages were leveled at Trump and his party, which holds majorities in Congress.

The only person’s safety we would worry about is theirs because we all know how this ends—the fan being leveled by security.

— that were identical, word for word, to abuse leveled at female jockeys in the 1970s.

A lot of it has leveled out right now at this moment, I’m not at a bad moment right now.

In some gamblers’ minds, the age difference leveled the playing field.

“We are not on track, and we need to get back on track.” Overall funding for malaria has leveled off since 2010.

Similar criticisms were leveled at the Rijksmuseum last year after it removed bigoted terms from its collection.

Washington (CNN)Secretary of State Rex Tillerson defended himself Sunday from criticism leveled at him by Sen. John McCain.

The playing field will be leveled, and that’s my mission: to level the playing field.

Medvedev and Usmanov said corruption and other allegations leveled against them in the video were utterly false.

I felt invincible; I had leveled up in adulthood and was doing great.

A twitchy gunman hoisted a belt-fed machine gun up to his shoulder and leveled it at my chest.

However, criticism has been leveled that “efforts to retake Palmyra are merely window dressing, that it is more significant culturally than militarily,” Chance says.

As we mentioned earlier, LeBron’s supporting cast has leveled up this time around.

The SPLC said blacks or immigrants were targeted in the majority of incidents, which leveled off weeks later.

It has also rejected accusations of crimes against humanity leveled this week by Human Rights Watch.

(CNN)I relaxed the pressure on the control yoke of my little Piper Arrow and leveled it at 4,000 feet.

But at Bushwig, where the playing field is leveled, audiences embrace drag for drag’s sake.

The mayor rode out the hurricane in his house, which was unscathed, but the hardware store he owns was leveled.

The last bomb was estimated to be about 10 times the size of the ones that leveled Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In an interview with KTOO, Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski leveled similar criticism.

The event leveled trees and destroyed forests across 770 square miles, or three quarters of the state of Rhode Island.

Some 8,000 people were displaced after the blasts leveled dozens of homes and other buildings in Andover, North Andover and Lawrence.

“All the issues with gentrification and everything being leveled and shiny and new in Brooklyn have definitely been revving up in Denver,” Golter said.

At some point, the numbers leveled off.

The case revolves around accusations from two women leveled against Assange back in 2010 in Sweden.

Qatar has called the allegations leveled last month “unjustified” and “baseless.”

In the past weeks, there’s been a lot of blame leveled at climate change for the current condition of the World Heritage area.

Hendrix and Ward committed “large-scale time and attendance fraud,” according to prosecutors, a charged leveled at their five co-defendants as well.

The Camp Fire in Northern California has nearly leveled a town and driven 27,000 people from their homes.

Trump’s recent tweets continue a barrage of criticism he’s recently leveled against Sessions and Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller.

He leveled those charges on CNN moments after speaking with Trump.

BLITZER: What about the criticism that the president has leveled against the attorney general of the United States, Jeff sessions?

Urban warfare in Mosul and Raqqa has displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians, and leveled city blocks.

On Friday, he leveled an outlet ban of sorts — for a single press briefing.

It’s also a criticism that plenty of Democrats leveled at then-President Barack Obama in the early days of his presidency.

Terry McAuliffe, leveled blame at the ACLU for the resulting violence.

The other Weinstein brother is now facing sexual harassment allegations leveled by Amanda Segel, executive producer of The Mist, a Spike TV series.

JH: Yeah, it’s a doubling every few years, and that’s kind of leveled off.

The activists were protesting due to allegations of sexual assault and misconduct leveled against Kavanaugh by multiple women in the past weeks.

And the attacks he leveled against her, saying they lay the groundwork for Trump.

The storm killed 38 people there, leveled homes and buildings and left the survivors with no power and little food or water.

Peviani has leveled up.

So Maguire leveled with him.

There have been two main charges leveled against Ellison.

The country has literally been leveled by a hurricane.

So all the insults he’s leveled at campaign rallies, speeches, and debates are left out.

And all the insults he leveled before the campaign are excluded too.

Fire leveled subdivisions and reduced cars and homes into burnt piles of ash and rubble.

It was a few weeks after the October 2001 anthrax scare, so we knew enough to understand the charge being leveled at us.

It is a spiteful act of vast, pointless sabotage leveled at working families and the middle class in every corner of America.

5 was just renovated in 2015 and now has to be leveled, according to CNN affiliate KRON.

AirAsia did not comment on the allegations leveled against the cabin crew.

Is that a criticism that’s been leveled by Republicans and Democrats?

Switzerland leveled at 1-1 a period later on a goal by Simon Moser and that was how it remained through regulation time.

And then there was the false accusation he leveled against former President Barack Obama back in March.

(CNN)Homes leveled, cars reduced to their frames.

“Instagram has really leveled the field,” says Whitley.

White House lawyers met with the President Monday to explain the federal charges leveled against two former top campaign officials.

Much of the criticism leveled against Kondo has also had a racist bent.

White House lawyers met with the President Monday to explain the federal charges leveled against two former top campaign officials.

One was the sheer severity of the charges he leveled against Clinton.

These are truly grave charges for which there is no evidence, yet Christie leveled them casually, like they were any other campaign talking point.

A common question from people who were long aware of the accusations leveled at Harvey Weinstein has been, “What were we supposed to do?”

The worst of the blazes, November’s Camp Fire, leveled the town of Paradise and killed more than 80 people.

One topic not addressed during the wide-ranging conversation: Allegations leveled by former interim DNC chair Donna Brazile.

The choices are meant to refute accusations of inexperience and incompetence often leveled at 5-Star by its critics.

In the court papers, O’Donovan said, “I deny the allegations being leveled against me as baseless and malicious.

Still, Loughry strenuously denies the allegations leveled at him and has pleaded not guilty to the majority of the federal counts.

2016 could have been the year that movies based on video games finally leveled up.

It’s been more than a month since the Tubbs fire leveled this middle-class community that was home to teachers, police officers and firefighters.

Accusations of harming state security could cover a wide range of suspected crimes, and in China are often very vague when first leveled.

Homes were leveled, subways flooded, and coastlines destroyed; 2 million people were left without power.

Trump’s message to Alabama voters was clear: Moore’s denials outweigh the allegations being leveled against him.

Blasphemy accusations leveled Demonstrators accuse the government of blasphemy based on a proposed changed that they say would soften electoral laws.

In the city of Jeremie, 80 percent of the buildings were leveled, the BBC reported.

Dr. Heard said the cases in Colorado seem to have leveled off.

By any traditional political calculus, Moore should lose given the allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with teenagers while in his 30s leveled against him.

In fact — it’s her familiarity with the kind of allegations leveled against him that makes her doubt the women making them.

But growth was faster four years ago than it is today, when things seem to have leveled off after a nice 2015.

More controversially, some have argued that the protests represent a reactionary backlash: rich Brazilians upset that the PT has leveled Brazil’s hierarchies.

“These dances were leveled up for sure.

The result is that while rates of childhood obesity have leveled off by some measures, they haven’t reversed.

Obstruction-of-justice charges were leveled in both cases.

Trump leveled one of the most explosive charges in recent American history by accusing Obama of a Watergate-like crime.

Days later it was leveled in a coalition airstrike.

The country’s fifth nuclear test, in 2016, is estimated to be about 33 percent more powerful than the bomb that leveled Hiroshima.

That is the same allegation leveled by the United States before Washington that froze millions in security aid to Pakistan.

In previous years, I had leveled characters quickly and efficiently, skipping through Horde content (always Horde content) with maximum efficiency.

Shaw also allegedly wrote Facebook messages saying public housing projects should be leveled and that the Rev.

January 22 Miller has yet to comment on the attack leveled against him by Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

But it’s completely at odds with the accusation that Trump leveled: that Clinton should release emails that were deleted.

If these sound like grave charges to be leveled against state and municipal appointees and department heads, the situation they address is correspondingly grave.

The bulldozer leveled buildings, toppled hills, and then neatly covered its own tracks until the ground was smooth.

Other witnesses have leveled graver allegations.

Austerity seems to at least have leveled off.

— The Trump administration is facing questions on why Rob Porter was kept on despite domestic abuse allegations leveled against him.

When Jvck James was about 17, he leveled up.

If daily peaks in demand can be “shaved” or leveled down, the system as a whole needs less capacity.

At a conference in Tel Aviv, Bennett criticized Netanyahu over the allegations leveled against him in the police report.

In 1992, Hurricane Andrew leveled 65,000 homes and killed 65 people in Miami-Dade.

Wray upended the White House’s timeline about when it learned of domestic abuse allegations leveled against now-former White House staff secretary Rob Porter.

She and others criticized CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu as divisive and polarizing – an accusation also commonly leveled at Erdogan.

Airstrikes leveled their house, she found out a few months ago.

At the very least, it looks like drug overdose deaths might have leveled off.

The U.S. dollar rose against a basket of currencies as the U.S. bond market selloff leveled off.

This leveled the playing field between big resorts and smaller, lesser known ones, ensuring that all North American resorts were recognized equally.

Central Mexico is trembling after a devastating 7.1 earthquake that’s leveled dozens of buildings to nothing but rubble.

Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us.

“have been leveled and talked about for years”).

I also asked La Ruina what he thinks about the criticism that is leveled at PUA these days.

But he defended himself against allegations leveled by his former clients that he didn’t look out for their best interests.

Seabees leveled the place of any remaining geographical features in the 1960s, leaving a few ragged palms and a bunch of blockhouses.

Sanders said the new allegations that have been leveled against Jackson are “certainly something we would look at.”

Nearly every building, aside from those with thicker walls like mosques and schools, were leveled in the quake.

It has since leveled a third charge, that of blocking rivals in online search advertising.

In a statement announcing his withdrawal, Jackson slammed allegations of improper behavior leveled against him as “completely false and fabricated.”

He denies all wrongdoing, and wants all the allegations leveled against him to be tested in a court of law.

It adds to a series of significant allegations leveled by unidentified current and former colleagues, including that he casually dispensed prescription drugs.

Trump has stood by Moore despite the accusations and has raised questions about the women who have leveled the charges.

Pearl leveled a discrimination complaint and was allowed to return 13 months later.

It really bothered me that something I was familiar with and seemed complete could be leveled and turned into something else.

It’s not the first time that the former first lady has leveled criticism against female Trump supporters.

He leveled with me.

Cath, JoAnn, Phyllis, and Barbara competed in the sport of boxing despite many of the harsh criticisms leveled against them.

The woman leveled the spinner gun at my midsection.

“They leveled the ground and our people had no choice but to retreat under the bombing of the Russians,” the Zinki commander said.

“What is being investigated is the allegation leveled by the student against her lecturer.

“But I leveled up since I’ve been stitching since I needed to better reflect what’s in my head with embroidery.”

The Britain-based war monitor said coalition warplanes killed more than 40 children and leveled the municipality building.

It’s because the playing field was never leveled.

A landslide caused a gas explosion that leveled the house, said Shane Robbins, the Boone Police Department spokesman.

And since the prize purse has been leveled out between men and women, the women’s tour has seen more progression than ever before.

(CNN)At the Tony Awards a week ago, actor Robert De Niro leveled a profane attack on President Trump.

Overemotional, melodramatic, hormonal—in 2017, these are the words leveled at girls and women to shrink them from feeling (and then expressing) their emotions.

Ohio State University announced in April it was investigating allegations of sexual abuse leveled at the team doctor Richard Strauss.

A television documentary on China’s state broadcaster last week showed dramatic images of the sprawling villa complex being leveled to rubble.

– -or a homophobic insult leveled at a performer’s masculinity.

With this setting turned on, all enemies in the game world are leveled up (i.e.

(This criticism was also leveled after the city softened its stance on public possession of weed last year.)

At least 18 women leveled accusations of sexual assault and harassment against Arnault, a photographer and well-known cultural figure in Sweden.

While some recent growth indicators surprised on the downside, it is far from clear that growth has leveled off, Smets argued.

Not Vader, and more importantly, famously not Vader, who just leveled the poor men in the ring with him.

It’s a criticism that Druze and Palestinian citizens of Israel have leveled at the law since even before it was passed.

For me, that was the moment Stormzy leveled up.

Methane levels leveled off around 2000 before increasing again in 2006.

The charges being leveled could carry a life sentence, said Susan Schroeder of the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

I rebuilt the keybed: new bushing, full disassembly, leveled the key posts, rebuilt several sections, and had to replace several voice cards.

But if you dropped back down to an earlier, less leveled car, all that precision fell away.

Now, that home has leveled up, and thousands of people have come over for dinner.

Rep. Steve Stivers, who heads the National Republican Congressional Committee, said in a statement, “These are troubling charges leveled against Congressman Hunter.

Both candidates are viewed as untrustworthy by voters, and partisans from either side seem willing to believe any charge leveled at their hated opponent.

Accusations have been consistently leveled at Toronto, whose centerfield suites are basically wearing two-way spy glasses.

This is an extremely complicated case — in both subject matter and the charges being leveled at Manafort.

The musicians once glorified for technical skill and lyrical mastery found their popularity leveled with players that valued speed and passion over precision.

The case has made surprisingly few ripples since, considering the tawdry and scandalous allegations being leveled against the 2011 NBA MVP.

But eventually that leveled out a bit.

But there were genuine signs of disgust on Capitol Hill over offensive attacks leveled at Sessions by the President, as reported by Woodward.

Now that the walls are leveled, the new mayor says those are his priorities.

Fager, for example, has defended Moonves and denied the abuse accusations leveled by the women in the New Yorker articles.

She says her favorite recent creation was a multi-layered rainbow tower that “leveled up” her Jell-O skills.

The heat and stillness leveled me and I needed a break from my own mind.

In the drop shift the weight is lowered and a left straight is leveled at the body of the opponent.

Nearly every building on the island of Barbuda was leveled.

What would you say to claims of exploitation that might be leveled at the project?

If the accusations leveled against Kavanaugh by Ford and Ramirez are true, they should be disqualifying for a Supreme Court Justice.

Pitbull leveled the place.

I think I’ve leveled out mostly, I don’t know… ask my therapist.

My inability to haggle has been a constant source of shame, if jokingly leveled, that I have yet to live down.

More than 11,000 of those housing units were lost in the town Paradise, which the Camp Fire leveled.

Kavanaugh has vehemently denied the allegation leveled against him by Ford.

However, following the accusations leveled at the producer, his former label Brainfeeder issued a statement cutting all ties with him, via Facebook.

For me everything is highbrow, or just “leveled brow” actually.

Through high school I played ball and things leveled out a little bit.

But she lost her focus and the German leveled a contest of baseliners.

Suu Kyi’s response to the international criticism being leveled against her saw her denounce the “false news.”

Allegations have also been leveled against a minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

Dollar Shave Club leveled up the strategy by offering a subscription that delivers the consumable blades to your door.

It’s akin to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 where everything was leveled.”

In the virtually leveled oceanside town of Mexico Beach, search-and-rescue crews made two passes through the rubble and continued searching Saturday.

These, of course, are many of the same criticisms leveled about the Constellation program that ultimately caused its demise.

leveled, with the exception of a condo still standing here and there.

Clinton was referring to multiple allegations of sexual assault and harassment leveled against President Donald Trump, which Trump has denied.

It’s the same response Trump gave when asked about the allegation of sexual assault leveled against his Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Some commenters have also leveled personal attacks against Ajit Pai, the agency’s chairman, drawing a rebuke from a top staffer.

The Trump administration believes the sanctions it has leveled on Iran, particularly since Trump withdrew the US from the Iranian nuclear deal, are working.

Lewis was discussing sexual harassment allegations leveled against then-Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain from his time as president of the National Restaurant Association.

I leveled my sawed-off shotgun at one of them and fired.

He got to this one point where it kind of leveled out, and then he just shouted: “No!

Go deeper: Caribbean islands leveled by back-to-back hurricanes.

The storms have ripped off roofs, leveled neighborhoods and prompted mass evacuations.

Go deeper: Caribbean islands leveled by back-to-back hurricanes

Zhao has persistently maintained that the accusations leveled against him are “groundless.”

Thousands of foreign aid workers rushed into Haiti after the earthquake there leveled Port-Au-Prince, the capital.

The same judgement that Leathers faced is now leveled at Exxxotica by boring conservatives.

In the three years between 2014 and 2016, global carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels had finally stopped increasing and leveled out.

Why it matters: Despite Moore’s most steadfast supporters sticking by him, the accusations leveled against him have had a jarring impact.

Scott has also leveled unsubstantiated charges at election officials.

The new rules provide structure for commercial users to operate legally and, in doing so, have leveled the playing field.

Riff Raff has denied the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by two women over the last few weeks.

Ressa told CNN that the cases leveled against Rappler were “because we are trying to fight impunity on two fronts.”

The accusations have been leveled at the Democratic counties of Palm Beach and Broward.

Correction: This story has been amended to reflect that the harassment accusations Berstein leveled against O’Reilly were not allegations of sexual harassment.

It was outrageous, but not surprising, to see the sexist attacks leveled at Pelosi by the Republicans in the midterm election season.

Hundreds of deputies, National Guard troops, anthropologists and coroners are sifting through leveled homes and mangled cars for remains.

That playing field has been leveled, and we sit idly by without the will or focus to try to regain the advantage.

Or just a stern subtweet leveled at the local Chinese carryout place for billing him for two orders of steamed dumplings?

The federal congress voted twice last year to block Temer from standing trial in the Supreme Court on three corruption charges leveled against him.

Democrats have leveled charges (some potentially more valid than others) of voter suppression.

Hundreds of deputies, National Guard troops, coroners and anthropologists are sifting through leveled homes and mangled cars for remains.

Hundreds of deputies, National Guard troops, coroners and anthropologists are sifting through leveled homes and mangled cars for remains.

It is leveled primarily against Fox News comptroller, Judith Slater, and alleges racial discrimination and harassment against Brown, Wright and other marginalized employees.

Earlier Tuesday, President Donald Trump leveled criticism at the 9th Circuit.

Some parts along the Faultline were so leveled that they were reconstituted as farmland.

With this quarter, it’s finally leveled off.Will that trend continue?

Not that we weren’t guessing the relationship had already leveled up.

Powell’s comments may assuage concerns about the Fed possibly going too far with rate increases, a criticism leveled by President Donald Trump.

The majority of women who have leveled claims against Ghomeshi have chosen to remain anonymous.

In a few days time, the storm leveled millions of trees of all types.

In a statement to police seen by Reuters, O’Donovan said: “I deny the allegations being leveled against me as baseless and malicious.

He leveled the same criticism at Trump’s threat to revoke birthright citizenship.

On both fronts, the opposite occurred: Oil production skyrocketed and demand for gasoline leveled off.

Accusations of fraud (mostly on the Republican side) and voter suppression (on the Democratic side) have been leveled throughout the electoral process.

Prior to fentanyl, opioid death rates appeared to have leveled off.”

The global financial collapse had leveled banks.

The playing field has to be leveled… I’m going to study it and we’re going to take a pretty serious look.”

“In some ways the Series A has leveled the playing field,” she says.

Projected early-stage deal volume leveled off in the past several quarters, while projected dollar volume grew more than 11 percent quarter over quarter.

Still, she doesn’t understand the hate leveled at one queen in particular: Alexis Michelle.

As tempting as it might be to get your weapons leveled up, sticking with armor is your best bet.

Bashir has repeatedly denied all terrorism charges leveled against him and blamed a US government-backed conspiracy to keep him behind bars.

“There is not an even leveled playing field,” Kapin says.

“Enough was enough,” Gillibrand said twice, arguing the tipping point in her decision was the eight allegations leveled against Franken.

For those who’ve had accusations leveled at them in recent months, that remains to be seen.

The most frequent criticism leveled at television today has to do with its lack of contents; but what about the container?

Yet neither party has successfully leveled the playing field while in control.

Or should they fight and fight and fight — refusing to concede no matter what rhetorical attacks he leveled at them?

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has leveled two massive fines against Google, and still has an open probe of the company.

The total number that came from insurance companies, however, skyrocketed in 2015 — then leveled off.

Jackson denied all of the allegations leveled against him, calling them “completely false and fabricated.”

Unproven allegations of anti-conservative bias leveled by President Trump and others on the right are fanning Republican legislators’ ire.

Jackson has denied all of the allegations leveled against him, calling them “completely false and fabricated.”

Walden pushed back on the idea that Republicans have leveled these charges against platforms without much evidence.

The plagiarism allegations were first leveled against Abramson on Wednesday by Michael Moynihan, a “Vice News Tonight” correspondent.

But Mexico was persnickety and leveled yet again deep into stoppage time thanks to a header off of a corner kick.

Groups such as the Committee to Protect Journalists and PEN America leveled the same accusation Friday.

He didn’t bring up any workplace violation allegations leveled at the company from factory workers.

Meanwhile, Rubin posted a short, highly specific denial on Twitter late Thursday, rebutting certain allegations leveled in the Times’ piece.

Although lending growth appears to have leveled off, Stournaras said the figures still provided solid evidence on the effectiveness of the ECB’s policies.

But before she went through with it, the fire leveled Paradise, a place known for its lush pine trees.

“He brought a particular culture to the business and the franchise and it leveled up what other owners did,” Igel said.

R. Kelly has always denied all allegations leveled at him.

But he also ruled out some of the more salacious accusations that have been leveled against Trump.

The President did not address the specific allegations Cohen leveled against him, but said his former adviser “lied a lot.”

The idea of fitness as activism was tempered by the everyday pressures leveled at Kuwaiti women.

The suit is just the latest in a string of charges leveled against Ressa and the upstart digital news outlet.

Worse, Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

On Thursday, Williams leveled up athleisure with a hot pink, red-carpet ready sports bra.

2) This isn’t the first time that it’s appeared the opioid epidemic has leveled off.

Worse, Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

Footage broadcast by WRBL showed trees destroyed by the powerful winds and debris from leveled homes piled up on the side of the road.

Correction: This article previously stated that the bomb that leveled Hiroshima produced a blast equivalent to 150 kilotons of TNT.

A murderous EF-4 tornado had leveled her parents’ neighborhood in this rural swath of southeast Alabama.

For three straight years, global greenhouse gas emissions — the primary driver of global warming — leveled off while economic growth continued.

The sharp price increase leveled their price with everything else on the market.”

President Donald Trump has already weighed in on the latest 2020 contender, criticizing something that is often leveled at Trump himself: his hand gestures.

Even live sport event attendance has leveled off.

The playing fields were leveled and music criticism could suddenly be done by any blogger from any bedroom with an internet connection.

Even though she’d had an accusation leveled against her before me.”

The arrest is just the latest in a string of charges leveled against Ressa and Rappler.

Joe Biden’s big trouble: The allegation leveled by former Nevada Lt. Gov.

For the first time, I learned about the allegations of abuse leveled at him by his youngest daughter.

Buttigieg said he sees complaints like the one leveled by Williams-Preston as “expression of concern about inequality.”

New home sales increased in 2018 over the previous year, according to the National Association of Home Builders, even though construction permits leveled off.

It notes the worldwide growth rate of new renewable capacity additions has leveled off.

Party officials are not supposed to practice religion and the charge of superstition is often leveled against the corrupt to further blacken their names.

Paco was astonished at the vitriol leveled at her.

Here are some of the main criticisms leveled at the reform.

He joins Cookie on a more leveled playing field at Tiana’s streaming session where the two agree to see where things go.

The welcoming environment and emphasis on technique during sparring made her feel safe as she leveled up her skills.

The allegation followed a similar one leveled against the actor in connection with his work on an independent film.

Little does she know that the drama around the shower has leveled up.

(Franklin pleaded not guilty to all murder charges when they were first leveled in 2010.)

Though no fatalities were reported, the blazing inferno completely leveled the launchpad at Site 110 of the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

She leveled up.

However, the claims being leveled now against Pelosi are much more common — and much more dangerous for several reasons.

Scott knows his book sales have leveled off and fears he doesn’t have the talent to produce a second book.

It leveled Brian Hahn’s home while he and his family were huddled in the basement under a mattress.

Here are the remains of Drunk Man (not pictured) after getting leveled off the stage by a bouncer in a green shirt.

I had leveled with that soon after I came on board with the project—some rich bloke was always going to buy this album.

The podcasting expansion comes at time when theSkimm’s growth for its newsletter business appears to have leveled off.

Having “failed to secure carriage on the merits” lawyers for Charter Communications argued, Entertainment Studios “sued and leveled sensational allegations of racial discrimination.”

Biden defended himself at a recent campaign event, rejecting a similar line of criticism to the one O’Rourke leveled on Thursday.

The most frequent charge leveled against Medicare-for-all proposals is that such programs would be “too expensive,” but too expensive for whom?

But deal activity slowed considerably in 2016 and has leveled off during the first part of 2017.

Bank loans to businesses, which grew by an average of about 10 percent year-over-year for the past five years, have leveled out this year.

Catholic Relief Services is dedicated to assessing the damage done to the people of the Caribbean, especially the smaller islands leveled by Irma.

In response, India said it “completely rejected the baseless and unsubstantiated allegations” leveled by Pakistan against officials at its high commission in Islamabad.

Casting received a mixed reception from fans, with most of the criticism being leveled at the casting of Cavill as Geralt.

‘Feel-good security theater’ is one critique I’ve heard leveled at them.

This earthquake leveled more than 12,000 homes, killing more than 600 people and displacing another 200,000.

Nudity leveled everyone.” Pannack visited YBN members in their homes and at naturist camps; check out a selection of her (obviously NSFW) photographs, ahead.

“And there’s debris right where I had walked, and the house was just leveled.”

This is a common critique leveled by progressives like Omar — of an America that has let down many of its citizens.

A bright light, amid the whirling flames, leveled homes, and smoke-choked air, are the citizens of Redding themselves.

The HMS Montrose was escorting the tanker then leveled deck guns at the Iranian vessels, turning them away.

“We are aware of the extremely serious allegations leveled against our former CEO, and we are shocked beyond words.

Amy Schumer has responded to the sexual misconduct allegations leveled against Aziz Ansari, who she notes is a friend.

The language in Stone’s email is far more staid than the commentary Stone leveled at CNN anchor Don Lemon on Friday night.

Following the torrent of sexual assault and harassment allegations leveled against him, Harvey Weinstein has been ousted from his own production company.

On October 5, a New York Times exposé uncovered decades’ worth of sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against influential Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Kagan and Breyer leveled the strongest counterpunch this term to the Supreme Court conservative majority’s reversal of decades-old precedents.

The more serious rioting charge leveled against Sunday’s protesters follows Beijing’s public backing of the Hong Kong police and government.

Allegations have been leveled at Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K., Larry Nassar, Glenn Thrush, and the list keeps growing.

Her coverage of the sexual assault allegation leveled at the Duke Lacrosse team in 2006 helped put her on the map.

Now, it appears as though the playing field is leveled — and smells better than some of the most expensive options out there.

later admitted in a statement that the allegations leveled against him were true, and FX, Netflix, and HBO ended their relationships with him.

Of course, similar sentiments were leveled at the first Garden Warfare game.

In other words, the suit alleges they were complicit in the over 80 alleged instances of sexual harassment and abuse leveled against the producer.

She leveled with me that treatment would be very difficult on my mind and body, but that my tumor was likely to be responsive.

That’s the claim leveled against the Commander in Chief by old friend, and LPGA star, Suzann Pettersen.

I’m so sorry he’s doing this.” Ronan provided a statement on Twitter denying Moses’ accusations leveled against Mia.

For starters, the point of Fashion Week in Sydney versus New York or Paris is that the playing field is leveled.

Around 500 people have been arrested, several mosques were closed and one, where authorities believed radicalization was taking place, was leveled to the ground.

Have you leveled your magical creature taming?

Black Panther is currently rocking a 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, the same score The Incredibles leveled out at in 2004.

Three women separately leveled accusations of sexual harassment and assault against Westwick.

Thurman leveled accusations against Weinstein in early February.

Spacey’s character has been written off the show completely in light of the allegations leveled against him.

Blashill was happy with the Red Wings’ response after Vancouver leveled the score.

Last month, the bank was cleared by a court of allegations leveled by ASIC that it rigged a key rate to boost profit.

“It was a fantastic performance.” Everton trailed against Middlesbrough following an own goal by keeper Maarten Stekelenburg before Barry leveled.

Facebook is making similar moves, adapting its service in the wake of recent criticism leveled at tech companies.

This comes on the heels of a Nov. 29 story in which two women leveled accusations at the astrophysicist.

Post-collapse, perhaps the strongest criticism leveled at Wall Street was its lack of transparency.

Newsela is a news platform delivering a bonanza of curated, leveled content to the classroom every day.

She’s leveled up far beyond 13, but I’m not sure she’s shed the musical’s hopes and dreams entirely.

Intel has been scrambling in recent months to avoid being completely leveled by Nvidia.

Felix has leveled up in drug lord status, and he’s loving it.

Congratulations, Levine, you’ve leveled up.

The street style looks are leveled up to match (and, in some cases, surpass) the curated designs on the runways.

Though Tsonga broke Djokovic in the third game of the second set, the Serb immediately leveled at 2-2 before going on to lead 5-4.

Worse, Representative Omar’s comments leveled that charge by invoking a vile anti-Semitic slur.”

Similar complaints have been leveled against Facebook, Amazon.com and Starbucks.

Through death, Sabrina’s powers have leveled up.

I have also leveled an Alliance character partway through Kul Tiras and completed portions of the Stormsong Valley and Tiragarde Sound storylines.

The world number one leveled the match at one set apiece on her fourth set point after Kanepi sent a backhand long.

Sort of like a fitness tracker for your cooch.The fitness tracker industry leveled off significantly this year.

Vast tracts of forest leveled for pasture.

A slowdown in performance is one of the criticisms often leveled against the browser.

Entire towns have been leveled, with Amatrice, Accumoli, and Pescara del Tronto suffering the most damage.

The same criticisms aren’t often leveled for pursuing the latest medical treatments for debilitating and terminal illnesses.“What about cancer?” More proposes.

The federal congress voted twice last year to block Temer from standing trial in the Supreme Court on three corruption charges leveled against him.

Assuming Gazillion knows its business — and by all appearances, it does — many criticisms being leveled right now will turn out to be unfounded.

It involves a rapper named B.o.B and several conspiracy theories and a diss track leveled against astrophysicist-with-mustache Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Kanye West’s withering takedown of Wiz Khalifa has officially leveled Twitter, leaving us to marvel in its wake.

Bitcoin lost about $500 per token in value over the course of two days, but it’s pretty much leveled back out.

Those are the same charges leveled against the alleged attacker, 29-year-old Raymond Gates.

But values have always leveled back out.

Market experts were surprised by the level of skepticism leveled at the deal.

But almost at the same time as these accusations were being leveled, footage was being shared appearing to exonerate Hughes.

(That allegation has also been leveled against Twitter’s link-shortening service.)

It almost certainly has nothing to do with the espionage concerns leveled at Honor’s parent company Huawei.

One of the largest complaints leveled against Instagram is its futzing with the chronological timeline of user feeds.

The constant complaints leveled against these billion-dollar corporations was that artists weren’t being fairly compensated for their work.

“President Sambi will prove his innocence by defending himself against all the accusations that have been leveled against him,” Ahamada said.

SEIS needs to be leveled, as it’s currently tilted on the ground at a very slight angle of 2 to 3 degrees.

Once it’s as low as it can go, the device will be horizontally leveled once more.

Story was running hard and reaching for the ball and leveled Parra.

Now, she’s leveled up and is ready to take him on.

But the national security concerns that have been so far leveled by American intelligence agencies have largely been hypothetical.

The most powerful man in the Church is leveled by a laser pointer.

It also implies that, unless global warming is leveled or stopped, similar airpocalypses will continue to occur.

And in 2002, lava leveled many hotels and restaurants in the area.

Make sure to listen to the criticism being leveled against this, because if Reddit loses what makes it interesting people will absolutely leave.

U.S. Democratic Representative John Conyers of Michigan resigned on Tuesday after accusations of sexual harassment were leveled against him.

As it has for game reviewers, beauty bloggers, and comics, YouTube has leveled the playing field for the tabloid reporter.

Congrats: you leveled up!

Stanton first launched the series as a blog in 2010, but leveled up into the mainstream once he created Facebook and Instagram pages.

It’s a comic about comics.” That’s the charge that’s been leveled against Snyder’s adaptation.

We hope leveled in a sentence examples were helpful.