Hair in a sentence | Use of the word hair examples

During a previous court appearance, on October 19, Kinsman had a scraggly beard, long hair, and wore a T-shirt and overalls.

Less than a week later, he was unrecognizable in court in a suit, black-rimmed glasses, short slick hair, and a clean-shaven face.

His suit covered up his arm tattoos and his shorter hair, shaven face, and glasses made him look socioeconomically privileged.

Associated with the racist skinhead movement where members typically shave their heads, Millerberg grew out his hair, shaved his overgrown beard, and got glasses.

“They push boundaries and highlight that too much is never enough — from bright, colorful hair and makeup to trend-defying fashion.

Jessica was a perfectly oval-faced Korean beauty with a full-bodied mane of Pantene-glossed hair.

“Louis” was not a candle maker, but her fellow cop Vahan Kapagian, who had grown his hair and beard out to blend in.

“Why does he have to change his hair to get a job?”

“First thing we got to get Colin to do is cut his hair.”

“They had to have found me through my natural hair hashtags,” Cisero says of Teami.

“I’m assuming they were looking for natural girls because I’ve seen other girls with natural hair like me posting Teami.

Someone from their marketing must have been told to go after the natural hair world.”

Flores said Biden also touched her shoulders and smelled her hair when they appeared at an event together, making her feel uncomfortable.

“I finally had thinner body hair and the fat on my face was redistributing,” she says.

Stu has thick black hair and smiles warmly as he stands in the lineup.

Unlike their white counterparts, they are considered suspicious for mundane, noncriminal behaviors — their style of hair or dress, teeth too gold, pants too low.

Makeup artists and hair stylists are less expensive than stars, who can command seven figures or more for brand ambassadorships.

Looks like he’s back to fighting weight now and, just as importantly, all his hair‘s back!

Maloney’s camp insists the ref was only following strict guidelines about hair maintenance — and was not being racist.

“Please change into your gown and take off any jewelry and hair clips.

“We’re going to grab some of these college students by the hair of your head and stick you under the jail.”

Real hair was added for mustaches and eyebrows.

Wilde loved his long hair.

He cites the NHL not caring about brain injuries and mean jokes about his facial hair in the 45-second speech.

Even down to Jimmy Fallon,” Macdonald said, referring to the infamous time Fallon had then-candidate Donald Trump on the show and ruffled his hair.

I think the other guys were wearing longer hair, except for Wolfgang, who was shaved.

It started with pushing me, then he would pull my hair.

It started with pushing me, then he would pull my hair.

– Noah, 38 “Cut her hair off.

“Green Pink Caviar” (2009) is a nearly eight-minute video of a tongue licking silver pebbles, a clump of hair, and green goo.

“I wanted to address the fairy tale feeling of needing a lot of hair,” the artist said.

(Well, almost — her hair burned off in the books, but the show didn’t want to make Emilia Clarke go bald.)

Despite protesting that she wants to be herself and will not dye her hair platinum, Ally ends up dying it red.

He found a large database of randomly sampled adults that contained information on both hair color and intelligence.

She explained how to debunk the claim that blondes are the smartest hair type one step at a time.

Just that fact alone debunks the assertion that blondes are the smartest hair type!

Her mountain of hair alludes to a traditional African style while being contemporary American at the same time.

Palm tree in the distance with the hair of a rocker dude.

Not just tabloids, though: It seems like everyone wants to know who “Becky with the good hair” is.

But according to a new study, hair of the dog really could do the trick.

The women cover their hair and wear the abaya” — a loose, robe-like covering.

It means a small piece of human skin, or the hair of a rat, fell into food during production.

If it is human or rat feces, that would be a greater concern — but hair, not so much.”

Preston took her time at the mirror, primping her hair and readjusting the trans flag she was wearing as a cape.

“I’m not changing my hair color either,” referring to her neon, millennial pink highlights.

A second, larger figure is barely visible, present mainly through its white hair and a dim outline against the surrounding night.

Her mom tied a pink bow or scrunchie in her hair.

People had blue hair and nose piercings.

Before you realize it, the pace is such that all three bodies are a blur of limbs and long brown hair and breath.

From the top of his haloed head flows a cascade of thick brown hair that ends just below his shoulders.

The figure is adorned in robes and holding a … hair dryer?

I suppose I had this obsession with sensual descriptive elements — I remember always photographing hair, water, sand, and tulle.

One moment I was on a cliff cranking up a rented scooter, still shaking the salty Aegean water off my hair after a swim.

Not only did John and Yoko wear matching tracksuits on their European adventure … they also chopped off their hair in the name of peace!!!

Thick dark hair covered her pregnant stomach.

The new trailer is filled with even bigger horrors than the first season and HOLD UP LOOK AT ELEVEN’S AMAZING hair!

Kim Basinger and Ireland Basinger-Baldwin have the same full lips, watery blue eyes, and sandy hair.

Patti Hansen and Alexandra Richards share nearly identical facial features and golden hair.


Chemotherapy has an array of side effects, including nausea, weakness, hair loss, and more.

The Museum claims that the hair was donated in 1959 by relatives of an artist who painted the emperor on his deathbed.

The styles range from the actor’s long, natural, flowing hair and no makeup to white period wigs and drawn-on wrinkles.

I wanted to cut my hair like Kane.

Neil Olshey has graying hair and wears a suit at all times.

She’s chilling in the desert, red hair glinting in the sun.

She says Keyshia punched her in the face, yanked her hair and clawed her face and mouth with her nails.

Her enormous mass of hair is adorned with strings of pearls, and butterflies have alighted on her skin.

I started to clean up but realized there was hair everywhere.

He was doused from head to toe in thick white flour, his flop of blue-black hair dyed peroxide blonde.

Don’t wear too many colors or loud patterns, and don’t dye your hair crazy colors.

“It is true that in food, in wine, and in hair dressing, being French is a plus,” says Philippon.

According to media reports, Kane allegedly yanked one of the women by the hair and grabbed her throat while pushing her into his car.

In her videos, she tends to stick to the colorful and bright feel of her music, with vibrant props and hair barrettes galore.

Serpentine locks of hair float and calligraphic swathes of drapery furl and unfurl, all set aloft by the rush of events.

The woman who took the stand on Monday, however, says she didn’t consent to him pulling her hair or punching her.

The woman who took the stand on Monday, however, says she didn’t consent to him pulling her hair or punching her.

That’s when she said he reached around the back of her head and grabbed her hair “really, really hard.”

After he pulled her hair, she said he went right back to being a sweet, charming guy.

He somehow ended up behind her, she testified, and suddenly grabbed her hair “harder than the last time.”

He pulled her to her knees by her hair, she said.

Henein pointed out that in the story she told the Toronto Star, the hair pulling happened immediately, not after they were kissing.

In 2015, the company launched a more ethnically diverse line of dolls, featuring new skin tones, facial structures, hair styles, and eye colors.

In addition to film stock, this plastic was used in everyday products, such as collars, crinolines, shoe heels, billiard balls, and hair combs.

Pull a car with your hair?

Pull a car with your hair?

You have the black hair, you have the small eyes, you have an accent.

He’s 5’6, with short blond hair, and sweats manic intensity.

Charlotte has the same shoulder-length blonde hair and cheerful smile.

The arid climate preserved their bodies from their hair — which scientists used to date the mummies — to their soft tissues, ink and all.

So it made sense for me to slip into a work outfit, sweep my hair back, and blend in with the commuter clientele.

My hair is still intact, but we’ll see how that goes.

Amazing what some hair styling and poundage can do … plus those ’90s jeans work wonders.

While I’m tweaking the hair and costume of my new avatar, I always ask myself who this person is and what they want.

Everyone said the Bernie Sanders thing of “can you imagine a woman with unkempt hair and a suit that doesn’t fit.”

There were balls of human hair in the drawers.

Andy, her brown hair floating behind her like a worn-out blanket, finds Nigel (Stanley Tucci), Miranda’s trusted art director.

My dreadlocks were singles and I ended up locking my hair into 11 dreads, after that I started working on different flows.

They can see a list of their preferred activities and of physical traits, including height, eye and hair color, and body type.

Natasha pulled at her hair, which was dyed a bright copper and cut short like a helmet.

Sue, with her brightly dyed and cropped hair, star-studded jumper, and long, twirling skirt looks somewhere between punk club and sock hop.

I’ll make it a hair vs. hair match.

I’ll make it a hair vs. hair match.

Even Paige wants to make out with Matthew (which I find unfathomable — has she seen his hair?).

They actually didn’t have a finale but there was Greg’s graduation where his hair turned orange.

One of the last images of Prince … happy, carefree, hair blowing in the wind on his bike.

She has dyed red hair, rocks Daria-esque glasses, and tends to look at the floor when she isn’t absorbed by a screen.

The photo shows a young woman stroking a young man’s curly blond hair.

I’ll be told, cut your hair, grow your hair.

I’ve gone 31 years in my life not being told how long or short to wear my hair.

Michayla Sullivan doesn’t remember pleading with her mom to chop off her hair, convinced it was on fire.

Perhaps someone could do a whole set as girls’ faces, or emojis with ginger hair, or a set designed with retro flair.

Jada Pinkett Smith is coming to terms with a big part of her identity that’s fading away — her hair.

Jada made the revelation Monday, saying alopecia was causing significant hair loss.

The moment she realized her hair was going sounds pretty frightening.

On her Facebook show, “Red Table Talk” … Jada said she was in the shower one day, and noticed handfuls of hair coming out.

Now, she says she keeps her hair short, and plans to keep it that way.

On the right side of the blue-green expanse, stuck in the paint, lies a thin strand of brush hair.

I think the Democrats have their hair on fire all the time, trying to raise a ruckus on Trump.

None of the genre’s typical features, such as colorful hair, disproportionately large eyes, or angular faces, seem to be referenced by the filter.

The way the sun catches Nancy’s (but really, Blake Lively’s) blonde hair.

Over the summer, she started laser hair removal for her face and chest, and, despite the steep cost, hormone replacement therapy.

“‘Cut your hair, son. — #J20 (@Delo_Taylor) January 11, 2017 I wonder why his hair is so yellow?

(Side note: Keiko Agena should really consider giving that purple hair a try again; she rocked it.)

Consider: a jewel and aluminum foil trompe l’oeil; an AK-topus with a Jesus piece; a crayfish-braided dumpster zombie with Lil Yachty hair.

“And his hair is kind of cool.”

Someone once asked me in an interview, ‘You went and changed your last name and you bleached your hair.’

The girl who originally cut my hair told me I couldn’t have my rocker mullet anymore.

Gwen Stefani stole one of her hit songs from an L.A. rocker turned hairstylist … according to the hair guy who’s now suing.

Besides his hair gig … Morrill was also a singer/songwriter with a group called L.A.P.D.

She gave her three recurring style signatures: a hair bow, a heart-shaped locket, and knee socks.

Chris, 36, Philadelphia, PA They give you a gown to wear, a cap to cover your hair, and booties.

Anything a woman does that a classical Greek statue can’t do is disgusting: fart, have body hair, vote.

I saw little strands of hair.

He has a full head of hair now, but I can still find that one hair that I saw first.

The yogi was not as old as Alsatia expected, but he made up for it with a fixed frown, furrowed brow beneath close-cropped hair.

Beauty school cosmetologists rig the system against hair braiders and sidewalk hair-clipper artistes.

Azealia Banks claimed to have been sent clippings of Dorsey’s beard hair to fashion into a protective amulet, although Dorsey denied this happened.

Ethyl Eichelberger, a legendary [drag] performer, suggested I do hair or makeup as I spent so much time on my own.

For my first hair salon job, Agosto Machado, a major queen, gave me designer clothes to wear.

In 2016 Banks posted on her now-deleted Twitter account that Dorsey sent her his hair, “in an envelope.”

“Temporary hair color spray has been around forever,” she explains.

(Flashback to elementary school costumes, chalky white witch hair and my mother filling up the bathroom with colored hair spray fumes.)

“The idea of using stencils along with hair color spray is also not new,” Ker continues.

“I recently came across a vintage hair video from the 1950s/60s where they were using color sprays and stencils!”

There is not a hair out of place.

“Okay, you do have more hair than I do, but not three times more,” says Martin, clearly underwhelmed by the armpit display.

and rips out Lyle’s hair piece forcefully.

In Killing, body hair is but one metonym for pointless virility, along with the more abstract signifiers of authority and affluence.

Stacey wanted the men’s hair and makeup to look somewhat crude.

It doesn’t help that I have a widow’s peak, dark hair, and light complexion, especially having been born in Panama.

With her two-toned hair, polka dot uniforms, and diminutive stature, Varda turned into a meme.

“In one of the photographs I’m embracing a beehive,” says 42-year-old Aref with graying hair and deep brown eyes.

I don’t know if it’s the spooky tint of fast-food restaurant lighting, but her hair looks acid yellow.

They looked like your average 80s alternative pop group—big hair!

I grew up in Dallas, Texas, although I don’t have big hair, which you can’t see.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads WASHINGTON, DC — They have vegetables for noses, foliage for hair, and wear clothing weaved of wheat and straw.

Most had their hair pulled into neat, low ponytails tied with black velvet bows (“Not too wispy!”

He wears loose green prison-issue clothes, has a thin gray goatee and just wisps of what’s left of his once-long hair.

Johnny’s trademark spiky hair — and just about everything else about him — has made a huge transformation in 2016.

“Kate is really relaxed here, you can see it in her arms and shoulders, and her hair is flowing fully,” Wood told INSIDER.

I didn’t have long hair.

They did things with their hair.

Some appear frenetic, while a few exercise calm, quiet rituals of self-care, like braiding hair.

Why is the vice president of the United States smelling my hair?’” “My brain couldn’t process what was happening.

Off to the side: inks, paints, and fine squirrel hair brushes from India.

Preferences are stated anyway; the most common for both sexes is no body hair, which is hardly novel.

No word from Nicki about the incident, but at least she’s got a hair stylist who’s got her back now.

The Mother of Dragons let her platinum blonde hair grow out for her Emmys look, allowing her natural brunette roots to shine through.

“Here I am working my ass off doing hair, and these ladies are giving her hundreds of dollars for junk.”

I remove my wig and proceed to ugly cry and chop off all of my real hair with safety scissors.

The Rockettes gasp, the audience cheers, and the bartenders groan as chunks of sweaty black hair flutter unceremoniously to the bar floor.

What’s not such common knowledge that it can involve much more than just pale skin and whitish hair.

Portman, a startling amalgam of cheekbones, sharp brows, and a thicket of root beer-colored hair, lets out a breathy, biting rebuke.

There are two main forms of albinism—one that affects just someone’s eyes, and another that affects the skin, hair, and eyes.

Rosa de Groot, a 23-year-old from the Netherlands, has OCA 2, which means her hair is light and she has nystagmus.

But I’m really happy with my hair color—it’s pretty and unique.

When I go on vacation, I get comments about my hair color all the time.

One exception is “Dark Decollation” (2015), in which a young man holds up a decapitated head by its thick black hair.

He tried to walk it off, flicking his hair back across his forehead repeatedly, but he had to be replaced soon after.

His hair is a blonde Mohawk with a turquoise streak, which almost matches his bright blue eyes.

Things like skin or hair color don’t matter to me because I can’t see them, but smell and speech do.

“Witherspoon said that Winfrey had very specific rules about chewing gum and playing music in the hair and makeup trailer.

My hair was so thick and curly, when it grew out, it looked like I had a mushroom sprouting from my head.

No women to run their fingers through my curls, and now, no hair.

You come in every day, you bring flowers, you brush their hair, paint their nails, even though you know there’s no point.

In 2002, at 26, my hair was full and thick.

But in prison, it’s not always easy to maintain thick hair like mine, so I trimmed it to a fade.

My hair thinned in a unique way.

Within my first four years of prison, it was clear that my beautiful fluffy hair abandoned me.

Today, my hair maintenance consists of weekly shavings to hide the several bald spots that have revealed themselves.

That’s why, aside from the obvious desire for freedom, I want my hair for Christmas.

The form’s ridged surface could be read as hair, as scarred skin, as the hide of a fantastic being.

“When I first arrived, I went for as long as 20 days without washing my hair,” she says.

She adoringly caressed his hair.

Then, in my 30s, I was getting my hair done.

Fields, 20, in striped overalls and neatly side-parted hair, was arraigned via video conference from a local jail, in a courthouse in downtown Charlottesville.

Fields, 20, in striped overalls and neatly side-parted hair, was arraigned via video conference from a local jail, in a courthouse in downtown Charlottesville.

A team was required: photographers, a stylist, hair and makeup people, the studio and lighting equipment.

The lights blew when the hairstylist put on the hair dryer.

I’m thin with great hips, great hair, and great shoulders.”

We’re guessing mashed-potato hair gel and mac-and-cheese deodorant can’t be too far behind.

What the hell is a hair analyzer?

There’s also Schwarzkopf, which is a big hair brand in Europe.

You can scan your skin and your hair, and you can do personalized analyses of things and get more data, and I appreciate that.

The 36-year-old shares his predecessor’s Southern drawl and distinguished-looking salt-and-pepper hair.

KS: Lauren, did you have your hair analyzed?

I did try this cool mirror where it turned my hair blue temporarily, and I actually liked it, a lot.

She’s going to do it tonight here in Vegas, we’re going to get Lauren’s hair dyed blue.

It seems like that is what’s actually heating your hair.

There is air coming out, it’s not as powerful, though, even as a hotel hair dryer.

After the 2000 presidential election, which Al Gore lost by a hair, talk of hanging chads threw the technology of voting booths into question.

When I met her, her dark hair was tied back to help beat the heat on a scorching day in Santiago.

She was making about $20,000 a year running a hair salon she owned nearby and was putting her two daughters through college.

She was making about $20,000 a year running a hair salon she owned nearby and was putting her two daughters through college.

This past May, Spencer made the choice to close her hair salon business.

Seated with his defense team, he ran his fingers through his hair frequently.

Then there’s the smarmy art world colleague (Bruno Podalydès) who questions her audacity to fall for someone who cuts hair for a living.

Joseph’s all business now in the hair department.

These amazing hair creations defied gravity, predated dioramas and are the matriarchial lineage of today’s hair extensions, weaves, and wigs.

What you see, however, is a white woman with blonde hair looking sultry into the camera.

All the Playmates look the same; they just have different hair and skin color.

The legend of Scott Foster is the kind of stuff that makes your hair stand on end while shaking your head.

As young Donna, Lily James is resplendent: a riot of blond wavy hair, a huge smile, and a gorgeous voice.

He got into radio, launching his long-running House of hair and Dee Radio shows.

It was definitely a look, like the hair—the hair was incredible.

You step inside a living room, but the walls are decorated with brown braided hair.

Instantly recognizable with his wavy blond hair and beard, Branson is one of Britain’s best-known businessmen.

Or to hide Sunday bed hair down at the pub.

Beyonce was not left shaking after her hair got stuck in a SoulCycle bike … because IT NEVER HAPPENED.

With dyed blonde hair and a leopard print shirt, she is sporting a look common among women her age in Culiacán.

Maloney told Johnson his hair cover was not sufficient and gave him 2 choices — chop off the locks or lose the match.

With dyed blonde hair and a leopard print shirt, she is sporting a look common among women her age in Culiacán. Johnson destroyed his opponent — but he’s clearly devastated about the hair cut … even when the ref raises his hand in victory.

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Snake wine is also thought to cure a number of physical ailments, from farsightedness to hair loss.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Europe’s emerging migration policy is looking increasingly like Donald Trump without the hair.

Singh denied the allegations and refused to give samples of his hair and blood for forensic testing.

Of those groomers, 62 percent reported going all the way — removing every last centimeter of hair down there.

Let’s just say Trump’s hair got a little ruffled.

JB: The JAMA Dermatology study suggested a major reason women remove their hair down there is actually because of hygiene concerns.

But you noted on your blog that having less hair isn’t cleaner — and also comes with health risks.

I dye my hair.

JB: Are there any methods of hair removal you advise against?

JB: I was reading that waxing is associated with burns, inflammation of the hair follicles, abscesses, vaginal infections, and skin tears.

I haven’t seen vaginal infections from waxing, but I’ve seen abscesses from ingrown hairs as a result of hair removal.

In fact, it’ll make you want to travel all the way to Japan just so Hamachiyo can do your hair.

If you are having any kind of chronic genital irritation, you might want to consider your hair removal might be playing some role.

This fur looks like it belongs in a human hair commercial.

This dude is rocking his hair.

Microscopic images of hair, skin, and grime are magnified and enhanced.

A bearded dude with slicked-back hair, sleeve tattoo and a smoldering gaze declares, “I am man enough to vote for a woman … Are you?”

No, it feels okay getting old until I realize my hair’s falling out.

From the red carpet to Instagram, celebrities are always at the forefront of the latest hair trends that help define the era.

1963 – 1965: French film star Brigitte Bardot popularized heavy bangs and voluminous hair.

Madonna often wore her hair in a high pony.

As well as setting hair trends, the singer made waves in the fashion world.

Whitney Houston gave people hair inspiration after sporting the style during her performance of “I Will Always Love You” during the 1994 Grammy Awards.

1999 – 2001: As teen pop stars like Christina Aguilera took over the music scene, crimped hair became all the rage.

I have white skin and dark brown, wavy hair — people always assume I’m white.

His Batman was older, with gray in his hair and an aging boxer’s cast to his face.

His incompetence, his hair, his lack of regard for pomp and manners.

Physical attributes like hair texture and skin color, ancestry, class, religion, and educational background are just a few.

They bleached my hair blond, put in extensions, picked up my eyebrows, and there you have it: Britney Spears!

But Maldonado, a stocky man with bright white hair, is now a diehard member of the opposition.

But Maldonado, a stocky man with bright white hair, is now a diehard member of the opposition.

“He’s already got a little bit of facial hair as well – wonderful,” joked the bearded prince.

Bernie, let me tell you, we who live here pay for those free services with tax rates that would make your hair turn white.

Beyonce’s going long — really long — when it comes to her hair, but super short when it comes to her fashion.

“He was so distinctive looking—with the hair and the eyebrows.

Stress can also lead to hair loss.

If you’re noticing a marked change in hair shedding lately, you might be battling stress, explained Garshick.

“There is a type of hair loss, telogen effluvium, that can be related to physical or emotional stress.

With this, people notice hair thinning or hair falling out which can sometimes be noticed months after the original stress took place.

In seventh grade, I chopped all my hair off the day before school started and dyed it with streaks of pink and purple.

The molecular machines are a thousand times thinner than a strand of hair, as BBC reports.

Her expression is one of serious introspection, the reading light clipped to her hair casts a cold glow around her eyes.

The red hair, the studded belt.

So I can wring my hands and pull my hair and gnash my teeth, or I can try to do a better job.

They would go on doll-maker sites and make different ones, selecting from a variety of options, such as pink hair and cat ears.

Facing the camera directly, he proceeds to shave off his copious body hair and beard with an electric razor.

I know what you’ve always wanted: the chance to name a strand of Guy Fieri’s hair.

Maria, who is in her 20s with long dark brown hair and olive skin, also works as a cleaner.

His hair is, honestly, the most stunning part of his appearance.

The site encourages you to name a hair “after someone special.”

Her blonde hair, dipped in sky blue, flowed down her back.

White hair, everything perfect.

Arizona senator Jeff Flake said he needed to mow his lawn and Florida representative Mario Diaz said he’d be getting his hair done.

“That’s why you see astute followers pulling their hair out.

With his dark pomaded hair, confident smirk, olive skin, and pencil moustache, Gable’s power was his iconic swagger that trundled through classic cinema.

His long black hair is pulled back, revealing shorn sides growing out again; a goatee stands against a few days of stubble.

Her hair is straightened but wavy, and woods can be seen the background.

“The directive for all women to put on a hair dress … in all public places during working hours has been lifted,” the anchor said.

From body prints to sculpture to installation, Hammons’s works incorporate materials like chicken bones, tarp, and hair.

“The directive for all women to put on a hair dress … in all public places during working hours has been lifted,” the anchor said.

Women often do not cover their hair.

She worked occasionally at his mom’s hair salon cleaning up and helping customers.

He’s not shooting particularly well—a hair under 40 percent—and his playoff-high is 13 points.

Alluding to absent bodies through the use of human hair, it’s of a piece with Your Body Is a Battleground.

“Are you wearing the right clothes, and is your hair done the right way?

My hair was blackened from the smoke, but they only washed it after a week.

That’s some expensive hair.

Rockett’s hair is fuller, and has a similar overall shape to Cam’s shoes—can you believe you read this far?

By that time, bits of my hair had broke off and stuck to the wounds on my back.

In the mid-1800s, naturalist Peter A. Browne assembled the world’s greatest hair collection to explain the complexity of humanity.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads Peter A. Browne believed a scientific portrait of humanity could be constructed through its hair.

Anyone with hair was desirable for what he anticipated to be a major national collection.

Inside were yellowed, but intact, scrapbooks of human hair and animal fur.

The reintroduction of the hair to the wider public could finally have a scientific impact, albeit not the one Browne imagined.

She resents that black women who dye their hair bold colors are often labeled as “ratchet,” while their white counterparts avoid similar judgment.

“For so long, I was leaning toward relaxed hair and alternative style and streaks.

And Gronk was thoughtful enough to give people some hair of the dog before their included photo op with the man(child).

I had just washed my hair, so I had it in a scarf and I was wearing a T-shirt, some jeans, and sneakers.

Also, and I feel like we’ve lost sight of this: He has really stupid hair.”

The condition doesn’t actually cause hair to sprout on the tongue, however.

That time Damian Rhodes bleached his hair, maybe?

Whose hair is cut.

“When you’re cooking, the hair on your forehead gets all greasy because of the fumes,” she said.

Messina has brown hair!

Nevertheless, Chastain is here with a personality that is just platinum-bleached hair and a stiff robot voice.

In the meantime, have fun on Twitter memeing wildly about the hair.

“Thank you, he is so sweet,” Lara brushed back her hair.

Her wild platinum hair belied a reasonable demeanor.

Barrelling through the door, I’m greeted warmly by Molly – her accent, broad Yorkshire, and her hair coloured like chicken.

I like that they stick with their horrible hair style.

I realized this about the time that a load of remoulade squirted into my hair.

Thanks, Pin Museum—my hair follicles appreciate it.

I’m almost sure hair mascara is bound for a revival.

Both sides of her head are shaved, and the remaining hair is dyed a striking fuchsia.

Circumstances, her Lannister loyalty, and her own, often terrible decisions shape Cersei and affect her clothes, hair, and bearing.

Cersei is arrested and put in a shapeless, dirty prison gown; then her hair is mercilessly sawed off.

Speaking of androgynous, Cersei’s hair remained short throughout season seven.

(Just look to Brienne of Tarth for support of powerful women with short hair.)

On the bright side, if you find a hair in your food, at least you’ll know it’s one of your own.)

Let his hair grow.

“It would certainly raise the hair on the back of anybody’s neck,” said Mark Pollitt, a 20-year veteran of the Bureau.

“It would certainly raise the hair on the back of anybody’s neck,” said Mark Pollitt, a 20-year veteran of the Bureau.

If visible, this appears without hair or labial cleft.

Residents started complaining about the water’s smell and taste almost immediately, saying it caused rashes, hair loss, and other health problems.

One of the first black women to reach millionaire status did so by launching a hair care empire — and her name wasn’t Madam C.J.

After starting a hair care line inspired by Malone’s products, Walker became one of the wealthiest Americans of the early 1900s.

Malone, after all, gave Walker, then working as a laundress, her first job as a hair care sales agent.

As a girl, she was fascinated by hair and by chemistry, but illness forced her out of high school.

With the guidance of her herbalist aunt, she began to make hair products catered to black women.

At the turn of the century, women often used bacon grease, heavy oils, and butter to straighten hair.

All of these methods were harmful to hair and scalp, so Malone experimented until she found a hair straightening formula that wasn’t so harsh.

She called it her Wonderful hair Grower.

McGregor’s game was less energy consuming than the first fight but he was still fighting on a hair trigger.

Before long, Walker’s hair grew from shorter than her ears to past her shoulders.

Malone’s Poro system was not based on hair styling as much as it was on scalp hygiene,” according to Whitfield.

She, too, had a product called Wonderful hair Grower, for example.

Though Annie Malone and Madam CJ Walker were business rivals, both women achieved great wealth after finding their niche in the hair care business.

He also incorporates real hair and touches of spray paint to increase the tactile tension.

Harry Reems and many male performers sported mustaches and hairy armpits and chest hair.

I watched as a man with short-cropped hair and a suit grabbed her arm and yanked her out of the way.

Don King’s good looks are hair raising!

Thief is snaggle-toothed, with too much hair growing in weird places.


Pointing to her hair, she explained that it started falling out only after she came to this school.

The Guy Who Produced a Bunch of hair Metal Albums for their crossover play; Frank cliqued up with Calvin Harris a.k.a.

She was pictured on the front of her last album, 2017’s Lust for Life, smiling wide with daisies in her hair.

He had his bail revoked in September after offering his Twitter followers $5,000 for a lock of Hillary Clinton’s hair.

The now 53-year-old Kim said she put the powder on bed sheets, carpets, her hair, face and body and even on her dog.

Unmistakably a cougar with that size, short hair, light tan colour and long, thick tail.

He has really good hair.

We recorded these levels from scalp hair to determine their total cortisol output over months.

We found that the number and types of traumatic events experienced earlier in childhood correlated with hair cortisol levels.

Oh, he does have good hair.

He has good hair.

“I was on the phone with both of them and heard it drop, heard him say, ‘What if I pulled your hair back?’

What’s the most creative place you’ve ever found drugs?I think it’s really funny when people stuff baggies in their hair.

On Tuesday, they chose the name demorphus donaldtrumpi — and even created an image of the wormlike creature wearing Trump’s signature hair.

They are pointedly artificial, emphasizing stylization over all else: the swirl of ersatz hair, the spray tan, the endless, endless gold.

On Tuesday, they chose the name demorphus donaldtrumpi — and even created an image of the wormlike creature wearing Trump’s signature hair.

Others accused Madonna, who was wearing a black caftan and her hair in braids, of cultural appropriation.

Some people use their hair to express themselves.

He showed up in a pink matador suit with silver embroidery that matched his hair.

They’ll give you the best sex of your life when you need to let your hair down.

When I first went to Crys, she asked what I wanted my hair to look like.

Trump once left a voicemail for conservative journalist Tucker Carlson, saying: “It’s true you have better hair than I do.

When she’s done with the sides, she chops a little off the top—just enough to keep down my dense Pakistani hair.

My hair is just one of the ways I wear my identities—gender nonconforming, queer, immigrant, South Asian, Muslim, woman(ish)—on my body.

I cut my hair and wear men’s clothes to be comfortable, to not hate myself.

We see a wide-eyed young woman with a pink, scrubbed face and long brown hair seated in the back seat of a car.

The panache of the ginger flipped hair?

The event is inspired by the hair Wars showcase, which began in Detroit’s nightclubs in the mid-1980s.

A absorbent hair towel

Gift the Aquis Original hair Turban, $24.99 This top-rated microfiber hair towel is my secret weapon in the bathroom.

It’s super absorbent and fast-drying, cutting down on the time spent tending to my hair.

This weekend, MoMA PS1 is putting on a hair Wars-inspired performance for its Sunday Sessions program of live art.

“Blue lipstick, beard stubble, fab shoes, frocks, mad hair, attitude.

Twitter user @FannyLawren wrote: “Who needs a gold hair dryer?

So how did the market for a luxury-priced golden hair dryer come about?

A colorist named Aura at Sally Hershberger Salon took due credit, saying, “Had the pleasure of doing this funny guy’s hair.”

For several years, Babyliss has offered a hair dryer that boasts a Ferrari motor.

Early on, it partnered with hairstylist Jen Atkin, who is the founder of the uber-popular Ouai line of hair care products.

She shares pictures of both her clients and the hair dryer frequently.

This has been a common practice with makeup and hair care brands for years.

At 39, he has messily boyish hair, broad shoulders, and a lopsided grin.

And Dyson loved the attention: Engineered to not overheat your hair… or your chicken This is the question everyone asks.

And it’s even more expensive than the hair dryer!

It also reveals some (not entirely surprising) misconceptions early on, like men have “pit hair” and “BO,” while women are “sexy.”

Despite her facial expression, Bell made for a perfect Elsa with her blonde hair and sparkly dress.

That’s just a hair above Ireland’s 12.5 percent tax rate, which is the lowest in the developed world.

His hair has also gone through many phases, while his tattoo collection has expanded dramatically.

Bieber even slicked his hair back to match the couple’s classic Hollywood glamour.

As he got older, he continued to sweep his hair out of his face.

He debuted a new tattoo and shorter hair in the summer of 2012.

Bieber debuted bleached-blond hair in December 2014.

Bieber attended the grand opening of West Coast Customs Burbank Headquarters with newly bleached hair and a darkly colored, casual outfit.

Bieber arrived to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards with long, sideswept hair.

He also continued to rock long, blond hair.

New York is one of forty states that taxes tampons and pads while exempting products like hair growth cream and foot powder from taxation.

According to the suit, Showtime’s excuse was Ashlynn’s hair color wasn’t a good match anymore.

I have guys I know that are really good at doing water or really good at doing hair.

), the sumptuous billowing fabric, her hair!

I would make fun of his hair, I would call him a slumlord, I would make fun of his ties.

Others want to conceal acne, cellulite, or body hair.

“No makeup, hair in a quick ugly pony, Larry in some lulu lemon pants and yeezy’s,” Hailey said in an IG post.

“They will be expecting that, and you don’t want to provoke somebody with a hair trigger.”

He began to style his red hair in the same quiff as La Roux.

She wears her hair naturally.

What are your thoughts on men and hair?I don’t like hairy people.

A bit of arm hair is fine, but not like over the chest.

Dark hair probably?

A couple of my exes definitely had dark, long, flowy, luscious-ey hair.

How do you feel about body hair?Again, that’s something that’s changed from when I was younger.

What do you find unattractive in men?Not massively into body hair.

Have you previously dated men with red hair?No.

We wanted a character to undo her hair during some dialogue.

I’m much more hair on fire about this than a lot of my colleagues.

Turns out, having long hair in a street fight can really work against ya.

It’s the olive skin, light eyes, and soft curly hair that confuses them and starts a guessing game about my ethnicity.

As she fussed over me as only an ancient relative with Southern manners could, I caught the scent of her hair’s straightening pomade.

It turns out, my lazy food habits are generally benign when it comes to hair.

hair fibers are about 98 percent protein—largely keratin, a protective protein that also lines internal organs.

hair in food is more of a food quality than a food safety issue.

More from VICE: In terms of physical risks, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency classes hair as an “extraneous material,” like wood chips or insects.

While rare, excessive hair consumption does have some health risks.

Trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder, occasionally is associated with swallowing of the hair, leading to hairballs in the stomach.

This is especially true if the hair has fallen into food that’s been subjected to a high-temperature process, like boiling or frying.

But there generally aren’t industry-wide requirements for hair to be restrained in kitchens.

Disgust with seeing hair in food gives restaurants a bad rap, after all.

No face paint, no green hair, no twisted smile from behind a painted maniacal clown grin, no terrible facial tattoos.

This hasn’t stopped unscrupulous clinics from touting some questionable stem cell applications, such as vaginal rejuvenation or hair loss, however.

Both times the men asking for weed had wet-looking hair and untucked black dress shirts over light-rinse denim jeans.

That much is obvious from the beautiful robes to the spectacular entrances to the avant-garde designs of his shorts, ankle straps, and hair.

Tall, thick hair, boom.

Theroux looked nearly unrecognizable in the movie, with long, wavy locks and facial hair.

“He steals my shampoo, my hair paste … Whatever product I put on my face, he just does the same for him,” Aniston said.

Beyonce let her hair down and threw on some shades, but it wasn’t enough to disguise her during a Target shopping spree.

Slate has published history of the public’s fascination with her hair; the Atlantic a history of her and Bill’s scandals.

The last straw was Shkreli offering $5,000 to anyone who would “grab” some of Clinton’s hair during her book tour.

“I booked Lightning Bolt, Mindflayer, Wolf Eyes, hair Police, Neon Hunk, Metalux — all those weirdos,” she jokes.

In the time he spent hunting the Arellanos, his hair and goatee went from black to salt-and-pepper to finally just plain salt.

But there is a natural, environmentally sustainable alternative: human hair.

hair is hydrophobic and biosorbent, which means it repels water and can collect heavy metals and other contaminants, like oil.

The primary methods to contain that spill did not include hair booms.

Watch this video to learn how discarded hair can go from trash to an oil-spill cleaning treasure.

Simon Bunker from high school who put your head in the toilet after you said Rosie Norton had wobbly hair?

While Hayes-Chute builds a pizza board and oven, he self-consciously fixes his hair and emits plenty of loud grunts.

Probably not a petite woman in a dress with red curly hair.

So if you’ve ever dreamt about stepping in, sleeping, or living inside Trump’s undoubtedly well-conditioned hair (hey, we don’t judge!)

That’s where the gray hair really helps.

His inferiority complex, his various childhood traumas, his creative ambitions, his insecurity about his hair, are all rendered in loving detail.

By the way, Ronda’s hair looked dope.

Momoa’s Aquaman is seen in a sunken ship, flashes his brilliant hair, and then bolts off.

They wear their coarse gray hair in woven braids that hangs like earrings over their strong shoulders.

Tonally the Algerian-Corsican brother’s songs are melancholy Autotune-assisted numbers; their facial hair is very exacting.

It’s her makeup, her jewelry, how she wears her hair.

Imagine the many water droplets that make up a sloshing liquid or the single pieces of hair blowing in the wind.

Finding a strand of someone else’s hair embedded in your entree is disgusting.

But all of that doesn’t stop unscrupulous diners from planting—and plating—their own hair in their dinner, in an attempt to score free meals.

Another the next month shows Emily brushing her sister’s hair in the master bedroom.

The as-yet-unidentified woman is seen on CCTV pulling her own hair out, putting it on her plate, and then stirring the dish around.

The waiter told the woman that wouldn’t be possible, and that’s apparently why she decided to yank her own hair out.

“As soon as the waiter cleared the plate, it was obviously the woman’s hair.

We all have short dark trimmed hair, and this was a strand of dirty blonde curly hair.”

Prosecutor Jeff Pietrzyk introduced a photo showing Gallagher holding the dead youth by the hair.

By October, my voice was deepening and body hair burgeoning.

He was one of those in the group photo showing Gallagher holding the dead fighter up by hair.

Big hair is also suggested.

The company sees Morone make diamonds from her hair and turn her scent into perfume.

He began by drawing icons of his childhood, such as the saiyans of Dragon Ball Z, with dark skin and kinky hair.

Jennifer Lyn Morone JLM™ Inc Imperial Diamond, 2016 Diamond made from the hair of Jennifer Lyn Morone 2016 edition.

The picture shows a woman with short black hair wearing a white top with the letters “LOL” printed across the front.

The picture shows a woman with short black hair wearing a white top with the letters “LOL” printed across the front.

KS: And braid my hair.

Across the room, Kwesi Abbensetts’s cinematic photograph “Sunbathers” reminded me of midcentury surf bum photos, all blonde hair and sunburned skin.

I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to swallow a hair, but it doesn’t feel good.

I have red hair and light skin.

The US Food and Drug Administration banned the chemical from use in cosmetics and hair spray.

Middle-aged, graying hair but still pretty-ish, if not for her glasses (they were even bigger than mine).

We’ve been able to buy hair and nail formulas for decades at the drugstore.

People with cancer get chemo, lose their hair, puke—I had the base-level knowledge that any American TV viewer has, but that was it.

It offers a range of brightly packaged supplements that are heavy on formulas for beauty-related concerns like acne, anti-aging, and hair growth.

That hot pink bottle was then forsaken for the now ubiquitous Sugarbear hair gummies, which have blanketed Instagram since early 2016.

I put a lot of stress on my hair and these bears make my natural hair look and feel amazing!

Model Giorgos Tsetis co-founded the thinning hair supplement company Nutrafol.

Sugarbear hair contains 5,000 micrograms.

A school of SugarBears forming together in the name of luscious hair!

Too much vitamin A and E can actually cause hair loss.

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