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Other Democrats, like Sen. heidi Heitkamp, soon fell in line.

Other Democrats, like Sen. heidi Heitkamp, soon fell in line.

Senator heidi Heitkamp, one of a few Democrats being courted by Republicans, said she could not support lowering the cap on tax-free retirement contributions.

Claire McCaskill and heidi Heitkamp both lost their races in tough red states, but they ran 8 and 17 points ahead of Clinton.

And my wife heidi and I, we ended up investing everything we owned.

Colin is heidi’s boss at Homecoming, and for the first half of the season, he’s almost always on the phone.

Sen. heidi Heitkamp, a North Dakota moderate who voted with Trump 54 percent of the time, lost by about 11 points.

But heidi would get a bee in her bonnet and was very stubborn about stuff.

You know, during the course of this campaign people have asked heidi and me are you tired?

Red-state Senate Democrats heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, and Joe Donnelly are also potential party-line defectors who voted to confirm Gorsuch.

When heidi Schreck was 15, she’d travel around the Pacific Northwest for speech competitions hosted by American Legion chapters.

Between his arrest and breaking up with his girlfriend of three years heidi Klum, Vito Schnabel has had a rough month.

Just before heidi’s gallbladder was removed, an intern found swollen lymph nodes in the right side of her neck.

The day that heidi had her first thyroid surgery—just a few days after the biopsy—her calcitonin level was 10,000.

As soon as heidi was diagnosed, the doctors asked about her family.

“That’s what cued me,” says Jim Pate, heidi’s husband since they were teenagers.

heidi was not Threlkel’s patient, it said, and he had no duty to her.

heidi would be allowed to take Threlkel to court.

As in the heidi Pate case, the trial court dismissed their claims because Donna was not Pack’s direct patient.

Rather than go to trial, heidi and Jim Pate went to mediation with Dr Threlkel and eventually settled.

heidi quashed that idea, describing how responsible and caring her mother was and remains to this day.

“She would have told us immediately,” heidi says.

heidi wishes she had had the same opportunity.

But in the end, the Florida court’s decision to allow heidi to argue her case did no such thing.

It’s interesting … heidi and Spencer say they never crossed paths with Mischa on the Hollywood party circuit.

According to CNN’s Manu Raju, Trump supporters began shouting, “Goldman Sachs,” as heidi was escorted off the floor.

His vote, along with Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), was one of the most anticipated.

His vote, along with Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), Jeff Flake (R-AZ) and heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), was one of the most anticipated.

Several Democrats — Joe Manchin of West Virginia and heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, most notably — have also not taken a position yet.

Also Cruz’s wife, heidi, was a managing director at Goldman Sachs at the time, which may have helped.

For heidi, this was cheerleading’s only conceivable endgame.

“Hired scrubbers,” heidi told group, “but I kept the messes coming.”

“Wasn’t done, sweetie,” heidi told him.

“It’s fine,” heidi whispered to their counselor.

“Honey,” said heidi, hugging Rebecca in a careful way that warned of delicate bones, “you’re gonna have so much fun outside.”

heidi Heitkamp, Joe Manchin, and Joe Donnelly, who may shy away from more divisive social platforms.

His wife, heidi, had to be escorted off the convention floor by security as Trump supporters shouted, “Goldman Sachs!”

heidi Rabben was appointed curator of the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco.

heidi Klum is “no longer a 10.”

In North Dakota’s Senate race, meanwhile, Republicans will see if their efforts to get Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) out of Congress have worked.

Spotify has added a new board member as it prepares to go public: Nike executive heidi O’Neill.

Tester (MT), Manchin, heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), and Claire McCaskill (MO), who represented states Trump had won by massive 20-point margins.

heidi McBain, professional counseling for women, heidiMcBain.com.

And heidi Klum was there last week!

The first of those women, heidi Thomas, testified on Tuesday.

heidi Neilson’s “Moon Arrow” travels around the New York City shorelines to draw attention to celestial forces acting on the urban landscape.

Details on heidi Neilson’s “Moon Arrow,” including upcoming events, are available on its dedicated site.

heidi Klum shimmered as she made her way down the carpet.

The INSIDER Summary: heidi Agan used to be a waitress.

When Austin-based drone artist Amulets came to town, he played in the middle of a pine forest installation by heidi Wiren Bartlett.

[via email announcement] Multi-disciplinary artist heidi K. Brandow was awarded the third Ucross Fellowship for Native American Visual Artists.

[Art Daily] heidi Reitmaier was appointed Deputy Director and Chief of Public Programming and Learning at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Motherboard contributor and one of my favorite writers on Japanese games heidi Kemps and I discussed Nintendo’s latest dud over email.

From: Emanuel Maiberg To: heidi Kemps April 21 12:11 PM Hey heidi!

From: heidi Kemps To: Emanuel Maiberg April 21 1:45 PM Yo, Emanuel!

From: heidi Kemps To: Emanuel Maiberg April 21 2:35 PM I can understand people being frustrated at first.

From: Emanuel Maiberg To: heidi Kemps April 21 2:48 PM Okay, well, I’m definitely going to keep playing it.

From: heidi Kemps To: Emanuel Maiberg April 21 4:07 PM That’s hard to say.

From: Emanuel Maiberg To: heidi Kemps April 21 4:20 PM Okay, last question for you.

From: Emanuel Maiberg To: heidi Kemps April 22 11:51 I forgot about God Hand!

Joe Donnelly, Claire McCaskill, and heidi Heitkamp, lost anyway.)

“I don’t need an investigation to state with certainty that this is patently wrong,” wrote heidi Roizen in a post on her personal website.

According to the suit … Patti referred heidi to a friend’s dating service — Pretty People International.

heidi claims she dropped $15,000 for a PPI membership … and Patti got a referral fee.

heidi‘s lawyer says the service left her high and dry — she only got one real date and one phone date.

heidi wants a full refund times 3 — $45,000.

For any curious single fellas out there … here’s a shot of heidi.

heidi Legg: Hi, I’m heidi Legg.

heidi Legg: And take responsibility.

heidi Legg: How do we get them to care?

heidi Legg: I’m so shocked by that.

heidi Legg: I’m coming on a road trip with you.

heidi Legg: Are they more than 95 percent now?

heidi Legg: I think 3 million out of 300 million Americans.

heidi Legg: Small.

heidi Legg: Absolutely.

heidi Legg: Thank you.

Dowd, Jonathan Hanahan, Audra Hubbell, heidi Kolk, Rebecca Leffell Koren, Shreyas R Krishnan, Penina Acayo Laker, Frank Oros, and Jeff Pike.

heidi, another commenter, wrote, “I’ve missed you!

The exhibition was organized by Kathy Halbreich, heidi Naef, Isabel Friedli, Magnus Schaefer, and Taylor Walsh.

Senator heidi Heitkamp, of North Dakota, who now works as a pro-trade advocate.

Annie McElwain is best known for portraying American basketball player heidi Burge in the 2002 Disney biopic, “Double Teamed.”

heidi Heitkamp, elected in 2012, former state attorney general.

Trump responded by threatening to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife, heidi.

Kevin Cramer, a U.S. representative trying to unseat Democrat Senator heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, praised the move.

Joe Donnelly (IN), heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Manchin (WV), Claire McCaskill (MO), Bill Nelson (FL), Debbie Stabenow (MI), and Tester.

Stefan Pehl and heidi Hahn add some keyed-up color to the show.

Claire McCaskill and heidi Heitkamp both lost their Senate races in tough red states, but they ran 8 and 17 points ahead of Clinton.

Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) faces one of 2018’s most difficult reelection campaigns.

Moderate Democrats Joe Manchin and heidi Heitkamp, who have not yet announced how they will vote on Kavanaugh, also supported Flake’s move.

One small crisis, though … Looks like heidi got a little something on her lips at one point.

Deputy National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief heidi King was skeptical of Dingell’s idea.

I’ll be making things,” heidi exclaimed.

But the conservative Princeton grad thought he knew better: “No, I know you,” he told heidi.

heidi and Ted then came to terms.

When he opened the pantry the next day, heidi was contrite.

Many other ads have gone after candidates like heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly for supporting Pelosi and Schumer.

heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt had one of the most tumultuous relationships ever during their time on “The Hills.”

Also attending were Republican Charles Grassley and Democrats Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and heidi Heitkamp.

heidi Steinberg: Thank you.

My name is heidi Steinberg.

heidi Larson, director of the vaccine confidence project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, worked with researchers on this study.

heidi Roizen: Hi, heidi Roizen here.

heidi Roizen: Thanks.

heidi Roizen: Great.

Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) has made up her mind on Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination: She’ll vote no, she announced Thursday.

Famous alumnae include Deanne Fitzmaurice, winner of the Pulitzer Prize of 2005 for Feature Photography and The Hills costars, Lauren Conrad and heidi Montag.

Oh, the debate that I do — the one I do with heidi is familiar, since I do parliamentary debate.

Your appearance onstage, which happens near the end of the show, brings its own new energy, since most of the show is heidi.

I imagine the part where you accuse heidi of “pandering” usually gets laughs.

Joe Manchin (D-WV) and heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), who are even more imperiled in 2018, have both already committed to voting for Gorsuch.

Some featured artists include Linda Cunningham, Yousef Kawar, Tammy Wofse, heidi Johnson, Patrick Alston, and more.

Earlier in the day she told Reuters: “I find Dr. Ford’s testimony to be credible.” * heidi Heitkamp.

It was reportedly a gift from Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND).

Donald, if you try to attack heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought.

He said “real men” don’t attack women and called Trump a “sniveling coward” for bringing heidi into the hostility.

Your wife is lovely, and heidi is the love of my life.

And in response, Trump went after heidi Cruz.

heidi Klum joined the brand in 1997, then left in 2009.

He was sentenced to 6 months in jail back in 2003 for beating up then-girlfriend heidi Fleiss.

Read more: 28 photos that prove heidi Klum is the queen of Halloween

heidi Holder was appointed director of education at the Queens Museum.

Ultimately, he voted against Brett Kavanaugh’s contentious nomination — something another red-state Democrat, Sen. heidi Heitkamp, acknowledged could cost her reelection.

But fundamentally, Trump’s victory is an enormous gift to the heidi Heitkamps and Joe Manchins and Claire McCaskills of the world.

heidi Klum has range … she was a doting mom Saturday, watching her son play sports, just days after hanging out topless on a beach.

heidi was all thumbs up, cheering on her kid, Henry.

[heidi N. Moore / Columbia Journalism Review] Here’s a quick primer on the history of media measurement.

“That’s a big concession from the military,” said heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown Law School professor and expert on tort law.

“That’s a big concession from the military,” said heidi Li Feldman, a Georgetown Law School professor and expert on tort law.

Natalie and heidi were drinking and partying, and their moms were like, “What the hell is going on?”

Don’t let these almost identical photos of heidi Klum push you away …

We’re told it finally sold this month thanks to realtor heidi Lake for $6.4 million.

Democratic Senators heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Bill Nelson of Florida announced their backing on Tuesday.

The two longtime friends were planning to turn things around with a health retreat, but heidi says they never got the chance.

heidi Duckler Dance Theater is known for staging pieces in extraordinary locations.

As for heidi and Spencer … they seemed like a perfect fit since they have infant experience with their 6-month-old son, Gunner.

Spencer and heidi Pratt are closer than ever … based on the hip to hip action they’re getting down in the Caribbean.

Important note: Flavio married Elisabetta 8 years AFTER he and heidi Klum broke up.

heidi Klum will NEVER be outdone when it comes to Halloween bashes … to say her party was a thriller would be an understatement.

heidi‘s known for her awesome costumes … in the past going as a 95-year-old lady and Jessica Rabbit.

heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin.

Good to see Vito’s still showering heidi with roses, not that she hasn’t been kissed by them before.

heidi Klum adhered to an age-old adage — when in France, do as the French do.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, a bright and at times bizarre show highlights the work of heidi Barlow, Shaina Kasztelan, and Bailey Scieszka.

heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt held the ceremony for their 10th anniversary Thursday in Santa Barbara.

Spencer insinuates heidi may be pregnant again … in the very, very early stages.

Especially when you’re a really weird girl, as are all three of the contributing artists: heidi Barlow, Shaina Kasztelan, and Bailey Scieszka.

But, heidi didn’t totally abandon Mickey … he was all over her jean jacket!

heidi and Spencer were universally hated by the cast on ‘Celeb Big Brother’ in 2013, but managed to finish as runners-up.

In North Dakota Democratic Sen. heidi Heitkamp trailed Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer by 5 points in the new Axios survey.

The woman behind the suit is heidi Merrill — a singer who had success with the sports-themed song “Cornhusker Strong” back in 2015.

heidi Klum and Seal have the co-parenting thing down pat — just take your kids on a luxurious ski vacation … works every time.

Trump then retweeted an unflattering photo of Cruz’s wife, heidi, next to a picture of his wife, Melania.

2/5 — According to the court docs, obtained by TMZ, heidi says the pair separated back in May 2017.

heidi is also asking for Jillian to pay her spousal support.

heidi filed docs for “dissolution with minor children” in Los Angeles Monday.

In a statement in June of last year, Jillian said, “heidi and I have been split for a while now.

Donald, you’re a sniveling coward and leave heidi the hell alone.”

Emma was the bun in the oven that inspired heidi to write the book.

North Dakota — Incumbent Sen. heidi Heitkamp (Democrat) vs. Republican Kevin Cramer Bismarck: Wind and snow showers throughout the day.

He was also extremely close with sex legends heidi Fleiss and Ron Jeremy.

heidi Klum likes to watch … models get wet on Hollywood Boulevard.

The scene was being shot for “Germany’s Next Topmodel,” which heidi judges and also executive produces.

heidi Klum is proof ice cream does the body good.

Vito had his usual front row seat for the heidi show … as she caught waves and got down and dirty in the sand.

The new show features Audrina Patridge, heidi Pratt, Whitney Port, Spencer Pratt, Stephanie Pratt, Jason Wahler, Frankie Delgado and Justin.

heidi Klum is a married woman, and has been for several months now … TMZ has learned.

BTW, that’s a significant date for the couple — heidi‘s said they first met on Feb. 22, 2018.

This is heidi‘s third marriage — after Seal and Ric Pipino — and Tom’s second.

He doesn’t have any kids … of course heidi has 4 from her previous marriages.

In a Wednesday rally in North Dakota, Trump praised Democratic senator heidi Heitkamp.

It’s one of those beers that’s a little bit surprising,” says the brewery’s sales and distribution manager heidi Fifield.

“If heidi Cruz becomes the next first lady, French fries are coming back to the cafeteria.”

heidi Cruz is, of course, Ted Cruz’s wife.

Others just announced as headed to Motor City include Honey Dijon, heidi, Mind Against, Seth Troxler, and STERAC.

heidi Cruz began working for Goldman in 2005, and was most recently a managing director of private wealth management for the firm in Houston.

The English brothers headline the night with a DJ set, with warm-up performances from Boys Noize, Dusky, heidi, The Black Madonna, and Will Clarke.

In viewers’ minds, Jill, like heidi, is the villain.

The raccoon did test positive for rabies, according to Hope Animal Control Officer heidi Blood.

heidi Klum wore a white minidress with a flowing structured design at the shoulders.

The names include Naomi Campbell, heidi Klum, Christina Milian, Sherri Shepherd, Rocco DiSpirito, Tori Spelling and Kiki Palmer.

This led to an elliptical threat from Trump to “spill the beans” on heidi Cruz.

“The constitutional amendment would take three years to pass,” heidi Sieck, the co-founder and CEO of #VOTEPROCHOICE, a pro–abortion rights PAC, tells Broadly.

at heidi Montag—huge cultural events that Broadly will revisit in our new column, This Week in 2007.

heidi Rehm is a clinical medical geneticist at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This week, Tory MP heidi Allen said she’d rather resign the party whip than be led by Boris Johnson.

Manchin became the only Democratic holdout Thursday, when North Dakota Sen. heidi Heitkamp announced she’d vote against Kavanaugh.

It’s fitting then, that heidi Duckler Dance Theatre, known for staging ambitious dance performances in unexpected places, would activate the site.

Manchin became the only Democratic holdout Thursday, when North Dakota Sen. heidi Heitkamp announced she’d vote against Kavanaugh.

In the mid-2000s, heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt gained widespread notoriety by playing the villains on ‘The Hills.’

Jon Tester (MT), Joe Manchin (WV), heidi Heitkamp (ND), Joe Donnelly (IN), and Claire McCaskill (MO).]

Joe Donnelly, heidi Heitkamp, and Claire McCaskill, respectively, were already polling closely with their challengers even before the Kavanaugh confirmation took place.

“And I sell my face in the same way heidi Klum does.”

Tyra, heidi, Gisele, Candice, Alessandra — these are just a few of the now-iconic names to have graced the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Among them was heidi Sieck, the cofounder of #VOTEPROCHOICE, a political action committee that endorses and campaigns for candidates who support abortion rights.

I’ll give props to the writers [Annie Baker and heidi Schreck] on that one.

heidi Toribio, global head of banks and broker dealers at Standard Chartered, a correspondent bank, said there was no simple solution to the decline.

“It’s why he went after heidi directly and smeared my wife, attacked her.

Who is [North Dakota’s] heidi Heitkamp really going to stick with me and block?

One night, Lauren Conrad famously screamed at a confused heidi Montag: “You know what you did!

MTV cameras filmed many of his dates with heidi Montag there.Today: It’s still open.

She also got an insane, heidi and Spencer-esque celebrity couple to agree to get individual professional help outside of couples counseling.

heidi Beirich is the SPLC’s Intelligence Project director.

I think heidi Cruz is a great person.

Number one: The heidi thing you understand now.

heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

Scheduled performers for this year’s Lost Paradise music festival include Eats Everything, heidi, Leon Vynehall and Lunice, among many others.

This time the focus was on “Hollywood Madam” heidi Fleiss and the gilded era that made her a household name.

“Donald, if you try to attack heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought.

In a campaign appearance for her husband in Waukesha, Wisconsin, heidi Cruz addressed the uproar briefly.

Donald, if you try to attack heidi, you’re more of a coward than I thought.

On the other hand, heidi [Montag] and I just did a party show, and they asked us where we wanted to go.

And in response, Trump went after heidi Cruz.

The main Democrats to keep an eye on are Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Sen. Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND).

See more of heidi Wigmore’s work here.

“It’s an end of an era, an end of that type of pop culture,” laments Hills star heidi Montag.

North Dakota Democrat heidi Heitkamp and West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin have also not commented on the FBI investigation.

When heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad moved to Los Angeles in 2005, the BFFs made a pilgrimage to the clothing store.

You had said publicly you thought the retweet about heidi Cruz was a mistake.

Here’s another gem from the discussion of “mistakes” and heidi Cruz: KELLY: But it was a mistake, wasn’t it?

Ask heidi, if you don’t know.

heidi Klum’s ex managed to do what’s seemingly impossible — get busted for mushrooms at Burning Man.

He was there last year with heidi.

VICE Impact spoke with heidi Savelli, Programme Officer for UN Environment, and an expert on this emerging issue.

heidi Savelli: The problem with the primary microplastics, especially those in personal care and cosmetic products, is that you won’t easily see them.

Senator heidi Heitkamp, of North Dakota, who now works as a pro-trade advocate.

Other defeated incumbent Democratic senators included Joe Donnelly in Indiana, heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota and Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

* heidi Heitkamp.

In the mid-2000s, heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt gained widespread notoriety by playing the villains on ‘The Hills.’

Kevin Cramer, a U.S. representative trying to unseat Democrat Senator heidi Heitkamp in North Dakota, praised the move.

I met a woman named heidi, who designs weird costumes for a living, and asked why she had come.

We’ve already talked about this Sen. heidi Heitkamp ad, but it’s worth watching again.

heidi P, Umfang, Volvox, softcoresoft and I all DJ’d throughout the night and it was awesome.

Every episode, heidi Klum repeats the phrase “I have to say” during judging.

“You can’t fall apart so close to the end,” heidi says.

heidi Larson, director of the vaccine confidence project at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, worked with researchers on this study.

This week we’re talking to adult performer heidi Switch about her first time squirting.

heidi Sieck is CEO of #VOTEPROCHOICE, an organization advocating for reproductive rights, and a member of the Women’s March Policy Table.

On Thursday, the Atlantic published a feature on Ted Cruz’s wife, heidi.

In the mid-2000s, heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt gained widespread notoriety by playing the villains on ‘The Hills.’

Senator heidi Heitkamp, a key backer of the bill, said it aimed to fix problems with Dodd-Frank, not to weaken it.

Wall Street Journal reporter Reid Epstein reported Monday what he’d heard from Sen. heidi Heitkamp: Heitkamp a no on DeVos.

So far, they have recorded 1400 incidents, according to heidi Beirich, who leads the SPLC’s Intelligence Project.

heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly and Claire McCaskill ended up losing in the midterms — making the deals seem largely pointless.

“Are you listening, heidi?

There are also two undecided votes on the Democrat side — Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) and heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.).

“They’re basically millennial white supremacists,” said heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Center.

heidi Benneckenstein is a 24-year-old teacher and mother.

* heidi Heitkamp.

heidi Benneckenstein: My father was very strict—we had to ask his permission to do anything.

His wife, heidi Cruz, is also holding events in North Carolina all day on Monday, after spending much of last week campaigning in Illinois.

heidi and Frank, who were leaving Hennessy’s Tavern in Hermosa Beach Friday, both seemed more sad than angry.

heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt manipulated their story lives, eventually losing sense of what was reality.

In January, the plaintiffs filed a revised lawsuit, which added heidi Lamar, a former teacher at Google’s Children Center in Palo Alto.

Partner heidi Roizen came to DFJ’s defense almost immediately in the wake of Kukral’s accusations.

Joe Manchin (D-WV), heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Michael Bennet (D-CO) — refused to filibuster Gorsuch.

That said, are you all following the Instagram account Henry Rollins shares with his manager, heidi May?

There were other swing votes: Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), most notably.

Follow heidi Kemps on Twitter.

Shortly thereafter, heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota followed suit.

heidi LawdenThe Hills: New Beginnings coming soon.

Joe Donnelly’s announcement today comes after Joe Manchin and heidi Heitkamp said last week they’d be voting for Gorsuch.

Who was there: Democrats Joe Manchin, Joe Donnelly and heidi Heitkamp.

and nine Democratic senators — including moderates like Joe Manchin and heidi Heitkamp (to “support tax reform”).

Hating on heidi: During the campaign, Donald Trump tweeted this meme insulting heidi Cruz — the wife of then-presidential candidate Ted Cruz.

Joe Manchin, heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly and Jon Tester — will come up with a similarly firm position.

The #1 prospect was Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), perhaps for Secretary of Agriculture.

Joe Donnelly (IN), heidi Heitkamp (ND), and Joe Manchin (WV).

* heidi Heitkamp.

(North Dakota’s Democratic Sen. heidi Heitkamp joined Trump on AF1, traveling to her home state for his tax reform speech.)

But in North Dakota, Democratic Senator heidi Heitkamp has fallen far behind challenger Republican U.S. Representative Kevin Cramer in recent polls.

The exhibition was curated by former AAM Senior Curator Courtenay Finn in consultation with heidi Zuckerman, CEO & Director of AAM.

Democratic Senator heidi Heitkamp said she was skeptical that there had been a cultural shift at Wells Fargo.

heidi Klum: “heidi Klum.

heidi and Lauren were once the Laverne and Shirley of MTV.

That is until heidi started dating Spencer in season two.

On the season finale, heidi moved in with Spencer.

Spencer and heidi say that [Lauren has] a sex tape out there.”

The accusation carried such dramatic intensity because fans had watched Lauren and heidi‘s friendship strengthen over the course of the preceding seasons.

heidi likewise denied Lauren’s claims.

… But if you hate me because you think I ruined Lauren and heidi friendship…you have your facts all wrong!”

According to US Weekly, MTV “suspended” Spencer and heidi‘s press appearances in response to the pair’s “trash-talking.”

“It’s her party and she’ll ban Spencer and heidi if she wants to!”

* heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota is among Senate Democrats running for re-election in November in states that heavily supported Trump in 2016.

At a club called Les Deux, heidi hands Lauren a letter lamenting their dilapidated friendship.

“It’s her problem,” heidi tells herself.

But when Lauren flees the club, heidi follows her.

“I always feel bad for you,” heidi cries.

There’s a reason Spencer and heidi have become the media’s go-to experts on reality TV.

heidi Klum’s look is always runway ready!

Sen. heidi Heitkamp, who was previously undecided, announced Thursday that she would vote against Kavanaugh.

When Austin-based drone artist Amulets came to town, he played in the middle of a pine forest installation by heidi Wiren Bartlett.

heidi Beirich, director of the intelligence project at the Southern Poverty Law Center, said, “Twitter has David Duke on there; Twitter has Richard Spencer.

[ARTnews] heidi Hahn is now represented by Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles and Nathalie Karg Gallery in New York.

Like Lana Del Rey, heidi and Spencer—also known as Speidi, a name Spencer invented for them—worship Americana.

Why it matters: heidi Hartmann, president of the IWPR, told Bloomberg that it’s unclear why the trend for women reversed this past year.

Mostly, though, Spencer talks about how much he loves heidi.

I just heard myself say that—it’s very heidi Klum Project Runway.

“I love heidi because she’s the most special angel I have ever come across,” he says.

heidi is like the sunset.”

It didn’t help that, as newlyweds on The Hills, heidi and Spencer began collecting allegedly magical crystals.

Off-screen, they attracted media criticism for investing millions in heidi‘s failed pop music career.

But six years after the reality show that launched their careers ended, and nine years after heidi met Spencer, Speidi remains together.

(Neither Spencer nor heidi bothered to google prices before they boarded a plane.)

Today, heidi and Spencer live rent-free in Spencer’s dad’s beachside vacation home near Santa Barbara.

heidi bought me this crystal in Aspen,” he says.

In the stairwell, Spencer keeps a white crystal in front of a framed picture of heidi and Spencer kissing at their wedding.

While Spencer behaves like a loud David Mamet character, heidi is like a woman out of a Bret Easton Ellis novel.

“I love being alone,” heidi says.

In his office, he has hung Speidi’s best magazine covers from the mid-2000s: heidi and Lauren in Rolling Stone, OK!

“It was on the corner of Sunset—” “And Crescent Height,” heidi says.

In most of the paparazzi photos of her and Lauren Conrad leaving nightclubs in the mid-2000s, heidi says, she was blackout drunk.

“Lauren and heidi were the two best clubbers,” Spencer says.

But heidi was bored with partying—she was looking for love.

“I was like cartoon goo-goo eyes, heart falling out of my head,” heidi recalls.

They may be cute, but they don’t have my dance moves, heidi remembers thinking.

heidi dashed to Spencer, told him, “Let’s dance,” and then started grinding on him.

“I was twerking before it was twerking,” heidi says.

“I pretty much told everyone I was going to marry him and that I loved him,” heidi says.

Despite his initial reaction, Spencer had fallen for heidi.

He recalls asking Sophia for heidi‘s new number.

heidi remembers telling Sophia, “Absolutely not.

A few months later, Spencer and Hills star Audrina Patridge ran into heidi at a club.

heidi and Lauren had recently stopped speaking to Audrina because of rumors about her hooking up with Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler.

heidi Heitkamp, Joe Donnelly, and Joe Manchin.

“We were, like, so anti-Audrina at that point,” heidi says.

heidi says she began playing mind games with Spencer.

After playing hard to get for a bit, heidi says she started dating him again.

At the time, heidi was the “B-plot,” her story line secondary to the A-plot about Lauren, who served as the protagonist.

He and heidi sat around, brainstorming plot lines.

He saw a difference between Lauren and heidi‘s on and off-screen relationships.

heidi remembers Lauren taking Spencer’s on-screen manipulations personally.

Her anger increased when Spencer started calling the paparazzi on Lauren and heidi.

As when they finish each other’s sentences when discussing their love, heidi and Spencer complete their sentences when retelling iconic fights.

heidi Heitkamp and Joe Manchin have already indicated they’ll vote for hm.

heidi would still go out and do girls’ night,” Spencer remembers.

“It would be 2:30 in the morning, and heidi would come and meet up with me, and Lauren’s like, ‘You’re leaving?

“She wanted me to be with her always 24/7,” heidi says.

According to heidi and Spencer, one Valentine’s Day, Lauren expected heidi to go clubbing at Area with her.

heidi obliged, but at 3 AM she wanted to leave to see Spencer.

Lauren’s anger increased when heidi decided to move out.

Over the course of The Hills, heidi‘s mom, her sister Holly, and Spencer’s sister Stephanie joined the show.

heidi‘s mom owned a restaurant in Colorado.

heidi, though, lived for the show’s drama.

On The Hills’s third and fourth seasons, Spencer and heidi‘s antics became the main plot.

And Lauren and heidi‘s fight over Spencer in the episode “Forgive and Forget” became a defining cultural moment of the Bush years.

Famed celebrity trash store Kitson even started selling Team heidi and Team Lauren T-shirts.

“She asked, ‘What do heidi and Spencer do?

I need [to know] all the exact things, because we’re doing exactly what they do,'” heidi says.

Every day, heidi and Spencer say they paid $3,000 for hair and makeup.

One time, heidi says she rewore a Chloé dress.

However, when commenters ate heidi up, she began to think she needed a new outfit for every day.

Spencer and heidi‘s world became more insular as negative media coverage of Speidi increased, and they mostly hung out with each other.

Even now, heidi says she feels the loss of her friendship with Lauren.

The backlash of the fame game became unavoidable when Spencer and heidi expanded their reality TV career.

Spencer and heidi maintain they agreed with the network to play the villains.

America turned on Spencer and heidi.

Spencer and heidi logged onto the internet and saw hundreds of comments criticizing them.

At age 22, heidi spent her time sitting around her and Spencer’s mansion, reading the comments.

“Literally comments were created just to talk shit about heidi!”

When a doctor approached heidi offering to give her ten plastic surgery procedures worth $300,000, she jumped at the opportunity.

Spencer resisted the offer—he thought heidi was beautiful—but he says the doctor told him the procedures were easy.

Spencer and heidi knew they needed to step up their crazy, so they took the surgery deal.

“I was not in the right mind frame to make that decision,” heidi says.

“I was in so much pain,” heidi says.

When he placed it next to heidi‘s bed, the pain disappeared.

“I felt the crystals were helping,” heidi remembers.

While in the Bahamas, heidi says she received a call from her business manager.

“There’s a mistake,” heidi remembers him saying.

Their performance had blended with their life, and at some point heidi and Spencer became Speidi, the couple they played.

Before heidi had healed, she had to return to shooting The Hills because of her contract.

heidi says she begged her mom to cancel, but her mom was losing her restaurant in Colorado and needed money.

On national television, heidi‘s mom said she preferred heidi before surgery.

heidi broke down.

heidi says, “It wasn’t her world.

I’m putting an end to this,'” heidi says.

A devoted husband, Spencer sided with heidi.

He viewed heidi‘s mom as anti-Speidi.

I wish I had never brought my family on The Hills,” heidi says.

heidi and Spencer became more and more ostracized from the outside world.

“We were in such a survival mode,” heidi says.

“You definitely were on a spiritual quest,” heidi agrees.

“We were going down,” heidi adds.

“I became the character that I was pretending to be,” heidi says.

Around sunset, Spencer and I leave the guesthouse to meet heidi on their back porch.

heidi and Spencer and kiss and then walk from their porch to a set of stairs leading to the beach.

heidi is shocked when Spencer then tells her I’ve never seen Perez Hilton’s season of Celebrity Big Brother.

North Dakota: Sen. heidi Heitkamp is the lone Democrat in the state that voted for Trump over Clinton by 64% to 27%.

heidi and Spencer care more about dated pop culture than the sunset, and they say they rarely even come to the beach.

The one thing Spencer does care about more than celebrity is heidi.

When the sky turns pink and blue, he takes out his phone to take a selfie, but he gets distracted by heidi‘s presence.

It’s been nine years since Spencer and heidi first met at Privilege, but it’s clear they’re still in love.

“The biggest misconception about us,” heidi says, “is that we wouldn’t do it all over again.”

Claire McCaskill of Missouri (Trump won 56-38), Jon Tester of Montana (55-35), heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota (63-27), and Sherrod Brown of Ohio (51-43).

Claire McCaskill of Missouri (Trump won 56-38), Jon Tester of Montana (55-35), heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota (63-27), and Sherrod Brown of Ohio (51-43).

heidi Heitkamp (ND), Doug Jones (AL), Claire McCaskill (MO), Joe Manchin (WV), and Joe Donnelly (IN).

Joe Manchin, heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly, who joined Republicans to vote for a Trump-backed proposal.

So, for heidi Heitkamp, she has a different set of issues she’s got to be thinking about.

| ARTnews heidi Zuckerman will be stepping down as director of the Aspen Art Museum.

heidi Heitkamp and Joe Donnelly could be pressured to vote for Kavanaugh.

heidi Klum has her fingers in a lot of pies, as they say.

“Our blood is the same,” Myrna told the audience, with Michele and heidi clinging to her side.

That’s the very real predicament heidi Zak wanted to solve when she launched startup ThirdLove with her husband, David Spector, in 2013.

Trump followed up his threat by retweeting a follower’s post comparing Melania Trump and heidi Cruz’s looks.

2) When Cruz left Washington, DC, for Texas, he and heidi spent more than a year apart.

You had said publicly you thought the retweet about heidi Cruz was a mistake.

Here’s another gem from the discussion of “mistakes” and heidi Cruz: KELLY: But it was a mistake, wasn’t it?

heidi O’Neill is the president of Nike’s $9 billion direct-to-consumer business, including Nike.com and Nike retail stores.

“Lauren and heidi were the two best clubbers,” he said.

“She asked, ‘What do heidi and Spencer do?

(That list includes Christie Brinkley, Beyoncé, heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, and Chrissy Teigen, to name a few.)

The revised lawsuit added a fourth complainant, heidi Lamar, who was a teacher at Google’s Children Center in Palo Alto for four years.

heidi Klum and her new 28-year-old bae are raising their wine glasses on vacay to celebrate heidi‘s hot, topless bod.

North Dakota Sen. heidi Heitkamp said Hillary Clinton can’t go away “soon enough” while speaking with local radio station KFGO.

If only heidi had some PDA — oh yeah, she’s got that too.

Jon Tester (D-MT), heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN).

This year, festival curators heidi Ballet and Milena Høgsberg tasked the artists with imagining life 150 years from now.

The provision championed by Sen. heidi Heitkamp, a Democrat from North Dakota, greatly expands an existing credit.

‘” heidi Hackemer, another Blind Barber regular, appreciates the no-nonsense experience.

I am at the desert hacienda of heidi Fleiss.

Kid Rock would sing about her (“Start an escort service… find heidi Fleiss.”).

And its adjoining billboard announces her: “Ex–Hollywood Madam heidi Fleiss book ‘Pandering’ autographed and sold at the Kingdom, All Nude Gentlemen’s Club.”

I park and heidi Fleiss emerges with a macaw on her shoulder.

But she’s still pretty close to heidi Montag.

“I talk to heidi all the time,” Cavallari told Buzzfeed.

I love heidi and Spencer — I think they’re funny.

heidi, too, has appeared on a string of such programs ( Celebrity Big Brother, Sober House, even Animal Planet’s heidi Fleiss: Prostitutes to Parrots).

She also said she would want to be trapped in an elevator with heidi, of all the girls from The Hills.

Jillian Michaels and girlfriend heidi Rhoades are engaged, E!

Today, heidi Fleiss is wearing gray Superbad sweatpants, house slippers lined in fluffy pink, and a blue sweatshirt speckled with macaw caca.

But “heidi‘s Stud Farm” went off the rails when she came up against local resistance, some legal issues, and, oddly, a new preoccupation.

Reggie, heidi insists, is gay.

Between 1991 and 1993, heidi Fleiss ran a ring of high-end call girls, some five hundred at one time or another.

But heidi Fleiss had no such luck.

“I love Gina,” heidi says, shaking her head.

heidi Montag is here to set some facts straight about The Hills.

“I don’t need an investigation to state with certainty that this is patently wrong,” wrote heidi Roizen in a post on her personal website.

“It’s night and day,” says heidi Beirich, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project.

), heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), Bob Casey (Pa.), and Joe Donnelly (Ind.).

Manchin and Donnelly now join fellow Dem Sen. heidi Heitkamp, who announced her support last week, in backing Pompeo.

“We believe survivors,” protesters chanted at Cruz and his wife, heidi, in a video that went viral.

“We believe survivors,” protesters chanted at Cruz and his wife, heidi, in a video that went viral.

A few Senate Democrats who opposed Kavanaugh lost in Trump states: Claire McCaskill of Missouri, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota.

Cosponsors include Democrats across the ideological spectrum, like Amy Klobuchar, heidi Heitkamp and Elizabeth Warren.

heidi Quante and Alicia Escott have another theory.

Escott said it was “quite a relief” when she and heidi discovered they shared the same unnamed feeling.

Ted and heidi Cruz want readers to know that they haven’t benefited financially from his political career.

It’s likely that heidi was comparing her family’s economic situation to that of her peer group instead of the average American.

heidi Kemps had a bash at it, though, and you can read her thoughts here.

Over to heidi again for this reboot of Sony’s myths-and-monsters-and-so-many-murders series.

(He and heidi KNOW what they DID.)

Yesterday, Kristin Cavallari and heidi Montag treated the internet to a mutual love-fest on social media.

Soon-to-be-father Spencer — courtesy of heidi — sure looks like he’s applying pressure.

She was Conrad’s wingwoman, especially after Conrad and her former best friend heidi Montag had a huge blowout over Spencer Pratt.

Similarly, heidi Cruz took leave from her high-powered job at Goldman Sachs while Ted Cruz ran for president.

So much of that, when I listen back to it, has to do with the interplay between Mike and heidi.

Georgia-native Landon Clements, who currently stars on Southern Charm, was friends with both Lauren Conrad and heidi Montag.

heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and Joe Donnelly (D-IN), two of the bill’s co-sponsors, have been the biggest recipients of the Signature-linked Democratic donations.

On October 5, North Dakota Sen. heidi Heitkamp introduced Savanna’s Act to address this horrific epidemic.

In North Dakota’s Senate race, meanwhile, Republicans tried different stunts to skew the race against Sen. heidi Heitkamp (D-ND).

heidi Montag’s hubby just earned his brown belt at Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the Valley … which means he’s now a certified badass.

It began with the first additional accuser called, heidi Thomas.

That the relationship between the four original girls on the show — Patridge, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, heidi Montag — was real in the first season.

heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad’s best friend at the time, had already appeared in several episodes of Laguna Beach.

Audrina was a model and actress (a “mactress,” DiVello calls her) who lived in Lauren and heidi’s apartment complex.

That pilot was that Lauren was very interested in fashion, so she wanted to move to Los Angeles with her best friend heidi.

North Dakota Sen. heidi Heitkamp might’ve signed her political career’s death warrant by voting against Kavanaugh.

He drives a huge wedge between Lauren and heidi, ultimately leading to the complete breakup of their friendship.

heidi and Spencer are dramatic; that’s what’s great about them.

We didn’t see that coming… I think Spencer was hearing stuff from Cameron about heidi flirting with somebody or something like that.

heidi and Spencer were talking on the phone, and I was with one of the producers, and there was some tension.

In the letter, heidi denies any involvement in the rumors circulating in the press.

We are going to have to access this somehow.’ It’s always a discussion… Lauren didn’t want to confront heidi.

We were lucky enough to be there at the nightclub where we thought heidi and Spencer might show up.

First and foremost, though, was the question of whether or not Lauren would actually attend heidi and Spencer’s wedding.

heidi really wanted her to do it.

North Dakota senator heidi Heitkamp told Politico last week that Democrats “should be open to supporting any nominee.”

heidi had to go into Lauren’s job to hand-deliver an invitation.

Like, ‘Oh, [heidi is] giving me an invitation, the cameras were here to see it.

Lauren forgave her in a scene, and she was just there for heidi in heidi’s decision to marry Spencer.

The Hills premiered 10 years ago and unknowingly sparked a rivalry even Shakespeare would’ve deemed too dramatic: Lauren Conrad vs. heidi Montag.

And then eventually, heidi Montag vs. Everybody.Which, in retrospect, didn’t make sense.

First, Lauren and heidi’s friendship began cracking upon the introduction of Spencer Pratt (heidi’s then-boyfriend and current husband).

heidi Reitmaier was appointed executive director and CEO of the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto Canada.

heidi Klum posted a backstage photo with one of the night’s best acts.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia, heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and Joe Donnelly of Indiana.

In fact, the guest list for his engagement party included none other than his fellow former villains heidi Pratt (née Montag) and Spencer Pratt.

He also congratulated Cruz’s family, including his wife heidi, and his children.

It’s been 10 years since Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, heidi Montag, and the rest of those privileged Californians came into our lives.

I knew “Dead Inside” was the name of this artwork by Portland artist heidi Schwegler installed in Clatskanie, Oregon’s defunct hardware store.

Lead study author heidi Larson thought this average, however, masked some variation in the country.

Comics critic heidi MacDonald’s response was typical of many of them.

Deputy National Highway Traffic Safety Administration chief heidi King was skeptical of Dingell’s idea.

Joe Manchin (D-WV), heidi Heitkamp (D-ND), and Joe Donnelly (D-IN) — all of whom all voted to confirm Trump’s last SCOTUS nominee, Neil Gorsuch.

He’ll face Democratic Sen. heidi Heitkamp in November.

JCN is also running ads attacking Democratic Senators heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Doug Jones of Alabama of siding with “the radical liberals.”

Joe Manchin (W. Va.), heidi Heitkamp (N.D.), and Joe Donnelly (Ind.)

Nobody in Senate Republican leadership met with the Copper Five — Mark Warner, heidi Heitkamp, Tim Kaine, Angus King, and Joe Manchin — either.

heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Joe Donnelly of Indiana and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

heidi Klum got an early Christmas present from rocker boyfriend Tom Kaulitz … a shiny new engagement ring.

We hope heidi in a sentence examples were helpful.