Gym in a sentence | Use of the word gym examples

She’s standing in locker room, surrounded by senior citizens adjusting their retro gym clothes.

Let it hit you … on your way to the gym.

Maybe the jungle gym was a pirate ship, or the slide a mountain, but grownups watching only saw chaos.

The DNCE frontman bulked up and then shredded by weight training and boxing at Unbreakable gym in West Hollywood.

The main house has 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a pool and a home gym.

“He managed to escape and run down the street to a nearby gym.

I start envisioning my fastest mile constantly—before running, while running, after running, at the gym doing weight exercises to improve my running.

She adds in the suit they actually blocked her from returning to the gym.

men’s coach, wanted the women to play their overtime period in an auxiliary gym, according to the Lady Vols.

But there’s still plenty that you can do in a gym controlled by opposing factions.

gyms operate on a prestige system, which determines the gym‘s level and how many Pokémon can be assigned to defend it.

Using these will level up your critters, giving them more power in the crucial gym fights.

gym classes and memberships” cost about $73.

In his introduction to ­­­­Boxing, his book of photographs, Fink refers to Katherine Dunne’s appraisal of what goes on in a boxing gym.

If I think about high school gym class, my eyes glass over and I go into a trance-like state.

One day earlier, Durant’s father Wayne Pratt hit almost the identical shot to win a pick-up game at a local Maryland gym.

Many fighters would feel awkward returning to their old gym with their tail between their legs.

To be successful, elite players now spend as much time in the gym as they do practising on the court.

I am not arguing for gay men to abstain from sex or from working out (I have a gym membership myself).

‘s pulse — the two talk often … and Brown even has a painting of Rice up in his home gym.

Rousey’s mother famously said that he wouldn’t give Rousey—an Olympic medalist—the time of day when she first came to his gym.

“Everybody in the gym was like, man, Baron is turning the clock back,” Smiley said.

Sources tells us police were called and did respond to the gym, but no report was taken.

He walks to the gym, where he might stay for three hours, running on the treadmill, pumping barbells.

He walks to the gym, where he might stay for three hours, running on the treadmill, pumping barbells.

It wasn’t long before a Pokémon Go player took over the gym, cleverly stationing a Clefairy named LoveIsLove as the gym‘s defender.

The Westboro Baptist Church gym is currently controlled by a Clefairy named LOVEISLOVE .

I met the owner of my gym.

There’s a lone Pokéstop and an unclaimed gym off in the distance.

Another exasperated cry echoes off the gym‘s wall like a clap of thunder.

We’re gonna run them out the gym.

Back in the gym, Anthony and Sackmann are working on a few advanced separation moves.

Sorry, James Harrison … there’s a new retired linebacker pushin’ serious iron in the gym — and it’s just as frightening.

The following year he moved to England, where he started a gym in Manchester.

He trained for six months at Fairtex gym in Bangkok and defeated a high level Japanese karateka.

Every fight has a purse, and fighters split their winnings with the gym.

“I’m not good—that’s why I don’t like to give advice around the gym.

Boonmee, known simply as Mee, is the owner, founder, and head trainer of the gym.

Three local boys, and Mee’s two young daughters were all it took to start the gym.

The gym was always a group effort.

His gym never seemed to slow, always growing organically.

Police officer, promoter at Lumpini Stadium, and active gambler, Suthap Poompanmoung has taken an interest in Lookboonmee gym.

They helped Lookboonmee build a standardized ring and completely outfitted their gym with brand new equipment.

Their interest and support of his gym has enlisted a sense of pride amongst Mee and his fighters.

Earlier this year their old gym was completely demolished to build a brand new one.

On any given day the gym is filled with both active stadium fighters and young kids training for their first fight.

VylyV uses individualized workout plans that provide the counseling of a personal trainer without actually having to get intimate with anyone at the gym.

Maybe you should get a gym membership and do crunches.”

For me, a hot shower, a great gym outfit, and putting on makeup helps a lot.

The simple act of journaling can also serve as a healthy coping mechanism when you’re in the gym and dealing with social anxiety.

The act of going to a gym to connect with like-minded people in a supportive environment allows you to practice valuable social skills.

Since that loss, Theodorou has also moved to train at Montreal’s famed Tristar gym under esteemed coach Firas Zahabi.

Since that loss, Theodorou has also moved to train at Montreal’s famed Tristar gym under esteemed coach Firas Zahabi.

Duffy has also moved gyms of late, making his new home the famed Tristar gym in Montreal, Quebec.

Now, she’s a powerlifter who trains five days a week in her basement gym.

“Some natural talent, but be in the gym a lot.

I trained seven days a week, sometimes in a gym and sometimes on the soccer field.

Mercer had managed to muster energy to go to the gym and rewarded herself with a post-workout shake.

I’ve made stripe paintings inspired by things like a towel that I bought from a girl at the local gym.

It’s like canceling a gym membership: When you are no longer a member, you can no longer use the treadmill.

Good thing I went to the gym today before overeating again.

Back to the gym

That’s a response to an old Kanye line on “30 Hours,” where he says “I hit the gym / all chest, no legs.”

As soon as Tom stepped out of the gym Friday afternoon he was greeted by photogs peppering him with questions about his new gf.

Photos by Matthew Yarbrough Boyd Clarke didn’t come to Thailand to open a gym.

By 2012, Boyd and his Thai wife opened their own gym, Phuket Top Team.

Boyd remembers it as Phuket’s first independent gear shop, unattached to any gym and able to offer cheaper prices.

How did you decide to build a gym specifically?

Your gym gets serious fighters from all around the world.

What advice would you give people who want to start a gym?It depends on their goals for growth.

Also write out a short list of what your gym stands for—what values, what motivations, what you want people to say about your gym.

At the gym and onsite rooms, we have a no-bar girls policy.

It doesn’t mean they can’t go to those spots and do what they want, just not at the gym or onsite rooms.

How would a foreigner find a gym in Isaan if they don’t speak Thai?Word-of-mouth is good.

Once you know a gym that you’re looking at, you’re going to Google the area.

No one at the gym‘s probably got English for you.

[The gym] doesn’t have a Facebook.

At worst you don’t like the gym, don’t like the vibe.

The other thing is, say you’ve got 20 trainers at a gym, or 10 or whatever.

Sometimes it’s not about how many champions a gym has, but about that one guy you connect with.

For everyday activities like eating and going to the gym, mostly male viewers give Huan Huan virtual gifts that get converted into cash.

(And she’s ridiculously, admirably strong — you may find yourself wanting to go straight to the gym and start doing chin-ups immediately.)

Rittidet fought his first fight alone, without the support of a gym, trainers, coaches, or even his parents.

The boy kept fighting, and soon joined a small gym that had recently opened in his village.

On one of their leisurely car rides, they cruised past a Muay Thai gym one afternoon during a training session.

After a month, the management of Sit Sin gym arranged a first match for their new fighter.

“We might as well start taking this more seriously and find a real gym for you.”

First there was Sit Kawee, a gym in the Satuek district of Buriram.

A few years later, there was the famous Kiatpetch gym in Bangkok, where he achieved modest fame fighting at Channel 7 Stadium.

The gym was taking so much,” he says now.

Rittidet’s purses had reached a peak, then slowly started declining, the gym still taking their fifty-percent share.

Back in Isaan, his old home gym sold his contract to another Buriram gym, Joh Toweechok.

For Rittidet, it was like déjà vu, fighting for a gym that didn’t provide proper training.

It wasn’t right, he thought, that his gym should simply take him to fights without preparing him.

The management at his new gym liked him; he was reliable and hard working.

He might have been able to continue making a living holding pads, if only the gym had stayed in business.

With no steady income from a gym quickly going under, Rittidet resorted to fighting frequently.

My whole gym, the promoter, everyone on my ‘team,’ they abandoned me.”

When his arm healed, he found a job as a pad-man at another Phuket gym and quit fighting.

Through his connections, he fought in Belgium, and then found a job at the widely known Sitmonchai gym in Kanchanaburi.

“I’m well fed, and the gym takes care of me.

But this new gym is different.

Sitmonchai gym seems equally happy with their new addition.

Joseph Baena and dad two-wheeled in Venice, CA after a sesh at Gold’s gym.

We both left, we started a gym, because we knew a couple of things about fitness.

[Use a cleanser] after you’ve been to your gym session, then apply your SPF and your moisturiser.”

Clay took drubbings in the gym from seasoned vets but never adopted a more orthodox style.

Arnold showed Joseph Baena the ropes Saturday at Gold’s gym in Venice.

Arnold was bragging in the gym … Joseph’s pulling straight A’s.

I was unsure of what to expect the first time I stepped into a women’s gym in Kabul.

As I changed into my basic gym wear, I noticed that the coat rack held long black coats, black abayas and the blue burqas.

This also meant that, for some, attending the gym was an act of defiance—moving in and out of the establishment discreetly and anonymously.

She has stamina that even the youngest women in the gym can’t match.

“Eventually, the word spread and now women come to me because they’ve heard about the benefits of going to a gym.”

Flash forward to the present and day-to-day life in the gym.


If a Brit starts talking to you about their trainers, they’re not discussing the people who make them sweat at the gym.

FYI, Gordon trained at Glazer’s Unbreakable gym in West Hollywood earlier this year and the two became friends.

Kylie Jenner strategically used a Louis Vuitton purse to shield the goods, but the stairway to the gym became a stairway to heaven.

When they’re in the gym and they’re talking, they all know how crazy Donald Trump is.

Willard noticed his freshmen at the gym, working out at 8am, then coming back in the evening for open gym sessions.

If there is another Buddy Hield, he was in that gym.

The warehouse is now home to multiple artist communities, a recording studio, photography studios, small businesses, and a boxing gym.

2014 cover girl hit the ring at the world famous 5th St. gym in Miami with owner Dino Spencer.

Now only the gym remains, repurposed as a recreation center and small museum dedicated to the school’s illustrious past.

They’re at the treadmill, at the gym.

Fun is sparring in the gym.

He trained at Jockey gym, “with Saenchai and Somrak,” he says, naming a couple of Thailand’s most famous fighters.

“Maybe a gym in my hometown?”

Reuters found that, since then, he has given nutrition and training advice in lectures at a Moscow gym.

When I was paying $110 per month for the gym, I didn’t feel an overwhelming need to go.

The facility comes with a gym, game center, dog park, classroom, and 75-foot swimming pool.

LG: I see them at the gym a lot.

“In the ’80s, ’90s, and early 2000s, cycling was one of the most popular group exercises at any traditional gym.

“We’re not another gym for the 1 percent,” she said.

And was it really all filmed over the course of a long, sweaty weekend in a high school gym, as I have previously speculated?

“I just thought about all that it took to get here and counted the hours in the gym.

I will take a lot from the fight, I’ll be going straight back to the gym and improve.”

When you’re almost done picking teams in gym class.

My doctor’s prescription was to go to the gym.

We broke the story … cops were called to Life Time gym early Wednesday morning after he allegedly threw a dumbbell at another gym patron.

Sources tell us … Incognito had been acting bizarrely at the gym the previous day — but his behavior hadn’t turned violent.

Everyone we spoke with had the same message — including the victim in the gym incident — they all want Richie to get help.

The key to a successful and sound night’s sleep may hinge on when you decide to hit the gym.

The problem was that whenever he left the safety of his own gym, none of it worked.

Ditch the cycling machine at the gym and pick up the real thing.

He opened a gym in Portland, OR, and began what would be a lifelong process of accepting, rejecting, and adding.

Thornton turned the gym into a laboratory.

Remember the weird dollhouse set of Sound of Music Live, or the empty, echoing gym of Grease Live?

Thornton came back to the gym to tell his partners about it, about this magic he had witnessed, but they weren’t into it.

And so he ended up opening his own gym.

Other gyms, starting with the Singer brothers at the Hardcore gym in Athens, Georgia adopted the method.

A guy named Randy Couture walked into Thornton’s gym and stuck around long enough for Thornton to corner him in a UFC fight.

New recruits joined, including one kid named Conor McGregor who had been jumping gym to gym, looking for a place he felt comfortable.

“Every gym I went to, they had that set way,” McGregor said in a 2015 interview with MMA TV.

“Every gym had the set way of doing things: Don’t do it that way, do it that way.

But John, when I went to John, I met my coach John Kavanagh at Straight Blast gym, it wasn’t like that.

Use this trick to win gym battles nearly every time!

Waters, who spent some time on the Georgia Southern football team as a defensive back, hit nothing but net, stunning everyone in the gym.

Allan Clarkin’s Black Knights gym in Burnley is more than a training facility.

“I just waiting,” Silva told us outside his new Spider Kick MMA gym in West Hollywood … “I accept the challenge for Conor.”

The gym is the family’s two-car garage packed with equipment no different from what you’d find in any other suburban home setup.

Nothing you wouldn’t find at a CrossFit gym.

Former NFL player Chris Gronkowski’s stainless steel water bottle is double-insulated, spill-proof, and odor-free — the upgrade that gym rats deserve.

That year, it was required of us to take the physical fitness test in our gym class.

Scared fartless, I ran out of the gym and hid for the rest of the day.

When I first moved to Los Angeles, I went on a date at a bad gay sports bar called gym.

I watch it at the gym!

It features bamboo floors, floor-to-ceiling glass, vaulted ceilings, a gym and solar-heated pool.

While devotees of gym shoes and streetwear certainly existed before the late ’80s (Run-D.M.C.

“They have been shot for things such as a shirt or a pair of gym shoes.

I went from hitting the gym twice a week to hitting the gym twice a day.

Ideally, those sessions are performed in a gym, but if I miss out for whatever reason, I’ve got a kettlebell at home.

There is also a brand new gym listed, but it is unclear if this is of the sweaty or Poké variety.

Later that day in gym, I broke my collarbone playing dodgeball.

Existential dread is the reason my friend Dana hasn’t been able to get herself to the gym in weeks.

Park, who lives in Manhattan and works as a front desk attendant at a gym, said he did not shop Amazon.

Ronaldo visited Conor before his first Nate Diaz fight … facing off with McGregor at his private gym in Vegas.

In our fourth interview, we talk with a male sugar baby, whose sugar mamma pays his rent and gym membership.

Of course, Floyd JUST posted footage from his boxing gym hitting the heavy bag — and he looks pretty good.

Get in the gym and do something and see how hard it is to train.”

Matter of fact … Tito wants to bring in a crap-talkin’ fan and see if he can hang in the gym.

But Sylvester Stallone ain’t no punk — his gym sessions are insane, too.

They would organize a parade from the airport to the East High School gym and expect me to make a speech.

There’s a private gym, sauna and indoor hot tub.

Top-ten German middleweight Abeku Afful was left hospitalised after a group of at least five masked men stormed his Hamburg-based MMA gym.

Tensions had simmered since with accusations made against Afful of poaching gym members and coaching staff from Ceinkaya’s gym.

They also followed her to the doctor, the gym, and Weight Watchers meetings.

Update (May 21,2016): In an earlier version of this story, Nexus Fighter Academy was mistakenly refered to as Hammerbrook gym.

They got to get back in the gym to support this team.” If history is any guide, they will.

TMZ broke the story, the LAPD launched a criminal investigation after the gym where the photo was taken filed a police report.

Why don’t you put down the donut and hit the gym?

I’ve been going to the gym and eating fairly healthily for over a decade.

Ironically, their presence becomes more conspicuous when my efforts in the gym and my carb cravings are ramped up and tamped down respectively.

“I know it started to fall down before people left the gym.”

Tried to work out at the gym before heading to work.

I went to the gym again before work.

Herman van Horsen: After finishing high school, I started going to the gym a lot, and I quickly became pretty strong and muscular.

I worried about not getting enough sleep, because then I wouldn’t be able to go in the gym in the morning.

A water bottle for the gym and everyday life

Gift the Takeya Actives 18 oz.

He’d been having back issues due to participating in triathlons, and he took a class at a local gym.

“A brisk walk to the gym will help increase your core temperature and blood flow to the muscles,” Betts explains.

It also means you have time to get to the gym, change, workout, shower, grab a bite to eat and get back to work.

Spidey’s still wearing red these days — but gym shorts aren’t quite as cool.

I go to the gym for a 6:30 spin class.

“He went in the gym and showed the coaches what he’d been working on,” Carroll recalls.

Hitting the gym, bro … and getting SHREDDED.

Cut out a magazine subscription, streaming service subscription, and that gym membership you no longer use to save another $100 or so a month.

My gym has sent me several pleading emails wondering when I’m coming back.

(Currently, according to IHRSA, about 60 million Americans have gym memberships, spending $30 billion on them.)

What would be a better time to go to the gym?

“We really stay in the gym.

I could take him behind the gym.

This may include making good on that New Year’s resolution to get to the gym.

Inside the gym, two pro-am teams—1 Love T.O.

“Yeah, I took a photo of my boyfriend smelling a dirty gym shoe and put it on the cover.

Greg Hardy’s training MMA at an elite gym in Florida … but how does he look, and is he any good?

But this is by no means an exhaustive list — I only have so many hours in the car and at the gym every week.

He’s working hard in the gym and were traveling round, sometimes due to work, so he gets in good shape.

It might reimburse employees for their gym or yoga studio memberships.

I personally flew over to Holland with the crew, to Mike’s gym in Holland.

I was actually working out at Wade Redden’s house—he’s got a very nice gym that he built in his house.

Equinox, the luxury chain of gyms, now offers “sleep coaches,” where members pay $500 for six sessions (on top of the already-pricey gym membership).

That was when he became cannon fodder for one of his siblings and her gym mates.

So my favorite is one called Face gym.

Okay, Face gym, all right what else?

Gleason’s gym is located at 130 Water Street in Brooklyn’s trendy DUMBO neighborhood.

The gym first moved to DUMBO in 1985, but this is actually its fourth location.

His office is overflowing with nods to the gym‘s long history.

There was a sparring match going on in the gym‘s front ring.

Hard training, according to Silverglade, means being in the gym 5-6 days a week and running on your own time.

Sometimes, the gym runs special programs for Wall Streeters to fight in as little as 12 weeks.

When Roca trains pros, he has them in the gym all the time, conditioning, sparring, or hitting bags.

After the military, he worked at a gym.

Men watch women at the gym, at work, on the subway: In any space occupied by men and women, the latter are being watched.

After going to the gym together one evening, Suda and Hernandez stopped to buy eggs and milk at the local Town Pump gas station.

This is an ongoing issue for a gym in Atlanta callee EAV Barbell Club, where police have apparently never been welcome.

In the midst of all this innovation came The Rascals from Haskell’s gym.

Tuesday is not only the first day of my treatment; it’s also the first day I go to the gym in months.

The gym is the perfect place to awaken my latent heterosexuality, because it’s is packed with half-naked, sweaty men.

It’s trampoline, and it’s governed by the International gymnastics Federation, which mandates “singlets,” “gym trousers,” and matching slippers.

Is it because I went to the gym this week, or because of Dr. Reckeweg?

Participants were surveyed on how often they went to the gym and their personal wealth.

Fascinatingly, the longer men spent in the gym, the more likely they were to have less egalitarian socioeconomic beliefs.

But is the gym turning men into entitled, unempathetic jerks—or are they in the gym because they were born that way?

Watch: LA gym Bros: The Men Behind The Muscles “What you get is a positive feedback loop,” Dr. Price argues.

Exercise doesn’t require a gym membership or fancy shoes.

After sitting in the car all day, he’ll go to the gym to lift weights and run on the treadmill.

Ginsburg herself appears in the film to talk about her life — and to do a mean plank at the gym.

I only had two weeks off after my last fight and got straight back in the gym.

Do you pay for a gym membership?

In a miniature gym with signs of “Vote Aqui/ Vote Here” lining the walls, the same whispers began about her presence.

But, the Russian-born representative of Ireland has since posted two wins over Cesar Gracie’s gym alum Chris Avila and Japanese featherweight Teruto Ishihara.

And the fact that the cheese has a certain eau de gym socks doesn’t really help matters.

The Sixers have, at times, semi-seriously banned him from the gym to keep him off his legs.

If you want to turn your gaming into a kind of workout, you’ll need to hack together your own home gym.

This is the canine equivalent of the guy who wears a Superman shirt to the gym.

Kingpetch the champ trained at a gym owned by a gentleman coach called Thongthos Intratat.

U.S-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), which employs thousands in the city, said it had cut down on water at its canteen and gym.

Take the boss man of the MMA gym in Atlanta where I used to coach.

It included a gym, operating room, greenhouse, and even a Martian surface simulator.

In other words, if you wanted to put a gym in any Milwaukee County public park, you had to go through the city first.

After learning about #NeverTrump at the gym, Friday joined the platform and found a Stein voter in Colorado who was willing to trade.

Many people sign up for gym memberships, and then simply don’t go—even though they’re being charged fees each month.

I actually do send a lot of my slaves to the gym, or to therapy.

That normal life includes regular trips to the gym and running errands.

We may look ahead to a time when there are mental health spas in the same way you go to a gym.

He called his new gym Phuket Dragon Muay Thai.

And in the middle was the little Muay Thai gym, changing and growing along with the neighborhood.

He steps out of his gym‘s front office and surveys the once-quiet, now-bustling street, Soi Ta-ied.

Like many other gym owners, Ekkarin grew up as a fighter.

What did Lakers player Josh Hart tell his teammate, Lonzo Ball, when he caught him listening to his OWN rap music in the gym???

The four-ring gym can easily accommodate them all.

Some live in the gym‘s bungalows, others drop in.

He said that my gym is a bum’s gym and we have two UFC champions in my place.

The gym‘s Thai fighters, however, often live at the gym for a few years before moving on to another gym.

Dragon is something of an intermediary gym for many Thai fighters.

Dragon’s Thai fighters may actively represent the gym in Bangkok, but the gym‘s foreign students, from hobbyist to professional, are vital.

“Foreign student training fees are what keep this gym running,” Ekkarin says.

Dragon is a traditional-looking gym, arguably the most traditional-looking Muay Thai gym on the street.

From the street the gym looks tiny, just an office and one-ring training area.

It’s truly a family effort—Ekkarin’s children are also part of the gym.

Ekkarin’s four-year-old son is like a gym mascot when he toddles across the mats.

Ideally, you want to make physical fitness a daily habit, so if late-night trips to the gym are your thing, stick with it.

“That’s why I go to the gym three times a week,” he said, laughing.

“He would break every heart monitor, has probably worn out every treadmill in the gym, smashes the bag, it’s all very unimportant.

It’s 73 meters long — has a movie theater, gym, dining room, hot tub, helicopter pad, an elevator … and, of course, WiFi.

I recently met my friend Isaac at gym Bar in West Hollywood.

For Williams, the gym is about destigmatizing marijuana usage when it comes to athletics.

He emphasized that the gym was more about getting yoked than getting stoned.

You know the drill: Join the gym on January 1 if you want to reach your New Year’s weight loss goal.

She’d been seen motionless in the driver’s seat of her car, parked at the gym, at 11 AM.

Here, along with Ned Kahn’s “Bus Jet Fountain,” is an amphitheater, a small jungle gym, a restaurant, and several gardens from various ecosystems.

If Mikulak isn’t in the gym, he’s hanging out with his family, other athletes, or connecting with fans over his brand MateBros.

Joanna Griffiths, Knixwear

Griffiths launched Knixwear in 2013 on Kickstarter with a bra that could be worn both at work and at the gym.

That means you continue burning extra calories long after you’ve showered off your gym funk.

“I do nag him a lot,” Ina admits, when we meet her later at the gym.

And earlier this year, OpenAI released another open platform for training algorithms in complex environments called gym.

You can go to the gym.

I don’t remember the doctor mentioning the gym or my record collection…

I knew something was severely wrong, not just an injury from the gym or something that would get better on its own.

Even at home he would drive an hour north from Fribourg to train at his gym, Fight Move Academy.

And with all the miles he puts in from home to the gym to the clinic and back, audiobooks are a perfect solution.

I’ve also landed roles like “Queen of the gym” in a mock news segment, and another as a Granny rapper.

“If you didn’t like going to the gym last year, chances are you will feel the same this year,” Rhodes advises.

Sometimes he left it in his gym bag or at his mom’s house.

I ripped off my costume and headed for the gym.

The gym is lined with Hulks, clowns, and Princess Elsas.

A pick-up artist, for instance, might encourage some more traditionally masculine activities, like going to the gym.

Most people weren’t about to invest in costly gym memberships that they probably wouldn’t use.

leaving my apartment in Los Feliz, the Easton gym, running on the elliptical machine, sweat pouring down my temples.

How did you first meet your coach Bert Kops?I came to this gym to learn more about fighting and wrestling.

At the gym.

So quick, refund that new gym membership, hit the art supply store and pick up some materials you’ve never worked with.

Starting Monday, the school’s 220 students will begin holding classes at a church gym in Chico.

Normally the party wouldn’t make a play,” the Republican presidential nominee told those at an evening rally inside a sweltering Fairfield gym.

According to the police report, Gordon’s girlfriend claimed Ben had locked her in the gym — and was going berserk with a blade.

Cops eventually went inside the gym, found Gordon in the bathroom and took him into custody.

He claims the men are wrongfully taking credit for launching the Of Our Own gym.

“I trained at his gym, that was my first training session.

At 6-foot-2 and medically obese, he turned to the gym to slim down, doing an aerobic workout five days per week.

But the regular gym sessions became tiresome after a few years, and when Kane stopped exercising, he gained back all the weight.

The old Death Row Records gym equipment Tupac once used is up for grabs, and the seller wants a king’s ransom for it.

But they did share the Johnson ethic—a devotion to late nights in the gym.

The gym set — which Tupac used for his 1995 post-prison interview on MTV — went for $1,166.

TaoTronics has several headphones that provide clear sound and a secure fit, so you can wear them anywhere — from the gym to the train.

That’s what I saw last Tuesday, during Porter’s last day in the gym.

As Shawn heads into the ring, a gym employee hands out black Gleason’s T-shirts to the crew, which they all don.

Even now, like I opened a gym in the Bay Area, or a facility.

Like members to the gym?

It’s not necessarily a membership gym.

Check out this footage of Zion working out at a Los Angeles gym on Thursday.

Nick was leaving an L.A. gym Friday when he showed off his guns as he sipped on a protein drink.

He hits the gym pretty much every day.

Take the above master class of the nuclear powered muay khao working the pads down at the gym.

I’m off to the local gym to go and work my knees.

(Even the gym!)

Then a Banchamek gym student with a ticket back to China for the next day asks to take a photo.

We also asked for an update on Josh Gordon — who trains with Jay at his Unbreakable gym in L.A.

It’s my second time at the gym.

Just like any other gym.

Rather, it’s more like training alongside Buakaw, in a gym given instant prestige by association.

When we show him my recent interview with Tycoon Nao, famous Petchyindee gym owner and promoter, Teerawat relaxes considerably.

Banchamek is a young gym, only a few years old, Teerawat tells us.

Teerawat is in the Muay Thai business primarily because of Buakaw, and Buakaw can attribute his ownership of a gym largely to Teerawat.

Pramuk, Buakaw’s former gym, contacted Teerawat to help his fighters with sport-specific injury and general sport psychology.

Soon, problems between Buakaw and his gym escalated.

Banchamek Bangkok is a functioning Thai gym in its own right, with more than just one star fighter.

Teerawat counts six or seven pros currently fighting for the gym.

The cell includes two TVs, a videogame console, and gym equipment.

The three of us—writer, photographer, and interpreter—leave the gym with Banchamek t-shirts, gifts from Teerawat.

Here he sets down his canvas gym bag of break-in tools and unzips it.

All of whom will be among the celebrities training at the new gym next year.

See what the luxurious new gym will look like below.

The state-of-the-art gym is located on Marylebone’s Chiltern Street.

In February, the gym will launch a series of pay-to-train boxing classes for non-members targeting strength, conditioning, cardio, and technique.

Victoria Secret models Maryna Linchuk, pictured below, and Sara Sampaio are on the list of celebrities already involved in the gym.

After the best tasting cup of coffee I’ve had in my life, I brave bombogenesis to head to the gym.

“Total Divas” stars Nikki and Brie Bella hit the gym Saturday with baby Birdie … and no sign of Cena.

His gym, Khongsittha, has found that balance.

Deane’s gym brings it all together.

The gym also stays true to the cultural roots of Muay Thai, paramount to Deane’s vision for his gym.

– This year I won’t just go to the gym.

I’ll talk about going to the gym.

It turns out, a cheap gym membership is another.

The same membership purchased directly through the gym chain would cost over $800 if paid over a two-year period.

We’ve both already gotten back in the gym this summer and are determined to make next season special.

I have also gone to the gym two to three times a week for more than 15 years.

At the same time, I also undertook a Whole30 challenge through my CrossFit gym.

We’re guessing she’s been hitting the gym in her downtime, too … sounds like one heavy purse!

A window at the gym looks out onto the baseball field.

Home is the new gym.

Enter these new, tech-laden, at-home brands — which are trying to create the gym experience without having to leave home.

So … best gym session ever??

You still waiting ’til January to hit the gym?

You know the drill: Join the gym on January 1 if you want to reach your New Year’s weight loss goal.

Throughout those months when she wasn’t allowed to leave, she ached for gym classes and reading books with her friends.

Throughout those months when she wasn’t allowed to leave, she ached for gym classes and reading books with her friends.

The gym‘s log-in book is brimming with years’ worth of scrawled names in smudged pencil and smeary ink—some signatures, others autographs.

Pentland Brands — Unlmited pool, gym, and football pitch use

What they do: Clothing.

Perhaps it’s not surprising then the company has “its own on-site gym and pool with unlimited usage and extended opening hours including Saturday.”

Paps spotted the pair holding hands as they left a gym sesh together Saturday in the East Village in NYC.

“After beating Linn I just got straight back to the gym and I haven’t stopped working.

Let’s say you’re having a pretty solid morning at the gym.

He mostly told douchey anecdotes about going to the gym, about being famous.

I follow Natalie through a chic living room, past a sprawling kitchen, down what seems like an endless staircase, into a private gym.

This pleases him: With a smile, he emerges from the closet, back into his private gym.

In those where they gathered, parents brought sleeping bags and prepared to bed down on gym mats.

The following day I went to the gym, eager to put her math to fat scorching use.

We’re told he’s getting the most out of the resort’s gym, and put in 3 hours there Tuesday night.

In total, the Pacific Palisades pad is a whopping 16,000 square feet … complete with pool, basketball court, gym, screening room and art studio.

(Your average gym rat, meanwhile, is probably not trying to find the best workout for zero gravity, so the results are not entirely relevant.)

I want to go to the gym and go home.

Sorry, reality stars and gym bros; this one isn’t for you.

That opened the door to talking about the super exclusive Senate gym, and who knew this is where political enemies lay down their differences.

“Suggestive photos are just ‘thirst traps.’ Obsessing over your gym crush’s cute bod is just ‘thirst posting.’ …

U.S-listed Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS), which employs thousands in the city, said it had cut down on water at its canteen and gym.

“We need to clear the gym in a half hour.

In Congress, he hosts a regular MMA-style workout routine for fellow members in the House gym.

The soccer superstar hit up Conor’s training gym in Vegas … and even got in the Octagon with McGregor.

And the same damn outcome: Me feeling like my overweight ass needs to hit a gym.

“As a gym owner, his business depends on his clients’ success.

Carter appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1 and talked about the conversation he had with Odell on Thursday during a workout at an L.A. gym.

Some blamed the scale of the spectacle, as the original video had been filmed in the comfort of a deserted gym.

The first day of practice I fell off the jungle gym before it started, hurt myself and couldn’t play.

McGregor was in attendance to support Straight Blast gym teammate Charlie Ward who defeated John Redmond by technical knockout.

So that I do a couple times a week right after I do the gym.

I’ll just stay here by the jungle gym for a while.” It was something that had always bothered me.

The mayor insists on working out at a YMCA gym in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“The way I move can relate to how people are working out at the gym, because what I do is a workout, for sure.

I got one real question though, Where were you when we were shooting in the gym?

Antonio played briefly with the Dolphins in the 90s, and now owns a popular gym in Texas.

“What her mom talks about is … [Ronda] was that good when she walked into the gym.

It’s impossible to discuss the aerobics videos of the 1980s without talking about the decade’s exuberant gym fashions.

A YMCA gym card dangles from her keychain.

Does it matter if we hit the gym out of a sense of obligation to the flat-stomached supermodels hired by major corporations?

Today it means my house is a Pokémon Go gym.

Who needs the gym … when you’ve got a beach?

Imagine if you paid for a gym every month.

I would say, “Stay in the same gym, find a different bike.”

Vitality is a behavior tracking program that rewards health insurance clients for healthy lifestyles, such as by paying for gym memberships.

Check out the clip … she’s also got some tips on how to build that ass in the gym.

And when a UFC champ like JJ gushes about someone’s work ethic in the gym, you gotta respect that.

“I think he used to come from the gym because I’d see him in his track pants,” Ed remembers.

But many new gym patrons cancel their membership before spring comes, and almost half don’t make it beyond the first month.

For others, an arbitrary calendar date isn’t inspiration enough to get people into a gym regularly.

And gym memberships keep growing.

Chains like Planet Fitness do this, in part, by charging a $10 monthly fee, while Gold’s gym offers free membership trial passes.

So when I heard about a queer gym that didn’t have a single mirror inside, I had to see it firsthand.

With the hashtag #NoJudgments as its slogan, Crunch also bills itself as a gym for ordinary people.

The gym is now trying to recruit new members to its facilities by offering 30 percent off dues through January 13.

“We deal with the highest cancellations at the beginning of March.” The personal training Crunch offers helps the gym retain newcomers.

Through January 15, the gym is allowing people to join with $1 down.

“It’s to inspire first-time gym users to get off the couch and give it a try,” Gosselin said.

And the cycle of joining a gym just to ghost on fitness for a while repeats itself.

“If you’re looking to get swole with a bunch of homos and homies, you’ve found the right gym.”

In addition to the yoga practice, I joined a gym close to my home and started attending group workout classes.

I had balked at each one of my ex’s gym invitations.

Now I went to spin classes, barre classes, and a gym boot camp.

That’s part of why the Perfect Sidekick has no mirrors—by de-emphasizing the aesthetics of fitness, the gym cuts down on that physical pressure.

I supplemented my gym classes with long walks and choreography rehearsals for the show.

The home of the most influential wrestling gym in the world, Wigan’s Snake Pit.

But the trainers at the gym recognize me, and a few even know me by name.

As for the workout component of this, there will be days when you think about the gym and you Just Can’t.

Moving to Tristar gym full time has done wonders for Breese’s game as his boxing especially has come on in leaps and bounds.

“We may look ahead to a time when there are mental health spas, in the same way you’d go to a gym.

Nick had just performed in Mexico Monday night, and after the concert he hit the gym, which for him is like religion.

Max was already going to the gym five times a week and cycling to work every day.

When you time out the concert, it seems he hit the gym sometime after midnight.

As we’ve reported, Chyna got her man back in the gym where he’s been working out regularly and dropping the lbs.

They held off embarking on their honeymoon for a bit … opting for some gym sessions in L.A. instead.

He talks openly about how hard he works, whether it’s in the gym, or on a movie set, or for charity.

If you regularly work out at a gym or practice and play a sport, then owning a great gym bag is a good idea.

A proper gym bag will have multiple compartments that can be used to create your own organizational system.

When assembling a list of great gym bags, we only considered those with multi-compartment designs.

A middle school gym completely destroyed by #HurricaneMichael.

Finally, we looked for special features that set these gym bags apart from the competitors.

When choosing the right gym bag for you, there are a few factors you should not overlook.

First, simply think about the stuff you need to carry with you to the gym and then find options that can accommodate it all.

If so, a gym bag that’s on the smaller side is a good idea.

Got a long walk or a jog on the way to the gym?

Then a backpack gym bag will serve well.

You will carry your gym bag around in public many days out of the year (ideally, anyway!

But hey, that’s really all you need out of gym bag.

And when you think about it, that’s an impressive amount of faith Adidas is putting in this gym bag.

One customer calls it “perfect for the gym” and loves how it accommodates “shoes, clothes, water bottle, swimsuit, towel, showering stuff, and then some.”

The Everest gym Bag costs less than twenty-four bucks if you don’t count the tax.

The Everest gym Bag has a large primary compartment with plenty of room for shoes, clothes, showering accessories, and more.

After a few trips to the gym, though, you should have the balance down and can pack and plan accordingly.

The Everest gym Bag has a 4.2-star average rating among Amazon customers.

Anyone with a long trip between the gym and the home or office should consider this gym backpack.

This durable leather duffel is the perfect size for use as a gym bag, but it’s also great for the traveler.

The KPL Vintage Leather gym Duffel has a 4.6-star average rating on Amazon.

gym bags can get heavy quickly, what with all the gear most of us lug along to our workouts.

You’ll recall … Game socked Onyebuchi Awaji during the March 2015 game in an L.A. gym.

The best water-resistant gym bag `

The Thule Chasm is a water-resistant duffel that protects your gear from the elements.

Having gone through a good number of bags for the gym, I’ve grown to appreciate the ones with large openings.

And, you can lock the zippers to prevent theft, which is handy for when you use a gym locker room.

I also use Thule bags to carry my camera equipment, so you can rest assure that this bag will protect your gym gear.

“Deji showed up at my gym unannounced to try & talk shit,” Jake said of the altercation.

“See, a lot of people go to the gym and they’ll work out for two hours and all.

At one point, two people rolled out gym equipment on either side of the stage during their set.

Rihanna’s suite had four terraces overlooking the city, 3 kitchens, 4 bathrooms and a private gym.

Often, when students join the gym, they can’t wait to start fighting.

Even for the gym’s biggest stars, a full slate of matches can be hard to sustain.

Sonya Strong, one of the gym’s leading female wrestlers, has been wrestling seriously for five years.

For many students, effort in the gym bears little relationship to the showcard for each event.

He struggled whenever he passed the tanning salon on his way to the gym.

A young man named Sam selling cosmetics approached her at the gym, saying, “I know you.

We cancel our retirement contributions, downgrade our cable, cell phones, internet packages, cancel our gym membership.

One sunny room is set up as a home gym, but it could also be turned into another bedroom.

It’s involved a drastic change in my diet, working out and going to the gym.

(Just think about how uncomfortable millennials have become with the idea of changing clothes in a gym locker room.)

In its place, there will soon be 16,000 square feet of yet-to-be-leased retail space, and a two-story climbing gym called Planet Granite.

The class setting forces you to work harder compared to working out on your own in a traditional gym setting.

On the CrossFit community: Getting into any gym setting is intimidating.

Either that or he just got out of the gym.

Cyborg gave us a little preview of her fight skills at her gym on Wednesday — and yeah, she looks dangerous.

He’s definitely spending a couple of hours in the gym.

It also has some modern features including a gym, spa, movie theater and entertainment room.

Then there are the names: Muangthai is currently fighting under the name Muangthai P.K Saenchaimuaythaigym but that will change if he changes gym.

We hope gym in a sentence examples were helpful.