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jane Stuart Smith (1925–2016), opera singer.

“Peg,” to whom Sinclair had gifted two joints, was actually a Detroit Police officer named jane Mumford Lovelace.

[jane Coaston] Disney+ will not be a “Netflix killer” because at this point, nothing can kill Netflix.

($1 = 1,157.7000 won) (Reporting by jane Chung; Editing by Joseph Radford)

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1972: When jane Fonda won Best Actress for Klute, she tersely accepted her award, saying there was too much to discuss with little time.

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Reporting By jane Chung; Editing by Richard Pullin and Edmund Blair

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“Being Mary jane” — BET, four seasons

A two-hour movie will end the series, set to air in 2018.

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Reporting By jane Chung and Hyonhee Shin; editing by Neil Fullick

Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Aniston, and jane Krakowski have all appeared in such ads in recent years.

You have a white actress like jane Lynch appearing in coconut water ads, but you can expand.

The upside-down rain kiss between Spider-Man and Mary jane in “Spider-Man.”

A literary tote bag

jane Austin fans will go wild over this practical and literary Pride and Prejudice tote.

We want to know what he believes.” Reporting by Elizabeth Piper and William James; Editing by Andrew Cawthorne, jane Merriman and Daniel Wallis

As Vox’s jane Coaston reported, the NRA is not believed to have overly full coffers at the moment.

On July 18, 1817, jane Austen died of an unknown illness in Winchester, England.

In jane Austen, the Secret Radical, Helena Kelly refers to jane Austen only as jane; they are on a first-name basis, you see.

(This causes some awkwardness when Kelly reaches Pride and Prejudice and has to refer to jane Bennet as “Miss Bennet” to avoid confusion.)

She knows she doesn’t have access to the authentic historical jane Austen, and she doesn’t pretend to try.

If The Making of jane Austen demonstrates anything, it’s that people have been arguing about jane Austen for more than two centuries.

And if jane Austen, the Secret Radical demonstrates anything, it’s that they don’t seem likely to stop anytime soon.

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“I was embarrassed and ashamed and humiliated,” she told Ronan Farrow and jane Mayer at the New Yorker.

“I, Robot … You, jane” (season 1, episode 8) The internet is possessed by a demon robot, and wow are we in 1997.

“Gingerbread” (season 3, episode 11) “Gingerbread” is another jane Espenson episode, one that shows off both her strengths and her weaknesses.

Nothing prudish about these shots of “jane the Virgin” and Joe LoCicero frolicking Tuesday down in Tulum, Mexico.

Fun fact — LoCicero is an actor too, best known for playing the role of Don Quixote Stripper on … “jane the Virgin.”

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In days preceding the decision, stalwart lefties like Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, and jane Fonda issued statements against the pipeline.

A special series at Williamsburg’s Spectacle theater screens films by Barbara Hammer, Joan Braderman, and Kayuclia Brooke and jane Cottis.

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Additional reporting by Steven Scheer and Ari Rabinovitch, Tamara Mathias and Padraic Halpin; Editing by Keith Weir, jane Merriman and Leslie Adler

Also around this time, Scott wrote to abstract painter jane Piper, asking if he could visit her studio.

Stars: Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco, Tim Matheson and jane Kaczmarek Watch the full trailer here.

Zack Beauchamp joins jane Coaston and Matthew Yglesias to share his reporting on the originals and evolution of a troubling new internet community.

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It was jane … What’s her name?

Not jane Amsterdam.

No, jane, she did Manhattan Inc. Manhattan Inc., which is also a great magazine.

I interviewed jane Metcalfe who co-founded Wired with Louis.

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According to the Swedish artist, “The film jane Eyre with Mia Wasikowska was a great inspiration for this production.

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But Bernie (and, later, his wife jane) blamed something else altogether — the very idea that independents could be legitimately excluded from the Democratic primary.

jane Birkin’s flared, high-waisted blue jeans, little white tees, and straw bags offer a blueprint for the 1970s resurgence we’re living in.

Reporting By jane Chung; editing by Darren Schuettler

Pinterest recently tapped former Google and Alibaba exec jane Penner to be its head of investor relations.

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Merriman and Richard Pullin

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($1 = 3.6043 shekels) (Reporting by Tova Cohen, Editing by jane Merriman and Deepa Babington)

The Houthis at the same time reportedly hit a coalition warship with two missiles, according to jane‘s 360.

Few films blur the line between “cult classic” and “canonical masterpiece” as thoroughly as What Ever Happened to Baby jane?

Others realized they were watching a horror movie, not a melodrama, despite the largely female cast, and praised Baby jane and its performers accordingly.

Since then, Baby jane has become a pop-culture inside joke, its title shorthand for “deranged showbiz crone.”

When Blanche and jane are together, Davis makes a world-class monster, taunting her sister with creepy baby talk and the occasional slap.

And jane‘s impersonation of Blanche, over the phone, is eerie.

At 133 minutes, Baby jane is a relatively long movie composed mostly of solo and two-hander scenes set in a family home.

Update: jane Raybould is the projected winner in the Democratic primary.

The name to watch here is jane Raybould, Lincoln City Council member and former candidate for lieutenant governor.

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“The flag is suffering both from the uncertainty and because of Brexit itself.” Editing by jane Merriman

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Reporting by Edward Taylor in Frankfurt and Jan Schwartz in Wolfsburg; Editing by Maria Sheahan and jane Merriman

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Women including conservationist jane Goodall and Girls Who Code founder Reshma Saujani‏ have pushed back against their inclusion in the book.

And in 2010, the head of a teenage Barstow jane Doe was found in a backpack near Barstow.

Additional reporting by Zandi Shabalala, Editing by David
Evans and jane Merriman

Reporting By Haejin Choi, jane Chung and Cynthia Kim; Editing by Nick Macfie

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In her solo show at American Medium, E. jane reconsiders the musical genre as a site of black freedom.

For whatever reason, NBC host Megyn Kelly and 80-year-old actress jane Fonda are in an all-out feud.

Reporting by Promit Mukherjee and Aditi Shah, editing by Deepa Babington and jane Merriman

On the monitors, the artist E. jane performs as her avatar, Mhysa, singing and lip-synching to three different songs.

A through line emerges from E. jane’s selection of material from the ’90s.

Blige and Houston dominate E. jane’s collage prints for the show.

Lavendra is both self-expression (E. jane’s own performances) and tribute (the collection of pop singer portraits).

Is E. jane Mhysa?

Is Mhysa E. jane?

Singing and embracing black diva-ism, E. jane suggests, could be a form of liberation.

E. jane: Lavendra continues at American Medium (424 Gates Avenue, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn) through May 7.

Correction: This article originally misstated the name of E. jane’s avatar in the exhibition; it is Mhysa, not Lavendra.

jane Brown*, a New York City school administrator, relayed this story to Vox.

Other businesses with similar policies include the Ontario restaurant Morrissey House and the travel insurance company Travel with jane.

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jane Sanders said on MSNBC on Tuesday afternoon.

Reporting by Clara Denina and additional reporting by Sangameswaran S; Editing by Mark Potter and jane Merriman

“Groping is a healthy thing to do,” Trump supporter jane Biddick told the Cut.

Reporting by Huw Jones; Editing by Toby Chopra and jane Merriman

Additional reporting by jane Chung in SEOUL and Shadia
Nasralla in London; Editing by Henning Gloystein, Joseph Radford
and David Evans

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Reporting by Ron Bousso; Writing by Dmitry Zhdannikov; editing by David Evans and jane Merriman

That honour goes to the Rexdale and jane and Finch neighbourhoods to the north.

Right now, it is difficult to be bullish on the euro,” said jane Foley, senior FX strategist at Rabobank.

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Reporting by Jan Lopatka; Additional reporting by Jan Schwartz in Hamburg; Editing by Jan Harvey, jane Merriman and Alexandra Hudson

Reporting by Nina Chestney in London, jane Chung in Incheon and Stephanie Nebehay in Geneva; Editing by Edmund Blair and janet Lawrence

The New Yorker’s jane Mayer has more background on her here.

[jane Mayer / The New Yorker] Index has hired CapitalG VC Sarah Cannon.

Reporting by Sudip Kar-Gupta; Editing by Alexander Smith and jane Merriman

Where would “jane Austen, but with zombies” fall on the reboot/remake/reimagining scale that currently rules Hollywood with an iron fist?

It’s based on a version of jane Austen’s classic novel, zombified in 2009 by Seth Grahame-Smith.

jane Eyre lets the reader experience the best part of a fictional illness — basking in pity and moral superiority — and none of the grossness.

The downside is that jane’s sickness introduces us to the Rivers family, easily the most boring characters in the book.

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Reporting by Gus Trompiz, editing by Louise Heavens and jane Merriman

Mary jane Minkin, clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at the Yale University School of Medicine, agrees.

He goes through that moment of kissing Mary jane in the rain (Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man).

Although she stayed with him until his death in 1882, that didn’t deter him from dalliances with jane Morris.

jane and I send our deepest condolences to his family.

Fine is also a Palo Alto native who wants to start a family in the city with his fiancée, jane.

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The story starts in 1999, two months after jane Doe’s 18th birthday, on the night she couldn’t and didn’t consent.

The story starts in 1999, two months after jane Doe’s 18th birthday, on the night she couldn’t and didn’t consent.

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(Reporting by Dmitry Zhdannikov; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by jane Merriman)

On Monday, Treasury Board president jane Philpott quit, saying she’d lost confidence in the government in the wake of the SNC-Lavalin scandal.

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Reporting by Maria Kiselyova; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by jane Merriman

—Charlotte Brontë, jane Eyre Signs are taken for wonders.

That’s not a fun thing to play in the schoolyard, like, “I’ll play Mary jane.

As a result, the financial system collapsed and had to bailed out by jane Q.

I was 22 when I read jane Eyre for the first time.

Well, Charlotte will always be my favorite, and jane Eyre will always be my favorite.

jane Austen shows up briefly, and since it’s Charlotte’s point of view, it’s not the most flattering jane depiction.

Editing by jane Merriman

Editing by jane Merriman

I’ll tell you the truth: That character, jane Austen, that was originally Elizabeth Gaskell.

The thing is that my editor did her internship at the jane Austen Centre in Bath.

Mrs. Voorhees (jane Krakowski) is in the midst of trying to maximize her earnings from a divorce.

Reporting by jane Ross, Editing by Bill Tarrant and Rosalba O’Brien

Reporting by Dominique Vidalon; Editing by Sudip Kar-Gupta and jane Merriman

(My colleague jane Coaston has a great explainer on this.)

(For clarity’s sake, I’ll refer to her as jane.)

But the judge initially also refused to allow the teenagers, called jane Poe and jane Roe in court documents, to immediately get an abortion.

But the judge initially also refused to allow the teenagers, called jane Poe and jane Roe in court documents, to immediately get an abortion.

jane words for a third-party tech support company similar to Geek Squad.

jane sent me a screenshot of a work ticket a married woman had filed with her company.

And this man wasn’t the only person trying to use jane‘s IT company to get around Covenant Eyes.

She told me she remembered users calling in and pretending it was an add-on they hadn’t authorized, which jane notes is “semi plausible.”

Nobody represents the intersection of celebrity and fitness like jane Fonda.

Fonda barks at a backup dancer who has stopped to pull off his warmup sweatpants on jane Fonda’s Lean Routine.

Editing by jane Merriman)

“Then came the women’s movement, followed by coed health clubs and jane Fonda in her striped leotards.

Editing by jane Merriman)

Former Treasury Board chief jane Philpott also quit in protest.

Reporting by Padraic Halpin; editing by Jason Neely and jane Merriman

Reporting by Kirstin Ridley, editing by Sinead Cruise and jane

jane the Virgin” — The CW, five seasons

The series returns for its final season on Wednesday, March 27, 2019.

All he asked these strangers (and some local figures, like jane Walentas of jane’s Carousel) was to begin at a moment of observation.

jane, Unlimited is a book about mourning, but it is also a joyful book.

jane dutifully follows the thread of these mysteries until she comes to a moment in which she must choose a single one to investigate.

Reporting by Andreas Mortensen; Editing by Jacob Gronholt-Pedersen and jane Merriman

jane Morris will step down as the editor of The Art Newspaper in June.

She got tested and the results came back positive— jane had Huntington’s disease.

jane’s claims, it said, are arguable.

Science saw the world through different lenses when jane Goodall first arrived at Cambridge University in the early 1960s.

Follow jane Goodall on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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jane’s case could force doctors to extend their duty even further, or at least to question to whom one patient’s diagnosis belongs.

In the very extreme and tragic circumstances of jane’s case, it might make sense to argue a duty of care, he says.

jane’s case could have been an exception as well.

jane’s lawyer, Jonathan Zimmern, believes that clinical geneticists are already practicing medicine in the manner that jane wishes her father’s doctors had.

jane Manchun Wong is a star in the world of reverse-app engineering.

And if they already practice this way, he doesn’t understand why the NHS is so adamant about denying jane in court.

The woman, in new legal docs filed as jane Doe, says she was devastated when she got the results Saturday.

Editing by jane Merriman

As the daughter of jane Birkin and French director Jacques Doillon, Lou was born cool.

Reporting by jane Ross in Los Angeles; Writing by Steve Gorman; Editing by Clarence Fernandez

The generous, tightly packed show curated by jane A.

Health Minister jane Philpott noted suicide rates among Aboriginal people are significantly higher than non-Aboriginal Canadians.

You can follow Sean at @Rameswaram, Brennan Gilmore at @BrennanMGilmore, and jane Coaston at @Cjane87.

Reporting by Uday Sampath in Bengaluru, Chris Kirkham in Los Angeles and jane Lanhee Lee in San Francisco; Editing by Arun Koyyur

“It is much more domestically driven,” said jane Kinninmont, deputy head of the Middle East and North Africa program at Chatham House.

Reporting by Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber and Olga Popova; Editing by jane Merriman

E. jane (@E_SCRAAATCH) is a Black woman, artist, and sound designer currently based in Philadelphia, PA.

Others include Mary Sargant Florence, a mural painter, and Emily jane Harding Andrews, a book illustrator.

Reporting by Andrea Mandala, Elisa Anzolin and Stefano Bernabei, editing by Silvia Aloisi and jane Merriman

Editing by jane Merriman

Constand sued Cosby in civil court, and 13 “jane Does” with similar allegations against Cosby signed on as potential witnesses.

Reporting by Stephanie van den Berg, Editing by jane Merriman, Ed Osmond and Peter Graff

Editing by jane Merriman

On Christmas day of 1996, Laura jane Grace picked up an acoustic guitar and recorded some songs in her mother’s house in Florida.

Laura jane Grace: The songs.

It made sense, then, that her friendliness to Daria and her best friend jane could only go so far.

Daria and jane had to do very little; Jodie had to do it all.

Reporting by Maria Kiselyova and Anastasia Teterevleva; writing by Tom Balmforth; editing by jane Merriman

Editing by jane Merriman

Editing by jane Merriman

Reporting by jane Chung and Hyunjoo Jin; editing by Darren Schuettler

Reporting by jane Wardell and Alison Bevege; Editing by Nick Macfie and Richard Borsuk

Press piled out and quickly swarmed around the senator and his wife, jane.

At one point I accidentally bumped into jane, an unusually gracious woman with very long and soft hair.

jane the Virgin is moving from Monday to rejoin its former schedule neighbor Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Friday.

Press piled out and quickly swarmed around the senator and his wife, jane.

At one point I accidentally bumped into jane, an unusually gracious woman with very long and soft hair.

Reporting by Ahmed Hagagy and Davide Barbuscia; Editing by Saeed Azhar and jane Merriman

If you’re hankering to try Mary jane, there are plenty of online resources.

The lawsuit, filed by Lisa Bloom, only lists the litigants as jane Doe vs. John Doe.

The suit claims in January 2007, when jane Doe was 16, he invited her to play golf at Hillcrest Country Club.

jane Doe says she was inspired to come forward because of the #MeToo movement.

While Miley is out having gang-bangs with colored gentlemen, she is at home with her cat reading jane Austen.”

Other alleged offenders include jane Buckingham, the CEO of a boutique marketing firm, and Manuel Henriquez, the CEO of Hercules Capital.

frontwoman Laura jane Grace, who is transgender, burned her birth certificate onstage at a show in Durham.

But I’m actually reading jane Austen fan fiction at the moment, and I love it, but I wouldn’t profess it.”

Reporting By jane Chung; editing by Diane Craft

Editing by jane Merriman

jane doesn’t even bother showing up to the disgraced cop’s date in court.

While “Living the Dream” exposes Big Little Lies’ dads as less-than-ideal role models, it also takes no pity on jane.

jane’s trauma is manifesting itself in other parts of her life, and though she has the best of intentions, she lets Ziggy down.

Since then, the ACLU has worked on behalf of three more unaccompanied minors seeking abortions, identified as jane Roe, jane Poe, and jane Moe.

Additional reporting by jane Chung in SEOUL and Karolos Grohmann in LAUSANNE; Editing by Soyoung Kim and Mark Bendeich

jane Chu will step down as chair of the National Endowment for the Arts in June.

The other guests include model Slick Woods; jane Carrey, Jim’s daughter; Tallulah Willis, singer Elle King and former NFL star Rashad Jennings.

Reporting by Ahmed Tolba; Writing by Eric Knecht; editing by Patrick Markey and jane Merriman

Suppose jane Doe (16) gives legal assent to sex with Troy (30).

Editing by jane Merriman

($1 = 0.8831 euros) Additional reporting by Pascale Denis in Paris and Maiya Keidan in London; editing by Jason Neely and jane Merriman

Backpage.com and several of its former employees, including two of its founders, were also named as defendants in jane Doe’s lawsuit.

Editing by jane Merriman

Reporting by Foo Yun Chee; editing by Alissa de Carbonnel and jane Merriman

When my husband and I first moved in together, we ordered a custom print from jane that combined 10 of our favorite books.

Urban activist jane Jacobs theorized that well-populated streets are safe streets; deserted streets invite crime.

Reporting by Geert De Clercq; editing by Jason Neely and jane Merriman

Writing by Joe Bavier, editing by Deepa Babington and jane Merriman

Reporting By jane Wardell; Editing by Paul Tait

Editing by jane Merriman

Reporting by Douglas Busvine, Alexander Huebner and Christoph Steitz; Editing by jane Merriman and Michelle Martin

jane’s eyes stretch wide with shock.

I’ve been jane’s terror, Madeline’s urgency, Celeste’s escalating fear.

Founded in 1881 by a social progressive named jane Addams, Hull House provided educational services and job skills to Chicago’s working class.

A woman named jane Whaley founded the evangelical WFF in 1979.

From Madeline, jane, Celeste, Renata, and Bonnie, there are no pithy lines, no schadenfreude, no wry observations dropped in sneering triumph.

When jane sprints down gray beaches as the wind lashes her chapped face, she doesn’t have to speak her frustration; we feel it.

(Reporting by Eileen Soreng in Bengaluru; Editing by jane Merriman and Dale Hudson)

Editing by jane Merriman

Moreover, in 2013, UK Ambassador to Yemen jane Marriot categorically stated: “We don’t support any form of extrajudicial killing.”

Editing by jane Merriman

jane Doe filed docs Thursday saying she and her family agree to dismiss the civil suit against Fogle.

Reporting by Daren Butler; Editing by Andrew Heavens and jane Merriman

At the end of the movie, jane Fonda’s character, the matriarch of the Altman family, reveals that she has fallen for a woman.

Reporting by jane Chung; Editing by Mark Bendeich

That’s not far from the range that the renowned urbanist jane Jacobs deemed optimal for vital street life.

Editing by jane Merriman

The woman in the pic has not come forward … the report lists “jane Doe” as the victim.

Editing by jane Merriman

Editing by jane Merriman)

Reporting by Ben Martin; Editing by Kirsten Donovan and jane Merriman

Additional reporting by Sabine Siebold; Writing by Paul Carrel; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky and jane Merriman

(Reporting by Tanishaa Nadkar and Noor Zainab Hussain in Bengaluru; Editing by Arun Koyyur and jane Merriman)

The biennial was curated by jane Panetta and Rujeko Hockley.

($1 = 0.7952 pounds) Reporting by Costas Pitas; editing by Michael Holden and jane Merriman

jane Sampeur (left), also with the Attorneys of Color Caucus, told me, “Today we are organizing a lawyers’ resistance.

We could get jane Leavy, and Wright Thompson writing about liquor, and Chuck Klosterman, and Chris Jones.

I was in South Africa, and Girlfriends and Being Mary jane were on television, and people were watching them on their phones.

Also attending were Sanders’ wife jane, his campaign manager Jeff Weaver, Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta, and her campaign manager Robby Mook.

Additional reporting by John Irish, Michel Rose, Jean-Baptiste Vey, Tim Hepher; Writing by Richard Lough, Tim Hepher; Editing by jane Merriman and Cynthia Osterman

Editing by jane Merriman

She recently appeared on BET’s Being Mary jane with Gabrielle Union and Michael Ealy.

Writers Max Borenstein and Brian Helgeland are helming their own projects, and jane Goldman and Carly Wray are working individually with author George R.R.

Editing by jane Merriman

For the centennial of her birth, Melville House recently published jane Jacobs: The Last Interview and Other Conversations.

jane Jacobs: The Last Interview and Other Conversations is out now from Melville House.

These delays risk further complicating this issue: jane Doe is 15 weeks pregnant in a state that denies abortions beyond 20 weeks.

jane Doe has desired an abortion since early September and has raised private funds to cover the procedure’s cost.

According to her attorneys, jane has been constantly surveilled by shelter staff and has been given pro-life counseling instead.

We obviously can’t have every Joe and jane doing these things online.”

($1 = 0.7420 pounds) Reporting By Emma Rumney and Lawrence White; Editing by Alexandra Hudson and jane Merriman

This change happened on the shoulders of singer Laura jane Grace, who publicly came out as a transgender woman in 2012.

frontwoman and all around awesome person Laura jane Grace.

This is Laura jane Grace we’re talking about.

Writing by Michelle Martin; Editing by jane Merriman and Mark Potter

It’s not the book you pick up if you want a comprehensive biography of Howard Hughes or Jean Harlow or jane Russell.

The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery acquired “FRED,” jane Dickson’s 1983 portrait of Fab Five Freddy (Fred Brathwaite).

DuVernay will executive produce the mini-series alongside Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Skoll, Jonathan King, jane Rosenthal, and Berry Welsh.

“In the end, we should promote innovation.” Reporting by Malcolm Foster, Henning Gloystein, Aaron Sheldrick, Yuka Obayashi and jane Chung; writing by Malcolm Foster.

jane, Dara, and Matt explain the argument over economic populism that’s roiling the conservative world.

Edu Imbernon, “Fixing Fires ft. Archivist” (Maya jane Coles remix)6.

Editing by jane Merriman

“A lot of the [medical] resources we have are really small because a lot of us don’t have insurance,” jane said.

“At the same time, you’re in college,” jane said.

Life is overwhelming.” She has a private Twitter account now, but jane met other dreamers when she made public Twitter threads.

Editing by jane Merriman and Gareth Jones

“His duty is to Trump — not White House staff,” jane Sherburne, a former Clinton White House attorney, told Politico.

HYTE headliners Rodhad, Maya jane Coles, and Peggy Gou have all played at dusty underground raves in New York in the past few years.

| ARTnews E. jane, Naudline Pierre, and Elliot Reed were selected as the 2019-20 Studio Museum Artists in Residence.

The telenovela-inflected jane embraces its soap opera roots with obvious relish.

They developed a cordial rhythm with Rafael (Justin Baldoni), the father of jane’s child and former third point of the aforementioned love triangle.

jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 pm on The CW.

According to Dr. jane Greer, a New York–based relationship expert and the author of What About Me?

I asked jane, my wife, what percentage she thought it was, to which she answered, “About 50 percent at least.”

“There isn’t one program,” says jane Pearson, chair of the Suicide Research Consortium at the National Institute of Mental Health.

Reporting by Pratima Desai; Editing by jane Merriman and Mark

Editing by jane Merriman)

At a meeting at the end of January, Health Minister jane Philpott and her provincial and territorial counterparts made tackling drug prices a priority.

The views expressed are his own — Editing by jane Merriman

The teen, known as “jane Doe” in court papers, arrived in the U.S. and sought an abortion in early September.

The teen, known as “jane Doe” in court papers, arrived in the U.S. and sought an abortion in early September.

Livingstone goes on: Zink satirizes average-to-privileged people in the manner of jane Austen, but her books are too short to run to social commentary.

Thirteen women had come forward to Constand and were mentioned in her case as jane Doe witnesses.

They hail from jane Goldman (Kingsman: The Golden Circle); Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island); Brian Helgeland (Legend); and Carly Wray (Mad Men).

Additional reporting by Amy Caren Daniel and Susan Mathew in Bengaluru; editing by Patrick Graham and jane Merriman

jane Coaston contributed reporting to this piece.

Earlier this week, the Times said that federal appellate Judge jane Kelly was being vetted.

jane, head of toilets for the whole festival, soon arrives looking stressed.

In particular, many people felt the show bungled its portrayal of Jacqueline Voorhees’s (jane Krakowski) Native American ancestry.

So what does jane smell when she thinks of a toilet then?

And with that, jane‘s walkie-talkie goes and our time is up.

Editing by jane Merriman)

A few years ago I interviewed Lesley jane Seymour, the former editor in chief of the now-defunct More magazine.

“The results were surprising,” said study author jane Muir, a nutrition researcher at Monash.

Editing by jane Merriman

TK: There are people you never meet like James Baldwin or Angela Carter or jane Bowles, who you read.

Whenever jane Austen comes up, her fans immediately feel the impulse to start ranking her novels and arguing over which one is best.

Reporting by jane Chung; additional reporting by Sangmi Cha; Editing by Joseph Radford

The episode of the week for April 14 through 21 is “Chapter Eighty-One,” the fourth season finale of The CW’s jane the Virgin.

Over four effervescent seasons, jane the Virgin has established itself as one of television’s most inventive and compassionate treats.

It also helped that jane’s relationship with her family was treated with just as much consideration.

Rafael’s refusal to tell jane what’s happening leads everyone to speculate wildly about what might be going on with him.

At one point, Alba laughs that “if this were a telenovela,” the twist would have to be that he’s somehow jane’s brother.

So you’re thinking jane Lynch on “Glee.” Yeah, you want to care for them.

Editing by jane Merriman

Luckily, I can occupy myself in the meantime with this exhaustive data visualization project from fellow fan jane Roberts.

If nothing else, Love & Friendship will remind you that jane Austen was, at her best, an absolute laugh riot.

Reporting by Leigh Thomas; Editing by jane Merriman and David Goodman

“The flag is suffering both from the uncertainty and because of Brexit itself.” Editing by jane Merriman

Reporting by Promit Mukherjee and Aditi Shah, editing by Deepa Babington and jane Merriman

jane Little (1929–2016), bassist for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

One Year and One Million Words with Laura jane Grace A first-hand account of a long year spent helping the Against Me!

Harry and William’s maternal aunts, Sarah McCorquodale and jane Fellowes, also posed for the picture.

He and jane Stewart are also bickering over who pays for 12-year-old daughter Ava’s private school.

This is an experimental film, animated mostly by Shaw and his wife, jane Samborski.

($1 = 102.6500 Kenyan shillings) (Editing by George Obulutsa and jane Merriman)

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The sale’s top lot, jane Freilicher’s painting “Flying Point,” sold for $72,500.

A letter by jane Austen in which the author ridicules a book by one of her contemporaries sold for $209,000 at Sotheby’s.

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jane, 26 Follow Caroline Thompson on Twitter.

In the meantime, 13 women had come forward with similar claims as Constand and were mentioned in her case as jane Doe witnesses.

frontwoman Laura jane Grace can respect that.

“In the end, we should promote innovation.” Reporting by Malcolm Foster, Henning Gloystein, Aaron Sheldrick, Yuka Obayashi and jane Chung; writing by Malcolm Foster.

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If you’re a fan of gothic great house books, you know there are only a few directions for jane, Unlimited to go in.

But jane, Unlimited romps joyously over all of these expectations.

One decision leads jane into a spy thriller.

Magnolia, the aunt who raised jane, has just died, and the idea of a world without her makes no sense to jane.

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The researchers, led by jane Im, are presenting the study this week at the ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing).

Reporting by Sangameswaran S and additional writing by Noor Zainab Hussain in Bengaluru; Editing by Bernard Orr and jane Merriman

Reporting by Sangameswaran S and additional writing by Noor Zainab Hussain in Bengaluru; Editing by Bernard Orr and jane Merriman

The episode of the week for September 3 through 10 is “Pilot,” the series premiere of MTV’s new comedy Mary + jane.

Mary + jane follows two best friends in LA who are building a marijuana delivery service from scratch.

In the 1840s, jane’s love for herself was so subversive it bordered on revolution.

Nearly two centuries after it was published, jane Eyre confounds every expectation.

— Mary + jane is doing its best to ride out a trendy topic.

As it turns out, these media are incredibly different from each other, and the rushed pacing of the Mary + jane pilot proves it.

This is why Loosely Exactly Nicole works where Mary + jane doesn’t.

Mary + jane, meanwhile, is trying to squeeze two decent actors into an edgy-ish concept, hoping to God that it feels natural.

If we haven’t scared you off already, you can watch the premiere of Mary + jane at MTV’s website.

But this teen, dubbed jane Doe in court papers, isn’t a part of that lawsuit.

But this teen, dubbed jane Doe in court papers, isn’t a part of that lawsuit.

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Editing by jane Merriman

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The lawsuit was first filed in June 2016 with five “jane Does,” but since then three new members joined.

To this group, I would add Xylor jane and Shirazeh Houshiary.

Questions about the Hunter College Spring 2018 Thesis Exhibition should be directed to Becky jane Rosen at [email protected].

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In his docs, obtained by TMZ, Sheen says the jane Doe is completely making that up.

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Whatever over-the-top, outlandish hijinks jane is going through — Accidental artificial insemination!

— the show always takes the time to let jane fully feel the emotional consequences of the plot twist.

The thing that troubles jane most is that with Michael back, her identity has fundamentally changed.

For the first two-and-a-half seasons of the show, every episode began with a title card that informed us that jane was jane the virgin.

But this episode began with a question: “jane the ??

Who is jane?

Michael has torn apart the way jane thought about herself, and now she has to find out who she really is.

At least, not without raising taxes on average Joe and jane.

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A recent piece by the New Yorker’s jane Mayer is the latest to pose this question.

“You plain jane / I’m diverse / I save the world second / and I get high first” 5.

($1 = 69.0550 Indian rupees) (Reporting by Promit Mukherjee Editing by Martin Howell and jane Merriman)

But amid the sudsy drama, jane explores compelling questions of family, tradition, and identity in thoughtful, heartfelt ways.

The New School’s Vera List Center for Art and Politics has received a $5 million gift from the dealer jane Lombard.

The funds are allotted toward the center’s $25,000 prize, now called the jane Lombard Prize for Art and Social Justice.

If you want to look at torture policy, jane Mayer’s The Dark Side is similarly acclaimed.

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In Lavendra, E. jane created a necessary, sacred space for the celebration of Black divas.

Ramirez went public in an article reported by the New Yorker’s jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow.

(It’s also The CW’s second consecutive Best Actress in a Comedy win, since Gina Rodriguez won in 2015 for jane the Virgin.)

We have jane the Virgin, but that’s one show.

jane Sanders’ comments also come as the race between her husband and Clinton has grown increasingly heated.

jane Sanders’ comments also come as the race between her husband and Clinton has grown increasingly heated.

jane Sanders said that the race had only grown angry because the issues make them angry.

jane Sanders played down the rancor on the campaign trail, calling it “nothing” in comparison to what is happening on the Republican side.

jane Sanders said that they were frustrated with the party’s rules, particularly around superdelegates who have largely flocked to Clinton.

Then she staked out the school in order to get a glimpse of Ziggy, cornering poor jane into establishing a relationship with her.

Now, she announces, she’s decided to rent an apartment in jane’s building, so she can be even closer to them both.

The gang’s all in attendance, including jane and her cute new boyfriend, Corey, the one relationship that’s currently on the upswing.

Her answer clearly isn’t what jane expected and seems to have made her feel a little more isolated.

By contrast, jane, she insists, is an excellent mother.

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Meanwhile, jane (Shailene Woodley) and Renata finally have it out.

Well, jane does, as she shoves Renata at school after finding out there’s a petition circulating to get Ziggy (Iain Armitage) suspended.

Rubbing up against Celeste’s session is a talk between Madeline and jane.

“You have some growing up to do, jane,” Jacqueline says when jane approaches her to ask for her job back.

You can’t be afraid of it.” “I’m not here because I’m afraid,” jane protests.

There’s also something there about jane’s own fears and insecurities.

jane’s conversation made me think about Perry and Celeste.

When Celeste defends Perry to Dr. Reisman, she sounds a lot like jane in her moment of “nice guy” wishful thinking.

Reisman says the phrase “men like your husband” in her session with Celeste, and she could very well be talking to jane.

Renata wanted to kill Madeline, and jane and Madeline have both said they wanted to end Renata.

jane Austen in her lifetime was successful without being a sensation.” The self-consolation is touchingly evident.

It’s interesting since the other 2 people on the lawsuit filed anonymously, as jane and John Doe.

jane’s having trouble opening herself up to romantic relationships.

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jane and Kristen have already affected my life in a major way in a short amount of time,” said Asa.

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The woman, who’s suing as a jane Doe, said she reported the rapes to police.

Hoffman’s co-star Robert De Niro was also onstage, along with director Barry Levinson and producer jane Rosenthal.

The point of jane the Virgin was never that Gina Rodriguez’s effervescent heroine jane would always be a virgin.

Writing by jane Wardell.

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jane Timken, the Ohio Republican Party’s chairwoman, is determined to deliver Trump another victory.

jane, 34 Follow Stevie on Twitter.

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He wrote sensitively on Elaine de Kooning, Alex Katz, jane Freilicher, Isabel Bishop, Joseph Cornell, Albert York, Isamu Noguchi, and Berthe Morisot.

Sanders and his wife jane Sanders paid $145,840 in taxes last year; $343,882 in 2017; and $372,368 in 2016.

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Who’s the jane Jacobs of this attention city?

This is jane Jacobs who was an urban planning person, who really talked a lot about human cities.

Like who at Apple and at Google are the jane Jacobs of this attentional city?

We are the jane Jacobs.

The artist’s second show at jane Lombard Gallery, Squeak Carnwath: Not All Black and White, was completed after the 2016 Presidential election.

Warhol shot some of the scenes of his first full-length film, Tarzan and jane Regained .

Squeak Carnwath: Not All Black and White continues at jane Lombard Gallery (518 West 19th Street, Chelsea, Manhattan) through March 30.

With assistance from Ahmed Rasheed in Baghdad, Parisa Hafezi in Ankara and the Dubai newsroom; editing by Richard Balmforth and jane Merriman

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The most chilling moment in this episode is when Celeste’s mother-in-law Mary Louise (Meryl Streep) meets jane.

And Celeste is seeking help from Madeline, jane, and Mary Louise.

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Actor Thomas jane almost played Rick Grimes.

But would we be saying the same thing of Thomas jane if he had gotten the part as originally intended?

I mean, jane Mayer, as far as I know, doesn’t tweet.

I don’t know that jane Mayer tweets.

Originally, the show’s creator, Frank Darabont, had planned on casting jane, who he’d worked with on “The Mist,” in the role.

Walking down the hallway is jane Lu.

A huge part of the brand’s success can be attributed to jane‘s approach to marketing in the form of social media.

The brain scan Cognitive neuroscientist jane Joseph of the Medical University of South Carolina agreed to do the scan.

With more than 895,100 Likes on Facebook, and 1.1 million followers on Instagram, the social branding is what jane calls her “biggest competitive advantage”.

She’s the bad cop,” jane laughs.

On both jane the Virgin and The Jim Gaffigan Show, Catholic faith is also part of characters’ identities and influences the decisions they make.

“Alex” is Alex Durkin, who joined as general manager in 2012 after jane bought out her co-founder and streamlined the business.

When talking about Showpo’s operations jane rarely says “I”.

“We have a creative team, they do all the graphics,” says jane.

jane attends to something in her office while I continue on.

Employees are given the opportunity to participate in shoots when jane sends around an email the day before asking for volunteers.

jane joins to get snaps for Instagram.

jane asks her team, pulling up a few photos on her phone before they begin.

Once started, jane offers her guidance.

jane says excitedly as she rushes off to get her iPhone.

Alex asks jane: “I thought you were filming a video?”

“Yeah but I just thought it looked perfect,” jane says.

“Wait, I want to do one more twin pic,” jane adds.

“We had a very ad hoc approach and now it is becoming more systematic,” jane later tells me away from the office.

Every social media network is unique, and therefore needs an individual strategy, says jane.

When asked how much Showpo spends on marketing, jane casually says: “10%”.

jane is happy to admit her first attempt at traditional marketing failed.

“When we’re interviewing someone I’m like ‘Hi, I’m jane‘ and they’re like ‘I know'”.

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jane Doe claims Gebbia was often under the influence of alcohol and repeated physically, verbally and emotionally abusing her, including slapping her.

Because of this, the average Joe or jane has essentially no chance of making any money mining these currencies with their home computer.

When Justice Antonin Scalia died, one judge on the shortlist to replace him — jane Kelly of the Eighth Circuit — was a former public defender.

Reporting by jane Chung and Hyunjoo Jin; editing by Darren Schuettler

The dude desperately wanted her jane Hancock, but Hailee’s handler wasn’t having it and did get a little physical.

The source said those under consideration were federal judges Sri Srinivasan, jane Kelly, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Paul Watford and Merrick Garland.

(By Tom Westbrook; editing by jane Wardell and Bill Tarrant)

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