Legs in a sentence | Use of the word legs examples

The Neolithic group appeared to have died violent deaths, with multiple injuries to their legs, hands and skulls.

“They were struck with batons mostly in the upper arms and shoulders and lower legs, mostly ankles,” said Abdel Rahman.

Varsha Sreekumar looks after Elvis Pawsley, a dog with “short legs” and “big dreams.”

The sci-fi comedy “Dark Star” was another John Carpenter vehicle that struggled to find its legs at the box office.

In fact, it makes up one of the legs of the legendary Golden Circle tour.

In October, police said they had recovered her head and legs.

The two female nurses between my legs grimaced in horror just before pain shot through my body.

If you’ve discovered an inner urge to continue cycling you might want to shave your legs.

Slow now, it might come across as an odd move, but shaved legs bring along a very different feel while wearing cycling gear.

Once you’re back home, it’s a lot easier to care of sore legs properly.

Have a nice day, BV 10 more years of legs?

So you have many more years left in those legs, especially if you ride the Roubaix (the best selling bike in America) a lot.

Then I imagine myself as El Guerrouj, his legs a blur as he speeds to the finish.

On the cassowary’s business end are two powerful legs that end in talons punctuated by three-inch-long razor-sharp claws.

The government has said the Boko Haram insurgency, and the rival Islamic State West Africa Province group, are on their last legs.

Doctors in the hospital told VICE News that Ullah had fractures in his legs and was in need of a major operation.

The player models constantly cross over one another, and automatically drag themselves into position, their legs not moving, at dead-ball situations.

“My father in-law had a lot of pain in his legs.

Saffiedine is a pounding low kicker, using circular kicks to chop away at the legs.

My legs will fall off.”

Once again, Donald Trump is poised to win an election, and Bernie Sanders appears to have some legs.

Many fighters would feel awkward returning to their old gym with their tail between their legs.

Two hundred meters out, mines scurried toward him on mechanical spider legs.

In harsh environments, the animals tuck in their legs and expel all moisture from their bodies.

While I was showering in preparation for my date, I suddenly saw blood flowing down my legs.

“Just get rid of the whole thing, doctor,” I imagined myself saying generously, swinging my legs from the examination table.

“Two guys got shot in the legs so we retreated to look after the wounded,” student Ricardo Guerrero said in a phone interview.

legs wide, knees bent deeply, the relative height of his stance signaled his level of commitment on each possession.

To keep Till honest and stifle the thought of kicking, Woodley picked up legs and moved straight into clinches off them.

I realized I couldn’t move my legs.

That cost me the movement and feeling in my legs, except for some weak movement and dulled sensation in the upper thigh area.

By the time Meyer arrived in Washington, his legs were barely tired.

It’s soulful (Syd-featuring “Simple Things”), slinky (Jeremih-featuring “9:15”), jazzy (“Jean Jacket”) and gritty (“Break Your legs“).

A sailor holds a firecracker between his legs, moments away from exploding.

(The artist attracted widespread outrage in 2014 for his chair sculptures featuring black women as the furniture’s legs.)

Eat the whole thing—the crispy legs might just be the best part.

It has one arm with a gripper; instead of legs, it roves around flat surfaces on a wheeled base.

Opponent just holding the legs against the fence for almost the entire round.”

People with HIV don’t have access to medication, and they have rotten legs and rotten hands, and nobody can help them with that.

Ones built like humans with two legs, for example, like to fall down — a lot.

Here I am on the couch with my legs crossed, being alive.

I learned from Mom’s clear-eyed assessment of me that I have long legs but a short waist.

By the time it was clear the Sanders 2016 campaign had legs, it was already fatally hobbled.

And that kind of cultural strength will probably give it legs to go to the next level.

My trainer, who hadn’t noticed a change in my mood, urged me to keep working my legs.

“When they found out about me, my father and uncle tried to cut my legs,” she says.

Michelle Obama put her legs — and possibly those of her Secret Service agent — through the paces Sunday in Washington, DC.

“He does have really strong legs,” McGlashan told Singer.

When Lorelai rips off Lane’s tearaway wedding skirt and Zach crows, “My wife’s got legs!” as Lane kicks gleefully, we get it.

“It’s already in their legs,” Mohamad said.

When it sprawls its legs out, that “legspan” grows to 65′.

“We wanted to use its eight legs to turn it into a dancer,” says François Delarozière, the founder and artistic director of La Machine.

Most are seated aboard the giant, controlling the motion of its legs, eyes, head, and abdomen, and setting off the fog and water effects.

My legs were swollen.

We had our legs in water during the journey.

(In much less significant photoshop news, the shoot also apparently provided Oprah and Reese Witherspoon with extra hands and legs.)

Underneath those heavy outfits, Colman was wearing prosthetics to give her the appearance of severely swollen legs and feet due to Anne’s gout.

That’s a response to an old Kanye line on “30 Hours,” where he says “I hit the gym / all chest, no legs.”

Notice how high she gets, how straight her legs are, and far she travels: The Amanar will factor into the 2016 Olympics as well.

In one painting, Menuez sprawls on a picnic blanket, her open legs revealing a patch of orange.

“In France you have the poulet de Bresse — red in the head, white body, and blue legs,” said Vanmechelen.

At times, she can’t get her legs to do what her mind wants.

I learned from Mom’s clear-eyed assessment of me that I have long legs but a short waist.

I shook out my legs and stretched my back.

Each page contains a cartoonish graphic of legs wearing pants with outturned pockets and shoes.

The legs bend and twist like they’re dancing.

I clamped my legs together, grabbed my bag, and hobbled out of the room.

Fluid poured down my legs.

Au contraire, the feminist acts here are white women declaring themselves as sexual, or showing off their legs to grab a cab.

Then, she came back into the room, lifted the sheet covering Salinas’s legs, and acknowledged Salinas was ready to deliver.

His legs were slowing so he stopped dancing as much.

Before he knew it, both his legs had been amputated above the knee, his pelvis was shattered and his groin completely ripped open.

It’s super, super easy to not be healthy when you can’t run or do regular cardio when you don’t have legs.

Video from inside the capsule showed the two men being shaken around at the moment the failure occurred, with their arms and legs flailing.

But, Dickerson says Gurley is adamant his legs are healthy, saying, “He said he’s fine.

The “Boyz n the Hood” director suffered the stroke 12 days ago after returning from Costa Rica and experiencing problems with his legs.

She served in the Iraq War in 2004 and lost both her legs after her helicopter was shot down.

Her legs, she said, felt like “jelly.” “I was unable to move my body,” Constand told investigators.

Another way to increase spin-fall speed is the “pike”, in which the legs are straight and the arms wrap behind the knees.

In August, a man had his hands and legs amputated after he contracted a Capnocytophaga canimorsus bacterial infection, likely from a dog lick.

“I could feel all of those spiky legs being pulled through the little tiny hole,” Holley told INSIDER in May.

Transitioning into reverse half guard facing Condit’s feet as Condit finally got a hold of something with his legs.

The provocative set includes Sharon in fishnets and stiletto heels — legs spread wide open — staring defiantly at the camera.

Some people are doing handstands, others are walking around flinging their legs.

His legs shaking, he sighs, smiles, and says “Thank you.”

They cut off his legs but he was still alive.

“‘X’ marks the spot,” he whispered as he spread my legs.

“You’ll see me skating around a lot, stretching my legs, moving my arms.

Some of the skirts are full-body and cover the legs; others are more like capes and do not completely cover the legs.

They also extend the dancer’s line and raise the torso in a way the legs cannot.

It was embarrassing because in the fight, the Japanese wrestler is literally laying on the canvas, kicking Mahammad Ali’s legs.

Abbie’s refusal to use his legs forces him to extend his body in other ways.

Her legs were also bruised and scratched.

Her arms, legs and head were found later.

She’s got Marla’s legs.

She constructs a world full of female heroines, where centaurs become centaurettes, and mermaids have legs – and vaginas.

“I’m going to get my legs ready for Game 6 and take those same shots.

The bulk of these exports are soybean oil cake, frozen chicken legs, corn, and soybeans.

At least he could get some air and stretch his legs.

The bulk of these exports are soybean oil cake, frozen chicken legs, corn, and soybeans.

Exactly a year before, a day before the 2015 Daytona 500, the driver Kyle Busch hit a concrete wall head-on, pulverizing his legs.

One possible outcome is a leg entanglement and sambo lineage or not, Nurmagomedov does not work on the legs in most of his fights.

I knew I was going to erupt, but this kid was already sitting on my legs.

This poor kid on my legs was dying.

La Sorda, whose legs did not work, saw the possibility in his hands.

She was also competitive, so it seemed natural to her that she would be a swimmer even if she couldn’t use her legs.

Marie painted a fish with legs as her avatar, since she thinks she was a mermaid in another life.

The theory has legs.

I told him I had a skin disorder and needed to get at my legs to apply the cream,” he explains.

Her fighting style focuses on her long legs; hence the “killer thigh move” in Rogue Nation.

“[I knew that] if it took my legs, I’d be gone.

Trading your voice for a pair of legs, as Ariel does in The Little Mermaid, seemed to me like an obvious mistake.

Magneto bends his legs and looks like he’s pulling an imaginary jump rope taut to signal that he’s manipulating metal.

“I don’t mean it in the sense that Donald Trump is out breaking legs or shaking down shop keepers.

A photo posted by Bracelegs (@bracelegscollective) on Jun 12, 2016 at 1:12pm PDT Brace legs has stepped their game up.

People’s Grand Coalition A People’s Grand Coalition under the key principle of ‘fresh ideas and fresh legs‘ is required.

Askari Nate Martin is asleep on his back, arms folded, legs straight, toes pushing at the bedding at the end of the bed.

That is, he instinctively brought his racquet around behind his legs and somehow slapped the ball haphazardly toward the line.

I laid down, and she adjusted my legs and opened them.

Your legs just burn, they’re on fire afterwards—a jelly fire.

The musical aspect was brought by the producers of legs Benedict.

legs Benedict (David Sinopoli and Will Buck) have been strong influences in my work as well as my personal life.

The legs and feet are oversized, weighty, splayed, taking up a large piece of the upper part of the painting.

A new bid to cripple Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act apparently has legs.

Neil Melanson is a believer in locking the opponent’s legs in place when attempting arm triangles.

She cracks some pepper over the breast, tucks the wings behind the neck, and ties the legs together.

The Donald Trump campaign has been peeing on our legs for a long time and told us to look somewhere else.

Under the rays of breaking light, human arms and legs are revealed.

Donnarumma uses it for intense performances by strapping it to his arms or legs so it becomes a complex body instrument.

After a very long run, Web 3.0 is on its last legs and needs to get out of the way for what’s next.

I had more than 15 surgeries on my spine, legs, and feet before I turned 10.

Some of the lions held the giraffe by its hind legs while another one climbed up its back.

Two of the lions can be seen grabbing its back legs and holding on while another jumped onto its back.

Another area of interest is Miocic’s level change itself, which is done more at the waist than at the legs.

Happens when your legs don’t move for hours and hours.

Stairs hurt her legs.

Jasmin sits back on a pillow and spreads her legs.

In “The March of Folly,” Stormy Daniels’s legs, donning fishnet stockings, dangle from Trump Tower.

Not to be left out, Kerber produced a running shot through her legs and, to earn match point, a smash from the baseline.

Representative Pramila Jayapal, a Democrat from Washington state, echoed that sentiment, telling Reuters on Thursday that net neutrality will have “huge political legs

Starting at about $1500, this robot is a terrible conversationalist, but it’s fun if you’re into a tablet on legs.

Nicki wasn’t done … “Your mother didn’t open her legs and have the child.

She thought she had broken her legs.

Gannon likens it to a bear standing on its hind legs.

Just goes to show you what’s got legs with these 2000s kids (most of these guys were born in the year 2000).

The boy was swimming in the pool when his head became lodged between the legs of a Dora the Explorer statue.

“We watched as they tied each person, hands behind their back and also legs

You gotta see the moves the little guys dropped on Jesse … putting the ball between his legs at least twice.

In that bout Glover repeatedly demonstrated his ‘donkey guard’, jumping upside down closed guard and then dropping to attack the legs.

González talked about seeing people falling off the train and having their legs ripped off.

González talked about seeing people falling off the train and having their legs ripped off.

A dip in the ice-bath to give his “sore” and “swollen” feet, and “jelly-like” legs a chance to recover.

The 14-year-old kicks her legs up but doesn’t strike him.

The 14-year-old kicks her legs up but doesn’t strike him.

Before I met all these people I felt like a dog that that its tail tucked between its legs.

I happen to think there’s some legs to that myself.”

As to how strong the legs are in that theory, we once again go back to what we know.

No sign of Cristiano Ronaldo, though … but it sure looks like he was able to rest his legs a bit on his own.

The hair burned off their legs.

Had I even shaved my legs that day?

There were no other injuries reported apart from the man fired upon – he was shot in the legs by a police officer.

contains images of wrestlers on the ground, attacking the arms and legs, as well as throwing each other to the ground.

It’s also the rigid form: pointed toes, straight legs, good posture.

Arguments for and against federal funding of arts organizations can certainly be made — but this one doesn’t have any legs.

The first runner who comes down is flying—shirt: off, chest: ripped, muscles: bursting out of his legs.

Clemson leads Alabama in the third quarter, 24-21, almost entirely due to the arms and legs of Heisman finalist Deshaun Watson.

Navigate through our yachty gallery of babes on boats to see which stars are showing of their sea legs … and many other body parts.

“They called me before my work day started, and were trying to sweep this under before it caught legs.

Namajunas used to lash out with her legs constantly but suffered a rough loss to Carla Esparza and settled down.

When administrators complained their legs were too hairy for skirts, the pubescent boys shaved.

Maybe: This chair stands on four legs and is brown.

Look at those legs,” she said.

But these were real people and they were really dying, and they were actually having their legs sawed off.

It is a steel sculpture of a spider, almost fifteen feet tall, whose eight legs surround a circular cage-like structure.

in fresh cement, the branch moving like arms or legs.

By the eighteenth or twentieth hour, my legs were so bummed up, my feet were shot.

I was on the ground and people were holding my arms, legs and I kept saying I can barely breathe.

I was on the ground and people were holding my arms, legs and I kept saying I can barely breathe.

Instead, a mass of organs as big as his head had formed between his little legs.

The art of Panna, or ‘nutmeg,’ is to play the football between the legs of an opponent.

I go home and fall asleep, barely able to feel my legs anymore.

“If the flight has more than one leg, search the separate legs yourself,” Erin writes.

In the ultrasound, I could barely see his legs and his tiny feet looked already clubbed.

“They will not check all low-cost airlines, nor will they check multiple days or separate legs,” she writes.

Extra weight strains the hips, legs, and ankles, increasing the risk of osteoarthritis.

Since they’re in the hole, they have their arms and legs shackled whenever they’re outside their cells.

He is a human being in compact size: 5’8″ with narrow shoulders and rock-star-skinny legs.

I was here and it felt great, and I was so grateful, and I just touched my legs and my face.

The southern pine beetle, with its three-millimeter frame and short spindly legs, doesn’t cut an imposing figure.

But slowly, my once promising progress began to decelerate, leaving me still wheelchair-bound and barely able to use my arms, legs or voice.

But the mass shooting version of the theory naturally has more legs since it intersects with a longstanding partisan political debate.

Underneath his blankets, his legs are thin.

Cockroaches actually have legs of different lengths, unlike RHex, and the robot’s proportions are completely different than the bug’s.

With his legs continuing to cramp, Chang had trouble generating much power on his serves.

This one has legs, eh?

Punching legs and arms, albeit without bruises.

We could have met, and you could have participated by walking through all these legs.

It shares a pedestal with an unidentified work, a little pair of loping legs made of clay or maybe cement over wire.

“They were struck with batons mostly in the upper arms and shoulders and lower legs, mostly ankles,” said Abdel Rahman.

These images are commonly sexualized, showing the mermaid’s bifurcated tail as if she is spreading her legs.

In all four drawings, Patty is positioned as if seated on the ground, with her knees up and legs spread, reminiscent of the siren.

They require constant care and have such fragile bodies that if they break their legs they typically have to be put-down.

My legs weren’t really working.

Imagine suiting up like an astronaut, your arms and legs enclosed in soft warmth and your head in a helmet.

It usually starts on the face at the hairline and moves down the neck, torso, arms, legs, and feet.

Just watch: His legs seem to split the space between the rails, and his bike somehow fit comfortably underneath him.

The spiders are “listening”, or picking up auditory information, with the long hairs on their legs called trichobothria.

Others have gleefully posed for photographs under its arched legs.

“I helped carry out five people dead, their legs mangled,” he said, his hands covered in blood.

That’s easy because our legs are strong and our feet have enough relative surface area to hold our weight.

“He describes the noise, the wings, the legs, the wheels in every detail, and we showed [that] in a pavilion.

“To leave one’s legs, thighs, knees and shins uncovered is not allowed,” Ali al-Ahmed emphasises.

I remember pumping my legs as hard as I could, making my hands sleek and aerodynamic, desperate for the athletic approval of a warmonger.

The supporter added that one of his friends had been left limping after being hit across the legs with a baton.

Two of the injured students suffered broken legs and the other suffered a broken foot.

The boy had long spindly legs and thick brown hair.

MYTH: You have to book all legs of a long-haul trip through the same airline.

She lays on her back with legs curving towards the sky, supporting his feet with her open hands.

I love the feel of my shoulders and back, and the muscles in my legs.

Twenty inches tall, the red woman sits with crossed legs like a Buddha.

Kids, here’s how you make a 90 degree angle … courtesy of Victoria Beckham’s extremely limber and hot legs.

During my time with the witch doctors, I witnessed a young girl with paralyzed legs being treated.

In this mixed-media collage, images of pinup models’ legs perch like dunce caps atop six women’s heads.

It’s a clever comment on how a woman can be so objectified that her legs become her crowning achievement.

“They worry about the arms and legs later.”

His father contracted polio as a toddler, leaving him with underdeveloped muscles in one arm and two legs.

The same day, the account tweeted several menacing images at Biden, including one of a sheep being beheaded and another of severed legs.

It’s pushup bras, angel wings, glossy curls, long legs, and impossibly toned abs.

“I could hear his legs inside me,” he told the Democrat.

These thoughtful, philosophical underpinnings of His Dark Materials are what give it such legs, and have kept it alive for 20 years and counting.

After pulling one from a pan of hot oil, Ramsey successfully swallowed the arachnid’s legs, but tried and failed to eat its abdomen.

“Can I just say I prefer the legs?” he said, just after spitting half-chewed spider parts in the dirt.

It was a tired tangle of legs that Ronald Koeman had to thank for the defining moment of his career.

The police had been tipped off when someone found chair legs with screws hammered in, in the bushes near the school.

How exactly are dinosaur legs different from chicken legs?

What would the ethical issues of hatching a chicken with dinosaur legs?

Will people be eating roasted dinosaur chicken legs anytime soon?

The rocket came down on target but had issues with one of its landing legs, according to a tweet from Musk.

A business of renting friends’ clothes can have serious legs with the right infrastructure.” Smith and Gross believe renting is the future of fashion.

The red bedroom door is open wide, but my white legs are crossed as hell.

Falcon lands on droneship, but the lockout collet doesn’t latch on one the four legs, causing it to tip over post landing.

In Hawaii, he dangled from a car window by only his legs after his “Drift” video.

Oh, that’s for a dog that doesn’t have legs, right?

Among those who said the currency’s run still has legs, over 85 percent said it would tire in six months at most.

“My legs are strapped in, the program is running and firing my muscles, so I don’t have to think about it,” he says.

He feels like he goes faster if he concentrates on moving his legs, though he admits it’s probably his imagination.

She hung from the ceiling, hooks in her back and legs, and sprinkled flower petals on the audience below.

That small week-over-week decline is considered a good sign that the movie has legs.

Some men trudged along on crutches with bandages wrapped around their legs.

All Vansant could do was cry out in horror as the shark bit down on his legs.

Compare the legs of Biles or Raisman against the legs of Russia’s Aliya Mustafina, who won the bronze in the individual all-around.

After the team final, Alexandrov explained, “Modern gymnastics is, first of all, legs, right conditioning of the leg muscles.

“But if you don’t have strong legs, you can’t perform difficult routines.

According to his rescuers, his last words were “a shark bit me, bit my legs off.”

Longer feathers sprouted from its legs, arms, and tail, helping it glide.

The tiny white capsule sprouted cilia legs and crawled to the edge of their palm, scanners linking to Yorick’s own augmented senses.

A factory wall collapsed on top of her, pinning her legs under the rubble.

After she was pulled out, both of her legs had to be amputated.

“The notion that they are investing for any purpose other than financial is far-fetched.” This problem has legs, too.

You might wonder, rather, why legs beneath normal tables and supports are usually so boringly logical.

“There’s a guy like me who lost both of his legs.

There’s a girl who doesn’t have arms or legs and I talk to them.”

The lumpy, grayish brown flesh of her legs dominates the pictorial space.

Oh, but, nah, um, you can’t touch — no legs, no knees, no grappling,'” Israel tells TMZ Sports.

Wu remembered her classmates called her a “tomboy”, and her father pledged to “break her legs” and disown her when she started liking girls.

He throws steaks and turkey legs at waitstaff that upset him.

Something evil was pressing on my chest, strangling me, and my legs were being pulled up and down—I thought I was going to die.”

It is irrational.” The work’s balsa wood legs cast shadows that multiply and disarrange the modules.

By the time I move down to his legs, he’s asleep.

“Sacks of fermenting plants with arms and legs.”

There were no other injuries reported apart from the man fired upon – he was shot in the legs by a police officer.

FYI, Dillon Gordon was hospitalized with injuries to his chest, stomach and legs after being stabbed multiple times at Reggie’s bar in Tigerland.

In “Untitled (legs and mirror #2)” (2016), Rasmussen sits on a concrete floor against a featureless wall, creating a gray palette.

Yamato was a bit dehydrated with scratches on his arms and legs, but mostly healthy.

The former used mannequins to create corporeal grotesques, commonly involving symmetrical arrangements of legs emerging from both sides of a torso.

How surprising was the Mercury Prize nomination?We were definitely surprised, especially that the album had so much legs.

Adding even more legs only improves the robot’s stability and raises its tolerance for leg malfunction.

All centipedes have at least 15 pairs of legs and some species have up to 191 pairs.

In a related painting, “Lecturer (Mother)” (2016), a woman sits on a chair with her legs crossed, her arms extending out, her palms up.

With great effort, she stands up against a wall and demands that Hill come and rub her legs.

A pair of legs.

My legs wobble, and I dig my heels a little further into the mud.

I still recall my mom sitting with her legs out on the parking lot of the courthouse, back against her car.

His thin inked line is sometimes doubled-up, so that shadow-like outlines appear around otherwise finished renderings of his subjects’ arms and legs.

The story climaxes with her giving Fernandez a hug with her legs wrapped around his chest, his abnormally strong core supporting her weight.

I’m not sleeping, I have restless legs, and racing thoughts.

But, being the professional he is, Fernandez gets right back up and lets the girl wrap her legs around him.

I have restless legs at night, and racing thoughts make me dizzy.

Last year, they put a land mine on the DMZ [demilitarized zone] and blew the legs off a South Korean soldier.

That’s a big change compared to previous designs, which showed pop-out landing legs.

Torun exudes compassion for all the subjects of his film, no matter the number of legs.

Nigeria’s government has said the Boko Haram insurgency, and the rival Islamic State West Africa Province group, are on their last legs.

Holding is specifically prohibited in the rules of boxing and yet Ali’s was built around it once his legs slowed down.

This feeder comes in three different sizes with detachable legs so you can adjust the height.

Buyers loved the modern design, though some had trouble adding and removing the detachable legs.

They lifted the legs of the fallen and sliced off one toe from each.

The creature stood on its hind legs and roared.

Its rider had been reduced to two legs and a bloody stump of waist.

“If my legs are sticking to anything, my mood is automatically decreased by at least half,” she said.

Flemmi said he saw Salemme’s now-deceased son, Frank Jr., strangling DiSarro as Weadick held his legs and the elder Salemme watched.

Her high-waisted bell-bottom jeans accentuate her mile-high legs, and a chunky black belt offsets her tidy white-collared shirt.

This classic image depicts a man with his arms and legs stretched into a full circle, inside a square.

Health.com has series of 10-minute routines you can do anywhere that target your abs, legs, and arms.

Slide your legs back so they are straight, but not locked,and you are balancing on your toes.

Draw your legs inward and hop up on your feet.

Keep your legs covered at all times of the year.

Numerous times over the evening men were pushed to the fence and their legs were easily scooped out.

The wrecking ball legs of Apidej’s came to legendary prominence in his bout against the psychotically aggressive Sompong Charoenmuang on February 5th 1963.

The old pug attributed his prowess to good footwork and hill running with weights on his legs.

Not ankle weights: a daily 10k run with lumps of cast iron tied to his bony legs.

I filled it with books, Ikea furniture, and a soft dog with legs as stout as soup cans.

Swollen legs can sometimes be a symptom of anything from a blood clot to diabetes to heart failure.

Yager followed his man to the mat and applied an armbar with his legs from the scarf hold.

Then she felt two bumps going over her legs.

“My legs wouldn’t work,” Peterson said.

Think you got better legs than Willem Dafoe?

MOGADISHU, Somalia — They found hands and legs, some blackened bodies, and one business card.

MOGADISHU, Somalia — They found hands and legs, some blackened bodies, and one business card.

I like the oddness of sexy legs coming out of the bottom of the crazed moon.

The scorching pain shoots down her legs like she just spilled hot coffee on her lap.

Now the nerves in her lower spinal cord are clumped together, causing severe pain, urinary problems, and weakness in her legs.

The scorching pain shoots down her legs like she just spilled hot coffee on her lap.

Now the nerves in her lower spinal cord are clumped together, causing severe pain, urinary problems, and weakness in her legs.

If there’s anything worse than having your legs chainsawed off—it’s certainly having it done slowly.

“The way it gets legs is by someone providing a terrorist group with fissile material or an actual nuclear weapon.

Was it important to have those three legs to stand on to go public?

“The way it gets legs is by someone providing a terrorist group with fissile material or an actual nuclear weapon.

And then to affix it to his gamboling, all-akimbo legs?

(In that Hamlet scene from earlier, Hamlet says that “nothing” is “a good thought to lie between maids’ legs.”)

As the light fades, tiny LEDs attached to the birds’ legs twinkle to life, illuminating the darkening sky.

Remember the swimmer in Jaws who suddenly notices that curious cloud of crimson blossoming around her legs?

Paul crawled inside and sat with his legs crossed and his back hunched over.

“As the day wore on, Treasury yields started to move lower on the realization the story doesn’t have any legs,” he said.

It bounced off the hardwood, and Gordon went between the legs before stuffing it through the rim.

The full motor cortex is tied in, meaning that all movement — arms and legs included — has some influence on the adrenaline release.

Tammy Duckworth is a vet who lost both legs in Iraq.

After locking onto an enemy, it’s possible to target specific body parts—arms, legs, heads, etc.

Need some new armor for your legs?

Smith watched calmly, his arms folded, his legs crossed,” wrote the Daily Tar Heel.

The 6-feet-5 inch sprinter towers over his competitors, and his long legs give him a longer stride.

Yes, that was actually the story that I thought had the most legs.

Each had two chairs with thin, fragile legs.

Kangaroos have claws and powerful hind legs.

She might have a point—I’ve been looking like a sad emoji on legs for the past few days.

“I saw a little girl… she had no legs.

“I’m letting this work go and I hope it has legs to walk on its own.”

He has these gummy long legs and incredible flexibility.

The swarm has already engulfed my legs.

When it approaches the platform, a set of legs then unfolds from the bottom of the rocket, and the whole thing lands, fully upright.

Now, as they make their way up my legs, I think I honestly couldn’t have done anything differently to prevent this outcome.

Repeat with the remaining legs, then season the flesh side with the rub.

Still skinny legs, skinny arms.

In one corner, a little pile of dismantled black canvas doll torso, legs, and arms form a distressing lean-to.

It flutters around our legs and dares to circle near the dirty openings of our weapons.

Perhaps worst of all, Stekkjastaur has long, stiff legs and can’t bend his knees.

She said he asked her several times for sex and once straddled her head between his legs when she was bent over cleaning.

“I don’t mind fighting wrestlers, I’m used to guys coming in and trying to grab my legs at this stage.

And for more batshit stories like this, check out the 20th Anniversary Edition of ‘Please Kill Me’ by legs McNeil & Gillian McCain.

Lovemore Madhuku said Chombo had injuries to his hands, legs and back and was blindfolded throughout his week in custody.

“Yesterday, a colleague stepped on a land mine and lost both legs.

Prosecutors said Rice was negligent in shackling Gray’s legs and not securing him in a seat belt, as required by department protocol.

Prosecutors said Rice was negligent in shackling Gray’s legs and not securing him in a seat belt, as required by department protocol.

This system obviously doesn’t work if all three legs of the triad aren’t functioning.

The thing is that, despite our many years of practice and adaptation, humans are kind of bad at getting around on two legs.

Twelve-year-old Mo’s team coaches him, gives him water, rubs his arms and stretches his legs.

During a practice session overseen by Real boss Zinedine Zidane, it was clear that one thing stood out — Ronaldo’s great, big, hulking legs.

This means he runs and rows (essential for cardiovascular optimisation) and lifts weights — and there certainly seems to be a focus on his legs.

My legs were bound.

On my shirt was a cartoon pug with the phrase, “Pugs Not Drugs” under his stubby legs, and real Doritos dusted his chest.

A different Furby reclines on its crudely affixed Barbie legs.

Don didn’t write the book of love … but those legs gotta put his faith in God above …

Quarter your king crab legs so they fit in the bowl.

Top each bowl with the cooked shrimp, lobster, and crab legs.

He was also very quick and he had tremendous dribbling ability, moving the ball one way while his legs went the other way.”

Wood pops and floats, drifts and buckles, swells like human legs whose hearts have failed.

Clothing caught on fire when cooking turkey legs on gas stove.

As the muscles in his legs grew weaker, he started coaching at practice from a golf cart in 2008.

“If Caroline truly wanted to impersonate Serena, she could have padded her legs and arms” Just a silly stunt without any intent to harm?

He’s starting to get feeling in his hands and legs … doctors are optimistic.”

I use a wheelchair and have limited use of my arms and legs.

By the way, in the season preview at the end of the show, JoJo wraps her legs around Jordan while wearing a bikini.

“This shit never, ever gets old,” Alana says, almost bouncing on the sofa, her legs waving in front of her.

Second, why are his legs the size of mine?

It’s a shirtless Putin sitting on a tank with the gun between his legs.

If you lost function in your legs today, how would you react?

Kasal was shot several times in his legs, and he crawled into the small bathroom where he had found the gunman.

My legs don’t work now, pretty much from my bikini line down.

Then they yelled for Shaver to push himself up into a kneeling position, keeping his legs crossed and his hands up.

His legs came uncrossed and his hands momentarily dropped.

I was lying in the grass and couldn’t feel my legs.

The first thing you hear people with a spinal injury say is, “I can’t feel my legs.”

And still couldn’t feel my legs.

In the summer of 2013, I bought a handcycle and started training (a handcycle is a three-wheeled cycle powered by arms instead of legs).

But it’s surprisingly rich in taste, especially in the legs, the most commonly prepared cut of frog thanks to their higher fat content.

The whole thing sawed the legs off of many small, independent bands seeking visibility.

It could reportedly walk on its hind legs, and crack open a human skull with one bite from its powerful jaws.

“She’s got Marla’s legs.

And I think two legs are very solid.

That’s the thinking of a lot of investors measuring whether a historically long run in U.S. stocks still has legs.

Rahama’s legs swelled up so much that she couldn’t walk.

Medicine costs two arms and two legs, and he has to go back to the hospital and do something just about every other week.

The gorilla had the boy trapped between his legs when he was shot, according to the fire department release.

It will be, when built, like the sturdiest chair you have ever sat upon, a haven for your tired legs.

The gorilla had the boy trapped between his legs when he was shot, according to the fire department release.

This is also why Stoke City was the best choice: here there are seven physiotherapists, who will examine me everyday: hips, feet, legs.

(A ding vessel is an ancient Chinese vessel with three legs.)

Dunfee went on to explain that the contact did put him off mentally, that he lost his focus, and his legs “went to Jell-O.”

Amongst the screens are a number of chairs on which are seated pairs of old-fashioned prosthetic legs.

Kendall Jenner slipped in between A$AP Rocky’s legs at the Met Gala, and she brought a friend.

The gym.” He sighs to himself, swings his legs out of the bed, lands bare feet on precision heated wooden floorboards.

He lost all his legs, but he still was a drummer and dancer in the pow wow.

“I started scratching my legs so hard that they bled, but I still couldn’t feel it,” Birch told People.

Later, I looked outside and saw her standing up on her hind legs, not quite moving.

I was sitting on the edge of the bed with a blanket covering my legs.

Because of this, mid-rise jeans elongate your torso and shorten your legs, all while pushing your stomach out when you sit—and when you stand.

As grass went flying up, Wong went tumbling down, legs still racing.

Pull the sorrow from between my legs like silk.

Only question now is — will all that ink on his legs slow him down in Year 2?!

“One bullet is still in my elbow,” she said, pointing to scars across her arms and legs.

She lost the use of her legs as a kid.

Vandals also threw paint on the giant figure’s legs.

That marathon match effectively ended his chances of winning the Wimbledon title as it left him with sore and swollen feet, and “jelly-like” legs.

We see only the legs of two young high school girls and hear them talk flirtatiously with one another.

As he walked the runway, one of the model’s pant legs was simply rolled up to display his prothesis.

They have spent years creating a language with their art and legs.

Another shows a male model, nude and muscular, seated and looking upward as he leans back on his hands, legs spread.

Bieber admitted that his “through the legs dangle didn’t work” … but hey, it’s a lot better than most people can pull off.

Then, the horse is pulled up by one of its legs and brought into the next space.

People notice your legs or your bum, but they don’t notice your wrists.

Tyler-Louise, 23 How about your favorite part, Tyler-Louise?My legs.

Ash, 34 and Georgina, 34 What is your favorite body part?G: My legs.

I’ve never had a problem with my legs.

But I’ve never had an issue with my legs, even on a bad day.A: I would say my eyes.

Once drained of the blood, the horse’s legs and head are removed.

The legs are used by aspiring farriers and the parts that aren’t fit for human consumption will end up in animal feed.

Most had issues with their legs: One man, who worked at a seafood restaurant, showed up puking, his left leg coated in a rash.

The legs fold flat for easy storage.

Samaa, 32, is sitting with her legs tucked underneath her on a red rug in a two-room apartment in Shatila refugee camp.

Early in November, Motherboard visited a robotics startup in Albany, Oregon that believes the solution is legs.

If Charles could wind the champion and tire his legs, the power wouldn’t be such a problem.

Opponents of replacing the nuclear cruise missile have argued that its missions could be handled by other legs of the triad.

Alternate CoverAlthough we loved the photo shown here, we chose the legs image as the final cover because of its visual trickery.

Can you let your hand slide down between her legs?

They fall, suck at having legs, and generally don’t impress me much.

Why don’t you just keep your legs closed if you don’t want to get pregnant?

Alaskan king crab legs are a culinary delicacy, prized for their massive size and tender, succulent meat.

It was canniness and sapped legs and a directive to put up points, by whatever means still worked.

On this installment of SMOKEABLES, VICE’s Trey Smith shows you how to turn king crab legs into a DIY one-hitter.

We see a pair of a woman’s legs emerging from a fly’s wings.

The legs are encased in fishnet stockings, and the feet are wearing high heels.

I don’t think of Vásquez de la Horra’s pairing of the fly’s wings with the woman’s legs as juxtapositions.

When we walk, our legs’ ability to support our weight is split mid-stride.

Water continued to rise around their legs and fear rose with it — hysterical screams sounded in the dark.

Checking with the legs to create a long barrier reduces the chances of round kicks sneaking under a fighter’s elbow.

When Cormier low kicked in the first bout he knocked Jones’ legs around and had windows in which to work afterwards.

Or like when you pick a swimming dog up out of the water and they keep moving their legs.

She could drop to the ground, stiffen all her legs.

Why couldn’t she move her legs?

My favourite track on the album is ‘Dead Arms and Dead legs.’

He said, “If your legs look good in a garter belt, I’ll know you have great legs.”

Tardigrades — which grow up to a millimeter in length — swim with four sets of stubby legs that appear much too small for their bodies.

A future female being with an elongated Alien-esque head lies with her four legs spread across a checkered floor while gazing at the viewer.

Simple, but effective, paper was one of the defining materials that helped the Constructivists gain their legs on the eve of the revolution.

The series pivoted away from torture as a constant as it entered the Obama era, but by then, it was on its last legs.

Taylor Swift’s famously long legs ain’t made for bouncing … ’cause you gotta see her epic belly flop.

Poe shifted first, pulling his legs apart, swinging his hips wildly, and grinning like a madman.

Often balancing on three long legs, Palli’s sculptures are fascinating creatures that simultaneously evoke feelings of vulnerability and danger with their ghostly presence.

“When I see that man that lost two legs and an arm, I just love what he’s doing,” she said of the veteran.

Then it’s the socks with the stickies on the bottom so I don’t slip and compression wraps around my legs.

TMZ broke the story … Singleton suffered the stroke after returning from Costa Rica and experiencing problems with his legs.

Up and down, with hands and legs, coming forward, this was the way to fight and beat the Thais.

Police shot Oddi in the legs and took him into custody, and he was in hospital in stable condition.

Its vaginal slit opens to a void; legs missing, the body’s visible interior is composed of bright red and yellow silicone viscera.

I also think of a man, Robert Scott, who had no legs and fingers.

So he had his legs amputated.

Man-type people.” She re-twined her nervous legs.

Here is the exchange: Tammy Duckworth is a vet who lost both legs in Iraq.

I glanced over, trying not to obviously stare at her ridiculously strong legs and toned abs.

One anchor emailed me explaining how someone asked him to show off his legs so they could see how hairy they were.

It was just legs, which goes back to conditioning.

She looks good scrawnier, with a little bit of her stomach showing with a crop top, her arms birdlike, her legs little sticks.

Clearly, it’s far easier to give a robot wheels than it is to give a robot legs or wings.

But we still imagine—and build—robots with legs.

Robot legs are just a difficult engineering problem.

The most general consideration when it comes to wheels vs. legs is terrain.

legs can navigate through sand.

Each one of Big Dog’s four legs includes four separate hydraulic actuators and two sensors.

And then there is the problem of how legs wield force in the first place.

It’s kind of like a robot on roller skates, with a pair of wheels mounted on simplified (compared to Atlas) legs.

The video also makes it clear that Handle does something different than offer a new sort of compromise between wheels and legs.

From crossed legs on the sidewalk, friends greet Lampkin.

Choose from oak or maple legs and a variety of eye-catching colors.

Autodesk claims that Schindler’s older racing legs took upward of 10 weeks to produce, and were profoundly expensive.

Take off the legs.

Follow a similar scheme for your legs (but not as many layers) for best results.

You see Kevin almost between Montia Sabbag’s legs in the club.

Regardless, there was no need to drool so hard over Zucker’s legs, or demand she hug them both.

She’s surrounded by the city but sings of loneliness, showing off her silky legs in a white, open-front dress.

It’s not for people with hairy armpits and hairy legs.

I had hairy armpits and hairy legs.

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