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It’s the legislative equivalent of throwing sunglasses on a Hollywood starlet and dashing her past the paparazzi line.

I mean, those first two years of the Obama administration are one of the most productive legislative periods in modern history, right?

House Republicans passed their tax bill exactly two weeks after detailed legislative text was released.

Bolsonaro’s legislative achievements are thin: He has authored just two bills that became law.

It’s not just about delivering on a campaign promise to get rid of President Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment.

We look forward to receiving the Trump administration’s legislative proposal as we continue our work on these issues,” McConnell said in the statement.

But the request presents the same threshold legal question: Does Rep. Neal need a legitimate legislative purpose?

They suggest Congress must have a legislative need and that this is lacking.

Even if Section 6103 were not on the books, Congress’s inherent legislative powers under Article I of the Constitution would support this request.

But here, there are clear legislative purposes that Neal is seeking to fulfill in making the request.

Some of them happened through similar ballot initiatives, others through the regular legislative process.

Tactics can’t overcome that problem.” This is markedly different from the legislative process behind the Affordable Care Act.

Even if Democrats win the House, legislative gridlock may reduce the chances of major policy changes if Republicans retain control of the Senate.

But you have proposed a bunch of big legislative projects.

That’s where the legislative agenda starts.

My hope is that they’ll run it over in the House all the way through the legislative process.

Riwal has worked closely with the FN, and in 2012, handled communications for the party during the presidential and legislative elections.

Riwal has worked closely with the FN, and in 2012, handled communications for the party during the presidential and legislative elections.

“It signals a lot of the legislative debate that has to happen to get any of this to become real.”

The perceived threat presented by the Democratic House may not be enough for the NRA to find cohesion and refocus on its legislative goals.

But not nearly enough, according to Margaret Angela Franklin, legislative director for Congressman Al Lawson of Florida.

Jennifer DeCasper is chief of staff for Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), and there are two African American legislative directors now.

All year, Republicans have been running against Hillary Clinton rather than Obama, so making Obama look bad has stopped being a legislative priority.

“There’s no substitute for being explicitly listed in the law,” Ian Thompson, LGBTQ legislative director at the American Civil Liberties Union, said.

The Trump administration hasn’t either, bypassing the legislative branch as it negotiated billions of dollars in arms deals, and as it conducted military operations.

His tough-on-crime legislative agenda, which targeted drug dealers and slapped mandatory minimum sentences on a host of crimes, has been dismantled by the courts.

And Republicans can’t count on bipartisan support to repeal Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment.

And now, in his first major legislative act, he’s betraying that promise.

It’s holding up much of their legislative agenda too.

Last September, Trump said he was terminating DACA and challenged Congress to come up with a legislative replacement by March 5.

Not the courts so much, but certainly the legislative and executive branches lately.

Similarly, on Capitol Hill, the Montana race put Republicans’ legislative agenda on ice.

The dealings with Schumer and Pelosi gave Trump something that had been elusive for him: a quick legislative win.

Over the past several years, CrossFit has flexed its legislative muscle on occasion — to some success.

Consequently, without Paul Ryan around to drive a legislative agenda that he can rubber-stamp, he’s flailing.

The outrage prompted the California legislative Black Caucus to open up an investigation into the incident.

This is the fun part of the legislative process for President Donald Trump.

But Republicans in Congress have multiple legislative vehicles for protecting Mueller’s investigation, should they choose to use them.

The bill also removes oversight of extradition arrangements by the city’s legislative Council.

The Texas chapter of the organization said passing this law is its number one priority for the upcoming legislative session.

The Texas chapter of the organization said passing this law is its number one priority for the upcoming legislative session.

(Florida’s legislative session does not begin until March 7.

Missouri (R – New) Missouri has seen the biggest wave of abortion restrictions introduced early in the 2017 legislative session.

Even if it doesn’t move forward, the bill is significant, says ACLU senior legislative counsel Kanya Bennett.

Governor Greg Abbott, who is running for re-election, made a “bathroom bill” one of his priority items in a legislative special session last year.

Trump has proven himself unable to conjure up legislative majorities for his immigration policy ideas or budgetary flights of fancy.

George Pataki, a Republican, asked lawmakers to pass it immediately before ending the legislative session — even though the Assembly hadn’t even seen it.

He is in the process of working with local tenant leaders to address these concerns and come up with a legislative solution.”

Some of them happened through similar ballot initiatives, others through the regular legislative process.

Morrissey’s legislative career is full of tumult.

Shortly afterwards, Zachary Barth, a legislative aide in Williams’ office, also jumped into the dugout, after being shot in the leg.

Joshua Huder, a legislative affairs expert at Georgetown University, noted that Congress has attempted to choke regulation enforcement by limiting funding before.

Trump, however, has actively undercut legislative efforts to put the contested payments on a sound legal footing.

During his first term, though, the government’s legislative agenda was often thwarted by opposition parties who hold sway in the Rajya Sabha.

A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in November found extending its funding was the American public’s top legislative priority.

Now that the filibuster-proof majority is gone (and unlikely to return soon), major legislative reform efforts, on both sides, are doomed.

legislative polarization is at such a point today that members of Congress are generally more afraid of primary challenges than general election contests.

The Trump administration’s use of a little-known legislative magic wand, known as the Congressional Review Act, expired at midnight.

Obama’s legislative agenda, of course, met with considerably more resistance.

Meanwhile, there is zero indication of any Democratic support for any Republican Party legislative initiatives to reduce taxes or federal spending.

They may not get the attention of Republican legislative chicanery in Congress or state-level Republican law to suppress voting.

Unlike in the US, where Title IX affords protections under federal law, no specific legislative requirement exists across the pond.

If pandas are to be saved, both the animals and their environment will require legislative support.

The majority decision has also galvanized pro-choice advocates, who watched in horror as anti-abortion politicians masterfully manipulated the legislative process.

The newly redrawn state legislative districts have made Wade and the 27th district a top target for progressives in the state.

There was some major progress for animals on the legislative front and at the ballot box in 2018.

If they can all hang together and agree on a legislative strategy, Democrats have no way of stopping them.

Of course, all big legislative initiatives are calculated risks.

Republicans control two-thirds of U.S. legislative chambers.

Desperate to rebuild, national Democrats this year showed newfound interest in legislative contests and races even farther down the ballot.

Democratic legislative Campaign Committee executive director Jessica Post said national party leaders must remain focused on local races, even in a congressional year.

But whoever is responsible, this is the Senate now and in the future: an unrepresentative, tightly controlled legislative body.

Those are just some of the issues where we can expect more hearings and oversight efforts from the legislative branch.

For about four elections, the parties were thoroughly scrambled, producing a time of low polarization and high legislative productivity.

(At least after 2010, the GOP Congress refused Obama any legislative help, on anything.)

Sanchez also outlined his legislative agenda in his first newspaper interview since taking office following a dramatic ouster of conservative former PM Mariano Rajoy.

At least 33 states leave congressional or state legislative redistricting process in the hands of governors or state legislative bodies.

“His remarkable legislative and personal legacy transformed the country and will live on for years to come,” Holcomb said in a statement.

Advocating for this legislative effort is how I honor her.

And American legislative institutions, especially the Senate, still overrepresent rural areas where gun culture is the strongest.

After all, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is openly bragging about the upper chamber being a legislative graveyard.

So consider the conservative legislative agenda dead — no more Obamacare repeal, no more huge tax cuts, no big cuts to Medicaid or food stamps.

The legislative drama will instead focus on what, if anything, Trump and Democrats can manage to do together.

Weddings, especially since the legislative changes, have brought a lot of people into the country and that has brought a lot of fiscal opportunity.”

The protests began after the Supreme Court, which many see as filled with pro-government judges, dissolved parliament and transferred legislative power to itself.

Mnuchin reiterated his contention that Neal’s panel lacks a legitimate legislative purpose for obtaining the tax returns, a claim Democrats reject.

A smaller female legislative bench means fewer women are likely to run for president.

That basically means that, as long as he can preserve support from the nationalist party, Erdoğan now holds even greater legislative power.

Democrats also picked up a very Trumpy state legislative seat in Michigan.

Meanwhile, after passing a tax cut and losing the Alabama Senate seat, his party’s legislative agenda is going nowhere.

Their top legislative priority, overhauling the U.S. healthcare system, collapsed again in the Senate on Tuesday.

The legislative Council Commission is due to hold a closed-door special meeting at an undisclosed venue later on Thursday.

However, protestors in Durham decided to bypass the legislative process completely and remove the statues themselves.

However, it appears that this is the first monument to be forcefully removed without prior legislative consent.

And, of course, Democrats won a majority in the House, putting an end to the GOP legislative agenda.

They were passed literally in the dead of night, at the very end of the legislative session, by lawmakers who did not read them.

Those 145 pages of detailed legislative text?

The Court is not a legislative body, and it can’t simply undo all of the conservative rulings of recent decades.

Both Dolovich and Simon were skeptical that outright challenges to legislative sentencing statutes like mandatory minimums could prevail.

Cover: President Donald Trump speaks at the National Association of REALTORS legislative Meetings and Trade Expo, Friday, May 17, 2019, in Washington.

In a way, it’s no surprise: The Republican-led government has been mired in Trump’s scandals and legislative stalemates.

Pelosi, who butted heads with both Bush and Obama, sees the legislative branch as equal to the executive.

Congress establishes mandatory spending on programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid through the legislative process.

During the study period, there were important legislative advances in vaccine policy, which went into effect after the study ended.

Feel free to debate Mitch McConnell on legislative tactics or Hillary Clinton on health policy if you doubt me.

But Republicans still have to resolve major internal divisions on health care, and the delays are causing a legislative backup in the House.

But internal discord has stalled the process, and ever since, Republican legislators have been wading into uncharted legislative waters.

The US and others now recognize Juan Guaidó, the leader of the country’s opposition-controlled legislative body, as Venezuela’s rightful interim president.

All told, expect the ISP push for a new “legislative fix” to ramp up in the new year.

Some Republican lawmakers have floated the idea of taking on Medicaid reform as a legislative priority this year.

If conservatives succeed in dominating the gun control conversation, this could spell trouble ahead for any hopes of legislative action.

More recently, the court in 2014 ruled that government entities do not automatically violate the Constitution when they hold a prayer before legislative meetings.

Voters will manually punch five separate paper ballots for president and vice president, and legislative candidates.

Under this legislative framework, transporting beef also entails a minimum ten-year sentence.

Republicans now have total control over the legislative and executive branches.

Drew Maloney, assistant secretary for legislative affairs at the Treasury Department, will become the president and CEO of a private equity lobbying group.

Molly Gill, director of legislative affairs at Families Against Mandatory Minimums, said Cook’s logic has the virtue of “straightforward simplicity.”

Some of them happened through similar ballot initiatives, others through the regular legislative process.

Swalwell’s most noteworthy legislative accomplishment is introducing (and re-introducing in February) a bill that seeks to curb domestic violence from guns.

Swalwell backs Medicare for All, which would provide insurance to every U.S. citizen and, under current legislative proposals, would abolish the private-insurance industry.

DC currently votes for delegates to Congress, but the representatives are largely symbolic figures without full voting rights in the legislative chambers.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that their one major legislative accomplishment of the year — tax cuts — doesn’t seem to be enough to win elections.

Republicans have been faced with a dilemma this year: their list of major legislative accomplishments is shorter than they anticipated.

The upper chamber is mere weeks away from an expected vote, even though most senators have yet to see any legislative text.

There are exceptions: Over the years, Congress has enacted laws exempting some legislative proposals, like budget resolutions and reconciliation bills, from obstruction.

Whatever he does, “he has to be more serious about legislative politics,” Hudak said.

He released a 100 days pledge document full of big legislative initiatives and appears to be letting a media pseudo-event dictate actual policymaking.

If votes translated into legislative seats proportionately in the 2017 election, Democrats would have won a solid majority in the House of Delegates.

We can do better than assigning winner-take-all legislative majorities by picking names out of bowls.

House Republicans have added a slew of controversial provisions to their legislative package.

Requiring a provider to literally lease control of physical infrastructure — as in, unbundle their loops — would require legislative action.

In 2012, Republican candidates in the statehouse won 48 percent of the vote but 60 of the 99 legislative seats.

“Republicans had figured out a way to lock in a legislative majority basically no matter what happens.

get to write more stories about the latest twists and turns of the legislative debate.

Just before Monday morning, some violence appeared to erupt near the city’s legislative Council.

The midnight legislative Council protest began as a peaceful sit-in.

Trump’s first major legislative victory – the tax bill – took until the end of 2017.

That legislative overhaul was foiled.

These scores are based on campaign finance patterns, campaign policy statements, and, where available, legislative voting records.

Trump, for one thing, has no legislative record, making the calculation of his ideal point somewhat uncertain.

One of the main reasons special interest groups exert so much influence over the legislative process isn’t just that they have money.

The legislative branch of government should be able to rely on a deep bench of in-house knowledge.

“In fact, legislative stunts such as this complicate our efforts.”

There comes a time in every administration when Congress brings the president’s ambitions of sweeping legislative change to a screeching halt.

That makes sense: They control both houses of Congress, and any legislative progress over the next year will necessarily require their support.

1 legislative priority?

And in a theoretical sense, that should increase their bargaining power and influence in the legislative chambers.

While the court upheld the man’s acquittal, it did, however, nudge the government towards taking action to fix the legislative gap.

Such blatant confrontations carry tremendous risks for the president and could ultimately diminish his influence on Capitol Hill and imperil his legislative agenda.

It’s not just the budget deal—Trump’s legislative agenda remains stalled.

But moderates say they are waiting to see legislative text before fully signing on.

I followed up with NSA OLA [Office of legislative Affairs] to make sure there was a response in place.

However, the make-up of a legislative council would only be decided after the agreement was signed.

Furthermore, there was little action on the sweeping legislative program he proposed in his final message to Congress.

Durbin asked to submit the legislative text with handwritten alteration to the Senate record as “artwork.”

With his legislative agenda stalled, President Donald Trump might now go to war against congressional Republicans — and win.

MIDDLE-CLASS TAX CUT Trump has put tax reform at the top of his legislative agenda now that the healthcare bill has failed.

The state’s health department did produce a report this June recommending legalization outright, although such a move would still require legislative action.

After surviving major protests this year and pushing through a controversial pro-government legislative superbody, Maduro is feeling empowered, government officials said.

The Supreme Court in 2012 and 2015 issued rulings preserving Obama’s top legislative achievement.

“The 18-month delayed termination will allow Congress time to craft a potential legislative solution,” the department statement said.

“The 18-month delayed termination will allow Congress time to craft a potential legislative solution,” the department statement said.

That’s just a legislative provision regularly included in federal appropriations bills, and it could be repealed as part of a single-payer push.

Acting legislative Inspector General Julie Porter also declined to comment for Politico’s story.

And if the president does not act, the Congress should prohibit its operation through one of the must-pass legislative vehicles in September.

It was a key point of progressive advocacy during the Dodd-Frank legislative debate.

Gaining a majority would allow Democrats to stall Trump’s legislative agenda.

For at least the next four years, the president’s veto pen would protect his signature legislative achievement.

Very few details have been released to the press as to what topics and legislative priorities Trump plans to discuss.

But in legislative terms, there will be hardly anything to fight over.

The restructuring of the tax code, the biggest in 30 years, handed President Donald Trump his first major legislative victory since taking office.

“We represent an alternative, we are not going to be anti-establishment, rather an autonomous legislative power,” Ramos said during the session.

Despite this, however, the bipartisan bill has rested mainly on the legislative backburner.

So you had no choice but for this to be a high-priority legislative issue.

It will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by Mexico’s legislative body,” Trump tweeted.

It is very difficult to tell from the legislative record whether the vote occurred before or after the release of those figures.

As Zuckerberg spoke to the House Energy and Commerce Committee on Wednesday, our Facebook audience griped about the legislative process.

This proved the most difficult part of Obamacare, even more so than the bruising legislative battle.

The sweeping Republican tax law was President Donald Trump’s first major legislative triumph since he took office almost a year ago.

The legislative Council Commission is due to hold a closed-door special meeting at an undisclosed venue later on Thursday.

If Republicans remove the legislative filibuster, Ted Cruz has less power.

There’s little reason to expect Democrats to keep the legislative filibuster if they ever get into the majority.

If Republicans remove the legislative filibuster, my hunch is that it will be over one of these issues.

He’s starting by taking down who he believes is responsible for Trump’s legislative failures: Republicans.

(1) However, public release of classified information by unilateral action of the legislative Branch is extremely rare and raises significant separation of powers concerns.

of Homeland Security, the Administration, and the Congress over the past several months to find a legislative solution.”

The legislative fight for marriage equality in Taiwan dates back to 2003 and several draft bills since then were repeatedly stalled.

Speaking at a National PTA legislative Conference in Crystal City, Virginia, on Tuesday, DeVos blasted critics of schools choice — and the CBS editors.

Chinese leaders met last month for their annual legislative session, and they passed new laws to increase censorship of foreign websites.

He spent more time than many realize in the nation’s capital, advocating for smart, forward-thinking legislative and regulatory policies that promote technology.

The case against this comes from the legislative history.

In a heated midterm election cycle, the issue is a legislative fight Republican leaders would rather leave untouched.

“Ultimately, accountability of government requires someone watching the watchers,” argues Ernesto Falcon, legislative Counsel at the EFF.

We are a separate branch of government — we’re the legislative branch of government.

The Missouri House is the legislative body that has to act first, by voting on articles of impeachment.

In Greitens’s case, it could be made even more complicated by the Missouri legislative calendar this year.

Sometimes, it seems like the Supreme Court is merely another legislative branch, one more powerful than Congress but even less accountable to voters.

Republicans control Congress but have so far been unable to pass Trump’s top legislative priorities.

The headline policy news of the speech related to Congress’s first big legislative agenda item of the year: Obamacare.

Beleno says, “Right now I don’t see any impediment in supporting the legislative agenda of Mayor Duterte.”

Some of those were much more feasible, as policy or legislative politics, than others.

They also took over roughly a dozen state legislative chambers.

The speaker, however, has to defend its party’s legislative agenda.

(Note that I’m not saying which state legislative chambers might flip, although this is a useful guide.

Let’s cut all funding that allows the executive and legislative branches to function.

But precisely because there’s no particularly direct link between legislative salaries and moderation, the implications are quite broad and serious.

During Florida’s last legislative session, there was an attempt to strengthen that measure even further, by making self-defense claims essentially impregnable.

He said Friday afternoon that he was cautiously optimistic Democrats would soon find a means of forcing the issue onto the legislative calendar.

This is an area where Kalra, the legislative sponsor, was pretty moderate.

said Chan Ho-tin, the head of the newly formed National Party, expected to contest legislative elections in September.

The Democratic legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) has committed to spend $35 million on state races, double what they spent two years ago.

Nothing of legislative accomplishment.

The Court accepted cases on public employee unions, abortion, climate change, equal-population legislative districting, affirmative action, contraception under Obamacare, and many other hot-button topics.

Meanwhile, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) is pouring up to $50 million into state legislative and other down-ballot state races this cycle.

The government has made the issue a legislative priority after several high-profile child-abuse deaths and a sharp rise in overall abuse cases.

“These are legislative districts where if a candidate has a reasonable campaign behind them, they can knock on every door twice,” he said.

“The 2018 state legislative elections will decide who can and cannot vote in 2020, and who controls Congress for a decade.”

Democrats, who control the House, are expected to propose their own legislative plan in May.

Beneath all the verbal dancing and legislative shadowboxing, there is a fundamental issue.

“They didn’t hold hearings on the legislative proposals.

They didn’t collect expert views on the legislative language before it was acted upon.

And then let’s start the legislative process and get Frank Pallone, who’s the ranking member, and Mike Doyle, who’s ….

You’ve been working on a number of legislative efforts around reproductive health and reproductive justice recently.

His forecast for November takes into account congressional election polling and special elections to Congress, and state legislative elections.

Although Volcánica’s current situation is an improvement over years past, making lucha libre work in Washington longterm will require that legislative assistance.

The bill passed through the House, but the legislative session ended before the Senate voted on it.

Following is a rundown of the major items on the legislative agenda.

Turnout was 49.2 percent, down from 54 percent the last time legislative elections were held nine years ago.

But if Democrats win either the House or the Senate, this will come to an end: The conservative legislative agenda will be dead.

Whatever happens, it’s worth noting that this is a deeply unusual legislative strategy.

As a result, he simply may not be all that familiar with legislative leaders’ dynamics on close votes.

All 50 states currently draw their legislative districts according to this principle.

All 50 states currently draw their legislative districts according to this principle.

Other San Francisco queer bar owners say they are unsure their businesses will continue to be viable without legislative protection from the city.

Currently, the GOP controls 33 out of 50 governorships and 67 out of 99 state legislative chambers.

The bill comes to Hong Kong’s legislative Council for a vote on Wednesday after it was postponed because of Sunday’s protests.

It would bring the conservative legislative agenda to a halt.

A small group of protesters stormed the legislative Council and riot police fired pepper spray as the standoff continued into the night.

And for the first time since 2007, Republicans will control both the executive and legislative branches of government.

Control of the legislative branch will near-certainly make it easier for President-elect Donald Trump to pursue significant policy change (repealing Obamacare, for example).

A legislative solution that includes border security, reforms to legal immigrant visas, and a “permanent and humane solution” for unauthorized immigrants?

Republicans now maintain control in both legislative chambers in 32 states; in 17 of those, the GOP has a veto-proof majority.

The committee does not have legislative power, and it can only make recommendations with a two-thirds vote.

State races in the next several years have additional importance because whichever party wins will be in charge of redrawing legislative maps in 2020.

Trump has yet to score a major legislative win since taking office in January and is pushing hard for a tax code revamp.

One specific legislative package has emerged, largely crafted and sponsored by the chair of the Democracy Reform Task Force, Rep. John Sarbanes (D-MD).

He gave Congress until early March to come up with a legislative replacement.

“Domestic legislative tinkering won’t cut it,” she said on Twitter.

Jay Inslee announced his intent to use state legislative and regulatory power over ISPs to ensure net neutrality happens in practice.

Big legislative fights over gun control and DACA were largely off the table this time.

The bill has yet to go through its legislative process, and all groups who campaigned for abortion rights will be watching that process closely.

But a legislative gap isn’t the only thing Ireland has to worry about in the next few months.

Democrats took control of six state legislative chambers nationwide in Tuesday’s midterm elections, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

McConnell is a legislative tactician.

In Colorado and New Mexico, they now have a “trifecta” — governor and both legislative houses.

For about four elections, the parties were thoroughly scrambled, producing a time of low polarization and high legislative productivity.

And that was enough to tank the Republicans’ top legislative priority for 2017.

Four legislative races, including the Simonds-Yancey battle in the 94th District, were slated for recounts.

After seven years of promises to repeal President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment, Republicans have never been closer than they are today.

legislative capacity A third challenge for Congress is keeping up with the demand for new policies.

“Skinny repeal” has never existed in legislative language.

And he’s vowed never to vote to eliminate the legislative filibuster (something Trump has pushed for lately).

The executive branch might be legally obligated to submit a budget, but the legislative branch has no legal obligation to pay attention to it.

The legislative branch is left giving vaguely disapproving quotes to the press.

So there are really big legislative problems that we have to be aware of and help to defend.

The 51-year-old representative interjected and demanded Young’s comments removed from record of the legislative debate.

Democrats have, over the decades, used gerrymandering, just like Republicans, to try to skew congressional and legislative maps in their favor.

“The governor and legislative Republicans should stop attacking women’s health care.” Proponents of the law had expected a long court fight.

Energy sector reform is all the buzz these days, with active discussions and experimentation around rate design, market reforms, subsidies, regulations, and legislative targets.

In the coming months, Republicans will have to figure out a way to deliver a legislative win on tax reform.

This is also the case for congressional elections, and for state legislative elections.

But the most fundamental problem with the Republican Party legislative agenda has very little to do with Trump.

He’s touted his legislative experience while his competitor, consultant Liuba Shirley, has emphasized her grassroots activism.

Meanwhile, Pence or anyone else in the job would struggle with the Republican legislative agenda for the fundamental reason that it doesn’t make sense.

Jackson says that legislative change alone is not enough—archaic attitudes towards pregnant women and working moms also need to shift.

legislative details matter a lot.

The complaint came one day after Republican legislative leaders filed a separate emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.

The House speaker sets the legislative agenda and often has the political muscle to assure passage or defeat of initiatives.

“Despite the media obsession,” said Congress watcher Ilona Nickels, by and large “the legislative process continues regardless.”

All energies of the federal government and the legislative process must now be focused on immigration security.

Maternal health advocates and medical groups have made extending postpartum Medicaid coverage one of their top priorities for the current legislative session.

“There’s no substitute for being explicitly listed in the law,” Ian Thompson, LGBTQ legislative director at the ACLU, previously told me.

But Democrats in both chambers of Congress say the bill — which comes into legislative existence already on life-support — is ripe to be picked apart.

The Oregon legislature is in the midst of a short, 35-day legislative session, with about 10 days to go.

Texas Democrats were fielding their largest contingent of congressional and legislative candidates in a primary in several decades.

But any time you put together a legislative majority, you need to end up winning some marginal districts.

But the Trump White House has made little progress on its top legislative priorities, leading to constant complaints from members of Congress.

He is not entering office with a program to weaken the judiciary and bulldoze legislative roadblocks, as Viktor Orbán did in Hungary.

“The president has said there needs to be a legislative fix,” Padilla said.

Obama’s executive overreach now cry out for a king to usurp legislative powers,” Amash wrote on Twitter.

You can’t allocate tens of billions of dollars a year without some action by the legislative branch in particular.

“The president will be meeting with congressional leaders next week to discuss end-of-year legislative issues,” White House spokeswoman Lindsay Walters said.

Both men are textualists, concerned primarily in the literal text of laws and less in their legislative history or social context of passage.

For Schumer, the failure of Obamacare repeal was his most impressive legislative win.

She hopes Congress passes a legislative solution and plans to make her case to lawmakers in Washington.

The fact that judge Kavanaugh offered this legislative proposal suggests that he believes that the president does not have such protection currently.

There’s a pervasive sense of legislative paralysis on Capitol Hill.

No matter what, there’s little incentive for McConnell to hand Democrats any legislative wins.

That has lent itself to a sense of legislative paralysis on Capitol Hill.

Silence fell throughout the legislative chambers of the world.

In addition to state-led legislative initiatives, the battle to restore the net neutrality policies will take place in the courtroom.

Wrenching legislative battles over immigration, a potential government shutdown, and the debt ceiling lie ahead.

The groups pledged to surround the legislative Council on Friday if their demands were not met.

1) Congressional battles The marquee legislative battle of Trump’s second year in office appears to be immigration.

Conversely, if Republicans hold Congress, they could revive their legislative agenda and have another shot at passing sweeping new laws.

On the legislative front, in December, Republicans united to pass a massive permanent corporate tax cut, with temporary cuts for individuals.

On Wednesday, Trump rebooted his legislative agenda at a White House event where he endorsed Sens.

Still, after the GOP’s embarrassing failure to repeal Obamacare, Trump thought he badly needed a legislative win, and he got one.

So if you want to regulate business effectively, you can’t play legislative whack-a-mole and spot abuses in real time.

The second bill out of the Iowa Senate in the 2017 legislative session was a bill to defund Planned Parenthood.

In the meantime, we ended up in another legislative session, in 2018.

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told reporters in the Capitol: “I don’t think tax cuts are going to be scaled back.

The lobbyists brought an iPhone to the meetings and showed lawmakers and their legislative aides the internal components of the phone.

Again, it took them the entirety of the legislative session and they ultimately got enough votes to pass the six-week abortion ban.

Flávio was the only legislative member to vote against granting the late councilwoman the award, claiming that her ideology didn’t align with his.

But cutting them benefits, by definition, only the wealthy, which Donald Trump and his legislative allies have promised their tax plan would not do.

Since his repeated efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare derailed, he’s in need of a legislative victory.

Since the Constitution gives Congress the power to authorize federal spending, Trump’s efforts could be seen as going around the legislative branch.

The Senate is advancing a legislative package to confront an opioid epidemic that’s killed hundreds of thousands over the past two decades.

The EU’s legislative assembly has had only two female presidents compared to some two dozen male leaders.

This is the party’s highest priority in its legislative agenda for immigration.

Entrepreneurship: A few legislators developing actual legislative bills (as opposed to sets of talking points) and building a coalition of groups supporting these bills.

In fact, they supported Trump’s legislative agenda overwhelmingly.

In the coming months we’ll see a flurry of legal challenges, legislative pushes and public pronouncements.

Republicans control both state legislative chambers.

Progressives backed McIntosh, an openly gay white woman, while the legislative Black Caucus and Republicans backed Davis, a black centrist man.

Jones dropped out of the race to unite the votes of the legislative Black Caucus behind Davis, the other black candidate.

Even though we were a colony [before the handover], we were under better rule with the British.” Tanya Chan, 45, legislative councillor.

To see if the status quo is changing elsewhere, Vox asked Republican governors and state legislative leaders in the 18 holdout states for comment.

I think a President Marco Rubio would’ve been a more effective conservative legislative leader.

Time will tell whether Washington’s bureaucrats are similarly chosen on the basis of expertise and given relative freedom from legislative interference.

As part of the National Emergencies Act of 1976, Congress has a legislative check it can use in an attempt to block an emergency.

Now, he seems to recognize that Congress won’t help him get the border wall and going around the legislative branch isn’t so easy.

He’s been a sharp critic of legislative dysfunction and partisanship, particularly on the Republican side in recent years.

Let your representatives know that affordable, accessible higher education should be a legislative priority.

But it’s still unclear whether he will get specific with his legislative agenda Tuesday night.

And recently in Vermont, an all-inclusive contraceptive coverage act akin to Maryland’s law passed both legislative chambers.

But the president is clearly unhappy with the failure of his top legislative priority, and he wants to make his unhappiness known.

In addition, any legislative reform of Dodd-Frank would require some Democratic support, because the GOP does not control 60 seats in the Senate.

“It’s a legislative gridlock as far as issues that require congressional approval are concerned.

It’s our legislative priority No.

Fast-forward to late November, when House Democrats are on the verge of electing a new speaker and figuring out legislative priorities for 2019.

The insurers appealed, arguing that Supreme Court precedents require much more explicit legislative language to eliminate a previously adopted payment obligation.

1 legislative priority.

That meant that more than 245,000 candidates are in the running for some 20,000 national and local legislative seats.

So far, Republicans and President Donald Trump have no major legislative victories from 2017 to show voters despite controlling the White House and Congress.

He represents resistance to the legislative priorities not yet executed.

Among legislative achievements, it can be uniquely explained mostly by the passion and skill of its advocates, rather than structural forces or interest-group incentives.

John McCain deserves great admiration for his signature legislative achievement, which defined his character and method.

Similarly, on Capitol Hill, the Montana race put Republicans’ legislative agenda on ice.

Democratic control of the House, even as Republicans maintain a majority in the Senate, endangers Trump’s legislative goals including wall funding.

Both the Valley Industry & Commerce Association and the nonpartisan legislative Analyst’s Office predict the lawsuits would cost California millions of taxpayer dollars.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan said he expects the legislative work on repealing and replacing Obamacare to be completed this year.

And in 2016, six pro-democracy lawmakers were expelled from the city’s legislative body.

Democrats have also flipped 36 state legislative seats from red to blue in the Trump era.

But the legislative agenda is already crowded with “must-pass” items.

Trump’s major legislative accomplishment is getting party-line conservative Neil Gorsuch appointed to the Supreme Court.

Congress can use the Congressional Review act to kill regulations within 60 legislative days of their release; the rule was made final last week.

“For decades, Congress has been giving far too much legislative power to the executive branch,” Lee said in a statement.

That’s the largest class of candidates the Arizona Democratic legislative Campaign Committee has seen in two decades, and it’s not an anomaly.

That’s the largest class of candidates the Arizona Democratic legislative Campaign Committee has seen in two decades, and it’s not an anomaly.

The GOP currently controls both legislative chambers and the governor’s mansion in 25 states, including Arizona.

Its fundraising arm, Future Fund Now, has now poured $550,000 into Arizona, making the group the second-biggest funder in the state’s legislative races.

Louis Jacobson, who handicaps state legislative races for Governing Magazine, considers Arizona’s Senate to be “lean Republican” and thus competitive.

Their race is on track to become one of the most expensive races in Arizona legislative history, according to the Arizona Mirror.

The party’s internal problems will get worse, in other words, even as its legislative majorities could hold.

White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told reporters in the Capitol: “I don’t think tax cuts are going to be scaled back.

But even popular ideas can be choked out by a legislative system that has become overgrown and ungovernable.

Presidential guidance can help steer his party’s legislative path and minimize conflicts on these points.

One of the most liberal U.S. cities, Washington is unique in that the U.S. Constitution gives Congress the option to block its legislative moves.

Congress has fewer legislative days this year due to mid-term elections in November.

Majorities in both state legislative houses must approve such an amendment, twice, before handing it over to voters to approve.

During their past legislative sessions, Mississippi and Louisiana each banned abortion after 15 weeks.

That influence had limits: Trump has not made child care the center of his legislative agenda.

Point one: This is the opposite of how legislative efforts are typically constructed.

The Impact is Vox’s podcast exploring how legislative policy affects real lives — for better or for worse.

Alongside his proposed executive actions, Trump also promised an ambitious legislative agenda.

The president’s legislative agenda can be charitably described as “stalled,” though that assumes it was ever moving to begin with.

Trump’s legislative agenda is an utter disaster.

Authorities say they will bypass normal legislative procedures to expedite the bill.

And so do DREAMers themselves, who are now watching a legislative debate unfold while understanding, viscerally, what’s at stake.

The law in question is Texas House Bill 1774, which the Republican-majority Texas legislature passed during its most recent legislative session.

It’s got to have a legislative answer.

Capitol Hill senior staff members make a little over $100,000, and press aides and legislative staff closer to a $50,000 to $60,000 range.

That is, she’s a ruthlessly effective legislative leader who understands how to operate in a DC political knife fight.

The legislative leadership, unions, other organizations, were all helpful.

At this point, prong three is almost certainly a legislative pipe dream.

(To pass bills that don’t affect the budget, they’d have to go through the legislative process that requires 60 votes in the Senate.)

Since 2009, some 900 legislative seats have been lost to Republicans in state after state throughout this country.

As with anything else in legislative life, you’d need to fill out a lot of details, and the details would matter.

The public option proposal is meant to address one of the ways the president sees his signature legislative accomplishment falling short.

NLD Party spokesman Aung Shin told Reuters prison reform was not yet on the legislative agenda because of other priorities.

“State legislative elections are the future of the Democratic Party,” Flippable co-founder and CEO Catherine Vaughan told VICE News.

And they were particularly bad at the state level, where Democrats now control only 31 of 99 state legislative chambers.

That goes double for immigration, the legislative issue on which Democrats have most consistently hammered Trump for being an aberrational horror.

He said changes to former President Barack Obama’s signature legislative achievement would likely be relatively modest.

There are legislative proposals in the statehouse that could make the market work a little better.

It’s time we gave them the legislative authority to do their job.

A subpoena must potentially further some “legitimate legislative purpose,” the court has said.

Congressional bills seeking financial compensation never received any serious legislative action.

You happen to sit at the head of the committee that is handling the two most important legislative issues [this year].

Ricardo Berzoini, Rousseff’s minister in charge of legislative affairs, said on Wednesday that Lula could join Brazil’s government if he wishes.

Democrats need a net gain of 23 seats to flip the 435-seat chamber and get a chance to block Trump’s legislative agenda.

In this gridlocked scenario, the fact that Democrats don’t currently have a concrete, agreed-upon legislative wish list will end up being moot.

Parties also help organize coalitions in legislative bodies so that government can function and pass legislation.

One big difference between the circumstances of today and of eight years ago is that the legislative mechanics in Washington are quite different.

Many in the industry claim the regulations could threaten thousands of businesses, but legislative efforts to tweak the rules haven’t gained much traction.

And there are a couple of legislative proposals in California that would clamp down on bots.

… Because for the last century an increasing by the decade, more and more legislative authority is delegated to the executive branch every year.

Alabama’s House of Representatives sent the abortion bill to the governor’s desk on Wednesday, in the closing moments of its legislative session.

And most people here want their jobs more than they want to do legislative work.

“And it’s more important that a legislative measure is passed.” In September 2017, Trump thought Congress would have worked it out by now.

“My community has been directly affected by Harris’s legislative victories,” Bay Area sex worker and advocate Maxine Holloway told Motherboard in an email.

2.8 percent fewer people cast a vote in a congressional or state legislative race than in the gubernatorial contest.

It will be revealed in the not too distant future and will need a vote by Mexico’s legislative body,” Trump tweeted.

We look forward to receiving the Trump administration’s legislative proposal as we continue our work on these issues,” he said.

That is, 2.8 percent fewer people cast a vote in a congressional or state legislative race than in the gubernatorial contest.

Trump vowed to fight to pass the following broader legislative measures in his first 100 days in office.

Even before Trump, there was a years-long legislative debate about whether it’s the right kind of fencing.

But they still haven’t written out legislative language for what their replacement plan might look like.

But as Condeluci points out, that paper “isn’t in legislative form, and the Senate hasn’t weighed in.”

“And that needs to change… through legislative action.

If nothing else, the exchange bodes ill for the legislative productivity of a Trump administration.

Virginia legislative Black Caucus Chairman Del.

It gives Congress 60 legislative days to reverse regulations with a simple vote.

The legislative body recently wrapped up an 18-month investigation into the social media site, finding that it violated data privacy and competition laws.

In response to criticism, Trump tweeted that the six-month delay would give Congress an opportunity to legalize DACA-related protections through legislative action.

It could work more closely with Congress to strengthen the legislative probes into Russia.

“This is an insult to LegCo (legislative Council), an insult to Hong Kong rule of law,” she said.

Republicans in Congress opposed most of Obama’s legislative agenda, but they made an exception in 2015 to help Obama advance his trade agenda.

Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer also urged a quick legislative solution.

He’s touted his legislative experience while his competitor, consultant Liuba Shirley, has emphasized her grassroots activism.

But to the extent he has legitimate misgivings about our authority, I’ve offered to work with him on a legislative proposal to Congress.

So if you want to regulate business effectively, you can’t play legislative whack-a-mole and spot abuses in real time.

The median junior staffer (staff assistant, legislative correspondent, etc.

Other groups, such as the National Organization for Women, embraced a strategy focused on legislative and legal change.

Tennessee’s regular legislative session ends this month, giving lawmakers just days to pass the bill.

As Revolutionary-War.net noted, he quickly acquired a reputation as a legislative work horse.

After filing a cloture petition, lawmakers must wait one legislative day before proceeding to the cloture vote, according to Senate rules.

McConnell has strongly supported Strange, viewing him as a reliable vote to further the Republican Party’s legislative agenda.

But the alternative to the ram-it-through, top-down legislative process would be a bottom-up, deliberative, committee-based process.

If Ryan can’t cohere his own caucus into delivering legislative victories, he’s less valuable to Trump.

Van Hollen, by contrast, is widely trusted and believed to be an excellent legislative tactician.

Punting hard questions over to the executive branch is a time-honored legislative tradition in the United States and there’s nothing wrong with it.

“The Democratic Party contains strong links between its electoral and legislative coalitions.

In July, the country elected an all-powerful legislative body called the Constituent Assembly, a vote that was boycotted by the opposition.

Trump lost confidence in Priebus after major legislative items failed to be approved by Congress.

If new legislative elections were held today, 71 percent say they would participate in such elections.

“The intervention of legislative bodies into medical decision making is inappropriate, ill advised and dangerous.”

There are also 10 or so competitive state legislative seats that are in play in urban-suburban districts.

Why isn’t that a legislative function?” Gorsuch, who repeatedly interrupted both lawyers in his questions about separation of powers, drew laughs from the audience.

The Democrats’ record-setting use of delay tactics has stymied the GOP’s legislative agenda.

The odds that the next president is going to push a major legislative reform of the antitrust process through Congress are fairly minimal.

“Maintaining the deduction encourages government overspending and taxation,” argues the American legislative Exchange Council, a nonprofit group of conservative state legislators and private activists.

“It could resurface during legislative debate if they are looking for offsets.

That’s not the way policy gets made, and it’s not the way legislative coalitions are put together.

The ACLU also said states could use citizenship information to draw legislative districts based on citizen population, which could encourage gerrymandering.

Hocevar said these legislative changes are an important first step, but there’s more that needs to be done.

Otherwise, they would likely face persistent pressure from Trump to find a compromise, which would risk bogging down the rest of their legislative agenda.

Under the normal legislative procedure, the bill would need to clear a 60-vote threshold before it could advance.

Virginia’s legislative Black Caucus condemned Northam in a stinging statement but stopped short of saying he should step down.

Jim Pasco is the legislative advocacy director for the Fraternal Order of Police, an organization of over 325,000 members in law enforcement across America.

“It’s particularly inappropriate to politicize an event like this … entirely premature to be discussing about legislative solutions, if any,” McConnell said.

But key White House advisers, including Stephen Miller, legislative director Marc Short, and Chief of Staff John Kelly, didn’t like that deal.

Especially in a country like the United States with a cumbersome legislative process, a high degree of decentralization, and enormous domestic diversity.

“So if the legislative side doesn’t change the law we will simply attempt to create jurisprudence.”

In Arkansas, the bill to change the primary date did not pass until it was included in a special legislative session.

Conflicts between purists and pragmatists are nothing new in the legislative space.

The tax overhaul was the party’s first major legislative victory since Trump took office in January.

In a frequently cited 1934 decision, the Supreme Court called tax deductions a “legislative grace” rather than a vested right.

“As a United States senator, nobody will be more supportive of his legislative agenda, his Supreme Court agenda than I will,” Duke said.

Still, there are limits to how far simply cutting prison sentences, particularly at the legislative level, could go.

“Devoting 17 legislative days from a bill, then walking away from it … makes no sense,” Lee said.

But Mulvaney’s remarks raise a question: If “fixing the system” is a major legislative priority, why is Trump leaving it unfinished?

Congress establishes mandatory spending on programs like Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid through the legislative process.

Five offices confirmed they require interns to sign, several citing the need to keep legislative decisions and constituent information private.

The Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act is essentially Warren’s child care plan in legislative form.

Making it technically permanent is at the top of anti-abortion advocates’ legislative wish list, and the president has promised to make it happen.

He asked Congress to instead come up with a legislative fix for the Dreamers, who received protection from deportation under Democratic President Barack Obama.

It has the germ of a good idea in it, and you could imagine a legislative effort building on it toward a worthwhile result.

MMA would just get swept up in the broader budget legislative process and become legal in New York.

And thus MMA will slip into legal legitimacy through the back door of the legislative process.

This diversity will likely impact legislative issues.

Unless Democrats register legislative and state-level gains starting in 2017, they will not succeed in shifting the momentum for 2020.

Critical state-level contests start in 2017, when special legislative contests happen in North Carolina.

In short, the Democratic Party’s most promising path forward runs through dozens of states and many legislative districts.

Trump’s Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin has refused anyway, arguing that Neal’s outreach has no legitimate underlying legislative purpose.

Unlike the three anti-Trump rebels of the Senate caucus, George W. Bush does not have any legislative power.

Menendez also said he was optimistic about Republicans supporting a legislative effort on the issue.

But there is a whole lot of space between setting a legislative goal and achieving it.

This month, state lawmakers introduced dozens of anti-abortion bills across the country in the first weeks of the legislative session.

These legislative victories weren’t the only reason for the decidedly joyful energy on the national mall Friday.

“The administration attempted to reduce dramatically legal immigration through a legislative proposal.

And then all legislative hell could break loose.

But if DACA does end, the pressure to act shifts to the legislative branch.

Ho and Macau’s legislative Assembly office did not respond to requests for comment.

His research focuses on public opinion, campaigns and elections, political parties, and legislative politics.

Hickenlooper is considering holding a special legislative session if voters pass the setback measure for hydraulic fracturing.

Republicans unveiled their long-awaited alternative to Obamacare on Monday night, after years of fighting the former president’s signature domestic legislative achievement.

In fact, the New York Public Interest Research Group’s legislative director Blair Horner called voter turnout in the state flat-out “lousy.”

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