Green in a sentence | Use of the word green examples

What’s interesting — Lindsay’s rocking a green emerald ring … very similar to her old engagement ring.

According to the green Papers, Trump swept the delegate slots in nine districts (out of 18), and Ted Cruz and Kasich each swept 1.

He then saw the gunman, who was dressed in a green jacket and nothing else, open fire.

As the study puts it, “Pro-environmental action could be sold as patriotism, ending oil dependence, or investing in ‘green’ technologies.”

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

The teen party flick starred Ethan Embry, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Seth green.

Windows 10 is getting a “green Screen of Death” for people who test new features early.

Almost everyone you talk to can speak at a personal level to the benefit of green spaces.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

Ja’Mal green has had an exhausting year.

Right now, most microgrids around the world rely on diesel generators, which are polluting and loud, so they’re not very green.

Late last month, NBA player Draymond green accidentally posted a picture of his Draymond on Snapchat.

“We’re all one click away from placing something in the wrong place,” green told reporters after initially saying he was hacked.

No one said green was some kind of awful deviant.

What happened to green was something that could happen to any adult, and the incident was ultimately relatable.

green never promised he was a sterling person.

Simpson joke about killing Nick’s baby mama, Keonna green.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled an official resolution for her green New Deal on Thursday — and it has some enormously influential backers.

Not every Democrat is a huge fan of the demand for a green New Deal, however: Pelosi openly mocked Ocasio-Cortez’s legislation Thursday.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled an official resolution for her green New Deal on Thursday — and it has some enormously influential backers.

Not every Democrat is a huge fan of the demand for a green New Deal, however: Pelosi openly mocked Ocasio-Cortez’s legislation Thursday.

“The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?” she told Politico.

Supporting the green New Deal is the latest litmus test for Democratic 2020 aspirants.

All five who endorsed the green New Deal have also endorsed Medicare for All — to varying degrees.

Currently, the majority of green cards are issued to families of US citizens.

All the green countries call it something else entirely.

RECIPE: Avocado and Tomatillo Salsa Light, fresh, and green, this salsa screams spring.

The black, green, violet, and yellow bands bordering the rectangles frame the totems as well as underscore their separateness.

Many Democrats still blame green Party candidate Ralph Nader for George W. Bush’s presidency.

Those who are drawn to the romance of the thin blue (or green) line, meanwhile, will no longer be dissuaded.

and mechanical ( how does the green potion work?)

“The Bowling green Massacre — not the Kellyanne [Conway] one, the real one!

We’re told REORG commissioned green Wolf Gear — a veteran-owned company — to make the Hardy dolls figures.

The screen is mostly black, save for subtitles and a reverberating green oscilloscope that rises and falls with the voices’ tones and textures.

green New Deal.

green or natural architectural designs are not a new concept, even if each has unique properties.

You might have curtains that are green: Well, if you look at the curtains, they’re actually 500 shades of green.

The museum is directed by Hobby Lobby’s president Steve green and features the craft store’s collection of antiquities and manuscripts.

By this time, Hobby Lobby had donated them to the museum, and the green family had likely received their tax break for their donation.

Keurig green Mountain is the leading single-serve coffee company in the United States.

By Tuesday, the once ubiquitous green, red and white Kurdish flag with a blazing yellow sun had vanished from the streets.

It was founded in 2012 by technology entrepreneurs John Zimmer and Logan green, three years after Uber.

Sam Gilliam’s green April continues at David Kordansky (5130 W Edgewood Pl, Los Angeles) through July 16.

The palette has been reduced to an assured black and white, red, blue, brown and green.

To learn a whole lot more about him, check out Joshua green’s lengthy profile of him for Bloomberg from last year.

Greg Carlock, a senior advisor on the green New Deal at Data for Progress, told INSIDER.

What’s in the green New Deal?

“So really the heart of the green New Deal is about social justice.”

The Yale survey also found that 81% of registered voters support the green New Deal.

Further, 43% of Americans said they’d support raising taxes, including implementing a carbon tax, to fund the green New Deal.

“The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they’re for it right?”

Andrew Cuomo of New York unveiled his own green New Deal initiative.

green Pink Caviar” (2009) is a nearly eight-minute video of a tongue licking silver pebbles, a clump of hair, and green goo.

Reporting by Matthew green; Editing by Gareth Jones

It was gingham tablecloths and a green awning outside.

Spinach, mushrooms, eggs, green onions, cheese, and spices add a boost of flavor to eggs and can make for a tasty frittata.

Beneath this warning, Abney has positioned a stylized image of three African Americans on their knees, either praying or beseeching, against a green circle.

He tries a couple more times, as the camera zooms in on an empty desk with a green jacket on it.

“Tommy Oliver” refers to the green Ranger, a hero who joined the original Rangers during the first season of the original show.

“One of the things I admired about him was that the dirtiest word for him was ‘punditry,’ ” Bannon told Bloomberg’s Joshua green.

Here, we talk about green Book, a film based on the recollections of Tony Vallelonga (a.k.a.

Alissa Wilkinson: green Book is a buddy comedy about an unlikely friendship and overcoming racism.

I always feel the need to qualify my critique of green Book by saying that the movie is pretty entertaining.

How much did you know about the actual history of the green Book going in?

Todd VanDerWerff: green Book is mostly a movie about racism by implication.

But green Book doesn’t even do the work of being part of its genre.

And then green Book just … doesn’t put in the work of filling in the details of that story.

green Book isn’t a movie about what it’s about.

Lockhart: I only recently saw green Book, and it’s … fine?

I know that I’m not green Book’s intended audience.

Still, that doesn’t make it okay that green Book keeps getting sold as this bigger, nuanced story on racism.

In fact, the very existence of the green Book itself refutes that premise.

Really, I think, this more broadly explains most of green Book’s appeal, as P.R.

I think green Book could have been better if it went beyond Tony and really tried to establish Shirley as a co-lead.

So I have one more quick question — if you could recommend a movie to people who love green Book, what would yours be?

I’d encourage people to check out that green Book: Guide to Freedom documentary on the Smithsonian Channel.

I’d also suggest Hidden Figures as a slightly better film that grapples with the same sorts of issues as green Book.

I personally won’t be surprised if green Book wins Best Picture.

Some of them are fun, like determining whether tennis balls are yellow or green (green!).

Jeremy Meeks and Chloe green‘s baby boy is already living in the lap of luxury — the perks of having a billionaire grandpa.

The colors symbolize blood and sacrifice (red), the color of the people (black), and the fertility of Africa (green).

And it sounds like last weekend, green Book star Mahershala Ali became his latest target.

The city is known for its strong music scene, but it’s also home to plenty of green spaces, like Frogner Park.

“It was a plot to massacre and they were Bowling green terrorists,” Conway wrote in a text message to Cosmo’s reporter.

There was no plot to massacre anyone in Bowling green, Kentucky.

Basically every major national media outlet reported the details of what happened in Bowling green after Conway’s MSNBC goof.

That’s why my trees are not green with a brown trunk, but blue, red, or violet.

Saye’s friend and mentor Nicola green told the Standard that she received a Facebook message from Saye at around 3am.

Please pray for me and my mum,’” green said.

A thin green  mark hovers against the top left corner.

Just to the right of the green brushstroke Shear has made a blue parallelogram out of a few overlapping strokes.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads     Iridescent green flies on the dog shit scatter when I walk by.

Many mourners were clad in the green and yellow colors of the ANC.

Gang green star Buster Skrine says the squad is gonna shock the world in 2017.

The liquor was mixed with tumbo juice, derived from a cylindrical green fruit filled with orange pulp, also known as banana passionfruit.

The creature is looking at us, trying to figure out if we will help the green woman or ignore her.

Libertarian Gary Johnson visited the Republican Convention, and Jill Stein of the green Party led rallies at the Democratic Convention.

So this remoulade has the herbal thing going on—the green, a dilly, parsley kind of thing.

In Canada, the city of Toronto—which has highly densified over the last five years—has required green roofs on new developments since 2010.

We’re told the cops were waiting for Angel in his green room when he wrapped up at the Laugh Factory in Scottsdale.

The rebels (in green) are clearly losing ground to the government (in tan).

In the MUNCHIES Garden, Fraser grabs a few handfuls of sungold tomatoes and green beans.

Everyone’s cash is green.

CN: Kirsten green?

Kirsten green at Forerunner.

The money may be all green, but the advice is not all good.

Markey (D-MA) brought Varshini Prakash, co-founder of the Sunrise Movement, a group pushing for a green New Deal.

That they could come up with something more serious than the farcical recent green Real Deal?

The green shoots would be crushed.

The green New Deal is an attempt to grapple with the issue honestly.

Slim Jxmmi and Travis aren’t exempt, as they too are changed with glowing green eyes under the moonlight.

The minor green Party is expected to confirm later on Thursday its support for a three-way coalition with Labour and New Zealand First.

The guards watched as my brother and I stood in the faded green waiting room debating who needed their dad more.

What is green chemistry?

This is the science of green chemistry.

And on December 6, 58 House Democrats voted for Rep. Al green’s impeachment resolution.

What needs to happen to make green chemistry standard practice in major industries and large corporations?

Believe it or not, I see major industries and large corporations trying everyday to bring green chemistry into their design labs.

So as more and more chemists become trained in green chemistry, major industries and large corporations will continue to up their game.

What can we do on a daily basis to support green chemistry and the creation of safer, healthier products?

We all must constantly push for better, safer technologies, but green chemistry is fairly new to the scene.

There is no magic green lever that we can pull to transform the world over night.

Yet Terranova’s use of green screens disrupts this initial view of the film.

Focus Features, which is owned by Comcast, 1960s roadtrip movie “green Book” was named best comedy movie.

The pollutants cause slimy green algal blooms that suck up the oxygen in the water and make it impossible for underwater life to survive.

The report, referred to as a taxonomy, is a mass of graphs, tables and methodologies to determine whether an investment is green.

The Commission also published separate guidelines on what standards a bond marketed as “green” should meet and on climate-related benchmarks for company reporting.

He’s already opened up several restaurants — 10 Five Guys burger joints and with plans to open 7 CRISP & green eateries.

I prefer green tea.

I actually arrive just before midnight, and my eye is immediately drawn to the giant green bud of cannabis dangling from the ceiling.

Chad green allowed two hits over two scoreless innings, before Nestor Cortes Jr. threw a perfect ninth in a non-save situation.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

His portrayals of bell-bottomed youths are lively and sleek enough to make any New York club kid green.

Ted Cruz, you used to say you supported doubling the number of green cards, now you say you’re against it.

I don’t believe there were green alternatives [for the other trains].

What are the green alternatives that the city, MTA, or other council members are proposing for commuters besides the electric fleet?

So, 3-D-printed food is basically a clean eater’s green juice on crack.

I can’t help but hear the dystopian “Soylent green is people” screams in my head.

On the official map of Disney World, there is a blank green mass in the middle of Bay Lake in Orlando, Florida.

With the Warriors leading the series 3-1, that means green could miss the championship-clinching victory.

For green that would be $140,000.

According to some reports, however, green would be allowed to enter the arena after the game for a potential celebration.

Marc Stein of ESPN noted that green must be out of the building two hours before tip-off.

According to Marc J. Spears of ESPN’s The Undefeated, green may have a creative solution: watch next door.

Then, if the Warriors are wrapping up a championship, green could make his way over to Oracle.

green wouldn’t be alone in the stadium.

For green, attending the game and accepting the fine would come with two risks.

And with Silver able to further punish green, he could risk being suspended for Game 6.

In The Coliseum, green may have found a safe, nearby outlet to watch the game then get back to his team to celebrate.

While he was at it, he took some swipes at the Congress member from New York and her promotion of the green New Deal.

Republicans were quick to seize on her rocky rollout of the green New Deal and are constantly looking for angles of attack.

“Ain’t your day every day,” green said … “Can’t win ’em all.

Tree trunks are rendered in red, blue, pink, purple, yellow, electric green; leaves are hinted at with quick brushstrokes, or cartoonishly outlined.

China will also step up efforts to combat illegal rare earth mining and promote green development of the rare earth industry, she said.

Ethanol producer green Plains Inc also attended, sources said.

She misfiled forms and gave us poor advice, which resulted in the rejection of our green card application.

Draymond green will be only Warrior to crack the top 20 in total minutes.

The planters were then rearranged into the shape of the Olympic rings, with trees bursting out, shooting green confetti into the air.

He wears loose green prison-issue clothes, has a thin gray goatee and just wisps of what’s left of his once-long hair.

“I feel like I’m in the middle of an airport tarmac,” she wrote, “with everyone else outside in the green fields.

Their decision held that, on a case by case basis, DHS could allow green card holders to enter the US.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

For Ellard, this means policies that encourage people to cycle or walk, as well as noise bylaws and more green spaces.

“This premature thawing is another clear signal that we must decarbonize our economies, and immediately.” Reporting by Matthew green; Editing by Mark Heinrich

Information about weight loss supplements suggested green coffee supplements might help.

Trump’s comments certainly could be interpreted by foreign powers as a green light to send him whatever information he might find helpful.

And like all presidents who golf, when he hits the green, he is accompanied by Secret Service agents.

Each was a , or fried green plantain with everything.

However, we’ve learned season 5 has officially gotten the green light from network honchos.

But the team also noted that green mega-projects would benefit the region itself by boosting local temperatures, precipitation, and vegetation levels around the farms.

But a future in which the Sahara Desert goes green, in more ways than one, is still a tantalizing possibility.

Circuit Court of Appeals gave the green light for a federal judge in Maryland to review recently disclosed evidence concerning the question.

And yes, there were other colors than just green.

The interior looked pretty standard, if you can get past all the green.

The album was an enormous success, giving green Day their first No.

There’s the gloriously green world, the dark- and rain-lashed one, and another that’s overrun with sandsharks and crisscrossed by deadly swamps.

We begin with a simple cow hide over a green screen.

However, over the weekend Raptors star Danny green told Yahoo Sports he’s a “hard no” on visiting Trump.

But when we launched, from the first day, we had the support of the green Party.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, meanwhile, appeared unclear on whether the executive order actually applied to green card holders or not.

Our founder was a guy named Michael green, who’d started a company called The Firm.

He got a nice green cast to keep things protected for the time being.

green Party has reiterated its call moratorium on fracking in the province, which is hedging its financial future on the liquified natural gas industry.

Minister Damian green, who is effectively May’s deputy, was asked on BBC Newsnight the same question.

What you would get with green screens, we’re now doing as live tech.

Shepherd’s purse, a leafy green in the mustard family, is used frequently in Shanghai.

“My client is a student-athlete who was punched and assaulted by Mr. green in an unprovoked, unnecessary attack,” Smith said.

Each pigeon’s neck, for instance, has iridescent shades of purple, pink, and green.

She is wearing green shorts, yellow socks, and red sneakers.

When you go into that chamber today, there is a green button and a red button.

You’ll also see large plywood panels covered in vivid and unmolested graffiti and street art that the First Street green folks commissioned.

I also add a dash of green tea.

Aaron Schraeter’s “Birdhouse Repo” is on display in First Street green (33 E 1st Street, East Village, Manhattan) through June 6.

Pass through cheese cloth into a container sitting over ice to not to dull the bright green color.

But there are signs of green shoots emerging in the housing market as mortgage rates have declined from last year’s lofty levels.

Lowry said Draymond green got a hand to the ball on his shot.

green had 10 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists.

Dressed in a green cargo jacket and jeans, she comes with a laptop and headphones.

green’s 3-pointer had Golden State ahead by four, but Norman Powell’s running dunk cut the deficit to two with 5:36 to go.

Protagonist Lottie Person is a two-faced disaster, a beautiful fashion blogger crippled with unfashionable allergies and radioactive green snot.

After Plath: Metaphors VIII [I’ve eaten a bag of green apples,]             I’m a full load of delicates, spin de siècle.

The museum also retained Epstein Becker green, an employment law firm whose services include “employment, labor & workforce management,” according to its website.

To me, just having the state condone the option of unburdening others is tantamount to more than a green light.

The idea of extra cash from marijuana taxes just doesn’t catch anyone’s attention; they’re already swimming in green.

green Light!” ranks high.

green was arrested on July 10th after allegedly attacking 22-year-old Jermaine Edmondson — a senior cornerback on the MSU football team.

Edmondson told police he was hanging out with his girlfriend when green bumped into him.

Edmondson says he told green, “Hey bro, you can at least say ‘Excuse me.'”

green allegedly responded by saying, “Do you know who I am?”

Edmondson says 2 of green‘s associates then began to choke him out right in the bar.

He later noticed that green‘s associates choked his girlfriend as well.

More specifically, it’s about the AOC-backed green New Deal, a far-reaching plan to drastically reduce US carbon emissions by transforming the economy.

That’s when he ran into green again — and was confronted by the NBA star.

Edmondson says he told green that “last night wasn’t cool” and green started to poke him in the shoulder.

Edmondson says he told green to take his hands off him — and that’s when “boom I’m punched in my jaw.”

Cops responded and he told officers his neck and face hurt and he did want to take further action against green.

Cops arrested green — and say he was drunk … with a .10 blood alcohol level.

As for green — he issued a statement to reporters Wednesday morning saying, “My legal team is handling it.

One Oreo follows this course, then green tea, steaming in a handmade, fingerprint-pockmarked ceramic bowl emblazoned with four letters: NASA.

The good news for Democrats is that policies like the green New Deal have strong support, according to polls.

In 1982 Toddy’s pupil Ronnie green was one of the first Westerners to make the move to Thailand.

Louis green fights out of Santai Muay Thai near Chiang Mai.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

How green!” As the characters roll through wallpaper choices, the digital becomes tangible as pine trees uproariously splinter through the stage floor.

Others carried flags in the Kurdish national colors of green, red, and yellow, some bearing the face of imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan.

“Let’s not make this a green, red or blue argument.

That was my first thought when I unwrapped the ocean depths Essential Phone, which is neither blue nor green, but a deep jewel tone.

Nicole said she had the green light, but the other driver insisted she ran a red.

She walked over to a nearby garden bed and pulled a heaping fistful of green stems and leaves from the dirt.

With their bright colors in blue, yellow, green, and sometimes purple, the sculptures can appear somewhat gaudy alongside their Italian Renaissance contemporaries.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

She was safely caught on Wednesday morning and has since been released onto a patch of very green land.)

“How green are Obama’s potential Supreme Court picks?”

Someone might tweet that they’re at Fenway Park, like green Day did this year.

And that green thing today was enough.

But German is facing problems in its green push, too. — Fiona Adorno (@FionaAdorno) March 17, 2017 What happens when u wear a green tie on TV ?

But it doesn’t actually expand the number of green cards available to skilled immigrants.

Add the coconut mixture and blend on high until all combined and uniformly green (the spinach will fleck a bit at first).

green was so badly shook that he started throwing punches at Ramsey’s helmeted mouth.

Brian green was reportedly powering down his Samsung phone while boarding in Louisville when the Note 7 made a popping noise and started smoking.

green yanked the phone out of his pocket and threw it on to the ground while flight attendants evacuated the 75 people onboard.

July 1 (Reuters) – BKW AG: * green BOND SUCCESSFULLY PLACED Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: (Gdynia Newsroom)

Once the light turned green, we stepped inside.

Raw or green peanuts (with their shells on) are boiled in a large pot of very heavily salted water.

It’s rousing stuff, and often involves ship-to-ship combat that was filmed on real ships instead of green screen-heavy soundstages.

The passed out Floyd slept through two green light cycles before police banged on his window and woke him up.

As for the minor leaguers … Whitecaps reliever Max green took to Twitter to thank Yu for the meal afterward.

But beyond his positions on issues, green said he embraces Sanders’s willingness to disrupt the Washington status quo and his directness.

detectors; they’re very matter-of-fact,” said green.

The very act of physically passing Ebola patient information out of the infected red zone risked exposing people in the green zone.

But the Republican president has vowed his planned overhaul of green regulation would not jeopardize America’s water and air quality.

Then we have the green Bay offense.

“Once, shadow theater performances in Southeast Asia were exclusively ritual activities that also provided entertainment,” curator Dr. Alexandra green told Hyperallergic.

None of the other green Bay receivers can move the needle.

Pick: Washington 24, green Bay 22

One sample in Ridgway’s book is labeled “Scheele’s green,” a reference to Wilhelm Scheele’s toxic mix of arsenic and copper.

Remember how some of the singles were pink and had little green shapes on it?

You know, in New Mexico, you get a lot of cheese on everything, a lot of green chiles.

“[The sauce] starts with a ton of mostly green Thai chillies, rosemary, thyme, garlic and salt.

These garlicky green beans would be great as a side, or as a main dish topped with a perfect fried egg.

In “Bigger,” the forms pushing from the left and right are white, while the shape between them is deep purple topped by dark green.

Perkin invented other synthetic colors as well, like Perkin’s green (a turquoise-like hue) and another shade of purple, Britannia Violet.

Marie took her up on it and helped paint one of the murals on the wall: a hand with green nail polish.

The palette of “Second Sun” — which is my favorite painting in the show — includes magenta, green, cerulean blue, and white.

I’m surprised when she stoops and plucks a broad, green leaf, pops it in her mouth, and motions that I do the same.

Chad green (2-2) got the win in relief for New York, throwing two scoreless innings.

By 1906, oxidation had covered it with a green patina.

Recently, Bayley had a match scheduled outside of green Bay, and Katie’s parents brought her to watch.

Amid a sea of green, we watch him quickly and wordlessly identify and pluck out what he needs.

Push them to require green roofs on all new buildings.

The bruise-like hues of blue, green, and yellow evoke death and despair, which is further amplified by the washed-out atmosphere and low contrast.

In my not-so-humble opinion, Kitty green is one of the most interesting documentary filmmakers working today.

This becomes fertilizer for the nearby municipal nursery, where trees are grown for the green areas of the community.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

The olives were green, black, and purple, in heaping stacks of glorious abundance.

The same could be said if you were drinking any other type of green juice.

Some countries and green groups criticized the outcome for failing to urge increased ambitions on emissions cuts sufficiently to curb rising temperatures.

I know I can vote green party down the line and know Hillary will still win Maryland and we won’t have Donald Trump.

All in all, the Celtics weren’t able to generate anything productive, and it forced Stevens to try Gerald green in the second half.

Jeff Bezos, Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Travis Kalanick, Logan green.

In Nicole Claveloux’s comic collection, The green Hand and Other Stories, we move through dream states with highly idiosyncratic characters.

Finally, he applied to the head coaching vacancy at tiny green Mountain College in Vermont, a school with just 560 students.

“She seems to find me quite attractive,” the plant taunts the bird in the first chapter of The green Hand.

Sixteen months later, on a brisk December afternoon, Leonelli stalked the sidelines of the Eagle Dome, green Mountain’s fieldhouse.

The scene—manic student section, ready-to-explode energy of the bench, relentless athleticism—was exactly what Leonelli envisioned when he started at green Mountain College.

green Mountain College, an environmental liberal arts school 90 minutes east of Albany, sits at the very end of Main Street in Poultney, Vermont.

Alan green: I’ve never really separated out the spiritual and the secular.

It was during University of Chicago professor Adam green’s keynote speech that I had a real epiphany.

Since 2011, that green line (noting opioid sales) has fallen off for OxyContin.

He even, weirdly, invented a story about the two of them becoming best buds in the green room before a 60 Minutes episode.

It’s not as if the House would have passed Medicare-for-all and a green New Deal if not for the shutdown.

Valuing green’s model of empathetic scholarship is also imperative.

Lyft launched in 2012 and is led by its founders, Logan green and John Zimmer.

It’s 40 percent ABV and a nearby notecard says it has notes of honey, mango, green, apple, and cherry.

“I thought, ‘Is this guy on drugs?’’’ he told me over green tea lattes at one of his favorite cafes.

“I thought, ‘Is this guy on drugs?’’’ he told me over green tea lattes at one of his favorite cafes.

Students, in green, and teachers, in blue, turn yellow if they’re hit with a bullet, according to the sheriff’s office.

Students, in green, and teachers, in blue, turn yellow if they’re hit with a bullet, according to the sheriff’s office.

“We saw what Guardians of the Galaxy did with Gamora, painted green.

The shape contains multiple areas of lightly applied green, blue, red, purple, and orange.

In other places Dunham drops in blue and green sparks, like bursts of activity, and encourages protrusions with thick, animated lines.

Within that kineticism, though, lies a thick, dark line that marks off a small half-moon with shades of green and yellow at the top.

These subsidies will be doled out by a green Bank that would also finance solar and geothermal systems.

Students work a variety of green jobs on campus, from Sustainability Tracking Assistant, to Food Systems Analyst, or even a green Bicycle Technician.

But you don’t have to hike up the mountain to get a green education—all of CSU is committed to sustainability.

It is a quirky old building that initially greats you with a green staircase and red walls.

In brief: US stock futures are barely green, while the FTSE in London charges towards a ninth straight record high.

green Bay Packers defensive lineman Letroy Guion was busted for driving drunk Wednesday morning … which just so happened to be his 29th birthday.

Someone involved in writing that green New Deal summary should have slowed down and figured out what they really wanted to say.

The trope, which trended during the ’80s and ’90s, gets its name from 1994’s green Lantern No.

As green Car Reports points out, the ad represents a significant moment for the electric car industry.

(See Draymond green — who trolled RG on Twitter).

The wins came despite a slew of negative publicity around both “green Book” and “Bohemian Rhapsody” in recent months.

Balthasar Glättli, a green Party member of the Swiss National Council, said some of presidential candidate Jill Stein’s views are “delusional. — Tyler green (@TylergreenDC) January 11, 2017 Wow.

Rep. Mark green, a Tennessee Republican, also questioned Cohen about a book or movie deal.

When Cohen said he didn’t have one, green wouldn’t give up.

green asked Cohen.

It’s delightful: Thanks to Elon green for the pointer.

It comes from the Internet Creators Guild, a new group founded by YouTube vet (and YouTube defender) Hank green.

It may have taken five years, but Canada may finally be getting some green artillery that won’t poison people.

“We’re cautious about the office business,” said green Street’s Lachance.

Our server reappears to deliver a gigantic green and brown mountain seeping with chocolate sauce.

Guillermo Heredia’s second-inning homer over the green Monster in left-center field made it 3-0.

“We’ve got backups for backups,” Mary Kathryn green, a spokesperson for Duke Energy, told Reuters.

green said it has to do with bandwidth.

“Possibly,” the 32-year-old said, when asked if he had got the green light from Williams.

The idea was that support from such companies, combined with support from establishment green groups, would lend the effort credibility and political momentum.

The fact that all of these people are not named Hunting Jones or Literally Handguns green is itself a little miracle.

The reason Culkin agreed to participate was a years-long friendship with Dishel through Adam green, his bandmate in indie rock oddity The Moldy Peaches.

An eager cashier with a blue mustache handed over green and white tubs of paint, which Hopkins swatched on their skin.

Behold: a steak sandwich with foie gras and fried green tomatoes.

The alliance is so called in reference to the three parties’ colors: black, yellow and green, which are also those of the Jamaican flag.

It’s no longer that the emperor has no clothes but rather that the queen’s coat is a green screen.

Not a factual notion,” said Swedish Environment Minister Karolina Skog, of the green Party.

green pom-poms shimmer under the stadium lights.

But when the season began in August, Jojuan was decked out in his new green and white #24 jersey.

After conducting a series of experiments, researchers found that consumers who “go green” are stereotyped by others as more feminine.

“Our vision — Andrew’s vision — was always to build a global, center-right, populist, anti-establishment news site,” Bannon told Bloomberg’s Joshua green.

On average, men and women saw the consumers who engaged in green behavior as more feminine than those who did not.

Additionally, the researchers found that men will go out of their way to avoid green products and behaviors when their gender identity is threatened.

But when their masculinity was affirmed—for example, being told they did something “like a man”—they were more likely to purchase the green product.

He had me scan my passport, and it didn’t show a green light.

In her images, couples face their back to the camera, cloaked in green screen outfits.

The incident sparked outrage from many VidCon attendees, with comparisons made to the recent turn to the alt-right of prominent YouTube feminist Laci green.

Meanwhile, alt-right members bombarded VidCon organizer Hank green with requests to ban Sarkeesian from the event for “harassing” Benjamin.

)” The statement drew skepticism given green’s familiarity with YouTube culture, where Sarkeesian has long been a prominent target of Gamergate-related vlogs.

Throughout the set, the quartet was joined by vocalist/cellist, Sarah green, and vocalist Rachel N. of False.

Brauer called the green Climate Fund a “watershed” and said that offering this type of support is part of the responsibility of richer countries.

This information is shown through the bright green silhouette of a foot on a percentage scale.

It reportedly took Trump 12 days to speak publicly about Johnson and the three other green Berets killed in Niger on October 4.

Somehow Trump managed to spin a simple question about dead green Berets into a full-blown scandal.

A total of 16 athletes have since donned red, green, and white uniforms to compete in athletics events, swimming, and judo.

I make them green.

They would not be green.”

#TrumpBookReport I do not like green eggs and ham.

The registration of the concentric lines (red, blue, and green) is key to what happens optically.

When I come back, the game has set me onto a planet of green fields and blossoming trees, without my say.

He’s now a legal permanent resident of the US (a green card holder), and applied for citizenship in 2014 (apparently unsuccessfully).

The green hydrogen produced by this process can be used for chemical production processes.

A study from Bowling green University found that only 125 police officers were charged with murder or manslaughter between 2005 and 2011.

Posts also aimed to boost Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) — Clinton’s toughest primary challenger — and green Party candidate Jill Stein.

As an outspoken critic of Barack Obama’s golfing, the president is now outpacing his predecessor’s time on the green.

For mild shocks, she’ll flash a green light.

On the East Side, floodable green space 11 blocks deep will be added adjacent to the water as a buffer zone.

We need Medicare-for-all, funded by a carbon tax, with a whole bunch of UBI rebates for the poor and public investment in green technologies.

France’s green party also saw a surge in support.

Circuit Court of Appeals gave the green light for a federal judge in Maryland to review recently disclosed evidence concerning the question.

If not, Apple will send any messages as a standard text message (displayed in green).

And the ramen is plainly bad: the green curry sharp and thin, the noodles overcooked, the broth gritty with shrimp paste.

The chashu, however, is flaccid, and the haystack of green onions a little overwhelming.

The Raptors shipped DeRozan, Jakob Poeltl, and a 2019 first-round pick for Kawhi Leonard and Danny green.

“It won’t be like in a car race, going from a yellow flag to a green flag.

Draymond green is definitely the kind of person you want as your friend.

Watching billions of leaves turn from green to auburn is one of nature’s most beautiful annual shows.

Draymond green is just kicking people.

What we’re staring down now, though, is the near-unequivocal reality that Draymond green is kicking people with intent.

Lyft’s founders, Logan green and John Zimmer, now hold stakes valued at $675 million and $415 million, respectively.

(US foods that have been irradiated are marked with a green circle containing a tree-like symbol.)

Solar panels are quickly becoming one of the most popular options for green energy.

While solar might not be the best choice for your home, due to whatever reason, it is not the only option in green energy.

Irving is especially good at attacking green in isolation, something most players are afraid to even attempt.

He released his signature mint green dryer in 2013 for $300.

CeeLo green is leading the pack for the weirdest getup on The Grammys red carpet.

He has not settled on a position on Medicare for All but does support the green New Deal backed by progressives.

Again, the United States has promised to deliver the green Climate Fund $3 billion, not $100 billion as Trump’s statement appears to suggest.

So if you breed a lot of kitties with green eyes, that’s going to be less scarce.

It’s been exactly 50 years since the last edition of The green Book was published.

In 2015, the New York Public Library digitized copies of most of the green Books published throughout the guide’s 30-year history.

Edmonson says he confronted green the next night — and Draymond punched him in the face.

(The 1962 edition joked that eventually, The green Book would offer listings for vacations to the moon.)

Edmondson says he’s still haunted by the attacks — and feels his name has been turned into a joke thanks to green.

green, who was a mail carrier by day, believed firmly in the power of black-owned business — and specifically in the power of black advertising.

The idea of The green Book was to make black travelers’ lives easier, while promoting the businesses that were willing to serve them.

When The green Book was first published in the 1930s, it presented itself merely as a convenience, not as a reaction to discrimination.

The passage about “it will be a great day for us to suspend this publication” comes from green‘s introduction to the 1948 edition.

For most of The green Book’s history, discrimination was a simple fact of life: something to be lived in and worked around.

The green Book didn’t last long enough to give black tourists a guide to the hotels that would accommodate them on the moon.

Those granted green cards to the US were given false hope as they are met with detention and interrogation upon landing in the country.

Russia has promised to indefinitely suspend airstrikes in the “green zone,” where groups that have accepted the cessation of hostilities are in control.

Russia has promised to indefinitely suspend airstrikes in the “green zone,” where groups that have accepted the cessation of hostilities are in control.

The Product: green Mint (Fun Factory) Taste Test: The dominant flavor is synthetic, not unlike licking a plastic picnic table.

Votes afforded to green Party candidate Jill Stein in either state were more than Trump’s margin of victory.

Operation green Fence was the 2013 effort to just start getting exporting countries to clean their recycling, their plastics in particular.

It turns out your hippie uncle with the pot farm may have been exaggerating about how green his buds were.

The green in the shirt is echoed by the city’s terre verte hues, a detail that likely caught Ashbery’s attention.

In the video, a young man wearing a bright green hoodie and jeans is seen sprinting from a sidewalk in downtown Nairobi.

For a while, Deciem’s homepage was a black screen with a small green pi symbol in the center.

As he pushes past an Associated Press photographer, a policeman in green camouflage uniform and maroon body armor chases him, his club outstretched.

Bright green inside and brown outside, silky butter inside, and bumpy outside.

I think that lawmakers are going to see that as a green light to do whatever they want and they will go to town.

He joined up with the Obama White House in its first year to be its “green jobs” czar.

Once turned on, the animatronic Bagans’s eyes light up green, and his voice rings out, telling us of the adventure that awaits.

Accomplished blocking tight end Virgil green was back.

I walked into a mastodon skeleton’s eerie green rib cage and played its bones like a xylophone.

U.S. regulatory authorities gave the green light to the deal last month without demanding concessions.

The steps are similar (albeit on a much larger scale) to the brownstone stoops in the surrounding neighborhood of Fort green, Brooklyn.

“A great dinner out!” —Alison green, author of Ask A Manager: Clueless Colleagues, Lunch-Stealing Bosses, and the Rest of Your Life at Work 39.

Starbucks teased the collaboration yesterday with a tweet of two cloud emoji, one green heart emoji, and one coffee cup emoji.

“Times have changed,” said Adam green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

“Does he meet the moment?” green, whose group supports the candidacy of U.S.

As Alison green of Ask A Manager explains, “in some offices, it’s normal to exchange gifts with everyone on your team.

“The biggest thing to know is that at work, gifts should flow downward, not upward,” green says.

The light will turn green eventually, but they hope it is red for long enough that drivers realize they should turn.”

Zaid is from Yemen, and had won the ‘green card lottery’ in 2016.

the green Berets, 1952, but video games based on real events are nothing if not historically opaque.)

Zaid is from Yemen, and had won the ‘green card lottery’ in 2016.

We’re told the bag contained a pair of Cartier Panther cuff links with clear and green stones, valued at $30k.

It used to be that out of every ten clients who visited my office [for green cards], two or three would apply.

Without the waiver, an undocumented spouse must leave the US for ten years before applying for a green card.

But he added that Noe, like all undocumented applicants, remains vulnerable until he receives his green card.

I’ve purchased cellulite-reducing cream, $15 green juices, and 100 calorie packs.

Here’s my confession: I don’t care how green you are.

Especially if they have green cards or are immigrants.

MILAN (Reuters) – Italy’s Edison has agreed to buy green energy assets from its French parent company EDF to make it Italy’s No.

And that tree didn’t look quite as green as it once had, in fact it gleamed a radiant silver with new aluminum designs.

Momentum is also building behind German green member Ska Keller to share the chamber’s presidency.

Any kidswear store I went into had the boys’ clothing limited to green and blue, dinosaurs or trucks.

The SPD’s hold over its members would make an extreme Republican partisan green with envy.

I want to take this tool, maybe remix it and make the button blue instead of green.

For every good high there’s a bad one; a green kush nug for each dimebag of reginald.

Kanter holds a U.S. green card that allows him to live and work in the country on a permanent basis.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

In the Trump administration map you see that every county is dark green, indicating three health insurance plans selling everywhere.

Nearly the state is dark green in the map of Washington State because they’ve decided to roll data up to the state level.

The intensity of the bright pinks in “Loom” (2018) seems to derive from a solid green line on the middle left.

But without that green hinge, the painting would have minimal depth and ferocity.

You don’t need to know anything except 21, green, 21.

Each block (manzana) was to be of almost identical proportions, with buildings of regular height and spacing and a preponderance of green space.

Of course, Jeremy became a thing in the modeling world immediately after his prison release — and he’s now dating heiress Chloe green.

Her point here — she’s in the red, while he’s rolling in green … and green.

Mogadishu’s heavily guarded airport, which is often compared to the fortified green Zone in Baghdad, has several safety perimeter fences and checkpoints.

In its way, it was humanitarian, with great attention paid to the hygiene and green space needed by workers.

I’ve voted Republican, I’ve voted Democrat, I’ve voted green, I’ve voted Independent.

Jammed outside of the spinning centrifuges of Oregon, Nevada, Utah, and Texas, California shows up all green on Slice’s heat map.

“I live in Cali and see those things everywhere yet it’s green on the map.

I know you’re looking down at us right now giving us the green light to move forward.

From a heap of spring green beans, his wife is constantly picking out and separating the ones that are turning yellow.

Correction: Nate Boyer was a US Army green Beret, not a Navy SEAL.

The avarebele finds its way into the paddu batter along with chopped onion, coriander, and green chilies.

He’s relishing a big green avarebele samosa, a fried patty with a savory filling of potato, onion, and beans.

Grist is a nonprofit news site that uses humor to shine a light on big green issues.

), and the eyebrow raises (That white savior mess green Book did not need so many noms).

The courtyard features a number of green spaces and seating options.

Pryor green, who sent the email from Virginia, included her office phone and official email, should I wish to speak to her.

Obviously we’ve seen the conversation around the green New Deal.

Justin had tequila and apparently lots of it the night before, and he swears the green juice cures all that ails him.

It was a beautiful shade of green but it would stink out the whole place when I was making it.”

They also found a green pill bottle containing a white controlled substance in the glove compartment.

Emily of New Moon is in many ways a close cousin to the more famous Anne of green Gables.

After having a green card for five years, they’d be allowed to apply for citizenship, just like any other green card holder.

Our view of the green Jaicoa range of hills bares the brown earth lacerations carved by landslides.

The Italian trade fair organiser said on Monday it had received the green light from Milan Stock Exchange to list its shares.

In the accompanying prints the Kelly green pollutes everything from Iguazú Falls to a man’s denuded member.

The suite of proposals from congressional Democrats to fight climate change range from pricing carbon dioxide to the expansive green New Deal resolution.

1996 – 1998: Jennifer Aniston’s portrayal of Rachel green on the hit TV show “Friends” led to the creation of “The Rachel” haircut.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Politico he is drafting a “green Real Deal” to fight climate change.

Some have already come out in favor of the green New Deal while others have staked out less ambitious policies.

Buddha statues accent the blue and green color scheme.

The green groups are now building a new wave of lawsuits that they hope will benefit from the Wyoming court decision.

By the time I stumbled onto terra firma, sore and bleary-eyed, I was in a green guilt spiral.

They clawed the Champions League trophy from the hands of their rivals, and brandished it aloft on the rich, green Wembley turf.

Rumors flew that these resurfaced stories could be part of a “smear campaign” against green Book by a rival studio.

The youngest, a deep forest green, had soft leaves around the size of an adult’s hand, shaped like a teardrop.

Her guests included Cara Santana, Michelle Trachtenberg, Clare Grant (Seth green‘s wife) and actress Jillian Murray.

Spring brings pale green trees, splashes of cherry blossom pink.

Hue is the shade (blue, green, red, etc.

In the summer the trees are rich green, turning to brown and gold in the autumn.

That change would annually cut at least 287,700 green cards signifying legal permanent U.S. resident status, according to the Migration Policy Institute think tank.

– End a lottery for green cards offered to applicants from countries with low immigration rates.

Oh, and for the record—as if you need to know at this point—Draymond green wears a size 15.

Mike Epps got the green light for a new TV show but now 3 producers are raging … claiming the comedian flagrantly stole their idea.

The blast claimed the lives of two green Berets and an airman and wounded four other Americans, three service members and one civilian contractor.

Avocado green Mattress are made-to-order in the USA, using all natural and organic materials.

Buy an Avocado green Mattress and save $200.

Colorado, which, last we checked, ladled green chile over everything, gets crowned with the perplexing choice of spaghetti squash.

And, with Draymond green returning from a one-game suspension, can the Warriors prevent a repeat?

The Warriors missed green‘s offense, too.

As the Cavs doubled the ball, Bogut was left to run the 4-on-3 action that green has mastered.

We hope green in a sentence examples were helpful.