Launched in a sentence | Use of the word launched examples

“We launched two years ago, and Facebook is one of the platforms we use to reach our audience.”

Its European Supply Centre near Budapest, launched in 2009, is Huawei’s biggest production base outside China, the group says.

We also just launched on Google Play Music!

In 2015, a group of foundations launched the DivestInvest initiative, which helps foundations, individuals and businesses divest from fossil fuels.

Earlier this month, Chicago police launched an investigation to determine the source of the leaks in the department.

Beyond drug treatment, the federal government could do more to stop doctors from prescribing so many opioid painkillers, whose overprescription launched the epidemic.

The European Central Bank in November launched its own settlement system for real-time transactions, known as TIPS, which stands for Target Instant Payment Settlement.

Three years ago, shortly before the holy month of Ramadan began, I launched a website for QueerPK.

Three years ago, shortly before the holy month of Ramadan began, I launched a website for QueerPK.

The City of Paris launched a new initiative to create one city-run mural space for street art in each of Paris’s 20 arrondissements.

What are you working on now?I just launched The Chandelier menu, and it’s my favorite I’ve done so far.

Lawmakers launched an inquiry into reality television in May.

Lhamon’s agency launched an investigation last June into the federal government’s civil rights enforcement activity, citing Trump’s proposed budget.

On Monday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN the rocket “was an Iranian missile launched by Hezbollah”.

In February, the Saudi government launched an ambitious $50 billion investment plan in renewable energy.

Kylie’s birthday collection features lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner and glitter eyes, and it launched on August 6.

However, he announced an internal police investigation had been launched after a protester was injured at Bastille.

To help quell discontent, Macron this month launched a series of public debates that he promised will lead to measures.

It launched an insurgency in 1984 in which more than 40,000 people have been killed.

Facebook launched a messaging bot platform at its event in April, and Google used its conference to talk about its virtual reality plans.

Initially, this was launched by shows like Bear Grylls’s, but this whole “surviving in nature” period transformed into a more survivalist trend.

In fact, we just launched a band like the Apple Watch in Europe.

Last year, he launched his second collaboration with the plus-size clothing company Lane Bryant.

The Syrian state denied government forces had launched any chemical assault.

The Treasury Department launched an inquiry into the potential leak.

Luckily, this research will live on and grow at, which launched October 24th.

Last year Tesco launched the Jack’s chain to compete with German-owned discounters Aldi and Lidl.

The NFL has launched its own investigation into the incident.

Its limited edition “Tamuka muZimbabwe” (“We Have Awakened in Zimbabwe”) coffee, launched in 16 countries in May, sold out in three weeks, he said.

After stints in finance and consulting, he and his father, Gabor Forgacs—an accomplished scientist— launched Organovo in 2007.

Prior to working in synthetic biology, he launched the Virtual Nurse symptom-checking mobile app, in partnership with Harvard Medical School.

Ottawa-based conservation organization, ETC Group, launched a campaign against Glowing Plant, which it called a “Kickstopper.”

In 2001, a Dutch sociology professor named Pim Fortuyn launched a new political movement — oriented entirely around opposition to Muslim immigration.

Tax authorities have launched investigations into 21 clubs and host bars for possible evasion.

The wealth fund launched legal action to sever ties with Quantum Global following a change of government in Angola in 2017.

In 2014, President Barack Obama launched a more limited clemency initiative that encouraged certain nonviolent drug offenders serving mandatory minimum sentences to apply.

Trump’s campaign suggested that the probe launched by Schneiderman, a Democrat, was politically motivated.

To be fair, it wasn’t Trump personally who said the US military would act if Assad launched a chemical attack.

The roughly 10-minute experience was launched this month by the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), an Australian public media network.

Since Facebook launched its live video platform in April 2016, death has become a worrying trend among several videos shared through the feature.

And he’s launched probes into China’s trade investigations that could spark the ire of Beijing — and potentially trigger a trade war.

And that’s why we launched a daily news explainer podcast called Today, Explained.

He then went on to do three internships at Pasteur Institute, Inria, and MIT—where he also launched two startups, including “Eligo Bioscience.”

In 2014, it rolled out the all-wheel-drive version of the Model S, and last year it launched the Model X.

It launched everything else off that seesaw and far into the distance.

The camo-clad doll is being sold to support the REORG Jiu-Jitsu Foundation … a nonprofit launched in association with The Royal Marines Charity.

Earlier this year, PepsiCo launched berry, lime and mango flavored sodas in 12-ounce cans and introduced variations of Cheetos and Doritos tortilla chips.

It just launched its service in Mexico, an Uber stronghold.

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola launched the drink as a part of its efforts to break away from its traditional fizzy sodas and shift to health-focused trends.

You’ll recall … Kanye launched Donda’s House — named after his mom — in Chicago in 2013.

With his name on the waiver wire, countless sportswriter eulogies were launched from the laptops of baseball scribes like so many Bautista home runs.

Israel reportedly launched airstrikes in Syria following the decision.

He photographed it, and the resulting image launched a longstanding fascination with these rarely seen backs of artworks.

When Stanton Healthcare launched its center in Belfast, it said that it was in “direct opposition to the abortion business of Marie Stopes.”

Shortly after that, Otto launched out of stealth in May.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s online collection has seen a 17% traffic increase since the museum launched its open access initiative.

The George Eastman Museum launched the Technicolor Online Research Archive, a resource of over 40,000 documents from the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation (1914–1955).

Vestiaire Collective launched in Paris over five years ago and has offices in Europe and the US.

(Working Artists and the Greater Economy) launched its new website.

Many local residents had fled after Israel phoned in calls to evacuate and launched at least five non-exploding missiles nearby as warnings, witnesses said.

In turn, they launched a number of assaults on army and police targets, leaving dozens dead.

The search is part of Brazil’s wide-ranging Car Wash investigation, which was launched in 2014.

The site recently launched Luxe, a new portal that’ll take higher-end merchandise.

The MLB has launched an investigation into the Baer incident and the Giants say they are cooperating with investigators.

Earlier on Wednesday, Iranian lawmakers launched impeachment proceedings against the education minister, adding to the pressure on Rouhani.

The trio at the center of Last Flag Flying have never launched a war, but their lives are irrevocably marked by them nonetheless.

Google’s measured over 1B Store Visits in the 18 months since we’ve launched.

Downing is a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department who launched and headed the LAPD’s anti-drug efforts in the 1970s.

Amazon also launched a hub for managing digital subscriptions, from streaming services to meal-planning kits.

Stockbridge launched the project by making portraits of people with a 4 by 5-inch film camera.

When you launched I’m not sure that was as obvious, right?

Then at the end of 2015, or September of 2015, is when we launched on Snapchat.

We got launched on that platform, as I mentioned, kind of the end of 2015.

I took about six months, and then, in late 2000, I launched [Discogs].

The Observatory said the jihadists had captured it in a surprise attack launched after their fighters had infiltrated the town.

And a Chinese freighter designed, ironically, to carry coal, launched in December.

The car has since been launched in the United States and other countries around the world.

Lily launched in 2015 with a dazzling promotional video that went viral, showcasing footage that was supposed to be from the Lily drone.

The non-profit tech association Softec has also launched a GoFundMe campaign to replace the team’s robotic equipment.

Black & White Gallery and Project Space was launched by Tatyana Okshteyn in Williamsburg in 2002.

“But I’m a long way from making any decisions about the future.” He plans to write a book and has launched a website.

It launched the beginning of March.

Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror was launched this week by the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) with support from Google.

As Ars Technica noted, the database didn’t even require a login when it was launched.

Apple would like to change that, so it’s launching an ad campaign promoting the news aggregator it launched, without much fanfare, last fall.

Shortly thereafter, he launched his own site,, which began life as a glorified news aggregator.

(Reuters) – NASA launched a space probe early Sunday that will go closer to the Sun than any spacecraft before, the agency announced.

So he and Itskov have launched a four-phase assault on death, known as the Avatar Project.

Aug. 3: U.S. researchers said they launched Zika vaccine clinical trial.

We had we had over a million people playing on the day it launched.

We were 15 people when it launched.

“We launched ourselves into space and landed on the moon.

On January 21, Garlicoin launched with a flashy website.

The show is still in its development stages, and the Disney streaming service it will appear on, Disney+, hasn’t even launched yet.

The Islamic State recently launched a series of new and renewed threats at Muslims in the West.

The phone contained some innovative features but was priced high, at $199, just as Apple launched a new line of iPhones.

Green has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of Pur·suit for distribution.

The dream of Social Security privatization that launched his policy relevance is dead.

Formally launched this January by Holder, also a close personal friend of the president, the NDRC has already raised millions of dollars.

But I don’t think ESPN would put those restraints into a skinny bundle that it launched this year.

In a close third, Universal and Working Title’s “Yesterday” launched with $17 million from 2,603 venues.

Fortunately, a handful of medical associations have launched nationwide information campaigns that reinforce scientific fact.

When Spotify launched Discover Weekly a year ago, it seemed like a cool magic trick.

But the couple insists they’re innocent and have launched new proceedings, arguing they were entrapped by the RCMP and intelligence officers.

But the couple insists they’re innocent and have launched new proceedings, arguing they were entrapped by the RCMP and intelligence officers.

When we launched Vox a bit over four years ago, we did so with a few beliefs.

When we launched Vox four years ago, we had no idea if there would be an audience for what we hoped to do.

“We have launched an investigation to find the driver concerned and take appropriate action.”

Since the missiles were launched, he’s been remarkably quiet about the spontaneous breach of his previously held doctrine.

“Now, ten months later, Succ has launched in [skate fashion retail giant] Zumiez and has turned into a full-time job,” says Martyn.

Grab and Lyft also launched their cross-booking app, but both have since been dissolved given that the cost and labor outweighed the returns.

She unboxes slime to her 8 million subscribers and recently launched a slime brand of her own, Craft City, sold at stores like Target.

launched in 2010, Operation Combat is an anti-gang strategy spearheaded by Major General Jeremy Veary.

Then they disengaged their rotors, launched spring-loaded, retractable spikes on metal wires, and latched onto the trees at chest level.

In 2014, the crew launched an expedition to the United Kingdom, stopping in Liverpool before sailing up to Scotland.

“We launched in 2016, and we literally change the doll every three months to keep up with interests.

In 2010, the two of them launched a campaign that they hoped would change philanthropy: the Giving Pledge.

All about the Model 3 Tesla revealed the Model 3 in early 2016 and semi-officially launched the car this past July.

Last month, one launched interceptors at machine gun bullets.)

The world’s biggest online retailer launched Amazon Studios in 2010 to develop original programs that have since grabbed awards and Hollywood buzz.

A coalition of teachers and parents have launched a petition to add one to the ballot in November.

While Club 57 and the Mudd Club co-existed in the exact same years—1978 to 1983—the latter launched in larger digs with more mainstream appeal.

Just this week, Facebook launched a service called Workplace — formerly known as Facebook at Work — to the public.

Al Shabaab has launched a series of attacks against Kenya in recent years, including using local recruits.

By the time I’d finished off Spain, Germany had already launched a satellite—the first step towards a science victory.

Since we’ve actually launched in Rwanda, I think it takes a special country to actually show it’s possible for the first time.

of Fish and Wildlife, who launched an investigation.

launched in 2017, prior to the accidents, there were more than 350 such models operating in the world.

Well, it has been six months since Waypoint officially launched, back on November 1, 2016.

The model has shifted—even since Beats launched, in 2015.

Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos’ private rocket company, launched the New Shepard rocket’s eighth test flight from West Texas on Sunday.

In 1962, the United States launched a ballistic missile with a live warhead in what was known as the Frigate Bird test.

The North also says the satellites it has launched into orbit are functioning successfully, although that has not been verified independently.

When YouTube launched its over-the-top TV service this week, it joined a growing crowd of companies trying to sell TV over the internet.

In other Death Grips news, Stephen Burnett (aka MC Ride) launched a website to showcase and sell his paintings.

The protest movement, launched by Swedish teen Greta Thunberg, has now spread around the world, to nations from Australia to Uganda.

On Wednesday, Russia’s Northern Fleet launched a large naval exercise in the Arctic Barents Sea.

In total, 87 rockets were launched in 2015.

The award for the fewest rocket launches of space capable countries goes to Iran, which launched a single Safir rocket on February 2.

Last year, the Nation Institute launched a Jonathan Schell Memorial Lecture Series, in honor of the late environmental journalist.

Since the company launched in beta in May, at the very least the promotion has been running for four weeks.

North Korea reportedly launched a ballistic missile, ahead of Trump’s meeting with China.

Gilligan and her wife Katherine Zappone launched a legal appeal in 2004 to have their Canadian marriage recognized by the Irish authorities.

Gavin Rhodes: Basically someone came to us and was like “would you be interested in doing this?” We launched with primarily hip-hop emoji sets.

Nevertheless, Smith won and then launched into an acceptance speech that seemed tone-deaf.

Assange launched WikiLeaks in 2006, creating a web-based “dead letter drop” for would-be leakers.

It is currently leading a campaign to end outsourcing at the University of London and last year launched a boycott of the institution.

As part of this debugging effort, and then we launched it.

The Trump administration has launched a national security investigation into automobile imports that could lead to additional tariffs.

Last month, we launched a Facebook group for Obamacare enrollees.

Well, the company behind the event is Fireside Cannabis—a recreational weed brand launched by licensed producer ABcann.

German, Austrian and Swiss authorities have all launched investigations into whether Turkey is conducting illegal espionage on their soil.

General Motors launched the Chevy Bolt EV at the end of 2016 and as of July 2017 has sold just over 8,000 of them.

“I am the change candidate, Boris Johnson is yesterday’s news,” Javid told reporters on Wednesday as he launched his campaign.

Donald Trump, for his part, made fears of the brown Other the centerpiece of his campaign from the day he launched his candidacy.

launched “to celebrate digital preservation of masterpieces,” as per Adobe’s press release, the project followed processes similar to those involved in digitizing paintings.

The company has also launched a competition for artists interested in reinterpreting “The Scream” with the new tools.

Teachers in West Virginia launched the first major strike of the year in February.

So far, in 2019, teachers in two major cities have launched their own strikes.

The Justice Department launched its investigation following the police shooting of Laquan McDonald on October 2014.

“That’s how my business really launched,” she says.

Angry schoolteachers in West Virginia launched the first major strike in January 2018.

It was launched at Wimbledon in 1952, and became an instant hit.

The four U.S. dioceses where he served – New York, Metuchen, Newark, and Washington, D.C. – have launched independent investigations.

I launched our clean-tech initiatives.

They’re probably in, but since they launched late in the season (on Christmas Day), it’s possible they’re under-seen.

We’ve launched a space initiative.

As soon as the Republican National Committee launched its new website,, former FBI director James Comey knew he had to leave the party.

As soon as the Republican National Committee launched its new website,, former FBI director James Comey knew he had to leave the party.

Hims is hitting the vaunted $1 billion valuation territory with speed: The business only launched in November 2017.

For instance: This morning, at 8 am ET, Pandora announced that it “launched Pandora Plus,” its new $5-a-month subscription service.

Bayer has said it launched the R&D review – starting in January when drug development head Joerg Moeller here?

Myanmar rejects almost all accusations of wrongdoing and says its armed forces launched a legitimate counter-insurgency operation after coming under attack by Rohingya militants.

— and launched his own foray into producing films meant to explain the war and propagandize for its necessity to his countrymen.

Then, separately, in May the Department of Justice launched a criminal investigation into possible bitcoin price manipulation.

That Bhad Bhabie girl made millions of dollars last year after her career was launched from a viral appearance on Dr. Phil.

Microsoft, for example, launched a pilot program last year to hire more people with autism.

This morning, the venue launched a Kickstarter, aiming to raise $50,000 in order to open a “more sustainable Shea.”

The new trailer isn’t filled with the sweetness (at least to start) of the last, which launched at Comic Con earlier this year.

She left the Netherlands for New York City and launched a successful career before marrying Mohamed Hadid, and later David Foster.

The Department of Justice launched a criminal probe, and now the SEC has filed suit against Musk himself.

The arts advocacy group Fractured Atlas launched “Artist Campaign School,” a nonpartisan initiative to encourage artists to run for political office.

Last week it launched a short video in English featuring a talking cartoon soybean vouching for the importance of trade.

[The Guardian] + Harvard University launched an online public database cataloging 32,000 works connected to the Bauhaus.

It just turned out that when we launched the podcast we were like, “Hey guys, this is this new thing that we’re doing.”

In fact, in July of ’96, MSNBC launched.

In October of ’96, three months later, is when Fox launched, we didn’t pay any attention.

“Our government was launched in the most serious of times in terms of security.

Matt Bevin signed the law, which took effect instantly, just hours before the ACLU launched its lawsuit.

Matt Bevin signed the law, which took effect instantly, just hours before the ACLU launched its lawsuit.

On June 18, Trump officially launched his 2020 campaign to seek a second four-year term.

Last month it launched an AI-powered game called Quick Draw on the WeChat platform.

(Remember: The service’s first original series, House of Cards, only launched in 2012.)

The NFL has already launched an investigation into the Ezekiel Elliott alleged domestic violence situation … a rep for the league confirms to TMZ Sports.

Was just a totally improvised handshake,” he added, before he and the Saudi leader launched into a more complex version.

Dell launched a closed-loop recycling program in 2014 that turns old plastics into new Dell products, for example.

On Monday, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir told CNN the rocket “was an Iranian missile launched by Hezbollah”.

Along with the security researcher known as x0rz, Hickey has launched a Patreon campaign.

At 18, Cisneros launched a wholesaling company for nutritional supplements, and later created his own products under his brand Spartan Labs.

But the service, which launched one year ago, should reach profitability by 2023, she said.

Republicans and conservative groups have launched numerous challenges to the 2010 Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

The company also launched its first-ever corporate ride-hail service called Grab for work.

From that discovery came ChowNow, which today powers online ordering at more than 9,000 restaurants across the country and recently launched its own app.

When the PlayStation 4 launched in late 2013, only one high-profile exclusive franchise was really represented: Killzone.

Before I launched my own qualified financing round, I felt that way, too.

Between studying Film and Media at university, Harding recently launched female collective Moonlight Feminists.

Justin Bieber has cut and run from the dreadlocks that launched a thousand criticisms.

After encircling the city, they launched the offensive to take it, facing tough resistance.

That’s one of the reasons it launched a major marketing campaign around its new multimedia feature, Moments, last fall.

The one-time darling of daily deals launched a multi-million-dollar TV ad campaign yesterday with a spot during NBC’s “The Voice.”

This year, however, it launched Ballast Point Lager, the brand’s first beer denoted with a calorie count (99 per 12-ounce can).

The Fat Jew recently launched a new Major Lazer “tribute band” called Major Behavior, and it turned out to be accidentally funny.

Almost exactly a year ago, Trump launched 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airbase after a chemical attack left about 80 people dead.

One year ago, Assad launched a savage chemical weapons attack against his own innocent people.

But when we launched, from the first day, we had the support of the Green Party.

The original Destiny’s creation was mired in drama, and the game launched incomplete.

Since Akhbarek launched in January 2015, most of its readers have been between the ages of 15-24.

In 2002, Delta launched Song — a low-cost boutique carrier aimed directly at JetBlue.

Luxe launched Drive Home six months ago, when Lee realized few of their users were using the service for anything other than commuter parking.

The fund launched last year and is planning to invest its enormous sum in its first five years.

The one I find most concerning is the cyberwar launched by Russia against the United States around the 2016 campaign and election.

And Apple, which has been buying back shares like crazy, just launched another $100 billion repurchase program. Soon after, Uber’s grocery delivery service was launched and expanded to four markets.

This month has been especially contentious for Trump, who has launched trade fights with several countries that have traditionally been close US trading partners.

Palhares was a huge step up for me and it launched me into this UFC world, while opening a lot of people’s eyes.

The Ava bracelet, launched this past summer, aims to provide a complete approach to menstrual cycle tracking.

Elon Musk hoped that the Tesla Roadster his company, SpaceX, launched into outer space Tuesday would land on Mars.

Elon Musk hoped that the Tesla Roadster his company, SpaceX, launched into outer space Tuesday would land on Mars.

As a result, the special line of SJP jewely was allegedly never launched and the London shop had to close.

CanPay launched in 2016 and is now in nine states with about 100 dispensaries as clients.

Google Now’s voice system and Apple’s Siri take over the car voice controls and can be launched from a steering wheel button.

Phylyda: launched last year, this stylish Berlin-based brand has sleek options to accommodate all different types of busts and both petite and curvy frames.

From recently launched swim collections to of-the-moment styles, these are the brands to spend on this summer.

Aday: Sleek athleisure brand Aday just launched swimwear in April.

Reformation: Ref finally launched swimwear a few weeks ago, and it’s all really cute: Expect retro-inspired fits and details like cutouts and bows.

Onia: Longtime men’s favorite swimwear brand Onia launched a women’s line in 2015 and we can’t get enough.

We had a lot of features that others didn’t have when we first launched — there were no comments, full-size photos.

Then about six months after we launched, Snapchat Stories came out.

Microsoft made a similar move when it launched the Surface tablet in 2012.

The Chinese ride-hail player has just launched its service in Mexico, which happens to be an Uber stronghold.

Its first electric motorcycle will be launched next year, and more models are planned through 2022.

Earlier this summer at the Arlanda airport in Stockholm, the bakery RC Chocolat launched a 24-hour hotel for sourdoughs.

In 2015, the company launched a more ethnically diverse line of dolls, featuring new skin tones, facial structures, hair styles, and eye colors.

Both Uber and Lyft have launched campaigns to fight parts of the bills.

White Spots: A Journey to the Edge of the Internet was launched last year as an app for iPhone and Google Play.

The tender offer will be launched once regulatory approvals are secured.

Gox exchange was first launched by Jed McCaleb, an American software engineer, in 2010.

The Four Aces opened in 1966, launched by a Jamaican immigrant named Newton Dunbar.

When Facebook launched News Feed, angry users protested outside the company’s office.

Every Friday we run Expert Witness, the weekly version of the Consumer Guide he launched in 2010.

The beloved California astrologer and blogger Chani Nicholas has about 1 million monthly readers and launched a partnership with Spotify in January.

An investigation has been launched and the Istanbul forensics institute has carried out an autopsy, the statement added.

In January, she launched a blog — Patribotics — that’s exclusively dedicated to the Trump/Russia scandal.

The tender offer will be launched once regulatory approvals are secured.

The first episode of Worldly,’s new foreign policy podcast, launched today!

They filed July 9, 2015. belif launched at Sephora in April 2015.

It was launched under the Commerce Department in 1965.

The company — which launched in the city in May — performed 20,000 rides a day by September.

Yes, the very conspiracy-driven movement that launched his national political career.

The Kickstarter for Figment VR launched in November and reached its funding goals in nearly 24 hours.

Then in 2006, he was pulled over by a police officer for drunk driving and launched into an anti-Semitic tirade.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has launched an investigation into its own conduct as well as that of USA Gymnastics.

Take BBC 1Xtra, the radio station launched as a home for black music.

This primary material launched the film.

This year, the company launched a cheaper monthly subscription at $89 with some restrictions in exchange for a more accessible price point.

At the time Collins launched his campaign, he offered at least some hint as to where the funds might eventually land.

Under Armour launched Under Armour Sportswear in 2016 as its effort in the athleisure space, in partnership with designer Tim Coppens.

The iPhone 4 launched.

Democratic Socialists of America also recently launched a boycott of the company.

Earlier this year, two gay men launched separate legal bids to overturn Hong Kong’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Members of the band have launched a “Save Faiyen” campaign appealing for asylum in an unspecified country.

And that’s why now that we’ve launched the product, now over 200 million people use Stories every day.

Ted Cruz just launched his campaign for the 2020 presidential nomination.

We launched advertising on Stories recently, which is a different format.

The Saudi-led coalition launched a major assault on Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah on Wednesday, killing 250 Iranian-backed Houthi fighters.

Things got so bad in Russia they launched a campaign for “safe selfies.”

The Saudi-led coalition launched a major assault on Yemen’s port city of Hodeidah on Wednesday, killing 250 Iranian-backed Houthi fighters, according to UPI.

(The Toronto International Film Festival launched a similar initiative at that festival last September.)

A few days later, the tension had reached its peak, and he launched into a tirade about my diet.

And it seems to have taken real momentum away from Snapchat, which saw its user growth rate slow soon after Instagram Stories launched.

The reason for the shutdown of Facebook’s controversial Free Basics program, which launched in Egypt in October, is still not clear.

It’s still unclear who launched the attack, but law enforcement sources tell us the incident was not terrorism.

Twitter launched a new ad campaign today around New York City, placing colorful Twitter-themed signage in some of the city’s numerous subway stations.

Instead, specially-modified C-130 transports carried the small planes into the air and launched them like they were missiles.

Late Friday afternoon, a faction of the Turkish military launched an attempt to overthrow the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The theater was reporting on the findings of an investigation it launched on Oct. 31.

But a wide-ranging and impactful Los Angeles-based art exhibit launched last week is seeking to change that fact.

The Essential Phone, which is the brainchild of Android creator Andy Rubin, launched in August 2017.

The collection launched last month as a shareable portal into the National Archives Catalog.

Since the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly,” police have launched multiple investigations into Kelly’s alleged misconduct, according to reports.

Sony has sold less than 1 million PlayStation VR headsets since they launched last October.

Bernie Sanders has launched withering attacks on the Democratic establishment for months.

This was just after Apple Health launched (sans menstrual tracking), hailed as the future of medical care.

Earlier this year, the company launched an AI lab in the U.S. to focus on the platform as well as self-driving.

A Rocket has not been launched by North Korea in 9 months.

In 2010, Lu and co-founder Daishin Sugano launched GrubWithUs, a service aimed at organizing meals between strangers.

GOAT launched in July and had a slow first month, with just $8,000 in sales; the next few months weren’t much better.

So the pair launched a Kickstarter campaign, asking their fans to help them raise $400,000 to pay for U.S. distribution for the film.

When this comes out, we’re going to have already launched the Recode 100.

“I am the change candidate, Boris Johnson is yesterday’s news,” Javid told reporters on Wednesday as he launched his campaign.

Last time the South broadcast its messages, in August, North Korea launched an artillery strike across the border.

Newly launched advocacy group The 1752 Group is calling on institutions to recognize the damaging potential of student-teacher sexual relationships.

And a decade ago, Schwarzenegger launched a similar legal action while serving as governor.

What’s more, he continued, those weapons are cheaper overall than their air or sea variants because they are usually launched from trucks.

Grandal launched a two-run homer to left in the ninth, his 13th long ball of the season, to close out the scoring.

Some of these firms, launched after the 2008 financial crisis, have yet to experience an economic downturn.

The California Department of Insurance launched an investigation in 2015, after receiving complaints that Zenefits employees were transacting insurance without a license.

Desiigner has a message for the man who launched his career — I’M PRAYING FOR KANYE WEST.

When Mad Men launched, almost 50 years had passed between 1960 (when it was set) and 2007 (when it first aired).

Documents seen by Reuters also show that Canada’s federal police launched an investigation into Fortress’s syndicated mortgage business in October 2016.

As part of an effort launched in 2015 to hire almost a thousand new officers, Chicago has specifically focused on attracting minority recruits.

The firm has launched a massive public relations offensive over the past two months.

In November 2014, Park allegedly launched the same style social media-focused attack against employees of AMC Theatres (AMC.N).

The Liman, launched in 1970 as a research vessel, had been retrofitted by the Russian navy as a reconnaissance ship.

She has since launched her own brand called Makeup Geek, so she has the perspective of both a brand owner and an influencer.

Refinery29 launched a series using virtual reality in 2015.

After Walmart issued its statement about there being “no way to verify the origin of the letter,” the company launched an internal investigation.

Kushner emerged as an important voice early in Trump’s campaign, launched in June 2015.

“And when it was ready, on its own, without any command from the outside, it launched an attack.”

Is the iPhone still as important today as it was when it first launched?

Fagen launched Steely Dan in 1972 with guitarist Walter Becker.

The gallery launched in September 2009 with an exhibition of caligraphic tar paintings by the Iranian artist Einoddin Sadeghzadeh.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Many of the immigration initiatives launched by the Trump administration in recent weeks target one kind of migrant: children.

It began in Australia and was officially launched in Vienna in 2007.

Some have launched careers out of obsessively tracking the investigation’s twists and turns.

North Korea last launched a long-range rocket in December 2012, sending an object it described as a communications satellite into orbit.

The situation was so intolerable, Ambazonian activists say, that only the war for independence launched last year seemed to offer a solution.

The Pentagon said that from December 1, 2016, to May 31, 2017, enemies launched 4,806 attacks.

I know that when the iPhone 8 launched that Tim Cook said, I think it was the fastest-selling … You know what?

I don’t know if we can officially say the Model 3 launched, because it launched to employees.

SpaceX launched a reusable — back to Elon Musk — launched a reusable rocket.

Samsung launched a phone that did not explode!

It launched two phones.

1MDB is also the focus of the biggest anti-kleptocracy probe launched by the Department of Justice in the United States.

I can’t remember the last time Sears launched a new brand to excite the customers to shop,” Wimer said.

And we launched it, I turned my back, I didn’t show up at the office — oop, it went out.

And I’m only including this because they just launched a new something, the weird earbuds.

It was just over a week after Rihanna launched the cosmetic line, so Nasty’s dramatic reaction made sense.

Marketplace, Amazon’s platform for third parties to sell used books (and later lots of other stuff), launched in November 2000.

When he launched the protests, former NFL player Colin Kaepernick said as much.

(Reuters) – Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co said on Friday it would supply tires for Airbus SE’s newly launched A321XLR aircraft.

In 2015, an artist collective called Comexposed launched Zimbabwe’s first-ever comic book convention.

That’s decent growth for Apple Music, which was launched just two years ago.

For his comics, he launched a Kickstarter, which immediately gave him a much wider visibility because of the nature of the platform.

Turkey launched its operation “Olive Branch” in northern Syria nearly two months ago to sweep the Syrian Kurdish YPG from the Turkish border.

A new app called Being, which launched in the App Store Thursday, lets you scroll through Instagram as though you’re another user.

You sold about a year after you launched.

According to witnesses, the man yelled “Allahu akbar” as he launched the attack, officials said.

NBC launched a twice-daily news show back in July and said it would dedicate a full 30-person staff to producing the episodes.

Shortly after that conversation, he launched the brand S.Cafe, pouring in four years of research and $1.7 million of investment money.

According to witnesses, the man yelled “Allahu akbar” as he launched the attack, officials said.

In 2014, it launched Sepia, a textile line that combines wood pulp and coffee grounds to make biodegradable cloth.

It is the first new “Star Trek” series since “Enterprise” launched in 2001.

Less than four months ago, the app launched a Bob Marley filter, in celebration of 4/20, that was interpreted by many as digital blackface.

LA briefly had its own Michelin guide launched in 2007, but it was canceled because of poor sales, according to The Los Angeles Times.

He has instead launched a Ministry of Citizenship, which tackles social policy, sports, and culture.

The first cover story is about Tristan Walker, an entrepreneur who launched a company that makes beauty products aimed at black customers.

The company has launched a boat service in the Indian city of Mumbai in the last few months.

Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, last month launched a suit against BuzzFeed News for defamation over the publication.

Pop It Pal officially launched in January, a month before the International Toy Fair in New York, which was full of gross toys.

TechCrunch, the news outlet that launched and organized the event, announced Wednesday it was “retiring” the Crunchies.

Arrington launched the Crunchies in 2007 as a kind of Oscars ceremony for the tech industry.

The fight for the sanctity of human life is actually what launched the group.

Trump launched his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and saying he hopes to build a wall on the southern border.

Trump launched his campaign by calling Mexican immigrants “rapists” and saying he hopes to build a wall on the southern border.

Grover, which launched in the US in July, is one of those startups.

In Oct. 2017, Iraqi forces launched another offensive and took back control of the area.

Burkina’s armed forces have launched a search operation across the area targeted by Sunday’s attack, the government said late on Monday.

“I think it’s nearly certain that it hasn’t learned the lessons of 2016 yet,” he told me days before WTF launched.

Among the most infamous is, the hyper-progressive political organization launched in the 1990s at first to defend then-President Bill Clinton from impeachment.

The league took notice and launched an investigation.

Biggie’s mom, Voletta Wallace, posted a photo of one of Kendall and Kylie’s new “Vintage T-Shirts” which launched on their site Wednesday.

The spacecraft was launched from California in May on its nearly $1 billion mission.

Around 11 PM, ten heavily armed militants entered the airport and launched an assault.

Since then, the retailer has launched a men’s collection, a line of handbags, and a fitness brand.

On Thursday morning, after three delays earlier in the week, SpaceX successfully launched its latest Falcon 9 to drop off some low-earth-orbit satellites.

It launched last September, building on the momentum of the $100 million investment into Detroit since 2014.

“North Korea has just launched another missile.

Trump’s campaign has suggested that the probe launched by Schneiderman, a Democrat, was politically motivated.

Lastly, Clarke-Stone says she never worked for an advertising agency before she launched her own.

After Uber launched there in late 2014, Portland sued to stop its operation, declaring it illegal.

Lyft launched in 2012 and is led by its founders, Logan Green and John Zimmer.

Maryland: In late September, Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh launched an investigation into the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Among those resources is PornHub’s new Sexual Wellness Center, launched earlier this month and overseen by Dr. Laurie Betito, a distinguished sex therapist.

The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency launched an investigation into his use of the IV after becoming aware of the Instagram photo.

And a lot of people laughed at it when she launched it.

Just last week, the group launched a complex amphibious assault on a number of vital oil terminals along Libya’s so-called “oil crescent.”

(Reuters) – Apple Inc launched Apple Arcade on Monday, the company’s game subscription service for mobile devices, desktop computers and “living room” devices.

ET: Italian prosecutors launched an investigation into the company that made the spyware, seizing its computers and shutting down the malware’s infrastructure.

When the App Store first launched in 2008, Apple wouldn’t allow fart apps on its devices.

launched a series of satirical, performance-based protests, which have continued ever since.

China launched an investigation into FedEx Corp on Friday over parcels delivered to the wrong address, without giving details about the deliveries in question.

He invested in Foursquare and launched a payments startup called Square that lets small-business owners accept credit card payments through a smartphone attachment.

Trump made the accusations in a pair of Twitter posts as the two sides launched new trade tariffs in an escalating trade dispute.

In July, Beijing launched a short video in English featuring a talking cartoon soybean vouching for the importance of trade.

In 2016, the LDS Church launched a website called Mormon and Gay featuring firsthand accounts of Mormons who identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual.

The Commerce Department said it launched 82 new investigations into trade cases last year, a 58 percent jump over the year before.

Read more: 8 famous buildings around the world that were rebuilt after devastating eventsFrance launched a competition for designs to rebuild Notre-Dame.

The U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) launched an ambitious campaign called #Ibelong in 2014 to end statelessness in a decade.

We just launched BLK, which is for young millennial African-Americans.

And we launched Chispa, which is a big partnership we did with Univision to attract the Latino community.

And actually, we just launched a new app and I got connected with my cousin, it was so funny.

It launched the summer’s music conversation but ended up being an exchange across platforms about dismantling or embracing capitalism.

Five years ago, when Tinder launched, it brought an entirely new audience into dating apps.

Missouri, Nebraska, and Illinois have launched state-level probes as well—and more are likely to follow.

Then, the attorneys general in New York and New Jersey launched similar investigations.

Baltimore businessman Sajid Tarar said he launched American Muslims for Trump because he favored Trump’s stance on combating radical Islam.

As thousands of supporters, many with the Brazilian flag draped around their shoulders, chanted “the captain has arrived!,” Bolsonaro launched into a fiery speech.

First, Tesla has been dogged by seat problems with its SUV every since the vehicle launched in 2015.

Last week, we launched another playbook, this time for state and local officials involved in administering elections, with practical solutions to improve their cybersecurity.

We posted open calls, inviting anyone female-identifying in Los Angeles to take part, regardless of their experience level, then launched an Indiegogo.

The couple launched a men’s accessories line around this time too, and called it Jack Spade.

The company is now applying some of the lessons it learned from Saturday to Broome Street, a new line it launched in February.

TV pioneer Gordon last week launched a Supreme Court challenge to the sale process.

Smithsonian Gardens launched a free app to share and collect American gardening stories, from 19th-century Detroit potato patches to community greenspaces in vacant lots.

Former Occupiers also launched Strike Debt!

After Twitch launched an IRL category, he realized that his advantage could be something he already does.

The cause was not known but an investigation was being launched as authorities searched for the bodies of the victims.

He launched “Race Together,” a widely mocked attempt to start a conversation about race in stores.

Ontario, Canada; Finland; and the international charity GiveDirectly in Kenya have all launched basic income experiments of their own.

Beijing launched disputes against Brussels and Washington at the WTO in December 2016.

China launched a relay satellite named Queqiao — or Magpie Bridge — last May, which orbits at a distance of 40,000 miles from the Moon.

Hefner launched Playboy magazine in 1953 with $8,000 in borrowed money.

And Cohen said Tesla “learned some hard lessons” from the Model X, which launched more than a year later than originally planned.

Eventually an inquiry into Kelly’s death was launched, and determined that the allegation that the intelligence got “sexed up” was, ultimately, “unfounded.”

Berlin-based streaming company SoundCloud today launched a feature called The Upload for finding new music on the platform.

Since it launched in 1977, the program has trained more than 15 million participants, 10 million of those since 2005.

But Fluent’s survey also offers a more nuanced picture of Apple’s first wearable device, which launched on April 24, 2015.

Rockstar still provides regular updates to Grand Theft Auto Online, even though “Grand Theft Auto V” launched more than five years ago in 2013.

We’ve launched a Facebook group for those people to talk about their shared experience.

Since these autonomous gliders don’t have a motor, they need to be launched from a moving aircraft, like a plane.

The band then launched into “High” a track taken their latest album of the same name.

Called Spot, the app launched on Tuesday.

But if numerous anonymous claims are launched against one person, the company employing that person could be held legally liable to investigate, he said.

Callisto, a nonprofit organization that built a self-reporting tool for sexual harassment at universities, launched two and a half years ago.

But it doesn’t look very healthy for the company, which launched nine years ago.

Last week Bayer, which is retiring the Monsanto name, launched the integration of Monsanto into its organisation.

Every Friday we run Expert Witness, the weekly version of the Consumer Guide he launched in 2010.

Much ink at the time was spilled over the fact that the GameCube launched without a Mario title.

On the new podcast, he also discussed how Slate is expanding its podcasting efforts one year since it launched its podcast network Panoply.

The DEA launched the SIU program in 1997 in Colombia and it has since expanded to 12 countries around the globe.

Work on any satellite mission that has not yet launched will be suspended until the agency receives funding, according to its contingency plan.

The opposition alliance said the talks, launched in response to a call for negotiations from an Ethiopian mediator, should last three days.

Richman said he wasn’t deterred by the lousy ratings of Viceland, the cable channel recently launched by fellow digital brand Vice.

So far, SpaceX has been able to land four rockets that it has launched into space.

Breakfast cereal and cake followed, and Target Corp launched a cherry-flavored Unicorn Magic ice cream last year.

In March, Walmart launched its Hello Bello line of plant-based baby products with actor couple Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard.

In the 1970s, founder Sam Tick’s son-in-law, David Reiss, came on board and later launched the label Snow Goose.

In December, PETA launched a campaign, featuring Charmed Star Sarah Jeffery, against Canada Goose’s use of duck down and coyote fur.

Gemini, the exchange launched by the Winklevoss brothers, did not respond to a request for comment.

Of course, I hadn’t, but within 30 days we moved our development team to the Internet product, which we launched in October 1994.”

Bush and Bill Clinton, Colin Powell launched a charity.

I have no idea, because to the best of my knowledge nobody in the media ever launched an extensive investigation into these matters.

The company launched this center in 2010.

[Editor’s note: we incorrectly stated that the game first arrived on the Xbox 360, but it launched on the original Xbox.

The FBI launched one too.

A probe was launched last year under Section 301 of the 1974 U.S. Trade Act.

In 2014, the network launched CBSN, a similar concept for 24/7 news coverage, and it says it is pleased with those results.

Instead, Samsung has launched its own global program to replace the phablet, following reports that a battery issue could cause fire or explosion.

The company recently launched a new service, Wish Express, which fulfills orders within six days.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has launched a new offensive in his longstanding war with so-called “sanctuary” policies that shield undocumented immigrants.

It installed and launched like any other Windows application and didn’t require technical expertise to use.

The original game launched on PC and elsewhere later, while Outlast 2 was released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 simultaneously.

Facebook Messenger is updating the ‘bot’ platform it launched last year.

launched in October, Rappi Pay started by allowing transfers between app users before introducing QR Code payments.

Nintendo, historically, has launched systems without the ability to transfer saves and stuff, and then eventually patched that in later.

“What’s the best title to have launched with the Switch right now?” Zelda.

USC says it has already launched an internal investigation into its basketball program after Asst.

TMZ broke the story, the LAPD launched a criminal investigation after the gym where the photo was taken filed a police report.

Last year, it launched a faster iMac Pro, but this new “modular” Mac Pro is supposed to be a totally new concept.

He asked why Google hadn’t launched an investigation of its employees.

Trump launched the event by eschewing the typical presidential statement of humility after a midterm defeat.

The app launched last August.

launched and funded last week on Kickstarter, SHENZHEN SOLITAIRE is a throwback to vintage computing’s favorite time-wasters like Microsoft Solitaire and FreeCell.

In fact, a 2014 test launched it into space without a crew onboard.

In the aftermath of that shock, Chinese authorities launched a massive effort to stimulate the economy, mostly through a huge increase in lending.

“Leaving the EU on the 31st of October is, for me, a hard red line,” Leadsom said as she launched her campaign.

The Chinese government launched a plan targeting 5G deployment by 2020, with three carriers committed to the timeline.

He co-founded Khalifa Islamiyah Mindanao, an insurgent group formed in about 2012 that launched a series of bombings in Mindanao.

To distract from the Helsinki disaster, he has launched a childish all-caps Twitter tirade against Iran.

We haven’t launched the membership campaign yet, but that will happen in 2018.

Sensing opportunity, the pair betrayed their former benefactor and launched an audacious bid for power.

Sensing opportunity, the pair betrayed their former benefactor and launched an audacious bid for power.

We successfully launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, which is the most powerful rocket in the world by a factor of two.

SoFi launched in 2011 as an online lender that primarily refinanced student loans for young, affluent borrowers.

And we actually launched a Tesla — my Tesla Roadster — to Mars orbit.

In the United States, a congressional committee has launched a probe into the New York Fed’s role in the bank heist.

He launched his own communications firm in 1984, which worked largely with high schools and universities.

Upstream USA launched in November 2014 in the place where Edwards felt it was least likely to succeed: Texas.

SSC-8s could easily reach Berlin, Prague, or Vienna if launched from Russia’s Dombarovskiy base.

Last week, it launched four more ballistic missiles and is working to develop nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach the United States.

He launched his presidential campaign by calling Mexican immigrants to the US “rapists,” and doubled down when criticized.

He already successfully launched one in Harlem back in 2016.

The multi-touch smartphone, launched 10 years ago with Apple’s first iPhone, has conquered the world, and it’s not done getting better.

Vertical Networks launched a Snapchat Discover channel Friday called “Brother,” a new lifestyle brand specifically for millennial men.

‘‘Sweet,” a Discover channel operated by Hearst, is the only other content play native to Snapchat, and it launched last November.

The Trump administration backs Guaidó and has launched a major effort to remove Maduro from power.

In 1958, the then-vice-president had eggs, rocks, and assorted other projectiles launched at his motorcade as it drove through Lima, Peru.

And then when they opened up to the public, they launched a News Feed and people were protesting and they were closing down accounts.

Blakely launched the company in 2000, and since 2010, Spanx have had a men’s line.

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