Ink in a sentence | Use of the word ink examples

I was initially drawn to the ink Cap Press table by their offer of free basil with every zine purchase.

ink Cap Press, however, is much more than free basil.

He has worked in some of Los Angeles’s most prestigious restaurants—including Osteria Mozza, ink, and Trois Mec—so the man knows his wines.

She eschews familiar systems once more in her series of gouache, enamel, and ink on paper works, In a Day Flight.

Both measures of red ink increased with the Republicans’ $1.5 trillion December tax cuts package and a $1.3 trillion bipartisan spending bill in March.

She promptly began painting the faux ‘nads in ink and watercolor on large, 30″ x 32″ paper.

Testing that suggests parchment or ink is ancient is not wholly decisive.

The Migos rapper showed off his new ink Saturday … a giant “Kulture” tat on his face in honor of his daughter with Cardi B.

The show notes for the opening exhibition, Massless, by Japanese digital collective teamLab, proclaimed, in matte silver ink printed on black paper: “We.

Sources close to the singer tell us he’s been doing 10 hour sessions almost daily, attempting to ink his whole body.

Currency controls imposed by the Venezuelan government are strangling imports, meaning newsprint, ink and printing equipment are scarce.

He also has neck ink that reads, “CWB” — a common abbreviation for a gang called Crazy White Boy.

Ji works uses watercolor and ink to paint on paper.

These pieces evince conflict between the permanence of ink and the abandoned or perhaps in-progress quality of the tattoos’ dedications.

The pair’s ink jobs represent the world’s earliest figural tattoos, the scientists say.

The arid climate preserved their bodies from their hair — which scientists used to date the mummies — to their soft tissues, ink and all.

Specifically, this piece of ink is a neck tattoo and it spells the name of Kanye’s child.

Dispersed among the glazed ceramic are 3D-printed tiles with ink embedded in gypsum.

Vast and monochrome, the museum specializes in traditional ink painting.

Without brush or ink, and with few domestic artists, it is unclear how Wavelength: Reset advances the museum’s agenda.

Those Northern Lights illuminate when viewed in the dark, thanks to embedded luminescent ink, making this the first glow-in-the-dark coin in circulation.

Finally, ink washes suggest space.

The ink lines in “Intimate Associations 4,” for instance, seem to have been made before she applied any paint.

A while back, I did a series of ink drawings using a Sumi brush.

Much ink at the time was spilled over the fact that the GameCube launched without a Mario title.

And win-win-win, because it’s ink on my body for free.

He goes over them with acrylic, gouache, graphite, and ink.

He goes over them with acrylic, gouache, graphite, and ink.

Excess bleeding can also thin the ink.

Also, if you’re planning on getting more ink in the future, such as creating a sleeve, take that into consideration now.

An equal sense of gravity, though differently framed, electrifies a framed ink drawing by David Wojnarowicz.

On Friday, Lee Foss released his new single, “Till The Light” featuring his frequent collaborator, Infinity ink.

You can also save 30% on ink when you buy one at full price.

Even if you’re not out of printer ink right now, this is the best time to stock up.

Earlier this year, Paulson proclaimed her love for Taylor … unclear if she knew about the ink.

I wanted my ink to form a visual portrait of ideas and events that transformed me, literally and spiritually.

She loved Chinese traditional ink drawing and eventually grew to love manga and Cartoon Network.

We met this guy named Oliver Peck, who a lot of folks might know from ink Masters.

We’re told the two hit up a tattoo parlor in Cleveland last month — both got brand new ink on their forearms.

As you can see, Paris usually flaunts her ink with pride, but for whatever reason … tats were a no-go for this shoot.

The conventional wisdom, spelled out in gallons of digital ink, is economic.

Pen and ink drawings — stippled to duplicate antique comics’ Benday dot coloring — detail the heroes’ clashes with evildoers while performing at a circus.

Even when Catt Gallinger’s eye started leaking purple ink she didn’t think anything was wrong.

So one night she gave in, let her then boyfriend numb her eye and inject purple ink into it.

If the ink solidifies, it’s supposed to take three months, it gets harder to remove, and it can seriously impact your vision.

Leonardo drew his imagined solutions, explicated by cryptic, mirror-image written notes, in dense brown ink strokes.

What we call “print” is really hundreds of decisions about paper, ink, and how to combine them.

(Water based ink, for example, doesn’t adhere as well as oil-based ink to metal, moveable type.)

On each image is an Arabic inscription handwritten in blue ink, with a typed English caption directly below the image.

Their stories were recorded on video, but also illustrated in ink drawings that unfold on the backs of nine life jackets.

In fact, scientists know surprisingly little about how tattoo ink affects the body.

Delicate tendrils of ink twist skywards in silky, smoky strands.

Pitts hangs her American flag upside down, after having doused it in black ink.

He soon passed it on to his buddies at Warp, who decided to ink a record deal.

Pete Davidson’s already taking his relationship with Ariana Grande to the next level … with some permanent ink.

The University of Colorado Boulder announced its purchase of a signed archival impression of every work produced by the Shark’s ink printmaking studio.

It’s the third and penultimate track from her upcoming EP Black ink, which we’re premiering below.

Toner is plastic, not ink.

The Van Gogh Museum rejected the attribution of ink drawings included in the newly released book, Vincent van Gogh: The Lost Arles Sketchbook.

In the language of ink, incompetent statecraft’s stream of lies is sooty water, awaiting sewage treatment.

Fred Terna’s ink drawings, dating from 1945 to 1952, reveal a mind eager to absorb and remember.

The ink is UV, but that doesn’t affect their appearance when shown under different light.

“The UV ink is an ink that doesn’t use a liquid vehicle,” Natalia Sacasa, senior director of the gallery, tells The Creators Project.

“The ink is in powder form and is cured with UV light.”

When the voice describes a squid squirting ink, a real spurt of water splashes the audience.

Created with wax crayons, ink, and watercolor, they recall prehistoric cave paintings and Mesoamerican ceramics, and incorporate Surrealist techniques like automatic drawing.

Their lines, too, are rendered in a brown ink known as sepia shellac, which has never before appeared in other works.

Van Gogh typically chose to draw in black ink, which did fade to brown if exposed to light over many years.

Pundits and political scientists alike have spilled a lot of ink in trying to characterize the nature and the causes of this populist rise.

A social security card is a piece of paper with, I think it’s red ink with your number on it.

Like Wells, Dyson emphasizes how even simple resources like ink and paper can be as radical a data technology as anything.

I started working again with gesture through ink on paper.

It gave me the freedom to pick up this ink and paper and experiment.

ink led me to freeing up the mark and feeling that it could become part of my repertoire again.

Printer Potential Savings: $30 – $100 (plus ink, which ain’t cheap!)

“This was caused by undiluted ink, over injection, not enough/smaller injections sights,” she wrote.

Several of the animals appear to be dipped in lurid colored ink and inflated to the extent that they appear balloon-like.

It’s just ink on graph paper.

Flake worried that Congress would be unable to eliminate the benefit cold turkey, allowing it to bleed red ink for years to come.

Trump has seethed over President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement, slamming it since the moment the ink dried in 2015.

Landscapes and flower studies are two other popular genres, pulling on more classical techniques of ink paintings on paper.

Trump has seethed over President Obama’s signature foreign policy achievement, slamming it since the moment the ink dried in 2015.

A whole lot of ink has been spilled about Sean Spicer, Trump’s press secretary, and his April 11 memory lapse (?)

Edie Fake’s gouache and ink drawings deal with themes of queer identity through an unusual lens: architecture.

The serpentine land withdraws from me like the cloud of ink emitted by an octopus as it flashes to the deep.

Hugo’s ink odalisque “Sub clara nuda lucerna” (mid to late 19th century) is also rather accomplished.

The act of repetition is fundamental to training in Chinese calligraphy and ink painting.

Prince showed off the new ink Saturday … saying it took the artist an understandable 9 hours to complete.

When they tell you the way they get tattoo ink is by melting chess pieces, how could you not use that?

“I use vibrant colors and complex patterns done by mixed-media, combining both analog ink and digital vector.

There is no activated charcoal or black ink squid in there.” (I don’t want to guess!)

But I have ink for blood — I couldn’t give up the job.

features simple and contemplative sculptures constructed from everyday objects like dirt, tissue boxes, and communion wafers stained with ink.

Paper mills have a formula for each color, but black is created by an indiscriminate amount of ink added until black is achieved.

This series, ink Spots, is a helpful guide to which zines, pamphlets, and publications you should be reading when you’re not reading ours.

The Patriots have work to do before we ink over their penciled-in AFC championship.

The result is more than 300 ink and gouache paintings depicting all 114 chapters as parables of contemporary American life.

To some close to Yang, it was an animating force quite intentionally spelled out in black ink.

But literature on the secretary of state’s website says ballots must be filled out in black ink.

And so I did this pen and ink sketch.

Christie’s Chinese Contemporary ink sale in Hong Kong brought in a total of 19,567,500 HKD (~$2,499,000) on November 26.

Some people prefer out-of-the-ordinary tattoos, going out of their way to get next-level ink.

With “the ink drying” on a deal, as one euroskeptic lawmaker described it, minds are increasingly focused.

His washes of ink fashion light-toned sloping hills, shores and gnarled trees, boatmen, and distant lagoons.

Next to him lies an ink bowl.

To get these crazy ideas in ink.

One ink drawing is of a man in a sleeveless undershirt relaxing on the couch, legs stretched out, hands folded on his belly.

Suspended above these anthropomorphic forms is a cloud-like cluster of soft sculptures sporting portraits rendered in ink.

Vélez shares aesthetic similarities with Méléndez — such as the illustrative ink markings found on the surface of their works.

There is an incredible amount of detail and movement in Benchamma’s black ink and felt-tip pen strokes.

When she worked on a white surface, she used black paint or ink.

JFK tried one, Premiere Magazine, The ink.

(Never mind that the ink on the nominations for 2016 was barely dry.)

While the all-white outfit and square-shaped helmet are typical for Marshmello, the ink on display definitely belongs to Blackbear.

His interest in music icons like David Bowie and Nick Cave are also appealing subjects in dense ink portraits.

Even publications like the New Yorker and Time have given the alt-right some ink.

Mullican seemed to have started applying paint with a printer’s ink knife around the time Jackson Pollock began pouring paint.

Artist Gretchen Röehrs adds a new dimension to her drawings with small objects that interact with ink illustrations.

Floyd has been talking to the wrong guy, because Conor can’t ink the deal.

She was specially made a bamboo brush to fit her hand, and makes drawings with finger-painting ink on paper.

The paper and ink lingered about because Leonardo’s father, who lived elsewhere with his ‘legitimate’ family, was a notary.

Don’t worry about Luke Rockhold dippin’ his pen in the company ink

You need just a touch—just a single tablespoon!—of squid ink to make these baguettes as dark and black as your cold, dead heart.

This is our right for 1,500 years and with this ink, we can make our dream a reality,” Kusrat Ameen said.

At the Nemtsov march in Voronezh, individuals in medical masks threw eggs, green ink, and what appeared to be flour at activists.

There’s a magic ink kit (mess-free markers!)

On the thumb of the central figure, tattoo ink merges with decorative buds.

The balloons don’t float for long, and what are we to do with greasy ink on the floor?

Written by Scott Snyder, pencils by Greg Capullo, ink by Danny Miki, colors by Francisco Perez.

No writing in ink!

This is a tight, taut little comic, and Clemente’s writing doesn’t wax poetic or waste any ink in the process.

As I wait, I look around at the olive green walls and pale yellow lamps, the ink drawings hanging up, the teacups on display.

In Matisse/Diebenkorn, a different kind of ink bottle-scale mismatch between actual fact and visual effect surfaced for me.

I like summertime.” So do I. Donovan is a full-time artist working primarily in calligraphy ink.

On our debut episode, we heard stories from comedian Jon Daly, actress Alia Shawkat, Jackass legend Chris Pontius, and Kid ink.

Finally, Kid ink tells us about a week-long trip he took to Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas for his birthday.

The story itself, written out in longhand, is tucked inside shapes silhouetted against a dense field of charcoal and ink.

What we do know, is that broadband providers did not even wait for the ink to dry on this Order before making their moves.

It is practically the consistency of ink.

Likewise, Das has a fantastical creature drawn with ink in 1972 that emerges from a profusion of curved dark lines resembling a nimbus cloud.

“It would be great to see a female ink Master.

Using materials such as thread, ink, oil paint, graphite, and gold leaf, Ginzel transforms her superfluous things into talismans.

There had never been a female ink Master since the show’s debut in 2012.

ink Master’s producers say that stories from female artists have shown them the importance of putting more women on the show.

“I deserve to be the first female ink Master,” she said in a clip that aired just before she won the title.

The singer added a new tattoo to his huge collection, and fans are flipping over the fresh ink.

Check out more tweets about Zayn’s new ink: Sign up here to get INSIDER’s favorite stories straight to your inbox.

ink illustrations are my muse to line drawings and they usually challenge me like some sort of math problem,” he adds.

In the thirty-three works in the exhibition, she explores what she can do with a short, often repeated strokes of ink or poster paint.

Another work, “Untitled” (1975), done in ink, pastel, and poster paint, brought to mind a rushing river and the unseen currents below.

On one side are the hallucinatory ink abstractions  of Henri Michaux, while on the other side are the radical graphic works of Pierrette Bloch.

Using India ink, pastel, graphite, and watercolor, Applebroog grappled with her depression in more than 100 drawings.

Angsty body cast collage sculptures with dripping black ink.

As part of her creative process, D’Aoust meditates in front of a black page until images emerge, then uses gold ink to execute them.

From there he tacks on multiple layers acrylic paint, spray paint, ink, and wheat paste.

Win a ring, get new ink, repeat.

I work mostly with acrylic paint, India ink, watercolors, sometimes with fiber and polymer clay.

Air ink by Graviky Labs in India is transforming airborne pollutants into consumer safe inks and paints.

That’s right … Drake’s new arm ink went unnoticed for almost a half a year, at least to the general populous.

And yet it feels as though today it’s sneaked into the job description — an awful addendum in invisible ink.

Paris Jackson gifted herself on her 18th birthday with some fresh ink honoring her beloved dad Michael.

1:40 PM PT — Paris’ brother, Prince Jackson, also got some ink.

He continued to collect ink on his arms.

These symptoms get worse with repetitive work tasks and the unnatural postures necessary to ink someone effectively.

Playboi — we recommend you learn from Chyna’s past flings and hold off on the ink.

Kylie Jenner’s new booty ink is insane — at least if you’re taking it literally.

In another work, Milan drew in graphite, gesso, and etching ink on an inkjet print, as well as affixed collage elements to it.

MTV just turned 35 and to celebrate the special occasion … they gave out free ink for fans!

Tattoos were eschewed because they were assumed to be unpopular; once that was proven incorrect, body ink was suddenly welcome.

I’m not a fan, but when I read it I found myself turning those pages like the ink was laced with heroin.

People started noticing the new ink over the weekend at Houston Appreciation Weekend where Champagne Papi was the main event.

When it came it looked like a goblet of silver gel pen ink.

Spoiler alert: Rachel gets a tattoo and Phoebe ends up with a black ink dot because she couldn’t take the pain.

Christie’s Lacquer, Jade, Bronze, ink: The Irving Collection Day Sale in New York brought in a total of $13,374,625 on March 21.

But the escalating violence over the past six weeks suggests the agreement was little more than ink on paper.

But the escalating violence over the past six weeks suggests the agreement was little more than ink on paper.

It’s evident in the elaborately patterned drawings in colored ink on handmade, Oaxacan paper by the Mexico-based, Italian artist Domenico Zindato.

That was what I spent my teenage years doing: handwrite, handwrite, handwrite to the point where I’m running out of ink.

The ink is here a pale wash, there a blackish smudge, and in between, a film like smoke or dust.

Lilia Hernandez Galusha is a multidisciplinary artist working in gouache, pen and ink, embroidery, weaving, and textiles.

Jennifer Garner was vague about the ink, saying, “Bless his heart.”

The artist also used graphite pencil, colored pencil, ink, and found, collaged papers.

The large ink drawings in the outer room of Campbell’s MCA show reproduce some cartoons Carr drew, primarily for her private journals.

Text from Emily Carr’s journals runs beneath black and white ink drawings with scenes from both Carr’s and Campbell’s lives.

Light and dark carry poetic weight: in one image, hands wring out a cloth; the cool water stains their hands like ink.

I liked the way the blue ballpoint-pen ink set the mood, and the way the pens were sensitive to pressure.

(“Ballpoint-pen ink fades over time,” she explained.)

This is what Conner said about these artists in an interview with Jack Rasmussen: Emily Feather has an affinity for blue ink.

“Survival” — “inscribed with some of the most iconic ink in all of sports.”

Fusing traditional Chinese ink painting with surreal narratives, Hao Liang paints directly onto silk to reflect upon the past and the future.

Or I would pencil it and she would ink it, or the other way around.”

Grande shared an updated shot of her ink, though, adding … “slightly better.

But, here’s the thing — Ariana’s ink still doesn’t say “7 Rings.”

At 405 Johnson Avenue, Sol Erez and I talked about the large, Rorschach-esque drawings he’s making with mace and recycled ink.

A new generation of food magazines thinks small — and in ink.

Combine warm water with yeast, milk, butter, sugar, and squid ink into mixing bowl fitted for a KitchenAid or similar mixer.

Also, that bubblegum ink with those three blues.

The drawings in the exhibition are done in graphite and in ink.

The works can be divided into two groups, the larger one consisting of political drawings done in black ink on white paper.

The other group of about dozen works are done in colored crayons and ink on paper.

The first sequences look as if they could be ink drawings or wood-carved prints from an edition of Moby-Dick.

Guston stopped painting for two years after his 1966 Jewish Museum retrospective and turned exclusively to charcoal and ink.

(The ink will wash off.)

The ink transferred, but it also bled, so the image was not legible.

“On one painting, the ink signature was wiped away when I passed my white glove over it,” he told the Guardian.

To many a Western eye at first glance, Ji’s elaborate worlds float in the formal traditions of Chinese ink painting.

This, despite the elegant, undulating line that defines Essenhigh’s stylized forms, and the mellifluous quality of Mumford’s ink washes.

This is necessary when working with watercolor, monotype, and ink.

When the reMarkable team first got in touch with E ink, the company said what they wanted to do wasn’t possible.

By 2015, the team came up with a solution for the lag problem and took it back to Taiwan to show E ink.

I had my carnalito use a binkie [homemade syringe] and inject ink into my eyeballs.

Zayn Malik’s now under the watchful eyes of Gigi Hadid … if that new ink‘s really her eyes tattooed on his chest.

On top of that are three layers of silkscreen printing ink and polymer acrylic.

Only question now is — will all that ink on his legs slow him down in Year 2?!

The paintings of this period are accompanied by several ink drawings and a handful of sculptures.

HP’s printers are reliable and easy to use, plus they work with HP’s instant ink subscription program.

And through HP, you may never have to buy ink again thanks to HP’s Instant ink subscription service.

As the game’s day cycles, you gain access to different ink to further develop your own fragmented story.

He recently added a squid ink croissant to his baking repertoire.

Much ink has been spilled on both sides of this debate, but I’d like to weigh in on the wireless angle.

We broke the story … the “ink Master” star was arrested on September 1 on charges of child abuse and felony domestic violence.

“It’s like the first layer of ink,” he tells The Creators Project.

Flesh & Bone exhibition, their latest collection of ink drawings, wire sculptures, and watercolor paintings, is a testament to that reputation.

Their clouds of Sumi ink often represent real Tornado Alley storms, and consider the unpredictability and status of this Western icon.

The names of his dead friends [Etched in ink across his stomach].

Formally, they contrast with the ink drawings, which demonstrates deft artistic skill.

Now we have it in ink,” said Bjorn Brenner, a lecturer at the Swedish Defense University who studies Hamas.

“Persistent Resistance” consists of a central speckled, decorative column that looks like a Rorschach ink blot that’s been stretched into a pillar.

A lot of digital ink has already gone to the question of how the media missed Donald Trump’s victory.

The ink is a nod to an album title by his favorite band, the Stereophonics.

In total, there are 130 paintings, 31 works of calligraphy, 18 ink rubbings, and four textiles from 13 centuries and five imperial dynasties.

Published in 1931, CIOPW includes 99 examples of Cummings’s visual art in charcoal, ink, oil, pencil, and watercolor.

The exhibition will kick off with a spider concert to celebrate the new works, which are made of spider silk and ink on paper.

While there, she used her menstrual blood, along with watercolor, charcoal, ink, and stickers, to scrawl cryptic messages on paper.

inky sat in the abyss, a darkness as black, ironically, as ink.

Like Manet — but working with pen and ink to draw a firm but delicate contour line — Mazur pared away everything he thought was unnecessary.

(One of my favorite little details in this whole season has been that the tattoo ink is made via melting down chess pieces.)

Bud and Barbara say these long-standing relationships are common at Shark’s ink.

Click here to see more printmaking work by Shark’s ink.

Aaron Hernandez was found in his cell with a Bible verse written on his forehead in blood red ink … this according to local reports.

Untitled 2016 ink, collage, acrylic paint and oil stick on colour photograph.

Photo courtesy Stephen Friedman Gallery Untitled 2016 ink, collage and acrylic paint on colour photograph.

He says all kinds of people ask him for eye ink, from construction workers to circus performers.

And why do you layer ink blocks and pencil-thin lines over each landscape scene?

I went out and I got ink thrown at me.

The publication was coauthored by Thayer Walker, Kim’s husband with whom she cofounded ink Dwell.

Graphene ink and paint are present in the exhibition.

No word on Mom’s feelings about Malone’s other Peep ink.

Taking on the thousand-year-old practice of Chinese scroll painting, Ji employs ink on paper as his primary medium and landscape as his central subject.

The resulting database of digital animations, many originating with original ink drawings by Robert, react to user interaction through an audiovisual synthesizer.

Now that’s just cheating even before someone squirts ink everywhere, isn’t it?

According to CNET, the biggest hits were condoms, pet food, printer ink, and paper towels.

Davidson covered up the ink temporarily for a movie role.

Has too much ink been spilled on Kiefer’s behalf?

Once a person votes, their finger is marked with indelible ink, so they are unable to cast their votes a second time.

This caused the dried ink to transfer an impression to the wet paper.

It takes a while to discern the semi-prone figure dressed in camouflage amid the green, brown, black, and gray tones of ink.

Sokovikov opts for oil-based ink in his series of haunting black and white prints.

Faith emphasized that everybody’s body is different and that some are more efficient at clearing out the ink.

Using the pliers, we remove the ink tube and the metal tip.

This is the stage where everything—hands, face, workbench, clothes—gets covered in ink, assuming you haven’t already set everything on fire.

And with that, she made a point to drive home how important it is to think before you ink.

Instead, we turn to basic tattoo ink.

The work only looked like collage as Quinn’s skillful hand works through several media: charcoal, colored pencil, pastels, and ink.

– KIM KELLY We premiered this album yesterday, but I wanted to lavish a little extra ink (e-ink?)

[via email announcement] Mee-Seen Loong will join the Chinese ink art gallery, ink Studio, in Beijing.

Ballpoint pens rely on a tube of ink that’s thicker and dries more quickly than the ink a fountain pen would use.

The ball is held tightly in a socket to stop air from drying out the ink.

But it still rolls around, allowing it to pick up ink and transfer it to paper.

ink flows differently from ballpoint pens, he wrote, making it more natural to separate letters (in print) than to join them together (in cursive).

(The Kano school combined Chinese brushwork, which was largely done with black ink, with Japanese interest in color and pattern).

Drawn in acrylic ink on paper, the five create a powerfully ominous narrative (all of them made in 2017).

Nobari tells Creators that he originally began making ink portraits during a rough period in college.

Nobari now only uses ink, and always begins each drawing by first working on the eyes.

Click here to follow Arman Nobari’s year-long ink drawing journey.

I would draw it with walnut ink and quill pen.

Printed in purple and avocado green ink, it was illustrated with engravings and drawings by Marcel Duchamp, Robert Osborn, and Alexandre Istrati.

Kalman, perhaps not willing to bear such responsibility, put a large question mark in ink instead.

Daumier’s drawing was done in pen and ink, gray wash and charcoal.

1990), using pen and black and red ink.

Rollins took the bait but, before the ink was dry, Triple H assaulted him, doing his best to once again cripple his rival.

He’s created a series of large scale ink drawings, often made in front of a live crowd.

Our sources say the party was being shot for ‘Black ink‘ … although it’s unclear if cameras captured any of the fight.

But I’m not giving that man, a newly crowned figurehead of sexual abuse, the privilege of more ink.

Much ink has already been spilt investigating Mapplethorpe’s relationship — or lack thereof — to Blackness.

One way Bruly Bouabré preserved Bété culture was by recording Bété heritage and myths in crayon and ink drawings on postcard-sized pieces of paper.

There are vast swaths of redacting black ink throughout the emails — including DOJ’s response to Grannis.

We now have only more questions about Eilish: Did she really drink down that ink?

The law does not, however, explicitly ban official portraits rendered in oil stick, charcoal, ink, bronze, clay, and a range of other materials.

Tattoo ink A lot of black dyes are made from charcoal which comes from burning animal bones.

Unlike traditional book fairs, SFABF integrates book-themed exhibitions from adjacent galleries into a concerted celebration of ink on paper.

That is because a special paper and ink used to make passports has to be imported but there is no foreign currency.

He has been exhibiting his graphite and ink drawings since the beginning of this century and has gotten better and better at them.

Nazim is skilled in pencil, ink, etching, and computer graphics, using each to craft a unified body of monochromatic work.

Using extreme contrast, Mizutani makes these photographs of black birds silhouetted against white sky look like delicate ink drawings.

The pen given to me was Jarrar’s signature pen, whose ink was pink.

Two tire tracks are visible, one in ink and the other the impression left by the tire treads.

Much digital ink has been spilled on the media’s treatment of the Donald Trump candidacy.

In the ink on plastic works depicting Farley, the dried vacuoles are puddle stains tainted with dust.

It’s an inkjet printer, but the ink isn’t too expensive if you only print in black.

Johns’s merging of techniques and materiality — the ink, brush, and sheet of clear plastic — is unrivaled.

TUNES Audio says they hope to ink more endorsement deals like this one in the future.

The ink is a professor-approved black, and it dries almost instantly to avoid any smudges as you frantically take notes in science class.

Red ink is the problem at hhgregg.

Most of the ink about Chick’s tracts has been spilled over his anti-Catholic rhetoric, which was particularly vehement, even by Chick standards.

(FYI, Marc, the Internet is written in ink, in case you did not see the movie.)

There are no ink pens allowed here—only pencils—and the dirt on your shoes gets trapped on a sticky mat at the front door.

But the rest of us will have to write a reminder in indelible ink on our hands: Buy more shrimp.

We’re told Grant’s not rushing to remove the ink, but he’s open to erasing it later.

“The right words would be written in ink on card, not to be seen suddenly and brutally, like the news.

It creates the effect of the dresses’ ink leaking onto the models, turning them into sketches, too.

This series, ink Spots, is a helpful guide to which zines, pamphlets, and publications you should be reading when you’re not reading ours.

Traeger intensifies the effect with thick swaths of black ink and rough-hewn outlines.

A major treat is the broad selection of the artist’s exquisite drawings, many of which are in ink or ballpoint pen.

While Kirkhuff’s more serious subject matter is often life-sized, she’s also fond of making smaller ink drawings and zines.

It’s called “The Taste of ink”.It’s okay, but it needs to be heavier, and where is the drop?

His pen and ink drawings resemble Buddhist tapestries in their layouts, with concentric circles representing the interconnected worlds that exist in his imagination.

Like being the fruit to my loop, the smoke to my high, or even the ink and paint to my canvas and paper.

Her works focus on ink and gouache drawings on watercolor paper, allowing Ellis to balance hard edges with misty interior colorscapes to great effect.

The level of detail that goes into his ink on paper works, murals, and prints is simply incredible.

On each report she drew bodies and body parts, then marbled it with red ink.

Repetitive, intricate ink drawings that jump off the page are Cambodian illustrator Visoth Kakvei’s specialty.

“Or I could fake my own death,” I parroted back, the thought undulating through my skull like squid ink.

Destroying everything save a few specks of ink, Irwin summons wraithlike shadows to occupy these spaces of former visual delight.

And they all feature her tattoo style on prominent display, a mix of her ink and temporary tats.

All of the sudden a guy shows up in a T-shirt with “Tamir Rice Only” written in ink on the front.

Richter’s jacket joins a rich tradition of women stitching words onto clothes, turning to thread and fabric in place of ink and paper.

People sometimes think that I just ink images of penises and other nonsense on people—but I have friends who I can do that too.

Almost all the marks in the 2017 show were made with black poster paint and ink.

Her materials include ink, poster paint, pastel, and watercolor.

On the left side of this black field, Singh has made a cluster of wave-like marks by wiping away the ink before it dried.

Can you make an ink drawing that brings to mind Vincent van Gogh but does not look like his work?

Ten miles north of Barcelona lies a centuries-old hotbed for ink technology.

He’s talking about urophilia, otherwise known as piss play or—in the words of an unsubstantiated report that’s gotten some ink recently—golden showers.

Founded in the 9th century, the Monastery of Sant Cugat ushered in Spain’s era of ink and scrolls.

Beneath this address, in blood red ink, was printed NOT TO BE RETURNED, which made little sense beneath a return address.

The new ink was done by Los Angeles tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who goes by the moniker WinterStone on Instagram.

The pop star’s new ink was of song lyrics to “Mr. Blue Sky.”

With the ink now drying on a US record deal, we wouldn’t bet against her making it happen, tbh.

This is the final stage, where I apply the watercolor paint and acrylic ink.

Keep up with Lady L and the Ladies of ink Tour on Instagram.

Its whole aesthetic is inspired by Japanese watercolor and wood carving art in the Ukiyo-e style and sumi-e ink wash paintings.

Zhang thumbed through every book and shakily painted over his mother’s signature with black ink.

Its whole aesthetic is inspired by Japanese watercolor and wood carving art in the Ukiyo-e style and sumi-e ink wash paintings.

Bearden uses collage, watercolor, acrylic, ink, pencil, glitter, and foil in these small, jam-packed, fully realized works.

“This technique avoids squashing the pages and preserves the pages and the ink,” she said.

They were seized by Norwegian customs officials because Apple logos on the inside components of the screens “had been covered up by ink marker.

There is nothing precious here—not even the drawings, which are rendered in simple yet emotive pen and ink line drawings.

The ink marker could be removed with rubbing alcohol,” according to the Oslo District Court decision that ruled in favor of Huseby.

She draws in the eye with colorful acrylic, watercolor, ink, and soft pastel, and creates a collage-like aesthetic by incorporating torn-up sketches.

One particularly striking work from this period, “Too Much Aspiration” (1947), is an opaque watercolor, with ink and graphite on paper.

But we were off to a false start when it turned out that the red ink had gone bad.

I had to wait for the guy to travel to the other side of town to get new ink, which took three hours.

Afterward, when my friends saw my ink, they all backed out.

This drawing was obviously made long before Chuck Close used the same technique of fingerprints and stamping ink to make a work.

You see ink on athletes, musicians, movie stars and politicians.

“What happens if you smudge the ink?” I don’t know but you’d best be careful.

The product, which I saw last week, consists of a hearty, full-sized keyboard and an E ink screen.

I didn’t want a tattoo that would hinder my ability to wear sleeveless shirts or dresses without total strangers asking about my ink.

Put it on an ink needle and bury it in my skin.

The bad news was the red ink, with Okta reporting net losses of $59.1 million for fiscal 2015 and $76.3 million for fiscal 2016.

Travieso’s primary medium is painting, and he regularly uses acrylic, oil, gouache, and ink, with the help of tape to create straight lines.

The Withings Go uses an always-on E ink display like the one on your Kindle or original Pebble.

The ink, an angel on Bieber’s left wrist, happens to be a depiction of his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

E ink itself, they told me, was incredibly impressed.

ink Master” star Chris Blinston has twice been accused of a serious crime … and twice now has come away unscathed from those accusations.

“A well intentioned red girl” ink piece is bloody rad!!

“This executive order was unconstitutional before the ink on it was even dry.

But, Wachob tells The Creators Project that her artwork involves much more than just embedding ink in human skin.

Windows ink will be the highlight of the suite of new features being introduced today, but it’s far from being the only one.

There’s really nothing more frustrating than getting bank notes covered in ink.

For a computer printer, ink.

The New York-based illustrator envisions lunar surfaces, geometric patterns that look almost microbial, and mazes of precise line work, amongst other black ink drawings.

What can be said about Mazes to the Motherlode is that all of the pieces are ink and graphite on paper.

Jacki carried two white poster boards and a marker, almost out of ink.

The wait for the ink to dry links to a greater debate about how the UK creates its documents.

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, combine the water, milk, butter, squid ink, yeast, and sugar.

Do ink drawings of girl bars not appeal to us, as paintings that “look like” Impressionist urban scenes might?

Anyone with ink on their skin can attest to the sensuality of being tattooed.

I work variously in acrylic, gouache, watercolor, oil, pencil, and ink on paper, wood, canvas, and built-up layers of collaged/sanded printed material.

That sort of ink play may be outside the mainstream, but it’s maybe not as rare as you think.

Not everyone interested in ink play will have access to shop-quality tattoo guns or the skills to use the gear on a partner.

The next French president will face a river of red ink, the European Commission warned Monday in its Winter 2017 Economic Forecast.

Unlike felt-tip pens, they do not become thicker with use or dry out, but instead dispense their oil-based ink smoothly until their last drops.

Not one of you worthless scribes wants to devote any ink to this 1998 masterpiece?

Its website lacks any real content, stating its job is to “entertain our readers with newsprint and ink.”

The little black Honeywell air purifier in the back corner is de riguer for oil paint and Chinese ink.

This series, ink Spots, is a helpful guide to which zines, pamphlets, and publications you should be reading when you’re not reading ours.

No draftee had more ink spilled about him in Lewis’s book, or more screen time devoted to him in the eventual movie adaptation.

I hope to see you in the future,” reads one, in green ink on yellow paper.

The new technology is a conductive ink is used to print wires and electrodes on temporary tattoo paper that’s applied to the skin.

In essence, a cake is merely an edible and hopefully more delicious (though not, it would seem, for Justice Gorsuch) form of disappearing ink.

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Every page was covered from top to bottom in ink, chronicling her every thought, secret, and experience over nearly 30 years.

Political observers during the Trump era have spilled a lot of ink asking where the red line is.

Air ink by Graviky Labs, an India-based research company, is a line of products that includes pens, spray paint, and oil-based paints.

Safety Malcolm Jenkins is currently letting the ink dry on his own five-year deal with $21 million in guarantees.

The collages in this show combine handmade paper, sumi ink, gold, pewter leaf, and assorted, repurposed scraps leftover in her studio.

He visited for Kim Il Sung’s 100th birthday, and snuck photos of the crowd, turning them into this “ink on wood” artwork.

At the gift shop, I bought an ink drawing of Castro and Hemingway.

Between the lines: Centene has been profitable on the exchanges and sees opportunity where other insurers see red ink.

My favorite work at NYU’s MFA exhibition was Komikka Patton’s series of expressive paintings and ink works.

“…Hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, making fools of U.S. negotiators.

Bud and Barbara say these long-standing relationships are common at Shark’s ink.

A basin has been filled with a deep, black, shinny ink on which is reflected a jazzy topographic white map.

Click here to see more printmaking work by Shark’s ink.

The company also hopes to ink deals with insurance companies and bundle policies as part of its software services.

Haslem stood shirtless in front of his locker room stall, the State of Florida mapped out in dark ink across his back.

“You never get into a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.

The fresh ink stain on her 4-year-old son’s finger, meanwhile, was a sign of change and progress.

[The spoon] was so hot that it burned the skin, but it didn’t get the ink out.

“You use the tiniest amount of ink for a tattoo,” says Stenvik Mostrom, a tattoo artist at Atlanta, Georgia’s Liberty Tattoo.

He’s administered three ash-and-ink tattoos so far, and most of the former element settles to the bottom of the ink well.

“It doesn’t float on the top, and it doesn’t really mix homogeneously with the ink, anyway.”

Still, there have been relatively few studies on other substances such as cremains in ink, says Dr. Whitehead.

It still didn’t really get all the ink out.

“LET’S SAVE THE WORLD!” is written there in black permanent ink.

“LET’S SAVE THE WORLD!” is written there in black permanent ink.

While less confrontational than James, publishers like And Other Stories and Dodo ink actively engage with the industry structures that exclude marginalised writers.

Americans are more tattoo-friendly than ever, having spent around $1.65 billion dollars on ink in 2015.

The works are all either acrylic on mat board, acrylic on paper, ink on mat board, or ink on paper.

How can it be no one you know goes to the movies yet they still get so much ink?

It contains a collection of mixed-media paintings that combine sumi ink, acrylics, watercolor, wood, and colored pencil.

What’s kinda creepy about it is, the tat is still fresh and the scarring makes the red ink seem like a scab.

At the time, tattoos of insects were very popular, so I had the artist ink a tarantula on my shoulder.

All that for a bit of ink.

It’s done with a special type of needle, which injects permanent ink in the sclera.

Two little pricks are put into the eye and the ink is spread around the eyeball.

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If the word red is printed in blue ink, say “blue” instead of “red”).

1930s), ink on paper, 15.5 x 20.75 in.In 1942, Obata was forced into a Japanese internment camp.

The ten ink drawings are flush with gradient sunsets alongside the icy fluorescent glare from nighttime haunts.

One was making a classic animation cel (ink on acetate plastic painted from behind) for the exterior shot of Mary’s cottage.

Here, Ricketts illustrates this “Assyrian God,” with his “hawk-faced head” and strange wings, in brown ink over graphite on paper.

He printed on linen and cotton; in colored ink on a light ground; in light, opaque ink on a dark ground.

The ink’s barely dry on AT&T’s $86 billion acquisition of Time Warner.

One, printed in dark ink on white paper, feels in places uncomfortably clotted with spongiform lines.

Printed in light opaque ink on a dark background, it evokes the lush ornamental language and sense of pictorial flatness of engraved metal.

ink, a Nebraska-based startup focused on revamping on-campus printing, has raised $7 million from VTF Capital, SQN Venture Partners, Invest Nebraska and NE Angeles.

A unique impression, it is printed in green ink on colored paper and hand-painted.

This is where ink’s two products comes in.

Their financial status varied from extremely healthy (like Kaiser Permanente) to red ink (Partners HealthCare).

After getting the Michelangelo, Carter decided to extend his ink down to the end of his residual limb.

Juicy hit up the grand opening of Black ink Crew artist Ceaser Emanuel’s shop in Atlanta.

Ceaser told us Juicy was “one of the hardest people” he ever attempted to ink.

The idea behind track was first conceived when Turner was home one evening, playing with some ink.

Rick Scott, happened as the ink was still drying on the Trump administration’s draft plan released last week.

When developing her prints, Charlot artist sketches using photocopied images, continuing to work with ink and watercolor to flesh out her 2D works.

Deer with kind, glossy eyes peer curiously at the viewer, their coats lovingly rendered with strokes of black ink.

The one that came with this pen offers a smooth operation though the ink is a little light for my taste.

Radical Matter features contemporary designers making dye out of seaweed, and ink out of cat hair and even compressed car exhaust.

I like bold lines and this one writes in a sort of muted fashion — fine for some, but I prefer darker ink.

Could there be a note of discontent beneath all the throbbing neon ink?

Using capacitive ink, Boing Boing reports, it’s possible to spoof a real fingertip and break into phones.

The steep plunge in the price of black gold is leaving state governments in the oil patch up to their necks in red ink.

A stray end sections the ink and needle.

The ink and needle caution.

The ink and needle burn.

Delevingne shared this detail shot of her right ear, complete with her personalized ink.

The ink on the right wrist of the model matches a tattoo previously seen on Rousey.

The yellow registration card, which is dated April 1986, was filled out in blue ink and signed by Warren, the Post reported.

The system utilizes the Zink (Zero ink), dumping the need for printer cartridges in favor of heat- activated dye color crystals in the paper.

Threads of ink meander from the top of the structure like splayed wires dangling from a cable.

Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world; squid ink appeared in Nicolas Baptiste’s bar.

So, will people be chugging down squid ink instead of green juice this summer?

Baptiste laughs: “When people read about squid ink on our drinks menu, they’re not sure what to think.

Numerous (and might we add, badass) ink designs coat her body, from the upper arm region to her lower back.

More UI changes (camera, photos, CarPlay, ink): iOS 11 also includes many improvements to the basic use and integrated apps.

In addition to random ink, you can add text, a signature, shapes/callouts or add a magnifier.

Having the octopus ink in his mouth wasn’t a walk in the park for Robbie, either.

Her drawings are a mix of ink, watercolor, and collage combined with digital illustration.

It also seems that she is sporting some pretty recently added ink on her legs and torso.

“Don’t tattoo wedding date,” she joked, visibly embarrassed by her ink.

But, that doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes make regrettable decisions — including stars who have botched ink or a design that’s deeply offensive.

During this transition, Kelly began to make observational crayon and ink line drawings of plant life.

It was like agave, printer ink, something.

(The ad companies he backed include iSocket, Mass Relevance and Movable ink.)

Each gift set includes a self-inking stamper, one black ink cartridge, and one gift certificate that allows them to customize a stamp plate online.

What makes Jankowska’s work is her monochrome landscapes—the use of solely one color of ink per piece.

(He went on to ink Nora Hildebrandt, believed to be the first professional tattooed woman.)

Both paintings measure 20 1/7 by 17 inches and are done in acrylic and India ink.

The ashes were mixed into the ink that Ryan used.

A trail of red ink continues to stain Oscar Health Insurance.

On one wall is a salon-style display of mostly small works in ink on paper.

The internet’s written in ink, people.

“The ink is already dry.”

The ink is also magnetically charged to ensure scanners look for the numbers.

Lady Gaga did the same with some new ink.

However, fuboTV isn’t the only streaming service to ink a deal with beIN Sports.

Malik already has a neck tattoo, also of a bird, which makes it slightly more believable that the ink is real.

Then, we reached out to these women on Instagram and Twitter to get the story behind the ink.

Here are a few of those tweets, which are really fascinating (note: “sovcits” is sovereign citizens): ink color, to sovcits, is crucial.

They believe that black or blue ink signifies corporations; red ink signifies flesh and blood people.

They think red ink fingerprints are the highest form of ID.

In the ink and gouache drawing, “Buildings, Paris” (circa 1950s), Harvey articulates walls, windowpanes, the accordion folds of shuttered gates, shadows and reflections.

Editing nonfiction is about page count and the cost of ink.

That is because a special paper and ink used to make passports has to be imported but there is no foreign currency.

He notes that the technique is often used to cover up old ink.

Like drawings in ink, the dirty fabrics deliver resounding images, with the residue recalling meaningful gatherings once connected by sound, now saluted with silence.

Here’s another phrase Facebook should really ink onto its whiteboards: the personal is political.

We hope ink in a sentence examples were helpful.