Lecture in a sentence | Use of the word lecture examples

Monica’s anti-bullying campaign has made her a hot ticket on the lecture circuit.

Bookmark this page to watch the webcast, and in the meantime, you can watch Hawtin’s full SXSW lecture right here.

He later started a lecture series on modern art called “Sturmabende,” as well as Die Sturmbühne, an Expressionist theater.

Last year, the Nation Institute launched a Jonathan Schell Memorial lecture Series, in honor of the late environmental journalist.

The first lecture, last year, was given by famed environmental writer and activist Bill McKibben, who spoke about climate change.

You can watch a video of the lecture here.

Museum archivist Claire Mosier will present a lecture titled “Bisttram: Experimental Sky” at 3pm.

Examples the researchers generated including a video of Rasputin singing a Beyoncé song and a snippet of Albert Einstein giving a lecture.

Just visit any college campus to see row on row of MacBooks in lecture rooms and study halls.

So grading homework, grading exams, giving us exams, giving the same lecture again and again.

And again, I’m going to be lecture, lecture, lecture, because I literally was writing about this the beginning of 2017.

In college, I did stand-up in a lecture hall before Econ 201.

So think about it the next time you feel compelled to lecture children about the things they’re into.

She cited a slide she shows students when she’s invited to lecture: side-by-side images of an art fair and a mall kiosk.

“Your talk was boring,” Tanya told Jenny, and readers had to guess whether the lecture had riveted or anesthetized her.

Avram Finkelstein offered a photo-accompanied lecture on co-opting imagery and gestures, with a focus on both President Trump and the Bellamy salute.

I was invited to give a lecture at Harvard and they wanted me to be on a panel alongside a settler.

“The lecture was for a large class of students — over a hundred students interested in entrepreneurism,” said Modrak.

”What the hell is an organization?” he said in a recent lecture at Fidelity Investments.

The entire lecture is worth a listen.

And here is the key part of his lecture (emphasis ours): More pertinently for the price of oil, there is an impact on production.

We also had a lecture on womanism and writing spoken word inspired by womanism.

A Reuters reporter attended the lecture.

I did a lecture series last year at the Metropolitan Museum in New York about Jerusalem in the year 1000.

Parts of the lecture were read by NXIVM founder Nancy Salzman at a women’s group meeting before Raniere’s arrest.

To see sample programs, faculty bios, news, the online journal Degree Critical, recordings of our popular lecture series, and admissions procedures, visit artwriting.sva.edu.

You can lecture people all you want to be “safe” and “savvy,” but ultimately everyone knows what’s best for their relationship.

And the teacher can talk about his experiences rather than simply feeding you lecture notes on the computer.

He went on the lecture circuit, moved to Los Angeles in 1980 and pursued opportunities for his characters in movies and television.

Most discussions ended in a lecture.

Mirza invited Yiannopoulos to speak in Britain—his only lecture this side of the Atlantic last year.

Intentional or otherwise, aside from a one-off lecture by Neuberger and some minimal wall text, the exhibit offers little in the way of context.

We watched a video every day at the exact time Osho used to do his lecture, followed by a meditation.

Akunyili Crosby will be giving a lecture at the USC Roski School of Fine Arts, free and open to the public.

Gordon found that artists who visited through the official Paul Brach lecture series often gave cookie-cutter talks about their career.

I also remember Leland Bell, as a visiting artist at RISD, giving a lecture on a Chardin painting.

Before his lecture, the Chardin was just a still life with a little dog.

I am reasonably well educated, and I thank you for the lecture.”

Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. declared his support for basic income at a Stanford lecture in 1967.

… Our system has given government the fiscal policy levers,” SARB Deputy Governor Kuben Naidoo said in a public lecture.

The first semester, Tinsley was forced to find a bigger lecture hall.

Each year the department hosts a lecture series featuring a diverse selection of international artists, thinkers, and performers.

The 2018-2019 lecture series includes Juliana Huxtable, Andrea Polli, Lars Müller, Nathalie Lawhead, Astra Taylor, Gelare Khoshgozaran, and Ronen Sharabani.

The massive space will be the new home for their art collection, as well as housing a library, lecture hall, sculpture garden, and more.

Sometimes I let students know when I am about to discuss sexual violence in a lecture; often, I forget.

The grilling — perhaps lecture is a better word — went on for some time.

Enjoy a guest lecture by a prominent Cuban art critic and curator and field trips to unique cultural and historic locations.

The timing of the lecture was impeccable.

“There’s very little free press,” Török told me in a conversation after his lecture.

During his lecture, Török highlighted several rare Holocaust-related photos that took extensive effort to acquire.

Nix finishes his lecture at the Concordia Summit by stating that traditional blanket advertising is dead.

He says that often a young woman will ask a health provider about contraceptives but will instead get a lecture.

Our Evening lecture Series, Gallery Exhibitions and visiting artist critiques enrich the learning experience.

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Excerpts of that revealing exchange alternate with a recording of Cage’s “lecture on Nothing,” quietly looping at the entrance of the gallery.

The course’s lecture videos are already available online, for students at other institutions to use.

Mark Zuckerberg has joked about sleeping through Ec 10 lecture.

—John Arbuthnot Fisher, lecture notes A thing moderately good is not so good as it ought to be.

The discussion, the second lecture in the annual School of Art (SoART) lecture Series, will revolve around representation and community.

This lecture is free and open to the Pratt community and to the public.

He then went on with the lecture.

As he dreams, his movements mimic the scenario: If he’s giving a lecture, he’ll gesticulate.

Their activities ranged from a long-running monthly lecture series to public artworks, residencies, and fellowships.

On the afternoon of February 14, 2008, my fiancé was at Northern Illinois University in a basement lecture hall.

To see sample programs, faculty bios, news, the online journal, recordings of our popular lecture series, and admissions procedures, go to artwriting.sva.edu.

Since 1968, Armajani has designed and built reading rooms, poetry gardens, newsstands, a lecture hall, a hospital waiting room, a bandstand, walkways, and bridges.

She resigned as governor the following year but has remained in the public spotlight on the lecture circuit and as a conservative political commentator.

Don’t miss this special, free President’s lecture Series at Pratt Institute featuring renowned Brazilian artist and photographer Vik Muniz.

Though an educational film, it feels less like a lecture than a naturalist fable.

But that gives you this picture of a guy giving a lecture.

The lecture is beautiful.

The lecture capped off the three-day conference, a sister event to the SXSW music and art festival, which focuses on tech and the environment.

If I give a lecture or talk about these issues around food, it’s passive.

It’s not the time or the place for a scoldy lecture on how we shouldn’t overreact.

Nevelson’s spirituality was precipitated by the first Krishnamurti lecture she attended in 1928.

Studio and class time is enhanced by our Evening lecture Series, Gallery Exhibitions, Lunchtime lectures, and visiting artist critiques.

At minute 11, in his three hour lecture called “Bulletproof Mind” , Grossman advocated arming school teachers.

Speak, write, question, post, lecture, comment.

The lecture series brings renowned visual artists to the Boston University campus for a public artist talk.

Kipnis’ lecture as well as a collection of lectures held at SCI-Arc since 1976 can be accessed through the SCI-Arc Media Archive.

He briefly sat next to her during a lecture, before getting up to address the room as the guest speaker.

On Saturday, there will also be a lecture from historian Paul Koudounaris on Wild, Weird, and Heartwarming Stories from Feline History.

Seated beneath a projected screen of psychedelic images of their own making, P-Orridge delivered a reverie-inducing lecture.

But during the lecture he repudiated that label.

Tall, with long bleach blonde hair, weathered skin, and ringed eyeliner, P-orridge inspired rapt attention throughout their hour-long lecture.

We also saw a lecture from KrisAnne Hall—she’s on the Independent American Party website—she’s an attorney, a radio host, and really good.

But as he explained in a lecture at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, he thinks humanity doesn’t really have a choice.

But as he explained in a lecture at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, he thinks humanity doesn’t really have a choice.

The Music of Language and the Language of Music (A lecture by neuroscientist Aniruddh Patel, who we interviewed for this episode.)

My kids were in Cuba, and I got a lecture on “soft communism” from them, along with cigars.

In 2016, Burns was selected to deliver the annual Jefferson lecture, which is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

In a 1965 lecture, the philosopher Karl Popper made a distinction between two types of phenomena: clocks and clouds.

A long quest line might lead you to a very realistic, very boring academic lecture about demons, recorded at Oxford and put on YouTube.

And there’s some discussion in “Janet(s)” of theories of the self, in a Chidi lecture led by Janet-Chidi.

We received one lecture on the subject, descriptive and appropriately devoid of ideology in the way most of our lectures were.

I looked around the lecture hall and saw some of my classmates nodding their heads that this seemed reasonable, while others seemed disquieted.

Listening to him lecture Quinton “Rampage” Jackson about the racial dimensions of his shtick ahead of their UFC 114 grudge match was illuminating.

And every lecture and activity was designed to strip volunteers of any illusions of their own splendor.

The lecture is broken into five separate segments, each between about three and 10 minutes long.

“These were audience generators,” Krens explained during his lecture.

Watching these men lecture a woman on their bodies is infuriatingly familiar, but in talking about it, at least it becomes a little cathartic.

He then went on with the lecture.

Caplan, the medical ethicist, says that at most they’ll get a single lecture on social media, which he attributes to the generation gap.

(Hey, it could be worse—you could be stuck with a Sagittarius as they deliver a 20-minute lecture about CrossFit!)

Mostovoy’s lecture will be followed by his art exhibition at Price Street Project Space February 26-28.

(In April, as part of its annual lecture series, the chapel will welcome a professor of new media art and cultural heritage.)

For her part, Racquel says Tyler’s lecture didn’t faze her … not the least bit.

Utilize drawing techniques demonstrated in a classroom lecture prior to venturing out into New York City for onsite sessions.

Engage in a focused meditation, and a hear a brief lecture on the traditions and symbolism related to Tibetan art.

Holyoke University prior to a lecture.

This is a great time to attend a lecture or a class about something that’s been inspiring you lately.

It has echoed around Chinese lecture halls in recent months.

WSB-TV streamed Carter’s lecture, showing the 94-year-old ex-president smiling and talking while seated in a white cushioned chair at the podium.

Westerners are not in any position to lecture others, retort Gulf autocrats.

Finally, once the duo finished their lecture, Shpongle’s set began.

To that end, here are some of the additions I’ll be making to my opening-day lecture in Introduction to American Politics this term.

In the morning we had a lecture about the practice, and a demonstration with a man and woman running the course.

On an American tour, she refused to let her concerts open with a lecture on human rights—or even with a Romani song.

Some straw man from a Dawkins lecture shouts into a cellphone camera: “You’re a religion too!

But mostly, the president used the speech to give a prolonged lecture on Trumpism, making it a staid version of his rallies.

In 1909 Keynes returned to lecture on monetary economics.

At the end of the lecture, the system asks students questions only from segments where the software registered them as not being attentive.

We had a whole health and safety lecture on it.

Meanwhile, the turn-based structure, coupled with the fact sound isn’t required, means you might pick up some of the lecture by osmosis.

Crowded lecture halls and insufficient time with professors are common complaints.

Westworld, in short, feels a lot more like a TV show than it does an extended lecture on the nature of consciousness.

Mr Erdogan’s government is in no position to lecture anyone on democracy or human rights.

Regional watchers said that Trump was not expected to lecture the Saudis on human rights.

Other programs included workshops on community organizing and a lecture on the history of American elections and the reformative possibilities of ranked-choice voting.

Obama used a portion of his speech to lecture the people in the room — over a tool that helped them get their seats.

On “XXX.”, he offers murderous eye-for-an-eye advice to a grieving friend before giving a lecture to children on gun control.

At 22 years old, I gave my first lecture to university students, on sex trafficking and wartime sexual violence as human rights abuses.

The recital was part of a TEDx conference, a popular lecture series that had never before been held in a British jail.

Mattis was giving a history lecture and Bolton interrupted him, according to the source who witnessed the exchange and recalls it vividly.

“We are not here to lecture,” said Mr Trump.

That brief lecture took place only hours after the Iranians re-elected Hassan Rouhani, a relative moderate, as their president (see article).

“We are not here to lecture,” he said.

“I don’t know that we have the right to lecture,” Trump said.

How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?

How are we doing to lecture when you see the riots and horror going on in our country?

“I don’t know that we have the right to lecture,” Trump said.

How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?

How are we doing to lecture when you see the riots and horror going on in our country?

The form of the text subverts and undermines the authority of the lecture as a method of pontification, as a site of authority.

For example, Dr Rus knew that blind students often struggle to find an empty seat in a crowded lecture theatre.

(Douglas is a household name in Canada, who receiving roaring cheers in the lecture hall when Sanders mentioned him.

Throughout the series’ run, multiple characters lecture Joey repeatedly on the idea that she should be with Dawson, including Dawson’s aunt(!

The officer proceeds to lecture the 39-year-old coach and the 18-year-old female student — telling them how dumb their actions were.

This is as true of Hispanics as it is of speakers of smaller languages—and all without a lecture from the White House.

At the height of his panic, Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence strolls in, fresh off getting “a free lecture” from the cast of Hamilton.

Thoreau, thought of as a quiet philosopher, held his audience enthralled and parts of his lecture were reprinted in newspapers around the country.

FRESHMEN crowded the lecture hall at 9am for Humanities 110, the first class of their college careers.

“I’m sorry, this is a classroom space and this is not appropriate,” Ms Drumm said, immediately cancelling the lecture.

Assistant professor Lucia Martinez Valdivia, who describes herself as mixed-race and queer, asked protesters not to demonstrate during her lecture on Sappho last November.

*   *   * Cara Ober: Your lecture at MICA about the evolution of your work was amazing yesterday.

Ms Valdivia said she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and doubted her ability to deliver the lecture in the face of their opposition.

A professor of Muslim studies refused to lecture in front of protesters and taught his class of 150 students outside, under a tree.

If you’ve got a fussy baby, a college lecture just might do the trick!

Gender inequality in lecture halls has faded; household income inequality has widened.

*   *   * At the entrance of the Index Art Book Fair was a lecture garden designed by Aeromoto, a library for contemporary art.

The USIS ran the adjacent exhibition and lecture spaces as well, with a staff of nearly 100 and a budget of nearly $1m.

This routinely overfills certain courses and causes overflowing lecture halls.

Mr Akyol’s hosts reluctantly decided to cancel his third and final lecture.

At one point, Mort Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America and a staunch Trump supporter, proceeded to lecture Abu-Salha about Islam.

After jeers made holding the public lecture impossible, he gave his talk in an improvised video studio.

For the sociolinguists, there certainly is a place for dialect, even if it ain’t in the job interview or the lecture hall.

If your in entertainment, go to a lecture or cooking class.

Economic stars such as Mr Stiglitz and Mr Piketty are too busy on the lecture circuit to devote time to policymaking.

He agrees to “lend” a colleague one of his patients for a lecture.

When I was 14, my dad came to my school to give a guest lecture on venereal diseases and safe sex.

That model is now interesting only for a lecture on the history of economic thought.

People will think, for instance, that they can learn from a lecture while chatting with a friend.

I’m not your dad, I’m not gonna try to lecture you.

And like the typical Punjabi mother she was, nagging her daughters on how they should keep house, she needed to lecture Pakistan first.

IN A lecture during her first semester at Brigham Young University, a Mormon college in Utah, Tara Westover encountered an unfamiliar term.

At the AEA conference Alvin Roth, a Nobel prizewinner, delivered a lecture on his life-saving work in the field of market design.

They had arrived sullenly, expecting a lecture.

I began my lecture (since Art in America said I was the “master of the throwaway gesture”) by streaking the Walker Art Center.

The worst episodes usually forget that primal element in favor of on-the-nose moralizing (like the season one anti-gambling lecture “The Fever”).

To be cool today is to use car-sharing, attend a public lecture about urbanism or make your own way around India.

“Imaginary time may sound like science fiction … but it is a genuine scientific concept,” he wrote in a lecture paper.

“I haven’t had to lecture or teach undergraduates and I haven’t had to sit on tedious and time-consuming committees.

In the first year, thousands jam into lecture halls designed for hundreds.

Students crowded a medium-sized lecture hall as Khaled emphasized the power of teamwork.

On university campuses in Sydney Chinese students fill lecture halls and research labs.

The lecture halls of Australian universities provide more visible evidence.

And he gives him this lecture about do you want to be Larry the Cable Guy, or the next Steve Jobs?

Mr Brat is unapologetically conservative, expressing his views in a manner that alternates between a lecture and a bark.

It’s funny and smart and never feels like a lecture.

Encountering a Frenchman at dinner, he gives the “unfortunately born foreigner” a lecture on “le constitution Britannique”.

“I left every lecture and every class thinking that I had learned more about trying to be a better human being,” says another acolyte.

Poland is a test for the EU: if it cannot protect the rule of law within the bloc, it can hardly lecture others.

He does not lecture and rarely gives interviews.

What about your first lecture at Harvard?

But whereas in Gilman’s day curators reigned supreme, now they have to enchant visitors rather than lecture them.

This video lecture course will teach you how to take a 2D illustration and turn it into a 3D wearable garment.

Next door, a slick restaurant opens up to a lecture hall and an installation space.

The article is adapted from the inaugural Helen Alexander Memorial lecture that she presented on September 17th 2018 in London (full text here).

“It’s a lecture,” he tells me.

David visits an expert, who gives both him and the audience a lecture.

It turns out that at one seminar that involved repeatedly using the n-word and kissing a woman who was unhappy with his lecture.

It turns out that at one seminar that involved repeatedly using the n-word and kissing a woman who was unhappy with his lecture.

As Ms Mantel said in a lecture in 2017, readers of historical fiction are “actively requesting a subjective interpretation” of the evidence.

“You can’t judge course content, so you use lecture halls or sports facilities as proxies.” Since the financial crisis, bank lending has dried up.

On July 7 of that year, Trump foreign policy adviser Carter Page traveled to Moscow to give a lecture.

Like the euro-zone countries it likes to lecture, Germany seems to reform only under pressure.

First, he told the audience at a lecture that he couldn’t name a single woman writer who inspired him.

China’s complexities make Mr Fan reluctant to lecture.

The lecture series brings renowned visual artists to the Boston University campus for public artist talks.

“From now on, nobody has the right to lecture Turkey about democracy, human rights and freedoms,” he said.

He gave me a look of skepticism and began to lecture me on what would really be on the midterm.

It is absolutely detrimental when, during a lecture, students choose to interrupt me at the wrong time.

Trump told his audience of autocrats: “We are not here to lecture you.

Economists seeking to explain why poorer Americans are not moving to find better opportunities should take note, Mr Autor mused in his lecture.

On his first foreign trip, to Saudi Arabia, Mr Trump told a gathering of regional autocrats that he was “not here to lecture”.

“Postmodernists don’t believe in fact,” as he put it in the lecture on white privilege and Marxism.

This currently includes over 500 works by the artist duo, including gallery installations, lecture performances, drafts, and alternative and translated versions of artworks.

KY: He was giving a lecture in Thailand, and I was asked to do the moderation because I spoke Japanese.

Assali’s solo show, Costume Party at the Moslem Temple, opened on March 15, with an artist lecture on the 20.

He invited hawkish ex-generals and bellicose religious figures to lecture, and proposed installing a tank on campus to inspire martial pride.

Students unable to find seats in the packed lecture theatre stood shoulder-to-shoulder around the walls.

Watch: The NASA Engineer on a Feminist Voyage For the third portion of the study, college students were placed in two different lecture halls.

Closed-circuit television cameras have been installed in many lecture theatres to allow classes to be monitored.

The photo lecture series and visiting artist critiques at MassArt also encouraged me to venture into writing, performance, and experimental film.

This is what Feynman had in mind, imagining in his lecture “that the computer will do exactly the same as nature”.

I listened to a lecture by James Carse recently about finite and infinite games.

Mind you she wasn’t talking or interrupting lecture,” he added.

Mr Bünger instead offers a lecture performance.

In January of 1989, Bose shared his findings with the world during an MIT lecture.

lecture performance is a vibrant category within the wider performance medium,” says Adela Yawitz, a Berlin-based curator, mentioning several other practitioners.

But at a deeper level, he insists, “my lecture performance is the absolute antithesis of TED”.

For him, lecture performance lays bare the imbalance of power between lecturer and listener, and highlights the alchemy of language.

“A lecture on Schizophonia” (2009-2011) explored the impact of recorded speech.

It’s not every day that a single two-hour lecture kills a major industry initiative.

“MODERN MONETARY THEORY” sounds like the subject of a lecture destined to put undergraduates to sleep.

The Easter Rising was part-organised in America; a lecture by Yeats drew 4,000 New Yorkers in 1904.

It’s human nature.” No one needs a lecture on the nature of social media.

A shopkeeper says that owners of low-scoring establishments risk being summoned for a lecture by officials.

— SuBee (@SuBee81) November 16, 2017 Tweeted another user: “I can’t believe you have the audacity to lecture anyone on morality.

In an asynchronous program, you never … You watch a lecture.

You watch a lecture, basically.

The lecture was an alibi.

We are there to serve them, not to lecture them,” he tweeted Tuesday.

As he recited his poems his eyes would roll up in his head, as though he was a hundred miles beyond the lecture hall.

But Mr Blanchard gave his lecture after realising that in America nominal growth outpacing the interest rate is the historical norm.

He would probably deliver a cheerful lecture on the importance of the correct tyre pressure while he was tightening the wheel nuts.

In a provocative lecture entitled “Two incompatible sacred values at American Universities”, Mr Haidt argues that universities face a choice.

The next time you saw them in a lecture you’d smile and nod.

The week after that you’d have a 40-second chat with them on the way back to the bus after the lecture.

For over 50 years, the NYSS Evening lecture Series has been a unique force within the New York art world.

Holdings include monographs on artists, art historical texts, art periodicals, and exhibition catalogs, as well as an extensive lecture archive.

It’s a comedy, it’s a drama, and it’s a political science lecture about the dangers of executive privilege.

Hill gave a keynote lecture about sexual harassment and assault, Hamill said.

Earlier in the day, the filmmaker and activist, 41, gave a lecture at the university’s Centre for Women, Peace and Security, PEOPLE confirms.

More information on the lecture can be found here.

The S word never happened and no one wanted to talk about it even when I did the lecture tour.

“It has an evening science lecture that could be a worthwhile stop.

“We are not here to lecture — to tell other peoples how to live, what to do or who to be.

You will find yourself in a lecture hall unchanged since the days of Faraday’s famous demonstration of first electric motor.

The clip features a voiceover from comedian Tony Baker, who’s playing a schoolteacher scolding the duck — Mr. Duckworth — for falling asleep during lecture.

And there have always been wonderful lecture series in Miami.

I remember the FIU Art Museum before it became the Frost Museum, used to do a wonderful Green lecture Series.

I didn’t have to teach a lecture class; I only had to teach painting.

Hit up a museum or go to a lecture today— you’re craving intellectual stimulation.

According to Xiaopeng’s parents, they had not expected their son to react this way to their lecture.

Dumlao also travels to schools to lecture about issues related to identity.

Amal has also been in town recently teaching a lecture at Columbia University.

Salman Khan gives a lecture on road safety.Irony gets run over on the streets.

Biggie and other young rappers assembled in recording studios or hotel rooms to hear Tupac lecture about how to make it in the game.

Some are actually using the opportunity to lecture Miller on his complete lack of compassion: Don’t worry everyone.

“There will be movies, lecture halls, cabins, and a restaurant.

I googled, and I just see this video of a guy in Roman armor taking a piss on a TED lecture.

The cops spoke to them, “I guess to lecture them on the evils of weed,” said McConnell, and then let them go.

This is a necessary lecture.

I asked her to stay after lecture and sat her down, asking if she had plagiarized her paper.

Trump told his audience of autocrats: “We are not here to lecture you.

Juan Manuel Santos’s Nobel lecture: The sun of peace finally shines in the heavens of Colombia!

At no point did watching Full Frontal feel like sitting through a lecture delivered by a likable but stern professor.

If that were still true, why wasn’t Chidi speaking French in the lecture Eleanor watched on YouTube?

Monday he posted on Facebook that the lecture had been canceled because of intervention from the counter-extremism unit from the British Department of Education.

You wonder if you should’ve spent more time on your lecture against stereotypes.

Not a week goes by without it hosting at least one lecture, panel discussion, art opening or poetry reading.

We spoke to Dr. Kumar ahead of a lecture on healthy online interactions at USC.

Instead of limiting a lecture to one professor, MOOCs let each of these 13 practicing physicians teach students directly through short videos.

Wong delivered her speech in opposition to a public vote on Tuesday at the annual Lionel Murphy Memorial lecture.

Worldly isn’t a generic news roundup, and it isn’t something that will sound like an academic lecture.

Messaging someone is more discussion group than lecture hall — it’s about passing the conversation back and forth.

But as he explained in a lecture at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, he thinks humanity doesn’t really have a choice.

To instill disciplinary diversity, the course will invite faculty from across campus to guest lecture.

But as he explained in a lecture at the International Astronautical Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico, he thinks humanity doesn’t really have a choice.

If you think Chris Christie can lecture anyone on ethics, we have a bridge to sell you.

During the Body show, there will be a lecture by the group Compassion & Choices.

Years later, I gave my Professorial lecture about him at Southampton Solent University, where I am now Professor of Music Industries.

The world-renowned physicist actually gave his speech live via hologram for the 90-minute lecture about his life and work.

If we’re supposed to care when a team or player does well, you can’t lecture us about noticing when they don’t.

He was beamed in for his lecture from the UK.

And finally: Does anyone actually think students aren’t going to use these to play Candy Crush in the back of lecture?

The 500-year-old teacher cannot help but lecture his readers; we’d expect nothing less.

He gave a lecture on World War II and German silence.

The lecture had gone viral.

When I gave the lecture about supply-side economics, I thought they were applauding.

No matter how often you brush teeth, you’re probably still going to get the dentist lecture about how you should be brushing better.

When I was 19 I was too scared to raise my hand in a 75-seat lecture hall.

She brings the nightclub to the classroom and vice-versa by teaching critical race, postcolonial, and gender theories through lip sync and lecture.

With all this pent up anger, he’s gonna want to school you somewhere crazy like the library stacks or a lecture hall.

Don’t feel like bring your laptop to take notes in the lecture?

“She’s genius and gorgeous,” an architect who has seen Oxman lecture told PEOPLE.

The contrast between theatrical performance and the lecture performance is easier to spot than the fake Trump supporters at the announcement of his candidacy.

Plus, each lecture in this course — there are 91 of them total — is based on research from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and other leading institutions.

Star Wars: Time for Obi-Wan’s lecture on the Force and the Way Things Used to Be.

The Rebel briefing is a gruff military lecture, a set of mostly unquestioned orders to a room full of pilots.

I broach the issue with Tiffany Johnson, a black lawyer and firearms instructor from Memphis who is at the conference to give a lecture.

“She’s genius and gorgeous,” an architect who has seen Oxman lecture told PEOPLE.

But don’t be quick to book that flight or buy that lecture ticket—Mercury retrograde reenters Fire sign Sagittarius, bringing delays and confusion.

The title of my lecture was “It’s All in the Pants: How to Be a Famous Freelance Writer.”

Snow talks about the pitfalls of fat-shaming in a training—the least meathead-ish lecture you’d ever expect from such a class.

Tomorrow, a doctor will be in to lecture on anatomy.

It could be a conversation or debate, a performance, a lecture or seminar, a form of outreach – or something we haven’t thought of.

That’s all good and well, but spare me the lecture, Bill.

Last week, Krueger gave a lecture at Stanford University on income distribution and labor market regulation called “Why is Basic Universal Income So Controversial?”

I watched a lecture at MIT.

I watched a lecture on my phone.

About 15 minutes into Fischer’s lecture, an audience member stood up and blew a whistle, according to the IndyStar.

Columbia University postponed a planned lecture by Saudi artist Ahmed Mater.

During a small lecture at a private residence in Delray Beach earlier this month, I watched a houseplant play music, unabashedly and beautifully.

“She’s genius and gorgeous,” an architect, who has seen Oxman lecture and knows her work, tells PEOPLE.

That’s when the cop pulled out a badge, terrifying Dane before letting him off with a lecture.

20 lecture, 3.5 hours, only $10.

Knight and Varnam met at a lecture given by Ina May Gaskin in New York City in 2014.

You can find Hawking’s last lecture which he gave in Japan earlier this month on his website.

In 1921, he was jumped after a lecture and left for dead on the street.

They’re just being human, and aren’t immune to the theories they lecture on.

I went to some of the lecture & later there was a film screening.

“The president doesn’t get to lecture us on loving our kids.”

Elliott wrote in a lecture last year.

What’s the state of the field that you’re going to lecture on?

It’s not entirely clear whether or not the teacher will be fired for his creative lecture.

Watts and Bennett spoke about Williams’ role in the campaign during a tell-all lecture in Washington on Wednesday.

It turns out that an apple a day really can keep the doctor away — at least away from a lecture about gaining weight.

I tackled all three critiques in the Mundell-Fleming lecture at the International Monetary Fund in November and have just posted an expanded, written version.

Contrast Rubio’s speech with Ted Cruz’s 30-plus minute diatribe — more of a lecture than a victory speech.

Why am I laying down stacks when my TA just showed Bill Nye videos our entire lecture?

But this country doesn’t ever need to hear a lecture from any one of these people [Perkins, Falwell, etc.]

Instead, I decided to go whole hog and—on my own initiative—ask to speak to the class before our property law lecture.

She confronted him one night and gave him “the old mom lecture.

Please sit there so we can lecture you.

February 26 (morning) At 10:30 a.m., I took a seat in the back of my 300-person lecture class in cognitive neuroscience.

Cover image: North Korean students at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology sit in rows during a seminar and lecture on Oct. 5, 2011.

This is a fantastic full moon to spend by taking an interesting class or attending an exciting lecture.

My first experience with them was giving a lecture in 2006.

When right-wing activist Ben Shapiro tried to give a lecture at Cal State, those who wanted him silenced resorted to violence as well.

6” (2000), and the show catalogue both suggest the piece is a recreation of a lecture hall.

It’s hard not to stumble into a lecture on the dangers of plastic abuse or the value of sustainable farming techniques.

Where were these voices when Shapiro could not give a lecture because of a crowd that wanted to silence him?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Over his three decades of teaching, Josef Albers delivered just one lecture on photography.

“I heard him give a lecture about the polymerase chain reaction (PCR).

In 2012 she lost her father, writer Jeffrey Zaslow, co-author of the runaway bestsellers “The Last lecture” and “Highest Duty,” in a car accident.

When the lecture re-started he announced, in that instantly recognizable voice, ‘I fell off the edge of the world’.

“It may be that this conflict has only just begun,” Douthat said in a lecture to American conservatives in January.

So what right has he to lecture Britain and Europe about the best way to order their affairs?

The second time was at a lecture when I was in college.

In her new performance lecture title “Physical Tactics for Digital Colonialism,” Allahyari explores what it means for data to be colonized.

Clinton’s “Define Donald” playbook — the next step Next up in Hillary Clinton’s ongoing Trump lecture series: the economy.

This was precisely the point that Dubuffet expressed in his “art brut” paintings and openly stated in his Chicago lecture.

But tech people continue to come in and lecture.

“I don’t think we have the right to lecture,” he said.

The lecture event in February last year directed similar ire at Barbur Gallery.

All through, Barkat insisted that the eviction order had nothing to do with the controversial lecture.

“I don’t know that we have a right to lecture.”

Moderated by film and media curator Sally Berger, the discussion will launch the Pratt Institute School of Art (SoArt) lecture Series.

The School of Art (SoArt) lecture Series invites a prominent conversation-generating artist to the Pratt campus each year.

For this inaugural lecture celebrating the recently formed School of Art, the school has partnered with the Film/Video Department to host Werner Herzog.

The SoArt lecture Series is supported by Pratt Presents.

“Sir please give us bad women a lecture on Indian Culture.

On Sunday night, Hillary Clinton delivered the Arthur Miller Freedom to Write lecture at the PEN America World Voices Festival.

Douglass muses on the then-new trains that took him from lecture to lecture that no one in the UK reacts negatively to his appearance.

In a 2010 lecture, Jeffress said that “God sends good people to Hell,” including Jews and Muslims.

In a 2010 lecture, Jeffress said that “God sends good people to Hell,” including Jews and Muslims.

She didn’t lecture.

Bar his RBMA lecture in 2010, and a couple of other scattered examples, he has remained resolutely distant from the media.

According to his Twitter account, he had planned a lecture tour in the United States in November.

Ted Cruz should know not to lecture Luke Skywalker about the Dark Side.

This Sunday, the Velaslavasay Panorama will host a lecture on the development of North American naturalism in the 19th century.

Kids often view class lecture notes and do homework through a screen, she said.

lecture me on how time travel doesn’t work like that.

It is not for them to lecture countries they once exploited on how to conduct their own internal affairs today.”

“You don’t need a lecture when your tarp falls down in the rain,” he explains.

The only requirement is that Dylan present a Nobel lecture within six months.

Mike Pence to a theater lecture.

Mike Pence to a theater lecture.

Her oratory is always going to remind you a little of your least favorite history teacher’s lecture about the cotton gin.

I got a free lecture,” Pence responded.

“He got a lecture.

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) – Many writers might give their right arm to be paid almost $1 million to deliver a lecture.

“Yes, we are trying to find an arrangement that suits the laureate (Dylan).” The lecture need not be delivered in Stockholm.

Instead, she composed a lecture and sent it to her Swedish publisher, who read it out at a ceremony in the Swedish capital.

Instead of showing magnanimity to the other side of the political aisle, Obama chose to lecture and even condescend.

For further information visit our website and see sample programs, faculty bios, news, recordings of our popular lecture series, and admissions procedures.

A moral lecture, in other words.

“You’re there for the lecture and the free booze, not to just stare at each other in stumped silence, trying to hook up.”

Surrounding the lecture hall with signs, they chanted, “Say it loud, say it clear, racists are not welcome here.”

Via the lecture circuit, seances, and other activities in which people attempted to talk to the dead, spiritualism became a significant cultural force.

While Kanye was taking videos of his laptop, it revealed that he had a tab open of a lecture by Canadian professor Jordan Peterson.

Former US President Barack Obama will deliver a speech on Tuesday at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Merkel felt she had to explain the Geneva Convention to Trump — a lecture a source has said Trump chafed at.

Remember: This is a fun day, so no need to lecture.

But he stated it was not his place to come to the US and “lecture” Trump on the controversial policy.

“The last thing Canadians expect is for me to come down and lecture another country on how they choose to govern themselves.”

Trudeau said he disagreed but was not there to “lecture” the President.

Mr. Trump apparently thought it was rude for cast members to lecture Mike Pence about diversity and inclusion.

Ruosso says an immigration officer told him he wasn’t “allowed to give a lecture and receive an honorarium” with his tourist visa.

This new moon finds you eager to be inspired: Go to a lecture by someone you admire!

July 8: The Telegraph reports Page gave a lecture in Moscow that slams US policy toward Russia.

He traveled to Russia in July, where he gave a lecture and would not answer questions from Reuters about US-Russia policy.

Fighting his fears, which would emerge even days before he had to give a lecture, only made things worse.

So, really, lecture, formal training, on the job coaching and mentoring, and just really practical support.

Or they want the university to cancel a lecture because the speaker is from the wrong demographic.

Trump, according to a person familiar with the call, chafed at the lecture.

And there was a strong sense back then that it was former colonial officers coming to lecture people.

“I have never given a donation of 1 million yen to Mr. Kagoike, nor received a lecture fee.

Would he have been referred to a treatment center, given a “you’re better than this” lecture by a compassionate police officer?

After the lecture, Friedman will sign copies of her book, which are available in Copper Hewitt’s shop.

“Please note that no Nobel lecture will be held,” Danius wrote.

The taped lecture is important, because without it, Dylan cannot receive his prize money.

At once a laboratory, art gallery, and lecture hall, its main purpose was to serve the students of Harvard College.

It would be as perverse as paying Trump to give a lecture on university governance.

She knows professors who take it to finish a paper or deliver a lecture when they’re tired.

Brian Brandsmeier, a Buddhist, achieved “enlightenment” about the universe and his place in it thanks to a life-changing lecture from Neil deGrasse Tyson.

This week, a lecture by Martha Rosler, a fair dedicated to political action, plus Hyperallergic writers and editors are in events all over town.

The details are in the lecture above, which is reasonably short and accessible.

That’s just so much more fun and effective, I think, than a lecture.”

The lecture held at Abuja was one of a series of events and rallies held Friday to remember the 195 that are still missing.

During the campaign, he traveled to Russia in July, where he gave a lecture critical of US policy toward Russia.

A few years ago we foolishly agreed to attend a Michael Riedel lecture about his forthcoming body of work.

Watch the lecture below.

Photo: Screengrab from lecture via YouTube Follow Noisey on Twitter

But Page’s lecture sounded different than what would be expected from most Americans.

Despite being detestable, the event taught me more than any lecture by someone I agreed with.

At Montpellier’s Paul-Valery University and Toulouse University, students are preventing access to lecture halls.

Green rejects the conclusions of scientists in his lecture.

On Monday, CNN reported Green is a self-identified creationist who delivered a lecture arguing against the theory of evolution.

(She puts herself on the list for flashing a male college professor during a lecture.)

Green, who is a former Army doctor, is also a self-identified “creationist” who has delivered a lecture arguing against the theory of evolution.

(CNN)Years ago, before she was a White House spokeswoman, Kellyanne Conway and I used to do the lecture circuit together.

“We don’t need a lecture from Washington on how to lead our lives.”

Electric Paris will be accompanied by a scholarly lecture series, film series and Paris inspired events.

— the West Hollywood Aesthetics and Politics lecture series — is co-hosted by the City of West Hollywood and CalArts MA Aesthetics and Politics Program.

stands for the West Hollywood Aesthetics and Politics lecture series.

“We’re not going to lecture anyone,” a senior White House official said ahead of Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia.

At the end, Jackson launched into a lecture on literary structure.

The judge didn’t lecture Dani … it was all business.

SM: Tell me about shooting the lecture scene, wherein Jack (or the two Jacks, as it were) are lecturing on Foucault and Lacan.

YR: Oh, the impossible lecture scene.

While Trump promised that he was “not here to lecture” the Muslim world, his speech went beyond outreach.

I just put his lecture in the mouths of the two actors in front of this very bored classroom, and ran with it.

If Saudi Arabia buys this relationship, the US will be in no position to lecture them.”

The lecture was the wrong tone and this was the wrong time.”

I don’t want to get a lecture from him about … DG: Sure, sure.

En route to an American lecture tour, Ward meets heiress Sarita Sanford.

Climate controversy When the President arrived at the Vatican on a sun-splashed morning on Wednesday, Pope Francis didn’t lecture Trump.

Inside, the plant manager was giving a lecture to nearly a hundred violently dorky adults who heard about this sh*t on Radiolab.

Professor Gurindar S. Sohi giving a lecture.

Bear in mind, I was obviously a good few years older than him, and obviously extremely unimpressed with his lecture.

However, the scene that I designed last year was a lecture theater which had an animated audience.

If so, what’s been the feedback?Yes, I tested the lecture theater scene I created on a self-help stuttering group last year.

In May, leaders chafed at the lecture Trump delivered on defense spending during talks at NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“During my first psych lecture, my stomach dropped for the entire 90 minutes,” he said.

His eyes were bright and brown and he raised his scant eyebrows, settling into his lecture.

“The station also processes and transmits a pre-recorded lecture by Sergey Kasich: ‘Sound art community in the context of development of modern technologies.

“My exit strategy is to do that and then lecture on sex work and trafficking.

Just don’t lecture the locals about it.

At one point, Arpaio even gives a stern lecture about gun ownership to a small Shopkins donut toy because, sure, why not?

Again, this lecture feels directed very squarely at Priebus and his allies in the West Wing.

It was a fiery and intense lecture on the shortcomings of bypassing “regular order” and turning your back on compromise.

“A young baby fighter pilot,” she told a crowd during a lecture last year at the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum.

“Really, all I did that day was show up for work,” she said during her lecture.

“Sass and I were not heroes that day,” Penney said during her lecture emotionally.

The NNSC also operates an education program, traveling to South Korean frontline units to lecture on the armistice that ended hostilities in 1953.

MWs are often asked to judge wine competitions, lecture on wine courses and advise governments, hotels and airlines on their wine selections.

“To my Republican colleagues, please don’t lecture us on health care,” Sanders roared to applause from the dozens of activists in the room.

But I gave the lecture, albeit starting 20 minutes late, and it went down well.

But how his presence will play during what has been billed as a lecture series remains to be seen.

One student told the Washington Post those students received emails telling them they had initially been invited to the lecture in error.

It’s not to be found in books or lecture halls or even churches or synagogues or mosques.

“I don’t have to lecture them,” he says.

I unearthed a punk show, a lecture and a queer DJ afterparty.

Next day, I headed to a lecture held in a large former factory-turned-art-space that was holding an all-day music event.

That contrasts with the traditional training format where experts are brought in and lecture a group.

late-night event, around 100 people have packed into a lecture theatre for a sold-out series of talks and events exploring modern masculinity.

He first uttered these words in 1933, an unlucky year for Jews of any cognitive disposition, in a lecture at the University of Virginia.

Earlier this year, the celebrated artist Carrie Mae Weems held a performative lecture at the National Gallery of Art.

Six months after that meeting, I was giving a lecture on genealogy and reparations in Amite, Louisiana, when I met Mae Louise Walls Miller.

Mae walked in after the lecture was over, demanding to speak with me.

A Nobel cause Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, warned of antibiotic resistance at his Nobel lecture in 1945.

But Mae and I became good friends and would lecture together.

I’m definitely not delivering a lecture on what self-love is or isn’t, or how to get it.

Rizieq made the comments about the banknotes in a videotaped lecture last month.

For a person in that position to try and lecture morality to one of the poorest counties in the entire nation is wrong.”

There is a lecture about proper reporting and paperwork.

This is not a college lecture, this is not passing out leaflets outside of Starbucks.

We hope lecture in a sentence examples were helpful.