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This is not, however, the first time a White House transcript — which reporters and historians frequently consult — has been altered.

What’s more … Michael was voted into the Hall (twice) by a voting body of historians, fellow musicians, and music industry professionals.

Like, we aren’t music historians.

Cecilia Fajardo-Hill: As art historians you address which areas of the field you think are missing.

Meetings of leftist artists, art historians and philosophers were held in her apartment.

I think that we need the historians, the social scientists, the anthropologists, the qualitative people involved in setting … asking the questions.

Art historians wrote to the museum, expressing their various opinions on whether or not it was a genuine Leonardo.

As historians have noted, the billionaire-populist-outsider candidate is sui generis, like the election he’s running in.

historians don’t have reliable national numbers for voting patterns by age cohort in the 19th century.

Norton also helped start a group called the Feminist historians Collective, which now has over 1,100 members on Facebook.

historians estimate roughly 6 million to 8 million black people left the South to take up work in the North.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Art historians may contend that it was Dada that brought collage into the Western canon.

Political scientists and historians noted he was involved in more litigation than than any other presidential candidate in history.

Some historians even claim that partisans for Adams spread the rumor that Jefferson was dead.

In fact, King Mongkut, who reigned from 1851 to his death in 1868, is seen by many historians as a reformist for his time.

However, the idea that Leonowens introduced King Mongkut to Western ideas is overblown, historians say.

One thing both Thai and Western historians agree on: Mongkut and Leonowens were extremely unlikely to have had anything resembling a romance.

And I think it’s fair for historians to consider the possibility of that parallel.

historians will look back at hearings like this and they will ask, ‘What were they thinking about?’” said Sen. Bernie Sanders.

After the investigation, which local historians now claim was bungled, the death was ruled a clear suicide by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s office.

Local historians now claim that LaMarr drunkenly confessed to killing her nephew, keeping his fingers in a box (as a grisly keepsake?)

Decades before the Holocaust, Germany carried out what many historians consider the first genocide of the 20th century in Namibia.

Some historians hypothesize that the English poet Lord Byron (1788-1824) suffered from extreme body dysmorphia that manifested in anorexia and bulimia.

Both historians agree on two key elements: Magic Realist paintings lack visible brushstrokes and their scenes are improbable rather than impossible.

I tried to convince myself that I was just nervous about meeting the famous historians who were scheduled to be at the first session.

historians say these types of violent outbursts are typically rooted in longstanding anger toward a system that has in many ways failed them.

Harris took a deep dive into Theosophy and transcendentalism in the mid-1930s, and art historians largely consider his later works abstractionist failures.

Many historians write off Amazons as just another example of Greek scribes inventing monsters that are inevitably overcome by their civilization.

And historians who study social unrest say riots are usually rooted in far deeper issues than may be visible at first glance.

historians have found these pipes started producing problems almost from the start.

They’re often remade, but historians and film buffs go to pains to preserve the originals.

“This makes it an invaluable tool for researchers, historians, and archeologists, and — beyond them — the general public.

[Art historians Association of America] The Climate Museum in New York is hiring an arts marketing coordinator.

Online, a diverse array of people, ranging from historians to devout Catholics to everyday tourists, discussed what the cathedral meant to them.

As president, it may prove one of his major liabilities, presidential historians warn.

historians tend to think the Illuminati were only mildly successful — at best — in becoming influential.

Most of the group’s secrets were disclosed or published, and, if you believe most historians, the Illuminati disappeared.

(And yes, according to some historians, the word “booze” might in fact be derived from “boza.”)

Today, the vast majority of contemporary art historians tend to avoid the use of such terminology and consider “genius” to be a facile concept.

A hundred years from now, what will fashion historians say about Mugler’s legacy?

Here, we talk about Trump’s first 100 days, what his election represented, and how historians might judge this era 50 years from now.

Build relationships with all-star visiting contemporary artists, historians, curators, and theorists who serve as faculty and mentors.

historians estimate that the success of Turing and Bletchley Park’s codebreakers shortened World War II by two to four years.

If you link these, you’re bringing two different environments together: the intimate, respectful environment of commemoration, and the distant, analytical voice of historians.

Principal figure in the Historikerstreit (“historians’ quarrel”).

It is difficult to talk about, because art historians generally approach Renaissance painting in an iconographic way.

historians have long deemed the rough-and-tumble fighters as the dregs of American society—an embarrassment to the wider cultural elite.

historians explore older methods of sustainable living, from Ancient Greece to the Mayan Civilization.

Art historians discovered 59 Italian Renaissance sculptures that went missing in Germany during World War II.

One of the largest of these cities is London, where historians sift through debris collected from the “ancient ones” — that’s us!

You’d say, “Whoa, you guys are no longer historians.

Hopefully historians will forgive the apparent presence of both the balloon’s ears.

“It would have been seen as an obstruction of justice.” Both historians return again and again to that phrase: obstruction of justice.

The faculty consists of professional artists, designers, critics, historians, and practitioners whose works are recognized and respected around the world.

In the past, historians thought this was a way for psychiatrists to exert patriarchal authority,” she said.

Over the years, Bannon has unsuccessfully tried to pressure historians such as * Professor David Kaiser to say the same thing.

Today, it was revealed that many of the items hailed from Irisagrig, a Sumerian city whose exact location has long-evaded historians.

Build relationships with all-star visiting contemporary artists, historians, curators, and theorists who serve as faculty and mentors.

historians are quick to point out that Roman antiquity is not the only historical period that white nationalists have appropriated or borrowed from.

Villiers was a close friend of Charles’s father, James I — and also, many historians believe, his lover.

Thanks to a new trade war between the U.S. and Rwanda, historians can add another, unlikely catalyst to the list: used clothing.

The documentary, which is broken down into chapters, features interviews with top names in the bar world, government officials, chefs, pisco enthusiasts, and historians.

When Trump first rolled out the slogan, historians and journalists reacted with alarm.

(Some historians note that we don’t know exactly what these immigrants could have been mixing their weed with—but, also, come on.)

The foundry’s posthumous production of Edgar Degas bronzes is a subject of considerable controversy among scholars and art historians.

One of the historians we interviewed, Jonathan Holloway, argues that forgetting our history is a luxury that whites can afford, but blacks can’t.

I cannot be sure I do not even now support systems of cruelty and injustice that future historians will view with clear-eyed contempt.

historians later concluded that backlash against Republicans for Clinton’s impeachment resulted in the GOP’s weak showing in the midterms.

Progressive historians, economists, and politicians argue that the latter priority is key to preserving democracy.

The solid line in the graph below represents the number of significant domestic policy changes identified by policy historians in each two-year period.

The new critical edition is supported by several Jewish groups and historians.

So I was curious if professional linguists and historians could help us figure out what makes Trump unique.

I decided to ask a few art historians to weigh in on that idea.

To recreate the Titanic, Lynskey and his team are working with historians and the descendants of survivors to ensure accuracy.

But I don’t see technology that way, and I think most historians of technology don’t see it that way either.

Still, despite their mysterious nature, there are some things historians, Islamic scholars, and believers of jinn have come to discern about the spirits.

Many historians believe this to be a major cause of the Khmer Rouge, which was eventually quelled by the Vietnamese.

As with the Iron Maiden, though, for its exciting, perverse nature, historians and museum professionals invented it.

Contemporary artists, designers, illustrators, and historians will find no shortage of inspiration in its pages.

Once art historians generally assumed that humans made art; but what happens when machines — made by meta-artists — produce the art?

(The presses are special enough to warrant attention from local historians, and the Conservatory can provide ample details of their provenance.)

“That’s a question for historians 20, 30 years from now.

But according to historians, around 1,000 girls and women in the Philippines were also enslaved.

historians speculate that human beings were killed on the table, although no one knows for sure.

But what historians and archaeologists have never been able to conclusively figure out is what caused this reign of global demise.

But until recently, the idea that maroons also existed in North America has been rejected by most historians.

They’ve also revealed the shortcomings of their methods: “historians are limited to source documents.

This is the history of the Pine Barrens not from historians and academics, but from the people who populate it themselves.

But historians now challenge that the caestus were ever truly in use.

A majority of Americans see the bombings as having been necessary to end the war and save lives, although some historians question that view.

The first was written and presented by an art historian, the second by historians who write about art.

historians haven’t found any.

Most historians seem to agree that it was Lincoln’s character more than his impressive physical skill that really saved the day.

The DLC and its allies have largely received attention from political historians for their electoral strategy instead of their policies.

“Fashion historians believe cargo pants were introduced around the 1940s for military use.

Essentially the bulk of the money goes towards paying the salaries of the team of art historians who answer visitor inquiries.

historians will marvel over this document: Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes presses Trump about his climate change views.

In the end, some historians estimate that as many as 500 blacks were forced from their homes.

But none of the art historians who wrote about the death of painting have revised their view, have they?

The reason historians don’t like to predict the future is it depends on what we do now.

However, property magnate Sir Bob Jones, who also one of New Zealand’s leading boxing historians, says the Kiwi was “just a solid plugger.”

With lower consumption came benefits, historians have found.

But historians believe these ancient migrants were also packing another precious commodity: none other than the finest marijuana the Caucasus had to offer.

March 14: Amelia Jones Jones is one of the most well-recognized queer, feminist art historians today.

historians will puzzle over us, puffing our forceful and damp breath uselessly among delicate circuitry.

historians, pagans, and Christians around the world will tell you All Hallow’s Eve is a festival dedicated to remembering the dead.

Since the panel is not labeled by inscriptions, archaeologists and art historians disagree about the identity of the figures.

How to best present older games and programs on new systems has long been a challenge for internet historians.

historians believe the Fatimid currency ended up in Caesarea as part of an official tax payment headed to Cairo.

By balking at distancing itself from overtly anti-Semitic supporters and flirting with “denial lite,” the Trump administration as a whole has unsettled historians.

Ancient historians record that he did not relieve the temple of its treasure but instead went to the Kodesh Hakodashim.

The art historians made him into an intellectual artist, but I liked him first because everything was so physical.

But it’s a little jarring to watch people treat a failed president (that’s not me talking, that’s historians) with such deference.

I don’t think most historians would agree that Iran had a revolution because the shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, was insufficiently Islamist.

Up until now, the resting place of the Endeavour has largely remained a mystery to historians and archaeologists.

historians don’t agree on which routes were actually built and whether they lived up to the UDC’s claims.

Other art historians focus entirely on the object.

I think all too often music historians ignore that fact and ignore what we did.

The idea of putting the gospels to the test as a piece of journalism is one that makes most secular historians a little uneasy.

I hope that more and more people become members of the art world: as art historians, public intellectuals, board members, guards.

The next luncheon should be with historians.

But many historians and journalists who remember 1968 don’t think the comparison is quite apt.

A complete and accurate version of Leonardo’s Da Vinci’s family tree has stumped art historians for centuries.

historians have also looked at specific incidents where the US thought its credibility was on the line and determined that we were simply mistaken.

But historians maintained a keen interest in them.

historians have paid close attention to his case; the white men accused of his murder, Roy Bryant and his half-brother J.W.

historians have continued to examine the case for insight into how Till died and whether other people were involved.

Game historians generally point to this title as the birth of the first person shooter genre.

This didn’t end the controversy, which expanded as political scientists and historians weighed in as well.

And many historians immediately responded and wrote op-eds expressing outrage.

But despite its obviously arch tone, Blattman and Farrell’s argument drew criticism from historians of African politics.

Even among historians, the focus at times has been on finding and recognizing the queer heroes.

In BackStory, historians Ed Ayers, Peter Onuf, and Brian Balogh break down the minutiae of their field.

“They were rarely left unsupervised,” historians Neil Howe and William Strauss write of this new generation in “Millennials Go To College.”

According to historians, “Gin was blamed for misery, rising crime, prostitution, madness, higher death rates and falling birth rates.”

historians later concluded that backlash against Republicans for Clinton’s impeachment resulted in the GOP’s weak showing in the midterms.

To many UFO historians, this was the beginning of the “Men in Black” conspiracy.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes said in March that the records are important for historians to study the terrorist group.

Fraser endows her character with authority and credence by adopting the language of art historians and administrators.

More data about the problem should help historians propose remedies.

But when I spoke to scholars and historians of North Korea, they uniformly rejected the idea that Kim is a lunatic.

historians, anthropologists, philosophers, artists are all there.

Its loss would represent an unimaginable blow to future generations of historians.”

If it does, historians living in the altered climate of 2050 will look back on the 2016 campaign in horror.

While ancient historians like Strabo often leave us hungry for more detail, the existing vestiges are usually no more than a few inches high.

While historians recount threatened lawsuits on behalf of Melvin, scant details remain of any ramifications to the conductor who killed him.

historians say the 126-gun battle ship known as the Kronan sank off the southern tip of the Baltic sea island of Öland in 1676.

“I have decided to make my age my friend.” Watch next: Art historians can’t agree if this 126-year-old sketchbook was Vincent van Gogh’s

Dolley Madison never served it, according to several historians I contacted, although she did serve plenty of other types of ice cream for sure.

historians estimate that at least 1.1 million people were killed at Auschwitz from May 1940 to January 1945.

As Mar Hicks and other historians have shown, as the profession became more prestigious and more lucrative, women were very actively pushed out.

A real person runs Supper Mario Broth, but until recently, the guiding presence behind one of Mario’s modern historians has been largely anonymous.

For centuries, the painting has been in a private collection, previously unknown to art historians.

(and yes, I’m the king of the #FargoStrut.. squared circle historians know what that means.. #OurBelovedMemphisTerritory woo!

“There’s a subversive quality to this work that touches upon areas underserved by baseball historians or ones that have been completely ignored.”

Live long enough and you may hear future historians recall the war between 4chan and an art collective called LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner.

The journal Public Historian featured a related argument from the Rutgers-Newark scholar Lyra Monteiro, and asked several historians, myself included, to respond.

The saying “Nobody likes a know-it-all” almost certainly accounts for some of the negative responses to academic historians’ observations about Hamilton.

historians writing about the gaps in public forums, alerting the community at large to the fictional parts of the play, are spell breakers — spoilsports.

(Come to think of it, that is quite a familiar role for historians.)

He collaborated with museums, music historians, libraries, and eBay traders to track down old photos, newspaper clippings, sales receipts and flyers.

But historians and experts say these types of outbursts are rooted in legitimate anger toward a system that in many ways has failed them.

As Boak continued reaching out to museums and historians to collect artifacts, Martin began taking steps of its own to preserve its history.

Then, we connected these data with independent surveys of presidential performance by prominent historians.

After that, gender historians divide, identifying third and even fourth waves.

From the subject matter, historians can guess their intended audience, which may have been the Spanish colonies in the Americas.

Rebecca Onion had a great piece in Slate, where she got historians to weigh in on the worst year in history.

The author of Ways of Seeing had a profound impact on generations of artists, critics, historians, curators, and art lovers.

Weller: When future historians are doing their history, how do you think social media will fit into their work?

I think a bigger difference with social media is going to be things like the impact Instagram will have for historians.

As historians have concluded, 13 is simply a notorious number in Western cultures, wherever it appears.

Historian William Bouwsma once noted that the past is not the “private preserve of professional historians.”

Not all historians agree.

The big picture: But where historians and other analysts go too far, Mokyr says, is linking the century’s dizzying tech boom and war.

It seems they did not get the telegram announcing painting’s death or, having gotten it, decided that the critics and historians were wrong.

And, finally, in the days to follow, web editors commission articles from historians, in hopes of putting said comments into greater historical context.

historians, in other words, find themselves amid an unprecedented coming-out party.

While helping these historians adapt their work, Rosenwald has noticed a swelling sentiment.

But authorities first consulted with clan members and historians to agree on a way to document the graves.

historians of the future are going to need to be charismatic personalities,” he says.

And although art historians have attempted to correct this misunderstanding, popular culture has refused to acknowledge it in most interpretations of ancient life.

To some historians, this may sound familiar.

I don’t know what historians in 2100 will think mattered in our age.

“It’s usually the case that contemporary observers are less generous than historians,” he said.

historians say President Trump is a symptom of the anti-establishment turn in global politics, not its cause.

“The history of the women’s movement has been largely recorded by male historians.

For Hanlon, historians must return to the primary sources.

After all, this fall, historians claimed 536 was the worst year in human history to be alive.

But historians and other scholars say Trump and Brexit are only symptoms of the age.

In these documents, historians discovered evidence for the presence of Anglo-Saxon travelers.

Neither, many historians say, did the 19th century finish in 1899.

This was to allow journalists, historians, and the public to access them through FOIA.

She’d set several firsts as first lady
A first lady Melania Trump would make history on several fronts, according to historians and reports.

Nichter rightly notes, as well, that for historians an important question lingers: Just what impact did the Chennault Affair have?

While the result of Oprah’s endorsement is unprecedented, it did confirm what some historians already believed—celebrity endorsements can carry some weight.

The 27 claimants — artists and art historians who worked in the National Gallery’s Education Department — were dismissed in October 2017.

Built over a century starting around the year 1160, historians consider Notre-Dame to be among the best examples of French Gothic cathedral architecture.

Well, I think women in general are frequently considered unworthy subjects of documentation because most historians are male.

As historians have told me, this is what leads to urban uprisings and riots.

Some experts think that historians will call our current era some kind of a Digital Dark Age.

If Egypt was the seat of ancient culture, then historians had no issue delineating the history of ideas and cultural practices to its roots.

This question has long intrigued art historians and Darger aficionados alike.

historians are not good prognosticators of the future, nor are we trained in political coalition building.

historians and journalists quickly pointed out Kelly’s view isn’t in line with the facts.

According to historians, one or more of the church bells were rung to signal the attack in Balangiga.

Now, enthusiasts and historians of the adervtising phenomenon can enjoy a documentary dedicated to the time-honored campaign.

U.S. forces took the bells after a brutal counterattack that killed anywhere from hundreds to thousands of people in the Philippines, historians say.

It’s a piece of sporting history that stumps practitioners and fight historians the world over to this very day.

The art turned out to be the real thing, and experts and historians were stunned.

What do the iPhone’s inventors, manufacturers, students, and historians make of the device that has transformed the world?

Yet historians such as Steve Fraser and James Livingston have rightly objected to the notion that today we are in a second Gilded Age.

pic.twitter.com/oLY8JpypMA @MaxTemkin a 1000 years from now historians won’t make heads or tails of any of this time.

To game developers, historians, and even speedrunners like Cook, it’s often the lesser known games that are more interesting.

It’s not just a statement that is sure to piss off art historians, it’s also kind of true!

During the campaign, I was curious if professional linguists and historians could help us figure out what makes Trump’s speaking style unique.

Curators, art historians, writers and theorists, cultural critics, and researchers working in visual arts are invited to apply.

And a surprising number of early colonial settlers were either unbaptized or unchurched, as historians such as Jon Butler have shown.

Dr. Stuart noted in an interview with Hyperallergic that historians previously didn’t know how marriages or maternal relations were conducted.

“Art historians and painting lovers get to experience pictures from the standpoint of garden people.

“That idea is a complete myth and is thoroughly debunked by historians.”

So museums are overloaded with the stuff, and mainstream historians don’t necessarily want it, either.

This kid is the future of comic historians and curators—he’s 20 and already crushing it.

Aficionados of powerful art might be less concerned with that question than, say, art historians who are interested in a particular artist’s motivations.

Or, for you red-carpet historians out there, since Miley Cyrus’ staggering eleven-look lineup, when she hosted the VMAs in 2015.

Noncompetes are really nothing new — historians date the first case to 1414.

VM: What advice do you have for aspiring black art historians?

Folks, Chris Neil’s footprint on this series will be studied by historians as the— Just kidding!

Yoga is, in fact, ancient; it dates back so far, historians aren’t even sure of the precise origins.

historians differ on the roots of the arrangement.

That said, historians recognize Baird’s role in the early development of TV.

It will all be visible to our children, and to historians.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, most historians consider his nationalism and anti-semitism as political posturing instead of deep-seated beliefs.

Environmentalists and historians have long warned about the risk of soot and fumes from factories and tanneries dulling the ivory monument.

historians have speculated that van Gogh gave his ear to a madame of the brothel at 1 Rue Bout d’ArlesIf.

(This may cause music historians to entirely re-assess “Raspberry Beret,” don’t you think?)

Purcell often collaborates with natural historians and scientists.

What do historians think?

historians still argue about whether these waxes were clinical, arousing, or both.

Instead, it mostly consulted historians who study one 158-year-old American case.

For example, historians debate the degree to which ancient people turned to beer instead of water for energy.

And as I have talked to historians, that has been a tradition in our country for a very long time.

Indeed, historians still refer to this period as a gap in the study of German art history.

Byzantine historians report that the emperor Justinian rebuilt the churches of the city along with the city walls in the 6th century.

But historians estimate that 254 of them ultimately died in concentration camps during World War II.

For the first time ever, historians of Tropicana Field say, someone hit the ballpark’s roof with a pop-up.

“But I can totally see this material being a huge asset to researchers, historians, and students.”

Savetz noted that this is a genuine concern for historians.

historians have only recently begun to take into account the gold rush of new data about the climate in the classical world.

Just ask historians about the importance of Eleanor Roosevelt or Jackie Kennedy.And this Friday, the U.S. will have a new first lady.

“On behalf of historians and archaeologists everywhere, I hope you both end up in jail,” reads one comment on the YouTube video.

But their veracity is contested by historians.

Still, not many historians or political scientists were willing to come along with me on this crazy trip.

Barack Obama is the best president we’ve had in nearly three decades, according to a recent poll of historians.

Eurabia has gotten scant mention in the American press; mainstream historians have scorned it.

historians prefer to view the past from a distance, and only time will reveal his legacy.”

Truly, one wonders what social historians will make of the 21st century.

I think about the ways film historians have heralded D.W. Griffith’s film, The Birth of a Nation.

Unlikely historians captures a fifteen-year period of the so-called American Century characterized by upheaval of all stripes.

Unlikely historians: Materials Collected by NYPD Surveillance Teams 1960–1975 is on view at the New York City Municipal Archives until February 28, 2018.

But the joke is on the representative, because historians believe Burr was actually very progressive.

historians and historically minded political scientists disagree a bit about the 19th-century presidency, but there are a few things we know.

historians think Hemings had six children who were biologically Jefferson’s.

History is relayed to us by historians who choose what and whose stories to recall.

However, the portrait caused controversy in May after historians and campaigners described it as an “airbrushed” version of her face.

This is not an objective account — historians are, after all, human.

“For years past American historians have been investigating the orthodox legends.

Calling fashion historians and old souls alike: There’s a new photography exhibit that was made just for you.

During the campaign, I was curious if professional linguists and historians could help us figure out what makes Trump’s speaking style unique.

That’s where we pop culture historians come in, to connect the dots between song lyrics and life events.

Aside from his meeting with Jesus, Matthew’s life remains somewhat of a mystery to Christian historians.

Many of them, it turns out, aren’t historians and haven’t taken a single course in US history in college.

When future anthropologists and historians study this moment in time, we wonder if they will be baffled by the existence of memes.

Future historians may be as critical of McMaster as McMaster was of the disgraced generals who led the US to defeat in Vietnam.

When you’re famous and when you’re royal, historians and regular people alike tend to enjoy digging deep into your family history.

There is that great proverb — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.

Still, ancient historians tell us those are the lengths people once had to go to in order to communicate.

historians of the technology industry observed a pattern that was predictable with regard to new computing platforms.

We can hope that as much as our memories of the past diverge, there will always be historians getting the permanent record down straight.

Fewer than 200 people have ever visited the Titanic since it sank in April 1912 according to historians’ estimates.

Some historians suspect that the powerful Putnam family used the trials as an opportunity to get revenge on their enemies.

The Hoaxes were for art historians.

Someone record that feed and put in a tome — historians will pour over it!

Robbie and Ronan only share one scene together, during a secret meeting that historians debate ever took place.

Those awards represent a collective failure on the part of literary critics, historians, and publishers.

The hosts are tapping decades of professional knowledge as historians when they speak on anything.

https://t.co/mWUwEdbbEb historians have long described Cleopatra as ethnically Greek, but during the past decade, that assumption has increasingly been called into question.

historians still don’t know whether Catherine consummated her marriage with Arthur — but The Spanish Princess had to decide.

The website noted that this was not an oversight of ancient historians, who never made the queen out to be breathtaking.

historians have long established the presence of hundreds of Black individuals in Tudor England, and throughout British history.

For decades, historians like Kauffman have been excavating evidence of Africans living and working in Britain.

— Founded in 2001 by art historians Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett, Triple Candie is a self-described curatorial agency.

Advocates, lawmakers, and historians alike have likened the facilities to concentration camps and demanded that the Trump administration take action.

The fact that Ravensbrück was a women’s camp definitely contributed to it being overlooked by historians.”

I will say that historians would say [the characters are] burning way too many candles.

The historians have their work cut out for them, and we critics will have to do our part too.

“We’re not historians or arbiters of history, nor are we judges,” he wrote.

“We’re not historians or arbiters of history, nor are we judges,” he wrote.

There were art historians, but no women in painting or sculpture.

I’ve always given thanks to the art historians of that period.

And during that whole period of backlash and lull, those art historians were out around the country showing our slides.

In the long historiography about the Civil War, many historians have made the case that the war could have been avoided.

Free societies do not throw journalists and historians into prison.

These historians imagine — hardly with pleasure — a compromise that might have extended slavery for years longer.

Though virtually all historians agree slavery was the cause of the conflict, they don’t agree on why slavery caused the war when it did.

Only 3,500 headsets will be made available, making them a collector’s item for VR and McDonald’s historians and superfans.

Lincoln only wished to prevent the spread of slavery into the Western territories, which most historians believed were ill-suited for slave labor anyway.

March 28th, 2016 Remember this day because Monday, March 28th, 2016 will be recorded by historians as a milestone.

The civil rights movement gave white historians a newfound sympathy for abolitionists and their antislavery allies.

Other historians, though they don’t necessarily call themselves neorevisionists, undermine the fundamentalist notion that the North and the South were different societies.

Though not all historians agree slavery was capitalist per se, they agree slavery generated a great deal of wealth.

These newer historians are instead saying: Slavery wasn’t a bug of the American system, but a feature.

Today, however, when historians wonder why a compromise wasn’t reached, they aren’t blaming extremists in the North and South.

They’re challenging the certitude of a generation of historians who preceded them.

Four historians with tax expertise say the rush on Capitol Hill to make such huge changes to the tax code is unprecedented.

historians have disagreed for centuries over the exact route Hannibal and his troops took to reach Italy in 218 BCE.

(historians call their faction the Hasmoneans.)

Most historians trace the dawn of Japanese hip-hop to that initial Rocksteady visit.

Art historians say the collection provides an intimate glimpse into the life of Giacometti and his contemporaries.

It’s a fascinating chapter in hacking history, but most historians would tell you it peaked in the ’70s.

Not all economic historians accept this story of the Panic.

When historians look back decades from now, they may wonder what killed virtual reality in the ‘10s.

But historians broadly agree that extraordinary gains were associated with the Industrial Revolution.

Though art historians and curators have in recent years sought to diversify the traditional canon of Great 20th Century Artists — i.e.

The two wrecks were found nearly 60 miles from where historians assumed the ships had been trapped in ice and then sunk.

Certainly those of us who are academics, those of us who are historians, anthropologists, this is our mode!

historians later concluded that backlash against Republicans for Clinton’s impeachment resulted in the GOP’s weak showing in the midterms.

Some historians even claim that partisans for Adams spread the rumor that Jefferson was dead.

Genre historians and academics often point to the notion that science fiction is a literary movement that is constantly in conversation with itself.

Cranston created the platform because she hadn’t seen anything similar available to art historians, her target user base.

historians will have their turn soon enough.

Journalists and historians have extensively compared the present administration’s behavior with the behavior of past genocidal regimes.

historians will have their turn soon enough.

Based on the Korean astronomers’ notes, historians deduced that the event probably occurred between two stars in the tail of the constellation Scorpius.

Ubisoft says there will be dozens of these tours, each focused on a different topic, which will be curated by actual historians.

While that program didn’t survive either, historians have said it spooked the Soviets into ramping up military spending, further unbalancing their already-teetering economy.

Martial historians see the unifying thread of reformist effort that runs through the careers of Tang Hao and Bruce Lee.

NASA provides a handy guide of the history of solar eclipses as documented by astronomers, historians, and writers through the ages.

The documentary doesn’t provide NASA’s take, or feature interviews with historians.

I think historians are completely in agreement that this is the law that made the internet what it is today.

Environmentalists and historians have long warned about the risk of soot and fumes from factories and tanneries dulling the ivory monument.

The intent is to use them as an object lesson by scapegoating them.” 2018 Was the Year historians Went Viral on Twitter.

“For historians, even writing an op-ed might have a delay of a couple of days.

Sports historians, comedy connoisseurs, and newcomers to silent films.

Movie — and military — historians.

Science historians Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway argue in their book “Merchants of Doubt” that denial is about more than the science.

historians, journalists, and Native Americans responded to Trump’s latest jab at Warren with forceful condemnation.

historians, journalists, and Native Americans responded to Trump’s latest jab at Warren with forceful condemnation.

Yet some historians and evolutionary biologists say monogamy is a relatively new, self-imposed system.

The film eschews historians, journalists and other talking heads, drawing only on the voices of the band to tell their history.

This absent hardcore archive is felt by historians.

It was only discovered many years after her death, thanks to art historians who studied portraits of Charlotte more closely.

“We’re not historians or arbiters of history, nor are we judges,” he wrote.

“They were the historians.

historians certainly haven’t found any.

I leave the details for historians.

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) – Olympic historians will record 11.45 local time in Rio on Saturday as the moment boxing history was made.

Put another way, the Great Internet and Smartphone Revolution, or whatever title future historians choose to bestow, is here to stay.

Today only a few baseball historians and fans have heard of him.

As art historians, we should always look before we judge — right?

“Japan is in uncharted territory except for historians,” said Colin Jones, a professor at Doshisha University Law School.

Scarborough subtly responded to Trump’s Twitter rant on Thursday by retweeting several pointed comments from fellow journalists, historians and intellectuals.

Wainaina’s 2005 essay “How to Write About Africa”, was a pointed and hilarious lesson to would-be journalists and historians.

Source: The New York TimesThe Unlikely historians exhibit is on view at the Municipal Archives Gallery in New York until March 31, 2018.

In the 39 years since the Jonestown Massacre, the case has been studied by countless criminologists and historians.

Nazi reports said that 135,000 civilians died in the attack; since then, historians have revised the death toll to 25,000 people.

It should inspire even more art historians and historians to study the subject of neon.

“I’ll leave that for the historians,” he says.

Just ask historians.

historians participated as well.

The film has interviews with dozens of Hollywood directors, actors, and producers, as well as film critics, archivists, and historians.

But there is little doubt among historians that the role of the first lady changed the most with Hillary Clinton herself.

It was only discovered many years after her death, thanks to art historians who studied portraits of Charlotte more closely.

A group of fringe “archaeologists” and self-proclaimed historians have been highjacking New Zealand’s media with tales of a pre-Māori European race.

It hints at a vast conspiracy of academics, historians, and Māori interest groups.

I just want the kids watching to know that.” (Jesus’ race and appearance are actually debated among historians.)

However, historians and scholars have scoffed at the theory that LBJ orchestrated his boss’s death.

Much of this is wrong, and the “Christ myth theory”—the name for this argument—has been widely debunked by many religious historians.

According to Randy Roberts and Johnny Smith, two historians who have written the story of their lives together, this meeting felt preordained.

There was actually a willingness to talk to us because we’re historians.

Some historians endorse this additive approach, already used in Colorado to clarify that a legendary battle against native Americans was actually a massacre.

Music historians believe that she was on the cusp of superstardom.

Indeed the murkiness of artefact acquisition and ownership remains a hot topic among historians, curators, archaeologists, and politicians.

As an imperialist, and frank advocate of eugenics, Roosevelt’s views on racial hierarchy are well-known to historians.

historians will look back at US cancellation of TPP as a major milestone in America’s retreat from global leadership,” he tweeted.

Journalists and historians have documented similar efforts in Virginia and other Southern states.

UKRAINIAN historians may yet be grateful to Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.

[American historians] are doing an excellent job on slavery, very strong critical thinking.

“My first attackers were actually from Reduta, a group of right-orientated historians and idealists who are against so-called ‘defamation’ of Poland.

Maybe you can find some writing there from old-time historians with racist views.

According to those in the room, it was the first experience of many of the male art historians in that room of sexual objectification.

“TECHNOLOGY IS NEITHER good nor bad; nor is it neutral,” said the late Melvin Kranzberg, one of the most influential historians of machinery.

As for the destructive turn in a competitive market, well, conflicts about capitalism are a major theme for historians and political scientists.

From the 19th century, nationalist historians rewrote European state history as a progression towards centralised, ethnic nation-states.

In certain corners, film historians, academics, and even film buffs, they find out about a certain kind of film and become interested in that.

I just want the kids watching to know that.” (Jesus’ race and appearance are actually debated among historians.)

It’s an extraordinary and possibly unprecedented move, according to labor historians and union organizers.

Around the time that GDP was first being used to measure contemporary economies, some economic historians ventured to apply it to the past, too.

It’s an extraordinary and possibly unprecedented move, according to labor historians and union organizers.

WHEN historians come to write about the 2016 Presidential election, one moment may stand as emblematic of the Republican primary campaign.

It was his misfortune, says Catherine Fletcher in her gripping narrative, to be assassinated “first with a sword, then with a pen” by historians.

Most Chinese historians have steered clear of writing about the period.

Armenia and many historians say it was.

historians will not tarry long over such palace intrigues.

historians said the March for Science was distinctly different from other Earth Day events celebrated in the US.

For so long, historians of African American art were unable to move past prioritizing representation.

Economists should get out more and mingle with historians and sociologists.

So what will future historians have to say about the influence of Christian teaching on either leader?

Economists will appreciate Mr Barr’s careful use of wonky concepts; architects and historians will enjoy his keen eye for detail.

historians will remember 21st-century internet culture for a few iconic relics: rare Pepes, “proudy” best friends, a clenched cartoon aardvark’s fist.

He acknowledges the pioneering work of other historians like Eric Hobsbawm and Jürgen Osterhammel.

Founded in 1789, the D.C. school owes its continued existence to this sale, historians say.

Founded in 1789, the D.C. school owes its continued existence to this sale, historians say.

Economic historians have noted that limited liability sat at the heart of the Industrial Revolution.

It could tell them whether people with anthropology degrees do well in sales or if historians make good market researchers.

Other art historians, however, disagree.

I’ll let historians judge that.

Paper Kunsthalle, art and film historians Steven Jacobs and Lisa Colpaert created a fictional museum guide to archive 100 of these portraits.

In the annals of political misdeeds, future historians will not pause on Mrs Clinton’s e-mails long.

Health policy historians and polling experts caution against reading too much into those numbers.

Mr Brenninkmeijer and the historians say that understanding the past brings deeper strengths—virtues that can help the business today.

This included, infamously, photographs of Auschwitz, leading historians to wonder how the Allies supposedly didn’t know the extent of the concentration camps.

historians, too, question the logic.

Many art historians are skeptical, including Eike Schmidt of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence.

For us as writers and historians, there’s nothing like seeing original documentation.”

As Mr Bond puts it: “Investors should not rely on the phlegmatic approach of historians who tell them not to worry about change.”

And historians note that socialist movements can influence political parties, even if their electoral clout is diminished.

These questions have plagued natural historians since long before the advent of television.

historians today ask why—why were these women forgotten?

At the same time, historians have a point regarding the shortcomings of economic analyses.

An insightful and sympathetic account, by one of the foremost historians of Russia.

historians have found these pipes started producing problems almost from the start.

On that, even secular historians cannot agree.

This apologetic view of Washington’s slave-owning is still espoused by many school text-books and historians of the right.

For those of us who are not Christian, and those of us who are historians, we know that’s simply not true.

Mr Xi criticises historians who portray the party’s rule as divided into a Maoist era and a Dengist one.

Her marriage led to an uneasy harmony between Jamestown and the tribes, a period that some historians call the Peace of Pocahontas.

WHEN art historians write up the current decade, they are likely to call “Queer British Art 1861-1967” a “landmark exhibition”.

“Which is, of course, a mistake art historians should never make.

Art historians, collectors, artists, and curators all explain their importance and situate the pieces in their specific historical contexts.

These painting have been written about and scrutinized by many critics and historians, including myself.

Some historians detect in the colour shift a sneaky attempt to rehabilitate De Rosas’s reputation.

The art world — a term he deplored — was too insular, and the art historians and critics did very little to mitigate this.

Over a weekend, each of us became art historians specializing in Afro’s oeuvre.

WHEN historians look back at the earthquake that shook American politics in 2016, two books deserve recognition as important early warnings.

historians told the Times that Notre Dame’s blaze was inevitable due to a complicated fire warning system and poor historic preservation oversight.

These points are dismissed by most historians in Germany as “denialist”.

For centuries, the painting has been in a private collection, previously unknown to art historians.

That sentence can be confidently bequeathed to future historians of the 45th president.

historians estimate that 80% of the Herero lost their lives; about half of the Nama died after launching their own revolt.

Just as Mrs May lacks the powerful persona of Margaret Thatcher, historians are unlikely to talk of “Mayism” as they do of Thatcherism.

A recent paper by a group of Serbian historians lists 11 track and field events and several team sports at the Women’s Olympiad.

In 2014 he proposed introducing mandatory high-school classes in Ottoman Turkish, which survives today only among linguists, historians and clerics.

Butler thinks he would be taken aback by historians‘ efforts to rediscover him.

You know you really do have to ask yourself, where does it stop?” historians called his argument bunk.

Of course, it’s hard to make a period drama without both professional and armchair historians pointing out errors.

I reached out to nine historians to ask if there is a precedent for something like this.

American historians have dubbed the period after the war of 1812 “the era of good feelings”.

Few post-war Italian historians ever tackled the massacre.

Many historians place his actual birthplace in the former Soviet Union.

However, historians say details are disputed and have often been manipulated for political purposes.

It’s a diffuse concept that has not received much serious consideration, save for a few academics and historians.

Yet historians differ over whether cultural differences or economic pressures best explain how tensions explode into violence.

Yet historians agree that Alp Arslan never set his eyes on Europe, being more concerned with realms to the south, including Baghdad and Damascus.

And then what historians would agree happened is that, in so many cities, the police became the proxy for what the white community wants.

Elsewhere, Polish radio recorded a special Kosciuszko drama, while historians have published a barrage of new books on him.

IN 1948, a survey of historians ranked Ulysses S. Grant as the second-worst American president.

But many historians point to November 2nd 1917 as the starting point.

It is generally agreed by historians that without Engels’s intervention, Marx’s work would have remained overly theoretical and detached—and significantly less influential.

historians pump out studies on the Years of Lead, while ex-terrorists have published memoirs.

Among the most dedicated historians of Lewis is Marilyn Richardson, a former professor at MIT who has pursued the artist for decades.

historians note that, over the course of the 20th century, economics was butched up.

Few historians think he could have saved the south.

One might cite her adaptability to the times as a reason historians have not remembered her.

This week seven of Britain’s leading academic historians penned an open letter to the present Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

The second half of the book portrays businessmen, historians and physicists who headed east to combat the Russian-backed separatists.

It contains, necessarily, a fair bit of speculation, since there aren’t historians documenting what happens within the criminal organizations.

The Rada (parliament) called it “distorted”, and a group of Ukrainian historians said they would no longer visit Poland to work.

“The narrative was written by historians,” she says, “but I see it alive before me.”

Mr. President, the question of why the truth is now under such assault may be for historians to determine.

Simon Schama, Mary Beard (pictured) and David Olusoga, historians with assorted specialities, each present their own episodes.

As documented by historians, ethnographers, and cultural anthropologists, non-sequential magical gazing is a global and persistent aspect of human cultures.

LOOKING back from the vantage point of 2025*, economic historians are starting to write their analyses of the Trump slump.

We asked sociologists, economists, geographers and historians to describe the divide from different angles.

If Britain does lose any flying rights after Brexit, aviation historians say it will ultimately be its own fault.

historians of trade have an advantage over those who study wars of the military kind.

historians usually prefer more serious fodder.

historians offer various explanations, not least America’s strong culture of individualism.

Yet a convincing explanation for this figure’s decline, previously chronicled by historians such as Tony Judt and Sudhir Hazareesingh, is elusive.

In 1962 a poll of historians placed Eisenhower 20th in the all-time rankings; last year, a similar poll put him fifth.

Few historians would have gone to Greenland to look for insight into the Mediterranean world.

Many historians attribute their invention to Australian scientist David Warren in the 1950s.

Karl Polanyi was part of a group loosely known by historians as the “moral economists”.

historians and native activists are questioning Columbus’s legacy.

For historians, archaeologists and amateur sleuths, it is the equally elusive object or text that will reveal the Lost Colony’s fate.

The kits include a series of children art books created by art historians and educators Janet Boris, Walter Hopps, and Deborah Schwartz.

Meanwhile would-be art historians dredged up comparisons and influences Mr Denzel may not have considered.

And in many cases, historians’ eventual verdict was utterly different from that of observers at the time.

One of the most influential art historians of the era was Johann Joachim Winckelmann.

RABBLE-ROUSING is not a term often used to describe historians.

But Ehrlichman’s claim is likely an oversimplification, according to historians who have studied the period and Nixon’s drug policies in particular.

We hope historians in a sentence examples were helpful.