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Kylie and Jordyn weren’t alone, there were some mutual friends around to help break the ice.

Invoking the Holocaust, they have been protesting outside ice detention centers across the country, chanting “Never Again for Anyone.”

Invoking the Holocaust, they have been protesting outside ice detention centers across the country, chanting “Never Again for Anyone.”

Natural disaster, some are for political reasons, road trips, ice storms.

Gigantic ice scythes released from the Wall to splatter attackers right off its surface!

Bottom line — JJ’s on very thin ice.

New Orleans was initially on the list, but ice operations there were suspended due to tropical storm Barry.

New Orleans was initially on the list, but ice operations there were suspended due to tropical storm Barry.

(When ice officials are choosing which immigrants to target, they’ll typically gather data like a person’s last address and place of employment.)

The ice raids were scheduled to take place in late June, but Trump postponed them after Democrats expressed outrage.

ice has repeatedly said it doesn’t comment on the timing or details of planned operations.

“If ice comes to your door, don’t open the door.

Ask them if they have any warrant.” “If ice comes to your door, don’t open the door.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fired up Republicans when she called ice detention centers “concentration camps” Tuesday.

She was given an ice pack but no other treatment.

“It’s for the ice pack and the bandage,” Pell said of the fee.

Straus pink ice cream.

His big plan for the day was to hold me and to refill my ice cream.

My odd food rituals—the pint of Arctic Zero diet ice cream mixed with five packets of Splenda that I eat every night—are mine.

The unions representing Border Patrol and ice agents made their first presidential endorsements to back him.

Alder wood for instance has a gold smoke and imparts sweet vanilla ice cream notes, due to its natural sugars or polysaccharides.

As Roethlisberger is leaving the section, a man hits him in the face with a catfish, then throws the fish on the ice.

8:42 PM After review, the call on the ice stands.

8:59 PM Batman apprehends Bane before he can blow up the ice.

10:16 PM Carrie Underwood takes the ice for the third period in a Predators jersey and full equipment.

10:20 PM Underwood beats Fleury with a slap shot from center ice to make it 9-4.

The government officials that the women in Hutto typically interact with are their ice deportation officers.

I circumvent this by power walking to work and having a lunchbox that’s literally an ice pack.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

She remembers watching Dora the Explorer and eating ice cream at a Chinese buffet.

“To our knowledge this is the only mummified ice age wolf ever found in the world,” Yukon government paleontologist Grant Zazula told the CBC.

He was carrying a counterfeit CIA badge (#101), assault rifles, armor piercing ammunition, body armor, and patches identifying him as an ice officer.

They work on the iceCube Neutrino Observatory, which is built directly into the ice beneath the surface of the South Pole.

Basically it is a 1-cubic kilometer (about 1.3 billion cubic yards) block of crystal-clear ice surrounded by sensors.

When particles are moving faster than light through a medium like ice, they glow.

The light emitted from the particles is why ice is critical to the observatory.

St. Andrews Church is part of a national church network that has offered to house Central American migrants since ice‘s controversial January raids.

Religious leaders have promised sanctuary because they adamantly oppose ice‘s recent enforcement tactics on Central American families.

And just this week, ice released eight of those families from detention as they wait for their cases to be heard.

ice‘s narrative was these immigrants are out of legal options, that they have to go.

An ice spokesman did not immediately return emails and phone calls requesting comment on Ramirez’s case or on the raids.

You picked up his drink, which was just melted ice at that point, and he was giving you a hard time.

At that point, my rider was a bottle of gin in a bucket on ice.

These long-extinct invertebrates sported a distinct conical shell, giving them the appearance of an inverted ice cream cone.

Read: This toddler got sick in ice detention.

Especially when we’re making sophisticated drinks, cocktails that—between measuring ingredients, shaking, replacing shaken ice with new ice, garnishing—take a couple minutes each.

Well, this one is more ‘ice cream on pizza’ than ‘pizza on ice cream’ but whatever it takes!

The rapper hit up NYC Luxury for some fresh ice the day after signing his $2.5 million deal with Interscope.

They think, ‘I’ll order a glass of ice, and a thing of tonic, and we’ll just open up the bar.’

Vanilla ice was game to spit lines with our photog … and, although we’re not really in the matchmaking biz, a bromance was born!!

Our poor guy spilled his heart out to ice … telling him he never officially got to be part of ice‘s so-called posse.

Sugar Mobile is an Ontario-based provider owned by ice Wireless, a company that also owns a wireless network in the North.

This was helpful for ice Wireless’ customers in the North, especially when travelling to cities where the provider doesn’t have coverage.

To do so, Nadolsky went from “pretty much starving myself” to eating whatever he wanted, including a nightly bowl of ice cream.

But he did eat ice cream almost every day and took down, by his estimates, 3,000 to 4,000 calories daily.

As a result, at night he’d have to eat high-calorie foods like ice cream and cupcakes to reach his daily caloric needs.

Today, Muslims are among those that ice rounds up for deportation.

This past Ramadan, Somali Muslim immigrants were hindered from freely practicing their faith while detained in an ice facility in Florida.

Sother calls this one “a sipper,” best with a piece of ice to dilute it a bit, or a spritz of seltzer.

Vanilla ice‘s marriage is officially ice, ice baby — his wife just filed for divorce after nearly 20 years together … TMZ has learned.

Who needs ice cream or whipped cream to top your pie if it’s covered in marshmallow fluff?

No matter what pie or cake you go with, everyone’s going to want some ice cream to go with it.

That being said, Chen-Yin also knew that the rivalry would evaporate as soon as they got off the ice.

Visit in February for the Sapporo Snow Festival, when over-the-top ice sculptures and snow blanket the city.

Head North to the Shiretoko Peninsula for unparalleled beauty and the chance to see endangered eagles and ice floes from the Arctic.

ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee – I’m in Los Angeles and it’s freezing.

One guy told Motherboard that pretending to be an everything bagel “breaks the ice itself” and makes it easier to start a conversation.

Unlike many other big-name Democrats, California Rep. Maxine Waters is not on board with calls to abolish ice.

“I’ve not been involved in the ice debate,” she said.

A growing list of Democrats have called for ice to be dismantled, including Sens.

Waters suggested that perhaps those who believed she wanted ice to be abolished had confused that with her stance against family separation.

He said that ice officers work in “dangerous conditions” and many are veterans.

“But Democratic politicians want to abolish ice.

Can you imagine?” Waters, as she pointed out on Wednesday, has not called for ice to be abolished.

A chain in New York City is mixing hummus milkshakes in ice cream–like flavors of butter pecan and strawberry.

In Portland, Oregon, one restaurateur is churning chickpeas into ice cream.

The Filipino shaved ice halo-halo is heaped with toppings including chickpeas in syrup.

“Instead of having ice cream, people can have a few tablespoons of our hummus and be extremely satisfied,” said Marzluff.

So he made chickpea milk, then put it in an ice cream maker.

The head of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice), Mark Morgan, will take his place, an official said.

Private detention centers account for about two-thirds of people held by ice, S&P Global Ratings estimated last year.

And let’s not forget the fun of drinking “Fiji water from an ice cold glass on a yacht.”

Similarly, on Capitol Hill, the Montana race put Republicans’ legislative agenda on ice.

Formed in 2003, Caninus got further than most human-led bands before Basil’s untimely demise saw them put the project on ice.

Trump’s 2020 budget seeks to increase funding for ice and to provide $2.7 billion for more beds for detainments.

Democrats, meanwhile, have attempted to limit the amount of beds in ice facilities to curb detainments.

Trump’s 2020 budget seeks to increase funding for ice and to provide $2.7 billion for more beds for detainments.

Democrats, meanwhile, have attempted to limit the amount of beds in ice facilities to curb detainments.

Even the ice machine still stands today.

Two scoops of ice cream in addition to chocolate cream pie, after Thousand Island dressing and extra sauce?

The list featured big-hitters like Vanilla ice, James May, and David Guetta—oh, and it also included zero women.

She died six weeks after leaving ice custody at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, of viral pneumonitis.

The hockey center and ice arena alone have a combined capacity of 22,000.

In the reasonably near future — maybe within a decade, maybe two — EVs are going to become cheaper and better than comparable ice vehicles.

You can add ice cubes or, better yet, an ice block to get the whole thing nice and frosty.

Every day for the last year, I’ve bought £10 of ice cream or chocolate and eaten it all in one go.

Stare at that strawberry ice cream shake concoction at the end and tell me it doesn’t make you feel things—you can’t!

“I just paid £4.99 [$6.72] for an ice cream.”

Michelle Kwan’s marriage is on ice, because her husband has just filed for divorce.

Best known for his rich, colorful paintings of cakes, ice cream cones, and candy counters, California artist Wayne Thiebaud (b.

Fans of ice Cube and N.W.A.

I think you were looking at, the Microsoft one was the ice issue.

A class action lawsuit against Starbucks is seeking $5 million in damages over the key difference between hot drinks and cold drinks: ice.

But when you order a 24-ounce iced coffee, you’re getting 14 ounces of coffee, plus a whole bunch of ice.

This is a silly lawsuit; it implies, among other things, that customers don’t realize that ice takes up space in drinks.

Americans really want their cold beverages, ice and all.

Cold brew, black, with no ice.

Last Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice) agents arrested 23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina at his father’s home in Washington state.

Court documents say Ramirez was asleep when ice showed up.

At that point, Ramirez’s attorneys say, he was arrested and taken to an ice field office south of Seattle.

Last Friday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice) agents arrested 23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina at his father’s home in Washington state.

Court documents say Ramirez was asleep when ice showed up.

At that point, Ramirez’s attorneys say, he was arrested and taken to an ice field office south of Seattle.

He also disputed allegations by ice that Ramirez has gang tattoos.

But the fact that ice agents ignored his DACA status has put other young immigrants on alert.

They happen on ice in hockey skates, but they’re not officially part of the game.

Always on the go, in the park, running, ice skating,” she said.

But in 2015, changing ice conditions forced them back on land a month early, and hungry.

How the bears act from year to year is in direct relation to the ice on the Hudson Bay, Churchmuch explains.

The ice on the bay melts every summer, but it has been breaking up earlier each year and freezing later.

“We didn’t complete our ice release until December 8, which is on record the latest we’ve ever done it,” Chuchmuch says.

“I’m getting some ice cream.

ice cream seemed like the best idea ever.

Jeff returned and tossed me an ice cream bar.

I have never tasted a better ice cream bar.

I told Jeff, over and over, that it was the best ice cream in the world.

Starbucks is facing a $5 million lawsuit over the amount of ice the chain uses in its drinks, NBC News reports.

ice chunks fill up the rest of the cup, something the lawsuit argues is misleading and false advertising.

During the whole thing, my girlfriend could only eat ice.

So I kept asking her if she wanted ice.

Cook until wilted, about 1 to 2 minutes, then drain and transfer the spinach to an ice bath until cold.

That’s what ice (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) exists for.

Over 9,200 ice employees can access the database, run by the company Vigilant Solutions, which includes license plate scans from red-light and speed-limit cameras.

“From 8 o’clock we are out looking at Rome, and from midday we eat ice cream,” he added.

The growing gap in the market for futures from onshore exchanges is stimulating growing competition and attracting new entrants, such as ice.

Any ingredients you add are going to get pulverized, but on the bright side, it easily crushes ice.

Some monkeys wanted to keep the ice to themselves, then they got bored,” Shimabuku observed of the 22-minute video.

The monkeys looked at the ice and they grabbed it.

Some hadn’t seen ice for generations, and still they reacted spontaneously,” noted Shimabuku.

It’s another thing to keep a case on ice because President Trump wants to keep making unconstitutional payments.

Icy rain also threatened to cover roads with ice in the mountains of northeast Georgia, officials said.

Read: This toddler got sick in ice detention.

Read: This toddler got sick in ice detention.

Under this agreement, five federal prisons in Texas, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, and California (Victorville) are housing 1,600 ice detainees.

“Abolish ice” becomes the newest rallying cry; Mexico elects a leftist president.

That melt is also dramatically affecting the ice that the bears rely on.

Sea ice in the region was lower in June than the September averages, when ice is usually at its lowest point according to Earther.

Bears need the ice to hunt for the enormous amount of food they need to stay alive — some 12,000 calories a day.

You will not mix tuna with ice cream because, even though they both are tasty, together they make a bad combination.

The school has decided to honor him in the best possible way: by naming an ice cream flavor after him.

Cornell senior Molly Mandel, who interned at the nearby Cornell Dairy Processing Plant, knew that Biden ice cream just had to happen.

“There’s these pictures of him eating all kinds of ice cream,” Simons told the Cornell Sun.

“I didn’t even know how to figure out what his favorite ice cream is.”

(As an aside, I feel like I should’ve been asking, “Does this school have its own ice cream factory?”

Surprisingly, no one has made a Biden ice cream flavor before.

After learning about Biden’s flavor preferences, Cornell Dairy filled three 30-gallon tubs with vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips, and now they wait.

The ice Merrill Lynch U.S. high-yield index has posted returns of 8.92% so far this year.

One of the more confusing aspects of A Song of ice and Fire is that characters born centuries apart sometimes have the same names.

Our planet is freezing, record low temps,and our GW scientists are stuck in ice 26,000 unreported sexual assults in the military-only 238 convictions.

ice Cube, Charles Oakley, Offset from Migos and his GF, Cardi B, and A$AP Ferg were also in the crowd.

Arctic sea ice cover was the lowest since satellites started keeping tabs.

The massive sheet of ice that covers Greenland has started melting six weeks earlier than normal, dumping more water into already rising oceans.

It’s unclear whether that discovery would have happened if the ice bucket challenge hadn’t caught on.

Martin about his Song of ice and Fire series, the books that gave rise to the TV series.

Online social activism works, as those ice bucket videos have shown us, when it isn’t the final step.

On Wednesday, 21 Savage was released from the South Georgia ice detention center after being held for nine days.

Mikey managed to do start his own ice cream shop.

Like the nesting dolls of science payloads, ice would feature three modules, each needing to be deployed by the previous one.

ice could be the future of exploring ocean worlds as it has unique advantages over drilling proposals.

Retribution has come swiftly for the New York lawyer who threatened to call ice on some restaurant workers speaking Spanish.

It stands for the coldness of Wall Street, and also for the profit-driven destruction of the polar ice caps.

They’re also going big on ice creams, giving classic iced treats a modern makeover.

As Berg points out, you can’t have a seaside cafe without ice cream.

It’s also a riff on the old British ice cream wafer sandwiches that always seemed impossible to eat as a kid.

By using a taco, you’ve ingeniously got a little biscuit curve to act as a reservoir for all that melted ice cream.

Amid the monochromes, the endless black and white and gray, was the jarring blue of glacial ice.

With a sun-drenched roof deck, yoga rooms, kimchi bowls, and a free beer and ice cream bar, how could you not?

The preserves then go into a highball glass with rum, vinegar, ginger bitters, and smashed ice.

ice Cube’s clearly upset with the latest deflategate scandal, courtesy of Goodyear.

Let the ice cream games begin.

Just shake up some lime juice, grapefruit juice, and tequila, dump into a salt-rimmed glass with ice, and top with soda water.

After all, some might say that life is like a bodega ice cream freezer.

You never know what flavor you’re gonna get underneath all that freezer burn and ice crystals.

With little to no men in the camp, young boys were often sent to collect blocks of ice for their families.

The ice distributed by aid organizations meant families had access to cold water and a rudimentary refrigeration method in the sweltering heat.

ice did not respond to a request for comment.

ice did not respond to a request for comment.

It’s not a flavor of ice cream.

For his most recent meeting with ice, on Aug. 29, he brought his lawyer and asked his wife to come along for moral support.

ice is allowed to detain unauthorized immigrants whether or not they’re prosecuted in criminal court, for the duration of their civil immigration proceedings.

The purpose of Trump’s executive order was to allow ice to detain families indefinitely again.

For his most recent meeting with ice, on Aug. 29, he brought his lawyer and asked his wife to come along for moral support.

Approximately 2.2 million immigrants are on “custodial supervision” with ice, according to a Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s report published in April.

ice agents in New York detained Joel Guerrero, a 37-year-old carpenter from the Dominican Republic, in late February.

In Virginia, ice agents detained Liliana Cruz Mendez during a routine meeting in early May.

“We have a limited amount of detention space,” ice said.

ice found him in 2006 after an encounter with local police related to a charge that was eventually dismissed.

In February, ice’s director essentially blocked agents from exercising discretion on a case-by-case basis.

Chaos behind the scenes at ice further complicates matters for Browne and other immigrants under agency supervision.

“No population is off the table,” acting ice Director Tom Homan said at a hearing on Capitol Hill in June.

Unfortunately, all four of his paws become completely encased in ice while he waited for the cold to pass.

Game of Thrones is ultimately just as concerned with succession rights and diplomatic marriages as it is with dragons and ice zombies.

Martin’s A Song of ice and Fire series of novels, was adapted into two seasons of television.

“Teach Me Tonight” (season 2, episode 19) Rory and Jess are at their most entertainingly flirty when they go on their ice cream run.

And they’re like ‘you’re that dude,’ and you’re like, ‘please, I just want to buy this ice cream.'”

Instead of enjoying warm weather, some decided to chill in the ice Hotel in northern Sweden.

ice made his stance pretty clear — all players have the freedom to make their own decision.

Voting records are on ice in North Carolina; three natural disasters hit Japan in one week.

The world’s first climate change museum opens its inaugural exhibition, exploring polar ice through art at the Parsons School of Design in Manhattan.

4, 84×144” that depicts an “iceberg graveyard” where grounded glacial ice is melting, joined by a time-lapse video of her creating the large-scale drawing.

Photographs of gleaming ice samples from various depths and ages are installed like totems on the gallery walls.

ice cores act as paleothermometers, or tools for understanding the temperatures of the past.

What do you have, an ice chest at your house?

LG: I have an ice chest.

KS: A guy come in with tongs and the giant ice things.

TRUMP: You bring up something I have to say, our border patrol agents and ice Agents have done one great job.

H. is stripped, hosed with water and laid on a plastic sheet in a pool of ice water.

“South Metro Firefighters just rescued a dog that fell through the ice,” it wrote on Twitter.

But the severe chill this week has revealed that many buildings aren’t that good at keeping the cold air, and even the ice, out. You know it’s cold when there’s ice INSIDE the window and patio door.

There was hope that ice would spare unaccompanied children and those with pending claims for asylum and other forms of protection.

As Antarctica melts, it’s releasing centuries’ worth of locked-away ice into the ocean and pushing sea levels higher.

There was hope that ice would spare unaccompanied children and those with pending claims for asylum and other forms of protection.

The lines between ice and local law enforcement has been blurred.

Looking back 23 million years ago, the Antarctic ice sheet was also shrinking quickly.

Once all that ice was gone, it took millions of years for it to grow back again.

Antarctica seems to be particularly sensitive to this, with an ice sheet that “can be more easily lost than built up,” according to Reichgelt.

I think we probably hit a peak last week, where it was so cold people were breaking ice to get to the water.”

The meal included pasta, steak and fish, and ended with a sweet treat: praline ice cream sandwiches.

Pass through cheese cloth into a container sitting over ice to not to dull the bright green color.

Basement at the Edition has become a SoBe crown jewel thanks to its neon-lit bowling alley and ice skating rink.

“Love, ice Cream is the product of collaborative, open-ended songwriting between Amanda and I,” Bezic explains.

Meanwhile, Dorsey has provoked his fair share of controversy and criticism, extolling fasting and ice baths as part of his daily routine.

Stream Love, ice Cream in full below.

When he’s not in Washington, Dorsey regularly hops in and out of ice baths and saunas.

Dorsey said in the “Tales of the Crypt” podcast that he started using ice baths and saunas in the evenings around 2016.

He will alternately sit in his barrel sauna for 15 minutes and then switch to an ice bath for three.

He repeats this routine three times, before finishing it off with a one-minute ice bath.

Almost all of these desserts are incomplete without a big scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

He sits over a small hole in the Arctic ice, watching for a seal to swim by below, spear at the ready.

In this case, we’re assuming you don’t have an ice cream churner, so you’ll have to do the shaking yourself.

That leads us back to Crozier, sitting on the ice, waiting.

He’s waiting for a better world, but we know the ice he sits on is only going to melt.

In March, she released Amala—her real first name—a 13-track compilation of what she considers to be “ice cream truck” music.

They are expected to be released to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice) and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) early next week.

One memo instructs ice agents to ignore Obama’s memos on immigration priorities that targeted only recent arrivals and convicted criminal migrants for deportation.

The ice memo also states that immigrants will not be afforded rights under U.S. privacy laws.

When I had my wisdom tooth pulled out, I got an aspirin and Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

Martin’s A Song of ice and Fire series were utterly gripping.

“…followed, of course, by ice cream sandwiches at State Bird Provisions.”

In 2013, ice agents raided independent repair stores in South Florida and seized between around $300,000 in parts apple claimed were counterfeit.

Next to Fraser’s chart, an “ice Escape Sign” (2018) by Jenny Polak speaks directly to CAMH and its proximity to borderlands.

Alsan and Yang found a decrease in safety net sign-ups for every 10 percent increase in ice detainers.

The second half cools the fire: Morgan Freeman does his version of “Get Ur Freak On” while promoting Mountain Dew ice.

There, ice officers decided against releasing her on bond.

And repeatedly, bond was denied as ice argued that she was a flight risk.

The ice prosecutor countered that Vasquez was a flight risk because of her failure to appear in court on earlier traffic charges.

ice set his bond at $12,000.

“The ice officer told me because of Trump’s policies anyone who has a pending process will move on to immigration detention,” Huerta said.

Laws that force ice to put more effort into arresting and detaining immigrants are one way to do that.

It’s a chronicle recent events, titled A Song of ice and Fire.

And that decision brought about the end of the Song of ice and Fire.

ICYMI … Chris and Offset have been feuding since Chris posted a meme of 21 Savage, making fun of his ice arrest.

Scientists have detected long-lost continents hidden under Antarctica’s ice sheets using data from a satellite that has been dead for five years.

This week, we’re talking about our favorite bougie ice cream.

Jeni’s Splendid ice Creams, multiple locations This fancy Columbus-based spot has spread nation-wide over recent years, including Chicago.

The owner, Andrew, is a complete ice cream whisperer—no seriously, I’ve heard he talks to his ice cream.

And adults who can’t hold an ice cream.

No ice cream within 1000 miles holds a candle to Em’s.

— John Martin, MUNCHIES Publisher Odd Fellows ice Cream, New York, NY Odd Fellows is the greatest ice cream store in the world.

I just eat hella ice cream.

In Scorched, she routed a long trail of explosive fuse through 26 blocks of ice.

I’ve always believed that ice cream can’t taste as good as it does without actually being bad for your health.

The Charmery, Baltimore, MD The Charmery, located in Baltimore’s Hampden neighborhood, has some of the best handmade ice creams I’ve ever had.

— Farideh Sadeghin, MUNCHIES Culinary Director Little Baby’s ice Cream, Philadelphia, PA Where do I even begin with Little Baby’s?

Which is probably why it’s not surprising that Little Baby’s pizza flavored ice cream actually tastes pretty damn good.

“Why do I care so much that these two Canadian ice dancers aren’t dating?” the Cut recently asked.

Why is everyone so obsessed with ice skating romances?

Emotional displays are so rarely socially sanctioned on a broad scale that it becomes cathartic to watch powerful emotional expression unfold on the ice.

And the performed romances of Olympic ice dancing seem even more legitimate to us because of the ceremony and seriousness that accompanies them.

On the ice, the Shibutanis are telling a much different story than Canada’s sweethearts.

The Falcons star has the winning record in head-to-head NFL games, but Matty ice told us Stafford was the cooler customer on vacay.

Multicolored, sparkly ice cream is an unlikely battleground in U.S. grocery stores.

HAWAII: Shave ice is just what it sound like: a snack made with ice block shavings and flavored syrups.

Unicorn ice cream, pork belly bites and artisan jerky were among 219 new store brand items that boosted sales by $225 million.

Breakfast cereal and cake followed, and Target Corp launched a cherry-flavored Unicorn Magic ice cream last year.

MASSACHUSETTS: The Hoodsie Cup is a small waxed-paper cup filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

PENNSYLVANIA: Water ice, or wooder ice in Philly, is one of Pennsylvania’s greatest summertime snacks.

Rita’s Italian ice started in Trevose, PA, and is the ultimate place to try the frozen treat.

A month later, it introduced Unicorn Sparkle ice cream selling for $2.24 for 48 ounces, compared to $2.50 for Kroger’s Unicorn Swirl.

I tell myself a similar thing after demolishing a pizza: I need ice cream to restore the status quo.

Looks like everyone enjoyed the meal … and ice cold hurricanes too.

The former had started throwing torches and ice at police and other protesters, which led to several people ending up with head injuries.

Think ice Cube is gonna trade his silver and black for blue and gold just because the Rams are moving to L.A.??

The trillion-ton piece of ice just broke off from the Larsen-C ice shelf on the Antarctic peninsula.

Sea levels won’t rise from this new iceberg because the ice was already in the ocean.

But it’s still worrying because of the long-term impact it could have on the rest of the shelf’s ice.

“This is the furthest back that the ice front has been in recorded history.

An ice shelf forms when glaciers on land start to spread out over the sea.

And they serve as a doorstop — keeping glacial ice on the continent from drifting out to sea.

With the changes to Avelica’s record, his lawyers hope ice will let him go.

ice loss on Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating, a 2015 Science study found.

It matters because the ice shelves help keep the land ice in place.

And if the shelves destabilize from events like this, it could destabilize the land ice that could drastically contribute to sea level rise.

In 2002, the smaller Larsen-B ice shelf, which had existed for 10,000 years, partially collapsed and formed an iceberg the size of Rhode Island.

It’s hard to wrap your head around the sheer amount of water and ice involved in the new iceberg.

The Larsen-C shelf is the continent’s fourth-largest ice shelf.

ice should release Romulo immediately.”

Now, the whole Larsen-C ice sheet isn’t ripping off from the continent — only around 12 percent.

The ice Age mythology is getting way too complicated.

Forty trillion cubic feet of ice is a pretty mind-boggling figure.

The answer, as it turns out, is that Collision Course is mostly an uninteresting attempt to keep making ice Age movies.

Project Midas reports it will likely travel the path of previous icebergs that have broken off of Larsen ice shelves.

The ice shelf breaking apart will not contribute to sea level rise.

That’s because this portion of ice was already in the water.

And when ice melts, the volume of water produced is equal to the volume of water displaced by the ice.

That is, when an ice cube melts into a glass of ice water, the water level doesn’t rise.

See: Again, the danger is that the break makes the land ice unstable.

It’s possible this portion of the ice shelf grows back.

BREAKING: A charter plane carrying the Miami Heat slid on ice while taxi-ing at Milwaukee’s airport.

What’s remarkable is the degree to which ice Age is popular overseas.

Well, of all of the big animated franchises, ice Age is perhaps the one that’s most defined by its action sequences.

I think the ice Age movies just like having lots of celebrities in their voice casts.

Bearded, spotted and ringed seals use sea ice as platforms for food foraging, for resting and for raising their young.

ice Age: Collision Course is playing in theaters across the country.

I hope they make more ice Age movies, because I enjoyed writing this review.

The Des Moines area was a suitable habitat for many ice Age animals such as mastodons and bison.

L’Enclume uses some unconventional ingredients to make its exquisite desserts, like this strawberry and marigold dessert with sheep’s milk ice cream.

ice storm rolls from Texas to Tennessee – I’m in Los Angeles and it’s freezing.

I remember back in the ’70s we were talking about the coming ice age.”

“But usually ice looks favorably on the applications, and often we can get agreements to delay court proceedings.”

Martin’s A Song of ice and Fire novels while largely having been avoided on the show (with exceptions).

Some experts initially thought they might be ice.

Others speculated ice volcanoes.

The idea is that Ceres has a salty layer of water ice just beneath its surface.

The water ice then evaporated away in the sun, leaving only the bright-colored hexahydrite behind.

The existence of subsurface water ice remains one of the central mysteries of Ceres.

Scientists have long wondered — based on measurements of the dwarf planet’s mass — if Ceres might have vast amounts of ice in its mantle.

“As hydrogen is a principal constituent of water, water ice could be present close to the surface in polar regions.”

Among the crops stored in the cavernous underground ice tunnels at -18º C (-0.4º F): 150,000 samples of rice, and 140,000 samples of wheat.

Remember that adorable puppy the St. Louis Blues adopted during the season and occasionally let loose on the ice??

We have a favorite flavor of ice cream.

Sad he won’t be around the ice anymore?

Last month, New York attorneys said they saw Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice) agents sitting through misdemeanor court hearings.

ice officials were also videotaped lingering outside a Denver courtroom.

And in Pasadena, Calif., a lawyer said ice agents arrested his client as he walked out a courtroom.

The lawyer told the Los Angeles Times that he’d never seen ice make an arrest inside a courthouse before.

Last month, New York attorneys said they saw Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ice) agents sitting through misdemeanor court hearings.

ice officials were also videotaped lingering outside a Denver courtroom.

We have proposed new legislation that will fix our immigration laws and support our ice and border patrol agents.

And in Pasadena, Calif., a lawyer said ice agents arrested his client as he walked out a courtroom.

The lawyer told the Los Angeles Times that he’d never seen ice make an arrest inside a courthouse before.

Years in the air force before becoming an ice agent, and facing gang violence in dangerous criminals, getting them off our streets.

After eating our ice cream, we parted ways.

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The red carpet is rolling out, the champagne is on ice and the statuettes are about to be handed over.

Everyday undocumented queer Latinxs live in fear that any Latinx gathering, queer or otherwise, becomes another opportunity for an ice raid.

The stop was one of several on a relatively muted “ice tour” that his campaign is doing this week.

Definitely ice packs.

But the number was wrong: Instead of being a number for ORR, it was an ice tip line.

Sessions accused Democratic Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf of actively seeking to help illegal immigrants avoid ice.

And I’ve seen it.” Trump claims border patrol and ice agents “love those people coming across the border.

Having mastered chocolate, Hillard turned her attention to ice cream and went to Italy to train at the Carpigiani Gelato University in Bologna.

The number of immigrants in ice custody also recently hit a record-high 52,000.

ice cream turned out to be really similar in process to chocolate,” she says.

Less temperamental than chocolate, ice cream liberated Hillard to experiment.

And while he wouldn’t abolish ice, Castro’s plan would dismantle the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations branch, which handles arrests and deportations.

His plan would also reduce the number of immigrants detained by ice.

After six months, Hillard had made over 200 flavours of ice cream.

True to the name of her cafe, all of Hillard’s ice creams have milk at their base.

“It’s a milk ice cream: the cow is queen.

In May, he introduced a bill that would block the 287(g) partnerships between ice and local law enforcement agencies.

He would also change the current ice enforcement priorities.

Klobuchar doesn’t support the abolition of ice, but she told the Washington Post that she would redistribute some of its duties to other agencies.

Pathway to citizenship: yes Abolishing ice: unclear The former vice president unveiled a vague immigration plan in a Miami Herald op-ed Monday.

Mary’s Milk Bar keeps the ice cream flavours seasonal, an idea some customers can’t get their heads around.

On my visit to the milk bar, there’s a mysterious ice cream called “Skrok” in the freezer.

“She used to go to a tiny ice cream shop in Italy as a child and they only sold Skrok.

It’s a plain ice cream base, dark chocolate chip, a cherry ripple, pieces of cherry, and honey-roasted nuts.”

“We do quite a lot of cheesy ice creams,” she says.

“The reason it was so disgusting is because it tasted like food, which is not what you want ice cream to taste of.

Smart’s defender, a purple-ankled Markieff Morris, expected Wall to ice Thomas toward the sideline.

Minneapolis’ 4th Precinct was already on thin ice when it came to establishing community trust.

Mitchell’s ice Cream: This family-owned, old-school ice cream shop (since 1953!)

Jackfruit ice cream is considered a “standard” flavor, but so are spumoni and rum raisin.

Bi-Rite Market: From its overstuffed sandwiches to its small-batch ice cream, this grocery store-cum-deli-cum-creamery nails it in all of its endeavors.

But their roasted banana ice cream and slow-roasted beef and Cheddar sandwich are worth going into debt for.

Superstar candidates like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ran and won on far-left platforms that include proposals like abolishing ice and a federal jobs guarantee.

It’s San Francisco’s oldest ice cream parlor, but the waitstaff are less of the Doris-in-an-apron variety and more of the attractive-young-tattooed-people ilk.

We’ve all heard that ice should be applied to a sports injury, but in recent years experts have questioned that bit of dogma.

Turns out that ice might even make some injuries worse, as Caulfield explains in his paper.

A lawsuit arguing that DACA was unconstitutional, filed by the state of Mississippi and a group of ice agents, was swiftly dismissed without fanfare.

In Washington, ice agents attempted to strip DACA protections from an immigrant because they claimed he’d admitted to being a gang member.

Most DACA recipients are better qualified than many other unauthorized immigrants to fight their deportations if ice tries to deport them.

And Trump doubles down on it despite the growing horror — child detention, metering, Remain in Mexico, threatened ice raids.

Bacterial spores (dormant bacteria that form a protective outer coating) in the Arctic have been revived after thousands of years frozen in ice.

“We are already well ahead of the model projections when it comes to the loss of Arctic sea ice,” he said.

“We’re still going to have cold weather, cold temperatures, snow and ice,” Hayhoe said.

Endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NARAL, she believes in “smart and tough foreign policy” and does not support abolishing ice.

(Soft ice cream is taxed based on its volume after the air is mixed in.)

China’s annual consumption of ice cream would fill 2,344 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

3) Trump lies about chronology, like the timing of the ice union endorsement.

China surpassed the US as the world’s number one ice cream consumer in 2014, consuming 5.86 billion liters of the frozen desert.

He said he attempted to take photos of the incident, prompting ice agents to take his phone and throw it into the street.

Collins also claims that he was then handcuffed and threatened with arrest by ice officers.

ice ultimately uncuffed Collins, he said, but left with Aguilar in custody.

He said he attempted to take photos of the incident, prompting ice agents to take his phone and throw it into the street.

Collins also claims that he was then handcuffed and threatened with arrest by ice officers.

ice ultimately uncuffed Collins, he said, but left with Aguilar in custody.

ice provided a criminal complaint against Aguilar to Vice News that offered its own account of what happened on the farm.

According to that document, ice officers found Aguilar by “opening a publicly accessible door,” according to the complaint.

ice officers then detained him.

According to ice, Aguilar has been “physically removed” from the United State three separate times in 2008, 2011, and 2014.

An ice spokesperson declined to answer questions about a search warrant or Aguilar’s whereabouts.

“I remember it was winter, and the sunlight was reflecting off the ice, snow, and water.

But rather than releasing him, Kent County deputies held him until ice agents could pick him up.

Kent County Undersheriff Chuck DeWitt told the Associated Press that they were holding Ramos-Gomez at ice‘s request.

“Once he was released from our custody, he was under the domain of ice,” DeWitt told AP.

“I immediately called ice and shouted at them,” lawyer Richard Kessler told the Washington Post.

They think really think I’m into juice and ice cream, which, not so much, but they’re right on mustard and non-dairy milk.

Last April, a Philly native found himself ensnared by ice after he tested positive for marijuana in violation of his probation agreement.

South Korea is also seeking to form a united women’s ice hockey team with the North, according to media reports.

Lamar Odom is finally getting his shot to join ice Cube’s BIG3 league.

Fresh Kid ice — founding member of 2 Live Crew — died of, among other things, cirrhosis of the liver … TMZ has learned.

Fresh Kid ice — founding member of 2 Live Crew, and a pioneer for Asian rappers, died in Miami … TMZ has learned.

This year, Saudino packed the county’s jail with undocumented immigrants, many non-criminals, earning his office $12 million from ice.

The jail now holds more ice detainees than people of Bergen County charged with crimes, WNYC reported.

Here’s Kim Kardashian licking ice cream.

Kim, Kourtney and her kid, Penelope, hit up Sloan’s ice Cream and candy shop Monday in Calabasas.

A diver heads to the surface, through a hole in the ice.

A diver heads to the surface, through a hole in the ice.

This ice is transitioning straight from solid to gas, in a process called sublimation.

Six-pounder cannon hanging under the ice.

In September 1846, the ships were trapped in the shifting Arctic ice.

No ice on this dice.

He is an owner of the Florida Panthers ice hockey team.

It looked as if he were walking on black ice.

THE ice CREAM SHOW airs Tuesdays at 10:30 PM.

He is an owner of the Florida Panthers ice hockey team.

It was also a time of cooling temperatures that would eventually usher in the most recent ice Age.

As he was leaving the ice, his skate got caught in a crevice, he fell and dislocated and fractured his shoulder … according to Freund.

In El Paso, ice arrested a transgender woman named Irvin Gonzalez as she filed a restraining order against an abusive partner.

Their critics argue that this sacrifices the safety of unauthorized immigrants who are crime victims for the sake of ice agents’ safety.

The type that has been turned into ice cream.

Rising temperatures will drive up global sea levels as the world’s glaciers and ice sheets melt.

But it doesn’t look like ice is trying to limit its courthouse arrests to particularly dangerous immigrants.

Many of the people ice has arrested at courthouses had prior convictions (including drunk driving and drugs).

Indeed, it’s not at all clear that ice is restricting courthouse arrests to people with any prior criminal records at all.

Scientists have also noted that glaciers and ice sheets around the world are melting.

Summer sea ice has dwindled even more rapidly, by 13.2 percent per decade.

The Antarctic ice sheet is also getting smaller, but at a much slower rate.

That’s a wide range, reflecting some of the uncertainties scientists have in how ice will melt.

One example: If West Antarctica’s ice sheet started crumbling, that could push sea levels up significantly.

It’s a lot of ice cream and yelling at the TV, frankly, I don’t know what people are so worked up about.

House Republicans are backtracking on their idea to allow a vote on Democrats’ controversial “Abolish ice” bill, worried their political stunt would backfire.

According to a recent survey by Morning Consult/Politico, 54 percent of Americans are against abolishing ice.

The glistening ice fields for which Glacier National Park is named are retreating higher into their alpine valleys.

There, the damage is compounded by melting permafrost and the loss of sea ice that in the past blunted the force of winter storms.

He structured the entire Song of ice and Fire series around living in their heads and reading their every thought.

His career would end without ever seeing the ice in the NHL.

During the winter months, the polar ice cap grow and grows.

Less ice in the Arctic triggers a feedback loop.

The less ice, the more solar radiation is absorbed into the ocean.

And that makes the region even warmer, and leads to even smaller amounts of ice.

Throughout the winter months, the ice cap doubles in size from nearly 3 million square miles to nearly 6 million.

Here’s NASA’s illustration of what the sea ice extent looked like in 2015 through the early months of 2016.

Every year, polar scientists measure the extent of the sea ice during winter.

In the following chart of sea ice extents, you can clearly see how the average maximum winter sea ice declines every decade.

In 1985, 45 percent of the ice in the Arctic was more than a year old.

Younger ice is thinner than older ice and more susceptible to changes in temperature, and to melting.

Thinning ice makes life tougher for polar bears, which travel on ice sheets to find food.

And this winter, polar scientists saw something unheard of happening to some of the oldest, thickest ice left.

In late February, satellite images showed a hole in the ice (i.e., exposed water) just north of Greenland.

That’s where scientists expect the ice “to be at its thickest and most stable,” Petty says.

The northerly warm airflow opened up the sea ice north of Greenland. Melting sea ice does not contribute much to sea level rise.

Watch an ice cube melt in a glass of water — the water level won’t rise because ice is less dense than water.

(This is basically true for what happens when the polar ice caps melt.

More importantly, the melting sea ice does impact something that contributes greatly to sea level rise: land ice.

And that’s critical — because sitting on top of Greenland is an enormous ice sheet.

If this land ice melts into the water, it will cause a global sea level rise.

Arctic sea ice extent has been measured by satellites since the 1970s.

So while climate scientist suspect we’re witnessing the greatest decline in Arctic sea ice in human history, it’s hard to prove conclusively.

Yet scientists can make some guesses about historical ice extent by sampling ice cores, permafrost records, and tree rings.

In the latest Arctic Report Card, NOAA included this chart, which plots the estimated sea ice area for the past 1,500 years.

ice cream sales and the number of drownings are correlated positively, but eating ice cream does not cause drownings.

Rather, sales of ice cream are higher in the warmer summer months when more people go swimming,” they wrote in a recent editorial.

The real culprit is increasing fuel efficiency among ice vehicles.

Gas taxes haven’t been raised in ages and ice vehicles have become increasingly efficient — that’s the state transportation revenue crunch in a nutshell.

If states are going to tax EV buyers for not buying gas, why not tax owners of fuel-efficient ice vehicles for burning less gas?

Hot coffee and melting ice cubes aren’t a good mix if you like your coffee to keep its integrity.

We could also use resources on the moon — like water, trapped in ice, which exists on the moon — to help supply those missions.

iced coffee requires, well, ice, and some smaller cafes have to rent their ice machines.

The last thing you have to take into is the ice.

With the ripples of water that branch out from the center of an ice cube, a sparkling bloom resonates with colors.

The ice displaces about four ounces of liquid, Soller found.

That didn’t matter to the police officer, who quickly notified ice that it had Jose Alvarez in custody.

His final meal included fried pork chops, fried ham, French fries, vanilla swirl ice cream and a can of Coke.

We also invented basketball, ice hockey, the goalie mask, the jockstrap’s hard cup, and table hockey.

The ice shatters, as predicted, but does the iPhone?

I envisioned mass migrations, ocean waves as tall as buildings, and sad polar bears on isolated ice sheets.

We hope ice in a sentence examples were helpful.