Influential in a sentence | Use of the word influential examples

To understand how influential K-pop is worldwide, look no further than social media.

In homage to the influential African-American sociologist and activist, Gates has created abstract, visual representations of Du Bois’s collections of data.

The influential newspaper tycoon forbade the press from mentioning it by name.

Pete Sessions had risen high in the Republican conference, taking over the influential Rules Committee, but fell short in this Clinton +2 district.

Equally as influential is the koto and string-synth heavy track “Moss Garden” on Heroes from the same year.

Some of the most influential observations come from 38 North, a website affiliated with Johns Hopkins University.

Cabrera and Glissant were important, influential thinkers and writers who are central figures in the postcolonial history of the Caribbean.

In May this year, influential proxy adviser ISS recommended that investors vote against his election to the board and called him a non-independent director.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled an official resolution for her Green New Deal on Thursday — and it has some enormously influential backers.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled an official resolution for her Green New Deal on Thursday — and it has some enormously influential backers.

The Nobel peace laureate is regarded as one of the most influential people in the world, with a following extending well beyond Buddhism.

I know from my own life that those who teach and coach America’s youth are among the most influential people in our country.

“There is simply no one more influential in the White House on the president than Jared Kushner,” he said. There’s a reason that Facebook is pushing (and paying) to get influential people and brands to use its livestreaming feature.

Dmitriev is an influential member of President Vladimir Putin’s ruling circle.

Almost no influential Republicans ever made such commitments, other than a few expressing doubts about Trump.

Varda is one of the most important directors in the hugely influential French New Wave of the mid-20th century.

Lying about HIV hurt the influential literary agent and editor Ira Silverberg in particular.

“They’ve become extraordinarily influential.

That’s why he’s been, I think, so influential in baseball.

And Kristol was — from the Clinton presidency through the Obama presidency — an influential opponent of such reform.

DJ Screw was an influential artist, and a number of hip hop artists have carried on his legacy and his penchant for purple drank.

How influential is Russian music on the music you make?I listen to a lot of Russian music.

But the subsequent large drop implies it was very influential in 2014.

But it later become very influential.

Many Māori did find ways to profit from the influx of immigrants, becoming influential, powerful landowners who adapted to European customs.

That’s not really the case, argues Ben Thompson, the founder of the influential tech newsletter Stratechery.

Caribbean music is hugely influential to artists in Canada, and the duo Garçons (singer/songwriter Deelo and record producer/director Julian Strangelove), are no exception.

Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers puts together a fascinating and influential presentation each year on the state of the web.

It provides insightful supplementary information by focusing on the last day and death of arguably the most influential artist of the 20th century.

“Do not underestimate the impact of the SPD getting the influential finance ministry,” said Commerzbank chief economist Joerg Kraemer.

Kynaston McShine (1935–2018), influential curator.

influential decision makers will publicly discuss the problematic elements of an issue and will use similar terminology and frames when doing so.

There aren’t many, but there are some soundtracks that stick out in my memory and are influential and exceptional.

While Spain and the United States were undoubtedly the most influential colonial powers in the Philippines, the Dutch were present to a smaller extent.

Louie proved to be a surprisingly influential show after it debuted in 2010.

This video interview reveals a savvy, composed, funny-enough, articulate executive who has an influential network of relatives across Silicon Valley.

At the same time, D’Souza’s work has become more popular, and arguably even more influential.

A meeting with the influential group, however, could enable a deal for DACA, which is at the heart of the government’s shutdown battle.

From Deus Ex to Dishonored, Harvey Smith has worked on some deeply influential video games.

And now they have an ally on their side: the state’s influential Des Moines Register newspaper editorial board.

In addition to being arguably the president’s most trusted and influential adviser, Kushner also serves as Trump’s unofficial hatchet man.

It’s a major shake-up at one of the most influential investing firms in Silicon Valley.

To grasp how influential Kennedy was on this court, take a look at this chart showing the history of the median justice.

Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list of the most influential young people in business has only 3 people from finance this year.

Huckabee “is not a conservative who is an evangelical, he’s an evangelical populist,” said David Keene, an influential conservative activist, in 2007.

“I hope that current members of Congress recognize it actually takes little courage to aid those who are already powerful, already comfortable, already influential.

In other words he did not develop in a linear way that many influential critics had made the yardstick of “importance” in art.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity lock in your discounted early-bird or group rates to hear from the most influential people in media!

Studies that examine more recent data, after the point of diminishing returns has been hit, find that incarceration wasn’t nearly as influential.

It is tremendously influential and it matters to a lot of people.

Powerful, funny, and wise, “Congratulations, by the way” is an inspiring message from one of today’s most influential and original writers.

influential titles such as The Colossal Cave Adventure or Zork, used Basic Code to establish their core gameplay features.

Some of this activity has been organized by groups like One Fair Wage and the influential Fight for $15.

Alex Jones is one of America’s best-known and most influential conspiracy theorists.

And some influential people are listening to us.

He continues, “Powerful people and influential corporations can’t intentionally and recklessly destroy someone’s reputation with malicious lies for their own profit.

Occupy was also a launching pad for several people who would go on to become influential figures on the left.

“They’ve become extraordinarily influential.

Similarly, his PR firm had seen better days, namely days in which Richard had represented one of the 20th century’s most influential artists.

“An influential commentator sees oil staying cheap for a while.

This bailout is unacceptable,” Rep. Mark Walker (R-NC), who chairs the influential Republican Study Committee, said in a statement.

How influential is the movement toward family values and traditionalism in Ukraine?

Kavanaugh, 53, was picked by former Republican President George W. Bush to serve on the influential Washington-based appeals court in 2003.

The former president, who served from 1989 to 1997, was extraordinarily influential both in and out of office.

Herrera comes from a family of influential intellectuals in Havana, where her father founded a newspaper and her mother was a journalist.

But TMZ is also one of the biggest and most influential sites in the gossip industry.

So, when we started, Joel Spolsky was writing “Joel on Software” and it was a very influential software blog.

The evangelical bloc has become more powerful, better funded, and increasingly more influential and popular.

But a small number of influential Republicans think he should become our next president.

This Kickstarter-backed, hand-illustrated deck is filled with notable and influential women throughout history.

It’ll put pressure on the president to do something, both from the public and from influential corporations worried they’ll be next.

Or he could call Raj Chetty and Caroline Hoxby, two Stanford economists who’ve done widely influential work on education in the past.

Now they have these influential positions.

Lugar was an influential Republican voice on foreign policy.

Diack, who led the IAAF from 1999-2015 and was one of the most influential men in athletics, and his son have consistently denied wrongdoing.

CH: You’ve been such an influential force in the art world.

We identified 10 visionaries who are either helping usher in investing’s technological revolution, or doing something wholly unique and influential.

The senator is also poised to be influential in another way.

May exchanged letters with the leaders of the influential 1922 Committee of Conservative lawmakers, according to a statement from the committee.

If you lend your prestige to influential politicians, they will be more likely to keep you around.

And though it wasn’t technically part of the Dark Knight Returns continuity, it became just as influential — a beginning to match the end.

Black wrote Milk, the 2008 biopic of San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk, one of the most influential LGBTQ activists in American history.

Rubinjer got more than 100,000 upvotes before it was shut down by Reddit and was influential in the r/The_Donald subreddit.

It’s one of the most influential metrics to determine whether a result is published in a scientific journal.

Yet opioid makers were highly influential in perpetuating the claim that their drugs can treat chronic pain.

When he made Time’s 100 Most influential People list in 2018, Jones wrote his bio.

Because the retreat remains a closely guarded secret, it’s tough to know how influential it is today.

But Donald Trump’s children with his first wife, Ivana Trump, have been unusually influential.

Formerly chaired the influential Energy and Commerce Committee before being term-limited.

MoMA’s exhibition features photos and a model of this influential project.

Everington’s project has been widely influential in England but not rigorously analyzed by statisticians, who tend to focus on drug-centered treatment.

Jesse Jackson, who was an influential figure in the original 1968 rally, will attend, as will the actor and activist Danny Glover.

star DJ Lance Rock, the exchange covers the full breadth of the influential artist’s career.

A sweeping federal investigation of corruption and money laundering at state oil company Petrobras has implicated a number of influential political and business figures.

The Senator tells us it’s going to be an incredible few days paying tribute to 2 extremely influential and powerful people.

Kanye’s mother has been one of the most influential figures in his life.

RedState, the influential conservative blog, ran an article this morning by Leon Wolf titled, “Republicans Should Confirm Merrick Garland ASAP.”

MacBook Pro users — who tend to be clustered in vocal, influential industries — will either love the new model or hate it.

The impact of Tezuka’s career on Japanese culture far exceeds his actual artistry, though his artistry is incredibly influential.

Select Car Leasing gathered data on the cars of five of the world’s most influential leaders, including their estimated price and special features.

Though there was no official leadership, certain members became more prominent and influential than others.

I didn’t know how influential of a tattoo artist he was at the time.

At least for one influential man, it appears that accounts of sexual misconduct — whether they numbered one or 30 — were simply business as usual.

One reason is that many influential Republicans think, once again, that there’s simply no systemic problem that needs fixing.

influential right-wing media outlets like Breitbart News aren’t just embracing Trump — they’re embracing Trumpism, denouncing “globalists” and expressing solidarity with the far right.

Widely respected and influential in the global investment community, his appointment in 2015 was considered a major coup for the British government.

The Dog Agency bills itself as “home to the most influential dogs in the world.”

Truckers won their demands after the shutdown, and the strike gave rise to the influential Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association.

She told the crowd that the 2017 march was one of the most influential political moments in her life.

It’s only happened once since 1952, when the New Hampshire primary first became an influential election — and it happened that year.

Victims are at a serious disadvantage, especially when their attackers are powerful and influential men.

But that’s exactly what Americans for Prosperity, an influential group funded by billionaires Charles and David Koch, just did.

In an influential 1994 book, political scientist AnnaLee Saxenian argued that the difference was cultural.

On Thursday, China’s influential state-run tabloid the Global Times said China needed to take the lead in deciding the island’s future.

And through Léger, she was introduced to the man who would become her husband: Herbert Matter, the influential Swiss graphic designer and photographer.

And then she launches into “Respect,” perhaps the most iconic — and influential — of her many, many hits.

Within Santa Fe’s art scene, Meow Wolf has become an influential force over the past few years.

She also has a vocal and influential fandom.

Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who announced his retirement in late September, is one of the Senate’s most influential Republican leaders.

Smith was born in London, England, to wealthy American parents who enjoyed a large circle of influential friends.

“It’s important to show the princesses as strong women because of that influential role they have in society.

They arguably had a head start, the backing of conservatives, and steady support from the Wall Street Journal’s influential editorial board.

The proposal is a hit with nativists like Mark Krikorian, the influential leader of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates for reduced immigration.

And with Trump totally unacceptable to huge and influential segments of the party, that means everything’s coming up Ted.

Below, Gould talks influential artists, funny obituaries, and grief as an expression of life.

These rulings were highly influential, especially because they were echoed in religion classes and enforced in non-pirated games stores.

This divide was influential for some of my friends as we got older.

He’s influential,” said Lee.

Shia-majority Iran is one of the most influential forces in the fight against the Sunni terror group, which regards Shia Muslims as apostates.

Shia-majority Iran is one of the most influential forces in the fight against the Sunni terror group, which regards Shia Muslims as apostates.

IPCC assessment reports are hugely influential in global policymaking.

One of the most beloved and influential icons for punks of colour is Poly Styrene, lead singer of the short-lived punk band X-Ray Spex.

The 1977 miniseries was likely the single most influential cultural artifact to deal with the horrific legacy of slavery.

Something like Game of Thrones is so influential that there are lots and lots of shows visibly playing around with its particular DNA.

A string of influential Albanians have previously seen charges or convictions for serious corruption offenses mysteriously disappear on appeal.

The post of prime minister must be filled by a member of Lebanon’s Sunni community, among which he is the most influential politician.

About a quarter were working-class whites, joined by a smaller, but influential, group of college-educated nonwhites.

South Park’s willingness to highlight and tear down the most influential politicians and celebrities was a form of speaking truth to power.

But now they are nevertheless a large and influential constituency.

His newsletter was once called the “most influential tip sheet in Washington.” He directed political coverage at ABC.

It’s no accident that this narrative has been pushed by some of the most influential men in the world.

But Hassett really, sincerely believes this, and his views are influential in conservative economic circles.

The disks were incredibly expensive for their time, but proved hugely influential.

He wrote The Omnivore’s Dilemma, perhaps the most influential book about how we eat in the modern era.

So these companies have gotten so large, so influential, that they’ve distorted competition in the markets they touch?

“The problem is that for the adolescent brain, or even younger, it is so deeply influential,” Patel said.

Monied and influential sports owners with billions to lose figure to fight like hell against it.

Activists must also overcome the influential Sheriffs Association of Texas.

As the CEO of one of the world’s most influential companies, Zuckerberg has a lot of the same concerns.

“Look, Business Insider has written about me extensively.” Yeah, I was ranked number 432 most influential in tech in 2002.

And Carson’s worldview makes way more sense when you consider that the most influential conservative in 2009 was Glenn Beck.

Clarke’s essay proved incredibly influential on the satellite industry.

One is that you are extremely influential to a core group of the American public, a large portion of Republicans.

The other big, influential forecast, BP’s 2017 Energy Outlook, has EVs at just 6 percent of global market share by 2035.

Or why White House officials fret over which Trump advisers make it onto Time magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people?

Along with being JMKAC’s 50th anniversary, 2017 marks 10 years since Leslie Umberger’s influential book Sublime Spaces & Visionary Worlds was published.

On some level, he envies, wants the approval of, and yet despises the influential and artistic elite.

In honor of Twitter’s 10th birthday, we’ve pulled together a collection of “first tweets” from some of the most influential tweeters around.

Techmeme is an influential site that provides concise, headline-length summaries of the day’s tech news.

Vinnie Paul, the drummer who helped to usher in a new era of metal as a member of the hugely influential Pantera, has died.

influential Thais that lived and traveled abroad saw them and bought them.

“Whatever songs you want.” So how’d you choose those songs?I tried to pick influential bands.

He was arguably even more influential in Syria.

Code features candid, unscripted conversations with some of the world’s most interesting and influential people.

Still, no one writer was more influential on how we think of art today than Lord Byron.

He never faced criminal charges and remained influential in shaping Vatican policy until his death.

“China has tried its utmost, even at the sacrifice of Sino-North Korean relations,” influential tabloid the Global Times wrote in its editorial.

Knausgaard offers a glimpse into this influential and sometimes obscure history, though it’s mostly a male one.

Historians tend to think the Illuminati were only mildly successful — at best — in becoming influential.

Here are five of the show’s seeming influences, from most to least obviously influential.

“There’s no question that the Bureau of Prisons is the largest, most influential prison system in the country.

Maybe Twitter should simply send Jones, and other influential users like her, to the games it broadcasts.

(That same year, an 18-year-old Yves Saint Laurent won in the dress category; the two influential designers would later become rivals.)

The good news for progressives is that the Congressional Progressive Caucus is about to become larger and more influential than it’s ever been.

He says he plans to submit it to Thrasher, the magazine-turned-website so influential it’s known as the “skate bible.”

Some thought she was too influential, wielding too much clout in publishing.

“It’s an influential center for culture and community that goes far beyond [the area].

But as much as Gutierrez praised García on Tuesday, no first-term member of Congress can fully replace the influential veteran.

The influential Leahy has a reputation for getting Airbus to back deals that a company outsider might take longer to deliver.

During Francis’s papacy, McCarrick served as a trusted Vatican adviser and influential voice on both internal church appointments and global affairs.

Warren, who recently endorsed Clinton, is an influential progressive within the Democratic Party and a potential vice presidential pick for Clinton.

Or consider an influential 2012 study in the journal Science, which looked at what happened when India randomly assigned some political positions to women.

Cuban culture remains carefully preserved and influential throughout the world, seeping through the embargo.

In 1968, Paul authored the influential encyclical Humanae Vitae (On Human Life), which reaffirmed the Vatican’s opposition to birth control.

“When he’s my age, in ten years’ time, he will be one of the most influential people in the entire world.

When Zuckerberg comes to Washington, he’ll be backed by one of the most influential lobbying operations in town.

In 2008, fairly new outlets like YouTube and Politico became immensely influential.

By authentically capturing an influential movement in New York City history, Pose becomes an ever-expanding history lesson.

Senior veteran Conservative lawmaker Ken Clarke added his influential weight to their bid, saying he would vote for the amendment.

Berkeley’s Card examined the effects of the Cuban immigrants on the labor market in a massively influential study in 1990.

You could make a real case that it’s the single most influential advocacy organization in Washington right now.

So today the biggest and most influential US companies mostly support free trade as a way of expanding the market for US exports.

Stephen Hawking, who died Wednesday, was a hugely inspirational and influential scientist.

Lotte should be shown the door in China, the influential state-run Chinese tabloid the Global Times said in an editorial on Tuesday.

And it’s such an influential retelling, it’s affected how the archetype has applied.

Research shows Fox News is highly influential.

“This is one of the most influential medical books ever written,” says Nic Dhonnchadha.

Fox & Friends is now hiring for the most influential job in America: head writer for President Trump’s favorite TV show.

“In every district in Senegal, we offer training sessions with local doctors and influential imams,” said Fall.

Almost three quarters of men believed they were somewhat or very influential in their partner’s decision to seek treatment or make lifestyle changes.

It’s an influential voice in the biggest city in the country.

Bill Maris, the investor who started Google Ventures, one of the influential tech financiers in Silicon Valley, is departing, as Recode reported earlier today.

Her political career was short, but she remains influential as one of Africa’s few female politicians.

Here, we talk about Black Panther, 2018’s highest-grossing movie at the box office and arguably the most influential film of the year.

“To punish Roseanne, we’ve removed the louder, smarter, more influential voice of the show itself.”

In 1930, Dulac would become an assistant artistic director at Gaumont-Franco-Films-Aubert, an influential production house.

The cause has won some influential clerical male backers.

These workplace collaboration tools stand to serve as influential hubs from which office workers access the business software they use.

The Blair Witch Project is one of the most influential horror films ever made.

In the summer of 2009, Forbes named Armstrong one of its 30 most influential women in media, alongside Oprah, Arianna Huffington, and Tyra Banks.

If Brexit is softened in this way, an influential group of eurosceptics in May’s party could challenge her leadership.

The first conviction blocked Lula, a leftist icon who remains one of Brazil’s most influential politicians, from running for the presidency last year.

Both pieces by these two veterans of the experimental and influential Black Mountain College in North Carolina are sensitive, intricate, distinctive, and soulful.

The director points toward a movie they found influential, viewers who understand the reference smile in recognition, and everything continues apace.

ER: People will argue that it’ll be influential mostly as a spoiler.

In particular, it introduces the Umbrella Corporation, which, as the movie’s opening crawl explains, is the nation’s largest and most influential company.

So it was not surprising when influential Assemblies of God Pastor Silas Malafaia declared his support for Bolsonaro in March 2018.

Dâm-Funk: They were very influential.

3 spot on Politico’s 2016 list of 50 most influential, and was named Time magazine’s 12 New Faces of Black Leadership.

In the middle of the article appeared a photo that would become one of the most iconic and influential images documenting Haiti’s problems.

But new influential opponents have emerged from growing protests that peaked on Friday, with hundreds of thousands of people on the streets of Algiers.

“They may not give up, but stop trying to put their views across, be much less influential as they could be,” she said.

Together, Calder and Miró’s works speak to an influential train of cognition.

These tests were hugely influential.

Heading into Election Day, Donald Trump has a nonzero chance of becoming president, with FiveThirtyEight’s influential model putting him at 30.5 percent.

The rule of law — not just the rule of the powerful and influential — is essential.

She cites one of the most influential books in the reclaiming tradition, Starhawk and Hilary Valentine’s 2000 book Twelve Wild Swans.

influential Denver DIY venue Rhinoceropolis will also host a benefit show on Saturday, December 17, with the lineup still to be decided.

Instead, he went on to become possibly the most influential fantasy author of his generation.

His opposition was stunning because he is close to leadership and chairs the influential Appropriations Committee.

How influential are social networks in creating false memories?

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Chantal Akerman was one of the most influential directors in film history.

Alan Dershowitz — one of the smartest, most influential lawyers in America — thinks his victory in the O.J.

“Ultimately, we’ve got huge issues that are still to be resolved,” said Jerry Dias, head of Canada’s influential Unifor labor union.

Harris, who recently co-founded the Center for Humane Technology, has become the most influential critic of how Silicon Valley designs products to addict us.

But the party remains divided, with some influential Zuma supporters opposed to his agenda.

Sources say Ottawa has made clear it is prepared to make dairy concessions, which would anger the influential industry lobby.

Ali was a towering figure who was even more influential as a vocal activist for civil rights than he was as a boxer.

Shoppers might also not be aware just how influential stores can be in shaping what artworks we understand as important.

With that said, I think about the place that games have now taken in popular culture and how influential we are.

It describes you as “fashion’s most influential man.” That’s why I dressed up today.

Because of the nature of fashion as a highly sought-after, highly influential, global business, we communicate to more than just the fashion industry.

Fashion has emerged in the last decade as one of the most, if not the most influential pillar of popular culture.

They were both influential, and they were polar opposites.

Our original goal in doing it was to level the playing field amongst the people who are seen as influential.

She’s considered by many to be an influential voice behind the scenes at the White House.

It’s become really influential and visible.

That has sparked tensions with influential clerics upon whose support the ruling family relies.

Far more influential on our health is our socioeconomic status and certain health behaviors, like smoking, eating healthfully, and getting exercise.

Even without the right to vote, the group was extremely influential.

Beyond being the face of local government, this office in many places has grown increasingly influential.

For those who discovered punk after the 80s, the genre was more influential in theory than in practice.

He does, however, have considerable prestige in American society and good connections to a network of influential Republican Party donors and political operatives.

He was very influential as a president.

William Smellie, one of the most influential 18th-century midwives, was the first to publish the fact that the female pelvic muscles moved during childbirth.

So, while it may not be 100 million MAU [monthly active users], it’s still a very influential group of people.

[I am more influential than] Stanley Kubrick, Apostle Paul … Picasso and Escobar,” West says on the recording.

“By 50 percent more influential than any other human being.

And it’s now one of the most influential news shows in the US, because it has a direct line to the White House.

“Salafi are influential because they focus on the youth, and society,” Mouloudi told Reuters.

Greek synthesist Vangelis’ soundtrack for the original film is widely regarded as some of the most influential electronic music ever.

“Such hospitality is rarely seen in modern China,” influential tabloid the Global Times, published by the People’s Daily, said in its editorial.

She’s a veteran tech journalist, hosts the Recode Decode podcast, and runs one of the most influential conference series in Silicon Valley.

Today, Cosmo remains influential.

However, new changes to one of the world’s most iconic (and influential) dolls are set to address this.

It could be time to wonder if the league is outpacing the Argentine’s methods, influential though they are.

Or consider an influential 2012 study in the journal Science, which looked at what happened when India randomly assigned some political positions to women.

I know from my own life that those who teach and coach America’s youth are among the most influential people in our country.

Rumors of her imminent release then prompted an intense backlash from the influential anti-kidnapping campaigner Isabel Miranda de Wallace.

The home of the most influential wrestling gym in the world, Wigan’s Snake Pit.

#NeverTrump #CruzCrew” – proved influential, getting retweeted nearly 1,000 times and liked nearly 2,000 times.

After leaving the CIA in 1995, Woolsey eventually ended up at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, an influential neoconservative think tank.

After leaving the CIA in 1995, Woolsey eventually ended up at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, an influential neoconservative think tank.

Drake is one of the most famous and most successful artists in the world, without question, but is he influential?

Senators who threatened and bullied became less influential as leaders.

With less than 24 hours to go before the FCC’s vote, two influential Democratic senators urged the agency to approve the measure.

The Russian Orthodox Church is among the most influential churches in the Orthodox world.

Barcelona is the biggest and most influential city in the region, but trying to find consensus can be like herding cats.

(A wealthy and influential donor helped convince him not to, per Politico’s Eliana Johnson, Ken Vogel, and Josh Dawsey.)

Stephen Saban (1946–2018), influential social columnist and artist.

I told two of the most influential men in comedy in India.

May exchanged letters with the leaders of the influential 1922 Committee of Conservative lawmakers, according to a statement from the committee.

The opera was so influential that Vikings with horned helmets became a new standard — despite the fact that they were mythical.

And, yes, there are far more influential ones.

This is an influential document,” said Joshua Breisblatt, a policy analyst with the American Immigration Council.

But either way, size alone doesn’t determine how influential a group is.

An influential survey of small-business sentiment just reached its highest level in more than a decade.

Like her parents, Kendall Jenner is an influential and magnetic Scorpio.

The Code Media agenda for this month is jam-packed with the most interesting and influential names in media and technology.

’Cause we wanna write about how Drudge, who’s very influential with the right, is linked in to Alex Jones.

Mujahid Deiraniyyeh, an influential Syrian Islamist writer and thinker who spoke to VICE News from Saudi Arabia, agreed.

Goldstone and his fellow researchers developed a hugely influential model for predicting political instability.

We are both influential; as teachers maybe we have an effect in the long run.

Omaha’s music community, at that time and even now, was so influential.

Much more influential, most likely, are your preexisting views of Clinton’s motives.

Political pundits often exaggerate how influential presidential speeches can be.

Munroe points to the Gutai group’s outdoor exhibitions as highly influential outside of Japan.

But Paull and her colleagues also found that the effects of drought could be trumped by an even more influential factor: immunity.

And Grossmann and Isaac found those groups — representing certain subsets of the population — were more influential than individual voters.

“It’s not that he’s an influential speaker, or that as an ideologue he’s been innovative.

But Valencia-Garcia, who has studied Friberg for years, suspects he cares more about being influential than he does about making money.

But the series Burrows worked on remain hugely popular and influential, even long after they’ve left the air.

Social media is playing an increasingly influential role in our lives.

If the media is so influential, then how did Donald Trump become president?

In 2008, Time named Farrow one of the world’s 100 most influential people.

I think that’ll be quite influential around the world.”

The Office of Science and Technology Policy thus is enormously influential in clarifying and implementing the president’s science, technology and innovation priorities.

This past weekend, New York hosted Star Trek: Mission New York, a convention celebrating the most influential sci-fi franchise of television history.

And that has been influential on nearly every comedy that airs on the screen today.

What’s remarkable is how long influential Republicans deluded themselves into believing that things are going to change.

Savinio’s adulteration of old and new was highly influential in the postmodernist revolt against the strictures of formalism.

For its upcoming run at REDCAT, The Wooster will be premiering their version of The Room, the first play by influential playwright Harold Pinter.

To become an influential social movement once again, U.S. environmentalists will need to “go local.”

As those principles have played out, Lil B has quickly become one of modern rap’s most influential figures.

Public Access/Open Networks, on view at BRIC House, allows visitors to experience this unpredictable, experimental, and ultimately incredibly influential world.

1988: Toni Morrison

Morrison is widely considered one of the most influential writers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Along the way, he became one of Silicon Valley’s most influential investors and connectors as a partner at Greylock Partners.

Vine has relied heavily on content from Vine stars, or influential creators who bring scores of fans with them to the platform.

Mark E. Smith, frontman of the legendary and influential Manchester post-punk band The Fall, has died.

In March this year, an influential cross-party group of politicians published a report on unaccompanied child migrants.

influential Vine creators can soon use Twitter’s Amplify video ad program to run pre-roll ads along with their Vine videos.

Focus on the Family is especially influential in telling conservative evangelical parents how to navigate popular culture, which it does in two ways.

It’s not influential Twitter accounts with millions of followers, or Russian bots designed to automatically tweet misinformation.

“We are not saying that big influential accounts didn’t have a role in the spread of false news,” Vosoughi says.

The businessman president has lost the public support of the most influential players in the business community.

Listen to them below and be reminded of why Hüsker Dü’ remain one of the most powerful and influential punk bands ever.

Just about every influential public health figure urges people to get their flu shots each fall as a necessary precaution during influenza season.

SVA represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world.

The Tate cut ties with Anthony d’Offay, a hugely influential retired art dealer, after harassment allegations.

influential right-wing pundits suggested he was an Islamist sympathizer or even a secret Muslim himself.

“If the media is so influential, then how did Donald Trump become president?

Yet Gabriel’s group has been profoundly influential.

Founded in Egypt in 1928, the Brotherhood is one of the oldest and most influential Islamist groups in history.

But it is still seen as the most influential lobbying group advocating on behalf of America’s physicians.

The highly influential conceptual artist Mel Bochner recapitulates his 50-year dalliance with the English thesaurus.

She was the first choice in a recent straw poll of members of the influential progressive group MoveOn, with Sanders coming second.

Netflix released its “Netflix culture deck,” which became incredibly influential in Silicon Valley.

Conde Nast is the company behind some of the world’s most glamorous and influential magazines, including Vogue, the New Yorker, and Vanity Fair.

The head of the influential U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Tom Donohue, warned about the impact to the economy.

Gengoroh Tagame is often cited as Japan’s most influential gay manga artist.

“He is still influential, massively so, reaches a large general public audience of millions, most of all young males.

Gone but in no way forgotten, the influential screamo band left behind a smattering of LPs, splits, and mixtapes in their eightish years together.

It was after this book’s publication, and the following press tour, that David Brooks pronounced him the world’s most influential public intellectual.

The larger issue here is that Europe’s common currency likely can’t survive the departure of a member as large and influential as Italy.

But analysts say even small numbers of users can prove heavily influential if they manage to get their messages amplified.

Reagan became one of the most influential first ladies in US history during her Republican husband’s presidency from 1981 to 1989.

Reagan became one of the most influential first ladies in US history during her Republican husband’s presidency from 1981 to 1989.

This is a hugely powerful time for you to connect with influential people and to gain access to important information.

So did the House Freedom Caucus, an influential subgroup of conservative members,, as well as the Heritage Foundation.

Along the way, he became one of Silicon Valley’s most influential investors and connectors as a partner at Greylock Partners.

“Trump is influential in the security policy of the U.S., but he’s not the entire United States,” he said.

Sonia Gandhi, who remains an influential figure after Rahul succeeded her as party president in 2017, has not commented.

But it was a damn influential sentence.

She started by painting likenesses of influential leaders of the Black Panther and Black Liberation movements fighting for equality.

It’s an influential group for campaigns to reach.

These Islamic student groups, known as al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya, rapidly expanded, becoming influential organizations on college campuses all across Egypt.

To grasp how influential Kennedy was on this Court, take a look at this chart showing the history of the median justice.

Now, one group of influential leaders is increasingly calling on their 1.8 billion followers to jump off: Muslim clerics.

Since then, a more overtly nationalist faction has become more influential within the party.

Chief Justice Roberts, just 63, has already had an influential tenure.

So he wants it to be much bigger than it is, much more influential than it is.

In 2003, a team of influential economists published a paper pointing out that prices are the key problem in American health care.

Bags has amassed 4 million followers, to become the single most influential voice in the Chinese handbags industry.

Ailes was one of the most influential figures in media and politics over the past three decades.

M5S candidate Virginia Raggi was elected as Mayor of Rome — a hugely influential position — in June this year, and it has been chaotic.

Not by cheating, but by exercising the normal channels of influence that influential political actors have at their disposal.”

Ben Turner, director of Graphite Media and former editor of the influential magazine Muzik is one such example.

But if influential internet stars are incentivized to use Snapchat, their internet followers will use Snapchat, too.

The influential U.S. Chamber of Commerce is looking at ways to challenge Trump’s tariff move against Mexico, including legal options.

Last week, Randy Stephenson hired my friend Brian Lesser, one of the most influential people in digital advertising.

James’s The Black Jacobins, a hugely influential Marxist history of the Haitian Revolution.

Pai reached this philosophy over a 20-year career of multidisciplinary collaborations, but most influential was her relationship with her mother.

James, a Trotskyist, was hugely influential on Sunkara, who said he first became radicalized in middle school.

Even the Business Roundtable, an influential business lobby, urged the president to step back from the trade fight.

Curated by Louis Jacinto, Nervously Engendered at Coagula presents a cross-section of Velazquez’s output, shedding light on this influential, but oft-overlooked artist.

The Minutemen were an influential punk band beloved by many who, prior the ascension of poptimism, take particular pride in not liking George Michael.

influential people, in the end, come with me, when they know the poor people have gone with Sheikh Rasheed.

The NRA is an influential pro-gun lobby with close ties to Republican politicians including President Donald Trump.

Whether or not the film will be as influential as its predecessor, it’s a refreshing change from the usual summer fare.

At the time, Patrick Gray, who hosts an influential infosec podcast, described it as a “how2pwn guide” for the SEP, and thus, the iPhone.

Terje Haakonsen, one of the most influential snowboarders ever and the best in the world at the time, boycotted the Olympics in protest.

The highly influential World-Check database has also listed major charities, activists, and mainstream religious institutions under its category of “terrorism”.

LONDON (Reuters) – Loose cannon or influential statesman – what kind of British prime minister would Boris Johnson make on the world stage?

The highly influential World-Check database has also listed major charities, activists, and mainstream religious institutions under its category of “terrorism”.

TERRY McAULIFFE – Like Biden, the former Virginia governor has broad access to donors and influential Democrats.

But now, as one of the most influential people in Winterfell, Sansa’s taken to arming herself.

He continues to rap about the meaning of ethnicity and growing up Asian as half of the influential Saskatchewan hip-hop group DGS Samurai Champs.

But his music is very influential, and you can still hear it in music today.

A: Music is very powerful and influential across the board—it has every emotion that you can feel from the top to bottom.

In May this year, influential proxy adviser ISS recommended that investors vote against his election to the board.

11 in the influential ratings.

That Nikon, however, would soon be replaced for far lower tech after an influential professor gifted him a shoebox camera.

Using fame and social media, Trump managed to bypass many of the usual influential Republican party actors — neoconservatives, free marketers, and culture warriors.

Moon will also meet with North Korea’s 22-strong delegation Saturday, including Kim’s influential sister Kim Yo Jong.

But Systrom and Krieger stayed longer than many would have guessed, and remained influential throughout their tenure.

In fact, powerful words — like seminal, bold, brilliant, influential, and decisive — are often employed in description of Murray’s writings.

The effort to establish Albert Murray — a seminal, bold, brilliant, influential, decisive thinker — as a household name continues.

The influential alt-right blog Alternative Right refers to Nietzsche as a great “visionary” and published an essay affirming his warnings about cultural decay.

Their opponents, Farmers For IN, have influential, establishment backers.

Most people would not go that far for their friends, no matter how influential they are to their career.

But its leading lights — people like Reagan Defense Department official Frank Gaffney, activist Brigitte Gabriel, and blogger Pamela Geller — are surprisingly well-financed and influential.

SVA represents one of the most influential artistic communities in the world.

But, it simply ignores how radioactive Kalanick has become and how much his deeply influential presence continues the contamination.

What personal relationships at Critical have been most influential upon your mindset?Everyone on the label is like family to me.

I hear people say it’s influential and inspired other artists… Yeah, I knew it was gonna change the game.

Sanders told VICE News he was worried that the world’s richest man also owns one of the world’s most influential papers.

David Osborne, an early fellow at PPI, was especially influential in helping achieve and shape this mission.

In an influential 1985 essay titled “What is Conservation Biology?”

But what’s clear is that as long as beauty influencers remain so, well, influential, gossip will follow them.

Certainly no one more influential.

In a highly influential book, Samuel Huntington identified three waves of global democratization.

Since its debut in 2010, the series has evolved into one of the most popular and influential programs in the channel’s history.

As a result, many influential Americans see the Saudis through the lens of their pro-US foreign policy rather than their awful human rights record.

Steven Bochco, one of the most influential creators and producers in TV history, died Sunday in his sleep.

And a greater number of those women are first-time politicians; they come from diverse backgrounds and hold power as the heads of influential committees.

But while NYPD was nowhere near as influential as that earlier show, it changed TV in more subtle ways.

But the storytelling model it used ended up being hugely influential around a decade later.

One of the biggest is the hugely controversial border adjustment measure, which Walmart, the Koch brothers, and other influential business lobbies are loudly opposing.

This means that, weirdly, in the Netflix era, Murder One is the show of Bochco’s that perhaps looks the most influential.

But a vocal group of conservatives influential with Trump has urged him to remain steadfast in his demand for the border wall money.

Lipinski, co-chair of the moderate “Blue Dog” coalition in Congress, has influential support from the state AFL-CIO labor union federation.

The launchpoint centered on a woman game designer and her ex-boyfriend, and her alleged relationship with a writer for an influential video game website.

Twenty-five years into what has been a very influential career, what do you want for yourself looking forward?

Fyodorov, for his part, was widely influential, known to many contemporary luminaries like Leo Tolstoy, Vladimir Solovyov, and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

His constituency includes the headquarters of some of the world’s most influential tech companies, including Apple, Intel, Yahoo and eBay.

Unfortunately, it seems their influence wasn’t quite as influential as they’d hoped it would be.

That’s why we love reading Ben Thompson, the razor-sharp analyst behind the influential Stratechery newsletter.

In January 2014, Gauger attempted to rig a CNBC poll to get Trump on a list of influential business leaders.

Victims are at a serious disadvantage, especially when their attackers are powerful and influential men.

But they’ve been thrust into this place where they are some of the most economically influential people in the world.

Gossip is an influential and morally neutral tool with few checks on its power.

She was also just named in Time’s 100 most influential people.

It also hired BerlinRosen, an influential public relations firm.

The maternal side of his family provided him with unique role models who were wealthy, powerful and highly influential individuals of mixed-race descent.

Though none of the wealthy and influential Russians on the list are the targets of sanctions, experts say they will likely face some consequences.

The Beatles made wonderful, undoubtedly influential art.

Some of the world’s most influential university laboratories, government agencies and technology companies are racing to design and build a “quantum computer.

Loftus is arguably the most influential psychological researcher when it comes to criminal justice in the United States.

Columbus elementary took on the name Dolores Huerta Elementary School, to honor one of the most influential labor activists of the 20th century.

It was home to the city’s misfits, and was a wildly influential hub of punk, new wave, and a pioneer in industrial music.

Many congressional Republicans, including some fairly influential ones like Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, loathe the deal, as do a cadre of Republicans grassroots activists.

To build an army, organizations must change their mindsets to align with today’s highly influential generation.

“You have met the most influential and talented people from the tech industry.

I know I made mistakes, but I think I called most of the really influential products for what they were going to be.

Increasingly she has become an influential progressive voice in the Democratic Party, which has tangibly shifted left this election cycle.

It is an influential voice within the Democratic Party.

This album’s romantic, ephemeral was very influential on my [2013] record Music for Objects.

And he likes influence, which again, Fox News is a tremendously influential property and he cares about that.

Radiant Energy is the first exhibition to feature paintings by Gabriele Evertz, Robert Swain, and Sanford Wurmfeld, key members of this influential group.

This interpretation remains very influential, its bible being Battle Cry of Freedom, James McPherson’s entry in the Oxford History of the United States.

His adviser was John Finnis, a hugely influential conservative Catholic legal philosopher who is a prominent defender of a “natural law” approach to jurisprudence.

Yet unfortunately, Murray-style thinking is already very influential in American politics.

And that’s despite getting the endorsement of New Hampshire’s influential conservative Union Leader newspaper, as well as Massachusetts Gov.

It’s just not that influential, especially on the time horizon that we need.

In a power-sharing arrangement, Nazarbayev, 78, remains chairman of the influential Security Council and leads the ruling Nur Otan party.

Yuval Levin has been called “the most influential conservative intellectual of the Obama era,” and the moniker fits.

Nonetheless, Pascal still went on to enjoy success as an influential mathematician, philosopher and physicist.

The influential composer grew up listening to his father teach his older sister Nannerl piano.

We went to Russia and investigated what is perhaps the biggest and most influential hack in the history of hacking.

Museum?” poster, and their work more generally, are certainly influential on my way of thinking.

Experts say that groups like Identity Evropa often exaggerate their membership figures in order to seem more influential than they actually are.

The IRGC is Tehran’s hugely influential security and military organization responsible for the protection and survival of the regime.

In conjunction with their London Calling exhibition, the Getty is recreating the influential 1956 screening that kicked off this pioneering movement.

She’s a lifelong avant-gardist and activist, and was part of one of the most influential movements to resist Margaret Thatcher.

How culturally influential a group we are, and looping in Latino, Asian consumers, we’re the majority of the world!

He got the endorsement of New Hampshire’s influential conservative Union Leader newspaper, as well as Massachusetts Gov.

Others include driven, hardworking, fearless, humble, influential, and compassionate.

Mattis, a retired Marine general seen as one of the most influential voices in Trump’s cabinet, did not mention his boss by name.

You can give her implants that make her more influential, or more immune to online trolls.

It has been enormously influential.

Is that why he was an unexpected and influential voice pushing his father-in-law to fire FBI Director James Comey?

There are fewer spots available for influential Democratic policy staffers, and fewer still for elected officials themselves.

The exhibition was so influential that it was restaged in 2013 for the 55th Venice Biennale.

The third category is the contributors wing, which is reserved for influential non-fighters.

But confrontation looks to be looming with the influential Roman Catholic church.

DR: Feminist writers like Donna Haraway and Rosi Braidotti were very influential when Morehshin and I produced the manifesto.

But the fertility-suppressing forces of modern economies appear to be even more influential.

Those influential collages were produced largely over a twenty-four year period, from 1964 to his death in 1988.

Saudi Arabia and Egypt are its most influential members.

Because they’re influential even if they’re batshit crazy over there.

And while Thomas is not necessarily considered influential — famously, he has written few opinions — his vote continues to matter.

However, a number of influential administration-aligned evangelical officials have supported the administration’s actions.

Todd: Just you wait until Pastor Tim is influential in instituting glasnost.

The CBO occupies an influential role in politics, often heralded as Washington’s scorekeeper.

She wrote an essay for The New York Times and was named one of TIME’s 100 Most influential People of 2017.

Techmeme, the influential tech news aggregator, is launching its own podcast.

Any corporate counterpart would be paralysed by the analogous combination of influential clients, subjugated shareholders and a dominant board.

It’s perhaps the most influential economic force on the planet, yet few have been able to define its importance.

This instinct makes sense; Deadline is one of the most influential and well-connected entertainment news sources in Hollywood.

That’s where the stereotypes have been the most influential.

They’re well-known and influential players in Republican politics.

“This includes meetings and conversations with: civil rights advocates, LGBTQ advocates, a diverse group of influential women, entrepreneurs and job-creators, and many more.”

But the question of whether other influential figures will be implicated in Epstein’s crimes remains an open one.

Former Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, an influential figure in the state, speaks highly of her.

Barthes was among the twentieth century’s most influential theorists.

It’s not influential Twitter accounts with millions of followers, or Russian bots designed to automatically tweet misinformation.

That sense of empowerment appears to be more influential than traditional schooling.

And of all of these shows, Buffy wasn’t just the most influential.

Speaking of great writers, Leo Tolstoy is one of your favorite (and most influential) writers.

We hope influential in a sentence examples were helpful.