Improving in a sentence | Use of the word improving examples

Rajon Rondo has been little more successful improving as a shooter than have Drummond, Jordan, or Howard.

“The pickup in private investment this year is mainly the result of improving corporate profits from last year and government policy support.

Marron’s Tumblr serves to point out that while show biz may be improving in some areas, its diversity problem is far from “fixed.”

We’re finally making progress towards improving those conditions.

Communication in relationships is improving, thanks to Mercury in diplomatic Libra.

2) improving on Einstein’s theory of general relativity A century ago, Einstein published his theory of general relativity.

However, the current Kim has made some economic reforms and put much more emphasis on improving the nuclear and missile programs.

So, how do you go about improving?

Responding to Lavrov’s opening remarks, Pompeo said: “I’m here today because President Trump is committed to improving this relationship.

Ezekiel’s health appeared to be improving, before suddenly taking a turn for the worse, the court heard.

Eventually, there could be use for that information in improving athletic performance in DePodesta’s job with the Browns, as well.

“We’re always improving, so I hope every year is our best,” she said.

They also anticipate Deutsche will be told to continue improving the systems it uses to monitor its business and risks, the sources said.

Trofimova said that internal ratings make for speedier decision-making on loans and credit lines by banks and companies, thereby improving competitiveness.

Seems the training sesh was focused on improving footwork.

As a result, the ocean provides ripe pickings for photography enthusiasts, spoilt by rapidly improving technology.

It could also open the door to improving trans healthcare access.

But the ladies, improving and improving.

Although Trump campaigned on improving relations with Moscow, he has not provided the protection investors hoped for.

Since 2006, the Southeast Asian nation – one of the region’s wealthiest – has committed almost half a billion dollars to improving water technologies.

But when teams aren’t being put to the test against each other, how can we know if they’re really improving?

There’s also $700 million for “school safety” programs, including expanding access to counseling and improving emergency response plans.

Providing wealthy Americans with another tax dodge in the guise of “philanthropy,” the tax credit saps meaningful investment in improving our schools.

These stories send a clear message to the next generation of philanthropists: Investing in improving social outcomes doesn’t come without uncertainties.

It hasn’t deterred him from philanthropy, or even from continuing to invest in improving educational outcomes.

Latino voters are improving their turnout numbers, but they are still notoriously difficult to get to the polls.

The GAO’s report suggested improving data collection, not eliminating the agency altogether.

But it can’t be the company’s long-term strategy and also can’t be done in lieu of improving the efficiency of their marketplace.

That was the plan for improving life and protecting the landscape around the Mexican village of Tres Reyes.

As a result, the energy density of batteries has been improving steadily.

I didn’t end up improving on it but I still qualified.

It’s not the first time Trump’s tried claiming undeserved credit for improving NATO.

EJ: New games, or they’re gonna be improving the existing games.

It also put out a lengthy, wonky set of recommendations for improving the methodology of research into this area.

“The improving global backdrop … suggests that central banks in this region will start policy normalization.

They also talked over possible joint efforts aimed at improving the humanitarian situation in Syria as well as the “challenges” of Korean peninsula de-nuclearization.

On New Year’s Day 2018, Kim announced he would be prioritizing improving his country’s struggling economy instead of its nuclear program.

Most available evidence actually points to North Korea actually improving its weapons program — not dismantling it.

What’s the best model for improving the country’s ability to compete in the global economy?

“Rising supply of zinc concentrate and higher exchange stocks have been improving the metal’s availability in the physical market,” analysts at ING said.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb described Bayh as a trailblazer who dedicated himself to improving the lives of everyone in the Midwestern state.

The planned construction at the base is aimed at improving power supplies and accommodation for U.S. and South Korean troops stationed there.

“He has linked his own legitimacy to improving the economic situation in the country,” said John Delury of Seoul’s Yonsei University.

“With others, we will engage in the work of improving the U.N. human rights system,” then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement.

Building lasting peace takes more than just improving security, Killelea said.

Something that we’re actually trying to do which is improving as people and also save our mortal souls.

“It is now making the right sounds about improving standards and policies.

As king, Mongkut conducted a range of social and educational reforms including measures improving women’s rights and modernizing the military.

They will also be required to adopt a “diversity and inclusion plan” and show how they are improving their hiring practices one year later.

Cox focused on improving tools to catch banned content in recent years.

VICE News reporter Simon Ostrovsky traveled to Detroit to find out how wrecking crews are actually improving conditions in parts of the battered city.

It’s just much smaller, and so we have the ability to optimize based on improving people’s experience and dating experience.

Well, the main challenge has been improving the neural net so that we can recognize all types of objects from all eight cameras.

Stoltenberg said defense ministers looked at options including more exercises, using conventional weapons and improving intelligence and surveillance, as well as air defense.

One is improving public safety.

From an economic standpoint, when we think of infrastructure, it’s really about improving the flow of goods and people.

“Medicine is the science of improving health, and doctors pledge to do no harm.

But in recent years things have been improving.

Nissan said it was establishing a special committee for improving governance, as well as an advisory committee to propose a chairman.

Saikawa has pledged to focus on improving U.S. profit margins, but it has been a slow process as Nissan continues to resort to discounting.

“We also expect to save customers money by lowering hardware costs, reducing installation costs, improving our manufacturing efficiency and reducing our customer acquisition costs.

But the US has often been a roadblock to improving global breastfeeding standards.

According to Yassin, Somali officials have told Daallo they were improving security at the airport.

They see their children steadily improving.

* Britain’s second-largest homebuilder Persimmon reported lower first-half revenue after its greater focus on quality and improving customer service slowed down order intake.

This is less than a third of the boost that you get, by some estimates, from improving your sleep patterns.

In a 2015 press conference on the reassessment effort, Duggan said Detroit’s property tax collection rate was improving as a result.

The DeepMind team kept improving it, and AlphaZero today doesn’t make any mistakes that a human can possibly notice.

The big software revolutions, like cloud computing, search engines and social networks, are also still growing and improving, but have become largely established.

Since then Hill has been working over in Invicta and putting together a great streak of wins, noticeably improving from fight to fight.

The point was to allow states to experiment with alternative approaches to achieving the goals of health reform: improving coverage and lowering costs.

And this granddaughter found a way to dedicate myself to improving the pipeline to schools and professions promoting the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Math4Science Inc. is devoted to improving math education in service of science for students of all ages and backgrounds.

Republicans hope he will spur supporters to come out and vote in greater numbers, possibly improving the party’s chances in Congressional races.

Trump wants to spend $1 trillion on improving American infrastructure, and the Saudi money would certainly help achieve that goal.

The solution to improving trust and, thus, organ donation rates, then, is to improve fairness in health care more generally.

—Samuel Johnson You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals.

This would include, for example, metrics that are tied to improving diversity, responsiveness to employee complaints, employee satisfaction, and compliance.

He struck out six while improving to 5-2 in nine career starts vs. Cleveland.

Other surveys have indicated Democrats would prioritize improving the Affordable Care Act over passing single-payer.

Twitter has said that improving the “health” of the service is the top priority at the company.

What you do have to admire about Justino is her commitment to improving in each discipline and testing herself in each.

The decision to host the orchestra “contributes to improving relations and recovering the cultural homogeneity” between the two Koreas, the South’s ministry said.

The focus was on improving the material conditions of Americans by winning elections and appealing to national pride.

He gets to call the shots, and the only thing that matters at the end of the day is improving the bottom line.

With the economy improving, they say Sisi deserves more time to build on reforms.

The Senate will next look at improving its harassment reporting requirements, Klobuchar said.

improving habitat for native fauna is something anyone can do,” Wong says.

Less tangible, but equally important, is DACA’s positive role in improving the mental health and general well-being of its beneficiaries.

Camera resolution is also improving.

Part of the reason Republican numbers are gradually improving is that President Donald Trump’s approval numbers are also improving.

“We all must devote the time, resources, and dollars to improving reliability.

The U.S.’ reputation — while plummeting globally — is dramatically improving in one noteworthy place, according to a new poll.

But Trump isn’t convening a summit with Central American governments to discuss a cooperate approach to improving public safety.

Cadillac developed the app in-house and plans to keep improving the app’s user interface via software updates.

Any recovery would depend on improving growth in the likes of European powerhouse economy Germany, where there was room for fiscal expansion.

I believe they’ll continue on improving those things.

As long as they keep on improving they’re going to be fine.

Plus, he’d checked up on him multiple times by phone … and his condition was improving.

Japan is improving its anti-missile abilities in part because of North Korea’s growing nuclear and missile programs.

Until the closing, Yahoo will continue to operate independently, offering and improving its own products and services for users, advertisers, developers and partners.

San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system is introducing hundreds of new train cars in hopes of improving service.

My goal is to not stop improving at making compassion, gratitude, and respect for others the key driving forces in my life.

Part of its growth strategy involves “improving the artist’s experience and increasing artist‑related marketing and promotional activities.”

That alliance frees Starbucks to focus on improving its mainstay U.S. cafe business, where traffic growth had stalled.

“There is still corruption … but it’s improving.

Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing said the bank was making “good progress” on improving.

And we let our auto companies become uncompetitive, because the Germans and the Japanese were improving all the while.

Jha, whose research focuses on improving the quality of health care, called the findings “disturbing” and “enormously important.”

That’s startling news to people, because they tend to think things are not improving as much as they are.

Uber plans on dedicating resources to improving driver experiences in the wake of Jeff Jones’s — whose role included driver relations — departure.

Two former NHTSA leaders and consumer groups say the agency is also moving slowly on other regulatory issues, such as improving side impact standards.

Recent proposals have been even milder, taking small steps like banning bump stocks or very slightly improving the existing system for background checks.

It was clear that the company was intently focused on continually improving what a stylus could do.

This year, your ability to talk things through will be deeply tied with improving your financial situation, so keep that in mind!

Public-health obesity policies should prioritize fighting the over-consumption of low-quality food and improving the food environment.

So laws improving conditions for animals are likely to need a direct referendum to have much chance of success.

Once the economy started improving, though, pop-up Halloween stores started having trouble finding locations.

Russia and China have been rapidly improving their ability to disrupt American military communications during wartime.

improving their stature and reputation is a worthy goal on its own.

Wilson, on the other hand, doesn’t see a problem with Higher Ground’s homogenous population if the school is improving outcomes for black children.

A reading above 50 suggests the business outlook is improving, while a reading below 50 signals it is deteriorating.

The move is aimed at improving economic links between the two nations.

The move is aimed at improving economic links between the two nations.

Producers could work harder at improving air quality, outdoor access, and how densely egg-producing hens are stocked in barns, he said.

There’s also a long road ahead in improving the welfare of other animals raised for food.

Most importantIy I remain fully committed to improving our criminal justice system.”

VFA has tried to refocus its goals away from things like 100,000 jobs and toward improving support for its existing fellows.

The spokesperson noted that ICE is working on improving conditions of confinement, and acknowledged that all detainees should receive timely care.

According to the West Elm employee I interviewed, improving the customer experience is a “priority” of the company.

But we imagined it was always improving, changing its ways, and learning as it went.

Lime committed $1.5 million to improving Santa Monica infrastructure, like bike lanes.

During World War II, while Raytheon was working on improving radar technology for Allied forces, Spencer was the company’s go-to problem solver.

Urban canyons But as Stepper puts it, improving localization is only “part of the equation.”

It’s even more tempting to believe that change is painless, that improving living standards and greater respect for human rights benefits everyone.

The company is still hard at work improving the service.

But there are some signs that information around IUDs is improving.

But that defense, while still far from world-beating, is improving.

Losing would put them behind the proverbial 8-ball with games remaining at Oakland, as well as against Pittsburgh and an improving Miami.

He started remembering specific lyrics, which was one of the early signs LO’s condition was improving.

But the delivery of useless or low-value services should concern anyone who cares about improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of medical care.

That’s improving with new measures from the card networks but, again, the upgrades are happening piece by piece.

The other main goal of running is improving cardiovascular health.

Archibong said the data was only shared with device makers for the purposes of improving Facebook users’ access to the information.

“The president is committed to improving the care for veterans,” he told Tapper.

Besides the promise of improving billing, Jackson officials hoped the upgraded system would lead to increased revenue.

It wasn’t unexpected; he had been improving during the weeks spent in the ward.

Wharton professor Adam Grant, management thinker Dan Pink, and LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman all have great strategies for improving your work — and life.

The money then goes to building new schools or improving them.

Koblin said that its new funding will go to improving its products and expanding its staff, now at 19.

Automakers can also get credit for things like improving the efficiency of the air conditioners or by selling more electric vehicles.

While the representation of BME performers is—thankfully—slowly improving, we need to ensure the scene progresses in an inclusive way.

Now it’s making a subtler move aimed at improving its own grocery selection online.

Meanwhile, MIT has twice hosted a Make the Breast Pump Not Suck hackathon devoted to improving parents’ experiences pumping and breastfeeding.

From one perspective, the US is merely keeping pace with Russia’s improving missile defense systems, preserving the status quo equilibrium.

improving the VA is a perfect place to start.

Nominees should be able to show how their work is improving healthcare.

His insights and attention to detail have helped us traverse quickly towards launching and improving products at Snapdeal.

Russian double agent Sergei Skripal has survived an assassination attempt by poisoning and is “improving rapidly,” according to the hospital treating him.

Those are all opportunities for jobs, as well, as for improving humankind, so …

Yulia released a statement Thursday saying that her strength was improving and asked for her family’s privacy as she and her father recover.

Some state leaders, like Newsom, have suggested they want to make improving benefits for the poor a priority.

Yulia released a statement Thursday saying that her strength was improving and asked for her family’s privacy as she and her father recover.

And in some cases, like in California, that new pollution is erasing decades of improving air quality.

This health problem, coincidentally, arose just as a career shift made improving US health policy my focus.

Another important question for both researchers and health care providers is improving how we match patients to treatments.

improving how we apply existing treatments also requires workforce training.

Johnson offered the assistance to carry out “vulnerability scans, provide actionable information, and access to other tools and resources for improving cybersecurity.”

It’s about technology promoting efficiency and improving lives.

But it only found “limited evidence” for marijuana improving doctor-reported symptoms of this kind.

“My feeling within the car is improving as I get more into the season, particularly in qualifying but also in the race,” he warned.

The update changes the way you receive notifications on your phone, arguably improving one of the worst features of iPhones.

Since 2006, the Southeast Asian nation – one of the region’s wealthiest – has committed almost half a billion dollars to improving water technologies.

They will be a gift of yourself and your passion — your way of changing the world, improving the world for other people.

Practice, while daunting, is the key to improving your communication skills.

To Johnson, improving one’s mind by use of technology rather than education is a difference of degree and not of type.

On top of their debt, millennials (alongside the rest of the country) are dealing with wage stagnation despite an improving economy.

(Though these changes may also be signs of improving nutrition and health care.)

The July report showed the pass rate in Russia improving to 67 percent after it hired auditors to help with customer checks.

Yet some of Putin’s other efforts at improving the economy through reforms, including raising the retirement age, appear to be angering voters.

So does improving prison conditions in general.

So improving access to affordable antibiotics would make a big dent in poorer countries’ antibiotic resistance problems.

Republicans say an improving economy means fewer Americans need help from SNAP.

Gap executives said on Thursday the focus has turned toward improving margins.

And we know there are ways of improving our self-control, like meditation.

This includes improving investment in the industry — and developing more offensive capabiliies to strike back at attackers.

Despite the challenges, Hansen is confident that the situation is improving.

User experience (UX) design is about improving users’ interaction with a given product.

Overcapacity and fare wars have been eliminated, redundant staff is gone, and with the economy improving, people are buying plane tickets again.

She focuses almost exclusively on improving treatment of and services for autistic people.

Lately, people have become more aware of the benefits that sitting and clearing your mind can bring, including improving memory and dealing with stress.

And there are few signs that the situation is improving for the 964,000 foreign-born domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

Suppliers’ deliveries are improving.

improving reinforcement While traditional reinforced concrete involves embedding a framework of steel bars inside a concrete structural element, recent years have brought further advancement.

This is one reason that improving wired connections and physical infrastructure must continue to be a priority for both private and public entities.

improving is both possible and desirable, but it would take actual time and skill and effort.

Such agreements “would be a symbol of improving ties,” said Koji Sako, a senior economist at Mizuho Research Institute.

Doctors had both been getting better at identifying patients with high blood pressure and drug treatment regimens had been improving.

Everyone makes money mistakes, but few people go through this process of learning from them and improving because of them.

Good grief.” “I still believe conservatives and Republicans have strong ideas for improving how health care is financed and delivered,” the lobbyist continued.

And Samsung’s version of Android, called TouchWiz, actually bogs down Android’s UI instead of improving it.

Well, so this all part of the iteratively improving part of AI.

Shanahan said areas the Pentagon must improve upon based on the audit results include compliance with cybersecurity policies and improving inventory accuracy.

“I can’t walk around saying it’s someone else’s fault.” He says he’s taken steps toward improving his prospects.

Websites are getting bigger more quickly than connectivity is improving.”

The deal also committed the Colombian government to spending a significant amount of money on improving the social and economic conditions of rural Colombians.

He wanted to make Medicaid expansion enrollees savvier medical consumers, with a financial stake in improving their own health.

Guaynabo Mayor Angel Perez said the situation is improving, albeit slowly.

Pity the media company CTO who has to deal with orders to improve their UX while also improving viewability and programmatic and mobile CPMs.

So much of this bill seems to be about cutting taxes and finding the savings, rather than actually improving the Affordable Care Act.

Having access and coverage you have a better chance of improving your life.

It boasts excellent public transit and improving bicycle infrastructure.

Despite the weakness in signed contracts and sales, the outlook for the housing market is improving amid a moderation in house price inflation.

This, together with improving supply, could help to support the housing market this year after it struggled in 2018.

Other kinds of Democratic candidates have also shown promising signs of improving the party’s formula.

“We’re not the finished article, we’re still improving and will only get better.

Schiff wouldn’t comment on specific intelligence, but there is already open satellite imagery showing Pyongyang is improving and expanding missile bases.

But it seems particularly promising for improving lower back pain and, crucially, reducing inflammation in the body, which can help stave off disease.

LGBTQ representation is improving, slowly.

Part of those efforts were aimed at improving the process for pushing security updates to Android phones, Ludwig told Re/code.

The improving performance of stocks in defensive sectors may ultimately be beneficial for the market, some investors said.

But another priority for the company has been improving the taste and nutrition profile of its burgers.

The North Koreans claimed the declaration was a step-by-step road map to improving relations between the two countries, with denuclearization as the third step.

But Kim now says he wants to focus more on improving his country’s economy, one of the world’s poorest.

A new set of guidebooks offers up strategies aimed at improving the relationship between US police and the country’s “diverse communities.”

A new set of guidebooks offers up strategies aimed at improving the relationship between US police and the country’s “diverse communities.”

Summer 2015: North Korea has been calm for a bit, and the two countries make gestures at improving ties.

“They haven’t proven that successful at improving health or managing costs,” Caroline Pearson, a senior fellow at NORC-University of Chicago, says.

From the beginning of 2018 on, political relations between the two Koreas have been dramatically improving.

Logical Mercury enters your sign today, improving your mental acuity and making you way chattier than you usual are.

He didn’t say much, just that it’s improving.

“So I blame Trump, but I don’t blame him entirely.” What’s scarier is that Jackson doesn’t see the relationship improving anytime soon.

Here are Greenpeace members who are always on planes, proclaiming their goodness instead of improving the world.

Many studies, including randomized clinical trials, have found no significant effect between consuming creatine and improving neurodegenerative conditions, brain injury, or even memory.

Facebook is a work in progress, and we are dedicated to learning and improving.

Our sophistication in handling these threats is growing and improving quickly.

And for those who are sincerely interested in improving educational equality, it promises a quick fix.

Rather than improving Alstom’s margins, GE Power’s margin plunged to 7.7 percent last year from 21 percent before the acquisition.

Sainsbury’s says it is “delivering against its strategy” of improving stores for customers and says the takeover of Argos is going well.

Just ask Uber, which has been working on improving its software since 2009.

Clinton’s coalition is under no illusion that all is well in America, but it does believe the country is improving in important ways.

This means improving the communication between wines and customers and empowering diners through better terms to describe wines.

Finding my MEA proved very effective at slowly improving my stamina until running replaced walking as an enjoyable pastime.

They would not be able to assert that their awesomeness is the solution to complicated problems, like improving relations with foreign leaders.

Successful people are constantly getting better

Someone who achieves great success is always improving, “whether it’s their career, project, product, or service.”

She needs to insulate herself from accusations of deference to Russia, yet not undermine the president’s commitment to improving ties to Moscow. Michelle Obama had a strikingly successful record of fighting the obesity epidemic and improving nutrition — both symbolically and through advocacy for legislation.

The decline began this year after several months of improving results.

But North Korea’s improving missile and nuclear programs worry the South Korean leader.

Still, Kim and Trump agreed in Singapore last year to first work on improving relations as a means before seriously discussing denuclearization.

Despite improving their offense for a third straight season, Charlotte won 12 fewer games and missed the playoffs last year.

Members would adopt a “comprehensive life-cycle approach” by improving waste management and finding innovative solutions, it said.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told a regular news briefing the talks would be conducive to improving the situation on the peninsula.

But the imitation technologies are improving at a pace with which a real cow could never hope to keep up.

He threw 88 pitches, 55 of which were strikes, while improving to 4-0 at Target Field this season.

U.S. Treasury yields rose on improving risk appetite and as investors awaited a speech by Powell in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, on Friday.

He said, “I think we know what needs improving here,” leaned over, took the mouse, and highlighted the copy.

And improving representative diversity by looking beyond elite law schools and well-connected rich people might be a great place to start.

“It’s not a 100% correlation to improving credit.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Bolstered by improving sales and better margins, profits for China’s industrial companies rose in May, bucking a months-long downtrend.

The economic argument for improving Switzerland’s relationship with its bigger neighbour is obvious.

The more entrepreneurs that focus on improving our educational system and expanding the minds of future generations, the better.

Franco said it’s hard to imagine the situation improving until authorities change their attitude.

What are some games you’ve played that have made you feel like you’re really improving at video games in general?

Clearly there are a number of lifestyle interventions, like improving diet and physical activity.

Is there anything that gives you any hope for things improving in the next two years?

I do think we’re improving.

This, in the name of “improving nutritional value” and reducing alleged “fraud.”

Microsoft also showed several ways it is improving Cortana, including allowing developers to make proactive suggestions to users.

Both of them recognized that one of the great strengths of urban landscapes is their dynamism and delighted in improving them.

This should prevent the iPhone-optimized version of a website from appearing when you’re using Apple’s tablet, thus improving the experience.

That includes improving the way we protect people’s information and safeguard elections around the world.

Our sophistication in handling these threats is growing and improving quickly.

Organizations like the IRA are sophisticated adversaries who are constantly evolving, but we’ll keep improving our techniques to stay ahead.

In contrast, Austal has both more to gain from improving its quality control, and also more to lose.

“We’re deeply committed to improving the effectiveness of how we handle reports of live content that violates our Community Standards.”

That, in turn, would put more money in consumers’ pockets, boosting demand and improving business’ prospects.

How do you see this technology improving lives of people with disabilities?

He cannot do so without improving access to high-quality STEM education and accelerating U.S. investments in science, technology and innovation.

It needs to be supplemented by improving governability in Syria, a place with much ungoverned territory.

All Americans — including the cranky racists and apolitical nonvoters and everything in between — deserve improving living standards.

Instead, Kushner’s efforts have focused on improving conditions in prison and encouraging more rehabilitation programs for inmates.

The efficiency and costs of battery technologies are improving all the time,” he said.

The title of the record had something to do with improving communication in the band?Yeah, and I wish we also didn’t do that.

She emphasizes that sex ed in the US is improving, but there is still a missing link.

Instead, Kushner’s efforts have focused on improving conditions in prison and encouraging more rehabilitation programs for inmates.

Leonard has improved every year he has been in the league, is still improving, and is just 25 years old.

Where technology and economics collide We’ve gotten used to transportation technology improving at a glacial pace.

Well, the main challenge has been improving the neural net so that we can recognize all types of objects from all eight cameras.

And of course we have the conventional retrofit solar, so we are working on, you know, steadily improving the aesthetics of the retrofit solar.

Trump said he saw U.S. trade prospects improving, days after criticizing the U.S.-Japan security treaty and demanding that India withdraw retaliatory tariffs.

The beginning of the month saw days of events devoted to improving U.S. infrastructure, including a plan to privatize air-traffic control.

Instead, Democrats want to continue improving less costly fencing and employing high-tech instruments to detect illegal border crossings.

Is it a worthwhile trade-off for improving the program?

A reading above 50 suggests the business outlook is improving, while a reading below 50 signals it is deteriorating.

They’ve really thought about local resources, donor money, and the health and education systems there are constantly improving.

It’s growing; the health statistics are improving; it’s on quite a good path.

“By the time he turned five he was getting really skinny, and nothing was improving.

2) improving on Einstein’s theory of general relativity A century ago, Einstein published his theory of general relativity.

Most agreed on the problems, including finding a solution to climate change, improving public education and easing pay and wealth inequality.

And while its biggest issue — user abuse — seems to be improving, it’s certainly not fixed.

“This trend corresponds with an improving economy and similar trends have been observed in the past,” he said.

That still didn’t stop him from making an overture to Russia in his very next tweet, though, in hopes of improving relations.

Officials say they are making a “black list” of employers and improving the vetting process to prevent recurrence of such cases.

EV technology has come a long way since 2010, with battery technologies improving and costs coming down.

So would improving pay for child care and other care workers.

In fact, reliability has been improving “due to better planning, market discipline, and better operating rules and standards,” Silverstein wrote.

improving resources and staffing can make some modest improvements.

This helps preserve their monopoly in many communities and disincentivizes them to make the money go as far as possible in improving connectivity.

Despite its reputation in pop culture, the 5150 is an effective measure for improving the lives of those with psychiatric illness.

Some studies have shown sprinters improving power, rowers and swimmers increasing endurance, and both tennis players and boxers improving accuracy and endurance.

Now, along with its muscle-swelling effects, creatine is well known as a supplement for improving power output.

The process keeps improving in terms of speed and efficacy, he said.

We were improving on our worst impulses.

Twitter claims it’s improving when it comes to fighting spam and abuse.

[…] GPT-2 is not perfect — not even the best AI models are — but it is improving with each passing day.

But they all have the same overriding objective: improving the lives of low-income Americans.

The company has also been improving the story it can tell investors if it does go public.

But we’ve made mistakes hoping a player was improving throughout the course of a season versus getting hot for a few games.”

I conducted important research to help solve real-world problems, like improving algorithms for self-driving cars.

Haddad tried to tie himself tightly to Lula’s legacy, and he made improving the economy central to his campaign.

According to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), improving the location accuracy of 911 could save more than 10,000 lives each year.

Excessive imbalances should be adjusted by improving the ratio of investment and saving through macroeconomic policy and structural reform, they added.

That’s far from how it currently works, though things have been improving.

In contrast, we only spend about $600 million on mitigation — improving buildings so they won’t flood when the next storm comes.

An improving economy may be especially important for you, as new graduates.

If he keeps improving at his current rate it may not be long before that dream becomes a reality.

They also proposed improving access to lobbying data.

On June 5, the committee considered the matter of improving constituent outreach by congressional offices.

The committee has discussed improving the hiring process, paying interns, diversifying staff, and improving staff benefits — goals that may pose less political danger.

“He has good contacts in the private sector in Brazil, and this will be very important in improving the international image of the country.”

I’ll always remember my favorite lunch with him where he asked me to focus Salesforce on improving the SFUSD Middle Schools.

Liu said overall air quality in the northern cities was improving compared with September.

“Not only are login trends in Europe improving after a stagnant couple of quarters, the group has beaten expectations on revenue and profit.

“The ECM business has been improving a lot in Asia these past few years.

The Freedom of Information Act, which prevailed because journalists championed it for improving public access to government records.

Cox said the company is pursuing a capital investment program in tinplate operations called “Can Do,” aimed at improving product quality and delivery.

“Their coordination is improving.

Their tactics are improving.

In addition, Deloitte has committed to provide all its audit staff FRC-approved training aimed at improving the behaviour that is subject of the misconduct.

Effectively we were collecting data for comparative analysis so it could be determined if the land was improving over time.

The company is also re-tooling (and hopefully improving) their famed bikes.

Though less visible, much of the impact of machine learning will be of this type – quietly but meaningfully improving core operations.

He said the company is working on improving its apparel offering’s style while still emphasizing performance.

And say, ‘Okay, we get it: long-term, you’re making a great investment, you’re probably improving all of our property value.

Consequently, there’s been lots of focus on improving battery performance or finding new battery chemistries.

BSA’s goal is to help LGBTQ Chicagoans with improving their health and wellness, leadership development, and visibility.

The US stock market prefers a divided government that cannot do damage to what is a slow-growth but steadily improving economy.

There’s no arguing that the Internet of Things is improving the quality of urban life.

Guaranteeing the privacy and security of guest information is key to improving customer satisfaction and establishing trust with tourists and travelers.

My sense of when I need self-care is improving every week.

President Michel Aoun said the financial situation was improving.

improving the quality of the workforce is harder now that almost all young people in wealthy economies finish high school or complete apprenticeships.

And it means that Trump’s long-desired goal of improving ties with Russia is receding ever further into the distance.

That includes improving the way we protect people’s information and safeguard elections around the world.

Our sophistication in handling these threats is growing and improving quickly.

Organizations like the IRA are sophisticated adversaries who are constantly evolving, but we’ll keep improving our techniques to stay ahead.

A weekend thought: Are we improving ourselves to death?

“It’s not a 100% correlation to improving credit.

They need to reach out to Democrats and work with them on revising and improving Obamacare.

They have kept improving and evolving the best localized mobile search experience and the most fun local social experience.

I was interested in improving the trans community’s interactions with the Sheriff’s department.

More and more companies are committing to only buying from producers who can certify they are improving the environment.

Investors are now grappling with the question of whether an improving economy could lead to more hikes than anticipated.

That kind of player—versatile, improving, and dominant in his specialty—is the player that Whiteside is right now.

But in recent years things have been improving.

And it also criticized Stanford for a number of cultural changes aimed at improving campus life for minorities, gay and lesbians and women.

Positive data, including a quicker pace of growth in Chinese home prices and improving sentiment among German investors, bolstered global equities.

Defenders who give him space to shoot have been punished by his steadily improving accuracy.

He’s attacking within comfortable pockets, and, in the process, improving.

Her initiatives included improving the teacher-to-student ratio while increasing funding and standards.

I was a child in Arkansas while Hillary was empowered to make a focused effort on improving outcomes for children.

The move was intended to “motivate him to continue growing our business and improving our financial results,” according to Snap’s IPO paperwork.

improving disclosure around reverse mergers.

Earlier this year, EU foreign ministers scrapped most of their sanctions on Belarus, including asset freezes against Lukashenko, citing “improving EU-Belarus relations.”

Pence noted Abiy’s efforts at “improving respect for human rights, reforming the business environment, and making peace with Eritrea,” the statement said.

Even as governments slowly unveil their strategies to combat the crisis, there has yet to be much action on improving access to treatment.

It doesn’t address wait times or improving access to in-patient addictions treatment.

To the contrary, improving a vetting system should mean that (in theory) more people are being caught because fewer are slipping through.

They’re humble, tough, and their quality keeps improving.”

improving crop yields remains vitally important, but it is not the only way to increase the number of people fed per acre.

If the plan outlined here were adopted, the developing world might shame them into improving their own social policies.)

Another bizarre Sunday tweet was an attempt to castigate Clinton and Obama for not improving US-Russia ties.

A Wall Street Journal report from early August even claimed that his and Trump’s relationship was improving.

Seventy percent of this extra effort should be directed at improving the digital capital stock.

Yes, as part of a dynamic process for improving it.

Here’s our report card, and here’s how we’re improving it as we go.

This is what we’re improving.

If the show keeps improving like it did throughout its first season, it could — and should!

“If it’s one thing [for improving sleep] it’s planning ahead.

improving your sleep doesn’t have to be as monk-like and boring as my journey.

Tips for improving sleep “shouldn’t necessarily be taken as dogma,” Dr. Dement warns in The Promise of Sleep.

Still, Japan wants to ensure it can defend against an improving arsenal pointing its way.

Moreover, his basketball IQ is still improving, almost on a game-to-game basis.

Of course Japan is improving its defenses, they said, but other countries shouldn’t worry.

By improving services and infrastructure available to pilgrims, Saudi Arabia hopes to embrace the change and double its number of annual visitors.

“That person was extremely satisfied with the messages that were received and absolutely committed to improving things.

Trump said he saw U.S. trade prospects improving, days after criticizing the U.S.-Japan security treaty and demanding that India withdraw retaliatory tariffs.

According to Ells, these changes — which have already been put in place — are improving restaurant operations.

While he said he’s excited about the move, he also credited his two years in Kansas with improving his running and academic direction.

I have been improving every single day since I arrived here.

Khan’s manifesto was “A Manifesto for All Londoners,” a promise of an inclusive approach to improving London.

improving the health of the platform would be one.

improving revenue products is the third.

There are still debates about improving Medicaid’s structure and quality, expansion or not.

After all, the way low interest rates are allegedly helping Obama is by improving economic conditions.

But improving economic conditions is what the Fed is supposed to do.

Sanders, on the other hand, hopes improving the economic well-being of others will help growing democratic movements abroad gain steam.

Fortunately, we’ve seen an evolution to better formats as smart companies have focused on improving the mobile ad experience.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal would require states to submit plans for improving efficiency of coal-fired power plants.

Environmental groups warned the focus on improving efficiency of coal-fired generators could raise overall carbon emissions.

It is improving.

She’s significantly improving her chances to be president down the line.

Those include ending forced technology transfers, improving intellectual property protection and widening access to China’s markets, the sources said.

No one is under the impression that Newark’s schools are “fixed,” or that the work of improving them is done.

Here’s the paradox: Modern liberal democratic societies are successful at improving the lives and freedoms of people who live in them.

She also insisted her father was not in a coma and was improving every day.

He spoke of a possible joint declaration on improving U.S.-Russia relations and international security.

All of this is aimed at improving the bottom line.

Each one (e.g., “decarbonizing, repairing, and improving transportation and other infrastructure”) would entail dozens of policies, at different levels of government.

July 25 (Reuters) – U.S. carrier JetBlue Airways Corp reported a 16.6 percent rise in second-quarter profit, helped partly by improving average fares.

These are generally good people, with a strong publicly stated commitment to improving reporting standards.

The embassy said the situation in Honduras was improving.

The authors of the no confidence letter, which included Sinders, had similar demands for improving the code of conduct.

Kim created the game with hopes of improving her peers’ concentration through an intuitive game experience.

improving myself and my capacity for empathy,” he said.

That’s kind of the one thing that we’ve been working with brands on and improving on.

But the examples suggest that as harrowing as 2017 has felt at times, a lot of things really are improving.

The 220-page document provides a picture of a company with high growth and improving economics but widening losses.

An improving outlook internationally is adding to pressure on global fixed income markets.

Despite the weakness in homebuilding, the fundamentals for the housing market are improving.

Looking ahead, Diaz de Leon said attracting more investment and improving productivity were among the principal challenges facing Mexico’s policymakers.

Looking ahead, Diaz de Leon said attracting more investment and improving productivity were among the principal challenges facing Mexico’s policymakers.

He suggests being suspicious of any brewery that seems too keen about improving your health or wellbeing in its advertising pitch.

Google’s image recognition abilities are rapidly improving in accuracy, too.

They will also know that you truly care about them as people and wish for them to continue improving.

It’s possible those people will get jobs as the economy continues improving, but it’s not a sure thing.

In addition to vastly improving upon the timetable of current detection systems, the test can actually provide same-day results.

Now that the Mueller report was out of the way, Putin said he hoped ties would start improving.

After all, during his New Year’s Day address, Kim said his country would focus much more on improving the economy.

The doses were too small for that (“subperceptual” is the technical term), but rather about performing better by improving focus, concentration, memory, and creativity.

The four-point Singapore summit declaration listed denuclearization third behind improving bilateral political relations and creating a peace regime on the Peninsula.

To paraphrase crudely: eternal return dictates that all existence must recur endlessly, never improving or changing.

“The lifetime income disclosure is critical for improving financial literacy,” she said.

Members would adopt a “comprehensive life-cycle approach” by improving waste management and finding innovative solutions, it said.

EV technology has come a long way since 2010, with battery technologies improving and costs coming down.

3 economy is improving as President Mauricio Macri prepares to run for a second term in the October election.

Bike trips often replace motorized vehicle trips, improving air quality and reducing carbon emissions.

So the genetic testing is improving, and its price is coming down.

Intel has made a lot of progress improving the power efficiency of its Atom chips.

The first two are really about improving ties between the US, North Korea, and South Korea as well.

—Femke Simons, 28 “Turning a completely new leaf, improving your life, and eating a falafel sandwich because it’s vegetarian.”

It’s hard to say why Trump is improving with the public.

From the beginning, the Cuban revolution has paid attention to improving its people’s cultural level.

What kind of grade would you give the Valley over the last two years at improving diversity in venture capital?

At improving diversity?

Do you see that as less misguided, because it’s more relevant to the actual outcome, which is improving the outcomes for women entrepreneurs?

The critics would say … What sort of metric is the best way to assess progress here on improving diversity in …

I think improving diversity in venture capital, that the aspiration shouldn’t just be women.

But did you have any takeaways about improving the give and take of politics?

That’s a mix of an improving labor market giving workers some bargaining power and cheap energy prices keeping inflation low.

Cox said the company is pursuing a capital investment program in tinplate operations called “Can Do,” aimed at improving product quality and delivery.

“Every time I found myself improving,” he said, “I started feeling as though the level didn’t meet my expectations in terms of difficulty.

They filed suit, citing the bank’s repeated claims about improving compliance and transparently admitting errors, which gave them confidence to maintain their investments.

I talked about wanting to feel more attractive and improving my sex life. “

improving trade relations appeared to be rekindling interest from China for other grains, traders said.

Kazatchkine, the UN envoy, said things already seem to be improving in Russia in some ways.

He said he was “incredibly disheartened” by the recent press, and reassured Googlers that Nest’s culture was “improving.”

Our culture is improving.

But Mexico’s president-elect, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is a populist politician whose campaign focused on improving working conditions for Mexico’s poor.

My beef, rather, is that improving the American education system, while important, is neither a neglected cause nor a tractable one.

Essential services like running water, electricity, and childcare appear to be improving across Isla Trinitaria.

“The duchess’ condition is improving but she is still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum.

improving these numbers isn’t just a matter of getting more black women to run for office.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mostly left employer insurance plans alone and focused on improving access to coverage through the individual market and Medicaid.

“The conflicts in the country are escalating instead of improving,” he told Reuters.

Anything above 50 signals that activity levels are improving while a reading below suggests they’re deteriorating.

On education: Ryan introduced a bill to get more salad bars in schools as a way of improving overall health.

Trump was still interested in improving the background check system, she said, but does not necessarily support “universal” background checks.

Previous mass shootings have sparked calls from Democrats to strengthen gun regulations like improving background checks and closing purchasing loopholes.

We were all filled with a lot of hope that’s things would keep improving before this.

One is to get more aggressive in improving its own software.

Breed, a moderate, campaigned on a number of issues, including improving San Francisco‘s extensively documented housing and homelessness crisis.

That’s in part because overall fuel economy in passenger cars is improving as engines become more efficient and electric cars become more popular.

Increasing wages and improving public safety were the second and third most important issues.

It begins with a rural family discussing the possibility of sending some of its members there in the hopes of improving their lives.

“If you go out and talk to drivers and you actually get a sense of ‘Hey, these things are improving‘.”

It’s hard to separate his performance from an improving national economy during the same time.

Why make the case against free speech if there aren’t any viable means of improving speech?

And it suggests that if the economic recovery is improving the situation, it’s doing so at a glacially slow pace.

“In order to be successful in improving your financial situation, follow and apply tips that fit your current lifestyle.”

The harder we push on improving output and employment, the more we learn how much we can achieve on those two fronts.

Putin named as priority issues nurturing a high-tech economy, improving infrastructure, healthcare, education and productivity and increasing people’s real incomes.

Vera broke down the reforms into four categories: documenting police operations, increasing accountability, improving policing practices, and increasing protections for police.

Many of the changes, Vera noted, focused on improving police-community relations, typically by taking steps that show police are being held accountable.

Most agreed on the problems, including finding a solution to climate change, improving public education and easing pay and wealth inequality.

They’ll have to keep improving the tech that goes into the device.

Just because the blood pressure status quo hasn’t been improving lately doesn’t mean it won’t — and the Canadian example is instructive here.

Ostarine is a performance-enhancing substance that helps prevent muscle wasting while improving stamina and fitness.

Public-health obesity policies should prioritize fighting the over-consumption of low-quality food and improving the food environment.

We hope improving in a sentence examples were helpful.