Holes in a sentence | Use of the word holes examples

On the other hand, it seems like there’s other ways that we can … digging holes seems hard.

Instead, he goes on a guided tour of seeming plot holes in order to close them up.

https://t.co/KD1SdLAnIF But the White House continued to poke holes in the news.

Some of the most massive ones explode into a supernova and then collapse down into neutron stars, or black holes.

Of course, scientists would go on to find more and more evidence of the existence of black holes and neutron stars.

His theory represents one of the very early, important steps in our understanding of black holes and neutron stars.

Connections abound within and across the works in the show, but those connections are precarious, ramshackle, and fragmentary, riddled with holes and frayed ends.

It was the third time scientists at LIGO — the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory — have detected the collision of two black holes.

And the more they detect, the more scientists can hypothesize about the number of black holes in the universe.

It could exist in the form of many tiny black holes.

It could be the remnants of “primordial” black holes created at the beginning of the universe.

Noses were reduced to holes, jaws broken beyond repair, eyes blinded, and whole physiognomies blurred by ripped flesh.

But the muddy sort of shell holes are gone; the shell holes are all covered in grass now.

“A Katrina or Sandy kind of disaster could blow holes in the budget, you never know when you’re going to have a crisis.”

What’s your favourite album and why?Black holes and Revelations because it’s the most amazing workout music.

Begin with the large cutter, then the smaller holes.

Return the baking sheet with the dough holes to the freezer until ready to fry.

(Doughnut holes take about 60-90 seconds and tend to flip themselves.)

The LIGO observatories picked up the wave signals on September 14th, 2015, coming from two distant black holes merging 1.3 billion years ago.

The black holes spun around each other several times per second before merging in a massive explosion — a process that generates huge gravitational waves.

holes randomly punctured through vertebrae.

So put on your strategically cuffed straight-leg jeans and watch this video through the holes in your Weiss Mask.

With Goff now in the fold, protecting the quarterback will be at least as important as opening holes for Pro Bowl tailback Todd Gurley.

Using a slotted spoon, transfer doughnut holes to a baking sheet with a wire rack.

Why are our bodies born with holes in their hearts or whip up a deadly cancer out of nowhere?

We’d chosen a typically average beach resort—dodgy aircon, lizards on the walls, mosquito nets with giant holes.

Our hearts have giant holes in them.

The worm holes take many forms, often blurring imagery of urban infrastructure with that of the female body.

There’s just holes and you fall all the way through.

But as full of holes as Pence’s defense was, he at least acknowledged Trump’s history of touting WikiLeaks.

You would poke holes in that argument.

I would poke holes.

Emerging from these fields are holes and planetoids outlined with the side of a pencil and filled with light shading.

Those rubbed-in holes, scratched hatches and loop-de-loops are emboldened with potentiality.

The couches and custom-built pods for guests were dirty from spilled drinks and the carpet had holes in it.

Birds flock through holes in the walls and ceilings.

The holes left behind look like tiny interdimensional tunnels, or lesions tripping on LSD.

In the offseason, new general manager Jerry Dipoto made a flurry of moves designed to backfill the team’s various black holes.

They cut holes in the tops of 1.5-liter plastic water bottles and inserted spare Camelbak hoses to emulate the gear of the European participants.

Black holes just grow and grow.

“We treat pain without drugs and without making holes in people.

holes are drilled into the wood on an angle at regular intervals and dowels can be moved around and work hung on them.

Pressure and pace can take a fighter a long way but they can also hide the holes in that fighter’s game.

JS: You’ve told a story about a teacher at Pratt saying that you paint holes because you are a woman.

Outside health policy and legal experts were quickly able to punch holes in the bill’s provision, no matter what its authors said.

No love or pill could keep her cool, ’Cause there’s a thousand holes in her heart.

It was one of the many black holes in American history from which a few bright lights emerged.

You have some shorter holes, some shorter clubs in,” Brown said.

Even when Justin Bieber holes up in a small rural town in Illinois … he finds a way to live like a king.

During the stop, cops noticed bullet holes in Broner’s rented Chevy Suburban.

We reported our findings—all of them with flaws and holes he’d already discovered.

With holes in the hosepipes spaced 20cm (8 inches) apart, they are rolled out alongside the base of crops, and water drips from holes.

Seeing where Shaolin monks actually stomped—there are holes in the floor from where they stomped for thousands of years.

And I wore holes through those shoes and got elected.

He said jurors would hear of how Guzman personally shot two members of a rival cartel and ordered them thrown into holes and burned.

So I found myself peering through the holes of a fence at what was left of one of the earliest human structures.

Gotta mind your holes up in Alaska.

“The ship Liman sank from holes below the waterline.

“The ship Liman sank from holes below the waterline.

“If you put enough holes in the hull of the boat, eventually it will sink.”

pic.twitter.com/VEn3A4ef5y Cutts cites other articles that poke holes in SourceFed’s theories, including one on our sister site Vox.

Their research centers on topology, a branch of mathematics involving step-wise changes like making a series of holes in an object.

You can see bullet holes in the windows.

And in the best-case scenario, you just get a sweater that’s full of holes and doesn’t keep you nearly as warm anymore.

Got it.women: Pock–exec: Clothes with pre-made holes in delicate fabrics.women: Po–exec: Cut-outs in flabby areas.

In other words, the Montreal Protocol is paying off: Banning ozone-depleting chemicals has successfully stopped these holes from becoming larger and more dangerous.

“It may sound ridiculous,” Termont stated at a press conference, “but please do not dig any holes on the Kalandeberg.

“He covered his trail very well,” Contra Costa County cold case investigator Paul holes told NBC last month.

What eats rock, poops sand, and bores holes in riverbeds?

I learned that most restaurants I frequent are black holes of meaty temptation with few filling alternatives.

Leaking, draining, filling the holes, and emptying the basin are political metaphors that have been sloshing around of late.

You’ve got more people chasing rabbits down rabbit holes, you’ve got all kinds of stuff happening.

“Good morning, Saboteers.” Under “Special Problems,” the document notes, “potential for the following: traps, trip lines, spike boards, sink holes, fish hooks, razor blades.

“There are tears, holes, and several sections were cut out.

The case Box creates against the new suspect is just as full of holes as the one he created against Naz.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads holes and tears in a dust jacket that resembles tattered linen reveal pockets of multicolored fabric underneath.

Sunshine, swimming holes, and uplifting color fill the space of each of the 24-year-old’s canvases.

Let your eyes burn holes through theirs, demanding rectitude.

But this year’s newcomers have stepped up to fill the holes vacated by Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah, who left before this season.

The leaked documents date back as far as 2013, and it’s unclear exactly when the security holes were patched.

Critics say Viganò’s statement has holes and contradictions and is his vendetta for not being made a cardinal by Francis.

They won’t constantly be left with huge holes they struggle to fill due to the rising costs of transfers.

After that players can slap stickers on the outside, color them in, or punch holes in weird places.

Nor need you mind the serial ordeal Of being watched from forty cellar holes As if by eye pairs out of forty firkins.

RECIPE: Sugared Doughnut holes It’s an indisputable fact that the world could always do with a few more doughnuts.

Some, unaware of physical reality, fall in holes; others wander into the thick of an armed robbery.

He says it’s untrue, exploitative, with a ton of holes and worst of all … doesn’t “hold the vibe of my father.”

All those hours of rolling around under sweaty men are only going to get you ventilated like Swiss cheese on the street, holes Gracie.

On the second floor, if you time your visit right, you see sunlight cast through holes in the roof into tracings by Kiki Smith.

One of the more shocking images circulating on social media this week is one of a sign vandalized with 30 bullet holes.

The site marker is filled with bullet holes.

Those slim hopes disappeared quickly when he bogeyed four of his opening five holes.

The waves came from two black holes colliding together about 3 billion light-years from Earth, and a giant experiment called LIGO detected them.

Newly discovered gravitational waves hint that ‘cities’ of black holes may lurk in space

“Judging by the damage to the car and the shrapnel holes in the doors, the power of the explosion was pretty strong,” he said.

Then again, digging holes and refilling them is the essence of Keynesian economics.

In April of this year, 22 percent of all the drilling rigs in the world could be found punching holes in the Permian.

At the bottom of one of the holes, archeologists also found a spade tool, made from a cow’s shoulder blade.

Snopes has a great explanation of the many, many holes in its logic.

It’s almost like each team member at Uber designed one element, and then they put it all together without filling any holes.

Thanks for blowing holes in my bullshit trend story, Dan Porter.

From inside the pipe, they saw visible holes.

Sometimes Pac-Man rolls through holes that send him to the other side of the maze.

This robot has multiple degrees of freedom, allowing it to thread itself through pipes or holes in a fence, for example.

Subban’s regular season also had some holes in it, but most of that was due to injury.

Trump gushed about how well he fixed up the course’s holes: “Especially hole 9, hole 10, and hole 11.

Hole 11 was initially not so exciting, but now it’s one of the most beautiful holes in the world.”

“When people leave, it creates big holes in the curriculum,” Valentine told Hyperallergic.

Does this punch any holes in how we think about how effective or imperative having a ground game is?

Sure, Rampage has some plot holes, but it definitely doesn’t care, and you really don’t need to either.

Who determines the top performer.” You get a lot of … You go down some very ugly rabbit holes in this thing.

“News, facts, memoirs, internet holes

2016 – In April, he plays his first stretch of holes in eight months at a golf course opening in Montgomery, Texas.

Best known for A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black holes (1988).

Prisons tend to act like black holes.

Biggest remaining holes: Middle linebacker This is a very stacked team from top to bottom as long as we get the 2015 Palmer vintage.

(Charlie Brown, of course, messes his up by cutting too many holes.)

The ceiling was falling in, there were big holes in the walls.

Some of these process-based works feature large holes where his legs poked through.

How many places?There are three holes to a woman and I put them in two.

We’ve obtained pics and video of the damage, showing bullet holes all over the place!

“The Mexico-US border is like a block of cheese with holes in it, with tunnels across it.”

Most of those have been short, narrow passages, or “gopher holes.”

Nunnikhoven said that ABB responded right away and started to fix the security holes that were found.

“The biggest industrial rigs can drill holes five feet in diameter, wide enough for a human.”

These ultra-sharp laser beams are also used to cut and drill extremely precise holes in materials.

You’ve heard of black holes, probably a million times in your life.

But in the century since Albert Einstein theorized the existence of black holes, nobody has seen one—until today.

Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said during a more than 30-minute speech that attempted to poke holes in Britain’s allegations against Moscow.

But there are also massive holes on this roster and a lot of free-agent questions to go with them.

“Supermassive black holes that are this bright are only formed through major mergers,” Kirkpatrick told Motherboard in a phone call.

It is more the deep holes people often fall into once a film is finished.

How he would watch his mother take her needle and thread, and patch up the holes.

The holes in our knowledge, however, could be easily filled.

Brian Strandberg’s sound piece, for instance, uses the audio of two black holes colliding as its driving beat.

After finishing his second round with two straight bogeys, Woods dropped shots at two of his first three holes on Saturday.

It doesn’t all hang together — plot holes, science-y weirdness, and questions aplenty remain — but that doesn’t really matter.

But some objects, like colliding black holes or the smoking gun of the Big Bang, don’t emit any electromagnetic radiation.

For now, our sensors need a really, really loud source — like the collision of two black holes.

Two black holes colliding unleash a loud* thunderclap of gravity.

“We’ve found that these black holes are completely consistent with Einstein’s theory that he formed 100 years ago,” Caudill says.

It could exist in the form of many tiny black holes.

It could be the remnants of “primordial” black holes created at the beginning of the universe.

“You’ve got to be careful sticking your hand in some holes down here.

They are cutting holes in roofs.

One of the jokes is there’s not enough rat holes to shove it all down, and there’s a lot of rat holes.

Even well-intentioned people you think would be screwing up left and right and burning holes.

As we first told you … another Earhart search expert had shot major holes in the photo theory.

I have fallen into natural remedy black holes too, hoping to find the magical supplement that cures me.

The only ventilation came from two small holes at the top in the ceiling, about 6 inches by 4 inches.

Key Offseason Decision: How can they fill long-standing roster holes?

I realize it’s not that easy for other people who have gone down similar holes, so again, I say I’m lucky.

Bashir’s paper prods at the Gilens data even more and finds a number of holes.

There are four empty drill holes where the plaque should be.

He would watch me play a couple holes, and then have to return to the pro shop.

You’re drilling holes constantly in the set.

Then you’re filling in the holes, as you move along.

The owner of a firearms training center decided to fill a YETI tumbler full of holes on his shooting range.

Children take enjoyment in discovering this secret, and press their faces against the holes to spy outside.

Scaling can cause the steam holes to become plugged, leaving them inoperable.

The bottom of the iron’s sole plate has small holes where the iron can release steam.

These were the largest black holes they believed they could get a clear shot of in April.

James Hallenbeck, a palliative-care specialist at Stanford University, often compares dying to black holes.

“We can see the effect of black holes, but it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to look inside them.

“I’m just glad,” he said, digging fresh holes for fence posts.

His car, while driveable, has several bullet holes in the rear, side, and backseat.

The concept of “filling in holes” in its understanding (or even personality!)

These are the smartest brains that basically sit around looking for holes, and they find the most obvious holes.

Basically, there’s a question, should the government be out there looking for unpatched holes?

Due to the hard consistency of the ground, the women are unable to dig holes that they would normally use as lavatories.

Instead, make thrift stores your new best friend, and don’t be afraid to mend holes in clothing.

Two days later his body was found in a mass grave near the Venezuelan border, naked, bruised and riddled with bullet holes.

Impossibly dense, deep, and powerful, black holes reveal the limits of physics.

Even though black holes excite the imagination like few other concepts in science, the truth is that no astronomer has actually seen one.

Because as massive black holes are, they’re actually incredibly hard to see up close.

Astronomers also speculate that some black holes may have been formed in the early chaotic universe after the Big Bang.

That’s why when hunting for black holes, astronomers don’t usually try for direct observation.

There may even be as many of 20,000 smaller black holes surrounding the massive black hole at the center of our galaxy.

Recently, a team of researchers found evidence of a dozen black holes within three light years of the galactic center.

Black holes only release X-ray radiation when they consume matter (like from a neighboring star).

But these gorging black holes are actually quite rare.

More often, black holes remain undetectable.

But the fact that scientists were able to find these dozen “bright” black holes suggests there are tens-of-thousands more in this region.

These jets shoot out at nearly the speed of light, demonstrating the awesome destructive power of black holes.

When two black holes collide, they unleash a massive wave of gravitation.

When two black holes collide, they unleash a massive wave of gravitation.

This deal is far from perfect, and has some notable holes in it.

So far, the BBC reports that more than 100 holes have been dug into the mountain.

The theory is that the holes help the growth factors and other nutrients get into deeper layers of the skin.

You can describe the number of holes in each shape topologically, he said.

“It’s fairly easy to point out the holes in that system,” said Michael Ferguson.

Instead, an observer’s entrance into these black holes would destroy their past and potentially open up an infinite number of futures.

Eventually we would reach the Cauchy horizon, an object within the event horizon found in these types of black holes.

Hintz and his colleagues aren’t suggesting that a physicist ever will travel to the inside of one of these types of black holes.

In fact, Hintz said, these charged black holes used in the model might not even exist.

The reason is that a charged black holes would attract oppositely charged matter and eventually become neutral.

Still the mathematical model is useful as a way of studying rotating black holes, which Hintz said are probably the norm.

I went back into my notebooks and found a drawing for a work that would excavate holes into a series of walls.

A bun has zero holes, a bagel has one, and a pretzel has two.

There are no half holes.

And the number of holes in these objects stays the same if you stretch or twist them.

An exhibition like Strange Currencies pokes holes in such belittling comments as it challenges the narrative of a white, U.S.-dominated art world.

The handaxes from Niger and France, for example, have holes in the middle of them.

Artists designing mini golf holes, obstacles, and courses is so 2016, Pisces.

Fudgy Chocolate Weed Brownies (duh), Sugared Doughnut holes, and more are going to be the happy endings to your stony smorgasbord.

“I was really nervous playing the last five holes,” Green said, her voice cracking with emotion.

Cruz noticed that one girl’s maztoh had a lot of holes in it, an observation that he pointed out to the room.

Cruz noticed that one girl’s maztoh had a lot of holes in it, an observation that he pointed out to the room.

“That is a lot of holes,” Mr. Cruz said.

“[F]rankly, it seemed like most of the talking was about poking holes in each other’s ideas,” writes Nadella.

They can rightfully shame insurance companies when seniors have to pay thousands of dollars for prescription drugs because of holes in their insurance benefits.

When two black holes collide, they unleash a massive wave of gravitation.

Crews have been using helicopters to drop rocks into holes carved out by water, hoping to shore up the structure.

Point out to me its plot holes.

He sent me a post on 4chan: “WHICH ONE OF YOU 400LB ASS holes HACKED THE DNC.”

New policies were added over the weekend to patch those holes, but the public has not seen them.

These donuts are thinner and have wider holes, so even today there are donuts that look like the ones from 1927 on the chart.

In 1955, these sugared donuts were photographed, and their holes are positively puny: They’re small.

Smaller holes also could help with breakage.

But for such an iconic American snack, we may never learn the truth about the size of our donut holes.

The real highlight, though, is the ventilation holes Everlane added.

When he was arrested, he was wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt riddled with holes, and black backpack that had a loaded silver handgun inside.

When he was arrested, he was wearing jeans, a long-sleeved shirt riddled with holes, and black backpack that had a loaded silver handgun inside.

“The subject of the black holes is generally very appealing to me,” Rush tells The Creators Project.

In “holes” (2017), two indistinct dark patches beckon amid an otherwise dense underbrush.

Through searching and researching, artists explore the intermittent fluctuations of society and history, and the diverse possibilities of filling in the holes in reality.

Last November, the walls of Baitul Aman mosque in Meriden, Conn. were riddled with bullet holes.

And Apichatpong Weerasethakul presents a dreamscape engendered by war, where holes in reality one by one transform into the dreams of wounded soldiers.

Last November, the walls of Baitul Aman mosque in Meriden, Conn. were riddled with bullet holes.

Cost: Free Leaving small holes in the wall from hanging pictures and mounting a TV can eat away at your security deposit.

Patch small holes using drywall tape, a sanding block, spackling and a putty knife.

“A friend of mine was bitten in the arm; there were holes on both sides of his wrist.

Two black holes — the densest, most destructive forces known to nature — collided with one another.

Black holes are so massive that when they collide they disrupt the very fabric of space and time itself.

As with the first detection, which was confirmed back in February, the latest gravitational waves were produced by the collision of two black holes.

But some objects — like colliding black holes or the smoking gun of the Big Bang — don’t emit any electromagnetic radiation.

For now, our sensors need a really, really loud source — like the the collision of two black holes.

Two black holes colliding unleash a loud* thunderclap of gravity.

“We’ve found that these black holes are completely consistent with Einstein’s theory that he formed 100 years ago,” Caudill says.

It could exist in the form of many tiny black holes.

It could be the remnants of “primordial” black holes created at the beginning of the universe.

Williams came home to find the porch smeared with blood and the house pockmarked with bullet holes.

So I went to school with bullet holes in my shirt.”

Coins are holes.

The final essay appears with holes where the artist’s images would have been.

Black holes

Black holes are the ultimate cosmic quicksand.

It’s not made of black holes (the light warping that they’d cause isn’t present).

One theory: the dark matter of the universe is made up of primordial black holes.

Also, black holes don’t exist, and neither does dark matter.

It’s hard to point out the holes in EU hole by hole because, well, there are a lot.

(Here are some others’ attempts to poke holes.)

Finding other like-minded people and going deep down rabbit holes.

Cops say the 17-year-old rapper had been smoking marijuana, and after talking to him they found holes in the intruder story.

Neutrino detections excite scientists because these particles are often shot at us by cosmic objects we don’t totally understand (like black holes).

Thurman’s not kidding … he watched the McGregor vs. Mayweather fight back in 2017 and sees major holes in Conor’s fight game.

Fontana started to act on the traditional support of the canvas, making holes and cuts in it, looking for a new dimension.

It has a great, or at least peculiar, title: “Soft Hair on Black holes.”

Around 1973, the physicist John Wheeler declared that “black holes have no hair.”

What it states is that black holes are essentially bald, or featureless.

In the new paper, Hawking gives black holes hair.

Google is trying to replicate human conversation while simultaneously trying to synthesize human sociability—and the structural holes within its efforts are palpable.

The New York folk-punk singer writes short, scary songs with holes and twists and choruses that never repeat, and unexpected endings.

The New York folk-punk singer writes short, scary songs with convolutions in them, holes and twists and choruses that never repeat, and unexpected endings.

While on the river, you bail the water out, and upon arriving back onshore you patch the most obvious holes.

Trump was at his golf course for four hours, long enough to play 18 holes.

Mickelson, who shot 67 in the first round, was seven over for his first eight holes and ended with a 76.

“Someone wrapped me up in saran wrap, cut out holes, and used ice on me,” I told her.

I can kind of see out of the holes.

McIlroy went four-under over his final 12 holes, a score that would land him in the top 10 had he opened with all pars.

The most stupid thing you can do is draw or paint the moon reflected in water, because then you have two holes.

Decimated by firepower and bullet holes, these artifacts seem to lose their shape, volume, and surface.

In another storyline, a group of villains dig holes on the field and kidnap players during NFL games.

About 1.3 billion years ago, two black holes in a remote part of the universe collided with one another.

On Utøya, he was struck to see that bullet holes still scarred buildings’ walls while the island’s natural elements had been restored.

The colliding black holes that produced these gravitational waves created a violent storm in the fabric of space and time.”

Spain and Portugal have been under the EU’s excessive deficit procedure since 2009 because of recurrent fiscal holes.

The floor is original and came with holes and abundant splinters that I continue to abate by nailing license plates over the worst places.

“You see holes, you notice with the placement of stones that someone has been there,” she said.

But obviously, animals who dig holes don’t usually release shoot up flames that are way taller than a person.

It’s the gaps, holes, and missing limbs that make the works entrancing.

Footage taken on the streets of Mesraba showed tanks near half-collapsed buildings and walls pocked with bullet holes.

But for all its weird lumps and holes and hairs, the nose is a fascinating and versatile tool.

The energy it expels is so intense it can actually burn holes in your vision.

Tomlin said to his team, unaware of the filming, “We spotted those a–holes a day and a half… so be it.

The Corps has been scrambling to patch the broken levees before the rivers rise again — but gaping holes are still unfilled.

All questions about plot holes aside, it’s pretty great to finally get a taste of how Han and Chewie became “Han and Chewie.”

You could be feeling like you have holes in your pockets.

Cops confirm there were 8 bullet holes along the right side of the vehicle — where Williams and Thomas sat.

It could, like Black Panther punch holes in the industry’s ideas about who sees movies and which stories are worth investing in.

Kisner had bogeyed four of his last five holes, but wasn’t quite at the bottom of the pack.

Even as more teachers leave the profession, there are still gaping holes in school budgets.

There are some holes on defense, but the main concern has to be skill positions.

@TigerWoods is leading with 2 holes left to play.

Inspired by science and math, the garden’s installations explore themes like black holes and quarks.

Bullet holes and blood spatter share the background with ominous phrases: “U.S.

It works to bore holes, drive screws, and stir mortar, among other tasks.

A faster speed setting works well for drilling holes, while a slower speed setting works better for driving screws.

One Amazon buyer agrees that this Makita drill is an excellent choice for mixing as well as for boring holes.

Yet we know black holes are real.

One way we know: Last year, physicists “heard” for the first time the gravitational waves produced from two black holes colliding.

However, governments sometimes withhold details of vulnerabilities from affected companies because the security holes can be used for hacking operations instead.

The center of the photo contains the highest concentration of supermassive black holes ever seen.

It is the deepest X-ray image ever taken, allowing astronomers and astrophysicists an unprecedented glimpse at how black holes formed in the early universe.

“We know that supermassive black holes existed very early in the history of the universe,” said Brandt.

Full of holes, these alien creatures will trigger any trypophobic nightmare.

Canada’s Brooke Henderson is also at 4 under, but she is only through six holes.

Defending champion So Yeon Ryu of South Korea was at even par through six holes when play was halted.

The spree quieted in the last five holes, but he eagled the par-5 17th to move into a tie with Toms.

On Thursday, Perry opened with three birdies on the first four holes, and she wound up with eight birdies and two bogeys.

Kelly also started on the back, getting to 6 under without a bogey through 15 holes before a bogey at No.

Stallions then arrive and have their pick of available holes.

No holes dripping cum.

Schwartzel won the Masters eight years ago with a scintillating finish that included birdies at the final four holes at Augusta National.

But the three bullet holes were fake, and the blood came from a pig — Babchenko was alive.

The team’s latest attempt to plug all these holes is Jose Reyes, the last rake lying in front of Sideshow Bob.

Go with at least an hour to kill because this place can take you down some weird rabbit holes—like, actual rabbit holes.

It seems the lion won’t make it, there’s no way, there are holes in his torso.

This was something that enhanced the experience, but also pointed out some holes that I hope Apple addresses.

Speaking from experience, the sensation of meerkats trying to burrow holes in your clothes is… strange.

You can scale ladders, climb ropes, and even dig holes to weave around in an ongoing game of cat and mouse.

These statutes help to fill those holes temporarily.

As they shot throughout the day, the team cut more holes in the suits.

In those cases, researchers found security holes, but never any incidences of actual hacks.

There are holes to attack if you know where to look.

They push you, peek inside the holes, or knock on the stall doors.

As huge of an achievement as the Affordable Care Act is there are, obviously, some holes.

If anyone knew how to fill defense holes in this situation, it was Rutherford.

A lot of good players hit the market and could fill big holes.

The parasite bores holes deep into my brain and before I even realize I’ve been infected, I’m dead.

Then again, I also used to dig deep holes trying to reach China, somehow I survived that too.

Every summer, news reports flash about people being buried alive in collapsing sand holes.

I’m not suggesting that the knee-deep rule is bogus; collapsing sand holes are dangerous.

Still, I can’t help but wonder if we’re safer digging holes rather than splashing in the amoeba-ridden water.

There’s not enough rat holes to shove all the money in.

“You see holes, you notice with the placement of stones that someone has been there,” she said.

In the summer it unfurls, letting the breeze in through adaptive holes.

There are also some big holes in Bannonism.

One of the big holes in Bannon’s politics is health care.

The room itself, a demented padded cell, abstract objects penetrating the perfect holes in the wall.

His eyes were blindfolded, his wrists had rope marks, and there were two bullet holes in the back of his head.

Astronomers say the new GLEAM data will help them study galactic collisions, exploding stars, and the behaviors of supermassive black holes.

The characters included figures that resembled frogs, pit bulls, a chromed chameleon, a she wolf, the “all holes” woman, and a giant baby.

Yet we lived modestly; there were enough holes in the family budget.

We’re told Terrence grilled Jussie periodically as holes began to emerge.

Took a tall pillar candle and pushed three holes all the way to the bottom of the glass with my screwdriver.

We have to address all the different holes in the foundation that we’ve had historically.

The commission quickly installed a second sign at Graball landing, but by the spring of 2013, vandals had riddled it with bullet holes.

Business Insider reported in February that hundreds of customers were complaining about holes developing in leggings, which are LuLaRoe’s most popular product.

“We’ve added different stretch tests and visual inspections to find small holes,” he said.

So, the first stars would have been born alongside the first black holes.

There were countless holes in this idea and its execution, and yet, Jon Snow emerged victorious and alive once again.

Trypophobics beware, these canvases are punctures with hundreds of tiny holes that spread like a disease over their sickly yellow and pink surfaces.

In 2009, I wrote a book guidebook of Seattle’s best dive bars that contained write ups of 100 gritty local watering holes.

Besides showing off his pretty swing … he pulled the ‘ol freeze frame move on one of the holes.

The young Dominique falls, and her mother makes the holes in the knees of her tights disappear.

Dominique stops bawling and stares in awe at her mother, unaware that the holes have just been flipped to the backs of her legs.

Additionally, the animal has been known to pry open bags or poke holes in containers.

Beautifully installed in the space, these are tall, extremely slender variations on the paradigm of panels hung via drilled holes from a post bracket.

A significant variable within each of the Needles is the placement of the drilled holes relative to the top of these suspended components.

The holes were located next to desks, where wastepaper baskets would normally be.

As samey as he can be on the feet, he used the same couple of tools nicely to strike through different holes.

Silicone grippers at the leg holes keep the suit in place (they prevent wedgies, e.g.)

There may not be many players out there that would be worth that price, and the Kings don’t have any obvious holes.

It contains square, octagonal, and circular holes.

So that puts them in huge holes.

But the Obama administration hopes to poke enough holes in the restrictions to make the embargo all but meaningless.

And they could try to poke holes in state laws that protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in the workplace, housing, public accommodations, and schools.

Worse, Trump also could work with a Republican-controlled Congress to poke holes in other civil rights gains.

It was one of a number of West Coast trees that had holes cut through them in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

According to Fazio, the president played a full 18 holes and the game was arranged by mutual friend and Trump donor Richard Levine.

You can tell, he’s been up and down several Reddit rabbit holes.

Hackenberg is a rare bird—someone with objective holes in every area of his game in which he needs to improve.

The researchers targeted two supermassive black holes.

Supermassive black holes are the largest kind, devouring matter and radiation and perhaps merging with other black holes.

The fact that black holes do not allow light to escape makes viewing them difficult.

During cross examination, Cosby’s lawyers tried poking holes in Constand’s story, pointing out inconsistencies in her story.

And those holes still exist.

Allred held a news conference to defend her client against critics attempting to poke holes in her story.

Black holes, you see, are literally invisible.

The reason these black holes look different is because the artwork shows a quiescent black hole — one without an accretion disc.

The curtains in the 32nd floor room were billowing Monday morning through the massive holes left after the shooting.

Barack Obama is settling into retirement quite nicely … with a round of 18 holes.

On the table is a big pad of lined paper—a cheapo refill pad with ring binder holes, a light-blue margin and thin gray lines.

It could have been worse for Johnson, though, as he was three over par after nine holes.

I met him on his gold course and played a couple holes with him.”

Last year’s issues were about depth problems and massive holes.

The high drama resolved with a couple holes in the ear.

Light photons strike the photoelectrode directly, knocking lose electrons and holes, which in turn drive oxidation and reduction.

Mel filed docs shooting holes in Stephen Belafonte’s request for emergency spousal support.

As in an ordinary solar cell, light strikes a semiconductor, generating electrons and positively charged “holes.”

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In a dozen or so tries, I’ve gotten really close, only to botch things in the final few holes.

I wish the game would let me practice individual holes so I could better wrap my head around them!

In the first verse, Bay Li sings, “Brown skin, thick hair, bodies with bullet holes.”

These mineral pools make the lake look as if it’s full of holes.

With the new iPhone SE and 9.7-inch iPad Pro, Apple is trying to fill holes in its product line and encourage more upgrading.

Biggest remaining holes: Offensive line, cornerback The Ravens are planning to move cornerback Lardarius Webb to safety.

Biggest remaining holes: Edge rusher, secondary Bud Dupree’s rookie year was a trial, and that’s if we’re being charitable.

And if you have a serious case of trypophobia, perhaps a stroll around the lake would help with your fear of holes, too.

Biggest remaining holes: Quarterback, wide receiver, offensive line, inside linebacker, safety Where does Cleveland go with the No.

Biyombo is proof that you do not need to overspend to fill certain holes on your roster.

Shred eggplant using the large holes side of a box grater or the grater dish on a food processor.

After that we had to dig other holes even further away because we were so afraid.

It also has holes in the roof.

So our best horses live in a stable with holes through the roof and no place to run.

His favorite tactic is to say — or tweet — outlandish, horrible things about individuals, groups, or whole countries: They’re idiots, rapists, or shit holes.

Yes: if you hadn’t guessed already, these phones are going up prisoners’ butt holes.

In other words, its business end has four holes instead of one, and can simultaneously fire up to four bullets.

Last year, three physicists shared the Nobel Prize for their detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding black holes.

Interspersed around the wall of poetry are small circular slits, the portal holes to Gabinete H-E’s harrowing performance.

He dug holes, cleaned the compound and cut the grass.

To the right ear holes, Rogue Taxidermy is at least as good as Rumours, and probably much better than Tragic Kingdom.

During an early January 2016 sweep of the usual watering holes, I noticed Explosion.com was advertising for a paid position, offering $20 per article.

Sure, it was filled with plot holes and bad dialog, but it also felt like a promise about the future of gaming.

However, this hole was quickly closed by the Internet Archive, and we cannot assume similar holes will be open in the future.

With limbs that pierced holes into the sky, no one kicked with the knee quite like Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn.

John Williamson’s prototype was indeed strange: a condom poked with holes and filled with pad lining.

Bricks, cobwebs, bullet holes, and papyrus BOLD.

There are a lot of plot holes and missteps along the way.

We are perhaps lucky that in 2018, for all the awful policies and real horrors, our story is thick with plot holes and absurdities.

Designed by Pete Dye, the course has seven oceanside holes.

The 18-hole course spans about 4.48 million feet, with its holes situated in participating towns along the highway from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna.

Robert Trent Jones wrote that it has more classic holes than any other course in the world.

The links-style course includes 19 holes that emerge from rolling sand hills, with challenging holes shaped by natural sand traps.

Dressy jeans are allowed, but cut-offs or jeans with holes are NOT allowed.

To locate my quarry, I must first travel to a major town, Rabantstre, and find a dude in one of its drinking holes.

Most of our sweaters have some holes in them but we wear them anyway.

She had even released a sketch of the man … which Trump immediately shot holes in on social media.

Like a great mystery film, it makes you want to poke holes in all the storylines around you.

Lead investigator Paul holes said his team used the website GEDmatch, which creates profiles based on voluntarily shared, publicly available genetic info.

“Binary black holes are like the carcasses of dead high-mass stars,” Farr told me in a Skype interview.

We slide down some pitches, squeeze through small holes, and walk through massive galleries.

The explanation we’re left with is black holes.

The first is just a normal pair of black holes in a binary system beaming x-rays directly at Earth.

The thing is that we don’t really know if intermediate-mass black holes exist or not.

“We don’t really know how to make black holes in that mass range,” Irwin said.

It’s a gorgeous and unsettling scene that leaves spectators in suspense, falling down their own imaginative rabbit holes.

Black holes, and we’ve been skiing, all sorts.

There appeared to be bullet holes in the windshield, and the car’s airbags had been deployed.

There appeared to be bullet holes in the windshield, and the car’s airbags had been deployed.

“The president and his partner beat myself and my partner by three holes.

In the end, the defense’s ability to punch holes in the prosecution’s case proved to be insufficient ammunition.

They lived up in the attic mostly, but there were these holes on the outside of the building.

By applying pressure, saline water is forced through a semipermeable membrane–basically very thin plastic sheets with tiny holes in it.

The state used a voting system that punched holes in paper, resulting in the infamous “hanging chads” issue.

Buildings have been flattened or ripped open, others pocked by bullet holes and rocket bursts.

To Christian’s surprise, people responded enthusiastically to these new pieces with corrupted faces and body parts, teeth in holes, and burrowing growths.

He had rented heavy equipment to fill deep holes cut by the floods with gravel and repair driveways leading to his office and garage.

From blues bars to Midwest-vibes watering holes to low-ceilinged cellars with top-notch jukeboxes, here are the best places to get divey in DC.

The vessels bore traces of collisions and big holes in places.

Neighbors found her laying in a parking lot, the house festooned with bullet holes.

It’s not like the Bears aren’t trying, but their defense had a lot of holes last year.

Biggest remaining holes: Inside linebacker, wideout The Packers, normally very shrewd drafters, appear to have rolled snake eyes on Davante Adams.

“It left some holes at the back but we had to gamble and I knew that would happen.” Editing by Julien Pretot

Biggest remaining holes: Secondary Darius Slay had a breakout year in 2015, and Glover Quin is a stalwart at safety.

If it doesn’t all totally hang together — plot holes, science-y weirdness, and questions aplenty remain — that doesn’t really matter.

I think, of all the drinking holes students frequent—pubs, clubs, park benches, particularly tough library sessions—house parties are the most unpredictable.

A ceramic coral reef, poked with chopsticks to create realistic holes, is bleached and dying due to pollution.

Photos of the truck show the windshield covered in bullet holes.

For the first time, scientists could “listen” to ripples in spacetime created by the collision of massive objects like black holes.

In the past two years, LIGO had detected gravitational waves generated by black holes that had crashed into one another.

When LIGO detects gravitational waves from colliding black holes, there’s nothing to see in the sky.

Black holes are, as their name implies, dark.

There are plenty of holes to plug in Fortnite, but you will never convince me that this is one of them.

They covered everything from terrorists and black holes to a faked flight plan.

I wear jeans with zippers on the knees, T-shirts with holes, lots of denim, and have short hair.

Using a fork, poke holes in the top of each pizza pocket and brush with the eggs.

“If you stitch latex, it’s a little bit like putting holes in it,” she continues.

As Vonnegut put it about a 38-caliber revolver, “this was a tool whose only purpose was to make holes in human beings.”

These holes are mysterious and sublime studies of African American history and spaces of worship.

Eventually they stapled the holes closed.

One of the machines connected to me did nothing but suck the leaking juices out of the holes.

(He once finished 18 holes of golf in under 2 hours, playing in a foursome.)

“A real Genoese eats focaccia putting the side with the holes on their tongue,” Bargi says.

The bakers then use their fingers to form the small holes that give focaccia its distinctive, crunchy texture.

It’s a known fact that it creates holes in ozone.

“We’re trying to understand how stars are forming in these galaxies, and what’s making these black holes active.”

They observed that the jets of particles being launched from supermassive black holes were creating explosions around the galaxy, like fireballs.

“It means for the last eight billion years, black holes have stunted the growth of galaxies.

This April, NASA scientists captured images of holes in the Canadian Arctic sea ice, with rings of mysterious wave-like patterns.

In truth, holes in the sea-ice are formed by a repeated freeze-and-thaw.

But such piecemeal efforts are unlikely to fill in all the holes in America’s broadband connectivity.

The SEC should really change its password from “password123” because it seems like their security has more than a few holes in it.

In “Neatest Garbage,” the bag is punctured with holes and its secrets and sinister contents flow out in small streams.

There were bullet holes through several of our staff’s walls.

I felt like I was a little bit up in the clouds, and when I woke up, I was four-over after six (holes).

Previous recordings of black holes only lasted a few seconds.)

But Ghomeshi was vigorously defended by his composed and ruthless lawyer Henein who ripped holes in his accusers’ stories, calling them liars.

Rogerson studies quasars, the discs of hot gas that form around supermassive black holes.

Supermassive black holes shape the galaxies they live in.

During a surprise inspection, a fire marshal recorded multiple violations such as holes in the floor and improper, hazardous ventilation systems.

“I gave too many holes away.

If this case had been fictional, its writer would have been crucified for plot holes and loose ends.

Of the selected, some built their holes, while Can Can found people to build others’.

More grounded speculation among astrophysicists is that they’re caused by neutron stars, stars merging, or black holes.

For example, earlier this year the Z machine was used to overturn long standing theories about the nature of the plasma surrounding black holes.

Ziggy positioned a carton of juice, stared at me with wide eyes, and shot holes in the target with an air gun.

Inspect the dumpling for any holes and pinch them shut.

She makes it herself: earrings with copper beads and feathers, connected by bronze chains between the holes in her lobes.

Day-Holloway, too, gave himself a blowout once while stretching his ear holes to their current three-quarter inch size.

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