Laser in a sentence | Use of the word laser examples

“The Red laser crew spent a weekend at Griessmuehle in Berlin,” he tells me.

Looking further into the future, the Red laser squad’s Manctaloween party’s taking over Atama on the 28th of October.

It was the third time scientists at LIGO — the laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory — have detected the collision of two black holes.

“Then,” she says, “if you heat them with an infrared laser they vibrate violently, degrading the tumour’s cells.

The discovery was made by the large group of researchers who make up the laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) Scientific Collaboration.

A lot of MCs tackle this type of space age, stripped down laser funk by cutting against it.

2002 sounded like these dry laser synths that conjured funk out of computers.

While driving to the range, Alam told the officer that he had scheduled an appointment for laser vision correction, the complaint said.

Sometimes that robot is shooting a laser gun at some ants.

Lidar works by bouncing a laser off nearby objects and capturing it when it bounces back.

Paris had a laser lock on the giant 20-carat, $2 million engagement ring Tuesday as the couple took a romantic stroll around Aspen.

Their laser focus is trained on one thing, and one thing only: sheer, unbridled barbarity.

This laser focus on action often sacrifices the potential for more in-depth character work, but the show generally isn’t trying to be too deep.

Autonomous vehicles rely on three sensors: radars, lidars (a system to detect and measure distance with a laser) and cameras.

“The lidar being the active laser source was able to illuminate the space [in close proximity].

Over the summer, she started laser hair removal for her face and chest, and, despite the steep cost, hormone replacement therapy.

RENO, Nevada — laser Shot.

A laser beam shot out to mark the target.

The booth belonged to laser Shot, a company that makes virtual shooting simulations to train police officers.

A salesperson for laser Shot showed a school administrator how to hold the fake pistol to test out the school shooting scenario.

The printed, 21-volume version of the Academic American costs $650; the laser disc treatment is $89.95.

A Pioneer PR-8210 laser disc player with remote control goes for about $450, so you’re still ahead, even with the hardware investment.

With the laser player, you also wind up with a wonderful entertainment programming source.

There’s a rich library of music and movie titles available on the high-grade and laser disc medium, at prices lower than videotape equivalents.

It will also offer equipment such as 3D printers and laser cutters.

The molds were first developed on the computer and then printed on acetate paper using a laser machine.

Raytheon combined a version of the Multi-Spectral Targeting System, which is an electro-optical infrared sensor, with the laser during the test, the company said.

laser weapons use a lot of energy and, at least for now, have a hard time breaking through dust, smoke, and haze.

Still, the military has increasingly looked to laser weapons.

There has been an operational 30-kilowatt laser mounted on the USS Ponce since 2014.

Last month, the Army also announced that it successfully shot down a drone with a laser.

But then, a laser point appeared on one of the player’s chests.

Wall Street will be watching economic data with a laser focus next week after the recent warning signals from Treasury yields.

Das recalls the mood surrounding the stage at the beginning of the laser show: “The reaction was one of silence in the crowd.

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I have also seen cases of irritation that started after laser removal.

“The Star-Spangled Banner” is interrupted by alien laser fire?

Is he attempting to ward off signs of aging with hope and a wimpy fear of laser eye surgery?

Moira, Raven, Xavier, and Beast all watch Havok (Lucas Till) unleash his laser upon their enemy while they’re in the machine Cerebro.

The famous grandson made headlines in 2011 when he was arrested for shining a laser pointer at an LAPD helicopter.

“We’re going to laser focus on your so-called honest pursuit of truth.

“We’re going to laser focus on your so-called honest pursuit of truth.

In Philadelphia, Gene Davis painted murals on the street, and Rockne Krebs did a laser installation for City Hall.

The idea is to amplify an infrared laser signal using a giant telescope.

After successfully passing its trial by laser, the probe’s heat shield was moved to a thermal vacuum chamber.

This will include a 3D laser scan of the area, led by the conservation lab at the University of Ferrara in Italy.

Lidar is the laser imaging technology used increasingly in self-driving cars to generate precise pictures of the environment around the vehicles.

After shocking the mouse, they fired a laser into the hippocampus, the cashew-shaped brain area that’s central to memory encoding.

But they were surprised to find that activating the same memory with a different laser placement made the memory less frightening.

Also if you have laser beam eyes you can probably make out the SAMO©.

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Breakthrough Starshot wants to aim about 100 gigawatts of laser power at its spaceship for two minutes.

Oh, and laser power increases according to relatively similar rules.

But that said, this laser array would not be something that could be plugged into the nearest wall outlet.

Meanwhile, that laser array has got to have some other uses.

Another dream-within-a-dream, Rives Wiley’s DIY laser Eye Surgery installation is a diorama—built right into the wall— inspired by YouTube tutorials.

MS: laser cutters in your home.

Personal laser cutters?

MS: Personal laser cutter.

MS: Thick steel, wood, fabric, leather … And why would you want a water one versus a laser one?

Even a dilapidated but still deadly version of the original laser defense room makes an appearance.

Kendall’s beef is with Cutera, which used her face and name to advertise their laser Genesis acne treatment.

The prize was awarded for Strickland, Ashkin, and Mourou’s work in the field of laser physics.

These ultra-sharp laser beams are also used to cut and drill extremely precise holes in materials.

In an interview with a newspaper, Strickland once described herself as a “laser jock.”

A laser once forced a Virgin Atlantic Airways plane to turn around.

According to reports, a laser beam was aimed at the cockpit and made the first officer feel unwell.

It is also illegal in the US to shine a laser at an aircraft.

Look at the laser focus in his face.

My first mate, Vivian, had two fingers on her left hand sliced off by laser fire.

“He would not have been as hospitable as we are.” The wall of the room was lined with guards holding laser rifles.

How many conclude with laser gun battles?

and shield absorb and reflect Doomsday’s laser beams.

No partying, no giant spending spree … the 23-year-old Heisman Trophy winner says he’s laser focused on training for the 2018 NFL season.

laser remove the tat?

Except here, the text is micro-etched onto a palm-sized disc using a highly focused laser technology.

Rear view sensors and laser detection systems are part of these v4 upgrades as well.

“It takes hundred of dollars to go through laser therapy to have it removed and it may not remove it completely.

We used our crystal balloon dog to look into the future, and we have four words for you: artist-designed laser tag.

So, when we saw Kovalev in L.A. Monday, he told us he’s laser focused on making President Putin proud.

Skinner used laser cutting, casting, and 3D-printed aluminum to diversify the look of each object.

By spinning like a bunch of clothes in the dryer … with a laser pointer in his hand!!!

The video monitor and laser, along with the museum’s illuminated green exit sign, are the only light sources within the room.

She was testing out a laser firearms training simulator at the annual National School Safety Conference in Reno.

laser Shot, the company that makes the program, recently added school shooting scenarios to its virtual library.

“We need to do something now,” Lewis said, after testing out the laser Shot training simulator.

laser complications include pain, blistering, scarring and, in some cases, a darkening of the tattoo ink can occur, according to dermatologists.

Newer, easy-to-remove inks are being patented, which may represent a healthier approach due to biodegradable ingredients, and a more predictable laser response.

There’s a laser for anything and everything.

What does a laser do for a dog?

Shoot at laser at the pooch.

Apparently, laser therapy will also help, which is surprising.

Because there’s a laser for that, too.

Where do I aim the laser to vaporize my fear and anxiety?

During the experiments, a laser beam is equally split between the two arms.

Similarly, laser Pins made this wonderfully detailed pin of Shredder from the 1990 movie.

At the end of each arm is a mirror, which reflects the laser back to the starting point.

Curating a feedback loop is my ideal.” Classifying Browntourage is tricky but Arsala and Beglari’s mission is laser focused, though not self-righteous.

I started thinking, “Huh, could you use a laser?

Freeze things, laser things, scrub things, inject things.

Her uber-search-optimized videos offer tips on everything from laser hair removal to how to treat chapped lips.

Instead of getting a large cover-up, laser removal should be an option.

Now, a laser tattoo removal guy has teamed up with Doran.

Anyone who Doran cannot immediately cover is able to get free laser removal until the area is more ready to be covered up.

Cue up the laser cannons.

He was reportedly armed with a handgun that had a laser scope.

I do this by appropriating those little works via a laser engraver, vinyl cutter, printer, etc.

Learn About Bees Call Your Mom laser TagAdults do this too, I think!

Most people need around four laser treatments or four to six peels to clear up cystic acne scars, depending on how severe they are.

It’s basically Warcraft-style laser tag.

Some have you collecting gems to empower your attacks; others have you take control of vaguely-Egyptian laser beams to shoot the opposing nexus directly.

You can see Pegasus, at home, with his copy of Photoshop and his laser printer, can’t you?

During the experiments, a laser beam is equally split between the two arms.

In other words, when flashed with a laser, airborne chemical particles send back a unique optical signal that can be detected by specialized equipment.

At the end of each arm is a mirror, which reflects the laser back to the starting point.

Tons of guards, laser walls, and security cameras ready to pounce on any irregular activity.

“This shotgun mind of his channeled it into a single point of focus and turned it into a laser.

microwave projectors, long-range acoustic devices, portable laser ‘dazzlers’) can be used to warn malefactors before they approach the ship,” the report says.

An intelligently guided laser is an extreme negative stimulus for a raven.

For 90 minutes, Gaga danced around a neon Tronscape stage that looked a cool place to play laser tag.

The vehicle’s position and velocity is monitored using a GPS, a three-axis accelerometer, a magnetometer, and a laser surface velocimeter.

What the observatory picked up was a minute gravitational distortion as the wave tripped the ribbon of laser light within LIGO’s vast tunnels.

The 2015 sale included more than 8,000 laser Guided Bombs for the Royal Saudi Air Force.

An architectural historian laser scanned the outside and inside of the building in 2015, which may act as a map of its reconstruction.

You could certainly start with the Cirque du Soleil performance, which looked like some carnies got loose at a local laser tag arena.

First, pairs of quasiparticles of opposite charges are created within the tungsten diselenide material with a femtosecond laser pulse.

That’s where Faith Kapalko, a laser technician in Toronto, comes in.

Then, they scurried off to various corners of the room, and each inserted a green laser into their anuses.

Prancing around art galleries with a laser in your butt could be seen as silly, or a cheap gimmick to demand viewers’ attention.

Despite her tattoo looking only slightly faded, Rebecca has already had two sessions under Faith’s laser.

As soon as it hit Rebecca’s skin, the laser made a crackling sound—like gigantic pop rocks were exploding out of her dermal.

But now, so many people have interest in the laser scenes, so sometimes people ask, “Hey, can we only have the laser scene?”

The tape runs through an ignition chamber, where the targets are sparked by a laser pulse, which in turn, generates thrust.

The laser thing comes from a woman in Ibiza.

There’s this one guy who joined the show in Berlin one day and he had this huge laser.

I saw him taking it out—we always put a condom over the laser to stay a bit clean—and his condom was just bloody.

There, someone, like a stranger, pushed Tommy’s laser back into his ass.

In late January, the US Navy dropped $150 million on a pair of new laser cannons.

Lockheed’s laser reportedly draws as much as 150 kilowatts of power per shot—enough to fry boats and unmanned aerial vehicles.

A laser fires more quickly and more cheaply, per shot, than today’s missile launchers and conventional guns.

The new laser weapon could help the Americans catch up.

laser eyes or gadgets?

Defense contractor Kratos quickly cobbled together that initial laser using existing components.

But Ponce’s laser helped the Navy to figure out what it wanted from a combat-ready directed-energy weapon.

The Navy clearly expects Lockheed’s new laser to be a much more effective weapon, and is already anticipating ordering more copies.

Emanuel: It’s a smaller, but very dedicated audience, and you can market to it like a laser.

Each of those technical laser milestones had monetary incentives tied to them.

Earlier this year, astrophysics history was made with the announcement of a conclusive detection of gravitational waves at the laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO).

The pilots of a police helicopter sustained eye injuries when laser pointers were directed at them, police said.

First, they vaporized strontium metal and suspended the vapor in an array of intersecting laser beams to allow it to cool.

Next, the small cloud of cooled strontium vapor was ionized with a short pulse from another laser.

The energy from this laser caused strips one electron from each strontium atoms to create a plasma of strontium ions and free electrons.

At the same time, this laser pulse causes the plasma to rapidly expand.

(He would later go on to invent the laser light show.)

It offers classes in laser cutting, 3D scanning, woodworking, and more.

No era holds them; they exist just as easily in prehistory alongside dinosaurs as they do in the future fighting mutants with laser cannons.

The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains will include over 350 objects, unseen concert footage, and a laser light show.

I was not computer savvy, I got a Mac and a laser Writer, etc., in ’86, and I spent all my life on that.

Right, they used to say it back in the days of the laser Writer.

That last example is what occurs in laser surgery: A bit of tissue is heated and then vaporized in an ultratiny explosion.

With a working laser, this system is known as lidar—like radar, Brydegaard tells me, but using a laser instead of radio waves.

Lidar involves shooting a laser beam between two points–in this case, between the hut and the tree.

But without a working laser, the trip to Tanzania will count for nothing.

A researcher in Côte d’Ivoire had a working laser, but he was away in the USA.

This is most often envisaged with optical wavelength laser beams, but the electromagnetic spectrum is of course much broader than this.

“We investigated, using time-resolved imaging, explosions induced by ultraintense X-ray laser pulses in water drops and jets.

“These flows are different from those previously observed in laser ablation, owing to a simpler spatial pattern of X-ray absorption.”

The extreme energy density together with the long filamentary explosive region are something never before seen in more typical laser ablation experiments.

The second laser yielded a beam, but, inexplicably, it was so faint as to be unusable.

It’s the last laser that Brydegaard now unpacks, hoping that at least this one will work as expected.

Within the hour, it will be too dark to calibrate even a working laser.

The team sit around the hut in the dark; a gasoline generator hums outside, powering the laser and computer.

The first directs the outgoing laser at a tree about one-third of a mile away.

(To clear a path for the laser, Jansson, the PhD student, had to cut a path through the underbrush with a machete).

The red peaks dancing across the screen represent insects crossing the laser beam.

Firing an optical laser beam into a water droplet instead has the effect of focusing the beam into a single point, or hotspot.

In addition, laser beams are polarized, and when they reflect off different surfaces, their polarization changes.

“Despite initial laser problems,” Brydegaard wrote in a recent email, “the systems performed to the satisfaction of all our expectations.”

I was about to lay down and they (Paul imitates laser sound) …

Though originally intended to include all religions, it was decided that a laser focus on Catholicism proved comprehensive enough for an exhibition.

This one smelled of burnt hair (laser hair removal is offered there) and was definitely not trying to be hip.

Get the laser.”

Who’d have thought that when we started the optical clock research, that we’d have a laser that could smell people’s breath?

What doesn’t usually happen is fans aiming frikkin’ laser beams into the eyes of the quarterback.

Maybe vajazzling and laser hair removal are trendy now, but what happens if the full bush comes back?

The atomic clocks used by NIST for this research consist of ytterbium atoms suspended in an array of laser beams.

It seems counterintuitive—a laser should add energy to a system, and so it should add heat to the system.

This is caused by something called total internal reflection, which allowed the laser beam to reflect off the interface between air and water.

Two days ago, Youtuber “Oregon Marijuana (Jake)” posted a video of himself smoking a bowl using a really big, high-powered laser.

It looks to be a laser pointer similar to this 300w model, selling for around $160.

A red laser rips through the visual fabric of the internet—that’s the idea behind this experimental animation from Thomas Traum.

Four years earlier, Canna Occult uses a 532nm 300mw laser to smoke a bowl.

Recognizible forms—cats, a human face—appear out of the digital ether as the laser tears onwards.

“The laser functions as a scanner, like a needle of a record player, scanning the surface, analysing and transforming it into sound.”

The trichomes — the super-fine hairs covering the bud — magnify the laser‘s brightness, he writes in the comments.

This, from the year that some predicted laser vapes would rule the non-combustible world.

Also in 2012, EddieBear2007 used a 100w Spyder 3 Arctic laser to light a bowl.

The description here barely enlightens: “brandor lighting the blunt with a super high powered super illegal laser.”

Katz bought the guns, at least one of which was equipped with a laser sight, legally in Maryland, Williams said.

He now hopes to add laser pointers and screwdrivers to his homemade prosthetic.

Canada’s reported contribution of $10 million mostly went towards a laser alignment system, which gave its scientists a place at the table.

While driving to the range, Alam told the officer that he had scheduled an appointment for laser vision correction, the complaint said.

laser radar — plays a critical role in a self-driving system.

From there, laser light architectural sculptures—creating intentional spaces—temples of light.

Still, there’s work being done to commercialize laser charging for consumers.

(See also laserMotive, a laser charging company focused on non-consumer tech.)

They’re always fidgeting, or making gun and laser sounds while throwing their hands around.

The firearm that King was supposedly packing was later determined to be a BB gun with a laser sight attached.

She laser cut wood and acrylic for the base, and then used sterling silver for the posts.

The firearm that King was supposedly packing was later determined to be a BB gun with a laser sight attached.

Including—get this—with a frickin’ laser beam.

In April 2016, the ground combat branch deployed a truck-mounted laser cannon to a trial at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

From back of an eight-wheel, 10-ton truck, crews aim the turret-mounted 10-kilowatt laser blaster in any direction.

Unlike in Star Wars, the laser beam doesn’t hit its mark like a conventional bullet does.

Instead, soldiers keep the laser pointed at a drone or other object until the target melts or bursts into flames.

The engineers eventually want to replace the existing laser with a new version that’s six times as powerful.

Without sufficient power, particles in the air can deflect, and as a result weaken, laser light.

To point the laser in the right direction to begin with, any finished product will also need powerful radars and other sensors.

Whenever engineers do finish their work on the laser truck, it will still only be one part of Army’s new anti-aircraft arsenal.

The mirror splits the laser into two beams that flow perpendicular to each other.

When the wave passes through the split laser, it shortens one of the beams and extends the other, and vice versa.

Comprised of 260 red laser beams, the installation generates a gigantic grid of choreographed light patterns and movements with an ominous soundscape.

It spits banter so sharp and quick that it slices through even the tensest scenes with laser precision.

To achieve the effect, researchers use a special laser that pulsates ultra-quick—to the quadrillionth of a second—laser light through neurons in the cortex.

… also some cool laser beams that will defeat the killer robots.

Employees in Ghostbusters uniforms hand us laser tag blasters.

These are high-intensity beams of radiation that periodically blast through the universe like a strobe laser light.

They sound like a huge laser firing dozens of times per second.

I do this by appropriating those little works via a laser engraver, vinyl cutter, printer, etc.

And laser gun battles!

The laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO), based jointly in Louisiana and Washington, has directly detected gravitational waves for the first time in history.

When things get tough in technology, they really laser focus on the product and really don’t buy anything at all.

Engineers, artists, and designers at Pier 9 partnered with Planet Labs to laser etch art onto satellites and send them into the cosmos.

The result was laser Clay Shooting System, which launched in January 1973.

The state of the art sensors use laser light pulses to render precise images of the environment around the car.

Then she points a nanoparticle laser at whatever lights up and fires at will.

The entangled particles were generated on board the satellite and then delivered to two different ground systems using a split laser beam.

Infrared equipment, laser sensors, and even flood lights go blind.

Tim Kasper, a laser operator at the plant, said that he was talking to a co-worker, his friend, before the chaos happened.

Sintering is one of the main processes of 3D printing, or SLS—selective laser sintering, Kayser describes on his website.

It was surprising to watch the room focus like a laser on unpacking a statement Rosalind Krauss shared with Earnest during their interview.

Summer 2017 laser Light Shows at the Planetarium begin Friday, June 2 at 7PM.

The missions—the Advanced Telescope for High-ENergy Astrophysics (Athena) and the laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA)— are both unprecedented.

laser” stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of R adiation.

They might just burn you with their laser eyes.

And through negative reinforcement—think of someone flashing a laser pointer in your face—the birds can be taught to avoid tortoise habitat.

The next batter, Yan Gomes, hit a laser over the Braves bullpen in left for a solo homer to tie the game.

It’s surprisingly comforting and bubbly, with zapping laser sounds providing most of the sparks.

I’m honestly not sure that a show could have targeted my interests with any more laser precision; it’s almost creepy.

The laser used to engrave the disk is able to print 300,000 dots per inch (DPI).

The company also builds a wide range of torpedo-like submersible drones that are compatible with different sensors, including sonars and laser scanners.

With laser scans taken from helicopters, they created hyper-detailed images of the earth’s surface.

(They both involve giant laser beams and are thus both very good.)

These qubits are made from ytterbium ions and are strung together in rows like pearls on a laser necklace.

For the Maryland experiment, each of the qubits was a laser cooled ytterbium ion.

On the walls hang Mykonos Glow 1 and 2, natural rubber sheets laser engraved with drawings.

I was born into the Tribe in 1983, delivered by a doctor named laser Nightsky and a midwife named Crystal Presence.

But that’s why Kobe’s the Black Mamba: stone-cold faith and laser focus on the task at hand.

If you open a door or turn off a laser you have to type in how long.

Anyway, to laser League.

I played laser League for an hour, and it felt like five minutes.

The incident followed a fight at the Gable House Bowl, a bowling alley and arcade that also offers laser tag, according to local media.

“It’s possible that some agents carry out laser aiming missions, to guide missiles during airstrikes, for example.”

“I sent off my laser cutting files and he created an amazing digital version of the Cycloid.

Liz Magic laser, in her brilliantly hilarious single-channel video, “The Thought Leader” (2015), satirizes the free-market ideology at the heart of neoliberalism.

What’s your day job?I am a documentary filmmaker making a film on the physicist Charles Townes who invented the laser.

Clinique’s Repairwear laser Focus serum “helps plump skin so expression lines are visibly reduced,” mostly via its moisturizing agents.

On that note: good use of subtle pew-pew-pew laser sounds in this track too.

The program focused on designing and constructing the Aquila, a giant drone that could beam down internet connection via laser beams from 60,000 feet.

Plus sometimes the robots would fight with their bats and laser blades like this was a deadly cybernetic scrummage or hockey!

As for the plywood artworks, after the image is done, Aske creates a layout and laser cuts hundreds of details.

We’re told they were holding hands and laser focused on each other.

Space Ghost himself couldn’t have had more than four default movements, one of which was to “blast” his guest with his laser arms.

Lidar sensors do this by emitting pulsed laser light, then measuring the reflection of this energy from the solid objects it hits.

Rousey’s head movement was non-existant and Holm’s counter punches were laser accurate against such a static target.

An eyewitness and fellow employee told CNN he saw the gunman running through the building carrying a pistol fitted with a laser sight.

Then scientists can beam a laser at it to perform their measurements.

Over the course of 45 minutes, a PC, laser printer, and office phone unfurled a fictional workplace drama for an audience of one.

I don’t care,” and “put the laser right there, and put the bullet through the head.”

Luckily he only needed one session of laser treatment.

With places like hands or feet, further away from the nodes, it takes multiple trips under the laser.

EDRS works by collecting data from the lower satellite over an optical (laser) link and then bouncing it back down to the ground station.

Maeve has enlisted several men in her mission to find her daughter and is leading the way with laser focus.

Update: Skintology no longer offers the cryofacial, stating that they have recently chosen to focus more on laser procedures.

Plus, Ocasio-Cortez’s election and subsequent celebrity meant that when she focused her laser on the Amazon deal, her massive following did too.

Like he’s proven before, that laser focus may make him susceptible to far more human threats.

It seems to have been overlooked by many because of the emergence of laser cutting and now the 3D printing boom.”

laser hair removal and food aren’t free.

Thus, the NES lightgun with a real laser in the barrel was born: laser gun finished!

Ready for Seb Lee-DelisleAugust 30, 2016 Looking closer, this is more than a laser pointer hot-glued into the barrel of a plastic handgun.

Ah yes, here’s me rocking a Sandi Toksvig–esque haircut and the kind of sunglasses they give you after you have laser eye surgery.

Pulling the trigger also fires up a vape pen, which releases just enough vapor to make the laser visible as it fires.

She continues to receive laser treatment for the scars on her face, as well as vital psychological support.

Lidar is similar to radar but uses laser light instead of radio waves.

With his quiescent gas of a few thousand atoms, Steinhauer put them in a long, thin tube and made them move with a laser.

Banana Catnip Toy, the Hartz Just for Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy, and the FroliCat Bolt laser Toy.

The big advance at the time was computer-based checkout and laser scanning.

But it turned out the laser scan didn’t help productivity.

The laser scan took time.

Afterwards, a layer of aluminum is put on top, to reflect the pits back to the laser.

“A handmade, laser engraved wooden Ho(ld the) door stop for fans, to remember our lost friend,” Blatt describes the project on Kickstarter.

In its complaint, Waymo — now the name for Alphabet’s self-driving efforts — alleges Levandowski stole the design of its laser radars, known as lidars.

The laser team took apart the system to show how it was built in an effort to stave off concern.

Also it seemed like a good place to play laser tag.

At their front gate, they’ve installed a laser security system typically reserved for museums, but Spencer admits they don’t really need it.

laser treatments offer an even more aggressive approach by breaking up a skin’s pigmentation, sometimes with skin-damaging results.

“You need to use less aggressive settings when doing laser.

Good news … a huge laser removal company feels your pain and wants to help eradicate the bad memories.

But, still, the Pentagon wants laser drones and F-35s to augment existing missile defenses.

The drone would need a powerful laser to fell an ICBM, but at least it wouldn’t put an American pilot on the firing line.

There is a dubstep breakdown, the swinging of laser swords and crab walking.

In fact, the term used by laserdisc owners is “laser rot,” highlighting its first-mover importance in optical media.

But he has the laser focus of holy lunatics and high achievers.

Few have made arm cannons that fire a laser powerful enough to cause damage.

Hyperlon’s cannon uses a 2.5 watt laser, blue LEDS, and a whole bunch of custom designed 3D printed parts.

Maotik describes Shelter as a“symphony of lights” where laser beams sketch paths and patterns inside a geodesic dome.

Aside from shooting off a fake laser gun with Tara Reid, Ian Ziering and Vivica A.

Image courtesy of Marshmallow laser Feast  Experimental cooking teams up with virtual reality in an upcoming event by Marshmallow laser Feast and Heston Blumenthal.

Marshmallow laser Feast’s creative director Robin McNicholas tells The Creators Project.

Marshmallow laser Feast have been working a lot with VR, in music vids, in forests, in nightclubs, creating real-time visuals and animations.

They’ve also turned chewing on a marshmallow into a laser show.

Find out more about Marshmallow laser Feast’s work in our documentary below.

AT&T’s press officer called it “capital R research” and likened the research to the development of the laser or the transistor.

Unifield, a form experiment by artist Can Buyukberber, is a physical-digital hybrid, created from scratch using carpentry techniques, laser cutting, and projection mapping.

Banana Catnip Toy, the Hartz Just for Cats Kitty Frenzy Cat Toy, and the FroliCat Bolt laser Toy.

A staple of their photo shoots is the imposing two-dimensional laser cutting on the wall, a piece by Norman artist Marc Dupard.

Customers chose standard sizes or stripped down to their underwear for laser body scans.

“The current version was constructed in coproduction with Akripol factory which produced the laser cut glass pieces,” Baraga explains.

Lowering the spacecraft safely towards the asteroid will require careful study of optical images, as well as Canadian laser altimeter measurements of its surface.

The Staples Sustainable Earth Sugarcane Inkjet laser Printer Paper will let you print out your epic essays and research papers all throughout college.

Because the built-in temp display isn’t always accurate, Friedrich now brings along a laser thermometer for spot checks.

And sometimes adulthood means self-care, like eating a proper meal or going to a laser hair removal appointment.

What’s UP James Harden in a trashy, regular ass tank top, flipping the hang loose hand while laser strobe lights illuminate your face?!

From where we’re driving, you can only barely make out the green haze of a laser show in the distance.

They pioneered LIGO, or the laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, the scientific project that made gravitational wave detection possible.

Developed by the company Silicon Cali, the laser bong uses a two-watt, 445 nanometer laser to light a bong bowl.

This is about 400 times more powerful than the average laser pointer, which has an output of about five milliwatts.

Silicon Cali even sells special glasses that are meant to protect your eyes while looking directly at the laser when you take a hit.

During the experiments, a laser beam is split equally between the two arms.

Each laser bong is being sold for $2,400—which as far as I can see is worth every damn penny.

These laser bongs are a limited edition product, however.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated that only 45 laser bongs will be sold.

The actual number is 420 laser bongs.

Only 45 laser bongs were available for pre-order.

At the end of each arm is a mirror, which reflects the laser back to the starting point.

A laser surgery on a three-year-old girl to remove skin discolorations known as “port wine stains” went horribly awry.

Large, unwieldy, necessitating earplugs and protective glasses, the weapon is equipped with four barrels and a laser to help with aim.

Using a laser pointer, his attorney, deVlaming, identified two spots on the second floor where the bullets struck.

It uses a sequence of laser pulses to build a 3D, 360-degree map of the environment around a vehicle.

This one could use more balloons, laser beams and random barrel fires, but it’s good enough.

When a laser shined through Noel’s apartment window and landed on her forehead, she decided it was time to leave Mexico City.

He was a genius in keeping everybody laser focused on that.

The US Air Force has tested a laser weapon that could eventually arm future fighters, among other aircraft, the service announced Friday.

During the April 23 test, a laser weapon developed as part of the Self-Protect High-Energy laser Demonstrator (SHiELD) program shot down multiple air-launched missiles.

The Demonstrator laser Weapon System tested recently appears to be a proof-of-concept testing asset.

The Air Force is probably still a few years out from demonstrating a working prototype of the final SHiELD laser, The Drive reports.

Jane explores issues of race, class, and gender—and looks at immigration issues with laser focus.

This future project is called the laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), and is currently slated for launch in 2034.

Dude’s small but jacked: At 5 feet 5 inches, and 123 pounds, Kengoro’s bones are laser sintered from aluminum powder.

On Sunday, a New York-bound Virgin Airways flight returned to Heathrow Airport after a laser beam was shined into the cockpit.

The labels themselves come from a laser printer using 1.5 mil laminating film.

The laser reportedly affected the pilot to such a degree that he had to be met by ambulance staff but not hospitalized.

This is accomplished using a microwave laser beam (a “maser”).

So as soon as something unusual happens, like a laser shining at them, they naturally look towards it.

So in the future, farmers may be using laser beams to scare off geese who come to nosh on their crops.

The device sits atop a tripod, about 12 to 15 feet off the ground, and shoots a laser beam within a pre-programmed area.

Also, the laser is “extremely low power—less powerful than most handheld lasers that you can buy at Walmart.”

And, to prevent interference with planes, the device is designed so the laser won’t point above the horizon.

“Let’s take all our elves and wizards and whatnot but add spaceships and laser guns because that’s just fun.

The world was staring down the barrel of a loaded laser gun— the weight of the millennium pressing down upon us.

The first decade or two, the graphical user interface, the laser printer, the mouse, and ethernet and the GUI object oriented programming.

The motion controllers show up as laser pointers within the VR system, so you can select and modify objects easily.

The rest of season three focuses on Ted’s romance with the doctor who performs his laser tattoo removal.

But this otherwise strong episode has such a laser focus on June and her trauma that Moira’s stagnant misery barely registers.

Lidar — which uses laser technology to measure distance — is used to help autonomous vehicles navigate without a human.

You’re asking a team that has pregame knight fights and laser shows to be bound by tradition?

But Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled in March “six new major offensive weapons systems”, including the Peresvet military mobile laser system, Poblete said.

laser or other light treatments may also help restore skin pigment in up to 70 percent of patients.

There are always rumors they’re getting back together, and his laser focus on her ass in this clip explains why.

In one you can launch arrows at cartoon figures raiding a castle; in another you can shoot up alien spacecrafts with laser guns.

Image courtesy of Marshmallow laser Feast Known as “nature’s cathedrals,” the giant sequoia of California are huge, very old, and very beautiful.

“A lot of the single elements were handmade, whilst at the same time we used as well laser cutting, LEDs, sensors and programming.

Called Treehugger: Wawona the installation is by Marshmallow laser Feast.

Learn more about Marshmallow laser Feast at their website here.

The Google Street View cars “see” methane plumes in real time using an infrared laser methane analyzer.

Earlier this month, the Army announced it had upgraded its Stryker-mounted laser to a power of 5kW—a power capable of knocking out drones.

One service they provide is laser tattoo removal.

When you’ve got facial hair and you don’t want it, for permanent relief, you can have laser hair removal or electrolysis.

laser isn’t considered to be as long-lasting as electrolysis, but it is cheaper.

This technology, for instance, is used in laser eye surgery.

Why does it matter that an obscure laser physicist didn’t have a Wikipedia entry until she won science’s greatest prize?

The researchers pointed laser scanners at two birch trees, one in Austria, and one in Finland.

He kept browsing the site and learned about their energetics lab’s omega laser, the strongest in the US after Berkeley’s.

Why not the boy who can shoot laser beams with his eyes?

and the husband screaming, “WHY DIDN’T YOU FIRE THE laser AT THAT ASTEROID, SHARON?”

With their goofy pregame shows and weird gloves and laser shows?

Gould, a physicist, wrote of the concepts of building a laser in 1957, getting his forms notarized in a candy shop.

(While your local laser Quest may be pleasing in other ways, it’s of no medical benefit.)

laser isn’t covered by insurance, so it’s not as popular,” she explains.

But there was another type of visual that was starting to come into its own: The laser beam.

Until then, vaginal laser therapy looks likely to remain an option only for the wealthy.

But remember: don’t get naked at laser Quest.

By the time he turned 26, he decided to switch gears, devoting himself full-time to laser light shows.

By the time a 1979 New York Times article about laser light technology had hit newsprint, Richard Sandhaus had fully reinvented his career.

(Side note: The article also features former Kiss lead guitarist Ace Frehley discussing buying a laser for his home.

And the look of the laser work evolved over time as well.

At one point, the company represented the US in Mondial du laser, an international laser light competition that took place in Montreal in 1992.

He hasn’t done a laser show in roughly a decade, and in many ways the business of live event visuals has changed significantly.

A laser mounted on a station, on the other hand, can be used multiple times and its operation is simple and relatively low-cost.

As to the question of where to put the laser station, some researchers have proposed using a ground-based laser station.

One such project was ORION, an Earth-based laser proposed in 1996 to pulse debris out of the sky.

Wen and his co-authors presented a model for a space-based laser station.

But on February 11, the visionaries of the laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) achieved this lofty and much-anticipated goal.

They tested how a laser mounted in space would impact spherical, aluminum debris, and whether different angles made the laser more or less efficient.

In other words, the laser works better when more in line with the debris.

Some writers seem concerned about the potential threat of a world superpower sending a giant laser into the sky above us.

They look very cool, particularly on a foggy night when the laser beams used to focus their mirror arrays are visible.

That changed as technology shifts, such as improvements in laser technology, made experimental forays, such as LIGO, into gravitational experiments more achievable.

Developing it has pushed the limits of available tech to develop a laser that could meet their needs.

[Theodore Schleifer / Recode] The Pentagon can identify you by your heartbeat with a laser.

You don’t need banter when you’ve got a laser pointed at Scotland.

The commands are sent in binary by turning the laser on and off—to signal a “1” or “0” respectively.

The researchers used a visible green-light laser, since glass-walled buildings use filtered glass that blocks ultraviolet rays and infrared.

“Because most offices do have curtain walls, it makes it possible for a visible laser to [penetrate],” Nassi told Motherboard.

Both laser attacks relied on line-of-sight to the scanners.

He went to Dr. Rollins at Elite Body Sculpture in Bev Hills on Friday to get Airsculpt laser Liposculpture on his stomach and waist.

During the experiments, a laser beam is equally split between the two arms.

At the end of each arm is a mirror, which reflects the laser back to the starting point.

“Democrats are laser focused on taking back the House, electing Nancy Pelosi Speaker and then launching impeachment proceedings against President Trump,” Collins said.

It’s a focused laser beam of energy guaranteed to annihilate any room it’s played in.

You had a great tweet about it being the cat chasing the laser.

I had a video with a cat chasing the laser.

A laser blasts from the box into the side of the convoy.

A troop transport explodes under the laser fire, then a jeep.

Like “laser Tiger.”

Lo and behold, the MEC laser shocked the polystyrene into producing diamonds.

“Hacking Team Hacked Again By Infamous laser Tig3r”.

Can the attacks’ range be extended (such as in acoustic attacks via laser vibrometers)?

The beams coming from laser enthusiasts can be distracting for pilots in flight and cause temporary blindness.

The beams coming from laser enthusiasts can be distracting for pilots in flight and cause temporary blindness.

“A laser is not a toy,” the site scolds.

“If you see someone point a laser at an aircraft, report it immediately to your local police.”

In 2014, three men were jailed in England for pointing laser pens at plans landing at the East Midlands Airport.

In the US, there was more than 5,352 laser incidents reported to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), up from 3,894 in 2014.

MIT’s real-life, sensor-laden drones don’t shoot stinging laser beams to improve a padawan’s lightsaber skills.

It uses a sequence of laser pulses to build a 3D, 360-degree map of the environment around a vehicle.

MJF closely resembles selective laser sintering (SLS) printers sold by EOS and 3D Systems.

Lidar is the laser imaging technology used increasingly in self-driving cars to generate precise pictures of the environment around the vehicles.

How to enhance your phone Step 1: Grab your laser pointer because you’re going to remove the lens from it.

According to Tested, all laser pointers are equipped with a small lens that “focuses the light that comes out of the laser diode.”

or having a laser body scan so it’s custom fitted.

The only piece he had to replace is the top panel, a custom-constructed replacement made of acrylic, made using laser cutting and engraving.

A study published earlier this year showed the laser removal process can have the same effect.

You click the mouse and the laser goes “pew pew” and that feels good.

The stacked team is laser focused putting the finishing touches on its proprietary internal framework.

Jets of flames and a red laser show lift into the chilled desert air.

Driverless cars rely on lidar, which uses laser light pulses to detect road hazards, as well as sensors such as radar and cameras.

The sheer optimism and projection of will that emits out from the player into these finely honed worlds is like a laser beam.

How much does that laser treatment hurt?

The method developed by the Alberta group is based on femtosecond laser pulses, e.g.

Ghostea will follow up this mix with two releases in February, one on Nervous Records, and another on laser Native.

“Precise tuning of the laser parameters allowed us to induce a process called hemifusion at the contact point of two phospholipid membranes,” they write.

The leaner the domestic competition, the more room it grants Juventus to laser in on Europe.

I can practically taste the singed wood left behind by his laser blast.

EDC Caterpillar from Buff laser on Vimeo.

In the above documentary featurette from Vimeo user Buff laser, a.k.a.

Evan: laser eyes.

In Crosshairs Study, several small diamond shaped canvases show a black subject wearing a gray hoodie with a sniper laser trained on his forehead.

laser cutting, screen printing—if it’s cutting edge, she’s cutting it and stitching it together.

Ponomarev said this extends the company’s expertise not only into software, but also cutting-edge laser technology and material science (developing new polymers).

The first step, she tells me, is a laser whitening which would lighten my teeth by several shades.

It uses laser scanning to estimate their height and volume.

An early piece by Jonathan Horowitz, from 2001, is made up of nothing but laser prints on office paper displayed in cheep gold frames.

That is the promise of Fraxel laser skin resurfacing.

Fraxel, a brand name derived from “fractional laser photothermolysis,” is in this latter category.

And what was up with those laser swords?

“It’s a gentler way to resurface your skin with a laser because it’s not taking off a whole layer,” he says.

When he returned, he handed me a pair of goggles to protect my eyes from the laser light and began his not-so-tender ministrations.

The laser also provoked an odd sort of pain that had me emitting peals of laughter.

Wormwood is laser focused on Olson’s death and Eric’s quest and largely ignores the wider horror of Project MKUltra.

Three policemen had to receive treatment in hospital, including a helicopter pilot who was injured when laser pointers were directed at him.

SHERLOC has two components: an imager and a laser spectrometer.

There was also a laser sight for a gun and a box labeled Hornady 00 buck shotgun shells.

Its business has moved from a laser focus on the long-tail of budget hotels to a broader “hospitality” play.

Today’s modern aesthetic with hodgepodge designs, massive speakers, laser light systems, and wild drivers are a cultural trademark.

The island has an old-world Mediterranean feel, but it also has laser beams and electric doors.

The future Hall of Fame quarterback threw a laser AT HIS OWN MOM during a crazy dodgeball game … and had zero regrets!!!

Both are marked with a blue dot not unlike a sniper’s laser beam.

Both are marked with a blue dot not unlike a sniper’s laser beam.

The big discontinuous leaps, like the laser and the computer, often depend on unrelated developments in different fields,” the Weinersmiths warn in the introduction.

The crossbow has a laser sight and everything.

They scattered the bacteria across a test field and then detected those that glowed with a laser.

What’s next: The researchers envision outfitting drones with the laser scanners, which would require a more compact design.

One is laser tweezers, which allow scientists to manipulate microscopic particles (often viruses and bacteria) within a laser beam.

Ashkin, who took half of the $1 million prize, invented the optical (laser) tweezers in his work with Bell Labs in the 1980s.

Mourou and Strickland worked on laser amplification at the University of Rochester, also in the 1980s.

“The CPA-technique invented by Strickland and Mourou revolutionized laser physics,” the Nobel Committee writes in a press release.

The story has been updated with the correct laser wavelength.

The laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) team, of which Szabolcs is a member, felt vindicated.

A laser could also be used to accelerate heavy ions to form the weapon part of the lightsaber, Muller said.

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