Invention in a sentence | Use of the word invention examples

It’s because Musk sounds like he’s grounded in the language of science and invention, even when he’s being ridiculous.

Yet as they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

Though Carone’s subject has the presence of an actual person, she is the artist’s invention.

I can be trans, I can be gay, but above all, I’m an invention because I invented this character.

#LUMEE Problem is … Harooni licensed his invention to a company called Snaplight, which is now getting buried in sales.

I think the internet’s invention really changed everything.

Of course, electric motors aren’t a new invention.

Fitness classes have been “obsolete” since the invention of the VCR in the 1970s.

What could have been the biggest change in how we experience movies since the invention of color film was largely used for cheap gimmicks.

The butt-rig is just the latest unsuccessful invention traffickers have tried to use to smuggle drugs.

One single invention can make for a huge advancement in biotechnology.

It’s an invention that has spurred a whole new biotech industry and helps save lives.

(An earlier invention, the Halifax Consciousness Scanner, was designed to assess brain activity after injury.)

While the Snoo has received plenty of praise from sleep-deprived parents, Karp has also been criticized for the price of his invention.

“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any other invention with the possible exceptions of handguns and Tequila.”

That’s what Daniel Idzkowski, creator of the SkunkLock, is hoping his new invention will do.

It makes you wonder if everything you’ve ever seen in a history painting is just the invention of someone else’s imagination.

“After the invention, it’s like, of course James Dyson needed to know about sawmills to develop a great vacuum cleaner.

He was the mental invention of a lonely artist.

(Another Canadian invention!)

In the old days, before people designed everything on a Mac, nothing had a “drop shadow.” The drop shadow is an invention of Microsoft.

That’s how I understand how to form a book, with invention and imagination.

Honorable Mention: “The Andromeda Strain” (1971) — for the invention of aliens that aren’t even organic!

The following day, Percy Spencer brought in corn kernels, popped them with his new invention, and shared some popcorn with the entire office.

Since the invention of the camera, scholars have long taken note of the dialogue between painters and photographers.

(The inclusion of this Sassen image also brings to my mind, the fact that, blue-blackness as identity is a purely African-American invention.

Another strategy some African artists utilize is to carve out a more suitable sociocultural reality through the invention of parafictions.

I think that’s a very good invention.

The series’ ending is almost a complete invention, but I like it better, I think.

Today Mars enters Aquarius, the sign of invention.

As you said, the invention of modern venture capital really did happen here.

I said it’s an important invention.

The invention of the ball pit (or “ball crawl,” as it was first dubbed) is widely attributed to Eric McMillan.

But it also brought a bizarre invention to my 7-year-old life, through an infomercial: the Abdominizer.

Grammars—by which I mean all kinds of connecting tactics—are our instruments of invention, as well as of power.

When Grateau came up with his invention, both Walker and Malone were small children.

Despite his elaborately staged and clearly labeled figures, the invention in his fabulist imagery left so much to the imagination.

While this invention won’t be tempting any audiophiles anytime soon, it makes simple science look like a magic trick.

The invention of the daguerreotype was monumental, generating a new way society responded to and perceived visual information.

Sue, meanwhile, gathers her friends to offer feedback on her new invention.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president, said last year that “borders are the worst invention ever made by politicians.”

It’s ironic that his invention could’ve saved him; stranger still that there is an isolation helmet being designed today.

You can’t wait till 2150 to have an invention.

Binge-watching — it’s a new invention.

Ransomware schemes have become a lot more effective since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009.

It is difficult, today, to reconcile radical painterly invention with dusty still lifes and charcoal.

The Obama campaign’s “Fight the Smears” website declared that the allegations were an invention.

One of his favorite office reads is Kevin Ashton’s “How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, invention, and Discovery.”

Doomsday prepping is an American invention, born from the nuclear panics of the 1950s.

That likely helped the small Chromecast team get their invention before Page and co-founder Sergey Brin.

Actually, this invention was certainly developed well before the bus accident.

It’s pretty rare to be able to trace a word’s invention back to a single person.

Bodner’s invention relies on reaeration—re-separating the miniscule amounts of air dissolved into water and pumping it to the breather.

Ransomware schemes have become a lot more effective since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009.

This is something that effectively amounts to the invention of the wheel being suddenly converted into a tool for security and war.

But the Carol Danvers that’s now part of the MCU is a far more recent invention.

Before the invention of clothing, agriculture, and even the wheel, our ancestors were playing with fire.

Record labels saw their revenue plunge after the emergence of file-sharing and the invention of the iPod.

Even technology companies like Nokia and BlackBerry were caught flat-footed by the invention of the iPhone.

It’s melody-first pop music packed with bright invention, seemingly devoid of focus-grouped compromise.

This isn’t a sudden advertiser invention; it’s an ongoing trend.

“There wasn’t just one ‘Aha!’ revolutionary moment,” Walia says of the invention of Nailbot.

But it wasn’t an invention of the media alone.

Wong established a pictorial terrain of his own invention, a unique hybrid of social realism, documentation, and illustrative license.

All that is to say, with every invention comes the good, the bad and the meh.

The “model minority” is an invention to reinforce white supremacy.

I do not understand how a tourist could have navigated the city before the invention of GPS.

Matty calls this chicken finger sub from Robo Mart, a gas station in Winnipeg, “the greatest invention since the steam engine.”

“Before the invention of the portable camera, most accurate visual records of the world were made in watercolour.

His fascination with photography began shortly after its invention in 1839, and the first daguerreotype arrived in Iran just three years later.

Uranus is the planet of surprise, invention, and revolution, so things will be exciting and, very likely, dramatic.

For our invention, “scientists” have woven society’s simultaneous expectations of sexiness and chastity into a space-age fabric.

Indeed, 100 percent mortgages are not a new invention.

Whatever the intent, the painting revels in a brazenly abstruse set of pictorial signs whose solidity and invention are the source of its power.

Roberta Frank wrote the seminal paper on the subject, “The invention of the Viking Horned Helmet” (you can find a Scribd copy here).

“Isaac Asimov suggested that the invention of eyeglasses is what created the Renaissance,” said Rabkin.

Munroe emphasizes that modern art is global and historical, not just a Western invention.

Joy in the face of structural oppression has been the damndest invention of our diasporic kind.

*since the invention of fire.

The segment was about the rise in popularity of dining solo, which Kathie Lee attributes to the invention of smartphones.

The Author is a modern, Western invention, really, and plagiarism exists only as its flip side.

It was the invention of the printing press that made the proliferation of original authorship possible.

One frequent claim is that the Belarusian identity is a recent invention, promoted by the West to weaken Russia.

King’s strangeness is, of course, not his own invention.

There’s no question that clapping hands, especially placed between words, are an invention of Black women’s genius.

Uranus is the planet of invention; you’re going to feel very inspired to change things.

“There’s so much invention.

Investors have pumped $118.5 million into this dubious invention.

What started as an Amazon invention has become a Black Friday for July, with Walmart and Target adding their own summer deal days.

Two-pound container of Milo

This famous Australian chocolate powder is the greatest thing since the invention of sliced bread.

Both spots have taken credit for its invention ever since.

But his best invention shouldn’t die with him.

Designed as showcases for experimental funk, Lacy’s convoluted musical knots can delight in the unlikeliness of their invention.

She deemed the term a European invention and a misreading of her work.

Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make.” It’s immediately clear how nuclear bombs will kill us.

Another invention (spoiler alert) is a bombing incident at the movie’s climax.

In case you forgot his invention inspired that awesome jingle.

“I think there’s so much opportunity for invention there,” he said.

Differential privacy isn’t an Apple invention; academics have studied the concept for years.

“It has a little funkiness from the wine,” Hermosillo says of his ruby-colored invention.

Actually, some traditional winemakers have told us that Gïk is a blasphemy or a terrible invention.

“However, the invention of atomic clocks defined a much more precise ‘atomic’ timescale and a second that is independent of Earth’s rotation.”

Another South Korean invention, less traditional than soup, is an ice cream that allegedly cures hangovers with the help of herbal medicine.

Also on the bill is a solo performance by Tanaka featuring his latest musical invention, a bio-electrical instrument that responds to muscle tension.

Green Mountain, which now owns his invention and produces Keurig machines and K-Cups, was recently sold to a private equity firm for $14 billion.

Everyone is familiar with the saying, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

They even have their own “fashy fashion” blog which claims that seasonal fashion is a Jewish invention and, bizarrely, quotes Susan Sontag.

It’s a reminder of the power of low budgets and production limitations to spur creative invention.

But that wasn’t his only invention.

— An invention that combines weed with “fresh fruit,” whatever that means.

It is sport as dance, as ballet, a perfect marriage of physical control and invention.

Unlike traditional productions that have a set script and spend their time workshopping delivery, devised productions rely on invention and improvisation.

Necessity is the mother of invention and all that.

The impulse to watch others is such a basic human impulse, not a new invention designed around big data.

It was a new invention thanks to last-minute stress and determination.

Weissman’s invention is far superior.

The world will likely have to do without Weissman’s talent for invention, though — she’s far too good at acting.

Yesterday, the kid posted a GIF of his genius invention in action, along with photos of his construction and installation process.

You know, look, the greatest invention that was ever made in western civilization was the invention of the Sabbath.

Oh, and he also used his invention for a very special PROMposal.

That way, if any other kids want to bring the invention to their lockers, they can.

As Cosmo U.K. reports, the high-tech invention, which goes on sale later this year, warms your feet while you fall asleep.

Since its invention in the early 1980s, sport stacking has become a big sport and a big business.

But Biro didn’t profit as much as he could have from his invention.

The Guardian quoted his daughter, Mariana, in 2008: The Biro was my father’s greatest invention.

The next step in Dad’s technological contribution provides evidence that “necessity is the mother of invention.”

A new invention called clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (“CRISPR”) makes these changes cheap, easy, and accurate.

Be thankful his high range still contains so much room for improvised invention.

So, before the invention of air conditioning, traveling magic shows and their crews used to settle in small towns during the summer months.

The invention is designed to erase from the world the spirits of dread and nightmare, and utilize pest-control.”

Del Duca is a Daniele invention.

The cash register, in all its forms, was an important invention, but it had limitations.

And all the other boys / Try to chaaaaase me / But here’s my groundbreaking invention / So call me maybe.

Now that’s what we call a modern-day invention.

It’s the greatest invention; it’s bigger than all of us, one of the most major, along with airplane and penicillin.

Dilip and his sister Jaya Goswami patented the tech and founded Molekule to bring their father’s invention to the rest of us.

“The invention of ACD technology made the concept of a call centre possible,” Pearce noted in his blog post.

I thought it was the coolest invention ever!

Though moleskin isn’t a new textile, the organic, weather-treated version Hilgart uses was her own invention.

In time, his invention morphed into a sister device, a “love detector.”

The latest invention, which will be available in April, is just as it sounds: It uses vacuum technology to create a fuller lip look.

The image Trump evoked, of a mass of counterprotesters “charging with clubs,” is a complete invention.

J.K. Rowling) — or a journal article for research that I’m doing at Ford for projects or invention disclosures.

Innovation is a combustive mix of ideas and unmet needs that sparks invention, and ultimately births breakthrough products.

That’s where Milk Makeup’s latest invention comes in.

The invention: Content Thread — Winner of a 150,000 euro grant What makes it sustainable: You know how barcodes work?

Dr. Freckleton, if you’re reading this, we at MUNCHIES volunteer to test the efficacy of your invention during a night of hard drinking.

This was called frequency hopping, and in 1942, she received a patent for her invention.

These show that, though Hedy was proud of her invention, she never fully grasped the full impact she’d had on the world.

The end credits of the film state that her invention is worth an estimated $30 billion today.

invention, Arrangement, Style, Memory, and Delivery.

So does he have any regrets about the invention, given how that bit of innovation has ended up being so devastating for digital privacy?

invention: Write 40 Perfect WordsThe ancient orators believed that the brain works in concert with the body’s rhythms.

AH: Without a doubt The invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares.

Yes, but, as you know, this kind of thing is not a Russian invention.

Whatever people’s specific qualms were with the invention, the consensus seems to be that you probably shouldn’t try to emulate it.

), into a 1960s Betty Crocker Cookbook, and all the way up to a 1970s drinking contest invention by Robert Butt (lol).

In a 2000 poll, Japanese respondents said instant ramen was the country’s top invention of the 20th century.

Ando died at 96 in January 2007, but his legacy endures — not least due to the widespread popularity of his most famous invention.

Ando followed that with the 1971 invention of Cup Noodles, which were inspired by customers who reused coffee cups as ramen bowls.

Her father, Georges Charpak, won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1992, for the invention and development of particle detectors.

A patent family is a set of patent publications filed around the world to cover a single invention.

“That seems to have been the invention of some prop designer,” said Rick.

Liar’s Lament, Pretty Little Liars’ latest torture invention, really upped the ante this week.

Until the moment I stumbled across Byredo’s newest invention, the Kabuki Perfume.

If only our ancestors in the early 1900s — just before the invention of the first chair — had had such a wonderful thing.

He remains a firm believer in digital platforms’ potential to help humanity — calling the internet “the most amazing invention ever” for sharing knowledge.

But the invention goes deeper than that.

That’s a huge ambition — one that is likened to the invention of electricity, the internet, or the industrial revolution.

), you may be surprised to know that at-home pregnancy tests are a surprisingly recent invention.

The invention that snagged this year’s Radical Innovation Award is every frequent traveler’s dream.

Suddenly inspired, she started working on her invention the very next day.

Fatebe is Muslimova’s invention, which is every cartoonist’s dream — to make a memorable character.

This is precisely why we’re grateful for the mighty invention that is removable wallpapers.

“The invention of Photography” is especially thorough and rewarding.

Like the DARPA engineers who coded the internet protocol, these students hadn’t appreciated the impact of their invention.

An invention must be new, useful, and nonobvious to qualify for a patent.

Credit cards are a relatively new invention that have entered into something of an innovation rut.

This problem was solved by the invention of synthetic fertilizers that supply plants with nitrogen in a “fixed” form they can use.

While possibility plays the critical role of midwife, necessity is still the mother of invention.

It was about, from the invention of the light bulb to when the country was fully electrified.

While possibility plays the critical role of midwife, necessity is still the mother of invention.

Necessity is the mother of invention, right?

It’s not covering Congress, it’s not covering the leadership, which are inherited categories that aren’t of your own invention.

For example, playfulness increases creativity, problem solving, memory, ingenuity and invention, all while enhancing social, emotional and communication skills.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has called the term an invention of white supremacists, echoing a growing liberal meme.

The paintings are a composite of a number of sources, including invention.

Check out the video above with FirstBuild’s co-founder Taylor Dawson talking about his latest invention.

And we’re done watching, and waiting while this invention called whiteness uses and abuses us.

Investors could buy a portion of a shopping mall or invention patent, trade the token for a different investment, or sell their share.

Here is a fertile, inventive mind who is doing new things with traditional subjects and it’s that charge of originality, of invention.

It’s why I think Bitcoin’s decentralized consensus Proof of Work algorithm is the most important invention of the 21st century to-date.

Despite what its name may suggest, the Canadian Tuxedo is a thoroughly American invention.

The number one cure—since the disease’s invention in ancient Greece—was pelvic massage.

Feld said that despite white space broadband being an American invention, other countries are starting to leapfrog the States in implementation.

And for Claire’s sake, let’s give Jamie time to get reacquainted with the modern invention known as the razor.

The invention of this butter is making me consider how I could upgrade all of my meals to make them more autumn-inspired.

Humanity has dreamed of live video calling between groups of people since the late 19th century—almost since the invention of the telephone.

However, the decision to create spaces within which members of those communities had some sense of socio-cultural autonomy wasn’t a new invention.

UC Berkeley argues its invention would work in bacterial gene-editing of eukaryotic cells and that this was a natural leap.

World Patent Marketing used flattery to convince inventors to use its services, regardless of their invention’s merits or patentability, Jones says.

When she first contacted the company about her invention in 2014, she heard back almost immediately.

“It just goes to show how hot this area of invention is.

The idea of corporate bankruptcy as a reset button is an American invention dating to the 19th century, says Fordham law professor Richard Squire.

This week she was named “America’s Top Young Scientist” for her invention.

Since the invention of the printing press, people have always panicked about the implications of new technologies.

Inventors and sound designers Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague at Dentaku, the London design studio developed an “all-in-one musical invention kit,” called Ototo.

But with Mike’s (Mustafa Shakir) new invention of the masturbatory, customers are more likely to watch what they actually want to watch.

With every new invention, she’s moving humanity closer to unlocking the mind for both health and communications purposes.

We had to do some invention since we started the company three years ago.

They were his and his alone, and he has gone on to make other singular strokes reflecting his wit and invention.

The world still faces some enormous challenges when it comes to social mobility and economic prosperity, and necessity is the mother of invention.

I copy some of my CDs and put them onto my iPod, which I still think is the best invention Apple ever did.

Of course, not every patent gets spun up into an invention, and the patent system itself is in need of reform.

Wells’s invention of time travel to modern pop culture like The Terminator.

The company plans to use the seed funding to market its invention to customers.

The obsession with invention and discovery impressed me.

Linn’s invention could be played straight out of the box by working musical professionals.

It’s a safe bet that this will spawn totally new kinds of apps, just as the invention of the smartphone made Uber possible.

The invention could make divers safer and more effective, and it definitely looks cool.

Before the invention of the internet, donating to a political campaign required the individual to mail a check.

On March 12, 2019, we celebrate the 30th anniversary of the “World Wide Web,” Tim Berners-Lee’s ground-breaking invention.

Runaway formal invention is joyful and scary.

Listen more carefully and discover quietly dissonant invention, modestly pretty and entertaining synthesizer noises, and indeed, soothingly peaceful ear candy.

But the technology behind projecting those images to create the illusion of a three-dimensional body has evolved very little since its invention.

An individual who possessed almost spiritual qualities—an aura which inspired constant invention and unflinching devotion.

Public Domain invention No clear inventor and no enforceable patent could be found for the Shenzhen versions so far.

This gives everyone the power to sell their work to the world, which is an unbelievable invention in and of itself.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

The first 10 are all he can do in engineering, in invention.

The single fluid theory of electricity is an awesome discovery, and so too is the invention of the lightning rod.

I realize that basing something on his notebooks could show me how the innovation, engineering and invention connected with art and the beautiful.

Since its invention a few years ago, the Blockchain has become the infrastructure layer that the Internet was crying out for.

It was, to me, the biography that would weave together the science of invention and art.

Brown, Impossible Foods’ plant-based burger may be the second greatest invention by a Doc Brown since the ’80s.

That’s a pretty important invention.

The government granted her a patent, but never compensated her for an invention now valued at $30 billion.

Though Lamarr, and her invention, have been the subject of research — and a Google Doodle!

How much of the invention did you take from your munitions magnate husband?

I know, but it’s a certain level of invention.

The recent invention of motor-driven military aircraft had led all nations to fear man-made storms of balloons raining bombs on their cities.

He previously founded and ran an invention startup called Quirky, which has struggled, and also started the successful smartphone accessory company Mophie.

The album too is littered with invention and indelible hooks.

He briefly considered founding Warby Franklin but ultimately decided not to profit off his invention.

Layaway thrived for decades after its invention but began to wane in the 1980s when credit cards became commonplace.

The popular proverb about necessity being the mother of invention is certainly true for us.

In the world of blockchain, it is the sector of fintech where most think Satoshi’s invention will have the greatest impact.

8,914,003 for an invention that converts a voicemail into a text message.

Moreover, the method described is so banal that even Star Trek had managed to come up with the invention years before My Health.

Their work often found that a “novel invention” wasn’t so novel after all.

As the name of the invention might suggest, Elsevier has created a way to peer review academic publications by using a computer.

It is important to reevaluate patent protection on a regular basis and consider filing on new features of the invention when applicable.

But, do not wait until your patent issues to commercialize your invention.

So the SEC came up with a solution in 2000 with the invention of 10b5-1 plans.

Receiving a patent does not mean, however, that it is necessarily a good invention or one that anyone will want to buy.

The city itself and Twitter are criticizing the invention.

The invention is clever because it knows for you.

He needed a recruit to try out his department’s newest invention: A device that beams physical sensation from one individual to another.

As a technology, the abacus predates the making of glass and the invention of the alphabet.

Rolo, who’s still up to no good, came to Jack with a whole new invention, one perfect for him.

Hamill explains that, before the invention of the cotton gin, a slave was expected to produce a shoeful of seeds.

But, an equally ridiculous and genius invention just changed those moments forever.

Most startups are best served with a simple IP harvesting process involving just three steps: (1) disclosure (2) invention review and (3) patent filing.

“Since the invention of computers, new technologies have made programming languages exponentially higher level,” Gigster co-founder Roger Dickey tells me.

Automatic forwarding is not some new and novel invention, but has been available across all the major email services for years.

(Its name stems from the invention of mechanical pianos.)

With the invention of the car came the invention of the car accident.

This is a tactic that dates all the way back to the accidental invention of the focus group in 1941.

The miniskirt was considered a sort of peaceful protest and went hand-in-hand with the sexual liberation of women and the invention of the Pill.

(Spicy tuna rolls, it’s worth noting, are an American invention — if the heavy-handed use of mayo wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway.)

It was the summer of 1970 and Weasels Ripped My Flesh by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of invention had just come out.

Mark Zuckerberg:​ And so that, because it’s not an American invention.

“Gluten intolerance is an invention,” says Rasmus.

As Jason Bourne demonstrates, the sense of discovery and invention is long gone.

When I tried to say, “How do you feel about the impact of your invention?” I couldn’t get an answer.

Finally, in 2007, the potential of Jackson’s invention was confirmed independently in France at the Polytech Nantes institution.

That businessman was named King Camp Gillette, and his invention was a steel safety razor.

Because it’s an invention made for mankind.

It’s an invention made to be used for work.

Are beer buttons the pinnacle of laziness and signs of the times, or are they the greatest invention we’ve seen in ages?

But this isn’t some Google invention gone bad — instead the driver of the lone vehicle has disintegrated just like some of the Avengers.

His first invention was the H1, a chronological tool used for determining longitude at sea.

Everything changed with the invention of the “talkie” — or movies with sound — in 1927.

This is most evident in the skits, which revive the invention exchange and carry it through all 14 episodes.

“Their [sense of] purpose is being lit up by the planet of invention,” she adds.

Marie asks to talk after, and Mer makes it clear that she’s still pissed about that threat to take her invention.

Just look at how young women consider school uniforms — an invention of the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages.

You’d be hard pressed to find an analyst in any field of economic policy who is against invention and innovation.

But at least in even the most recent BMWs, you’ll still see the standard round gauges that have adorned cars since their invention.

“Philo Farnsworth probably contributed more than anybody, but truth be told, it’s a shared invention that all these folks played a part in.”

In curatorial terms, using “may” to argue a link is speculative and marks a slippery slope towards invention.

Open invention Network (OIN) is another solution.

Further, classroom technology adoption begets even more entrepreneurship and invention in this sector.

invention and imitation are almost synonymous.

As a formal device, it allows freedom of invention, but the invention is structured by internal logic.

As a formal device, it allows freedom of invention, but the invention is structured by internal logic.

Your ruling planet, Mercury, clashes with Uranus, the planet of invention, early on today, which will create some tension—but will also bring some advances!

It’s well known that the invention of the railways increased the sales of books.

On the campaign trail on Wednesday, Trump served up a fresh invention about Clinton.

I want to go back 100 times as far: back to the invention of agriculture.

Always impressed, energized by optimism and invention in India.

“Death is very likely the single best invention of life,” he said.

From the invention of the wheel to Gutenberg’s printing press, humans have innovated and adapted to new technologies throughout history.

It’s very exciting when everything you make is new, when you’re around for the invention of complete areas of gaming.”

After its brief stay in Capricorn, Mars is back in Aquarius, the sign of invention, disruption, and the future.

Many philosophize that AI will be the last human invention.

Because why give something standard this year when you can wow with an insane invention?

Ransomware schemes have become a lot more effective since the invention of Bitcoin in 2009.

7:30 p.m. — I set the rice cooker to cook brown rice (best invention ever!)

Rather, it seems that they’ve become a mother of invention, especially when it comes to gluten-free and Paleo diets.

And while there is nothing outrightly troll-y about the tweet, it generated a shitstorm of responses—mostly negative—about her “invention.”

So, say what you will about her choco-cheese invention, but @h_xxda is in good company, culinarily speaking, and she remains unapologetic.

This is no Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, a recent invention by modern man.

In 1875, the invention of radio was still decades away.

For seasoned users of meal subscription services, the invention of the festive feast kit comes as a welcome aid.

We haven’t seen anything of this magnitude since the invention of the printing press in the 1400s.

“Queen Elizabeth was afraid of the dark, and never ever slept alone, and actually being alone in your bedroom is a relatively recent invention.

We have a machinist from New Jersey to thank for the invention of modern-day glitter.

“et tu, brute” is a renaissance invention “Caesar is a soldier,” Strauss says.

So where does this leave this ground-breaking invention?

As far as what Caesar said when he died, “Et tu, Brute” is a Renaissance invention.

“Art changed when painters were confronted with the invention of photography and now we―the artists―are confronted with automation of processes and procedural workflows.

But its history goes back all the way to the early 1900s and the invention of comics.

Do they think it is a helpful invention that encourages more people to cook?

(Its name stems from the invention of mechanical pianos.)

(Carbyne, by coincidence, was also borne out of the CEO getting mugged: necessity really is the mother of invention.)

The various sections track the ingenuity and invention that goes into the design of racialized ideas, words, and actions.

Residents of Buffalo, New York had loved their signature wings since their invention in 1964.

Thanks to the very 21st century invention of streaming, these comforting blasts from the past are only a “play” button away.

In her autobiography, the British author speaks to the invention of Poirot.

This gave way to a city of wide boulevards, electric gas lights, and (a new invention), department store shopping.

Fried pickles might be the best invention on Earth.

For instance, universities themselves (a medieval invention)!

She needed to be the next Steve Jobs, this had to be her invention, her patents.

This story lays the emotional weight of an invention like Theranos’ Edison blood-testing system at viewers’ feet.

Today he expresses remorse for his invention — and is increasingly tired of the whole story.

Around the time of the Sackbut’s invention, Le Caine had also spent several years working at the National Research Council (NRC) in Ottawa.

An invention of another self in order to be heard breaks my heart.

on a self-directed project — a policy that led to the invention of Gmail?

Who better to voice this fun invention than Ross?

He claims that the sandwich cake was a new culinary invention in 1965.

His role in the “invention” of the sandwich cake recalls another character in the history of sandwiches.

We have been able to speak, sing, dance, draw, write, create music and tell stories probably before the invention of the wheel.

“Kids can create a piggy-bank alarm, a catapult, or an invention of their own using modular pieces that snap together magnetically.

Drexciya exists as a sonic third space characterised by embedded myths, the construction of culture and the invention of tradition.

“I think invention is maybe like love,” says Dean.

AMLG: So you let them handle the scaling part and focus on the exciting bit, invention and cracking problems.

He wanted to see whether the kinds of insights that lead to invention could be engineered.

Let’s get all sorts of smart people in a room and figure out if we can turn invention into a well-defined process.

In general though invention is a messy proposition.

Whereas invention is synthesis.

I think invention is maybe like love.

What was your first invention?

DK: My first invention never made it to the big time.

That’s an invention.

When you look at an invention like bitcoin and blockchain technology more broadly, what we saw was, you know what?

The company began back in 1989 with the invention of a headband mini flashlight holder.

Many entrepreneurs assume that an invention carries intrinsic value, but that assumption is a fallacy.

Does your invention, when coupled to a few other products, yield a solution that’s worth far more than the sum of its parts?

His invention goes with him: All phones around the planet vanish.

From this inquest of space and history there is discovery and invention.

The invention of the wheel wasn’t just the invention of the wheel, it was also the invention of the road.

The same can’t be said for the Christmas special, where he’s purely an invention.

Hans Gruber’s urbane detachment is largely Rickman’s invention.

The invention of the modern mid-range and prosumer drone, on the other hand, points to just one company: DJI.

As the 80s wore on, hip-hop, an invention of the Bronx, was transforming the youth culture of the country Carter lived in.

The cow is an invaluable invention and a terrible animal, and we have only ourselves to blame.

Paras is at least an attempt at an invention: What happens when you merge a cicada with mushrooms?

Because Katie and I kill ourselves writing these scripts, but at the end of the day you still want invention.

Box wine—also known as cask wine or “goon bags” in Australia—is an Australian invention.

Thanks to his invention, Tomlinson won’t be.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and when you’re living that every single day, you’re coming up with ideas.

Aquarius is the sign of invention.

They call dogs humanity’s best invention.

The invention of videotapes in 1951 also introduced a then-novel way to teach and engage students.

But as the adage goes, necessity is the mother of invention, and it was exciting to see how the creative team tackled skywriting.

They call dogs humanity’s best invention.

And here’s a history of Japan’s most successful invention — ramen.

“The main object of the present invention is to provide a novel training equipment, training system and an input device,” the application reads.

All those sparks of insight and invention!

“Four turtle doves, four turtle necks.” That’s the invention of, that’s why they invented the turtleneck.

how seemingly intractable neurocomputational problems can become reasonable through the on-the-fly invention of new algorithms.

His invention filled a giant hole in the beverage industry left by declining beer sales.

And so, making that determination means looking not only at an invention, but also at the field as a whole, Conley says.

Wow, I’m the NASA Government invention of the Year for 2014!!!

Williams’s narrative invention and interest in the grotesque, caricature, and masks differentiate him from other black artists who depict the figure.

“The present invention relates to an operating system in which documents are stored in a chronologically ordered ‘stream,'” the patent begins.

One can see his wisecracking influence on Looney Tunes; many of its famous characters, including Daffy Duck, were his invention.

But with the invention of the car, anyone could drive out to the wilderness.

I want an invention that would make the task nothing but pure joy: house-cleaning lasers.

They’re wonders of human invention, metal machines that harness explosions into precise actions.

Except true love, the invention of the Fast Pass, and finding $10 in your winter coat.

“That’s like saying that any invention that is influenced by air must be an airplane.

But for every practical invention, there is also a totally outlandish, off-the-wall gizmo.

“That’s not an invention of fantasy,” he says.

Just because a computer gets involved doesn’t suddenly make an existing invention patentable.

Newcomen’s invention wasn’t very good: compared to Watt’s machine, it was inefficient and costly to run.

The invention of the automobile, for example, led to greater employment of taxi drivers.

(A quick refresher: design patents protect the “ornamental design” of an invention, while the more familiar utility patents protect functional elements.)

Staccato, nimble, and bursting with harmonic and rhythmic invention, these women play guitars how they were meant to be played.

Basically, the entire way we live today is a consequence of the invention of the automobile.

But at some point, you have to choose — it will always be somewhere on the scale between invention and fact.

—James Agee The confusion is not my invention.

“What if it was a discovery, not an invention?” another muses.

I enjoy that aspect of translation — that it is a form of writing that doesn’t involve the invention of the piece of writing.

Continuous creative invention.

This gives you agency over your experience in and of the world and necessitates the application of the best human invention: fashion.

“It’s a matter of starting it here.” Cook knows a little something about “modern manufacturing processes” because he was there at its invention.

First, it’s important to note that despite the contemporary association of concentration camps with the Shoah, they are not a Nazi invention.

And right now it’s a time for invention rather than profiting.

The Impossible Foods veggie burger that bleeds may turn out to be a revolutionary invention.

The Gees Bend quilters taught me that necessity and creativity are the parents of invention.

“This decision will forfeit the opportunity to promote American exports, reduce trade barriers, open new markets, and protect American invention and innovation.

The invention was described in a study published today in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Consider the Pomodoro Technique®, an offline invention of the 1980s now undergoing an app-fueled revival.

He unveiled his invention to me in an underground parking structure out of the trunk of his car.

Of course, electric motors aren’t a new invention.

Despite the high price, Mastrangelo swears by his invention.

“Creation” is an “act of will,” Hell wrote in 1976, the invention of an “attitude for myself toward anything.

If this invention reminds you of that nightmarish Black Mirror episode where robot honeybees are hacked to kill people, don’t worry too much.

It isn’t their failure to actually kill John Wick that’s the problem, it’s their complete lack of invention or innovation in trying.

He spent approximately two decades hammering out the specifications of his invention.

In no time, I was smitten with the process of finding new ingredients and trying new recipes of my own invention.

I, like most of you, it seems, long for originality; for invention and creativity.

The power of the thong disintegrated with the invention of the seamless brief.

And he contributed to research in electricity and magnetism that led to the invention of the telegraph.

As much as I want to hate on this invention, I can’t deny it kind of makes sense?

A seven-member team, including one emergency room doctor, won $2.6 million this week for their new tricorder-esque invention called the DxtER.

But homosexuality, of course, was by no means a 19th-century invention.

His new invention is the Play-o-Wave, a fully functional microwave with a screen mounted on it.

Perhaps the presidential hopeful was referring to the fabled Filet-O-Fish, a staple at McDonald’s pretty much since its invention in 1962.

They’ve put a lot of thought and invention into catering to the lowest common denominator.

So any task that requires innovation or invention or some flexibility — I think the general system will be the only to do that.

This was the invention of a model that now powers Facebook and Google and every form of commercial media.

I think the industry hit primetime in the First World War, with the invention of systematic propaganda techniques.

But we’ve mostly gotten cheaper goods or modest quality improvements — not the invention of major new product categories.

This is supposed to be exciting — a celebration of the profligacy of human invention and imagination.

We are beacons of invention, technology, and science.

The internet is a wondrous invention that connects us all, but for now, the old-fashioned phone call is still a powerful tool.

Brilliant British inventor Colin Furze has created his very own BMO, the perfect invention for killing time in the kitchen.

Furze is like the Gordon Ramsay of DIY invention.

Small child not claimed in invention.

Ricky Gervais took a stab at imagining that possibility in his 2009 comedy The invention of Lying, as did China Miéville in Embassytown.

The list includes Peter Thiel’s “Zero to One” and “Our Final invention” by James Barrat.

But the researchers have already filed a provisional patent application for their invention, according to C&E News.

French bureaucracy has also historically been a drag on entrepreneurship and invention.

Even if only one in a million people were interested in using an invention violently, that could lead to disaster.

Maker Faire is the Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly showcase of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker Movement.

Some new invention came around and all of sudden one sport became a new sport.

Nostalgia itself promotes stagnation or regression, which is antithetical to the advancement that invention represents.

His invention held the toe of the skier’s boot by a pivoting clip.

Seriously, phones are the most amazing human invention, but we should live our lives with them, not through them.

Perhaps the most impressive invention comes from Momoka Kinder, who created an accordion that’s powered by sunlight.

On Wednesday, the contest’s organizers announced that Cardon had won the $15,000 top prize for his prototype invention.

Here’s how his invention works and why it just might revolutionize space travel.

“I think the thing that’s so great about the invention is the versatility,” Cardon says.

So we were ahead on the invention, but we’re not making them at that scale.

(Spicy tuna rolls, it’s worth noting, are an American invention — if the heavy-handed use of mayo wasn’t enough of a dead giveaway.)

And it has my favorite invention ever: removable joysticks, which really help when packing the remote in your bag.

(Its name stems from the invention of mechanical pianos.)

This invention was enough for Liberto to be christened the “Father of Nachos” throughout the duration of his life.

Microsoft announced today that it’s joining the Open invention Network (OIN), an open-source patent group designed to help protect Linux from patent lawsuits.

His passion for invention and pushing forward inspired so many.

In this end game of our long exploration of our planet, the remaining unvisited destinations required the invention of new modes of transport.

And it was not wholly our invention.

Is Fitzgerald’s seeming invention of “forensic linguistics” worth anybody’s time, or is it complete bullshit?

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” the governor said.

It’s a human invention, a value token that makes exchange easier.

RP: Nature as a concept, like every other concept, is a human invention.

There’s more kid-friendly invention in the world of animation, where the Amblin influence feels less like gospel.

Green beer is an American invention.

Conspiracy theories have been around for a long time, but social media is a relatively new invention in the span of human history.

The invention of the browser is one.

Religion and race are invention of the savage and uncivil people.”

Religion and race are invention of the savage and uncivil people.”

Another kooky invention to experience will be offering is a chance to see the Pop-Tarts Crypt beneath Kellogg’s NYC café.

Since their invention by China’s Tang Dynasty in the 7th century, humans have been awed by fireworks.

Like a Fitbit, this new invention detects how many steps your dog takes in a day, but the technology goes beyond counting paw movement.

If someone asked you what the world’s greatest invention was, what would you say?

Uranus is the planet of invention and genius, of surprise and electricity.

Morgan Fowler is a scientist who helped develop the Indigo Cooler, a backpack-like invention that keeps vaccines cool without electricity, batteries, or ice.

He says he’s happy the invention he made for his little girl can help other children.

And just in case you were wondering, she claims she was “completely sober” while devouring this invention.

The Hollywood Reporter’s John DeFore said “Fantastic Beasts” would appeal both to Potter fans and to newcomers, praising its invention and special effects.

Diaper sensors that connect to smartphones are in some ways the natural progression of this tradition of invention.

Ever had one of those lightbulb moments, imagining a cool new pet invention while hanging out with your cat or dog?

“I think there’s so much opportunity for invention there,” he told Fortune in an interview published in March.

This invention keeps your pup from shedding on the car, couch or anywhere they are wearing the acrobat-chic outfit.

Many historians attribute their invention to Australian scientist David Warren in the 1950s.

Chiu also shared several links about bystander invention, as well as an op-ed piece she had written in the wake of the incident.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t Gitanjali’s first invention.

It is a Jewish invention that does nothing but invent diseases and tell people they have problems when they don’t,” Roof wrote.

3.Don’t get too excited when you read The Fountainhead  4.In times of recession, it is time for invention.

But thanks to a new invention, those Merlot marks and Syrah stains could be a thing of the past.

She is currently working on a book called Strange Love: Neoliberalism, Affect and the invention of Social Justice.

The invention of solid fuel solved the problem.

This animal invention is 44 percent off the original price of $249 for Prime Day.

It created a great culture of invention at Bloomberg, which has more software engineers than journalists.

Boredom is the mother of invention pretty much.

Jain says that his invention makes radiotherapy treatment more efficient by honing in on the exact location of the pancreas.

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