Improves in a sentence | Use of the word improves examples

McKeel says the VR training, done in four- or five-minute segments, cuts down training time, increases engagement, and improves employees test scores.

But as the economy improves and the cost of living increases, workers are struggling to pay their bills.

Obviously, the wig improves these faces, so what was already pretty amusing goes up to “hilarious,” especially when you factor in his awkward shimmies.

Studies show that coconut oil, applied to the skin, improves eczema more so than mineral and olive oil.

Proponents posit that it improves oral health by treating gingivitis, preventing tooth decay, killing bad breath, and whitening teeth.

But as the economy improves and the cost of living increases, workers are struggling to pay their bills.

As with any initiative that improves the bottom line, paying lip service to diversity isn’t enough.

Studies are also finding that limiting screen time, unsurprisingly, improves brain function and academic performance in kids.

In situations where the driver remains alert, data shows Autopilot improves driver safety, according to the company.

It was with our advertisers in mind that we have embarked on an effort to reduce ad loads — which also improves overall experience.

Executives warned that profits would plummet as the company improves privacy safeguards.

Research suggests that paid family leave doesn’t hurt businesses, though, and can in fact be good for business because it improves worker retention.

“A positive attitude improves these brain chemicals.

The result is that customers get relevant alerts and the airline improves its conversion rate on promotions.

The Fed increases the difficulty of the test as the broader economic environment improves.

In victory, she improves her overall record to 14-4.

In victory, Jouban improves his current win-streak to three.

In victory, Covington extends his current streak to 3, and improves his overall record to 11-1.

The immersion of VR will only grow greater as the tech improves.

There is strong evidence that SNAP reduces food insecurity and improves health outcomes, especially among children, who make up the majority of SNAP beneficiaries.

Perhaps if the environment improves for Republicans these districts could be competitive, but for now you can kind of put them out of mind.

“Reverse urbanization” is picking up as infrastructure improves in remote areas.

Furthermore, there’s little evidence that solitary meaningfully improves safety for staff in prisons and jails.

It improves morale.” Some of those tech giants — like Facebook, Google and Twitter — are themselves the subject of scrutiny in the nation’s capital.

Ranked-choice voting generally improves civility of campaigning.

Industry makes a small sacrifice, public health improves, and economic growth continues apace.

For the Celtics, it only improves their chances at getting a top-three pick to add to a playoff contender.

This will happen as wireless technology improves and as some competitive offerings enter the market.

Taiwan — The country’s “quality and affordability of its healthcare
and the enviable financial situation of expats” improves life in the country.

Ranked-choice voting improves on the two-round runoff elections in the following ways.

Gritty is the rare new thing that’s proudly inconvenient and un-nice—and yet improves with more exposure.

If you are a liberal who supports the Affordable Care Act because it improves people’s lives, this bill will infuriate you.

Toyota says the car’s leaning ability improves stability and grip while decreasing the risk of car sickness.

This is the place where the series improves most markedly on its first season.

“For people what’s important is what has actually been done and how it improves their lives and their families’ lives.

Recent research from Kinzler’s developmental psychology lab indicates that “multilingual exposure improves not only children’s cognitive skills but also their social abilities.”

Such changes won’t happen overnight, but the chill between the countries won’t thaw until the situation improves.

Accessibility improves navigability and usability not just for disabled people but for everyone, and it can be tremendously beneficial for SEO.

“He (Nadal) also improves and develops his game,” Thiem said.

It’s a relentless focus on making and implementing policy that improves lives.

It’s no secret that stable, accessible housing improves outcomes for the mentally ill.

Google emphasised to Motherboard how the firmware improves the security of its Titan keys.

Analysts at BTG Pactual said the new structure “improves corporate governance” for GPA.

“The issue is, if the trade situation improves between the U.S. and China, Trump could start targeting the euro zone instead.

Enter Clarifai, which creator Matthew Zeiler claims improves upon the techniques used by Google and Tineye by way of superior artificial intelligence.

“We share a belief that reliable, affordable transportation positively impacts social mobility, and improves the quality of life in densely populated communities.

As 3D printing technology improves, experts are worried that these guns will become cheap, accessible, and, crucially for would-be criminals, untraceable.

Communication improves later this afternoon.

So I just don’t get how the blockchain fixes that or improves that.

** Feb 5 2014 – Google improves its concessions related to online search.

Capitalism creates prosperity and improves assimilation.

But the details ring true, and the second episode improves on the first, which is always a good sign.

WISErg says that its “downright delicious” fertilizer improves soil health, which results in higher yields and more flavorful fruits and vegetables.

While a problem for now, he said it’s also one that likely won’t exist once the technology improves.

So as the depression improves, the relationship should improve and you can be more connected.”

Kotchman added that moving to Line Replaceable Modules vastly improves computing capacity, power distribution and fire-control technology for the Abrams.

With the win, Hall improves to 2-0 in the UFC, and 6-1 overall.

In victory, Moyle makes a successful UFC debut and improves to 4-1 overall.

With the win, Clark rebounds from the first loss of his career, and improves to 7-1 overall.

There is evidence that fish oil lengthens gestation in pregnant women and improves anxiety.

Where season three most improves upon the seasons preceding it, though, is in how it crystallizes something True Detective has always been about.

“That improves mental health, and that improves productivity.

Yeah, and the $3 billion from last year was in large part because of China, so I think the financial picture improves.

With the TKO win, Cowboy moves to 31-7, and improves to 3-0 as a welterweight.

Each person you help improves the status of the district a tiny bit.

Some have worried that it might create new climate inequities, worsening the weather in some regions even as it improves conditions in others.

Communication also improves in your relationships when Mercury enters Leo on July 13.

Another argument for ranked-choice voting is that it generally improves civility of campaigning.

Therefore, Scalia’s presence on the Court improves the argumentation in liberal opinions.

To recap: Running improves your health more efficiently than walking does and has greater health benefits per time invested.

“This signing improves our team speed and scoring depth up front.

Standing doesn’t count as exercise, and, unlike running or cycling, there is there is no evidence that simply standing at work improves cardiovascular health.

The central bank has hiked three times since last July as the economy improves and the unemployment rate hovers around 40-year lows.

“If he improves the peace and order situation across the Philippines, then all well and good.

My hope is that what comes out of the referendum is that Europe comes together and improves as a result.

This decreases churn and improves the results.

Illinois passed a huge energy bill too, which keeps its aging nuclear plants open and improves its RPS.

So even as mining equipment improves, bitcoin’s code itself supports the incentive to add more mining, requiring more electricity.

That’s right — playing music significantly improves brain functioning, and can raise your IQ by seven or more points.

It improves your language abilities.

Nevertheless, social scientists are demonstrating how money only improves the quality of life up to a point.

There’s only one thing that instantly improves everything, and that’s chocolate.

“The communication improves if you have a tangible model.”

“Each of you has an obligation to commit to a righteous cause — one that improves the lives of humanity and the planet.”

The panels keep getting cheaper as technology improves.

He improves it every year.

And, unlike ocular blindness—the kind of blindness in the popular imagination—CVI improves with dedicated interventions.

However it plays out, one thing is certain: as technology improves, so do our measurements and ultimately our understanding of the Universe.

In victory, Klose makes good on his UFC debut and improves to a perfect 7-0 (with one no contest).

With this win, Martin improves his Octagon record to 3-3 and his overall record to a strong 11-3.

Holloway is an archetype of MMA’s long-trumpeted “next generation,” a rangy and improvisational fighter who delights in entertainment and improves in public.

With this win, Harris’ improves his UFC record to 2-4.

You want to close your message with something that improves your chances of getting a response.

The agency forecasts it will narrow, as domestic demand improves, but remain positive, supporting further decline in net external debt.

In Fitch’s view, the risk of further policy interventions damaging the banking sector has now reduced, which improves the system stability.

So it doesn’t automatically follow that as countries become richer, all of a sudden, gender equality improves.

Kubernetes makes a great foundation for continuous innovation/continuous delivery which then improves our software delivery,” Interrante wrote.

“[Proponents] believe that colon cleansing improves health by removing toxins, boosting your energy and enhancing your immune system.

If the country’s situation improves, you would also benefit from it,” said Ebadi, one of the exiled critics of Iran’s leadership.

But as the economy improves and the cost of living increases, workers are struggling to pay their bills.

I hope this saves me time and energy and improves my underwear drawer!

However, when provided with the right support and services, their condition improves rapidly, and they’re able to lead productive lives.

“It reduces incident triage, improves risk scoring and accelerates containment,” he explained.

Build an application that uses at least one of our API Products and improves both ends of the customer relationship.

This boosts your wireless network’s range and improves wireless bandwidth utilization.

In practice, I’ve found beamforming improves the router’s range.

Many of past centuries’ scourges have been cured as our understanding of nutrition, sanitation and genetics improves.

This model now gets a 10-speed automatic transmission that Acura says improves acceleration and passing performance.

Manny’s victory over Broner improves his pro record an impressive 61-7-2.

Emi Labs improves the candidate experience by making the hiring process more personalized to them using AI.

However, we must also care about people now and in the future whose lives may be saved if they know that Autopilot improves safety.

Ehrsam essentially explained that Ethereum is unlike any new digital currency they’ve ever seen – mainly because it actually improves upon Bitcoin.

The CEO said, “Eliminating the need to wash out a container improves the chances that someone will recycle it.

The result is a flesh-on-flesh high that improves mood and lowers stress as well as blood pressure.

The first assumes that today’s slow-growth environment remains, while the second models faster growth as technology improves.

The app was never horrible, but this new version improves the user interface dramatically.

Recognizing that, and letting them get more rest, increases their academic performance, improves their mental health, and makes them less likely to be obese.

Analysts predict Mexico’s gross domestic product will grow 2.3 percent this year as manufacturing activity improves.

But even then, as the technology improves and becomes more robust, those queries might be even faster and easier.

LIQUIDITY Improved Liquidity: The refinancing improves Wind Tre’s liquidity profile as the company does not face any significant debt maturity before 2023.

Researchers have even found that the health status of women improves when you have female leaders.

Nemeth, for example, isn’t convinced that straightening teeth significantly improves oral health.

Republicans seem to be arguing that more people will approve of the bill if the economy improves after it is enacted.

Its environmental performance improves as the grid improves.

The automated approach (still manually checked by human musicians) both improves precision and makes processing music far less laborious.

Our research shows that Tech Allies measurably improves older adults’ use of technology and confidence in key digital skills.

Facebook states that the tech improves efficiency for 360-degree video, with a 10-20 percent reduction in bit rate for the same video quality.

For consumers, all this access will mean a category experience that improves significantly.

Nor are lives saved the only measure by which health insurance improves well-being.

As this piece argues, I disagree with Cass’s conclusions on whether Medicaid improves health, and with his framing of the Oregon study.

In clinical trial after clinical trial, researchers have found that blue light significantly improves acne.

Bundling hardware, software, maintenance and installation improves margins: Pricing becomes a function of the value provided, not of the underlying (and diminishing) hardware costs.

It’s less effective than tretinoin and less well-studied, though there is evidence that it improves the skin’s appearance.

So he is saying that a bill that throws 24 million people off insurance is a bill that improves access to quality, affordable care.

“And when women have control over their reproductive health, it improves the long-term health of mothers and children and creates a lasting economic benefit.”

There’s no arguing that playing fantasy games while watching professional sports improves the fan experience.

Nothing improves engineering, economizes supply chains, and drives down prices like economies of scale.

Their participation improves companies’ bottom lines, expands the qualified workforce, promotes equality, and drives innovation.

Even if Beasley improves, though, that will only do so much for the Falcons, who finished dead last in adjusted sack rate in 2015.

How about he improves the working conditions at Amazon warehouses across the country so people stop dying on the job?” the email read.

A “breakthrough” therapy is one that treats a serious or life-threatening disease or improves substantially on existing treatments for a particular malady.

In other words, this is the right time to come in before valuations and the climate improves.

Better field operations lead to better data, which improves targeting and persuasion, starting the cycle anew.

Communication at work and around your daily chores also improves with Mercury in caring Cancer.

The claim that private insurance improves health, but Medicaid does not, is especially tenuous.

But the effect size in the first study was as good as any drug that improves irritable bowel on the market.

(This is a common practice at clubs in Berlin, and it actually improves the event atmosphere and security.)

These problems don’t just go away, even if their most extreme offending improves.

Adding even more legs only improves the robot’s stability and raises its tolerance for leg malfunction.

Through the process of training, the model improves itself such that it can abstractly represent the training data.

With a few more shots—as few as eight or 32 photographs—the realism improves even more.

But the latest Baltimore attack exemplifies what a whack-a-mole game this is: One area improves its practices and hackers just go looking for another.

“Food always improves the closer you get to the front,” says our liaison officer, Lieut.

Phase two of his programme will focus on investing in technology that improves the company’s services for its biggest clients, Bentley added.

“And when women have control over their reproductive health, it improves the long-term health of mothers and children and creates a lasting economic benefit.”

Ava is a fully conscious, fully self-aware being: she communicates; she wants things; she improves herself.

Try a few days per week without foundation until your skin improves and you feel confident enough to go the full seven days.

“You may find your skin improves dramatically when you stop using foundation, but don’t compromise on sun protection,” Dr. Murad warns.

As a pediatrician, I see how access to contraception improves patients’ lives.

It cuts down on emissions and improves fuel economy as well.

Lisa’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day only improves when she gets home and finds her mother waiting for her.

Even when the Cavs “lock in” on the defensive end, their defense only improves from a complete sieve to a leaky bucket.

“One study has shown that making the briefing highly interactive improves participant’s performance in the real world,” Chittaro added.

The exact same thing could easily happen in Nevada, South Carolina, and elsewhere unless Clinton actually improves or sharpens her arguments.

The second one is this entire system where we collect data and data improves the protocols, this kind of cycle.

Establishing a support network improves the environment Success doesn’t mean women have to fight a constant battle.

As anyone in a startup incubator or accelerator can attest, working in a community of the best and brightest improves outcomes for everyone involved.

Particularly striking is how a shared mobility system improves access and social inclusion.

Eliminating the friction around those checks improves the overall execution of the business.

Their paper suggests that the credit improves prenatal care.

In addition, certain sectors, such as property, auto-makers and consumer goods, will benefit as consumers’ purchasing power improves.

With personalization, data improves engagement in experiences and drives growth and scrutiny.

Data improves predictive ability of many services.

DNS-over-HTTPS also improves performance, making DNS queries — and the overall browsing experience — faster.

Instead, the company believes it can prove that Messenger improves sales, and that that will indirectly lead to more ad sales.

And, by the way, our legislation improves health care for seniors by providing coverage for dental care, hearing aids and eye glasses.

The source code reviews of products “significantly improves their safety,” he said.

When certain individuals rise to power, it gives people hope, which improves overall health.

The number of possible life-hosting planets is quickly growing as space travel technology improves and probes go deeper into the galaxy.

The storage agreement secures future fees and improves the earnings outlook for the facility, he said.

But as software improves, so will the network’s functionality and potential size.

But as its speech recognition improves and its tech scales, it might be able to make every Live video more accessible.

Health improves with income, so the decline in extreme poverty helps, and richer countries can afford more extensive and more universal health care programs.

By that, he means that Trump isn’t after what we’d typically consider success — passing good legislation that improves the lives of voters.

The broader hope is that if supersonic flight gains a foothold with business travelers, costs will eventually come down as technology improves.

This huge difference is probably because gender diversity is also correlated with skill diversity, which improves corporate performance on average.

Doing so dispels misconceptions about what people with disabilities do, and improves society’s understanding of who we are.

“I reassure them that the ear fullness that’s so distressing in the first few days and weeks always improves.

“If the UK only improves by this much at each election, we will not see equal representation in parliament until 2062,” she said.

Those retirees are better off than the income data reflects, because Medicare benefits are increasingly valuable as health care technology improves.

Lauren Smith Brody is the founder of The Fifth Trimester, a movement and company that improves workplace culture for parents.

The audio improves markedly on Anthology’s.

As technology improves, it is anticipated that I will be able to integrate new words that I hear online and in real time.

On the other, small-town users may soon demand higher quality as their purchasing power improves.

Ranked-choice voting generally improves civility of campaigning.

All we know is that this improves our chances to build something great.

Here’s hoping Thomas’s health improves soon — and that he likes his new son-in-law!

As Brazil’s economy improves, the competition for high-quality job candidates is getting more fierce, according to the company.

The model is built to maximize this value and over many iterations it improves by continuously adjusting its strategy.

Check out “Human” below and keep your eyes peeled for more details on Otero War as the weather improves.

As the data improves, the ability to more precisely target cities will increase as well.

And rather than reduce quality across the board, Facebook’s approach improves resolution for exactly what you’re most likely to look at next.

Analysts at BTG Pactual said the new structure “improves corporate governance” for GPA.

Housing is being supported by improving household formation as the tightening labor market improves employment prospects for young adults.

Here is the one place where The Lego Movie 2 largely improves on the original.

When you stretch your jaw to yawn, it improves circulation to your brain, which in turn lowers its temperature.

It currently is targeting a $1.5 billion addressable market for immunotherapy, but sees that market growing to $9 billion as the market improves.

“In an experiment starting today, Twitter is publicizing its rules, to test whether this improves civility,” Benesch and Matias wrote on Medium.

Sometimes on this series we’ve actually had two cameras on one location, and that massively improves or helps your flexibility.

This will allow potential sellers to try out the service with more items, in order to see if it improves sales.

In most every other area of technology, over time, prices go down and quality improves.

As it strengthens and improves its nuclear arsenal, Beijing is the only major nuclear power to be adding warheads to its stockpiles.

This means that hypermarket footfall in Russia could still grow as consumer sentiment improves.

College improves problem solving and critical thinking abilities.

However, if Democrats could flip Florida, the Pennsylvania-Michigan-Wisconsin trio, or Arizona into to narrow wins, the efficiency of their vote distribution improves substantially.

It improves a little bit, but it’s only about 10 percent a year.

Track Mode also improves cornering by applying brake and motor torque at the same time to produce an increase in tractive force while cornering.

As it improves and we grow to rely on voice interfaces, more interactive short-form audio content could take off.

I also include microservices architectural style here, as in its core, it builds and improves over SOA and ESBs.

She ignores her and tries a couple of filters on the photo, trying to decide if it improves it at all.

Microsoft is smart to point out that the extra power inside the Xbox One X improves the graphics even on a 1080p display.

First, the SegWit updates improves the transaction capacity of the blockchain.

Oryx Vision has created a “coherent optical radar system,” according to CEO Rani Wellingstein, that improves the depth perception of autonomous vehicles.

Over time, as AI improves and gets more deeply incorporated into CMS tech, we will begin to see more complex use cases.

Good Call improves legal efficiency and provides the timely support needed to decrease wrongful detainment.

“When paired with Juniper’s Contrail product line, AppFormix improves cloud orchestration, security, accounting, and planning,” Juniper notes in today’s announcement.

While not a left-field shift like Peripheral Vision, the new LP improves upon the giant leap they took two years ago.

If users consistently report false news that’s indeed proven to be false, their score improves and Facebook will trust their future flagging more.

Conversely, Trudeau plays up the merits of having more women in politics on the international stage and said it “improves decision-making.”

As the visibility of the trans community within gaming improves, new role models emerge to encourage younger generations to embrace themselves.

The screen is underwhelming though it’s always on and visibility improves in sunlight.

This is one of these rare security products, or rare products and systems, that both makes things easier for people and improves their security.

Our aim is to provide a new type of defensive layer that improves security for companies in the UK and globally.

Providing opportunities for them to pursue their passions improves their productivity and job satisfaction.

Meldonium increases blood flow which improves exercise capacity in athletes.

He says it improves using machine learning over time to get more accurate results.

In other words, unlike tax reductions or per capita rebates, directing the revenue to renewable energy improves the political salability of a carbon tax.

However, as the technology improves I can imagine a time when designers print their own color models of products, buildings, and even toys.

But what about caffeine, a known performance-enhancing drug that improves reaction time and endurance?

Each layer learns over time and improves its performance.

And, in some way — which might strike some as heretical — York’s black square improves upon the historical one by eliminating the wide band.

Each layer learns over time and improves its performance.

As Translate improves, Buds will become an even more valuable buy.

“Improving Karachi’s efficiency and Karachi’s economy, improves Pakistan efficiency and Pakistan’s economy,” said former finance minister and Karachi resident Mifath Ismail.

Already today, drones can be purchased or built by hobbyists fairly cheaply, and prices are likely to keep falling as the technology improves.

Insera says this improves the experiences for patients and doctors, with better communication and outcomes.

SL: Yes, it improves his life, and what becomes impossible for him to stop is how much it improves other people’s lives.

The other strong case for ranked-choice voting is that it generally improves civility of campaigning.

With the win, Miocic moves to 1-0 as heavyweight champ, and improves his overall record to 16-2.

With the win, Gall improves to 3-0 as a pro.

Dealing Bledsoe for a future pick (and swap rights in 2019) also improves Phoenix’s cap flexibility this summer and next.

Packed with glycolic acid, the two-part package, which includes nifty dry pads and a travel-friendly 60ml solution, improves skin texture and tone.

Consequently, savvy election analysts are aware (but casual observers are not) that Democrats’ vote haul always improves in the days that follow Election Day.

Officials here expect the situation at Puerto Rico’s hospitals could worsen before it improves.

An app that improves the players, not the game?

When managers have a fixed mindset, they’re less likely to notice when employee performance improves or declines.

There is strong evidence that SNAP reduces food insecurity and improves health outcomes, especially among children, who make up the majority of SNAP beneficiaries.

The new tech improves the liquid cooling system the company has had on-board its Galaxy devices since the S7.

“However, the purge is part of the therapeutic process and improves with continued use of the topical retinoid, then goes away.”

Communication improves when logical, chatty Mercury trines Mars July 10.

If something improves your performance by 5%, why not give it a shot?

The White House said Wednesday that no negotiations could be held with North Korea until it improves its behavior.

Cutting the added sugars out of our diets increases energy and improves mood, Heitmeyer says.

Hanging out in the backyard like that significantly improves my day.

A recent Washington Post article explained this well: “[This] is the natural dynamic by which market economies become richer as productivity improves.

The full version of that scene improves upon the preview teaser, amping up the tension and catharsis of Ryn’s immediate, bloody revenge.

It’s an intense laser treatment that improves texture, acne scars and enlarged pores,” she wrote in the comments.

March 19 Mariee’s condition improves.

On a medical level, it’s clear that having health insurance improves people’s financial, mental, and physical health.

And when, despite the rhetoric about human rights from US officials, nothing really improves, the population grows cynical about US motives.

Sidewalk Labs [the Alphabet subsidiary focused on tech that improves urban life] has also published a lot of really good stuff.

For example, a vehicle with an advanced driver assistance system that it deems improves safety might receive further discounts.

Most people who take Ambien find that their sleep improves after 7 to 10 days.

That improves the chart position, increases the streams, and better positions the woman artists being celebrated.

“The administration is united in insisting that any negotiations with North Korea must wait until the regime fundamentally improves its behavior,” the official said.

Throwing punches counts as aerobic exercise, builds upper body strength, and improves your balance and hand-eye coordination.

It improves on everything the first movie did so well, as any great sequel should.

As the technology improves, we have an opportunity to really kind of improve that experience as well.

Institutional LPs often tell me they are looking to “get into seed.” The quality of seed-stage investors improves every year.

There are many excellent things about this decoupling; it improves efficiency, aids focus, and spurs innovation.

During training upscaling network tries to produce the image to fool the critic and improves based on its feedback.

“If his wife supports him running for president, however, Cuban said that number improves to a “five.”

There certainly are a few patients who don’t improve despite our best efforts, but the average patient improves a great deal slowly over months. “

A growing economy generally means that wages are rising and prosperity improves for everyone.

If Tesla improves this system, even a little bit, the risk of complacency and too much trust rises.

Luckily it improves cryptocurrency popularity as these small office finally give up and buy bitcoin to pay their ransom.

Powering each wheel individually improves traction and maneuverability.

“Research has been unable to prove that homework improves student performance,” Young wrote.

Still smarting, most top miners reporting earnings this month are expected to keep a grip on capital expenditures, even as cash generation improves.

So, it feels good to chomp on ice simply because the action improves blood flow to the brain.

It’s like a thought experiment that generates usable data and improves the AI.

Ritalin, for example, which is used by people with ADHD and narcolepsy, improves concentration.

A study commissioned by the National Institutes of Health, meanwhile, found that limiting screen time improves kids’ brain function and academic performance.

People get hired, projects launch and the culture at Microsoft improves (growth mindset!).

It improves everything!

Researchers have consistently found giving people Medicaid improves their access to health care compared to those who go without insurance.

Medicaid unequivocally improves access to care for people.” That doesn’t mean Medicaid is perfect, however.

So beyond the objective measures of increased access, people also feel their health care access improves after gaining Medicaid.

It has a positive effect on my songwriting because it improves my general happiness.

As speech-to-text technology improves, more people are using voice assistant features on their smartphone.

“The citrulline, an amino acid, improves blood circulation and works as a natural exfoliator, while lycopene, a phytonutrient, is an anti-inflammatory,” explains facialist Su-Man.

He says that by adding a layer of artificial intelligence, it improves the overall results.

The second big way that a stabilized telephoto lens improves your images is in Portrait Mode, especially in anything but bright sunlight.

It makes sense to want to hide out in grad school for a little while the job market improves.

A reduction of 13 to 12 micrograms per cubic meter of PM2.5 (the standard) improves public health.

Then I remember my boss is taking me and a few other new employees out for lunch, and my day instantly improves!

I add some banana chunks and it improves significantly.

With each, Vázquez improves his concept by plucking visual elements from his comic and dropping them into a visual realm steeped in cinematic tradition.

When I see you on TV and the news, my mood improves and rises.”

For digital screenings, look for laser projection, which dramatically improves the presentation of color.

Pitman stated that AMF improves on the 3D Printing in Microgravity Experiment in terms of robustness and longevity.

It is, however, a clear failure to fully invest in safety and technology that improves the infrastructure we do have.

The new board improves on the original with a few useful and meaningful new features, and it’s an absolute blast to ride.

With the win, Cirkunov improves to 4-0 in the UFC’s Octagon.

Having a blood-based diagnostic test for cancer prevalence and the ability to initiate treatment earlier radically improves the chances for surviving a cancer diagnosis.

“I think anything that improves the situation of the Palestinian people is something that should be welcomed.

It’s a seamless experience that greatly improves the sound quality of your TV.

DeRozan is soon to be a 29-year-old All-NBA player who improves a different area of his game every summer.

1:54 p.m. — We roll out with all the windows open and the car odor improves.

This improves security because it removes third-party involvement at a low cost.

Compliance proves cheaper than expected, the economy continues growing, and public health improves.

At its core, the bill improves communication between between federal, state, local and tribal officials.

But what about caffeine, a known performance-enhancing drug that improves reaction time and endurance?

The DTSA improves trade-secret protection.

“It is a total-body workout that improves endurance, flexibility, and strength,” she says.

A strong core obviously does more than just keep you from slipping tampons during lifts: it helps prevent back pain and improves posture.

Snuka will be re-evaluated in December — but unless his mental state improves, the case against him cannot go forward.

“As Dak improves and gets more acclimated to the NFL game, that offense — the sky is the limit.”

Users say the site improves their self-esteem while reducing their sense of isolation.

Parents who regularly consume weed profess that cannabis improves their parenting.

Like running, the elliptical improves your cardiovascular endurance, without putting so much stress on your joints.

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“Our technology really improves the life of the driver,” Makani told TechCrunch.

There is even a chance that if Valanciunas improves his shooting, both centres can play together.

Smiling makes you 14% more likely to be right-swiped, and facing forward improves your odds by 20%.

The headlines also suggest that drinking improves heart health in a cause-and-effect relationship.

Exercise also improves your mood, and can help you manage stress and anxiety.

He annually improves his ability to make plays off the dribble, even if he’s still relatively subpar at it.

Cardio improves your endurance and aerobic capacity, plus helps you deal with stress.

The downward debt trajectory improves the sovereign’s shock-absorbing capacity.

The appeal of live broadcasting, according to Chen, is that it improves efficiency in apparel manufacturing.

With the win, the debuting Diakiese improves to a perfect 10-0.

With this knockout win, Perry improves to 9-0 overall, and 2-0 in the UFC’s Octagon.

That could create an umbrella effect that improves content authenticity across the web.

If we improve the volume loss, the shadow improves,” she explains.

Bitmovin, founded in 2013, is a Y Combinator-backed transcoding service that improves the quality of online video.

Every year our times are improving and in turn his life and attitude on everything improves.

Our health matters, and it improves self esteem.

But while 2017 still looks challenging, the outlook improves after that.

Meditation definitely improves my mood and anxiety, so, in theory, I should be doing it daily.

Ecobalt said that its new plan enhances project economics and improves construction timelines.

Research suggests that gratitude also improves people’s sleep quality, and makes them perceive fewer health problems about themselves.

As with all solutions involving machine learning, Dojo-Labs’ model improves as it collects more and more data from customers.

It significantly improves rates of survival.” Read This Next: Why Are We All Giving Each Other STDs?

I can only pray that their condition improves.”

The speaker includes Alexa — and promises Google Assistant support — and it improves your TV sound immensely.

An included tuning system turns your phone into a scanner that improves the room audio automatically.

As our technology improves deliveries will become faster and our selection on offer will become more varied.

The result is a flesh-on-flesh high that improves mood and lowers stress as well as blood pressure.

“It improves your confidence and dignity.

“The program puts them together and refines and improves the accuracy of the prediction,” Akanbi added.

By yanking installed apps from appearing in the most prominent positions, one could argue that discovery of new apps improves.

A cardiologist claims to have invented an ice cream that improves sport performance.

Will this be something that drastically improves your experience playing the varieties of Pokemon: Let’s Go?

Among other things, it has begun levying fines for late supply deliveries, which improves product selection and curbs waste.

This update improves the hardware right where it counts when it comes to Switch portable playing power.

While this is not exactly a fancy new feature, it definitely improves the user experience in YouTube Music.

“Maybe the spread can narrow a bit if the market condition improves, but investors understand the credit risk better now,” he said.

This improves quality, the cornerstone of any craft movement, but the fact is they couldn’t use local goods even if they wanted.

Investors have been waiting for the Fed to raise borrowing costs as the economy improves.

Fitch expects that CNHI Capital will continue to opportunistically increase its proportion of unsecured debt, which Fitch views favourably as it improves funding flexibility.

And in addiction treatment, simply having a choice of treatment options actually improves outcomes.

When medical personnel are not yet on the scene, trained bystanders can start CPR and past studies show that it improves survival rates.

Horak agrees, saying that people who have cochlear implants to give them hearing also find their balance improves.

“For me that was a very clear indication that it improves cognitive function, particularly a kind of intuitive pattern recognition.”

Indicated 0.8 percent higher Q2 gross margin improves to 46.5 pct.

The Alberta government curtailments, announced late last year, helped margins for struggling local producers but until transportation improves, Canadian crude prices will be squeezed.

“Hunting reduces numbers but the learning improves the chances that there will be survivors,” he wrote.

Getting the older cars off the road improves public safety as well as environment.

Pairing big batteries and other storage systems with renewable energy improves reliability without creating climate-changing emissions.

Even if my health improves in the future, I will always have that genetic testing hanging over me.

But I’ll take Guro Dan wherever I can get him and he marginally improves this film with his presence.

As science improves, so will the odds of litigation succeeding.

Nothing about the two watches breaks much ground or really improves on what came before… but they sure look beautiful.

The X-E2S also improves the AF system and adds the Classic Chrome film simulation seen on the X100T.

Researchers agree the disorder primarily occurs during childhood and improves with age.

This isn’t actually a secret, but it’s something that feels increasingly weird as the technology improves.

The source code reviews of products “significantly improves their safety,” he said.

The television experience improves (even if ratings don’t).

Doing it while weighed down improves your endurance, but with less of the impacts of running.

When a team improves its record by, like, 30 wins, you tend not to question their reliance on Colby Rasmus.

Roth: This improves the metaphor.

“Having conversations with your partner about sex is hard, it’s difficult, but it also really improves a relationship,” says Michael.

Second, T-Mobile claims it expands upon and improves the already excellent fidelity of VoLTE calls.

“This is a fundamental factor, it either improves due to the floating rouble, or becomes less attractive.

The VR could be upgraded if the bank improves its operating efficiency while improving or maintaining its asset quality metrics.

It could take years before this field of view greatly improves, but this is just the first generation.

This ultimately also improves our operative earning power,” Chief Executive Olaf Koch said on Wednesday.

But even following about 65 percent of the workouts helps you lose weight and improves your overall muscle strength.

It improves the formula in a number of ways, sometimes subtly, as with the climbing animations and incidental dialog.

“There is no evidence that the addition of an anti-infective alters the effectiveness of condoms, whether it improves them or makes them less effective.”

Regular aerobic exercise training reduces sedentary time, reduces appetite, improves cardiovascular performance and increases self-esteem and self-efficacy, Brand told Reuters Health by email.

Still, the equation could change as the technology improves, and if and when oil and gas become less widely available, or more expensive.

At the time, the airline claimed that “ViaSat offers an in-flight connectivity system that materially improves on Gogo’s air-to-ground system.”

As technology and statistical analysis improves, it’s becoming easier and easier to predict which players will make it.

It’s a simple addition to a decades-old product, but for once, connecting a device to the internet actually improves its functions.

(Nitric oxide improves arterial elasticity and blood flow.)

And as the technology improves, they’ll have to start deciding how real they want things to get.

And in the case of Bitcoin, more computers joining the network improves the system’s overall security.

“Sleep quality usually improves significantly in the second session,” she told me, “when the environment has become no longer new to the participants.”

The weird animated cyclops you control, which might be the strangest thing Apple has created in years, definitely improves the experience, too.

The urges aren’t as strong, and it improves anxiety and suicidality.”

Windows Ink improves things a lot.

And each film improves the one before it by making it part of a larger and more sophisticated story.

But what people don’t realize is that every other aspect of your credit score improves when you get more cards.

Sony’s new PS-HX500 improves on a lot of things compared to the Audio Technica; the understated, all-black design is stunning.

“It improves the soil, less money is spent on buying fertilizers, medicines, and it’s better for the workers.

Recording in the studio improves certain things and playing live does that too.

This improves range but does take a bit of getting used to.

The Cost of Living Refund simplifies and improves the EITC in a number of ways.

The Alberta government curtailments, announced late last year, helped margins for struggling local producers but until transportation improves, Canadian crude prices will be squeezed.

The A99 II improves upon its four-year-old predecessor with a much higher resolution sensor and faster performance.

These teams don’t just talk about how Slack improves efficiency, but also how it builds community and in some ways modernizes the company. TenCate manufactures thermoplastic prepreg, a material that improves efficiency of molding.

Communication improves when Mercury in Cancer connects to lucky Jupiter (currently in your sign!)

Emoji only stand to get more detailed, not less, as Apple improves iOS and the resolution of its smartphones screen.

It also improves overall public trust in the government.

With the win, Nurmagomedov improves his record to a ridiculous 24-0.

Training improves the gym’s level, making it harder for other teams to attack and take it over.

The study was small and more research is needed, but experts seem to agree with today’s findings that pregnancy improves mothering skills.

The new platform also includes improves for image capture, including native support for optical zoom systems and better autofocus technologies.

The authors defined competitive pressure as “whether and how much each gender deteriorates or improves at crucial stages of the match.”

“You can only imagine what happens when the weather improves,” he said.

Whistle 3 improves upon the original with the promise of faster and more accurate location tracking, and improved geo-fencing to create multiple safe areas.

Also improves HW1 and enables Ludicrous+.

And as our technology improves, we could inflict them upon each other and ultimately ourselves.

Still, he continues to barter for audio gear in lieu of cash payments as he improves his home studio piece by piece.

Advocates counter that greater continuity of care—taking care of a patient over time—is invaluable, and that fewer handoffs between doctors improves patient safety.

As technology improves and becomes much more mainstream, you always find a way to make it more cost efficient.

“If it improves the process, which is the primary goal, we should think about ways to do it,” he said.

The Swift looks like it improves on this formula.

(Genomind asserts that the results of several peer-reviewed studies show that using the Assay’s results improves patient outcomes and reduces their medical costs.)

This year’s effort is by no means perfect, but it’s a welcome start as the Academy improves going forward.

The Echo Link takes streaming music and instantly improves the quality.

It retains the essentials — style, story, and an impossible to pin blend of genres — but carefully streamlines and improves them.

The quality improves but the computational cost skyrockets.

The quality improves but the computational cost skyrockets.

“Uber is committed to providing reliable and accessible transportation that improves European cities by cutting congestion, pollution and parking,” an Uber spokesperson said.

This will improve life on so many levels: Communication improves and finally there will be less delays and technical difficulties!

With the win, Almeida improves to a fantastic 21-1, and reasserts himself as one of the bantamweight division’s top fighters.

If the company really improves literacy, Yagan explained, it tends to sell its content and software to more schools.

The New 2DS XL also improves on the New 3DS design in a couple of ways.

As more and more images are processed, each neuron gradually learns to filter for specific features, which improves accuracy.

The space is also full of plants, as being in connection with nature reduces stress and improves mood.

The speaker includes Alexa — and promises Google Assistant support — and it improves your TV sound immensely.

But even if it improves creator discovery, it’s hard to compete with the sheer size of Instagram and WhatsApp.

Perhaps most importantly, it vastly improves the data on a person’s mobility and recovery.

It’s how it fits into and actually improves the larger experience of the physical park itself.

A writer can watch as their craft improves article by article, edit by edit, tackling harder and more nuanced subjects with finesse.

“It improves their chances of having a good discussion with the EU and other partners in the JCPOA (Iran deal),” she told reporters.

The new iPad Pro includes a new display with a 120Hz refresh rate that improves the speed of the Apple Pencil.

There’s a strong commitment from your employer, which improves retention rate and recurring purchases.

As the technology improves, self-driving cars will be able to drive confidently in wider geographic areas.

Ramirez now improves to 34-0 and is the new (the first Mexican) WBO middleweight champion.

Central bank president Roberto Campos Neto last week said progress on fiscal and economic reforms improves the outlook for inflation.

“Mod greatly improves Phantom 4 Pro sport mode.

Fog computing improves efficiency and reduces the amount of data that needs to be sent to the cloud for processing.

I could see that being helpful as Samsung improves Bixby’s reliability and speed.

Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro simply improves the internals, the Surface Pen, and introduces some minor design changes.

As the technology improves, self-driving cars will be able to drive confidently in wider geographic areas.

“I don’t know how that (ban) improves things for kids and their families and gives them better opportunities,” Fitzgerald said.

The software continuously improves, making the hardware more useful.

It is optimized for time series databases and vastly improves on performance of queries, aggregation and analysis.

Splatoon 2 improves on the original in a few other ways as well.

The newer version improves the technical connections between the two cloud applications including the ability to “pin” a note to a record.

In some ways it even improves upon it.

Q: I’d bet on autonomy before the infrastructure improves.

The Outlook on FUCEREP’s IDRs could return to stable if the entity consistently meets its regulatory capital requirements and improves its profitability.

The proof of course will be in the practice and how well it improves on past attempts to bring knowledge and learning under control.

As anyone in a startup incubator or accelerator can attest, working in a community of the best and brightest improves outcomes for everyone involved.

It’s an injection that improves on current versions of the drug, which have to be taken daily as a pill or dissolvable film.

Americans tend to buy more imports as the economy improves, as has been the case for the past several years.

Also, we don’t know exactly why the children’s mental health improves.

But it improves on gold in the ease with which it can be transferred and low storage costs.

Now, as my health gradually improves, I can’t help but reflect on all I have lost.

The Series 3 is also even faster than before, with a new W2 chip that also improves battery life.

The Fed increases the difficulty of the test as the broader economic environment improves.

Where to draw the line: Research has shown that stimulating certain brain areas increases memory capabilities and improves learning.

“This system software update improves system performance,” reads the patch notes, which roughly translates as “We duct-taped a hole to stop you running homebrew.”

Everyone improves or changes over time.

But as battery life improves, the watch would be a logical place to see some sleep-tracking technology show up.

Dell’s Mixed Reality headset improves on Acer’s with more comfortable padding, and an improved 110-degree field of view.

“I don’t see in any way how this (bill) improves access to care.

Clearly, it’s my hope that he does right the ship, that he improves.”

Quality: If the coverage improves — thanks to the state waivers that have been added to the bill — what kind of coverage would people have?

With the win, the German fighter improves his UFC record to a strong 4-1, while is overall record now stands at 14-2.

If it improves the number of iPhone X handsets being manufactured without any noticeable difference, it will be a big win for Apple.

With the win, the 24-year-old German moves to 1-0 as a UFC fighter, and improves his overall record to an impressive 16-3.

The battery pack is also mounted in the middle of the car and under the floor, which Mitsubishi says improves the center of gravity.

With the win, The Joker makes a successful UFC debut and improves his overall record to 14-2.

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