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Wedding cake, slot-machines, kazoos, steaks, dolls, posters, uniforms, diplomas, magazines, ties, hairspray, soap, cuff links, and condoms — Serrano has spared no expense for his object-based portrait of America’s most polarizing leader.

Lots of karaoke, audience participation, kazoos, thongs, and sparkle.

In an effort to raise awareness of the dangers of tobacco use, Cignature Films releases the pilot episode of Mad Men featuring kazoos instead of cigarettes.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Imagine Mad Men — but instead of the ubiquitous cigarettes, picture kazoos.

The first episode of Mad Men with kazoos aired on the Cignature website here, and they plan to eventually convert the entire series and stream it on their site.

I don’t think they had kazoos yet.

kazoos, the most neglected of birthday party favours, made a triumphant return to pop culture recently in the form of a viral internet video called “Kazoo Kid.”

THUMP: Do you prefer vuvuzelas or kazoos?Mike Diva: They each have their own merit.

Take a song like “Pop It” where steel drums trip over synths that sound like mangled kazoos and samples of animal noises.

kazoos are so cool.

We’re talking mini tambourines, wood blocks, kazoos — the works, all with that iconic animated overlay from A-ha’s music video.

A corporate meeting room was transformed into a red nose district, lined with kaleidoscope costumes, neon wigs, kazoos and magic tricks.

“You haven’t seen the party hats and the kazoos,” Walker joked Wednesday night ahead of the vote.

All Images: Alex Cranz/GizmodoThere’s a reason the Firefly 2 and Pax 2 stand out from other vapes—beyond being big eye-catching kazoos.

It’s time for YouTubers of the world to break out the kazoos, vuvuzelas, and banjos.Until we get some really weird THX interpretations, Mach Kobayashi has done a fine job of hitting each voice in the score, split-screening himself into a choir, and adding a more human feel to the sound that says quality.

kazoos, ukuleles, guitars or accordions.

But the church members were far outnumbered by the metalheads, who drowned them out with kazoos, drums and wild costumes.

Oh yeah– and kazoos.

LOTS of kazoos.

I don’t have money set aside for kazoos.”

“I’m not super social and people from Hong Kong don’t use Twitter so I was flooded with messages from my peers asking why there were so many videos of me playing kazoos online,” said Humair.

The kazoos cropped up in the 10th and final movement of “Spaces,” an episodic suite by Wynton Marsalis that had its world premiere at the Rose Theater on Friday.

Those buzzing kazoos were just one example of Mr. Marsalis’s knack for a sort of musical onomatopoeia.

“Be a Bee” is the theme of the family art project: From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on both days, young visitors will create wings, antennas and pollen cups, and romp through the grounds, playing kazoos.

In addition to playtime in a cardboard hive, the festivities promise a 12:30 p.m. costumed bee parade, weather permitting, at which small participants will buzz around with kazoos.

We mark the start of the secular new year by huddling around a TV to watch a disco ball plummet while we blow on plastic kazoos.

Whatever you think of the kazoos who herald it, you should address the fact that fried chicken is delicious, and that this weekend might be a good time to cook it.

The garden provides a cardboard hive to play in, as well as kazoos to buzz during a “bee parade” (weather permitting).

This is the real deal — look out for washboards, kazoos and banjos, and ready your vocal cords for a chorus or two.

It was an unedifying barrage, kazoos from all corners.

72A: I don’t know why the words KAZOO and kazoos make me laugh, but they do.

I bought kazoos and we gave him a 21-kazoo salute.

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