Hour in a sentence | Use of the word hour examples

“Say I go jogging for an hour and then I’m calm down but still feel very active,” Wittman says.

“I think I got propelled at about 20 miles an hour,” Felix said.

Throughout the first half hour or so of Aladdin, I started to think it might be able to pull out a win.

The 10 AM hour of “Today” was one of the most profitable shows for the network.

The Eleven-centric hour may be structurally daring.

That’s more than one per hour, or even more, assuming that Trump sleeps — although his 4 a.m. tweets suggest otherwise.

Overall, it took about an hour.

They were both moving at about three miles per hour and it was kind of like a super-slow-speed train wreck.

You probably use it an hour, maybe two hours a day at most.

While they came to provide moral support, the other girls ended up hopping behind the decks as co-performers for the hour.

Now happening weekly, TGAF’s Sunday hour on PIIAF is an eclectic mix of pop, experimental music, and house.

“Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is going to help mostly women, people of color, and low-income people.

Just the other day, I heard that people were talking about my memes for half an hour during a dinner among industry people.

An observer on the surface of Comet 332P/Ikeya-Murakami would see the Sun rise and set within an hour.

We are now facing our darkest hour.

Place in the refrigerator for 1 hour.

Police removed barricades early on Saturday morning while staff were able to go home, after a more than 15 hour blockade.

“It’s not about employees earning another dollar an hour,” Ryan says.

One of its senior lawmakers warned on Monday that Israel would be destroyed within “only half an hour” should the United States attack Iran.

In Missouri, the ballot initiative is called Proposition B; it would gradually hike the current minimum wage to $12 per hour by 2023.

If the measure is approved, the first increase would go into effect next year, with wages rising to $8.60 an hour.

In January, a total of 18 states raised their minimum wage, six of which will eventually hit $15 an hour.

If voters approve Issue 5 in November, they would get a modest raise, earning $11 an hour by 2021.

That’s why the current minimum wage is $8.50 an hour.

The average worker in Arkansas needs to earn $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom home, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

The minimum wage would reach $12 per hour in 2023.

Pop in their 2015 record The 25th hour, which is packed full of pit-starters to which anyone can throw down.

Each creator spotlight takes anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

The bittersweet feeling instantly settles over the whole film, like the last hour of twilight.

We’re told they were inside for about an hour on what looked like a date night, and it appeared to go pretty well.

Adjusted for inflation, minimum wage has gone down by about $3 an hour.

The flight took off after about a 2 hour delay.

“The geopolitical situation makes this Europe’s hour: the time for European sovereignty has come,” he said.

ET (1200-1300 GMT), shattering in one hour the previous record of 2.2 inches (5.6 cm) set in 1958.

“They broke their daily record in an hour,” he said.

We talked it out for an hour, and afterward she told me that had been my interview.

Economic progress ultimately occurs because we figure out ways to produce more stuff with every hour of work.

Workers produced more and more per hour, and they were rewarded with higher and higher wages.

He’s spent much of his career producing cabaret shows and will soon join the Eagle’s staff as the new “happy hour” manager.

The all-time high for the national minimum wage, after adjusting for inflation, was about $11 per hour in 1968.

Since the 1980s, the national, inflation-adjusted minimum wage hasn’t been higher than $8 per hour.

Krueger has served in the Obama administration and supports raising the national minimum wage to $12 per hour.

But as the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell points out, there are four states where the median wage is less than $15 per hour.

Both are more than an hour away from Fort Wayne.

Both are more than an hour away from Fort Wayne.

Whedon wrote and directed, lending the hour of Joyce’s death an austere reverence unusual on American TV.

On the other hand, this could never be the finest hour of Buffy simply because it’s not really an hour of Buffy.

I spent many a happy hour tinkering with Toshio Iwai’s musical curio Electroplankton.

Topol allotted an hour and ended up sitting there for more than three.

Over the course of the alternately hilarious and sobering hour, she explains exactly why she finds comedy to be morally untenable for her.

On an average Friday, he says, he would do upper-body lifts for an hour, then swim for an hour.

An hour later, another Saudi official attributed the death to a chokehold.

Earlier this month, New Jersey became the fourth state in the country to raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The news signals growing momentum for the years-long effort to raise the minimum pay to $15 an hour for workers all across the country.

And a majority of voters want it increased to $15 an hour.

It’s a four hour drive from Montreal and two hours from Toronto.

“You go out there and nothing really matters for an hour and a half.

He deleted the six-pointed star tweet about an hour later.

As Republican leaders held a vote on a Democratic motion open for more than an hour, McCain stood firm.

I’m half an hour late to my appointment, naturally.

But when I came back, half an hour later, everything was destroyed—my ship, and everything in it.

First, the cooks heated the rocks up in a fire for about an hour.

“It just opened an hour ago, madam,” a staff member in her glistening gold foil uniform explained rather nicely.

Meanwhile, the average worker saw an increase of 4 cents an hour.

They know that we need a $15 an hour federal minimum wage, free tuition at public colleges and universities, and universal childcare.

Because many of the main roads are impassible, getting there now takes over an hour.

Because many of the main roads are impassible, getting there now takes over an hour.

It’s like a family that drives back and forth in straight lines at a hundred miles an hour all day long.

SeaTac, Washington currently has the highest minimum wage in the country of $16.09 an hour.

They both want to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Less than an hour following his sentencing, the former campaign chairman was charged with residential mortgage fraud and other felonies in New York.

Good thing I had just gotten my license an hour prior via a ten-minute-long, Skyped-in session with PrestoDoctor for my tendonitis.

After spending the last hour researching, I learned that there’s a design flaw in sneakers that causes squeaking.

I spent an hour with these guys, because I was interested in …

Let’s predict what will happen during our half hour to 45 minutes of conversation.

Charlie Warzel: He’s homeless by the end of the hour.

Peter Kafka: I promised I wouldn’t ask all about Fox News for half an hour, but I can’t help myself.

“When we discovered the post, which was I guess an hour or two later, we pulled it down,” he continued.

), out since September, plays like “Antidote” stretched to nearly an hour.

The shower actually lasts for weeks, but at its peak you can usually see up to 100 meteors an hour.

Hail this obsessive flair maker and give yourself an hour break to create your own!

“The regime at this hour, days after a blackout without precedent, has no diagnosis,” he said at a news conference on Sunday.

Wright is more interested in myth-spinning than retreading history, which undercuts Darkest hour’s final inspirational punch.

Darkest hour is currently playing in theaters.

But in less than an hour, he’ll set you straight.

Dyker Heights is a good half-hour drive from downtown Manhattan, and about an hour away on the subway.

Another Russian-operated flight, a Boeing 757 cargo plane, arrived at the airport an hour earlier via Cape Verde, according to publicly available flight data.

In the roughly six years he’s been playing since, he’s shaved more than an hour off that time.

They say Nance was pronounced dead less than an hour later.

I spoke with Gates about a week ago for nearly an hour.

You could go outside and fill a five-gallon bucket of clams in half an hour,” Baum said.

Less than an hour after that, state news agency Anadolu retracted that report.

Less than an hour after that, state news agency Anadolu retracted that report.

I didn’t see the guy myself until about an hour or two afterwards.

She started out as an apprentice making chocolate for £4 an hour and spent five years honing her skills.

Other Page administrators can continue to post on the Page, however—the Page posted content around one hour ago.

I anticipated spending less than an hour wandering the event’s aisles, since the MSP isn’t the largest venue.

In the next half hour, it regained most of the loss, ending at $1.24 when the clock struck 7:39.

Foxton shares are broadly flat after half an hour of trade in London on Tuesday morning, up just over 0.4%.

The conversation was supposed to last for an hour but ended after just 25 minutes, according to the Washington Post.

And that lasted for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, until the next shoe drops.

“You can set the maximum speed in your country to 20 miles an hour, and no one is going to get killed.

The moment she arrived in Saudi Arabia, Adia’s passport was confiscated and she was forced to work 20 hour days for no pay.

He dropped around $500 on the 3 hour session — and there’s way more to come.

Sources close to the singer tell us he’s been doing 10 hour sessions almost daily, attempting to ink his whole body.

I didn’t know much about it, but they agreed to give me an hour.

The moment she arrived in Saudi Arabia, Adia’s passport was confiscated and she was forced to work 20 hour days for no pay.

Within an hour, the streets around the complex were empty.

That’s 2,916 thoughts per hour, 69,984 per day, and 25,544,160 per year.

“The Woman’s hour,” set in 1920, tells the story of the long crusade by American women to get the right to vote.

“It looks mainly like something someone dashed off in an hour,” he said.

“It gives them eyes across the water at a height of 60 meters and they can move at 50 kilometers an hour,” he said.

After dinner, I teach a writing class that usually lasts about an hour.

The producer behind the track “Winona” delivers an hour‘s worth of groove-laden house.

As Chicago’s rush hour progressed, protestors made their way from Congress Parkway to the stretch of street outside the Art Institute.

“Coming up in the next hour or two, that’s when those winds kick in every day at Fort Mac,” Hess told VICE News.

“Coming up in the next hour or two, that’s when those winds kick in every day at Fort Mac,” Hess told VICE News.

If you’re wondering what the hell a Toyota car parade is … think your local highway at rush hour, with ONLY Toyotas.

Al and Tamron would normally be joined by Billy for the third hour of “Today.”

“You could fill a five-gallon bucket of clams in a half an hour,” he said.

“I think anyone who watched the press conference, including the president himself, would say it wasn’t his finest hour,” Davidson said.

Police say she was not in either car, and was taken to a nearby hospital where she was pronounced dead within an hour.

You see, Sivan’s Osthandel, an hour outside Gothenburg, is more than just a cafe.

Some left-leaning economists are skeptical about a minimum wage as high as $15 an hour.

For the next hour or so, “Hello, my passive aggressive friends” becomes a meme.

You didn’t need an appointment, and you could get medical information from St. Silicon any hour of the day.

Part of the fun of the show — as with any anthology series — is how disconnected every hour is from every other hour.

We’re told O and DT spoke for about an hour, and the conversation was warm and cordial.

It’s not a game you can pick up and play for an hour or two.

It’s not a game you can pick up and play for an hour or two.

The effects peak around an hour later.

Would people pay 100 dollars for a coffee that takes an hour to make?

They work for me one way or another, and you are going to have to pay your guy by the hour.

Cities like San Francisco and Seattle, which are both raising their minimum wage to $15 an hour, have thriving restaurant industries.

Dmytro was working on it and he invited us in and we hung out for about an hour.

Playing them all, just once through, took more than an hour.

The MTA is currently working on a new signal system for the 7 line that will allow at least two more trains per hour.

There haven’t been arrests for an hour.

It takes an hour.

See 0 hour I have your connections to Trump archived via Schiller and Scavino https://t.co/aTUDlCGkYi Mensch is quite combative with the press.

The 25 people who make the cut will be paid a base rate of $8.10 an hour, although bonuses are given for productivity.

Geniuses often made $25 to $30 an hour based on their tenure.

“From what I knew, many Geniuses who had been there since the store opened its doors were making well over $40 an hour.”

Then about an hour later, I heard smashing glass and someone yelling “look what you made me do!”.

Conservatives managed to add this little thing at the eleventh hour.

@daveweigel: Safe to say that had Hillary not made the coal gaffe, we’d have finished KY an hour ago, right?

He didn’t acknowledge us for over an hour.

He told them he was considering killing himself, and they asked him to wait an hour for the next available intake specialist.

Just like incense, a lure module will run for 30 minutes, giving you half an hour of Pokémon catching magic.

To test this, they exposed their test ducklings to a pair of objects an hour after they’d hatched, in a process called “imprinting.”

And Republican legislators have fought Democratic attempts to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour for employees, let alone contractors.

During a writing break he ate a THC candy bar, but after an hour and a half, he felt nothing.

The speed of each ball posted — 95 miles an hour!

It’s only an hour.

It’s only an hour.

Most electric-car owners need to set aside at least an hour, making an overnight charge in the garage the best option.

/2 The first state ratified the ERA within an hour, five more in the next day.

The measure will gradually hike the current minimum wage of $7.85 to $12 per hour by 2023.

And workers will start getting bigger paychecks when the first increase goes into effect in January, with wages rising to $8.60 an hour.

Workers in Arkansas will get bigger paychecks after the first increase goes into effect in January, with wages rising to $9.25 an hour.

In January, a total of 18 states raised their minimum wage, six of which will eventually hit $15 an hour.

So we have an hour to talk and then a bunch of questions from the audience.

Voters in Missouri approved Proposition B, a ballot measure that will gradually hike the state’s minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023.

That’s why the current minimum wage is $8.50 an hour.

The average worker in Arkansas needs to earn $13.84 an hour to afford a two-bedroom home, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

By 2023, the minimum wage will reach $12 per hour.

In neighboring Arkansas, voters approved a similar measure Tuesday to raise the minimum wage to $11 an hour.

There are 21 states, mostly in the South, where workers still earn the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

In January, a total of 18 states raised their minimum wage, six of which will eventually hit $15 an hour.

After half an hour, I’m as good as done.

He pushes the accelerator to 150 kilometers an hour.

Virgin Hyperloop One says there would be 120 pod gates accommodating over 8,500 passengers per hour.

The diminutive Johnson would play as many as 10 characters – often with foreign accents – in an hour long “Laugh-in” episode.

For example, 5 hour Energy typically contains 30 milligrams of niacin, which is quite a lot—140 percent of the recommended daily intake.

And the meeting only lasted one hour.

Less than an hour later, however, South Korea shot nearly perfectly in the final.

(Studies using fMRI are typically smaller than other psychology studies because the machines cost around $500 an hour to run.)

The party was initially scheduled for Saturday, but after tickets sold out in the first hour, a Friday night was added.

We took acid about an hour earlier, and were just starting to trip, the edges of everything becoming slightly surreal.

Until a year or so ago, locals were making $25-$30 an hour.

You don’t doubt her stamina or tenacity when she’s sitting through hour eleven of the Benghazi Kangaroo Court.

Furthermore … the beaches will only be accessible during the day and must be cleared an hour before sunset.

But how do you get to $15, $18, $20 an hour and a path to a career?

How difficult is it structurally to go from four minute tracks to an hour long score?

We’re told Ebner suffered extreme brain damage and now lies in her bed with 24 hour care.

At peak hours, up to 24 trains pass through the single-track tubes every hour.

Median household income has been essentially flat since 1999, but productivity per worker, productivity per hour, and national income per person are all up.

Cook until tender, about an hour and half.

Bring to a boil, then simmer for 1 hour.

(If you’ve never seen it, find a quiet place and at least watch the first hour.

(The battle ended in Amazon raising the hourly rate to $15 an hour but cutting company stock grants and bonuses.)

Associates at my facility put out about 60 packages an hour [per person].

If they were off task for more than an hour, it was an immediate firing.

2008 – beat Roger Federer (Switzerland) 6-1 6-3 6-0 Thrashed Federer in one hour 48 minutes before apologising at the end of the match.

What do you think about Amazon’s pay increase to $15 an hour?

I think they should be paying for $20 an hour.

An hour later on this March morning, and it’ll be the first time I sit outside without a coat on all year.

They have to sometimes travel an hour or more to receive their mail.

She says he was riding for at least an hour, and there was no sign of fatigue.

If you’re stuck indoors, that’s a great way to spend an hour.”

TMZ broke the story … Holder allegedly pistol-whipped a man one hour before Nipsey was murdered.

I knew we would be drinking, and he lived more than an hour away, so I suggested he spend the night.

This is not the most profound notion in the world, certainly, but it’s one The Night Of weaves throughout its second hour.

He waited there an hour before my parents went back upstairs and I snuck him out to take him back to his hotel!

Within the hour, Clinton was responding to the tape on Twitter: This is horrific.

She checks Twitter and Reddit three times an hour for new, relevant reporting, and saves links to those articles with the program, Evernote.

There was a chart which was put out, and it showed us having more wrestling per hour than any other promotion.

Coincidence or not, Bieber was an hour or 2 from trouble.

I can go around them Less than an hour later, Trump sent out another tweet, this one aimed directly at Rosenstein.

In the first half hour, Warren dominated the debate and received more time than her rivals to respond to questions.

If a recruit is within an eight or nine hour drive, he’ll go meet his family in person.

I thought, “For 20 euros, you could have rented a room for an hour!”

Rachel makes the four hour drive from Boston a few times each season, enthusiastically supporting Leonelli in this new phase of his career.

But for an hour‘s work in this current climate, not too shabby at all!

She took in the empty Eagle Dome, a half hour after GMC completed a weekend sweep of two conference rivals.

Five hour bus rides for conference games?

“Plus, London is only an hour and half away on a fast train.

But the night had just begun for her, and an hour later she reappeared — with Bieber himself — leaving Doheny Room.

Another 19 states, however, still stick by the existing federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour.

Backers of $12 an hour (instead of $15) included Hillary Clinton, and Senators Cory Booker, Chuck Schumer, and others.

“No one has been getting past JFK Airport immigration for the last hour.

After each fight, he resigns himself to staying at the stadium for an hour or two, due to photo ops with his admirers.

We’re told Mom spent nearly a grand in just one hour.

According to the National Weather Service Sunday morning, Houston received over 24 inches of rain in a twenty-four hour period.

It only requires one hour; we originally misread a low-res screenshot of the ransomware.

“We shot typically six to eight hour days.

And when they’re telling us an hour ago that they have basically lost 90 precincts, it’s an outrage.”

And when they’re telling us an hour ago that they have basically lost 90 precincts, it’s an outrage.”

But I’m in hour three.

But it doesn’t once, in around an hour of preview play, feel satisfying.

Around an hour and a half drive from Bazwaya are the Waeliya silos.

“Meet with 35 stunning women the first hour over cocktails.

I say this — [Scott] easily won, but every hour it seems to be going down.

It takes about an hour to drive the 55 kilometers from the current midpoint, in the municipality of Westerngrund, in southern Germany, to Gadheim.

Fire crews will remain on scene for 1 hour for overhaul.

So my challenge was to get you out of here in less than an hour.

Let’s assume you went at peak time and waited for half an hour.

Believe it or not, the federal government has an exact answer for you: $12.90 per hour.

The event lasted roughly an hour.

They crank out 600 to 700 boxes per hour, or four to five times the rate of a human packer, the sources said.

Transfer the dough to a plastic tub coated with nonstick spray and leave to ferment at room temperature for 1 hour.

Half an hour later, the Belgian police moved in, backed by three officers from France’s elite GIGN police unit.

Something ambient is finishing––something that seemed to last an hour and sound like squashy orange synthesizers yawning.

“Starting pay at [private collection company] Action Carting used to be $25.25 an hour,” Henry says.

“Now, it’s $11.00 an hour.

“I’m working next to people making $15, $16, $17 an hour, doing the same hard labor,” Ostro says.

“For $16 an hour, you should really consider finding another line of work.” Ostro is 46 years old now.

Things like 24 hour Party People did it well, American Splendor.

And even then, it’s unlikely to yield an hour’s worth of lead time.

Who can afford $15 dollars an hour better than Amazon?

The nine-and-a-half hour endurance test that is Shoah does not use those kinds of images.

There was no particularly day on which I gave up, no hard and fast hour of surrender.

With its extensive Andalusian tapas menu, excellent happy hour, and build-your-own-gin-and-tonic program, it’s unsurprising that Amada is fitting into the Big Apple seamlessly.

“Sometimes I’d be on the phone for an hour convincing someone not to commit suicide.

You know depending on the show this could go to about a half hour or so.

That hour of stuff is what I repeated and tinkered with and worked on.

The federal minimum wage for tipped workers — like bartenders — is $2.13 an hour.

“Any job that pays $2.13 an hour is not a job, it’s indentured servitude,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

That muscle memory doesn’t quit Now let’s pass #RaiseTheWage and get $15 an hour minimum for every worker in America.

Less than an hour and a half later, BuzzFeed decided to publish the actual memos that had been put together by the British ex-operative.

On one hand, it feels like our absurd 72 hour launch party was only yesterday.

Each group will only get to use the officially designated parade route space for an hour at a time, according to the permit application.

Seven per hour.

As Republican leaders held a vote on a Democratic motion open for more than an hour, McCain stood firm.

The bike can reach a top speed of 130 miles per hour, according to a Polaris spokesperson.

“That’s illegal.” Dispatch workers earned 14.5 yuan ($2.26) per hour, the report said.

Sofia and the Biebs were cruising down Sunset Blvd in WeHo Thursday during rush hour when they ended up stopped next to our bus.

I think I drove home like 20 miles per hour.

We’re going to talk about “Clue” for another half hour.

Private sector workers (excluding farmworkers) got an average 11-cent hourly raise in February, adding up to an average of $27.66 per hour.

Americans currently average 6.8 hours of sleep per night, down an hour from 1942.

Sometimes it takes two seconds, and the longest it’s taken is an hour and 39 minutes.”

The majority of the first hour and a half session is spent acclimating to the environment.

I arrived thinking I should be able to see most of the museum within an hour or so.

Another 40 percent are either slightly morning people or slightly evening people, off by an hour or so.

She played for more than a half hour.

Rather than keep fans in total silence of upcoming projects, Marvel unleashed a number of surprises over the course of an hour.

Exposure to bright light stimulates the brain’s master clock — the suprachiasmatic nucleus — to wind back those three-tenths of an hour.

“In approximately an hour and 15 minutes, [Daniel] will be dead, because that’s when we leave.

“But I’ve got an hour and 15 minutes to prepare.”

The full eclipse begins at 19:30 UTC and then lasts a full hour and 43 minutes.

After nearly an hour, crowds dispersed, and the police vans, filled with rally attendees, were finally able to pass through the streets.

Like, a personal chauffeur paid by the hour.

He hosts a weekly happy hour for progressives in New York.

Cool’ in Mexico to thermal nuclear in like an hour.”

The cheapest offering, a Volt or a Spark, comes at $6 an hour or $42 for a day.

By comparison, Zipcar says it costs either $7.50 or $8.50 per hour and $69 a day to rent a Honda Civic in Ann Arbor.

Yeah, it’s an hour north of Fargo, near the Canadian border.

It is located about 275 miles (445 km) southwest of Nantucket, Massachusetts with maximum sustained winds of 65 miles (100 km) per hour.

“To understand the tap, imagine a full rotation around the bar as a clock, with the gymnast’s body as the hour hand.

To get the appeal of TV shopping, just watch an hour of Martha Stewart on QVC.

Neither sensation lasted long; an hour or two at most.

He told them he was considering killing himself, and they asked him to wait an hour for the next available intake specialist.

About half an hour after I’d served the group, I was put on glass duty, which is possibly the worst job ever.

One parent remembered an interview as lasting mere minutes when records showed it was more than an hour.

Like, I just got played out of an hour of my day.

Instead, the state board extended voting time by an hour in two precincts and less than that in the other six.

That middle hour is so fun precisely because it never really bothers to stop and make you think about the movie’s deeper themes.

Seeing the drones as they circle the dark course at 80 miles per hour can be difficult.

An hour later, his house was hit.

Check it out for its decent happy hour and drink specials.

The hurricane brought a 2.5-foot storm surge and sustained winds of 75 miles an hour that lasted some three days.

“That’s approximately seven football fields every hour,” according to NOAA’s Office of Habitat Conservation.

“I spent an hour with her this morning and she was resting comfortably, surrounded by loving family and friends.

We gave it a try just now and it created a 20-track, three-and-a-half hour playlist of music all uploaded in the last four days.

An hour later, you can flip to Animal Planet for the 15th annual Puppy Bowl at 3pm Eastern.

By blocking that strategy at the eleventh hour, the French state may have handed the Japanese company a new negotiating opportunity.

“I’ve driven a Bugatti at 253 miles an hour, I’ve skied to the South Pole, swam at the North Pole.

One of the stars, called S2, recently passed by the black hole at a speed greater than 15.5 million miles per hour.

The warehouse’s current packing rate is 240 boxes an hour, Ibrahin says, but it’s gone as high as 400.

Experts recommend putting your phone up at least an hour ahead of your regularly scheduled bedtime.

In that first hour, when I was directing her, I would struggle to find a note to give her.

He had no teleprompter and no filter; give him an hour alone onstage and who knew what he would come up with?

She did plenty of damage in her half hour visit … jumping onstage with funk band The Soul Rebels and shooting a little pool.

15,000 tix were gone in about an hour!

Servings: 4-6Prep: 15 minutesTotal: 1 hour 30 minutes 1 pound spaghettigrated parmesan cheese, to serve 1.

It took maybe an hour, it wasn’t too bad.

Cook for 1 hour, then season with salt and pepper.

I get up at 4 AM, and I walk two miles at that hour.

24 hour Fitness anyone?

Zipline’s drones fly at around 40 miles per hour and can travel about 90 miles round trip before needing to recharge.

Ian Bremmer, the president of political risk consultancy Eurasia Group, has said the meeting lasted about an hour.

“Opening up a school cafe that makes incredible food, but is only open for an hour.

The couple met in 2015 while riding the subway during Monday-evening rush hour.

We’d already been at this single shot for nearly an hour.

Have her debate with me for a half hour, just so she gets a feel for what he’s going to be like.”

“The same hour that everyone started reporting that Facebook Graph was broken, my site went down completely and I got suspended from my host.

“The Eleventh hour,” however, came to mind in terms of its contrast.

Some of that’s also down to the meticulous production across Golden hour.

Instead, Golden hour stands out precisely because of what’s not there.

You’re at happy hour after a long day at the office, having drinks with a co-worker.

About an hour outside of town are America’s most prized bourbon distilleries.

Ian Bremmer, president of the Eurasia Group, claimed the pair talked for “roughly an hour.”

He and I talked about streaming media services for a full hour, it was quite fun.

The average pay in state prisons is 20 cents an hour, according to the Marshall Project.

Usually a first stop for those bar hopping up East 6th Street, Shangri-La has some unbeatable happy hour specials.

Libby Nelson: Satisfying as an hour or so of reading on the beach?

The only times when we are at the apartment together is after work for an hour or two.

It’s possible that Tim Tebow has never experienced a pitcher throwing 95 miles per hour in a competitive game.

Initiatives involved in lowering the cost to $25,000 an hour include reducing the number of mechanics needed to support each plane, Ulmer said.

I believe it was like an hour.

These patients should not have to spend hour after hour of their own time struggling to navigate an overwhelming and byzantine health care system.

He ended up telling me all about his favorite Star Trek episodes, which was disturbing, for an hour.

(Kelly will co-anchor Today’s 9 am hour daily during the week, as well as a Sunday evening 7 o’clock newshour.)

The new law would slowly raise the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers from $3.33 to $15 an hour by 2025.

Federal law allows them to pay these workers the tipped minimum wage: $2.13 an hour.

The restaurant owner only has to pay servers $3.33 an hour under the city’s labor laws.

The tipped minimum wage in the state is currently $5 an hour.

Across the street is E11even, the megaclub-meets-strip club that never closes, no matter the hour, day, or weather conditions.

In a two-hour film, building to a massive climax with, say, an hour and 40 minutes of carefully calibrated setup feels just about right.

This past summer, the agency ruled that Uber and taxi drivers can drive for only 12 hour shifts with a mandated 8-hour break.

This past summer, the agency ruled that Uber and taxi drivers can drive for only 12 hour shifts with a mandated 8-hour break.

My mom told me, “You were conceived on the corner of 79th and Park on my lunch hour, no man present.”

The theory appeared to emerge first on WikiLeaks’ Twitter account about an hour after the group released the Vault 7 documents.

The two then spent the better part of an hour together behind closed doors.

“I hear some, including Mr Tillerson, say things will happen in time and the hour is for negotiations.

That was certainly true on Thursday because during the first hour of her contest with Juvan, things were not exactly looking rosy.

Country artist Kacey Musgraves took home four Grammys, including Album of the Year and Best Country Album for Golden hour.

Judy goes on, “My rudimentary math translates that into $8,500,000 an hour for Mr. Lawrence.

This is a modest meteor shower, with just about 15 to 20 meteors per hour.

There’s $3.4 million every working hour, is the stat, for about 650,000 families, so that’s … and disproportionately women.

Those are really up the middle middle-class jobs that pay between, let’s say, $30 and $100 an hour.

Spectators can normally see around 60 to 100 meteors an hour.

It’s one point, and then it’s made for like an hour.

According to the law, businesses can pay these workers the tipped minimum wage — $2.13 an hour.

So does DC, which requires at least $3.89 per hour.

The restaurant owner only has to pay servers $3.89 an hour under the city’s labor laws.

The tipped minimum wage in the state is currently $5 an hour.

He spent more than an hour last January answering questions about the president’s mental and physical health.

The forecasters estimate between one and four major hurricanes, packing winds of 111 miles per hour (178.6 kph), could develop this season.

Democrats in Congress used to dismiss efforts to jack up the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Numerous people called out Refinery29 for publishing a misleading headline implying that the diarist lives on $25 per hour.

Representative-elect Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez recently caused a stir when she announced her intent to pay her interns “at least” $15 dollars an hour.

Yes, there was the problem of the headline claiming she was living on $25 an hour.

Still, the question of the hour isn’t about Westbrook’s production and talent.

If we assume 48 work weeks a year, the median junior staffer in Congress earns between $10.25 and $12.00 an hour.

A mechanism inside was set to drop the sensors deep into the lake at the top of each hour, and reel them back in.

At Lake George, aquatic sensors are automatically dipped into the lake every hour to take measurements, including oxygen levels, pH, and salinity.

This particular stage tours France’s steep Jura mountains, where riders pick up speeds of upwards of 45 miles per hour.

It was a chilly, soggy day, and we would be sitting in an open-sided shelter for the next hour or so while talking.

I spent a half hour talking to Ron Zapaca Centario master blender Lorena Vásquez during the World Class Panamerican Bootcamp 2016.

Trump flatly denies a tweet he posted just an hour earlier, now claims “Russia did not help me get elected.”

They did – an hour after the fire had died down.

Toosi’s walks are usually spacious and longer than a hurried hour.

The emergency services took an hour to arrive and the fire had killed one person by the end of the day.

The four hour film chronicles the war through primary sources.

Commuting in London at rush hour is pretty grim, as millions would tell you.

But after spending over an hour with them, consensus wasn’t reached nor was a night table built.

Costco members can buy a two-year, all-club, 24 hour Fitness membership package for $399.99, according to Reader’s Digest.

24 hour Fitness has more than 400 locations in 13 states.

Every stop on the subway provides a new influx of attractive humans, and that’s just during rush hour on a Tuesday.

The show begins with a 24-piece band and loses one ensemble member every hour.

(To be sure, Amazon last month announced it would raise its minimum wage for workers to $15 an hour.)

Restoring the power grid has been a top priority since Maria’s 150 mile per hour winds knocked it out completely on Sept. 20.

Fiddy and Meek’s social media beef is getting more intense by the hour — but it’s also getting funnier.

State-owned Deutsche Bahn is responsible for the track, which has a speed limit of 100 km per hour.

“If was like an hour after our conversation,” Naucke continued.

And I sat there for an hour waiting for this towel to be folded and it never could.

Although it’s only about an hour away, I couldn’t find any spas there offering ratus.

“I call on my fellow faith leaders … please pray for the victims and their families at this hour,” he said during a press conference.

The bus was traveling at 15 miles per hour and Google’s car was going two miles per hour.

The amount depends on the financial situation of the prison; the average pay in American state prisons is 20 cents an hour.

One of its senior lawmakers warned on Monday that Israel would be destroyed within “only half an hour” should the United States attack Iran.

$3 Tecates can make for a very happy hour (until 9PM), indeed.

Roughly an hour later, YouTube TV reported its services were back up and operational.

But most of his life was spent in a suburb about an hour north of New York City.

Just one hour earlier, a truck had plowed into the crowd assembled on the Promenade des Anglais for the July 14 celebrations.

Just one hour earlier, a truck had plowed into the crowd assembled on the Promenade des Anglais for the July 14 celebrations.

Whoever is still around at this hour gets a warning from the cops: Go home, they say, and fast.

We got America online, we had the perfect business model, we charged people by the hour and then unlimited to get online.

She estimates she can make 110 or 115 frybread an hour.

I could spend an hour just here.”

Cuba says the claim he grabbed a woman’s breast Sunday night at Magic hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in Manhattan … is absolutely untrue.

Yeah, you’d download and then walk away and come back an hour later and you could watch a five-minute BMW ad.

So we could spend the entire half hour, 40 minutes, 45 minutes talking about Trump.

Over 6,000 incarcerated men at Angola work as factory workers, farmers, cooks, and artisans for as little as four cents per hour.

They take more than an hour to write, more than a day to write usually.

There will be a red carpet opening and the awards themselves will span an hour.

CARB says the amount of gas being released has declined from a late-November peak of 60,000 kilograms an hour to roughly half that.

The Moistbreezy track, “Rush hour,” is nuts, in a great way.

But Democrats are still using the 30 hour rule to keep Trump from quickly ramming through his slate of nominees.

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian kicked it at The Nice Guy in WeHo for about an hour … arriving together no less.

Now, Subway is offering the chance to learn from these artists—for the absurdly low wage of £3.50 per hour ($4.37 USD).

“What they maybe make in an hour, I make in a year,” she said bluntly.

The moon will be in the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow for more than an hour.

I’ve also done laughing meditation—meaning that you laugh for three hours, then spend an hour meditating.

Another hour passed before a different customs officer came in.

And even then, it’s unlikely to yield an hour’s worth of lead time.

They slept about an hour every night.

It was the third-longest State of the Union in history, coming in at an hour and 21 minutes.

Seven per hour.

So, we talked to Mark Zuckerberg at this fancy media conference, for an hour?

Did we get an hour?

What did you take away from talking to Mark Zuckerberg for an hour, or watching him talk for an hour.

Utrecht went into lockdown in the aftermath of Monday’s shooting on a tram just after the morning rush hour.

I spent an hour talking to the Civil guys … Oh, you did.

I just went to their office and spent an hour banging my head against the wall.

You can see why this is a tough hour for me.

And this is, again, why I had a difficult hour with the Civil guys.

You know you’re blocking our way home, in rush hour?”

I guess what happens in the next hour could significantly affect the course of the game.

Firefighters, corrections officers, and overnight warehouse workers pack the place for steaks and beers, a boisterous happy hour as the sun rises.

The statement is likely to be in the 12:00 p.m. hour, she said.

12:36PMThe wedding is at 2 o’clock and Adele is entering her second hour of trying to get the priest costume on.

2:13PMThe ceremony has begun and Adele is doing an hour of stand-up before they get down to the actual wedding business.

We only spend an hour or two inside the exhibition but it already prompts reason to return.

He was booked and released within half an hour.

If gowns, caftans, and bouffants aren’t your thing, you may want to mute me for an hour.

Inspector Ilkka Kantola told Helsingin Sanomat newspaper that the train had hit the truck at a speed of around 100 kilometres per hour.

So inefficient power plants, around to meet those peak-demand periods, have a high cost for every megawatt hour that they produce.

That’s a bit like flying over Bern at 15,000 kilometers per hour and simultaneously getting sharp pictures of cars in Zurich.”

That amounts to roughly 11,000 sharks killed every hour.

“When I tested it, it was beautiful — like an hour before.

Several flights were delayed by around half an hour, said a spokeswoman for Mumbai International Airport.

I spent many a happy hour tinkering with Toshio Iwai’s musical curio Electroplankton.

So it keeps going — multiple times an hour every single day.

Certain numbers attract dark superstitions — from the “devil’s number,” 666, to the devil’s hour, 3 am.

The throng of thousands began the protest at Union Square and marched up Broadway toward Trump Tower, halting rush hour traffic in its place.

The crazy thing is, even at this late hour it’s not too late to change this.

He and I met the first time, and he, an hour later, walked out and he told his No.

There’s a price tag attached: Nonna pays $50 an hour for Ruri’s company.

After about an hour, Ruri looks at her watch: “Let’s go karaoke!” she says excitedly.

Dark hour by Nadia de Vries (2018) is published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe and is available from Amazon and other online retailers.

After an hour of singing, the pair bid goodbye.

On another occasion, a teenager asked Aki to join her for an hour to take photos to share on her Instagram account.

Since then she has learned that making $16.47 an hour – more than about 40 percent of U.S. workers – was not enough.

The race was called early, after Wexton showed a strong double-digit lead over Comstock less than an hour after polls closed.

These should be an hour and a half, they should be two hours.

If the purpose was to prop up confidence in stocks, it worked only for about an hour, then failed miserably.

The company sold about $3.14 million worth of products in a single hour, according to Alibaba.

“I skate around with this kid and talk about life for, like, an hour and a half.

Sometimes, I can still feel the throbbing sensation in my forehead for about a half hour after I wake up.

Servings: 2Prep: 15 minutesTotal: 1 hour 15 minutes 1.

She was on a sub-three hour pace, but in the last few miles Gibb practically tiptoed to the finish line.

Mar-a-Lago offered $10.33 per hour for housekeepers, $13.43 for cooks, and $11.88 for servers (no tips).

Today she runs an hour or two every day.

The rocket that took men to the moon reached a speed of 24,500 miles per hour.

It’s fast-food music: it tastes good for a minute, maybe even half an hour, but will it last?

After baking in a stone hearth oven for an hour, the loaves were done.

On Wednesday, hundreds of Pakistani Muslims fled the multi-ethnic port an hour north of the capital, Colombo.

Smoked this 52 oz black #angus porterhouse this morning at 200 degrees for an hour over @fogocharcoal .

Not reading for twenty minutes on the subway, or an hour or two on the couch between weekend errands and chores.

People were using Facebook an average of an hour a day.

In many states, prisoners are forced to work for cents an hour or even for free.

The average pay in state prisons is 20 cents an hour, according to the Marshall Project.

Having all these amazing people, comedy people, come into our apartment and record with us for an hour — that was incredibly surreal.

At Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta on January 15, travelers waited more than an hour in security lines.

Therefore, neither hour is current enough to tackle the political elephant in the room.

Spend one hour on google and just read it all.

I walked and shivered for an hour, then got back in my car to try the south exit again.

I drove the 10 icy miles to the casino in under an hour.

Ranking: “Child, child, have patience and belief, for life is many days, and each present hour will pass away.”

The club asked to hire 40 foreign servers for $12.68 an hour, and 21 cooks for $13.31 an hour from October through May 2019.

Mar-a-Lago offered $10.33 per hour for housekeepers, $13.43 for cooks, and $11.88 for servers (no tips).

They’re taking him to ICU now and I can see him in about an hour.”

Since we live over an hour away from the hospital, we are required to rent an apartment nearby for 3-6 months after the transplant.

Place in quart casserole, and bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

Part of that is because, at two and a half hours, the musical is a solid hour longer than the movie.

Continue to cook, stirring occasionally, until the chicken is very tender, about 1 hour longer.

“We need to clear the gym in a half hour.

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