Helm in a sentence | Use of the word helm examples

And why remake it with director Timur Bekmambetov at the helm?

Addressing food safety concerns is among the top priorities for Chipotle Chief Executive Officer Brian Niccol, who took the helm in March.

Some corporate governance experts said the board’s probe into the attack could lead to more changes at the helm of the company.

Instead, writer Rachel Pollack was at the helm at the time.

Leading on: Leadership required to helm a startup can be very different from the leadership required by a scaleup.

He’s the one who is at the helm of priorities and oversees our budget.” But there are also limitations.

The departure leaves Weinstein’s brother Bob, a co-chairman, and chief operating officer David Glasser at the helm of the company.

It’s also important to note that, sure, while there are three guys at the helm, the gender split actually favors women.

And that raised a bigger question about Detroit: Was Bigelow the right director to helm the film?

With Anette at the helm the band was able to showcase their shorter, catchier side, with bigger, more traditional structures and more joyful melodies.

At the helm of Suicide Kale is its star, screenwriter, and producer Brittani Nichols.

It also established a relationship with Morris, who would also helm their debut album.

“People chose to leave the country’s leader alone at the helm,” Samy said.

But from his first day at the helm, it became clear that these were false hopes.

Then, there were people at the helm of the economy who understood economy.

At the helm of the Math Magazine movement is the publication’s founder and editor-in-chief, MacKenzie.

Maduro has faced constant international pressure and dwindling public support since taking the helm of the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela in 2013.

You’ll recall, helm sued the singer back in 2017 … claiming he had exposed her to the virus when they had unprotected sex.

Esper emphasized diplomacy over military action as he briefed reporters for the first time since taking the helm of the U.S. military on Monday.

Yes, Masseduction is remarkably more in the pop lane than her previous work with how-the-hell-is-he-doing-all-of-these-records super producer Jack Antonoff at the helm.

At least, Patriots superfan John Krasinski doesn’t seem worried … telling TMZ Sports his team will go 4-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm.

With him at the helm, Wednesday’s speech could be an accurate reflection of what Trump will look like between now and November.

He is expected to take the helm in an acting capacity in the coming days, a defense official said.

Most of the controversy surrounds his four years at the helm of Breitbart News, the hard-line conservative outlet.

As a result, career Justice Department officials (and not Trump appointees) have been at the helm of many of these US attorneys’ offices.

The conversation went down July 19 … just 2 days before helm filed the lawsuit and changed her story.

The two different stories seem to create a huge credibility problem for helm.

West adds she’s gone to law enforcement because helm thinks Byron was extorting her.

Worth noting — helm also accused Byron of stalking her, but on Friday a judge dismissed the matter for lack of evidence.

Other times she is sailor, at the helm of a military grade ship, or a sushi chef.

He embodied the ideal of a benevolent patriarch for the conservative base that he mobilized, who badly wanted a father-knows-best type at the helm.

Another new venture firm, The helm, is investing exclusively in women entrepreneurs, and other female investors are investing in more women.

A lot has changed since I first took the helm here.

Andrew Wheeler, EPA deputy administrator and a former coal lobbyist, will take the helm of the EPA as acting director on Monday.

Today, Magerko is a tough leader at the helm of a leaner and smarter 84 Lumber.

At the helm of its venture arm, Google swapped the dreamer for the networker.

It was “a signal of intent,” says helm, that Cameron would take the Euroskeptics’ side when in office.

Its newest board member, Singhal, spent nearly 16 years at the helm of Google’s most viable business product, search.

Others, however, said that if markets sensed a political upheaval, even one without Cristina Fernandez at the helm, it could create volatility.

And indeed they did, and without the original film’s director, Tim Burton, returning to helm it.

At the helm of the VA, he’d have had a nationwide staff of around 375,000 people and a budget over $185 billion.

Standard launched GAF Energy earlier this year with DeBono at the helm.

Ultimately, Klinsmann is back at the helm, and the U.S. National Team’s fortunes seem to be tied to his erratic levels of success.

Weiss have officially been tapped to helm a brand new Star Wars film series, the franchise announced Tuesday.

The US expanded its counter-narco mission in Afghanistan in 2005 with the DEA at the helm.

A future where every Georgia resident has access to the ballot box, Zeigler argues, may not exist without Abrams at the helm.

Farewell to Jim Mora Jr., whom UCLA fired Sunday after nearly six seasons at the helm.

Bun says Scooter Braun, who was a driving force behind Manchester, is at the helm.

Without Ailes at the helm, it may be easier for the organization to adapt to this new American right.

Also listen for the company’s revenue guidance moving forward without longtime sales boss Adam Bain at the helm.

He went on to appoint Steve Bannon, whose primary professional accomplishment was mainstreaming white nationalism at the helm of Breitbart News.

“The only Silicon Valley company we have a problem with is Google.” Has that changed since Pichai took the helm?

Records obtained by Gawker showed that the attention Abbott brought to Jade helm resulted in a spike in recruitment for the Texas State Guard.

Is the eight-year-old at the helm singing “boats and hoes” having a try before he buys?

The innovative design conjures Art Deco or the helm of a spaceship.

Now New York is building off that experience, with Katz at the helm.

The shakeup marks Duperreault’s first major restructuring action after taking the helm of the company in May.

Bannon recently lost his job at the helm of the Trump-friendly Breitbart in part because of his recent comments about Trump and Russia.

With Edmonds at the helm, the publication reported news, denounced racial injustices, and portrayed Los Angeles as a city of hope for African Americans.

And with Trump at the helm, and conservative celebrities the biggest draw, perhaps they’re looking in the right place.

With Take This Waltz’s Sarah Polley at the helm, there’s a lot that can go right here.

Jake Kasdan, who directed Johnson in Sony’s hit “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” will be at the helm.

But it will have to do this without Sorrell at the helm, which may prove tough.

With Laima and Hen at the helm, the rest of us get to infuse our life experiences into our singing.

His term at the helm of the organization is scheduled to last until 2020.

If confirmed, Nakasone will be at the helm of an eavesdropping agency that employees roughly 36,000 hackers, spies and other intelligence professionals.

And with rookie manager Cora at the helm, the Red Sox have seized every edge and clung to it.

He would be taking the helm of a team that had shown the talent, but failed to achieve the postseason heights expected of them.

But to our knowledge, he did not take steps to rein in these abuses once at the agency’s helm in 2013.

His sons — Peter, Jonas and Mathias — still sit on the boards of various IKEA entities, but the family is no longer at the helm.

the Duffer brothers, will return to helm season two.

All in all, the film is an unstoppable bullet train to disappointment with Snyder at the helm.

@FEMA Administrator Brock Long has resigned.He was at the helm for 3 major hurricanes: Harvey, Irma & Maria.

Khurrana spoke to Reuters about why he chose this film and why more mainstream actors need to helm such projects.

“They should be the MVP — the whole defense.” Edelman also praised Brady, who won his sixth championship at the team’s helm on Sunday.

Here’s what we might expect with Gottlieb taking the helm at FDA.

As long as it’s our team at the helm, we’re okay with it.

Without Moonves at the helm, a major obstacle to Redstone’s aim of merging the two companies would be removed.

At the helm is Daniel Burns, noma and Momofuku alum and chef/partner at the restaurant.

Mitsotakis, 51, assumed the helm of New Democracy in 2016.

Tom Cotton, a Republican US senator from Arkansas, was slated to helm the CIA if Pompeo left it.

Laura helm claims in new legal docs, she had 2 sexual encounters with the singer.

helm says they were platonic friends and he wooed her by telling her about his humanitarian efforts in Africa.

“Great things are in store for the US-India partnership with the return of PM Modi at the helm.

helm is suing for $20 million.

Somaya Elaasuoty sits at the helm of the restaurant, overseeing her customers from the perch of her small open kitchen.

The helm’s founders actively sought out individuals who want to better connect with female founders, and have thus far avoided institutional investors.

Unlike a standard fund, The helm also plans to make all its investments in the first year of its 10-year life cycle.

Mullin’s predecessor, Steve Lavin, led the team to three 20-win seasons and two NCAA tournaments in his five years at the helm.

Bannon recently lost his job at the helm of Trump-friendly Breitbart in part because of his recent comments about Trump and Russia.

Coates and Stelfreeze’s comic places Black Panther at the helm of a Wakanda in unrest.

With those two men at the helm of this story, it’s even more brutal and violent than the first.

The middleweight division exists no matter who is at the helm, because it does not have a singular person who embodies that weight class.

But more than a portrait of a city in decline, Atlantic City is a prognostication of America with President Trump its helm.

He relinquished his CEO post to Joe Clayton in 2011 and returned to helm Dish in 2015 amid subscriber losses.

It’s also the only group that thought Obama was preparing a military coup in Jade helm.

That led to a training camp deal with the Boston Celtics, where Brad Stevens was entering his second season at the helm.

Giovagnolli has since returned to the helm.

Jan De Bont, the director of Speed, was attached to helm the project at one point.

When Axelrod gets sidelined from running his business, his genius intern-turned-chief-investment-officer Taylor Mason, played by Asia Kate Dillon, takes the helm.

Guaido, who took the helm of the National Assembly on Jan. 5, proclaimed himself interim president on Wednesday.

With director Patty Jenkins at the helm, Wonder Woman is also the first female-led superhero movie since the dismal days of Elektra and Catwoman.

Volatile economic and political situation in Italy with a new coalition at the helm.

He was at the helm until 1993, when he died in a plane crash.

A man by the name of John Corsi briefly took the helm, before parting ways with the restaurant in the summer of 2006.

After just two years in Congress, Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) is at the helm of the House Progressive Caucus.

Reuters reported in September that Mnangagwa was plotting to succeed Mugabe, with army backing, at the helm of a broad coalition.

Imagine what could be in store now that a critic of both free trade and China itself is at the helm.

Trevor Noah took the helm of The Daily Show after Jon Stewart, the beloved host for 16 years, decided to retire.

Obviously, Washington has to win games first … but with Alex Smith at the helm and Guice in the backfield, you never know!

For five minutes, whoever was at the helm of the larger boat ignored the demands, Ahmed said, before eventually cutting the engine.

Volatile economic and political situation in Italy with a new coalition at the helm.

John Visentin is expected to take the helm.

Clarke served at the helm of several departments, including as interior minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer in a career spanning five decades.

Almost exactly a month after Torvalds’ self-imposed exile, he is back at the helm of the project he started nearly three decades ago.

May it smash their party to pieces or at least wash away the scum at the helm.

That’s probably why it put a public sector vet at its helm.

Those things take time, patience, and, above all, someone at the helm willing to fight for them.

In contrast to the corrupt figures at the helm of the circus that is our American government, most clowns now seems quaint.

But after 30 years at the helm of the country, people have grown increasingly impatient with his government.

Up to Thursday’s close, they had risen 15.8 percent since March when Harrison took the helm.

With Goldberg, a Black woman, at the helm of the film, it was an important moment of representation and diversity.

With Belichick and Brady at the helm, the Patriots have become the model franchise across all sports.

Just yesterday saw them announce a batch of new shows and hosts, including the likes of Eclair Fifi, Optimo, helm, Kamixlo, and Numero Group.

The teaser is particularly dramatic, filled with all the wit we’ve come to expect from a show with Rhimes at the helm.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, the indie husband-and-wife directing team who made films like Half Nelson and Mississippi Grind, are at the helm.

(Sozzani was at the helm of Italian Vogue from 1988 until her death last year.)

Or, quite possibly, Matt Chamberlain, current acting chief executive and, on the LME “Street” at least, favorite to take the helm full time.

Further, helm failed to present any legal precedent for the judge to block Usher at this stage … according to the docs.

AIDS Fund — and it seeks to rewrite the trans narrative with Howard at the helm, who is also transgender.

With Joe Sakic at the helm… just kidding.

On Jan. 20, however, retired Marine Gen. John Kelly will replace Johnson at the helm of Homeland Security.

Yet with quarterback Cam Newton at the helm, the Panthers pulled off a 17-1 season.

By placing a transgender person at its helm, the end result feels both truer to our experiences and richer for it.

Dorner’s appointment would make Virgin Money the only FTSE 350 company to have an all female duo at the helm.

Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) is at the helm.

And it certainly makes a movie more “buzzy” to have a first-timer at the helm.

(The last lady at the helm of the jury was Catherine Deneuve in 2006.)

With government loyalists at the helm of the company, oil revenue funded social programs while basic maintenance and investment tumbled.

Although Kelley and Vallée did an excellent job on the female-focused show, it’s still frustrating that women didn’t helm the show.

While fans know that Katy Perry has signed on to helm the show, her cohorts haven’t been announced yet.

Insiders say that after months at the helm, Schneider has yet to bring in a broad team of his own.

He added, though, that while he was too busy to spearhead such a project, he’d welcome another director taking the helm.

Masuko, who has been at the helm of Mitsubishi Motors since 2005, has been named by Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn as Mitsubishi Motors’ “pilot”.

After 14 years at the helm — and perhaps Lanvin’s most famous, successful tenure — Jarrar would go on to (unsuccessfully) replace Elbaz.

Pruitt’s stint at the EPA’s helm has changed much of that.

Gorsuch stepped into the EPA’s helm, hatching plans to cut its budget and personnel by half.

PSD’s Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is expected to cement her leadership at the helm of the ruling party at a congress on Saturday.

But Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pushed for social reform since he took the helm last June.

But Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pushed for social reform since he took the helm last June.

After the shadowing ends, each director will helm at least one episode of that series.

Unlike previous CDC directors, the HIV researcher has no experience at the helm of a public health agency.

Bayona at the helm.

Reports have suggested that Kalanick has been telling people that he’s “Steve Jobs-In it” and will be back at the helm.

Abe, 63, has already led the LDP and its partner, the Komeito, to four landslide wins since he took the helm of the party.

With Patty Jenkins at the helm, we can definitely expect another record-breaking movie.

President Donald Trump has stacked his communications team with powerful women at the helm.

It’s called “Gorgeous” and it sees her teamed back up with Max Martin, the man at the helm of most of 1989.

Wells should know, since people also keep putting his name in the mix to helm the reality show.

The business has made a lot of good moves towards having females at the helm of films.

Perry and Bryan can’t helm the show on their own, though.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors have dismissed him as chairman, while he has resigned from the helm at Renault.

The former Expedia CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, took the helm in August.

Poland’s populist governing party is at odds with the parties at the helm of countries in Western Europe.

Ibarra, currently at the helm of KPN had announced earlier on Tuesday he would leave the Dutch phone group in September.

New England’s preseason work with Garoppolo at the helm will be among the most scrutinized in the league.

Among those new companies is helm, co-founded by former U.S. national team player Stuart Holden.

Holden is attired in semi-retired soccer player chic: bloused jeans, black tennis shoes with no socks, a grey helm t-shirt and a dark blazer.

Whitman still remains at the helm of HPE.

Now Holden has helm, too.

They debated the founding principles of their new company and came up with humility, education, leadership and motivation: helm.

Is helm a good bet?

Regardless of who was at the helm, this is not an issue that we need to grapple with at this time as a country.

Unfortunately, wedding planners aren’t omnipotent and things do go wrong when they’re at the helm.

Much has been said about Edward Enninful taking the helm as British Vogue’s new editor-in-chief.

During his tenure at the helm of the agency, Sanders said, Comey had committed “atrocities.”

“A lot has changed since you’ve been at the helm.

Soltau will likely continue her battle against the tariffs at the helm of JCPenney, another retailer that has opposed the tariffs.

Ford is taking time away from Matter to consider his next steps after seven years at the helm.

That means Toutiao’s creator Zhang Yiming has handed the helm to Chen, who previously headed product management for the news app.

Veep’s fifth season — the first without series creator Armando Iannucci at the helm — has been its bluntest yet.

The wonderful Louis Bhose was once again the creative visionary at the helm of this video.

In addition to etcd, these include OpenTracing, Fluentd, Linkerd, gRPC, CoreDNS, containerd, rkt, CNI, Jaeger, Notary, TUF, Vitess, NATS helm, Rook and Harbor.

Nagai, a Nomura veteran, took the helm in 2012, after the previous CEO resigned over a widening insider trading scandal.

Vince McMahon has continued to helm the international expansion of WWE as its popularity continues to grow.

And a more fundamental question: Will WeWork fare better with SoftBank at the helm or with its founders at the helm?

The news comes just a few days after Singer was fired from the helm of Bohemian Rhapsody, the upcoming Freddie Mercury biopic.

“Unfortunately, as we’ve expressed to 500 Startups, that without Rachael Neumann at the
helm we don’t believe it will work,” Dr Cornick added.

Today, veteran Harry Potter director David Yates, who directed the first Fantastic Beasts and will also helm the sequel, defended casting the actor.

But in her first seven months at the helm of the US mission to the UN, Haley’s differences have gone far beyond optics.

I’ve been at the helm of the anchor desk during a lot of difficult, trying times, like 9/11.

Mitsotakis, 51, assumed the helm of New Democracy in 2016.

An espionage thriller with a female lead at its helm?

“Clearly having him at the helm, would potentially increase the chances of a hard Brexit,” said Foley of Rabobank.

On the hardest part of taking the helm of a high-profile organization: “I’ve always been the person behind the candidate.

Destroyer is also directed by a woman: Karyn Kusama will helm the project.

Director Dean Parisot is on board to helm the film, based on a script by Matheson and Solomon.

THR Reported that Big Little Lies will have Andrea Arnold at its helm.

Gorsuch stepped into the EPA’s helm, hatching plans to cut its budget and personnel by half.

Jane the Virgin actor Justin Baldoni will helm the project.

Unclear how those investigations would fare without the boss at the helm, but one thing is certainly obvious … Cuomo wants Schneiderman out.

Another model, Ryan Locke, was cast in a campaign for Gucci during Tom Ford’s helm.

They have surfaced before — most notably in 2012, when Gunn was hired to helm the first Guardians film.

Her time at the antitrust helm will end on November 1, she confirmed.

“I’m sure with Bryan Fuller at the helm of the TV series, it’s going to have that Gene Roddenberry element.”

Mark Zuckerberg has been at the helm of the social media giant since he helped found it in his Harvard dorm room.

She’s been at the helm ever since.

She’d previously directed episodes of Veep and a couple of short films, but she’d yet to helm something this long.

It’s been more than two years since Marcus took the helm, and payments and commerce have indeed become part of Messenger.

Dinamo Azari – Jade helm 7.

For the second season, show runner Melissa Rosenberg hired only women directors to helm all 13 episodes.

A Wrinkle In Time makes DuVernay the first Black woman to helm a $100 million film.

That’s why we need more women at the helm.

On Saturday evening, Christopher Bailey serenaded London Fashion Week with his swan song for Burberry after 17 years at the helm.

A majority of the products examined in helm’s study also contained cyclosiloxanes, used for conditioning and spreadability.

One cyclosiloxane, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5), had the highest concentration of any chemical helm‘s team examined.

Other brands not tested in the study may contain many of the same chemicals, helm says.

Many phthalates (although not DEP) are associated with reproductive birth defects in boys, helm says.

Today, DuVernay is the first Black woman to helm a film with a budget of $100 million.

The student-led rally is one of many satellite protests happening around country with Generation Z at its helm.

In December, Phoebe Philo announced her departure from French brand Céline after a decade at the helm.

With Keenum at the helm, the Rams are 24th in passing yards, 28th in passer rating, and second in most interceptions with 11.

Five years to Darren helm, who is 29 and relies heavily on speed.

With Pruitt at the helm, the Environmental Protection Agency will have nothing to do with the environment, either.

Back in 2013, the French designer took over the helm of Rabanne after Lydia Mauer’s yearlong stint at the label.

Zhang Lidong, a veteran journalist-turned senior vice president at Bytedance, has taken the helm as Mokun’s legal representative.

Murphy told THR that he scrapped the idea because he felt it deserved Lewinsky herself at the helm.

The 2018 iteration of A Star Is Born was first announced in 2011 with Clint Eastwood at the helm.

He sailed straight into the prevailing headwinds of the time at the helm of a third party in a two-party system — and won.

You serve as executive producer, and you directed six episodes; was it strange to hand off directing duties for the episodes you didn’t helm?

Ibarra, currently at the helm of KPN had announced earlier on Tuesday he would leave the Dutch phone group in September.

Jean-Marc Vallée, who directed and executive produced Big Little Lies, will also helm Sharp Objects.

After coaching the Falcons to 17-6 overall record in his two years at the helm, Meyer left Bowling Green for Utah.

It has the same-ish premise as its 15-year-old sibling, and it will even have a Bachelor veteran at its helm.

The Gators finished 9-3 and went undefeated at “The Swamp” in Meyer’s first year at the helm.

But after 30 years at the helm of America’s most storied magazine, say she did leave.

Yet being at the helm of arguably the most revered breakfast spot in town isn’t half bad.

In 2017, it became abundantly clear that Uber would never achieve profitability nor complete its highly anticipated IPO with Kalanick at the helm.

But the movie’s strong ideas and execution suggest a real talent at the helm.

After both Nixon (Watergate scandal) and Spiro Agnew (bribes) resigned, Gerald Ford took the helm as POTUS.

Lowe ran down a hill toward eight cars blocked by a fallen tree, while Gavitte stayed at the helm.

These barbarous acts must end and those at the helm must be held accountable.

When she decided to leave last year after a decade at the helm, fans everywhere mourned.

Morrison, 64, departs the company after seven years at the helm.

Johnson takes the helm at a time when Chicago is experiencing record homicides, many of them tied to gang warfare.

China’s President, Xi Jinping rolled out “the Chinese Dream” when he took the helm of the Party in 2012.

And with such a prominent figure at the helm it’s easy to overlook Matt Mazzeo, Sacca’s Partner at Lowercase.

But perhaps even more exciting is that Niki Caro, who wrote and directed the classic coming-of-age film Whale Rider, is at the helm.

Melina Matzoukas, the director known for her work on Lemonade, Master of None, and Insecure, will helm the pilot.

Despite her declaration that the company flourished under her tenure, the company experienced massive layoffs and revenue losses when she was at its helm.

Zuma himself engineered the ouster of former President Thabo Mbeki in 2008 shortly after taking the helm of the ANC.

“With Trump, a businessman is coming to the helm who wants to support the economy and continue projects.

With Sud now at the helm, Vimeo will be spending its money on improving its tech rather than trying to license content.

Luckily, these stories all feature adolescent girls who are capable of toppling their grim empires, and the steely, suit-clad adults at their helm.

Thus, in order to create a different game from a woman’s perspective, Koei began recruiting women to helm a new team.

Her show is different: She’s at the helm, which means comics are writing for her.

One of them is that, like I said, the twins were really at the helm.

Which may be part of why fans are so crushed to learn the company supports a party with Donald Trump at its helm.

2 let Just Blaze and Bobbitto Garcia helm the score and create one of the best hip hop catalogs for any basketball video game.

Bohlke, alongside producer Julie Miller, filmed Puffy in March with director Hye Yun Park (of the web series Hey Yun) at the helm.

Gulliver is due to step down in 2018 as chief executive after seven years at the helm.

PSD’s Prime Minister Viorica Dancila is expected to cement her leadership at the helm of the ruling party at a congress on Saturday.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to helm this live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When you’re at the helm, it’s a huge responsibility.

That will surpass what Philo did for Celine during her 10 years at its helm, as sales hit $828 million.

Creator Rob Thomas will be back at the helm and write the first episode.

With Doug and Randy at the helm of Deco, the lawsuit alleges the company business has incurred major financial losses.

It was announced earlier this month that Bryan Singer, for example, will reportedly helm a new superhero movie, despite multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

While the future U.S. President was at the helm, his outlook definitely had an impact on the winners.

After six years at the helm of Delpozo, creative director Josep Font has announced he is stepping down, WWD reports.

In 2017, only 11% of the top 250 films had women at the helm.

With Barrett and Rubin at the helm, along with fellow co-founders Matt Hershenson and Bruce Leak, those goals could finally be realized.

There’s even been talk of a sequel to The Craft, this time with a female director at the helm.

The number of women at the helm of the nation’s biggest companies has dropped dramatically in the last year.

Women are at the helm of just 4.8 percent of the 500 most profitable companies in the United States.

To the men at the helm, our female bodies were weak, contaminating, unworthy of displaying their precious badge of achievement and grit.

The same could be said for Casey Cadwallader, who recently took over the helm at Mugler.

Gunn is currently in talks to helm the feature, which director Gavin O’Connor was previously attached to.

With the Crimson Peak director at the helm, expect the first new Pinocchio to lean heavily into the story’s darkest elements.

Palette announced that Pink Pistols and Operation Blazing Swords were merging operations, and that she’d be taking the helm.

What’s next for Instagram with a new team at its helm?

Even with the massive turnover on the O-line, Seattle still managed to stay around league-average on play-action passes with Wilson at the helm.

But then it became a Thing — and suddenly, Hardwicke was no longer considered the right person to helm a humongous studio franchise.

After making a deal with the government, Felix avoided arrest and is back at the helm of the Guadalajara Cartel.

A lot is riding on the latest from Snyder, who’s already signed on to helm two “Justice League” movies next.

Why not just find someone else to helm the show in 2019?

(With Stormi Webster at the helm, almost anything is a good slogan.)

He was Alcoa’s CEO for eight years and then took the helm of Arconic after the split-up in 2016.

Sales growth peaked at the company in 2004 and 2014 with Drexler and Lyons at the helm.

And its director Ryan Coogler is the first African-American to helm a Marvel movie.

The current owner is Billy Lai, who has been at the helm for a little more than three years.

Meanwhile, Doudna and Charpentier have also created CRISPR companies — Doudna at the helm of Intellia and Charpentier at CRISPR Therapeutics.

As Appier’s new chief strategy officer, Chu will be based in Tokyo and helm Appier’s operations in Japan and Korea.

Even with Microsoft’s resources and Fergusson at the helm, at the end it comes down to a lot of patchwork and tinkering.

The automaker has kept him at its helm, even as Nissan and Mitsubishi moved swiftly to oust him as chairman after his arrest.

Much has been said about Edward Enninful taking the helm as British Vogue’ s new editor-in-chief.

But we’re expecting a different version of the story with Coppola at the helm.

With Hollywood’s least-likely “best friends” at the helm, it’ll only get better from here.

Trump first floated the idea of a commission during a Fox News interview on Wednesday, suggesting Giuliani could possibly helm the group.

Trump first floated the idea of a commission during a Fox News interview on Wednesday, suggesting Giuliani could possibly helm the group.

Without Borders at the helm, the organization will have to find a new leader.

Writer Sophie Hannah has taken on the helm of rebooting Christie’s Poirot in a new series of books.

“I would guess in ten years, most of our ash trees will be gone,” helm says.

Adam McKay will helm the project.

With showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino at the helm, everything from sand to surf to sunscreen is fair game for hijinks and snappy dialogue.

At the helm of the company is CEO Kira Wampler who joined Art.com after previously heading up marketing operations at Lyft as CMO.

But the pilot grasps the helm and steers the orchid waspward.

Badoo, with Andrey Andreev at the helm, has dedicated itself to putting women at the forefront of online dating.

Early last year, Dan Springer took the helm.

Laura helm filed a $20 million lawsuit against the singer, claiming he had unprotected sex with her and transmitted the disease.

helm‘s lawyer withdrew from the case and helm got a new attorney, who immediately filed legal docs to dismiss the case.

helm‘s lawyer had no comment.

If confirmed by the Senate, Morgan will take the helm of one of the most controversial agencies within a gutted Department of Homeland Security.

The new president continued naming new flag officers and appointed even more military officials to helm agencies.

Abiy, a newcomer from another ethnic group, the Oromo, took the helm in April.

With the recognizable legend’s voice at the helm, Triple H’s theme translated one thing: that he was an unparalleled star.

But when weighed against potential impact for humanity and capability of individuals at the helm, I put slightly more value than most investors.

Not with Pipilotti Rist at the helm.

Whitman remains at the helm of HP Enterprise.

Before taking the helm at Exxon, Woods ran Exxon’s refining operations.

This time, however, she won’t be at the helm.

The obvious concern if you’re a Facebook investor is that, without the two co-founders at the helm, the company could screw up Instagram.

Is it because there are so few women CEOs at the helm of major corporations?

At some point, conservative Republicans will be at the helm, exercising considerable power over national health policy.

Ghosn returned to Renault in 2005 as chief executive, and also remained at the helm of Nissan.

Not only is she the first woman to helm a luxury brand at LVMH, Black or otherwise, she is also the youngest.

The third is Sessions, at the helm of the Department of Justice.

With help from Intel RealSense technologies, a Yuneec camera drone can avoid obstacles without a pilot at the helm.

The 29-year-old had been at the helm of Tab Media’s editorial department since its U.S. expansion in 2015.

I support the president.” With either Andrew Breitbart or Steve Bannon at the helm, there’s never been a personality-less Breitbart.

He previously spent five years at the helm of Electronic Arts.

But with an eye on her legacy, the conservative chancellor has a like-minded problem solver in place to take the helm of the EU.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors have dismissed him as chairman, while he has resigned from the helm at Renault.

With Reg Fellows at the helm, Diamond Head were on borrowed time (enough puns yet?)

The new deal allows the brothers Pearce to maintain control of the company, with CEO Sam Bernard at the helm.

The idea of a woman at the helm remains a hard pill to swallow in our own society.

After that, other figures can take the helm,” he said.

That’s especially true now that there’s a new administration at the helm of the department.

Temerko’s allies are at the helm of Johnson’s campaign.

That doesn’t exactly bode well for the rest of the hearing — and perhaps his whole tenure at the committee’s helm.

He described Ellison, who officially took the helm at Lowe’s in July, a “straight shooter” and praised his leadership of the company.

“These barbarous acts must end and those at the helm must be held accountable.

Also in 2015, a former chemist and mother of four named Frauke Petry took the helm of the party.

It all matter, because Fox, with Ailes at the helm, was choosing his anointed one.

In 2016, I counted my blessings being at the helm of NARAL when Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy for president.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff considered the race a ‘major wake up call’, with Sunday ranking as his worst day at the helm.

Caputo, the former finance minister, replaced Federico Sturzenegger last week at the helm of the monetary authority as the peso plunged toward record lows.

There has been talk for years about how long Ho would stay at the helm.

Patriarch Ratan Tata is back at the helm temporarily, and a public power struggle has since ensued between the two sides.

Miller has been at the helm of Gazprom since 2001.

Over that period, Liveris, one of the world’s best-known CEOs, earned around $20 million a year at the helm of Dow.

Standard launched GAF Energy earlier this year with DeBono at the helm.

at the helm.

Del Toro will helm Trollhunters, a series about “two best friends who make a startling discovery beneath their hometown,” according to Netflix.

This move adds Doctor Who to an influx of sci-fi and fantasy franchises that have already put women at the helm.

Former CEO Phil Libin stepped down from his chief executive role in July to let former Google Glass executive Chris O’Neill take the helm.

The new president continued naming new flag officers and appointed even more military officials to helm agencies.

Ryan has hired his fraternal twin, Rob, to helm the defense in Buffalo this year.

The movie is reportedly a passion project for Curtis, with idiosyncratic director David Gordon Green (Stronger, Prince Avalanche, Pineapple Express) at the helm.

The series is always popular and provocative but may prove especially so in 2018 — particularly with Don’t Breathe director Fede Alvarez at the helm.

With Noah at the helm, the show has gained a younger sensibility — one that has tried to cater itself directly to audiences online.

Abrams’ Bad Robot will produce the film for Paramount, with Nigerian-American director Julius Onah at the helm.

He handed power to his deputy, Osinbajo, seeking to allay concerns of a void at the helm of Africa’s most populous nation.

Rick Famuyiwa, who directed last year’s Dope, will helm the project, Deadline reports.

Putting women at the helm is good business, too, Banks said.

According to helm‘s court filing, as reported in Radar, they had sex again a few weeks later.

As he took another shower, helm let herself out of the hotel room.

Days later, helm claims she noticed a bump on the inside of her cheek.

“I’m very optimistic,” says Lisa Bloom, the lawyer who represents three of Usher’s accusers barring helm.

A pint-sized disabled cat named Lil Bub—and her owner, Mike Bridavsky—are at the helm of another pet positivity empire.

Directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston will return to helm the sequel, along with John C. Reilly.

Director Patty Jenkins is at the helm.

The self-driving industry is increasingly competitive as more new players, such as Otto, are entering the field with seasoned engineers at the helm.

Zuma is scheduled to step down from the ANC helm in December.

Other experts worry about deleterious effects on public education with DeVos at the helm.

I got to ride up the hillclimb in a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with Chevrolet Europe’s Patrick Herrmann at the helm.

Director Jeff Nichols is signing on to helm the remake of the 1988 science fiction movie Alien Nation, according to Deadline.

And though his tenure at the helm of the Justice Department will be short-lived, Democrats fear that Whitaker could do significant damage.

Deadline reports that Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon will helm the film, based on a script by Archer writers Mike Arnold and Chris Poole.

All right, and Mark Zuckerberg still at the helm?

How could he not be at the helm?

This appears like an absolutely bonkers retelling of Shakespeare, but with Atwood at the helm, it should be interesting to read.

When Kelly was hired, it was assumed he wanted Kaepernick to helm his read-option offense that can elevate quarterbacks to new heights.

Analysts and peers have speculated that the group of 200,000 people could be broken up without Sorrell at the helm.

But that balance became less nuanced when showrunner Scott Gimple took the helm.

In her letter, Speier urged the Inspector General, Cathy helm, to consider five questions as part of the recommended investigation.

Stacy Brown-Philpot, formerly TaskRabbit’s chief operating officer, took the helm of the company this past April.

At the helm of Didi’s Mexico operation is Uber veteran Lin Ma, who helped launch Uber’s ill-fated venture in China.

Dorsey, sometimes heralded as a product visionary, has taken more control over product development since returning to the helm.

It was the opposite of how Marissa Mayer treated her return to the helm of Yahoo after having a baby in 2012.

But this year, with Donald Trump at the helm of a deep-red Congress, it seemed suddenly like a very real possibility.

Kevin McAleenan, presently commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will be the fourth person to helm the agency under Trump.

Darren helm was also credited with an assist.

Han Solo may be dead, but it seems like the Millennium Falcon is still going strong—with Luke, Chewie, and a porg at the helm.

The movie was shot at 14 different locations around London with a single cameraman at the helm.

My Dad Says) now at the helm, is still very much a light-hearted comedy that mostly succeeds.

According to TheWrap, the director is now set to helm Bubbles, a stop-motion animated feature about Michael Jackson’s pet chimpanzee Bubbles.

Since Administrator Scott Pruitt took the helm, the agency has scaled back enforcement of environmental regulations and dismissed scientists from its advisory board.

Since Administrator Scott Pruitt took the helm, the agency has scaled back enforcement of environmental regulations and dismissed scientists from its advisory board.

This wasn’t the environment Karlsson expected to face when he found out earlier this month that he had been selected to helm @Sweden.

The office has been in operation since 1958, and three years ago Rommel took the helm.

For $100, you’ll get a light-up version of the glowing helm from the film complete with sound effects.

Travis Knight, who has directed quietly powerful indies like Kubo and the Two Strings, will helm the upcoming Transformers spinoff Bumblebee, Deadline reports.

But when conservatives are at the helm, there’s a renewed interest in authoritarianism, a damn-all-conventions attitude toward getting their way.

After all, companies like Google and Microsoft have immigrants at the helm.

As a result, the Battle for helm’s Deep is a pivotal moment for the film, but also for the trilogy as a whole.

However, now that Tyrie is no longer an MP, six Conservative MPs are vying to take the helm.

But starting from square one and without the original directors at the helm seems like a waste.

In the 1980s, TV producer Terry Heaton was at the helm of one of the most influential media properties of the decade.

Since then, the company has been working to find the right person to helm the film.

Beyond that … Padma bemoans that it’s hard to laugh and be funny with Trump at the helm.

Ripert is at the helm of the bike with Bourdain, who looks deep in thought.

Laura helm‘s attorney, Lisa West, filed a motion Thursday to withdraw from the case, saying she could no longer “effectively represent” her client.

However, sources connected to helm tell us what really happened, in plain terms, is helm fired her lawyer.

And the bigger news — we’re told helm is now uncertain about continuing the legal battle with Usher at all.

His attorney has already filed a motion to dismiss the case and for now, helm has until November 5 to respond.

helm initially sued Usher anonymously in July.

As we first reported, helm dismissed the lawsuit against Usher.

Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy is currently attached to helm the film.

With Spielberg at the helm, Animaniacs had access to the best talent in the business.

A two-year extension at the helm of the RBI still looks a real possibility.

Now, it’s back again, and this time with Vice President Mike Pence at the helm.

With more than a dozen documentary features under his helm and at least a thousand commercials, Oscar-winning director Errol Morris requires little introduction.

Martin at the helm of this story, goodness and honor are as useless as a wooden sword.

Regardless of your feelings about the man at the helm here, this is likely to be a huge movie for Netflix.

One, the Rockets have a substantially better record (8.5 games ahead) with Harden at the helm.

Their newest record, the teasingly titled Music For Listening to Music To expands their sound with the help of Ryan Adams at the helm.

Weiss will helm the new drama called Confederate.

With Khosrowshahi at the helm, Expedia has gone from $15 billion in bookings to $72 billion in 2016.

Hopefully, with Abrams at the helm, the company will be able to nail the landing with Episode IX.

He’s still learning at the helm of a team that, assuming Giannis re-signs, can afford to be patient.

It’s a 3D space shooter, where you take the helm of a sleek craft in an attempt to eliminate a particular threat.

Alexei Miller, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, is still at the company’s helm.

The covert blackout operation seems tacked-on and barely related, a throwback to more traditional government takeover panics like Jade helm.

Dirk Maggs, who adapted BBC Radio’s adaptations of Stardust, Neverwhere and Good Omens, will helm this adaptation.

It’s darkly ironic with our “pro-life” administration at the helm.

My grandma was at the helm, teaching all the guys, wrapping meats, marinating them, prepping taro and cassava, squeezing coconuts, making a seaweed dish.

You couldn’t ask for a better director than Steven Spielberg to helm an adaptation of Ernie Cline’s novel Ready Player One.

The trailer positions Sandra Bullock’s character at the helm of a new heist crew anchored by Cate Blanchett.

Even with Gaiman and Alexander at the helm, we’ll have to see if the show will retain its unique look and feel.

Waymo v. Uber wasn’t the one thing that ousted Travis Kalanick from the helm of the company he founded, but it probably helped.

Director Taika Watiti advises the women to “Make something big,” referencing his work at the helm of Marvel’s wildly successful Thor: Ragnarok.

The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper will also helm the 8-part series.

And I don’t think I really realized that until for every episode, I walked in and there was this woman at the helm.

Her appointment is notable as she is the second woman, and the first woman of color, to helm a major superhero film.

With Giuseppe Iachini, their manager since 2013, at the helm, Palermo took seven points in their first three games.

But since taking the helm last year, Khosrowshahi has been rushing to remake the company in his own image.

Machines did the churning, but it was human curation at the helm.

In March 2017, with Trump as president and Pruitt at the helm of the EPA, the agency decided to reopen the midterm evaluation process.

Somewhere out there, there’s an alternate universe where he’s at the helm of a very different Republican Party.

Chairman Mitsuyoshi Okano, at the helm since 1985, was from the founding family, which led the bank since its establishment in 1895.

Since taking the helm two years ago, Rial made clear his main goal was to raise bank’s profitability and market share.

Longtime series director Hideaki Itsuno is returning to helm the new title as well.

However, since Vestberg took the helm, Ericsson’s shares have fared better than those of its Finnish rival.

In the almost 20 years since Nicholson took the helm of Hockey Canada, he says that the growth of women’s hockey has exploded.

It’s not for everyone because of the cost and the sheer audacity it takes to helm such a statement-maker.

Over at the helm, a colleague has already plotted our course away from danger.

“It is vital to have a Senate-confirmed administrator at helm of the FAA at this crucial time,” Wicker said.

The latter had to step away from his creation in disgrace before eventually returning to the helm an arguably wiser man.

As part of the price for its support, the SPD will take the helm at key ministries, including the finance ministry.

Souza took the helm of the commercial banking unit in January.

Luckily, my captain seems more than capable on their own, so I don’t have to helm the ship for the excursion.

Rad reported the incident to Match’s general counsel, Jared Sine, the lawsuit says, but the company kept Blatt at the helm.

Rather than installing one designer at the helm, Burley will rotate a cast of designers to create capsule collection.

“We’re thrilled for the opportunity to helm this live-action adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender,” the pair said in a press release.

Since taking the helm over a year ago, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has been rushing to remake the company in his own image.

Jade helm was, in reality, a series of war games on bases in several states, including Texas.

Jade helm 15 dovetailed with another viral conspiracy from 2012 about the government stockpiling ammunition in order to create an army of children.

Systrom said he was confident that Instagram would continue to be successful even without its co-founders at the helm.

“I’ll go on record with that,” says Giri Sreenivas, the founder of helm.

The data is owned by you, protected by helm, and kept right inside your home.

helm doesn’t have apps of its own, either.

On an iPhone, helm will automatically plug into Apple Mail after setup.

Rafa Benitez lowered expectations during his time at the helm, clearly.

helm secures those accounts in a few different ways.

Every device can be hacked, and it’s on helm to keep these servers secure.

There are just 12 people on the entire helm team.

If someone is targeting you specifically, all that matters is whether they can find a flaw in helm’s software.

helm succeeds in making that very easy for individuals.

helm has the advantage of selling a service that has no interest in taking your data.

By the time he was 27, he was at the helm of his own ship.

And it reveals a couple things about how WWE works with McMahon at the helm.

“Just know this, I’m proud to be at the helm of an agency where people ask that kind of question,” Bridenstine said.

Marvel has brought on director Destin Daniel Cretton to helm a film about kung fu master and superhero Shang-Chi.

The United Nations is at the helm of conservations efforts with their Ocean Conference, which is taking place from June 5-9.

Marvel expressly wanted to bring on an Asian or Asian-American director to helm the film.

It was likely that Silk Road’s rebirth, which DPR2 was now at the helm of, would be met with a similar reaction.

Since then, Gunn has agreed to helm Suicide Squad 2 for Warner Bros, set to be released next year.

Martin has regularly spoken about how meaningful Marvel was for him, especially after Stan Lee took the helm.

In a boardroom battle last month Mistry was ousted as chairman of Tata Sons, with patriarch Ratan Tata back at the helm temporarily.

Dribbble’s last remaining co-founder, Dan Cederholm, left the company this week, leaving Onisko at the helm.

Wolf took the helm in 2009 when the bank was on the brink of collapse.

When Manfred took the helm in January 2015, he promptly implemented a number of measures to speed up games at the big-league level.

Later, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee will hold a hearing to confirm Powell’s nomination to the helm of the Federal Reserve.

Lode van Zuylen and Stijn Remi, the young Dutch chefs at the helm, first met at culinary school in 2003.

Luckily, director Denis Villeneuve is at the helm, whose previous films Sicario and Arrival were also acclaimed for their visual prowess.

Detroit F Darren helm scored in his return to the lineup Friday after missing the previous 28 games with a shoulder injury.

: Under the helm of Suzanne Goin, a.o.c.

At the helm of this team is Brian Snitker, a dichotomy of baseball experience.

Did Jade helm move to Europe and commission an Italian man to make this monstrosity?

We hope helm in a sentence examples were helpful.