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—Benjamin Disraeli The most annoying trait of Right-Wing Outlaws in general is a lazy incuriosity about the real world.

Ultimately, Trump’s slothful work habits and boundless incuriosity are more a problem for that party’s leaders than for anyone else.

His nine factors run the gamut from engineering to management to procurement, but I loved his last factor around global incuriosity: incuriosity is not merely ignorance.

I supposed my hunch is there is an incuriosity sometimes within groups, within elites, left or right, where they don’t want to ask awkward questions about people they are comfortable with and know socially.With our vetting, and I know this is true for the Obamas as well, we turn down a lot of people.

Among those selling goods and services to the mega-rich, it encourages a pathological incuriosity about the origins of clients’ fortunes.

It played to his natural strengths — performance and theatricality — while keeping his liabilities, like cynical incuriosity and casual cruelty, at bay.

“At best it’s been an incuriosity, at worse it looks like it’s been working in partnership with the White House to tell their narrative and not to, you know, take back our freedom to choose in the next election,” the California Democrat said, when asked by CNN’s Jake Tapper whether his GOP colleagues were taking the investigation seriously.

The lacuna bespeaks incuriosity about the wife of the great man, which Merz was at no pains to correct.

Productivity sounded so cold-blooded, implying that maximum efficiency depends at least in part on ruthless incuriosity.

It’s here that Bay’s relative incuriosity about politics works
to his advantage: These soldiers-for-hire have no idea where they are, what
they’re fighting for, or what they’re even doing there in the first place.

Any debate about old media and new Scott summarily dismisses as “a
quarrel of ancients and moderns destined to end in stalemate.” He sees well
enough that the print critic “appears at present to be facing the prospect of
extinction.” His incuriosity about the lives of the critics replacing them
greatly curbs the scope of the book.

But I know that one of the reasons I disliked it so was the novelist’s palpable incuriosity about actual suffering in the world.

Trump’s towering incuriosity and impatience with other people have ensured that, despite having a massive intelligence-and-policy apparatus at his command, he continues to get most of his information from his television.

“At best it’s been an incuriosity and at worse it looks like it’s been working in partnership with the White House to tell their narrative and not to, you know, take back our freedom to choose in the next election,” Swalwell told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Laying out an “America First” energy plan weeks after sketching an “America First” foreign policy in another speech, Trump scoffed at Obama’s claim Thursday that world leaders are “rattled” by the new GOP standard-bearer’s unpredictability and seeming incuriosity about the rest of the world.

Trump’s religious ignorance and incuriosity worried his fledgling campaign early in the primaries, and his advisers drafted a series of memos in 2015 coaching him on how to be at least semi-fluent in the language of the religious right.

In interviews, Damon makes a point to espouse “good politics,” but his consistent patterns of gaffes and his films (notably lacking in female directors) reflect an incuriosity and indifference to the voices of consistently marginalized Hollywood members (women — especially women of color, LGBT actors, and sexual assault victims) who now have the power to speak up and to tell him he’s wrong through public platforms.

You are what happens when incuriosity meets intolerance.

The real-world consequences of weaponized hatred are no concern for a man with a shameful incuriosity and a profound lack of empathy.

“With a surety of purpose and incuriosity about the world that seems all too familiar, Ford deliberately rejected expert advice and set out to turn the Amazon into the Midwest of his imagination,” Mr. Grandin, the historian, wrote in his account of the town.

The full consequences of this worldview, complicated as they are by Mr. Trump’s incuriosity and facility for playing on American xenophobia, may not become clear for some time.

The intellectual virtues may seem elitist, but once a country tolerates dishonesty, incuriosity and intellectual laziness, then everything else falls apart.

Being unapologetic about your ignorance, incuriosity, bigotry and immature refusal to recognize your nation’s flaws as well as virtues — that’s a different thing entirely.

But more frequently she condescends, not only through formal techniques but through incuriosity.

His macabre enterprise, so dependent on the landowners’ self-interested incuriosity, disintegrates under Gogol’s exuberant scrutiny.

In this scenario Francis would be guilty of self-deception and incuriosity but not as nakedly culpable as Viganò implies.

This bias, together with the media’s incuriosity about Democratic wrongdoing versus their tenacious investigations of Republicans, drives conservatives nuts.

Of course, any American who pays attention and questions the Communist line is accused by the party of having a “Cold War mentality” — but this very accusation relies on forgetfulness and incuriosity among its intended audience.

“Stick to sports” is the cry of the lout, accented by incuriosity and indifference.

Judge tends to see anyone with power — however petty and inconsequential the power might be — as something of a buffoon, inclined to egomania, insensitivity, and a lazy incuriosity about the world outside their sphere of influence.

But that problem is worsened further by Mr. Nelsons’s incuriosity about expanding our sense of the past, Shostakovich’s clunkers notwithstanding.

In a 2019 deposition in Jillian’s case, Conaway displayed a notable incuriosity about one of his biggest product lines.

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