Lady in a sentence | Use of the word lady examples

I think she was a lady.

She’s a lady with opinions.

Fighting to get health insurance for 8 million kids when she was First lady.

Take it from former First lady Barbara Bush.

VICE: You’ve got a lot of lady Gaga and RuPaul going on.

When I asked why cats, Morrison responded, “I’m like a crazy cat lady,” at which point I showed him my own cat tattoo.

The former Prez and First lady were dining Friday night at Sea Fire Grill.

Former First lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who helped create the UN, called it “our greatest hope for future peace.

In the meantime, in early November, the Iziko South African National Gallery in Cape Town opened an exhibition titled Our lady.

President Trump got slapped down moments after touching down in Israel … from the First lady.

lady and Tramp’s accidental smooch in “lady and the Tramp.”

The fact that Mrs. Trump announced the appointment, instead of the president himself, showed that the first lady was willing to part with Grisham.

men’s coach, wanted the women to play their overtime period in an auxiliary gym, according to the lady Vols.

“It’s odd for lady Gaga, of all people, to be pitting modern pop against authenticity,” writes Jon Pareles.

She’s lady Gaga, the living avatar of poptimism herself.

A former first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state, Clinton also ran for president in 2008.

Today, this self-made lady is a nomad who rolls the city’s streets on her faithful blue bicycle.

How’s your day-to-day relationship with your parents now that you’re Basket Taco lady?

If Basket Taco lady was governor or president, what would she do to change things?

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First lady Melania Trump is being met with criticism after choosing to wear a white pith helmet during her trip to Africa.

The first lady wore the helmet during a visit to Nairobi National Park in Kenya.

“Personally, I think the US First lady‘s decision to wear a pith helmet is appropriate.”

First lady Melania Trump was by the president’s side during the chat, but no staff joined them.

Greta Van Fleet Loved lady Bird.

“White lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it,” Klein said.

But a lady from the state garden club board did resign in protest, an 88-year-old lady named Lona.

It is my honor and great pleasure to stand here before you as the First lady of the United States.

He also made her a Thanpuying, a royal title meaning lady.

I love my organic-farming first lady and my silky-voiced black president.


Yeah, and then we started this women-in-tech listserv called the Tech lady Mafia.

KS: Thank you, lady.

I still don’t … KS: The lawyer, the PR lady Irena Briganti.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, I’ve been interviewing her since she was first lady.

There will also be one seat next to First lady Michelle Obama left open to symbolize victims of gun violence in America.

All I knew was that a lady from my campus church was asking for volunteers to help her deliver meals to nearby seniors.

Sure the movie features incredible music, drag queens, Bradley Cooper’s dog, and lady Gaga as a brunette.

lady Gaga as iconic as always #MetGala #AlfombraRojaE!

That certainly holds true for feminists this year, given the bright orange out’n’proud lady snatcher newly installed in the White House.

After each name, the church lady said “Amen.”

Before this California cutie was killin’ the romcom game, she was just another Los Angeles lady showing off her awesome award!

There was something about seeing their relationship play out in lady Sing the Blues and Mahogany.

“No, I think sometimes a lady needs to be told when she’s being nasty,” Babin said.

And by the way, you looked lovely as a lady.

We know back in 2008 she accompanied then First lady Laura Bush to Sochi.

But she also knew exactly how to earn respect as “the Boss lady.”

I’m first lady, OK?” Melania Trump’s spokeswoman issued a statement that mentioned her son with Donald Trump, Barron.

She loves living in Washington, DC and is honored by her role as First lady of the United States.

Then there’s the larger-than-life self-portrait, “Crazy Bat lady” (2018), by Monster Chetwynd (formerly Spartacus Chetwynd and formerly formerly Marvin Gaye Chetwynd).

First lady Melania Trump issued a statement backing her husband.

Males target females that have just eaten since the more blood the lady bedbug has consumed, the more eggs she can lay.

lady Gaga killed during her high-flying halftime performance.

lady Gaga’s longtime friend, Sonja Durham, has died after a battle with stage IV cancer.

If anyone deserves a drink, it’s that lady.

For the second year in a row, first lady Melania Trump spent her Valentine’s Day with sick children.

First lady Melania Trump spent her Valentine’s Day visiting with sick children in Maryland.

The first lady arrived at The Children’s Inn Thursday afternoon wearing head-to-toe pink.

It was the second year in a row that the first lady spent her Valentine’s Day at the residence.

The first lady wrote on hers, “My favorite city is Washington.”

Many of the children present for the first lady‘s visit were foreign born, like 13-year-old Amani from Mombasa, Kenya.

He told the first lady that he was preparing to receive a bone marrow transplant from his 8-year-old sister.

We got Mariah leaving Au Fudge in WeHo Sunday with her kids, and she was mum on whether she’s a single lady.

lady Lesurr Isn’t Having It AnymoreFor all its freshness, grime’s public face remains predominantly male and almost entirely focussed on London.

lady Leshurr, from the ‘second city’ of Birmingham, is done with that.

He portrayed Elvis in the western flick Flaming Star; she riffed on Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair lady.

Old lady, move it!

When is lady Stoneheart coming?

Join me, won’t you, in examining the strange tale of lady Stoneheart.

Everybody starts calling her lady Stoneheart, because of course they do.

Does lady Stoneheart possess a soul of some sort?

Plus there has to be a reason the show is adapting seemingly everything from the lady Stoneheart arc except lady Stoneheart herself.

Before this leg warmer lady was stepping up to center stage, she was just another dancing queen in Hartford, Connecticut.

After all, it’s only rock candy—but The Candy lady‘s customers are more than happy with that.

Apparently the first lady — wherever she is — was outraged by the body-double speculation.

lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper stole the show at the 2019 Oscars with their performance of “Shallow.

The affection he showed first lady Michelle Obama could melt anyone’s heart.

(Listen to the lady in the background?)

Case in point, lady Gaga recorded with Kelly in 2013 … something for which she’s now apologizing.

Neighbors later told reporters that Gustave was devastated by the loss of his lady love, and often spoke of suicide.

Many, of course, took the opportunity to pose with her, and lady Liberty, arranged in chronological order, concludes with a few such examples.

Holy Mary, Our lady, pray for us.

She’s made similar pieces for lady Gaga, Dr. Dre and Diddy … who ordered a Biggie portrait.

The movie’s central pairing is lady Bird and Marion, in a mother-daughter relationship that’s drawn with rare sensitivity.

And it’s Sister Sarah Joan, ultimately, who opens lady Bird’s eyes to her real feelings about Sacramento.

After reading her college entrance essay, she remarks that lady Bird clearly loves the city.

When lady Bird replies that she just pays attention, Sister Sarah Joan says, “Don’t you think they are the same thing?

Love and attention?” lady Bird seems only half-convinced, but by the end of the movie it’s clear that the lesson has sunk in.

Growing up means learning to love the world for what it is — and in making lady Bird, Gerwig has done the same.

Erm, yes clone lady, BUT PREGNANT STOMACHS DON’T!

lady Bird opens in limited theaters on November 3 and will roll out in the weeks following.

“The young beautiful lady become so old lady?

Babcock says that what stood out to her about Kennedy, in addition to the first lady’s accent, was her grammatical formality.

“Shallow,” from A Star Is Born, will be performed by the film’s stars lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper (who also directed the film).

The First lady’s birthday is April 26.

The cleaning lady there wiped the dust from our heads, and she used the same mop in the hallways as in our rooms.

“The lady ended up getting over 50 units of blood,” he recalls.

First lady Melania Trump, who is already in Florida, is to return to Washington to spend Christmas with her husband.

“Families value us as workers now, not as the lady who asks for donations and picks through the garbage,” she said.

Google is making it very easy for anyone to find “deepfake” pornographic videos of first lady Melania Trump or President Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Google is making it very easy for anyone to find “deepfake” pornographic videos of first lady Melania Trump or President Trump’s daughter Ivanka.

Melania Trump embarked on her first solo trip as first lady last week: a five-day tour of Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, and Egypt.

This excursion was standard first lady diplomacy — a way of encouraging friendly relations between the US and the countries hosting Melania and her entourage.

It was also an opportunity to promote the first lady’s “Be Best” campaign, which focuses on children’s health and well-being.

Inside the rural Amish town that builds high-tech stages for U2, lady Gaga and Taylor Swift’s live shows.

The tiger is my friend David, and the princess or lady is my other friend.

This lady has to have some personal vendetta against me for something I did.”

lady Bird also garnered a Best Director and Best Screenplay nomination for Greta Gerwig, and it’s richly deserved.

The prints featured in Salami Dreamin’  firmly center the elderly lady by eliminating almost everything from the images but Doll herself.

Melania Trump raked in six figures in royalties from photos that some news organizations used in coverage of the first lady.

And at its center is a very authentic-feeling relationship between lady Bird and her mother (Laurie Metcalf), equal parts spiky and affectionate.

lady Bird is the rare movie that manages to be affectionate, entertaining, hilarious, witty, and confident, and it becomes even better on repeat viewings.

lady Bird is playing in theaters nationwide.

This lady drove back down the street—it was almost as if she had parked somewhere close by and had just been watching.

At this point, I went inside to speak to my grandmother and call my mother to tell her about this lady.

Then he walked down to the lady and asked her to describe her son’s bike.

Hillary Clinton advocated for the bill as first lady and Sanders voted for it as a then-congressman.

Unfortunately, this genre of vile attacks on the first lady was not unusual in the least.

“I can still remember the look on the lady’s face when she opened the door,” he said.

A lady turns into a tree.

Family and friends gush about what a vivacious lady my bubbeleh is, and she milks it.

No one, including Melania herself, seems to know what kind of first lady she’ll be.

VICE: First of all, what’s the point of having a first lady?Kate Andersen Brower: It’s really a symbolic position.

His wife, lady Bird, wasn’t much to look at, but he was most famous for his Texas chili.

It can be incredibly daunting, the task of being first lady, because there is no job description.

She is first lady.

She didn’t want to be first lady; she wanted to be co-president.

But to have a first lady who is alive and, well, not move to the White House is unprecedented.

It’s interesting, because if any other first lady had said cyberbullying was her cause, no one would bat an eyelash.

A perfect first lady cause is non-controversial, like what Michelle Obama has done with military families, or Laura Bush’s cause of promoting literacy.

KS: This is old lady talking, by the way.

“Yeah: I’m a white lady,” she said, an audible shrug.

Not a ton of guys out there who look like Sam, and also open car doors for a lady.

lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed an intimate duet of “Shallow” from “A Star is Born,” which brought Gaga her first Oscar.

So, you know, I would never, ever discourage anyone, a man or a lady, from taking sexy pictures of themselves — go for it.

I think it’s … you know, I’m an older lady, I like to write a racy text every now and again.

Putting on a wig and dressing as his idol lady Gaga allows Morona to become a new character of his choosing.

Martin has a lot of threads to tie up (what about lady Stoneheart?!)

“Hey, lady,” the driver began, but she did not respond.

lady, I’m not …” he started, then fell silent.

“For once lady Luck shined on us!

One of those is lady Gaga, who was at the center of the Grammys tribute.

However, lady Gaga has no knowledge of what happened on the night at issue because she was not there.”

A funeral service was held for Our lady of Loreto Church to celebrate its century of history before it became rubble.

“We raised painted lady butterflies in the classroom, and I was amazed at the complete metamorphosis from caterpillar to adult.”

The work confirms that this 59-year-old eternal kid will keep going as long as lady Synth grants him life.

On Sunday, lady Gaga attended the 2019 Oscars at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles wearing a strapless black dress designed by Alexander McQueen.

lady Gaga channeled an iconic Audrey Hepburn look at the Oscars.

Jessica Simpson’s husband, Eric Johnson, is getting an eyeful of his lady during a pretty hot beach vacay in the Bahamas.

Weeks later, he married Flores, making her first lady.

In 2008, lady Gaga used the night to introduce herself to gay San Francisco, performing songs from just-released The Fame.

The first lady wore black cropped pants, a green bomber jacket, and black stilettos as she exited the White House for Marine One.

A spokeswoman for Trump said the first lady has a different pair of shoes that she will change into.

First lady Michelle Obama backed the House Democrats’ protest.

In the 1850s, Canadian First lady Isabella Macdonald was reportedly prescribed styptic balsam—which included sulphuric acid and turpentine—for her menstrual cramps.

Looks like he might’ve even gone in for a bite of his lady friend’s lunch.

“Eventually a very nice lady called from Sweden and asked me first of all if I would accept it …

The proud mama made a grand entrance, riding a horse into the party but, appropriately — not in a lady Godiva way.

ghosting a lady.

Only one appears to notice lady Luck.

“@RepMaxineWaters: “The time belongs to the gentle lady.”

“Thriller” producer Quincy Jones brought in Temperton to write or co-write “Thriller,” “Baby Be Mine” and “The lady in My Life.”

Usman says, “You can’t be that troll and then when I see you in person you want to hide behind an old lady!”

There’s a lady at the Whitney Museum who we’ve seen the last few times we’ve visited.

A young lady who’s playing drunk offers me shots of a mysterious red drink.

The messy lady magically reappears — where has she been?

lady Macbeth (no release date yet) had one of the festival’s most buzzed-about performances in young Brit Florence Pugh.

Or would she not “decisively emerge from the pack,” her delicate lady vocal chords straining to be heard above the fray of manly war?

A glamorous, romantic lady named Rad (Parker Posey) who runs a modeling agency.

She is a proud disabled person and cat lady.

I’d never given that old lady — now crippled by arthritis — credit for getting her family out.

lady Gaga’s performance of “Shallow” at the 2019 Grammys has inspired the internet’s latest meme.

And lady Gaga, of course, knows all of this.

lady Gaga is no stranger to blowing up the internet, from her outrageous fashion choices (meat dress and hoof shoes, anyone?)

Oh, and we also see her punch an old lady on the subway, which is a lot more awesome than it sounds.

Tar-jay customers and lady Bey had a close encounter Thursday in San Clemente, CA.

The guys from Migos have a message for lady Gaga — PUT US IN THE SUPER BOWL HALFTIME SHOW!!!

It’s a lush, well-directed film with great performances from both Cooper and lady Gaga, and a killer soundtrack.

Throughout the film, lady Gaga’s character, Ally, says no, and her “no” is always converted into a “yes” by men.

No combination of words is too filthy to apply to lady parts.

Rodgers also said that he worked with lady Gaga and Pharrell in the National interview.

lady Gaga seems to be taking people’s advice to relax before her Super Bowl halftime performance way too literally.

More interesting, though, is how Alana feels about the First lady.

Recognizing Carroll as “that advice lady,” Trump asked Carroll for help choosing a present for a female friend.

Recognizing Carroll as “that advice lady,” Trump asked Carroll for help choosing a present for a female friend.

I hear the lady working the desk shouting, “These have just gone out and we have absolutely no idea what they’re about!

We enter just as a lady leaves the counter, nodding away and smiling with giant white teeth.

Laura and the lady at the desk are having a whispery discussion, so I come over and ask about the commotion.

“We’re just trying to sort out a car for the lady tomorrow morning.”

“Well, last year”—she takes off her glasses, rubbing them with her blouse—”we had a lady fly in from Texas.

There was no precedent for that in the office of the first lady.

Anyway, I am well known as a grumpy old lady who makes life hard for mostly white young men of Silicon Valley.

Some of them, like Netflix’s Gypsy, try to change the basic template around the edges (the antihero is a lady this time!)

In this episode, a wounded Arya managed to make it backstage to the theater troupe to ask help from lady Crane.

lady Crane dressed Arya’s wounds and helped her out before, inevitably, being discovered and horribly murdered by the Waif.

A Slovenian had actually made it to the White House—as First lady, but still.

Or maybe it’s just a giant 30 pound ball of highly flammable lint a nice lady made in her free time.

lady and the Tramp (1955) A cocker spaniel has a lavish life until her owners decide to have a baby.

But Arya’s kindness to lady Crane was repaid in the form of medical treatment, after which she got the drop on the Waif.

lady Stoneheart could still show up sometime in the future.

Great talk lady.

I’m wondering what you’d put lady Bird in if she were in Booksmart.

Bryan was driving in Hollywood on Wednesday and says a lady driving a Jeep ran a red, causing him to veer.

She served as first lady, secretary of state, and US senator.

I always like to have a lady in a CEO position, I’m sorry.

As first lady, Hillary Clinton supported the North American Free Trade Agreement — signed in under her husband’s presidency in 1994.

And Michelle Obama, arguably even more than she is first lady, is — elegant, gently eat-your-vegetables-naggy — first mom.

Director Whit Stillman’s screenplay for the film tackles one of lady Susan’s most difficult adaptation issues head-on.

Crafty lady who stealthily comes in and takes your kidney.

But former New York Times columnist Nick Bilton says the Gray lady can get tiresome.

Tomorrow, the first lady and the president will host military families for a picnic at the White House.

But this is a lie — Brienne instead appears to be unwillingly leading Jaime into a trap set by lady Stoneheart, the resurrected Catelyn Stark.

The “Game of Thrones” actress is currently on Broadway in “My Fair lady.”

They’ve dropped some seemingly important subplots and characters (like Aegon “Young Griff” Targaryen and lady Stoneheart) entirely, and condensed others.

Most of all, he thinks of the egg lady and dreams of returning to her side before it’s too late.

In one video, she wears a pink dress and poses as the First lady in an interview.

People call me lady Gaga and want to take pictures with me.

Madonna, Kylie Minogue, lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, and Carly Rae Jepsen make music that brings joy to their fans.

18 videos and millions of views later, the regularly controversial Tropes vs Women came to an end yesterday, with a video examining lady sidekicks.

Before this coated cutie was all wrapped up in social media, she was just another lil lady ready for winter weather.

Sublime Beauty: Raphael’s Portrait of a lady with a Unicorn is out this spring from D Giles Limited.

The former First lady was out and about in a super revealing top — if shoulders are your thing.

I told the lady at the intake counter that I wanted to harm myself and didn’t feel safe.

It is basically her home state; she was its first lady.

The trip is Trump’s first major solo outing abroad as first lady.

So you’re top gadget lady, right?

The white lady.

The track is about overcoming emotional pain, and it comes from her 2017 release lady In Mind release.

The first of these is bearded lady Annie Jones, who died in 1902.

Before this little lady was a famous Disney Channel star, she was just another sweet face waiting to be discovered in Los Angeles, California.

• Former collaborators of Kelly’s have spoken out disavowing him, including lady Gaga and Chance the Rapper.

KS: It was me and another lady.

It was a younger girl in one of those goose down jackets and then an older lady who was so big.

The older lady, she starts, like, making fun of me for being dark-skinned.

“So, I’m telling this lady, Hey, maybe we should go outside.

We see Lawrence (Eric Loscheider), with his air of snobbery, alongside our protagonist’s elderly stepmother, lady Florence Bell (Helen Ryan).

Before this leading lady was heating up on a hit television show, she was just another little tot staying toasty in Oslo, Norway.

I wish there was a lady version of this, besides, say, those shorty robes you get when you’re a bridesmaid.

Hungarian swimmer Katinka “Iron lady” Hosszú broke the world record in the 400-meter individual medley early during the games.

President Trump and First lady Melania had a busy night … attending 3 Inaugural Balls, schmoozing and dancing.

First lady Melania Trump on Thursday flew to Texas to visit children displaced by the immigration crisis.

KS: Boss lady is what you call me.

I peeped at a lady’s ankle through an open window and carved an idol in my own image.

The lady knows her pizza!

Randall Blankenbaker, an assistant Dallas police chief, said the incident began with a “domestic disturbance between a lady and her childrens’ father.”

“A black male suspect involved in the disturbance used rocks to attack the lady,” he said.

“One of our officers was alerted, came to the aid of the lady and was rushed by the gentleman with the rock.”

Plus, she lost to lady Gaga, whom she was previously nominated alongside for the song “’Til It Happens to You” in 2016.)

We’re told the little lady — she goes by Ivy — surprised the rapper in the VIP room after his 30 minute set.

[laughs] Actually, you’d be struck … No, she probably likes you, right, ‘cause she’s that kind of lady.

We got the hats from this lady in Harlem and the jackets, interestingly, were designed by Play from Kid ‘N Play.

In 2009, Meat-Meat walked over to buy a smoke from the “cigarette lady” in Tidewater Gardens who sold “loosies”—individual, untaxed cigarettes—from her home.

Vermeer’s painting, A lady Writing (ca.

The painting, A lady Writing (ca.

No word on who Todd’s attractive lady friend is — but we’re workin’ on it.

Donna Brazile’s bombshell about the DNC and Hillary Clinton, explained lady Bird is not just one of 2017’s best films.

Easy, lady, I thought.

I’m not even Streep in Kramer Vs. Kramer—I’m Streep in The Iron lady.

So a 70-year-old lady trying to manage a precinct is supposed to do what trained handwriting experts do in court … ferret out the frauds.

Tharps makes Herodias sound like a shrewd, commandeering matriarch, a lady Macbeth with fewer barbs.

The final three Disney releases—The Jungle Book, Fantasia, and lady and the Tramp—would be released as Studio releases.

Elton John and lady Gaga just rocked The Sunset Strip with a surprise show.

There is a lady who races with the men and she’s picking up thirds and fourths.

That kind of scenario is unacceptable to most Americans as exemplified by former First lady Laura Bush’s withering criticism.

“Anthony, this is the Office of the First lady of the United States.

We’d like to invite you to attend the State of the Union address next week with the First lady.

I couldn’t believe that out of hundreds of millions of Americans, I was selected to sit with the first lady.

I had first met the first lady months earlier, the summer after my high school graduation.

The first lady began the summit by telling me and the other nine students that the struggle never ends.

Even the first lady shared her own story of the challenges she faced when attending college.

I told the first lady and the rest of the teens how I grew up poor.

I finished my story, the first lady listening to every word.

The first lady of the United States was introduced.

As the speech began, I engaged in hushed conversation with the first lady as I tried to understand everything around me.

Months after attending the State of the Union with the first lady as a shining success story, I was a college dropout.

The same 10 students who had sat around telling stories with the first lady would now attempt to inspire everyone in the room.

As the first lady told me, it is only through pain and overcoming obstacles that we can grow.

I am more than a success story that sat next to the first lady at the State of the Union.

lady Gaga could probably geek out about some Killers deep cuts if you asked her to.

Perhaps Flynn honed in on Huston because the director had gotten a lot further with the leading lady.

So finally, after maybe half an hour, some lady in white detoxeralls yanks me through the light and seats me in a waiting area.

Because tampons), and even warranted a tweet from First lady Michelle Obama.

This week, lady Crane even complained about how bad the writing was.

Just ask lady Crane.

Followers of lady Gaga were most probably extroverts, while those who “liked” philosophy tended to be introverts.

Before this brown-eyed girl was a famous model, she was just another little lady posing for the camera in Tucson, Arizona.

The lucky lady is Keyshia Ka’oir — who first met Gucci on the set of one of his music videos in 2010.

Would it be a stretch to call movies like Brooklyn and lady Bird part of the legacy of Twilight?

One Destiny” in Plaza Guadalupe, an outdoor space near San Antonio’s Our lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, where Castro was baptized.

But finally, in 2016, Cooper was signed on not just as co-star but director, and lady Gaga was added soon after.

“Lying to the first lady is one of my biggest regrets,” Cohen said Wednesday.

People crowded in the streets, one lady in her pajamas.

“The lady told us she had taken the notes as an invitation to complete the crossword,” a police spokesman said.

“We do realize that the old lady didn’t mean any harm,” Eva Kraus, museum director, told the Telegraph.

I did lady Loki, but I used clay to make the horns…

One lady wrote on a TMAU forum, “I’m exhausted with the negativity, rejection, and isolation.

To make a comedy writer laugh, you have to push a real old lady down the stairs.

Inspired by this lady, women everywhere are ditching their Lululemon’s for floral maxi skirts and we don’t blame them.

Stephanie Grisham, who previously served as First lady Melania Trump’s communications director, will take over Sanders’ job as White House press secretary.

That’s why the idea of a lady Doctor is so exciting.

The Weatherman organization subsequently started singing a parody of Bob Dylan’s “Lay lady Lay” to mock the cop’s condition.

Sansa escaped Ramsay and became an immensely powerful woman, the lady of Winterfell and one of the rulers of the North.

This A-list actress deserves to be in the hot moms club with her skintight spandex seat … Can you guess the lady behind the lycra?

Sharp is a guest of first lady Melania Trump at the State of the Union.

First lady Melania stayed behind to see the zoo.

But a substantial portion of her public career is her service as first lady.

How do we evaluate a first lady, who holds a position that has no formal role in the policymaking process?

In one sense, Clinton’s service as first lady is highly relevant to the position she’s applying for now.

She may have played a greater policy role than any other first lady in American history.

If the first lady disagreed with the president on a policy issue, chances are the public wouldn’t hear about it.

The first lady is granted no such opportunities to qualify her support.

As first lady, Clinton’s femininity and appropriateness in the role were constantly questioned (as when she was first lady of Arkansas).

“She’s a very good lady,” said Todd Watson, who was Julio’s high school football coach.

lady Gaga has turned out some powerful performances recently, but she saved her best for the Oscars.

I get behind a lady in a wheelchair and give her a push.

8:30 p.m.: Arkansas

Although she was the state’s first lady, Clinton will very likely lose Arkansas to Donald Trump.

For lady Gaga, her victories at the Critics’ Choice Awards are totally overshadowed this morning by the news her beloved horse is dying.

lady Gaga posted an emotional tribute, saying, “Our souls and spirits were one.”

She had an old lady body odor, like sweet gas.

I’m sure there’s a fine lady in the Stormlands for you, bud.

Luce: Yep, I’m the broke “dude” of this relationship—you’re one lucky lady.

Portrait of a lady on Fire was acquired at Cannes by Neon and Hulu.

A woman was walking across the lobby as I was trying to dissuade him, a white lady, an older lady.

(Jacquelyn Martin/AP) October 6: First lady Melania Trump visits the ancient statue of Sphinx at the historic site of Giza pyramids near Cairo, Egypt.

lady Dynamite would’ve never seen the light of day 10 years ago — but thank God it exists today, because it’s fantastic.

Day 248: “Snap Ya Fangas” – T-Pain and Lil Wayne, T-Wayne, 2017 “Shawty, lady, what it Mountain Dew?”

At age 15, Christie took on the role of lady Macbeth in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” and felt she found her calling.

Here’s what it’s like to be a lady scientist in 2018.

It’s also an unusual — and costly — decision for the first lady and the first kid to live elsewhere than the White House.

lady Skollie, whose real name is Laura Windvogel, was one of the first black students to attend the school.

But that confusion is great, just like confusion around gender, confusion … No, people know I’m a lady but …

Like Arya, Brienne seems to bristle at terms like “lady” and can seem to look down on conventional activities and symbols associated with women.

lady Skollie remains unphased by criticism of her art or politics.

(lady Gaga, the only other nominee with no previous major movie roles under her belt, has the benefit of being an international pop star.)

Gerwig, who directed 2017’s critically acclaimed film “lady Bird,” had a small role in 2012’s “To Rome With Love.”

And four decades before lady Liberty lifted her lamp, we were the wretched refuse on the teeming shore.

The former First lady made a surprise appearance Sunday at the Grammys alongside Jada Pinkett-Smith, lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and host Alicia Keys.

First lady Melania Trump plans to visit immigration facilities later this week, her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said on Tuesday, without giving further details.

She sat silently by her husband Wednesday at the FEMA briefing — an event not usually attended by the first lady.

lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper shared a passionate and long kiss at a gas station … for a movie, of course.

The first lady remained out of sight after she was discharged from the hospital.

She’s done a fantastic job as a first lady.

As you know … JFK was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald in Dallas as the President and First lady were riding in the presidential limousine.

Here’s the Formula One champ thrusting around the Crop Over festival with a couple of scantily clad lady friends.

“Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First lady in her own way.

“Mrs. Trump is a strong and independent woman who has been navigating her role as First lady in her own way.

“It is in fact a direct insult to the President and the first lady.

Melania has been a famously private first lady, often traveling alone and distancing herself from the chaos of her husband’s administration.

I’m gonna call on the lady first, right there.

On its face, lady Macbeth is connected to Shakespeare in name only.

lady Gaga’s giving construction workers something to whistle at — or in this case … something to drool over.

Yet Shakespeare was a keen observer of social class, and so, in turn, is lady Macbeth.

lady Macbeth is also a dazzling directorial debut from William Oldroyd.

The remarkable thing about lady Macbeth is that it refuses to allow the audience to have the emotional reactions we want to have.

But lady Macbeth isn’t going to do the work for you.

The Grammys began with five women, including host Alicia Keys and former first lady Michelle Obama, paying tribute to the power of music.

lady Macbeth opens in theaters on July 14.

One nice lady from Alaska was horrified when she saw the button and yelled at me, “We have to unify!”

Hillary Rodham Clinton has spent four decades in public service as an advocate, attorney, First lady, U.S.

“If you are an artist, young lady, you should be ashamed of yourself.

The kind that makes you clutch furniture like an old lady who might have a funny turn and fall at any moment.

“I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do.

As a gay lady, I view it as an important social service to my straight sisters.

I think it was probably a tie between staining my couch and having random people notice I was not packing any lady products.

“I’m a mother and a first lady, and I have much more important things to think about and to do.

All jokes aside … Stormy’s upset about the attack on her lady parts, and says she’s considering a defamation lawsuit.

Essence said it’s the first time the former first lady has worn her hair like this for a magazine cover.

In the photos taken by photographer Miller Mobley, the former first lady can be seen wearing a curly hairstyle.

And so it came to pass that lady Gaga won a Golden Globe.

lady Gaga in American Story: Hotel: This Time We’re Getting REALLY Freaky is a bull’s-eye for all three.

She served as both vice president and first lady before succeeding her husband when he died in office.

During his absence, he’s replaced by the wise-cracking warrior lady Aranea Highwind… and I found myself hoping she could be a permanent replacement.

And in the boldest stroke of all, “Mama, You Been on My Mind” addresses not some dumped old lady but this Dylan’s mother.

But I thought lady things were Bad, a man might say.

One woman said the sculpture as an inspirational message of Trump’s journey to becoming the First lady.

First lady Eleanor Roosevelt supported the bill, and FDR gave her permission to advocate for it as a private citizen.

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The first lady traveled from the White House to the Capitol without her husband, a break with tradition, CNN reported.

In a revealing new memoir published Tuesday, former first lady Michelle Obama shares her thoughts preceding the historic November 4 night in 2008.

It’s quite difficult but I refuse to say goodbye before the fat lady has sung.

The first lady is a private woman.

Nor is she the first first lady to serve as a blank screen onto which Americans project a narrative.

“I took a risk on hiring this young lady, and I’m pleased to announce that my bet paid off,” Nearman wrote.

Don’t let the dressed down rollergirl look fool ya … the lady‘s filthy rich.

The last album to achieve that feat was lady Gaga’s ARTPOP, which debuted in November 2013.

She looks and sounds like the sorta-sterile badass lady stereotype made famous by Sarah Connor and the short-lived Tasha Yar.

“When I was their age, it wasn’t as easy to go and meet lady Gaga,” Naomi said.

In Jackie, for instance, we have to remember that [Jacqueline Kennedy] was the third-youngest first lady at the time.

The first lady accompanied the president to a reception honoring Gold Star families on Monday.

The first lady tweeted out a handful of pictures of the event; she can be seen in two of them.

He claimed that reporters had actually spotted the first lady last week “walking merrily along to a meeting” and did not report it.

The Fake News Media has been so unfair, and vicious, to my wife and our great First lady, Melania.

When that story came out, the first lady stayed out of the spotlight too.

She wanted to top the raw meat dress lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

There’s a stool for the lady’s handbag.

A lady’s folds may be the most unpleasant thing I’ve heard today.

Wiley and Sherald were the first black artists ever commissioned to paint a president or first lady for the Smithsonian.

It’s that Musk — who still manages to be considered a wunderkind at 47 — has been distracted by a lady.

No, I have a total lady crush on Kara Swisher, by the way.

Who doesn’t have a lady crush on Kara Swisher?

Regardless of how you feel about lady Gaga, she has all of the qualities necessary to be a great Carpool Karaoke guest.

Whatever you want to say about lady Gaga, you can’t say she doesn’t commit to a bit.

Praise came from invitees ranging from party superstars (First lady Michelle Obama) to unknowns (former White House interns).

First lady Melania Trump’s parents officially became citizens of the United States on Thursday.

No, dry cleaning lady, I’m not babysitting this morning, I’m parenting.

Previously, there were many unknowns surrounding the first lady’s family’s immigration status.

Where did the nickname “lady Bluebeard” come from?

I get a certain amount of the M. Night Shyamalan movie I did, lady in the Water.

He says she apologized for wrongly accusing him of chatting up another lady, and now everything’s fine and dandy.

This is hilarious,” Colman said in accepting the trophy, which she won over nominees Glenn Close, lady Gaga, Melissa McCarthy and Yalitza Aparicio.

35) No more lady Byng Trophy.

Many Oscar-watchers had tipped Close or lady Gaga to win.

Right, yeah, because it made you seem like an angry lady, essentially.

Yeah, this lady problem.

lady Gaga and her fiance have called off their engagement … ending their two-year relationship … TMZ has confirmed.

We will soon be mining the 8-bit video game, Reaganomics, lady execs in shoulder pads, and the genesis of the music video for material.

They also hope that future analysis of CT scans will lend further insight into how the ancient Egyptian lady lost her big toe.

She’s credited with helping Obama craft her public image as first lady.

—CG There’s no TV show quite like lady Dynamite because there’s no comedian quite like its star, Maria Bamford.

One of the big moments in the trailer is Captain Marvel absolutely decking an old lady on a bus.

Some of this likely has to do with Melania’s personality — she reportedly never wanted to be first lady.

We’ve got our lady from France, our gentleman from Sweden, or our lady from Korea.

The party platform supported the ERA, and Republican first lady Betty Ford supported reproductive rights.

Nobody likes a lady who throws things.

This lady is so bananas.” Yeah, she showed up at an event.

Turns out that lady had NO IDEA what she had, and was selling off her (late) husband’s old library.

Blatter denied the allegation, calling it “ridiculous” and urging critics to “look at this lady’s [résumé].

Arriving in the 2017 release of the Amonkhet expansion is Naga Vitalist: a lady snake with an unusually desexualized depiction.

The Perkins pancake house, that lady.

“It all seems unreal,” a lady “eyewitness” tells the camera crew.

and he replies, “I’m smoking pot, that’s what I’m smoking, lady!

I’ve known Hillary for well over 30 years, before she was first lady of the United States, when she became first lady.

Melania Trump got her first official portrait as first lady.

As the film begins, our lady Macbeth is trapped within the house of Mr Lester, her mean, drunk, and impotent industrialist husband.

Alissa Wilkinson: Ahh, lady Bird.

Do you think lady Bird is doing something different from those stories?

had its moments, but lady Bird sharpens its own into precise, often devastating points.

lady Macbeth is out now in the UK.

— I also think the reason lady Bird’s depiction of teenagehood resonates so hard is because lady Bird isn’t the only teenager it nails.

The film is filled with minor details and supporting characters that do the same for lady Bird.

My mom: a nice Black lady from LA.

What sticks with you most about lady Bird?

Constance: The moment that hit me most in the gut is when lady Bird and her mother are shopping for dresses.

“Oh, it’s perfect!” says lady Bird.

But the scene elevates to a whole new level of great when lady Bird drops her determination to be angry and comforts him.

“We had another lady who was on her last tank of oxygen.

They played off lady Gaga when she was accepting the award for Best Original Song for “Shallow” from A Star Is Born!

This number was to rise substantially, and she continued to be appointed to that same honorable first lady role by King Henry VIII.

As the first lady of honor, she was automatically made close to all his wives.

Dirty Computer, Monáe’s first studio album since 2012’s Electric lady, will be released April 27.

Today lady Margaret Douglas lies today interred at Westminster Abbey, all but forgotten by so many Tudor geeks—until, maybe, now.

lady Gaga’s new startup — Haus Beauty — doesn’t yet have customers.

The former first lady left the PAN in 2017, in a split with fellow candidate Ricardo Anaya.

lady Gaga — born Stefani Germanotta — is a founder, but any day-to-day role beyond that is not clear.

“I would never, ever discourage anyone, a man or a lady, from taking sexy pictures of themselves; go for it,” she added.

Then there’s the story of outgoing First lady Rosalynn Carter’s treatment of incoming First lady Nancy Reagan in 1980.

Dolores’s (Evan Rachel Wood) name comes from the Spanish term for Our lady of Sorrows a.k.a.

Hawk sits, listening to his friend the Log lady, on the other end of a phone call.

lady Gaga’s crash pad in Houston for Super Bowl week is big enough for true Patriots … as in the entire team!

“Okay.” The old lady gave us a weird grin.

Jackson is unperturbed by the grocery store checkout lady snapping a photo of him.

“Blew up their pod so dey ain’t ever coming back.” The old lady was cackling uncontrollably now.

lady Gaga reportedly insisted that the music performances be shot live, and it pays off.

Making you a bigger lady Gaga fan is perhaps the film’s greatest success.

The result is about two hours of straight anxiety punctuated by the ecstasy of seeing lady Gaga perform live.

“The lady has said ‘I have to volunteer because I was born white, rich and German’.

Sanders this week said Clinton, who is also a former first lady and former U.S. senator, was not qualified to be president.

First lady Melania Trump even tried to break them up.

Other speakers Monday include a keynote speech from Warren and a speech from first lady Michelle Obama.

lady Gaga fired up her new ‘ENIGMA’ residency at Park Theater at Park MGM Friday night in Vegas … and she did not disappoint.

Bell Biv DeVoe and lady Antebellum have a serious connection, and they’re taking it to the studio … according to BBD’s Ricky Bell.

Stars Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga sang the song onstage Sunday at LA’s Dolby Theatre.

“A Star Is Born” stars Bradley Cooper and lady Gaga performed an intimate rendition of “Shallow” at the 2019 Oscars.

The first quarter of 2017 was the Gray lady’s biggest ever, with 308,000 additional digital news subscribers.

This person, this lady, helped me to run away.

The political calculation is accurate, but for the first lady, it wouldn’t be anything she hadn’t heard before.

Characters from “lady and the Tramp” make an appearance.

You’d get a sly smile off an old lady but other than that, it was a look of disbelief.

Romero suggested that the fact that the questioned beach ceremony involved the future first lady was essentially coincidental.

The lady in a tutu ripped the giant bag open with a knife, letting the powder fly everywhere and onto people’s heads.

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“The mail lady said that if she were us, she would get the hell out.

I went to Washington State and I learned to cook out there from a lady that was 86 years old.

Prince’s leading lady from the flick, Apollonia Kotero, got onstage too along with Bilal.

Zack’s trust in me and encouragement was definitely the guiding light to taking over that leading lady space.

“[The ceremony] will give me a lot of respect as a young lady,” Julene says.

See pretty picture with lady inside, looks so delicious, me fit to be tied, me love to eat it with sugar and cream … .

“The lady ended up getting over 50 units of blood,” he recalls.

“Beethoven or lady Gaga — like them or not — it’s not something you have to scream or run away from.”

The only trophies in Kariya’s case are two lady Byngs, which are the People’s Choice Awards of NHL trophies.

You’re not a lady.

Try being a lady and watching that.

Be afraid Justin Theroux … a 6’10”, 230-pound NBA star has his eyes on your lady.

“Our lady of Paris is in flames,” said French president Emmanuel Macron.

But this is a lie — Brienne instead appears to be unwillingly leading Jaime into a trap set by lady Stoneheart, the resurrected Catelyn Stark.

They’ve dropped some seemingly important subplots and characters (like Aegon “Young Griff” Targaryen and lady Stoneheart) entirely, and condensed others.

Its first lady, Abigail Bartlet (Stockard Channing), plays an important though intermittent role in series.

As the first lady of Arkansas, she initially refused to adopt Bill’s last name and went by Hillary Rodham.

As first lady, for example, she barely survived the Whitewater controversy, which involved a failed Arkansas real estate deal in the late 1970s.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump compiled a guest list that channels the president’s agenda and touts his policy successes.

We hope lady in a sentence examples were helpful.