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“Poor jen” is right about the ridiculous cycle of celebrity news—but it’s not just the celebrities who suffer.

jen, 34 “Left period blood in the shower.”

(Vox’s jen Kirby has a full explainer on the Shulkin scandal.)

I’d sooner elect Verboten’s jen Schiffer to run a club than I would Donald Trump to run a country.

Katherine Bradford and jen DeNike remind me how much more there is to water in their gem-like show at AE2.

jen DeNike and Katherine Bradford: Being Like Water continues at AE2, Anat Ebgi (2680 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles) through March 10.

Don’t ask, don’t get.” jen KING, COFOUNDER, LIDDABIT SWEETS: “Raising money really requires confidence.

Bass’s work made a nice transition to jen Liu’s evocative painted worlds.

Artist jen Durbin will be showing off her sculptural, 1,500-square-foot investigation into the infamous Zapruder film of JFK’s assassination at 109 Ingraham Street.

jen was out shopping in Brentwood with one of her kids.

Then we were bent over this bed and these guys were spanking us with their belt and jen was like, “I’m bored.”

Obviously that jade egg thing, I absolutely would never do such a thing because jen Gunter told us not to on my podcast.

This was all over the jen Gunter, who I’ve had on the podcast.

jen Gunter’s a doctor who has pushed away a lot of these ideas.

Underwire bras was a great thing I think jen Gunter did, and it goes on and on.

jen Pahlka is the founder and executive director of Code for America.

Today, kennel manager jen Raffaeli and other rangers cover thousands of miles each year in the park.

For one thing, sex is not gender, as jen Gann argues in her essay on learning she was having a boy.

—Susannah Locke, Allison McHenry, jen Trolio, Kim Stiens This massively popular French toy is still the No.

jen Kirby contributed to this report.

Scout’s owner, jen Gillen, tells TMZ the 12-year-old dog became extremely sick.

jen tried keeping Scout alive, but it got to a point where he couldn’t eat or drink, so he was euthanized last week.

It also prompted a sobering blog post from gynecologist Dr. jen Gunter, who wrote that many women don’t experience pain with heart attacks.

The campaign’s video features a roll call of notable artists, including Courtney Barnett and jen Cloher, The Bennies, and Chris Farren.

They just said to me “You know what, jen, it’s not worth it because you’ll be torn apart.

Todd: jen, everybody knows the real Good Place is the friends we made along the way.

The symptoms of a miscarriage can be indistinguishable from those of an induced abortion, according to OB-GYN Dr. jen Gunter.

For what it’s worth, jen‘s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, and their daughters were in the audience — and also greeted her backstage afterward.

Lewis says he submitted his script to a FOX exec, named jen Carreras, but ultimately never struck a deal.

We called blogger and San Francisco OB-GYN Dr. jen Gunter to find out more.

Check out the clip — it appears jen‘s caught a case of post-breakup hotness … and happiness.

jen had just dozed off for an afternoon nap, while her two young boys played outside her room, when her husband called.

jen had just dozed off for an afternoon nap, while her two young boys played outside her room, when her husband called.

jen Kirby Seeing something like that, it frames your advocacy very clearly.

jen Kirby You also recorded your classmates while hiding out from the shooter.

jen Kirby Do you see the Parkland shooting as a real turning point in the gun control movement?

jen Kirby Besides the march next month, do you have other plans to advocate for legislation?

jen Kirby How do you see yourself trying to promote legislation that will, as you say, save lives?

jen Kirby And you’re teenagers.

jen Kirby That’s an interesting idea.

jen Kirby What about the president’s idea for a listening session with students?

jen Kirby This anger among you and your classmates feels palpable.

jen Kirby What about some other talking points on the right, such as that teachers should be armed?

jen Kirby At the same time, this gun control debate seems so entrenched.

jen Kirby I hope you and your classmates do have the opportunity to talk to these leaders face to face.

We also checked with numerous divorce lawyers, and no one, as far as we can see, has been contacted by either jen or Justin.

Kathy — who turned 58 and was out celebrating her birthday — eats crow after her cake for the jen tweet.

Today’s Vox Sentences is written by jen Kirby, Emily Stewart, Libby Nelson, and Dara Lind.

jen: Noise-cancelling headphones

A must when you spend most of your life on a plane!

jen: Packing cubes

I’m known to go everywhere with just a carry-on — packing cubes are my secret.

jen: A packable duffel

A duffel that folds up into a small square is key.

jen: A classic leather loafer

A classic leather loafer is the perfect shoe for when I’m on the go.

jen: Face mist and hand cream

Travel’s so dehydrating, and face mists and hand creams are underrated.

jen: A small crossbody bag

No matter where I’m going a small crossbody will come in handy.

jen was fired just before Christmas in 2017.

I’ll get her fired.’” Concerned he would follow through on the threat, jen told her boss about the allegations against David.

“The moment I brought it up, it was as if the world flipped,” said jen.

In that final meeting with her boss, jen asked if her dismissal had anything to do with their prior conversations about David.

If speaking out against harassment isn’t paired with more power in the workplace, outcomes like what happened to jen are all but inevitable.

Last year, jen Welter became the first female coach in the NFL with the Arizona Cardinals.

Early on, it partnered with hairstylist jen Atkin, who is the founder of the uber-popular Ouai line of hair care products.

Gynecologist jen Gunter, for example, called these “non science ideas” the “preamble to the Handmaid’s Tale.”

As Vox’s jen Kirby explained, it is when a weather system drops pressure very, very quickly.

A woman named jen had trained me.

As we walked away, jen used this as teachable moment.

Paps got Ben and jen out in Brentwood Tuesday casting their votes, and leaving the polling station in lockstep.

As COO, jen Wong will also be in charge of Reddit’s diversity efforts.

Law enforcement sources tell us during their visit, Ronnie told cops about jen‘s history of violence toward him.

Back on October 5, Ronnie was allegedly brutalized by jen … he says she punched him and struck him in the head with a phone.

When jen got home, she found someone had ransacked the place, smashing a flat-screen TV and a vase.

As for Ronnie’s police report, we’re told his motivation is that he wants jen to get professional help.

jen Trolio: I was drawn in by both Paige and Stan’s arcs in this episode.

jen: Speaking of Long dragging out the dread, Caroline, let’s talk about sex.

Looks like jen even brought her pup along for some of the beach fun.

jen was spotted leaving Grauman’s Chinese Theater Wednesday night after the premiere of her longtime friend Jason Bateman’s new movie, “Game Night.”

Don’t judge based on jen‘s expression.

At that point, jen Poyant, my executive producer at WNYC and I were like, “Well, this is enough to get us started.

When Ben and jen first split in 2015, Ben lived in a guest house on the property.

jen is a waitress and Jamie is currently unemployed.

EMTs arrive, Jack suggests jen should be the one who deserves to be hospitalized, and everyone does their best to look worried.

But for a counterintuitive take, talk to jen Rubio, co-founder of Away, the suitcase company known for its stylish carryons.

jen Kirby contributed to this article.

As my colleague jen Kirby explains, that’s false.

“Jersey Shore” star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro got a nasty shiner and it appears he’s blaming it on his baby mama, jen Harley.

(My colleague jen Kirby explains more here.)

He adds he’s rooting for jen because she named her most beloved dog Norman.

Ronnie was at a Friday’s in NJ Thursday with jen Harley, their 3-month-old daughter and several friends.

As we reported, jen flew up from Vegas a few days ago to spend the Fourth of July holiday with Ronnie.

A witness tells us the couple seemed calm, cool and relaxed … and jen mostly tended to their kid.

Between 2010 and 2012, jen Smith of Baltimore, Maryland, underwent five full IVF cycles plus three frozen embryo transfers.

(I know it’s deprecated but…) jen: Download now at!

jen: If they strip metadata from uploaded images, use Tor, and don’t use the mobile apps, it’s fine to use Facebook.

jen: Even Hillary knows that one.

The video shows Ron and jen, who is holding the phone, getting into a scuffle … with Ron telling her to get off of him.

The fight stems from a series of Instagram story posts by Ron over the weekend … blasting jen of being a “natural born HOE.”

The police report states officers observed minor cuts, scratches and dried blood on jen.

jen, 32 “Fell through a glass coffee table.”

Other artists performing at the benefit show include Roche and Leech, with DJ sets from local selectors Sage Caswell, jen Ferrer, and Cromie.

After taking statements from both jen and Ronnie — the cops determined a mutual battery did occur — but jen was the primary aggressor.

Sources connected to Tobey and jen tell us, they’ve actually been separated since June.

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“It’s always something embarrassing,” jen Jackson, a 26-year-old bartender at Mountain Brook’s Mafiaoza’s restaurant, said of Alabama politics.

It’s obviously a huge hit — the glam mug, encrusted with Swarovski crystals, has been with jen almost as much as Alex Rodriguez.

jen Selter brings out the thirst in all of us — which is fitting … ’cause it looks like she’s a little thirsty herself.

👑👑 Ja Rule at jen‘s stage #AllIHave #JLoVegas

The man explained that comedian jen Kirkman had suggested C.K.

You’ll recall … jen allegedly hit Ronnie in the face, then dragged him when he tried to get out.

James says they broke up in September, and jen‘s just angry he’s moved on with a new gf.

Ben and jen met Garner’s home Thursday for several hours to hammer out the remaining details in their divorce.

As we first reported … Ben and jen‘s final settlement was to be agreed on once Ben got out of rehab.

We broke the story … jen filed for divorce back in April 2017 and it was as amicable as it can get.

We broke the story … Ben and jen Garner officially filed for divorce earlier this year.

Btw, Alex and jen didn’t even break the bank, as far as this building is concerned.

9:00 AM PT — We just got these photos of Ronnie and jen all over each other during her birthday weekend.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and jen Harley seem like they’re together again, despite black eyes and police reports.

Ronnie and jen are both in Florida this weekend, and both have both posted videos though none of them show the 2 together.

This is jen‘s birthday weekend.

As we reported, our law enforcement sources tell us Ronnie filed a battery report with cops, naming jen as the culprit.

Stan rapes jen, and to cover up the crime and avoid punishment, Richard tries to murder jen.

this new jen seems to be asking.

When jen emerges from the cave, she does want revenge, pure and simple.

Richard asks Stan when Stan tries to convince him not to murder jen.

In the stunning final showdown between jen and Richard, you can see how much Richard’s own masculinity is fatiguing him, wearing him out.

As jen dislodges it, cutting into her stomach with a knife, she watches her own flesh in astonishment as if to say, this?

Sources connected to jen tell us these pics show the utter destruction that was left behind.

As we reported, jen‘s blaming her baby daddy and he has been named a person of interest.

We also broke the story that Ronnie went to cops too … claiming jen hurled an ashtray at his head during their NYE nightclub clash.

Despite the Dec. 4 and NYE incidents … Ronnie and jen smiled and posed together for a family Christmas photo.

It also pays to be stage side if jen ever needs your assistance.

Sources on both sides say there’s no animosity between Ben and jen.

Ben and jen will share joint custody of their 3 kids.

‘Big Brother’ Sexual Harassment Issues?jen Aniston & Justin Theroux: Neighbor War

We know Ben and jen have settled their divorce, and the plan is to finalize with the judge when Ben leaves rehab.

Joe Staten jen Taylor, who Marty hired to play Cortana, was someone I went to college with.

A little bit older, but you.” And jen, of course, is now the voice on every Microsoft phone, right?

It was just a couple months ago when jen Harley allegedly dragged him with her car … leaving him bloody.

He’s tried working it out with jen, but we’ve heard that before.

Law enforcement sources tell us … jen actually called the cops early Thursday morning and said someone had a gun.

As we’ve reported, jen and Ben have been doing the co-parenting thing like pros, while also having fun with their own friends.

jen was busted late Sunday in Vegas after she and Ronnie got into a fight while driving home from a BBQ.

But clearly, for jen anyway, family is family.

We’re told Ronnie got caught in his seatbelt, but jen took off anyway … dragging Ronnie.

In 2016, Evans reached out to encourage Bible teacher jen Hatmaker after she voiced support for same-sex marriage in an interview.

From all appearances, Brad and jen remained on friendly terms.

jen turns 50 on Monday.

And, how would Vrabel’s wife, jen, handle it??

jen, 36 “Left FetLife open on his computer.”

jen, 34 “Talked about milk for a while.”

Save yourself.” – jen, 34 “Hungover?

Tonight’s Sentences is written by jen Kirby, Libby Nelson, and Emily Stewart.

VICE: Did you guys meet in line?jen: Yes.

jen: There are a lot of things: the Russian interference, Comey reopening the email investigation really did a number on her.

jen: I think Bernie’s to blame.

jen: The idea of having a female president wasn’t just epic and amazing, but it was Hillary.

As Vox’s jen Kirby writes, it was not clear what Manigault-Newman’s actual responsibilities included.

There was jen, who called me her “favorite reason to look at Twitter this week.”

VICE: Hey jen, so what are some of your kinks?

jen: I would mainly identify as being a sub/bottom/masochist, and being a brat.

Australian singer-songwriter jen Cloher’s self-titled new album has an easy way about it.

jen Richards is an LA-based writer, actress, and producer whose web series, Her Story, was nominated for an Emmy last year.

“There are no plans to address this issue,” White House communications director jen Psaki said in a CNN interview.

As gynecologist jen Gunter, a tireless Goop-buster, put it recently: “Same goopshit, different packaging.”

In August of 2016, jen took a trip to central America.

I have to thank jen Gotch & Ashley Streicher for cheering me on during the invention of FrozeNoir.

(jen was not included in this study.)

Branski’s niece, jen Sanders (Chelsea Kane), is the show’s tech wizard and resident girl.

For jen, Zika and its aftermath meant “six months of hell,” she told me.

For jen, that’s been one of the scariest parts of all this.

Recently, I talked to gynecologist jen Gunter about something completely unrelated to desserts.

Shortly after I stole her idea (sorry, jen).

Michael, jen and the Artbelly team rotoscope frame-by-frame, and that allows us to capture that camera movement.

They chose the former,” said Stephen jen, managing partner at SLJ Macro Partners in London.

When jennifer Palmieri and jen Psaki — who were my successors — had it, it was harder than when I had it.

We turned to California OB-GYN jen Gunter, who told us that this is scientifically absurd, and the eggs could even be harmful.

At the startup where software developer jen used to work, the presence of human resources was, to use her words, “a joke.”

(“jen,” it should be noted, is a pseudonym.)

This attitude isn’t unique to jen‘s former employer—it’s endemic to tech companies throughout the country.

4:00 PM PT — In a totally baller move … jen‘s party is moving to a brand new private jet.

This is certainly true for jen, who just left her company for that very reason.

jen, Courteney, and 10 other passengers have not de-planed yet, which is why we’re watching the live stream.

“Politically, it can be harmful,” jen O’Malley Dillon, the deputy campaign manager for Obama’s 2012 campaign, told VICE News.

(Experts such as gynecologist jen Gunter have expressed similar concerns.)

We’re sure you guys care about all that … but in case you don’t, there’s a gallery of jen below.

jen Selter put her best assets on display in Mexico this week … and TMZ Sports has the pics!!!

In his new book, Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto, which he co-wrote with jen Hobbs, Ventura offers a lucid, rights-based defense of marijuana legalization.

jen: Wow, that question didn’t come up for me at all, but I think it’s valid.

According to the group’s current chair, jen McClellan, once YPSL was on its own, its members were free to think smaller.

jen FerrerFerrari Boyz is a classic album by Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame.

The collective, as member jen Patterson tells The Creators Project, was recently in Nevada working on a Burning Man build.

jen Gunter, an OB/GYN and pain medicine physician, has taken a stance against the variety of products and practices on Goop.

As for jen and Nico, it’s not what you think.

jen is loaded so he could just be making the rich richer.

It was a classic Madonna/whore love triangle: jen (gasp!)

Dawson and jen broke up because Dawson couldn’t handle the idea that jen wasn’t a virgin.

Maguire, for what it’s worth, divorced wife jen Meyer in 2016 and was last seen dating a 26-year-old … model.)

Robot planned for it all along, jen: It sounds like yes, they want to blow up a building.

jen: Ah yeah, you’re right.

jen: Yeah, they should show Elliot’s Kali AppVM if they really want to be realistic.

jen: Probably being like, “my kid was playing with the phone, sorry!”

US State Department spokeswoman jen Psaki dismissed the claims.

jen: I think the idea was to prevent remote access to the UPSes.

In season one, jen calls Dawson sweet, romantic, and caring ad nauseum.

jen eventually dumps Dawson and later attempts to foster a friendship with him, but he hasn’t given up.

He then proceeds to use innocent Mary Beth as his stand-in date, stringing her along as he tries to woo jen back.

“She rejected romance, honesty, and respect,” Dawson laments after his breakup with jen, as if any woman has ever complained about being too respected.

Timeline of confederate monuments by @splcenter — jen Manion (@activisthistory) August 15, 2017 Brutal cartoon from @guardian.

Lots of celebs and fam showed, including Kylie, Kendall, Khloe, Chrissy Teigen, jen Atkin … and of course, North West.

jen Kirby What made you decided to throw your hat in the ring as a write-in candidate?

“Granville Street is hell on earth in Vancouver,” added techno DJ and producer Nancy Dru, aka jen Pearson.

“Genero has had a pretty big impact,” said jen Pearson, who also books shows with Vancouver techno collective Subversive.

jen Kirby Had you considered getting into politics before declaring yourself as a write-in candidate in this race?

jen Kirby How do you think Alabama ended up with two candidates, as you say, that people are so unhappy with?

jen Kirby You mentioned there was a candidate whose platform didn’t resonate with voters, and then a candidate who didn’t resonate with voters.

jen Kirby You’re saying the recent allegations of sexual misconduct have to be addressed?

jen Kirby Your answer is probably the mark of a good politician.

jen Kirby Why do you think a good number of Alabama voters are still supporting Moore despite the allegations?

jen Kirby But it seems he does have supporters.

jen Kirby I’m curious about your political evolution.

jen Kirby If you are elected, will you serve as a Republican or independent?

jen Kirby So security, but with policies to protect vulnerable women and children?

jen Kirby What you bring up plays into what’s going on with Roy Moore and the Alabama Senate election in many complicated ways.

jen Kirby You also mentioned border security.

jen Kirby Yes.

Our answer is ‘No,’” jen and colleague Joana Freire write in a note to clients.

jen Kirby What kind of feedback have you gotten from fellow Alabamians about your write-in candidacy?

jen Kirby Oh, wow.

jen Kirby On the good side?

jen Kirby The political climate is so polarized; each of us feel so fiercely divided into tribes.

jen Kirby You’ve mentioned that social media would be key to gaining support on such a tight deadline.

jen Kirby How has it been going?

jen Kirby Speaking of, have you done any formal fundraising?

jen Kirby That’s amazing.

jen Kirby How about staff and volunteers?

jen Kirby Finally, you create sculptures of fallen US soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Records label manager jen Cloher gave a keynote address as part of Sonic aGender, an event at the Darebin Music Feast in Melbourne, Australia.

jen Schiffer, Verboten’s owner, confirmed with THUMP the club had been seized but declined to comment further.

Down city streets.” jen Cloher is a Melbourne-based musician who also runs Milk!

It is already affecting refugees and their families, said jen Smyers of the Church World Service, a Protestant faith-based group that works with migrants.

It’s mostly done by our captain jen Kish.

So we worked with jen Richards, who’s the Emmy nominated writer/actress behind the … KS: “Her Story.” ZS: “Her Story,” thank you.

The jen Reviews review likes that the board is designed to dissipate moisture from steam ironing, preventing the possibility of rusting over time.

“Class is the biggest thing,” says Jack jen Gieseking, assistant professor of Public Humanities in American Studies at Trinity College.

Follow jen Osborne on Instagram.

Photo by jen Squire Near the end of our convo, Chloe Charles tells me she wants everyone to feel like shit.

“There are no plans to address this issue,” White House communications director jen Psaki said in a CNN interview.

They also brought in interactive light artist jen Lewin to install a unique double version of her well-known piece, The Pool.

jen: Looks like he’s using his buddy’s account.

jen: It’s a little crazy if they run unsigned code on such important infrastructure.

Two teachers, Leonisa Johnson and jen Holder, were preparing whole grain pasta and vegetables at PS7.

Don’t ask, don’t get.” jen KING, COFOUNDER, LIDDABIT SWEETS: “Raising money really requires confidence.

Herbal detox pearls were scrutinized by several major sites, but the treatments’ most vocal critic was San Francisco gynecologist Dr. jen Gunter.

I was tantalized by the work of Dave Hardy, jen Mazza, Ian Pedigo, Alan Wiener, and Randy Wray, and wished I could see more.

“I wanna actually look at the real problem in myself,” jen says.

A friend of jen’s described the album as “evil Go-Gos,” and that’s pretty on the nose.

jen Clavin: We’re more prepared now.

Does garage rock mean not sounding good live?jen: Um, it’s just like a messier rock ‘n’ roll.

The record was in part inspired by a break-up, right?jen: Yeah.

jen: So, it’s kind of good.

Years ago, before she began her transition, Richards had fallen for a woman named jen.

But I think jen works really well when she’s in the middle of something.

jen: You felt like you related to a lot to the lyrics after?

jen: Yeah, and you isolate, and the best thing to do is not isolate.

Especially when you’re making a record together?jen: I think you have to force yourself not to.

And I could be like, “I’m so depressed right now,” and they’re like, “I got you.” jen: Maybe.

Jessie: I feel like being young growing up, in my head, no one was as cool as jen.

So I could have as many friends, but no one was as cool as jen.

[Laughs] jen: I remember my best friend in high school—I would ditch school as much as I could ’cause I hated school.

The most important thing … it’s clear Ben realized he had a problem and sought help, even before jen staged the intervention.

“I never thought I would hear of a coat hanger abortion in my medical life,” wrote OB-GYN jen Gunter.

You gotta give it up to Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and jen Harley for going to hell and back without losing their sense of humor.

jen: We have been together seven years and also play in a dom/sub pair.

Chris: jen is the submissive, which makes me the “dom.” jen: Why are you doing air quotes, that’s what you are.

Check out jen‘s shirt … she’s sending a clear message with the laundry portion of Ronnie’s GTL routine.

It’s true … Ronnie and jen could give anyone a run for their money when it comes to relationship issues.

Quick recap of their last few months … jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with a car, resulting in a bloody mess and a domestic violence arrest.

But, like they always do, Ronnie and jen kissed and made up.

So what is something you do, Chris, that you think is romantic?Maybe jen should answer.

jen: [Laughs] Exactly!

And jen, how do you show Chris love or romance?Well, as a sub I commit to him fully in a scene.

jen: Getting spat on?

Tobey and jen frequently hang out but their 2 kids are always there … not last night.

jen: [Laughs] It better be.

On March 21st, jen MacLean, executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), was heading up a talk on games industry unionization.

A short, but necessary, digression on 38 Studios and jen MacLean.

(Hilary Beaumont) jen Gilchrist was at the cafe Sunday morning, sitting next to a couple who were sitting by the window.

jen‘s performing on Britney Spears’ off days in the same theater, and shows for the public begin Wednesday night.

It mostly focuses on Dr. jen Gunter, an OB-GYN and blogger who’s become one of the most prominent voices in the Goop wars.

jen Waite: At the beginning, there are a bunch of red flags to look out for.

— Audience member at Sen. Chuck Grassley’s town hall in Iowa Falls, per Politico’s jen Haberkorn.

This year also marks the second iteration of the “Platform” section (curated by jen Mergel) of really big art.

The work, Meeting, by jen Lewis, is an image taken of the artist’s own menstrual blood, fresh and immersed in salt water.

jen, 34 “Comic-book nerd with bad breath.”

Thank you to the Reach Team especially Chian Gong, jen Wu, Diana Barthauer, & Shauntel Poulson for reviewing and providing feedback.

In August of 2016, jen took a trip to central America. TV writer jen Statsky and author Annamarie Tendler both say that Affleck groped multiple women at a Golden Globes party in 2014.

jen: And if you go to those coordinates in the Congo there’s a DVD box set of Mr.

jen: I don’t think it does, Micah – no dependency resolution is supposed to be a feature.

(On that note, Vox’s jen Kirby has a good explainer on Facebook data questions you might be afraid to ask.)

jen: Not wittingly.

jen: Lol yeah.

Follow jen on Twitter.

In August of 2016, jen took a trip to central America.

Our answer is ‘No,’” jen and colleague Joana Freire write in a note to clients.

jen, 33 “Couldn’t stop hiccuping.

Tonight’s Sentences is written by jen Kirby and Emily Stewart.

And if you believe in Easter miracles — that sweater looks similar to the one Ben Affleck tossed to jen a few weeks ago.

Both jen and Ben filed pro per — without a lawyer.

Ben made a lot more than jen during the marriage.

We’re told Ben and jen are still negotiating a financial settlement.

Worldwide Speakers Group clients include former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Fox contributor Tomi Lahren, and former Obama communications director jen Psaki, among others.

[jen Kirby / Vox] Do you have questions about fantasy sports, March Madness bracket betting and sports tech?

White invited a number of writers to respond to the essay in writing, including Tisa Bryant, jen Hofer, Krystal Languell, and Rachel Levitsky.

“He left an incredible legacy of music behind.” Scofield, 39, is survived by his wife, jen, and two children, Sydney, 7, and Desmond, 10.

A sort of delighted coo rises up from the theater: Oh, there’s our girl jen!

STAT reported Soon-Shiong declined repeated requests for comment, but spokeswoman jen Hodson sent in statements attributed to him said there has been “remarkable progress.”

In a new essay for Cosmopolitan, jen Glantz writes about her life as a “bridesmaid for hire.”

I can’t act like jen Richards.

The other is now behind the camera — quite literally in jen Davis’s self-portraits — and speaks in a multitude of voices.

“I introduced Sandy Bullock to jen Aniston.

jen Trolio: Ahh, Todd, you’re right!

jen, 33 “We’re married, refuses to use nicknames.”

Todd: jen, that you didn’t know what Lotus was makes me feel old.

Ted Gibson, jen Atkin, and Zak Mascolo.

The Dollar Smile theory, put forward by former Morgan Stanley strategist Stephen jen, offers an explanation.

Indeed jen, now CIO at hedge fund Eurizon SLJ, considers cash dollars the best investment going into 2019.

Correction (5/15/17): An earlier version of this story attributed Ms. Parson’s quotes to GMHC rep jen Shykula.

Last July, his owner jen Gillen posted a message to Instagram saying that Scout had passed away from several complications.

jen Selter’s Mexican vacation hot streak continues!

jen Durbin: 90 Moves in Nine Seconds (The Jackie Series 2001-2017) continues at ART 3 (109 Ingraham Street, Bushwick, Brooklyn) through June 30.

It’s not a real reunion without jen Lindley, is it?

“People always forget that Michelle Williams’ jen character was killed off, so they really need to figure out a way around that,” Jackson explained.

jen is cutting Kylie’s hair with an asymmetrical cut, so let’s see how it goes.”

jen: I have the same question about what the time-knife joke might be seeding for the future.

jen: Wow, no, I guess it’s already time for a rewatch!

“I’m almost 31,” adds jen Twynn Payne, drummer/singer and lead songwriter.

“She’s just with a French guy there,” says jen.

jen, however, remains in Vancouver where they all met.

“Story of my life,” says jen.

“We refer to Hugo as ‘Curly Courtney,'” says jen.

The band each have Spice Girls style nicknames: Sydney is ‘Crazy,’ jen is ‘Cute,’ and Courtney is appropriately ‘Classic Courtney.’

“That’s the biggest compliment to me,” says jen.

“You can imagine it’s a slow process at that rate,” jen says.

The fascination with Teenage Fanclub for jen is largely to do with lyrics.

Similarly, The Courtneys II is, in Courtney’s words, a vehicle for jen to pursue her romantic interests.

jen reckons the Vancouver scene is on the rise.

“It’s like a Venn diagram,” jen says of their music tastes.

Sydney, who plays in an experimental noise project too, is less a fan of jen‘s tendencies towards contemporary country.

“She gets mad,” says jen.

Elsewhere, jen is a shameless mainstream pop fan.

They’ll think it’s lame,” jen says.

Six years her senior, the Quin twins have always supported jen but there’s no artistic mentorship.

It surprises jen that more bands don’t take control.

“Short Hair + a #RevengeBody 💪🏼,” celebrity hairstylist jen Atkin captioned the photo.

The youngest Kardashian sister is looking good!The photo, posted by celebrity hairstylist jen Atkin, announces Kardashian’s new membership in the #shorthairdontcare club.

Kim got backup from hairstylist and friend jen Atkins.

As Vox’s jen Kirby explains, it means there’s a weather system dropping pressure very, very quickly.

Celebrity hairstylist jen Atkin is well on her way to taking over all things hair.

“You can only oppress a gender for so long,” says jen Soska.

Artist jennifer Miller (aka “Reverend jen”), the founder of the Troll Museum, was evicted from her Lower East Side apartment.

The dogs collided at jen’s feet, then took off again, sideswiping my shins on the way.

jen and I are essentially neighbors (at least by city common law), so I have some investment in the relationship.

jen Graves calls out the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle for “falling asleep” in 2016.

“We heard that you’re pretty territorial of jen.

We’re told jen flew out to Jersey earlier this week, and the pair’s been kickin’ it for a few days now.

All that said … our sources say Ronnie and jen are not officially back together at this point.

So far, so good — we’re told he and jen have had no major issues this week.

Now the other jen in his life is following suit.

“The reason we were able to get the talent involved that we did was because of jen and Laura’s scripts,” Fisher says.

Dr. jen Peña, physician to Vice President Mike Pence has resigned, reports Politico.

Four artists were selected out of the 430 applications received: Tahir Hemphill, jen Liu, Sarah Rara, and Diana Thater.

We do, too, jen.

Correction: A previous version of this review stated that the figure in jen Painter’s work was a Jamaican immigrant.

The internet’s favorite Goop critic, Dr. jen Gunter, says “medical conspiracy theories” are running amok online.

Bilingual, with English translations by jen Hofer,  Style employs a plural feminine voice that insists “this book does not exist.”

In other words, adds jen Hoehl, an ACSM-certified personal trainer based in New York City, looks can be deceiving.

Not Fun Fact: jen Selter didn’t go to any of those.

Maps lead executive jen Fitzpatrick said the sharing technology isn’t new and anyone can turn it off at any time.

“Any unwanted or non-consensual sexual contact, including kissing and groping, is sexual assault,” explains jen Calleja, co-director of anti-harassment campaigners Good Night Out.

jenner’s hairstylist, jen Atkin, described how she got the look on Snapchat (via Teen Vogue).

What’s a little unusual … the settlement does not say how much custodial time Ben and jen each get.

It’s something Ben and jen have been dealing with for months.

“And then jen thought that I said, ‘Please c-nt punch me, jen.’

“People expect modern medicine to make childbirth not hurt,” says jen Schiff, a New York City–based board certified family nurse practitioner.

Teigen’s stylist, jen Atkin, posted a photo of the new look to Instagram with the caption, “New ‘do who dis?”

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Ronnie and jen got into a huge fight a little after midnight during a NYE party.

We’re told jen set off the fight when she spilled a drink on Ronnie’s shoes, and Ron eventually stormed off.

jen told cops she believes Ronnie broke in and started wreaking havoc, because whoever did it let themselves in.

Ronnie and jen do not live together.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads “jen!

It sees its stores as “profitable billboards,” co-founder jen Rubio said at Recode’s Code Commerce conference in New York this week.

“Russia was going to be bogged down in a ‘quagmire’ in Syria, the administration insisted,” the Washington Post’s jen Rubin writes.

Records, the label she runs with her partner, singer-songwriter jen Cloher.

Luckily, Kardashian-jenner family hairstylist jen Atkin filled us in a bit.

Modeled by Christy Kurtz; Hair Styling by Damian Monzillo; Makeup by Andrew Colvin; Styled by jen Steele.

After losing her job, jen secures a new post at an up-and-coming, celebrity-funded feminist nonprofit, hoping to bring some good into the world.

We recently had jen Gunter on talking about what she did to Goop.

Others who made the cut include Allison Statter, Jonathan Cheban, Larsa Pippen, Mario Dedivanovic, Stephanie Shepherd, Simone Harouche, and jen Atkin.

Currently, Miller is crashing at a friend’s apartment in Prospect Heights with her cat and beloved Chihuahua, Reverend jen Junior.

That’s when celebrity hairstylist jen Atkin came into the picture.

jen had the idea for Mane Addicts and was looking for hairstylists who could do basic graphic-design stuff,” says Marjan.

But jen Chaney at Cosmopolitan got an agent to speak on the record — although anonymously — about how exactly she and others negotiate in Hollywood.

jen Gunter, MD, a certified obstetrician and gynecologist, wrote in her own blog post that Paltrow’s claims are by no means advisable.

(Michelle Williams’s jen, meanwhile, was tragically wasted.)

jen Kirby I wonder if this type of enthusiasm has an expiration date.

The ceramic coated sole plate on the Ivation travel iron gives it the ability to glide freely across all garments, according to jen Reviews.

He dated jen Saviano, but clearly their relationship didn’t work out.

jen Glantz has a closet full of bridesmaid dresses — and, yes, she’s heard that 27 Dresses comparison many times.

And thankfully for all of us, a helpful and hilarious social media manager named jen responded to Lloyd’s query.

Thanks to her response, jen quickly became somewhat of a hero to other Facebook users who saw the post.

Many professed their love for jen — whose last name wasn’t revealed — while others suggested she should run for prime minister.

But when another user noticed something else about Lloyd’s original crazy flight, she proved herself even more awesome: jen, you are our hero.

(My colleague jen Kirby explains more here.)

It’s consistently “the outspoken restaurateur jen Agg.”

Would it be a Kardashian look without jen Atkin magic?

Liquid Death has attracted nearly $2 million in funding from angel investors like Away co-founder jen Rubio and Twitter co-founder Biz Stone.

This is the story sociologist jen Schradie tells in her new book The Revolution That Wasn’t.

Her work was followed by that of Grand Rapids artist jen Schaub, an Avenue for the Arts organizer known for her printmaking.

[jen Chaney / Vulture] Here’s a rare interview with Jeff Bezos.

The Fu jen Catholic University is considered highly prestigious.

jen was seated when another passenger went to the bathroom and she decided to stand up and pull something from the overhead.

At one point the flight attended asked jen if she wanted to get removed from the plane and she responded, “Yes.”

“If you guys know where jen Atkin is, please send her back to set.”

That about did it … cops came on the plane and removed jen, her sister and the other passenger.

jen and her sister were the only ones removed by AA.

jen and her sister took an AA flight Sunday AM to NYC.

Yeah, he and jen.

jen has stood up to the press regarding the objectification women, and she also married to Justin Theroux.

jen Giammanco, a 25-year-old Burlington resident, is planning on protesting tonight along with many of her friends.

jen Giammanco, a 25-year-old Burlington resident, is planning on protesting tonight along with many of her friends.

And hairstylist jen Atkin?

Below, we’ve shared a lightly edited transcript of Kara’s full conversation with jen.

jen, welcome to Recode Decode.

Dr. jen Gunter: Thanks so much for having me.

jen, this has been really fascinating.

Brad left jen for Angie because, well, sex.

Some critics find the sequence offensive, like writer jen McDonnell, who was no fan of the “fat-shaming opening credits BS.”

jen Stuber’s approach in Washington State takes the emphasis away from guns and onto keeping homes safe.

jen Rade has a million pairs of jeans for Rob.

Scott tries to shake him out of it, but Rob’s down a rabbit hole, and neither Scott nor jen can get him excited.

Or circulate hilarious GIFs imagining jen‘s reaction to the demise of Brangelina.

Cops say they interviewed multiple witnesses and Ronnie, and were told jen punched him in the head, and spit on him … then took off.

Ronnie and jen live in the Vegas area.

‘s Office to decide if jen gets charged.

Nick Viall and jen Saviano, however, were not as smitten.

It appears after Ronnie posted that video, jen went to his house to get the baby.

Ronnie posted and deleted a screenshot of jen asking for $20k for publicly humiliating her.

As we reported, jen allegedly attacked Ronnie Wednesday … after which he posted a photo of a shiner around his eye.

He didn’t say specifically jen was the culprit, but it’s not hard to read between the lines.

jen and Ben drove off at around 6 PM PT from the house … and sources say the destination is a rehab facility.

jen filed for divorce in April, 2017 … 2 years after they announced their split.

jen Gunter, an OB-GYN and pain medicine specialist, noted that the idea of using TENS for menstrual pain is actually very sound.

Transgender actress jen Richards is set to join the drama in a recurring role for its fifth season.

Vox Sentences is your daily digest for what’s happening in the world, , written tonight by jen Kirby and Libby Nelson.

It took the former Texas representative 2 weeks after launching to formally hire his campaign manager jen O’Malley Dillon.

It was Dan Schwerin who was her speech writer and jen Palmieri.

You survived jen and Brad, Britney and Justin, and that whole “conscious uncoupling” malarkey.

I’d never dealt with jen Palmieri actually, and she was the top communication.

Again, this is not like me on the phone with jen Palmieri.

I was not in fact on the phone with jen Palmieri at any point, ever.

jen Graves resigned as art critic for The Stranger.

Meme after meme appeared with jennifer Aniston doing hair tosses, offering smirks, and glowing in victory after years of Team jen vs.

I wasn’t there when Brad and jen called it quits.

But you will.” jen Chaney, Vulture Metacritic score: 69 out of 100 Where to watch: Tidying Up is streaming on Netflix.

jen Briskin, a bride from Atlanta, wanted to find a unique way to include her grandfather in her wedding ceremony.

But, as jen Gunter, MD, writes in a recent blog post, women are attempting to treat vaginal yeast infections with garlic.

When I met jen 11 years ago, on my first day at a new job, she felt more like a mentor than a friend.

I can’t imagine someone who hates the perception of pity more than jen.

“There’s no particular operational reason for him having it there,” White House spokeswoman jen Friedman told reporters.

I tried to show my support for jen in my usual lazy way — shameless shopping.

After a small window of being told she was cancer-free, jen’s cancer came back.

jen pointed out that a cancer diagnosis is essentially a giant question mark, and there are no concrete answers.

I’m aware that I view jen’s cancer as it relates to me.

Creating The Cancer Conversation helped me and jen, and we hope it can help you.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and jen Harley look like future legal trouble walking — even when they’re heading for Disney World.

After I had my girls’ night out with my friends, we rode home, still on jen’s account.

But I wasn’t apologizing to the driver so much as to jen.

As we tumbled out of the car, jen broke into laughter.

“As if jen cares — she doesn’t care.

Other travelers tell us jen seemed irritated and barked at Ronnie.

Once on board, we’re told Ronnie sat 3 rows behind jen and their 1-year-old daughter, Ariana Sky.

The fight apparently didn’t end there cause when jen got home that night, she allegedly found her home ransacked.

The reason — the courts often move at a glacial pace and jen is out of patience.

jen Cloher walks into Umberto, an unassuming espresso bar in Melbourne’s inner north, and is immediately greeted by the staff.

Our sources say jen‘s goal is to have a final divorce decree by year’s end.

Now that Ben’s out of rehab and sober again, we’re told jen thinks the time is right to formalize the divorce.

That’s why I’m honored to share jen Ponton’s story of shooting her first sex scene.

Hairstylist to almost everyone jen Atkin styled Dewan Tatum’s hair into her signature soft waves.

jen: I guess Angela wanting to blow the building up makes more sense given this context.

Buy the jen Stark speaker.

jen: Dom needs an RFID blocking wallet.

Celebrity hairstylist jen Atkin always had serious reservations about the whole wedding thing.

jen: Being a terrorist ain’t easy.

jen: The scene of Elliot using American fuzzy lop to fuzz Evince (the PDF reader) to find an exploitable vulnerability was pretty cool.

Styling Product That Can Conquer A Traumatic Bad-Hair DayOuai Texturizing Hair SprayThe Kardashians’ go-to stylist jen Atkin is more than a one-Kim pony.

Yael: Ooh, jen, you’d make so much money doing consulting for the Dark Army!

ACLU of North Dakota policy director jen Cook agreed and said the ACLU is asking the Department of Justice to look into the case.

Brad was with jen, Kim had Damon and then Kris, and Sean had Madonna.

jen Pinkham Gutierrez, a sixth-grade teacher in Lodi, California, told me her students have made an effort to welcome immigrant students.

The company itself was founded last summer by friends Olivia June Poole and jen Aprahamian, who previously worked together at General Assembly.

jen tip: 275F (135C) for the temperature of your griddle!

We hope jen in a sentence examples were helpful.