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There’s also effects of political ideology.

Hypnotized by ideology.

Adityanath is a hard-line advocate of Hindutva — an ideology that advocates for Hindu hegemony over India.

The soldiers could easily have been depicted as monolithic heartless monsters, but instead we often see where their humanity pierces their ideology.

Cultural theorists have long argued that identity is as much an outcome of ideology as it is a tool for individual agency.

Sometimes interest shades into ideology.

History is inert, a congealed mass of free market and libertarian-leaning politics, a stinking fatberg in ideology‘s own sewer pipe.

And to describe the ideology against which he was writing, he borrowed a term from music criticism wonkery: rockism.

The results make clear that American politics is polarized not on the basis of class or even ideology, but on identity.

Western intelligence communities can’t catch every person with an extreme ideology and a car or a knife.

“[Islamic State] ideology was widely rejected as a distortion of Islamic values and laws.

“[Islamic State] ideology was widely rejected as a distortion of Islamic values and laws.

Material factors, such as unemployment or bleak economic prospects topped the list, with only 18 percent reporting that religious ideology was a major draw.

Bush also delivered a similar, veiled repudiation of Trump’s ideology, without mentioning the current president by name.

She has attributed the ideology shift to representing a liberal state versus a more conservative district.

His roommates didn’t seem to think his switch from one extremist ideology to another was that big of a big deal.

“Your music and your ideology reinforces transphobia that kills us,” she yelled from the audience.

There are actual differences between Warren and Sanders, both in how they navigate policy, and very much so in ideology and political style.

In the beginning, it was neither exclusively male nor dedicated to a fatalistic anti-woman ideology.

Like incels, the alt-right takes advantage of the broader cultural well young men drink from to recruit them to their odious ideology.

Today, however, the ideology of democracy has taken fiercer hold, elites are held in low regard, and those failsafes are themselves failing.

The unfortunate reality is the media ecosystem is also dominated by the same ideology that there are two sides and two sides only.

“The only ideology that the group has is that we don’t want to die.

But political ideology is said to be a strong motivation for the sexual violence.

To analyze the data, we first ordered the candidates from left to right based on their supporters’ self-described political ideology.

How do we tread the line between aesthetics and ideology?

John clearly thinks ideology combined with age make it impossible for a man like Donald Trump to see the light.

Spencer may not have formed his vile ideology directly from his time at UVA, but it is one with long roots at this university.

— Alex Robert Ross Centered around a deliberately vague ideology she dubs Curiosity Liberates Infinite Truth (or C.L.I.T.

This mixed bag suggests that ideology simply wasn’t the decisive factor.

The results make clear that American politics is polarized not on the basis of class or even ideology, but on identity.

And most people will stick with their party long after they’ve abandoned their ideology.

In theory, ideology comes first and party comes second.

For elites, politics is driven by ideology, and that seems like the most natural thing in the world.

But party trumps ideology.

Republicanism is Republicanism, and for most voters, it is based more on group attachments and resentments than it is on ideology.

That Rubio and Bush and Cruz were better at expressing their fealty to conservative ideology didn’t much matter.

(This tactic is called “black bloc,” a protest technique often mistakenly conflated with “antifa,” which is an ideology.)

Through the count’s eyes, from the lobby of the hotel, we see trends in clothing, food, music, and ideology come and go.

“This is not about ideology — it’s about responsible leadership,” he added.

The villain in Sim’s story is neoliberalism, the prevailing economic ideology of our time.

In this interview, Crispin and I discuss her contempt for consumer culture, which she says has pervaded feminist ideology and poisoned its roots.

But, ideally, these political groupings are supposed to promote the unity of political ideology over nationality.

These two Americas have experienced diverging fortunes and have consequently been diverging in values, ideology, and even personality.

In fact, the court has often been one justice away from a drastic shift in the median justice’s ideology.

The focus of their fury is the federal government — racial hatred and anti-Semitism are not part of the group’s ideology.

Instead, it has failed to challenge the ideology and junk science that fuel the demonization of drugs.

Our intelligence community can’t catch every person with an extreme ideology and a gun.

His method reflected his generation’s weight loss ideology, which by today’s standards, seems uncomfortably image-obsessed and unnecessarily militant.

It is not designed to convince its viewers, or to sell anyone on a particular ideology.

“Partisanship and ideology haven’t just become more polarized but also better sorted,” Nyhan said.

The artworks that received the biennial’s awards supported revolutionary ideology and thus became a powerful mechanism of promotion.

“During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical ideology.

ideology is the foundation of every violent state apparatus.

There is much to be said of Obama’s record, of his ideology, of the decisions he made and the ones he didn’t.

And we make those decisions based in part on our party affiliation, our ideology, the people we admire and the groups we belong to.

You talk about EA having a “money first ideology.”

There is no political ideology or ideas of where this is going.

The Tea Party challenges rested on an ideology: resistance to Obamacare, immigration, and social programs.

“It turns into ideology of your own guilt.

Trump wants (and needs) the country’s help to fight ISIS and the extremist ideology driving it.

His populist ideology doesn’t easily fit either party’s platform, but it describes plenty of American voters.

He had no record of consistent adherence to conservative movement ideology.

(More about the magazine’s ideology below.)

In the modern media marketplace, the financial losses were larger than he was willing to cover for the sake of ideology.

For a long time, the New Republic played a key role in the development of liberal ideology.

Racial, gender, and sexual pluralism is a key part of the party’s culture and ideology.

Labor rights, women’s rights, civil rights, and gay rights were all hard fought movements eventually won by progressive ideology.

The real message isn’t that Russia is great or that any particular ideology is great; it’s that you can’t trust anyone or anything.

She has attributed the ideology shift to representing a liberal state versus a more conservative district.

I’m not going to simply allow more consolidation or that kind of thing just because of some ideology.

This is more than an aside; this is the core of Trump’s ideology.

But violence as ideology is terrifying.

As my colleague Matt Yglesias has written, Trump does have an ideology.

Like most nationalists, the emotional center of Trump’s ideology is an Us vs.

What Trump is offering is an explanation and a solution, an argument and an ideology.

“I have never been anywhere where a national ideology is so totally embodied in the architectural fabric of the city,” Wainwright said.

It shows how those two things twine together, country and ideology pushing and prodding their characters into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

Facebook’s “hey we’re just a platform” ideology means it’s most comfortable when someone else is telling it that something’s amiss.

And there’s some debate, with some people saying that’s not racism, it’s political ideology.

“We should never forget that she was a woman fighting against the extreme values of male domination embedded in Nazi ideology,” writes McDonagh.

“That ideology never shows up in my head.

Do you consider your ideology or philosophy racist?

But the accounts were broadly endorsed by government officials who say Islamic State is trying to import an entirely foreign ideology.

In a nutshell, Sanders wants the contest to be about ideology, and Clinton wants it to be about practicality.

So when Sanders attacks Clinton over her progressivism, he is trying to pull the fight into ideology.

Sanders fans interpret every compromise, every note of caution, every incrementalist policy in Clinton’s long record as a rejection of progressive ideology.

But I cannot accept the ideology of the DNR.”

“The striking thing for us was that the association with age holds even when accounting for ideology or party.

When ideology was scrapped and the study just focused on age, they found that older users were much likelier to share fake news.

“Is it ideology?

It is an ideology literally predicated on exclusion and violence.

Congressional Republicans are “a hyperpartisan opposition who has decided their ideology is more important than actually getting results.”

And that relationship held true even after they controlled for partisanship, ideology, and a host of demographic factors.

One of the core arguments is that presidencies are just defined not by temperament or even ideology.

His life outside Washington freed him from the stultified ideology of the Beltway’s stagnant elites.

The database lists SPLC-labelled hate groups and their corresponding Facebook page, divided according to ideology.

Facebook holds that they don’t prioritize removing certain groups according to their ideology.

“It’s about ideology.

In the book, I try to argue that fascism is not an ideology; it’s a process for taking and holding power.

But then where does the ideology come in?

So maybe that’s race, maybe that’s ideology, or maybe they’re hopelessly conflated.

Of course, that’s connected to fascist ideology, because fascist ideology centers on power.

You’ve got a country that’s founded on ideology, and yet they don’t seem to hold to it.But did they ever?

In tenth standard, he participated in a “blood oath”, pledging his allegiance to the ideology.

The speech seems to be largely the product of tensions between Reince Priebus’s traditional Republican Party ideology and Steve Bannon’s populist nationalism.

Politics is mostly about group identity, not policy or ideology.

At least Jeff Koons’s art handbags perpetuated the sheer cynicism of his unique pop ideology.

That’s a really important question because you’re playing with fire in journalism when you build an audience around an ideology.

In fact, Sanders’s biggest hindrance could be his political ideology — half of respondents told Gallup they wouldn’t vote for a socialist.

What makes Fox unique is that it’s doing it in a materially different way, using ideology as their form of exploitation.

Trump declared that the heart of the issue was the government’s ideology.

In such matters, ideology tends to fall by the wayside.

None of these policies sit easily alongside the small-government ideology he champions.

“I want to make one thing abundantly clear; I reject those labels and the evil ideology that they define.

Most Republicans senators quickly lined up behind Kavanaugh, who would surely swing the Court’s ideology to the right.

For the moderator team, it was about standing up for anonymity on the internet, rather than supporting any particular political ideology.

They were quite open about their ideology and what they were willing to do to transform the Middle East.

There are some that are filled with people who share the same preconceived views, while others may have less homogeneous ideology.

What’s surprising is that the Meow Wars went on so long while lacking any ideology beyond that of “free speech.”

“It’s broken my heart, really, but I just don’t think a lot of Americans hold the pro-libertarian ideology,” said Nathan Korne, 19.

“Anyone found to be promoting the ideology of Islam will be subject to deportation or imprisonment,” its policy platform states.

There’s also effects of political ideology.

In fact, everything about Carson makes more sense when you mark 2009 as the year in which his current political ideology came together.

chapters breaking down the Constitution’s preamble, Carson tries to ground Tea Party ideology in the text of the Constitution.

In terms of political ideology, he seems to fit in with the Trump mantra.

No other leader has had an eponymous ideology included in the document while in office since Mao Zedong, the founder of modern China.

Critics feared her ideology would leave public school students and teachers vulnerable.

It’s possible that shipping as ideology has arisen in part because of these imbalanced power dynamics with creators.

But when shipping becomes an ideology, tantamount to a religion, it makes a story’s creators pretty much tantamount to gods.

According to the artist duo, that exhibition instrumentalized the masks as part of Israel’s Zionist ideology.

The book explains the contradictions in ideology that defines the America political system.

Buy ideology in America here: Amazon | Barnes & Noble Mason’s second recommendation is the novel Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.

I think it’s a pernicious sort of ideology, an almost unthinking-ness is something that is different and in some ways harder to combat.

But it’s not because they reject the ideology.

Not the worst way to learn something about the false promises and dangerous mechanisms of a totalitarian ideology.

It was interesting because given their Christian ideology, it’s very different from what they’re pulling from in American culture.

“He told you that radical Islamist terrorism does not stem from ideology.

His antiquated ideology and poor leadership, in their view, had brought Britain to the brink of disaster.

You can have ideology, but you have to work with what exists.

They had a brasher style and wore their ideology even more openly than Fox.

Aarthi Ramamurthy, the founder of another gadget rental service called Lumoid, emphasized the minimalist ideology that comes with renting electronics vs. owning.

And he’s a dangerous personality perched atop an ugly ideology.

The motivation behind the Orlando nightclub attack appears to stem from a confluence of violent homophobia and radical Islamic ideology.

How that factors into antifa’s ideology is anyone’s guess.

Host Jim Moore There’s no doubt these two groups clashing would advance the ideology of McAuliffe.

These are hard truths, and these are truths that go against the grain of liberal ideology and wishful thinking.”

There seems to be a subconscious tug-of-war at play: convenience and efficiency pulling in one direction, ethics and political ideology in the other.

Just as Derek’s extremist ideology was becoming mainstreamed in America, he renounced it.

And all of Derek’s relationships were—if they weren’t based on ideology, then it was at the center.

Liberalism in general, and social democratic left-liberalism in particular, has the most impressive historical track record of any political ideology humans have invented.

Trump has nothing to do with politics or ideology.

The music may be luscious, and its intentions may be innocuous, while the effects are insidious, producing the mollifying effect of an all-encompassing ideology.

“These changes would mean using government funds to promote no-sex-outside-of-marriage ideology.

In her view, feminist ideology has been subsumed by divisive political grievances that have undercut the movement.

As someone who thinks a lot about the bondage of ideology, I found this dimension of the book most interesting.

False beliefs are tough to change when they are linked to ideology and self-identity — including political identity.

That’s because Fox News and its ideology of misogyny are the theory.

He believes violence in support of any ideology is wrong.

France, land of human rights and freedoms, was attacked on its own soil by a totalitarian ideology: Islamic fundamentalism.

It’s not just an ideology but a national identity.

“Administrative changes should not be driven by ideology.

Market-friendly neoliberals, rather than pushing their own ideology, should work to improve ideas on the left.

A “separate spheres” ideology emerged — the belief that public spaces were for men and private spaces were for women.

“I didn’t agree with their ideology,” Khweis said.

For active Republican politicians, to go against Trump means they must either defy their voter base or criticize aspects of the GOP ideology.

The lack of discussion fosters the most extreme and authoritarian elements of this ideology.

Google has several biases and honest discussion about these biases is being silenced by the dominant ideology.

“It’s an ideology.

My larger point is that we have an intolerance for ideas and evidence that don’t fit a certain ideology.

Biden’s age, ideology and record already are drawing scrutiny.

But putting ideology ahead of cold hard cash has been expensive for IS, according to Felbab-Brown.

In Frum’s book Trumpocracy, he argues that Republicans are wedded to an ideology that cannot succeed democratically.

And the parties are more polarized by ideology than at any other time in American history, making compromise more difficult than ever before.

Over the past few decades, the two parties have become increasingly polarized by ideology.

It’s the same ideology Rauschenberg had — examples of which can be seen the next gallery over.

By integrating its strategy and even its forces with other rebels, al-Qaeda could spread its ideology and recruit more effectively.

In general, this ideology doesn’t materialize into lethal threats to actual employees of the US government.

These are symbols designed to empower hateful ideology and disempower those who continue to be oppressed by it.

Again, even having the right ideology or intentions isn’t enough.

Owning the libs is the main ideology binding together the vicious forces preying on vulnerable people throughout the world.

ideology is always going to be the driving source of motivation to participate in a program like this,” he said.

Splinter’s Clio Chang echoed that sentiment, writing, “White nationalism is an ideology.

It’s more tied to political ideology than other public health problems.

What makes the book so powerful is that it understands the fundamental draw of right-wing traditionalist ideology.

A leader of the truck drivers, Quirico Alpizar, told the press that Mora’s ideology violated Christian doctrine.

Or if Latino identity loses salience relative to other factors (ideology, geography, socioeconomic class, whatever) they won’t be.

Trump’s policies have long echoed this far-right anti-refugee ideology.

In 2011, May introduced a plan for the program to focus on “extremist ideology,” an idea that experts have criticized as dangerously vague.

He’s not concerned with political violence or terrorism in general — the fact that people are being murdered in the name of extremist ideology.

He’s only concerned with violence that comes from a specific group that espouses a specific strain of extremist ideology.

And so, while ideology demanded restriction, reality required openness.

This is commercializing political ideology.

But in fact, with a few notable exceptions, individuals are likely not exposed to violent extremist ideology from the imam at the local mosque.

For this very reason, people who do embrace a violent jihadist ideology tend to stop going to the mosque.

Mair’s apparent adherence to extremist ideology has also stoked the debate about how the media classifies so-called “lone wolf” attackers.

North Korea’s “Juche” ideology of self-sufficiency officially replaced Marxism-Leninism in 1972.

Gunaratna said the groups, previously al Qaeda-affiliated, had drifted towards ISIS’s more violent ideology in recent years.

While Juche has its roots in the Soviet ideology, references to Marxism-Leninism and communism have been slowly phased out.

The main differences between Trump and modern European right-wingers are about organization and ideology.

Flávio was the only Legislative member to vote against granting the late councilwoman the award, claiming that her ideology didn’t align with his.

Fortuyn began his career as in the academy with a decidedly different ideology: a fairly hard-line socialism.

Fortuyn, like Trump, initially didn’t have much of a broader ideology.

He’ll need a more cogent ideology, as well as people willing to dedicate their professional lives to implementing it.

Even in the best of scenarios, and with the most able of leaders, changing the ideology of a political party is a difficult effort.

He does indeed.” In those 19 years, Buttigieg’s ideology seems to have changed a bit.

Cruz’s obvious intelligence, confrontational manner, and passionate right-wing ideology were evident at an early age.

He earned his maverick reputation by subverting Republican ideology on a number of high-profile issues.

He has had little contact with, and shown little interest in, conservative ideology.

It’s not a decision motivated by commitment to free speech or to any particular ideology.

Certainty is the domain of other human discourses, ideology and religion.

“Preventing a woman from choosing abortion based on a medical diagnosis substitutes a politician’s ideology for a woman’s judgment.”

Six days ago, Bush deployed some of that prestige to a speech knocking Trump and Trump-style ideology.

Partisanship and ideology.

Slate’s Jamelle Bouie has made the case that white nationalism is the best description of the Trump administration’s ideology.

How can this be our solution to deal with vulnerable teenage girls interested in jihadi ideology?”

Our most important allies in the fight against ISIL are the vast majority of Muslims who reject its apocalyptic ideology of hatred.

That is to say that we don’t approve of his political agenda or ideology that many are calling Trumpism.

These books are emblematic of two distinct strains of political ideology that together form a new reactionary coalition: conservative nationalism and anti-PC liberalism.

It’s also about pursuing very basic problems with the dominant ideology, like patriarchy or systemic racism or systemic sexism.

He is popular, controversial and full of religious ideology, but critics warn that he also relies too heavily on divisive policies.

He is popular, controversial and full of religious ideology, but critics warn that he also relies too heavily on divisive policies.

— is at the core of Trump family ideology.

The winner does not really become the “leader” of the Democratic Party as a whole, or have much of a role determining party ideology.

“That ideology never shows up in my head.

If Russia is no longer advancing a global ideology, then why are they so interested in undermining the US, and other political systems?

You’ve got the ideology there, but it’s missing the violent action piece.

Those are qualities that an individual person can achieve, and that brings us back to a familiar conservative ideology of personal responsibility.

Where al-Qaeda has succeeded, however, is in promoting an ideology of violence and anti-Western hatred, a sentiment now taken up by ISIS.

This ideology has proven particularly powerful in the Middle East.

In the model, I included standard demographic and political control variables, such as gender, age, education, income, ideology, and party identification.

Today, anti-migrant demagoguery has become the very core of Fidesz’s political ideology.

Everyone faces problems regarding religion, ethnicity, ideology, or political views.

“The newspapers won’t report any news.” For voters, the issue is not ideology but relevance.

Partisanship and power, not ideas and ideology, will have proven the GOP’s real addiction.

The salve here is supposed to be ideology.

A corporate drone creates an army, an ideology, and an alternate personality during his restless nights in Fight Club.

Or whatever of a dozen other things he does that aren’t related to the main elements of conservative ideology.

“That’s influenced to a much greater degree by our social affiliations and by our political positions and ideology,” he continued.

How, various media outlets wondered, could we combat such a radical, toxic ideology, one that had already racked up a high body count?

“All violent Islamist terrorist groups are politically left in their economic and governmental structure ideology,” he wrote in an email to VICE News.

The gateway to anti-Semitism in the Trump era, though, is more than any particular ideology.

Poggio controls the ideology of this text.

Insistence on ideological purity is self-defeating when the overwhelming majority of your fellow Americans reject your ideology.

‘Quadrilateral Cowboy,’ release trailer Science, says Burke, “removes the reassuring crutches of opinion and ideology.”

There are several ways to measure the ideology of Supreme Court justices.

The New Zealand suspect allegedly left behind a manifesto that detailed his white nationalistic ideology.

But it is clearly a statement of ideology.

They’re intended to explain that ideology and to assign meaning to the actions that a terrorist takes.

How deeply is this white supremacist ideology rooted in internet culture and memes?

And how do you fight the spread of this kind of extremist ideology, especially when it runs up against issues of free speech?

There’s three components to an extremist ideology.

Zionism is Israel’s national ideology.

On the one hand, there’s no coherent, clear ideology.

Maduro could renounce the presidency if he’s able to choose a new leader who subscribes to the same political ideology he does.

It’s an ideology that strikes at the heart of what democracy is all about.

While this ideology makes up the movie’s subtext, not its text, it nevertheless underpins The Trump Prophecy’s overall point.

Researchers also found that regardless of ideology, Facebook users over 65 shared almost seven times as many fake news articles as younger users.

Boko Haram’s fundamentalist ideology preaches the rejection of all types of western culture, from democratic elections to clothing.

I believe in diversity and freedom of choice, not nanny-statism and ideology.”

The alt-right protesters were shouting chants like “You will not replace us” and “Blood and soil” — the latter a direct reference to Nazi ideology.

She said she didn’t agree with the ideology he espouses, but went because she wanted to ask him a question.

The exception could also be simply an expression of ideology.

“They will find anything that they can use,” Amiri said of politicians driven by anti-abortion ideology.

Even today, we fetishize the taboo nature of Nazi ideology.

(As though neoliberalism is not an ideology.)

If newspapers endorsed the candidates that typically lined up with the editorial page’s ideology, though, they didn’t really convince anyone.

The university’s rector, Yudian Wahyudi, said that radical ideology embodied in the wearing of the burqa went against the institution’s educational goals.

The university’s rector, Yudian Wahyudi, said that radical ideology embodied in the wearing of the burqa went against the institution’s educational goals.

Now it’s being called a “sex cult.” Incel, the misogynist ideology that inspired the deadly Toronto attack, explained

“Many people in Black Lives Matter are spouting the ideology of ‘kill the police,’” he said.

“Many people in Black Lives Matter are spouting the ideology of ‘kill the police,’” he said.

Part of the reason we have an eating disorder is because of the ideology of “nutritionism” we bring to food.

Basically, racist appeals stopped being appropriate to express in public, but you could use ideology to say the same thing.

Governors, however, are less constrained by the ideology of colorblindness.

They saw the yoke of capitalist ideology wherever they looked — in films, in radio, in poplar music, in literature.

A wealthy constituent would get about the same level of ideology match from a Democrat or a Republican.

So the culture industry peddles an ideology that supports the prevailing power structure — in the case of America, that ideology was consumerism.

It’s built into the ideology.

Garden Underground and its community are constructed on a strict ideology.

They’re more expressions of Trump’s idiosyncratic obsessions rather than any broader ideology.

I actually think the best analogy is to the role the patriarchy plays in radical feminist epistemology, or the role of “ideology” in Marxism.

“It’s not hard to see why this ideology would catch-on with white male geeks,” Klint Finley writes in his excellent explainer on neoreaction.

While the Communist party was increasingly appropriating and broadcasting popular culture to promote its ideology, Zhang deliberately avoided traditional, action-packed narratives.

The message is clear: Losing yourself in ideology leads you to diminish those who don’t share that ideology but also, ultimately, yourself.

Communism was an ideology.

America was an ideology for its citizens.

Because power was the lever for the ideology.

Next to his body, investigators discovered a Kalashnikov rifle and a book on Salafism, the radical Sunni ideology associated with the Islamic State (IS).

Despite Bannon’s lofty monologues about “economic nationalism,” though, his key contribution to the conservative movement and the Trump presidency wasn’t his ideology.

She identified herself as Tamara Vorobiev, Rogachev’s “head of ideology.”

Dashkevich speaks to Tamara Vorobiev, Rogachev’s “head of ideology.”

There are books in all the bookstores explaining what this ideology is about.”

Yet that ideology, Mizhevich says, is malleable.

The Propeller Group, a three-person art collective established in 2006, shows how economic systems are forms of ideology.

The anti-sex work ideology that ended the services offered by both Rentboy and Backpage are also hitting small business-owning Americans and their employees.

Devumi’s more than 200,000 customers don’t subscribe to a particular political ideology or come from a specific background.

Breaking greatness down by ideology reveals an interesting split.

It’s an out-of-date ideology, rooted in prejudice.

Many spoke of navigating uneasy boundaries between fact and ideology when teaching topics such as social studies or climate change.

Perhaps a better explanation is that race — rather than economics or ideology — helps explain why West Virginia’s white voters spurned Clinton.

When we talk about persuasion in politics, we typically refer to a persuasion of ideology.

Trump and the Underwoods share a pretty clear distaste for ideology.

Al-Qaeda, and more recently ISIS, have mostly drawn on the radical Sunni Wahhabi-Salafi ideology, which primarily emanates from Saudi Arabia.

And though the underlying issue is profoundly related to gender norms, it breaks down distinctly on lines of ideology rather than gender.

How to describe that narrow ideology to a broader audience was the focus of many conversations and briefings I attended after 9/11.

In this telling, Trump’s ignorance isn’t an absence of knowledge; it’s closer to a personality trait, perhaps even an ideology.

He’s not interested enough in policy or ideology or ideas to direct the course of his own presidency.

Trump doesn’t care about policy or politics or ideology or coalitions.

But hackers are pulled by all sorts of different motivations, be those for ideology or fame as well as cash.

But the official ideology of the conservative movement is rather different.

They believe that he represents (whether intentionally or not) an ideology that is hostile to groups of nonwhite Americans.

And then there were the media, you know, like Red Herring and so on that were pushing the sort of ideology of the internet.

None of these types of behaviors were part of Republican or conservative ideology prior to Trump.

Sanders has always prioritized ideology over identity politics.

We would all be better off, regardless of our ideology, if parties had the incentive to nominate high-quality candidates for president.

VICE: Saying a specific ideology is relevant to this Waffle House shooting is tough, because the connection to the chief suspect seems so tenuous.

There are con artists using the cloak of the ideology to help them.

For instance, ideology ascends, and humanity falls below ideology, or politics are on top and humanity takes a lower position.

That’s just inarguably obscene, that sort of ideology.

The electoral base and ideology his wife has embraced signals  a very different Democratic Party — one that has changed profoundly in the past quarter-century.

We must deny the terrorists safe haven, transit, funding, and any form of support for their vile and sinister ideology.

There you’ll build up your ideology while learning on campus how to integrate with the rest of society.

That is, how many Republican leaders put party first, and how many put ideology first.

Because almost all conservatives are now Republicans and almost all liberals are now Democrats, we tend to conflate ideology and party identity.

As Hans Noel has clearly shown in his excellent book Political Ideologies and Parties in America, party identity and political ideology are different things.

Certainly, the fact that a large number of Republican voters supported Trump in the primary would indicate that identity mattered more than ideology.

How much was it ideology?

Most non-religious people are “passionately committed to some ideology or other,” explains Patrick McNamara, a neurology professor at Boston University School of Medicine.

ideology matters in Paradox’s games, since some of the bonuses and modifiers associated with ideology groups can make or break you.

In the US, conservatism has found small-government ideology a congenial pretense.

ideology will always be a surface-level justification for conflict,” he told me.

ideology will always be a surface-level justification for conflict — people come up with narratives to justify whatever they’re doing in the political world.

“Partisans with strong math skills were 45 percentage points likelier to get the answer right when it fit their ideology.

This is the ideology of open platforms, and it is pervasive.

“When you’re planning and thinking about threats to America you shouldn’t just discount something just because of ideology,” Holland explained.

It is not about ideology.

“The most powerful force known to humans is ideology,” says McElwee.

Board members asked director Suman Ghosh, he told journalists, to censor the word “cow,” as well as references to Hindutva (right-wing Hindu) ideology.

What imagery of a candidate isn’t propaganda advancing a particular ideology?

An obsessive collector, his wheeling and dealing, like Safer’s journalism, often becomes a symptom of an ignored ideology — capitalism.

In fact, it invaded because of an ideology.

But how do you fact-check an ideology, particularly when that ideology is partially concealed from the public view?

Its mandate for war, and its faith in the power of American military force, still animates that ideology, particularly toward the Middle East.

ideology is as dependent on what it asserts as how it asserts.

Then, there’s a more radical conservative ideology that has been a dominant force out there in Washington and in a lot of states.

“You and the shooter share an ideology that is anti-immigration,” Van Fossen said to King.

“You and the shooter share an ideology that is anti-immigration,” Van Fossen said to King.

It is not a small-government ideology, but it tends to be a local-government ideology.

GF: I would say Michael Bloomberg is the closest to the Silicon Valley ideology.

How does he, and his ideology, fit into this discussion?

We have sorted by race, religion, geography, ideology, identity, and culture.

Bernie Sanders represents an unusual surge in what was a trend toward the opposite ideology.

A growing demographic of self-employed workers who also subscribe to this Silicon Valley ideology could form a brand new labor alliance.

I wouldn’t have an ideology.

Bottom line: Obama probably cannot nominate someone who shares his ideology closely, given the preferences of Republican leaders in the Senate.

From the outside, the ideology of a group like Nxivm can appear politically and ethically neutral.

“The company medic took the decision to shoot the terrorist due to a twisted ideology.”

Morris’s film was lambasted for apparently failing to properly take Bannon to task for his actions and ideology.

That said, once a potential jury pool is chosen, attorneys can strike potential jurors based on perceived ideology.

They have no ideology other than the ideology of money.

So in many ways, Trump’s platform isn’t aligned with the traditional conservative ideology.

Deficit fearmongering and stringent anti-spending ideology were in, devil-may-care tax cutting was out.

As Mooney is at pains to emphasize in his book, personality does not dictate ideology.

The same consumer-focused ideology has become ubiquitous across the wellness world.

Regeneración: Three Generations of Revolutionary ideology continues at the Vincent Price Art Museum (1301 Avenida Cesar Chavez, Monterey Park, CA) through February 16, 2019.

We see it reflecting American ideology in hindsight.

In terms of liberal/conservative ideology, a centrist is defined by what he or she is not.

It’s a homegrown ideology, and it’s one that we are far from defeating.

To say “Nazi” is to imply backwardness — that this ideology is a throwback to a more ignorant and intolerant age in human history.

But the label doesn’t encapsulate the people who showed up representing America’s homegrown ideology of white supremacy.

So the hope for Trump is that enough voters are align closely enough with his conservative ideology to make this a close race.

But Sanders does not think about politics as a function of voter ideology.

If newspapers endorsed the candidates that typically lined up with the editorial page’s ideology, though, they didn’t really convince anyone.

McMaster, considered a more conventional conservative relative to Bannon’s nationalist alt-right ideology.

This wicked ideology must be obliterated, and I mean completely obliterated.

“And so the seduction industry can become a route towards incel ideology, because it promises that this skill can be mastered.

What they want is a politician who’ll stand up for their interests, not a politician who adheres to a particular ideology.

On the Pacific Coast, state Republican Parties have generally clung to conservative ideology and simply contented themselves to be outvoted in statewide races.

The South, unlike the Northeast, contains lots of churchgoing white evangelicals with deeply felt conservative ideology — Ted Cruz voters, in other words.

Songun differed from previous North Korean ideology in that it put the military at the heart of the North Korean state.

The reality, however, is that “economic nationalism” has grave flaws as an ideology beyond Trump’s racism, lack of policy knowledge, and personal indiscipline.

Realignments of party and ideology come from organized groups of activists rather than media-centered candidacies and presidencies.

Quite simply, once Trump became the Republican nominee, partisanship and ideology kicked in and a strong majority of young evangelicals ended up supporting him.

In retrospect, it appears that voters were responding to the identity part of the messaging far more than the ideology part.

It is not a system separated from political ideology and power structures.

Rather, their vision represents parts of a coherent ideology that sought to both maintain and reformulate key aspects of liberalism itself.

We had talked about bias and ideology.

Can you talk a little bit about what that North Korean ideology was and is?

They surveyed 1,500 Americans, and asked them about their coffee preferences, political ideology, household income, gender, zip code, and attitudes toward globalization.

It shows how those two things intertwine, with country and ideology pushing and prodding the characters into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

But tensions over race, gender, age and ideology simmered beneath the surface.

The group’s voicemail greeting, however, offered some insight into their ideology.

“The defeat of ISIS in Raqqa represents a critical breakthrough in our worldwide campaign to defeat ISIS and its wicked ideology.

This is the governing ideology of the Republican Party: We don’t care what anybody else thinks.

That means we need to understand the ideology of the alt-right — and the things its members will be working to enshrine in federal law.

Poisoned, specifically, by the ideology of tolerance and multiculturalism.

It is about how conservative ideology should be defined and — among those who share a similar definition — who is its most effective champion.

In the U.S., now more than ever, it seems tied to ideology.

Instead, they are a left-leaning coalition of interest groups looking for group wins that tends to downplay ideology.

But tensions over race, gender, age and ideology simmered beneath the surface.

And this “polarization of brags” shows just how much the value of a community differs by political ideology.

The dividing line between the parties was no longer a philosophy about governing (a political ideology — more or less government).

But skepticism about basic facts does, in fact, differ markedly by party and ideology.

It’s important that you have an ideology.”

From Duterte’s point of view, Obama was attacking a core part of his ideology and political appeal.

Competence: Increasingly, Republican officeholders’ complaints about Trump seem less about ideology than about his total inability to do his job.

This pattern could help a Republican who could pledge credibly to follow conservative ideology while being more competent in implementing it.

It’s a community and ideology formed on the internet, through anti-government conspiracy theories and harassing liberals, women and people of color.

To adults looking down at us, this was a dangerous ideology in a Britain clinging to values that dated back to Victorian times.

We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism.

Those countries fell victim to Japan’s radically militaristic ideology where Tokyo was by all accounts unusually forceful, unrelentingly ambitious, and unsparingly brutal.

He said the League is using Christian symbols as “support for their ideology.”

Based on simplistic ideology alone, these may not be the assumed positions.

I’m not even beginning to address policy or ideology here (see again: word count, patience).

Did Ergun document one of the last living manifestations of this strange hybrid of religion, nationalism, ideology, and cosmopolitanism?

Notably, however, the response has not been entirely along usual ideology lines.

They were both conflating “Islam” the ideology and “Muslim” the identity.

It also acknowledges the role of the ideology and doctrine itself, rather than deflecting from it.

The distinction is what political scientists might call the difference between operational or philosophical ideology and symbolic, affective or identity-based ideology.

They may use the arguments and language of the ideology, but it’s the identity that drives them, not issue positions.

It neatly underlines this season’s refocus on the idea of family as being central to whatever ideology you might subscribe to.

“Under the Fox News ideology of women, it makes perfect sense that powerful men like O’Reilly and Ailes would sexually harass their employees.

Though constructed one thick brushstroke at a time, they were rather subversively painted from postcards rather than en plein air, emphasizing structure over ideology.

The party depends on loyalty to deep-seated unionist ideology and appeals to religious conservatism to curry support on the issue.

But Trump has never seemed particularly invested in conservative movement ideology.

So no president these days would ever nominate anyone who’d openly admit to having — gasp — an ideology.

My family suspected my shift in ideology long before I was open about it.

“It’s a symbol of the ‘Lost Cause’ ideology,” one parent, Joshua Schultz, told the Tulsa World.

“It’s a symbol of the ‘Lost Cause’ ideology,” one parent, Joshua Schultz, told the Tulsa World.

There are some differences in politics that transcend ideology.

We will not tolerate this hateful ideology in our society.” He did not mention Trump’s name.

Moreover, Noel shows that during the George W. Bush and Obama years we have experienced near parity between ideology and party identification.

There’s two issues here: the policies and the ideology.

There’s no founding ideology to Europe.

Together, they entered a life of art and activism, joining the Progressive Youth Movement (PROYOM), a group fueled by Marxist ideology.

E’vans’ work depicts renderings of gun violence, police brutality, and anti-war ideology.

A voter’s gender, education, age, ideology, party identification, income, and race simply had no statistical bearing on whether someone supported Trump.

And measuring justices’ ideology is a highly imprecise art.

And so political scientists use rough proxies, such as the ideology of the presidents and senators who appoint and confirm judges.

“White supremacy is an ideology, I’ll grant you.

They’re different in that the Christchurch attack was an expression of an ideology that … Here’s the more generic case here.

(Based on ideology of judges clerks This lines up much better with the public perception of Garland.

Attempting to measure the ideology of a Supreme Court justice as if she were a member of Congress means conflating and flattening their views.

Cold War is about how country and ideology twine together, pushing and prodding Wiktor and Zula into shapes that ultimately determine their fate.

“Leftists worked against their own values and interests and worldview to vote for a party without an ideology.”

“Leftists worked against their own values and interests and worldview to vote for a party without an ideology.”

It’s not an expression of ideology at all.

There’s no ideology, it was just psychopathology.

At first glance, the traditional “sovereign citizen” subculture seems incompatible with a black nationalist ideology.

At first glance, the traditional “sovereign citizen” subculture seems incompatible with a black nationalist ideology.

The blank canvas is an ideology.

ideology divided the 1964 convention.

Nothing blunts the effects of ideology like a few loonies and toonies in the pocket.

The material suggested that Indonesia’s Papua province should be independent and mocked the nation’s state ideology, Pancasila, according to Nurmantyo.

Pyongyang hailed the homemade machines as a triumph for its governing ideology of “Juche”, which champions self-sufficiency.

“They adopted the ideology of people giving them money.

Like any political or economic ideology, capitalism appeals to something real about human nature.

I interviewed Green about what he learned after spending so much time digging into Bannon’s ideology.

Do you think Steve Bannon has an ideology, and if so, what are the most important aspects to it?

I absolutely think Steve Bannon has an ideology.

But it became pretty clear early on that he had a very distinct ideology.

The first generation was associated with a kind of religious conservative, and explicitly Christian, ideology.

“Both men have developed and evolved their interest in the extreme right wing ideology over time through research and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Police say Crime Preventer recruits are trained in self-defense, ideology and patriotism, as well as crime prevention techniques, but are not armed.

What’s interesting to me is how little ideology has to do with Trump’s popularity.

In a deleted email recovered from his computer, he wrote: Liberalist/globalist ideology is destroying traditional peoples esp white.

Though the school only lasted until 1955, its ideology spread new artistic practices across the country like a pandemic.

The kingdom’s legitimating ideology of Wahhabi Islam was called into question.

If someone is famous enough, they’ll end up immortalized in wax, regardless of ideology.

Which is not to say that Women Who Work does not have an ideology.

This ideology is also, with more aggressive phrasing, the guiding philosophy of Donald Trump, who famously loves winning and hates losers.

As the basis for a self-help book, this ideology makes a certain amount of sense.

That’s what my original project around Europe was about: Francis Fukuyama’s “end of ideology.”

And these guys are basing their – their whole ideology is based on greed.

Hip-hop and punk go hand-in-hand in their ideology and their anemology.

My observations of the Democratic primaries so far have been that ideology seems present but often submerged beneath other factors.

“The problem isn’t ideology — it’s dependence,” he says.

Again, this is why the racist and anti-Semitic ideology is so central: It’s the universal narrative that connects all of these grievances.

But some could organize themselves into blocs — perhaps by state, by issue, or by ideology — and make demands.

It turned out that Dugin’s apparent importance to the Kremlin’s ideology had been overstated.

“It’s a radical Hindu ideology,” said William Stark, an expert in South Asia with ICC.

They are two over-50 white guys with similar ideology, from the same state.

“It’s a radical Hindu ideology,” said William Stark, an expert in South Asia with ICC.

“In the West we have this perception of Hinduism as yoga and meditation, a very peaceful eastern religious ideology.

Quantitatively measuring ideology is, of course, complicated.

argue that NOU’s ideology of not looking like shit—all disheveled suits and exquisitely curated thriftware—indirectly led to both the ska and swing revivals.

I just didn’t understand the ideology.

Or from the bottom up: that leaders try to reflect their followers’ ideology.

“These shortcuts can be political ideology; it could be religiosity, deference to scientific authority,” says Dominique Brossard, the University of Wisconsin communications researcher.

Support for soda tax doesn’t align clearly with any one ideology.

What Zuckerberg is offering here isn’t a business plan so much as it’s a philosophy or an ideology.

Regardless of partisanship or ideology, for a few hours it seemed like a day of celebration and progress.

But there is more to life than ideology.

“We have come with no ideology.

Their ideology is, in a way, blunter than that, but no less real and no less divorced from their concrete personal loyalties.

You can argue that both are motivated by blind ideology.

There’s nothing in Tubman’s life or legacy that contradicts any points of modern-day conservative ideology or Republican Party policy ideas.

The Heterotopias project, which connects games and architecture through studies and visual essays that dissect spaces of play, exploration, violence and ideology.

“During my recent trip to the Middle East I stated that there can no longer be funding of Radical ideology.

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