Implications in a sentence | Use of the word implications examples

The implications of Brexit are staggering for the workings of government, too.

Honestly, it hurts a little bit not to be able to do that because I recognize the implications of what we’re doing.

That itself is a massive problem with corrosive implications for democratic outcomes.

Lucie Bradley leads us in an open discussion about the history, uses, and implications of herbal remedies.

What are the implications for the health insurance market?

“In the U.S. sanctions bill we have not seen any direct negative implications for the rouble so far.

And this feud had serious legal implications.

There’s no doubt that there could be implications from the study overseas as well.

If [two-thirds] of Americans are overweight or obese, this has long-term implications.

Yet some of Strzok’s texts arguably have more troubling implications.

This matters for the film’s plot, but more broadly — since this is sci-fi, and therefore actually about us — it has implications.

The spurning of Kuroda-nomics also has political implications.

Powell said the Fed was “closely monitoring the implications” of a trade dispute that has disrupted global markets.

Shareholders should also note that industries gone wild can have huge negative implications for them.

That effect (one more time) has no implications for understanding group differences.

“The design of our cities has tremendous implications on global economics, health, social equality, the environment, and overall quality of life,” he wrote.

Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association, told MUNCHIES that this code of conduct will have very real implications for brewers.

And a few stepped up to minimize the implications of the news.

I spoke with Gross about the implications of seeking political diversity on college campuses after Kristof published his first column on the subject.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump made a lot of insinuations and vague comments with potentially dangerous implications.

It’s a pretty heavy post, its implications are not pleasant, and I hope I am wrong.

It means that the algorithm could have much greater implications for solving problems in the real world.

The moderator of a subreddit dedicated to Vuohensilta’s videos, who goes by the handle Azonata, waxed philosophical about the implications of viral destruction.

Incarceration has different implications on everyone it affects, and it often feels like no one understands.

This trend also has implications for mobile advertising, which will get an increasing share of ad sales.

The news was expected, but the implications differ from most of the special counsel’s interviews.

But the implications are different for them, as they’re currently in talks with the US to renegotiate NAFTA.

It could also have policy implications and a message to Pyongyang”, a third South Korean official said.

Recent efforts to digitize yearbooks, like the one undertaken by Classmates Online in 2010, have helped surface stories with major institutional implications.

So, NPR is calling for revolution.Interesting way to condone the violence while trying to sound “patriotic”.Your implications are clear.

I think we’re coming to grips with the full implications of that.

And there are clear partisan implications for that trend.

But they agree that the implications are huge — on a personal level, for guys like Brock, and for the economy as a whole.

In fact, the GDPR has direct implications for a massive amount of businesses worldwide, due to the EU’s vast trading partner roster.

The Osorno controversy has taken on national implications.

Most basic research in psychology has no short — or even medium-term — applied implications.

At one time, it would have been enough to appreciate the aesthetic value of these artifacts and artworks without attention to the implications.

Prior to the protests, many people in the country were blind to the implications of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Even though this provision may seem small, it could have huge implications for the tax bill’s chances.

Dissonance, drum blasts, ghostly implications of chords that swam in some inchoate sea of distortion: This shit was nuts.

And their implications were largely hopeful: They suggested that the mind — as self-defeating as it can be — can be understood, corrected, and perhaps mastered.

Some who supported it say that they didn’t understand its implications, or were too weary to care.

But if the pattern holds up, that will have intriguing implications for mainland politics in states with large Puerto Rican populations.

The thing that people need to realize is that climate change has direct public health implications.

I started thinking about the implications of this new phenomenon: people getting death threats because of what they write in academic journals.

The practical implications are a different issue.

Because you know what’s interesting about that, just like this, is you start to see the real-world implications of it.

“The continued rise of unemployment may, however, have significant political implications,” he argued.

Much of the news today will (rightly) focus on the political implications of this story.

The decision could have national implications in this November’s battle for control of Congress.

While IUCN rulings have no direct legal implications, they can put pressure on policymaking aimed at protecting at-risk species.

Elections also have concrete implications that deserve attention.

It might have legal implications, however, if the influencer lied about disliking a product on behalf of another brand.

In Mississippi, the lack of party labels could be a minor factor with major implications.

Losing Aso would be a blow to Abe politically, but direct policy implications would probably be limited.

The problem is that the implications of the move on audio quality are not likely to be good for most people.

However, the iPod also sacrificed audio quality for convenience, and the implications of its focus on highly compressed music extend to today.

And the larger implications of the move are hotly disputed.

A 1977 documentary explores how Betye Saar’s mythic altars illustrate the personal and political implications of Black identity.

Assemblage gave her the opportunity to craft worlds illustrating the personal and political implications of Black womanhood.

But the move carries political implications as well.

It could have some pretty ugly implications.

That could have real implications for energy conservation in the restaurant and food industry, where regulations have strongly recommended hot water for handwashing.

President Trump in April 2017 ordered an investigation into the national security implications of foreign imports of US steel.

Badreddine’s assassination could have other implications for the war in Syria.

Signs of cooling demand for iPhones have wide-ranging implications for technology and internet companies.

But also because the behavioral tools provided by online spaces create new opportunities to sidestep the embodied implications of online behavior.

Among Obamacare’s sweeping changes to the US health care industry were a few with big implications for women’s health.

The implications of this scenario for American democracy are pretty scary.

Motherboard: What do you say to people who accuse CryptoKitties of being digital Beanie Babies, with all the negative implications there?

Though rarely discussed, this bias has important implications for policy.

But in the longer term, Adidas could benefit from the lower cost of robot-driven factories, which has implications for manufacturing overall.

Academic research has found that the composition of the electorate has important implications for policy.

They don’t understand the implications of it.

This certainly raises questions about whether the President recognizes the serious implications of disclosing such sensitive information to an adversary.

Nevertheless, even with these caveats, our findings have important implications for our politics.

From turbocharging the fake news problem to undermining democracies and inciting violence, the ability to depict anyone saying anything has potentially catastrophic implications.

“He doesn’t sometimes realize the implications of what he’s saying.

The implications of such a shift are massive.

That’s important to restate: The quest has big implications for the future of the OASIS.

Like things that now have political implications.

Department of Education press secretary Liz Hill said: “There are no policy implications to these rescissions.

This is an incredibly blunt, shocking response — one with troubling implications for the 45-year-old war on drugs.

And that has societal implications, as you know.

That has implications for the bloc’s future.

The implications are clear: Women who explicitly embrace traditional femininity will not be making decisions for the future of the six kingdoms of Westeros.

(For a deeper dive into the implications of Republicans’ record primary turnout, read my colleague Jeff Stein.)

You don’t care about the implications of a giant consumer technology company mastering AI.

For now, she’s careful to cast her battle with Lipinski not as a single-issue contest, but as one with broad implications.

“If these are really the figurative tombstones of our earliest ancestors, the implications are staggering,” Allwood said.

“Nobody could have predicted the implications.

This type of learning-on-the-go has serious implications for robots, which have difficulty negotiating new terrains, objects and situations.

“Looking back, after 2005 when he became CEO of both Renault and Nissan, we did not really discuss the implications,” he said.

Was it the implications of the performance itself?There’s definitely an element of performance art to it.

“These results have major implications for diagnostic and therapeutic applications of iron oxide nanoparticles,” the paper concludes.

All this has two implications, I think, for American politics.

What’s neat about “Switch” is how it’s bookended by two very small choices with huge implications.

military superiority is no longer assured and the implications for American interests and American security are severe,” the panel concluded.

Yet we still don’t know what the precise implications of the bankruptcy are for customers.

The city does not fall behind in these implications, as it continues to hand over warehoused property to the private sector.

Business issues aside, seeing what Twitter knows you like — or thinks you like — can have some awkward implications that we still don’t completely understand.

“It might be worthwhile to just understand what the implications and requirements would be,” he told me.

Look at the implications of his promises, though, and they have everything to fear.

Prudence suggests it has to be matched across Southeast Asia because of the competitive implications,” said Bank of New York Mellon strategist Neil Mellor.

And what implications does it hold for the integrity of any video in a digital age?

While the 2,000 upvotes said much, at least one commenter was disturbed by the implications.

“The implications of all of this are very serious and, for that reason, very important to take into account.”

We have always understood this struggle to have global implications.

Grimm’s case, if heard by SCOTUS, could have had wide-ranging implications for transgender Americans.

Depending on what exactly the government’s legal theory is, the implications for journalists could be enormous, or relatively minor.

A sustained fossil fuel decline would likely have political implications.

These limits to clinical trials’ implications apply tenfold to any trial halted early.

The implications don’t stop there.

But the doubt surrounding this case doesn’t only affect Democrats — it will likely have serious implications for politics in general.

In 2016, this implied a greater focus on whites, which affected the campaign and may have far-reaching implications on politics and policy.

To anyone who’s actually listened to sex workers, the implications of this are a terrifying.

The Supreme Court’s decision could have huge implications across the country.

“Hopefully, we were thoughtful about the implications around different courses of action.” Hales, the previous owner of Sleepopolis, did not respond to an email.

The ouster of Ailes could have huge implications for the future of conservative media and even American conservatism.

I grew up having tapestries or objects [around his house], and not really understanding the significance or implications of that.

Mr. Trump said he planned to tackle tax reform later, ignoring the repeal’s tax implications, the staff member added.

Still, both Lloyd’s position and the government’s slightly modified official version have serious implications.

In an open letter released on Thursday, Zuckerberg grapples with the implications of Facebook’s growing power.

Their work, which is described in the current issue of Advanced Materials, has “revolutionary” implications in an unexpected field: stem cell therapy.

President Trump in April 2017 ordered an investigation into the national security implications of foreign imports of US steel.

This bullshit legislative situation, which doesn’t put workers’ safety as a primary concern, has real implications.

The implications are huge.

We will look at the implications of those policies, whether or not the consequences are deemed good by the governments.

But perhaps most intriguing is the fact that Gabriele’s genetic research may have practical implications for the future of pepper growing.

They control another valuable resource — actual information about the issue that can help members understand the implications of various proposals.

But from the perspective of a blog about political parties, there is one undernoticed story with enormous implications for American politics.

Nonetheless, it is worth a few lines to consider the implications.

“Alongside this we are carefully considering the implications of the judgment for decision making,” Fox said.

But the military’s work on Perdix has implications beyond war-making.

“Disruption of UNRWA services will have extremely dangerous humanitarian, political and security implications for refugees and for the whole region,” Safadi said.

Now his Justice Department is trying to block a merger with huge implications for the cable network’s parent company, Time Warner.

The alleged implications for the telecom industry seem far too serious for this case to be written off as a political attack.

Though the financial charges against Manafort may have had little to do with the election, the verdict still carries major political implications.

This research has important implications for existing theories of social movements, political violence and voting behavior.

Still, even acknowledging that uncertainty, this is a promising sign for the long-term future of Iran — with implications that could last a generation.

Multiple tech sites reviewed it, but few if any seemed to consider the buried implications of the streamlined threads: no visible likes and RTs.

Still, the use of session replay scripts by so many of the world’s most popular websites has serious privacy implications.

“We are reviewing the details of the executive order to understand any potential implications for our customers,” the spokeswoman said.

It speaks to the major, major implications that Trump’s decision has for America’s strategic position around the world.

Privatizing air traffic control has implications for integrating drones into national airspace.

It has serious implications for fields that rely heavily on AI, from self-driving cars to medicine to the military.

While permit distribution may not have environmental effects, however, it very much has political, social, and legal implications.

That has enormous legal and political implications for Trump’s top aides, and for the president himself.

“To me, this idea of telling your story has powerful healing implications.

Here, he answers questions about his book’s most startling discoveries—and the implications fake food has for American health.

The discovery holds tantalizing implications for efforts to return humans to the moon for the first time in half a century.

Some inferences we can make from the search for aliens have profound implications for our own world.

In that way, disagreements over aliens have big implications.

But Warren is delivering a particular focus on the implications of the consumer welfare standard for the farm economy.

“Any research and study done into the possible implications of heading footballs clearly has to be a good thing,” Dawn told the BBC.

Still, the implications for the rest of Westeros are huge.

But the fallout of Thursday’s not guilty verdict could have troubling implications for the rise of paramilitary groups in the United States.

The finches sing to attract mates, and any change to their beaks has serious implications for their songs.

The implications for our healthcare system are immense.

This is no time to question or analyze the theological implications of the Lil B-Based God duality.

Ratings agency Moody’s said it was closely monitoring developments in South Africa, focusing on the policy implications of Zuma’s political demise.

If successful, the experiment could have huge implications for the way we currently grow food.

There were also concerns about the implications of targeting doctors.

I think the implications of drone warfare are farther-reaching than we can even begin to comprehend.

Since the invention of the printing press, people have always panicked about the implications of new technologies.

Artificial intelligence is another technology with potentially apocalyptic implications, and that’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.

We’ll be examining the implications of some of the survey results in greater detail in future stories.

I think I was walking off denial and starting to think through the implications.

In a post-#MeToo world, the implications of this storyline look uncomfortably familiar.

And that means Donald Trump could be just the first of many Trumps in American politics, with potentially profound implications for the country.

Like, I don’t think there’s any implications of a Coca-Cola commercial on the moon.

They backed credit card company American Express in a case with major antitrust implications.

This might sound like a bunch of jargon and drunk mice, but the implications for humans are really promising, according to authors.

Bric-á-Brac, curated by Jacqueline Kok, explores diverse implications of human behavior within shifting geopolitical structures.

The VAT has other implications.

More generally, many worry about the implications for Russia in a world without the old rules and certainties.

But today, the EPA page on the human health implications of climate change is down.

Warner noted the real-life implications of hate speech on social media, pointing to mass killings in New Zealand and Pittsburgh.

Erin Mershon at STAT has a nice breakdown of the tax plan’s implications for pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This leads to somewhat surprising policy implications.

But the world is just beginning to grasp the implications.

The Fed and SWIFT, which has since strengthened its security protocols, declined to comment on implications of the Banco-Wells settlement.

The rate of EV growth will have huge implications for oil markets, auto markets, and electric utilities.

This analysis has implications for adaptation to climate change in our nation and possibly for other countries.

That is how trade wars get started, with dire implications for the global economy.

It’s a callous, extortionate view.” This idea, that American allies are mooching off the United States, has political as well as economic implications.

Think of the derogatory implications of the term “gossip,” which is, after all, social talk about social dynamics.

But the implications of the feminist critique go beyond that.

The practical implications are expansive and its negative impact upon basic human rights is profound.

Hyperallergic has reached out to the Museums Association about possible implications but has not received a response.

Many transparency groups have expressed concern that the widespread collection and retention of such information could have serious and worrying implications for civil liberties.

But the implications of Flake’s actions for intra-Republican battles may be more important.

Vox’s Dylan Matthews has an explainer on his legacy and the implications of his retirement here.

“We still have this bad habit of introducing new interfaces into machines without fully analyzing the security implications of it,” says Be’ery.

The artist uses digital manipulation and painting technique to imbue new cultural implications to his weird and wonderful Pop-ish pieces.

“The next wave of wireless communication has enormous economic and national security implications.

Pence might not have understood the potential criminal implications until later.

Nobody could have predicted the implications, but what annoys with the Zuckerberg testimony and so on is still this game of naivete.

In MA-07, Pressley ran on the message that true representation of all constituents — including voters of color — has important implications for politics and policymaking.

You’re insulting the republic with your implications.”

As Del Valle noted, the Bezos divorce had potential implications for Amazon.

Onlookers were outraged: Releasing the name of the list’s originator would put her at risk of troll campaigns and serious real-world implications.

Sixth Street also spans east to west across the city, the urban planning for which has major implications on the city’s diverse demography.

This has profound implications for those who work in tech companies and equally profound implications for the competitiveness of the US tech sector.

That might sound fairly arcane — and it is — but it also has big implications for the future of internet regulation.

The importance of legible, reader-friendly products also has implications beyond entertainment.

But precisely because there’s no particularly direct link between legislative salaries and moderation, the implications are quite broad and serious.

GL: The two Ferguson effect theories seem to have completely different implications.

But if it’s lack of trust in police, it seems that it would have completely different implications.

We just talked about policy implications.

We look forward to an amicable resolution between the parties in the near future with no criminal implications whatsoever.”

Who actually pays the tax has huge implications for how progressive corporate taxation is.

These issues, which only recently became public, have implications for dozens of cases where Graham was the arresting officer.”

And so you imagine that people had great thoughtfulness towards what was gonna happen or the implications, and they absolutely did not.

And these jobs have very real-world implications, and so the people that are in power … Oh, who’s yelling?

It’s the characters in Warcraft we remember, after all, not the exact implications of the Draenei schism on three generations of human-orc relations.

Like I’m just saying, I just want them to understand the implications.

I should run Facebook because I’ve read “1984” and I understand the implications of dictatorship.

“We have tools to mitigate the implications of spikes in volatility for financial markets and the economy,” she said.

Tanaka is willing to jump into the racially charged implications of hoodies and seems not to be worried about any backlash.

Yet some of Strzok’s texts arguably have more troubling implications.

With the system we have, discussing the implications when a justice dies in office is inevitable and appropriate.

How dare the common folk think about the implications of Supreme Court membership for their right to unionize, control their own reproduction, etc.?

The responses I received vary considerably; it turns out there is not much agreement about the risks or implications.

The question, then, is how far away from this technology are we, and what are the implications for human life?

And we should definitely consider the unexplored ethical implications of partially reviving a dead animal.

In a separate commentary in Nature, bioethicists Stuart Youngner and Insoo Hyun warn that the findings could have implications for organ donation.

But it also has deeper implications for immigration policy.

The big picture is that Mueller’s firing would have seismic implications.

I remain fascinated by the implications of a 2008 study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

But that reality isn’t always reflected in a media environment that increasingly sees everything through its implications for the country as a whole.

And maybe the meat aisle is not the best place to bring up the implications of meat.

Even before this month-long task, I would always cave when pressured on my meat choices and their implications.

“The implications of the government’s demands are chilling,” Cook wrote in an open letter.

Of course, all these questions have important implications outside of health care too.

But it has much deeper implications for questions of federalism and states’ rights.

The implications are unclear.

That could have far-reaching implications.

That could have far-reaching implications.

But the finding could plausibly have implications for discipline codes that suggest consequences for subjective infractions.

Whereas one of the things we see on the liberal side is, instead of denying the science, they deny the implications of the science.

Then I think there are some liberals who do understand the implications of climate change and the depth of change it requires from us.

There are some implications of sex too.

It can be loaded with implications, or it can be absolutely empty of the promises it seems to be making.

In the short run, the raids have even more troublesome implications.

These conclusions, Harris and Murray insist, are disputed only by head-in-the-sand elitists afraid of the policy implications.

We meant to say that Harris didn’t challenge Murray enough on its implications, and Murray’s answers on it were inadequate.

But that doesn’t mean that the monkey findings don’t have implications for humans.

But what happens up north also has implications for those living further south.

“It’s totally facilitated by the size of houses we live in now and their environmental implications.

Modern meat production involves shockingly inhumane conditions, mass use of antibiotics with worrisome public health implications, and high environmental costs.

If advances in sentience and responsiveness are as dramatic as I think they might be, the implications will be even more interesting — and problematic.

On Bell’s part, she believes that Nollaig na mBan marks a women’s holiday that has implications far beyond Christmas.

That was a huge step with implications to this day that most people do not appreciate sufficiently.

This debate may seem arcane, but it has significant political and societal implications.

Now, tonight’s results likely won’t have massive delegate implications.

Hines herself is about to embark on a three-year research project—the first of its kind—focused on the social implications of transgender pregnancy.

Which is to say nothing of the classist implications inherent in our seeking and micro-cult–joining.

… the cultural and the political implications of this kind of stuff.

Indian artist Vibha Galhotra’s film Manthan explores the implications of industrial pollution on water sources and communities.

The model is relatively new – only 371 such planes were flying – but another nearly 5,000 are on order, meaning the financial implications are huge.

“That can have global implications for climate,” Osterberg said.

And it’s one that could have potential regulatory implications.

Well, the implications are hugely important.

So what are some other implications?

But one comment in particular could have serious implications for Trump and the investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

It’s hard to flesh out the implications of a trust gap between a sitting president and the intelligence community.

One of the implications will be that critical information won’t flow in the direction it needs to flow.

“The implications of this are huge,” Justin Fier, director of cyber intelligence at security company Darktrace, told Reuters.

Powell said the Fed was closely monitoring the implications of the trade war between the United States and China on the world’s No.

He has spent more than two decades tracking key technological, demographic, and economic trends and exploring their implications for companies, organizations and society.

Droughts and rising water temperatures have serious implications for wild salmon, which have declined to five percent of historic populations.

“This might have implications for the dehumanization of out group members,” Van Bavel tells me.

Eleanor Barkhorn: And what are the broader policy implications of your book?

Trump’s displeasure with Rosenstein has potentially big implications: Rosenstein is widely seen as the only government official with the ability to fire Mueller.

For casual everyday Internet users, why is this so important and what are some of the practical implications this whole thing has on individuals?

“The AG was aware of all the implications, including the political ones, and yet he ordered the police to launch formal investigations.

He now allows a brief farewell, but his demands and their violent implications are intact.

The brutal confirmation fight is likely to have far-reaching implications in next month’s midterm elections.

The deterioration of relations with France could have wider implications for Iran.

Then in December, the administration published a report on the implications of artificial intelligence for the American economy.

Almost entirely missing from Hamilton’s rendition of the dispute was the heavy class implications of Hamilton’s plan.

Okay, Meredith, why don’t you talk about the ethical implications around what was going on.

If the Republicans go with Price’s plan, this will have life and death implications for cancer patients.

It means doing away with the real-world implications of living inside a body that people don’t like.

They often overreact to events, and so a big initial drop might reflect panic among traders instead of a rational assessment of the implications.

The argument at the core of the case has implications beyond Grimm and schools.

A lot of us are looking to art to grapple with the social implications of these questions.

We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications.”

But this would be a big deal, overturning 70 years of American foreign policy with potentially sweeping implications.

Festivals bring the party goblin out of people, and the CDC probably would not appreciate the possible implications of this sort of behavior.

If trade tension escalates, the Fed might put a December rate hike on hold and wait to see what the policy implications are.

It’s not even about producing hot takes, it’s about inferences and implications and projections.

“Ministers should publish this information immediately and allow for a full debate in Parliament about its implications.”

According to activists, the ruling could have serious implications for how law enforcement is able to conduct remote searches.

There are, however, two points where he fails, in my judgment, to understand the implications of Kant’s analysis.

The Russia probe is a criminal investigation historic in its implications and scale.

Failing to make the payment could still have serious implications, however.

“Behind that joke is a humble appreciation for the historical implications for what your presidency means.

But it’s much harder to believe that that they didn’t foresee the undemocratic implications of bolstering the “decision-making power” of party leaders.

They have to decide how to handle Trump now, with big implications for their career futures.

This is, first, a case of “wrong brown people.” It also carries some pretty wrong implications about the people coming over the border.

We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications.”

There was no sense that this had any geopolitical implications or forces behind it.

The statue has been criticized for its political implications since Vladimir is considered the spiritual founder of both Russia and Ukraine.

And more challenging still are the economic implications of AI.

People can gain a lot by discussing the implications of counterfactuals.

The legislation gets rid of requirements that doctors tell pregnant patients about the “emotional implications” of an abortion, according to NPR.

But one of the immediate implications of 2016 is that frontrunner Trump benefited from the fairly low thresholds that were established early on.

But beneath all of that, this is a case with life-changing implications for the people involved, and perhaps beyond.

York Chang and Daniel R. Small’s “The Map Is the Territory” will discuss the implications of the government using A.I.

So there are health implications, there are social implications, there are personal implications.

This has some profound implications.

He has spent more than two decades tracking key technological, demographic, and economic trends and exploring their implications for companies, organizations and society.

And so that’s something that would have a clearer sense of how we should think about the implications in particular situations.

As a culture, we have barely started realizing and discussing the implications of this.

It’s an issue with huge implications, for both government finances and the millions of people who are covered by Medicaid expansion.

But with cars, the safety and manufacturing issues automakers may face have very real and often dangerous implications.

The rise in deaths involving both cocaine and fentanyl is startling to experts, with big implications for America’s ongoing drug overdose crisis.

The Supreme Court hears a case with big implications for the future of unions; China’s Xi Jinping could rule for life.

The transition to a low-carbon economy is going to have profound implications for our cultures, economies, institutions, tools, and day-to-day lives.

It’s become a tool and a hobby for him, one that comes with political implications.

People like to see a food fight as opposed to … what are the implications of a moral equivalence?

These non-US operators of the F-35 can be divided into two subsets, each with its own strategic implications.

The implications here for the Trump team are not entirely clear.

The rise in Caesarean deliveries may also have implications that go well beyond bacterial exposure and health.

“We all know the implications of the date and time of year this is,” Thompson said.

This has serious implications for female bodies when there is no space of dialogue, only acquiescence or refusal.

Win McNamee/Getty Despite its broader implications, Foster v. Chatman was really a case about legal procedure.

Janet Jackson’s split from husband #3 may have significant financial implications.

“We all know the implications of the date and time of year this is,” Thompson said.

The couple just had a baby in January, which may also have prenup implications.

Failing to make the payment could still have serious implications, however.

If you’re an auction house, you don’t want any implications that you’ve been dealing in counterfeit wine.

But if this tardigrade did indeed live underground, the implications would be huge.

One set of implications relates to the politics of the North.

“The conversation on the implications of whiteness [in Finland] is only beginning now, very slowly,” she said.

The potential withdrawal of the United States from the Paris climate agreement has broad implications for society and the environment.

That also has policy implications when it comes to Kasich specifically.

The implications of such a polarizing election are also frightening to some.

And Reference Man also has implications for car crashes, right?

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t begin to wrestle with the implications of such foreseeable medical advances.

Distinguishing between ceasing gestation and terminating a fetus could have some important implications for paternal rights.

After an hour of happiness at finally completing his obsessive journey, the implications of what the prize actually meant set in for Arce.

After the March 2000 crash, the implications are a long time of rebuilding, particularly on a relative basis.

That’s the way it is.” Once you accept that premise, the implications are clear.

What are the implications of this?

If true, that’s fantastic news for Trump, and the timing of his victory means it could have dramatic implications for the overall race.

The CBO’s sole purpose is estimating the financial implications of federal legislation.

We’re trying to solve a problem that has meaningful industrial implications and major impacts in the ways people build things.

Trump’s falsehoods have tangible implications for how Congress functions.

Trump’s falsehoods have tangible implications for how Congress functions.

In fact, we already know that Mueller wants to ask Trump about many other incidents with obstruction implications.

The bug affected 800,000 people and could have had serious safety implications.

But, in a fight which could potentially have career implications for them both with matching 1-3 records from their last four fights?

Any hardening of relations with France could have wider implications for Iran.

The potential implications of the Trump-Xi meeting for U.S. monetary policy are huge, said Masafumi Yamamoto, chief forex strategist at Mizuho Securities.

Officials then proceeded to lay out the implications — both legal and practical — of Trump’s suggestion.

Officials then proceeded to lay out the implications — both legal and practical — of Trump’s suggestion.

Nixon’s entrance into the New York governor’s race also has national implications.

And that has implications for all of American politics.

The implications in statewide races — for governor or for the Senate — are more difficult to predict, and will likely vary from state to state.

The semantics upon which the case will be decided may be dry, but the implications for museums could be huge.

So once that gets destroyed, it has implications on the health of our people because they’d be drinking bad water.

Maia Szalavitz, a neuroscience journalist and drug and addiction writer, discusses the implications of Prescribed to Death on today’s episode.

Officials are studying the security implications of 5G networks, the latest generation of cellular mobile communications.

Who pays what share of the tax has huge implications.

And that could have big implications for a practice that has drawn a lot of criticism from criminal justice reformers in recent years.

And the numbers have huge implications for the insurance industry, city planning, decisions about rebuilding, and the lives of millions of Americans.

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

The implications of the FCC’s repeal are vast and complicated.

They did not worry about the social or safety implications of intervening, or about what their peers might think.

When contacted by Reuters, VW said: “We are carefully watching what the implications are for our business and for our joint venture partners.

Yet the scandal ended up having enormous implications for the Clinton presidency, for reasons having nothing at all to do with Arkansas land.

It helps us understand the implications of thinning ice cover in the Arctic.

But I can comment on the political implications of the distinction.

These are both conceptually distinct notions with different economic implications and, critically, different paths to implementation.

I bring up that study because it’s helpful to understand the implications of a new, separate, sweeping report from the United Nations.

For more on the global implications of Trump’s decision, listen to the latest episode of the Worldly podcast.

The ACLU has called the police brutality “a catastrophe with serious human rights implications.”

We may have racist feelings looking at them today, and it certainly has implications when we know how things worked out.

“Facebook’s decisions about what is and isn’t acceptable have huge implications for free speech,” the Open Rights Group told the BBC.

Beyond addressing discrimination within California, SB 464 has national implications.

There is no barrier between your dedication to the grind and its financial implications.

Yet Jin’s aloofness has implications on a psychological level, as well.

We need to review the full written order to understand any implications on completion of the transaction,” ArcelorMittal said in an emailed statement.

This is to say that there were medal implications for each team; this was a big game.

We believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to step back and consider the implications.”

During his March 1 testimony on Capitol Hill, Comey conceded that the request for Apple to help unlock Farook’s phone has broad implications.

But it’s also worth thinking about the longer term implications of these Midwestern states becoming renewable energy leaders.

The new privacy rules could have significant implications for AT&T’s proposed $85 billion purchase of entertainment giant Time Warner.

The really provocative question is whether fish intelligence has any big ethical implications.

But it’ll be slow, because the implications are huge.

Still, the rant and its implications would affect McEnroe throughout his tennis career, and beyond.

Moreover, she added, “inducing a hyper-associative state may have implications for the enhancement of creativity.”

Softening the barrier between conscious and subconscious thought has important implications for psychotherapy, said Goldsmith, allowing people to recall repressed memories.

Though this particular case is about the Wisconsin state assembly, the potential national implications are broad.

And if he keeps it, it will have serious implications for campaigns in the future.

There are two interesting implications of this ongoing promise to abolish the amendment.

It remains a “warning shot” to Beijing, one that has serious global implications.

Singing well makes birds feel good, and this has some interesting implications for our general understanding of neural reward systems.

Given the huge masses of humanity that are focused on the World Cup – it’s enticing to examine the market implications of the tournament.

Let’s say you just have a somewhat weaker sense of smell than average—would there be any implications for your sex life?

She also argued that disregarding the precedent set by Roe had implications for a wide array of personal privacy cases.

Those questions have legal implications.

This has intriguing implications, which I’ll save for another post.)

Even this sort of stockpiling would only realistically provide a limited extension due to restrictions on space and cost implications.

He makes vague implications with a raised eyebrow or a shrug, allowing his audience to reach their own conclusions.

But the hearing — and all its implications as to America’s current political landscape — took precedent.

He doesn’t know how to talk in dog whistle or code & spells out bluntly implications of policy.

The basket is outwardly playful, but its scarlet film has darker implications.

The Kurdish predicament could have far reaching implications for America’s counter-terror goals around the world.

There’s no plan to introduce a wolf cull in such regions, perhaps because of the political implications.

The implications are enormous, and the White House and House conservatives tried to smuggle this in at the last minute.

Many see this ruling as having broader implications for those in insecure employment, in the arts as well as other industries.

Privacy advocates worry that this could have dangerous implications for CBP to potentially spy on US residents in their daily lives.

But Best of Enemies is most startling when you realize its implications.

His work has political implications, but he shies away from making firm policy recommendations himself.

“The implications are huge.

While standing in a vast cotton field, they discuss the picking of cotton and its economic implications, past and present.

But even as I intend to be an active, involved parent, YouTube and Twitch have scary implications.

And the implications go beyond Israel.

Maybe the Fernando appointment is an isolated incident with no greater implications for her overall policy.

This mass movement of people has profound public health implications, with a disproportionate impact on women and children.

Beyond the implications for policy research, the findings are simply alarming.

“It will have clear implications for state budgets,” said Robin Rudowitz, the Washington-based associate director at Kaiser’s Program on Medicaid and the Uninsured.

The captain’s decision to enter Italian waters could have legal implications.

What happened in Blackburn could have major implications for the government’s brand new Psychoactive Substances Act, which will become law in April.

“Our study shows that public heath messages reported by the media do have real-world health care implications,” Matthews told me.

She’s barely more than three feet long, but her measure-by-measure implications are overwhelming .

This dis-balance of power structures draws on this notion of who is watched, why and what the implications are.

Since news of the incident surfaced, presidential candidates began making their statements, commenting both on the tragic event and its political implications.

The implications of that being?

But the speed of it is three to five times faster and the implications are three to five times more so.

Well, the implications to that is it’s not a great place to be.

It’s sort of the old-school implications of colonialism, as we were talking about before, and new school.

His skepticism, he said, isn’t about human health but about the socio-political and environmental implications of its use.

Former Under-Secretary of State and lead Iran negotiator, Wendy Sherman, said she worried about implications for U.S. forces.

But the lower courts have been “a lot more respectful” of this line of cases, “accepting the defendant-friendly implications.”

It also had financial implications, with a tax from visitors collected at the door.

On the other hand, the courts might well fear the implications of a precedent of unquestioning deference to “emergency” declarations.

But monopolization can have much broader implications.

This approach to exploring space has all kinds of other implications.

So they were very worried both about the global implications and the personal, the here-and-now implications of personal security and safety.

Sanders’s staff declined to comment when we reached out, but implications of a (possible) candidacy are far-reaching.

The implications are clear for Mississippi, but this also creates a big barrier to anti-LGBTQ efforts across the country.

“We are complying with the order and reviewing the implications,” the Google spokesperson said.

That has policy implications; it’s something regulators, researchers, and cellphone companies need to pay attention to.

“There are huge implications in term of return to play if you’re still having motor control impairments,” Oldham says.

But this small load carries political implications that could forever change the shape of power there.

McConnell’s judicial confirmation prowess could have immediate implications, even without the rule change on debate time.

And that’s just the managers — when you consider the entire white-collar workforce, the implications are staggering.

The bot’s win has numerous implications for any field where decision-making is based on incomplete, or hidden, information.

Media, lawyers and opposition politicians were scrambling to work out the implications.

Removing these men from the labor market has large economic implications.

DeFranco and his supporters worry the move could have implications for all YouTube creators.

Rukmini Callimachi pointed out the implications of the strategy in The New York Times on Monday.

It’s important we think through those implications carefully.

But doing so could have staggering implications for Northern Ireland, which is still recovering from decades of sectarian tensions and violence.

This has huge implications for how progressive the tax is.

The potential implications of the Trump-Xi meeting for U.S. monetary policy are huge, Yamamoto at Mizuho Securities said.

Beyond its implications for understanding ourselves and our world, the research can help scientists search for extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

But I’m interested in who’s keeping track of the systemic implications of this.

There are a lot of cultural implications, none of them particularly good.

So once that gets destroyed, it has implications on the health of our people because they’d be drinking bad water.

But the technological implications of smartphone technology go far beyond the smartphone itself.

The implications there are interesting.

This is called “sorting.” University of Maryland political scientist Lilliana Mason has been studying the implications of this sorting.

The political implications of fake videos are so potentially dangerous that the US government is funding research to automatically detect them.

Time crystals might one day have technological implications, too.

This became known as Baumol’s cost disease, and Baumol realized that it had implications far beyond the arts.

The crisis you have brought into the open brings with it old questions with deep implications for our communities and movements.

The implications of this scenario for American democracy are pretty scary.

There are several interesting implications for policy embedded in these results.

Perhaps the most interesting implications, though, have to do with the timing of policy.

*  *  * The political implications of this Museum are clear, coded from before I enter the glassy, ultramodern building just off Interstate 66.

Consider some of the implications.

These issues that are coming up — AI, robotics, automation, self-driving — all have implications on jobs.

He did not, meanwhile, address the implications of rising seas, stronger storms and droughts that are predicted to occur from climate change.

“This has far-reaching implications, not just for health-system financing and service delivery but also for economic growth and well-being,” the authors wrote.

So the fact that computers can understand images and videos has profound implications for our core mission,” he said in his introduction of Lens.

The imaginative implications of these vessels for space travel was certainly not lost on science fiction creators.

READ: How the iconic OUT magazine nearly died during Pride Month “I have seen the homeland implications of this threat.

“That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security.

Aside from increasing sea levels, scientists predict Larsen C’s disintegration could have unforeseen geographical implications on the whole Antarctic Peninsula as well.

“That trend raises concerns about impacts on our economy and workforce, and has implications for our national security.

Metzger anticipates that the effort to free the men could make its way to federal court, potentially carrying national implications.

“Running so many operations with combat implications without making them known to the American public is both unwise and ultimately undemocratic.

I reached out to 20 of the top law professors in the country and asked them about the implications of this new grand jury.

That has two implications: First, the acid gives off hydrogen ions that leech carbonate, a building block of marine life, out of the water.

This would have seismic implications, and mean no less than a crisis over the rule of law in the United States.

Nowhere are the implications of your actions throughout the whole series clearer than in Dark Souls III.

Later, however, Stone said he had seen the picture and posted it himself, but did not realize its implications.

And because of the ability to appear perfectly normal, there are also a lot of questions regarding the implications for consent during sex.

Several major brokerage firms said they needed time to review the implications, but that they generally supported the idea of a “best interest” rule.

But it will take years for the implications to become clear.

Whiteshift’s clarity about the ultimate implications of anti–political correctness politics is, second to the statistical analyses, its core virtue.

The fact that Facebook’s bug allowed people access to some posts from another person who had blocked them could have had serious implications.

But a win for the company would have implications for future cross-border energy projects, undermining much of the underlying purpose of the anti-Keystone movement.

This was particularly true of Tropicalism, but I didn’t really realize the implications of it when I was a teenager.

We hope implications in a sentence examples were helpful.