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“Passions” is released as France’s center-right fights for survival two years after President Emmanuel Macron’s election win dynamited the political landscape.

​Where do you think you fit, in the gaming landscape of the 21st century?

The book paints a compelling social landscape of what appears to have been a golden age of the swindler.

But as much as the weed landscape appears to have changed in 2017, some things stayed the same.

It’s a love song but the relationship is as fractious and beautiful as the Icelandic landscape itself.

There are, however, no 17th-century Icelandic landscape paintings, and no 19th-century Icelandic Romantic paintings either.

You see and absorb the landscape, minus humans.

Other 30 by 30-inch photographs portray U.S. mining sites from conventional landscape vantages.

Inside the White Temple, Chalermchai paints an apocalyptic landscape depicting characters like Pikachu, Harry Potter, and Kung Fu Panda.

As Vox’s Dylan Scott points out, the landscape appears complicated.

Most surprising is the number of landscape photographers who never enter the landscape, introducing new relationships within the genre and medium.

The vicissitudes of the landscape are thus captured by the photographers documenting it.

New Territory: landscape Photography Today continues at the Denver Art Museum (100 W. 14th Avenue Pkwy, Denver, Colorado) through September 16.

But without the proper experience or infrastructure, Mexico is struggling to manage the new landscape, and many families are falling through the cracks.

In this landscape, above-board marketers walk an uneasy path: where is the border between marketing and spam, when all interaction here is vaguely spammy?

Like a landscape, the foil bends and shifts the light, leaving its source untraceable.

These drawings reduce the landscape of the city to the barest minimum information Hanaei wants to convey to the viewer.

All that landscape could change if Guzmán is sent to the US to face drug charges.

The PP, along with the Socialists, had dominated the political landscape since Franco’s death.

It still feels exciting to listen to shiny music with lovely harmonies.” Our cultural landscape is rapidly shifting.

In 1,000 historic photographs of electricity pylons shared by the Science Museum in London, a complex symbol of human progress rises above the landscape.

Do you think the importance of drawing has been lost in current animation, and indeed, our ever digitalized landscape?

2s,” which came together as a reaction to a splintering landscape, but it has yet to come forward with an agreement.

Without clear direction, the fractured landscape in Congress has left top negotiators like Graham asking Trump’s Cabinet how to proceed.

Many cheeses have floral or vegetal notes, but this ricotta was no joke—it was a pastoral landscape blanketed in virginal sunshine.

An exhibition at the National Gallery of Art highlights the environmental and artistic influence of 19th-century landscape photography in the eastern United States.

landscape photography in the latter half of the 19th century became more dire than optimistic.

Perhaps because it is written for conservatives, the report is oddly coy about the overall partisan landscape of climate change.

And in that landscape, there are no real moderates.

In 1930, Bisttram spent a summer there, a common practice for East coast artists seeking the pueblo’s unique landscape and isolation.

Immediately, they were captivated by the extraordinary landscape.

Another man, dressed in religious garb, stares out, his head wrapped in a thick landscape scene of a smoking marshland.

Similarly, van Gogh’s “nature” is the agricultural landscape of Provence, with its workers, crops, hedges and wagons.

Still, in the next decade, the male contraceptive landscape should look more like the female contraceptive landscape — and it’s about time, said Page.

Glassman said he sees the influence of the beverage industry across the political landscape.

The contemporary and traditional Apache nation, the sacred landscape, and the protest to protect the sacred are all found within each cinematic image.

On view through March 4, Fox’s works are accompanied by landscape photographs of Oak Flat by Floor Grootenhuis and, full disclosure, myself.

What is the relationship that you have with the landscape?

Born in 1936, Murray is a standout among his artist-contemporaries, whose works converse with the Canadian landscape.

“The use of the landscape as a point of departure for making abstract art is intriguing to me,” Lippincott stated.

Robert Murray: landscape and Abstraction will be on view at the Flatiron Project Space (133/141 West 21st Street, NYC), July 31- September 6, 2019.

And he explained how he evaluates the startup landscape now that he is a VC once again, specifically a partner at True Ventures.

You’ve got to be looking at a larger landscape.

I care about the larger landscape.

But you get the sense from La La Land that he knows the landscape intimately.

I would just say, get to know the landscape.

It was just a birthmark, a natural feature of the landscape.

Look, they did a great job using that media landscape to their advantage.

Some changed the landscape, some created symbols defying a certain kind of change, and some imagined the community already transformed.

I mean, that’s when you really started, that landscape [was] starting to shift even more.

It’s completely new landscape.

It really changes the communications landscape for a corporation.

You can map sort of that new landscape of where are the bots, where are the influencers, how are you going to reach them?

You learn how to use various objects and obstacles to get the water down so you can get back to devouring the landscape.

So if you know that, if you know that’s part of the landscape, how do you then, No.

The effortlessly chic French woman is one of the most persistent tropes in our lifestyle landscape.

The website is just one piece of the sprawling and often bewildering film landscape.

We changed the landscape of fashion, and now I’m trying to do the same thing with film.

These forward thinking developers and advocates will redefine our perception of possibility and continue and lend to a more ubiquitously accessible gaming landscape.

All the researchers did is (literally) look more closely at the landscape and find a bunch of stuff previous flood maps missed.

Viewership declines aren’t really surprising, as similar trends have unfolded across the TV landscape and viewers opt for on-demand and online entertainment alternatives.

It often involves listening to a landscape, as much as looking attentively.

[via email announcement] The Metropolitan Museum of Art has acquired Peter Doig’s landscape painting “Two Trees” (2017).

But as members filtered out and the band fell from the top over time, the music landscape changed in their absence.

It follows UnderLA which visualized a subterranean landscape in the Los Angeles Aquifer, and Oscar-Zero on a nuclear launch center in North Dakota.

(Dr. Frankenstein and his monstrous creation meet their end on the unforgiving landscape of the North Pole.)

With landscape theory, the filmmakers provide a different way of seeing terrorism and violence that prompts people to pay closer attention before making judgements.

Before, it was a lot more difficult for artists to show their work outside of a gallery or the commercial landscape.

The film follows a 10-year old boy as he wanders through the New Mexican landscape near her home and studio.

The landscape paintings were about absolutely opening myself to everything that was before me.

I have two landscape paintings by Edwin Dickinson that my father gave my mother.

It is like going out to paint a landscape, and suddenly there’s a downpour or even a tornado.

Joyce is also a landscape architect.

The trouble is Alaska is straining even to pay for the immediate toll of climate change on the landscape.

The slightly elevated view of this bric-a-brac-filled landscape is claustrophobic, since the horizon is not clearly defined.

That is not the landscape of debate in most countries.

I don’t think it is, Certainly not in the changing landscape of this issue.

Some of this new work is fueled by a desire to preserve the aesthetic character of an endangered agrarian landscape.

Appropriately enough, the easement for the Tippet Rise property was initially granted in the 1980s to the local landscape painter Isabelle Johnson.

That was the plan for improving life and protecting the landscape around the Mexican village of Tres Reyes.

So it changed the competitive landscape quite a bit.

Sun Xun places the landscape of his hometown of Fuxin into a fantastical mural and animated video where multiple histories, real and imagined, collide.

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

During that time, he also watches documentaries and reads literature pertaining to the era at hand to learn more about its cultural landscape.

It’s hard to look at the American political landscape and not see something similar afoot.

Which, of course, is one of the reasons it has proved so successful on the British food landscape.

Centrist parties were trounced, reshaping Brazil’s political landscape and polarizing Congress.

But while both leaders stepped into new territory, this is still a familiar landscape.

And of course, artists paid homage to the physical landscape of Los Angeles and greater Southern California.

When completed, their faces will be partly submerged, their mouths dipping into the Missouri River, with the natural landscape flowing around them.

During its initial U.S. release, critics were divided over how well the film worked given how stale the horror-comedy landscape was at the time.

I glide across the landscape, and winter turns to spring, like an affirmation.

Its centerpiece is Qi Baishi’s 12-panel “Zhichitianya landscape Album” (1931), acquired by the Powerlong Group at auction for $29 million.

Something off-kilter in their framing convinces you that they were taken on the fly, as the landscape glided by outside.

Find Your TribeConnecting with other positive people who are focused on strength and self improvement transformed my social landscape for the better.

The show doesn’t play out on a grand geopolitical landscape.

Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 political landscape — and presidential election — was a much wider effort than previously understood.

I’ve developed a landscape style that involves a very wet surface that is smeared around with acrylic pigments.

Everything in Natural Wonders is a manufactured landscape — although not of the toxic waste/landfill/ocean gyre variety.

While the natural landscape, exotic and enveloping, underpins all of Amenoff’s scenes, they depart from boiler-plate realism by several routes.

After viewing a brightly-colored abstract landscape by Hans Hoffman, facilitators led participants in a meditative breathing exercise; later they created clay coil pots.

(And this doesn’t even touch the problem of partisanship in a commercialized media landscape.)

Yet compressed audio still dominates the landscape, primarily because of Apple’s initial and ongoing influence.

And he’s confident that soon this technology will dramatically change the job landscape.

Well, I saw that the entire entrepreneurial landscape was just burgeoning.

Punta Islita, on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast, is popular among North American and European tourists for its pristine beaches and lush landscape.

The sheets are relatively large—about 12 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches—and they are arranged in what is commonly called landscape format.

These efforts enable us to target new fans and bring new offerings to the current landscape.

“We hope to become an indelible contribution to the thriving cultural landscape of New York City.”

Horace and Pete fits nicely in this void, because it suggests a way in which outsider voices might eventually enter the TV landscape.

Each former prisoner stands with his back to the viewer among an alien landscape.

landscape architect Adriaan Geuze has spent his whole life thinking about rising water.

What we can say for certain is that kit sponsors are a firmly established part of the football landscape.

landscape architect Adriaan Geuze has spent his whole life thinking about rising water.

And, in a sporting landscape that is increasingly bare of genuine characters, good or bad, his presence is missed.

I was taking 360-degree photographs, which I stuck together with tape to create a continuous flattened landscape.

They were inspired by a terrain in which the changing light is often dramatically embodied by its interactions with the landscape.

Sequence, disruption, panorama, and alteration — all ways of perceiving an immense, elemental landscape — became central to her paintings.

Pousette-Dart arrived at these paintings through her experience of the landscape.

People don’t really know that’s how the landscape has changed.

And very last question, how do you look at the investing landscape right now?

(Reuters) – The trade landscape in the U.S. House of Representatives will shift significantly next year following Democrats’ seizure of control in Tuesday’s elections.

He incorporated the visual landscape of popular culture not as pop commentaries but as personal expressions.

The investing landscape has seen an incredible amount of upheaval in recent years — and it has technology to thank.

The U.S. landscape will shift significantly in January when Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, after winning mid-term elections in November.

I think it’s just the overall changing landscape of indie film.

Whose and Whom: The Body as a Political landscape, part of Photo Kathmandu 2018, continues in various venues around Kathmandu, Nepal through November 16.

The entire football landscape rewards consistency and a certain kind of accountability—a self-erasing and unquestioning kind, but mostly one that’s reliable.

A towering eight feet tall, the portrait threatens to dissolve into an abstract landscape.

Which is to say: this is an adventure quite out of time with 2017’s gaming landscape.

I know: Keeping up with every piece of superhero entertainment in our current cultural landscape is exhausting.

And it’s impossible to watch this series without contextualizing it within our present cultural and political landscape.

It’s kind of amazing that you have the ocean and its underwater landscape so unknown and desolate and living so close to civilization.

David Kessler spent six years filming the Pine Barrens’ landscape and its inhabitants, capturing the area in every imaginable state and season.

The Pine Barrens also provides a portrait of the denizens of this enigmatic landscape.

Some residents take up the self-proclaimed mantle of “rednecks” and ride ATVs and trucks through the ecologically sensitive landscape.

Here’s a look at the heavyweights ruling the landscape and the ones that are coming up to challenge that rule.

Though Taylor has dressed Michelle Obama, her brand is only six years old and far from a behemoth in the fashion landscape.

Then along came the tech boom, which made many scruffy outsiders in Silicon Valley rich and powerful members of the capitalist landscape.

In the devastating aftermath of World War II, the Japanese domestic landscape became central to the physical and emotional reestablishment of the country.

Yet as Ezra Klein points out, the media landscape has changed since the heyday of Peretz’s ownership in the 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s.

In that vein, objects from Dodge’s internal landscape comfortably speak their minds, opening up dialogues about subjects ranging from assholes to determinism.

If you—like me—are unfamiliar with the landscape of free and open source software (FOSS) social media, Mastodon is weird.

Though many pits have been shut, the craggy landscape bears the scars of decades of excessive mining.

Both help temper the extremes of political dogma that have afflicted the US political landscape.

There’s going to be consolidation throughout the media landscape, definitely in the big studios.

For years, Walmart had dominated the retail landscape on the back of its “Everyday Low Price” guarantee.

Drive about 30 miles outside of Las Vegas, just off Highway 15, and you will discover a desert landscape occupied by mysterious objects.

“With the boxwood miniatures and their high-resolution scans, we have found the perfect, transcendent landscape to explore in this medium.”

And one of the first things Putin did was transform the information and media landscape.

Diverse in material, form, and construction, these readymade sculptures punctuate the landscape with a story that is menacing and amusing.

Each painting is united by a muted sky, a landscape of mottled green suggesting grass and trees.

He took photographs and created sketches of the frozen landscape, primarily from aboard the S.S. Beothic.

But in this new, truly uncharted American landscape, what is Hollywood’s role?

With individual officeholders responsible for their own political fates, consultants help candidates cope with an electoral landscape they cannot fully control.

Much of his argument stands, but the political landscape has changed dramatically.

There are some bright spots in the PC landscape.

Much like her paint pours, these works suggest bodies suspended in time, as they reflect the surrounding landscape.

Both companies dominate the e-commerce landscape in China, where Amazon has long struggled.

For Kristin’s shoot — she was gazing at the hotel pool, the desert landscape and shadows on a wall.

This simple chart shows the most profound shift that’s occurred in the US sporting landscape so far.

Two years later, and the shifting financial landscape hasn’t changed much: America still can’t enact meaningful gun legislation.

Yes, the architects would calculate each month of the year so they could paint the landscape using shadows, lights, and seasons.

The restaurant landscape is always changing, and there are a lot of ways that people like to eat.”

A once-promising nation was reduced to poverty, and the Angolan landscape is still host to countless landmines.

He wrote and self-published a novel, Only By Blood and Suffering, a right-wing fever dream of a post-apocalyptic landscape.

HM: You approach the flat canvas as a landscape.

Ruins dot the landscape, many of which provide shelter to the monsters that inhabit the world now.

I grew up in a very flat landscape that was laser-leveled for farming.

HM: In a recent show of American painting‚ I saw an O’Keeffe landscape with a frame that she had crafted out of metal.

In the movie, Orion’s Belt conjures the dark and mysterious ambience of Gothic architecture or Romantic landscape paintings.

The planet’s rocky landscape is shrouded in more than just mist.

Emlen’s turn to the landscape was a response, in particular, to the Maine coast where she has spent summers since her childhood.

Indeed, it’s difficult to avoid comparisons with other painters of the Maine landscape in light of such a rich tradition.

No one knows because the digital media landscape is so wide-reaching.

In the latter work, Emlen offers the structure of a Maine landscape before the paint is applied.

While beautiful, there are more telling elements of design in the landscape’s mountains and shore.

The road, wrapped by pine forests, crawls up the fell landscape with its snow-clad mountain backdrop.

Hujar’s Holstein cows echo 17th century Flemish landscape painting.

When it is ascendant, the internet landscape around it starts to feel more than a little toxic.

“Rwanda’s challenging geographical and social landscape makes it an ideal test-bed for the droneport project,” Foster said.

After the hurricane, I continued working with that landscape, but now I talk about the landscape that the hurricane left as a “replacement landscape.”

I appropriate historical presidential campaign posters and slogans and re-insert them back into the current political landscape.

Over time, the self-help group really shifted Mack and Krowchuk’s social landscape.

However in the others, also “Untitled” (2014), the color actually coats the landscape or figure.

And he argued that America’s changing urban landscape explains a lot about the election of Donald Trump last November.

The competitive payments landscape also includes the likes of Apple Pay and Google Wallet.

It’s true that, objectively speaking, the midterm landscape looks bad for the GOP.

Based in the Songdo district of Incheon, South Korea, the GCF for now is just a blip on the global landscape of climate finance.

And all the visual references I’m making to the Romantic period of landscape painting are tied to that same conversation.

He’s been photographing the body of salt water since 2003 and spends weeks at a time shooting the vast and infinite landscape.

His addition of a mirror to the landscape takes these images from peaceful to surreal.

It is a document, and an artwork, one that is realist and abstract, a still life and a landscape, and perhaps even a performance.

the landscape had popped, ….

Its landscape was dotted with abandoned homes.

The Xbox One controller compatability could change that landscape.

I don’t think books have to be liked or disliked; they’re part of our mental landscape.

And either you want a book to be part of your mental landscape or you don’t.

On screens displayed throughout the installation, GIF collages juxtapose Puerto Rico’s pixilated landscape with flashing and scrolling financial and religious iconography.

But I think they’re a great way to get the lay of a landscape that is in constant flux.

Majestic palm trees, an office desk, a Greek bust fill a landscape reminiscent of vaporwave album covers and Tumblr blogs.

By the Obama era, the cable news landscape was more polarized than even Ailes had at first intended.

News that an administration might alter the tax landscape of international payments catches their ear.

Today, the restaurant’s place in Toronto’s food landscape is inescapable.

Actually, more to the point, the urban landscape is of them, as in constituted by them, deriving complexity and cultural diversity from them.

This is “Figure in the Urban landscape 1” (2017).

Figures in an Urban landscape continues at Tilton Gallery (8 East 76 Street, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through January 6.

In the current landscape, though, you have to have promotions to just stop yourself from losing traffic.

The United States Department of Justice has materials on the history of the Voting Rights Act and its enforcement in a post-Shelby landscape.

It was unlikely to get any recognition, even in a less crowded TV landscape.

That’s why the latest (and unofficial) addition to the commentary landscape feels like a gift from the Greek gods themselves.

In “Home Base” (2017) an irregular blue band from top to bottom conjures a river sluicing through the landscape.

Huge formations of rock, snow and ice line the Antarctic landscape.

Where are the landscape artists?

“Pressing into the earth, the concave sculpture reflects the concave sky, creating a sense of the landscape in reverse,” says Sze.

Now consider that Fox News is right there, wearing its crown as the conservative king of the modern media landscape.

We believed that given the industry landscape, a merger might redound to the benefit of both companies and their shareholders.

But that appeal is one that can work in an ever more divided media landscape.

The show not only changed the landscape of television but entirely redefined how we make, watch, and engage with it.

Either would, obviously, spoil the natural landscape and destroy a pleasant recreational activity that is enjoyed by many American citizens.

The three films set the defining narrative—an ancient landscape, an isolated community, and folklore—yet, The Wicker Man stands out as the de facto standard.

Using metaphorical and visual tropes, Lundgren departs from the confines of the actual landscape, conjuring elements of the supernatural.

The vision behind the home was to integrate it into the landscape, Vijftigschild says.

The center of gravity of the overall landscape is the center-left.

Partisan media sources on the left are integrated into this landscape and are of lesser importance than the major media outlets of the center-left.

How did these events change the political and economic landscape?

Yang evokes traditional Chinese landscape paintings of mountains, that on closer look reveal mountain shapes filled with details of an urban landscape.

Juxtaposed with performance are Detroiters’ stories, drawing on the energy of the city landscape to picture this urban fabric in new ways.

This landscape used to be a little simpler.

A new denizen of Morris’s compressed landscape, the video is the only piece that includes some sort of animation.

The project is a browser-based landscape, where one can float through cylinder-shaped collections of user-uploaded images, added via webcam or through local files.

How do you look at the landscape right now?

To do this, he strikes a deal with a shadowy figure and hunts massive colossi across a beautiful and desolate landscape.

I think it brings people in, but whether or not they take you seriously is an ever changing landscape.

Zarina’s “Abyss” (2013), a woodcut print on BFK light paper, does not specify a particular landscape or border-making exercise.

But if you feel yourself tensing up throughout, then you might occupy the same hellish landscape as Stu (and Vic, for that matter).

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

Horbaczewski met with FAA officials to clear the regulatory landscape for the DRL.

Dramatic Italian landscape served as a backdrop to the wedding ceremony held at Villa Lysis.

But with big cuts for rich families off the table, the dealmaking landscape is wide open.

What draws you to the urban landscape?

I can’t really say I was “drawn” to the urban landscape.

I LIVED in the urban landscape.

Inequality, landscape planning, and now climate change are all human affairs.

A pervasive distrust of institutions and parties marks the contemporary political landscape.

The digital media and advertising landscape is staggeringly complex.

The media landscape continues to change rapidly, with new trends and challenges emerging every year.

But their strikes often extend beyond material gains and reflect broader conflicts in the shifting landscape of public education.

But by August 23, yet another federal lawsuit may have changed the legal landscape of the DACA fight entirely.

Trump stands out so strongly in the political landscape that takes often emerge that neglect to mention the fact that he had an opponent.

Take a good look, because something this beautiful only graces the football landscape every once in a rare while.

That’s made clear in a new report on global billionaires from Wealth-X, which surveys the landscape of the 10-figured titans.

Prasanto Roy, a New Delhi-based consultant who closely tracks India’s technology policy landscape, said the government should provide stable policies to attract investment.

But in this cold and desolate landscape of sagebrush and wide-open spaces, the militiamen aren’t really standing off with anybody.

But in this cold and desolate landscape of sagebrush and wide-open spaces, the militiamen aren’t really standing off with anybody.

(Photo by Andrew Glazer/VICE News) landscape on the way to Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

DLECTRICITY is looking for high-quality projects that will activate the outdoor, nighttime landscape of Midtown Detroit’s Woodward Corridor.

The uncertain political landscape surrounding immigration, Zúñiga said, is a topic of concern that has increasingly come up in conversations with patients.

The changing political landscape has threatened programs such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, creating a new normal for the people Garside serves.

Ink-on-glass landscape paintings further the illusory landscape created by the gardens and places the viewer’s reflection within this constructed paradise.

Twin Peaks is being reborn amid a changed TV landscape—a landscape it helped to change.

Through her experimentations, she’s discovered adding textures, and how to create landscape silhouettes inspired by the works of Ansel Adams and Edward Weston.

Samantha did admit the modeling landscape has changed drastically, and, to be fair … she says that’s a good thing.

The $121 billion merger, announced last week, would reshape the competitive landscape by forming a U.S. conglomerate which spans commercial aviation and defense procurement.

“The aerospace and defence sector in Europe … is a completely different competitive landscape,” he said at the Paris Airshow.

“We wanted to clear something up that has been reported across the media landscape.

Women look at the electoral landscape, they believe the playing field is stacked against women, and they count themselves out.

Right, so talk about what that looks like, what the landscape looks like in the next five, 10, 15 years?

In “Centaurette and Unicorn” (2016), the landscape is punctuated by what looks like a testosterone-charged squirrel and rabbit.

She is not a landscape painter.

The landscape is densely cratered and heavily eroded, indicating that it could be among the oldest terrains on the planet.

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

Leder isolates Sr. against the long, foreboding landscape, and he already feels insignificant.

The spaciousness of the landscape and people contribute to my creativity.

Xaviera Simmons’s photograph, “Line (Red)” is a snowy landscape, cut in half by a massive block of deep red.

In this new landscape, would vain objects hold the same social value, or would they become as useless as Fan portrays them?

Without prior knowledge of Simmons’s work, the disrupted image is still stark, more a sudden movement than a landscape.

Walls Turned Sideways extends this analysis to implicate the museum in the same landscape of money and power as the prison.

In a TV landscape that’s hardly starved for innovative storytelling, “Minty” stands out as a singularly stark and ambitious achievement.

Rough generalization here that they will have a harder time to figure out the new landscape.

The retailer has posted losses quarter after quarter, closed dozens of stores, and struggled to find its footing in a changing consumer landscape.

The landscape was more receptive to a story like this.

But Lewis loomed particularly large in the landscape of 20th-century comedy, achieving fame as both a standup comic and an actor-director.

But Lewis’s humor in particular was marked by a raw, edgy energy that would distinguish him within the comedy landscape.

The alternative is a bleak moral landscape for me.

But I still feel queer when I’m on my own in the middle of landscape.

The new media landscape represents a great opportunity in this regard.

The effect is gestural and calligraphic, the architectural landscape straining up, taking on some of the kinetic energy of a marching line of people.

He repeatedly spray paints over large cardboard stencils, adding new embellishments with every new layer, and eventually filling out a massive spectral landscape.

Visitors are sharing photos of the icy landscape to social media.

An icy, wintry landscape that looks like it was practically plucked from “Game of Thrones.”

For me, that information prompted a landscape reading, as if the square were a cube, surrounded by desert vastness.

They’ve formed part of the urban landscape and have become a common site of Culiacan’s geography.

But with water, because of the way it moves through the landscape, clarifying property rights has always been a challenge.

You can’t have Bernie Saunders without completely changing the political landscape of America in terms of what the horizon of politics can be.

With Jardins d’Été, Quayola wanted to transport himself back to the condition of the historical landscape artists.

“The landscape on Everest has changed,” he said.

“We can easily feel defeated for sure, because of the landscape we’re in,” Dr. Rubino affirms.

While exploring areas near the US-Mexico border, Porter Lara noticed how two-liter bottles, discarded by migrants, dotted the landscape, as did ancient pot shards.

It would have a huge impact on the American budget, economy, and political landscape.

They do this not because of some 12-dimensional chess analysis of the political landscape, but because that’s what narcissism and zero-sum thinking does.

In short, prices won’t go up, and the TV landscape will remain competitive.

The second painting, “Maison pour érotomane” (ca 1932) shows a Catalan landscape, with rocks morphing into a horse, cello, and car.

Joan Mitchell: I carry my landscape around with me continues at David Zwirner Gallery (537 West 20th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) through July 12.

So you tell your story, then we can talk about how you fit into the landscape.

Modern quilters want us to know that the political landscape is changing, and they have joined the resistance.

My favorite work in the show is Perspectives on landscape Photography, a series of blown-up, full color reproductions of found black-and-white photographs.

But if I look at the landscape, it’s really bleak.

It seems like Donald Trump swamped the media landscape, and everything else that we talk about is still related to Donald Trump.

Amazon and Google tower over the landscape, but there are plenty of other areas to explore too.

Do you think it’s about Rupert Murdoch really looking at the media landscape and saying, “I can’t compete”?

Is it an ironic response to an increasingly polarized political landscape, or a sincere statement of our need for sympathy and mutual comprehension?”

Never Built New York asks that we see the city not as a static landscape, but as one of possibilities.

That’s being pitched as a thriller, but really, it’s a documentary movie in a fictional landscape.

Traversing and exploring the mind-bending landscape is foregrounded over the more goal-oriented puzzle solving; there’s a soothing, ambient quality to it.

One of the most important design principles of the Sea Ranch was a light ecological footprint and a harmonious blending of architecture and landscape.

Fragments of Euclid borrows a little from The Witness to play that up, with the landscape subtly changing as you solve puzzles.

It was followed respectively by portraiture, genre, landscape, and still life painting.

It looks absolutely stunning in this landscape, fragile yet powerful, forthright yet mysterious, with the sun glinting off its curving surface.

They highlight the rugged beauty of the expansive landscape while also bearing witness, you sense, to its exploitation.

You are immersed in a floating, ever shifting landscape which also seems celestial; depending on your sightline, multiple elements are constantly converging and interacting.

No, The Witch is a horror film that creeps up on you, spreading its tendrils slowly across the landscape of your mind.

“Once lead is deposited on the landscape, it stays there.

“Once lead is deposited on the landscape, it stays there.

“Human subjectivity occupies a small space in a vast mercurial molten landscape and we must endeavor to understand that better.

We’re with her on the “mercurial molten landscape” thing, and there is something hopeful and refreshing in “Rukhsana,” too.

Rather, the more pressing issue might be how this move shapes the landscape of combat sports in the state of New York.

He imagined, with dread, a retail landscape in which Amazon was one of very few options—if not the only one.

Americans agree about more than they disagree on, as hard as that can be to believe when you look at the current political landscape.

Plants appear as negatives, or deletions, in the landscape, and many are floating, unrooted.

It was unlikely to get any recognition, even in a less crowded TV landscape.

We find ourselves in very sobering times in a very sobering landscape, but I remain, along with my colleagues, undeterred in our efforts.

The fragile landscape needs to be monitored as closely as possible to prevent further damage.

Throughout the Obama era, conservative opposition to the post-crisis regulatory landscape took two broad flavors.

In 2017, the political landscape has made women’s health care into an even more divisive issue.

It favors vertical content and tends to decrease the quality of any landscape image or video you upload because of how it expands.

It’s always trying to go deeper into Michele’s psychological landscape.

In 1951, shortly after returning from Italy, Dodd began working in the Maine landscape where she was spending the summer.

“We saw what looked like an alien landscape,” writes Siegel, in an email.

Roads and construction scar the treaty landscape, its flowing water shaded by oil derricks.

More are tempted to leave, and that eventually leaves the pro wrestling landscape a little smaller.

It becomes a part of the viewer’s life, that emotional landscape.

They impose a sameness over whatever landscape they’re able to.

Left-wing protesters demonstrated against the conference, amid fears that a surge of right-wing populism has reshaped the political landscape in the Czech Republic.

landscape photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel spent over two years traveling the world to photograph its most remarkable trees.

In short, this proposal would radically simplify the federal climate policy landscape, giving oil and gas lobbyists a single target.

landscape photographers Diane Cook and Len Jenshel spent more than two years traveling the world to discover its most remarkable trees.

These mines have had a profound impact on the landscape around them.

Ontario-based photographer Alex Lysakowski’s fantastical work explores industrial architecture, structural landscape, and photo manipulation.

As Lysakowski says, “The farcical nature of the manipulated structures creates a surreal world of absurdity in an otherwise mundane landscape.”

“You can’t fight the landscape,” Bassuet said at one point during my visit.

With over 25 years at CBS and more than a decade as CEO, Moonves has proven adept at navigating a difficult media landscape.

It all happens against a landscape of aspiration, with college pennants pinned to classroom doors and inspirational quotes painted on the walls.

Used well, a painter can make the landscape come alive for the viewer.

This is what progress, at least as businesses understand it, tends to do to the landscape.

(There are a lot of gigantic landscape shots, which eventually grew repetitive.)

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

The angled lines in both versions of the forest landscape image highlight its two-point perspective and vanishing points.

The viewer can follow these lines, which resemble the pulsing readings of a heart monitor, to detect spatial manipulation in the original landscape composition.

Our food landscape also pushes us away from healthy options and in the direction of overindulging in processed junk.

Understanding the landscape, with its rocks and water and trees, means understanding where your buildings might be best placed.

I’d love you to sort of assess the competitive landscape.

As the owner of a landscape business, Ohrmundt isn’t really skittish around bees, but this freaked even her out.

Trains sit idly on the landscape, closely watched.

It would renovate our economic landscape, boom our startup culture, and bolster our education system.

The Cultural landscape Foundation wants to connect people to the places of culture around them.

He survived a similar vote in August, but the landscape has shifted.

The old models are changing, technology is automating and customizing traditional processes, and the financial landscape will look drastically different in the future.

He survived a similar vote in August, but the landscape has shifted.

What is their place in a modern music landscape so defined by trap beats and streaming metrics?

and its neighborhood namesake gentrifies, it’s become worthy of a landscape painting.

Across the wall from Rust, we come full circle with Janice McDonnell’s industrial landscape paintings of the Gowanus Canal.

There’s also the problem of the landscape being used for hard landscaping or housing and it’s threatening these green places.

Robinson describes the town as “chastened by an outsized landscape and extravagant weather.”

There, locals unable to get a visa to visit the US, usually children, can join Ellie in observing the forbidden landscape.

Using Evan, myself, and the landscape as subjects, I was capturing intimacy in its purest, most intoxicating form.

Its blues and yellows stand in stark relief to the concrete that dominates so much of North Korea’s landscape.

Third, the political landscape is shifting.

I think there is a huge rude awakening that’s going to exist in the venture landscape, and it goes along the following lines.

Riggio grew the business, adding several retail stores across the country, but could not sustain the growth in a retail landscape dominated by Amazon.

I suspect, actually, the most disruptive entrant into the venture capital landscape can probably be Google, Microsoft and Amazon.

And when Trump’s time in office runs out, businesses will face yet another new political landscape.

It got widespread coverage across the political media landscape, and even received reasonably sympathetic coverage from the right-leaning Fox News.

They have their own landscape and it’s far away from centers of production: New York, even San Francisco, let alone Southern California.

They can see the landscape.

I believe they really can see the landscape.

Thus, the security landscape is constantly in flux.

Whatever lies ahead for the Women’s March, the elections Tuesday made it clear that women are ready to change the U.S. political landscape.

American Genre: Contemporary Painting is an exhibition built on a triad of traditional painting genres: still life, landscape, and portraiture.

The views expressed by Duckworth, whatever their intended purpose, effectively wipe black and brown people — and our political priorities — from the Midwest’s landscape.

Still, given the district’s challenging landscape, national Democratic groups have been hesitant to spend in the race.

It’s a tactical move that absolutely works in a media landscape like ours, and he knows it.

“Spatial Bodies depicts the urban landscape and architectural bodies as an autonomous living and self-replicating organism,” Aujik tells The Creators Project.

Another personal highlight was Rafael Domenech’s “Notations from an American landscape” (2017–19), which presents itself as a reading room of massive cutouts.

“The urban landscape and diverse architecture appeared like a forest that seemed chaotic yet structured,” he says.

Cope subverts this common modernist aesthetic (the grid) by using it to project colonial violence on the landscape.

Her work remains prescient, considering the angst-ridden political landscape we all must traverse these days.

After pulling landscape footage from CCTV feeds around the world, Marcus DeSieno employed a 19th-century photography technique to create his eerie images.

The conceptual underpinnings of No Man’s Land lend the project a techno-dystopian edge, stripping the landscape genre of its typical palatability.

This is especially concerning as butterflies, which are very sensitive to changes in landscape and food sources, are often a bellwether of environmental health.

It helped me imagine a landscape of liberation.

André Distel is a landscape photographer based in Bonn, Germany.

The fundamental landscape is deeply unfavorable to House Democrats.

More than 700 monuments to these white supremacists dot the landscape of the United States — not just across the South.

When I was growing up, the Confederate statue seemed to blend into the landscape of the city.

These are works that are intended to be viewable via satellite, thus impacting the character of a landscape.

This dualism is powerfully effective in creating a sense of struggle to orient oneself amid an internal landscape.

So you get a type of timelapse of how the landscape is formed, and they can do it quite accurately.

The game never stops to allow you to work things out, and the landscape changes around you dramatically each time you play.

It’s not a long conversation if you have a basic sense of the landscape.

The forms in Emily Cheng’s paintings are suggestive of the most primary elements: the landscape, the body, and religious iconography.

The forms in her paintings are suggestive of the most primary elements: the landscape; the body; religious iconography.

Lately I’ve been looking a lot at Chinese landscape painting.

In the past, I never thought landscape painting had anything to do with my own work.

Kellhammer is a landscape artist and permaculture instructor.

As you walk through the landscape, you pass through a patchwork of forests that were logged at different times.

“Do we let giant swaths of the landscape die [because of] things like the pine beetle?

How has that been different than working in sort of the traditional media landscape?

She’s a singular figure in the literary landscape, and Nicotine is a perfect introduction to her brilliant, off-kilter world.

Marge Simpson explores an unearthly landscape in Chason Mattham‘s “When I Survey the glorious cross…” (2015).

Even when I am doing a landscape or cityscape, the paintings are autobiographical.

Esquillo’s work is an invitation to ponder your own inner landscape, your own dreamworld, your own Loob.

For the past four decades, no single writer has dominated the landscape of genre writing like him.

When ABC’s Black-ish first premiered in September 2014, it was the beginning of a much larger, pivotal turn for the current television landscape.

In “The Human Condition” (1933) he sets a landscape painting on an easel in front of a window that is overlookin that very scene.

For his latest music video for electronic artist OVERWERK’s “Winter,” which premieres today on The Creators Project, Wernquist again explores an alien landscape.

Photography from the last decade explores such subjects as the rapidly gentrifying post-industrial landscape and the work space of Brooklyn artists.

Chrome and Firefox might dominate the web-browser landscape, but that doesn’t mean they are the best for streaming Netflix.

The landscape looks more homogenous in some ways.

Turner, the great English landscape painter who obsessed over light, will be featured on the new £20 banknote in the UK.

It’s undeniable, however, that Game of Thrones will leave a lasting impression on the TV landscape.

Are the inward-looking eyes pondering our destination, as part of a landscape that is itself a minute speck within something unfathomable (the Milky Way)?

Was the proportion of the older painting — whose dimensions convey landscape — what bothered Johns?

If you’d like to support GLSEN’s mission to change the educational landscape for LGBTQ youth, click here .

This suggests that Russia’s advertising operation had an exceptionally nuanced understanding of the electoral landscape in 2016.

By drawing connections between illustration, sculpture, and living organisms, Fisher’s Microbial Me explores the body as a landscape for growth.

In the intervening years, reboots, sequels, and, most of all, comics have drastically changed the North American box office landscape.

And also the way we behave as customers, and the competitive landscape is very different from what it was.

Huge amounts of rain forced evacuations in California as the freshly denuded landscape threatened mudslides.

Currently, the city’s biggest draw is its proximity to the alien landscape of nearby Joshua Tree National Park and the Salton Sea.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Like gas stations or a fast-food chain restaurant, love motels are common fixtures of the Brazilian landscape.

It’s notable for its lush, green landscape, cooler climate, and the granite quality of much of its soil.

The visual effect is of a collage or landscape, but it’s slippery and decaying too.

Even a casual survey of modern history thus suggests that breakdowns of international order litter the historical landscape.

Allred Dr., Sam’s home, is still quasi-rural, a landscape of vacant grasslands and little groves of bent, twisted oak trees.

The artists tweaked the phrase to be more poetic, and the resulting work is a meditation on landscape and tradition.

We follow them on their journey, which lingers on the landscape.

Surveying almost 6,500 American campgrounds through their online reservation sites, Martin Hogue mapped the small differences and mass uniformity of this distinct landscape.

DJ: I think the current political landscape and the comments of the president reaffirms the need for social justice movements and NAACP.

The deal would reshape the competitive landscape by forming a conglomerate which spans commercial aviation and defense procurement.

It’s 9th versus 15th in the UFC lightweight rankings and a win for either man will improve their stock in the UFC landscape.

The landscape is littered with the bones of poorly financed and poorly planned festivals.

“They accept us as part of their landscape, with a big SMILE.

Now, the man who helped coin the term “blogger” is worried about the digital landscape he’s helped create.

Well, there’s still a lot of users on Twitter, and the product actually is pretty decent when it comes to landscape videos.

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

In just a few years, Juul has transformed the e-cigarette landscape.

“This indicates a high level of biodiversity in prehuman South America, where many different mammalian orders could exploit a varied landscape without detrimental competition.”

The scale and height of the object are unclear at first — a square mile of phosphor-polluted landscape looks like lichen crusting a rock.

A blood-orange excavator guts the landscape inside Tuscany’s carved-out marble mountain.

Instead, it’s about intuiting the future from our present gaze: the landscape’s inevitable demise promised by our inaction.

Independent book publishers, motivational speakers, and metaphysical-minded artists and writers then became part of the Los Angeles landscape.

He is well beyond that now, and he has a chance at drastically altering the political landscape.

“The thing that I was really proud of is that these buildings look like they could have existed in that landscape,” Riley continues.

Some Democrats in the state say restoring rights to individuals convicted of felonies could change the political landscape in the state.

Will it be an omelette inspired by chugging trains and the Southwestern landscape, as described by Ed Rushca?

This is not the Wisconsin of pastures and dairy farms, but a landscape brimming with fulfillment centers and factories.

The merger would reshape the competitive landscape by forming a conglomerate which spans commercial aviation and defense procurement.

They start looking like fixed features of the landscape, like mountains or rivers, rather than choices we are making.

I’m guessing you think the internet and our balkanized media landscape has made things worse.

I don’t think it is, Certainly not in the changing landscape of this issue.

It was incumbent upon me to understand the landscape that people were managing at that period of time.

This is an imaginary landscape crafted by humans, but the urban dweller will recognize it as scarily quotidian.

Hung together, they form a surreal landscape, their intricacy, precarious equilibrium, and interwovenness suggesting some kind of symbiosis.

Their identities are directly related to the landscape of American politics.

This is an imaginary landscape crafted by humans, but the urban dweller will recognize it as scarily quotidian.

I want to ask you a question about the landscape of American politics, since Jackie and 20th Century Women are both political, social movies.

That is, aside from the political landscape.

“I think a lot of us feel the landscape has changed,” he said.

She’s definitely one of the women in pop music that’s at the forefront of re-adjusting some things and changing the landscape.

Paula Hayes was selected as the Baltimore Museum of Art’s first landscape artist in residence.

We are moving from a hardware cycle to a software cycle, and this hardware cycle adds roughly another billion consumers to the computing landscape.

In addition to the new trade agreement, Kim’s visit to China comes amid other shifts in the diplomatic landscape.

“It has the ability to dramatically alter the face of the landscape in a few short days to weeks.”

“The cyber threat landscape is shifting in real-time, and we have reached a historic turning point,” DHS chief Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement.

Sometimes it looks like CGI, other times it looks like some strange Yellow Submarine-esque whirling landscape.

The show is an anomaly in a landscape full of art that’s reacting to the ever-shifting political climate.

The landscape has changed, but the tech guys have finally showed up or are about to show up.

The work depicts an abandoned, craggy landscape of gray skies that morphs into globular shapes and watery textures.

This is all exciting, and changes the entire league’s landscape in so many different ways.

You start to sense how a 96-year-old might look at our current political landscape and say, “Psh.

We need to make sense of a changed political landscape.

You skip across the landscape, acquiring new and incredible abilities, picking apart plants, animals, and enemy bases as you go.

A record-breaking number of women are running for office in hopes of changing a strikingly male-dominated political landscape in 2018.

In the background, behind her yard’s wooden fence, four townhouses punctuate the landscape, towering reminders of her impending domesticity.

That’s the landscape?

Heidi Neilson’s “Moon Arrow” travels around the New York City shorelines to draw attention to celestial forces acting on the urban landscape.

Plastic sinks with multilingual warnings about Hepatitis A dot the landscape; there are new portable toilets with round-the-clock guards.

In “Untouched landscape,” she speaks to her childlike playfulness, how she intends to guard it as closely as she protects her art.

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