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Incorporating traditional vodou lyrics and instruments (rara horns, petwo drums), and singing in Kreyòl, French, and English, it was a perfect combination.

As Cassini descends into the atmosphere, “several of the instruments will be on,” including the mass spectrometer, Dyches says.

The Drums Sadly, also featuring other instruments.

Yet these treatments can be blunt instruments, killing healthy cells along with cancerous ones.

Like band instruments,” he explains further noting that he has always loved music despite a professional career not coming to fruition until recently.

His handmade tool is now one of the top 10 gardening devices globally on Amazon, garnering praise from farmers looking for solid weeding instruments.

Can authoritarianism tell us anything about the supporters of these other candidates, or do we need other instruments, with finer resolution?

I’m really interested in the way this release centers on the interplay between electronic instruments and techniques and acoustic instruments.

In particular, what such instruments are stable against and how fixed their exchange rates are need to be determined.

LCH, part of the LSE, dominates clearing in euro-denominated instruments such as debt repurchase agreements and interest rate swaps.

“We see that all the key banks are actively returning to us with proposals for different instruments.

Sources connected to the situation tell us the loot allegedly includes expensive designer shoes, signed jerseys, MLB trophies, musical instruments, patio furniture and more.

Think Chromeo with more live instruments and a seedier, insouciant slink.

As these instruments improved, they could pick up small changes in arousal that a human observer would probably miss.

They cannot afford to be, or be seen as, primarily instruments of the Democrats.

NASA officials say it will take two to three months for the main instruments to be deployed and put into operation.

In a Facebook post you compared the process to being a kid and trying your hand at loads of different instruments.

The industry needs stable policies and appropriately structured and varied cost recovery instruments to attract and sustain participation from both foreign and indigenous investors.

One of the instruments for cost recovery available to investors is the tariff charged to electricity consumers.

They cultivate an interesting atmosphere, as well, occasionally cushioning the extremity with traditional Moroccan folk instruments or scratchy electronic moments.

In addition, I create instruments and decorative objects out of gourds, so this room serves many purposes.

The old-timey instruments in Westworld play some very well-known hits, if you listen closely.

Although all the instruments were actually acoustic, it sounded like electronic music in the rhythms.

So we used a lot of different instruments.

Included within these were traditional temple construction, instruments, marionettes, and classical dance, often grounded in Buddhist myths and stories.

I just don’t like this idea of people buying very sophisticated digital instruments that, in a sense, are pieces of music unto themselves.

Mike Kinsella: Playing together was always different because we didn’t always have the same instruments around.

All the instruments are playing at once, and it’s a cacophony.

At the time, she was doing some strange stuff with a lot of different instruments and voices.

But on Thursday Putin said that Roldugin had spent his money on musical instruments that he intended to donate.

But on Thursday Putin said that Roldugin had spent his money on musical instruments that he intended to donate.

It educates you about instruments of torture and how demand for those things seems to have fallen off.

Texas instruments shares make up about 2 percent of the Hodges Blue Chip Equity Income fund.

“I believe in recording live all together, with vintage instruments, tools and a vintage process.

Inspired by Werner Herzog’s documentary Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Murray-Browne created The Cave of Sounds, in which eight artists created experimental instruments.

(I learned what instruments she used from the catalogue essay, which was written by my Hyperallergic Weekend colleague, Thomas Micchelli).

Like slavery in centuries past, these money havens are not eccentricities but structural instruments of the capitalist global economy.

“I think Mellotron is one of the spookiest sounding instruments, so I think it added a haunted feel to the record,” he says.

Ida and Christina sing and whistle as they take turns playing a vast amount of different instruments throughout the four-hour seance.

I find some fundamental contradictions in imitating Mayan rituals in a public park in Denmark by singing in English and playing Tibetan instruments.

Elliott Associates revealed that it holds Bayer shares and financial instruments equivalent to 1.1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) worth of Bayer stock.

They’re using the system they never wanted — using the instruments we fought for — to gain power.”

You had kids who couldn’t afford instruments, but their parents had a great record collection, in some cases.

We played with toy instruments and banged on metal folding chairs and other found objects.

Annual festival First Timers encourages marginalized people to pick up instruments and start a band.

They’d dragged their couches onto the sidewalk, along with beer and a few small speakers and an assortment of instruments.

The combined American, British, and French response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power: military, economic, and diplomatic.

And it is not just instruments or paintings in high demand among the world’s billionaire set.

As Public Eye, the band have swapped instruments and gone through a reinvention of sorts that brings a more post punk feel.

We’re starting to see this proliferation of technique and virtuosity in the performance of these instruments.

Thrilling in its reticence, Palette is primarily a triumph of arrangement, of instruments positioned next to each other in complimentary proportions.

The next pairing of instruments, a Japanese koto and a Flemish “double virginal” keyboard, similarly draws a tangental line between two cultural histories.

(If you’re curious as to what the instruments sound like, you can listen to them online.)

The instruments’ significance extends to the realms of religion and politics.

In short, these musical instruments serve as a microcosm of human history itself.

The absence of nuclear testing conveys a very different message: that nuclear weapons aren’t like other instruments of war.

The hope that such machines will remain instruments of human production is just that — a hope.

But I do look forward to doing more projects like this, with instruments.

Grammars—by which I mean all kinds of connecting tactics—are our instruments of invention, as well as of power.

In some works musicians play instruments, horns blare, and hot sun blazes down.

I don’t even play any instruments per se.

We need people who understand economic sanctions and diplomatic pressure and how to employ those instruments in order to avoid war.

Broken pews and damaged musical instruments were still strewn around church grounds on Thursday, with about a dozen police standing guard.

You don’t have the instruments; you don’t think the same way.

Dead whales, washed ashore, regularly carry inside them the instruments of our convenience.

It educates you about instruments of torture and how demand for those things seems to have fallen off.

Not only do the objects appear in the film as medical instruments, they function as artifacts or “art objects” in a museum.

These form Aaron Taylor Kuffner‘s gamelatron installation, a series of automated bronze instruments that derive from the traditional Indonesian gamelan.

Her puppet shows provide the opening act for Quintron, a musician known for his unusual homemade instruments and electronic sound.

He later offered me gigs that mainly involved pretending to play instruments over backing tracks with other random foreigners.

So the instruments vary, and they’re very different.

Antique musical instruments and lamps, mannequin parts and dozens of other tchotchkes are surrounding the DJ and the crowd.

The band barely knew how to play their instruments, yet they had inspiration.

Lynch added that other valuable collections can include musical instruments or even bottles of wine.

Swarms of precisely choreographed light beams will create tunnels, vortexes, and building-sized instruments made from light at a massive art festival this summer.

The FDIC can adjudicate claims quickly under this receivership, including putting a hold on derivatives and other complicated financial instruments.

Attached to these instruments, DARKNESS could yield significant breakthroughs in exoplanet detection.

These collections comprise masks, statuary, instruments, weaponry, jewelry, and utilitarian objects.

An electronic track had to be refashioned on “traditional” instruments for it to make sense for the Grammys.

Even the paintings with cowry (or cowrie) shells remind me that these naturally occurring objects were once instruments of payment.

Sonically, it’s all about the spaciousness, that unapologetically saccharine lead, and the timbre of popular 80s digital synthesizers and MIDI instruments.

As in years past, Moogfest 2016 features all sorts of experimental art installations and instruments.

“The question is not whether we have instruments; we do have instruments.

There are hundreds and hundreds of instruments, each more useless than the last.

Does the world need so many instruments?

Texas instruments Worse than a regular calculator because you can’t even write BOOBIES upside-down with all this graph nerd shit in the way.

Singing Saw Cool instruments don’t come from Home Depot.

Crash Cymbal Wow some genius had the brilliant idea to smash two instruments together, congrats.

Holley’s sculptures piece together rebar, broken-down instruments, old lamps, typewriters, and other detritus, showing objects decayed and stripped down to their textures.

First, it was seen in observations of the Perseus galaxy gathered by both instruments, and, then, it was all over the place.

Now, for twelve hours the balloon would strive to hold position while she verified all its instruments.

Then I began freestyle singing, and people were playing instruments.”

It also includes fresh produce, meat, watches, pesticides, motorcycles, cocoa, infant formula, fireworks, yarn, baby pacifiers, and musical instruments.

U.S.-based Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading supplier of cryo-electron microscopy instruments.

As a boy, Moreira went to church with his mother, where he learned how to play instruments.

As a result, euro zone authorities need to “urgently” develop and if necessary, deploy macroprudential instruments for non-banks as well, de Guindos added.

It’s fuckin’ real instruments and it’s real people, you know what I mean?

So, there are a bunch of instruments you guys haven’t used before thrown into the mix of this record.

Put a Commodore, and a Texas instruments … at my elementary school, it was sort of like a hodgepodge.

This may include joint use of aircraft, spacecraft, scientific instruments, and ground-based antennas for tracking or data acquisition.

Instead of finding samples I’ll play instruments and make them sound like old samples that I found.

It needed to include in a small space many more lab instruments.

Did you have to teach yourself new instruments and stuff to do that?Not really.

And he slashed the coat of a spectator while he was changing instruments.

“I think that the more financial instruments there are in the modern world, the more stable the global financial system will be,” Medvedev said.

This album features less of the sampling heard on Love Songs: Part One, and more of yourself playing various instruments.

It meant playing a larger variety of instruments on this album and dedicating longer passages to solos.

So everyone in Bikini Bottom gathers to practice instruments they’ve never played and master them in a matter of days.

How many of you have played musical instruments before?

Plankton: Do instruments of torture count?

Along with Misrach’s photographs, which were on the wall, the room contained a number of Galindo’s homemade instruments on pedestals.

Galindo is a composer in the vein of Harry Partch, which is to say he makes his own instruments out of unlikely materials.

The music is such that I found it possible to forget, however briefly, what the instruments were made from.

Some sources suggest that the Denis d’or was also capable of mimicking the sounds of plucked stringed instruments including harps and lutes.

For one thing, it could be divided into three groups: photographs, musical instruments, and artifacts.

When I was looking at the ladders, I was not sure if Galindo had turned them into musical instruments or not.

“Here’s one now with no voices, just instruments,” he says before “Let’s Go Away For Awhile.” The crowd laughs politely.

Yeah there was mandolin and violin and cello, just a number of different instruments.

Indeed, when researchers found signs of severe ozone depletion in the 1970s, they initially thought their instruments were faulty.

It makes instruments and software that support the research and development of drugs.

These are instruments almost no drones have, and the regulations being used are for manned aircraft.

Electronic instruments are also not entirely new in the classical world.

Olivier Messiaen used three early electronic instruments called ondes Martenots in his 1937 opera Saint-François d’Assise.

Sterile instruments are used, but there’s no need to perform the procedure in a sterile operating room.

For me, I use other artists as instruments.

Most people aren’t thinking about Jagged Edge, but for me it’s like all voices are all different instruments.

I imagine you’re kind of a geek for different instruments and studio stuff.Stupid geek!

The chosen instruments of Marilu Donovan and Adam Markiewicz—a harpist and violinist, respectively, who record together as LEYA—carry with them certain connotations.

In technology, my dad—a boomer who was building simple computers from his Bronx bedroom while still in junior high—saw imperfect instruments of progress.

There’s no instruments to be found aside from the human voice.

I don’t know how to play any other instruments, so this is my only way to shine.

The only documents of Jud Jud’s existence were their two seven-inches, 1997’s The Demos and 1998’s No Tolerance For instruments.

In 1998, Jud Jud’s No Tolerance For instruments would be the second and final release in Victory’s Swingin’ Singles series.

Soon, Bauermeister and drummer Adam Pfahler are found picking up their instruments playing together.

Knowing that most of the players wouldn’t actually play the instruments, Berryman prioritized the guitar’s visual aesthetics.

For underwater heritage it needs to be at least 100 years old but for musical instruments it can be 50 years old.

Many are about children learning to play instruments as a child, and obviously they’re writing about themselves.

But the nascent mathematics of uncertainty didn’t know what to make of those complex instruments.

For the Symphony for a Broken Orchestra, he will create an orchestration from the cacophony of the Philadelphia schools’ imperfect instruments.

“It’s a beautiful leveler.” Following the performances, the instruments will be repaired and returned to schools by the fall of 2018.

The idea appeals to a primal anxiety that there could be something wrong with the instruments I have to see the world.

I felt like the only way I could match that is to have live instruments.

And these instruments that are bought and sold are way overpriced.

They have sold a net 61.89 billion rupees of such instruments so far this year.

It recommended that the use of these instruments be restricted and that the label includes a boxed warning, the most severe possible.

“It is possible under the law for us to invest in banking instruments, in portfolio or directly,” he said.

The Shanghai Restoration Project’s killer soundtrack enlivens these pauses, blending traditional Chinese instruments with hip hop, electronica, and trance.

They also take X-rays, use dental instruments to remove deposits and stains from teeth and gums.

“We have stripped a lot of the needless instruments out,” said Oliver.

I think probably the most was actually a heads-up display from Recon instruments, the Recon Jet, which is a sport-focused one.

Fitch therefore expects some continued issuance of subordinated instruments.

ABN AMRO’s CRD IV-compliant perpetual non-cumulative additional Tier 1 instruments are notched five times below the bank’s VR.

They have net sold 63.3 billion rupees of such instruments so far this year.

Well, I’m not especially sanguine about human nature, so I tend to think we can’t be trusted with instruments of this power.

These ratings are in accordance with Fitch’s criteria and assessment of the instruments non-performance and loss severity risk profiles.

I did a lot of gesture stuff in the ’80s at the media lab with hyper instruments.

They weren’t satisfying to play instruments with woo woo woo.

The government is trying to create a market for such instruments.

Filings on Monday show that Sports Direct now has an indirect 17.08% stake in the retailer through financial instruments.

They have sold a net 61.89 billion rupees of such instruments so far this year.

“This (CBA’s issue) is just another one of their instruments or PERLS as they’re called,” said McGlew.

Prince is the sole person credited on his debut album, 1978’s For You; he boastfully played 21 instruments.

My husband produced and played over half the instruments on it.

The vocals are often muffled, instruments drown out others at times, and it’s full of jarring starts and stops.

The group transforms Lean’s version, adding layered instruments to the otherwise naked track.

Texas instruments Inc rose 1.8% after its quarterly report.

He fought with local and regional officials to record instruments the way he wanted, not the way they wanted them recorded.

Communications equipment made up 13 percent of Texas instruments’ revenue in 2016.

Excluding the tax expense, Texas instruments earned $1.09 per share, matching analysts’ average estimate, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

Maybe, he said, one of the flight instruments was acting up with interference, and the pilot didn’t want to take chances.

Floating buoyantly over a jittery combination of live instruments and programmed sounds, it’s colorful, splashy party music.

You have electronic musical instruments like analog synths, FM synths and drum machines.

Besides, electronic instruments have come a long way since then, so anything from that era just ends up sounding really dated by comparison.

Simultaneously faint and ornate, the album accrues light, feathery instruments to no end — strings, bilious keyboard swirl, breathy harmonies.

Key attributes for both instruments include the ability to defer coupon payments for up to five years.

Caesar’s compositions reflect a fascination with seduction, beauty instruments used in beauty rituals, and the theme of the sea.

Very little is changed after the recording is captured, other than some basic tweaking to make sure the instruments are all at equal volumes.

This person is simply here to make some tunes with unconventional instruments, without any of the frills.

The foam also provides a load-bearing layer for the facesheets and a thermal buffer for the probe’s instruments.

NASA scientists can “listen” to the sound of dust hitting Cassini’s instruments, and were amazed how silent the trip was.

(By “listen,” I mean they convert radio frequencies captured by Cassini’s instruments into audio files.

Do you find yourself experimenting with new instruments for each film?

I didn’t pick up too many acoustic instruments, in fact, I don’t think I used any for Neon Demon.

Both are effortless and consistent on their instruments and with the crowd.

As it descends into Saturn’s atmosphere, “several of the instruments will be on,” including the mass spectrometer, Preston Dyches, a NASA spokesperson, says.

There is cohesiveness because it’s us playing, and it’s our instruments and our studio and all these flavors.

And Skaf designated another room for instruments, which he builds and repairs.

Each aircraft has a suite of sensitive instruments mounted on its nose.

Much like the detection of gravitational waves, which requires extraordinarily precise instruments, neutrinos are tough to capture due to their spectral nature.

Going forward the index would allow container rates to become tradable instruments by investors.

The 50-year-old had spent years restoring and selling houses, cars, and musical instruments, often clocking 12-hour workdays, to save up more than $91,000.

Parhamovich said he prefers having his cash with him on hand in case opportunities present themselves to buy, for example, new instruments.

In your mind, are there specific instruments that belong in specific eras?

Using the spacecraft’s instruments, they surmised the space between Saturn and its rings were squeaky clean.

“I was just really into acoustic instruments,” he says.

Speak and Spell is this Texas instruments … it really matters.

In particular, what such instruments are stable against and how fixed their exchange rates are need to be determined.

Writing for those instruments meant something.

So it took a while for me to realize that I wanted to put [1-bit sounds] onstage with acoustic instruments.

Urgent and beautiful, the sequin-covered banners feel like deeply personal instruments of change.

We didn’t just marry ourselves to the “classic” or “native” way of using the instruments this time around.

I needed time to learn instruments and styles and listen to more music to get there.

I come from a musical family, grew up dancing, singing, and playing instruments.

At one point, trumpets are introduced to the mix, with scattered off-stage performers blowing their instruments without warning.

(Cassandra Clare has the Mortal instruments franchise, but that movie flopped.)

The bands I liked set up their gear on the floor and said things like “learn not to play your instruments.”

From what I can tell it manages to do this while offering a deeper set of capabilities than many or most comparable iPad instruments.

The interior was filled with instruments and other artifacts that former-residents referred to as a “living art installation.”

Learning our instruments together, finding new musical ways, and creating so much music.

Everyone has the same instruments but how you use them—that’s the big difference.

When it debuted in 1998, Symphonie Fantastique was accompanied by a recording of the original orchestral version, which employs 90 instruments.

As he played recreations of early stringed instruments and a goat horn, a sense of timelessness and awe swept through the crowd.

It turned out to be very fortunate that the cello may be the most elastic and modifiable of all instruments.

Because ADULT have an all analog studio in their Detroit “bunker,” Chrysler also jammed on other electronic instruments during the writing and recording process.

ZTE paid over $100 million each to Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O), Broadcom Inc (AVGO.O), Intel Corp (INTC.O) and Texas instruments (TXN.O), the official said.

He was subsequently arrested and charged with various crimes, including “possessing instruments of crime,” which was “namely, dead catfish.”

FluZUsic/FLUXUS MUSIC at Bob Rauschenberg Gallery is a sweeping, interactive presentation of artwork, instruments, and compositions.

This weekend, musicians combined forces with coders at a London hackathon designed to create one-off musical instruments.

Cryptocurrency companies are seeking to sway the debate by launching instruments based on physical assets and certified as valid by Islamic advisors.

“I invite everyone to use the instruments of diplomacy to resolve the complex problems of the conflicts in the Middle East,” he said.

It is one of dozens of advisory firms around the world that offer their opinion on whether financial instruments meet sharia standards.

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The first instruments they developed lacked the sensitivity required to detect the elusive waves.

“The question is not whether we have instruments; we do have instruments.

After a pause he added with a sheepish smile that “The instruments worked pretty well, so we’re happy.”

Some countries have enacted acts but the enforcement of those instruments for the promotion of women’s and children’s rights – that is missing.

But they also play their own instruments and—up until recently at least—make pop punk tracks thick with riffs and chants and drums.

Do any of your children play instruments?I never really thought about it like that.

Williams’ Motion Graphics works are fractured and high-gloss, cycling through synth sounds and MIDI instruments at random thanks to some nifty Ableton program.

I made this sampler instrument with Ableton Live that scrolls through 100 different instruments at random.

When you hold the notes down it freezes the instruments in pitch and time.

It never plays the same combination of instruments twice, and sort of mimics that rhythm we get from aggregated news.

What happens is that sudden losses in financial instruments cause companies and consumers to stop spending, leading to tumbling growth, layoffs, and debt defaults.

Jacob Waddell, 36, is being charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting meetings and processions, and possessing instruments of crime, according to police.

ONC is adding 18 km of underwater cables to its operation, installing new monitoring instruments in the Endeavour hydrothermal vents off the BC coast.

For Imagine (2012) and Disarm (2013), he built musical instruments out of decommissioned weapons seized by the Mexican army from drug cartels.

Almost a kind of Balearic vibe on “Urbane Sunset.” Are there a lot of actual instruments on the album?

Authorities will do forensic testing on medical instruments in his possession.

Smithson, who has had a debilitating stutter most of his life, began playing instruments as a young child.

Their members were irascible boozers and partiers from the dirty, hard-scrabble South who just happened to be good at their instruments.

So as an early Halloween treat, THUMP has compiled the 31 best horror scores composed on electronic instruments.

Now the onus is on NASA and other space agencies to design instruments capable of detecting as many signs of life as possible.

Many musicians prefer these 300-year-old instruments, but are they actually worth it?

Perhaps the instruments weren’t as finely tuned.

There are bloody footprints covering the wooden floor, and rusty surgical instruments decorate tables.

The main instruments are the gumbri, the shqashiq, and the tabla.

His instruments were so thoughtfully conceived that they will continue to conjure up sounds that we could never imagine.

That’s not even mentioning instruments, which have included everything from tubas to Chick Corea’s 900-pound grand piano.

U.S. rivals also fell, with Texas instruments and NXP Semiconductors both down more than 2 percent.

But they struck us as triaging a hopeless catastrophe, like field surgeons in the Civil War with no access to clean instruments.

AL: A good example here is the Markets in Financial instruments Directive.

Parties in the strongest version of McGovern-Fraser’s theory would serve as the instruments of grassroots will.

is living proof that organic instruments are not the be all and end all.

Horsewhip is more technically proficient on their instruments than CWV and ROM ever were, which is not exactly saying much.

To prove they really know how to play their instruments?

The live instruments create a sense of raw, untamed tension.

The complaint depicts an organization in mortal peril, whose lack of access to basic financial instruments could threaten its very existence.

So many parts, so many instruments.

You continue to play all the instruments?Yeah, I still play all the instruments, it just works the best for me.

All the people who can actually handle their instruments have played there (yes, this includes Stevie Ray Vaughn).

“It’s such a weird combination of live instruments and electronic instruments,” he says.

The mandolin is actually tuned the same way as a violin; they’re both tuned to be melodic instruments.

“Banks will get no respite from the final rules, as more expensive capital instruments replace senior unsecured issuance,” Fitch Ratings said in a note.

Do you have custom-made instruments?

The senior unsecured debt (RUB-denominated local bonds) is rated in line with the Long-Term IDR, according to Fitch’s criteria for rating such instruments.

I can be very personal and write lyrics and play instruments in one guise, but this project lets me be impersonal and non-human.

The instruments have a huge presence in the song.

I played a lot of the [instruments] in “4422” by hand.

With better instruments and monitoring, geologists are aiming to build more robust forecasts to get people out of harm’s way.

I think we’ve gotten better at orchestrating the instruments.

There are no backing tracks or extra instruments on the album that we couldn’t perform live.

Muyej said giving cooperatives measuring instruments would help level the playing field between miners and foreign buyers.

Wilson also used better-known instruments in weird ways.

GarageBand for iPhone’s “Smart instruments” will literally play the chords for you, which you can customize with Fisher Price ease.

What limits that effort is not ultimately the choice of policy instruments, but the constraints of political attention, organization, funding, and intensity.

That was something to me—to be able to produce that with four dudes playing relatively simple instruments.

Between talks, Kelly played the traditional musical instruments, and BP Or Not BP?

He’s just turned eighteen, and he’s playing all the instruments and singing all the vocal parts.

[In mock-announcer voice]: “No instruments were played during the making of this record, and no animals were harmed as well.”

“Why would you design super precise instruments?

For example, when astronomers gather data from their instruments in space, they don’t actually sit down and read that material.

This includes companies like Caterpillar that use metal in their manufacturing – and Texas instruments in particular cited a big drop-off in the demand.

Texas instruments Inc, while posting better-than-expected profit, disappointed on revenue.

It is an exhibition of several sculptural objects that are both kinetic artworks and functioning, autonomous musical instruments — forming one intoxicating experience of sound.

And with these instruments, scientists were able to witness a slice of creation.

The satellite will then undergo 11 months of testing—a checkout and validation process for the six instruments on board the spacecraft—before becoming fully operational.

Their lyrics often feature comical or entertaining references to the teachings of Buddha and sometimes incorporate traditional instruments.

Scarves were stuffed into instruments.

I did the first Oxygene on an 8-track tape recorder with very few instruments, with no other choice than being minimalist.

As the group played their instruments on stage, the hologram danced and sang beside them.

They aren’t presented as personalities, but as mikes, bodiless instruments used to amplify your voice.

“Therefore I wanted to create a solution that operated in the same domain as traditional instruments.

!, Viet Cong, Alvvays, Doomsquad, and Operators—paring down their kitchen sink of unorthodox instruments for a fourth album that feels more like an arrival.

As a young composer, Tomita developed an ambient sound with acoustic instruments that he called “tone poems.”

Engineers attached two instruments to Yutu.

After acquiring a Moog III modular synthesizer in the early 1970s, he turned his attention to composing with electronic instruments.

They could handle multiple commands, turn certain instruments on and off, and be fully reprogrammed.

In 1978, Voyager 1 had to be reprogrammed to free up three instruments stuck in place by a combination of hardware and stubborn software.

Made up of household goods and hybrid, self-made musical instruments laid out on crates, Ujino appears to explore an equally sensitive subject.

But hardy components such as magnetotorquers, optical instruments, fuel tanks, and gyroscopes can survive the journey intact.

We needed to see what we were doing, because we’re running all the instruments live.

While the ringing guitars and weird percussive instruments remain, they pile up more heavily, their arrangements cluttered.

On “Little Woman” for example, I’m not even sure what the instruments are at any particular moment.

One of our instruments happens to be a Buchla, but we both enjoy writing for other instruments.

It wasn’t the piano; it wasn’t instruments.

The seven ministers asked the Commission to make full use of the full range of EU policy instruments to tackle unfair trade.

It’s helpful even if you’re just tracking existing financial instruments, like securities or loyalty points.

“The goal of these instruments is to have precision that’s 10 times better than the precision we have today,” Fischer said.

Time and Cosmos in Greco-Roman Antiquity charts this process through ancient sundials, surveying instruments, calendars, and even cosmological jewelry.

I think we found that using the touch of acoustic instruments was more expressive.

They should be able to immediately detect these sources and calibrate their instruments to them.

“I hear the track I’m like an energy pack / the instruments are crying out ‘where the sympathy at?!'”

“No other instruments, both from Earth or space, have been able to see the southern aurora.”

ZTE paid U.S. companies more than $2.3 billion in 2017, including Qualcomm Inc, Intel Corp, Broadcom and Texas instruments Inc.

“The 4×4 drum grid exists across all instruments, everyone making controllers uses it.

No longer does one need five capable musicians and instruments.

Those fears had lifted briefly earlier this week with better-than-expected quarterly results from Texas instruments Inc, Xilinx Inc and Lam Research Corp.

At first the instruments detected a charge, but it was later determined to be interference from nearby lab equipment.

This exhibition mirrors the transmutation of human labor into numbers on a ledger, financial instruments and complex schemes of valuation and investment.

We’ve got all those amazing sounds and instruments there, you can do anything with it.

This is a HUGE deal to everyone who works in companies that partially compensate their employees with these two equity instruments.

Another fundamental pillar of our new strategy is the integration of all instruments of American power — diplomatic, economic, and military — toward a successful outcome.

Elsewhere he just floats around, throwing instruments together and melting them into an ethereal swirl.

Harpist Zeena Parkins’s project LACE translates the visuals of lace fragments and knitting charts into notation for instruments.

After a few years, their managers gave them instruments as props, but the joke backfired.

On the record, Legowelt and Hellinga pair a synthesizer with two unusual instruments: a wood-crafted harmonium organ and a Mixtur Trautonium.

Both instruments add haunting touches to the project, a blissful exploration of mundane coldness, showing a quaint side of the Dutch producer.

It could also attract interest from other large semiconductor companies such as Broadcom and Texas instruments Inc (TXN.O), analysts have said.

Arguably, it would have been more difficult to land instruments on the moon prior to the detonation, which the 1959 paper recommended.

Because at one time, there was a lot of musicianship in black music because people were still taught instruments in public schools.Yeah.

But the yodelling has disappeared and, using only acoustic instruments, Denver gets at a morsel of the anguish in the lyrics.

She had come of age when musicians who performed live always played instruments, and she witnessed how they had to work—really work—onstage.

Throughout the Baroque period, for example, Venetians tuned their instruments to a higher pitch than their Roman counterparts.

Unlike the voice, most instruments have a set of keys, holes or buttons that let it make a fixed set of sounds.

Other instruments like the violin or trombone make a continuous range of sounds, just like the voice.

instruments, on the other hand, are professional tools that get regular tuning.

To give singing a fair chance, we compared it to whistling instead of instruments.

Iceage sounded like they’d just been introduced to their instruments for the first time and, frankly, they didn’t much care for them.

The rest of the band is in full command of their instruments and, for once, I don’t mean that as a slur.

They agreed to organize a test where they’d fly Prince out from Minneapolis and have him record all the instruments himself.

Neutrino detectors don’t even look real—or they at least don’t look like utilitarian instruments for doing fundamental physics research.

If an extraterrestrial civilization were to turn its scientific instruments toward Earth, what would it see?

But it still takes so much focus that it’s exhausting to have to work, especially playing all the instruments all day long.

The app works with all instruments according to Apple, but is “optimized” for acoustic guitar and piano.

Although Beckmann refused to explain the symbolism of repeated motifs like crowned figures, fish, ladders and brass instruments, he was clear about one issue.

To play with vinyl, not instruments, must have looked like using new technology.

The field of vision narrows, reducing the driver’s world to the scene outside the windshield and the instruments on the dash.

Just like when the DJ playing vinyl like instruments, the older generation thinks that it’s not playing music.

The sex song of all sex songs is “Sex instruments” by someone called Perlita, for Pornhub.

Is “Sex instruments” by Perlita—this very well-executed publicity stunt from Pornhub to promote their range of sex toys—actually any good?

K-Rock now plays alternative music, the sorts of bands that feature wind chimes as crucial instruments.

“HVO expects that days or weeks prior to an eruption, monitoring instruments will detect signs of an increased potential for eruption,” the observatory said.

Her house is exactly as you’d picture it: a little dirty, cluttered with antique furniture, musical instruments, and hippie art.

The program teaches ELM students how to play instruments, how to record, how to make beats, and how to mix music.

I think Mac, more than anybody, wanted to do different things that involved different instruments.

You can feel the presence of the instruments.

Yet I feel like the way we play our instruments on You Fail Me is very true to how we still play.

Fitted with turbine-driven blast furnaces, the moths flame, spark, pop, and whine, as three human operators “play” them like instruments.

Using traditional instruments to materialize his vision—or even integrating them in any way—was out of the question.

instruments got reconstructed mostly with the purpose of exhibition and demonstration,” comments the composer.

“The Clipper mission has a set of instruments that are all very capable of measuring plume composition,” Retherford told me.

Regulators have proposed replacing it with a more objective test, based on the accounting treatment of the instruments traded.

Eventually they picked up instruments too, starting with rock but gravitating over time to a kind of harmony-drenched Americana.

People thought they were just noise makers, and for the longest time didn’t really consider them legitimate musical instruments.

The other chip, a clone of the Texas instruments SN76489, was older and blunter, producing three channels of harsh-edged bleeps and bloops.

The software allows users to build beats on different instruments, add effects like reverb, and move up and down octaves.

Benallie has been playing various instruments for 18 years, while Thomas has notched 12 on guitar and Lloyd has been drumming for four.

He knows his instruments and what he’s putting together.

They are one of Noisey’s 69 Worst instruments of All-Time.

On one hand, the musicians playing this style are often world class, studying their instruments to an extreme level of virtuosity.

Every member of this Cryptopsy line-up has mastered their respective instruments, but they choose pummeling over finesse whenever possible.

“I was busy playing instruments and playing with the opposite sex, basically.

There were jobs, there were picnics, parties, and kids were getting instruments and DJ equipment as gifts.

They have net sold 63.3 billion rupees of such instruments so far this year.

“I wanted an album that moved and songs that moved within themselves and instruments that moved,” says French chanteuse Lou Doillon.

I wanted an album that moved and songs that moved within themselves and instruments that moved.

Everything from growing instruments, to the facility, to the plants themselves, is tracked and tested.

“It lets you plumb payment instruments on the device into JavaScript so websites can access them,” Roy-Chowdhury said.

This saves room in the cockpit as the pilots can share instruments, and do not need duplicates for their separate compartments.

Regardless of where they are on the body and the damage, all wounds caused by sharp instruments, Manson says, are savage.

He put together symphonies, each more ambitious than the last, often with his own home-built instruments featuring prominently.

I was proselytized with his unique vision of electronic music instruments: a traditional keyboard was an “inappropriate interface.”

Buchla’s early instruments were at once products of their time and transcended their context.

They always struck me as utopian instruments.

The biggest challenge was finding the meeting point between the electronics that I perform and how that would integrate with traditional acoustic instruments.

Then I had to choose the instruments that I wanted to work with.

That was tough for us because we were still learning how to play our instruments.

Banco BPI’s subordinated and hybrid instruments are ultimately sensitive to a change in Caixabank’s IDR.

Jan 23 (Reuters) – Chipmaker Texas instruments Inc’s fourth-quarter profit slumped about 67 percent due to tax-related expenses resulting from new U.S. tax laws.

Using acoustic instruments in rooms with powerful sound systems changed how he thought about filling spaces with sound.

Rather than standing in for Western instuments, the traditional instruments are allowed to determine the direction and melodic possibilities of the music.

That led to poorer liquidity in such instruments and ultimately higher costs for hedge funds, sharply reducing their popularity.

What was it that led the three of you to explore the nontraditional possibilities of your instruments?

We found our own way to create new music with Korean traditional instruments.

Korean traditional instruments are really unique.

I just play guitar in those, not Korean traditional instruments.

We play Korean traditional instruments, but it’s not just Korean traditional music.

For a Korean band playing traditional Korean instruments, it’s just a miracle to have shows in Europe or the US or South America.

Most volatility instruments, including options, futures and exchange-traded notes (ETNs), lose value rapidly when stocks are calm or rising.

“You’ll notice,” he went on, “that I distributed instruments: some plastic-egg maracas called ‘noisemakers,’ a few sets of mini-bongo drums, a tambourine.

Indeed, musicologists have traced country music’s iconic banjo back to the ngoni and xalam, plucked stringed instruments rooted in West Africa.

Mini futures are derivative instruments combining features of futures and options and tradable for considerably less than regular futures contracts.

All musical instruments, she tells me, when they play a pitch, have an accompanying standing wave pattern reflected on the instrument.

Now, the new video above shows how traditionally talented musicians can sample and loop various instruments.

When he packed up his bags and relocated to Columbus last year, he took his entire arsenal of vintage instruments with him.

punk approach on crappy digital synthesizers—preferably with dubious renditions of real instruments.

MIDI instruments and keyboards are used to create creepy, synthetic medieval atmospheres you would normally associate with early RPG video games.

A platform for selling musical instruments to strangers or post fetish wanted ads?

“The reason I’m confident is because there was no violation of the financial instruments and exchange law,” he said.

Motherboard series Abandonware is back with another relic from gaming history—Hunt the Wumpus, a 1980s game made for the Texas instruments TI-99/4A home computer.

Investigators were searching for the helicopter’s onboard data-recording instruments, Brazy said.

I also began to create my own weather instruments, in order to collect local weather data and be independent from news sources,” she says.

It sounds like The Ramones beating each other up with their instruments in an underground parking garage.

“In songwriting, you sit down with a bunch of instruments, samples, or sounds.

“Seismological instruments essentially record pushes and pulls,” Hellweg told VICE News.

Texas instruments Inc rose 1.8% after its quarterly report.

They always played at Liberty Lunch with another band I loved, the Texas instruments.

Thermo Fisher, the world’s largest maker of scientific instruments, in January agreed to buy Affymetrix for $1.3 billion in cash.

It covers government debt instruments that are settled through Target2 Securities (T2S) – the pan-European securities settlement platform.

Fascinated, I set out to learn more about this man and his instruments, out of his Element.

Noisey: I didn’t know wind instruments could cover all the pitches that, say, string instruments could cover.

There’s a song that came out this year that really got wind instruments to be very prominent in rap.

With wind instruments being such a trend in hip-hop this year, would you consider getting in the studio with a hip-hop producer?

She and her small team sterilized instruments in a rice cooker.

Inflatable whales hang from the ceilings, and instruments played include: So, you know it’s legit.

I didn’t play all the instruments, but I played most of them.

And for mature technologies with developed supply chains, price-based instruments like carbon taxes help.

She didn’t know the music well but was moved by its traditional instruments, simple vocals, complicated rhythms, and sense of community.

Given its billion or so users, YouTube may be one of the most powerful radicalizing instruments of the 21st century,” he said.

She kind of took me in and was teaching me different instruments, teaching me how to control my voice.

Dragonfly’s instruments will evaluate Titan’s habitability and search for chemical signatures of past or even present life, Bridenstine said.

They have sold a net 63.76 billion rupees of such instruments so far this year.

There’s wrong notes, instruments out of tune, missed vocal cues.

Guitars: OK. Musical instruments are good things but not in prison.

So as an early Halloween treat, THUMP has compiled the 31 best horror scores composed on electronic instruments.

RC: Something we all have an interest in, from before we got together, is making instruments.

When we play these instruments, we become a performing ensemble that is still Postcommodity.

These 3D shapes are, in a sense, like digital musical instruments which can produce dynamic 3D soundscapes.

Two years later, Larson decided to use the assemblage of instruments, recording equipment, notepads, car parts, and burnt items as subject for an installation.

Why don’t they learn to play some instruments?”

I like playing instruments, I like thinking about the musical theory aspect of it, and not the technical aspect.

It was kind of the first track where I forced myself to use samples, because I come from playing instruments.

Gifted: The instruments of Ed Stilley, out from Press Syndication Group, is available from Amazon and other online booksellers.

The combined American, British, and French response to these atrocities will integrate all instruments of our national power — military, economic, and diplomatic.

You play so many instruments; you’re basically a one-man band.

Andrew, especially, is always looking for new instruments or new pieces of technology or plug-ins, just something new that will spark his imagination.

After West’s work arranging the instruments on Pageant, Hopkins and Bruce invited him on tour with PWR BTTM.

Joseph goes on to explain that with regards to analog instruments in broader terms, “they literally don’t make synthesizers like that anymore.”

It’s actually to do with ‘space’ in a track; the new synthesizers never sit well with ‘real’ instruments.

Here, Krlic employs the human voice and traditional Nordic instruments to craft slow-moving pieces that dive between lilting melody and atonal mayhem.

And the military will likely remain a driver of climate science, from operating satellite instruments to modeling humanity’s effects on the climate.

The subject matter is weird, and we didn’t use regular-ass instruments all the time.”

On “How To Save A Life,” the producer combines traditional Ethiopian instruments with electronics, adding a whole new layer to the 4/4 regime.

The museum exhibit ends in a small theater with about 10 automatic musical instruments on stage.

Music for Solo Performer draws explicit connection between thought and sound, translating alpha brainwaves into sound that cause the oscillation of orchestral instruments.

Hanover poses similar questions, if less directly due to its expanded cast of instruments.

Over a constant pulse—hence the title—of an electric bass and a piano, string and wind instruments arc in loping melodies.

“Banks will get no respite from the final rules, as more expensive capital instruments replace senior unsecured issuance,” Fitch Ratings said in a note.

The shimmering synths of opener “Feeding on the Flats” glimmer and pop, enveloping upon themselves and sounding like an extra-terrestrial orchestra tuning their instruments.

He dipped into the wide arsenal of synthesizers, instruments and effects he’s collected over decades of scoring work.

In technology, my dad—a boomer who was building simple computers from his Bronx bedroom while still in junior high—saw imperfect instruments of progress.

He played multiple instruments, but was especially known for his proficiency with a guitar.

“I guess the idea was to make all the instruments super expressive, like a voice,” Waters says.

I didn’t grow up around any records or musical instruments so it was all stuff on the radio.

Kendrick Lamar, because he uses such a diverse range of instruments.

They would then watch the footage of the film and almost riff off it, playing their instruments while looking at the films.

“Plus500 remains focused on risk management which includes setting appropriate risk and leverage for all the instruments traded on its platform,” it said.

Musical instruments were removed one final time from their cases: drums, trombones, airhorns, anything that would make noise.

Instead, Democrats want to continue improving less costly fencing and employing high-tech instruments to detect illegal border crossings.

The fact that the remaining stems have been converted to cheesy general MIDI instruments adds to the insanity.

Stringed instruments are one unifying factor, whether fluttering ornately or humming quietly in the background.

You taught yourself to play several instruments with online videos, and now you’re funding your first feature through Kickstarter.

“I mean, there are really just a few instruments that people can speak about with that passion, and the 808 is one of them.”

Defying the idea that there’s no room for innovation in painting, McCloud uses such heavy-duty instruments such as torches and hammers.

All of the instruments are out of tune!

Acoustic instruments?No, I’d like to have noises.

Corny songs remain so even when played on harsh electric instruments.

These lab instruments allow their users to visualize changes in an electric signal (measured in volts) as that signal changes over time.

This may not be obvious when comparing the level of yields across countries, but it is clear in the pricing for currency hedging instruments.

With so much capital flowing into the U.S., the market for FX forward contracts (and other currency hedging instruments) is now extremely one-sided.

From insulin pumps to pacemakers, these instruments help keep patients alive.

A sharp uptick in the yields of Deutsche’s equity-like debt instruments implies this is a mixed blessing.

I thought they could play their instruments, but there was this “Cherry Bomb” bullshit going on—the way men want you to act.

Opened in the fall of 2016, the Music Box Village is a gathering of artist-created architectural instruments.

Our rehearsal space had a one-way mirror so they would come up and watch us try to figure out our instruments and write songs.

It is less ambitious that the original plan covering derivatives and other financial instruments.

It was barely four years ago that Carlotta and Ana decided to pick up instruments for the first time.

I got instruments all over the house.

I really just was thinking about playing instruments as being crucial.

“Even with our best instruments today we cannot recreate those observations,” Ryan Milligan, a solar physicist who works with NASA, says.

It is one of the few social instruments we currently have in which empathy is the currency of choice.

SUBORDINATED DEBT AND OTHER HYBRID SECURITIES The ratings on the Tier 2 instruments are sensitive to changes in the banks’ IDRs.

Elliott Associates revealed that it holds Bayer shares and financial instruments equivalent to 1.1 billion euros ($1.3 billion) worth of Bayer stock.

Musician Barnaby Brown explains how he recreates sounds from ancient instruments, dating back to the Stone Age, like a 27,000-year-old vulture bone flute.

Peter Holmes describes his process of rebuilding metal instruments, such as those discovered in the tomb of King Tut.


The podcast has sonorous samples of these sounds, including what some of the oldest instruments may have sounded like in Stone Age caves.

For professionals, diagnosing public figures from afar undermines the value of expertise and of the instruments used to diagnose.

The Texas instruments 99/4a computer.

“We found a power drill and other instruments that lead us to believe they were looking to break into the safe.

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