Goat in a sentence | Use of the word goat examples

He’s a white supremacist, Holocaust denier who once slaughtered a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual.

He’s a white supremacist, Holocaust denier who once slaughtered a goat and drank its blood as part of a pagan ritual.

It’s back to the salt mines in less than 2 weeks, but for now Brady’s 100% the goat … at being exiled.

Beech on the other hand burns with an intense floral flavour, lending itself to more robust meats such as goat or pork.

goat FacE ThrillA (@EndhooS)—38,000 followers VICE: Hi.

@EndhooS: Hello, I’m Matty, a pretend killer goat off the internet.

They taste starchy and rich, and even better topped with a pile of creamy, tangy goat cheese.

Mercury retrograde can be brutal when it comes to miscommunications—this one is especially so for you, dear sea goat.

People who want to sell sneakers through the app must send them to goat’s offices for inspection.

goat launched in July and had a slow first month, with just $8,000 in sales; the next few months weren’t much better.

If you want to date a goat, date a goat.

But date a goat on your own time.

But don’t bring the goat strippers to the holiday party.

Don’t bring the goat strippers to holiday parties.

Mark Zuckerberg once served Jack Dorsey a goat he killed himself.

Dorsey said the goat was served cold, and that he personally stuck to salad.

And where to go for the country’s best curry goat.

For example, curry goat has bones in it.

Lauren, you can date a goat as far as I’m concerned.

LG: If my Facebook page ever shows me in a relationship with a goat, please just have a sit-down talk with me, okay?

Cooking baby goat meat in Mexico is a tradition inherited from the converted Serphadic Jews that settled in the northeast of the country.

A wayward goat returning against a champion one division up is hardly worth getting sanctimonious over.

Liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry indicate that the sample was either made from cow, sheep, or goat milk.

Action Bronson hosted a Facebook video with natural wine goat Frank Cornelissen.

Husband to the goat tweeter Chrissy Teigen, musician, and all-round good egg John Legend is a nice guy.

During my last dinner, I did a whole roasted goat and I served goat milk macchiatos and goat milk panna cottas.

The goat came out to ball tonight.

The Cubs also had Wrigley Field, still under a goat cursed of course, officially blessed.

Horse, cow, goat, pig, dog.

Otto is the goat.

So it must be real, even if part of the story revolves around a potentially evil goat.

I already know it’s going to happen to get Drake on the remix of “Panini…” This man’s a goat.

He became a goat.

Next, Thwaites went about discovering how to be a goat.

He spoke to goat behavioral experts to find out how and what goats think.

So, Thwaites decided to focus on the physical aspects of becoming a goat.

To become a goat, Thwaites didn’t just need the mind of one — he also needed a goat body.

So he built some prototypes to resemble the four-legged amble of a goat.

He met with animal-movement researchers who helped him understand how goat muscles move, as well as prosthetists who helped him develop his final prototype.

After six days, Thwaites completed his journey across the Alps as a goat, but he says that he’s not done yet.

I met a historian and Natchez expert who said, “You should be looking at goat Castle.

goat Castle put Natchez on the map.'”

Manny Yekutiel: What’s a goat rodeo?

The Chicago Cubs finally got their World Series bling Wednesday night — complete with 214 diamonds, rubies, sapphires … and a BILLY goat.

But now that the Cubs are the champs, it’s clear they ain’t scared of no goat.

This time, specifically with goat milk.

In “Hyphenated lives (Ti-Khor)” (2015), the artist combines the Bengal tiger and the Markhor, a species of wild goat found in northeastern Afghanistan.

The one item that we always keep on the menu is very Korean, and it’s a braised goat and Korean-style dumpling.

When we first opened, we tried it with rabbit and lamb, but goat just works, man.

Try a goat meat wrap at Borough Market.

Given his status as the welterweight goat, he’d almost certainly be given an immediate welterweight title shot against burgeoning Bellator star Andrey Koreshkov.

I also had my own forehead anointed with goat‘s blood and my arm cursed after being sprinkled with itchy witch dust.

The Cambridgeshire festival is now well established as a middle class colony with espresso carts and gap year goat curries.

“Try with creamy goat cheese or salads.”

When you give one person a goat, the effects on the overall, community-wide (let alone nation-wide) supply of goats will be very small.

But “if you give everybody a goat, the prices of goats start to fall,” Mobarak said.

So will the price of goat milk, goat manure, and similar products.

If your intervention assumed that people could sell goat milk to support their families, it might not work once goats are everywhere.

Joey Chestnut is undeniably the goat of hot dog eating contests because he just broke his own freakin’ world record!!!

“Sin título (Sikán con chivo) (Untitled [Sikán with goat])” (1993) is a 31-by-26-inch single sheet print showing a pregnant Sikan from behind.

The princess holds a goat whose head rests on her left shoulder, and she gazes at us over her right.

Take the following zinger: “What do you get when you mix human DNA with goat DNA?

A dead white goat lies on dark gray stones in the immediate foreground.

Total (including $5.00 tip): $30.21 Dinner Dinner consisted of leftover lamb tagliatelle reconstituted by a splash of lamb stock and some goat cheese.

His investments include goat, thredUP, DroneBase, inVia Robotics, Happy Returns, Rival and Ring (acquired in 2018 by Amazon).

Black Swan’s signature dish, the beets are topped with cod roe, linseed crackers, goat curd, and a rich barbecue glaze.

There were intriguing Tibetan snacks like twice-cooked goat maw, but I was there for the mo business.

Outside, we see Fernando García-Dory’s “goat Pavilion” (2017), a collaboration with Hayatsu Architects.

Oh I think it’s a goat rodeo, but go ahead.

(See: the 15.3 million times people have watched “Buttermilk” the goat jump around and kick other little goats.)

And I think many people are onto the fact that it’s a ridiculous goat rodeo of a circus.

To cook it, players need to have cooked beef, tomato, cabbage, goat cheese wedge, three salt piles, garlic, and two things of wheat.

goat Compilation 2016 — RIDIVIN (@Ridvaanc)March 30, 2016

Compared with those roles, however, the psychological drama goat is a completely different endeavor.

Neel (New World Order) is most effective when goat depicts the humiliating practices many fraternities use to initiate their new members.

And considering the positive reviews the film has received since its Friday premiere, appearing in goat will likely benefit him in the long term.

And to see goat up there was a nice cherry on top.

They say kids love structure, and that’s true for both human kids and goat kids.

It’s hard to tell what’s hot about someone just because they mentioned giving blood or sponsoring a goat at some point.

The goat (30%) goats have beards and horns—and, as it turns out—are totally awesome metal singers.

Eliphas Levis illustrated Baphomet as a sabbatic goat, and Aleister Crowley’s Baphomet of Levi became a central figure within the cosmology of Thelema.

Based on that objective criteria, that’s when the goat officially became metal.

Gävle has constructed a giant straw goat every Christmas since 1966 and arsonists usually let the whole thing go up in flames every year.

A yellow hat in and of itself wouldn’t have been metal, but maybe Bathory’s satanic goat could have saved it.

As a testament to this, we found out that one of the villagers calls himself “goat.”

Still, I raised the little guy myself, nourishing it by hand with goat milk until it was big enough to eat dog food.

In the meantime, maybe we will have that goat cheese salad—and with extra spinach leaves, too.

Get them this kit and they’ll learn how to make goat cheese and chevre.

Somehow, I can’t imagine this incident will impact his “goat“ness.

The hype started after Floyd Mayweather posted the album cover on Instagram earlier this month and captioned it “[goat emoji] #21.”

Behold: The goat tree.

Why does he legitimately sound like a goat?

There was a goat track you would follow through the wild grass.

As he played recreations of early stringed instruments and a goat horn, a sense of timelessness and awe swept through the crowd.

But this is an eclipse in an earth sign: a mountain climbing sea goat.

Rep. Drew Ferguson (R-GA) just used a metaphor to describe Obamacare: a rogue goat.

This is like the goat of all Obamacare metaphors.

“And before I knew it, my colleagues from the other side of the aisle had let a goat loose in my house.”

Voting for the fiscal year ’17 budget resolution gets this goat out of my house.” “Mr.

For all of the goat’s problems, Republicans have yet to come up with a replacement for it.

The old goat lowered uninsured rates to an all-time low.

Perhaps go for a hike to honor the goat half of the mystical mergoat creature that represents Capricorn.

Sarah MacDonald is a goat based in Toronto but currently in the US.

Open container laws do not apply to the goat.

The goat is bad!

For the mixtape, Die Antwoord received guidance from collaborator The Black goat, who appears on several tracks.

That album will also include contributions and production credits by Black goat and God.

The Black goat (Produced by DJ MUGGS)2.

“GUCCI COOCHIE” ft. Dita Von Teese, The Black goat + God (Produced The Block goat and GOD)4.

The Black goat (Produced by The Black goat)5.

The Black goat (Produced by The Black goat)7.

The Black goat (Produced by The Black goat)10.

The Black goat (Produced by The Black goat)13.

“ENTER DA NINJA” (The Black goat Decapitator Remix) (Produced by The Black goat)

The narrow, sandy plot is dotted with a cinderblock four-storey watchtower, as well as mango trees, a chicken coop and a goat shed.

The combination of roasted beets, salty goat cheese, and toasted hazelnuts is impossible to improve upon.

This combination is a perfect solution for moms who are sensitive to goat’s Rue and other lactating supplement blends.

Buy: Cheese From English cheddar to goat‘s milk Brie, the cheese selection at TJ’s is surprisingly extensive—and best of all, totally affordable.

“The goat is cooked whole over charcoal for two and a half hours.

goat meat even has surprising health benefits, Chávez claims.

The cult members’ motivation for kidnapping and worshipping the Black goat is their belief that they are helping the town.

He has gotten the tire around the stuffed angora goat, which he first saw in the window of a secondhand office furniture store.

Behind the goat, on the platform, the artist has placed a paint-smeared tennis ball, a perfectly spherical turd.

James closed the segment directly invoking Ali, perhaps the most politically outspoken athlete in US history: Tonight we’re honoring Muhammad Ali, the goat.

“I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness…Yes, I drank the goat‘s blood.”

Since the 1960s, the city of Gävle in Sweden has annually built a towering Yule goat, and almost every year someone burns it down.

“I sacrificed an animal to the god of the wilderness…Yes, I drank the goat‘s blood.”

“Yes, I drank the goat‘s blood.”

But why is there a goliath goat effigy in the first place?

The Yule goat in Scandinavian Christmas festivities is one of those pagan traces that remain attached to the holidays.

IKEA even stocks a Yule goat, although a larger version set up outside their store in Iceland went up in flames last year.

They consumed delicious meat, from cattle to horse, sheep, pork, goat, and even hen.

Their Instagram account and Etsy store are packed with creepy masked characters, from goat men and sheep women to living ventriloquist dummies.

KS: So you couldn’t bring a goat … did you bring goat to the office, or a horse, or a Shetland pony?

Even Kellogg started as … You know about the goat testicles, right?

Thats a bigger problem than a source-burn https://t.co/l7BXtzHU6m To hear Lanny Davis tell it, he’s the goat.

Other crew members included Héctor the mute goat (for dairy), and Helen and Elvin, the Australian mine canaries.

DJ Khaled channeled his inner goat to push his favorite rum, and the result is this hilarious campaign.

Then I got a goat into the office because Dan has a thing for goats.

Scroll through the guy’s Insta, and you’ll see a lot of Dan downtime with a goat he calls Zeus.

The goat was called Two Stroke, and all he cared about was eating.

So after this long week, I can look past Dan Bilzerian’s money and options, and look straight to the goat in the background.

Enter goat yoga.

Capricorn is the mountain goat, climbing to great heights—and you, lazy cow, can climb to great places, too.

They taught us by using a goat as an example.

Indeed, Werdum’s mountainous accomplishments were beginning to make it quite difficult to refute his status as MMA’s true heavyweight goat.

I met a twenty-nine-year-old woman with a psychosocial disability who had been locked in a goat shed for four years by her father.

My grandma, who has the same name as me, made me a lemony goat over potatoes I will never forget.

If we lived in a truly just and good society, witnessing a group of men serenading a young goat would be an everyday occurrence.

I asked for a recommendation from the house and and was told to order a Bomber: Pork, goat, house dressing, mushrooms, zucchini, and cheese.

Did he mean goat on the women’s side — or overall?

Gay asked Williams for her response, and she said they could both be considered the goat.

He will be known when it’s OVER [as] the #goat!

Like competitors goat and Stadium Goods, StockX has benefited from the rising popularity of acquiring tough-to-buy sneakers, especially among millennial men and teenage boys.

From the Chicago Sun-Times: For Epstein’s executive team, Izard oven-roasted a 9 1/2 pound goat.

“But they were happy to eat that goat.”

Sometimes you eat the goat, and sometimes the goat eats you.

Foods of choice: Idi Amin loved roast goat, cassava, and millet bread.

Later, the 36th president of the US worked as a goat herder on his uncle’s farm.

“The taste of the cheese is delicious and distinctly different from fresh cheese made from cow, goat, or sheep milk.”

Brady is the goat of goatness.

When it comes down to it, Park claims, goat milk is our best alternative.

However, everyone does agree on his appearance: dark fur, pale skin, goat legs, and horns.

In 2016, an Ohio woman fell to her death from the bridge while looking for the goat Man.

“This is why goat is called ‘poor man’s cow,'” Park says.

There was also a goat at the party ’cause … Weezy’s the goat.

goat: Greatest of all time this week.

And a goat.

Poet’s goat.

How did you find the goat?

The most famous example are the Dead Sea Scrolls, reportedly found by a Bedouin shepherd following a stray goat into a cave at Qumran.

Good luck this month, dear sea goat, and see you in July!

Because this is just not good, you don’t want to be part of this goat rodeo.

KS: Oh no, it’s like a goat rodeo, I’m guessing, cat rodeo, something.

But if anything, I’m the goat, bro.

The first deal he took over became goat, which is another company we haven’t talked about doing hundreds of millions in sales, LA-based.

Greg really was a large part of the reason why goat was created, but this was his first de novo deal, was Ring.

Lil Boat looks at me and said “wait—you the goat!”

Kara Swisher: Yeah, that was a goat rodeo, yeah.

A milky white goat and kid are petrified mid-play, destined to tug at each other for eternity.

One of the all-time best combinations is a young goat cheese and some fresh veggies.

The delicate rind of geotrichum bacteria develops over the course of a few days/weeks as the goat cheese ages in humid caves.

and a goat whose attempts to befriend Nathan Lane resulted in the night’s biggest burn.

The baby goat who wandered the aisles only to be roundly rejected by Nathan Lane.

You would see the goat and lamb truck arrive, filled with still warm meat.

We did some checking, and the the tail number matches the one registered to Bilzerian’s company, goat Airways LLC.

In “Quantum goat” (2015-2016) – aren’t DiBenedetto’s titles great?

But “Quantum goat” is much more than that.

“McConnell has zero interest in presiding over another goat rodeo,” one health care lobbyist told me in recent days.

Advertise on Hyperallergic with Nectar Ads What if you could escape the pains of daily existence by transforming into a goat?

He visits a Danish shaman, who tells him a goat is his spirit animal.

He consults experts at a goat sanctuary, Buttercups, who debate whether goats worry.

To eat like a goat, he designs a prosthetic stomach that “digests” grass.

Standing next to another exhibit, I almost choke on my goat cheese covered in edible vegetable ash when Wintjes explains the underlying concept.

Watch Jesse perform “goat Talk” under the bright lights, hype-manned by Suspect OTB, below.

Your intuition is high this week as you dive deeper towards the root of what really gets your goat.

No one ever does that, except everyone who has to visit the goat rodeo that is a Congressional hearing.

We’re told the basketball goat really likes the kicks … so Nike hooked him up with the one-of-a-kind pair.

“You got past the legendary goat, now come f*ck with the King of the jungle.

Brady’s the goat,” Eli told TMZ Sports outside Craig’s in L.A.

Bonus: Scottie just shared his shot with the “tennis goat” — and it’s dope.

goat respect goat.

The main silver lining for Twitter, which now looks like it is run like a goat rodeo: This generated a lot of funny tweets.

“This is the first album where we didn’t record at our headquarters, goat of Mendes studios,” Mendonca explains.

But, Foreman clearly doesn’t care … telling us ya gotta beat the BIG boys to wear the goat crown.

He posted his photo with Stan and wrote … “Ladies and Gentlemen I present the goat.”

#MuhammadAli The original goat is gone.

At the time of publication, the goat has been destroyed a total of 37 times—mostly by fire.

Security guards were hired and hi-tech cameras were installed to protect the goat.

To no avail—a mere four hours after the inauguration on November 27, the Gävle goat was set on fire by arsonists.

We didn’t talk about the goat.

The tennis goat is back in town for Wimbledon, which she’s won 7 times.

Let’s talk about the goat.

The Leftovers can be an incredibly subtle show, but it loves itself an obvious symbol, too, and the goat is a great one.

On the one hand, that goat is just a goat.

There’ll be a pre-fixed 3-course dinner … including a butternut squash soup with fried goat cheese.

We’d rather not say what the goat was doing.

I began this piece by talking about Gandhi’s goat; let me end by another example from the animal kingdom.

But we suppose anything’s possible for the literal goat of football … according to Jon, anyway.

There is an electro soundtrack as well as smoking ceviche and practically backyard goat birria.

The queen was in her bath when I went in; I noticed that she was bathing in goat‘s milk.

Snoop Dogg — UFC broadcasting goat?

They still don’t fit in, not even with 2018’s wave of forward-thinking, political south London bands like Shame, Sorry and goat Girl.

Bain met goat’s founders because he was a heavy user of the product himself, and was impressed with their drive.

goat’s co-founders, Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, struck out multiple times on startups before hitting on goat.

He hopes to be helpful for goat as the company grows and scales.

— but goat is not the only startup he’s interested in.

You can date a goat.

All hail the goat and Blank, the best negative core band on the planet!

And I still don’t understand the metaphor of the goat.

The US couldn’t get enough walnut and goat cheese salad in 1978.

“It’s a goat, duh!”

Here’s a 39-year-old version of the Grammy Awards goat posing for a photo back in 1972 (left) and 46 years later …

The bribes he received included goat meat, dog meat and deer meat, she said.

goat is a cornerstone for many cuisines, especially those from cultures whose religions — like Hinduism and Islam — forbid eating beef or pork.


But goat isn’t just an adequate substitute for other meats.

Though its closest texture comparison point is lamb, goat is a meat all its own.

But goat is leaner than lamb, a little sweeter, and particularly good in aromatic stews and curries.

The Senate hearings were sort of ridiculous goat rodeo, as far as I could tell.

Sprinkle the goat cheese evenly over the tops, and finish with a few grinds of pepper.

This mountain goat with Mount Rushmore as a backdrop?

TV: There are many scary elements in The Witch, but one of them is a goat.

In this week’s episode, the interns kill a goat and people change their eating habits because of it.

What were the challenges of trying to make a goat seem like it’s possibly evil?

RE: Honestly, the goat was allegedly trained, but he didn’t want to do anything but be a goat.

He’s trying to be a goat.

I felt more comfortable eating meat because I’d played with the goat and watched the sacrifice.

It’s even hosted by the goat Peter Sagal of NPR!

goat cheese is gross.

They’re like, “She can’t eat goat head.

Collings-James: But you’re like, I don’t actually want to eat goat head.

But there are some who gag at the mere mention of “goat cheese” or go into convulsions over the faintest whiff of Brie.

Strawberry balsamic and goat cheese pizza.

Spoon little clouds of goat‘s curd in among the courgettes then scatter over the toasted sunflower seeds and lemon zest.

I order the starter of peperonata Bruschetta, a heart-shaped (of course) ciabatta topped with roasted peppers, onion, crumbled goat cheese, and basil.

“If we don’t think the male goat will create good offspring, we slaughter them for meat,” the site states.

This attitude served Chunk particularly well in Escape goat 2.

Time to watch the goat video again.

Mix it up with a little goat cheese.

How does it taste out of a goat skull?

The correct drinking vessel is a goat skull with a pentagram carved in its forehead.

Who knew the profundity of life could be encapsulated in a small, perfectly formed log of goat cheese?

As Tikvah pulled on the teats of her goat, she would whistle a sweet, delicate tune, clearly deriving great joy from the process.

It was exactly 21 days ago when Floyd Mayweather posted the album’s artwork with the goat emoji and “#21.”

The best way to do it is with goat cheese.

“In fact if you’ve ever forgotten your toothbrush, just call down to room service and ask for a little fresh goat cheese.

“Some people like goat birria and some like mutton.

We only use goat, which is more traditional.

Ask yourself, dear goat: Is the give and take in your relationships fair?

“I’m not the biggest fan of goat.

I know what you’re thinking, you responsible old goat: Escaping doesn’t get anything done.

goat’s meat chili with peyote buttons?

It is the hermit’s equivalent of animal masks and goat‘s blood, or maybe an aural adaptation of Jung’s Red Book.

During this full moon, dear sea goat, don’t tell anyone anything that you’d be embarrassed if it got out!

Alright, you can eat this mess of mixed mushrooms, shallots, goat cheese and herbs inside of a flaky cream cheese crust any time.

#RIPpaint #selfie #tb #computers #mspaint #goat A post shared by דָּנִיֵּאל (@thedanielgrant) on Jul 24, 2017 at 10:52am PDT Oh sad times!

In Florida, the goat blood-drinking Augustus Invictus briefly campaigned for Senate as a Republican before returning to activism with the alt-right.

I had no money then, so I had to live largely off of bread and cheap goat cheese.

She would turn our goat Flossy’s milk into butter in an old wooden churn, and spin wool on a wheel.

“We think Stephen is just stirring the pot, trying to get our proverbial goat,” he said.

Seitan tastes nicer than raw goat, anyway.

Yep, Cara Nicoletti’s goat cheese pumpkin pie recipe is pretty epic.

The members of goat always do interviews this way and perform in masks and costumes to stay anonymous.

In the case of goat, hiding their faces does seem to have that effect during their wild groove and percussion-driven shows.

Also I’ve seen goat Brie at a lot of grocery stores lately, which is a little bit more funky than a traditional Brie.

In some of your materials you describe goat as a spiritual as well as a musical tradition.

It really got their goat.

He’s a guy who admits he once sacrificed a goat and drank its blood.

I asked him what goat‘s blood tasted like and he said, “Fame.”

How about goat cheese, gouda, or cheddar?

Yeah, he got their goat.

The Moon is in your sign, encouraging you to nurture yourself—consider spending some time in nature (go for a hike, you little goat).

The rustic goat cheese is first dried, then salted, and after a brief aging is sweetened.

(Surprise: It involved bathing in goat’s blood and trying to get demons to possess children.)

Gregg Popovich: That’s because he knows what he’s actually witnessing right now—the goat getting older, but refusing to give up his prime.

These baked pears with tangy goat cheese and a balsamic-honey drizzle would also do well with some toasted walnuts crumbled over the top.

It’s a restaurant that serves coconut French toast with a pecan rum sauce, curried goat with gnocchi, and coconut curry alongside locally-sourced shrimp.

Some people are going to like it just fine, but no one’s going to argue that it’s the goat.

It also reminds us, as few Eminem moments have lately, why so many hip-hop fans believe he’s the goat.

Flattery also gets my goat.

— complete with a goat emoji and the words, “Unreal baby.”

Larroquette: An animal sanctuary named a goat and a rooster after us.

You can be uptight AF, but when you let loose, little goat, it’s very clear why your tarot card is the Devil.

Brad Lunt, the owner of goat Guns, a company that makes toy replicas of popular rifles, has similar problems.

While your top half is goat: practical, dry, and driven.

Dessert is vanilla ice cream with goat dulce de leche—a thick, irresistible caramel sauce made just this week.

Usually she’d have goat meat tacos, but there isn’t any meat this week.

While some farmers provide their dairy goat herds with access to pasture, the majority don’t rely on pastures for nourishment.

Spitfire is kind of like the Serena Williams of dogs, in that he’s the goat.

He’s the goat.

He plucks at the strings, traditionally made of dehydrated goat guts, a smile on his face.

“McConnell has zero interest in presiding over another goat rodeo,” a second health care lobbyist told me.

(Why is it always walnuts and goat cheese?)

“Got to work with THE goat today,” the Bruins receiver said … “What an opportunity, go Bruins!”

A couple of dairy goatsOne night getting smashed on champers, or a few years of endless goat milk: you decide.

Check out the gallery of Dan’s faves: chicks, bikinis, guns, drugs, money and Zeus … his pet goat, not the God.

That’s exactly what happened in San Francisco Sunday night … when two guys lost their minds when the goat walked up to their court.

Crumble the goat cheese over the beets and blow torch until dark brown, melting and caramelized all over.

Or salads, minus the goat or blue cheese crumble.

People love cheese, people crave cheese, but not my family, and not me: I decry a brie, find no joy in goat.

If Total Frat Movie is Tim Burton’s Batman, goat is The Dark Knight.

goat presents us with grimey, hip-hop-blaring house parties, Total Frat Movie’s are aspirational Steve Aoki music videos.

goat gives us two acts worth of hazing, Total Frat Movie gives us a brief ice barrel challenge scene.

If only his film shared the same universe as goat, so Nick Jonas could remind him “none of this even matters.”

I saw them tie my brother’s arms and legs, and they slaughtered him like a goat.

He unintentionally plays the sax with a booming coarseness that is often confused with a bleating goat.

The first thing you see when you enter the center’s lobby is a large stuffed goat.

Enter the goat.

“She’s a genetically modified goat.

He went on to describe an artist that grew human skin cells into a matrix of the goat silk.

That is a goat resume.

You’re in a fun mood today—rare for you, you grumpy goat!

So, while the goat of basketball is in question, the goat of inventing phrases about wasting money is NOT.

Next add goat cheese and mix on low for 2-3 minutes.

Remove from heat and top with the goat cheese mousse.

From Dirty Work: goat Cheese Tartines and Frosé All Day with Kelly Fields

Will you be the goat this February?

Gucci ManeThe goat.

Your mind shifts to cash tonight when the Moon enters Aquarius (not really a surprise, you materialistic goat)!

“The coat alone was a combination of at least four hides and two species: goat and sheep.

Yeah, like “goat’s Head Soup,” because Mick’s wearing the cape, and this real kind of decadent thing.

– Redditor F argoFox ‘Hey, you seen my goat?’

After about 10 minutes I heard a loud, low voice say, ‘Hey, you seen my goat?’

This very large guy used one hand and yanked this goat out of my car.

goat Taylor Swift is the only good viral animal remix.

And if you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what the ‘Billy goat Curse’ is — ask Bill Murray.

Season with salt and serve with the goat cheese spread.

A Heineken-quaffing Bond, sure, but also, Britain’s lowkey goat striptease performer.

goat blood is inedible.

Here he is in Hawaii spending his mid-season respite wisely, the goat of good times appropriately catching a goatfish with his bare hands.

Correction: The piece mistakenly said the Curse of the Billy goat was 108 years old.

Instead, he calls a pygmy goat his best friend.

Spoiler alert: there are goat brains in one of the dishes, though you’d never know it by looking at the corresponding emoji.

Case in point: a lettuce, zucchini, and goat cheese salad courtesy of food anthropologist Anna Colquhoun.

Either way, you’re probably a fan of goat cheese.

“It is a little known fact that this is commonplace in the goat dairy industry.

Whetlor discovered the dilemma of the male kid goat back in 2011.

His friend Will Atkinson, who had begun making goat cheese at Hill Farm Dairy in Somerset, had found himself with a glut of billies.

The goat meat dishes were a great success, prompting Whetlor to set up Cabrito as a business.

The goat Andre murders this in cold blood and leaves the body in the back alley.

“For a long time, meats such as mutton, goat, or kid were hard to find,” says Lee.

Gourmet goat may now serve up to 10,000 goat meat dishes in a single week, but Stokes says diners weren’t always so receptive.

With more of us beginning enjoy goat meat, what does the future hold for billies?

Taurus season is such a lovely time of year for you, my dear sea goat!

Though it doesn’t look like anyone onboard sacrificed a goat or whatever, folks still seemed pretty nervous before takeoff.

goat cheese, sheep’s milk cheese, and of course, Brie: You really can’t go wrong.

For you, dear sea goat, all of this will be going down in your relationships.

They don’t perform and present themselves with the same degree of commitment, extremes or cultural appropriation of a group like, say, goat.

Opening with Chiericozzi’s squawking saxophone, the song builds into some Lubricated goat type territory with guitars that breathe fire and demented vocals.

goat will continue to operate its app as well as its website, which just launched late last year.

While the companies are calling the transaction a merger, it certainly appears that goat is acquiring Flight Club.

Last summer, former Twitter Chief Operating Officer Adam Bain joined goat’s board.

No, I’m talking about something even better: small-format goat cheeses.

Fortunately, Kyle is balding, and there are some very chill pasteurized small-format goat cheeses currently available in the States.

What’s big in Jay’s world this week is whether or not he’s gotten the palatial goat palace he’s been after.

Try experimenting with some of the other amazing Loire goat cheeses, like St. Maure, Selles-sur-cher, Chabichou, and Crottin.

If you’re looking for a more accessible goat cheese, Vermont Creamery has just the one for you: Coupole.

Once you’ve settled on one of these trill ass goat cheeses, start incorporating them into your daily snarfing regiment.

Debatably the goat.

New plans are coming, dear goat!

You’re a logical, grounded person, my lovely sea goat, and you have razor-sharp intuition.

Reflect on what kind of emotions the word glamour brings up for you, dear sea goat.

Constructed like a triptych altarpiece, the woman is flanked by the images of a goat falling in midair — complete with bright red skyward erections.

Phil Witmer a well-known goat and fawn lover.

And why are the young fraternal twins spending so much time whispering secrets to that billy goat?

The goat was the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with, ever.

Feel even fuller: Halve and add protein, like a teaspoon of goat cheese and a walnut.

(FYI, the kabrit nan sos is stewed goat in spicy scotch bonnet pepper and tomato sauce.)

“Wow, that’s a pretty decent goat,” Fallon remarks while admiring himself in the mirror.

goat: 2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967 The goat is a sign best known for bringing unity to a group.

For reincarnation…I’d like to be a goat?

Servings: 1Prep: 3 minutesTotal: 10 minutes Ingredients3 eggs¼ cup goat cheese1 teaspoon honey1/2 teaspoon clarified butter¼ cup shredded cheese (or optional amount) Directions 1.

In another small bowl, mix the goat cheese with the honey and set aside.

The Chicago Cubs have shattered the the Billy goat Curse!

Turn off the heat and apply a handful of shredded cheese and 2-3 knobs of honey goat cheese to one third of the omelette.

Goodnight all — Sarah Michelle (@SarahMGellar) November 3, 2016 The Billy goat has left the building.

In another small bowl, mix the goat cheese with the honey.

Turn off heat and sprinkle the cheese and apply 2-3 knobs of honey goat cheese to one half of the omelette.

This is goat is goat, as in the Greatest of All Time, when it comes to horn span.

His owner, Martin Pirker, says he is a good goat who is a great to his lady Lily and their son, Lucky.

“When the goat was 5 years old, I started measuring his horns.

I had colleagues in Switzerland who were trying to beat records so I decided to measure my goat, too,” Pirker said.

The world is just becoming acquainted with Polly, a baby goat that lives at the New Jersey animal rescue goats of Anarchy.

And for obvious reasons: they are individually and collectively the goat.

The rescue is working to help the goat and recently found an unusual treatment: putting Polly in a duck costume.

The baby goat has similar reactions to many of the other pieces, but nothing works quite like the fuzzy duck ensemble.

Pocket, a fellow handicapped rescue goat, creates the same sense of calm in Polly whenever he snuggles up close to her.

I’ve never seen her do that with another goat here,” Lauricella said.

Project Pat was like the ultimate goat to me.

Jerami met a baby with a kid (a baby goat) in Egypt and is having an extremely cute summer so far.

Rating: OG goat.

Our recipe is only 5 ingredients (including a killer goat cheese dipping sauce!

We love this summery version with mushrooms and goat cheese, but really, the options are endless—just use your favorite fruit or vegetable.

log goat cheese
2 tbsp.

In a small bowl, stir together goat cheese, chives, and 1 tbsp.

#beastmode #bronx #latino #goat,” Lopez captioned the video.

By “goat,” she means the “greatest of all time,” a popular acronym used on social media.

Mary had a little … goat?

But Quentin Tarantino’s the goat — the Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction soundtracks were big deals for me.

“He was such a happy little goat!!

The goat and The Occasional Others “goatshow”

The goat ran amok during a game between the hometown Spikes (a Cardinals affiliate) and the Batavia Muckdogs (with playball allegiances to the Marlins).

Joe approaches Ashley and calls her a goat, and then he starts to rile Chrissy up as well.

#goat 🐐 — Justin Verlander (@JustinVerlander) June 4, 2016 I am devastated to hear the news that Muhammad Ali has passed away.

“One time, they killed a goat that was my friend, outside my bedroom window,” she said, eyes filling with tears over the memory.

They’re available in Sea Salt, Seeds, Cheddar, Kale, and Beet with goat Cheese.

Black blood dripped from the old goat‘s horns in the campfire light.

The Cheddar is my hands-down favorite, but the Beet with goat Cheese is also pretty tasty.

The goat let her hindquarters rest as well.

The goat‘s ears perked.

This attitude served Chunk particularly well in Escape goat 2.

goat encounters Bear in the wild.

Joining with a group of genocide survivors, they have managed to save enough to buy a goat for every member.

If she cuts the ribbon, Shula is told she’ll turn into a goat.

), and the goat half is all about climbing to the top of every mountain.

It probably wasn’t even cows’ butter that humans started making butter with, but goat or sheep or even yak butter.

You know how we think that cola served in paper cups, or photos of abandoned shopping malls are the goat?

Following the success of the first class, Morse has set up two more goat Yoga sessions for September.

While No Regrets is the only known location for goat Yoga, that could change as the class catches on.

In July, Beckinsale celebrated her 45th birthday with Sheen and their daughter during a session of goat yoga.

In the gallery of photos Beckinsale shared, Sheen can be seen practicing a downward dog pose while a goat stands on his back.

The ranch, owned by Morrigan Reilly-Ansons, offers a variety of animal-assisted therapies and, as of spring 2017, a Wednesday evening goat yoga class.

I can’t help but smile as a pygmy goat dressed as a dinosaur nudges me with curiosity.

Reilly-Ansons started goat yoga after hearing about a similar class in the States.

We all prayed that the goat’s blessings would happen on Michael’s mat and they did,” Beckinsale wrote in the caption.

goat yoga enthusiasts even claim it helps with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and autism.

We did a whole goat yoga episode.

I’m not going to be trading my meds for arthritic goat milk.

“I think that ends most discussions.” For Brady, he thinks the goat question may be unanswerable.

Of all the trades he learned, from goat farming to winemaking, bread stuck.

You’ll be the one needing medical marijuana if you find yourself on the wrong side of a sea goat.

Former Boston Celtics player Danny Ainge doesn’t seem to agree with LeBron James calling himself the goat.

Feelings of defeat could come up today, but you’re a freaking goat, Capricorn—you can climb over any obstacle.

What @kingjames considers being the goat 🐐 ⁣⁣New episode of More Than An Athlete out on @espn+.

On one wall, it’s a taxidermied goat‘s head.

Savory doughnuts like broccoli and cheddar, or rosemary, potato, and garlic topped with a goat cheese spread will soon join the menu.

I grew up eating a lot of chicken, fish, and goat,” Rawat said.

A Chimera was a creature in Greek mythology usually represented as a composite of a lion, goat, and serpent.

The goat, Baby, died Thursday following surgery.

goat Soup Cereal Yeah, it’s soup.

Berry & goat Cheese: Spread with softened goat cheese, top with blueberries and drizzle with honey.

The mother of one posted the sweet picture to her Instagram with the caption: “goat vs goat.

And Venus, too, by the way.” Williams later weighed in on Federer’s comments, asserting that he also has earned goat status.

Then a goat walked over and peed on my mat.

Davis was teaching her third-ever class of “goat yoga,” which combines a traditional vinyasa flow with the company of free-roaming miniature goats.

“I mean, yeah, they’re coming for yoga, but I think they’re really coming to have the interaction with a goat.”

Bennett coat over a red dress by goat, has also long championed the cause.

When we moved into child’s pose, a little goat walked up to the woman in front of me to sniff her butt.

But in Davis’s class, I found myself giggling, trying to keep my balance despite the goat chewing on my mat.

The goat nestled into my arms like a baby, and I felt completely at peace.

“You can’t just walk into any goat farm and roll out your yoga mat.”

“I told goat we met in Tasmania,” he says.

“Who’s goat?” I ask.

goat watches approvingly.

goat grew up in Austin but recently moved to Lockhart, about 30 miles out, where the rent was cheaper.

“Our circle of friends is all ages,” says goat.

“There was no SWAT team or anything then,” says goat.

“Peg made Thor install that air con,” says goat.

“There’s a creek system that runs through Austin we call the greenbelt,” says goat.

goat convinces him to take me in his truck.

“We’re in the middle of the road,” I whisper to goat.

goat has to leave to shoot a short film.

“Honestly I didn’t know how to handle a goat so I just let her.” Fair enough.

But then again, it might very well be crumbled up goat cheese, or flakes of lard.

“It’s like a goat milky balm that I lather on all over my eyes,” Mendes explains.

“You have a goat guy?” Jay asks.

Jonas stars in the movie goat, a true story about two brothers who deal with the emotional consequences of hazing within Greek life.

There are some things that I think are probably really great about it.” goat is in theaters now.

For the Maasais, that means eating rare goat and beef and drinking goats’ blood.

The hedonistic, workaholic sea goat of the zodiac might have a very cold vibe; however, that doesn’t mean Capricorn doesn’t know emotional pain.

Dig into Cara Nicoletti’s goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie, Callie Speers’s Chess Pie, Ovenly’s Pumpkin Pie with Cinnamon Fluff, and many more.

— turning to a London-based womenswear label goat Fashion for the event.

As for the couple’s goats, Cavallari shared a photo in June of herself kissing the family’s “newest babe” — her black goat, Pepper.

They also own a white goat named Salt, which the reality star showed off in a photo in July.

She later made light of the backlash by posting a photo of herself holding her squirming pet goat.

Taurasi is certainly a leading candidate for goat status.

What a comeback!#goat.”

Instead of Sancho Panza, Steven Wescott has Miles the goat as his trekking buddy.

Taurasi’s case as the WNBA’s goat goes much deeper than her new scoring record.

We hope goat in a sentence examples were helpful.