Herself in a sentence | Use of the word herself examples

The girl runs in the opposite direction; with nothing to throw, she climbs an invisible set of stairs and then launches herself skyward.

And she couldn’t imagine moving away herself after a disaster.

Expressed by the artist herself?

Cox herself had experienced such harassment, and her security was reportedly increased after a three-month campaign of harassing messages against her.

Such confidence is much needed by Mayer today; she finds herself in a very tough situation as she announces Yahoo’s fourth-quarter earnings.

At the end of Amsterdam, Megg retreats into herself with mood-stabilizing drugs.

Her ranting and raving, even referring to herself as a wounded animal, will make people flee the Democrats!

The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star outdid herself, even by her own low standards, by getting arrested TWICE within 24 hours.

WYH: My first thought is, this woman is selling herself.

Cops are on the hunt for Sinead O’Connor after someone in her family told cops she’s threatening to kill herself.

The absence of her second hand suggests she is in fact in the process of painting herself.

She has been heralded as the first Western woman artist to paint herself naked.

She has been claimed as the first Western woman artist to paint herself pregnant.

The first woman to paint herself pregnant did not live long enough to see the fruits of her labor.

After four months on injections, Lauren Walker says she was starting to feel more like herself.

Instead of regarding painting’s rectangle as a problem, she finds freedom within its limitations, without limiting herself to a signature style.

That her exquisitely polished and balanced sentences concern only herself, and never her ostensible subjects.

But Bedrani is herself a Dior makeup ambassador; her client’s beauty deal (of course) preempts her own.

Her grandmother, specifically, lost most of her family and herself survived Auschwitz before coming over to the United States from Hungary.

It seemed even the winner of Miss Djane wanted to distance herself from this dubious award.

I feel like with “Grace,” the girl in the Aziz Ansari story, she’s trying to figure that out for herself.

What are the ones that a president can do — I love this word — by herself?

In exposing herself, Robb’s highly relatable story got more than 129,000 retweets and racked up more than 500,000 likes.

And that’s why she calls herself the “empress.”

But historically speaking it’s incorrect to call an artist who did not identify herself as a feminist, a feminist.

I consider myself a feminist, Andrea considers herself a feminist, and maybe before the exhibition I didn’t say that to myself.

In 1921, artists were hotly debating “composition” versus “construction,” and Popova aligned herself with the latter.

In hindsight … Corinne calling herself a victim probably didn’t help the situation — something Chris didn’t press her on.

Former State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert withdrew herself from consideration.

Gillibrand, herself, has gotten heat for her approach to donors in the past.

Is it Samantha, the sex-positive baddie who backs herself harder than every Alpha on Love Island combined?

Candace Bushnell, the New York writer who based Carrie on herself, has said as much.

Despite protesting that she wants to be herself and will not dye her hair platinum, Ally ends up dying it red.

She looks satisfied with herself for having nailed a tricky performance, and delighted at the audience’s approval.

She’s Lady Gaga, the living avatar of poptimism herself.

“I’d like to be known as someone who can make it through a lot of things.” She describes herself as a mama bear.

Can you make an episode of New Girl without the “new girl” herself?

She introduces herself as just Marven.

A lot of people think that—when they think of trans girls, they think of a girl who prostitutes herself.

Indeed, even as Clinton shifted to the left during Thursday’s debate, she seemed to be desperately trying to leave herself some wiggle room.

Albert herself accepts these connections to visual art.

(Albert maintains that she herself knew about Warhol, but that she and LeRoy learned about culture at different times.)

Today, Albert describes LeRoy as an avatar she used to deal with issues she couldn’t discuss as herself.

Watching Willow wrestle with an alternate-reality version of herself is even better when you know what’s to come in later seasons (“Hands!

Vaun herself shoots what she knows.

She started a small group for herself and her friends on Facebook, which exploded.

He then forced her to tweet out she injured herself by running on 7″ Christian Louboutin heels.

Staff members, and McCaskill herself, expressed concern that the DOD might have done something wrong and said that the issue is being thoroughly investigated.

She finally realized that interacting with her mother caused an emotional hangover, making her feel drained, annoyed and bad about herself.

We’re told Tomi herself — or her mom, who was also hit with water — would need to file a police report.

Juggling hormones, betrayal, and frustration, we see Hala trying to use her voice to express herself.

And she’s reconciled herself to a quiet rural path she never expected.

May could also call a general election herself if two-thirds of lawmakers in parliament agree to it.

Sam is besotted with Sarah’s butt and, after he finds a way to meet her, Sarah herself.

heaven, after she dies and must hide the reality of her selfish life on Earth to keep herself out of “the bad place.”

Eventually, we see her pulling herself in her Playboy bustier across a log as we hear urgent news footage announcing environmental catastrophe.

But separating herself entirely from Trump will be difficult.

She makes a point to say that Andrew voted as a “reliable Republican” and paints herself as a ticket splitter.

Cana Bilir-Meier however defended herself, giving voice not only to the discrimination she faced, but also to that faced by many people!

She also ingratiated herself with right wing speakers at Politicon, including Tomi Lahren and Scottie Nell Hughes.

She found herself homeless, “cast away to the land of misfit toys, for lack of better words.”

Bridgepoint remains a Cove client, and the White House would not disclose if Schlapp has recused herself from matters related to the company.

Lorde’s cancellation came after Palestine supporters blasted her, saying she prides herself on being “informed.”

There’s “The Leftovers,” in which the protagonist has tried to kill himself twice and his ex-wife considered intentionally drowning herself while scuba diving.

There’s “The Leftovers,” in which the protagonist has tried to kill himself twice and his ex-wife considered intentionally drowning herself while scuba diving.

She raised my brother and me by herself.

Dominique Matti edits for Philadelphia Printworks, and writes for herself.

When the Trump administration announced DACA’s end in September, Guerrero held herself together through dinner with her family.

When the girls were asleep, Guerrero allowed herself to start crying again.

“We can just sell everything, we’re not born with things,” she recalls telling herself.

Martinez herself works as an office administrator at her daughter’s elementary school.

After all, she herself didn’t fully understand that fear until she became a mother.

This isolated figure is the role that Bausch herself traditionally danced.

As in the original, she dances herself to death.

I wanted to know, would the idea of doubling down on revealing herself seem like a thrill or a nightmare?

Haley herself acknowledged she was talking, at least in part, about Trump.

With the princess herself, it turns out.

Cover: Photos provided by Yazmin Juaréz of herself and Mariee.

Despite having more lead time for PyeongChang, Christine found herself quickly running out of options.

She’s not only suing for herself … Byrd wants to make this a class action suit against TBS, CNN and Time Warner.

In “Event for a Stage,” an artist is looking back at herself through the prism of a performer.

She needs to know how to handle herself at State dinners.

The model-turned comedian/actress says even though Karlie has bigger aspirations, she did herself a disservice by burning a strong bridge.

Like many politicians, she occasionally stumbled over a word before correcting herself.

“A woman enjoying deeper sex is very close to herself,” he says.

“She worked very hard to get herself out of the life she was in, and everything failed,” Janney said of LaVona’s tough-love approach.

Trinity was a high school track athlete herself.

She creates magic for other people and herself on the regular.

And I would bet all of Oprah’s money that Oprah says mean shit to herself too.

“Hillary Clinton is an insider fighting for her donors and her insiders, mostly fighting for herself.

Because Wonder Woman is a smashing box office success, Gadot now has an advantage in negotiating a bigger payday for herself.

And the third is that Rachel is strong, self-sacrificing, and courageous — a lot like Eleanor herself.

In “Lucretia,” Stevens depicts a scene not shown in Botticelli’s painting, when Lucretia actually stabs herself.

Monica had the title first, back in that 1982 issue of Amazing Spider-Man, calling and introducing herself as Captain Marvel to fellow heroes.

Her friend had to go home to care for her small children, so she went to Ghomeshi’s house by herself.

She utilizes Safecity’s map herself.

Today, she debuts Lost and Found, a beautiful compilation of songs in search of herself.

That’s why his mother found herself writing letters to Nintendo and making phone calls, even if no one was responding.

She does not consider herself a professional athlete.

Since then, she has registered a series of firsts for herself and her country, upending athletic expectations and cultural norms along the way.

As an introduction, she put together a new gaming PC for herself.

No politician could completely immunize herself.

That’s when she locked herself in the bathroom, and threatened to flush his stuff — including 2 phones.

Her rep admits Karlie locked herself in the bathroom, but only to protect herself from Powe.

It was the first time she’d been able to express herself without the label’s hand since 2012.

Maybe Linda isn’t the innocent victim of divorce that she portrays herself to be, but that doesn’t negate her desperation or pain.

They haven’t forgotten that time she polyjuiced herself into a cat person.

Gillies also considers herself an activist and she’s determined to continue to provide medical cannabis patients—many of whom prefer edibles to smoking—with product.

Through a better understanding of her own psyche, King believes she’s been able to evolve spiritually while expressing herself creatively.

Those years were spent digging through her mother’s clothes and capturing herself wearing them.

There is the poignant feeling that losing her mother has caused Keisha to lose herself.

All of this had a deep impression on Talebi, who years later found herself wanting to put Shamlou’s legacy into words.

Maria Ortega, a 44-year-old employee at a San Diego medical research institute, also counts herself as somewhat lucky.

Instead, the deeply Southern-sounding MC turned the mic over to 16-year-old Koplenko and had her do it herself.

But Jubilee herself has said that she’s weird and has dark humor, so I will just trust her on that.

After the fact, some volunteers remarked that the artist did not address herself to them directly and complained about their skills.

She was not even a chef—she had literally never cooked before she decided to open a restaurant by herself.

Without blinking, she brought them a cold bottle and opened it herself.

Her former employees have shared that she never asked her staff to do something she wouldn’t do herself.

But that is in part because of a change she herself brought.

How has Clinton positioned herself in the shift?

As an undocumented woman and DACA recipient herself, she’s dedicated her career to fighting for immigrant rights.

That it’s incorrect to sacrifice herself for her job.

“Although she didn’t pull the trigger herself, she is still responsible for the murder.”

Cortes turned herself in to police two days after the murder , and the Love was arrested about a month after the crime.

The word is … she’s trying to rebrand herself as a one-named celeb, like Oprah and Cher.

Right, so best to avoid assuming you know her preferred Bloody Mary preparation and let her do it herself.

My mistress is silence herself.

At worst, I worried that Michael’s mom wouldn’t be able to stop herself from sending knitted booties, a possible overstepping of grandma-donor-boundaries.

These days, Clark describes herself on her Facebook page as the author of the Rachel Knight series about a district attorney in Los Angeles.

From the opening number (“Crazy in Love”) on, her vocals, her choreography, and even the digital projections of herself are spot on.

She calls herself an “aggregator,” which seems simple enough, but it’s tough work.

She got out, got a GED, pulled herself through community college, and transferred to Western Washington University, graduating this past December.

Rumer Willis said she laughed herself silly — “I am dead.”

Clad in matching gold sequined evening gowns, each woman stepped up the microphone to introduce herself.

After opening fire and wounding three people, none fatally, she turned the gun on herself.

After opening fire and wounding three people, none fatally, she turned the gun on herself.

You can’t hide things that hurt you.” Saar identifies herself as a conjurer and recycler.

On Monday, Cardi put up a shot of herself rocking a blue fur coat in Minneapolis.

She experienced hallucinations, and became unable to care for herself.

She may introduce herself to someone only to learn they’ve met before.

After driving herself to the emergency room the previous night, Julia woke up in the post-op intensive care unit.

By the time she got herself to the hospital two days later, the internal bleeding had brought her close to death.

I expected Julia—an independent, strong-willed woman with a solid family support system—to stand up for herself where many of the others had not.

She would want this option for herself, and I would also want to have this option for me.

Cersei also understands that by surrounding herself with innocents, she can largely leverage her familiarity as a way to remain in power.

Lorde put dancers in her floating box, and even hopped in there herself during her 2017 international “Melodrama” tour.

There are few other pimple-popping toys on the market now — including one from Dr. Pimple Popper herself, in conjunction with Spin Master Toys.

Chloë Sevigny is great as his wife, Susan’s American friend who finds herself constantly dealing with the protagonist’s latest schemes.

She found herself going into caregiver mode, whether it was welcome or not.

They own a violin store in Wilmington, Delaware, where she’s made a name for herself creating vodou-influenced beaded objects in a nearby studio.

Only two years after they moved to Syria, Asma found herself alone once again as her boyfriend left her to marry a woman.

Dany wears her wedding dress while his pyre burns, tosses her supposedly fossilized dragon eggs in there, then walks into the fire herself.

She dies thinking she’s saved the world, that she’s saved Murdock from both evil and herself.

The artist created an action much bigger than herself in which viewers don’t know where the truth ends and fantasy begins.

My mom’s a musician herself; she’s a poet.

A video Marzella made of herself on the toilet titled “Booji poopi” garnered more than a 160,000 views on Instagram.

She puts herself in a difficult position and brings others into a multinational drama that she then displays in public.

Here’s Fairley herself: Yeah, the character’s dead.

Plus there has to be a reason the show is adapting seemingly everything from the Lady Stoneheart arc except Lady Stoneheart herself.

The extent to which Rory finds herself reenacting that primordial family rift over and over again is never clearer than it is here.

Mathis, who said he’s religious, clarified that he’s not claiming his daughter killed herself directly because of Moore.

Most residencies, at least the reputable kind that are grant-funded, only allow the artist to attend by herself.

But she has nurtured the same absorbing passion since she was a child, and has proven herself not easily thrown off course.

The injunction argues that this would compromise her ability to defend herself.

A mass shooter at the Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland, on Thursday killed three people and injured three others before killing herself.

They claimed Jim had given her STDs and her despair was part of the reason she killed herself.

By committing to taking down E-Corp from within, Angela’s making herself a visible target.

Monahan has also shared text various messages between Ellison and herself on Twitter.

Socia herself will be doing the challenge, as will the two Democrat commissioners on the FCC, Mignon Clyburn and Jessica Rosenworcel.

His original cartoon of McCain featured her wearing a cross while surrounding herself with Jewish artifacts and crying about anti-Semitism.

Though she has in the past ruled herself out of the EU race, her name keeps popping up.

“Grybauskaite prides herself on being straightforward and all business,” said a 2009 U.S. diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks.

After ensuring he was not within her apartment, Mercer would lock herself in her bedroom, watching television until she fell asleep.

Mercer began to withdraw, using her new job as an excuse to isolate herself.

Mercer had managed to muster energy to go to the gym and rewarded herself with a post-workout shake.

“And it scared me.” A week later, Mercer found herself in an argument with a then-boyfriend about taking out the garbage.

She definitely shot herself in the foot on multiple occasions.

She often films herself demonstrating different poses and gives health advice.

“A woman asserting herself was a pariah.

The woman, one of Faith47’s latest murals, is curled in on herself intimately.

How does she choose to dress herself, and what does that signify about who she is?

When Yamin was arrested after sticking herself to the Shell building, she was handcuffed.

She swathes herself in vintage from the 1920s through the ’50s, but she doesn’t have the self-care skills required to preserve her delicate clothes.

(Buckman herself has been boxing for years.)

While they are on, she can do nothing for herself but punch and get out of harm’s way.

Kondo herself spoke at the seminar and explained her method and process: “It’s very psychological.

Emilia Clarke plus nudity … equals a ‘GoT’ bloodbath, according to the Khaleesi herself.

In a video for France24, a journalist embedded herself on the NGO rescue ship Aquarius for 10 days.

Clay’s ideas are intriguing to Amber, who finds herself drawn to the throwback gentleman.

She is also popular worldwide, though people abroad are more likely to recognize her work than Kusama herself.

The teacher, who was herself tall, helped her feel comfortable with who she was.

In establishing a career for herself as a crusader against child abuse, critics say, she helped stoke panic about ritual abuse.

Madame Spisene, she called herself.

She is also popular worldwide, though people abroad are more likely to recognize her work than Kusama herself.

“’Where are the people?’” Obama says she asked herself.

Despite presenting herself as the strong and stable candidate, the prime minister finds it hard to get her message across.

Despite presenting herself as the strong and stable candidate, the prime minister finds it hard to get her message across.

She seems to be trying to erase herself from the stage by sheer force of will.

Beyoncé posted a photo of herself with the twins shortly after 10 pm Pacific time.

You can find it in Miley Cyrus’s rebranding herself as a “happy hippie” or in satires of organic farms on Portlandia.

Audience members had waited for about an hour in Brooklyn, and Ilana herself came out to address the crowd.

Paige Ginn films herself not only in a state of collapse, but also while getting there.

The second time she became pregnant, in the same year, she had to scrape together the $230 for the procedure herself.

The woman has not spoken herself, perhaps in part because, as the Times reports, she signed a nondisclosure agreement with the campaign.

But Harris is also savvily positioning herself to endear herself the party’s base.

That self-conscious girl still lived inside me, turning her exhibition into comedy in order to protect herself from being taken seriously.

Boogie has declared herself a brave artist.

Elektra sacrifices herself for Daredevil and for the good of the Earth, since it’s her destiny to become the Hand’s ultimate weapon.

Ginsberg calls herself Kate Spade’s “absolute number one fan,” but she has plenty of competition for that title.

10:25 AM PT — Mari turned herself into Airport court late Tuesday night.

Or maybe her smile meant she had already explained herself and was just trying to get through the interview without incident.

After marrying her husband, a trans man, she found herself suddenly passing for a straight, Texan mom.

Frustrated and confused, she stabs herself with a pencil, trying desperately to see the blood that keeps blurring before her eyes.

Johnson herself sold hummus—”120 containers, eight ounces each,” a total of 60 pounds.

An alum of the hospitality industry, Niezgoda is a wellness blogger who describes herself as “a chic nomad, driven by wanderlust.”

Niezgoda was looking to insert herself into a community where she was not needed or wanted.”

And for the artist herself, the work was a turning point.

Spektor revealed that she can’t bring herself to write a Christmas song just for profit.

She had only recently moved herself and the children out of a trailer and into their larger rental home.

And on Feb. 20 — a year since her arrest — she found herself again facing Wilson on the video feed.

Justice Elena Kagan recused herself because she did work related to the case during her time as solicitor general.)

She is not “being herself” for a pretty simple reason: She’s in eighth grade and hasn’t the foggiest idea who she is yet.

I’m not talking about Lizzo singing about loving herself.

She must, quite literally, limit herself.

20-year-old Mar is an athlete herself — she played college soccer at Seattle U.

And she uses her power to protect herself.

She takes her power for herself, and grabs it with both hands.

But in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina doesn’t have the option of taking her power for herself.

Even Britney herself maintains an enduring affection for the film.

Despite her influence on CZI, Chan does not draw much attention to herself.

Britney herself may be in agreement.

As the daughter of refugees and a first-in-her-family college student, Chan has said numerous times she considers herself to be very lucky.

Signs written with affirmations (“Together We Can”) and other objects reflect the aspirations of local residents and perhaps the artist herself.

They made her kill herself.

Quite simply: She knew how to present herself, and that includes how she sounded.

De Robertis had asked feminist philosopher Genevieve Fraisse to record the mantra, but she wasn’t available so she did it herself.

Rowling, who herself has been the target of hateful speech, seemingly supports this distinction.

But Lewis made her work herself, whereas Wiley does not.

She rises from each gunshot less certain of herself and her mission.

He pronounced it needless to send for a doctor: nature, he was sure, would manage best, left to herself.

Harris herself has endorsed some more incremental health care expansion plans that wouldn’t do away entirely with private coverage.

Scheyer herself taught youth at the Anna Head School in Berkeley and the Broadoaks School in Pasadena.

But Nixon herself was always clear that her attraction to her ex-boyfriends was as real as hers to Marinoni, who is now her wife.

During the trial, Reagan’s defense team argued she’d impaled herself on the knife after the couple had gotten into a physical struggle.

But because she couldn’t out herself without the risk of dismissal from the military, Dane couldn’t use that potentially crucial piece of evidence.

“Witherspoon defended herself by saying that she wasn’t aware of the rules: “Nobody gave me the Oprah rules.

“No, that’s too much,” she says to herself before taking bits off until she hits exactly 1.5 grams.

The second is to keep herself safe, and allow her warriors to fight her battles for her.

As for herself, she said: “It’s making me ask questions I wouldn’t have asked a week ago.” And she’s not alone.

So she needs to be seen as maternal while also distancing herself from the femininity and weakness associated with that position.

As Thomson herself puts it: I am not arguing that people do not have a right to life.

There are some who are outraged Ellen is putting herself out as speaking for the entire LGBTQ community, one person tweeting, “To Ellen.

Swift herself made a “generous” donation earlier this month to GLAAD, an advocacy group that focuses on LGBTQ representation in media.

The key pieces in this elliptical puzzle are those in which Chang leaves herself vulnerable or exposed.

Would she have photoshopped herself onto the back of a white athlete as a form of transportation?

When she attempted to contact police, the response was dismissal and victim blaming: She was told to “clean up” her online image herself.

She sees herself as a fighter.

She described herself as “not very bridal” and spoke about how she took a more relaxed approach to her wedding with Franco.

The first, taken in 1984, shows a 21-year old Lise looking at herself in a vanity.

Within a few months she succeeded, but she found herself still struggling to pay the taxes on the house.

When she introduced herself, he kissed her, first on the cheeks and then on the mouth.

By virtue of being who she was, and by documenting herself and those around her, her personal bravery resonates through her images.

Every series that emerged from that time is as much a reflection of Aguilar’s subjects and friends as it is of herself.

Jordyn has a cameo in the video and even teased a shot of herself last month on the set.

Southern herself has done a number of YouTube videos traveling to meet the Identitarians across Europe.

one witch asked herself.

Camara then found herself sprawled on her bed with the uncontrollable urge to push.

(In both the source novel and the film, Anna despairingly throws herself in front of an oncoming train.

Left to fend for herself, Murkowski cobbled together the votes of Alaska Democrats, centrist Republicans, and Alaska Natives.

Because it’s a true story, everyone involved in this sometimes wacky, sometimes deadly trade is fundamentally human and flawed, including Voigt herself.

It’s just that said enemy will be herself.

Is Young positioning herself as an inheritor of this tradition?

The modeling turned into appearing in pornographic films produced by Kink.com, where Young found a niche for herself in the world of BDSM.

While the atmosphere was different, she enjoyed creating on her own time, working whenever she felt like it, and making music-related decisions by herself.

“I want to believe in the power of the prosecution,” Bedoya herself said at Wednesday’s press conference.

Echoing the long highways and eerie rest stops she found herself in on her trip, it’s a record of in-betweens.

Up to now King and Oprah herself have always nixed talk of a Presidential run.

Over the past few years, Franchesca Ramsey has established herself as one of the best sources for fearless, intersectional social commentary.

But what she herself will think is another story.

What’s so cool about Tamaryn is that she’s unafraid to be herself, evolve and show off her talent for ethereal songwriting.

He says her motivation is simple … “an unjustified attempt to extort money from Phillipe, and to gain publicity for herself and her modeling career.”

Danielle Bregoli’s now getting true star treatment … huge paydays for showing up at events and just being herself.

These are the questions that Mija seems to orient herself around as both a DJ and as a musician.

So, how did she pull herself out of that dark place?

She started going to Al-Anon and learning about stuff for herself.

Any nominee should have to commit under oath to recuse himself or herself from the Russia investigation.

But through the film she was able to see herself growing up in a way.

“My biggest fear is she will sabotage herself,” she says.

In the following weeks another three, including the Permanent Secretary of the Academy, Sara Danius and Frostenson herself, also withdrew.

Fitzharris, who bills herself as a “Purveyor of Gruesome History,” isn’t just dabbling in the genre; she’s made a career of it.

Selena Gomez just posted a puzzling message … calling herself, “unauthentic” and “unconnected” to herself and her music hours after a concert.

Kim floated across the room — in a skin tight white outfit — and plopped herself down in Kanye’s lap.

Though Byer didn’t create the show herself, it’s rooted in her experiences and caters to her comedic strengths.

Of course, the queen herself wore some fabulous headwear to the event over the years.

His ex-wife has also identified herself as a survivor of domestic violence.”

Almost everything in her home is second hand or vintage and she makes many of her lifestyle products herself, like shampoo and toothpaste.

Nadia blames herself for losing her mother.

But Seagle really got into it last summer, when she found herself between contracting jobs.

Emily offers Nadia an avatar for herself, a way to think through what happened to her without it hurting too much.

How do we make sure that she’s really feeling herself?

The Marschallin, at 32, sees herself as a fading flower who will soon be old and alone.

She called herself a French model who likes luxury.

Remy herself echoed similar frustrations on a recent episode of the Revolt’s State of the Culture.

No one, including Melania herself, seems to know what kind of first lady she’ll be.

Berry was quick to notice the photo of herself, and shared her reaction on Twitter.

Is there anything more dangerous than a woman who has made herself into a weapon?

After almost two years of abuse Adia threatened to kill herself and her employer finally agreed to send her back to Kenya.

After almost two years of abuse Adia threatened to kill herself and her employer finally agreed to send her back to Kenya.

He’s currently paying her $10k a month but claims she’s perfectly capable of finding work and supporting herself.

Not a bad way to reward herself … after becoming the new face of Snapchat.

On weekends she blacks out on vodka by herself.

#JusticeForOurChildren #DontLookAway pic.twitter.com/oujeaO1Pad She later retweeted an ABC News Politics video of herself giving an impassioned speech at the news conference after the tour.

She tries her damnedest to empty herself of her personality to embrace being Offred, the polite breeding sow who never questions her station.

Grace/Lady Liberty, the seemingly invulnerable matriarch of the story, thinks she’s successfully defended herself from a band of superheroes gone rogue.

She questions herself before she believes she’s witnessing racism.

The infuriated June that’s always been roiling inside has finally snuffed herself out to become Offred.

And, Britney’s pretty much living by herself.

Visiting the Salem Witch Museum as a child, McGilvray says, she found herself identifying with the accused.

Will she get to explain what’s at stake for herself?

She just knew that she had to do this for herself.”

Although she didn’t surf herself, Burgess would join along and photograph her friends and her surroundings.

A middle-aged woman at the end of the 1970s could find herself in a world entirely unlike the Depression-era America she was born into.

And a woman a generation younger might find the gap between herself and her mother to be very wide.

Dorothea (Annette Bening) had her son Jamie (Lucas Jade Zumann) at 40 and has raised him by herself in Santa Barbara.

Crooks told the publication that she attempted to introduce herself to Trump while they were both waiting for the elevator.

Life has not been easy on her, and she sees herself more clearly than the younger people realize.

The almost overwhelmingly pure and charming video immediately went viral, with even Elliott herself praising Halsey’s flawless performance.

Neither referred to herself very often as “transgender,” if at all, as the term was not yet common.

“Rack your brains yourself, Meg,” she instructs herself.

“For example, Anita Steckel paints herself into the hyper-masculine drawings of Tom of Finland, pointing to alternate possibilities for erotic desire and identification.

(In the piece, Besos herself says she used to be a sugar baby.)

In that section, Gorsuch only cites the sources Kuzma used in her writeup, rather than Kuzma herself.

It’s the referee’s job, is to make sure that a fight is stopped, that the athlete can protect himself or herself.

Clinton has prided herself on raising funds from women and donors of small amounts.

(Loomer is often considered to be part of the alt-right, though she rejects that characterization and has distanced herself from the movement over anti-Semitism.)

According to Margot Robbie, who plays Quinn, she did the tattoos herself in prison.

Smith herself isn’t a fan of the basic version in the least and says the mint reminds her of “brushing my teeth.”

“She did them herself out of boredom and desperation …

This is also the abortion case where the first woman on the Supreme Court, Sandra Day O’Connor, distanced herself from abortion rights.

Anohni, for example, consistently uses her platform to speak publicly about issues affecting herself as a trans woman, particularly in relation to her career.

The series, Breathing Machines, shows an early attempt of Hershman Leeson incorporating herself into her work (before Breitmore) as she experimented with new technologies.

In this installation, Hershman Leeson, as innovator herself, steps back to display technological innovation on its own, with little meddling on her part.

Clinton had been slower to distance herself from the policy, though it has been condemned by many immigration groups and Democrats in Congress.

As we reported … Kathy went to court to get protection for herself and her boyfriend, Randy Bick, after claiming Mezger uncorked an expletive-laced rant.

Asrary then pretended to be Bieber, and demanded the girl send nude photos of herself and threatened to hurt her if she refused.

Una willed herself to appear calmer, more regal.

Trump announced plans to repeal DACA, the very program that allowed Karla to support herself.

She herself talked him into having a smartphone, from which he now tweets incessantly.

“Nadia Murad is herself a victim of war crimes.

But even Gauff herself told reporters after the match she was the real deal: “You can kind of fake it till you make it.

On July 31, a 64-year-old retired schoolteacher blockaded herself inside her 1971 Ford Pinto on an MVP work site.

#GOT pic.twitter.com/804DJPWMoJ Several of the memes pointedly reclaimed the narrative for Brienne herself, depicting her writing her own, much flashier story in the book.

A witness to a crime might be someone who committed a crime herself in the past, or who was once ordered deported.

She decided to solve the problem herself.

I was just with her, and she looked beside herself.

From a young age, Plath kept a sketchbook, drawing her observations, and herself.

Mihaela was just 13 herself when her parents married her off.

Even Traister herself counted herself as part of the single ladies’ revolution—just because she got married when she was in her mid 30s.

Silhouetted against illusory shades of orange light, Mr. Murray’s darkened form approaches Meg, herself silhouetted against a similar backdrop of pink light.

Documentary photographer Alice Aedy, working for humanitarian organization Help Refugees, saw it for herself.

And after his death, at a tribute event, Esther introduces herself to the crowd as “Mrs.

Palin herself went on to sign an actual deal for a reality TV show.

Because this never happened, I had no idea who was making this accusation until she identified herself yesterday.

Kwon, piano student Phoebe comes to a great realization: She will never be a true artist, because she cannot escape from herself.

Now, just six days out, Clinton finds herself in an entirely different place.

Instead, she finds herself squaring off with Russia, WikiLeaks, and the FBI.

Nesbit appeared in several silent movies between 1914 and 1922, often playing herself, and she danced in bars in the 1920s.

Queen Bey turned 35 over the weekend, but come Monday, she threw herself a Sooouuuuuul Train-themed rooftop party at The Nomad Hotel in NYC.

Would you speak or conceal?” No senators answered his question but Clinton herself seemed to preemptively answer it on Tuesday.

Teitel, who was about six months pregnant at the time, took a handful to eat herself.

Her figure resists reclining, using the living room’s white couch to rest asymmetrically by pushing herself up.

Labedzki, an abstract painter, does not necessarily show herself using each mixture in her paintings, but she frequently displays her finished canvases on Instagram.

Sensing she was being treated unfairly, Teitel began taking notes on her experiences, saving them as emails to herself.

Krista Scruggs could hardly imagine it herself.

Oforiwaa herself seems to thrive on the community she has formed at SOAS, welcoming the feedback students give on her recipes.

Linton also saw the flight as a photo opportunity and posted a photograph of herself disembarking the military jet on Instagram.

Simas began to raise money to fly herself and Dakota elders and educators to New York to address and protest the performance.

McEneaney places the viewer directly inside her home, herself appearing in each work, along with her dog and any combination of her three cats.

Toebbe depicts homes belonging to her parents, in-laws, herself, and her sister.

Hell, it’s the view Hillary Clinton has of herself.

“She did that all by herself.”

Clinton had left herself vulnerable to hacking while traveling “in the area of sophisticated adversaries,” the FBI said.

Daniels herself responded to Trump with a nickname of her own: “Tiny.” Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti responded on Twitter by calling Trump a misogynist.

Daniels herself responded to Trump with a nickname of her own: “Tiny.” Daniels’ lawyer Michael Avenatti responded on Twitter by calling Trump a misogynist.

At the time, Krowchuk wasn’t concerned for Mack’s well-being—he thought her environment was generally positive, and her only goal was bettering herself.

Bella posted a shot of herself with photoshopped deviled eggs, saying … “Postmates is the best!”

She’d done time as a lounge singer herself and hence—she gestured—her habit of displaying cleavage.

She’s made the color a representation of herself as the seeing eye.

After he leaves, she calmly and quietly cleans herself and her house up, and later scolds her cat for not even clawing her attacker.

She seems to be on a mission … posting videos of herself … showing off her body.

She takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of the girl’s identity, while also treating her patients.

Schumer does not, in other words, consider herself to be a political figure.

While she considers herself to be a feminist, she does not consider her comedy to be political.

All of the things she’s been telling herself about how her parents don’t hurt anybody are out there in the open.

She called herself my Promised One.

In that novel, the main character, Renee, lives alone, fiercely protective of the life she has built for herself.

Realizing that trying to open a closed mind is often a losing battle, she resigned herself to living without drowning in the political soup.

She chose to express herself through dance.

But because she’s developed the Awkwafina/Nora split, she’s also left herself an escape route.

But by separating Awkwafina from Nora, Lum has also built an alternative future for herself.

Sotnikova first immersed herself into the scene when she was in high school and living in the suburbs.

As of publication, Madonna, who has aligned herself with human rights causes throughout her career, has yet to comment on the #MadonnaDontGo campaign.

He did not say whether the suspect killed herself.

They all could’ve published those allegations exactly, but the difference was that Isa put them on the record herself.

He did not say whether the suspect killed herself.

After TMZ first posted the photo, President Trump said “Kathy Griffin should be ashamed of herself.

Soon after, she tried Alesse, but she found herself anxious and depressed on the oral contraceptive; she would cry all the time.

To him, Khan or Machado are political actors, just as much as Clinton herself is.

Not Murphy herself.

And the lead performance is courtesy of Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones’ Lyanna Mormont herself!

“She can’t take care of herself,” she pauses before continuing.

Garland was bisexual herself, and although aware of her husbands’ sexualities, she considered them to be not static.

As Beyoncé herself reminded the crowd during her historic Coachella performance last Saturday, she is the first black woman to headline the music festival.

But at least one had already publicly distanced herself before the Times report broke, citing his alleged behavior.

For her part, Barr has tried, belatedly, to own the comments and place the blame on herself, rather than Ambien.

She told the magazine the pair ate dinner in the room before she excused herself to use the restroom.

She taught herself to drive on the ranch, in order to gain some freedom.

She wrote that it brought her back to being herself — and that it saved her life.

Speaking to Klein, she says she was traumatized and blamed herself for what happened.

After a very rocky 2016, Swift successfully used the trial to reposition herself as someone worth rooting for.

In order to make her fans feel that they shared the same pain, she had to give herself up to them and their feelings.

Suddenly, Swift wasn’t selflessly subsumed by her music, lost to herself in service to the great god of teen heartbreak.

Then she blinks rapidly and composes herself.

Press stunts planned by Swift herself tended to place the intimacy of her persona front and center.

Who does that?” Swift, the subtext went, was giving so much of herself over to her fans that she might put herself in danger.

Ardon, who called herself an evangelical opposed to abortion, said the onus was on lawmakers to propose any changes to the abortion law.

You would think that with a president whose wife is an immigrant herself he would be a little more empathetic but he’s not.

Chinese police took away a woman who sprayed herself with gasoline, the state-run Global Times reported, amid reports of an explosion.

Bruinvels herself is looking into heavy menstrual bleeding and how that might affect performance.

Manson remained in custody along with Atkins, who had implicated herself in the murder of Hinman.

Whereas Hillary Clinton would slit her throat, shoot herself, before she would say such a thing.

McSally herself has been the subject of death threats.

It’s about the niche one of music’s biggest names has managed to carve out for herself.

As if things weren’t bad enough, the new logo for Melania Trump’s initiative was reportedly designed by the FLOTUS herself.

Britney Spears revealed herself to fans in Vegas when her leotard shifted around her chest … but powered through it like a champ.

Melania Trump designed the “Be Best” logo herself, an East Wing official told us.

In the closing scene of “Black Museum,” Nish looks at herself in the rearview mirror.

“It can happen when you’re 45,” Kelly said, referring to herself.

But in the final video Amanda was recording herself when more than a dozen shots are heard.

The opening track and lead single “It’s Okay to Cry” is the only song on the album where Sophie herself sings.

In her tenderest voice, she encourages a second-person listener, possibly herself, to stop hiding, start feeling things, and be open.

She whispers the song’s title over and over, as if willing herself to believe.

She’s never posted a contest herself, though she has in the “I Won!”

Nadia Murad is the witness who tells of the abuses perpetrated against herself and others.

Nadia Murad is herself a victim of war crimes.

Now that she has left Abnegation for Dauntless, she is ready to be brave and selfish and put herself first.

It’s far from agitprop, however, and Reichert never repeats herself.

Having been herself imprisoned for her work, she could relate to my uncle’s story.

She developed into someone who didn’t just harden herself against conservative attacks but co-opted those that she could in real time.

The Twilight franchise star has no problem watching herself on the big screen, but that’s not the case with her good friend.

What strikes me as a “problem,” however, is the idea that June herself might be instrumental to the collapse of Gilead.

I play a medium, a person who genuinely believes herself to be clairvoyant,” Stewart says.

“She just can’t put herself back together, and she’s questioning living in general.

It also turns out that Stewart may have the chance to direct herself sooner than you’d think.

Stewart is “diligently resisting the urge to just do it” herself.

“She [Mustafina] should be very happy with herself,” Lease said about Mustafina’s short-lived lead over Biles.

Farrah Abraham proves you can make money in all sorts of positions, because she just bought herself a new home.

I think I was trying to get to the idea, one, the image of her, herself, has it changed her?

Soon after, Selma found herself in the back of the car pretending to plead to be set free.

She refuses to deal with the darkness inside her, instead sequestering herself in her motel bedroom to zone out and watch TV.

Just a few hours after a meeting where she tried to steer members of her caucus away from impeachment, Pelosi alluded to it herself.

Rowling wrote the script for “Crimes of Grindelwald” herself, so many fans are placing the possible error at her feet.

The installation also included video testimony from six actual refugees — one of which was Mardini herself.

Nick was clearly annoyed by Azealia’s comment, saying essentially she opened herself up to attack by resorting to racial insults.

She declined to speak with me herself.

There’s nothing radical about a woman choosing to love herself after a man does it first.

As its title suggests, Patterns of Consciousness finds Barbieri explicitly concerning herself with the way we think.

I’m going to give another win of the week but Amy Klobuchar, I thought, handled herself really well.

“Look, My wife is an entrepreneur herself.

Emezi has written at the Cut about her gender dysphoria and how she experiences herself as ogbanje.

She’s forcing herself to be the same 19-year-old who stood on the VMA stage, stunned that Kanye West was stealing her moment.

She aligned herself with the Justice Democrats last April but earlier this month distanced herself from the concept of challenging incumbents in primaries.

Our sources say Mama June’s fam thinks she’ll continue putting herself at risk as long as she’s with him.

#MarshaeJoneshttps://t.co/sx2vFbobMz Local police argued that Jones deserved the blame not only for the shooting but also for not removing herself from the situation earlier.

I don’t think that every single person has to be a candidate him or herself.

She could uncharacteristically feel herself getting tired between points, particularly long ones.

Foxx ended up recusing herself as a result of that communication.

“I know just the place …” she mutters to herself before tapping out a reply.

The next photograph, like an opening sequence or a first scene, introduces the photographs’ subject: Elizabeth Taylor herself.

She blends into Taylor’s hair, as if trying to insinuate herself into the actress’s mind.

They were all essentially rendered totally expendable, both to Dany herself and to Game of Thrones’ plot as a whole.

Drea currently works with the digital talent agency Collab while also pitching herself directly to brands.

Srirasmi was never charged herself.

Webster loves to bring together two or more patterns, but she does not limit herself to doing this.

After having given herself to Trumptaeon and feeling nauseous remorse, she set off to tell her terrifying father Zeus of her downfall.

Holmes knows how to swim, but she wouldn’t call herself a strong swimmer.

“I would always advocate for more nurses,” said Bedrossian, herself a school nurse.

A young woman who had positioned herself on the front lines of the counterprotest became overwhelmed and began to cry.

She wouldn’t comment one way or another on whether she’d personally seen this new tape herself.

Kayley Elizabeth Miller, who took the early version of the course at Stanford, also found herself using the material to learn about her roots.

Even though she’s floating the idea of herself as a transitional speaker, she’s not exactly giving details on the timeline.

She also says her life with him was so bad she tried to kill herself with rat poison.

Like a toadstool.” Daniels describes how she was disgusted with herself for getting into a situation when she was having sex with Trump.

This was something she added herself, along with the elaborate outfit.

She’s gotta sell herself every day.

Robertson doesn’t sell weed herself, but instead offers guidance to both curious newcomers and people who have been smoking for years.

Flash-forward a few decades and Varda reinvents herself once more.

“‘She wasn’t herself‘ is my testimony.”

Varda also frequently inserted herself in the work.

We hope herself in a sentence examples were helpful.