Imagination in a sentence | Use of the word imagination examples

It also really feeds into the imagination of someone who has never been exposed to different epistemologies.

Here, “something grand” is incredibly nebulous, a figment of someone’s imagination that might not even exist.

“His considerable imagination and originality imbued his prints with a sensitivity and honesty rarely seen in Ukiyo-e of this time period.

So, use your imagination.

In Winkfield’s matchless paintings, the personnages may be things animated by one’s imagination.

Written by Yevgeny Zamyatin in 1921, the book describes an alarmingly familiar future wherein human imagination, desire, and revolution are oppressed.

His parents were not conventional parents by any stretch of the imagination.

Paleo, by basing itself on a past that wasn’t recorded in writing but can only be conjured in imagination, invites politics.

I have a crazy imagination, and it’s a visual one that can be scary from time to time.

Arrival is much more concerned with deep truths about language, imagination, and human relationships than any one political moment.

But even that conclusion loops back to the possibilities of the reshaped human imagination.

In the end, we had neither the resources nor imagination to pull it off.

“[But] movie critics despair of sequels as betraying a lack of imagination and originality.”

But they do share a little grander imagination of what might be possible through federal policymaking to lower drug prices.

You’re the artist: use your imagination.

Kinloch’s readers must be prepared to take a long voyage through language, imagination, and space.

The consistent throughline is the need for more imagination to combat the existential threat to humanity’s living spaces posed by climate change.

The give and take between the popular imagination and reality forms the core of some of the book’s most intriguing segments.

He has tackled social history, portraits, and history painting, and has concocted figures from his imagination.

It doesn’t take a vivid imagination to explain why this framing works.

One thing I always appreciated about your writing is your tragic imagination.

American culture, in particular, lacks a tragic imagination — an ability to imagine that things can go horribly wrong.

Café Müller continues with scenes of similar imagination and effect.

It doesn’t help the imagination, but it doesn’t give rise to any contradictions.

Things aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but because they’ve done that work as a society, that translates into philanthropy.

Mutated creatures from beyond imagination clamp, bite, and slash the flesh of the unwilling victim.

All the company lacks to lead, ironically enough, is the imagination to do so.

Part of the imagination and part of our work is to say, we should ask for all of it at once.

What is it about his writing that still captures the imagination?I think what captures most interpreter’s imaginations are his stories central ideas.

At first, Carlotta’s mirage-like appearance on a beach suggests she is but a figment of Sylvia’s fearful imagination.

“Please retreat into the back of your imagination!

At the end of the day, whether the Keeper is serving real people or figments of their imagination is a matter of perspective.

Presidential in our national imagination is coded male.

That campaign in 2008 was so radical, she helped us adjust our imagination.

Anderson East left little to the imagination after posting this pic of cuddling with Blake Shelton’s ex, captioning it, “The snuggle is real.”

It evokes, but it does not deliver, and that leaves the best parts up to the imagination.

When asked about encouraging player imagination, Ward admitted that: “I think that’s a very powerful thing that text-based experiences can provide”.

Positive feedback tends to engender positive motivations, which draw on imagination and confidence; negative feedback engenders negative motivations, which draw on anxiety and fear.

“Modeling requires endurance, discipline, imagination, and an understanding of body language.

It’s not a pretty album by any stretch of the imagination, and doesn’t try to be (atmospheric bits notwithstanding).

We were in the context of rock, but it wasn’t rock by any stretch of the imagination.

Our stages, our TV drama series are part of a constant desire to expand our imagination, our sensibility.

Style overtakes substance, and the movie ends with a little too much of a shrug for having started out with so much imagination.

It’s a thing that happens between you, the game, and your imagination, and Origins lets the silence of that moment speak for itself.

At what point does a circle appear in “Galaxies of Being,” or was it a figment of my imagination?

It’s the portrayal of their lack of imagination.

Movies fertilize the American imagination.

The solutions feel like a return to the flexible imagination of childhood.

For me, knowing there are intact bags of human waste on the moon provides fuel to the furnace of my imagination.

But “compromising your imagination is always an anticlimax,” forcing creatives to learn how to handle daily details without muddying their visions.

Grandison Harris is not some figment of Walker’s imagination.

The ideal of the anonymized, number-only Swiss account still holds much sway over the public imagination.

Not only that, once they’re done on the slopes, they can do each other in the après-ski saunas of your imagination.

The emails don’t leave much to the imagination.

It makes you wonder if everything you’ve ever seen in a history painting is just the invention of someone else’s imagination.

Animals in anguish or in death throes correlate in her imagination with the war’s unmitigated physical toll on human bodies.

The coexistence of empathy and dread in Frink’s moral imagination might explain her long commitment to Amnesty International.

Tom Scioli: My imagination just kept going there.

“She said she had a visual imagination, and I think this will really come through in this selection of the artwork,” Moss said.

If nothing else, the Duffers have a real talent for coming up with gorgeous images that will stick in your imagination.

By comparison, only five of this year’s attacks read as the archetypal mass shooting in the American imagination.

Writing fiction is an exercise that stretches an author’s imagination to its limits.

The Camera, The Lawsuit Mitchell’s imagination was expansive, but he never imagined he would be named in a lawsuit by the U.S. government.

And then get out and really think about it and use your imagination.

That’s how I understand how to form a book, with invention and imagination.

You can use your imagination.

We say, Oh, that was off camera — that was in your imagination.

Sometimes I think the imagination of movie producers is a lot smaller than it needs to be.

And Get Out; I’m thrilled that movie has persisted all year, because it really says something about the imagination of the Academy shifting.

In an age dominated by literalism and an insistence on facts, what can the imagination summon into words?

Some information is really cool to know, but is better left to the imagination.

Idyllwild stimulates my imagination.

Smith says, “I think the reason models and miniatures are awesome is that they let adults return to that golden age of imagination.

It’s interesting because when I was thinking about your book, you’re using “imagination,” but really, you have to … Agitate.

Because I think when you do the imagination thing, to get it actually done, you have to be irritating or agitating.

Can they foment that imagination, creativity?

Some can but … and I really am trying to narrow “imagination” a bit to be creative problem solving because I do worry for what …

imagination at Work.

The first most obvious direction is Koethe’s memories of the past (“I was married then, and lived in my imagination”).

Potrykus and Hess are both fond of pariahs who replace the society that has rejected them with a universe of their own imagination.

“I don’t think this was his marijuana by any stretch of the imagination.”

With Intel® RealSense™ Technology, Intel® has given me the opportunity to find my imagination.

And I do look at cities like in China and other places where the scale of imagination is so much bigger and bolder.

In her time as a very young artist, she learned an appreciation for art history and how to let her imagination blossom.

The last measure, openness or openness to experience, includes traits like a powerful imagination or a high degree of insightfulness.

The sequence plays like a visualization of her wild imagination.

Your imagination runs wild as the moon opposes Jupiter and it’s a powerful time for magic, but be gentle with yourself!

With a little imagination, I can eventually get there.

It was a fun night, but it wasn’t an authentic experience by any stretch of the imagination.

Pisces is known for its imagination!

These playfully perverse sketches unleash his wild, carnal imagination.

I think I have great imagination — but I made money.

It’s a reason for their current success: They appeal to the modern imagination, blurring the line between myth and actual life.

The theme was “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination,” hence the cross on J Lo’s chest.

That was probably my first experience with imagination.

I realized that dreams and imagination are just the start, and then your life’s work begins.

New York might dominate the popular imagination, with its iconic images of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

We think we know her, but what we know are her sentences, the patterns of her mind, the path of her imagination.”

With Instagram, the only limit is your imagination.

The gravitational force of the happy imagination pulls at the outer world, dragging material into perception.

There is a knottiness to our forests that takes root in the imagination.

One of my childhood heroes was Thomas Nast, whose elaborate, allegorical, political cartoons stimulated my imagination and rewarded prolonged reflection.

Despite his elaborately staged and clearly labeled figures, the invention in his fabulist imagery left so much to the imagination.

Your imagination doesn’t have to stretch very far to realize what was happening.

It’s the feature that most defines black people in the white imagination.

Lately, though, it’s the decay of buildings just decades-old that has the biggest hold on our imagination.

The tip-dunk is power, strength, quickness, and the imagination to go up and try dunking a ball that you haven’t even caught yet.

And the beauty of anime for the adult mind is the imagination of the anime creator is beyond limits.

Yet it’s the subject, not the composition, that captures the imagination.

Sketches like this aren’t the product of fiendish imagination.

There’s been a sort of general failure of imagination that means we’ve accepted what’s the median-likely outcome as a worst-case scenario.

It produced a new outlook for the time through a positive emphasis on the emotional artistic imagination.

It is a collection of out-of-context observations, images, and histories whose incompleteness gives your imagination space to wander.

(Alison’s limited imagination for mean nicknames is one of the few completely realistic aspects of Pretty Little Liars.)

—Thomas Hobbes It is not our affluence, or our plumbing, or our clogged freeways that grip the imagination of others.

Horoscopes are there to spark your imagination and can be helpful for any kind of relationship that you want more insight into.

Take that, imagination.

It hasn’t gripped his imagination in the way that immigrants do or big-shot international financiers at the Davos conference do.

Powell recently said policymakers had suffered “a failure of imagination” back then regarding how central financial stability was to the economy.

Hinterlands is at war, after all, and the performance they turn in is their return-fire in the battle against imagination.

Is it my imagination or have you tightened the paywall recently?

So, to capture its enormity and its suggestive power, you have to be able to go into your imagination, which is not always cooperative.

So, to me, it’s captured the imagination of thousands of people.

Spotify, really, is the YouTube of music, is the one that captures people’s imagination.

We revved up the engine of imagination and innovation.

Netflix’s “Stranger Things” captured the bravery and imagination of four kids, which allowed them to combat a very deadly threat to the town.

“I’ve never been an agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination,” Page told CNN.

And seeing with the brain is called imagination“), the end result is a sweetly-affecting portrait.

This has an undeniable logic, and has captured the wonk imagination.

In a comic, again, you can sort of hand-wave that away in your imagination.

But the imagination is in far greater evidence.

The imagination is a faculty for generating fantastical images, images for tantric transformation.

The soul becomes visible in the images the imagination produces.

Season four’s cold open ramps things up even further, though, as always, it might just be a trick of Gene’s imagination.

imagination is what enabled William Steig, back in 1990, to give birth to a character named Shrek.

Without Ellison’s talent and imagination, “The City on the Edge of Forever” wouldn’t have existed.

“And you have no real power beyond imagination.”

While “Chitchat” discloses what old age can be, “Grampa” (2016) is a fable-like piece that titillates our imagination.

Abramović’s own pencil illustrations are charming, and look drawn by an elementary-schooler, as if she stepped into her childhood imagination.

They need great entertainment, movies that will spark their imagination and let them feel wonder, rather than short-circuiting them with flash.

These were songs about motion and imagination, answering the question of “what do we do now?”

After two, in particular, went viral, editors at Hyperallergic invited us to talk about why they so forcefully lodged themselves in the public imagination.

Unsurprisingly, HR 1313 has captured the media’s imagination.

“At AIR Serenbe, we say we are in the business of nurturing critical moments of imagination,” says Hinman.

Gizo, Solomon Islands — $212

“By limiting the number of guests, we want you to feel imagination Island is your own island.

Luckily, the rest of the night looked like something out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s imagination.

Since Egyptian mummies are much more familiar to the popular imagination, it’s good to see the Peruvian examples alongside them.

These are two very different energies, but a fantastic imagination (like Pisces) can’t manifest anything without organization (a skill you excel in).

First of all, Sofia was en fuego in a red bikini that left very little to the imagination.

This week, we have another special offering—near-future fiction specifically about our atmosphere, courtesy of Arizona State University’s Center for Science and the imagination.

The Dacians in particular became an important ‘other’ in the imagination of imperial Rome and exemplified the strength of Rome’s empire.

He has tackled social history, portraits, and history painting, and has concocted figures from his imagination without sugarcoating any of it.

We’re invited by the filmmaker to draw on our own imagination, to fill in what’s happened in the space between moments.

Leonardo Da Vinci approached his compositions with scientific rigor and feverish imagination.

The power of an inspiring candidacy is in the imagination it sparks.

This translation is an act of democratic imagination.

The power of democratic imagination isn’t just in believing they can win.

When it runs into the logistical imagination, all of its qualities are rendered contingent.

Ga works like a conceptual archaeologist, looking at how this structure has marked our collective imagination.

Rather than rendering objects directly from his imagination, he heavily composites an image until it matches his vision.

“The Senate bill is not a humanitarian bill by any stretch of the imagination,” she told reporters.

They can seem beautiful one moment, fascinating the next, and then suddenly morph in our imagination, becoming the result of a terrible disaster.

They were maverick sculptors who transformed geometry into a vehicle for their imagination.

The project is becoming more about the endless imagination of people when it comes to food.

In 1939, he went to art school in Helsinki, where more cosmopolitan expressions of masculinity caught his imagination.

Early drawings and reference materials—Laaksonen’s work was often an amalgamation of his imagination and men in his life—are shown alongside more polished drawings.

The restrained simplicity of the production encouraged the spectators to co-create the world of the story in their imagination.

The things a human collects and uses can’t tell us everything about them, but 306 Hollywood allows its imagination to run wild.

“The suffering in that truck is beyond imagination, as is the utmost indifference the perpetrators showed toward the deaths of these 71 people.

But the world of nonfiction movies is bursting with imagination, and filmmakers are telling engaging, provocative stories that challenge viewers’ ideas about themselves.

You start to make it up or letting your imagination roll along.

Indeed, for all their popularity in public imagination, we have never actually seen a black hole.

It is a dark film, to be sure, but it’s darkness, sadly, is the only thing that remains in the popular imagination.

Some people have more imagination than others.

It undermines trust; it shrivels the imagination.

You play forever in the fields of your imagination, chasing down extremely realistic simulated humans until the end of time.

imagination requires room to move, to grow.

When the fusion of fantasy and aspiration would sustain our imagination and allow us to surrender completely to the wordless magic on the screen?

In The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye, cartoonist Sonny Liew collaborates with a figment of his imagination.

Du Bois is best known for his sharp, sociological imagination and groundbreaking book of racial philosophy, The Souls of Black Folk.

Bored and boring, they lacked a natural curiosity and a sense of wonder and imagination that non-screen kids seemed to have.

Kids’ brains develop during key developmental windows when they engage their active imagination in such things as creative play.

Your imagination is especially creative right now, so tap into it.

He says that he hopes to balance imagination with reality in his work, combining the fantastical with simple portraits of human anatomy.

Your imagination is going to be flowing with brilliant ideas.

Neither of those were close elections by any stretch of the imagination.

For Sikander, the Ascension has been a means for opening her imagination, as she visualizes traditional imagery in her contemporary miniatures.

It is forbidden to use hearsay to create news or use conjecture and imagination to distort the facts.

She is the forerunner of Catherine Murphy and the melding together of direct observation and the imagination.

The photograph as a template closes my imagination and suppresses more personal inspiration.

Your imagination runs wild at the possibilities.

The imagery, or lack of imagery, captures your imagination.

Your imagination and intuition are sparked.

The emails don’t leave much to the imagination.

I was ninety-six pounds of skin and bones with a visible rib cage that left little to the imagination.

We believe this base of knowledge powers creativity, imagination, and innovation.”

All while leaving little to the imagination.

Since I don’t outline, I tend to just go wherever my imagination leads me and where I feel excited to write about.

(It’s hard for me to imagine this at the moment, given she’s just crawling, but let’s use our imagination.)

imagination” with “gentle overtones of excitement.”

Again, use your imagination here.

Swimsuit Issue party left little to the imagination, except this — we can’t imagine where the hell her butt went!

And far from abandoning free-spirited imagination and play, Nina Katchadourian would eventually redirect both into her very remarkable art.

This viral boat naming campaign hopefully sparked the imagination of youth, otherwise unaware of environmental research.

Watch the video above to see how we humans perceive aliens and how that shapes our imagination of life beyond our planet.

“Everything that a school shooter needs to feed his poisoned imagination and fulfill his demented fantasies can be found on the internet.”

Again, that’s the exact right use of a jump scare: you’ve invaded the imagination and players do the work of scaring themselves.

Gone Home painted a picture of events through its objects, but let your imagination run wild.

As my heartbeat slowed, I realized that nothing can be scarier than what my own imagination can conjure up.

It’s really the imagination around how it’s used.

He feels like he goes faster if he concentrates on moving his legs, though he admits it’s probably his imagination.

or lives partially in my imagination.

His pen and ink drawings resemble Buddhist tapestries in their layouts, with concentric circles representing the interconnected worlds that exist in his imagination.

(Maybe it’s just my imagination running away with me, but I see terrific pop-up gallery potential here.)

But the haunting atmosphere of the art school, which is located on the site of a former psychiatric hospital, immediately caught his imagination.

That’s as far as my imagination goes.

Though some excellent individual works captured my imagination, flaws in presentation broke the spell multiple times.

Then the fog would part, and I’d find something that fired the imagination.

It might seem empty, inert, a game that leaves everything to the imagination.

Pisces is the sign of imagination, and yours will be zapped if you don’t get enough rest.

Fictions like white supremacy have long wielded power over the public imagination and divided us all into winners and losers.

He clearly understands the power representation plays on the public’s imagination.

Jacques doesn’t put much stock in imagination, regularly choosing instead to indulge in whatever he likes without disguising his desire.

To de-normalize the situation exemplified by Kanders requires us to break the block imposed on our imagination when we are told “be realistic!

The bigger-budget films tend to look slicker, yes — but with few exceptions, there’s little if any craftsmanship or imagination on display.

The expansive, generative power of imagination was as evident here as it was in Perret’s exhibition.

But in the isolation, my imagination really had time to run.”

It later appeared on the True Romance soundtrack, and presumably in a Doc Martens commercial of your imagination.

But this is what the footprints do: activate imagination.

More likely, the shapes represent a building, filtered through Tal R’s imagination.

Your imagination and intuitive powers will also get a boost during this time.

And, perhaps most importantly, it is not “aggressive” by any stretch of the imagination.

Without the human figure for scale, the imagination allows the rocks and ledges to be much grander.

Other times, he fell short of his own ideals and the “maverick” reputation bestowed on him in the popular imagination.

In the West, Buddhism is often regarded as a relatively chill religion, but that doesn’t mean it has no place for hellish imagination.

He engages our imagination, and it is up to us to finish the story of what we are looking at.

This isn’t a traditional burrito by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a hell of a lot better than a turkey sandwich.

Rebuild your connection with your inner voice, let your imagination flow.

However, it takes more imagination to describe the human enrichment that results from the unprecedented spread of knowledge and opportunities to billions of people.

But the other thing this election has made apparent is the limits to Trump’s political imagination.

“Bread and salad,” Garcia says quickly, but then his imagination takes him away.

Photo: Vacant imagination.

Obviously, I had to use my imagination when thinking about what Donald Trump’s chest looks like, but hopefully I’ve done it justice.

A bit more imagination would be beneficial rather than the usual terms of “knock ’em down, build them up again.”

She would destroy canvas after canvas until she achieved the image she held in her imagination.

I was not an activist by any stretch of the imagination.

I was just not an activist feminist by any stretch of the imagination.

There are multiple death scenes, some left to the imagination, others placed in the foreground of the shot.

They’re turned into militant threats in the public white imagination.

In the imagination of the American beauty hound, France has its effortless, tousled-hair It girls and Korea has its effortful, snail-powered, bazillion-step skincare routine.

Piper uses the paint to imply that the fruit is there, but she allows the viewer’s imagination to fill in the rest.

The Moon connects to creative Neptune at 12:18 PM, boosting our intuition and imagination.

Frank’s interest seems to lie in the individual imagination and the question of our fantasies.

It is to this moment, this breach in history where everything seemed possible, that Douglas’s imagination was drawn.

“Fire Pro relies heavily on the user’s imagination, so my goal is to create an environment where that imagination can shine,” explains Matsumoto.

With FUNIT, researchers are trying to fill that imagination gap.

Why does the Underground Railroad figure so large in the US imagination?

Robot was simply a figment of his imagination, it felt like a major breakthrough.

She’s also a creative writer with imagination.

Life is no longer represented on a stage set, the roving imagination sees life as a show.

Exploring the rooms of work, you have to wonder how he produces so much; the scale of his imagination feels endless.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will trine philosophical Jupiter as well, boosting your psychic abilities and your imagination.

Norse and German legends were intertwined in the popular imagination, and we still haven’t untangled them.

And wait: Does the roadhouse really exist, or is it the past stuck in Audrey’s fevered and mad imagination?

Josephine Decker somehow holds everything together even as the movie grows increasingly chaotic, with Madeline’s reality and imagination eventually merging.

Get a first hand look at how Big imagination transformed this abandoned plane into a party lounge.

The results, though clumsy, had an intensity that derived from the feelings he was trying to express through the force of his imagination.

Sometimes, he successfully navigated the requirements of his imagination by working from photographs of actors hired to portray the mise-en-scènes of his paintings.

Nonetheless, they keep coming, because they want to be a part of something that is capturing the collective imagination.

Yiadom-Boakye is an artist with a literary imagination — she also writes literature, and has published some of her short stories.

Big imagination’s remodeled plane is about 135′ long, 64′ wide, and 34′ tall.

Like Blake, many of the artists of Turbulences dans les Balkans integrate their idiosyncratic visionary imagination (a psychological process) into their fastidious mark making.

Or you can head over to Big imagination Foundation’s website.

Your wild imagination pays off today as dreamy Neptune mingles with serious Saturn.

Do they show imagination and leadership, or .

Since you’re the sign of imagination, if you’re bored, we know something’s wrong.

And if it seems as though your allergies are getting worse year after year, it’s not just your imagination.

But at least for now, at this time of extreme anxiety, it is better than any alternative the local imagination can muster.

“A failure of imagination,” she says, but it’s nothing of the kind.

His reply didn’t leave much to the imagination.

“I am not so sure now, because Shakespeare would have pushed up against the limits of his imagination,” Roth said.

“It is a failure of imagination,” she told the audience.

And for that matter, you need to know those critical parts and what belongs to you as your own sort of process, imagination, capacity.

Squint hard, let your imagination take a 39 light year trip, and you can almost see it.

That term is exactly what it sounds like: a tiny animal that captures the imagination and affection of humans.

Cranking the wheel on the next iteration of a smartphone, tablet, or notebooks is necessary, but doesn’t exactly light the fires of our imagination.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads What empathetic connections can be found in virtual reality, as a new realm to exercise the imagination?

As witnesses, we use reality in front of our lens, instead of our imagination, to compose photographs.

“It’s an exquisite reminder of the wondrous things that can happen when a storyteller of boundless imagination avails himself of some rigorous discipline.”

Or a particularly insightful imagination of alien life?

An economist comes into the room and jumps into your imagination.

She jumps out of your imagination, and looks into your eyes.

The limit is your imagination!

The theory that’s caught hold of the public imagination is that they’re caused by intelligent alien life.

Robert Walser was likely to find in images a reason to look into his own fervent imagination.

Rather, Walser was more likely to find in images a reason to look into his own fervent imagination.

Boredom enhances creativity and problem solving, whereas constant input dulls imagination – even if that includes creative classes.

What good’s an imagination, after all, when our “greatest novels” seem secondhand to reality’s script?

Blume praised “subversive” books for the ways they developed her imagination.

If there is a single person who exemplifies the dumbass hick in the smug imagination, it is former President George W. Bush.

“It was revisiting something that I’ve always loved to do, which is tell stories that are just from the imagination,” he said.

“When I do history movies, the imagination has to be put aside to vet the history and to do it accurately.

Their imagination is very good, they might charge me with anything… the highest charge that was possible.”

Seized the imagination was on view at Jack Shainman Gallery through December 20.

The Ur-example for many is The Settlers of Catan—just recently renamed Catan—a game which certainly fires up the European imagination on themes of colonization.

But such a pseudo-sense of anguished continuum is available to those with a smidgen of imagination at Place Denfert-Rochereau in the Parisian Catacombs.

Informative works are leavened by imagination, even humor, and left open to interpretation.

It’s the feature that most defines black people in the white imagination.

The supermodel left little to the imagination wearing the hell out of a hot pink blazer during a photo shoot in Rio de Janeiro.

And something of those weird visions still surprises the more you look into the vistas of Sime’s imagination.

How you pursue the level and depth of that commitment, responding to that great shift, will require extraordinary imagination and deep innovation.

It’s about the story that the audience can contribute a great deal with their imagination.

Still, lean your imagination into the wind to imagine a defendant who has overcome all these constraints, and had a warrant quashed.

This is another small film, made on a self-evidently low budget, that has a big imagination and is bedeviled by tough, urgent political questions.

Yeah, there’s a Republican empathy gap, and Republicans seems to lack moral imagination.

Kylie Jenner’s declaring to hell with your imagination … she’s ready to give you the goods.

His work tackles adult realities through objects of childhood and adolescent imagination.

Well, when there are paddles involved, there isn’t much left to the imagination.

But Trump’s comments on issues such as public health and the environment left little to the imagination.

Nor do we have the moral imagination, really.

Artists and viewers of art are still trained to value the individuality, abstract thought, imagination, and power of artists’ works.

Nonetheless, MS-13 occupies a lot of real estate in the imagination of many Americans — and politicians.

She is the author, with Peter S. Onuf, of Most Blessed of the Patriarchs: Thomas Jefferson and the Empire of the imagination.

It’s a product of Bain’s very particular imagination, with memory upon memory intrinsically woven into melody upon melody.

I think they, like a lot of people, had a lack of imagination about how haywire things could go.

The imagination and how it was done was really an amazing work of art.

It’s a place that doesn’t exist except in our imperial imagination.

We’re getting a little ahead of ourselves and taking too much counsel from the fears our imagination manufactures.

She celebrates the wacky and wonderful side of human behavior when overtaken by erotic passion, as well as reaches inexplicable places in our imagination.

Preternaturally self-assured, Cockburn is nothing like the hollow-eyed specters that we tend to associate with grieving parents in the popular imagination.

My message is that the key battleground is the imagination.

Here, the specter that haunts the artist’s imagination is the colonial project.

Crockett seems to be creating a landscape space out of opaque symbols, which is a testament to the rigorousness of her pictorial imagination.

The exhibition’s title also suggests that imagination can enable us to sympathize with their experience of the world.

Diana Thater: The Sympathetic imagination continues at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles) through February 21.

You’ll also be reflecting on the mysteries of your early childhood and tapping into the wealth of imagination you’ve been blessed with.

It exceeds the individual imagination and is infinitely faceted,” she concludes.

but is choosing to ignore his kid because he doesn’t want to get Alton’s imagination riled up.

The film is an open-ended, rattling thrill ride that ignites the imagination, and a successful foray into the genre for Nichols.

Serial really captured the imagination of what the medium could do.

The visual language of film, and thus the film poster, had to shift with the traumatized, disillusioned, and increasingly young imagination of postwar America.

“I just told him I must have a good imagination,” Liu-Wong told VICE.

We might give our own power of imagination to their reality.

In my imagination I playfully wrote “You and Me Again,” I used some rhyming conventions, whereas before I was destroying rhyming conventions.

In my imagination.

Nothing was left to the imagination, and I was totally humiliated.

Less prince charming, more gender imagination — lesbian princesses, transgender queens, and gay warriors!

In the end, the only real limits are your imagination, not your budget.

By the end of the chapter the entire soundscape is revealed, and you can perfectly picture the scene in your imagination.

Frosé Mansion, let’s go have rosé and explore our imagination and unleash the bounds of our creativity for 45 bucks to drink champagne.

These are really old-fashioned ideas, but they held weight for a long time in the American imagination.

Not everyone feels that way by any stretch of the imagination.

Thomas was seven years old during the 1996-97 season, when Space Jam colonized his imagination for Michael Jordan.

It’s been called a “bulimia machine” that’s “stomach-churningly foul,” something out “David Cronenberg’s imagination.”

In victory, his thirst for revenge abates, his fear of foreigners diminishes, his imagination for what he and his presidency can be enlarges.

This she empties out, leaving just enough behind to make it utterly worth our while to penetrate the mystery that fills the imagination.

She aches for a change in her life but lacks the guts and imagination to do anything about it.

Don’t bother trying to make sense of things today, Capricorn—your imagination will lead you to some interesting places.

It will be the first in a series of vignettes depticting surreal animals and worlds from every biome, straight from Tuttelberg’s imagination.

The 19th-century was about exploration through the imagination, not just marveling at these “exotic” lands.

An imagination that so quickly moves to imagine a whole woman as items in the meat case is worth questioning.

It is a film that seems to externalize David Hockney’s erotic imagination and the anxiety that comes with it.

The achievements of Kemistry & Storm, along with Goldie, defined drum and bass in the popular imagination.

Why should we care about the lives or deaths of these characters if they’re largely figments of Sherlock’s imagination?

No imagination will produce it.

Henein suggested the window smashing was a “figment” of the witness’s imagination.

Despite the museum’s updated ticket policy undoing its universal pay-what-you-wish model, well-received exhibitions like Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination proved fruitful.

That’s not you or my imagination as some would convince us into believing.

It resonates as an act of imagination, conveying the desire to be swept off one’s feet by a fantasy.

There’s a lot of light and space in between these high-flying melodies, each seemingly designed to offer a place for imagination and contemplation.

Start with a foundation of Frank Pinello’s basic pizza dough, and let your imagination run wild.

Normally, Cattelan’s pieces sow anguish in the collective imagination by subverting social representations the way Surrealism did.

A brothel customer’s photographs of 19th-century prostitution, made with sympathy and imagination.

In order to carry this world with her into the present, she brings together research, memory, dreams, and imagination.

He blurs the line between imagination and reality.

What appear to be problems of politics and economics are actually matters of creativity and imagination.

This is why I teach business to artists, and anyone else; because the way forward is to think about business and imagination simultaneously.

And it’s done by hand, and it’s done with the imagination.

Artist Oriane Stender reflects on the wild imagination and underrated career of the San Francisco-based sculptor, who died in October.

If I don’t get that physical space, I sort of retreat inward: either by going online or through my imagination.

It is that same imagination that turns a wallet into a weapon.

It is that same imagination that turns a toy into a gun.

It is that same imagination that turns a hoodie into a brewing attack.

The male imagination has produced a competition for domination that makes them have to produce enemies and monsters.

Instead, the cramped confines of the deal should serve as a trademark of a Congress with a stunted imagination and a extremely limited reach.

I go to a lot of different schools as a visiting artist and I see a fear of imagination.

To be invested in the meaning of popular art is to be invested in the shaping of our collective imagination and our shared values.

But if you have a dark political imagination — and shouldn’t we all by now?

Harris says Carper’s lack of political imagination is holding Delaware back.

So countries move toward Denmark, but they never quite get there — I don’t think even Denmark is quite the Denmark of the popular imagination.

It remains all too clear that after more than century of US rule, Puerto Rico remains, in the American public imagination, a foreign land.

Even if rumors stretch the limits of the imagination, there’s a reason we give them the benefit of the doubt.

The Beef Industry Council introduced its sole lasting legacy to the cultural imagination 27 years ago, in 1992.

While Agatha’s intentions behind her 1926 disappearance remain a mystery, it’s clear her detective novels reflect great precision and imagination.

“The only limitation of what happened here was the attacker’s imagination,” Helme added.

It was about growing older and finding your way, and about imagination.

But the announced calendar of series also suggests a penchant for risk, even imagination.

Clinton is still the hawk, but in Dowd’s imagination, this time Trump is the dove.

Pixels, voxels, chunky blocks of color meant to evoke rather than really depict—I like relying a bit on my imagination to do the work.

Together, they’ll use art and culture to inspire community transformation and drive new possibilities into the public imagination.

What people recall are mostly freeze-frame shots, video loops stuck on “replay” mode in the collective imagination.

I spend 12 hours a day imagining and this is even beyond my imagination,” she writes.

I spend 12 hours a day imagining and this is even beyond my imagination.

But there is, in the NFL’s ungenerousness and pomposity, a failure of imagination that could undo it.

Founded in 1985, imagination Technologies is a British chip design company based in Hertfordshire.

In addition to GPUs, imagination also creates and licenses processor designs for video processing and communications.

He would also study clouds and frost, yet nothing captured the public imagination like the snowflake photographs.

But going forward, Apple intends to replace imagination‘s technology with its own technology that it will build in house.

But Apple pulled out of the acquisition and went on to hire a number of imagination‘s key people instead.

Modern art history, popular culture, and Indigenous people commingle in David Bradley’s imagination of the Southwest in idiosyncratic ways.

He was imagination Technology’s COO for a decade before that, and was nearly a 20-year veteran of the company.

In October 2015, Apple hired imagination‘s VP of hardware engineering to be a director based in the United Kingdom.

imagination said it doesn’t know how Apple will make devices in the future without violating intellectual property laws.

“This evidence has been requested by imagination but Apple has declined to provide it.”

Modern art history, popular culture, and Indigenous people commingle in Bradley’s imagination of the Southwest in idiosyncratic ways.

Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, would seem to be the perfect foil for Cronin’s imagination.

This is something that Marcus and Gross share – painting as a vehicle of the imagination.

Instead, Beckmann painted from memory, imagination and a personal iconography.

It also requires, and this is where I struggle, a restless and deeply pessimistic imagination.

Maybe it’s just a failure of imagination: better the devil you know.

I think that for a while, people lost this imagination of what being in space could be like.

—Jens Notroff, archaeologist at German Archaeological Institute Our persistent imagination and tireless pursuit of better futures.

Now that this cheating scam has captured the public imagination, students with disabilities could face heightened barriers to accommodations and suspicion when requesting them.

You may personally recall a particular colossal residence from your own childhood that captured your imagination every time you passed it.

One is the relatively brief Warren Court era, which still occupies the imagination of many people who think about the Constitution.

My work as historical travel, points to how imagination forms in historical stages.

It’s followed by “Birds of Paradise,” where Thomas doubles down: “You were young, just a child imagination running wild,” he sings.

President Donald Trump’s wall along the Mexican border has taken many forms in the public imagination.

Action planet Mars connects with your planetary ruler Neptune this afternoon, encouraging you to create beautiful things with your brilliant imagination.

A fight like McGregor-Mayweather captures the imagination, and it never leaves the realm of speculation for the letdown of the real world.

The limits of scissoring positions really only depend on your imagination and the flexibility of your hamstrings.

The term ‘hospice’ alludes to the history of the Reina Sofía museum and its present role in Madrid’s urban imagination.

And if I’m at home, to let my imagination run wild.”

And if I’m at home, to let my imagination run wild.”

Her worked is marked by curiosity, empathy, humor, tenderness, devotion, and imagination.

Through the alternating application of documentation and imagination, art expresses the abundant flux of mutual resonance between the conscious and the subconscious.

Hiraki Sawa floats between reality and imagination, slowly manipulating the slippery relationship between self and memory.

“The suffering in that truck is beyond imagination, as is the utmost indifference the perpetrators showed toward the deaths of these 71 people.

It’s the reverse of firing the imagination and potential of writers.

The possibilities of art are endless, so should the possibilities of our imagination and our humanity.

But in Beijing-based artist Yin Xiuzhen’s imagination, the two different fields are practically inseparable.

The technology we have today is so much fun, and your imagination is the limit.

I want to give him the room to use his imagination.

Whatever the imagination can think of.”

It encourages us to tap into our imagination; however, it’s important to stay grounded when Neptune’s foggy influence is in the air.

Wrap that theme in a simple story about a little boy’s imagination and parents’ expansive love, and The Boss Baby is the result.

In the conservative imagination, failures to achieve policy gains are always the fault of perfidy and insufficiently rigorous adherence to the dogma.

Whatever Sandy’s persona lacked in Sturm und Drang, however, it made up for in the fire of his unbridled, fecund imagination.

He runs this film series called Black Radical imagination for black filmmakers in the US.

Depending on how dystopic your imagination is at this point, the film might seem like a throwback to kinder, gentler days.

Miyazaki’s imagination quickly takes over as he envisions an epic chase unfolding across the rooftops.

“We want it to be in a destination city that captures the world’s imagination,” he said.

“His word is law, his language is the imagination.

I work almost entirely from my imagination.

Even just Al Jaffee’s back cover fold-in was enough to change my imagination forever.

They left little to the imagination here … especially Halsey in her white bikini.

How can the radical Black imagination rebel against a system that so thoroughly seeks to destroy us?

I remember one week talking incessantly about a book that had captured my imagination, “A Wrinkle in Time.”

The artists describe it as “a pleasurable citizen space.” Here, the Black radical imagination is in control.

A mode of making contact with the inexplicable, using imagination to inhabit a new position.

If — as has often been said — identity is a construction, Milan’s process mirrors its fabrication as an act of the imagination.

So the Trans-Siberian has captured the imagination since its completion in 1916.

The public imagination paints them as capricious storms of violence that appear as quickly as they churn through the news cycle.

I whispered, my imagination envisioning a gang in this unfamiliar land trying to lure us outside.

My imagination, humor, heart, and wonder.

You don’t have to stretch your imagination to understand why people are so scared.

Is it too much of a stretch of the imagination to envision robot sculptors making their own electromechanical art?

This week, Honolulu will be overrun by gods and monsters, impossible visions and creatures that defy imagination.

The exhibition’s section on engineered and imagined plants excites the imagination.

It’s all the stuff of childhood imagination, but if you know how and where to look, little wonders are hidden everywhere.

Om Sleiman couldn’t be further from the popular imagination of an organic farm.

“Now I don’t know if it was just an overactive imagination or something else.

I would attribute it to imagination, except the image was very vivid and clear and I’ve never seen anything like it since.”

The exhibition looks deeper into the unconscious role the body’s sensorimotor habitat has in shaping our awareness, imagination, and socio-political structures.

Still, if executed correctly, these games can tap into a sense of childhood imagination and wonder that most other games can’t.

Perhaps the most classic signifier of Los Angeles in the American imagination is the automobile, once considered a solution (unreliable, overfilled streetcars!)

I cannot live with the violence of her intention or her imagination.

It’s a fairy story, something that comes directly from his interactions with his own imagination and the universe.

We don’t know what’s drawn from truth and what’s plucked from imagination.

And what an imagination it is.

The opportunities are endless, and only subject to the imagination of engineers and marketers.

It doesn’t mean they enjoyed dull moments by any stretch of the imagination, but they weren’t surprised by empty times.

“The spectacle of an indicted president still trying to serve as Chief Executive boggles the imagination,” the memo stated.

Blomkamp’s work can sometimes breach the uncanny valley just a bit too closely, but the dude’s got unassailable amounts of imagination.

We believe this base of knowledge powers creativity, imagination, and innovation.”

They can function as cool spaces for our imagination to conjure up innovative ideas.

“The only limitation is your imagination, so for young designers and creative people there is a world of opportunities right now,” she said.

As a result, Salem has held a prominent place in America’s political imagination ever since.

It also strikes me that drawing is his way of being in touch with his imagination, with dreaming up a possibility.

Latino voters have captured the imagination of many a presidential candidate.

Not exactly efficient by any stretch of the imagination.

For the ideological framework around it, it’s up to our imagination.

They embraced the irrational and emotive as potential pathways to pure imagination and social liberation.

“Since the 1950s, Magic 8 Ball has inspired imagination, suspense and intrigue across generations.

They were drawn to Chris because of the way he uses his imagination to escape his own reality.

“I became more simulated emotionally than visually and found that ideas and imagination turned me on far more than anything visual.”

The only limit is your imagination.

But why did aging Rodin in his 60s capture Rilke’s imagination at the turn of the last century?

You imagination is running wild as you make space in your mind to accept chaos.

In this climate, Ernst’s works feel like a bastion of imagination against false forms of consciousness.

We hope imagination in a sentence examples were helpful.