God in a sentence | Use of the word god examples

pic.twitter.com/9ODwffMG9A Oh my god.

“If Hillary were to win 54-46, oh my god.

Put some Arizona in your eggnog (actually, maybe don’t), plug in your Playstation 1, and listen to Frost god below.

At the end of the day, they explained, one of them probably didn’t believe in god.

I remember thinking, god, there’s a big group of people downstairs hanging out in the living room, and they can probably hear him.

Oh my god.

“Dear diary, it’s finally happening.” Oh my god, we should start a rumor, it would be so funny.

So thankful to god that he stopped and helped me.

I now sometimes ask god why he made me gay in a society like Pakistan.

god called me to this race,” he said upon accepting his party’s nomination.

god bless you and goodnight!

Action crime thriller “The Boondock Saints” followed two devout Catholic brothers as they slaughter Boston criminals in god‘s name.

god bless you all.

“Let god’s will be done,” she said.

(god help you if you stumble upon the Flintstones variation on that form.)

god bless us, everyone!

“Luckily, by the grace of god, our house didn’t collapse.

“I tell them this is a test from god,” he said, smiling congenially.

It’s troubles like these that bring us closer to god’.” Editing by Robert Birsel and Paul Tait

He was not a god or a guru or a hero (maybe a bit of those), but he was proof that it was possible.

I’m looking at Bunz Dating Zone or maybe Bunz Pet Zone.Oh god.

There are hundreds — god, maybe thousands now — of different teatox companies around the world, the vast majority of which are independently owned.”

“There are hundreds — god, maybe thousands now — of different teatox companies around the world, the vast majority of which are independently owned.”

“It could have been avoided.” And then he asked: “Do you believe in god?” Kavanaugh said that he did.

“I’m going to give you a last opportunity right here, right in front of god and country,” Kennedy said.

100 percent certain, Senator.” “Do you swear to god?” “I swear to god.” “That’s all I have, Judge,” Kennedy said.

For god‘s sake just do it around people.

Bill Gates may be a super rich billionaire, legendary philanthropist, and tech god, but there’s one thing he isn’t good at: dabbing.

In his forthcoming book Super Natural, which was previewed in an opinion piece for the New York Times called “Don’t Believe in god?

“Thank god we don’t have a pollster, or a consultant, or whatever.

Oh my god.

You didn’t go, “Oh my god.

Do I believe in god, do I believe in me?

I thank god every day for my family.

god, I wish.

He did, however, ask god to bless four Republican candidates up for election in next week’s midterms in the state.

A speaker of Sauk explains: “god gave us the Sauk language…He didn’t give us English.

Jupiter is also a figure in Roman mythology that’s regarded as the equivalent of the Greek god, Zeus.


The tenet of Christian Zionism is that god‘s promise of the Holy Land to the Jews is eternal.

Mother: Remember that god exists.

Kneel and cry to god.

During Diana’s final battle with the god of war Ares, there’s a point where he seems to have vanquished her.

Thank god, then, that Jennifer Lopez was present to inject a jolt of life into the proceedings.

“It was gonna be a massacre,” Miller says … “But, sometimes god has plans for you.”

But they all said they felt god wanted them to be Catholic.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Large, flying Pokémon seemed particularly resistant, with multiple Poké Balls that I swear to god landed in capture range but did absolutely nothing.

A sanctuary is a place where god‘s love is a living reality,” Rigby said in his church Tuesday.

Does he believe in a god.

In 2014, Uber executives used an internal tool called “god View” to track the movements of a reporter for BuzzFeed News.

And god willing, those are things that will happen.

“May god shower blessings upon you,” says a man who barely has enough teeth to chew his taco.

There was a website called god‘s Girls.

the guy who once very seriously speculated that Lil Uzi Vert and Wiz Khalifa were planning to kill god.

On his Vkontakte account, Whelan posted in support of President Donald Trump — “god SAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

On his Vkontakte account, Whelan posted in support of President Donald Trump — “god SAVE PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Afterward he sat under a tree, lit a cigarette, talked to god and cried.

“Thank god we’re hot chicks with superpowers,” says Faith.

It’s dark, is what I’m saying, so thank god for Tara, the one consistent source of warmth in season six.

Thank god for Faith, who livens up every story she enters.

She was on Power 105.1’s ‘Breakfast Club’ Tuesday morning when Charlamagne tha god asked her point-blank if abortion was discussed.

So Breitbart became something akin to a right-wing rock god, a staple at major conservative conferences and gatherings hosted by the conservative old guard.

His bio simply reads, “‘I want to walk with you along the way of god’s mercy and tenderness.’ (Official Account.

god bless you, and god bless America.

I was like, ‘Oh my god!’

Robert Wright is the author of The Moral Animal, Nonzero, The Evolution of god, and, most recently, Why Buddhism Is True.

Thank god for Abby Lee Miller … said Abby Lee Miller when discussing the fame and success of some of her “Dance Moms” students.

Thank god I have other stuff that I’ve started to do.”

The mid-credits scene opens with the voice of Marvel’s mighty god of thunder, Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

An oft-heard variation on this view is that Trump may be a sinner, but he’s one chosen by god for a providential mission.

Post Malone Most Palone Priests god is dead but buzz bands aren’t.

“I know people will disagree with me, but it just seems like god made men and women, and that night guns made them equal.

I’ve never heard from him again, thank god, but I was scared for a long time.

god himself will punish those involved in homosexuality,” Seddique Mateen said in the video.

“This is not for the servants” of god.

A New Jersey school’s fight over keeping the words “under god” in the pledge of allegiance dominated that November.

But whatever laws may be best for the kingdom of man, the laws for the kingdom of god and its ministers are unambiguous.

We have a god of longevity who’s always holding a big peach.

“I would pray to god and just ask, what is happening?

May god bless you, and may god bless the United States of America!

Nixon never gave such an order, thank god, forestalling a crisis.

god, I mean, if they don’t know …

god, that was a short-lived …

god gave me the ability to love a disabled person,” he says, and that taking care of one another is why love matters.

god doesn’t want your thoughts and prayers.

god wants you to know that you are responsible to care for and protect other people.

Prayer grounds us in god’s mission and reminds us that god is active in the world.

Recognizing god’s role in creation puts the rest of life into perspective.

If god’s will is that we are to be selfless, then what benefit is it to act selfishly?

Prayer helps us to remember god’s will for creation.

Prayer moves us beyond ourselves toward god’s promise.

We cannot praise god for divine acts of justice and mercy without hearing the call to imitate god through our own actions.

god is moved by the prayers of his people and brings healing, peace, and comfort to those afflicted.

We pray to the living god, so praying is direct communication with god himself.

god’s desire for this world is peace.

Instead, prayer is a means through which we communicate our hearts to god, and we surrender to his perfect will.

In other words, prayer is a means through which we remind ourselves, and god, that god is god and we are not.

Through prayer we are reminded that god has communicated to us throughout millennia.

Prayer allows us to communicate our thoughts and feelings to god, knowing that he cares for us and is involved in our daily lives.

In prayer we know that god is real, god is good, god is working, and god is calling us forward.

Prayer for my community and myself is time to be in relationship with god in an intimate, focused way.

Through prayer, we are rooted in god.

Sometimes we go to prayer to let out all of the pain and give it to god.

Prayer is being in relationship and communication with god.

Prophet Muhammad stated, “Whoever does not show mercy shall not receive mercy.” Prayer is communication with god.

So how can one not cry out to god when one is in need?

But how god responds is up to god.

god may respond, for instance, by encouraging you to reach out or help someone who is suffering.

That is, god may move your heart to help the victims of a tragedy in some way.

What god does is up to god.

All I know is that I frequently ask god for help, and I’m grateful when people pray for me.

Praise god, so far the fighters are standing strong and the regime was not able to advance,” said Abu Shaima, a rebel spokesman.

She was a great woman, with a wonderful gift from god, her voice.

“Thank god that, after this incident, many of those that were detained had a big cleaning process,” he said.

How did that role come to you?Oh my god, so I had to audition for that role.

There were people in class who were on TV, and I thought, Oh my god, this could be possible, so I kept at it.

Thank you all, and god bless you.

Thank god Fox Business isn’t scheduled to host any more.

god damn it, Bill.

“My god, it’s scary.

Oh my god, please call us.

That’s a good one.” But some of them I think, “Oh brother.” KS: That’s like god.

god has to do this all day long right?

god, I haven’t been this upset since I flipped out over that parking space,” said Baldwin as Trump.

Listen to it above, pray to his god that “Either Way” comes next, and watch for From A Room: Volume 1, out May 5.

No Uncharted, no god of War, no Resistance, no Gran Turismo.

That’s god‘s Orchestra you hear there in the intro.

The Old god.

Oh my god.

god Bless our HEROES who wear the uniform, and god Bless the United States of America.

“For the love of god, I never thought I would see this,” said Caridad Miranda, 45, whose sister and niece died in the crash.

He then asked Abrams whether he believed in god.

8:40 PM: Oh my god, is that Thom Yorke?!

And a nonbeliever accepts that god is very, very likely.

Look, in a humanitarian crisis … we should be ready, Congressman, to intervene — god forbid there is genocide — but not without congressional approval.

“What we constantly remind him is ‘There but for the grace of god go I.’

“There was a moment,” McNab said drily, “where you think , Oh my god, what have I done?”

Believers can no more fail to act on their understanding of god‘s will than all gays and lesbians can remain celibate.

Toya noted, “It’s by god‘s grace.”

You can take Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching god as an example.

If it’s political, god bless it.

And Matt, god bless him, immediately followed up, and said, “David, you realize you just said ‘death scene.'”

Oh my god.

The Anatomical Venus: Wax, god, Death & the Ecstatic is available from Distributed Art Publishers Inc.

Oh my god.

god bless her.

But for god’s sake, stop asking her about it.

You text them and god forbid they don’t answer immediately.

He told us about his new relationship with god, who is tender and doesn’t, as he says, “fit in a box.”

Earlier this month, Charlamagne Tha god came under fire for a 17 year old sexual assault case.

Thank god that it exists because … What do you think of their … they’re different than the studios?

Finally, after being reminded of the basic tenets of his life, he concludes, “OH MY god MY LIFE IS PERFECT!”

Before the meditation, Aros brought out a veritable trunk show of his clothing line, god.

1 … god, I forgot about Gowalla.

Nope (thank god).

After Charlottesville, the white supremacist publication, the Daily Stormer, praised Trump, saying, “god bless him” for his remarks on the protests.

Wizkid also showed up on his fellow countryman Patoranking’s album god Over Everything.

And then he reminded everyone that we are a nation that owes ourselves to god, not government and that worships god and not government.

After many sleepless nights, jotting into my notepad, by god, I had it.

So be prepared — you’ll probably be seeing people screaming, “Oh my god, granite countertops!”

I sign this legislation with a prayer that god would continue to bless these precious children, mothers, and families.”

A photo posted by qvaAD (@quasivisualarts) on Even before Bugs Bunny killed god, people have been talking about aliens.

I viewed myself as god basically and she was my slave.”

god had other plans for me.

Truth cannot speak for itself, like the voice of god from above.

Kim Kardashian has found god — at a discount — because after the robbery wealth will no longer be the driver of her brand.

The cohost Charlamagne tha god, who is black, repeatedly questioned the 2020 presidential candidate over her longtime claim of Native American ancestry.

And thank god he wasn’t a very good shot,” said Representative Joe Barton, the Republican team’s manager.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, Spirited Away—oh my god, I just lose it.

Oh my god.

Freshwater is an electric debut novel, steeped in Nigerian cosmology, about a girl born with a god spirit in her head.

I rushed home and thank god my kids and myself are safe.”

I rushed home and thank god my kids and myself are safe.”

Cris: Oh my god.

He begins keeping a diary as an “experiment,” in which, he tells us in voiceover, he will confide to god every morning.

But it is not a movie that will please those who flock to god’s Not Dead and faith-based films with happy endings.

Holy mother of god.

“I don’t know anything about your husband, I swear to god.”

Read This Next: Health Secretary Recommends god as the Solution to the Opioid Crisis

Oh my god, please, let’s not have that happen in San Francisco.

Or, maybe, you’re doing it for honor, god, and country.

Which podcasts do you listen to?RadioLab is the gift from god to the world.

It’s literally the number one thing… god and politics.And then you mix them, and the world ends.

The woman has an iPhone and orders her own Lyfts, for god‘s sake.

The people are often not your ideals but, god, it’s so important that they win.

Oh my god, these drum fills are so, so funny and crazy.

As the story was first told, Harris asked Bernall if she believed in god moments before he shot her, and she said yes.

“Thank you for thinking of us, god bless you,” Malhotra says to his newly discovered ally, beaming in his rearview mirror.

The martyrdom piece is missing from all three of the god’s Not Dead films (though it appears in I’m Not Ashamed).

They do, god bless them.

Lomis feels she was portrayed unfairly at the time: “People say to me now, ‘thank god you stood up for everybody.’

Gender is not fluid; it’s ordained by god.”

It’s Lofty305, Ruben Slikk, Postranaught and Free Base aka Posh god and that’s all the homies in Metro Zu.

(“Oh, god,” she said when New York Times reporter Matt Flegenheimer approached her about the subject at a congressional softball game.)

Simply put, god’s grace is supposed to make you a new person and set you free from the “bondage” of sin.

His lapse may be a relatively minor … not praying, reading the Bible, and keeping his focus on living for god.

“Oh my god, here’s this other Black, Texan wife, and mother who uses gender and sexuality and race in creative ways.

Radical “come to Jesus” experiences reinforce evangelical mythology about everyone else in the world being miserable and depressed without god.

Without god, the implication goes, people have almost no agency.

We love our god.

That stimulates my ear in a way it’s never been stimulated before, where I can go, oh my god!

god bless UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt and his quixotic causes that are quickly turning into crusades.

god love the man’s adamant resistance in the face of a great drug scourge, his great refusal to accept a compromised reality.

But with god on her side, she will fight to rebuild it, she says.

So, maybe god really does hate the gays…?

Chrissy Teigen’s reaction to Busy — “For the love of god can I come over.”

It’s an awful, soul-crushing and confusing, uninspiring … go to an Apple store, you just want to hang out.” Google: “Google is god.

I think it’s replaced god for us.

But, my god, he’s compelling, he’s engaging.

Silicon Valley’s geek god is trying to become its political savior.

George wasn’t always the gay icon we wanted, but by god, he was the gay icon we deserved.

I’d like to set fire to patriarchal religions, to the idea of male god.

Constance: god I hope Emily is still alive.

He expressed his gratitude to god and to his family for giving him the strength to get where he is.

It’s not as if he enabled a “god mode” that allows him to soak up bullets without worry.

Why is it that the son of god would be left alone, so human, so vulnerable, practically forgotten?

Dom Sylvester Houédard, friends with the beatniks, littered his texts with references to god and prayer, and had a peculiar sense of humor.

“Oh my god, we’re so much more creative,” Bang says.

As a baptized and confirmed Catholic, I know the first lesson of our faith: god loves us all.

“All of god’s children can live, or go into the dark,” the ad intoned.

Thank you all and god Bless.”

It renews as it destroys; with its destruction it brings an epiphany about the universe, the gods, or god.

That’s far different from observing the rights of men to worship god according to the dictates of their conscience.

You can’t force people to worship god in any matter.

But to deny god — to deny Christianity or Christian principles — is to deny what the First Amendment was established for.

It’s about how god ordained in Romans 13 the different jurisdictions of government.

Ganesh, a Hindu god depicted with a human body with an elephant head, is meant to remove obstacles and help you achieve your dreams.

Oh my god, he’s so sharp.

god, there hasn’t been that many, we’ve been pretty good on them.

I think of it as an interactive, personal relationship with god where we know that he’s always present, that’s he’s protective.

god bless Canada.

Oh, god, have I?

We are people who cherish our values, protect our civilization, and recognize the image of god in every human soul.

And some of J. M. W. Turner’s last words were “The Sun is god”?

god bless you.

Where does Coily fit into god’s plan for us?

god bless Israel.

god bless the Palestinians.

And god bless the United States.

Regardless of how serious all of this is, watch the “33 “”god“” lyric video below.

Oh my god.

“For god’s sake, look at Donald Trump.

Democracy in media cuts both ways just like god is both perfect justice and perfect mercy.

“If god created me all over again and he said, ‘You can pick whoever you want to be.’

We’ve also got god‘s Green Crack and Mango Dream.

And I was thinking to myself, oh dear god Valerie, what does this song sound like?

You guys were great.” One drink turned into god knows how many.

He’d look at it, and look at it, afterward, while trying to guess what in the name of god he had said.

KS: Oh, my god.

JF: Oh my god, it was terrifying.

Oh, my god.

For god’s sake, watch it.

I never expected my meme to be retweeted by the god Emporer [sic] himself!!

I was like, “Oh god!”.

Someone needs to organise a hardcore karaoke night.Oh my god.

“May god have mercy on us all,” he concluded.

The same year, the family—who are atheist—drove by a church and Hazel declared, “I know what god is.

god knows I’m searching for it too.

was like punching out a bruised rib but I took it like god was in my throat telling me not to cede.

What is your … Oh my god, it’s a great question.

god, that feels like it’s above my pay grade.

Oh god, that’s gonna be another 15 minutes left in this interview.

One woman said, “I believe, truly, that Trump is appointed by god to lead this country back in the direction it needs to go.”

And why, for the love of god, did this have to happen at 4 PM on a Friday.

Mary + Jane, meanwhile, is trying to squeeze two decent actors into an edgy-ish concept, hoping to god that it feels natural.

… Mustafa, god rest his soul, was a normal kid growing up.

In the eyes of god, whether you’re murdering someone or telling a white lie is roughly equivalent, because both are sinful.

I get that some people equate Brady/Belichick/Kraft/Patriots with Trump, and view New England’s fifth title as proof that there’s no god.

Praise be to god.

“What the devil meant for bad, god’s going to turn it into something good.”

“Everybody needs a god, if you will, and in the grain world, the USDA tends to be that” for data and statistics, Basse said.

Oh my god.

Thank god we’re getting close — November will be here before we know it.

I know you’ve … And you’ve linked it back to your sister and it was just … Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

It’s because— Oh my god, that’s Rhyno’s music!!!!

god bless my mother, whose voice I would conjure in my mind to rid myself of the cravings for those reliably perfect fries.

BTW — Fear of god‘s got a huge following, with celeb fans like Cardi B and Justin Bieber.

Also, for god’s sake, gentlemen, go down on your partners!

He wasn’t a missionary or an anthropologist, for god‘s sake; he wanted to monetize this.

It’s surprising because, in Christian theological terms, god is not the one who makes knock-offs.

It’s Satan who comes along with a counterfeit offer: What did god really say?

As any child who’s ever prayed the familiar Christian mealtime prayer will tell you, god is both great and good at once.

Pulido spoke briefly with reporters on Monday and said that he was “very well, thank god.”

And in the Bible, god often seems interested in form and content.

For example, according to the creation myth in Genesis, the trees god made are both “good for fruit and pleasing to the eye.”

Terrence Malick, whose films grapple with the complicated relationship of god to man, comes to mind.

YouTube is not the Star Chamber — stop playing god & silencing those voices you disagree with.

A man in Nevada, for example, claimed that god told him that Trump was the Lord’s servant.

I’ll start thinking, ‘I shouldn’t have said that, Oh My god!'”

Dan: When god closes a door, he opens an Arby’s.Kristin: Bless up.Trey: Join the club, dude.

My god the audience for this is limited to basically one person.Kristin: Oop.

As long as we have confidence in our values, faith in our citizens, and trust in our god, we will not fail.

According to the account of the body-camera footage published in the Virginian-Pilot, however, someone gasped “Oh my god!”

Thank you, and god bless America.

Oh my god.

As the Based god, he has cursed, un-cursed, and thought about cursing hella people.

Better watch out, Stephen A.—with the Based god on Wanda’s side, you might just step yourself into a big old pile of curse.

That later became Jayhova (like Jehovah or full-on god) Hov, Hovi, Hovito (remember his foray into bilingual waters with “Hola Hovito”?).

Like god or that crazy boy who fought back.

With projects like her Jesus Loves Me Too, theses of god, religion, shame, sexuality, gender, and hip-hop bravado all lived amongst each other.

“The media ate it up, because they were like, ‘Oh my god, Occupy Wall Street can read!’” Goldstein recalled.

god forbid he’s changed.

Your newspaper was destroyed by god, not by Craigslist and Google.

“I’m very well, thank god,” he said, before he was driven away.

They started their label Perpetual Rhythms around the same time I started my god particle label.

It’s not clear how many are left in the world, but … god save the Queensland turtle.

It’s not clear how many are left in the world, but … god save the Queensland turtle.

But other than that, this is what god‘s given me, and that’s what I have to take.”

It was more technique and less “Dude that taco is like being bukkaked by god on acid!!!!”

You could imagine him ranting from provincial bandstands about god knows what.

god called them home together,” Dennis’ sister Sue Harris wrote on Facebook.

Tesillo’s father told local radio the family is counting on god to touch the hearts of people who have written tasteless messages.

is replaced by the specific (“Oh my god, our children”).

“Oh my god.

They are the two-faced god of late capitalism in North America.

Some of our colleagues were hit, though, thank god, many others managed to get out.

Oh my god, I love them so much.

Wiki’s “god Bless Me” was already a perfect track.

He calls himself the “Fruit god Master Soundwave.”

“There has been an assumption that the public reception of the dossier at the time was a sort of: ‘My god!

“If god showed me that they were telling the truth, I would say that’s wrong.

This is truly a god dream.

But god would have to do that, because god is the only one can show me that.”

“When we watched it we thought, ‘Oh my god.

Oh my god, you’re an underutilized business, I could flip this.

U.S. evangelicals who see god’s hand in the modern-day return of Jews to a biblical homeland were buoyed.

There’s a supervillain named Lobstercules and a heroic boat named Dangerboat, for god’s sake.

KS: Thank god.

Oh my god, no wonder you’re a professor.

They were like, “Oh my god, oh my god.” It was sort of this, “If only I was like him,” and it was bizarre.

LG: Oh my god.

It was … oh my god, I walked right into that one, oh good god.

“And then I thought, oh my god, Warren Beatty messed up.”

god bless you, and god bless America.

“I’m not like, Oh my god, I want to live on a kibbutz,” she answered.

Oh, my god.

Oh my god.

god has called him to walk through the gates of heaven.”

Why, oh, god, why would you ever go anywhere by yourself?

“But,” he adds, with a laugh, “Thank god it is.”

I took a deep breath and convinced myself “Oh my god yes, just YOLO this one time please.”

“Oh, my god!

“We want to show them this is a safe space and god loves everyone,” Glasspool said.

This is a nation where our pledge of allegiance says we are one nation under god.

Oh you got to go meet those people, every time … Oh god, this is what I do.

This is a nation where every coin in our pocket and every bill in our wallets says, “In god we trust.”

The prayer was short and pretty generic: Join me in prayer for god; our nation is in need.

Oh my god, I remember, yeah.

I started skiing and then I realized that I couldn’t … Oh god, she’s continuing.

You really are, because normally she would be like, “Oh god, lick it.

If you don’t have a deep understanding and you’re in a situation where the future is different from the past, god help you.

Nkechi is short for Nkechinyere in the Nigerian language of Igbo, and translates to “gift of god.”

People would make pilgrimages from far and wide to leave offerings for them in hopes of pleasing god.

god, it is.

Just please, for the love of god, no more impressions.

He allegedly yelled “Allahu akbar” — Arabic for “god is great” — and exchanged gunfire with security forces.

god was with me that night.

Then by god, this show must have romance.)

From there, the songs regularly wandered off into lush, ambient interludes while Rossiter picked apart family, god, and memory.

Ryan Arcidiacono took the ball up court and found Kris Jenkins and, my god, he just barely got it off in time.

“But, my god, here we are in 2019 and we’re having to speak out about stoning gay people.

“Oh, god,” I said.

god this is dumb,” Harvard political scientist Matt Blackwell tweeted, referring to part of the Pluckrose et al.

—Gore Vidal The god whose oracle is at Delphi neither speaks plainly nor conceals, but indicates by signs.

—Henri Matisse Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of god when he does not wish to sign his work.

god bless the investigative reporters, but that is not what everybody is doing.

“You send signals to your body, saying, ‘Oh my god I’m so dry, produce more oil,’ then you get acne.'”

god bless the house.

god will repay this generosity.”

I’m not here to pretend that Ali was a god or a prophet, he wasn’t.

The “slave drivers of today,” he added, “will be held to account by god.”

As we made our way through the lobby past a few people who looked positively agog, I overheard the whispers—”Oh my god!”

god bless ’em.

Lamb of god fan?

“Since that day I have only god, my family and my lawyer.”

2004503-0160-P), whose death lasted 11 hours and 48 minutes (longest demise on record), reported progressing as far as “the Line to god.”

There were rumors god had scored some sweet severance package and moved to Lunapost Oahu under a false I.C.

god, I hope not.

“It made me think, ‘Am I so free before god?'”

Dear god may His spirit Rest In Peace and May You grant divine comfort to all his loved ones!

When I look at my congregation, I see families struggling not just with their devotion to god but devotion to paying their bills.

We support it because god tells us to support our leaders.

Oh my god, I’m totally replacing you.

Oh god, hi Kurt.

When I told her about the new silencing update, Kchox said, “Thank god.

I’m not suggesting he would have blown his company up, for god’s sakes, but he wouldn’t’ve been evasive!

“Why in god‘s name does Wall Street make huge campaign contributions?

“Lots of people will be like, ‘Oh my god, is that a Wild Wolf harness?

Dumb Donald, a new Key Lime DIPA and god Damn Vanilla Pigeon Porter coming this week!

And god help us if this approach ever becomes standard or becomes the sole metric that drives which movies get made.

In response to the latter question, in 1999, Canadian psychologist Michael Persinger created what the media dubbed the “god Helmet.”

The non-Christians had a similar hierarchy, but on a much smaller scale and felt god‘s presence much less.

I don’t know, but thank god it exists.” “What worries me is that it’s the Wild West,” he added.

In fact, Ramachandran wrote that some people use the neural basis of the religious experience as proof of god.

Did god give it to us?

It’s a unique show, focusing on hefty metaphysical themes like god and the meaning of life.

Further, asking the brain to determine validity of god might be beside the point, and not the direction he sees his research going in.

He doesn’t describe himself as religious, but he does believe in god.

“It’s in god’s hands.

“It’s a tough situation, but god is with us.

After the crash, the rapper said (and later tweeted), “god must hate me.”

Oh my god, she never shuts up.

god must hate me lol TMZ shot Post hours before the car crash at Petit restaurant celebrating the birthday of his manager, Dre London.

Oh my god.

— CF It’s been 20 years since Arundhati Roy’s bestselling novel The god of Small Things.

Oh my god.

Oh my god #WOCAffirmation is like Christmas for Brown Girls.

Honest to god.

“Shot in my head, shot in my back, god is Great Ya boi is back,” he posted on Instagram.

god knows what.

“In the eyes of our law and our leaders, our god and our government.” His side of the aisle was pleased.

By god, I’m trying.

The country of your birth, the color of your skin, the god of your prayers.

RIP Scout, and say hi to god.

You can gush, “Oh, my god, you’re the cutest little terrier,” in a comment without feeling weird.

god bless you.

god bless your families, and may god bless the United States of America.

The assertion that god made Donald Trump president, and that Trump is thus directly favored by god, is well-established in the Trump administration.

The idea that the Trump presidency is rendered legitimate by god’s providence is a sustained part of Trump’s wider political strategy.

But it might not make him, as he promised to be on Wednesday, “the greatest jobs producer that god ever created.”

It never did, thank god.

“They invite all Christians to pray fervently for god to bless this meeting, that it may bear good fruits.”

People have long said, “Lemmy is god,” in reference to the legendary Motorhead frontman whose December passing devastated the heavy music community.

“Swear to god,” McCarthy said after being met with laughter.

And for the love of god, if you happen to have decorative pot leaves on hand, use as many as humanly possible (for flair).

Thank god I had a guitar and not a ukulele in front of me.

He said, ‘Oh, my god.

“Wow, Discrimination At It’s Finest,” tweeted the rapper Sir Ski Mask the Slump god.

Other nations thought of themselves as hymns to the glory of god.

We redefine god as our future selves.

From: Emanuel Maiberg To: Heidi Kemps April 22 11:51 I forgot about god Hand!

If you’re not familiar with it, I highly recommend watching Tim Rodgers’ video review/jazz poetry reading about god Hand.

He was saying ‘There is only one god and the prophet Mohammed is his messenger,’” she claimed.

“Me too, Amy,” replies god, holding a #MeToo sign.

‘s touring days when Browne was playing in the seminal Louisville hardcore band, By the Grace of god.

No, thank god!

Where, if anywhere, do you feel you fit into the Glasgow scene?Ha, god knows!

Baseball injuries are often cruel in the sense that they are random, meaningless, striking almost as acts of god.

god did not intend work and family to be experienced as competing spheres of responsibility, but rather complementary ones.

Christians believe that every sphere of life falls under the lordship of Christ and is thus a place of god’s blessing and provision.

That man is Osamu Tezuka, frequently nicknamed the “god of manga,” the “godfather of anime,” and the “Walt Disney of Japan.”

When Harry came into our lives, I said, “Oh my god, this is the son I never had.” So I adopted him.

Drawing from the Old and New Testaments simultaneously he tells us: see the spires or god might tear off your roof.

god‘s will, yes ma’am I will.

“I think there was a reason god helped me escape … and I don’t take my freedom for granted.

Once we got the truck, I thought, My god, I don’t want to be driving around, I love to cook.”

And god bless them, god bless her because that’s really important to attract.

Now we’re here together, and we have to depend on god to survive,” says Momtaz.

TV: Yeah, I mean thank god for Angela Merkel.

Todd VanDerWerff: What matters, Pastor Tim tells Elizabeth, isn’t religion or god or prayer or going to church.

Oh, my god.

Oh my god.

Like, oh my god!

I mean, for god’s sake, learn from the guy.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

I’ve gotten, “Oh my god, I know who that is.” They think they know because they’ve had one.

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

Oh my god, Scott.

Oh my god.

Oh my god, I should go back because there was another one right after dancing baby that was wonderful and they toured too.

Oh my god, the group is called Checks and Balances started by George Conway.

I told a friend right after the Boston Marathon that it felt like “getting a kiss on the forehead from god.”

Race day was exhilarating; I told a friend right afterward that it felt like “getting a kiss on the forehead from god.”

I was feeling like, “Oh god, I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

Why are American bands so wimpy?’”Oh my god!

This song is called “The Kids Don’t Stand a Chance” for god’s sakes.

(Oh my god).

Cause I value the god given right to life.”

Not even The Assistant is a woman (thank god).

Across two games, he has notched 57 points, 26 rebounds, and 22 god dang assists.

The Drake and Pusha T beef is squashed … so here’s Lil Yachty to kick-start some new drama for the 6 god!!

I swear to god, I did not do this.” After that, he left the set.

There are vocal takes on that record that, when I hear them, I’m like, “Oh my god.”

But god of War 4 shows how gaming is slowly but surely stumbling toward maturity.

If we focus on the abortions happening in our community, he advises, we will see truly see god‘s work.

god‘s work is, of course, shutting down abortion clinics.

“I believe this is a man who fears god,” he affirmed.

It was the great Thomas Jefferson who said the god who gave us life gave us liberty.

They affirm Jehovah — their rendering of the term for the Judeo-Christian god — as lord of the universe.

Thank god we have a good commissioner — Keon Hardemon.

Suddenly, Swift wasn’t selflessly subsumed by her music, lost to herself in service to the great god of teen heartbreak.

After the Soviet Union fell, you could talk about god openly — no problem!

“[I realized that I] have to serve god.

I realized that god is Almighty and I wanted to serve him,” he said.

Now, he says, he sees the world as a chess board, god as the ultimate player.

I said, ‘Hey, you are not afraid of god.

Yeah.Oh my god, thank you for saying that.

It’s maybe more akin to when you get to the end of the novel and there’s that oh my god point.

“But we will continue to worship god as Daniel did.

god (or whoever watches over Yankees baseball) [Ed.

note: it is, indeed, god.]

Thanks to god, Daniel was saved.

We have a god.

Most devout religious believers, of any faith, if pressed, would say that god’s law ultimately outranks human law.

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