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There are conflicting rumors about the headphone jack.

On one hand, SamMobile claims the Galaxy S8 won’t come with a headphone jack.

On the other, leaks of case designs, allegedly for the Galaxy S8, suggest that it will feature a headphone jack.

So far, only the iPhone, Motorola Moto Z, and HTC’s U Ultra phones have ditched headphone jacks to a mixed reception.

We’re inclined to think that Samsung will keep the headphone jack on the Galaxy S8.

Yes, there are benefits to ditching the headphone jack, like forcing people to go wireless (which is a good thing).

Why is Apple taking away your headphone jack?

Today’s iPhone 7 has two big “differentiated” features: The missing headphone jack, and a big, fat fancy 12 megapixel dual camera.

ChesnuTT has long made a career out of this open nature, starting with his 2002 solo debut The headphone Masterpiece.

Your personal growth had substantially changed between headphone Masterpiece and Landing.

Do you hear from people that headphone Masterpiece would fit especially well into the current climate?Oh, all the time.

The biggest audio-related news of the event was, of course, the removal of the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7.

Microsoft was courageous enough to include a headphone jack, as well.)

Apple’s much-anticipated decision to nix the headphone jack on its newest iPhone has understandably made a lot of people very angry.

Apple removing iPhone headphone jack will result in massive Bluetooth adoption; a prerequisite for beacons.

5 way headphone splitter for listening to music together while gazing into each others’ eyes.

The notable changes will likely be an upgraded camera and the removal of the headphone jack.

Let this sink in: “The iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack but the Galaxy literally explodes” is a perfect metaphor for this election.

Without a headphone jack, the iPhone 7 and 7+ were found to have much greater volume capacity than their predecessors.

Check back as Amazon Prime Day 2019 approaches to learn more about all the Bose headphone and speaker deals.

But that missing headphone jack is truly annoying.

This design is also found on more commonly used devices like headphone jacks in either ⅛ or ¼-inch sizes.

The new MacBook Air has a high-resolution Retina display — addressing its biggest shortcoming — plus two USB-C ports and a headphone jack.

We’re talking now about the rumor that the next iPhone will no longer have a headphone jack?

So the story, again, is that Apple’s gonna do away with the standard headphone jack, and replace it with the lightning port?

That’s part of it, all that people know is that the headphone jack is going away.

Remember when Apple’s decision to ship the iPhone 7 without a standard headphone jack was a big controversy?

I wouldn’t even put the headphone situation in my top gripes about the iPhone 7/iOS 10 era.

Yes, it’s annoying that the headphone jack is going away.

Motorola includes a similar kind of adapter on the two Moto Z models that it launched without headphone jacks.

Here’s Ina talking to NPR’s Here and Now about these headphone options: This article originally appeared on Recode.net.

The headphone jack is going away.

It’s all but confirmed that the iPhone 7 won’t have a headphone jack.

I just hope that whatever Microsoft announces, it has a headphone jack.

A huge redesign, save for a lack of headphone port, didn’t happen with the iPhone 7.

Walt Mossberg: I think the most important thing for a lot of people is that there’s no more headphone jack.

LG: And then the third option are these new Beats headphone.

KS: The headphone thing … WM: You have a 6s.

LG: Well, it’s funny because I was looking at the bottom of the phone and the headphone jack had disappeared!

KS: I didn’t like the headphone thing.

DF: Walt, do you think that future … everything else they ship from now on will not have a headphone jack?

Like will the next MacBook Pro have a headphone jack?

headphone maker Jaybird, which is based in Salt Lake and has worked with other local athletes, sponsored the project.

Both are equipped with a headphone jack, unlike the new iPhone.

Getting rid of it would be a bigger mistake than removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7.

“For your own good” is how Apple presented the removal of “ancient” headphone jacks from the iPhones it announced in fall 2016.

The good: Google retained the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

headphones; Etymotic is this great little headphone company started by people who initially did hearing aids.

For most people, the biggest news about the iPhone 7 is what it might not have: a headphone jack.

What to expect: Heading into the event, we’re expecting a refreshed iPhone, possibly without the traditional analog headphone jack.

What we don’t know: Again, the early buzz heading the event is the fate of the headphone jack.

Will we be saying adios to the headphone jack?

Don’t see any indication about the status of the headphone jack as yet.

Still crickets on the headphone jack front.

Number 7 is EarPods and the death of the headphone jack.

Wow, Schiller said it took “courage” to move from the analog headphone jack to Lightning.

The schematics show an iPhone that looks nearly identical to the iPhone 6s Plus, but with a dual camera and without a headphone jack.

What did bother me was the aforementioned removal of the headphone jack.

Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 has, predictably, drawn some skepticism, criticism and confusion.

Anyway, back to the missing headphone jack.

Will the iPhone 7’s missing headphone jack hurt sales?

But my guess is that it won’t hurt sales, and we won’t see a new iPhone with a 3.5mm headphone jack again.

It includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, there’s a spot to charge via USB-C, and a headphone jack.

Neither phone has a headphone jack.

Other innovations include two separate headphone systems to facilitate tag team DJ sets, and an overdrive circuit to help thicken unmastered tracks.

But it has just one port other than the headphone jack, and that sole port is going to be mostly used for charging.

It is, indeed, missing a headphone jack.

Why is Apple taking away your headphone jack?

Why is Apple taking away your headphone jack?

Today’s iPhone 7 has two big “differentiated” features: The missing headphone jack, and a big, fat fancy 12 megapixel dual camera.

Is USB-C better than the headphone jack?

Here is something you didn’t expect to hear about coming out of CES this year: Twitter has invested in Muzik, a “connected headphone” company.

KS: An old headphone jack.

Proper headphone jack.

KS: headphone jack.

plus, i have a headphone jack and imessage and the same iOS as everyone else.

Just go back to the headphone jack?

“Why is there no 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the HomePod?

I think it’s whatever, the headphone jack is fine, but a lot of speakers have line-ins, people use them.

Yeah, but it’s weird, the iPad has a headphone jack.

All the Macs they announced yesterday have headphone jacks.

It likely won’t have a headphone jack.

If the next iPhone doesn’t have a headphone jack, that means the EarPods Apple includes with the iPhone will need a Lightning connector.

Reviewers say the camera is lackluster, it doesn’t have a headphone jack, and it isn’t water-resistant.

But not the removal of the headphone jack.

In this sense, the removal of the headphone jack is a crucial test for Apple.

In the selfie below, it failed to properly outline the headphone cup on the left.

The downsides are obvious: Almost everyone has headphones, speakers, and other gadgets based on the ubiquitous 3.5 mm headphone jack.

But Apple also believes that the conventional headphone jack has become a bottleneck to improvements in audio quality and headphone design.

But the key here is the Ambience option, which unlocks the true potential of almost any headphone.

At Wednesday’s event, Apple’s Phil Schiller argued that removing the headphone jack was an act of “courage” on Apple’s part.

It has just two ports: a souped-up USB port on one side and a headphone jack on the other.

headphones plugged into a Lightning connector can also produce better sound than ones that are plugged into a headphone jack.

That gives headphone designers more freedom to use high-quality audio chips that might be larger, more expensive, and consume more power.

Maybe symbol of the new iPhone without a headphone jack.

But Apple portrays the end of the headphone jack as a bold step into a new future of superior audio quality.

Even if they decide to deprecate the headphone jack, they’re especially unlikely to adopt Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector.

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about Apple’s iPhone 7 going back and forth on one feature: the headphone jack.

Then again, yesterday, The Wall Street Journal flipped the tables and said, no, Apple won’t include a headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

MUZIK One Connect Smarter headphone, $199.99 (originally $ 299.99), available at Amazon.

But it will lack a headphone jack in favor of a speaker.

I think the iPhone 7 faces a much larger challenge than the omission of the 3.5mm headphone jack, however.

Unless you have fancy headphones with real leather ear pads, you can wipe your headphone ear pads down with alcohol or other anti-bacterial wipes.

Apple also discontinued every iPhone with a headphone jack currently available in stores, so you can literally never buy one again.

It’s a wonder why more headphone ear pads aren’t designed to do just that.

This is obviously important in the context of the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack on the new iPhone 7.

If the headphone jack then breaks, Apple can’t legally refuse to fix your phone because you jailbroke it.

“[The crooks] stole my Olympic rings, stole my guns, stole all my precious jewelry, every headphone in the house, credit cards.”

The problem has always been that this style of headphone, by its very design, is big and bulky.

When Hip-Hop’s headphone Asclepius conscripted the Ventura County native to star on last year’s Compton, it heralded his arrival.

It’s still longer and bulkier than a standard headphone cable, but most of it is contained in a tight coil.

The new phones are expected to have a bunch of additions (including new cameras and home buttons) and one notable subtraction (the headphone jack).

As you’ve heard ad nauseam, Apple appears extremely likely to remove the headphone jack from its next iPhone.

The one in front of Reince looks like there are maybe cable inputs or a headphone jack but I don’t know.

The iPhone, Apple’s flagship product, lost a headphone jack and a few millimeters, but didn’t gain much this year.

Meanwhile, Apple’s answer to the missing headphone jack, the AirPods, suffered a very un-Apple-like delay.

This is because the iPhone 7 is wholly uninteresting and, without a headphone jack, is potentially more annoying to own than the iPhone 6S.

The positive answer: Apple makes real revenue from the Beats headphone line Iovine sold them.

The best battery packs you can buy

The go-to headphone brand for DJs just came out with a great Bluetooth pair

The one piece of bad news: Apple removed the standard headphone jack — more on that below.

(You can tell by the lack of a headphone connector and a couple of new shades of black in the color choices.)

Semi; Beats, the headphone maker and music service; and Siri, the voice-controlled assistant service.

Google has followed Apple’s lead and removed the headphone jack on the new phones.

Jason Koebler, Staff Writer: I would like Apple to #thinkdifferent; instead of having zero 3.5 mm headphone jacks, why not have, like, 10?

Rachel Pick, Social Editor: Most of my suggestions are quasi-jokes, but I stand firm against large phones and the erasure of the headphone jack.

Oh look a headphone jack too haha.

The headphone features a camera, sensors, and a GPS feature.

Oh and i’d like to keep my headphone jack.

Perhaps the most significant of those choices was Apple’s removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack from new iPhone models in 2016.

The move away from the headphone jack benefits Apple’s intellectual property portfolio in three ways.

Apple is reportedly ditching the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the next iPhone.

Companies are still in the process of sorting out what new challenges the headphone jack’s death would bring.

First the headphone jack, now the USB port?

The Jabra Elite Sport hold their own against other early entries in the truly wireless headphone race.

Sound Good sound starts with a good driver—the mechanism in a speaker or headphone that converts electric audio signals into sound waves.

It’s not surprise to anyone who’s been watching closely: Apple ditched the headphone jack in its newest iPhone.

The biggest and most recent example is Apple removing the headphone jack from the upcoming iPhone.

My full review of each headphone is also included if you want to learn even more.

Unlike most headphones, you adjust the height of the headphone‘s ear cups, not the band.

But for real, please bring back the headphone jack.

Do you think it’s going to grow up and sort of broaden the base or is it still just a headphone experience?

It’s true: The next iPhone won’t have a headphone jack.

Perhaps the agency will have to extend that warning to certain headphone batteries as well.

Meanwhile, both Express models also ship with an IR remote, but it doesn’t support private listening through the headphone jack.

Its high-end remote has the headphone jack for private listening, voice search support, the lost remote finder feature, and gaming buttons.

Oh, and unlike the iPhone’s headphone jack (there’s still one here, don’t worry), the function row isn’t completely dead.

Like last year’s model, the HTC U11, the HTC U12+ doesn’t have a headphone jack.

And yes, the headphone jack is still there, no adapter required (for now).

The Echo Link, and Echo Link Amp, also feature a headphone amp.

It’s official: there won’t be a headphone jack in the iPhone 7.

They have headphone jacks.

The new ZenFone also sports a headphone jack, because it’s 2019 and rules don’t apply to smartphones anymore.

As for monitoring, there is an one-eighth-inch output jack, and adjustable headphone volume and gain knobs on the sides.

The music is dramatic for a headphone ad, but I guess it’s meant to entice?

It did take courage to remove the headphone jack.

I am here to bury the headphone jack, not praise Apple.

And on a personal note, I discovered the headphone world’s best-kept secret in the Zero Audio Carbo Tenore.

The battery grip also extends 4K recording to 30 minutes from the usual cutoff of 10, and adds a headphone jack for audio monitoring.

RIP headphone jack (which stayed gone after disappearing from the 7), and hello, FaceID.

It also, notably, has no headphone jack.

Bragi has to break bad news to customers awaiting its new wireless earbuds, The headphone.

It has a Micro USB charging port, an HDMI port, a microSD port, and a headphone jack, and that’s pretty much it.

There is, of course, a headphone jack on the top.

The good: Google retained the industry-standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

On a related note, the company dropped the headphone jack on the Ultra earlier this year, and that’s still the case here.

As a rep matter-of-factly told me earlier, “The headphone jack is going away.

Yep, it has a headphone jack.

So long, headphone jack.

The star of Jays’ show is actually the u-jays on-ear headphone.

The headphone industry seems pretty content on keeping travel and exercise headphones in two distinct baskets.

Avoiding the familiar tangle of headphone wires is something most people can get behind.

A headphone port: …so long as this doesn’t go Lightning-only, like on the iPhone.

They also have a 3.5mm headphone jack, but no SD card slots or other types of ports.

The headphone jack is MIA once again, after making a return on the Z2 Play earlier this year.

However, the Here One also adds music streaming via Bluetooth, turning the lowly headphone into a full-on computer.

Yes, there is a regular 3.5mm headphone jack.

But one classic port remains: the headphone jack.

There are boxes of tapes—somewhere—of me doing karaoke with the headphone mic, like I use now.

Apple has been broadly criticized for removing the standard headphone jack from new iPhones.

In its announcement of the Pixel, competitor Google jokingly emphasized the inclusion of the headphone jack on the Pixel as a key feature.

And so, it’s surprising to see the headphone jack is the single classic port to appear on the new Macbook Pro.

At the bottom of the device, you can see that the headphone jack is definitely not coming back.

Apple is showing loyalty to the 3.5mm headphone connector that it considered so retrograde for the iPhone.

And if you were wondering, the headphone jack is still included on the new MacBook Pro.

At least the new MacBook Pro has a headphone jack.

After all, the company’s best known product is a headphone — albeit one that got some blowback on release for its big, flashy presentation.

Certainly there’s a lot from a technical and design standpoint that will help i.am+ grow its headphone offerings.

On either side of the mic are two large knobs – headphone volume on the left and mic volume on the right.

On the back is a headphone jack output and a microUSB slot that serves to both connect and power the device.

The headphones also support Bluetooth and will automatically swap to wired mode when you insert the headphone cable.

And yes, there’s a headphone jack.

That’s the idea behind the Fermata, a wireless headphone charging stand from Twelve South.

Look, it’s time to accept that the headphone jack is gone.

I Classic rock is a great place to start with headphone reviews.

The first camera took postage-stamp size images (120 pixels by 90 pixels) and plugged into the phone’s headphone jack.

(Okay, my headphone count is not strictly typical).

Also frustrating is the fact that though the Bolt is larger than the 10, it does away with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack entirely.

On the sides, you’ll find two USB Type-C ports and, one full USB and a headphone jack.

If you’re unfamiliar with the TMA-2, it’s a customizable headphone system from Aiaiai that was released last year.

Those big and generous pads fatten out the headphone dramatically.

Last month at CES, the company announced Project Ears, an initiative aimed at enhancing hearing aid capabilities in the smart headphone category.

Alongside the USB ports there’s an SD card reader, headphone jack, and Mini DisplayPort for connecting up a second monitor.

You can also look forward to another headphone review from Vlad Savov.

It’s also wireless, in case you don’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

If Apple announces an iPhone without a headphone jack would you buy it?

To wit, its newest Macbook line contains exactly two ports: USB-C and… a headphone jack.

Some — including yours sincerely — feel that the world may be poorer without headphone jacks.

No, Bragi pulled this off with its second product: the headphone.

The headphone was announced back in September, just days before Apple murdered the headphone jack and announced AirPods.

Despite its singular name, the $149 headphone — which Bragi says will start shipping “any day now” — is another pair of wireless earbuds.

The headphone was announced back in September, just days before Apple murdered the headphone jack and announced AirPods.

Despite its singular name, the $149 headphone — which Bragi says will start shipping “any day now” — is another pair of wireless earbuds.

The company dialed back the bass response on the headphone, and the result is a really balanced-sounding set of earbuds.

With the headphone, though, I started noticing all sorts of sounds that I had missed.

Bragi advertises about six hours of battery life with the headphone, and the earbuds hit that mark easily.

Another drawback is with the headphone’s carrying case.

But unlike the Dash carrying case, the one that comes with the headphone doesn’t have a battery inside.

The headphone will pick up your voice better than the Dash ever did, but only in quiet indoor settings.

The headphone is really two steps forward and one step back for Bragi.

But those moves likely helped Bragi cut the price of the headphone down to half what the Dash costs.

They’re also not wireless, which can be counted as a growing shortcoming in a world of iPhones without headphone jacks.

First Apple killed the headphone jack, followed by the USB and SD card ports.

The headphone jack is missing from the latest versions of the iPad Pro.

Just like on the iPhone, the Home Button is missing, and the headphone jack is gone.

And since the iPhone hasn’t had a headphone port since 2016, it’s about time the trend hits Apple’s other mobile device.

headphone users are not the only users left in the dark.

The headphone jack, on the other hand, is nowhere to be found.

headphone design is no stranger to invasions from other categories, whether you’re talking LED lights, belt buckles, or, um, cat-ear speakers.

You were probably hoping the whole no headphone jack thing was just a 2016 fad, right?

Oh, and there’s not a headphone jack to be found.

It’s true, the consumer tech giant did also delete the headphone jack from iPhones.

The P7 Wireless are a legitimate high-fidelity headphone, with a matching price, going the Bluetooth route.

It’s got a bunch of new features, but as rumored, it also ditches the headphone jack found on last year’s model.

Do you like headphone jacks?

Do you miss the headphone jack already?

But it has just one port other than the headphone jack, and that sole port is going to be mostly used for charging.

It additionally indicated that Samsung would remove the headphone jack, add a USB-C port, and keep the resolution unchanged from 2016’s models.

That’s right—the headphone jack is dead, time to welcome the choking hazard–size “AirPods.”

From filmmakers to concerned parents, there’s a rich ecosystem of “appcessories” that use the headphone port for two-way communication.

For next to no money, intrepid hackers can buy a development pack to start hacking with the headphone socket.

For next to no money, intrepid hackers can buy a development pack to start hacking with the headphone socket.

What not a lot of people realize is that the headphone socket also supplies a tiny amount of power.

If you want to plug standard audio devices into a phone without a headphone jack, you need to buy an adapter.

It isn’t like it is only tiny, no-name companies that’ve been using the headphone socket to augment app experiences.

The company points out that with Apple’s Lightning to headphone adapter, the magstripe reader will continue to work.

It isn’t like it is only tiny, no-name companies that’ve been using the headphone socket to augment app experiences.

The company points out that with Apple’s Lightning to headphone adapter, the magstripe reader will continue to work.

All I’m saying is that the costs of removing the headphone jack are extremely clear.

It certainly hasn’t provided a crystal clear statement of the value delivered in exchange for the headphone jack going away.

Okay, let’s take a look at some of the more exotic uses of the headphone socket.

Ever since unveiling an iPhone with no headphone jack, Apple’s executives have pushed the message that the future of audio is wireless.

There are even fully functional oscilloscope and multimeter appcessories that plug into the headphone socket.

Pluggy Lock uses the headphone socket to tether your phone semi-securely in place.

The AirPods are a key accessory for the iPhone 7, one of the first major smartphones to ship without a headphone jack.

Without the 3.5-mm headphone jack, iPhone 7 users would have to use wireless or Lightning-compatible headsets.

The Spin 7 uses USB-C ports for everything (well, there is a headphone jack).

Of course, I could upgrade and just plug in a dongle to (re)convert the Lightning port into the necessary 3.5mm headphone jack.

Nor am I the only TCer affronted by Apple ditching the headphone jack.

A spare battery or a headphone dongle?

It plugs into your headphone jack, and you plug your headphones or earbuds into it.

That’s how Apple CEO Tim Cook justified removing the headphone jack from the newest line of iPhones.

Back in May 2014, Apple paid $3 billion for the headphone maker and streaming music service.

You won’t need a headphone jack in the future, Cook argued, because wires will be a thing of the past.

The W1 chip erases another Bluetooth headphone headache, too, which is using them across multiple devices.

Four settings dictate how open the headphone is, with the most closed option providing the most bass and external noise attenuation.

(There appears to be a headphone jack, so the Edge isn’t as 2016 as it could be.)

The Freedom headphones ship with the option, of course, but the headphone’s new architecture greatly reduces the need for such a support structure.

The headphone’s diameters have been reduced by 20 percent.

Apple and Beats’ claims about raising the bar for Bluetooth performance with their 2016 headphone range are fully justified.

Good luck with the headphone situation.

With the D&G treatment, headphone prices started at a little over $3,500.

Oh and they once again have no 3.5mm headphone jacks because tech companies have shit for brains.

So far, the team has created a functioning iOS prototype that plugs into a device’s headphone jack.

This is clearly not future-proof as the iPhone 7 doesn’t even have a headphone jack.

It has a fingerprint sensor on the back; loud, powerful speakers; fast charging capabilities; it even has — wait for it — a headphone jack.

And there’s a headphone jack, too.

But A2DP normally only lets you connect one device with one headphone.

headphone makers have responded accordingly, with everyone doubling down on wireless models, from Bose’s QC35 to B&W’s P7 Wireless.

At the very bottom of the headphone market, Chinese mobile manufacturers made positive noise this year with some very nice introductions.

Yes, the headphone jack is gone.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s head of marketing, claimed the move to drop the headphone jack required “courage.”

And in addition to the two USB-C ports, there’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microSD card reader.

Surprisingly the folks at Apple saw it fit to give the headphone jack a stay of execution on the new model.

It’s 2017, and the iPhone 7 still has no headphone jack.

Prophet’s breathy almost-falsetto hovers above the psychedelic headphone boogie.

New Balance is also teaming up with wireless headphone maker Jabra for the PaceIQ sports earbuds, a companion product to the RunIQ.

Both Ella and Sadie feature a newly redesigned headband system that reduces the weight and bulk of Blue’s original headphone offerings.

Like the company’s various microphones, all of its headphone offerings have been pretty stellar so far.

headphone Jack Yep, still here.

Sometimes that means Bixby, and sometimes that means defiantly clinging to the headphone jack.

Do you like headphone jacks?

In October, co-founder Carl Pei took to Twitter to ask if people still liked headphone jacks.

HTC has announced the Deluxe Audio Strap, an accessory designed to provide a better headphone experience for the Vive VR headset.

The headphone exceed those in comfort, and it’s hard to explain just how freeing it is to finally be rid of that cord.

Two years ago, Apple killed the headphone port.

When Apple announced that the iPhone 7 would have no headphone port, I was pretty immediately annoyed.

I’ve been hating headphone adapters on phones right here on this very website since two thousand and nine.

Like the Bolt before it, this next HTC device doesn’t feature a headphone jack.

Then came the original iPhone with its 3.5mm headphone port.

How could something like that not have a headphone port?

And, of course, a headphone port.

Within a couple years, a standard headphone port wasn’t just a nice selling point — it was mandatory.

Though leaks suggest the upcoming Galaxy S10 will have a headphone port, the company pulled it from the mid-range A8 line earlier this year.

If 2016 was the year Apple took a stab at the headphone jack, 2018 was the year it bled out.

But the headphone jack?

“But now its water-resistant!” Water-resistant phones existed before all of this, plenty of which had/have headphone ports.

Apple blew the horn that told the industry it’s okay to drop the headphone port, and everyone fell right in line.

At this point, Apple doesn’t even bother giving you the headphone adapter in the box.

Episode 2: “Playtest” We’ve got Priuses and headphone jacks in our normal smartphones.

As with Apple’s latest iPhones, Lenovo’s Moto Z, and the HTC Bolt, neither of HTC’s new handsets has a headphone jack.

The sonar-like capabilities of USonic wouldn’t be possible with a 3.5mm headphone jack.

No huge and dramatic launches; no nervous energy about the impact of a future iPhone without a headphone jack, as there was in 2016.

Bragi announced today that the company’s latest headphone earbuds are finally available for immediate shipping.

Marshall, the headphone company and not the loudspeaker company of the same vintage, today announced two new portable speakers.

The headphone is available on Bragi’s website now for $149.99, with Bragi estimating that orders should arriving within two weeks.

A quick Google tells me this isn’t actually unusual in the headphone biz, and it does make sense in a twisted sort of way.

The Galaxy S8 is variously rumored to feature an “all-screen” design, a new AI assistant with dedicated button, and no headphone jack.

The displays also include remote controls, and wireless headsets (one per screen), with an additional wired headphone connector for multiple viewers per display.

The G6 will have a headphone jack and is expected to be waterproof as well.

Just because a huge brand like Apple is pushing disembodied headphone sticks doesn’t mean that the capital-F fashion industry is obligated to embrace them.

I had problems using them and avoiding the occasional snag of the headphone cord doesn’t seem worth it at all.

New to the S8 is a USB-C jack, and Samsung is indeed keeping the headphone jack around.

The X91 includes a headphone jack and analog triggers, has vibration feedback, and includes a nine-foot cable.

AirPods were introduced in 2016 alongside the debut of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which eliminated the headphone jack.

They are only so “convenient” because, by eliminating the headphone jack, Apple made the iPhone less user-friendly.

These new images also show that the G6 has a USB-C port and a headphone jack.

Speaking of embracing trends, Google dropped the headphone jack for the Pixel 2, after mocking Apple’s decision to do so a year prior.

Instead, UAC will be used as an intermediary in headphone cables.

At least one headphone company is already planning UAC products for this summer.

Prymas are part of an increasingly fashion-forward headphone market that also includes pairs by Master & Dynamic and the more recognizable Beats by Dre.

Also, the rear headphone jacks require an adapter if you want everyone to hear themselves and the sound effects.

On a related note, some readers have asked why headphone makers don’t just build USB-C cables and throw in Lightning adapter.

headphone makers manage to do that just fine with most in-line remote controls.

The second pack is an improved speaker and headphone amp designed in part by Denmark’s B&O.

This pack adds an additional headphone jack to the phone.

I know I’m not the only one who had questions when the company announced its plans to get into the headphone business.

SoundMagic’s E10 earbuds have been recognized as a quality budget headphone option for years.

Sony has granted me my wish: the stalwart Japanese giant has built a headphone worthy of being called the best in its category.

Sony has granted me my wish: the stalwart Japanese giant has built a headphone worthy of being called the best in its category.

And yet here we are, years after Apple adopted the dongle, and people are still mourning the loss of the headphone jack.

Ports-wise, you get a USB 3.0, USB-C, HDMI, and 3.5-mm headphone jack.

After that was done, Phil Schiller quickly described Beats X as “an affordable, light, comfortable headphone for all throughout your day.”

Rather than offering special headphones that stream music from your mobile device, the Here system has no headphone functionality whatsoever.

Here One is never going to have the five- or six-hour battery life of competing devices like the Bragi headphone or Apple’s AirPods.

In order to fit the scanner beneath the screen, the company had to ditch the headphone jack, bringing it kicking and screaming into 2018.

Do you like headphone jacks?

But Here One is behind the Bragi headphone when it comes the strength of that Bluetooth connection, and both are behind Apple’s AirPods.

— Carl Pei (@getpeid) October 25, 2016 This time back in 2016, co-founder Carl Pei asked Twitter whether they supported keeping the headphone jack.

This is the app that solved my Bluetooth headphone toggle problem.

The Beats brand marketshare, meanwhile, has slipped as Apple has taken a stronger interest in its own headphone offering, by way of AirPods.

Porsche Design has also placed a Thunderbolt-capable USB-C port on the tablet portion itself, alongside a headphone jack on the opposite side.

The notch has been cloned by almost every phone maker out there, and the headphone jack is a commodity that’s unfortunately dying.

It might also change the audio setup, which is currently a headphone jack stuck somewhat awkwardly on the side of the headset.

There’s a USB-C port on the bottom and, yes, even a headphone jack.

Semi; Beats, the headphone maker and music service; and Siri, the voice-controlled assistant service.

Much like Beats, the headphone company for which Apple reportedly paid $3 billion, Tidal has a reputation as the hippest brand in streaming.

On the upside, they found room for a 3.5mm headphone jack!

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But now there are AirPods and the Bragi headphone earbuds.

It also will have dual mics, a headphone jack (!)

And concerned Samsung fans can breath a sigh of relief — the S8 will supposedly keep the 3.5mm headphone jack.

Snap the headphone bits off and you’ll find USB-C, microUSB and Lightning connectors.

Update March 22nd, 1:10PM: Added additional details on new rumors, including the DeX dock and the S8’s inclusion of a headphone jack.

Oh, and yep, there’s a headphone jack.

Urbanears is a headphone company primarily known for making nicely designed, decent quality headphones at affordable prices.

Samsung’s doubling down on its headphones also stands in stark contrast to Apple, which infamously removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

Both the USB-C port and the 3.5mm headphone jack (hallelujah) are located on the bottom of the phone.

By my standards, two things are missing from the new iPhone: A headphone jack and TouchID.

The iPhone 8 lacks the headphone jack but retains TouchID.

Apple killed the headphone jack with the iPhone 7 in 2016.

So, in both cases, the lack of a headphone jack hasn’t been lethal to the device’s chances of success.

For now, the headphone jack is still the safest route for most mobile manufacturers to take.

Speaking of Bluetooth, that’s your only option for connecting to the Wonderboom, as the speaker ditches the 3.5mm headphone jack.

But in my humble opinion, the 3.5mm headphone jack is still one of the most welcome features of the Galaxy S8.

The adaptive noise cancellation is the latest step for a company that’s working toward becoming a more serious headphone brand.

Do Teletubby screens have a headphone jack?

The device charges via USB-C and it does include a headphone jack.

Unlike with the iPad Pro, the iPad mini still features a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, a Lightning port and a headphone jack.

The headphone jack, on the other hand, is conspicuously absent, which is no doubt a big driver behind the decision to include Galaxy Buds.

The phone recognized the earbuds and I watched him control the volume using the headphone buttons.

If HTC can design around that, logic dictates that it can also design around a headphone jack.

Frustratingly, even though the U Ultra costs $750, HTC does not include a 3.5mm headphone adapter with it.

Using the AirPods has made me at least understand why Apple decided to kill the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

The DIY headphone jack relies on two quirks of the iPhone 7.

Second, Apple has already created a method to convert a lightning input into a 3.5 mm headphone input: the dreaded dongle.

There is, of course, a bit more to adding a headphone jack than simply putting a dongle inside the phone itself.

I’m hoping you can walk around here and get an iPhone 7 or 8 with a headphone jack.

“I would like to see a new iPhone with a headphone jack from Apple.”

And yes, unlike an Apple mobile device, this one does come with a headphone jack.

The most important thing is that the headphone jack is making a return.

The S8 and S8 Plus use USB Type-C ports for wired charging and data transfer, and both phones include a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

The release of these two models speaks to the state of the headphone industry overall.

With some phone manufacturers opting to get rid of the headphone jack, Bluetooth, USB-C, and Lightning headphones are becoming more imperative.

Anyone expecting a headphone jack will also be disappointed.

Bluetooth’s the headphone trend this year, as are neckbuds, so of course Skullcandy is making affordable, wireless neckbuds.

Kuo says that there will be EarPod headphones with a Lightning connector and a Lightning headphone jack adapter included with each iPhone.

Not just a pair of headphones Shure’s KSE1500 is best described as an in-ear headphone system.

Both models lack a headphone jack, which means that wireless headphones will be a must.

Oh, and how could we forget the unceremonious removal of the headphone jack on the iPhone 7.

With today’s unveiling of the new iPhone 7 came the news that the world had long suspected: Apple is nixing the headphone jack.

This might just be the beginning of the end for the headphone jack.

Most headphones are boring and ugly, but maybe, I thought, the H4s’ orange color could change my headphone game.

With the Ella, Blue has asserted its credentials as a headphone maker in fine style.

My only gripe with the remote is there’s no headphone port.

But if you enjoy the safety and “unavailability” of headphone wires when in public, the AirPods certainly don’t offer that.

While it might make sense for, say, singers to do so (why not have your own headphone brand?

That also means it lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack, instead relying on its USB Type-C port for charging, data transfer, and audio function.

And does the thing have a headphone jack?

And a headphone jack with a dedicated amplifier.

Speaking of ports, there is no traditional 3.5mm headphone jack — which is a bummer.

We’re told that it will ship with a headphone dongle in the box.

And yet, it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

Let’s review the fates of the Android companies that have ditched the headphone jack over the past year or so.

In all three cases, the company switching away from the headphone jack has found its fortunes either stagnating or degrading.

There isn’t yet an example of a world-conquering Android phone without a headphone jack.

I think it’s an Android vendor with a dumb and unnecessary headphone adapter in its box.

Those who mourned the loss of the iPhone’s headphone jack might want to prepare to bid it farewell on the MacBook Pro, too.

MrSpeakers, for example, stumbled upon nitinol while looking for something better than steel or aluminum for its headphone frame.

If you use a headphone amp and a pair of premium headphones, you may be able to hear the difference.

Grado, a Brooklyn-based headphone manufacturer, has been pleasing audiophile ears for decades now with clean, unsweetened audio.

I’m not sure, but Roku did add a headphone jack to its remote.

The G433 offers virtual surround sound in the form of DTS headphone X 7.1 technology, with a slightly higher price tag of $99.99.

“Bragi’s technology suite is applied beyond our own products to partners and headphone brands,” Hviid said.

— I’m gonna be mad as hell if there’s no headphone jack.

Drew Olanoff reported that over 200,000 people have signed a digital petition to keep Apple from killing the iPhone headphone jack.

The two major keys to headphone success are comfort and sound, and Turtle Beach’s Elite Pro headset is a winner on both fronts.

It’s got a headphone jack and mic for voice search, plus shortcut buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and Starz.

It also announced updates to Android Auto and dozens of new Assistant partnerships with headphone and TV manufacturers.

For the iPhone 7, Apple ditched one cable you used to plug into your phone by eliminating the headphone jack.

There’s a USB-C port at the bottom and a headphone jack up top.

The loss of the headphone jack, meanwhile, is a bit of a blow.

The gadget itself plugs into your mobile device’s headphone jack and its “lip” is made of silicon.

Oh, and yes, the headphone jack is back, due to overwhelming popular demand.

“Just good headphone music: songs that I listen to when I’m traveling, songs with a lot of warmth to them.”

AudioQuest, the cable specialist that also does wonderful little USB audio converters and amplifiers, uses just one design for its two headphone models.

It will use USB Type-C, it has a microSD slot for expandable storage, and yes — it has a headphone jack.

Bluetooth headphone receivers are more or less a dime a dozen these days.

And a headphone jack?

It also comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, so it can double as an adapter.

Since the mixer didn’t have a headphone jack, Marcel spent another year DJing without headphones.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that, with a few hardware (too late to add a headphone jack?)

Are we moving toward a headphone jack-free future?

It doesn’t include a headphone jack and its dual display felt more like a gimmick than a real iterative addition to the device.

And rumor has it that the iPhone 7 will drop the good old headphone port.

Oh, there’s no headphone jack on this thing either.

And yes, the headphone jack is back in all of its glory.

headphone manufacturer Phiaton has a new, entry-level model to its line of Bluetooth headphones: the BT 390.

You stuff the phone inside – it works with iOS phones for now – and plug a cable into the headphone jack.

This is a big 5.5-inch phone, with chunky screen bezels and no headphone jack, and I can’t bring myself to complain about either.

Or, I guess, as the promo video shows, a multi-person headphone party for an old school silent rave.

Forbes and FastCompany are reporting that Apple plans to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack when it releases the iPhone 7 later this year.

Keep the standard headphone jack.

And, yes, there’s a headphone jack at the bottom.

Tell Apple to keep the standard headphone jack and ditch planned obsolescence!

It comes with 128GB of internal storage, no microSD slot, no headphone jack and a USB Type-C port.

The company formerly offered a headphone jack cable but smartphone trends forced a change.

Hilariously, the thing is thick as hell but manages to not have a headphone jack.

That phone includes a headphone jack while also having a larger battery inside.

But again, we’re left without a headphone jack.

For example, Bluetooth headphone company crazybaby raised more than $4 million across three campaigns.

At the same time, though, phone cases have leaked with headphone jack cutouts, so who knows.

TechCrunch has sent requests for comment to Apple, Beats and Roam, the headphone company founded by Lamar.

On the MacBook, it’s one USB-C on one side a the headphone jack on the other.

Sadly, no amount of squeezing will get you a headphone jack; both Pixel sizes are rumored to be ditching it this time.

It’s not your traditional portable headphone amplifier, it actually really changes how your headphones sound.

There is no standard 3.5mm headphone jack, which is basically a trend now.

Just before playing the video, I remember to slot a loudspeaker block in place of the headphone jack module, too.

If you ask me for headphone advice, I’m liable to DM you a comprehensive answer.

They are unique both technologically and practically, providing the best sound out of any wireless headphone yet, but only in limited circumstances.

Similarly, rumors around the headphone jack are all over the place.

At top is a headphone jack and on the bottom is the microUSB slot (no USB-C here).

This phone has a headphone jack, something we now feel compelled to note in reviews.

It’s not very often that I can say I’m 90 percent satisfied with a headphone’s sound profile.

The company has already launched the Eufy smart home brand, and more recently it introduced the Zolo headphone line.

Console gamers can adjust the volume and mute the noise-cancelling microphone with the headphone’s detachable cable which has an in-line audio control.

RHA isn’t quite as well known as some other well-established headphone makers, but past placement in the Apple Store has helped.

You plug a transmitter into the headphone socket on your phone, computer, or… well, anything that has a headphone socket.

Audio-Technica has revealed both a new wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphone model as well as a series of wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones.

All the headphone models go on sale in September.

There’s a headphone jack and microSD slot on the left; volume rocker, power button and stylus housing are on the right.

(Not that you’d actually twist it around like this, but headphone durability is important for a touring DJ.)

Once that’s all settled, you get a small headphone icon at the top of the screen, between the battery and location icons.

An iPhone 7 with a 3.5mm headphone jack is a dream device for any disgruntled Apple fans still mourning the loss of the port.

Finally, while we don’t see it on this photo, this iPhone 7 body doesn’t feature a headphone jack according to Nowhere Else.

It’s still unclear why Apple would drop the headphone jack.

Due to how Apple’s Lightning adaptor works, you unfortunately still can’t use the headphone jack while charging your phone.

(I may have misplaced the headphone case, sorry!)

There are no jazzy tech additions to the existing headphone models, but that isn’t the point of most fashion-tech collaborations.

Thanks Vlad, for mastering the headphone beat!

I lost my iPhone 7’s original, pack-in headphone jack adapter in Arizona on a family trip.

The search results on Amazon.com for “apple headphone jack adapter” were atypical.

And that process has entirely failed to pick me a good headphone jack adapter.

As long as it’s connected, you’ll see a small headphone icon in iOS next to the battery icon.

There’s also a big clip on the back, a la the shuffle, and headphone jack up top.

All of the above also still have their headphone jacks intact.

And, like the iPhone 7, there’s still no 3.5mm headphone jack.

Perhaps they’re even good enough to convince Samsung to drop the headphone jack — but hopefully not.

Oh, and there’s no headphone jack, which is uniformly annoying on every new phone that omits it.

Plus the Surface has a headphone jack.

But Operator hosts shoe, headphone, and furniture experts who already know what’s best.

We hope headphone in a sentence examples were helpful.