Lend in a sentence | Use of the word lend examples

They lend the concrete sculptures a quasi-archaeological aura, filling out the details surrounding these fragments of yesteryear’s everyday.

At this point, I don’t see how a vigilante June plotline is going to lend itself to those ideas.

Few discussion topics lend themselves as well to the podcast format as movies.

Few school-sponsored enrichment programs lend themselves to genuine nostalgia.

While this may lend itself to comfort and a certain degree of respect, it is not, as we say, fun.

I think those two platforms really lend themselves to this category.

This makes sense: As society gets richer, there’s more money available to lend, and so the price to borrow money naturally goes down.

This study has several attributes that lend it credibility.

It’s an exercise in the best sense, in making sense of something that endured over decades and doesn’t lend itself to easy structure.

Panicked investors rushed for the door, banks refused to lend to each other, and money market funds began to collapse.

“I told him I had some pretty compromising pictures and asked him to lend me his phone so that I could log on Facebook.

If any fight freaks see @GGGBoxing in Russia, perhaps you can lend him a pen.

Coming out of the woodwork, former President George W. Bush has decided to lend his support to vulnerable incumbents in the 2016 Senate election.

These forward thinking developers and advocates will redefine our perception of possibility and continue and lend to a more ubiquitously accessible gaming landscape.

Both actors inflect a great deal of nuance into material that doesn’t lend itself naturally to a wide range of expression.

This relationship, luckily, is not inevitable; digital spaces and tools might lend themselves to abstract thinking, but they don’t dictate thought.

We’re big fans of Anneke van Giersbergen, and those styles, you can hear they lend themselves to the songs that Oceans does.

Pelosi’s discursive style of speaking does not lend itself to sound bites.

With banks reluctant to lend to the nascent industry, Pharmacielo is in the process of listing on the Toronto stock exchange, pending regulatory approval.

Now advertisers are sponsoring lenses that can lend a viral ton of brand awareness that just can’t be achieved on other platforms.

It also offers co-branded credit cards in the United Kingdom and Germany although it does not lend money of its own.

Them appeals lend themselves so easily and naturally to violence.

These self-propagating personae lend themselves to a decadent aesthetic.

Pretty sure there will be no lack of garςons willing to lend Pammy a hand while she heals.

Huffman’s objects and video do also lend themselves to individual readings, but those are largely lost here.

-H Clinton’s choice to publicly lend support to Jones wasn’t a simple gesture of solidarity.

So she started to volunteer, finding ways to lend her counterterrorism intelligence skills to the fight against elephant poachers.

Some made it happen solo, others had their partners lend a hand.

All of those things lend themselves quite nicely to having sexual experiences with other people, it turns out.

Hunting the hunter can lend credibility to any alien invader.

What motivated you to lend your support?

Trump, who was in Las Vegas to lend support to U.S.

The veterans lend context to the footage, but they frequently almost seem like afterthoughts.

They lend an undertone of entropy to each work, which intrigues, because such chaotic forms disrupt the familiar effects of more calculated carving.

All zingers guaranteed tune-equipped, the better to assure you lend them your ears.

These are good trends, and lend evidence to the idea that bettering a child’s environment makes the child smarter.]

They are always willing to lend a helping hand.

Goldman’s chief rival Morgan Stanley has also been trying to lend more to its own wealth clients, primarily through securities-based loans.

I knew I’d find someone who could lend me an Allen key.”

As our voice strengthens in the coming weeks and months, we invite you to lend your two cents.

Indeed, as with climate regulations, the initial effect might appear to be positive — as newly deregulated banks lend more and boost economic activity.

Softness wasn’t missing on Body Talk, but the robotic production textures of the record didn’t lend itself to such nuances.

That composition comes paired with footage from the bowels of the Barbican, that lend an appropriately seedy air to the whole proceedings.

The idea was that support from such companies, combined with support from establishment green groups, would lend the effort credibility and political momentum.

Raising awareness, at least in Hollywood, really does lend itself to concrete results.

Raising awareness, at least in Hollywood, really does lend itself to concrete results.

The Kardashians showed up in force to lend support to Scotty Pippen Jr., who was playing to win a high school basketball playoff game.

(That’s assuming no Democrats lend their support, which is an extraordinarily safe assumption.)

(That’s assuming no Democrats lend their support, which is an extraordinarily safe assumption.)

If you lend your prestige to influential politicians, they will be more likely to keep you around.

Turns out, it’s more difficult than you’d think to persuade people to lend you their cats!

But this latest paper does lend some insight.

“I love the way the beans lend their mild flavor to the roti.

The conceptual underpinnings of No Man’s Land lend the project a techno-dystopian edge, stripping the landscape genre of its typical palatability.

Casper will also lend you pajamas, and provide free snacks, coffee, and skincare samples.

Modern acts from Wet to Com Truise use 80s textures to lend their music a mature identity.

and Ortiz responded on Twitter saying he’d rather lend Liddell money than fight him for it.

“The government is probably thinking that the 4th Circuit … would lend a friendlier ear to its arguments,” he said.

“If Romney decides to run I will gladly lend my support to his candidacy.

The revelation of The Wandering Lake is how well Chang’s recent methods lend themselves to discursive forms, books in particular.

How much credence should a judge lend to statements that are openly contradicted by physical evidence?”

Lots of genres lend themselves to socially conscious storytelling — from science fiction to dark comedy to horror to romance.

She’s specifically drawn to paintings that lend themselves well to being cut apart with Photoshop.

Some pro-independence lawmakers have said they want to hold a vote in the Catalan parliament to lend it a more solemn character.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Friends, Romans and Latin lovers – lend the Vatican your ears.

However heartfelt, the slow songs meander; she needs crackling electricity in motion as a foil to lend her expressionism its bite.

Regulators have already hinted that Chinese banks didn’t lend all that much in June either, but don’t be too disappointed.

Fashion has been trending toward gender neutrality for quite some time, and soccer clothes already lend themselves to that.

While some watches lend themselves to more masculine or feminine aesthetics, the entire collection is designed to be unisex.

The Trustees lend extensively all over the world and over two million objects from the collection are available to study online.

Take the news that the creator of the TRON token bought BitTorrent for $140 million purportedly to lend legitimacy to the platform.

Several years later, Gierth would visit Toronto to lend a hand with the development of Toronto’s meshnet.

This latter property might make the material useful for sensors in future smart-materials, while the increased strength could lend itself to durable biomedical implants.

lend Their Faces to This Optical Illusion Quilt Quilted Code, A “Modern Heirloom” Meet the Artist Quilting Flaccid Pink AK-47s

Feed sellers won’t lend you feed either.

The firm would continue to lend its support to international efforts to protect the global financial system from future cyber attacks, it added.

He feels the animals in his work lend an accessibility to the masses.

Amazon recognizes certain products lend themselves better to offline shopping — groceries and children’s clothing are just a few examples.

Gorillaz lend both their writing and production credits to “In My Dreams,” a strange, antsy song in which Damon Albarn sings about happiness.

But organizations from outside a given community don’t have access to information that could help them judge who to lend to.

Many microcredit institutions (including Grameen) made it a priority to lend to groups of women (about 80 percent of microcredit borrowers are now women).

For them to speak out an amplify the message of Parkland’s students could lend more legitimacy to their activism.

Sure, we lend money and force the country to gut itself, but a loan is not a redistribution of wealth.

Instead, their mission is to lend support to the CBP, and they have been stringing up concertina wire and erecting temporary housing.

At least Fortess seems to think so — enough to lend them financing through the next year.

A policy has encouraged banks to lend more to government.

Employees at two nearby delis apparently refused to lend the panicked father—who may have been drunk to the point of incoherence—a phone.

NBFCs typically raise short-term funds through commercial paper and lend for long-term purposes such as housing loans and infrastructure projects.

“Certain cases lend themselves to undercover work,” said Vecchi.

“To try and lend the person who’s suffering a new perspective and try to change their behavior.”

Google engineers will also lend their time and experience to help the organization’s efforts.

They also hope that future analysis of CT scans will lend further insight into how the ancient Egyptian lady lost her big toe.

This is because some of the banks and NBFCs are laden with bad debt which has affected their ability to lend.

There are a lot of engineering advances that lend themselves to being married with medical advances.

ZestMoney wants to make it easier to lend money to buy goods online.

“The government banks are nudged to (over-)lend to pump prime the economy/boost preferred sectors.

Then came the realization that software, although lacking hard assets to lend against, could offer reliable recurring revenues.”

So much of painting is subjective, and it helps to have someone who can lend a critique before I commit to a major decision.

J.P. Morgan famously said he’d lend to anyone of character, but for today’s later-stage investors, collateral is key.

“The federal government and federal states will continue to lend their constructive support to the process of merging PSA and Opel/Vauxhall,” she added.

It was a secondary concern, but it’s no coincidence that Karl, Lindsay, and Thomas all lend their considerable talents to this track.

Others have come to lend her support, only to be condemned by senators as bullies or children.

But the global investor community is happy to lend the money at attractive rates.

But it does lend legitimacy to the concerns raised by Congress, and of course also by nearly 20 attorneys general.

You mentioned not having an art history background, but does his writing lend itself to a better understanding of his visual artwork?

This never came to pass, of course, perhaps because real megastructures lend themselves all too easily to economic and political power.

“We expect that when the moment is right, the companies will lend their lobbying weight to our plan,” Halstead said.

But campaign contributions lend validity to Biden’s cautionary comments.

Audio company Ground Control enlisted Gordon Ramsay to lend his voice for an Alexa skill.

Longtime Wall Street experience that would lend itself to Uber’s eventual IPO plans, plus possible M&A and fundraising activities.

When the band arrive on stage, they lend their greetings to our herbal surroundings.

But the beats lend bite and gravity to homilies about mother earth and mother love that bear all the repeating they can stand.

Laurent Grasso created the piece to lend a poetic quality to the presence of solar flares.

Frank Oz returns to lend his voice to Yoda.

In Observer, his likeness and voice lend weight to Lazarski.

Many P2P platforms lend to customers that might be deemed too risky for a commercial bank.

EXIM has been restricted in its ability to lend because its board is not at full strength.

Lena Dunham isn’t going to show up on Thursday night to lend Clinton cred, either.

Recent microbiological findings lend weight to this idea.

Once we finally got to Leeds, super late, none of the other groups wanted to lend us any equipment.

This is because some of the banks and NBFCs are laden with bad debt which has affected their ability to lend.

Obviously Kafkaesque, dystopic visions of the future lend themselves well to people living under Communism in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Thankfully sooner than later, though, it all starts to come together as a good example of how fighting games lend themselves to fresh spectatorship.

The smaller screens lend themselves to smaller maps, too, which means more action and fewer avenues for avoiding confrontations.

“It’s not just banks deciding whether to lend you money,” Oliver said.

What the metal case does lend the phone, however, is a solid (though not waterproof ) build and an eye-catching design.

Research shows again and again that moderate amounts of makeup lend women an air of trustworthiness and competence in the workplace.

I think I could lend a hand to Mark Zuckerberg.

“Only a limited subset of articles lend themselves well to audio — namely, the opinion and feature style stories.

Few exchanges in the West lend bitcoin to traders, making the Asian venues popular with speculators.

When immigrants are able to lend a hand in building the future, everyone in America prospers.

The hope is that cooperation will lend itself to a public declaration from Mueller that Trump is not a focus of the Russia probe.

So when you migrate away from that to a speculative nature, I think that tends to lend itself to hype.

Both of these drawings were done with graphite, but the surfaces lend differing effects.

Bank of America Corp said it would no longer lend to companies that make military-style firearms for civilians.

For this tour, Joan Renner of Deranged LA Crimes has tagged along to lend her archival crime expertise and suspenseful storytelling.

Credit is plentiful and liquid banks are eager to lend and rack up related fees.

It’s a great evening to lend someone a helping hand or consider how you can lead a healthier life.

However, Birol’s comments lend weight to the view that development will likely be slow to materialize once leases are sold.

99 will be the first hockey player to lend his voice to the series.

Written conversation doesn’t always lend itself well to conveying emotion or tone, which forces people to fall back on EPs, emoticons, and the like.

My job title, mixed with my obsessive collecting of lipstick shades, does not lend itself well to “editing.

Lifelike 3D scenes should naturally lend themselves to improved viewing in VR.

Below you can see a list of your options if you’d like to lend a helping hand at this time.

Venus in Capricorn will lend some kindness and maturity to your partnerships, too.

Weeks later, Bank of America said it would no longer lend to companies that make military-style firearms for civilians.

She also took to Twitter to call on her peers in the entertainment industry to lend support.

Ricotta, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, and cream cheese all lend more texture and flavor than milk.

Long-term committed relationships lend themselves to both comedy and a particular kind of tragedy.

A sleeveless, high-neck pullover and varsity-inspired mesh top lend themselves to the athleisure aesthetic that has permeated our vocabulary and off-duty wear.

But others were quick to lend their support.

Though she made easel paintings, portraits mostly, Oakley’s site-specific works naturally do not lend themselves to a museum exhibition.

There’s a whole slew of diseases that lend themselves to this type of approach.

On top of the IMF, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank are expected to lend money, as they did in 2013.

Compound wants to let you borrow cryptocurrency, or lend it and earn an interest rate.

You’ll earn that on what you lend constantly, and can pull out your assets at any time with just a 15-second lag.

So someone can sign up to lend their services — guiding people through the game, driving them around town or whatever.

Though the Paleo label may lend some authenticity, some skin-care experts believe that these product-approving organizations don’t hold much credibility.

$18.742:00 p.m.: I ordered three items from Style lend for upcoming story.

I developed the first recipe myself and we bottle it ourselves, I didn’t just lend my name to a product.

all lend tangible clues and new interactions that allow you to progress.

These factors don’t lend themselves to easy fixes by a long shot.

The system also helps lend an objectivity to the decision making process by presenting different prosthetics in a blind testing scenario.

He has promised to lend me his floor pass at least once this week.

The very reasons that Instagram can be infuriating also lend it strength.

Klee’s wavering lines lend fragility and dynamism to the compositions, visible in a painting like “Flowering” (1934), with its palette of shimmering color.

Notably, Cloudflare, a security firm which the Daily Stormer uses, continues to lend its services to the hate-speech website.

“Everyone hates homosexuals worldwide in the jihadi mentality, and this will [lend them] more public support…

The Hermitage will also lend the “Litta Madonna” to the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan.

The materials used by the artist, however—oil and resins—have irreversibly yellowed over time, and continue to lend a golden tonality to the artwork.

It also won’t lend to businesses that sell any firearms to those under 21.

President Trump is reportedly willing to lend Mexico a hand with all its “bad hombres” … by sending U.S. troops down there.

Does drinking a pint of Scotch and three bowls of ice cream lend itself to untold filmmaking and narrative abilities?

Elizabeth Marvel and Aisling O’Sullivan lend the two bickering sisters a Kardashian rudeness that’s easy to love.

[Laughs] And doesn’t lend itself to anthologizing too much.

The use of such multicolored marbles could lend life-like animation to the statues in ways that go far beyond painted techniques.

Why it matters: Kushner was coming to the Hill to lend White House support to a bill co-sponsored by Jeffries and Republican Doug Collins.

Also, there was something about the kind of chaos and narrative substance of an addicted life that would lend itself to creativity.

At the time, ESL Investments also agreed to lend the troubled retailer up to $100 million more by December 1.

This time around, the film’s creators try to lend new meaning to their own awkward title.

It is very good risk to lend against such high quality loans,” the private equity financier said.

Low, black ceilings lend the downtown establishment a cloak-and-dagger allure, which the otherwise colorful, thrifted décor then complicates.

That mindset may not lend itself to the comprehensive, targeted and strategic response that many believe is required.

Should the Fed lend a Hand?

Compact reactors to generate nuclear power lend themselves to early testing on the moon, according to Aerojet Rocketdyne’s Joe Cassady.

There’s no evidence for that, but if true, it would lend some credence to the “witch hunt” narrative.

The higher valuation convinced the Bank of China to lend Zhu 4.85 million yuan, leaving the lender less buffer against a price drop.

That increased the amount the bank was prepared to lend him by 1.26 million yuan.

There’s a nice fade between the two shades, and the Campy group and wheels lend it even more cachet.

Holiday shortened weeks lend themselves to moving up and down more than non-holiday weeks.

Separately a person with direct knowledge said that the government-backed Development Bank of Japan would be willing to lend support.

“So, imagine my delight when Tom agreed to lend some vocals to a couple songs on my new record.

A very dapper Tom Hiddleston stopped by a local Chicago newscast to lend his talents in the meteorology department.

This report is a forerunner of a more comprehensive study but does lend credibility to the cautions necessary in very long RF exposures.

Then, Sonja (Suzan Perry) bursts through the window (Kimmy and Titus’ apartment really seems to lend itself to break-ins, doesn’t it?

But the show has added Marja Lewis Ryan, the executive-producing showrunner who, hopefully, can lend some fresh perspective to the series.

One note: This type of cutting doesn’t lend itself well to blunt, sharp angles and fringe.

In preparing to direct, Holmes found that she had a community ready to lend a hand: Rosenthal is the film’s producer.

The World Bank has already agreed to lend $150 million to help Ecuador with the financial costs of the quake.

But the financial industry has been eager to rework the law, saying some of its provisions curb their ability to lend.

“Ten banks have been willing to lend us money, but not us in Belize,” Hernandez said.

Twitter doesn’t lend itself real well to an in depth understanding of my mindset.

There’s always a moment of worry that the comic books I lend out won’t be loved the way I love them.

And it’s probably the reason I don’t lend out those comics with the same frequency.

It’s an emotional day, so ask your loved ones to lend a hand.

Similarly, a round trip ticket to Mars is likely to cost billions for the foreseeable future, unless aliens mercifully lend us advanced technologies.

That would just lend some credibility to Trump’s characterization of the opposition as “obstructionists.”

Key and Peele, naturally, will lend their voices to the demon brothers.

That style worked wonderfully in Hate!, but this sort of manic exaggeration doesn’t lend itself to subtle variations in tone: Throughout Fire!

Woke baes might be willing to stick around and lend a hand with the cleanup.

“Two years ago I didn’t lend anything,” Triguboff told the AFR.

We may have gotten her totally wrong, but perspective can lend itself to an evolved narrative.

Triguboff also said that a reluctance from Australian banks to lend to foreign buyers was also contributing to the problem.

From then on, though, there’s no telling what creativity Trump might lend to his presidential alerts.

I feel that any time I can lend my voice to something like that, that’s primarily female-driven, I will.

Scientists should certainly lend their expertise to these discussions, but they aren’t the only ones who can weigh in.

But, there are also places that seem to lend themselves to getting fit.

Asking a friend if they [can] lend you 20 or 30 euros [$22 to $34].

It agreed to lend Palmer a suit, valued at around $131,000, as well as train him on how to operate it.

Clearly this system might not lend itself readily to the kind of professional mobility and reinvention required to succeed in the digital age.

The goal is to encourage banks to lend rather than playing the rate arbitrage.

But at the very least, this work should lend some reassurance to depressed patients who can’t find the right treatment.

After a while, even my own mother refused to lend me a ship.

As a member of Alliance for Choice, I was among the activists sent from Northern Ireland to lend support to their cause.

Max visits the young players to lend a helping hand and hear their tales of survival.

It also creates incentives for consumers to borrow and lenders to lend.

Berry is a flirty pop on pale complexions, but can lend a rich vibrancy to deeper ones.

This meant that people with capital to lend could almost always find people eager to borrow it to finance new business ventures.

Within days, the list grew to include other women who work in tech, politics, and communications looking to lend a hand.

So Stefanik is giving up her gig to expand her leadership PAC and lend more firepower to women in primaries.

Click on for 15 styles that lend themselves to doing just that.

lend us your aid and I shall see to it that you are [well/properly] rewarded.

This isn’t the first time the UFC tried to lend its backing to a martial arts discipline within the UK.

Classic lip gloss is also getting a reboot, thanks to glazes, which lend color and a mellow shine sans stickiness.

In a gripping new video, 22 sexual assault survivors came forth to lend their voices to the statement she wrote to her attacker.

So, too, did the acquisition of men’s threads lend me a new sense of self.

Timothy Olyphant and Emma Thompson also lend their voices to the project.

Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Chloë Grace Moretz, Finn Wolfhard, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, and Allison Janney lend their voices to the project.

Parsnips are naturally full of sugar and therefore lend themselves to brewing, like milk to coffee.

“”I turn down all commercial product endorsement offers and rarely collaborate or lend my name or work to other endeavours.

New work out of Georgia Tech promises to lend a sense of permanence to shape-shifting 3D printing.

Muralist and illustrator Lauren YS finds that the “aggressive feminine undertones” of her own work lend themselves to a Miyazaki adaptation.

The featured pop and modern artists lend themselves well to alphabet letters.

If you lend Tesla money, you’re lending against an asset, which is the company itself.

In addition, it will lend Microsoft employees from Seattle to the volunteer at TitletownTech, in person and via the magic of the Internet.

They’re also cheap, so just get an extra pair and stash them, and then lend them to a friend.

Domestic banks have been reluctant to lend, but this is changing now as the market matures.

“The next day, he showed up asking people to lend him some cash.”

Deutsche Bank is infamously one of the few banks still willing to lend Trump and his associates money.

Spike lets family and doctors lend a hand to diabetes patients by sending them real-time alerts about their stats.

They naturally lend themselves to each other.” While design comes a bit more naturally to Winfrey, he couldn’t say the same for coding.

Wiesenfeld was one of the producers enlisted to lend a track, and his contribution “Big World” is streaming today along with four other selections.

Though, for good measure, there’s also Silicone Polycarbonate on the top and bottom to lend some durability to the product.

We did want to get the game on mobile, too, but it simply doesn’t lend itself to touchscreen controls.

For her to lend her name, talent and time to this work is nothing short of a miracle.

The beats update their sound while retaining continuity; the lyrics lend political specificity to their characteristic conscious black humanism.

Maybe she will don another Siriano look — or lend her considerable spotlight to another younger designer or two — before leaving the White House.

Models are stomping down the runway in looks that lend focus to their individual features, rather than the makeup itself.

And the psychological intimacy of Beauty and the Beast will also lend itself to uneasiness.

Next up the composer will lend his scoring capabilities to the much anticipated (again) Villeneuve-helmed Blade Runner 2049, out this coming fall.

Will brands lend you clothes?

Eventually Hynek broke with his handlers and became the first scientist to lend credence to the UFO phenomenon.

It is this amount of time that does not lend itself to mass production.

To lend, they would have to get funds from money markets or borrow from the central bank.

Guests can stay for under an hour or for the entire day, and are encouraged to lend their knowledge to areas of special expertise.

The other problem in the lending space is the lack of capital available to lend out.

Indeed, the lo-fi conditions at Russell lend it an appealingly scrappy, off-the-grid aesthetic, but have potential real-world consequences.

Plus, this increased storage option may also lend credibility to the rumor that Apple may soon release a new iPhone with 256GB of storage.

Normally, long-term interest rates are higher than short-term rates, because it’s riskier for investors to lend money for longer periods of time.

Here’s hoping that Chung can lend his unique touch to that emerging language of games as well.

Photographs that are particularly odd, humorous, or glamorous lend a sense of connection to unknown people — a bridge across place and time.

It seems to lend itself to the fact that you used to be an erotic baker, though.

These players also have existing platforms that lend themselves to train better algorithms.

CNIA is a government association, which should lend authority to its figures.

Content is particularly strong in parts of Yahoo’s operations in sports, finance and entertainment, which lend themselves to video programming, he says.

Recent signees dvsn and Majid of Majid Jordan lend beautiful additions to the album, on “Faithful” and “Summer’s Over Interlude” respectively.

And an argument can be made against the institutionalization of certain art forms—nightlife for instance doesn’t always lend itself so well to that.

In August, lend others your ears, even if you have to stop yourself from sharing a relatable personal anecdote.

Having eminences from both parties and both sides of the Atlantic attend the conference is a way to lend it respectability.

All of these elements lend themselves to layering — which just happens to be Hill’s favorite fall fashion activity.

Pelosi’s discursive style of speaking does not lend itself to sound bites.

I think those presentations lend themselves well to artists in their own mediums.

Ground shipping is out of the question, unless James Bond or Bruce Wayne wants to lend Dr. Savani some high-speed, amphibious trucks for cheap.

And, when the show needed an SUV for a scene, Colletti’s dad drove up from Laguna Beach to lend his own.

“I will gladly lend you my copy.” He continued, addressing the Republican nominee: “Have you ever been to Arlington Cemetery?

Multiple Instagram posts promoting Discovery in Klingon also lend themselves to this interpretation.

An increasing number of merchants loan money to clients and lend against art, meaning that sums of money are moving under the radar.

One London-based analyst told FT that Turkish banks said they had been ordered “not to lend even a single lira to foreign counterparties.”

The German multinational bank is one of the few financial institutions willing to lend Trump money and is the subject of two congressional investigations.

There’s a chance that will lend itself to less fighting and more building.

Olive oil, dark chocolate, and a garnish of flaky sea salt lend a hip, wellness-y sophistication to these cookies, without skimping on the chocolate.

“A protracted crisis does not lend itself to solutions,” he says.

It would be illegal to lend or borrow based on the dividend.

Luckily, wool and the repetitive process of shaping it into a sculptural form lend themselves well to a rural environment.

“There are none who will lend you guidance; these trials are yours to conquer alone,” it reads.

“I can lend my experiences from the [Panthers], from the NFL, and try to help the company grow,” Kuechly said.

Take this as a warning to lend things to Tyga at your own risk.

Rather, it seems like they need a hero who can lend them a shoulder to lean on, even without speaking a single word.

On Earth, Ogestrel is normally prescribed as a hormone-based contraceptive, which could lend weight to theories surrounding astronauts hooking up in space.

Miley Cyrus does not lend credibility to hip-hop, nor can she take it away.

Makeup, however, can always lend a helping hand — provided you know how to work with it.

Cyrus does not lend credibility to hip-hop, nor can she take it away.

The good news for Vinny … Pauly D is around to lend a helping hand.

But I didn’t understand why anyone would expect the DNC to lend it’s credibility to a channel that demonizes the Democrats every night.

He said “swap lines” are in place — which means the central bank is able to lend banks foreign currency if needed.

If that’s the direction Marvel is going in, how well would Spider-Man lend itself to that kind of narrative?

Banks like Triodos only lend money to people and organizations making a positive impact – culturally, socially and environmentally.

The CBRC is also cracking down on money that banks lend external managers, known as “entrusted investments.”

The brokerages then lend to customers, and they often allow them to extend leverage if they have a problem.

Photos taken in studies like these were historically used to lend support to theories of racial eugenics and cultivating genetic superiority.

No one would lend to the US, except at junk-bond rates.

“Once you’re in an environment where sanctions come off investors can step in and lend new money to the country,” Conelius said.

Extravagance and abjectness are the unlikely bedfellows that lend photographer Joanne Leah’s gritty, glittery nudes their addictive appeal.

Korean Air Lines (003490.KS), Hanjin Shipping’s largest shareholder, agreed late on Wednesday to lend 60 billion won to help unload cargo.

Financials welcome steep yield curves because they borrow at short-term rates and lend over longer periods, profiting on the difference.

Now the brand has a legal entity, SJ La Manufacture, to lend its “savoir faire” to other brands needing a hit of stripes.

More health professionals, associations, and regulatory agencies around the world need to lend a stronger voice to the cause.

His haunting and airy voice doesn’t immediately lend itself to such graphic images as the bloody bank robbery played out in “False Alarm.”

These are tiny details, but they lend each mission ambience, a kind of mood.

The aesthetic associated with this mythical creature includes vibrant colors and glitter galore, two elements that lend themselves to cutesy cakes and cookies.

So for the blush, a small tap of color was swirled on to lend the softest glow to the face.

The woman next to me forgot hers, so I lend her my towel.

But if you know people who want to lend a helping hand, we encourage them to give directly.

I think chargers are like, you lend them to your friend and they don’t give them back, or your mom takes them or something.

Still, US officials say Biden is eager to lend his support to the Iraqi government during his visit.

They’re people like Jotaka Eaddy, Head of Government affairs at lend Up.

21) Diet Mountain Dew Artificial sweeteners lend an acrid bite that really doesn’t benefit the core Dew.

At home, robots can vacuum the floor or lend a sympathetic ear.

They just hoard it relentlessly, and then massage it and lend it out.

More than any other academic arena, conferences lend themselves to espionage.

Beyond helping those who invest, mechanisms to prevent scams or pyramid schemes such as BitConnect could lend credibility to token sale projects.

If microcephaly does spike, it will lend further evidence to the hypothesis that Zika comes with birth risks.

I like the way they look, feel, and the new dimension they lend to sex.

The letter is a powerful symbol, one its authors hope might lend an essential boost to reformers on Capitol Hill.

“I always figured I would be able to lend a really good voice to some policy,” she said.

Basically every celebrity you love—from Julianne Moore and Ben Stiller, to Lena Dunham and Miranda July—will lend their voices to Saunders’s debut novel.

President Lula believed that Temer, an experienced politician, could lend credibility to Rousseff’s presidential bid.

It depends on the idea; different things lend themselves to each medium.

We did want to get the game on mobile, too, but it simply doesn’t lend itself to touchscreen controls.

(Jess offers to lend her some money for that last one.)

His role as a director was simply to cash checks and lend the company an air of respectability.

But that method doesn’t really lend itself to big, heart-stopping moments of sports drama.

Remember what I said above about how the Patriots’ on-field strategies don’t lend themselves to drama?

Between conversations with Jack, Randall revisits childhood moments with his family that lend him some clarity on the complexity of his mother’s situation.

This is partly because not all clinical concepts lend themselves to being measured objectively.

Instead of equity, it opted to lend the group $841 million.

Though brief, they lend necessary insight into Japan’s diverse, enduring rituals, which both astound and bewilder with their sheer extravagance.

It’s rare to see such a mercurial character—one that does not easily lend herself to easy moral lessons—in any folkloric tradition.

Like most big challenges, this one does not lend itself to a simple solution.

Tech startups have found all kinds of ways to lend money to those hampered by either too little or not very good credit.

Does animation lend itself to this kind of storytelling?

That being the case, I was looking for a story that would lend itself to this technique.

Regulators have already hinted that Chinese banks didn’t lend all that much in June either, but don’t be too disappointed.

I’m just glad I could lend a hand.

These cinematic techniques lend the film, and the film’s two dueling monarchs, an air of elevated importance.

Or the piece just doesn’t lend itself to vocals.

In fact, various brands “flatly [refused] to lend us their clothes,” she recalled in the letter.

If you lend money at 10 percent but the inflation rate is 12 percent, you’re actually losing money!

“He’d lend you $500 to put your demo out,” said Fuentes.

To paraphrase Marc Antony’s address in Julius Caesar: Friends, Romans, internet commenters, lend me your ears.

They’re always willing to pitch in and lend a hand to make things smoother.

It can only lend it a significance.

Just little quips and soundbites don’t lend themselves to any sort of change.

Jane Fonda was also in attendance to lend a hand.

As Vulture reports, Dion will lend wisdom to Gwen Stefani’s team.

Atticus agrees to lend his eyes and ears to Delaney’s cause.

In terms of TV, the Golden Globes lend an opportunity to correct any Emmy snubs.

It is unclear if the U.S. government might lend similar support to Amazon in the coming months.

Under the sanctions, it’s illegal for Americans and US financial institutions to lend money to or buy stocks from these banks.

And I think part of the appeal is the guests, who lend to the world-building of the show at large.

This technological affirmation seems to lend some users comfort.

But because so much Trumpian corruption takes the form of contempt for existing law, it doesn’t lend itself to new legislative solutions.

Whether or not Malia will continue to lend her high-profile presence to the cause remains to be seen.

“Financing companies lend a higher (LTV) ratio but the rates are also higher than banks,” she said.

“I still stop by on my trips to New York to lend my support to that happy transition.

Just lend a helping hand in a time of need.”

The deepest shade is Rose Gold, which is meant to lend the perfect sun-kissed glow for dark skin tones.

The series is an example of a photograph’s ability to lend weight and visual power to a subject that might otherwise remain overlooked.

He offered to lend me his well-thumbed copy.

Lil’ Mike said he got his bruises when he fell in the shower, holding up his cane to lend his story credibility.

He was also allegedly using wife-swapping sites to lend his lovers out to other men.

If even a few Republicans strayed, it would lend Obama’s efforts the aura of bipartisanship.

China has promised to give environmentally friendly projects a leg up by providing banks more incentives to lend and encouraging green financing.

They also often lend the giver control over the pace, which can be a turn-on for everyone involved.

I lend her some new poetry books and a few works of fiction before she leaves.

Normally, long-term interest rates are higher than short-term rates, because it’s riskier for investors to lend money for longer periods of time.

As Google’s Doodle blog advises, “Let’s all lend a hand to someone in need today.”

lend a hand to anyone in need.

“A lot of people really lend themselves to playing different ways, but they all want to feel immersed,” Jesse said.

“The law would push banks to lend more toward the private sector,” said Hany Farahat, senior economist at investment bank CI Capital.

Still, many Reddit users appeared to lend this particular thread enough credence to check it out for themselves.

The startup was always about communicating visually, and what better way than to lend someone your perspective of the world.

The platform matches those credit lines with other users willing to lend money, as well as companies, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.

What we do is buy and lend.

Instead, policymakers are tinkering with liquidity, including initiatives such as incentivising commercial banks to lend to small business.

lend the voiceless a place to communicate.

“We kind of felt like VR might lend itself well to this form of immersive storytelling,” he told me in an email.

Microsoft also planned a way to lend a digital game to a friend for 30 days.

The ingredients that are grown in the Pacific Northwest really lend themselves to Vietnamese cuisine.

These molecules occur naturally in (and lend sweetness to) fruits, some vegetables, grasses (sugarcane is one!

But they are not well modelled, because their effect, never encountered before, does not lend itself to spreadsheets.

It’ll lend a more subtle shade, but you can rest assured that it’ll show up, even with #nofilter.

The strategic shift could lend momentum to movements in San Francisco, neighboring Oakland, California, and Boulder, Colorado.

They are public figures and media personalities now, with all sorts of opportunities to lend their semi-famous faces to brands on Instagram.

Zopa, founded in 2005, lets people lend to consumers and is credited with inventing the peer-to-peer concept.

Is she using Gus to lend meaning to her life?

Make sure that throughout your successful career you always lend a hand to other ball-busting babes with growing social media footprints.

Nine handsome male guardians who serve the current queen are sent to lend their powers to the protagonist.

Perhaps Arnett will lend his musical talent to the soundtrack of Olsen’s next film.

Now you can lend your hair a hit of silver-and-purple glimmer by just smearing the stuff on straight from the tube.

But as academics have begun to lend their expertise to graphic novels, we have seen the historical accuracy increase.

Willow Smith is a prodigal angel and was generous enough to lend her golden voice to this little tune.”

Tatum will lend his voice to the founding father, though Netflix hasn’t announced any other casting news.

It’s clear what is happening.” Climate scientists lend credence to Cruz’s interpretation of what he sees.

‘Don’t You Dare’ thematically plays with biblical demons as well as Lovecraftian elements that lend themselves well to this idea.

Yolanda is about to lend that same mindset to a whole new generation of aspiring models.

So thank you for not being afraid to lend your voice and resources to these important social justice issues that affect us all.

Bike sharing company Mobike, which operates in China, has raised $215 million, lend by Tencent.

Ahead, we’ve collected stories of how our favorite celebs lend their fame to causes around the world.

He talks to clients, she looks up their history on Facebook and uses her background as a therapist to lend the clues meaning.

“I want to lend my voice to amplify the other voices that share my opinion.

The German bank also has ties to President Donald Trump and is one of the few financial entities that will still lend him money.

“In the beginning, I just didn’t even bother with the top people, because I knew they wouldn’t be willing to lend.

The federal funds rate, which the Fed determines directly, sets the rate at which banks lend money to one another.

October users will be able to lend as little as €20 to one of these companies.

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Friends, Romans and Latin lovers – lend the Vatican your ears.

Materials and shapes that have to be mixed or joined in certain ways, for instance, do not easily lend themselves to digital manufacturing technology.

Empirical observation does lend credence to his point.

That should lend Trump an advantage.

You need consistent access to money if you want to lend money to others.

The Torah says Jews can’t borrow or lend money or merchandise from other Jews with interest, also called usury.

Pistachios just lend your desserts a little je ne sais quoi that screams “spring.” Did you know you can eat spruce needles?

And ultimately that’s what could lend All Eyez its unintentional comedy status, along the lines of The Room.

Now the most popular on-demand subscription streaming service will lend your ears something to scroll to.

“Different places lend themselves to different strategies,” he says.

I’m just happy to be able to lend a voice and make a difference in childhood hunger.

And when markets are open and lenders are eager to lend, startups can obtain debt on favorable terms.

Scientists at Ohio State University and Battelle, a research nonprofit, have published the results of an incredible trial that may lend some hope.

Like many of the products on this list, natural ingredients lend themselves well to being multipurpose.

As of today, people living in France, Spain and Italy can sign up to lend money to companies established in those three countries.

“It’s hard to get places to lend me dresses because I’m not a size zero,” she told the RealReal.

Chatbots already exist in many of the places where you communicate, primarily messaging apps, which lend themselves to a conversational interface.

That was what drove her to lend Alex her cell phone so that he could record any future instances of bullying.

The skill sets involved in those jobs lend themselves to what it takes to direct.

lend a helping hand and gift something that will make the commutes, cooking, and overall adulting easier.

However, one of Bradshaw’s most beloved designers wasn’t willing to lend a helping hand.

According to Reuters, Chinese banks are still reluctant to lend to potentially high-risk small companies, even with the Chinese government lowering interest rates.

Not only does the lycopene lend a pleasing color to the pineapple, it makes the fruit sweeter, too.

By assessing a 0.4 percent penalty for money banks deposit with the ECB, the central bank hopes to spur banks to lend money out.

Entertaining cameos from sports-world personalities like Mark Cuban, Shaquille O’Neal, Grant Hill, and Devonta Freeman lend an air of authenticity.

It has Mick Jagger behind the scenes to lend authenticity.

Check out the Centrist Project, sign up and lend your support.

The Doctor himself, David Tennant, will lend his voice to Scrooge McDuck.

lend a natural redhead your necklace and it all starts popping off,” Beckinsale captioned the clip.

Like a post-minimal graveyard, Kishio Suga’s cut stones and wood planks lend an existential air to the exhibition space at Dia:Chelsea.

Imagine if your favorite dress could magically halve itself, and lend its singular cuteness and flair to non-dress outfits.

Earlier this week, I said few shows lend themselves to rampant fan theorizing more than Twin Peaks.

Male contestants on the show may bring limited grooming products, but they’re happy to lend out the ones they do have.

America needs every one of us to lend our energy, our talents, our ambition to making our nation better and stronger.

Which does lend weight to the idea that standalone ‘play to learn’ toys don’t necessarily live up to the hype.

As a woman, I can lend a personal understanding of their concerns.

“But the fact is that the debt didn’t go away.” Banks that lend to energy producers have mostly managed for risks, he added.

The very thin bezel and the classic, retro-style lugs lend to this effect, as does the relatively thin 17mm Horween leather band.

They plan to keep developing Teach-U: VR when they have time, and PMD was particularly keen to lend support to this promising idea.

Low, black ceilings lend the downtown establishment a cloak-and-dagger allure, which the otherwise colorful, thrifted décor then complicates.

We revisited many of these in a post, collecting some of the best projects that could lend a hand in disaster relief efforts.

“Alanis’s music is full of powerful narratives that lend themselves organically to this process.”

Maybe lend a helping hand?

There are few shows that lend themselves to rampant fan theories like Twin Peaks.

These techniques lend themselves well to representing incremental accumulation across time.

And because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, banks won’t lend to weed startups.

You don’t think 827 will lend intensity to anti-transit political forces?

They don’t lend themselves to this.

First, I’d note that only parts of the natural sciences lend themselves well to precise quantitative forecasts.

“Many times [banks and lenders] just can’t lend the cash out efficiently,” CEO JP Ellis told TechCrunch in an interview.

America needs every one of us to lend our energy, our talents, our ambition to making our nation better and stronger.

Credy doesn’t lend money itself, but acts as a marketplace connecting lenders (who are mostly high-net-worth individuals) with borrowers they’ve approved.

In the social sciences, many scholars apparently believe it will lend their subject a previously elusive objectivity and clarity.

You might lend your car to a neighbor, but you owned it at the end of the day.

Chinese companies have been known to hire foreigners to impersonate executives at events, presumably to lend an air of international legitimacy.

And these brands are making it a lot easier for us to lend a hand, too.

Jason Mantzoukas, Jordan Peele, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate, and Chelsea Peretti also lend their voices to the series in various roles.

In fact, the Iron Bank would be more than pleased to lend her more money!

It doesn’t lend itself to an easy narrative.

If the LHC finds new subatomic particles, it lend evidence to a theory known as supersymmetry.

In other words, gravitate towards items that lend themselves to transitional styling.

The nature of Remus’s relationship with his longtime best friend Sirius seemed to lend itself to that reading.

Tyrion saved the day by bravely speaking to his sister, seemingly convincing her to lend Lannister forces to the cause.

You don’t have to physically be in Houston to lend a hand, either.

Volunteers who show up to these shelters to lend their time, people dropping off blankets and towels — how did they learn about that?

In many cases, such businesses will come down to whether they can buy capital for less than they can lend it out.

At Baidu, Lu will be responsible for products, technology, sales, marketing and operations, and particularly lend his expertise to the company’s AI push.

That should lend Trump an advantage.

News’ Giuliana Rancic that Gucci reportedly would not lend her a dress for the 69th Annual Emmy Awards, so she bought it instead.

Why would people be willing to lend to us for such a small return?

Stereogum reports that Smith will lend his voice to the lead character while Law tackles the role of Kai’s very special butler.

I assumed being aggressive would lend me a better advantage than sitting quietly while they broke the crappy door down.

Whatever its wisdom, the signing of a big bipartisan infrastructure bill would probably lend some sheen to Trump’s administration.

Monday’s gradual backup in repo rates suggested some unwillingness among money funds to lend to banks.

He refuses to lend money to his son from a previous marriage, Lyons (Russell Hornsby), a jazz musician whose shows he refuses to see.

We hope lend in a sentence examples were helpful.