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Fun Fact: The beer and mug combo ran about $10 … by our count, Kelly owes the guy $3.

guy Cogeval will serve as the director of the Musée d’Orsay for another year.

From How-To: Make Quick BBQ Brisket with guy Fieri

You are a terrific guy.

If they wanted to they would just go there and pick up the same guy over and over.

He acknowledged, Trump’s a busy guy.

Who’s gonna say no to this guy?

And a great guy.

He was a guy most comfortable in the company of bricklayers, carpenters, and electricians and I have a lot of that in me also.

And one day, in a study group, she met this goofy guy who had been off teaching kids in Honduras.

The guy promises a lot.

Or take it from the guy who co-wrote Trump’s autobiography.

“I fired one guy the other day.

Additional reporting by Costas Pitas, Sujata Rao and Kylie MacLellan in London; Writing by guy Faulconbridge; Editing by Janet Lawrence and Peter Graff

Sometimes it pays to cast an actor better known for “good guy” parts as Scrooge.

We can’t confirm Lamont really is THE guy … but it would be odd to lie about fighting Justin.

Tomlin says his teenage kids are probably Juice fans — but he’s an old school kind of a guy.

I like Erick and Parrish Makin’ Dollas — I’m an EPMD guy.”

“Now I probably have a very good indication that Hassan20 and Crisis is the same guy,” Ahlberg said.

The guy is an absolute maniac … busting out speed drills, power squats and back work.

My kinda guy.

He seems down with her clinging onto him … but watch what happens when he sees the camera guy across the street.

One time I saw a guy with no shirt on try to light a smoke on the bus until everyone stopped him.

The girls hit up The Nice guy in WeHo and displayed their trademark “no-emotion” look as they left together.

“This guy believes in what he says.

Wendell Smallwood scored a touchdown, and I don’t know if he’s even a real guy.

“That’s how we’re gonna catch this guy.

We’re told the guy has been professing his love for her, making a full-court press for a happily ever after relationship.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by William James

Billy McFarland and Fyre Fest got nothing on this guy … allegedly.

I don’t know I was the guy.

He’s become the quintessential Washington guy.

Seems like more of a pit bull guy.

John is a very likable guy.

“They basically said there’s going to be a witch hunt for the guy who came out to the reporter.”

Additional reporting by Costas Pitas, Andrew MacAskill and Andy Bruce; Writing by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Gareth Jones

It’s sort of the film equivalent of a guy who thinks wearing a hat and drinking lots of whiskey makes him seem interesting.

And to be honest, Chazelle, the director of Whiplash, didn’t seem like the guy to beat this trend.

This guy takes a pancake and he’s shoving it in his mouth.

This guy is committed on a level that is insane.

Because [Musk] was the only guy on the planet who could make your dreams come true.

Reporting by Alistair Smout, Andy Bruce and Eric Auchard, editing by guy Faulconbridge

You only listen to the other guy so you can work out how to beat him, and ideally, humiliate him.

So he’s a very smart guy.

So he’s a very smart guy.

Mark Cuban just got a ringing endorsement for President from old pal Daymond John … who couldn’t stop singing the guy praises.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge.

Just kidding that guy is always wrong.

One guy was saying something like, “I was talking to this girl at the club.

In which case, we ignore the fact something was broken in this country to elect a guy like Trump.

Well, the first part of your question, I’m a completely hopeless computer guy.

The cops high-five the catfish guy and let him sit in Roethlisberger’s seat.

This weird coda in Braves colours another entry into the “wait, that guy played for them?!”

Robb tweeted that she’s planning to go back to the guy, calling him “a real one.”

And in some cases, you know going into an interview, this guy’s not the right fit.

Jenifer met the guy at an LA Fitness club in West Los Angeles, where he was a manager who worked the front desk.

He performed the role of gritty but friendly dude who is just trying to see a good guy get some justice.

He was not a tough guy.

People came away shaking their heads and figuring, “Well this guy is doing something wrong or has done something wrong in life.”

In this clip, obtained by TMZ, you can see the guy was a good sport.

Taylor Swift left a recent concert in Austin with a 39-year-old man in hot pursuit … according to police, who just busted the guy.

… Tim is a very, very smart guy.

He is a very nice guy,” Sanders said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “He is more conservative than I am.

He’s a very savvy guy to have by your side.

He’s a true companion—great guy.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Piper; Editing by guy Faulconbridge

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan; writing by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Stephen Addison

An American Airlines employee then enters the plane from the jetway and the male passenger stands up and threatens to knock the guy out.

As I walked in one direction on the sidewalk, a guy walked towards me down the middle of the street.

As for Blake Bortles … Marcedes thinks a change of scenery might be good for that guy — telling us, “That’s a different situation.”

She’s there with rumored new guy — socialite, Maggio Cipriani — who we’re betting has no issues with her current swimwear.

Being marginalized, being interrupted, being overlooked and not being paid as well as the guy sitting next to you, all of these issues.

Now, here’s a guy who’s just invested in women.

Your original guy, he was like, what did he say?

Because he is the catalyst for so much of Carrie’s stressful behavior, we have been quick to categorize him as a bad guy.

They got a guy going there for all the right reasons.”

You’d say, “Oh, I know who that guy is.” Yeah.

Or guy Fieri, right?

We just hired this guy Jeffrey Smith, who has been a music promoter for 15 years, to build those relationships more.

The security guy apparently got frustrated a block away, and gave the equipment to one of Kylie’s friends.

“There was a guy called Max who ran the place.

I funded this guy.

Can you imagine Putin sitting there and waiting for the meeting and this guy walks in and he’s like a wreck.

Eyewitnesses on the ground tell us the guy was climbing the stage scaffolding to do some rigging ahead of opening day next Friday.

-Sasha Kalra, social media guy Listen.

You also need like two birds, tops, to take the guy with a gun.

“I remember one time you were trying to cut a guy off who was belligerent.

I hate when you shoot some guy, you turn your back, and they’re going [makes gun noise].

There’s one guy who’s a funeral director in his twenties—you wouldn’t necessarily think of that as a young person’s job.

They broke up, and she started going out with the guy she’d been caught with.

I have no idea how the other guy felt about it, but he was a sideman to a sideman, so that’s life really.

Just as she finishes saying these words, a young guy who looks like he lives on the street approaches us.

The weird guy in your poetry seminar who sighs a lot is, reportedly, delighted.

the guy who once very seriously speculated that Lil Uzi Vert and Wiz Khalifa were planning to kill God.

I stand corrected: Lyft isn’t always the nice guy!

(Yes, he’s the Hot Pockets guy.)

I’m a low-energy guy, so it had to be an energetic person who was likable, who you’d believe would have five kids.

There’s these two sides of it, and I spent most of my adult life being a single guy.

Additional reporting by Costas Pitas, Andrew MacAskill and Andy Bruce; Writing by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Gareth Jones

I’m an Xs and Os guy.

He’s a fantastic guy, he’s gonna be the head of the CIA.

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan; editing by guy Faulconbridge

This guy looks like a cloud.

But, as for meeting the top guy in Canada?

The other guy in the band (Joe) runs a really good comics publishing company called Breakdown Press.

I tried to imagine what that meant—was it three guys named Ralph or one guy called Three Ralphs?”

Sometimes, they’ll serve a guy celebrating a promotion; other times, they’ll pour up for a dude mourning a lost job.

I was never really a power first baseman, but I got on base and hit leadoff and was a contact guy.

There’s always a guy who stands at a packed bar and snaps his fingers or waves his cash around like a lunatic.

I grew up as a Southern California kid so he was the one hometown guy for me.”

He’s the guy who needs your immediate attention but isn’t ready to order once he has it.

Basically, just don’t be that guy.

Richard ended up helping flight attendants restrain the guy, and was very critical of the crew’s emergency training.

Putting on my best English bad guy accent, I try to show the gung-ho American fighters, black, white and brown, how best to shoot.

Some folks prefer do their own infusions while others—like the guy at the party—will place their trust in someone else.

I didn’t see the guy myself until about an hour or two afterwards.

Are we wrong if we’re inclined to sleep on the guy who raps “I remember when they slept on me: memory foam”?

Reporting by Amanda Ferguson and Tim Hepher; Writing by Conor Humphries; editing by guy Faulconbridge

Look at this guy.

Reporting by Alistair Smout; editing by guy Faulconbridge, editing by Louise Heavens

If it were a guy like me, I can.

Tracy still refers to him as “my guy.”

Another guy adds a winking smiley to the beginning of the sentence: “Have you ever covered peer-to-peer lending?”

First and foremost, you elect a guy from Youngstown, Ohio, as your leader.

And having moments where Tony straight-up says he’s more black than an actual black guy were just grating.

“Being a straight guy, but mostly hanging out in the gay world, I got to see it through a different lens,” says Anthony.

Our camera guy asks if this moment will transform his rap career.

With a second run-in, our guy gave the second verse a shot, and Vanilla didn’t skip a beat.

Our poor guy spilled his heart out to Ice … telling him he never officially got to be part of Ice’s so-called posse.

Reporting By Peter Nicholls; editing by guy Faulconbridge

And now, they even have the “this is your brain on drugs” guy on their side.

The video starts with the guy in the salmon and blue shirt trying to fend off a chick charging at him.

Our vote is the poor homeless guy who got a rude awakening.

And why are you wearing this?guy: To… stay out of the sun?Girl: And because it’s comfortable.

Do you feel weird wearing what you’re wearing at all?guy: No.Girl: No.

Steve is the most loyal guy in the world.

Another one of those “as soon as this guy meets a real fighter” cases.

“You could just look at him and be like, ‘Oh, that guy’s different.’ His name is different.

The guy sitting two tables away from you in the office could be a Serious Muse Fan.

Made out with Uber driver.” – Taylor, 37 “Hot kissing session with my intern.” – Julia, 30 “Handsome Dutch guy.

Then I stumbled on and came across this guy, who seemed fairly non-manic, and eager to talk.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Piper; Editing by guy Faulconbridge

Additional reporting by Kate Holton and Alistair Smout; editing by guy Faulconbridge

“The aircraft was safely escorted to Stansted airport.” Reporting by Costas Pitas; editing by guy Faulconbridge

It’s pretty hilarious … and also, not the first time the Redskins guy has done that (it also happened in 2014!)

“Derek laid one guy out there,” Charles recalls.

The closest thing Segal has seen to this case came was a guy named Ryan Anderson.

“I trust the guy to make good judgments,” he said.

Because, you know, if everybody’s doing it and everyone makes fun of this guy, why is that happening?

And, that’s the same guy we saw her holding hands with as she left the jewelry joint.

So, he brought a friend with him … a guy who’s been his inspiration while he recovers from an ACL tear — Kingsley Feinman.

The rule changes of years ago I think really changed the role of the center in terms of being that go-to guy.

“That guy in the red, he ran over my foot,” she yells and takes out her cellphone to film the confrontation.

“That guy in the red, he ran over my foot,” she yells and takes out her cellphone to film the confrontation.

Apparently the guy‘s got some serious mana burn.

guys like Brad Pitt don’t understand what happened because I’m crazy (to) a normal guy.”

Derek Jeter tried to convince President Obama he’s still a pretty young guy … despite what the sports media may think.

Nile Rodgers Daft Punk really made this guy’s career blow up, eh?

Chris Liebing This guy would definitely explain bitcoin to me.

Chromeo Is this guy still wearing sunglasses?

Joseph Capriati Is this the guy from Handmaid’s Tale?

Kamasi Washington Loved this guy at Eurovision.

I had one guy who offered me a dollar for a date!

My first ever sugar date was with this young guy who’d grown up in a refugee camp.

Another guy in here just got shipped from FCI Texarkana to Beckley for getting caught smuggling in a computer.

Writing by Michael Holden; editing by guy Faulconbridge

And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.” The New York Archdiocese did not return “60 Minutes”’ request for comment.

And in that regard, they’re just another guy with an opinion.” The New York Archdiocese did not return “60 Minutes”’ request for comment.

Think this guy‘s worried about the game?

“I remember sitting meters away from this private and reserved guy and watching him play this incredibly intimate set.

“They make damn sure that guy is dead.

Pretty mature — this guy really only 19?

We’ll see then exactly what Travis the right-wing think tank guy has produced, and how it compares to NREL’s two-year study.

But Hughes and the new CEO he selected, guy Vidra, were unable to pull it off.

I suddenly started noticing that I was getting a lot of Twitter notifications from this one guy.

“You can make Tony Soprano, who’s a serial killer, this warm and fuzzy family guy,” Voss says.

“And you take some law enforcement guy and make him secretly despicable.”

We’re waving our Dannebrog for the old guy on the left from the balcony in The Muppets.

She heard something and turned around and realized that there was a guy with his face to the window, watching her.

I was building up a following and I’d followed this guy at some point, and he followed me back.

“She’s got to go.” Additional reporting by Alistair Smout, Writing by guy Faulconbridge and Elizabeth Piper; Editing by Mark Heinrich and Catherine Evans

Donald Trump Jr. is a very fine young guy.

Reporting by Costas Pitas and guy Faulconbridge

Wolfgang, who is a guy that takes in all these senior pets and is the sweetest guy to follow.

Essentially, Moran’s not a guy you want to cross.

Wayne says he feels bad for Steve, but it’s clear the guy missed some important social cues.

“I don’t know where that guy went.

I was up in Woodstock and a guy was selling jackets on the sidewalk.

Who is the old guy in the video?

I ended up talking to a guy I met online.

I eventually met this gorgeous guy who said he was an army pilot.

guy Hamilton (1922–2016), film director.

I soon found a guy who offered me $80.

You have to be a bit discreet and know a guy, and once you know a guy, you just text and make an order.”

In fact, when we got Gurley leaving Craig’s just last month … he certainly didn’t seem like a guy with two healthy knees …

Reporting by William James, Writing by Kylie MacLellan; editing by guy Faulconbridge

Click here to learn more about the Platinum Card from American Express from Business Insider’s partner, The Points guy.

Oh I forgot to mention that guy will be in the running to become the next President of the United States.

Others quickly offered up their takes, including former Belgium prime minister guy Verhofstadt, who didn’t hold back.

“Once I was making a mold and a guy asked me what I was doing,” he says with a smirk.

He’s a good guy.”

Trying to save a guy‘s life.”

One guy told Motherboard that pretending to be an everything bagel “breaks the ice itself” and makes it easier to start a conversation.

“You did not have to be some guy showing a gallery, or a fashion model,” Schmidlapp recalls.

This guy‘s a Texas guy and he collaborated with a Texas band.’

“Suppose in system 1, poor guy pays $1, rich guy pays $1 million,” Gale explains.

“Then they reform the tax system so that poor guy pays zero and rich guy pays $1.

It sounds satisfying, in a Radio Tough guy sort of way, but also ignores basic reality.

You didn’t think I’d leave out this guy, did you?

Don’t be that guy.

Jose says he likes the guy — but he’s not taking any chances.

If the big boys can do it, you can too, little guy.

He’s a gilded tough guy and a political lightweight who champions anti-intellectualism, and whose allegiances change like the blowing of the wind.

A guy’s mental health and his conception of manhood are often closely linked.

The two men—lovingly named “Hawaiian shirt guy” and “2×4 guy” by the creative minds online—tackle the arsonist and conduct a citizen arrest.

“That’s all that was in my head.” Bless you and your valiant wood, 2×4 guy.

The lovely people online were taken by the bravery of Jeff Nachtigall, the Hawaiian Shirt guy, as well.

That’s my guy right there.

Reporting by William James and Kylie MacLellan; editing by guy Faulconbridge

This guy is so great.

guy was great.

Look at this guy.

This guy is great.

Just who the heck is this guy anyhow?!

We’re told the rapper said no, but the guy persisted before finally giving up and beating it.

The good: Dart guy!

He would have gone from “Dart guy” to “Dart guy Powered By Monster Energy Drinks.”

You would have started calling him “Fart guy” and nobody needs that.

A six-game run was the perfect length to get to know Dart guy and the NHL’s next dominant team.

Bran’s I-am-a-bird-face, according to Jones, is identical to the look on a guy’s face after you confront him about ghosting on you.

My wife and I said, “What is this guy doing?

I mean, it’s always been skulking around in the background of all these, you remember the guy who was frolicking with that Congressman.

The guy who allegedly nabbed $3 million in jewelry from Drake’s tour bus just got arrested … TMZ has learned.

And every weekend, someone wonders if the great guy she recently went out with lost his phone.

“There’s a lot of concern about what Trudeau’s legalization will look like, and if we’ve sold ourselves out to this guy.

“He was always a great guy and fun to be around.

Schale had previously said of his fellow Democrat Nelson: “Not a guy who’s lining up to give the keynote speech at the DNC.

“I was contemplating not doing the show, because we were not finding the guy.

From day one, I knew this was the guy.”

“If a guy like him really existed today, where would he come from?”

Ted is the guy who weaponizes his apparent harmlessness to acquire and then discard women who he fully acknowledges are out of his league.

He is a Nice guy.

There’s always room for the little guy to get in there and get a handout.

Who’s really our guy?’” Warzel said.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Piper; Editing by guy Faulconbridge

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; Editing by Gareth Jones

when our guy hit him up with a bunch of Cowboys questions.

I’m a Chili’s guy.

I know what you’ve always wanted: the chance to name a strand of guy Fieri’s hair.

“We have no official affiliation with guy but hope our site represents the fervor of Fieri-lovers worldwide.

I was a little nervous about making a singular one emoji with a guy sticking a gun to his head.

If people enjoyed having stars named after them, why not guy Fieri’s awesome hairs?”

The parliament’s Brexit pointman, guy Verhofstadt, told the same session on Tuesday that starting the process would send an important signal.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Michael Holden and Angus MacSwan

But unlike the breakdown-loving tough guy attitude pervasive in hardcore at the time, Bricks and his bands existed to challenge the meathead mentality.

I’m an old-school guy.

Manziel was out at The Nice guy in L.A. over the weekend — sober and in a great mood.

guy with a semi-automatic handgun just walked in the front and started popping rounds off at people.

Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by guy Faulconbridge

That was the de facto douchebag LA or New York guy beanie,” says Schlossman.

That’s when our guy asked if Cowboys players will sometimes get a pass from Commish Roger Goodell because they’re “America’s Team.”

Certainly not enough to justify the famous years-long series of Apple ads pitting meek “PC guy” against cool “Mac guy.” Yup.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Michael Holden

But in a twist, many establishment Democrats — especially those closely associated with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign — hate the guy.

And I’m thinking, “You know, nobody in New York knows that guy’s name except me.

(At my screening, some people couldn’t help but chuckle at times: How many more problems can this poor guy run into?)

None of that is to say that a “good guy with a gun” would never be able to stop a shooter.

“I feel bad for my guy, man,” Kelce says … “You can’t put it on him.”

The poor guy was a first-timer; he wasn’t coping too well, so I helped him.

He’s a guy who does nothing but work.

He’s an incredibly busy guy.

I was two-ed up with this young guy, he was a real Scarface wannabe—he pays a grand for a pair of Huaraches.

The poor guy was wearing a pair of my old flip-flops for two weeks—and no, I didn’t charge him for them.”

The guy deserves it.

an Obama guy?

I didn’t need another guy in my life.

If I was a guy, I should wear boat shoes.

“Had to watch a guy get cut down that I knew after a suicide.

And then the FAQ, it says, “The origin of this site was this guy who quit drinking and wrote about it.

The 2nd charge is for allegedly busting out a rifle and pointing it at a guy during the dispute.

Writing by Andrew MacAskill; editing by guy Faulconbridge

Reporting by Nichola Saminather; Additional reporting by guy Falconbridge; Editing by Richard Chang

And, per Jerry, Antonio’s a stand-up guy that would only make the Niners better.

Steve King’s favorite guy there.

I was talking to a guy named Mike McFaul, he’s a former U.S. ambassador to Russia, and I asked him a similar question.

I’m a guy who can take care of himself, but I felt uncomfortable.

But that guy doesn’t know anything.

This guy comes to the glass and starts whispering to me through the little speaker-hole.

Let me tell you, it is never good news in the service industry when a guy starts whispering.

I know this guy.

(That’s this guy, for anyone who needs a refresher.)

It’s super hard for a lesbian to beat a gay guy.

“The fact that Baron is doing this, the guy loves basketball,” Young said.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Kate Holton

Reporting by Jack Hunter, editing by guy Faulconbridge

And the guy from The Definers quoted, “We like to muddy the waters.” He just said it.

(Later, she started a conference and website with a guy named Walt and got a bajillion Twitter followers, so, you know, that’s cool.

Is this the guy I wrote the … which book did he write?

I mean, for God’s sake, learn from the guy.

No, I mean that guy‘s podcast sucks.

He looks like a guy you want to hug.

“You have to understand, I am a guy that believes in the power businesses have,” Booker said on the latest episode of Recode Decode.

In “Find the Bad guy,” the narrator cheats on his beautiful, out-of-his-league wife and then violates his restraining order to spy on her.

It would be pretty funny if I became the go-to guy for 80s toys comics.

The glass plate holograms were donated by the Archival Master Plate Collection, LIC, through guy and Nora Barron, members of the C-Project.

Devin Troy Strother published this and that guy is the best.

He’s an unusual guy, but he always made it fun and exciting.

Let’s take this guy Roy Moore down in wherever, Alabama.

I dated a guy who was not very nice to me for six months.

We met this guy named Oliver Peck, who a lot of folks might know from Ink Masters.

The dude with the hat is one lucky guy … hangin’ with Winnie Harlow and her fellow models on a yacht in Miami.

I don’t know who is doing production to the level that this guy is doing.

I told the guy if he got it covered up, I’d give him one more, but he hasn’t covered it up yet.

There was a guy who had, I think around his calf and shin, maybe the whole band, a photograph of all the members.

There are huge stakes for whoever hacked the pics — the guy responsible for “The Fappening” was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison.

“Being the nice guy isn’t about how that makes you feel, or how much everyone else thinks you’re the nice guy.

This guy did everything.

I’m thinking of another New York guy.

“I refuse to be that guy now.

“The amendment feels like a real throw of the dice.” Reporting by Kate Holton; editing by guy Faulconbridge

These days, most kids surely see Wayne in this vein, as the martian rapper, the goblin rapper, the rock star skater guy.

This guy loves suits.

Reporting by Elizabeth Burden, writing by Alistair Smout and David Milliken, editing by guy Faulconbridge

Writing by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Costas Pitas

Post had been DREAMING about meeting the NBA superstar for a while — and previously told TMZ Sports how much he loved the guy.

But four years later, that guy is actually going to be president of the United States — with vast power over climate change policy.

Because he’s a big paid subscription guy.

He is a big paid subscription guy.

I’m a Pittsburgh guy, born and raised.

He’s a tech guy.

Republicans “backpedaled into cultural issues, and it looked desperate,” conservative pundit guy Benson told me after Republicans’ loss in Pennsylvania.

People look at Ivanka and want to believe that there’s a nice guy behind the man who bragged about groping women.

Sometimes you just need to lay down a bunt for another guy to hit a home-run.

It’s a pretty good slap but he’s a passionate guy!

I was in a relationship with a guy that I used to work with.

First of all, Sundar is … We were talking about Satya being a big change, Sundar’s a tremendous … Another lovely guy.

Another lovely guy, tremendous product visionary guy.

Being with him in the studio he’s hilarious and a cool guy.

Yeah, he’s also a very technical guy.

He’s a great guy and he has a lot of energy in the studio.

“Great guy and outstanding coach, he’ll be fine.”

It’s unfortunate that Verizon has chosen to bury them before the new guy even shows up at the door.

He’s a rebel leader, and he’s got a past with Nadine — he’s also the bad guy.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge and Alistair Smout, editing by Pritha Sarkar

Be the 100th guy in the door.

She did seem like she genuinely appreciated the camera guy wishing her well, though … she even called him “honey.”

Like, I mean, come on—look at this guy: Republicans don’t want to be happy; it isn’t their natural state.

This is the guy who sold your dad his last three Toyotas.

How can a team be a dynasty when it lost to Eli Manning twice and a guy who considered quitting football two years ago?

The Patriots are finally dead, and they were killed by a guy Jeff Fisher felt wasn’t good enough.

The guy from Charles in Charge.

“If you want a presidential cover-up, Barr is your guy,” Brosnahan, now 85, told VICE News.

Usman says the guy crossed a line and needs to pay.

This is a guy that I have that towards.”

It is slow-moving and ponderous, and the occasional monologues from the Cajun voiceover guy are really ridiculous.

If I’m a guy who’s only on Twitter, then you have every right to criticize me.

But I’m not that guy.

Would I be the guy to punch Richard Spencer?

Okay, this guy isn’t a snowflake!

I am not crying for any ethno-nationalists or any guy who likes Pepe the frog to get punched in the face.

I was the guy who knew how to do it, and the one that saved up for the equipment.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone play a guy and girl who fall in love and sing about it.

The fastest lap time may not be the guy that starts on pole.

So, naturally Travis picked the whitest guy to get on the mic for those lyrics.

He seemed like a very good guy, in other words, and NBA fans accepted him as that.

I thought there was no way in hell Toronto would elect this guy.

“I don’t know where that guy went.

Additional reporting by Elizabeth Piper in London; Writing by Paul Sandle and guy Faulconbridge; Editing by Kate Holton/Mark Potter/Jane Merriman

The guy is whip smart and a brilliant strategist.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Michael Holden

This guy won — what was it?

Editing by guy Faulconbridge and Alison Williams

Donnelly, in other words, is a guy with a lot of incentive to find places to agree with Trump.

Simply jump onstage like this guy did, and … good luck!

According to concertgoers, Gotti’s security worked the guy over a little bit after the tackle … and then police detained him.

We don’t know if the guy ended up getting arrested, but we KNOW he needs a lot of Advil today.

If you get a guy like Nate, or a Diaz brother period, where they’ve got nothing to lose?

He’s a tough guy, don’t get me wrong.

He’s just a smaller tough guy.

And you can’t fight a bigger tough guy against a smaller tough guy.

Kathy echoed the sentiment, saying this wouldn’t have happened “to a white guy.”

Seriously, the last two years have been amazing for this guy.

Now that guy‘s my favorite dealer, and we make new memories together every day.

Look at this guy’s past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve!

Did you know … Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones once made the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden his special Thanksgiving VIP guest???

Like, here’s the Shenmue bad guy Lan Di photoshopped next to Trump, because Trump is kind of horrible, geddit?

I would like people to know how people got … You were just a political guy, right?

So you got the rocket guy.

You know, you’re a political guy, so do you still do political clients or not?

Our founder was a guy named Michael Green, who’d started a company called The Firm.

We have a channel called Guava Juice that’s doing … It’s a young guy.

As for the guy who registered tedcruzisap*** … well, Ted was a little more circumspect.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; editing by Michael Holden

So of course Jack Stone must be the good guy, right?

“A lot of people find it unpleasant to wait for cable guy,” Lipowski said.

Consider, for instance, Andrea’s stepfather, a guy who probably doesn’t spend a lot of time at morgues.

It essentially affects almost every person on the globe.” (Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; writing by Alistair Smout; editing by Stephen Addison)

Thinking he was joking (that’s exactly the kind of thing this guy would say), the women gave a facetious thumbs up.

His guy friends are standing by him, and you cannot say a bad thing about him.

But I’m a Saturday morning guy, I was used to drawing cartoon characters holding guns and stuff,” says DiLiberto.

Obviously, all that cursing and jumping payed off, because holy shit does that guy look comfortable.

Reporting by Costas Pitas and guy Faulconbridge

To see one on the street, you might think, “That guy has style.” To catch all three, you assume they must be famous.

If I draw something really scribbly, I have to leave a lot of notes for the next guy.

The same guy needs to leave notes for the in-between drawings.

Bilal Dardai is a playwright, performer, essayist, and official guy in your newsfeed who’s always posting about either politics or science fiction.

(Reporting by William James; writing by Michael Holden; editing by guy Faulconbridge/Kylie MacLellan)

“So this guy gets up there and tells a story about he hooked up with a 67 year old trans woman.

He is a real tough guy and he is one of the best in the welterweight division.

Palhares a strong, stocky little guy who wants to rip your leg off.

I’m also a striker, but I’m a stronger guy with better cardio and hopefully a harder head!

Having a “healthy glow” may make you more attractive—if you’re a white guy.

And then at a certain point you are like, “How am I going to get this guy to pay me?

They work for me one way or another, and you are going to have to pay your guy by the hour.

BTW — Kim totally takes it to our camera guy … calling him out for suggesting that pro athletes get around.

Mike was a cool guy who was always on some shit.

I’m not a fashion guy, and I’m not really into this current wave.

The guy was handsome but laughably so.

Despite all his trappings, he looked like a nice guy with a genuine intelligent twinkle in his eyes.

“He was a sweet-natured guy, he had a kind of quiet charm,” says John.

The guy was a cultural appropriator.

Followed his “passions.” So here’s this guy.

There wasn’t much to hate with this guy, just a series of annoying qualities.

This “Jose” was some guy I never knew.

I survived and now this little guy is my gift for survival.”

I survived and now this little guy is my gift for survival.

He is a good guy.

There’s the one guy who asks him where he’s going and Blake says, “Machine.”

The guy says, “Machine!?

What you’re about to watch is just going to go downhill for this guy.

Hamtramck Disneyland is a giant structure that this guy Dmytro Szylak built behind his house in Hamtramck, Michigan.

“This is a guy industry,” she says, but she doesn’t see it as a challenge.

Some guy is being hauled into a police van.

That is to say, Pats fans hate this guy, and that will be the what they hang their hat on.

We’re guessing writer/co-exec producer Virgil Williams — the guy who was kicked — is participating with glee.

What a nice guy.”

What a nice guy.”

What a nice guy.”

After he pulled her hair, she said he went right back to being a sweet, charming guy.

He came across as a happy, nice guy, she said.

Another recalls: “One guy groped a girl at the bus stand.

Lucky guy and father-to-be is fitness model Dana Isaiah. Although Jordin was dressed casual in Yeezys and wore no makeup, she still looked radiant.

He also says Burke was a short guy with a Napoleonic complex and “a sex addict.”

Mr. Lewis fires back … and for a guy known for his defense, he’s certainly on the attack.

At first they were amused: Look at you, little guy, little Cole.

“He knows one guy needs to be yelled at where another guy needs to be coddled; another guy needs a phone call.

I’m a big Fall fan and the guy has never sold himself out in his entire career.

What’s going on is that Sally is the bad guy.

Meghan and DeAndre hung out at The Nice guy in West Hollywood, and then got into the same car and drove off together.

Lead knight Landry (Tom Cullen) is the Good guy.

He will appear in custody at Westminster Magistrates’ Court as soon as possible.” Reporting by Kate Holton and Costas Pitas; editing by guy Faulconbridge

Turns out, less than 10 hours before the hearing, Justin threw a punch at a guy after the NBA Finals in Cleveland.

Reporting by Kylie MacLellan and William James; Editing by guy Faulconbridge and Janet Lawrence

Walker’s son opined that his dad isn’t boring—he’s just a nice guy.

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(Reporting by guy Faulconbridge; additional reporting by James Davey; writing by Alistair Smout; editing by Stephen Addison)

All things being equal in a very competitive world, go for the guy you can have a little fun with.

Yeah, and Steve Levy is, like, the most wonderful guy.

He’s a mensch of a guy.

Reporting by guy Faulconbridge and David Milliken; editing by Kate Holton and Michael Holden

I mean, you’re a media guy, you live in a coast.

It’s funny, my audience, like I think about this one guy, Adam Marx.

So, I believe people do want it but it’s really difficult to get a guy to believe in it to pay for it.

It just hurt me that I’ve got to keep on hitting a guy that doesn’t need to be hit.”

Still, he’s the guy in the middle of Trump’s biggest scandal, and this is what he posted this week.

“It’s like the first time a guy goes out dressed in heels—you are thrilled.

He said he “never saw this British expat guy” and mentioned a rescue video that he said could refute his remarks.

Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it.

the hot mugshot guy, eventually started a modeling career with White Cross Management after his time in prison for armed robbery.

Jeff Van Gundy cuts in: “I would carry this guy‘s bags if I was his coach.”

The guy is a buffon, he is a clown, he will blow himself up’.

In late July, Kilimnik wrote to Manafort, “I met today with the guy who gave you your biggest black caviar jar several years ago.

That makes you a bad guy.

And Donald Trump is impervious to being called a bad guy.

Once, some guy offered me 20 euros to let him take a girl into a stall.

The wide receiver tells TMZ Sports he just spoke with Aaron and the guy seems as laser-focused as ever.

“I don’t know how this guy got a gun.

“Here’s the thing, you look at the guy’s Facebook page, he’s a Bernie Sanders follower.

The guy happens to be a delightful, funny guy with a great sense of humor.

And the guy happens to be a delightful, funny guy with a great sense of humor.

Khan actually ain’t THE tallest guy on the planet (we did some digging) … but he’s up there.

— and tweeted, “Made losing this game not matter ‘as much’ after getting a chance to spend time with my guy LO.

The rapper says the kids named the little guy, Champ.

This was the case in a popular restaurant that my family used to own with a shady guy in the San Fernando Valley.

I want to say that this poor guy didn’t deserve what was happening to him, but I would be lying.

Sometimes word gets out, somehow, that this guy takes oddball requests, and then there will be a spate of oddball requests.

We never heard from that guy again, and now the restaurant has been turned into a Russian teahouse.

He says, “Tell that tall guy I’m really pissed at him because he stole Snapchat.

I know that guy.

Also, at least one brewery has also filed to attach it to a beer — while another guy wants it for a coffee brew.

Erg thoroughly exceeds expectations of what can a guy with a love of power chords and a penchant for 60s pop hooks can do.

Simpson insisted, for example, that he “was always a good guy” and had never been accused of assaulting anyone with a weapon.

Regulars are giggling and fist-bumping the guy behind the counter.

I sit down next to a guy, who I’d started talking to on the way to the clearing.

The once-lonely guy is the last to wake from the trance.

But also: Gosha, my guy, isn’t this font available on

Seriously, click here to read all about the guy.

Update: guy Reschenthaler is the projected winner in the Republican primary.

guy Reschenthaler will win the primary instead of Saccone.

There’s the establishment guy: Brad Little, the current lieutenant governor, who has held that position since 2009.

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