Lag in a sentence | Use of the word lag examples

The Philippines’ mobile internet and fixed broadband speeds lag behind its neighbors, data from Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index showed.

John Wick knew exactly what its audience wanted, and it won them over by giving and giving and giving, with minimal lag time between.

Even a tiny lag in a voice call can upset users, so controlling the servers directly is important, he said.

“Call of Duty” has always used something called “lag compensation” to make its online multiplayer work.

Young people, however, lag: Only 37 percent of registered voters ages 18-34 say they’re excited about the 2018 vote.

My jet lag kept me awake until the early hours of the morning.

As a result, Legistorm said that the 88 events may not be the ultimate total because there can occasionally be a brief lag time.

As a result, Legistorm said that the 88 events may not be the ultimate total because there can occasionally be a brief lag time.

(There’s a lag of 72 hours, but the data goes back to 2012.)

The delay in typing messages, or the lag in loading my mail on my iPhone, has been explained.

The Fed is doing “what the bond market says – with a lag,” said Gundlach, who oversees more than $130 billion in assets.

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The performance in the company’s UK Boots business, however, continued to lag.

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

Claims by federal workers are reported separately and with a one-week lag.

Scientists have a term for being out of sync: social jet lag.

When people experience social jet lag, they’ll often try to make up for the sleep debt on the weekends.

“People come in off the bench and there’s no lag.

(The Hebrew letters—lamed and gimel—which make up the acronym “lag” have the combined numerical value of 33.)

Nationwide crime reports tend to come out with a nearly one-year lag period.

But pop music has less lag time than most other genres.

Instead, the US is poised to lag behind other wealthy countries when it comes to progress in longevity.

And despite the lag and inconsistency of service, they’re often very expensive options.

This would, theoretically, reduce the lag time and improve the speed and consistency.

It’s not like a video where you can buffer and have that kind of lag.

What happens when there’s a new advertising platform is the viewers move first, and then the advertisers start to follow over a lag.

I wish I’d — and then it’s got this whole lag problem.

We control the software in the speakers and the TV, we can produce a product that has zero lag.

During a break between games—or maybe as I waited for the lag to settle—I heard the announcers on TV screaming.

It feels like you’re in a perpetual state of jet lag.

ARM-based chips lag the speed of Intel’s x86 based chips for tasks such as searches, and software would have to be rewritten.

And while fellow first-term progressive lawmakers have also received considerable donations, they lag behind Omar.

We appear to be in a legal gray area, in part because technology develops faster than law, so there’s always this lag period.

Next month sees the crew dropping some serious South African heat courtesy of gqom main man DJ lag.

The DJ lag EP drops on November 11th via Goon Club Allstars.

It also helped with jet lag, since we weren’t sleepy when we landed,” Atallah said.

It’s like the whole country has been given one hour of jet lag.

But Republicans still lag far behind Democrats in closing any of those gender gaps.

“That’s nothing new.” Beyond France, Austria was among a few EU states more amenable to a shorter Brexit lag.

The executive shuffle comes as Lyft continues to lag its monied and aggressive competitor Uber.

That would still lag publicly listed rival Temenos.

Rate hikes tend to slow the economy with a lag, complicating the question of when the Fed should stop.

His campaign has professionalized to some extent since then, but it continues to lag behind Clinton’s.

Oil fell as the market confronted concerns that global demand growth would lag in the coming year.

While the laws may lag behind in places like Iran, pot use is rising there, without interference from the authorities.

Generally, staples and other defensive areas lag the other S&P 500 sectors in revenue and earnings growth.

“The political power of that group might lag their growth in the overall population,” he said.

When you’re looking at publicly available data, there’s a lag time — it only went up to 2016.

Other gauges, such as the employment to population ratio, also lag.

Republican women lag far behind in financial resources compared to their Democratic counterparts.

The lag time, Peterson says, is making it hard to act quickly.

A lag between the rapidity of black progress and white acceptance of that progress is responsible for this impulse.

Still, there are many areas where advocates say society continues to lag behind.

Here, instead of looking at the lag time, Caliskan looked at how closely the computer thought two terms were related.

One concern was whether there would be a lag when starting the car and turning on the Dot.

So there is never any additional lag between turning it on and connecting to the car’s media center.

In the past, tablets like the reMarkable have struggled with one problem: lag.

By 2015, the team came up with a solution for the lag problem and took it back to Taiwan to show E Ink.

According to research firm Gartner, the average lag time before a breach is detected is a shocking 205 days.

And all women still lag far behind white men, who made $21.86 in median wages last year.

Maybe it was the jet lag after a 14-hour flight.

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

Sinopec, traditionally a refiner rather than a driller, has the smallest resource base and may lag its peers, analysts say.

And eliminating lag time is obviously key for virtual reality and augmented reality getting good enough for mainstream adoption.

There’s a big lag time.

There’s a big lag time between building a content company and then having advertising follow it.

While playing a video game, this could have resulted in unwelcome lag.

Complaints of lag, “cheap” or “unfair” characters, and outright cheating are trotted out.

Democratic turnout, which tends to lag in non-presidential election years, will be a focus of Obama’s campaign efforts, his office said.

There’s often a long lag between the collection of scientific data and the publishing of a paper.)

It’s like the whole country has been given one hour of jet lag.

There is very little lag when shooting, around 600-650ms by the claimed numbers.

That would lag behind critics’ scores, but it’s not far off the 8.1 IMDb user score for The Force Awakens.

The reason for this lag in heat is the technology in today’s water heaters.

Yes, but: Central America and the Caribbean lag further behind.

More state power implies greater differences among states: Red states will lag blue states in coverage numbers.

People of color lag behind the general population in nearly every social and economic indicator.

Only the sadly typical software mess on those phones makes them lag behind Apple’s long-superior iPhone.

This shutter lag will be tracked and scored, as will the effect of motion in the scene, either from the subject or the photographer.

Those who made it all the way in complained of lag and glitches.

The aircraft was also built to accommodate jet lag and atmospheric needs.

Weakness in crude prices also hurt the commodity-heavy UK bluechip index which continues to lag its regional and global peers.

Across measures ranging from criminal justice issues to economic well-being, black Americans still lag far behind white Americans.

Standards of governance also lag ‘A’ category peers based on standard international surveys including the World Bank’s Governance Indicators.

However, there would still be a substantial lag before most Mac software caught up.

Ahead, we cover a few things you probably didn’t know about jet lag.

Republican women lag far behind in financial resources compared to their Democratic counterparts.

Similarly, a time lag exists between the time a Wikipedia page is updated and when the change appears in the pop-ups.

This can be handy if you’re suffering from jet lag, and your body thinks it’s still in an earlier time zone.

Her review found weak positive findings for sleep onset, staying asleep, and jet lag.

As you try and track the finger, the sparks won’t be triggered as quickly, and your eye movement will lag.

But Rubio continues to lag behind in polls, and Thursday was his chance to change that before Republicans start casting their ballots next month.

Some people reported lag or struggled to keep it running smoothly on mobile as people piled in.

The policy lag.

There was a little bit of a lag.

Latency — the amount of delay, or lag in response, in a network.

The longer-cycle, higher gross development cost of deepwater projects are anticipated to result in a demand lag.

$61.149 p.m. — Consumed by jet lag, they head to bed early.

But that’s often a last-resort option due to the limitations of the technology, including connection lag, spotty service, and lower bandwidth.

All three lag far behind Germany’s Angela Merkel (52%) and France’s Emmanuel Macron (46%).

Scotiabank analysts saw sterling capped “in the upper $1.27s” against the dollar, predicting it to lag a broader dollar decline.

In addition to microcephaly at birth, physical development and growth continued to lag behind as the newborns aged.

Having a very late chronotype is like living in a constant state of jet lag, which takes a toll on the body.

Scientists have a term for when our body clocks are out of sync with society: social jet lag.

When people experience social jet lag, they’ll often try to make up for the sleep debt on the weekends.

Traveling to far away places is exciting, but the jet lag that often comes with it is not.

If the measure passes, it would have a major effect on the prolific Denver-Julesburg basin, but there would be a lag time first.

There’s also a lag where people notice things almost like a year or so after, really, they’ve happened in some ways.

ACA enrollment, meanwhile, continues to lag noticeably behind last year’s pace.

The U.S. (51), China (103), India (108), Japan (110) and Saudi Arabia (141) lag far behind.

Although the international industry has begun to act, the U.S. industry continues to lag.

I’m just saying that it leaves a lot more room for lag time and boredom.

This lag between shooting and developing has disappeared with digital photography.

The area’s deep-seeded poverty and lack of access causes it to significantly lag behind national averages in terms of GDP and education.

I love to draw on tablets, and I was impressed by the lack of lag on the Tab S4.

Sometimes, an image won’t show up; other times, it’ll get blurry and experience noticeable input lag.

Payments from state welfare programs lag the triple-digit inflation.

There was no noticeable input lag, the game ran at a solid 60 frames per second and looked gorgeous.

I never had time to acclimate to jet lag.

American presidents lag behind their counterparts in other countries when it comes to legislative leadership, as Zach Elkins points out.

The overall experience is pretty intuitive and straightforward, though there’s obviously a tiny bit of lag before the service parses incoming emails.

Go deeper: U.S. women are now more educated than men, but lag in workforce

It doesn’t alleviate the jet lag induced by working odd-hour shifts, which can also lead to averse health outcomes.

Not just on a longer lag, but totally untethered.

The Fed is doing “what the bond market says – with a lag,” said Gundlach, who oversees more than $130 billion in assets.

For example, even as white women lag behind white men in wages, they often do better than black or Hispanic men.

The film is important, even in 2018, because films depicting lesbian relationships still lag behind ones showing gay male relationships.

A major issue with democracy right now is the lag time between when the people express their wishes and when politicians act.

The realities, however, lag behind the attitudes.

There will still be delays in communications due to the huge distances involved, but the goal is to minimize the lag time.

Keeping the lightsail intact and the advanced automation needed to self-operate the probes without time lag are just a few.

ATR’s main rival, Bombardier’s (BBDb.TO) Q400, saw a burst of orders at the recent Paris Airshow but continues to lag ATR.

However, the partisan pattern is qualitatively similar without the lag.

But it’s most definitely already being used, ever more widely, while our legal systems and personal understandings lag far behind.

That would still lag publicly listed rival Temenos.

Hopefully, I’ll be over my jet lag in time for vacation!

Developers of the technology are making progress, but polls indicate the industry’s efforts to build public trust and commercial demand lag behind.

Add jet lag to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for an altered menstrual cycle.

While the rich are getting better at adopting the lifestyle behaviors that lower their cancer risk, the poor lag behind.

Traditionally, a six- or seven-month lag allows time for feedback, from retailers or editors, to then narrow down what would make it to production.

The performance in the company’s UK Boots business, however, continued to lag.

I don’t mean the stadium, but just the gambling, the city, the jet lag, everything else.

Go deeper: Women now more educated than men, but lag in workforce

“The precipitous decline in patented innovation since 2011–2012 is a stark warning since there can be a long lag between innovation and cost reductions.”

The film’s headsets appear to be inside-out tracking, lightweight, wireless, and can produce images indistinguishable from reality with minimal or no processing lag.

The advertising dollars always … There’s a long lag between the dollars and the adverts.

While the American government continues to lag in addressing climate change, photography can, hopefully, be a catalyst for action.

With such a lag, the singer’s been lowkey working on its follow-up since last fall.

Given the faster pace of interaction, even tiny glitches or moments of lag can be enough to make you lose a round.

Here, instead at looking at the lag time, Caliskan looked at how closely the computer thought two terms were related.

It’s like the whole country has been given one hour of jet lag.

And the group of people most at risk for social jet lag?

People with a lot of social jet lag also tend to get fewer hours of sleep, which exacerbates these same health problems.

(*A lot of the studies on social jet lag and short sleep use adults as their participants.

(There’s a documented reporting lag in angel, seed, and Series A deals in particular.)

Indicators of international equality — including sustainable income growth, social inclusion of minority communities, and equal political representation — continue to lag.

That lag is over.

This could also be crucial to explaining the giant lag in the timeline that we’re facing.

Now they lag, he said.

This is one area where robots lag severely behind their human models.

His figures, he says, now account for things like barriers to entry in bitcoin mining, capital expenditures, lag times, and variable electric costs.

I spent every day misunderstanding the symptoms as terrible jet lag.”

Season four picked up right where season three left off; Paige isn’t even over her jet lag.

When it was eight frames of lag, it was way harder to react-block to stuff like that.”

Compared to Ultra Street Fighter IV, which boasted 5.1 frames of lag on Xbox 360, those three frames may be unnoticeable to casual players.

Patches have gradually lowered that number, to what pros estimate to be about six frames of lag, but complaints can still be heard.

It’s like the whole country has been given one hour of jet lag.

If it isn’t input lag, it’s modes, characters, lobbies or any number of issues you can read about in forums and subreddits.

But the CDC didn’t say boys should also receive the vaccinations until 2011, and rates among males have continued to lag.

He blamed jet lag.

Knee surgery is one of—if not the—most common operating room procedures in the US, and shoulder surgery doesn’t lag far behind.

However, in overall internet connectivity rates and speed we lag other developed countries.

The trick is to stick to that schedule; otherwise you’ll slip back into your old routine of social jet lag.

Researchers even coined the term “social jet lag” to describe the effects of shifting one’s sleep cycle by even a couple of hours.

Some of the decline may result from technical problems, like server errors or lag in gameplay.

There’s also the lag time.

“We have a cultural lag where our views of masculinity have not caught up to the change in the job market.

Despite all the money allocated to the schools, figures on 2017 university placements show graduates of religious schools lag their peers in regular schools.

Commercial genetics companies lag way behind their academic counterparts when it comes to protecting people’s privacy.

There’s a lag in the answers, because they’re working and the cheese comes first.

US efforts to move toward renewable energy have intensified over the last few years, but they still lag far behind many European countries.

But Hulu will always lag behind Netflix in many ways.

We just both rolled out of bed, the jet lag has really caught up to us today.

Even as polls show increasing support for gay rights among segments of the religious population, black churchgoers still lag behind.

Simultaneous conversation and moderation isn’t possible — there’s always going to be a lag.

It’s like giving the entire nation one time zone’s worth of jet lag.

So read ahead, pack up, and the only thing you’ll have left to worry about is jet lag.

But many states lag far behind West Virginia when it comes to election security preparations.

ARM-based chips lag the speed of Intel’s x86 based chips for tasks such as searches, and software would have to be rewritten.

And its flagship personal assistant, Siri, has also been determined to lag behind Google when it comes to comprehension and precision.

That’s why there might be some lag.

The mobile business saw overall revenue lag, too.

This could help address VR’s motion sickness problem, which occurs because of the lag between simulated and real motion.

Lopez had pretty bad jet lag on arrival, though, so she found herself wandering around her hotel in the middle of the night.

That lag underscores the difficulty GoPro has had expanding beyond its core market of extreme sports enthusiasts.

This means Australia’s hardware startups are leveraging that advantage more and more – and suffering less jet lag than their US cousins.

The Philippines’ mobile internet and fixed broadband speeds lag behind its neighbors, data from Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index showed.

I was even able to export short 4K video clips in iMovie without any noticeable lag.

“She literally jumped out of the chair, ‘Oh my God, it didn’t lag!’” he recalled.

I head home to see the kids tomorrow, a 10-hour flight to Miami where I’ll have more jet lag.

By the way, how do you respond to jet lag?

I do not ascribe to jet lag.

Now with the iPhone X that lag, Samsung argues, is ten years long.

The Fed previously released only aggregate figures for this program but now publishes a more detailed report with a two-year lag.

That’s what Trump is doing.” Despite the record unemployment, wage growth also continues to lag, which creates inequality.

It also believes western markets will lag behind this shift, including consumer spending and ad spending’s move to mobile.

“We don’t have a national primary, and the national polls tend to lag rather than lead.

Read Berry’s punk reviews below and take a look at the original scans of Jet lag beneath that.

And as best as we can tell (the most rigorous data, unfortunately, reports with a lag), things got even worse in 2017.

There can’t be a lag while the device communicates to a larger enterprise database and compares it with other data.

While most Americans now support same-sex marriage, Republicans still lag behind the rest of the nation on this issue.

And there’s evidence that global warming is already causing global food production to lag.

Let’s hope she’s immune to jet lag.

If that region continues to lag on poverty reduction, we should expect the rate of progress to fall.

I think we’re running on a two-week lag on Beyonce’s pregnancy.

And sometimes they lag far behind.

In fruit flies, in mice, and in single-cell organisms (which can, like us, get jet lag).

The mobile publishing feature hosts publisher content on Facebook directly, meaning that there could be a lag in tweaks to articles from publishers.

As with other fledgling industries, laws often lag behind technological development, not to mention the enforcement thereof when the odds are against enterprises.

He wondered if the distance created a lag time before the sensors set off the light.

The image is crystal clear, especially on modern smartphone devices, and with no noticeable lag in my testing despite the Wi-Fi connection.

The patterns in the Senate look similar (see below), though they tend to lag behind the House.

Jet lag, for some reason, throws off this cycle, because when we fly to different places, we start eating meals at random times.

(Although Schoenfelder says “thousands” have shipped, noting there can be an installation lag as locks are going into new builds and/or remodels.)

Federal regulations continue to lag the proliferation and advancement of quadcopters and other easy-to-fly civilian drones.

Everything is a little more clumsy, like there’s a lag between brain and thumb.

Unlike some of Hasselblad’s standalone cameras, there’s little lag in processing.

And you’d never have to experience jet lag again.

Our map may lag behind the others but it makes up for it in… charm?

In fact, it’s the sign of something greater: Social Jet lag.

Even worse, a new study reveals that this form of “jet lag” can increase your risk of heart disease by 11 percent.

One of the things that was a real challenge was overcoming lag times.

As for the name, jet lag, it’s been dubbed that for a very specific reason.

“Since this looks like almost a travel jet lag situation, we called it social jet lag.

Hedge fund returns are typically confidential unless they are published by a public sector client whose reports often lag by a month or more.

And it largely delivers, utilizing a predictive algorithm that helps reduce the lag, creating a smooth experience.

That’s probably because Apple is known to lag behind Google, Microsoft and others in machine learning.

There are pale, puffy-eyed vacation pictures where the jet lag really shows, and the dreaded bent-over-while-wearing-a-bathing-suit picture.

Jet lag: It can strike even professional athletes.

However, that’s more likely because of a lag time in reporting than a steep month-over-month decline.

It was a slow summer compared to last year even correcting for the lag.

Worse still, most of that research is a few years out of date because of lag time in publishing.

“There’s still a lot of resistance towards it here in the US, and we lag behind the UK.”

And the stodgy rules in the heavily regulated, risk-averse aviation sector lag far behind advances in electric drivetrains.

But the Trump transition team continued to lag behind.

It’s a pretty big blindspot for a music player, but apparently the Spotify API that allows for it creates a pretty big lag.

Some analysts say a lag in infrastructure could drag on sales as customers hold off until electric becomes a convenient option.

And yet, Asia’s biggest firms still lag their U.S. peers on AI.

Claims by federal government workers, which are filed separately and with a one-week lag fell 8,070 to 6,669 in the week ended Jan. 26.

Once again, our laws lag behind as we hurtle toward dystopia.

Permits, however, continued to lag starts, suggesting single-family homebuilding will probably not rebound strongly.

“But people trying to avoid jet lag and go back to work and have a normal life?

“That fast response cuts down on the horrible lag time in which people typically rebuild in place.”

I interviewed the characters in real time, and their movements perfectly corresponded to their answers — there was no discernible lag.

But they lag the 34 percent year-to-date jump across emerging stocks.

Rio Tinto may not lag far behind Glencore.

The system is nice and responsive, as well — I didn’t detect much noticeable lag when using it to draw.

It also seeks to reduce the “tie lag” between discovery of derogatory information to disclosure to the White House.

Latinos lag in both of those cases.

I got back from Beijing (a work trip) this past Friday and jet lag has claimed the best of me.

My jet lag is worse today than it was yesterday.

8:30 p.m. — At this point, I’m exhausted and convinced that I’m slowly dying from jet lag.

The Carnegie Mellon study found most candidates using language typical of students in grades 6–8, “though Donald Trump tends to lag behind the others.”

How many things can I blame on jet lag?

When your circadian rhythm is thrown off, you can experience jet lag.

In short, that gene plays a part in why you get jet lag, and why light has such a big effect on your sleep.

“China believes its cyber capabilities and personnel lag behind the United States,” the Pentagon asserts in its report.

Barring any new legislation, works will start entering every year with that 95 year lag.

Housing completions continued to lag at a rate of 1.116 million units.

Sometimes it can take days for these events to show up in a dream, which is a phenomenon that researchers call “dream lag.”

It has a time lag because training new team members takes time.

Frequently, perceptions of a country lag reality – that is, investors remember that the situation was bad in a particular market.

Controls are as responsive as they ever were, with no appreciable lag or other weirdness.

It updated remarkably quickly, with no lag, showing the location and orientation of the other players in real time.

Ramie ‘Indoe420’ Villar also stuck to the PS3 version, despite its crippling lag, constant bugs and lack of balance.

We had a very limited range of servers to choose from, especially since the majority came riddled with lag.

Looks like they’ve got a great cure for jet lag.

But at 1.5 percent year-on-year they are well below pre-Brexit vote levels and significantly lag both the United States and the euro zone.

I spent every day misunderstanding the symptoms as terrible jet lag.”

Biogen – lag 38 [Unreleased]24.

There is of course some time lag, but I would be much more worried about TSMC’s position long-term than Nvidia’s.

Oil fell as the market confronted concerns that global demand growth would lag in the coming year.

Those forensics methods often lag behind.

But on top of the lag, the whole thing was, well, boring.

Without such efforts, the countries where traditional financial services already prevail might lag behind in the field of fintech,” Kuroda said.

Action to tackle climate change continues to lag far behind what’s needed to put a check on global warming.

I also found the feedback in the app can sometimes lag.

Web sites and images loaded quickly, and I never experienced any lag time in streaming.

However, U.S. production dropped sharply, though those figures are not considered as reliable as monthly data, which is released with a lag.

Some users have been noticing issues with their keyboard since iOS 11.0.3, including lag times when texting and trouble accessing the emoji keyboard.

All three, however, continued to lag Nissan Motor Co Ltd in China sales.

The RapID framework reduces the lag time from two seconds to a far more workable 200 milliseconds.

Listen to DJ lag’s version of “C vs. S” here.

Innovation lag  — the road ahead.

Many studies claim the time change could even damage physical and mental health since this societal self-imposed jet lag messes with our circadian rhythm.

Given the nearly two-day lag in releasing results, a Hernandez victory would be certain to enrage the opposition, and could spark tensions.

Some states lag even further behind: Only 27 percent of people in New York are registered donors.

But on both counts, the figures for indigenous Australians lag badly behind developed-world averages.

And particularly with low-budget films, poor conversion can create visual inconsistencies and lag, and the tiniest imperfection tends to break the fourth wall.

There’s almost no gap or lag time.

I returned home on Wednesday from a week in Europe, and I have had the hardest time getting over jet lag.

Jet lag always kicks my butt going from east to west!

I think my long day yesterday plus lingering jet lag knocked me out.

“Going from Europe to America is usually OK, but getting back there is always the jet lag.

Display lag time, already measured in milliseconds, got shorter as the hardware got better.

With the jet lag and no sleep on the plane, she’s starting to wear down.

Live shows have already experienced glitches including lag times during broadcasts and “technical difficulty” delays of up to an hour.

Currently, House Republicans hold the majority at 238 members, and Democrats lag behind with 193 members.

It simply won’t work safely or consistently if there’s even a second of lag time.

Day One 6 a.m. — Wake up; thanks, jet lag!

But on the other hand, women continue to lag behind when it comes to opportunities behind the camera.

When Xbox One sales started to lag behind the PS4, the culprit was obvious.

This lag of product development represents the opportunity for startups!

When it comes to sustainability, bars lag behind kitchens significantly.

I fantasized about just this several times, especially when experiencing extreme key lag.

If you’re even somewhat active on Instagram, chances are you’ve already seen the Summer Fridays Jet lag Mask in your feed.

Summer Fridays Jet lag Mask, $48, available at Sephora and Summer Fridays.

It’s the supply that appeared to lag behind — based on several reports of people claiming to be missing their orders.

“Also interesting the lag between their tools and public research.

Since the Jet lag Mask came out earlier this year, rave reviews have consistently rolled in from consumers, celebrities, and editors alike.

(I was able to test this myself, and it worked fairly well, though there’s a slight lag.

Wireless displays have always had too many compromises to be practically useful for me: lag, image quality, consistency of connection, on and on.

Kicks which lead into one another with a hop and no lag.

Generally, staples and other defensive areas lag the other S&P 500 sectors in revenue and earnings growth.

But until it finds a way to move patches to its broad array of devices more quickly, Android will lag behind on security.

Jet lag is still on our side so we wake up before dawn and drive down to Hanauma Bay to watch the sunrise.

The lag problem is bad but it’s not the only issue.

I’d start off slow, because there’s a bit of a noticeable lag that takes some getting used to.

Of the 30 or so matches I’ve played, not a single one passed without a lag spike or freeze.

I saw anti-jet lag face masks advertised last time I flew, and have been meaning to try them out ever since.

Ultimate feels like a game from a different era, back before game developers figured out the proper ways to reduce lag and optimize matchmaking.

Using commodity hardware, however, introduces new problems, including increased lag and jitter.

S. and I decide to shower and, contrary to our jet lag philosophy of “just push through it,” we end up taking a nap.

Key word here is “almost” because there is some lag after all.

Sydney is 16 hours ahead but I am determined to beat jet lag.

Daily Total: $13.46 Day Three 7 a.m. — Wake up and I’m convinced I have beat jet lag, I only woke up once, briefly.

In the 1980s, the use of castoreum in flavors began to lag.

But then your lag spikes and the opposing team starts rubber-banding across your screen.

It refers to the lag with Silicon Valley when it comes to startups and innovation.

Haste works a lot like Riot Direct—the solution League of Legends developer Riot created to deal with lag spikes.

While there are other games out there which have sub-optimal mouse input, they usually only suffer from unwanted acceleration, sluggish movement or input lag.

Summer Fridays Jet lag MaskCelebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba approve of this insta-famous mask, which was made specifically with travel in mind.

There’s no discernable lag, and it also means every second counts.

I have had the hardest time breaking this jet lag, so a “normal” wakeup time for me is a win.

“Personally, I don’t think it’s the tastiest beer we have, but it certainly doesn’t lag behind the rest,” says Calis.

The lag between more progressive comics and the big-budget business of superhero movies, for instance, makes this clear.

While the Jet lag Mask was all about hydration, this mask works as an exfoliator and brightener.

DJ lag has chosen the latter.

The change in lag is visible, since he’s stepped outside of gqom the image is sharper and the output consistent.

Going off the sell-out success of the Jet lag Mask, we highly suggest that you snag it quickly.

“I’ve been doing it for so long, I’ve got the jet lag figured out,” he said.

The state reports production on a two-month lag.

Think: Unfussy hair worn in low-slung accessories and bright pops of color on the face to hide a growing bout of jet lag.

Though this time lag is typically only a few microseconds, it plays a crucial role in helping animals detect where sounds originate.

Plus500 lost nearly half its value last week after a profit warning and a Times newspaper report of the accounting lag.

—Liz Renstrom & Alex Norcia Whether it was jet lag or disbelief, I felt like I was in a fog.

The state reports production on a two-month lag and final numbers are slated to be released on Friday.

“Meghan told me that pregnancy was like having jet lag,” Waverly told Sky News.

lag is a problem, but it’s a sacrifice he’s willing to make.

There’s a slight lag in translation, naturally, and it really only works with shorter phrases.

It applies Sonia using daily compounding, with a five-day reset lag to give a more transparent, data-led benchmark.

Congested pipelines have caused the Canadian industry’s growth to lag that of other countries such as the United States, and soured investors.

Jet lag + travel grime is just the worst.

Jet lag starts to creep up on me again so I make my way back to the hotel for a nap.

This was a weird lag for Gwake, by the way!

After all, when you are seeing the light as it comes through the lens itself, there is no lag or color bias.

At points, there was a lag between audio and video and the picture often looked a bit choppy.

For most of us, the words “jet lag” and “creativity” are as compatible as MDMA at a funeral.

It is worth noting that OLEDs can suffer from lag issues, while quantum dot displays can adjust to fast-changing colors better.

We should not let the country lag behind because of irresponsible people,” he told senior Iranian oil officials and representatives of oil majors.

It could just be jet lag.”

“We experienced a little bit of a lag in business for a minute.

Never a single lag in the Pencil or during heavy sessions in Affinity Photo.

But Freitas believes many universities still lag behind when it comes to providing resources to students on issues such as consent.

A common criticism of freemium businesses is that their retention rates dramatically lag those of traditional enterprise software businesses.

And because most Chinese insurance companies are state-owned, ingenuity and customer service lag.

EOIR could not say what explained the lag.

States also lag behind when it comes to knowledge and implementation of basic cybersecurity best practices like two-factor authentication.

Or is “Cruise” still ahead—does the rest of country still lag behind its messy, joyous experimentation?

But the run-time of two hours and fifteen minutes means that things start to lag in moments that should feel exhilarating.

While Kar attributed the progress to significant changes undertaken by the chicken industry, he said the pork and beef sectors lag behind.

Those sales continued to lag in the beginning of 2015.

I experienced none of the lag and framerate drops my iPhone 6 gets with, say, Hearthstone, and no annoying ads interrupted me while playing.

The lag time between underground and the mainstream was long, maybe five years.

The company also says it’ll do so without any lag, which is great for the NES Classic’s more fast-twitch focused 8-bit titles.

Daily Total: $335 Day Three 9 a.m. — Jet lag sucks.

Daily Total: $0 Day Four 8:30 a.m. — Jet lag still sucks.

Harvard first hinted at upcoming changes in June as performance continued to lag.

Jet lag, plus the conference and my excitement to go home have all turned my brain upside down.

#25 – Face-to-face chatting: Limited emoji set, but no lag allows for completely synchronous communication and nuance among skilled users.

There’s going to be a time lag before it becomes apparent that those are runaway successes.

Generally I fly quadcopters with a GoPro, the app for which has a noticeable lag.

Maybe that’s just the jet lag talking.

Jet lag is setting in.

We hang out for a couple of hours before her jet lag kicks in and she decides to head home.

2:50 p.m. — The midday lag is hitting me, and I can’t seem to get any work done.

The longer-cycle, higher gross development cost of deepwater projects is anticipated to result in a demand lag.

Jet lag win!

JPay kiosks where inmates can login to send and receive emails can lag for weeks at a time, so I gave him my number.

Getting a big engineering team behind it could also cut down the filtering lag time too.

The team brought this lag down to under a minute now.

Despite this lag of institutional capital, Zennström pointed to an explosion of startup companies getting increasingly more professional.

For most use cases, even a five-minute lag wasn’t much of an issue, but nobody is going to complain about faster updates.

The lag is noticeable, but it’s all a smart tradeoff to provide an extra-sharp albeit limited window into another place.

Despite an aggressive product development pipeline, the app is generally seen to lag WhatsApp by some margin in India.

He picked me up at 6AM the first day — jet lag be damned — and we went to a spot immediately.

“I think these things generally come in with a little bit of a lag effect,” Riaz said.

The lag and resulting feel that things are slightly off what you intended is just enough that you notice it.

However, continuing operating losses from its e-commerce business may cause the company’s profitability to lag behind that of its competitors.

Maybe you’re concerned about the slight lag of cable or streaming options.

Despite the increase last month, permits continue to lag housing starts, suggesting single-family homebuilding could remain sluggish.

Calling himself a worrier, Warsh warned central banks and institutional investors looked unprepared should growth in the global economy start to lag.

That lag means there’s an opportunity to introduce that technology in a simple-to-install manner.

Despite the increase last month, permits continue to lag housing starts, suggesting single-family homebuilding could remain sluggish.

Mexican retailers Soriana and La Comer also offer online grocery orders but lag behind Walmex in sales, according to Euromonitor.

Maybe you’re concerned about the slight lag of cable or streaming options.

Gregory again: “What would be even cooler is a pre-record option so that it covers that two seconds of lag.

The more expensive Fire TV also includes a faster processor, so you’re less likely to see lag as you scroll through menus.

The explosive growth of the game led to serious server issues early on, and lag has continued to infuriate top players.

The International Energy Agency estimates India’s refining capacity will lag fuel demand going forward, requiring investment in new plants.

ATR’s main rival, Bombardier’s (BBDb.TO) Q400, saw a burst of orders at the recent Paris Airshow but continues to lag ATR.

Maybe you’re concerned about the slight lag of cable or streaming options.

She wore a billowy black blouse with a Mandarin collar, gold earrings, and a generous smile that hid her jet lag.

But it never causes a lag in his conversation.

Maybe you’re concerned about the slight lag of cable or streaming options.

The state, he says, “just didn’t think of that time lag.”

Feast or famine: Nelson estimates that the eight-year lag amounted to $2.5 million in lost sponsorship deals and appearance fees over five years.

The fingerprint sensor, while accurate, showed a tiny but noticeable lag.

But in recent years, it has been plagued with corruption scandals, a lag in productivity, and stagflation.

The second big problem is lag.

And when jellyfish don’t catch enough Z’s, they lag behind the next day — just like humans do.

Cold hands can’t respond as quickly as warm hands can, and inputs can lag behind thoughts if your fingers feel stiff.

They lag Republicans in fundraising.”

You get 5 HDMI ports, with one optimized for gaming (it exhibits very little input lag).

Only the sadly typical software mess on those phones makes them lag behind Apple’s long-superior iPhone.

Baidu will continue to lag Google in AI.

2 producer back on track for supply growth after a two-month lag.

Ideally, GAAP-based digital strategy recedes as long-established protocols reduce structural lag with how business is conducted today.

All this makes the Fairphone 2 perfectly useable, but there are moments of sluggishness and lag, even on apps like Spotify and Google Maps.

Small traces of lag and animation stutters are apparent on this phone that you won’t find on its Snapdragon 820 competitors.

“I don’t get jet lag,” he tells me.

For Raw Data, the biggest problem is a mundane one: lag.

Get to know gqom—and read an interview with DJ lag about the mix—below.

Umshudo – DJ lag ft. Charlie 2.

Asphakamanga – DJ lag ft. DJ Athie 3.

One of the best ways to test your lag in Overwatch is to punch or shoot a basketball.

3 Turns – DJ lag ft. DJ Funky Qla 4.

Jika – DJ lag ft. Vumar and Biggie 5.

With sales continuing to lag behind Sony’s PlayStation 4, Microsoft has started to focus on combining PC gaming with the Xbox One.

Woza – DJ lag 6.

The Snapdragon 650 chipset isn’t a barnburner, and you’ll notice lag and stutters when playing the latest games.

Dis Rude – DJ lag 8.

Izwi – DJ lag 9.

The problem is the data lag.”

There was also a noticeable lag on inputs—not really a problem with a turn-based RPG, but a tiny annoyance nonetheless.

Nearly every task can be done from the main page and there is little to no lag, even on complex search queries.

AR is more difficult to do well, and so its development will lag behind VR by a year or two.

I noticed occasional lag and stutters at moments where I wouldn’t have expected performance to struggle, but these interruptions were infrequent.

Critically, the real problem in the addictions field is getting research into practice, and the most important area where we lag behind is medication.

You’ll earn that on what you lend constantly, and can pull out your assets at any time with just a 15-second lag.

Hell, I’m more likely to call my brother than to message him, simply because there’s no input lag on a phone call.

These often off balance them and leave them with a lag time on a return or follow up.

At certain points Twitter’s stream was even more current than cable, which can lag behind 10 – 15 seconds.

But both devices still lag behind the Xbox One S, which supports 4K Blu-ray playback and starts at $299.

I went to India: five-and-a-half hours ahead of the U.K., so no chronic jet lag: ditto Colombia, which is five hours behind.

As a result, we lag behind men in how much we’re investing and, in the long run, how much money we’re making.

However, the extreme lag observed early on in 2017-18 relative to the previous marketing year comes with an important caveat.

Yes, the gender-wage gap is partly to blame for this lag, but it’s not the only problem.

After years of poor performance, output fell in 2016 and continues to lag the country’s neighbors and peers.”

The UI lag (yes, the Android-based software is slow) would be like waiting for a fine wine to mature.

How it works: 5G networks require a combination of low-, mid- and high-frequency airwaves to provide faster data speeds with lower lag time.

The actors are trapped between two different movies Performances — usually a high point in Stone’s films — lag across the board.

That helps cut down on lag and also means they can operate independently from one another.

It’s where users can set alarms, choose music, and use other sleep programs, like one to help fight jet lag.

That lag is highly disruptive for streaming video that relies on a continuous, robust connection.

The camera also uses HDR+ by default with “zero shutter lag” to achieve the maximum dynamic range for each shot.

And, at least anecdotally, it seems like startups are staying in “stealth mode” longer, which only serves to exacerbate the reporting lag.

Hiring continued to lag job openings in December, rising to 5.9 million from 5.8 million in November.

It just takes a little research to sort out the jet lag fact from the jet lag fiction.

A report on Wednesday showed job openings hit a record high in July, though hiring continued to lag, suggesting a possible skills mismatch.

Here are some common jet lag myths—and the truth behind them.

1: Jet lag is Caused by Lack of Sleep.

One of the easiest ways to avoid some of the symptoms of jet lag is to book daytime flights, instead of overnight travel.

“Some may be performing better than plan, while others may lag,” he said in an email to Reuters.

“Forget about the jet lag for a minute, because you’re only on a five-hour flight and that’s your nighttime.

6: You Can Only Deal with Jet lag Once You Land.

You can start the battle against jet lag before you ever step foot on a plane by tweaking your inner clock.

“In order to alleviate the symptoms of jet lag, help your body begin to prepare for the change as soon as possible,” said Dautovich.

7: You Just Have to Accept Jet lag.

Jet lag is a drag, but travelers don’t just have to yawn their way through their vacations.

An Education Department report released earlier this year showed just how much blacks and Latino students still lag in terms of opportunities.

The study also showed that the lag time between killing and seizure has increased.

“We need to make sure the non-military campaign doesn’t lag behind the coalition military campaign.”

This lag could give an opening for Trump to flip the state red this year.

Telegram’s user base has grown significantly since its inception, though it continues to lag behind WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The observers could then manually cover and uncover the lanterns, to see if there was any lag in the light’s travel time.

And NBA 2K17 was playable, but not a great experience because of the occasional lag and dropped frames.

(*) The company said on Tuesday that its lag Holding subsidiary had acquired two companies operating in the dairy sector in the United States.

In ideological warfare the US and its allies lag far behind so ISIS can survive and resurface in other war zones.

The Leadr is a wireless gaming mouse with “zero lag and virtually zero latency.”

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