Installation in a sentence | Use of the word installation examples

It might ruin your appetite, but beneath the drama there are layers of subtlety and nuance in the video works and installation.

Three videos are accompanied by two small paintings tucked into the corners of the installation, leaving the main gallery mostly dark.

The metaphor isn’t exactly subtle, but the stinking pile loans a meaty materiality to the cold video installation nearby.

Dealing with themes of surveillance, personal and shared space, and what defines home in film, installation, and more.

Richard W. Crawford, Philadelphia’s Commissioner of Recreation, led the installation of several play sculptures by Möller-Nielsen and others in his city.

In what is essentially a sculptural installation, many small Macdonalds are gathered into one big Macdonald.

This is another Tuttlesque strategy, and Macdonald’s installation capitalizes on the cumulative effect of a materially modest achievement repeated over and over.

But Golgotha is more than just a name; by viewing this installation you’re transported to witness the crucifixion at its most violent.

Collective’s Call-A-Spy installation greets visitors, letting them call agents from various countries’ spy services.

CMA-CGM’s direct implication in the installation calls the critical dimensions of the artwork into question.

You can read Spencer Tunick’s statement about his RNC installation here and look at his website to learn more about his career.

“Crows…,” a free-wheeling installation of flying birds, felt engineered for drama and display.

In April, an installation of trash art by local artists will open in the City Reliquary sculpture garden.

This is particularly true of Shoukair’s installation space.

Elevate, as the installation is titled, is deeply poetic and infinite in its simplicity.

The installation feels laid back.

Though the exploration of repetition and reduction is vaguely noted among the seven artists, the exhibition’s installation does not feel visually coherent.

Shirazeh Houshiary’s transcendent installation “Breath” (2003) also uses chanting to arouse feelings of meditation.

Houshiary’s installation evokes a spirituality that paradoxically allows the space to become simultaneously Zen and a conduit for conflict.

When a user downloads and installs Chrome or Firefox, Windows will pause the installation and attempt to get the user to stick with Edge.

We advise to avoid downloading any app, except via the official Amaq channels and recommend to verify with the officially published checksums before installation.”

We advise to avoid downloading any app, except via the official Amaq channels and recommend to verify with the officially published checksums before installation.”

The installation of THAAD had angered China, which feared its powerful radar could see deep into China.

Among the best in the show is Keisha Scarville’s exhaustive installation of portraits of her father, Keith.

JCSpaceRadio at Hume Chicago transmits natural body frequencies in the form of a mobile participatory installation.

Equipped with projections, hammocks, and crashing 1960s rock and roll, the installation offers the perfect environment for chilled-out contemplation of all one has seen.

That place is Nightmare Machine, an Instagram-optimized popup installation for the spookiest month of the year.

A large panel hangs above the installation, conveniently placed to be viewed from one of the benches.

The show is anchored by the largest ever installation of Carl Pope’s “The Bad Air Smelled of Roses” (2004 – 2018).

Though visual, Pope considers the installation a writing project.

But stapling the works is Carl’s preferred method of installation.

— Kristin Corry Wandering through New York’s New Museum a few months ago, I stumbled into a strangely comforting installation.

Throughout the installation, the curators have posted swaths of contextual background on Rama’s life.

The installation is a highlight of Tales of Our Time, a dynamic and tightly curated exhibition at the Guggenheim.

My installation process is much like theater — I rehearse with materials, space, and lighting.

I practice body movement in the space if I am planning on performing within an installation.

In the center of the room is a white linear installation, illuminated in pink from a glowing neon light hanging on the back wall.

This installation is curated by Rebecca Hart, Vicki and Kent Logan Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art.

installation “I am here” until the end of September at METoA Ginza / Tokyo.

Just like looking for the ‘lost’ silhouettes in the crowd, the installation is a reminder to rethink where you belong.”

This flash, coupled with the installation as a whole, demands that we take our time and take care of our reactions to media.

It’s the installation that Laurene Jobs and Emerson Collective pays for part of, and you … explain what we do.

It’s an art installation.

A one of a kind art installation piece had been dismantled and removed.

The installation is captivating and doesn’t feel out of place next to Büttner’s abstract works.

The installation “Swallow Hard: The Lancaster Dinner Series” (2007) stands out with its many porcelain plates and jugs over-painted with black slave portraits.

The installation is one of the oldest of approximately 20 — yes, 20 — undeclared North Korean military bases that CSIS researchers believe currently exist.

Well I’m saying, it was an interesting installation process.

I’m very pleased with that product, after a very bumpy installation process.

For audio heard throughout the first-floor hourglass installation, Arsham recorded a mystified child reciting a monologue about the discovery of these unrecognizable artifacts.

I have loved working in my nest of inspiration walls and installation furnishings.

Her latest installation, The New Eagle Creek Saloon, is a recreation of the gay bar her father ran in the early ’90s.

For this piece, we tried an installation on a mirror to amplify the visual and witnessed that the mirror blocked the flow.

It began with an installation by Zaria Forman, featuring a reproduction of her “Whale Bay, Antarctica, No.

At Offutt, officials noticed floodwaters beginning to inundate the installation on Friday, according to a Sunday statement.

installation view, ‘David Shrigley: Drawings and Paintings’, Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.

Cover image: A picture of spy Mata Hari can be seen as part of an installation in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, 27 January 2018.

This year, for the first time, ArtTable will launch two artist projects at the annual benefit, featuring original designs by installation artist Jean Shin.

In 2015, he staged “A Mercantile Novel,” an installation of the Colombina factory at David Zwirner Gallery in New York.

Some of his recent output (including a heavy metal album, “The Divine Comedy” and a sculptural installation, “S.A.C.R.E.D.”)

If existing marsh is sparse, plants may be supplemented by planting plugs of grass during the installation process.

There is also a large wall installation of script describing the various uses and potentials of maps.

“I’m very pleased with this installation, where the young chicks are growing, and people are reading their genetics,” said Vanmechelen.

These Herculean drawings form the backdrop for Strand’s 3D and installation works, which raise the weirdness ante to a whole new level.

While Lin’s installation is more visually compelling than “Extinction Gong,” she ultimately adopts a more didactic approach.

My initial reaction to the installation was that this is a tacky ceremony for such a bleak event.

The understated nature of Paksa’s work is juxtaposed with Nelbia Romero’s visceral installation “Sal-si-puedes” (Get out if you can) from 1983.

I get the same sentiment looking at the installation by Tania Bruguera, “Free Speech and Civic Literacy: Tania Bruguera” (2019).

Last September, Israeli jets attacked a Syrian military installation near the city of Masyaf that also allegedly produced chemical weapons and advanced missiles.

The ministry will also look at establishing an offshore oil installation in the south.

Collectively, these objects form Phoenix Lindsey-Hall’s installation Lesbian Matters.

Uninterested in pristine documentary footage of the National Geographic variety, the installation turns its subject into abstract forms.

The installation evokes weightless and boundless movement.

I am a mixed media painter and installation artist that works on multiple projects and series at any given time.

Now, centuries later, the main nave of the building was complemented with a vast light installation.

The installation in the small gallery is visually simple, with enamelware trays adorned with fish, flowers, fruit, and 28 speakers lining the walls.

Next there is Murat Şahinler and Fuat Şahinler’s “Breathing / Break” (2016), a circular installation placed under the earth.

It’s named for “the one who traverses the sky” in Tibetan Buddhism, and is the audio foundation for this site-specific installation.

However, aside from those visuals, the installation is more futuristic than gompa.

Ottley’s installation attempts to tackle the totality of morena, inscribing both negative and positive connotations into a singular self, an identity with contradictions.

(March 21–April 20, 2019), surprised me because the installation showed me another way to see the work.

It also reported that a Russian technical team that would oversee its installation is expected to arrive in Turkey by Monday.

Black and White – Malayan Tapir is composed of a synchronized four-channel LED-screen installation.

A new installation from artist Ron English and High Times magazine examines cannabis culture through a new pop-up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Find more from the collection, High X English & POPaganja installation, here.

In some ways, the installation choices are understandable.

Watch the installation in action in the video below: The Retainers of Anarchy is up at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

The installation imitates the apparent boundlessness of the nano-world using custom software developed by the artist.

“The British Library” is a site-specific installation with a digital platform allowing visitors to discuss the work.

She says, “All three pieces we showed in our VR installation were originally created to be watched on a screen.

The installation and the book have different narratives and displays though the content is mostly shared.

installation art creates an experience for the visitor, which can connect with their beliefs on a different level.

Or maybe they don’t want to deal with a set-top box, or installation, or whatever.

Whether it’s a performance work, sculpture, or an installation, it becomes a manifestation of an attempt to share.

They will create an immersive installation, a “makeshift transdimensional stopover camp,” consisting of tents through which viewers walk.

For this installation, Na’il Roach used a hand-painted backdrop created by his grandfather.

While whimsical and imaginative, the installation will comment on humans’ relationship with nature.

The installation’s chorus was composed by artist and musician Ingmar Saal.

Tania Balan-Gaubert, Troy Chew, and Nkiruka Oparah, together know as  5/5 (Five fifths) Collective, suggest a domestic setting in their installation “Anybody Home?” (2019).

The installation attracted record-setting crowds.

A 2010 installation was influenced by Emily Dickinson’s gardens, and a 2012 display was a celebration of Monet.

That installation, and objects related to its making, are currently on view at Postmasters Gallery.

In her installation, Allahyari suspends a 3D sculpture of the Laughing Snake housed in the center of a hall of mirrors.

Shaped like the kind of satellite dish that might beam unrequited messages to a tragically doomed astronaut, FIELD’s latest installation, Spectra-3, is searching.

Spectra-3 is the third installation of FIELD’s Spectra series of space-themed sculptures that feature light, movement, and sound.

The installation also included blankets for the family of rats with whom he shared his cell — yes, they were live rats.

A sleek video released by the artists shows the creation and installation of the piece, complete with Indecline-branded gloves and balaclavas.

Artist and librarian OlaRonke Akinmowo has collected over 1,000 books written by Black women to assemble the interactive biblio installation.

JW: Do you have a permanent installation space?

Let the prudes condemn Ursuta’s installation as vulgar.

LoBot housed filmmakers, a private chef, leather workers, carpenters, printmakers, painters, installation artists, sculptors, musicians, poets and, electronic art makers.

The floor-to-ceiling wall of words is nigh unreadable, as is the content of the adjacent works by Bethany Collins that bookend Simmons’s installation.

“The Infinity Engine” (2014–2017), an immersive installation highlighting the current state of bioengineering, outlines the scientific quest for immortality.

In this installation, Hershman Leeson, as innovator herself, steps back to display technological innovation on its own, with little meddling on her part.

With the concepts of empire and economy in mind, the chaotic “Neutral Calibration (Ornament + Crime)” (2016) installation now offers more approachable access points.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded a special Oscar to Carne y Arena, a virtual reality installation by filmmaker Alejandro Iñárritu.

The Mexico City-based Escobedo Soliz Studio’s colorful installation was chosen last week for this year’s MoMA PS1’s Young Architects Program (YAP).

In this show she uses the graphic look of conceptual art to fashion an installation that explores a museum’s failure.

The installation, taken as a whole, probes a selection of material and documentation found in storage of the never-completed Kuwait National Museum.

In the installation, a 3D camera tracks a person’s head movements through space.

And in The Floating World, the artist programmed a sound installation that dancer Jan Lee interacted with in 3D.

1 is not just an audiovisual installation.

From body prints to sculpture to installation, Hammons’s works incorporate materials like chicken bones, tarp, and hair.

The cornerstone of the institution is its living roof, a hill-covered installation lined with 50,000 vegetation trays that hold an incredible 1.7 million plants.

“After Ota Benga” (2017), also part of the Conscientious Objector series, is one of two installation pieces in the show.

In Shey Rivera Ríos’s new installation, the island “miracle” that’s marketed to mainland American consumers is simulated and détourned.

The installation is made up of 176 pixelated portraits and over 1.2 million LEGO® pieces, assembled and laid out on the floor.

On screens displayed throughout the installation, GIF collages juxtapose Puerto Rico’s pixilated landscape with flashing and scrolling financial and religious iconography.

This installation follows the same specifications of Fontana’s original work, made and presented at Documenta 4 in Kassel, Germany before his death.

A number of kinetic works are attached to the wall, adding to the movement and fluidity of the installation.

The installation aims to create the feeling of being displaced.

JDW: Entering an installation requires a certain sincerity of presence.

I like concept, intimacy, and immersion — that’s why I love performance and installation, especially full-room, immersive experiences.

installation and internet art allow us to practice our agency through remix culture; we can challenge systems of oppression.

DeVille was then asked to interpret the findings through her own maximal style of mixed media installation.

The pair contribute a temporary, site-specific installation that is one of the first works visitors see.

“Héroes Heridos” (2018) is a three-screen video installation that documents activists committed to a variety of social issues revolving around immigration.

The whole sense of this installation is incensed extermination.

With headlining musicians performing alongside immersive digital artworks, Day for Night creates a heightened sensorial experience that blurs boundaries between performance and installation.

His installation “Starchild” (1992), installed opposite “Color 1,” was a more successful critique of art world pretension.

Perhaps the quintessential installation of Spirit of Friendship is Nhà Sàn Collective‘s installation “82 131 39,” (2017).

There is an enlivening figure-ground play at work in the installation that supports interpretation of the piece as self-effacement and self-deprecating.

The exhibition’s next installation is admirable, offering baggy insights into the botched unification of the continent.

Starting tomorrow night at New York’s Gotham Hall, it will be a multimedia installation.

The problems with setting up the installation foreshadowed events in the decades after.

UK artist Liz West’s new installation for the Bristol Biennial lets 10,000 ft2 of rainbow taste you.

Her new installation also points toward the future as the pinnacle of the techniques she’s been developing over years of work.

It consists of an installation in several visual languages that range from art object to sculpture to intervention.

In “7” (2017), a large glitter-and-fabric installation on wood, Logan boldly introduces his exhibit’s central figure: a featureless Black head.

It was here, on the second floor, that I was particularly struck by the emotional potency of the installation’s ambiguities.

For an installation that asks for a certain amount of immersion, it sometimes feels evasive as an experience.

To me, the most striking part of the installation is a video that screens in the second, smaller trailer home.

(Was this part of the installation?

The installation will be open to the public from 7 to 9pm on Friday, April 12, 2019.

The gallery attendant said the installation was about Wetzel’s memory of his old home.

The Argentine artist Render Fruit discuses her GIF installation for the elevator of the Museum of the Moving Image.

After all, what’s the difference between feng shui and installation, anyway?

‘Serial’ Is Back and Taking You to Afghanistan 3D Holograms Resurrect Destroyed Buddha Monuments Web installation Depicts Afghan Violence Through Convergent Programming

Dominated by a massive installation that filled an enormous warehouse space, the exhibition was like an alternative universe.

Last September, Israeli jets attacked a Syrian military installation near the city of Masyaf that allegedly produces chemical weapons and advanced missiles.

Los Angeles’s most recent installation of anti-Trump (and thus anti-patriarchal) art made its debut in Night Gallery’s parking lot.

“It’s been used 27 times so far as part of an installation: Ten students, one faculty member and the rest mine.

Bradford’s installation at the Hirshhorn Museum takes as its subject the ways we think, and ultimately don’t think, about history.

Crystals, the Strip’s high-end mall with an exterior designed by Daniel Libeskind, happens to house James Turrell’s art installation Akhob.

Insofar as the installation is “about” anything, it takes as its subject the ways we think, and are diverted from thinking, about history.

The communication of violence is essential to Bradford’s fundamental aims for the installation.

Thereafter, the installation filled with loving tributes will remain on view through Storefront’s windows until January 3.

Seitu Jones received the Juried Grand Prize for “The Heartside Community Meal,” an installation in which 250 neighbors dined together at a 300-foot table.

The installation draws on the VMFA’s large and growing holdings in African-American photography.

Although the photographs in the installation were not published in the annual, they are examples of the work that inspired younger photographers.

Smith was one of several female photographers included in the annual, but the only one who is represented in the installation.

McAdams’ 2015 installation Trees Are Alphabets.

I’ve fabricated ladders and furniture and video installations that take months of concepting the installation and executing the animation.

The gallery closed following the run of its fourth exhibition with photo and installation artist Isidro Blasco on June 24.

for a piñata installation by Sita Kuratomi Bhaumik and Piñatas Las Morenitas.

Böröcz’s sculptural installation, “Yad 1–13” (2010), is his interpretation of Torah pointers and activates the rest of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle.

Elizabeth King experiments with human perception in her installation of mannequin-like sculptures at MASS MoCA.

The installation has also compromised the reactivation of the O’Shea community recreational center.

A recording session turned art installation in Somerset House which I filmed.

A fun installation using dynamic projection mapping.

Austrian artist Mathias Kessler presents an updated version of his installation After Nature, a project in which plants’ stress symptoms are communicated through sound.

Each piece in the Works on Water installation has some tactile response to water.

If we’re creating an installation, again, the same thing applies.

The installation also included video testimony from six actual refugees — one of which was Mardini herself.

Just beyond stands Louise Nevelson’s mammoth sculptural installation “Mrs.

My favorite piece in Collections is “Penumbra” (2003), video documentation of Shin’s installation at the Socrates Sculpture Park.

“There is high alert around various installation around the Niger Delta due to recent attacks,” Onuegbu said.

installation from a cocoa plant which he shipped from the Amazon rainforest, before placing it on the Antarctic snow in a special temperature-controlled container.

Read their contributions below: Conceptual artist working with performance, installation, social practice, and notions of intimacy.

These objects are transformed in a variety of ways in her wide-ranging practice that includes sculpture, ceramic, installation, and performance.

Yet the rhetoric of the installation is to admire and accept rather to inquire and test.

I engage floors, walls, and tabletops so that the studio becomes a site-specific installation and a laboratory for future work.

I tend to vary my modes of production from animation to interactive installation and also doing collaborations with other artists,” he says.

The installation features 3D printed models, a grid of fans, microphones, HD cameras, lighting, and microcontrollers running a custom-made application.

An affordable and interdisciplinary program where students work across Painting and Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture and installation, and Photography and Related Media.

These are concepts I also address in my own work as a video and installation artist.

Her large-scale installation CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws, 2012, was included in the Museum’s 2014 exhibition, After Our Bodies Meet: From Resistance to Potentiality.

The artist duo’s installation recreates the bedroom of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo from the 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy.

Xie’s installation, photographs, and documentary do not recall the romantic and noble renderings of texts in his paintings.

The artist’s new installation in Mexico City, a functioning convenience store inside a gallery, peddles a false analogy between art and disposable commodities.

The results are part an invitation to perform, part painting, and part sculptural installation.

There will also be a soothing light and sound installation called Purrvana.

Aridoamérica Winter Plan is an interactive installation designed by Mexican artist Fran Ilich.

Mrongovius’s installation, which forces you to closely scrutinize the slides, like specimens, highlights their objectness.

Conversing in his limited Italian was what inspired designer and artist Jonas Eltes to create his latest installation, Lost in Computation.

Much of solar’s growth can be attributed to installation firms.

Plummeting installation costs were primary driver of last year’s growth, Luecke told me.

installation View, Laurence Kavanagh, March, Marlborough Contemporary, 11 May – 18 June 2016, courtesy the artist and Marlborough Contemporary, London.

Until that moment I used to focus my work more on dance, installation, and public art,” Silla tells Creators.

Büyüktascıyan’s installation brings forth a sense of freedom in a confined space, of unrestricted possibility and untethered authenticity.

Top’s “A Gift from the Middle East” (2013) is also an installation, and it covers an entire wall of the space.

The central installation of Korakrit Arunanondchai’s recent exhibition at CLEARING in Brooklyn was an absolutely stunning and masterfully crafted environment.

In Tegg’s beautiful installation at Fresh Window, one wall of the modest-sized gallery is filled by a video projection titled “Cameratrap” (2015).

As part of company-wide layoffs last June, Tesla closed about a dozen solar installation facilities.

Visually, when you walk in, there’s a new art installation every two months.

Like MacGyvers of installation art, the London-based trio cleverly combines string, pipes, and a single projector into a truly stunning light show.

The footage captures a room that hosts the installation Hypercaine.

When the installation started, everyone stopped what they where doing.

Shortly followed by a sea of phones trying to capture the installation from every angle possible.”

Pictures don’t do Aether justice, so check out a video of the installation here.

We have also observed that the installation has at times had a great emotional impact on people.

Follow Max Cooper and Architecture Social Club for updates on where to see the installation yourself.

For the installation, Henrot extends the preexisting decorative elements of the museum by painting the walls of the space to create a classical space.

They had to shut down their installation on the first day of the show opening because of the rain.

installation presented by MoMA PS1.

After the installation closes on November 30, the structure will be demolished due to its decay and instability following Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

This deeply personal installation is featured alongside five other techno-gothic works that reflect on global terrorism, free speech, abuses of power, and artificial intelligence.

The resulting web-based installation is a present-day survey of Egypt pinned to up-to-date moments, composed of news articles and recently uploaded photos and material.

It is Flora (2017) by Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler, a synchronized, double-sided film installation with sound at the Swiss pavilion.

One side of the film installation is in color and features David Mayo talking about his mother.

As part of the deal, Starfighters received a permanent installation at NASA and took over the old shuttle landing facility in 2009.

With people spilling out the doors and jostling bodies crowded around each installation, “disorder” seems to be everywhere.

There’s also a one-time installation fee of $49.99.

“As a result, the officials stated that the Reconfigurable Vehicle Tactical Trainer had low usage at that installation.”

In an interactive installation called cf.

The height of this powerful installation alludes to a tower.

Instead, Trump will be the first American president to visit Camp Humphreys, a military installation south of the South Korean capital of Seoul.

I was mesmerized by Anita Glesta’s immersive installation.

“Nashville has great museums, great contemporary art galleries,” said Downey, taking a brief aside from installation to speak with Hyperallergic.

… His goal of making the mountain accessible to the public for recreational uses does not provide grounds for the installation of architectural art.”

In addition, offering wrap-around sunglasses for visitors to pass through an installation like Holzer’s in Bilbao would be a simple and courteous gesture.

Her niece is also the subject of the photograph and memorial tribute “Baby Girl” (2016), which hangs in this installation.

The Travel Agent has been performing live travel bookings in sessions out of a month-long installation, Paradise Travel Company, at Popps Emporium.

Completing everything by hand, Khoury made one hundred 16” x 16” tiles to construct a cubelike installation.

The installation features near-life-sized photographs of mom-and-pops, including a bodega, a coffee shop/luncheonette, a vintage store, a newsstand, and a deli.

The arts festival is investigating who took artist Banu Cennetoğlu’s installation without authorization.

The installation was made possible by a $10,000 grant from the NYC Parks Department and an Art in the Parks UNIQLO Park Expressions Grant.

When you build a club, how hard is it to install a sprinkler installation on the ceiling?

In the 13-screen video installation Manifesto, Cate Blanchett plays sharply different characters while reading polemical 20th-century manifestos.

FUTURE FORWARD features interactive installation art by Nonotak, architect Doris Sung, and VT Pro Design, and it’s going to be sweet.

RSVP for our FUTURE FORWARD installation series here.

To be more precise, I have been following Manifesto, his 13-screen video installation.

It’s a rare treat to see a major artistic installation in more than one incarnation, let alone three.

Thriving on artifice, Yang’s installation celebrates the fanciful within its self-contained world.

They are a non-military squadron, a mobile installation, a solemn ceremony in the air.

Situated at two separate footbridge landings, the installation consists of several approximately 8’ x 3’ mirrors, arranged upright in rows on the grass.

Standing at the islands’ pedestrian thresholds, the installation exists so that visitors can see themselves seeing it.

To find more about the installation visit the artist’s website, click here.

His solo show, Tongue Tied, incorporates components of still life, hand-drawing, installation, and even watercolors.

It was part of Worries Bash, a participatory art installation that Foley and Rabinovich set up in the summer of 2017 in Berlin.

His designs for the Takeo 599 Museum remain on permanent installation.

Then as now, the art installation is equally popular for families with children as it is for childless adults.

You are more of a haunted house installation than a human being.

The company is also bringing dedicated screen protector installation machines to stores.

The result is an immersive installation which transforms the public spaces of the David H. Koch Theatre into a world of reflection.

According to construction permits, obtained by TMZ, the work includes installation of fencing, utilities and a cat walk over an existing staircase.

Those Who Affected Me is an interactive light installation currently on view at the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

Have people touching, squishing, and playing around with it instead of being a “hands off” installation.”

They’re doing a modest installation — just $1,500 for labor, using lights that the homeowners bought from them some years before.

Greeting both visitors and passersby is an installation hung on the brick wall outside the gallery.

The floor around the installation is littered with feathers, leaving us with only a slight ghostly memory of the bond.

Three screen video installation by Richard Mosse in collaboration with Trevor Tweeten and Ben Frost.

For Stories Under Our Feet, Artesero created a light installation beneath the benches of the Manchester Central Library in the UK.

The entire installation is composed of stunningly convincing trompe l’oeil paintings directly on the wall.

Azikiwe Mohammed’s kitschy, immersive installation presents weighty themes of Black identity.

“President Trump’s installation of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general of the United States after forcing the resignation of Jeff Sessions is unconstitutional.

It is useful to think about this exhibition as an intermedia exploration of race-specific yet race-free installation art.

I sat down with Nguyen to discuss the process of creating the Reincarnations installation.

Coop, Italy’s largest supermarket chain, decided to build a prototype of a future supermarket for their installation at the food-themed World’s Fair.

Does the installation change its meaning in some way?

SR: Anything else you’d like to say about how you set up the installation?

The exhibition downplays it, featuring it on the laptops rather than a central installation.

Designed to evoke a bike-share station, the installation in Chicago’s Daley Plaza calls attention to the disparate gun laws between states.

The installation is actually the work of the Washington, DC-based gun control advocacy group the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

The installation also includes a digital interface that allows members of the public to make donations to the Brady Campaign.

“But for now, I’d like to continue working digitally before making a transition into sculpture and installation.

Until, Until, Until… is a play and video installation about an infamous 1981 performance by the actor Ben Vereen.

“The net effect will be to slightly raise the cost of installation without any significant benefit to domestic manufacturing,” he told me.

In his installation, he’s bringing the outside in by infecting three computer avatars with a biological agent.

The mold is grown in the installation and digital sensors monitor and measure it.

Some, myself included, have been critical of the vaguely colonial subtext that underlies its permanent installation titled the House of Eternal Return.

The installation has broad appeal, attracting families and tourists who might never step foot in a gallery or art museum.

I can’t concentrate on the voice because I’m too distracted by the confusion created by the installation.

There, Korean artist Koo Jeong A has created “Odorama,” a site-specific installation on a disused Tube platform.

From 2014 onward, the company required wannabe “Fiber cities” to promise they’ll expedite Fiber’s installation in various ways.

British artist Celia Hempton has created a site-specific installation there.

On the other hand, Hempton’s installation felt sincere and straight to the point, without jeopardizing the poetry of its concept.

“Initially we spoke about [the installation] being the pink version of this piece,” Buckman told Hyperallergic.

Only one male collector had purchased the smaller version at the time of her installation’s unveiling.

The subjective nature of public art means there’s no obvious metric to measure the installation’s impact.

The Pencil Museum is an art installation by Jackie Mock that celebrates New York City’s pencil history and its connection to Staten Island.

The second room, the installation “Stream of Stories” (2015), offers an in-depth exploration of traditional French fables by Jean de La Fontaine.

That message will remain past the Games’ end, as the installation is a permanent addition to the natural environment.

In the same color spectrum as Scanavino’s installation is a sculpture/painting hybrid by the Brazilian artist Delson Uchôa.

A few booths away, Ronald Feldman Fine Arts has given over its entire space to “Disphotic Zone,” a magical installation by Shih Chieh Huang.

At Orgel, visitors adapt to the installation, becoming a part of the philosophy at work.

She’s an installation artist who shares her work on (and has gotten brand deals through) Instagram.

Ellie crawled into the hole, now an installation called The Grounds, setting foot under US soil, but not on top of it.

Outside of the central installation are physically larger projections displayed on the room’s walls like celestial satellites orbiting a data-filled, sculptural planet.

“We also expect to save customers money by lowering hardware costs, reducing installation costs, improving our manufacturing efficiency and reducing our customer acquisition costs.

“The installation was… complex, but I’m happy to say it’s working perfectly.”

“Sometimes laughing, getting messy, and being a bit weirded out is great medicine.” Another deeply moving installation was “Candela,” by Kathryn Sclavi.

“The Garden” (2019) is an installation made for relaxation and yet it’s constantly being invaded by trouble.

Mischievous characters and chaotic patterns cover the work, weaving a pathway for the viewer into the installation’s darker inner sanctum of meditation.

Jaime Davidovich (1936–2016), video and installation artist.

This patchwork format is reminiscent of the “Tower of Faces,” a three-floor-high installation at the U.S.

3x3x6 spans four rooms of the Palazzo delle Prigioni with an immersive, multidimensional installation.

3x3x6 spans four rooms of the Prigioni with an immersive, multidimensional installation.

But with standard utility-scale solar installation costs as low as $1 per watt, the nearly 3 million panels would cost at least $1 billion.

Even with the generous revenue estimate, it would take four years just to recuperate the installation costs of the panels.

And installation, too?

For this commission, the artist’s immediate impulse was to make a public installation about and for women.

Meyer and woods worked collaboratively on the installation from its inception.

These are but a glimpse of the questions probed by FLY, artist Meriem Bennani’s ongoing, immersive video installation at MoMA PS1.

When I’m finally allowed to enter the installation, I find out I must share it with four other noise-making human beings.

It seems to me that a noisy air conditioning unit would be a major oversight in planning an installation about silence.

Anyone who buys into immersive experiences should find the installation transcendent.

The dumped files mostly contain installation scripts, configurations for command and control servers, and exploits targeted to specific routers and firewalls.

Nishimura’s third installation, “An Archive of Rememory,” renders the furoshiki in sculptural form.

Weekly, it holds workshops and performances across the city, and last summer, it created a temporary installation at a South Side park.

Titled Ghostown, this installation by Steven Nunoda recreates internment camp housing, based on meticulous research.

Looming over the shacks is a second installation by Nunoda.

He’s also looking for an installation space to create a card catalogue of dreams indexed by topic: birds, bones, calendars, seashells, staircases, creeks.

Viewed together, the lines simulate the hands of a clock, each screen representing an hour of time, statically rotating its way across the installation.

The beginning and end of the installation is also not strictly defined; it depends on where one enters from.

In Candice Breitz’s video installation, six men and women recount their stories, which are then reinterpreted by Alec Baldwin and Julianne Moore.

The dark, cavernous space of KOW lends itself particularly well to Breitz’s seven-channel film installation.

The Creators Project: Earthworks is quite a large multimedia installation at Sónar Festival, composed of a variety of elements.

Many of her pieces are designed for site-specific installation.

Inside the installation was a colorful explosion of fabric that invited visitors to reach out and touch.

Most of the sound in the installation is at that speed, mainly because it has all of the dynamic frequency of a beautiful recording.

Berriolo is a performance and installation artist who has committed to working solely with books since 2009.

If you had unlimited space, time, and resources, what would be the ideal mode of installation?

Each installation is made up of straight lines cast from powerful theater lamps, programmed to create different immersive and satisfying shapes.

The installation’s title, Siempre Contigo (or “always with you”), spoke also of natural cycles, adaptive reuse, and survival.

In one installation, seaweed, kelp, and chopsticks are heaped in a rectangular plastic tray encircled by length of steel wire.

‘Dot, Point, Period,’ a Curated installation by Joseph Kosuth continues at Castelli Gallery (24 West 40th Street, Manhattan) through July 20.

The main installation is entitled No Water In, and it features work (lining the main gallery walls) from Nonas’s Crude Thinking series.

Opposite Dyson’s paintings is Jessica Vaughn’s installation “After Willis (rubbed, used and moved) #005” (2017).

The overall result is kitschy but playful, and the exhibition forms an immersive installation.

His practice comprises a wide range of media, including painting, video, photography and installation.

Magdalena Fernández’s art installation is the first to fill the Buffalo Bayou Cistern, a formerly abandoned 1920s water reservoir in Houston, Texas.

This allowed a viewer to experience my ideas about repetition slowly through the installation.

The Hurd will house Transcending Boundaries, an interactive installation created by the Tokyo art collective teamLab.

I encountered a similar sense of entrapment at “Outlines,” another beam-heavy installation by St. Petersburg collective TUNDRA.

Every installation also arrived with wall text (some very extensive) to provide context for those wanting to learn more.

An installation art empire is growing in the Southwest.

“The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) had promised a financial support of this major installation.

In fact, at the Moogfest installation, Napolean met some people were formerly switchboard operators.

Kusama’s installation connects with a broad reach of Rockaway’s history, as well as the impact of climate change on the area.

This is a spectacular, but also quiescent and meditative, installation.

Tamiko Thiel’s “Unexpected Growth” is an augmented reality installation on the future of oceans and climate change.

Kusama’s installation is a revamped version of a guerrilla action she undertook in 1966, likewise titled Narcissus Garden.

The first exhibition included an installation by Patti Smith (who is also a Rockaways resident).

Now Kusama has come to the Rockaways, and her installation really should not be missed.

Kusama’s installation connects with a broad reach of Rockaways history, as well as with the impact of climate change on the area.

Behind the installation, on the gray wallpapered walls of the booth, hang paintings of crumbling houses.

Projects can be installation, performance, screen and speaker-based works, and embrace both narrative and experimental approaches.

Curated by ISCP alum Hsiang-Ning Huang, Re-Re-positioning the Present comprises two projectors playing three video works and one wall installation.

On the last wall of the small gallery space, Shake combines all aspects of the video works into a single installation.

A nearby video installation demonstrates how Blas composed the manifesto.

The artist’s new brand and derelict department store installation are full of tired, co-opted ideas.

The installation consists of small, postcard-size photos and texts installed on shelves in window-like frames, each frame representing a different community.

(The beginning credits of the film, it should be said, run over an installation art piece consisting of obese women slowly and nakedly gyrating.)

Image courtesy of onformative Synaesthesia and abandonment form the basis of a new digital art installation called Collide, created by design studio onformative.

The resulting sound was recorded, processed, and used in the final installation.

Visualizing this tangible experience provides an introspective lens through which viewers can relate to the installation from a corporal perspective.”

Hello, World in Emojicode: Here’s the installation guide, which will also point you to downloads of the Emojicode Software Development Kits (SDKs).

Art credit to Nora Quinn whose Glitter World installation appears in the video below: To learn more about the artist click here.

They see themselves doing small outdoor shows and turning the project into a mobile, touring installation.

Age: 50 Location: Brooklyn Artistic Medium: Fiber, Painting, Sculpture, installation Who are you and what do you do?

By embracing abstraction, optics, and extreme material contrasts, I explore the boundaries between painting, sculpture and installation.

Within one installation, the range of my making process is apparent.

The Department of Education estimates preliminary dispenser installation and supply costs will run about $160,000.

What’s more, Turkey’s installation of the program would trigger the US to place more sanctions on the country.

He makes Jack roam around taking photos of the recently deceased for an art installation, his masterpiece.

The Gerard B. Lambert Foundation donated $1 million to RxArt, a non-profit dedicated to the installation of art at healthcare facilities.

on the gallery wall, and the entire installation therefore resembles the construction of the eponymous biblical city.

Their multimedia installation, Suit up!

While Tresset likens the installation to a life drawing class, he insists this is not a verbal pun.

In a wood installation at Centre Pompidou-Metz, Kawamata realizes the enormity of natural disasters—creating a wave out of pieces of wood.

In his installation, “Slump” (2008), Burckhardt fabricated stretcher bars, paint cans, boxes, and crates.

There are seven panels in Reed’s installation at Peter Blum.

This needs to change.” The installation has already begun in Dessau and will stay there until January 22.

A photographic installation by Santiago Sierra was removed prior to the opening of the ARCO art fair in Madrid.

Drawing on stories and the continuum of Diné existence and tradition, his installation represents this cultural continuum mobilized through his Indigeneity.

When Austin-based drone artist Amulets came to town, he played in the middle of a pine forest installation by Heidi Wiren Bartlett.

Tania Bruguera was commissioned to create the 2018 Turbine Hall installation at Tate Modern.

A statue in a photo, resting in a still-life, in a photo on a panel in an installation.

The installation of the work, which was counterintuitively (but perfectly) scattered through the stark white gallery space, added to the unbalanced feeling.

A striking installation by acclaimed British artist Richard Long highlights the raw material of coal.

Sidling around this toy truck, one notices Alan Belcher’s aforementioned “Desktop” (2012/2018) wall installation including 23 ceramic JPEGs.

Collecting the work from a wide variety of artists, the travel, production, shipping, and installation was no small task.

They wash back and forth through the installation like a tide.

• Yoko Ono’s Add Color (Refugee Boat) 1960/2019, an interactive installation conceived by the artist.

• An installation of stop-motion animation at Fulton Center from Brooklyn-based artist and former LMCC artist-in-residence Ezra Wube.

LG: I feel like seeing a bunch of Google bikes in a dry river bed is like an art installation.

BTW … there was also an art installation outside the venue — a smashed up neon green Dodge Challenger.

Working on 59 separate painted panels simultaneously isn’t easy and this installation is by far the most ambitious artwork I have attempted.

Jutta Koether was a main exemplar — in terms of how she brought art history and performance into painting and installation.

JS: Your Philadelphia Museum of Art installation of 1975 is so dramatic.

In Philadelphia, Gene Davis painted murals on the street, and Rockne Krebs did a laser installation for City Hall.

The next summer we used the same pieces to do an installation at the Brooklyn Museum.

Once finished, installation will be set up as part of the 2016 London Biennale Manila Pollination.

Anyone who wants to remotely view the installation online must create an account/avatar in Second Life.

Those users can access the installation by teleporting to the sim.

Iglesias takes the concept of collection very literally, using cast-aside and found objects as foundations for her installation and sculptural work.

In fact, the installation is overwhelmingly industrial, despite its organic mask.

Shanghai-born artist Jingying (Eric) Jiang developed the installation, Path, which lets users use perform classic raking movements with a sensor-enabled wooden rake.

“It was like an art installation for him.

He hopes the installation will serve as a demonstration of how technology can be utilized as a meditative tool.

Before reaching Kline’s Crying Games, viewers wander into Cécile B. Evans’ immersive and mesmerizing installation, What the Heart Wants.

This exhibition is the only moving installation at Berlin Biennale.

In terms of visceral impact, Halil Altindere’s video installation, Homeland, is perhaps the most striking.

The latest deepfake videos were originally created for Spectre, an art installation on display in the U.K.

The latest deepfake videos were originally created for Spectre, an art installation on display in the U.K.

The project involves the installation of over 300 site-specific security fences across New York City.

I’m not surprised, having watched tourists drop cash on over a dozen pieces (the entire installation would have cost you about $500,000).

The installation evokes a once populated space, now abandoned.

Well, as of yet, the US has one and only one operating offshore wind installation, the Block Island Wind Farm off of Rhode Island.

The area surrounding SCAD is an apt setting for the site-specific installation.

In 2015, the Sackler Center exhibited Women of York: Shared Dining, an art installation made by inmates at the York Correctional Institution.

“Our installation was it,” she said.

A little girl shrieks “Sofaaaa!” in delight as she spots the most coveted piece of furniture in the installation.

In Uruguay, the government announced in February a Chinese donation of 2,100 Huawei security cameras for installation in four cities.

In the case of “Arrow of Time,” the installation is not nearly large enough to realize the ambition of creating an immersive environment.

“I utilize glass jars for multiple reasons for installation works,” Ito tells Creators.

“The installation piece Silence (2009) is the first time I used glass jars.

She is currently working on an installation made completely with wire, while also planning an upcoming installation.

Buren’s temporary installation art practice supposedly privileges framework over the gaze, stressing references to institutional language and context.

But the installation artist concocted several artificial scents through microencapsulation that the wall houses, all inspired by the various aromas wafting through Central Park.

Because Cosby created and voiced Fat Albert, the installation implicitly alludes to Cosby’s complicated legacy as America’s disgraced dad.

[The exhibition period has been extended, and the installation will remain on view through March 6.]

For the MCA Denver, Adams reintroduced his installation On presented at the California African American Museum in 2017.

After some coaxing from his wife Lena, Herzog eventually recanted, and the result was an installation called Hearsay of the Soul.

installation will take an extra four to six weeks.

From installation to photography, conceptual artists in Chelsea are exploring blue’s associations with the pristine and serene.

I’m truly sorry that some persons find the installation insensitive or offensive.

The works, which look like vivisected scrapbooks, are equal parts installation art and visual poetry.

The projections happened after sunset, turning the 250′ structure into a huge light installation, a giant abstract canvas for Eno’s abstract art.

Weaving bright, child-like patterns together, the artists created a massive spread of color blocks in their latest installation, titled Optimystic.

CL: Your installation also brings to mind the notion of strata.

A suspended, stringy installation of boat forms by Chiharu Shiota in a Parisian department store evokes the uncertainty and peril of migrants’ journeys.

For this remarkable installation, artist Lee Mingwei erected a worktable where a volunteer sits in front of a wall of multiple spools of thread.

I left “The Mending Project” with a happy heart, which was then torn apart by “WarCraft,” an immersive multimedia installation by artist Nevet Yitzhak.

The installation consists of 10 displays, each dedicated to a different Kindertransport child.

The Cooley Gallery at Reed College has acquired an installation of 12 linen paintings called “Untitled Arrangement” (2016) by Portland artist Kristan Kennedy.

Wayne White explores the 1862 battle through a multi-media installation of the first battle of ironclad ships.

The installation was acquired through an art acquisition grant funded by The Ford Family Foundation, managed by the Oregon Arts Commission.

“We engaged a nearby open space where there were no humans or military installation,” he told a news conference in Islamabad.

The outdoor installation is intended to make passersby question preconceived notions about the nature of time.

The photographs included in the show home in on the details of an object’s installation in the institution.

In fact, I think I enjoyed the installation process most of all.

As an installation, the project would take on a different, more fragmented dimension.

Next, a few people were chosen and forced into a small room that was an installation by the artist Signe Pierce.

(The installation will change every few months, but Lost and Found runs through at least May.)

A former student of Marina Abramović, the Japanese-born Shiota is known for combining performance with installation in her practice.

In her installation “During Sleep” (2002), performers slept under white sheets in hospital-style beds with black string interlaced floor-to-ceiling all around them.

If we can call it an art installation, Daniel Arsham just figured out a way to charge people $28 to look at his art.

Trace of Memory highlights the performativity that’s inherent in any installation.

As specific as the installation may seem to the space, or to each viewer, Shiota is undoubtedly part of it all, too.

[Frieze] + A Joseph Beuys felt installation at the Neue Galerie in Kasse was devoured by moths.

These form Aaron Taylor Kuffner‘s gamelatron installation, a series of automated bronze instruments that derive from the traditional Indonesian gamelan.

Despont’s installation recreates this harmonious energy through a physical experience, augmented by simple geometry perfectly pieced together.

Although it was intended as temporary installation — no longer than six months — due to local pressure, it wound up staying. — JR (@JRart) March 31, 2019 A public installation surrounding the Louvre Museum in Paris, by street artist JR, has been badly damaged.

She has also approved the installation of 75 new cameras around the lower mainland city.

Net metering policies only add to this by making the utilities pay the customers for their surplus energy, thereby incentivizing further rooftop solar installation.

The fragility of this installation is purposeful as well—like the coral reef, this sculpture can easily destroyed if not protected.

Notable speakers include the artist Pat Steir who works in paint, printmaking and installation art.

Kline’s sculpture was part of “Freedom,” an installation exhibited at the New Museum’s 2015 Triennial, Surround Audience.

Knowles’s voice is heard throughout the exhibition, emanating from an audio recording in the provocative installation “The Boat Book” (2014–15).

The installation, “Nowhere Land” (2018), by the artist and professor Ferhat Özgür addressed related subject matter at Kasa Gallery this past winter.

There’s a grandioseness to the scale of the installation mimicked in the gestures of these stories.

The film installation is as funny as it is strange.

Descriptions of Noland sometimes virtually inhabiting the gallery during installation suggest an open-ended creative process that extended from studio to exhibition space.

A 1,000′ Light Tunnel Inside the Burning Man installation Dedicated to Grief and Transformation Help Bring Burning Man a Walk-in Kaleidoscope

The shuttle’s interior environment is currently being designed by installation artists Max Collins and David Mitchell, in collaboration with lighting artist Carliie Todoro-Rickus.

Their installation enables the works to speak to one another.

But visually the installation is even more striking.

I very much liked the idea behind Nadine Faraj’s installation for Anna Zorina gallery.

The exhibition brings together two works, the digital video, “Black Friday” (2016) and the installation, “Litany” (2016), to create a loud, jarring, immersive environment.

Her hypnotically discordant installation belongs to this genre.

Built by the Soviet Union for Saddam Hussein in 1977, it is an unusual site for an art installation.

Less than 24 hours later, with smoke still rising from a blast crater studded with rubble, Ahi began his latest installation.

Ahi plans to use the remaining debris for later phases of the installation.

Off the corridor, in a back gallery, is a video installation centered on a raised sort of lifeguard’s chair.

During the installation of the exhibition, a hawk flew into the gallery through the window (it survived).

Musk bailed out Solar City, a solar panel installation company, in October.

installation view: Moholy-Nagy: Future Present, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, May 27–September 7, 2016.

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