Jacket in a sentence | Use of the word jacket examples

He then saw the gunman, who was dressed in a green jacket and nothing else, open fire.

“Girl, put down your bag and take off your jacket,” booms the MC.

We’re told Melissa will be dressed in a custom cheetah-pattern bodysuit with a denim jacket over it.

They stopped on an eggplant-colored velvet smoking jacket my mother gave me.

I’m wearing my purple velvet smoking jacket as I type.

He’s the one in H8 with the rubber wig and eight ball jacket.

A love-themed pin

This love-themed mug brooch would look great on a tote or a jacket.

It was simple — if my Cowboys win, ya gotta rock my Cowboys jacket.

He tries a couple more times, as the camera zooms in on an empty desk with a green jacket on it.

In Italy, luxury puffer jacket maker Moncler (MONC.MI) is riding high thanks to a strategy of constantly changing designs and investments in e-commerce.

This track jacket sells for $1,550.

… and Craig Sager, who’s crushing it a signature ugly jacket.

It’s soulful (Syd-featuring “Simple Things”), slinky (Jeremih-featuring “9:15”), jazzy (“Jean jacket“) and gritty (“Break Your Legs”).

I was wearing a black track jacket, a pair of leggings, and my bright purple and orange running sneakers.

Manafort’s voluntary ownership of the $15,000 ostrich jacket was revealed by prosecutors Wednesday.

Manafort’s voluntary ownership of the $15,000 ostrich jacket was revealed by prosecutors Wednesday.

Bombshells would be a Cinderella story if Cinderella wore motorcycle boots and traded in her ball gown for a leather jacket.

If you’re going to wear jeans, don’t wear a denim jacket, too.

Dressed in a green cargo jacket and jeans, she comes with a laptop and headphones.

She drove me to Sears to buy my first “power suit,” a flimsy gray skirt and jacket.

Reuters TV footage showed a body in an orange life jacket lying at the gray water’s edge in Ayvalik, lapped by waves.

Reuters TV footage showed a body in an orange life jacket lying at the gray water’s edge in Ayvalik, lapped by waves.

All in all, it was a day of eating that few have ever experienced, let alone in a satin Jets jacket.

By the end of the performance, faces were wet with tears, and Bono was holding his jacket open to reveal an American flag.

You know … Well, I was going to say I don’t remember what jacket he wore to that one.

But then at the Semi event, which I was not at, but people were talking about that jacket.

Paul Manafort traded in his $15,000 ostrich jacket for a prison jumpsuit and his “$6 million” Manhattan condo for a Western Pennsylvania prison cell.

Paul Manafort traded in his $15,000 ostrich jacket for a prison jumpsuit and his “$6 million” Manhattan condo for a Western Pennsylvania prison cell.

Several of the women with her were wearing surgical scrubs, and the man wore a jacket with the word “ambulance” written on it.

You kind of had a military jacket on last night, it looked good.

A man in a bulky heavy jacket entered.

Ironically, the Public Enemy rapper was wearing a Muhammad Ali, Rumble in the Jungle jacket during the fight.

BTW, Bradley Cooper was wearing the exact same jacket on Tuesday, 300 miles away on an L.A. beach.

Manny Pacquiao believes he’s suited to fight Floyd Mayweather again … just look at his jacket.

Like, I love that coat,” she said, pointing to a white tailored jacket with big black buttons, accented with a giant bow.

A year ago, criminals robbed a man in Manchester, England, for what they thought was a Canada Goose jacket, but was actually a knockoff.

Binder clips ridged the back and sides of my yellow jacket.

The two are only interrupted when Rollie Fingers, in his oddly placed Oakland Athletics jacket, strolls by to say hello.

On the red carpet, Porter wore a tailored Christian Siriano tuxedo jacket with a full-skirted strapless velvet gown and Rick Owens platform boots.

You guys can’t see Kara because you’re in a podcast, but she’s got this jacket that I love.

“We’re not leaving, we’re staying,” said Finicum, who was dressed in a denim jacket and cowboy hat,.

“Hidden Figures” actor Aldis Hodge chose a jacket with shiny lapels and accessorized with a chain.

Beyonce looked like she was hiding something underneath her jacket leaving dinner Sunday night with hubby Jay Z.

Gunnar: This is by far my most favorite jacket I’ve ever designed and commissioned.

The first lady wore black cropped pants, a green bomber jacket, and black stilettos as she exited the White House for Marine One.

He wears a leather jacket, burgundy sweater, black jeans.

Her denim jacket we bought vintage and then thrifted on eBay and Etsy a lot of political patches.

We’re sure no one noticed Lizzie undercover in her purple headscarf and jacket.

Pres shielded the urn by placing it underneath his jacket.

As he carefully donned his army fatigue jacket, he asked us: Where were you at this time?

“[A]n everywoman she is not,” the Post declared, noting that Clinton had worn a $12,495 Giorgio Armani jacket at a speech.

When Jessica Marquez’s boyfriend ripped his favorite jean jacket, he asked if she could fix it.

An L.A. TV station is taking heat after an anchor stopped the weathercaster mid-report to offer her a jacket to cover up her body.

I wasn’t buying it at all, and I wasn’t wearing a tassel jacket.

A sweet corduroy bomber jacket

Avec Les Filles Ruched Sleeve Corduroy Bomber jacket, $139, available at Nordstrom

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Ellie (Stacey Nelkin) and her shoulder-padded leather jacket are out to discover who killed her dad, the owner of a Halloween store.

For Project Life jacket, an artist illustrated Syrian refugees’ memories of their lives before the war on flotation devices.

The vests were previously displayed in Zurich; Project Life jacket is now planning to organize a touring exhibition.

Then she buttons up her jacket, adorned with gold buttons — armor for the battle ahead.

The most famous look obviously is the eight-ball jacket with the spandex underneath and that look kind of inadvertently came together.

The Illustrated Dust jacket, 1920-1970 chronicles the rise of the book dust jacket from disposable object to a creative platform for publishing design.

The prized cover was the leather underneath, and although some of these bindings had elegant designs, the dust jacket rarely referenced the interior contents.

Although the first known illustrated dust jacket dates to the 1830s, this was the era in which it was actively designed.

“The rapid rise of the pictorial dust jacket through the 1920s and 1930s coincided with the Art Deco period in contemporary design,” Salisbury notes.

The Illustrated Dust jacket, 1920-1970 by Martin Salisbury is out now from Thames & Hudson.

I don’t have a jacket on, I got glasses on, etc.

The 7-mile by 7-mile city is full of micro climates, too, so you’re tempting fate ever leaving the house without a jacket.

Trump then adjusted his suit jacket.

A few months after that, she wore a bomber jacket and a highly impractical pair of stilettos to visit hurricane-ravaged Houston.

After the Zara jacket debacle, her spokesperson Stephanie Grisham suggested that reporters are reading too much into Melania’s aesthetic choices.

“It’s just a jacket,” Grisham told reporters.

Bretzing contends that Finicum was reaching for his jacket pocket, where officers later found a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

Bretzing contends that Finicum was reaching for his jacket pocket, where officers later found a loaded 9mm semi-automatic handgun.

I’m also sliding a $34 gold-plated biro down my sleeve and letting it drop out the bottom of my jacket.

“It will not fit in my jacket or pants pockets because garment manufacturers hate women,” one woman wrote of her 5.3-inch phone.

He had the yellow, black, and red stripes of a Watford scarf tucked under his jacket.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Holes and tears in a dust jacket that resembles tattered linen reveal pockets of multicolored fabric underneath.

They recorded in Portland, Oregon with producer Tucker Martine (My Morning jacket, Laura Veirs), R.E.M.

For the biting of the jacket, De Robertis received 35 hours of public service work.

Beside her sat a stranger, tie but no jacket, perhaps a doctor, immersed in his tablet.

Tech accessory of the night goes straight to Mr. Orlando Bloom, who wore a Tamagotchi on his suit jacket.

Did any of them die slow, in a hospital gown, not a leather jacket?

Next we see Nightcrawler (Kodi Smit-McPhee) in an era-appropriate Thriller jacket and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan).

My faded threads, leather jacket, and dirty Converse are majorly out of place here.

If your jacket gets torn or whatever, we’ll repair it.

FYI … the running back’s Louis Vuitton x Supreme denim jacket wasn’t cheap either, coming in at around $2,185.

His 23-year-old daughter, Samantha, and 19-year-old son, Jake, both wept silently in the courtroom, the son wiping his eyes with his jacket sleeve.

Even in dream mythology, vampires symbolize sex and lust, a surprise to no one who has seen Spike in a leather jacket.

He’s sporting a pretty sick leather jacket the entire time, and that thing does not budge.

The black shirt Posty was sporting under the jacket apparently said “21 Savage.”

The club has a strict dress code which requires men to wear a jacket, except on the dance floor after 23:00.

No, it is not our place to condemn Melania Trump for wearing a jacket so expensive that it actually seems like she got conned.

So actually, that’s another reason not to think about the jacket.

BTW — he was wearing a jacket, making him the only Ice Cube that wants to keep warm.

In a time when a congresswoman’s nondescript black jacket and coat can inspire mockery, that kind of equality can seem out of reach.

Then there was the vanity aspect: As cool as the jacket looked, its puffed-out operational state wasn’t exactly complimenting my figure.

“It’s a jacket,” said Stephanie Grisham, Melania Trump’s spokeswoman.

Jeremy, dressed in a denim jacket, smiled broadly at hearing his name mentioned.

Richter’s jacket joins a rich tradition of women stitching words onto clothes, turning to thread and fabric in place of ink and paper.

Her pants and jacket also features accents of silver for an extra metallic touch.

Richter’s embroidered jacket remains unusual, but she wasn’t alone in turning to fabric to articulate what had been silenced elsewhere.

His jacket added a nice pop of color to the traditional suit look.

That jacket still has a tag on it.

Take your pick between the gritty Full Metal jacket and debonair Eyes Wide Shut.

At the Royal Ascot 2011, she matched her hat to her jacket.

Testifying before Congress, North donned his full dress uniform, the starched olive-green jacket studded with ribbons and medals, and offered a just-following-orders defense.

See Neymar’s red jacket?

But while Chloe sees freedom in that broken fence, I see a straight jacket.

The Lakers rookie performed “Bad and Boujee” on the show (which airs Thursday) — while decked out in a studded leather jacket and dreadlocks.

He is wearing a striped jacket with epaulets.

A gun was tucked inside the sleeve of his leather jacket.

Hailee mentioned the jacket as being key.

With her jacket, I remember having certain things that felt like you can’t leave the house without that.

So if you search for “jacket | blazer | cardigan” your results will have any or all of those terms.

KS: Nellie just bought a suede jacket, all we discuss is stains on her suede jacket.

Btw, it was a chilly night in L.A. … and looks like Jeremy stepped up to offer Liana his jacket.

He’s wearing a red toastmasters jacket, court shoes trimmed in the exact same shade (“mere coincidence!

“I got sent a Canada Goose jacket and then I wore it and then I read that they tortured coyotes or whatever.

She’ll block those tweeters, she’ll give that writer a raise, she’ll wear that unethical jacket.

Franken was set up, the believers say, starting with the flak jacket photo, which was a hoax orchestrated by a Trump supporter.

Rajon Rondo rocked a short sleeve suit jacket to the Bulls game Friday night … and we gotta say — kinda swag!!!

By the time we got to Jacksonville on the bus, I had to take my jacket off.

For Baldwin, though, rock n’ roll isn’t just a rhythm, a rhyme and a beat-up leather jacket — it’s an ethos.

All that money was in my jacket.

When I got home, all I said to my dad was: “Here’s the money, and keep the jacket.”

But then you need another book to put in your jacket pocket, ready for the next ride on the subway.

Bloomsbury’s 33 1/3 series of paperbacks on noteworthy rock and pop albums have clearly been designed with the jacket pocket in mind.

So we were looking for a dragon for our jacket, and we kept seeing different great items of art from different dynasties.

You know someone’s big when they start wearing a Members Only jacket.

In the video for the song, Ferry appears in his dinner jacket inside a grand 19th-century house.

It’s the stuff that makes you decide whether to put a jacket on, or to carry an umbrella.

According to Goldin Auction, JFK took a pen outta his jacket and signed the notepad thrust towards him before a final wave goodbye.

At the photograph’s center is a man sitting in a wheelchair wearing a black jacket and red hoodie.

The blogger also got her hands on this J Crew Field jacket, another item Markle wore during her time in Morocco.

The jacket costs $198 from J Crew — but Joan found it second-hand from Poshmark for just $60.

Winged leather jacket inspired by the movie “Castaway”?

This 2017 street-style look included jeans, a denim jacket, and a cinched denim belt.

A split second later she asks: “Can you quickly pop the jacket on and take a selfie on this phone?”

A trace of a silver mustache graces his curved mouth and his hands rest wrinkled, worked but open, near the pockets of his jacket.

That is until he asked me to buy him a leather jacket.

As he inhaled, his chest expanded, bulging out of his jacket like the swelling breast of a large bird.

Like a hat or jacket.

Unclear of what “water-resistant” meant, my dad offered his 1980s windbreaker as my rain jacket.

With a jacket over the top (it is nippy).

President George W. Bush came out wearing an FDNY jacket, waved to the crowd, gave a thumb’s up, and threw a perfect strike.

An Olympian wore the national team’s jacket.

The simple way to avoid this is to just keep your wallet in your jacket or front pocket.

She’s wearing sneakers, a woolly hat and a puffy jacket, and has the look of someone struggling to keep her day on track.

She’s wholly amused despite her obliviousness, opening and closing her jacket again and again over her breast.

The white zip-up jacket has a hood and inner pockets big enough for storing passports, papers, money, and other necessities.

In this particular work, the leather jacket stood out to me.

I wasn’t sure whether someone had just left it there, or if it even was a jacket.

2) For the potatoes, microwave a couple of decent size spuds the way you would if you wanted a quick leathery skinned jacket.

I was in such a rush that I had forgotten both a rain jacket and an umbrella.

The man was wearing a gold jacket and pumping his Cadillac with unleaded.

One would think a light jacket is sufficient for visiting anywhere in early September.

She completed the look with a brown jacket and £360 ($472) See By Chloe ankle boots.

This look did have a slight difference, however, as Middleton paired it with a tweed jacket.

The story reported on the battle resulting in a 14–1 majority favoring jacket equity.

When the jacket arrived in the mail, she remembers eagerly pulling it out of the box and doing a double take.

Pollick never once put on that jacket.

A two-time green jacket winner, Watson knows the greens at Augusta National as well as any player in the field.

One who could squash into a jacket that fit a 5’2″ bantamweight.

“I always hated that other jacket and refused to wear it!

That’s why my old jacket still hangs in my closet.

She was wearing a jacket that said, “Puppies And I’m Fine.”

jacket by @paulsahre.

If you look hard, you can see the back seats: Think of them as a place to stow a jacket or a backpack.

“I’m so angry I couldn’t even wear a jacket today!

I pull the hood of my jacket up over my hijab and take off my tie.

So I’m going to take off my jacket in a dramatic way.

One of my fans acquired this jacket when I threw it down during the performance.

Cool jacket though.

She was also unimpressed when he showed up to the date in a “bad sport jacket” with a “cigarette dangling from his mouth.”

He wore a shimmering purple jacket and sparkly shoes to perform on “Dancing With the Stars” in late 2011.

Bieber kicked off 2012 with a bright blue jacket and color-coordinated shoes.

He looked trendy in a buttoned-up shirt, leather jacket, and distressed jeans.

Kim was shown in photographs handcuffed and wearing a tie and blue jacket.

Bieber stepped out in a green beanie and matching nylon jacket on November 2, 2015.

Bieber was blond yet again, wearing a red bomber jacket, for a 2016 Saint Laurent show.

The patterned jacket was cleverly coordinated with Bieber’s beige shoes.

At one point, Trump, dressed in a black rain jacket and no tie, picked up a child and kissed her on the cheek.

Goose is an Insider Picks favorite, and several of our writers have deemed it our go-to winter jacket.

We also tried the Eldridge, a slightly shorter jacket that’s also a tad cheaper at $600, and loved it.

It’s durable, but it is nowhere near waterproof, meaning this is not a good jacket for wet snow or precipitation in above-freezing temps.

As one of its original designs, the Ballistic Bomber is becoming a staple among fashion lovers in need of a fully capable jacket.”

This is a true cold-weather jacket.

One of them wears a sleeveless jacket bearing the mark “MS13,” shorthand for the Los Angeles-based, internationally active, and Latin America-associated gang Mara Salvatrucha.

“It really was,” she says, drawing her jacket a bit closer as a lorry rumbles by.

In the film, Rey and Finn first meet in Jakku because BB-8 recognizes Poe’s jacket.

What people thought it meant: For a first lady who doesn’t say much, this jacket seemed to communicate a lot.

Though a spokesperson for the first lady said that the jacket was not intended to communicate a particular message, the president felt otherwise.

“I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media.

Standfest, now in his early 40s, is rarely to be seen without throwback fashion accessories: a porkpie hat, a button-down jacket, horn-rimmed glasses.

Like the line in “This Maniac’s In Love With You,” he is bound “in a straight jacket love.”

Atria compared the Chilean constitution to a “straight jacket” when faced with large reforms.

Maybe thirty of them like the same style jacket.

Five of those girls might buy the jacket when they see it.

That leaves ten girls who still want the jacket and don’t already have it.

The jacket and pants are being sold separately but together are expected to fetch up to $200,000, the auction house said.

When I arrived, it was -29 degrees and I didn’t own a jacket.

Have you ever seen a bed jacket?

The club has a strict dress code which requires men to wear a jacket, except on the dance floor after 23:00.

In meantime, at least he’s wearing his life jacket!

We watched as a woman in a mustard jacket stormed through with nothing but seething disregard for the puddle.

Yeah, nice jacket.

It was a nice jacket.

It’s my favorite jacket, actually.

But suddenly it was the jacket.

Black thrash gear and mask: Start with the go-to gear of a Satanic thrasher—leather jacket, leather pants or black jeans, studded belt and bracelets.

If someone has a hit with a green jacket, they’re gonna look for people with green jackets.

The green jacket in Casual Full Dress, is the focal point of identity.

He is wearing faded jeans and a three-button jacket over a dark shirt.

The guy at security got all stern and told me to take my jacket off.

Buy a leather jacket in Argentina, whose two most famous exports go hand in hand: leather and beef.

Thomas made the slipcovers that jacket the set’s chairs and couches.

He stands in a big, open doorway; he’s balding and diminished inside a shapeless blue jacket and green trousers.

At around four minutes in, she removes her jacket and sings the hell out of the song.

The first lady’s jacket inspires a tweet about the Fake News Media.

President Trump defended his wife Melania’s decision to wear a Zara jacket that had the words “I really don’t care, do u?”

Or, like, “Put the jacket on, take the jacket off.” You want to get the most out of one particular setting.

A woman in a green beret and a leather jacket sings in front of a band dressed in military fatigues.

Hearst: And the jacket girl and her girlfriend.

In September 2017, he enhanced an otherwise plain tux with a gold, satin suit jacket at the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, California.

He showed off his taste when he wore this velvet suit jacket to the Tom Ford runway show during NYFW in September.

In November, he wore a funky patterned jacket to the AMAs.

The person with the black face is also wearing a white hat, black jacket, white shirt with a bow tie and plaid pants.

no blue jeans, and suit jacket required.

For Gucci’s Spring/Summer 2003 collection, Tom Ford envisioned the form as a sumptuous, flowing jacket, with batwing arms, epitomizing relaxed refinement.

He was sitting, suit jacket on, close against the famous Reso­lute desk, both forearms on the desk.

Why were people talking about Elon Musk’s jacket?

Martin paired with a photo of the jacket of Okorafor’s novel — with her name on the cover cropped out of the photo.

Her outfit was even weirder: a long, ruffled white gown, olive-green army jacket, and muddy hiking boots on her feet.

He noted that Georgia Tech’s Yellow jacket Space Program is directly participating in Project Karman.

A Facebook picture also showed Roof wearing a jacket depicting the flags of racist regimes in Africa, including apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia.

Like, who made that ostrich jacket?

He was wearing a leather bomber jacket and looked warm and perfect.

Read, listen, learn, and then this Saturday, when some louche dickhead in a Harrington jacket says “you want to put something on mate?”

Or the history of the leather jacket.

Pilot Mike Woodcock in the red jacket.

It was not pleasant for them, was it?” said Trump, who wore a bomber jacket as he addressed the troops.

Or, if you’re trying to look a little younger, Pete Hornberger’s leather jacket is up for grabs.

Best of all, you can take nearly 50% off the jacket in a bunch of fun colors.

The North Face Men’s Thermoball Full-Zip Insulated jacket, $109.42 (originally $198.95) [45% off] 4.

Cascabellas look like jalapeños but are smaller, tighter, and have a bright yellow color, like a reflective roadside construction jacket.

It was the jean jacket/leather jacket thing.

With a little chef’s hat, and a chef’s jacket, your dog will be prepared to enjoy some treats.

Take Gucci’s 2018 cruise collection, which included a jacket that was a near-exact replica of one by 1980s Harlem couturier Dapper Dan.

One officer, for example, allegedly unzipped an 18-year-old female student’s jacket and asked whether it had pockets.

What you need: A green plaid shirt or green jacket, an orange shirt, jeans, and a pair of red sneakers.

And like a lost cut from that artist’s 1985 studio album, No jacket Required, “Finale” is gleaming, high-drama pop at its finest.

What you need to be Sandy: Black skinny jeans, a black off-the-shoulder crop top, a black leather jacket, hoop earrings, and bright red lipstick.

What you need to be Danny: Black jeans, a black T-shirt, a black leather jacket, and black shoes.

I had a jacket that said “O.G.

The quality of a jacket’s down is rated by “fill power,” which generally maxes out at 900.

The Whitefish jacket is 700.

I’ve sweated inside of this jacket on hikes below zero degrees.

It has a nice stretch to it, so I can still move after I’ve crammed my fat, puffy jacket arms inside the sleeves.

“People are going absolutely wild over this jacket on Amazon,” AOL yelled at me.

And with the New York Times officially christening it “the Amazon jacket,” a clothing item became a Clothing Item.

he yelped, gesturing toward my jacket, a cropped Marques’s Almeida white denim jacket, distressed at the edges.

Everyone knew you got a bomber jacket, and you got these combat boots, and you shaved your head.

Never mind, I’ve still got a green jacket.”

Kids talk about when they got their first Lonsdale jacket or their first Alpha Industries jacket or whatever the brand is.

Shade covers most of her face, but her lips and leather jacket pop out in the light.

I mean, that jacket wouldn’t fit a baby, would it?

That is a great jacket.

We dominate the land and space,” the big boy in his new big boy jacket informed the troops.

He looks young and handsome, and he dresses exclusively in a white tank top and black leather jacket, like Angel did on early Buffy.

The jacket’s shoulder seams should end at your shoulders, and the lapels should lay flat when the jacket is buttoned.)

Or, swap your blazer for a cropped leather jacket.

It’s like a power jacket,” Lysen says.

As I leave SaiSei, I keep zipping and unzipping my jacket because I’m not totally sure what the temperature actually is.

Or, you don’t want that cute jacket at the store—until someone else grabs it.

The tweet contradicts what a FLOTUS spokesperson told CNN’s Jim Acosta, which he shared on Twitter: “It’s a jacket.

It’s not LA, so pack a jacket, but don’t let 55 degrees be an excuse to stay inside.

Well, San Francisco is overcast and windy all the time, and you need a jacket all the time, dummy.

“There was no hidden message,” Grisham said of the jacket at the time.

The person with the black face is also wearing a white hat, black jacket, white shirt with a bow tie and plaid pants.

Reinking carried out the attack with an AR-15-style assault weapon half-naked, wearing only a green jacket.

Wearing a sports jacket and collared shirt with no tie, Shkreli responded to questions by continuing to laugh, twirling a pencil and yawning.

Reinking carried out the attack with an AR-15-style assault weapon half-naked, wearing only a green jacket.

He was wearing a BLM tee under his safety jacket one day, and a Trump Hotels shirt on another.

He leaves his jacket and laptop on a different floor from his desk.

“But that shopper cares about good-quality leather, and so maybe they will buy a brandless leather jacket from us, or brandless skin care.”

If you could still use a quality jacket, have a look.

Relwen Channel Field jacket, $254.98 (originally $368), available at Huckberry.

They go through jacket pockets and take her bag.

Tim Winterhalter, a heavy-set, middle-aged white man in a Giants jacket, believed the Super Bowl was not the place for Beyoncé’s message.

Her long, dirty-blonde hair skims a patch on her jacket that reads “Piston Kristin.”

A bomber jacket will keep you on trend.


Everlane specializes in creating easy-to-wear pieces at an affordable, transparent prices — and this company’s new bomber jacket is no exception.

The denim jacket is a versatile layer for unpredictable weather.

A jacket made out of the material can be worn however you like — dressed up, down, and everywhere in between.


An olive green jacket, like this one from Wallace & Barnes, will look great with a sweater and pair of jeans.

Topman Reversible Camo Bomber jacket, $120, available at Nordstrom.


Reiss’ bomber jacket is made of jersey, so it’s one of the most comfortable options on this list.

Padded Cotton-Blend Twill Bomber jacket, $485

Disclosure: This post is brought to you by Business Insider’s Insider Picks team.

As we reported … Melania was shredded for a jacket she wore last week that read, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

But, Heidi didn’t totally abandon Mickey … he was all over her jean jacket!

Then she’d paddle laps in the indoor heated pool, kept afloat by a dog-sized life jacket.

Same story for the fringed golden jacket.

I only visit home during the winters or when it’s raining so I can wear a sweater or jacket and cover up.

A picture posted in 2012 shows the friend in a Russian serviceman’s striped vest under a green camouflage jacket.

“Still monochrome,” she assures me with a smile, holding onto her denim jacket as we begin our tour of London’s most gothic spots.

Comey followed proper etiquette … removing his jacket and loosening his tie before hitting the dance floor.

“It’s obvious I didn’t wear the jacket for the children,” she said.

No one would seriously wear that jacket.

jacket she wore during her trip last week to visit children in border camps.

Melania caught a ton of flack for her jacket, but George is trying to create a silver lining.

“I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the Fake News Media.

I’m just saying, you’ve put on the life jacket, but now what?

People always ask me that—get the shorts tattooed, the socks, or the jacket.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) wore a white cape, while Rep. Ayanna Pressley D-MA) added a kente cloth clutch to her white jacket.

At this rate, if she wears wears this jacket for just one year, the cost per use would be pennies!

She drove me to Sears to buy my first “power suit,” a flimsy gray skirt and jacket.

BEST: Elton John and husband David Furnish brought the night’s strongest jacket game.

BEST: Emma Stone contrasted a feminine silk slip with a masculine patterned jacket.

WORST: We salute Jared Leto for bringing something new to the table, but the saggy beanie and giant jacket just looked lazy.

They chased him, tackled him to the ground, and reached into his jacket.

A fleece jacket

Typically made out of polyester, fleeces are well insulated without the bulk of a heavy down-filled coat.

This cashmere scarf from Nordstrom features a classic gingham check pattern, and works well if your jacket doesn’t have a high collar.

Diddy presented the Biebs with a Bad Boys letterman jacket.

Over an old Bowie t-shirt, she has thrown an oversize leather jacket laden with silver stud patterns.

The back of the jacket reads in big, white letters: “BLACK GIRL MAGIC.”

The notion of a pop star mistaking talent for the ability to wear a leather jacket sat particularly badly with the guitar-playing community.

The entire time Vitas sits placidly, his jacket sparkling like a black diamond.

Police won’t consider a white guy walking around in an expensive jacket to be a potential drug dealer.

Consider, for example, the classic politician barn jacket.

It would be fairly surprising to see a kid walking around the poorer areas of this city in a jacket that costs thousands.

In the future, your favorite jacket might be vegan without you even realizing it.

He was rocking a jacket with the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” logo on the back!!

When a friend finally dragged him out of bed into the world of the living, Gerard realized his jacket was missing.

It’s kinda fitting … Kurt stopped by Magee’s House of Nuts while proudly displaying the jacket.

6) Offset Offset’s jacket says “OFFSET” and everyone knows that personalised clothing is a symbol of power, sorry Takeoff.

She sent me jazz CDs which she inscribed on the inside jacket, “Love always, Leny.”

The Friendly Life jacket Shark will smile and float until he is taken down and stored in a closet for 20 years.

Over the weekend at Coachella, he wore a peach-colored jacket, matching Kylie’s peach wig, and two dresses.

I only had a few clothes and a semi-warm jacket.

His woolen suit jacket and neatly wound scarf conceal round shoulders and a thick neck.

[Peter Kafka / Recode] Levi’s and Google are selling a $350 jean jacket you can use to control your phone.

Plus, it doesn’t seem like a very practical look, as not wearing a jacket correctly might restrict a person’s range of motion.

Images of former presidents are pinned on the left side of every jacket and dress.

Although she actually used her sleeves, the model allowed her jacket to fall below her shoulders.

Selena Gomez rested an embellished bomber jacket on her shoulders at a September 13 Coach event in New York City.

The actress’ jacket and matching lipstick brought a pop of color to her all-black outfit.

On September 23, Justin Bieber didn’t quite wear a UCLA varsity jacket while in Los Angeles, California.

The singer went for a grunge-inspired look, pairing his varsity jacket with distressed jeans, white lace-up boots, and a UCLA beanie.

While out in Brooklyn on September 16, Rihanna wore an oversized suit jacket with a pink jumpsuit.

Rihanna buttoned her jacket, but she failed to put her arms through the sleeves.

On September 27, Gigi Hadid partially wore a yellow jacket over an all-black ensemble.

On September 29, Demi Lovato went for a grunge-inspired look when she wore a paid minidress with a denim jacket.

Lovato made her dress-and-sandals look more casual by wearing a denim jacket like a shawl.

The dust jacket is a collage of photographs of texts, maps, and architectural diagrams.

He’s in town just to pick up some supplies—a harness, some tackle, and a new jacket.

jacket “I have literally worn this jacket every day of the tour.

Ronda Rousey, of course, came out in Roddy Piper’s jacket.

He removes his jacket and drops it on the ground.

Stiller busted his classic Blue Steel face and Wilson sported a bright yellow jacket visible from Florence.

He removes his jacket and drops it on the ground.

I was drowning and you have thrown me a life jacket and given me hope.”

He’s wearing a down jacket over a couple layers of fleece as he chops vegetables and prepares the Tibetan dumplings called momos.

Rachleff’s inclusion of “Self-Portrait in Fur jacket” was a first step, but more need to be taken.

(Ariana Cubillos/AP) April 15: A migrant child’s jacket found in the southern port town of Zarzis, Tunisia.

He was wearing a green jacket and blue underwear, and he had a prominent tattoo of an eight ball.

Note those suave hood ridges, sort of like the darts in a well-sewn suit jacket.

A $210 pink-denim jacket from SS16 is flipped for nearly $3,000 to a buyer in Kyoto.

He was wearing a green jacket and blue underwear, and he had a prominent tattoo of an eight ball.

The yellow version was hard to track down because it was such an old jacket.

Is there a denim jacket with a Testament patch stashed at the back of your closet?I wish!

This is the vestige of Harvard, the jacket.

After the match, he gave Daigo his jacket, which seemed expensive.

Gigi Hadid played the name game with the Adidas jacket she wore to an NYC photoshoot.

“I made a motorcycle jacket and a few shirts that fit my arms and long torso.

As such, according to Kerby, “the Pyer Moss aesthetic is shorts over compression pants and a leather jacket.”

What kind of compliments have you received on this outfit?I get incessant compliments about my jacket.

Ably clothing has quickly become my go-to for all travel necessities whether I’m in need of a shirt, pair of pants, or jacket.

I’m a huge fan of the Palm jacket on the ladies’ side.

On the men’s side, the Auberon jacket is a fantastic option for the traveling guru.

As she left Washington, she donned a Zara jacket with the text, “I really don’t care, do u?” scrawled across the back.

Much has been written about the now infamous jacket.

Sean Hannity of Fox News makes a point of chastising “fake news” sources for overshadowing FLOTUS’s generosity by obsessing about the jacket here.

Not simply writing, “I do care” on the back of a jacket, but something more rigorously conscientious.

Do U?” jacket on a trip to see detained migrant children, or a colonizer-style ensemble to a trip to Kenya.

Dotolo: “What would go with this chef jacket?

Herring entered the ring wearing a red and black jacket with “Remember Trinity” stitched across the back.

Streaming can’t mimic the excitement of physically opening up the jacket, looking at album art and hoping your favorite artist included lyrics.

The man is wearing a thick winter jacket, and the sleeves are interfering with Hughes’s attempts to secure the handcuffs.

Can I un-lose my jacket?

The man is wearing new-looking blue jeans, a hooded gray sweatshirt beneath a nice Columbia jacket, and sturdy work boots.

I need this #Baumeister jacket in my closet, it matches my oversized sense of self.

There’s the guy who calls himself Math Powerland, and appears for unknown reasons in a suit jacket smeared with metallic paint.

Robert Appelman in his baseball-inspired jacket by Bolar Amgalan, Herbert Ramirez, and Alyssa Brandofino.

Allegedly, Gill dressed for this encounter in a standard issue bad boy getup: leather jacket and unkempt hair.

In a tweed sports jacket, standing in a brass-and-glass elevator.

Michael Herr, the author of Dispatches and co-writer of Full Metal jacket, is dead at 76.

I slip back into the stadium, zipping my jacket up to my neck against a desert night.

As we prepare to go on a walk around her neighborhood, Quay takes a break to find the right jacket to be photographed in.

Davidson’s face is obscured from the camera by the hood of his plaid jacket; Grande, licking a lollipop, gazes at him with adoration.

https://t.co/52gKPrq1Sg pic.twitter.com/igYCBHQbN6 The jacket, which retails for $69.90, comes in khaki, navy, and black.

Uniqlo denied that the jacket was inspired by Mao’s famous outfit in a statement to the South China Morning Post.

The motherfuckers also stole my leather jacket and box of cigarettes.

KS: People got tired of talking about his jacket.

Tucker looked pretty slick in a T-shirt and jacket combo.

The leather on his jacket is close, but something’s not quite right.

When Madonna bounced on stage in a billowing white jacket and gold hoop earrings, jangling her way through “Holiday”, she became completely transfixed.

“Mel B was in this baseball jacket and I thought she was so cool, and Victoria was all demure.

Before this high school sweetheart became a Hollywood hottie, she was just another varsity gal sportin’ a letterman jacket in Lincoln, Nebraska.

One of my favorite pieces is Chris’s leather jacket, which I have a personal thing with.

I love this jacket, it was a lot of work to get that one made.

The pink toggle jacket that Lara Jean wears belonged to my sister.

When he wears a jacket from the cover of an American Nightmare album, Google searches for the band spike.

I love the durability and simple cool of a good leather jacket.

That was on my varsity football jacket, Mooch.

“Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?” Moore, who started the interview out happy to be there, became visibly upset.

He can also be spotted in the 1987 movie, “Full Metal jacket,” as a soldier.

It is, without a doubt, the greatest NBA Style moment since Kareem sported The jacket.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Question: What do you get when you combine Russian agents, a therapy dog and a $15,000 ostrich-skin jacket?

He’s also a dozen years older than Nicklaus when the latter won the green jacket that same month.

Seriously, grooming is on point, jacket, shades.

But one piece of evidence convicted Manafort in the court of public opinion: a $15,000 ostrich-leather bomber jacket.

The plea deal does not require him to give up the ostrich skin jacket.

The Japanese startup plans on selling the men’s version of the jacket (only available in size small) on February 1.

But why would anyone need a solar-powered jacket?

And thus, here I am, in a borrowed suit jacket and never-worn dress shoes.

That is until he asked me to buy him a leather jacket.

My shoes and jacket — my disguise for Art Stage — suddenly stuck out like the dirt these men battled daily.

In front of us is a short, balding, heavy-set man in a suede jacket, with three-day stubble creeping up his jowls.

I concede — I still own some items for my Forever 21 obsession — a jacket, a sweater, a dress here and there.

In San Francisco, for instance, it’s usually the sort of weather that requires a cardigan or light jacket.

In this photo, David steps outside his home, still not used to doing so without the tug from his mother’s jacket.

When she visits children who have been torn away from their families in a jacket that says, “I Really Don’t Care.

“I got a gold jacket that I didn’t buy.

Police reported that there was a “strong odor of alcohol” on Mehta and found a bottle of prescription alprazolam in her jacket.

The boy, who is closer to the man, looks at his father, his hands thrust into his jacket pockets.

The clip shows a guy in a red jacket, repeatedly jerking his hand while in the pocket of his pants.

Sidebar, can someone get me that camo Rap-Up jacket?

And why won’t Nicole just give me that orange bomber jacket already?

Try and make some new clothes—a bulky jacket, a better scarf, anything to stave off the cold.

I get a new scope for my rifle and a warmer jacket.

If your plane makes a water landing, resist the urge to inflate your life jacket immediately.

User Alvin Yip warns against the impulse to inflate your life jacket immediately if a plane is making an emergency landing on water.

So swim to an exit, then inflate your jacket to stay afloat.

The suspect is believed to have discarded the jacket somewhere between the airport and the Chaussée de Louvain.

Denim jacket, denim pants.

As I exited Chipotle, I spotted a man wearing the same shearling-collared denim jacket as me.

I wear the red version on my jacket; it’s like a Ralph Lauren pony.

I’ll reserve judgment, however, since I myself think this would look great on a jacket.

(Joel wore black jeans, a black suit jacket, a black button-down shirt, and a black-and-white striped tie).

One wears only a suit jacket, the other only pants as they wrap their arms around one another in camaraderie.

Linus Mäkelä is 19, and wears a military jacket over a pink hoodie.

When first lady Melania Trump wore a jacket that said “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

It consists of a black kilt, a white button-up shirt, and a black bomber jacket.

The first lady attracted heavy criticism for wearing the jacket that read, “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?”

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, said the message on her jacket had been directed at “the Fake News Media.”

The first lady’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, has said repeatedly that the jacket wasn’t meant to send a message at all.

He was wearing a lime green t-shirt and leather jacket.

I was wearing my team jacket.

Noisey: I’m surprised you’re not wearing a puffa jacket.

I still got tracksuits and jacket on, don’t worry babes.

I like your jacket though.

Do you want me to take off your jacket?

I never take off my jacket.

Published well before Hamilton made multiracial Founding Fathers seem ordinary, the cover depicts his torso wrapped in an 18th-century neck scarf and jacket.

Apparently he had pooped but the jacket thing was so thick you couldn’t even smell anything.

Jenner wore a fluffy cloud dress with a gold lightning bolt, while Webster was in a gold jacket and pants.

The jacket looks new because her father refused to wear it, Ina said.

9-month-old Stormi Webster was at her side in a gold jacket and pants.

One bigot from one of the Deep South states actually threw acid on a black delegate’s suit jacket and burned it.

Dressed in a sleek black leather jacket, white disco suit, or head-to-toe denim, the artist’s sinister sensuality blew away the average rock show.

Note those suave hood ridges, sort of like the darts in a well-sewn suit jacket.

I can now pin a new badge on my jacket: I’ve consumed whale.

I’m there with a Metalheadz bomber jacket on, telling Goldie what an inspiration he is.

While the game doesn’t describe your immediate reaction to the situation, the fact that you remove your jacket certainly suggests some interest.

Can’t buy a Chanel jacket?

You’d think he was goth, but the all-black pilgrim hat, leather jacket, drapey Vetements shirt, skinny jeans, and boots is just his aesthetic.

Ripped straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing, he’s in all leather: motorcycle hat, jacket, assless chaps, boots, and sex harness.

(There’s also no way of knowing how much that particular jacket or coat cost, or where Ocasio-Cortez purchased her outfit.)

Ultimately, this is the stage that “Self-Portrait in Blue jacket” sets.

He said he felt uneasy that none of the family took a life jacket in case the smugglers didn’t have enough to go around.

#notsofriendlyskies “So #AmericanAirlines just told me I couldn’t board the flight without putting a jacket over my ASSETS.

Then you saw the purple jacket, the gold rings, the white shirt straight from Purple Rain.

Young Thug could pull off that purple jacket because Young Thug is glam rock.

I started thinking about why I loved vintage so much, and why one denim trucker jacket was of more value to me than another.

Meet the Smart Parka, a winter coat designed by the Canadian company North Aware that claims to have reinvented the winter jacket.

Mick rocked orange and black Knicks-colored jacket and a Rolling Stones t-shirt.

There’s also a removable extension that transforms the waist-length jacket into a longer parka.

Check out the pics … the 5-foot-7 smokeshow then ditched the pants and opted for a biker jacket with stilettos and shades.

We also talk about how many fittings it took to get the rightsized green jacket — and his golf outing with Michael Jordan.

Throughout the livestream from Drouot, the Lakota jacket loomed behind the auctioneer, a visual reminder of the contested cultural heritage being sold.

“It was a full metal jacket bullet.

This goes triple if I follow you on Instagram: new padded winter jacket?

“They grab him, rip off his jacket.

A warm fleece jacket

This bulk-free jacket is made of knitted, heathered polyester fleece and will keep him warm through the remaining winter days.

She’s dressed in Chanel and not taking off her jacket.

Toward the end of his marathon speech, Merkley looked weary, his suit jacket unbuttoned and his yellow tie billowing out.

She took off her jacket, and couldn’t care less about the cab waiting.

“The Red jacket” (1910) draws the viewer in even as the subject looks off into the distance, her pose suggesting sadness and discomfort.

If you just stuff some down in there and don’t allow air to circulate, the jacket won’t be warm.

Thomas made the slipcovers that jacket the set’s chairs and couches.

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