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The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

The games, captured by commercial satellites passing high above, have generated headlines around the world — and more than a few “Top Gun” jokes.

He cites the NHL not caring about brain injuries and mean jokes about his facial hair in the 45-second speech.

Just… y’know… with lots of jokes and surreal flights of fancy.

“I’ve heard people make jokes and comments that I think they wouldn’t make if they knew.

Many of you avoid the question altogether by retreating into an increasingly esoteric conversation about small abstract gestures, art world jokes, and conceptualism.

Tony Soprano and “Here comes the Pro-Zack” jokes flashed through my head.

They say “circumstanced” when they mean “circumcised.” They tell extremely dumb jokes.

Today, she jokes that her preferred pronoun is “you and/or goddess” before noting that her gender identity and pronoun are “interchangeable.”

And if that maxim holds true, then Barry, the network’s hitman comedy with more obvious jokes than a lot of shows, will win.

The jokes about Buffy’s demon roommate are serviceable but a little on the lazy side (She’s into Cher — she must be evil!

After the game, you’re in the locker room, shooting the shit, and having a few beers and a few jokes.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Aerosmith this week, and the man’s got jokes.

KITTENS … Inspired by Kittens Knox Fortune We have no jokes about Knox.

Miguel Might have sex with thin air Mild High Club Uh oh, one of our jokes gained sentience and formed a band.

It’s also why the show is able to pull off more obvious punchline-style jokes than many other experimental comedies in its vein.

His family jokes about his sudden fanaticism, but Carter defends his passion.

Keep a close eye on the set’s background; there are jokes and sight gags everywhere.

Other forum users were people he could commiserate with, virtual friends who swapped jokes and memes that helped everyone get through the day.

The Democratic presidential nominee sat down with the comic to dish out the jokes as well as take them.

Some have used the opportunity to post jokes or funny memes about their chosen Christian denomination.

Taylor Swift dealt with the victim-blaming, the jokes, and harassment by media, but still chose to countersue.She IS a silence breaker.

I’ve been on Twitter since 2009, but I didn’t start making jokes and stuff until just over a year ago.

Each year, the branded jokes seem to get feebler and more exhausting.

I mean the name Captain Underpants — that suggests booger and vomit and fart jokes, and even as a child, I was unmoved by them.

However, Kanye was all jokes and the wedding guests loved it.

“No one is talking about it, so everyone continues to hide and continues to laugh and continues to let the jokes continue,” she says.

“Nobody stops the jokes in their tracks.”

Odom cut in, telling de Blasio, “I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.”

They say that Fidel himself laughed a lot at the jokes that the common wit dedicated to him.

His campaign relies on giant statements, pointed jokes, and conspiratorial winking.

“I can’t promise they were good jokes but they were jokes.” Ginsburg was hospitalized in Washington after suffering three fractured ribs from a fall.

Above all, the film benefited from the portability of its jokes in GIF format.

Many of these programs and comedians are still around, still making jokes today.

And such “jokes” are the defining element of chan culture, where if you care, then you’ve lost and everybody can laugh at you.

“Sexist jokes and attitudes in the workplace get a pass because there’s no critical mass in the other direction trying to correct it.”

I was in seventh grade when The Office premiered, making me far too young to appreciate the chilling truths behind all the jokes.

I started writing jokes for Tom Arnold and wrote some specials for HBO with him.

Pete Holmes and I write jokes together a lot when we’re not writing the show.

A lot of jokes have been made about the sheer volume of specials that come out every year now.

Gary Glouner says he worked under the Facebook umbrella for 2 years, and during that time was the butt of many ageist jokes.

I know I make jokes at your expense, and I’m going to continue doing so in 2018.

(How many jokes about Mike Pence’s sexuality have you seen in liberal spaces?)

He wasn’t flashy; he was just cracking jokes and getting to know me, like he really cared.

The tweet became a meme in record time, and the jokes kept going long after Trump deleted the message.

Still, SNL’s longstanding association with Franken meant that its jokes at the Democrats’ expense felt a bit more pointed than typical.

Cheer up, SNL fans: The new year is just around the corner — hopefully bringing fresher jokes with it.

#goldenshowers — Paul Bettany (@Paul_Bettany) January 11, 2017 Novelist Rabih Alameddine started a thread of artistic jokes based on the meme.

Lorelai spends most of her time compensating for the distance she feels from Luke and Rory with a stream of unfunny gay jokes.

Fans immediately begin Photoshopping the lineup poster with their hilarious jokes.

She was the endless butt of late-night jokes: “Clinton was relieved when Janet Reno decided to not do what?

I think about half the jokes were over my head.

Are you into Guns ‘N Roses and dad jokes?

Thicc Strip forced me to stop hiding behind jokes and take my sexual self seriously.

(Ai jokes that the Chinese government has a 150% success rate.)

He wrote his PhD dissertation on “the social function of humor” and found something important: jokes about socially unacceptable things aren’t just “jokes.”

This, Steed explains, is why “it’s a joke” isn’t a good defense of racist jokes.

This is why, e.g., racist “jokes” are bad.

So, when Trump jokes about assassination or armed revolt, he’s asking the in-group to assimilate/accept that idea.

That’s what jokes do.

IOW, if “just joking” excuses racist jokes, then in-group has accepted idea of racism as part of being in-group.

Same goes for “jokes” about armed revolt or assassinating Hillary Clinton.

Before this funny fella was cracking jokes on his own comedy show, he was just another kid sportin’ specs in Boca Raton, Florida.

Williamsburg, the butt of so many jokes about hipsters, can seem emotionally apace with the internet.

One of Fuller House’s reliable go-to “jokes” is that Kimmy possesses many mystical properties.

Angie Tribeca’s got jokes, gags, and charismatic actors tumbling out of every possible corner.

It eschews back-to-back jokes for natural dialogue and quirky plot points.

Other gestures take on the form of inside jokes traveling through time.

I believe you thought it was funny when you eagerly joined your classmates in making cruel jokes at your friend Renate Schroeder’s expense.

You claim you were acting like a friend to Schroeder, even though she was devastated when she learned about your jokes decades later.

What to expect: Under President Barack Obama, the event included a lot of dad jokes about presidential pardoning power and turkeys.

A few iterations later and you’ve got Elaine Benes and Ross Gellar making jokes about stereograms in their respective fictional worlds.

Despite smiles and jokes for the cameras, the tension among the leaders was clear.

Born three years after Hitler’s rise to power, the Austrian artist Bruno Gironcoli wandered a postwar mindscape of grim hallucinations and grimmer jokes.

With him, I realized that he was waiting for me to laugh at his jokes and see if we got on.

His jokes can sometimes look like a form of self-examination, even self-criticism — but so far, C.K.

Instead, he smiles and cracks jokes.

Silman details 17 such jokes and bits.

Others use the inherent functionality of the CW to make jokes.

The jokes are funny, but they lack the hard mean edge of Twitter.

Emperor Palpatine jokes aside, your iPhone can’t handle that much juice.

Their jokes are never quite what you’d expect, a fact they know and openly delight in.

Williams says that, in her experience, practical jokes in the office were fairly common.

But Russell seems to be cool with the jokes … at least for now.

(In addition to teeing up a lot of jokes about Mindy’s taste for cocaine, of course.)

Maurizio Cattelan: Be Right Back makes an unconventional yet compelling case for the profundity of the artist’s elaborate sculptural jokes.

(When asked if he buys his crème fraîche or uses a starter culture, Fraser jokes, “Just cream and buttermilk left in the danger zone.”)

He used to say, “Let’s have so many jokes that we can throw half of them away,” and that was always our motto.

You forget the world outside is not in on your jokes, has not memorized your talking points.

(Check out Happy Endings’ “just the jokes” episode cuts on YouTube for evidence of the Russo edit.)

You’ll make a couple of jokes about it but that’s just natural friendship.

All these jokes were about her despicable behavior.

“Just jokes, fellas, calm down.

#NotAllMen — but a lot of them.” She followed up that bit by noting, “Nobody knows what jokes are — especially not men.

It’s almost like they felt they had to tell these jokes about these people.

One-on-one messages quickly become full of memes and inside jokes; public channel group chats will erupt in gifs.

Mothers and daughters are still laughing at private jokes.

Unsurprisingly, this led to quite a barrage of Twitter jokes.

Warren stressed the stakes while on The Late Show, saying that all jokes aside, Trump should not be underestimated.

Sometimes bitterly so, with jokes that leave you tearing up as much as laughing.

Its plotting was straight out of the American sitcom playbook, reverting to the status quo most episodes and punctuating emotional outbursts with easy jokes.

Six second jokes are great, but I don’t know, is that going viral?

Even the jokes don’t try too hard to make you laugh.

Even the show’s jokes have gotten softer.

In my defense, it’s only one letter difference in Greek, but he howled with laughter and made uncomfortable jokes the whole ride nonetheless.)

“All that brine has kept me pickled, too,” he jokes.

Perhaps, but racist jokes often come out of racists’ mouths.

It takes its time, and has a lot of fun letting its jokes simmer.

jokes have also circulated on social media.

Whatever the case may have been, the band began inserting songs that felt, at times, like inside jokes.

I sheepishly put my blunt wraps on the counter, and the kids looked up at me and started making weed jokes.

The Twittersphere lit up like a Christmas tree with jokes and rants about Pence’s wife-rule.

I’m so funny I already know my jokes.

We all just kind of get together in the Live and they’ll suggest stuff, and we’ll make up inside jokes.

I haven’t met any of them, but we just hang out and make jokes and music.

We talk about jokes.

Clean jokes, dirty jokes, jokes that are in between.

Glib inside jokes flank the Armageddon, and it never feels like anyone is taking the impending destruction of Earth particularly seriously — including the audience.

But overall the jokes slow down.

Drunk men think they’re hilarious when they make Star Wars jokes.

Black photographers also understood black culture implicitly: getting the jokes, recognizing the body language, hearing the words that were left unspoken.

No one made any jokes at his expense at all.

I scripted all of the cam shows, 98 pages of chats, with commenters having their own personalities, their own backstories, their own jokes.

It turns out, all the jokes in the movie have already been revealed in the trailer, according to Birth Movies Death.

Users bombarded Twitter to complain about the outage, tweeting jokes and comments along with the #instagramdown hashtag.

I haven’t really heard much of the second thing, but there are I guess … KS: Dumb jokes.

Louie: Yeah, offensive jokes and stuff like that.

“We are a step away from dishwashers that won’t take third party dishes,” Doctorow morbidly jokes.

she jokes when I approach her.

Watch: British Comedy’s Rising Star Michaela Coel on Swapping God for Filthy jokes Wow!

There were these comedians who were making jokes about us, calling us meat and potatoes.

(Plus, unlike the jokes at this week’s Smith dinner, it’s actually funny.)

Disenchantment is an unfunny mess, unsure of what it’s satirizing, and unfortunately wastes talented voice actors and a rich world on hollow jokes.

West is laughing it off by cracking jokes about the DJ’s mouse helmet.

Jay Inslee, the Democratic campaign trail is best described as a mix of serious climate policy discussion — and dad jokes.

Google, a longtime fan of gimmicky April Fools’ jokes, overreached this year.

I like playing with all of that and adding subtle jokes.

It became rare to be able to just watch a straightforward movie about beautiful people falling in love and making jokes.

Things like “Blood & Oil” and “Wicked City” were bad jokes.

Their new work is reactionary — crude jokes about Asian men wouldn’t be out of place at a Trump rally — and it’s dated.

Meanwhile, Trump’s running mate, Indiana governor Mike Pence, attempted to swat away his partner’s remarks as a series of off-color jokes.

Posts included jokes about the deaths of migrants and sexually explicit comments referring to U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the news outlet said.

I was being made to think about my larger place in the universe, while also laughing at some very silly jokes.

And possibly make a bunch of duck jokes.

I just made fun of him, and everyone laughed at my jokes.

Something I see a lot is where the bridesmaids only tell jokes and stories that only the bride understands.

Presidents often enlist top-notch comedians to polish their jokes.

I had to listen to a lot of jokes about gay people.

Some of them were terrible, and some of them were really great jokes from people who advocate for queer people.

But the jokes, in the lead-up to the election, were more cringeworthy than comedic.

People were making jokes, now they’re working towards education, which is what I’m doing, too.

culture is just someone being like, “Hey, write better jokes.”

Late-night comedians and social media mavens are having a field day with jokes about missing caucusgoers and coin flips.

“I’m way more lazy than I am woke,” he jokes.

They get on there during “Modern Family” and watch what jokes hit and which don’t, which is interesting.

If you want more dad jokes, I’ve written 19 more of these—just scroll back through the archives.

The Feds don’t appreciate practical jokes … and there can be legal consequences.

But Carmichael wasn’t the only one who made jokes about Hogan over chat.

Indeed, a putative comedy can often get by on a kind of sly worldview and funny situations more than laugh-a-second jokes.

In particular, Desiree, who’s just a little dumb, is given some straight jokes, though the hit-to-miss ratio is lower than I might like.

“We’re not, like, from the rolling hills blah blah blah,” jokes Owens.

The media hailed him as a “national treasure.” His picture flooded the internet, and the jokes followed swiftly thereafter.

Velasquez would smile, crack jokes, strike up a conversation and be playful, but no one knew what he was struggling with beneath the surface.

It’s enough of an injury to piss ’em off, but it inspires more jokes rather than realistic tears.

“proto-Spanx,” Scaturro jokes) reads “I owe it all to Goddess.”

People make good Juicero jokes, but it’s actually pretty cool.

So chi to me — and it’s kind of funny in that people will tend to make jokes about things.

The 100 jokes that shaped modern comedy, including Abbott & Costello’s renowned “Who’s on First” routine: Abbott: Who is on first.

These are dad jokes, you know that?

I laugh at my own jokes, even with the terrible ones.

I was only ever passably good at three things: cold reading, selling jokes, and being devastatingly handsome.

However, neither film’s jokes about being Greek are terribly specific to being Greek.

Watch this episode of The Secret Life of Muslims to see how Ahmed goes from cracking heads … to cracking jokes.

Just don’t call them with Drake jokes.

The jokes are all amplified just a little beyond naturalism, and the conflict is gentle to the point of feeling slightly sleepy.

Reynolds’s incredible 2011 Oprah interview with her daughter is also a master class in quietly savage jokes.

“He cracked jokes.

Cruz’s stature in American politics provided occasion for more jokes about Ted Cruz.

Many people think you can’t explain jokes, or that even trying to explain them ruins them.

Using dad jokes?

Meanwhile, George W. Bush often seemed like something of an awkward uncle, laughing at people’s jokes but not getting them.

Brandy is a one-note, capital-R racist who does racist things like tell derogatory jokes about Latinos and drop the occasional slur.

It gives space for wry commentary on the primal behavior of football fans and ample opportunity to poke fun at announcers’ sublimely dumb jokes.

The jokes, however, don’t mask the underlying melancholy, familiar to those who’ve followed Hill’s work over the years.

jokes, yeah, trying out jokes.

Ezra Klein: Not just jokes, but like small-town clubs, as a place to work out material.

For me, that was NBC’s Superstore, a comedy with solid jokes but even better characters.

We make jokes.

KS: Just, I would tell jokes and …

When you try to tell jokes to someone, they just don’t get it.

Although it certainly … You can’t say a lot of things, make the jokes you could make.

That’s about all Elijah jokes about when it comes to basketball.

How do you make funny sexual harassment jokes?

Like, last night at the Golden Globes, there were so many good sexual harassment jokes, and I was glad to see …

How do you make jokes about these topics, like sexual harassment or gender discrimination or racial discrimination?

It’s the beginning of all the jokes you’d make about women in tech.

But this goes back to one of my favorite jokes online, was

They made some very subtle, very subtle jokes that even someone had to explain to me.

No, the engineers were making those jokes.

Who opened up for the Crunchies, she’s one of my favorite comedians, and I think she did some awesome jokes.

He relishes being off-color, too: cussing and telling jokes that push at the limits of acceptability.

Sure, there are jokes interspersed, but the scene is a loving evocation of a specific place, time, and culture.

Her jokes are mostly based in human foibles, and that’s a nice change from many mainstream comedies.

“I’m trying to get buff,” Bogart jokes, sipping from a cup of healthy green juice.

You know how I’m always cracking jokes?

Making jokes about his weight doesn’t hurt him—it hurts the nice, everyday fat person just trying to get on with their life.

Call out your favorite comedian when they resort to fatphobic jokes.

For those more familiar with the nuances (aka snobs), every piece is a parody overflowing with inside jokes about the history of dance.

It’s a legitimate critique that some drag queens cross the line by cracking cruel jokes about women.

Stephen Colbert unleashed a torrent of anti-Trump jokes on his show Monday night, ending with a cock-in-Trump’s-mouth jab that made his audience roar.

Here’s our roundup of some of Obama’s better jokes from the speech.

As we told you, it also features Cardi delivering “Ho Etiquette” jokes that some call racist.

It is also the butt of endless jokes, generally involving Canada being America’s hat or Robin Sparkles.

There are Twitter jokes and YouTube gags and podcasts.

How was he supposed to crack jokes while facing a sea of black dresses, worn in protest of sexual abuse in the workplace?

Ralphie’s poor health didn’t stop him from doing what he always did best during the call, though — cracking jokes.

The debate was substantive and focused on policy — not exactly ideal for Twitter jokes.

While no two posts are ever quite the same, synchronicities and inside jokes emerge.

Researchers found that the jokes were not considered more ironic or more humorous when presented in or out of the context of a magazine.

“That’s one of those jokes that ends up being wildly expensive to animate,” Reed said.

Thankfully, you took the jokes down and issued an apology.

Young jokes that when it comes to card games, JaVale just has that “Shaqtin’ a Fool” karma.

He got many of the best jokes, and most of the show’s relationships ran through him.

In a strange first, I actually caught myself laughing at some of Iron Fist’s jokes — mainly the ones targeting its protagonist.

You can see it at Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs): Her attempts at jokes — and even at laughter — are weirdly jarring.

We could make jokes about things.

Google started playing elaborate April Fools’ Day jokes on April 1, 2000.

People are just getting meaner and meaner and meaner and there’s no jokes involved, it’s just hatred.

“I pulled jokes from TV and movies that I watched,” he told me.

“And people were like, wow, you’re making these references, you’re making these jokes I understand.

As a queer woman, I usually leave a movie theater aghast at the torrent of gay jokes in any given film, especially comedies.

While lesbians are usually the target of fewer homophobic jokes in movies, they’re treated to a different kind of homophobia.

When the jokes settled, Dan used the moment to urge Americans to come together and forgive.

There’s all the jokes around that but getting people to be involved is super hard.

Or I can let people get to know me and see all the pain behind the constant jokes.

“They make jokes about me being an easy lay to my teenage sons.”

They pal around all afternoon, trading jokes and affection.

“Saw him twice a day, every day, at school where he greeted her with jokes and smiles.

“This whole thing [Deadspin] started with me making Woody Allen jokes to 500 bored lawyers,” Leitch added.

Friday is 4/20— a day of stoner jokes, and, yes, lighting up.

He’s notoriously good at stage banter and some of his songs have some dry jokes in it.

(Thankfully, failing in the game produces little jokes that are often more funny than actually solving them.)

Who’s got hockey jokes??

From a content perspective, you can’t be very specific about jokes or products, because it might clash with one of their advertisers.

Let’s break down each team in some very important categories that were not chosen specifically as vessels for jokes.

There will probably be jokes about last year’s Moonlight versus La La Land debacle.

It was the skits—these guys were having fun and unafraid of putting their inside jokes and zaniness and wax.

But for many anti-Trump voters, mocking Republican attempts to use internet jokes probably provides a much-needed distraction from a bitter and contentious election cycle.

Kenan Thompson just weighed in … saying Pete “definitely missed the mark,” adding, “it’s tough when you’re fishing for jokes.

The crowd in attendance at Radio City Music Hall in New York City met the jokes with cheers.

Trump’s supporters weren’t laughing at Hart’s jokes Monday night — they came after the comic right away on Twitter.

Quit trying to force your jokes through with volume.

It can tell culture clash jokes.

It can tell jokes about old people being set in their ways.

It’s like MTV’s House of Style, except with more jokes about Canada.

It can tell jokes about ridiculous hipsters.

Are its jokes terrific?

Many critics have highlighted the way Superior Donuts talks and jokes about current news topics, covering everything from the political climate to police violence.

But those jokes could feel opportunistic without a good central hub.

Lots of forehead jokes go around, mainly involving security researchers, which inspired me about the Putin joke.

He also thinks the LGBTQ community needs to be more accepting of jokes.

“He looks like one of those uncles who calls spring ‘sundress time!’” Che jokes.

Bottom line for Tony … a society where you can’t tell jokes freely isn’t a good thing.

“So no one can complain they had to leave without taking a picture with me,” he jokes.

I can imagine Wayne hearing that verse and just getting giddy over all those jokes.

He has a knack for dancing, teaching karate, and telling lame jokes.

Trump just called Apple CEO Tim Cook “Tim Apple” People quickly picked up on the flub — and the jokes ensued.

He once called his creations spaces for him to “string little weird set pieces and jokes along, like beads on a wire”.

A lot of South Park’s jokes operate on multiple levels, but those levels can operate in contradiction, confusing their meaning.

It’s goofy and ridiculous and quite often, there are really funny jokes that don’t come at the expense of anyone.

Dave Chappelle’s got a message for Olivia Munn, and anyone else offended by his jokes … get over it.

Anderson started out solemn … making it seem like he had sympathy for Tyrese, and then he shifted gears and unleashed some wicked jokes.

One of the running jokes in the first episode is how many henchmen try to use guns on Luke Cage.

“I don’t like my jokes,” she says in her distinctive monotone.

It’s an impressively balanced, beautifully made film, with crisp rhythms and great jokes.

Odom: That’s not— I don’t like jokes like that, Bill.

But even stuff like “Angry Birds” is totally amusing and there’s grown-up jokes and there’s good poopoo jokes, too.

He comes up with great jokes and is great with the actors.

He, now, jokes with his supporters that he’ll have to condemn things just because the press expects him to condemn them.

Until then, get ready for a lot of Sex and the City jokes.

Hanks and Mulaney both shared posts Saturday blasting FJ for stealing content and jokes from comedians and profiting from it.

Something that I found refreshing about Valerian is that there were a lot of jokes in the script.

You can make so many practical jokes with aliens.

That’s because she knows the jokes.

You need to take your time to make jokes.

That’s why it did take a village to write these jokes.

In the end, what makes this dinner important are not the jokes we tell, but the legacy we carry forward.

McDonald’s is coming to Kazakhstan, and in news that will revive Borat jokes wherever it spreads, the menu may feature a horsemeat burger.

“We’re really the same age—he’s more like my cousin but I call him my uncle,” he jokes on a recent phone call.

Assange has given us a few puerile jokes from establishment Democrats who preferred Clinton to Sanders.

Like there’s all these jokes about people in Japan, they have these [appliances] that do everything.

It has good jokes, good characters, and a surprising melancholy streak.

You gotta see Mason launch into some Trump-Putin jokes that fell completely flat.

Hangover cures of egg yolks, Tabasco sauce and other arbitrary ingredients have been the stuff of folk legend and sitcom jokes for decades.

The co-workers’ patter is lighthearted and fast-paced, full of the kind of jokes and digs engendered by the familiarity of a high-stakes workplace.

Sometimes, they respond to specific claims from protesters with historical factoids or jokes.

For still another, doing 30 Rock-style “500 jokes per second” humor in a TV newsroom is a fundamentally sound idea.

Dakota jokes that it’s hard to “recruit trauma friends” but that it is of the utmost importance to maintain this connection.

What’s more, “Chuck Pierce Is Blind” is willing to indulge in a bunch of different kinds of jokes.

“I know from past experience, making this a lot, I’m particularly delicious,” he jokes.

They get turned into jokes and references.

They make sports jokes.

But if you’ve ended up with a cruel Capricorn, they’ll start telling jokes at your expense.

Griffin once again proved he’s got jokes — the crowd ate it up.

The battles quickly spread as r/trebuchetmemes, r/lotrmemes, and r/garlicbreadmemes invaded the smaller r/sequelmemes subreddit with jokes about carbs, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Hobbits, and siege weapons.

Movies have silent performances, jokes, and harder-to-quantify intangibles that even real humans struggle to explain.

They’ll laugh at memes about race or jokes about Americans or other countries.

I’ve written out the jokes, but it’s like writing a song.

Kaine had a good Spanish accent, a decent Donald Trump impression— and lots and lots of dad jokes.

The same dynamic seems to me to be at play in the way “white people” is used in Jeong’s jokes.

On Jeremy’s performance, he adds, “I don’t know anyone in that room that was offended he was making some edgy jokes.”

It leaves you explaining jokes that can’t be explained to employers that don’t like jokes anyway.

Commenters have thrown a few jokes into the mix.

When: Opens Saturday, January 16 Where: Luhring Augustine Bushwick (25 Knickerbocker Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn) One usually associates a comedian with his or her jokes.

So often I experience Twitter as a fleeting and amorphous litany of self-promotion, great jokes, must-read links, powerful and concise commentary, and gut-reaction trash.

They consider Schumer to be a “social justice warrior” (SWJ) comic, a comedian whose jokes are built around man-hating feminism and progressive identity politics.

Even adults tend to to hide what they don’t know behind jokes.

director Jonathan Krisel, Baskets is a determined, bizarre show, wringing jokes and sadness from the most banal situations.

I didn’t laugh, the jokes are mostly easy potshots at Trump (would you believe Murphy calls him “orange” in the first episode?!

We conveyed of our senses of humor by swapping jokes and riddles.

Brian Billick Discovers 60 Percent Of Sports Twitter’s jokes Why is crying Michael Jordan all over my Twitter?

Andy Reid — Just when I made the mistake of believing in Andy, he reinforces all the old jokes about his woeful clock management.

Though the two did meet a month later, in June, the debacle at least led to some decent jokes on Twitter.

Fart jokes can just be funny.

One person said that “what makes Mr. Trump great” is that he makes jokes.

“Just jokes,” she says repeatedly, to make the point that jokes about identity are never just jokes.

And when we rely on jokes for our perception of identity — as comedy requires us to do — we marginalize ourselves.

As long as the person telling the jokes doesn’t get too real, they can aim straight for the jugular.

The jokes bring light to just how unorthodox a Trump candidacy is.

Amy Schumer is fighting back against 3 other female comedians who ripped her on social media for allegedly stealing their jokes.

Their jokes about aging and AARP memberships are getting a little more morbid and a little less funny.

The jokes were to underscore the obesity crisis, but still …

We did not have a committee deciding what kind of jokes I would be telling.

Now we have Biden making jokes about having permission to hug someone onstage, seeming to have learned nothing.

jokes about casting couches – I mean, that was tolerated for years.

On the one hand, the movie is visually inventive, peppered with solid jokes, and beautifully acted.

They’re really jokes, they’ve only just starting striking at four months old.

The jokes are still pretty good, even if they seem a little more unsettling these days.

They don’t and we make really super-deprecating jokes about ourselves, so the first, most difficult step is to look at our own age bias.

But Trump’s history as a birther didn’t just make him the butt of jokes after Obama released his real birth certificate.

There’s the jokes about the blood boys and things like that.

You’re capable of writing sharper jokes than, “What do we do now that we’re not offended?

There’s a difference between not letting the haters get you down and absolving yourself of any responsibility when you write racist jokes.

Even though TikTok is an enormous network of inside jokes, reactions, reactions to reactions, and meta memeification, it’s still wildly underdeveloped.

“There are some topics that you just don’t want to gloss over with just jokes.

The pilot has some clunky exposition and forced jokes (a reference to “phony news” might make you groan a bit).

But most of its jokes hit very obvious notes.

She constructs jokes patiently, often using the idea of the comics panel itself to make them funny.

When I talk to friends (or anyone who’ll listen) about anime, they often imagine explosions, hard to understand inside jokes, and gratuitous violence.

“She just wants to watch a dude scream loudly and crack jokes at the video games she likes,” I might muse.

He gets to bounce jokes off Diana’s squareness.

For the most part, jokes and puns are never planned.

They were making Samsung battery exploding jokes and they use Apple phones, so it’s kind of funny.

Everyone talks about them and there’s lots of drone jokes.

Looking past the eyesight jokes, which are even cornea than the pet jokes (sorry), Vision sees three pupils of sincere rock music (sorry again!)

Even before he was in the political spotlight, Trump had tweeted jokes downplaying sexual harassment.

With Williamson’s status as the projected top overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft now in jeopardy, the jokes could clearly wait.

I hope people can appreciate our point of view and eventually catch on to the less successful jokes!

Tyson made sexual jokes and suggested she join him alone in his office, she told BuzzFeed’s Ghorayshi.

“That day was nothing more than a handful of jokes from my teammates,” he said.

All jokes aside … Stormy’s upset about the attack on her lady parts, and says she’s considering a defamation lawsuit.

“I was dishing out some jokes, saying, ‘Alright guys, this is my last day here in Italy, I’m headed to L.A., sorry.’

“We’ve had inside jokes for the last ten, 12 years.

So it was just a day full of jokes.

“To ease the situation I tried to make some jokes, like Chris wasn’t understanding because she didn’t speak English.

So far most of the messages are jokes, proverbs, cryptic sentences, and love declarations.

Some people on Twitter noted the irony and made jokes.

“Better to be here than to be at the corny ass Grammys,” he jokes.

Rocha left her performance art career behind when she realized she was funny, and wanted to work on crafting jokes.

These are the types of amateur jokes that you’re likely to hear during an attempt to write a funny wedding speech.

No sexist jokes!

Reading from a list of prepared jokes, the GOP nominee called his opponent Hillary Clinton “corrupt” and accused her of secretly hating Catholics.

Reading from a list of prepared jokes, the GOP nominee called his opponent Hillary Clinton “corrupt” and accused her of secretly hating Catholics.

Yet even with this clunky delivery, most of the actual jokes remain pretty solid.

“Which would have been nice, instead of jokes about ‘Oh!

As if humans can’t evolve beyond gay panic jokes at Barry Zito’s expense.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads PRINCETON, NJ — Too many Greek vase jokes are lost in translation.

“Now that I’ve given these away, I’m going to have to think of some others,” she jokes.

Regardless of the sharpness of their jokes, comedians like Seinfeld and Rock seem like cultural relics in 2018.

jokes aside, the jersey number could be the first clue into solving the hockey heist.

At its best, it results in jokes that feel totally spontaneous and unlike anything else.

“In my case, police officers would make jokes while Smith was stalking me and making my life a misery,” she tells Broadly.

It’s always great re-watching the episodes now as I begin to realize more inside jokes and humor than I did in the past.

Making racist jokes don’t offend me, man,” said black New Orleans activist Anthony Straughter.

“I make white jokes.

Anybody can make jokes, they’re just jokes.

Its snarky, self-referential jokes have gotten sharper and smarter, and its swings into tragedy are on occasion downright heartbreaking.

Now that publisher Time, Inc. purchased Myspace’s parent company, Viant, a new round of Myspace jokes can see the light of day.

However, these jokes are rooted in concepts like ‘digital ad tech,’ ‘access to 1 billion email addresses,’ and ‘data-driven marketing.’

My grandmother jokes that she never wants to be in more water than she can drink, and I pretty much agree.

your idiot friend jokes the second you have the baby in your arms.

A lot of the jokes are very visual and we hardly need the interpreter.

Oh, he made a few jokes.

Tell me about some of the jokes.

My jokes cover a wide range of things and are usually drawn from my own experiences growing up Deaf in a Hearing world.

What percent of people make stoner jokes when you tell them it’s called ZigZag?

This is a winning comedy, with great jokes.

Like that earlier series, this is a show in love with tonal mish-mash, with jokes, with language.

Between takes, Colletti cracked jokes with one of the women.

Crashing is almost a procedural, obsessed with the process of standup comedy, of writing jokes, of learning to be comfortable onstage.

And if all of your jokes are pretty bad, you can’t just be like, “Well, that sucks,” and then do another bad joke.

Kavanaugh claims to have noticed nothing untoward, including not remembering being on the recipient list for Kozinski’s email distribution list for dirty jokes.

“Ain’t nobody look like us,” he jokes.

There is not room (or budget) to show the soccer balls and science kits, the embraces and private jokes.

“The puns and illuminati jokes have been pretty funny,” Hoshi said.

We’re also having a laugh, because Babeheaven are a laugh (check their Instagram for some jokes).

“Rotisserie chicken,” Nancy jokes.

Because the jokes are both faster-paced and scoped from a narrower field of pop culture, they don’t always feel fresh or surprising.

One of the jokes about gaffes is that they are “when politicians accidentally tell the truth.”

They’re all so supportive of each-other, they have razor-sharp wit, they’re cracking jokes.

The event traditionally features leading politicians telling self-deprecating jokes, and in this case, it featured Paul Ryan telling Trump-deprecating jokes.

But were any of them really jokes?

Talking about a guy looking good in his gray sweatpants, on the other hand, was once the stuff of private jokes and group chats.

It’s a solid outing with great jokes, some catchy songs, and so-so lyrics.

The Kids Are Alright’s characters, the stories, and jokes are all on point.

“The answers I gave were meant to be taken as jokes & I am deeply sorry for offending anyone.”

These are obviously jokes.

“Cards Against Humanity” is like, butt jokes.

It’s gotten so bad, Howie says he’s actually afraid to crack jokes in public.

Others are partial to Sigmund Freud’s relief theory, the concept that people crack dirty jokes and other witticisms to release psychological tension.

Like jokes with punch lines—or a staid BBC interview derailed by a parade of ridiculous kids.

But here’s one type of person who’s not more likely to be better at jokes: Men.

But no one was making jokes like that two weeks ago.

Not all the memes are unholy marriages between two different jokes.

Joy Behar is jumping to James Corden’s defense after his Harvey Weinstein jokes got him skewered.

I was actually trying to download a game, but then I made a mistake and downloaded FL Studio,” He jokes.

BBQ places made jokes. Not fair to make jokes at UB40’s expense.

Make as many jokes as you like about the title The Young Pope.

jokes are never telling,” Pius replies.

And while cheesy jokes have been cracked about who might have committed the crime—rodents?—this isn’t a Mickey Mouse operation.

They’re telling each other jokes and laughing loudly.

Behind it was Popcaan who, when he saw Aidonia, cracked the type of smile you see when he’s running off jokes on Instagram.

“People still think these are just memes, just jokes,” she says, her voice heavy with frustration.

They’re friends sharing jokes and families staying in touch across cities.

It’s just funny, sweet, and imaginative, with visual gags and gentle jokes that never really get old.

He appeared thin, but he was confident and upbeat, even making jokes as he took me on a tour of the suite.

One of the jokes is there’s not enough rat holes to shove it all down, and there’s a lot of rat holes.

Some of the jokes on the show are genuinely funny.

Our phones know more about our secrets, jokes, fears and joys than anything else or anyone else in our lives.

He made some jokes but i dont really remember any of them.

Jimenez grew up with three older sisters, two of whom were born on the same day a year a part (“Mexican twins,” Jimenez jokes.)

The dog would crack some jokes, drink out of the toilet, make a mess, generally be adorable, roll credits.

“I apologize if I offended anybody, but the intent was not for the public to have seen these jokes.”

We are out of money,” he jokes.

Google has become notorious for releasing a slew of goofy, elaborate jokes every year on April Fools’ Day.

Also, it was “painfully clear that for many in Google’s global audience, jokes about Germany and mind control were just not funny.”

Well, I wrote jokes for Mark Zuckerberg, who was very funny.

So I sent in a bunch of jokes trying to get inside his head, very roomy.

I was sitting there and he read a couple of the jokes.

Recite some of the jokes.

Recite some of the jokes.

And he tells jokes at other people’s expense.

“[Craft] is right in the name,” Booty jokes.

LN: There are jokes online calling the Oregon militants “Vanilla ISIS” and “Y’all Qaeda.”

And Hilary, I wrote jokes for the Al Smith dinner and right before the election.

Library of Congress These jokes weren’t just fun had at the father’s expense.

For Twitter, these types of situations are a time for jokes.

I find her jokes funnier, I find her material more invigorating, and I find her show’s point of view more exciting.

We can’t fix the world, but we can make jokes about it.

But because she also views them as actual opponents, rather than uneducated folks who only need to hear the right information (laced with jokes!)

“You see more on a plumber when he bends down.” Verdict: Poor plumbers, will they ever cease to be the butts of such jokes?

“How can you say that about people making jokes?” And I’m like, look, I get it.

I’m killing it right now!” she jokes, half-laughing, half-sighing, and running into the nearby café to pick up some napkins.

“I was running out of names,” jokes Lowe.

You got a lot of black jokes[…] Sometimes you sound like a redneck trucker.”

“I just don’t know sometimes—is this a political show or is this a show about jokes?,” he asked.

It wasn’t as funny, although there were still had great jokes in every episode.

Of course, these weightier storylines are tossed together with some really great jokes, if fewer great jokes than in previous seasons.

I remember a few years ago, Kathy and I got a beach house and I just wrote jokes for like, two weeks?

Just like how ALL up-and-coming comics get a BEACH HOUSE to write jokes.

That said, I’ve seen singers crack jokes and the audience goes crazy.

I’ve seen you make the tiniest jokes at Thermals shows that have killed.

With tweets, songs, and jokes, I try to trim down the fat and get to the core of what I’m trying to say.

I’ll give Deadpool 2 credit for bringing more action, and more jokes without fixing what wasn’t broken.

Outside of you, I liked Flight of the Conchords but I like the jokes in between their songs more than the music itself.

It doesn’t tell jokes so much as let people be authentically witty.

Like, my jokes aren’t even based on my life.

In the room, Wolf’s jokes were met with an awkward mix of laughs, disbelieving gasps, applause, and silence.

I always was decent at writing jokes, but the writing was very hacky at the time.

However, they wanted to make sure the jokes never arrived too soon after something intended to be affecting.

The shows themselves must always occupy a happy little bubble where the jokes flow freely, even in times of tragedy or catastrophe.

They featured explosions, murders, jokes, were-monsters, and two different stories about women stuck in computer simulations trying desperately to find their lover.

Suddenly, his jokes are far less funny.

In “Labor,” its season one finale, the show explores how employees in a service industry can stand up for themselves — and tell solid jokes.

She jokes about her “untrained” technique.

And while working on his third book, The Truth: With jokes, he began to seriously consider challenging the then-senator of Minnesota, Norm Coleman.

These weren’t just jokes, but a way to name and call attention to a kind of racism that was rarely talked about.

He doesn’t seem like someone who crafts jokes that are too complicated to interpret.

“We just had space, so people couldn’t enjoy it at the beginning.” Casorrán jokes that taxicabs kept wandering in by mistake.

We didn’t go out and take our tops off, but I did make a few jokes.

My first impression is that Sea Captain Date is a joke because the homepage appears to be covered in stock images and absurd jokes.

And knock-knock jokes.

She doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose at all, and her jokes are halfhearted at best.

Just rude comments, how you looked or just inappropriate jokes.

Bad bong jokes included.

“He often jokes about killing drug dealers,” one official reportedly said.

“He often jokes about killing drug dealers,” one official reportedly said.

Jin, is the group’s oldest member, and as such he frequently occupies a mentorship role within the group (complete with dad jokes).

The good part is that there are interactive jokes that we can’t do on the show.

We hope jokes in a sentence examples were helpful.