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Pepper sprayed, deprived of food and water, intrusively probed, and handcuffed so tightly to the point of numbness and bleeding — these are just some of the abuses several people allegedly endured at the hands of the D.C. police in the aftermath of the Inauguration Day protests in January.

Pepper sprayed, deprived of food and water, intrusively probed, and handcuffed so tightly to the point of numbness and bleeding — these are just some of the abuses several people allegedly endured at the hands of the D.C. police in the aftermath of the Inauguration Day protests in January.

And if anyone argues that intrusively watching a person’s every activity by simple virtue of their race is over the top, we can say: well, yes, it is.

Emergent VR experiences would resemble expansive sandboxes in which the storytelling is more ambient than actively (or intrusively) exposited.

He’ll return, too soon, to find us intrusively touching his things.

“As the complaint details,” she continues, “children were intrusively searched in front of their classmates.

I have bad news for anyone eager to see what’s locked away in this void, and good news for those who think secret Egyptian pyramid chambers should be left untouched: There are no plans, at this point, to intrusively burrow into the mysterious chamber.

But the diner could never be better than what it was; it will be modern when we crave retro, the service will be intrusively mediocre when we were used to it being charmingly slow, and the food will probably have green next to it.

In Mario Maker 2 itself, Nintendo says it will delete courses if “the user intrusively requested likes from other users in-game,” “the user took advantage of bugs that were unintended by either the course creator or the developers,” “course data was modified in an unintended way,” “the user frequently disconnected during play,” and “any other behavior in violation of the Nintendo Code of Conduct.” A lot of those are reasonable and meant to create a level playing field, but they’re only as reasonable as the actual justification used to enforce them.

It also recently took in a chunk of VC to capitalize on what its investors see as a growing international opportunity to help internet users go about their business without being intrusively snooped on.

For example, asking if you want to book an Uber based on hearing the word “taxi.” The team is working to develop a solution that listens in passively, and not intrusively, so as to maximize battery life and protect user privacy.

But the one feature perhaps most likely to elicit a “finally!” has largely gone unnoticed: the volume slider no longer intrusively blankets the entire screen.

Instead of going live at a concert and intrusively demanding the full attention of your friends and family,  you can record 10-second highlights to your Snapchat Story, which they can view within 24 hours before the clips erase automatically.

That feeling should not have been there, but it was, intrusively.

On a basic level you can set up a motion-sensing camera like the $129 Canary, which will buzz you as soon as a person is detected coming through the front door—it can distinguish between people and other types of motion, and of course does plenty of other tricks too, like measuring temperature and humidity at home.If checking a picture on your phone seems like too much effort, or you don’t necessarily want to snoop so intrusively on your kids, a $229 August Smart Lock can grant access based on a mobile device, telling you exactly who has come through the door and when.

Indeed, the Washington Post reported, “The professor’s interactions with Trump advisers began a few weeks before the opening of the investigation, when (campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page) met the professor at the British symposium.” If Halper’s “interactions” began in June or earlier, there may be some debate when the investigation actually “opened.” His work could not just contradict Comey’s prior statements but raise new questions on why the FBI moved so quickly and intrusively against the Trump campaign.

Less intrusively, Trump could recognize that the 10-50-mile corridor on the American side of the border is in effect a zone of military operations given the lawlessness there.

It will become intrusively noisy, what with papers, foil and cans being opened.

Two home-made sweets were pleasant — the crème brûlée was satiny and the tiramisù was creamy — though I would have liked the latter better with a dusting of cocoa rather than the intrusively crunchy chocolate chips on top.

Doug Carr, a security expert at the National Business Aviation Association, said the steep drop in traffic at Palm Beach International during the president’s recent visits indicates the planes’ operators have decided to avoid the area altogether rather than deal with the hassle and expense of diverting off course and having their aircraft, crew and passengers intrusively searched and vetted.

Mr. Norman’s influences — Thomas Adès, garnished by John Adams and John Williams — poke through more intrusively than in his other recent works.

“He’d weighed in strong, almost intrusively, I thought,” Mr. Folds wrote.

Mr. Olshefski doesn’t pry too intrusively into their lives.

It is deeply corrupt and hardly a thriving democracy, but it is far less intrusively authoritarian than China.

The privacy law highlights broader skepticism of Silicon Valley in Europe, where regulators have punished companies for violating tax and antitrust laws, not doing enough to stop the spread of hate speech and misinformation online, and intrusively gobbling up data on consumers.

Its taut tale of the ravaging effects of jealousy has not been intrusively styled, as so many productions of Shakespeare are today, in a mode of searing contemporary relevance.

Many brought up the fact that Teddy Quinlivan, who recently appeared in a Louis Vuitton campaign and who spoke up about being transgender last fall, was dropped by her New York agency shortly after she posted a statement on Instagram about being aggressively and intrusively touched on a shoot, and complained to her agents about the perpetrator.

Take this description of the ad company DoubleClick: “DoubleClick, which distributes ads to consumers on thousands of Web sites, has taken a public beating from advocates for privacy rights, who contend that it tracks people’s online wanderings too intrusively.

There’s an additional level of scrutiny given to anyone who is singled out for attention after they’re “randomly” pulled out of line or their gender is intrusively questioned by a TSA agent.

During a job interview in October 2013, Mr. Neumann “unlawfully and intrusively” asked Ms. Bardhi whether she planned to get married or become pregnant — a question that left her “stunned and uncomfortable,” according to the complaint.

BSR’s report warned that celebrity facial recognition could be used intrusively, for example if it were applied to surveillance footage in order to collect or broadcast live notifications on a person’s whereabouts.

In 1975, when ABC (which had bought the rights to the show’s fourth season from Time-Life) broadcast the first installment of the intrusively edited compilations, it was Ms. Lewis who brought the butchery to the Pythons’ attention.

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