Harness in a sentence | Use of the word harness examples

“In the face of fear, President Kennedy successfully summoned our country to harness American ingenuity and advance human progress,” Gates writes.

Here’s how to harness Virgo’s meticulousness in order to fix your life.

Some firms and local governments are seeking to harness the older generation’s untapped potential and help them start a new chapter of life.

Wall Street itself has been wrangling with how to harness the new technology.

Meanwhile, the race is on to develop new environmentally-safe materials, to repurpose existing plastics, and to harness bacteria to digest our waste.

Uškumgallu’s especial appeal lies in its innate understanding of the power of tension, and ability to harness it in service of chaos.

You could not forget that you were strapped into a harness.

Brands want to harness that selling power.

It turns out sizable companies with account managers and writers and analytics departments exist to harness this (still potentially sociopathic) talent.

You may be wondering why steps haven’t been taken to either harness the crater’s energy or just extinguish it entirely.

A beluga wearing a bizarre harness appeared in Norwegian waters last week, sparking questions about Russia’s history of training whales for the military.

Far above the Arctic Circle, near the small island of Ingøya, a white whale wearing a sort of harness was spotted last Thursday.

On Friday, a group of fishermen and marine biologists freed the whale of its harness.

In particular, Massively wanted to harness the platform’s unique ability to simulate conversation between the player and the game’s characters.

In 2007, researchers learned how to harness CRISPR to protect yogurt bacteria.

I decided to sport a black leather harness and a sexy Santa velveteen one-piece; the number is “Into You” by Ariana Grande.

Organizers were keen to harness their events for “greater societal purpose” by signing up for tests, said van Nunen.

When you harness the power of this imbalance, it can lead to a heightened state of awareness and a confident, power-packed performance.

In reality, I read that Cruise wore a harness but without a safety net.

No such group for Republican women has managed to harness that kind of firepower.

One of Eastman’s goals on the doors Friday was to harness that kind of sentiment.

“Your body naturally generates significant heat while hiking; why not harness this heat for a warm dinner?”

It would be great to be able to harness them for their aesthetic qualities.

It’s managed to harness the energy, connection, and competitiveness of a live group fitness class.

How are we going to harness all of these people marching to actually change things?

The only field Now left’s no bigger than a harness gall.

Dubbed “Project Pigeon,” the program sought to harness positive reinforcement techniques in order to train birds to peck at images of military targets.

Once the cat was sedated, officials used a ladder to reach it, then lowered the cat from the tree using a harness, officials said.

Weiss told Bloomberg that Glossier is building a social shopping platform to harness that customer enthusiasm.

The question is, how do we harness all the market forces, all the policymaking forces, to as rapidly as possible reverse human downgrading?

“Lots of people will be like, ‘Oh my God, is that a Wild Wolf harness?

To harness this bacterial carpet of propellers, the researchers take advantage of the innate negative charge of gram negative bacteria.

Why is it important to harness such broad coalitions?

I thought doing this would allow me to harness a certain kind of equality, cancel out the discrepancies between genders.

So, while the average sheep-like automaton may not be able to truly harness the Kyrie mindset, perhaps we shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

“They sought to harness Americans’ very real frustrations and anger over sensitive political matters to influence our thinking, voting, and behavior.

She’s searching for the Pirate King Atomsk, whose incomprehensible power she wants to harness.

Foulkes detaches her harness from the rope and the strap, and begins the coda by pushing away whatever is left of the assemblage.

It’s sort of circular cultivation—a waste-less way to harvest and harness.

I would love to harness the power of placebo for myself.

Buildings will harness the powers of nature.

And certainly the success of Hitler’s own propaganda lay in part in the Nazis’ ability to harness that erotic undertone to gain support.

Tonight’s a night to live out your weirdest fantasies, and nothing says “Good times for bad people” like a studded leather harness.

Challenge 2: How do you harness the remarkable opportunity you’ve been given to actually build something of value?

But developers conducted just these kinds of measurements in the Tasersiaq catchment, albeit to harness its commercial potential.

If the Sixers could harness that fearlessness, they’d without argument have the most promising young core in the league—if they don’t already.

This is about female rage, and how we can harness it for a better future.

Harden’s ability to rebound and withstand power forwards down low should let D’Antoni harness a James & James frontcourt.

Wael Amin was also an overachiever, and at a very early age he saw the power of technology and wanted to harness it.

When you do harness work, you move differently.

We had to do that a couple of times when we knew she would be in a harness all day.

Rippon’s move to wear a harness puts confidence and sexuality in a celebratory light.

TB12 technology was developed to harness it even when you’re resting.

It’s an intended provocation with a juvenile twinge, an attempt to harness the racist underpinnings of his appropriations for shock value.

It’s best to harness that energy than to stifle it.


Strapped into a harness beneath Saraceno’s inflated sculpture, we are carried aloft, peaceful and ecstatic, merging with the air.

Together they are launching a company out of stealth today called harness, which aims to do no less than automate continuous code deployment.

He says harness is designed with machine learning underpinnings to automate the code delivery process.

You specify what you want to achieve [in harness] and [it’s] smart enough to do it for you.

harness is the first BIG Labs project, but Bansal hopes to launch other companies in the future.

This has allowed the central government to harness public anger and direct it against provinces or energy companies that balk at anti-pollution efforts.

Still, if Republicans could harness the kind of enthusiasm the party’s base has for Trump, they’d have a much better 2018 outlook.

The company wants to build a giant centrifuge that would harness angular momentum to fling payloads into orbit without any propellant.

The problem could be the harness, the toy, the angle, or beyond, so try other options!

They’re the guys who double, triple and quadruple checked Will’s bungee cord and harness on the chopper.

He’s in town just to pick up some supplies—a harness, some tackle, and a new jacket.

This harness is great for beginners, the super advanced, and everyone in between.

Velcro straps around the waist make the harness easy to put on and take off.

People uncomfortable with the concept of a harness can still enjoy strap-ons, thanks to companies, like WetForHer, that make them underwear-style.

Another harness alternative is the crotchless harness, which comes with a lot of benefits.

“Pipedream Fetish Fantasy: Crotchless harness, $20.95, available at Adult Empire.

Or, ditch the harness altogether and go with a strap-on that’s, well, strapless.

Choose from courses in Design Thinking, Data Visualization, and Social Media Marketing, and harness the potential of design practices in your business.

Peace has to start from within each of us, and I want to help harness that for people who listen to my music.”

“Chromat harness Bra, $129, available at Chromat; Chromat Patent Cutout Thong, $29, available at Chromat.

Maybe she’ll teach her how to harness her curly hair, how to go through the world.

One man I spoke to was shirtless, save for a leather harness.

Ahead, she shows us how to harness the moon’s energy, whether it’s new, full, or somewhere in between.

We want to work with our global partners – to share expertise, and encourage investment – as we harness technology for the wider good.

Our aim should be to harness the power and capability of technology but always for the benefit of, and in service to the populace.

But there’s increasing evidence that doctors can harness to power of the placebo effect to help people ignore painful systems.

“There are two general ways in which we can harness technology: gaining knowledge and gaining efficiency.

Because if you’re burning the candle at both ends, you might as well harness some of the glow from that flickering flame.

A dancer climbed a ladder and lept off, dangling from the ceiling on a harness.

Just how much can millennial women do if they harness their power?

I have to harness these urges when they come.

Especially when I did the harness sculpture with the serape.

It’s totally possible to harness the power of your sexuality without someone else involved.

“I flip, dance, fly, harness, silk, and scream my way through a total shit show of awesomeness (no pun intended).

When this happened, the person inevitably stumbled, though a harness prevented them from actually falling and hurting themselves.

She reassured her of the theme and safety measures — stunt coordinators and a harness.

In addition, the party was filled with Black screenwriters — the unsung heroes behind our favorite drama moments (and hilarious harness peeing situations).

The original chip would be reattached to the phone with a harness.

It’s time for teachers and parents to stop the fear mongering and harness the latest technology to offer kids a world-class education.

You have to really focus to harness, direct, and strengthen your energy as a mother who is also an artist.

Jumia has also opened itself up to Africa’s traders by allowing local merchants to harness Jumia to sell online.

Even when brands harness politics to sell their products, they don’t want to alienate too much of their consumer base.

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure contract would help the Pentagon use cloud computing to harness advanced technologies for much of the nation’s military.

“I have always been interested in the ways women harness and express their sexuality,” Benjamin writes on her website.

But white women, like me, must choose to harness that power in order to lift others up.

Organizers were keen to harness their events for “greater societal purpose” by signing up for tests, said van Nunen.

Others prefer calling it “harness or strap-on sex” simply because the term pegging isn’t inclusive.

As part of the process, he makes detailed annotations in each book, and sometimes films the typing with a GoPro worn on a harness.

Bigger turbines sweep a larger area and harness more wind, cutting costs per megawatt.

To break free, Retsuko must contend with her truth and harness her rage rather than suppress it.

Is it “the awards show harness“?

That’s why Anne Kjær Riechert co-founded the ReDI School of Digital Integration to harness the expertise of the tech community and help migrants.

That’s why institutions exist: to harness that ambition and get people to work together.

The red carpet’s clear standout wasn’t Lady Gaga’s blue hair or Timothée Chalamet’s glitter harness.

Other companies are forging ahead, underscoring the eagerness of employers to harness AI for hiring.

Just picture what an Oscars harness will look like — sorry, Oscars bib.

Following its star-powered PSA, Loo hopes to harness the innovation that has emerged at the Hack Harassment’s hackathons.

In other words, trying to harness the “collective intelligence” of both its platform and its users combined.

Jobs approached Evan to work out how to harness the power of the newly configured App Store.

D. has decided that he will no longer tolerate a high chair or any chair that requires a harness.

For months, the numbers-obsessed Ballmer has toiled to harness a trove of publicly available — yet oft-ignored — state and federal government data stores.

If you hope to harness the super snow moon’s full potential, Mueller suggests performing some simple rituals for healing, hope, or transformation.

In what other productive ways can we harness this?

He wants to harness Sanders’ popularity with young and working class voters during the hard-fought primary battle with Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Mugler was known for his fetish-inspired clothing, and the straps of this dress resemble a harness.

But in Atlanta, many Democrats were convinced they didn’t need Ellison to harness grassroots excitement.

Prairie has just fallen from a suspended harness and she’s got a head injury.

But, these days, can a harness and a pair of combat boots really pass for legit “punk”?

But, a leader emerges who’s able to harness both technology and traditions to defeat evil.

“They’ve got a pretty good harness on the whole deal up there,” says [ex-governor Charlie] Crist.

The utilities have a “pretty good harness” on the state’s public service commission (PSC) as well.

It’s this enthusiasm and dedication that Tesla began to harness as of November 2015.

Robotic process automation is a transformative force, and now product managers are able to harness its power for the first time.

Using a waist-leash and harness, people would run on trails with their dogs in front of them, and practice mushing commands.

It’s also wise to use a harness instead of a neck collar, because it gives you more control over your dog, Danielle says.

When Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman showed up to last summer’s ESPY Awards, he wore a harness.

During an appearance on Ellen, Chalamet defended his harness by claiming, “I thought it was a bib.

Even Taylor Swift wore a harness to a casual lunch way back in 2015.

Her concern is how to harness these stories and twist them in her favor.

Other major parties did little to challenge the government’s version of events or harness public outrage to ensure justice was done.

It’s time to test your boundaries, free you of expectation, and harness your creative spirit.

Building a habit is relatively simple — just harness the impulse.

harness this can-do attitude as she reflects the Ram’s vibrant spirit until Thursday at 11:07 a.m EST.

I’m going to harness love for political purposes.

“I had a body harness on and I as outside the helicopter on the skis,” he said.

Sometimes you have to be your own best supporter and harness your strength from your core.

He’s litigious, he’s thin-skinned, and he’s primed to harness the power of the state for his own personal gains.

That vagueness around policy has allowed him to both harness progressive grassroots energy, as well as the “no labels” voter.

[Theodore Schleifer / Recode] Salesforce is leading 21 companies in a new alliance to harness emerging technologies to fight climate change.

Marianne Williamson: “I’m going to harness love for political purposes.”

I’m going to harness love for political purposes.

harness this energy to pay off a debt or work on your budget!

What started as tweets about her plans to “harness love for political purposes,” quickly became Twitter chains about her prior living arrangements.

how on earth can you harness love?such became a death sentence,your shadow of silver, holding my body in the light.

“The focus will be tech startups that harness large emerging market opportunities with their main activity in Africa,” Partech’s Tidjane Deme told TechCrunch.

I’ve tried to harness them or use them as fuel.

“If he can harness it and stay out of the middle of the plate, he’s a really interesting guy.

harness to, “We gotta get this Republicship off the ground.” A bigger picture.

We have learned to harness fire for the benefits of humanity, but we had to overcome its downsides too.

The leader is looking for a way to harness both military and market forces to survive.

That was doubly terrifying because of how exposed you are, even though you’re strapped in by a four-point harness.

Beyonce is, however, the latest star to harness the iconoclastic power of the leather jacket.

Morocco gets about 3,000 hours of sunlight per year, so there will be plenty of solar energy to harness.

The McLaren is a non-street-legal hypercar, with a racing harness, but no roll cage.

But it’s still hard to know the best way to harness the placebo effect and downplay the nocebo effect.

Major advantage: pika Fighting ability: APikachu can harness the power of lighting and is surprisingly adept at basic hand-to-hand combat.

If dust accumulates on the wire harness or the cover, the insulation on the wires could wear down over time due to vehicle vibrations.

Savvy SideStepper attackers harness this corporate loophole in order to install their own malicious apps and essentially conduct a man-in-the-middle attack.

This movie at least tries to harness the energy and tension and aggression of the music itself.

I was not a leatherman, though I find myself endlessly fascinated by them—the harness was my drag to blend in.

These snap in in four places, while other five-point harness straps snap in just two places.

The AD calls for quiet on the set for an action shot involving Kristen Wiig on a wired harness, and McKinnon shouts “YAS, KRISTEN!”

In a postmortem press conference, President Barack Obama, too, reminded Democrats of the need to harness more than just strong liberal coalitions.

Can we harness them as medicine?

Physically, Watts will be in JASH Studio in Los Angeles, wearing an HTC Vive headset and a Perception Neuron motion tracking harness.

“We will continue to harness automation and manpower in our manufacturing operations, and we expect to maintain our significant workforce in China.”

“The government will harness all its might to destroy the enemies of the state.

It was lifted up multiple times, and at least once Epps grabbed the animal’s harness to pose for a photo.

Of course, unlike Volvo inventions such as the three-point seatbelt harness, this autonomous tech won’t be available free of charge.

“And I think it’s so important to harness people’s strengths,” she says.

He shuffled off to Belize, where he built a compound, and focused on a pharmaceutical operation that would harness the properties of local plants.

If scientists figure out how to harness this ability in humans, it could help people with serious injuries or autoimmune disease feel less pain.

They’re wonders of human invention, metal machines that harness explosions into precise actions.

And the government is looking to harness that information too.

Researchers hope to harness these proteins not only to treat the virus, but to help develop a vaccine.

Hero 5 Session users will have to wait until “Q2 2017” for a harness for that camera.

Another showed her in crampons and a harness, hoisting up an ice ax at the top of a mountain.

It’s an ecstatic feeling, but it takes abdominal strength to keep moving and not spill out of the harness.

Shooting out of moving vehicle wearing a harness is always fun.

“Nanotechnology is one tool that we’re trying to harness to maximize the benefit of a drug while minimizing the off-target effects,” she says.

“This is not how you harness America’s economic and diplomatic potential.”

To maintain position, the stratollite will harness directional winds.

“I’m gonna harness all this coverage that you guys are giving me.

“You have to find the way to balance so you really can harness the good.”

Shikatani Lacroix is not the first to harness neuroscience to give brands detailed data on what their consumers supposedly want.

“I think anger is something we can all harness to keep the momentum going.”

For a long time, green energy advocates have wanted to harness that powerful tide to produce energy, and now it’s happening.

Evil British officer who wants to harness the supernatural thing to wipe out pirates and take command of the oceans?

Rating: Where are his spiky shoes where is his harness where is his CLIF bar endorsement deal?

Rather than trying to dissipate excess energy from servers, it wants to harness it, using it to heat people’s homes instead.

It also show how players can harness the mindless hordes of zombies to their advantage.

Then came the allegations that the white whale, wearing an unusual harness, was actually a trained Russian operative.

Then came the allegations that the white whale, wearing an unusual harness, was actually a trained Russian operative.

World leaders should harness this momentum and take action now, the authors say, with milestones for energy, infrastructure, transportation, land, industry, and finance.

This is what the Breakers are trying to harness.

And if brewers can harness the power of statistical reasoning, surely judges and reformers can too.

Astronauts have to be strapped into it with a harness and bungee chords, otherwise they would float away and never actually get a workout.

They learn to harness fire for the benefits of humanity, but we have to overcome its downsides, too,” he said.

Sanders’s “ideas are really cool and closer to the ultimate goal,” said Lydia harness, a twenty-something Clinton voter.

The astronomers harness this idea but at a much bigger scale.

So they designed a video game to harness those characteristics.

What do we need to do to harness that energy?

In order to battle those demons, Akira allows himself to become possessed by one so he can harness its powers as the aforementioned Devilman.

Rare now has a special opportunity with Sea of Thieves to harness player feedback and keep this virtual world growing.

This month, why not harness the power of that legislation to calm your own worries and get a good night’s sleep?

Babies use the seat with a harness and a wraparound plastic band attached.

This is a clear attempt to harness the power of social pressure to encourage dramatic behavior change.

We need to harness the power of social norms to better our world.

So shouldn’t we try to harness our technologies to address some of the problems we’ve caused as well?

Most of the time, the changes that humans harness were not necessarily the changes that we intended or planned for in the beginning.

The distortions are almost like glitches in the human attempt to harness the land.

Diaz de Leon also said that the service could potentially help companies harness data to better serve customers.

We were meant to be the people to finally harness the technological potential of the 20th century for something other than a world war.

Iridian activated her boot magnets and freed herself from her harness.

Adda stood in mute admiration until Iridian pressed her back into her harness.

The NGO Meu Rio created DefeZap in an effort to harness the power of these images more effectively.

All of us have an in-built capacity to harness that resilience.

The NGO Meu Rio created DefeZap in an effort to harness the power of these images more effectively.

It all demonstrates “the ease with which malicious actors can harness social media and search engines for propaganda campaigns,” the Microsoft study found.

The idea behind the original Earth Day was that we can harness human ingenuity to alter that trajectory for the better.

You’ve already built the doggie bondage harness.

It’s this place’s official motto.” “You remember that time you put a bondage harness on a dog?” “I do not.

His “democratic socialism” is an attempt to harness this furor; whether it succeeds depends on just how much of it is out there.

She also studies how to harness social media to bring more African American women into careers in land and water management.

Central Texas has a major dearth of soft-openings, product-launches, and DJs who are actually models who actually do a line of post-fetish harness jewelry.

Marine biologist Prof Audun Rikardsen said the harness had a GoPro camera holder and a label sourcing it to St Petersburg.

One of the rats was put into a harness and hoisted above ground — an unpleasant experience that caused wailing.

The free rat in the other cell could then push a lever to lower the harness.

But we can harness powerful drugs like MDMA that act like a surgeon’s knife to alter consciousness and exorcise psychological demons.

He suggested that we might harness methane on Mars to create fuel for return trips, but this needs a lot more fleshing out.

Similarly, psychiatrists working with drugs like MDMA can harness fast-acting mind-bending drugs to mold the brain’s perception of psychological distress.

These looks are part of a growing trend, with figure skater Adam Rippon making headlines for wearing a harness to the Oscars last year.

Splash News
Both Blac Chyna and Amber wore intricately beaded bustier tops and matching thongs, complete with a harness style belt.

Right now, Democrats are trying to harness a wave of anti-Trump energy and activism.

Rather than fighting the hysteria, they have sought to harness it for their own ends.

Some of the most promising, known as immunotherapy, harness the body’s own defense system to fight cancer.

I miss my vegan leather strap-on harness.

I was able to harness it for the good.”

If you could harness that expertise, you can help everyone make better buying decisions.

“Let’s harness our natural resources for a safer tomorrow!”

Ripped straight out of a Tom of Finland drawing, he’s in all leather: motorcycle hat, jacket, assless chaps, boots, and sex harness.

Any of the 34,000 plus redditors post on everything from harness advice to “we did it!”

However, you can harness that old-fashioned bodies-on-the-line element with the amplification of social media.

PrettyLittleThing Pink Sequin harness Romper, $45; prettylittlething.us

The 29-year-old “No Limit” rapper dressed his look up with black shoes, a leather body harness and silver chains.

“It’s a pretty amazing feeling if you can harness it and use that excitement and pressure and adrenaline,” she says.

Companies that sustain will need to be able to harness seven forces that have come to dominate the new physics of business.

Love how it doubles as harness as well.” “I ordered this mermaid life jacket for our dog, Tiny,” another reviewer wrote.

Since elephant babies are pretty wobbly as newborns, Tilly will be fitted with a harness to help her stand steadily, especially while nursing.

In other words, if you could correctly channel your mental energy, you could harness its material results.

Is it a harness?

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the Chalamet told the host that he was told the said harness was a bib.

During their treks, Hahn carries Knecht in a secure harness on his back, and Knecht gives verbal directions to guide him along the trail.

Football is a passionate game, but it is yet to harness the overt ebullience Indian cricket fans show for their sport.

However, Leslie says she recalls seeing only a shoulder harness, and no buckle to strap in the children.

Like Lipinski, Weir’s wardrobe also has a pop star connection: His harness was last worn by Pink.

I have boxers that have a harness built in (which I highly recommend!)

In order to harness personal inspiration, he practices meditation and yoga.

“I flip, dance, fly, harness, silk, and scream my way through a total shit show of awesomeness (no pun intended),” the rocker continued.

If we could engineer something better—and harness a fuller understanding of the brain—imagine what we could do.

harness and leash available at Kmart $184.18.

There are concerns about who Siri’s emotional labour, and the personal technologies that harness it, is for.

It recalls all the ways I have had to harness my pain in the service of my future success.

Donations from this Omaze campaign will help SixDegrees.org harness the power of connection to support grassroots nonprofits and their often overlooked social missions.

Like in life, bands mature and learn how to harness their emotions.

He’s still learning to harness his command, but he gives the Orioles another pen arm who can miss plenty of bats.

It’s an advantage that isn’t Spursian, per se, but this organization is smart enough to harness what they have.

The act requires him to hang upside down while buckled into a double-straitjacketed harness.

And these multibillion-dollar companies need to harness their power to more aggressively pursue solutions.

Agencies, media companies, startups, and enterprises are drawn to the event as they seek to harness (or be) the next big thing.

She says that using fertility-awareness methods can harness your period’s creative power.

The airline recommends that the animal boards the plane with a harness or in a carrier.

Swedish harness racer Helena Stahl honored her late race horse in a controversial way: cooking and consuming the dead animal.

It has just taken decades of work for the materials science to catch up and allow us to effectively harness these materials.”

I flip, dance, fly, harness, silk, and scream my way through a total s— show of awesomeness (no pun intended),” Pink told fans.

Surely we can harness that.

Well, we do actually harness solar energy for desalination purposes through a variety of different schemes, at least one of which has been commercialized.

She took the fake-it-’til-you-make-it attitude I harness when learning eyeliner flicks from vloggers, and used it to sustain her business.

You have changed the trajectory of my life.” The veteran newswoman knows the power of a good story and plans to harness it.

harness Leo’s proud lion energy to stand firm in your boundaries.

There, Cruise can be seen attached to a harness while making the leap.

I am here to really harness the best thinking of our commission members and then operationalize that and I’m good at that.

For his part, the rapper wore a black military-style suit with a harness on top.

Instead, we must take our collective power and harness it kick R. Kelly out of our shared community,” said Odeleye.

Frida is usually outfitted with a harness, a visor and special booties when digging through rubble for people, according to El Pais.

The question is how, politically, to harness the energy of this quiet but emerging French consensus.

Lit harness, Levitas explains, is meant to mirror the surreality of this phenomenon.

Both had attempted the same trick: posing as outsiders in a vain bid to harness this election’s mood of anti-establishment rage.

If we can harness that we can not only power ourselves in the future, but we also create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

Clearly, musicians today can harness the power of the internet to their albums’ advantage.

One idea is to harness quantum mechanics to perform certain calculations much faster than any classical computer could ever hope to do.

“We must once more harness that power and rally the free world to meet the challenges facing us today,” Biden said.

Such attempts to harness popular culture in the adulation of Mr Xi and his works are increasingly common.

I strapped on the harness and he bent over while I surveyed the lay of the land.

Now several firms are working to harness the energy and mitigate the dangers by gingerly extracting the methane from the lake.

The harness is now back in my closet, it won’t come out again any time soon.

The task is to harness data to offer new services and make money in new ways.

A horror we might have to harness if we want to avoid a climate disaster.

“The strictly guarded secret of Chinese royalty in antiquity,” which “harness the power of energy work, crystal healing, and a Kegel-like physical practice.

Beyond Manila, the imperious capital, Mr Duterte was able to harness provincial resentment.

Their state-led models failed to harness the power of globalisation, their weaknesses concealed by oil money sloshing through the region.

Right—and maybe that generation will be able to harness it, make some change.

They’re #childrenfirst.” Inevitably, the illustrations harness the a highly accessible platform to draw in a younger, connected audience for child welfare.

Webster wears his police uniform when he takes the pigs out, while Sarge walks on a harness and Frank has his own stroller.

From the very beginning, Braid was an ambitious band—even if they weren’t sure how to harness it right away.

His other harness worked sufficiently, but I read about how front lead dog walking could help over-excited dogs from pulling.

Level of Difficulty: 2/10 The harness clips in with ease and removes off of Bru’s body without any hassle.

Incredibly enough, from the first time I tried walking Bru with his Wild One harness, he could immediately sense the difference.

The design of Wild One’s dog products — harness included — are stylish too, which adds to my newfound love of the brand.

Wild One Dog harness, $75; wildone.com

But since much stress is unavoidable, working out how to harness it may be wiser than fruitless attempts to banish it.

His ability to harness and reveal vulnerability, tension, anxiety and heaviness is unbounded as he confronts both what we repress and what we reveal.

In Tampa, Chris Archer tries to harness one of the best sliders around.

“You can’t just pick up the harness and go for a run with these dogs.

Masquerading as a man, Hua Jun, she is tested every step of the way and must harness her inner-strength and embrace her true potential.

There are no signs that Democrats are coordinating a national strategy to harness voter fraud to steal the election.

If you want to walk around in just a harness and a Prince Albert then no-one’s going to stop you.

It is smart of Mr Trump, who once derided her for her criticisms, to try to harness that.

May we each find the strength to harness the fundamental pressure of being alive and use its power to build something glorious and beautiful.

Dubbed “the water tower of Africa”, Ethiopia has long sought to harness the power of the rivers that tumble from its highlands.

Every statesman’s record is a compound of leadership and events, his own decisions and external trends he strives to harness.

The task is to harness that restless urge, while defending the tolerance and open-mindedness that are the foundation stones of a decent, liberal world.

One grip is attached to a climbing harness, another to a pair of foot slings.

To the end, he was battling lifelong challenges: inadequate data; how to harness government for good; and closed minds.

But what if humans could harness the same digital power and incorporate it into our bodies?

A chicken will resist the harness going on in the first place.

It is solution based, and brings together people who celebrate the power of food and harness its goodness and potential into hope and action.

Computers Are Nothing But a Heat Source Thankfully, crafty cats have not yet learned how to harness computer technology to their advantage.

This is split between the engine (the largest share), the battery and the wiring harness.

On Saturday, one man sought to harness the power of the river, but ended up crawling around in its murky depths.

But 30 years on, it’s become the synth of choice for contemporary acts looking to harness a uniquely analog sound.

Lopez and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez are spearheading relief efforts and collaborating with others, including Marc Anthony, to harness their celebrity to help out.

His harness, the only thing keeping him secure during his gravity-defying trip, was completely unattached to the aircraft.

And Chengdu isn’t the first city that’s tried to harness the sun.

He has already made full-throated use of executive orders and promises to harness the bureaucracy to force through his agenda.

Farah explained ” Girl Effect creates brands built for girls, by girls that harness the power of media and technology. “

Foreign firms that used to come to the delta to harness its brawn are now tapping into its brains as well.

His suites harness and modernize the best booms and baps the 90s.

“Gravity is a harness,” Sigma says in the trailer.

harness the power of the eclipse by letting these people fall away from your life.

Geely hopes to harness Lotus’s technology.

It wasn’t long before Bag felt the need to harness her own authenticity and move past the frontwoman role into songwriting.

Mobutu wasn’t the only despot to attempt to harness the power of football, with Idi Amin another huge benefactor.

Pads in the 1920s were held in place with a belt that’s almost reminiscent of a BDSM harness.

“A puppy vest is to start preparing Murphy for the guide dog harness he will wear one day.

We hike onward, now and then meeting a farmer’s sleigh, the horse’s harness jingling; the snow often comes to our knees.

Robert’s not the only maniac gutsy enough to scale a massive steel structure without a harness, but he’s one of the best.

Willie, a portrait of an older white male wearing leather shorts, jacket, a chain and harness peers directly into James’ camera lens.

For extra sensation, dick-wielders might consider a one-strap (a thong harness), which runs pleasantly down the middle of one’s genitals.

Naseem was able to harness the power of hubris like no other, though he seemed to think that nemesis would never arrive in turn.

By presenting himself as the defender of traditional values, Mr Xi hopes to harness the conservative forces in society.

The purpose of sex magic is to harness the energy created during sexual exchanges and focusing it toward a desired result or intention.

But Ms Ardern rejects the idea that she is trying to stir up or harness hostility towards immigrants.

The FIG is keen to harness such enthusiasm.

But the lure of playing Cheney in “Backseat” and some arm twisting from filmmaker Adam McKay finally persuaded the actor to harness the transformation.

One reason that travellers tend to prefer technology is that it can harness the wisdom of crowds.

But most of the neighbourhood’s leaders seek to harness the benefits of the club they belong to.

But, with a will, society can harness them and revive that early dream of enlightenment.

harness the power of repetitionIf this were a scored match, you clearly lost that last exchange on points.

“This is the time to harness the benefits of jackfruit as farming in India is in great crisis now.”

He has set out ambitious plans to harness private firms to reform the state and wean the country off oil.

Both Labour and the Tories had claimed to know how to harness globalisation for the common good.

Indeed, rules that have recently been adopted, such as Europe’s fiscal compact, constrain rather than harness fiscal policy.

But it is hard to see how the party can harness new thinking when its leader is so averse to ideas.

For his part, the rapper wore a black military-style suit with a harness on top.

Whether it knew it or not, America was seeking a musical figure who could harness the European classical tradition with a certain homegrown energy.

But he struggles to harness Meiji nostalgia to the cause.

And if an NDE can positively affect mental health, could we harness that experience for those who aren’t dying?

More subtle attempts to influence China aimed to harness forces pushing for change within the system.

“We have to be able to harness that potential to get more Latinos to vote.”

According to the recall, Audi found moisture can seep into the battery cell through a wiring harness.

Taming the Sun: Innovations to harness Solar Energy and Power the Planet.

Incumbents typically prefer primaries, which allow them to harness votes beyond the party base.

But it’s also tough enough that it doesn’t need a safety harness in case it falls, like so many other robots.

Their spirits and any other spirits you might call on for guidance are whose energy you’re trying to harness here.

I’ve tried to harness them or use them as fuel.

Today’s campaigners can harness more effective megaphones, such as social media and journalistic exposés.

In the wake of these initiatives, clothes do not just protect against the elements; they also harness them.

How you harness diversity in an organization matters.

As it turns out, how you harness diversity in an organization matters.

Applications that harness virtual currencies and distributed ledgers, on the other hand, are still at an early stage of development.

All these programs do, defenders say, is harness more data from more sources to help police make better decisions.

Mr Prayuth’s efforts to harness Thai culture to his own political ends are sometimes more blatant.

They need to focus much more on how the logic of place can both harness and promote such growth.

And how can they harness global forces to help their most disadvantaged citizens as well as their most advantaged?

Instead, the project was about data ownership and how to effectively harness one’s biological capital.

The harness has black iridescent and purple beads, plus seven different shades of sequins — and a hidden pocket for Chalamet’s phone!

A side effect of that is that we generate a ton of data for our clients to harness and use to improve performance.

Some of the most alluring packages that Pythonistas can find in the Cheese Shop harness artificial intelligence (AI).

Some of the most popular packages harness “machine learning”, by crunching large quantities of data to pick out patterns that would otherwise be imperceptible.

Nesbit had his “a-ha” moment when he realized remote community health workers could harness brand new mobile infrastructure to connect with clinics.

He had to harness their energy and spirit for Congo’s sake.

WRAP’s aim is to harness market forces rather than fight them.

Some of the most popular packages harness “machine learning”, by crunching large quantities of data to pick out patterns that would otherwise be imperceptible.

Bzdelik didn’t identify that scheme, teach it in training camp, and then sit back and expect everybody to harness the concept for 82 games.

Arriving with perfect timing to harness YouTube’s access to global audiences, Gaga rides a revival of the pop-video form.

Europe could harness the growing uncertainty about America’s trans-Atlantic security guarantees to invest serious cash in its own DARPA-equivalents.

Capitalism is astonishingly dynamic, he says, and Marxism is hate-filled, yet the state must be able to harness markets to an ethical purpose.

Now, Conservative Kellie Leitch is aiming to duplicate Trump’s success and harness the power of what she calls the “silent majority.”

“Oracle Data Cloud ingests third-party data, extracts value, and activates the data to drive insights and harness this knowledge for targeting, personalization and measurement.

Last year, the company launched its college ambassador program to harness youthful energy into a corporatized version of a street team.

To harness them, you must first understand them.

The best way to harness the past demolishes prejudice and opens horizons.

Successfully harness your “other” and reap some free publicity.

Jordan, 35, wore a Louis Vuitton, pastel-colored harness over his double-breasted suit.

Meanwhile Indian history has been a long battle to predict, harness and exploit the monsoon—or to cope with its failure.

Chris Hale, a fire department specialist on the Advanced Tactical Rescue Team, rescued the boy using a rope attached to a harness.

It also helps campaigns harness the power of relational organizing.

The two artists had been active in the marriage equality movement, and they wanted to harness that energy for environmental causes.

Concentrated solar power plants harness the sun’s energy using mirrors to heat water and produce steam that spins energy-generating turbines.

We harness humor in a way that they can’t, so that really works out well for us,” she added.

There is a way to resuscitate the Green New Deal, and to harness the energy behind it.

The doll is wearing a recreation of the outfit Chalamet wore to the Golden Globes in February, complete with Louis Vuitton harness.

Disruption is happening all around us, and we can either harness it for the common good, or risk getting stuck in the past.

Can one really contain nationalism’s violent furies, in the attempt to harness the benefits that you attribute to it?

When it resonates a sense of ‘presence,’ I harness that vibe and aesthetic, letting it guide me through the process,” she explains.

It all starts by getting strapped into the harness safeguard thing while wearing special low friction shoes.

In the course of my work, I have found some promising experiments taking place around the world that harness new digital tools.

It will be able to harness masses of data to work out optimal treatments (for both conditions and individuals), and improve workflows in hospitals.

For example we work with an aerospace company doing wire harness assembly that has more than 100,000 steps.

To harness the promise and minimise the peril, it pays to learn the lessons of the past.

That is why she likes to harness evolution to remake things, rather than design from scratch.

Attached to the harness was a GoPro camera mount with a label, tracking it to St. Petersburg, the New York Post reported.

These two factors are deeply linked insofar as the ability to harness greater levels of energy means that we can sustain larger populations.

The Economist’s Open Future initiative asked Ms Fry how society should harness the technology.

“We strongly believe that for us to get the President’s policy agenda passed we need to harness millions of voices.”

Jumia has also opened itself up to traders and SMEs by allowing local merchants to harness Jumia to sell online.

What is the popular will, and what are the ways in which political leaders have sought to harness it?

Felines that possess a playful demeanor and an interest in the outside world — and are willing to wear a harness — might make solid hikers.

It wore a harness, complete with camera mounts, inscribed with the words: “Equipment of St Petersburg”.

Beyond its driving dynamics, Munter is a Tesla devotee because, for her, the cars give her a way to harness green energy.

“StockX’s live marketplace will harness the internet’s natural ability to facilitate a better way to transact certain segments of ecommerce.

He possesses a natural crafty strength few before him have been able to harness.

“We created Higher Ground to harness the power of storytelling.

Those trends are exactly what the two game developers are hoping to harness with their new, stealthy gaming studio, Manticore Games.

For Nigeria to prosper, the state could harness the vim of its 200m citizens.

We were both attempting to harness the energy of the massed conjoined complicated emotions were still churning in us both.

The answer, according to the companies, are the megaturbines, which would sweep a far bigger area and harness more wind, cutting costs per megawatt.

His ass securely down, his harness removed, Smith’s death-defying plunge was complete.

The Economist: How can we harness the latest findings in neuropsychology to increase empathy?

The clock slipped from its harness and fell into the wall’s abyss.

That, in turn, led to the idea, says Dr Sternberg, that it might be possible to harness jumping genes in gene editing.

Startups harness those trusted networks to find teammates and customers.

harness already has an eye-popping half billion dollar valuation.

This philosophy is something this generation of developers would do well to remember as they work to harness the possibilities of HDR and 4K.

If that sounds like a lot of stuff to cram into an arm (and one that’s attached to a harness), it is.

“We’ve been unable to fully harness the potential of these resources,” Roger McLeod, CDB economist and report co-author, told the conference.

“I was strapped into a harness above a treadmill and two trainers worked to move my legs.

The Fallen have been infecting themselves intentionally to harness SIVA’s power, unaware of the threat the nanotech virus poses.

I could never imagine a mother who lost their child because they couldn’t keep their guns in their harness.”

Scientists hope to harness this power to treat illnesses.

Masonic designers found a way to harness the durability of cement without the weight, creating a watch that comes in at about 3.2 ounces.

It seems overwhelming, but his latest album I AKA I, out April 1 on Ninja Tune, works to harness this.

So I had this moment of realization: what if I could harness the energy of every single footstep?”

“We’re looking to harness the community and do what Peloton has done [for cycling] but for cooking,” Place said.

People are calling what strapped u in safety belt or harness.

I met a tall Iranian med student who wore a yellow harness and had the biggest septum I’ve ever seen.

Another retail approach is to harness the convenience of the mixed-use project.

So, 47 “sorries” might be too many (sorry, Natasha), but there is power in empathy and we should learn how to harness it.

To harness even more productivity, the TUV-certified monitor rotates effortlessly for max eye comfort and layout customization.

Grab it here and harness the power of 3D printing in your palm.

While anyone can tinker around with Salesforce, only those who master it can harness the platform’s true potential.

Distributed ledger technologies envision a new, better peer-to-peer compute model that could help us harness compute power like never before.

The pilot was the only one who could get out of the harness and escape.

She will share simple techniques that harness the power of presence and allow you to perform with the highest levels of confidence.

My work seeks to harness that atmosphere as a monument to the creativity and the celebration of the best music ever made.

That may not be the case for 2018, so rushing a move into 2017 could harness a deduction.

“I bought each of these toys for myself — even the harness.

Ropes snake around her body, digging in to her flesh as they form a body harness.

Someone who has witnessed Matty Matheson make gummy brain-topped doughnuts while wearing a leather harness, that’s who.

Jenner accessorized her two-piece a pair of gold-hooped earring and a dainty harness necklace.

Wearing a backpack, he used ropes and a harness to fasten himself to the side of the 58-story Manhattan skyscraper.

), Apple focused on AR, a strategy designed to harness its existing advantages in the smartphone space.

In the photo, he’s carrying Luna on his chest in a light-blue baby harness.

No change to vehicle sensors or wire harness needed.

Moreover, oil and gas firms can harness greater computing power to drill more productive wells.

“But if we can harness the power of technology, we can make big things happen.”

crew workers attach Spider-Man’s harness.

So my harness and I have to get very comfortable!

They harness major beauty bonuses, and we’ve got the rundown on them straight ahead.

There are signs, though, that Zverev is beginning to harness his natural power and foot speed into a complete package.

I’m going to harness love for political purposes.

The cockpit only has a driver’s seat, four-point harness, brake and accelerator pedals, and a racing-inspired steering wheel.

Proving they exist, finding them and then figuring out how to harness all of that energy safely.

“It wouldn’t be easy, however, to harness a mini black hole.

Attached to this second climber’s harness is a carabiner, a small metal oval with a locking or spring-loaded gate.

There is no way you could harness their energy,” she said.

Netflix could harness that laziness and repurpose the concept of channels so you could surf its on-demand catalog the same way.

An art-director-turned-DJ, Mortada works to harness the buoyant energy of Beirut’s vibrant club scene as a cure for Lebanon’s political strain.

Agrawal wants to harness this curiosity to change attitudes and make people more conscious—of themselves, of other people, and of the world around them.

Paramotorers wear a harness as well as a frame that includes the propeller, motor and cage.

Luckily all it takes to resolve the situation is a minor physical altercation and a harness.

It’s a natural shift in power that businesses can’t control, but they can hope to harness.

If you can harness the powerful energy of the Scorpio rollercoaster, few romances will be as intense or rewarding.

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