Glow in a sentence | Use of the word glow examples

The smoke has bathed the city in a sunset glow even in the middle of the afternoon.

And if things go south today, we can return to this page and bask in its glow.

You will glow in the dark.” Phones down, wallets out.

Brands get awareness, sales, and the kind of glow that can only come from a celebrity.

They have this glow around them, and they have a limited window of opportunity to seize on that.

When particles are moving faster than light through a medium like ice, they glow.

To the other five nominees — Black-ish, Curb Your Enthusiasm, glow, Silicon Valley, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt — better luck next year (literally, in many cases).

I could maybe make an argument for glow coming out triumphant, but it really feels like that show’s time will come.

It’s as if the sky were permanently — alarmingly — ablaze with a fantastic sunset glow.

All of this is captured under the yellow and red glow of submarine-style internal lights.

So gather round, ye children of the information age, and bask in the warm glow of these slowly bouncing, compression damaged cartoon gifs.

Supermodel Rachel Hunter and her daughter, Renee Stewart, have a beautiful glow.

Lawrence – “glow“9.

Having a “healthy glow” may make you more attractive—if you’re a white guy.

Fury tells Monica that maybe she will one day “learn to glow like Aunt Carol” — a huge wink to comic book fans.

Of course, she does more than just “glow,” like wielding the power and speed of energies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The resulting surface recalls acrylic paint, but with a deeper glow.

It arrived the same year as glow but took several more to raise serious funding, provided mostly by Nokia in 2016.

Today, glow has around 15 million users and Clue has 10 million.

The BBT chart of your dreams is live in the new version of glow!!

She’s helped him design sets for MASSIVE tours including Touch The Sky, glow in the Dark, Watch the Throne, YEEZUS and Saint Pablo.

Every theater is outfitted with soundproofing and state of the art projection that causes the screen to almost glow.

The crater’s glow was really accentuated without any light pollution nearby.

The glow from the viewer that no one was looking into unnerved Anne.

But when she’s not filming “glow,” the Golden Globe-nominated actress finds the range of available roles disappointing.

I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.”

Her expression is one of serious introspection, the reading light clipped to her hair casts a cold glow around her eyes.

glow is one of my new favorite series on TV.

What was overwhelming hours ago is now just a distant glow on the horizon.

There may be no more immediately appealing premise on TV than that of glow.

At first, glow depends almost entirely on its leads to carry it while the aspiring wrestlers fumble their way toward some kind of expertise.

Brie plays Ruth, the tenacious Rachel Berry of glow, who takes everything deadly seriously, especially if it’ll help her get into character.

glow’s saving grace, though, is that all the actors are as game as their characters no matter what.

The original glow was an unapologetically campy cliché-fest that turned Reagan-era paranoia into full-on brawls.

This glow is also explicitly (and aggressively) going for a more overtly feminist vibe than the original ever could have attempted in the ’80s.

For example, Ruth only goes out for glow in the first place because she’s sick of auditioning for secretary roles.

glow, both the show and the show within the show, lives and dies by its ferocious women — which, in the end, feels exactly right.

The first season of glow is now available to stream on Netflix.

A typical night for this misfit crew usually kicks off at Pixie—a hole-in-the-wall dive with no lights except the glow of the sound board.

It’s generally understood that helping out others makes a person feel nice, but that experience goes beyond just the feel-good glow of altruism.

glow” is a term that’s overused in the skin-care space.

On the same note, because everyone’s skin reacts differently, it’s impossible to say whether your glow will measure up to mine.

Buy Sunday Riley C.E.O glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil at Sephora for $40

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The DJ and producer moved to New York City in 2003, but her soul still radiates with South Beach’s hazy, neon glow.

The soft evening glow fades into starry darkness, and an excruciating pain travels through my head.

I sometimes still work with brown paper, which I love, because it has a beautiful glow, and more space and air than white paper.

Thankfully, there are plenty of places where you can reliably shelter yourself in the warm glow of alcohol.

No matter what era you were born into, the alluring warmth and flickering glow of vintage neon signage is undeniable.

Every time I saw someone I knew, I stopped, offered them a square of chocolate, and showed off the glow of my new light.

I imagined her there, in the glow of the streetlights, staring at the empty space where I should have been parked.

The pink glow likely comes from her swords, which have massive telekinetic energy.

Thus was born the #ILookLikeAnEngineer hashtag, which trended in early August and briefly bathed Twitter in a lovely, many-hued, multi-gender glow.

The lurid glow of marquees and brothels revealed to us a shivering, shambling crowd, some slumped like apes, some clutching their young.

The ominous glow over the hills behind our homes was growing.

Whilst hidden in dark trees heavy with the stench of bonfires, dead leaves and exploded pumpkins at twilight, I feel a weird glow.

She wept knowing that an entire world was now extinct — the world that had been blessed every night with this subtle glow.

No; I’m greeted instead with the familiar green glow of The Matrix’s binary ‘code’.

Activated by a magnet, the Northstar consists of five red LED lights that glow for ten seconds before switching off.

But something in glow holds me back, just a bit.

But I could never escape the feeling that glow season two kept circling something without ever quite zeroing in on it.

Season two’s showbiz story involves trying to make the glow within glow the best show it can be, the better to avoid cancellation.

And in every episode of glow season two — even the ones I wasn’t as fond of — I can point to a strong, episodic hook.

That leaves glow slightly less than the sum of its parts.

Reinvention is easy, glow argues.

glow season two is streaming on Netflix.

Trump During the Campaign: “I will NEVER touch The Orb, even though its mysterious glow seduces and beguiles.

As soon as Gordon saw her, he felt the deep glow of old friendship.

Rocket’s (voiced by Bradley Cooper) space suits glow as if they were illuminated by blacklights.

McEneaney is a luminous colorist, applying acrylic in thin coats that allow earlier layers to glow through.

As the last rays of the sun disappeared, a glow arose within the fog.

At this point, it’s self-evident that I need to spend more time outside and away from the trance-like, backlit glow of the computer.

Look at these girls glow!!!

In the first room, all the windows are boarded up and several LED lights give the place a hospital-like glow.

The other fibers soak up rays all day and glow when it gets dark.

Molten glass blobs glow in the dark factory, plopping into molds and emerging transformed into crystal vases, mugs, and goblets.

These hypothesized particles interact only via gravity, a la dark matter, but as they decay, they should emit an x-ray glow.

They glow, move almost organically, and look like a fabulous science project gone awry.

MS: So her fingernails start to glow.

I sometimes fell asleep on the hardwood floor, a cool white glow flashing from my phone screen on the table.

From where I was nesting on the beach I saw the blue-white glow of your phone flashing.

Four healthy marijuana plants bask in a purple glow.

In Georgia, “it’s important that black women mobilize for black women.” glow Vote is just one of many initiatives that backed Abrams.

Morse’s offbeat, almost psychedelic color schemes hum with a radiation glow not unlike that of fellow eco-surrealist Alexis Rockman’s canvases.

“I just felt a kind of warm glow.

But they still have that about them—a glow that might just make a great future.

Casper announces the glow — a portable, sleep-friendly light The Casper team sent me a couple of glows to try out for myself.

It’s so important to getting that extra glow.”

Not to mention, he opted for the glow in the dark option.

At night, the tent lit up, and the glow from inside could be seen in the distance.

Bobien’s ode to the glory of God’s loving glow is enough to reduce even the most ardent of Dawkins-fans to idol-worship.

As you follow FFNY’s story mode, the glow up is your own.

Overlooking a sea of red glow sticks and bobbing heads, I’m in disbelief—it was like a Tumblr gif come to life.

Though we see it through the glow of nostalgia, Star Wars is a pretty brutal setting.

For now, my desperation is a quiet one, hiding behind school soccer pickups and the glow of a computer screen.

Low point: The opening act of — I want to say — zombies with glow sticks?

Cotton fibers that glow or are magnetic have been grown in a lab, researchers report in Science today.

Rickey stepped into the glow of the purple stage lights and looked out into crowd.

It reminded me of artist Beatrice glow’s investigation into Pantone’s racialized color-naming system.

“And even if the embers don’t glow anymore, boy, tomorrow we’ll try give it another try”.

Perhaps Rose Gold is the eternal glow of youth — but only for the fair-skinned.

The only source of light on many nights is the hot­-pink glow of the naked neon ladies who decorate the place.

We gaze into the oven’s viewport and admire the electric-orange glow.

In some cases, that glow is limited to the edges, where the stretcher bars leave their imprint.

The soft white glow of 9 AM daylight is streaming through the plastic windows of the smallest stage at Time Warp in Mannheim, Germany.

They said that this type of path may be installed in Warsaw soon and that it can glow in multiple colors.

I saw the UV backdrops in some of these clubs and I was like, ‘I wanna glow like that.’

So we started to do neon glow, off-the-wall trippy images.”

NOISEY: What has the glow allowed you to explore that your more collaborative situations haven’t?

They stand there, these stiff-shouldered fun-suckers, radiating a glowering glow, practically daring anyone in their immediate vicinity to enjoy themselves.

Netflix’s “Bodyguard” is also up for best drama, and actors from “glow,” “Ozark” and “Seven Seconds,” were nominated, as well.

The glow‘s Am I is out May 24 on Double Double Whammy.

As a result, the red planet will glow about 80 times brighter than usual.

“It’s not a volume product, but it’s very much a flagship device, and has a halo glow for the brand.”

There’s only an ominous white glow, and a prolonged hum that builds into the intro of Pool opener “Burn the Witch.”

“It’s not a volume product, but it’s very much a flagship device, and has a halo glow for the brand.”

The idea was to blanket the entire country in their golden glow in time for the Royal Cremation.

But that glow is gone.

I lost myself in his eyes, wondering whether his infatuation with the King is as deep the twilight glow of his blue iris.

Solar flares, like the one that occurred on March 20, may supercharge the aurora’s glow so that its visibility extends farther than usual.

In the glow of the light from the hall, when you rolled over, the sheets lightly twisting against your skin.

A fluorescent light bathes the room with a warm red-orange glow, while the images on the monitors are blurry and unfocused.

They tend to glow brightest just before they go out,” said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at research firm CFRA.

“Blood circulation is what feeds the skin and its cells and keeps them acting healthy, while giving the skin a glow from within.”

“Does it glow in the dark?”

Though we see it through the glow of nostalgia, Star Wars is a pretty brutal setting.

And a rosy glow,” Andrews writes in her inspiring ode to childbirth’s physical effects.

There will always be the fitness princesses wearing gym couture on the StairMaster, breaking a delicate glow of perspiration across their alabaster brows.

The green glow is the aurora australis.

The blonde hair, the pink bikini, the sun-kissed glow…Karen certainly had it going on.

“Yellow glow (2018) looks as if some kind of fungal mold has invaded the ceramic’s yellow skin.

Then, I tried the Violet pen, which corrects yellow, dull skin for a healthy glow.

Pixi’s glow Mud Cleanser does all this and more.

Pixi glow Mud Cleanser, $18, available at Pixi Beauty.

Several rush to get selfies or close-ups of the human fireflies, but their glow wards off all touches as the crowds part around them.

From there, cake is thrown, champagne is sprayed, and a sea of glow sticks are waved in a synchronized dance.

Stripped down for a string-laden live session, the track exudes the kind of surreal, still-buzzed glow to which the album title nods.

As I sat at home and binge-watched Netflix’s glow a decade later, though, it almost felt like there was.

She cited exercising regularly as the key to her defined cheekbones and glow.

The artists formerly known as Sally Spitfire, Mickey Dismantle, and Trashley expressed similar sentiments and fondness for glow.

Watching the wrestlers get heckled at glow‘s debut show dredged up some experiences for Buckiewicz.

But the experience just wouldn’t be complete without the warm glow of that votive candle.

The first step to getting your glow back?

As Netflix continues to churn out original series every other week, glow has managed to catch our eye.

The scripted series takes on the very real history of glow, a.k.a.

Or why your foundation seems to just sit on top of your face rather than making your skin glow, à la Beyoncé?

“Feeling energized and loving my natural glow from exercising,” Sun wrote in the emoji-laden caption seen below a series of photos posted on WeChat.

But as the 90s faded off into the glow of a post-Y2K world, so too did our connection to the McCallisters.

The aesthetic is pacific litter clank; chill torrents and artificial triumphalism… actual glow.”

“It’s important for cell renewal and cell turnover, and it gives you a healthy glow,” says Dr. Bowe.

Held up against surroundings that literally glow with current-gen good-looks, though, it just makes Ryo and co. look out of place.

The spotlight enhances the glow and literally rivets our attention on an unusual, sentient thing.

The film makes them appear to glow white on a black ground.

MINNEAPOLIS – Given the road to their one shining moment Monday, the Virginia Cavaliers plan to appreciate the national championship glow.

“Moments of Place IV” is suffused with a yellow glow.

The probe picks up offensive capabilities that give it a fighting chance against the hostile indigenous creatures, all of which glow an ominous purple.

Would the administration and the student body have allowed the first gay student body president to be voided for using charity glow sticks?”

Corsair has an answer—fill them with non-functioning RAM sticks that glow pretty colors.

Their solitary feeling reflects both their locations and their timeworn growth beneath the glow of the Milky Way.

Previous studies have shown that the carotenoids found in colorful fruits and vegetables can actually give your skin a perceptibly pretty glow.

These beaches glow neon blue in the middle of the night — here’s why

(FYI, a glowment is, “when you feel so proud of what you’ve achieved that you can’t help but glow.”

The boxer showed up to XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas … where bikini-clad women were waiting for him with signs, glow sticks and champagne!

Watch the full tutorial above, and wear a glow season after season.

The results have an almost ethereal, otherworldly glow.

He then takes the bulb outside and uses it to illuminate his backyard, washing his neighborhood in an apocalyptic glow.

“Closer,” a song about the women that Taggart hates, basked in the glow of number one for 13 weeks.

In the sunlight, Harry’s freckles glow; his skin is translucent.

The glow of winning the Stanley Cup shouldn’t ever really wear off—and nor should your celebration drunk.

I bought the Gloss Bomb in Fenty glow ($18) because I’m a lip gloss addict.

SZA’s voice is a vibrant thing: pained, nasal, layered, gulping down consonants, seeming to glow.

The warm glow you get from helping gets hijacked by the negative elements in the picture.

The flood of cosmic rays bathing Earth would have caused the sky to continuously glow blue at night for about a month.

The accretion flow will reach a temperature of 105 K and glow brightly at optical, ultraviolet, and x-ray wavelengths for about 100 days.”

There’s also a nice green glow that emanates from the ports, making it easier to find them in the dark.

A ladder climbs up the gallery wall, crowned by a glowing, moon-like orb that casts a glow over the shacks below.

The gallery is painted a dark shade of gray so the glow of the screens becomes irresistible.

Jelly jars climb to a yard high, rendering their orange glow back into the reality of paint on canvas.

David Muñoz, a Pennsylvania State graduate student, made local headlines by finding that adding glow sticks to minnow traps led to higher salamander catches.

For now, simply bask in the glow of Chad Kroeger’s righteous anger.

Somebody hand Celine some glow sticks!

As Netflix continues to churn out original series every other week, glow has managed to catch our eye.

The scripted series takes on the very real history of glow, a.k.a.

Annoyed by a bright glow, he walked into the next room, filled with architecture and engineering books, to turn off the light.

The only light comes from the glow of our headlamps and the full moon hovering over the summit.

She’s even dumped acting for the time being to focus on making every “person with skin” glow.

I think the monotony and beige festive glow of every scene might have hypnotized me.

The sun peeked in during dinner, providing a gorgeous glow while guests ate.

We get to see Karolina (Virginia Gardner) glow phosphorescent.

The campfire looked dull, absorbing the glow Of the dying embers.

Hermione gets a Belle-style glow up, but Ron is beastly enough not to ask her to the ball.

6:45 AM: I am watching this in a pitch black room with the glow of my laptop blinding my eyes.

“The retail industry is perfectly healthy, but not every retailer is basking in the glow.”

One of the most highly celebrated fertility apps among the tech community is glow, which was launched in 2013 by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin.

glow, however, is one of those apps that straddles the regulatory dividing line.

And if you’re a monopoly ISP basking in the profitable glow of a broken, uncompetitive market, you certainly wouldn’t want that.

She channeled Cinderella for her 2019 look and the dress was complete with luminescent electrical work that made her dress glow.

Weird flex, but okay.-Kara Weisenstein I watched Season 1 of glow, and liked it.

Simonson uses abstraction and anthropomorphization to fascinate viewers, and adds fluorescent and UV-reactive glazes to make her paintings glow.

The surfaces had a glow that evoked Caravaggio and Alfred Hitchcock.

Because all that glow can make you look like you actually slept for eight hours last night.

Swerve around the corner into the trash area and see, no lie, a fox suddenly skitter out into the glow of a streetlight.

Marnie and Ray, who are spending a morning basking in post-coital snuggle glow.

I did not glow like the models in Maxim.

Yesterday, Teigen snapped a sad-faced shot of a slightly redder-looking complexion, saying, “Goodbye pregnancy glow.

As for reclaiming that glow?

According to Soga, another favorite among makeup artists is the Three Shimmering glow Duo ($67).

The scene is lit only by the computer screen’s eerie glow.

Watch the video below, tell your office buddy you love them, and bask in the heartwarming glow of real life occupation-based friendship.

Your lit-from-within glow will be your most attractive quality this month.

-Club Blu was reportedly open to all ages on Sunday for a “swimsuit glow party,” which is why many of the victims are minors.

The album name, Indigo, was also inspired by the glow of a mobile phone screen on a human face in the night.

Basically, they created transgenic fish that would glow under different wavelengths of light.

The yellow glow around the black disc is the sun’s corona, or atmosphere.

“It gives them a glow — which is exactly what women want — but men interpret it as grease.”

Looking for a mattifying powder that doesn’t sacrifice glow?

“You could see the burning, the glow of the fire on the horizon,” he said.

A Japanese word, meaning the gleam of last light on a river’s surface at dusk; the glow of a river in the darkness.

The dim, stripped-down layers of banished décor had a cinematic glow, reminding me of a Tarkovsky film.

But the warm glow soon dissipates as we reach another address.

GPS directions to a local coffee shop glow in the reflection of his sunglasses from the phone he holds near his face.

Beatrice glow’s artist book Taparaco Myth (2009), displayed here, details her trip through Peru, following the Chinese migrant labor movement there.

glow’s journey is both a physical and linguistic one, exploring the racial politics of naming colors, places, and people.

Sadly, your rampage doesn’t end in your bed, but inside the glow of your refrigerator.

The health of your bones and the glow of your cheeks.

Milk thistle is $8, B-complex is $12, a yeast probiotic is $16, and the hair, skin, and nails glow Trio pill is $19.

This spring, celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Khloé Kardashian are ditching their matte makeup looks, opting instead for nontouring’s natural-looking glow.

Alison Brie for “glow“?

The evidence: the release last month of the track “Lemon glow” and today, new track “Dive.”

glow” is fun.

Bathed in a red glow, Celeste steps on the stage during the film’s final moments flocked by backup dancers.

On the basis of “Lemon glow” and “Dive,” it seems as though Beach House are moving into a slightly intense and psychedelic territory.

You can binge the hell out of glow on June 23, when Netflix releases every episode of season one.

Cardi B made me want the world to witness my glow up, and most importantly to say “OKURRR” while doing so.

What inspired you to create the Champagne glow collection?

Crushed Tecate cans, half-dead glow sticks, and empty Doritos bags littered the courtyard.

If…your skin is more sallow, and you want a rosy glow to the skin, then I guess that’s fine.

The network would always ask if I could make things glow in the dark or blow up.

And, I can fit all their clothes, diapers, bath rings, sound machines, musical glow worms, shampoos, etc.

When Irish immigrants came to the United States, there were more pumpkins than turnips, and the Jack-O’-Lantern got its orange glow.

“It was like the cliché angels singing and there was a glow around him and it was immediate chemistry,” she said.

Lo and her glow, Kim K and her contour — some celebs have their signature looks down pat and are rarely seen without them.

Cruz pledged to “carpet-bomb” areas controlled by ISIS: “I don’t know if sand can glow, but we’re going to find out.”

“When you maximize your own feelings of self-acceptance and confidence you figuratively glow and attract others to you,” she says.

Alex Abad-Santos: You’re doing something cool with the book’s art, signaling to readers that when someone has the Beauty they glow.

Most of them have never made any serious work based on Miyazaki’s oeuvre, but they glow when describing their experiences with his films.

From tinted formulas that give gorgeous glow to those with unreal skin-care benefits on the side, the newest and greatest sunscreens are major multitaskers.

His cheeks glow with rouge, complementing the bright pink plastic tablecloth material of the two-piece suit Noland custom-tailored for him.

Though Thonis-Heracleion’s history dates as far back as 12th century BCE, lavish jewels and gold coins from the area maintain an otherworldly glow.

The passage pertaining to this “reveal” is designed to give its teenage reader a little glow of pride: I like books and sunsets, too!

People talk about a post-sex glow.

The animation’s strobelike glow sets a visual tone that couples seamlessly with the song’s dirty and cacophonous production.

If you enjoy an a.m. facial so that you can glow all day, go for it.

Where to watch: glow is streaming on Netflix.

From there, cake is thrown, champagne is sprayed, and a sea of glow sticks are waved in a synchronized dance.

It’s not the variety of cowboy that we see, not the glow in the dark, gun-slinging cowboy.

Another wide-eyed hoser told me that it caused her skin to glow and kick-started a 15-pound weight-loss.

You can see the glow in the background; that’s the fluorescent glow from Tokyo in the night sky,” said Thorpe.

Cadre lights his subjects with the warm glow of fiery pinks and fading purples to contrast and highlight the lines of his human geometries.

There are also light show features that make you fretboard glow like a KISS concert.

Congratulations and best wishes, brides-to-be: May your love continue to grow and your skin forever glow.

On Wednesday, the actress also posted a Snapchat photo of herself and Tarabasov, 22, in the lovey-dovey glow of a flower-crown filter.

“There was nothing but the glow / Of fireflies and chasing rainbows.”

Casper announces the glow — a portable, sleep-friendly light

It’s only now, years down the line, that I’ve fully gotten back into the glow.

glow on, beauties.

After dark, Synergia emits a shifting glow of colorful light as it sits in communion with Saarinen’s masterful work.

There will be tons of colorful makeup involved, as well as a bunch of cult-favorite skin-care products (cough cough, Pixi by Petra glow Tonic).

Next, use a stick highlighter to amp up your glow, drawing down the bridge of your nose, atop your cheekbones, and on your browbones.

If the same terms were offered to glow’s other shareholders, the remaining stake would be worth another 43.6 billion baht ($1.33 billion).

Shares in glow were up 1.6 percent, while PTT was also up by a similar amount.

glow has high-quality assets strategically located in Thailand’s industrial east, CGS-CIMB Securities (Thailand) analyst, Suwat Sinsadok said.

Around the edges, it is clear that the palette resembles the brilliant fluid inside glow sticks: orange, pink, teal, neon green.

“What’s surprising,” he said, “is how far the glow from these lights reaches out into outskirts and unpopulated areas.”

They tend to glow brightest just before they go out,” Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at research firm CFRA, tells Reuters.

It all has a sickly stock market–like glow.

Fireflies’ glow may have evolved as a way to deter their main predator from devouring them, according to a new study.

The commenter community on the period tracking app glow — a leader in the booming and questionable “femtech” space — corroborated her suspicions, however.

Pre-sale tickets for CLUB glow are available now and may be purchased here.

While on set for the film, Empire said they were swept past images of the Bat’s gadgets “married to a lime-green glow.”

With lots of neon, organic products and glow in the dark bracelets, she always likes to stand out.

As far as the glow in the dark bracelets, I sometimes wear them at festivals and like to create décor with them.

Its fringe is capped with lightbulbs that glow and dim at what Hatoum calls “breath’s pace.” Finally, space to breathe!

Whether you’re trying to get a subtle J.Lo glow or go for a high-wattage effect, let these tools light the way.

I decided to test whether nine hours of sleep a night, for two weeks, would give my complexion a Sleeping Beauty-worthy glow.

Not sure what’s up with the glow in the pic (ceiling mirror?)

“Soulmate” and “Jerome” find Lizzo basking in the glow of her past relationships.

Then, on the 12th, romantic Venus makes her annual visit to Leo, lighting you up with a radiant glow for the rest of July.

When additional sunlight then strikes the mist, it scatters the light, giving off a brilliant glow that makes the spots appear brighter.

A video posted by ᴅʏʟᴀɴᴊᴏɴᴇs (@itisdonuts) on Some people make pins that glow in the dark or spin.

This caught on, resulting in an increased focus on brightening and glow instead of aging.

In other words, you’ll glow.

(Think: Soko Glam, glow Recipe, Memebox, The Lot, and more.

And, when people ask where you got your glow, you can tell them that it was “milk made.”

Acids, like glycolic acid and salicylic acid, exfoliate the skin to help slough off dead skin for, yes, an immediate glow.

What happens when it gets harder and harder to get that glow promised by the products?

It feels near-classical in American English; faded and a bit romantic, with a glow of pure sex.

Andreesen Horowitz recently invested in glow, a company that raised $23 million.

He can glow?

Rather than subject myself to all the anxieties and insecurity, I bathe in the glow of Netflix and video games.

Yet, as the post-proposal glow fades, she’s faced with the looming prospect of marriage and all the eternity it implies.

Anastasia Beverly Hills recently made waves in the beauty world by launching its latest glow Kit products.

When you emerge from the shower it’s with lush, soft hair and post-exercise glow, thanks to this dummy-proof multitasking.

One of the beautiful things about people of color, for me, are the reds, the purples, and the golden tones that glow.

“Start with mixing some glow into your foundation — I like NARS’ Illuminator in Copacabana.

Beneath the glow of the red lights, Ly hands a boxed pizza to his assistant who speeds off on a moped.

It’s the perfect palette for keeping your sun-free summer glow alive.

But whoever he or she was gave the driver a “dazed glow,” as Lorde joked.

(Ours, for reasons unknown, have bruises, bug bites, and a less-than-even glow most of the summer.)

)Of course, striking the right balance between healthy glow and overly strobed isn’t as easy as one might think.

Goop’s online store hawks this $30 jar of “dust” that’s “alchemized to expand your beauty, luster, and glow from within.”

At this temperature, enough water has evaporated to impart a rich amber glow upon it, not to mention other magical properties.

The activists I grew up idolizing seemed to all have an ethereal glow to them — they radiated passion, dignity, truth, and justice.

It’s the warm orange glow of the candle over the letter, and the cool, cold light of the moon out the window.

The female-bodied attendees looked dashing in suits and rainbow suspenders, glow sticks ringed every wrist, and androgynous looks were sprinkled liberally throughout.

There was a faint glow emanating from behind them.

The neon glow gives off the kind of light one would see in an institution like a prison.

I am glowing.The post-coitus glow is something you’ve undoubtedly read about.

What you may not know, though, is that the act leading up to that glow is actually hella beneficial for your skin.

A beach-vacation glow?

Bask in the healing glow of his eyes.

They appear to move in very slow motion, shifting slightly as we progress around the strands that alternately glow and disappear in the dark.

Sit back, relax, and prepare to master your glow.

The Power Grill The fluorescent glow emanating from its windows makes The Power Grill impossible to miss.

The brand just released the limited-edition Precious glow makeup collection — and, suddenly, we have Rihanna’s “Diamonds” stuck in our heads.

To Boldly glow is a peachy Dazzle Lip Topper that will add dimension to your lipstick.

Varying in translucency, Whitney’s soft chromatic bricks glow in manifold tones.

A side window reveals a bedroom lit by the warm glow of a miniature lamp with a landscape painting on the wall.

Their pink glow reflects off the surfaces of the other vitrines, marking the scientific specimens with abstract pink scribbles.

She released “Freak On,” with Chris Brown, last June.According to Pitchfork, Taylor met Kanye during his glow in the Dark Tour back in 2008.

A heart-shaped outer glow is placed around the couple, finished with the top layer, text reading “LGBT Love”.

So there is a science behind why your skin looks healthier and has more of a glow when you use these products,” says Wilson.

Leathery, wrinkled drips run down the sides of the pot, creating alternating stripes that reflect a dull, blunt glow.

They were backlit by the soft, eerie glow of the moon’s reflection on the ice.

Get ready to get, or gift, a perfect glow.

Dew-S-A is void of sugar and resembles the pale glow of a half-baked idea—one that inexplicably made it into production.

As bad as it sounds, she asked to borrow one of my glow sticks.

After the glow of the honeymoon phase fades, legit being pals is as important as the passion.

An early chase through an asteroid field, in particular, benefits from this approach, swaddling the characters in a kind of hypnotic glow.

Most of us have the luxury of working in the warm glow of building products consumers love.

Against the warm grays of Shrill’s color palette, our heroine’s candy-striped pink dresses glow like scoops of sorbet.

“Now, the gorgeous couple is basking in the glow of their engagement.

A faint neon glow covering everything?

He looked like every other happy European guy basking in the glow of an Olympic victory.

The glow Baby app can help with that, as it lists 101 specific developmental stages based on CDC data and medical advisors’ input.

J.Lo still had a glow to her leaving her SoHo gym, but you’d never notice it if her butt caught your eye first.

She created exclusive content for glow Baby and is on the board of medical advisors, along with Dr. John Palma, a pediatrician at Stanford.

And if you just need support, glow Baby’s built-in community lets you connect with other parents right in the app.

The company will begin with Nurture because it has an 80%+ conversion rate from glow to Nurture​.

The glow Baby app will be available today on iOS and Android as a free download.

Captured in almost tenebrist light, Hujar’s subjects seem to glow from within.

Allen’s latest endeavor opened the festival on a rainy Wednesday evening that sharply contrasted the gorgeous golden glow of the 1930s period piece.

Admittedly, there’s a bit of a glow that first time you see a device that’s seemingly been teased forever.

So can a few easy lifestyle tweaks really deliver fewer breakouts, less pronounced wrinkles, and a killer glow?

“Well,” he says, looking up at the neon glow of the NBC Studios sign, “it’s all kind of a blur at this point.”

It hydrates the skin and helps exfoliate away dead cells, giving skin a brighter appearance, smoother texture, and a healthy glow.

Fitted with LED lights, her steel body will glow an eerie blue at night.

Why am I suddenly so unsure of myself?I don’t feel like I have a pregnancy glow.

Since the days of Thomas Edison, conventional incandescent lightbulbs have worked by heating up a wire filament until it’s hot enough to glow.

I don’t need to feel a glow or feel empowered for (or afraid of) labor.

Janet Jackson went shopping on Tuesday afternoon and “Rhythm Nation” fans got a peek at the singer’s pregnancy glow.

She wore casual clothes — sweatpants and a sweatshirt — but definitely had a pregnancy glow.

A warm glow tints our skin.

A 2018 study showed that STEVE wasn’t an aurora, but it was still unclear exactly what caused the glow.

Eve by glow and Natural Cycles both undertake research and clinical trials to help improve their offering.

Leaning against the wall, the painted white boards form an undulating fence-like structure, which casts a pink glow behind them.

Ryman has painted the hidden side of the board fluorescent red, which projects a pink glow onto the wall.

What we see in these “bones” is the aftermath of violence, a partially cleansed object that casts a glow (or stain) on the wall.

I imagined her there, in the glow of the streetlights, staring at the empty space where I should have been parked.

Overall, Netflix has four shows that are each nominated in the double digits, with glow’s 10 nominations joining the three programs already listed.

“I thought this would give me the ‘just-came-from-crew-practice,’ ‘spent-hours-rowing-on-the-lake’ glow.

Rather, traits like someone’s natural glow, energy, style, or overall aura took center stage.

The kundalini teacher, like so many people here, has the preternatural glow possessed by intensely healthy humans.

Belson’s art possesses an inner glow – dust becoming light.

A glow in the dark bike route inspired by van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

The movement across each pictures watches the glow of the sign wax and wane as the water moves further down the sidewalk.

Mild spoilers for the first half of glow season two.

I adored the first season of glow (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling), Netflix’ 80s-set comedy about a low-rent, ladies-only pro wrestling show.

glow never shied away from the issues, exactly, and it still has plenty of wild sight gags and humor and outrageous antics.

Also, their eyes glow.

If you want a rosier glow, swirl a shimmery pink blush over the apples of your cheeks.

The colors — aqua, purple, pink — are etiolated but still visible, and they cast a preternatural glow behind them, like dimmed lights in Easter-egg shades.

Cancer doesn’t mean a rosy glow on everything, sweet smiles at every turn.

Today, the brand introduced a capsule of splatter-printed garments that are reflective — meant to glow in low light.

Keep an eye out — it’ll be worth it for a cheaper glow.

The cues that we made for our audition, such as Steven’s Shield and The Mother, were eventually used in the episode “Gem glow.”

Ready to glow?

They seemed comfortable and had this beautiful glow about them, this serenity that I didn’t expect to see.

The edges of the panels glow from the lightboxes behind and multiple black electrical cords dangle down.

Check out more videos from VICE: “Look at my daughter,” she said with an unnerving glow while showing me a picture.

On the wall facing it, two sconces project an amber glow, while hospital blankets hang, ghost-like, on the adjacent walls.

What’s more, celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta (the man behind Gigi Hadid’s glow) is on board as a global ambassador.

You’ll want to start with an orange base for that “just got hit in the face with a sweet potato pie” glow.

Interiors are lit with a moody golden glow.

CD: I immediately thought of it when I saw his first exhibition, those lamps that glow orange.

How to watch it: glow is available on Netflix.

What better way to say”I love you” than being immersed in the warm glow of Jonas Valanciunas’s ass?

The green glow of an early Personal Computer.

This sparked a radiant glow from the teenager and she blushed.

She shined a UV light on it, and the hair didn’t glow, but the leaves did.

You build something intently and with purpose over forty years and the glow accrues.

The World Cup has lent an extra glow to the town.

The glow, literally and figuratively, does not last.

In the background, the fields glow orange and the sky is a summery blue.

So for the blush, a small tap of color was swirled on to lend the softest glow to the face.

The last rays of the setting sun made the Bay Bridge appear to glow from within.

In another picture of a Soho street there’s a trashcan with a holy glow as if a saint would flame up any minute.

He leads Caltech geobiologist Victoria Orphan through a maze of wires to a cavern illuminated by the blue glow of the strontium clock.

I didn’t have to load up on moisturizer to make myself glow, and my acne was receding.

There was no electricity in the building, but the sunlight streaming through unglazed windows gave the room a brilliant glow.

Eventually, Cobham’s box starts to glow, and stage smoke circulates inside the box, forming a cloud around Herbertson’s body.

With proper application, colorful blush can result in a seriously standout glow.

To get in fighting shape for her Netflix series ” glow,” Alison Brie had to lift some heavy stuff.

Anastasia Beverly Hills’ coveted glow Kit.

The glow Kit is no exception.

The Unicorn glow highlighter looks exactly like you would imagine a product with that name to look, but that’s only in the package.

On the skin, it gives a sheer, multi-colored glow that’s quite pretty.

Wet n Wild Rainbow Highlighter in Unicorn glow, $4.99, available at Wet n Wild.

Occasional bodegas cast a sickly glow on the sidewalk.

All of which contribute to the dewy, golden glow it gives your skin.

My post-acne red marks looked so much less noticeable after only a week.”Pixi glow Peel Pads, $22, available at Target.

Along with neon, argon and sodium were also found to glow, due to the introduction of an electrical current.

However, the glow of success and young love is darkened by a shadow from the past pulled into the present.

Em’s upturned, wide eyes glow with fear and firelight.

For a healthy winter glow, it’s all about the highlighter.

According to I Heart Makeup’s website, the highlighter (which will give you that “perfect colourful iridescent rainbow glow“) was “made by real unicorns.

Until she says otherwise, lets just bask in the glow that Lively is like each and every one of us.

Nostalgia paints everything in a rosy glow — and social media is like a magnifying glass for nostalgia.

Right at sunset, the lighting hits all of the old buildings, which gives it a gorgeous glow.

Don’t sit around basking in the glow of favorable celestial influence; make it work for you.

“My favorite foundation is Burberry Fresh glow, because it’s lightweight and luminous, but it still covers.

But the moment she realizes there’s an opportunity for her to run for president again, the glow in her eyes re-lights.

The Suomi NPP satellite saw the glow of the fire this morning as Lane lurks nearby.

The LED lights glow green when the device is in use and red when it needs a charge.

Frantino uses pink and mauve crayon to give his skin a waxy glow.

He got everything he wanted, and his supporters were able to come along for the ride and feel the glow.

The golden-hour light makes it glow.

A blast of rainbow-colored lasers refracted off his body as he luxuriated in the glow of his CDJs.

You’ll know your Flex 2 is fully charged when all five lights on the top of the sensor glow green.

When I visited the gallery, the room was imbued with a soft autumnal glow, heightening the intimacy of the experience.

She had grown into her celebrity, with flowing straight hair, and a permanent strawberry glow.

The collared shirts, knit sweaters, tights, and other items of clothing glow with an eerie luminosity.

glow co-founder and chief executive officer Mike Huang did not respond to multiple requests for comment at the time.

The glow of iPhones fill the venue, not like fireflies or studded jewels but raised heartbeats, their illuminations signalling the presence of each ticket-holder.

Discussed: Overwatch League, No Man’s Sky NEXT, Mission Impossible: Fallout, glow season 2, Destiny 2.

She is seated on a red sofa that illuminates the background with a soft crimson glow.

Sorry Champagne glow, there’s a new kid in town.

Use a dense, short-bristled brush to blend and buff the color into a soft, rosy glow.

That glow, though?

Stairs cut into the floor lead to a closed yellow door with an eerie yet warm glow that emits through the cracks.

We got Sydelle — who also stars in “glow” — on Sunset Blvd.

From getting your glow back to busting blemishes, read on for the best tried-and-tested masks around.

I’ve now spent hours of my life bathing in its glorious glow.

The blue glow of the instrument adds to the drama as it fulfills its mission to rid the skin of spots.

I was guided by the glow of portable klieg lights police had set up in the parking lot in front of the school.

That’s okay, because we assume passengers were too filled with the glow of the miracle of life to notice.

Plus, she says her clients have noticed less breakouts, dryness, irritation, and sensitivity, as well as better product absorption and a more youthful-looking glow.

“It’s almost like if you’re not aggressive you’re not a good enough facialist — but I tell them, my clients glow.”

Starry nights and urban cities don’t mix, as light pollution overpowers constellations and planetary visages, leaving the moon to glow by its lonesome self.

I am simply feeling grateful for the early scent of spring, and the lingering glow of the sun, and that familiar warmth.

However, the close association of renewables with climate progress threatens to cast an unduly rosy glow on US trends.

But fear not, there are ways to get your glow on without this coveted illuminator.

It’s just a close-up, but with the light shining behind her, it gives her an angelic, almost dreamlike glow.

Verdict: To be clear, the “big orange glow” he saw was the burning T, not a Donald Trump apparition.

The glow lighted an area of two or three steps, the path was nowhere to be seen.

In the glow of the phone, his doggy face had the solemn puzzlement of someone making an enormous effort to understand.

“Strobe Cream has always been the go-to product for creating a glow.

Once again the room is dark, with strings of LED lights adding to the monitor’s flickering glow.

The colors exude a glow, particularly when they are abutting a visceral black form.

That it’ll make you glow and banish breakouts and maybe make a cappuccino for you if you ask nicely.

For its spring 2017 Happy glow collection, the cosmetics company is giving its iconic powders — and the entire accompanying collection — a pink, unicorn-inspired makeover.

But there’s one product we can’t stop thinking about: the Happy glow Blush.

As usual, the palest hue (in this case, the pink) is the centermost stripe, so the whole stroke seems to radiate light, to glow.

“The orange glow was cresting the hill and you knew this place was going to go up,” he said.

The performers are government employees known for expressing their love of country using glow sticks.

Bright oranges and reds glow from behind angular breaks in the surface.

The deepest shade is Rose Gold, which is meant to lend the perfect sun-kissed glow for dark skin tones.

Sauvignon-sipping mothers unite, and under the glow of a gentle buzz, soiled diapers and screaming toddlers become NBD.

glow sticks, pride flags, and short shorts abounded.

As you know, the more hydration, the more glow.

Meanwhile, he’d just taken delivery of Firsthand Technology’s latest virtual world, called glow.

), flashy neon lights bathing everything in a gauzy crimson glow, all ripping holes in the plastic that used to constrain them.

I see the glow.

Other members of the band banned glow sticks from our gig at Brixton Academy, so that was a defining moment.

After a couple of tries with the brush, I do indeed start to develop a small, sun-kissed glow.

Against the warm grays of Shrill’s color palette, our heroine’s candy-striped pink dresses glow like scoops of sorbet.

Not even an angelic glow made me think, “oh my God, Michael is going to die.”When it happened, I didn’t believe it.

)Step 2: Mix a generous amount of L’Oréal True Match Lumi Liquid glow Illuminator in Golden with your favorite moisturizer.

Fans of these types of products celebrate their extreme subtlety, gushing over a certain dewiness or just the right glow.

The dominant tint is orange, which spreads a warm glow throughout Badwan’s room, so the mood feels welcoming to me.

My skin had gotten its glow back.

I’m dancing with my girlfriends when my date informs me that the black lights make my white thong glow through my dress.

Try the drinkable options from Canadian brand Fountain — with glow, Beauty and Phyto-Collagen Molecules, you can swig a spoonful and be on your way.

The latest from Stila Cosmetics, however, takes it up a notch — its Magnificent Metals Glitter & glow shadows are fit for a mermaid.

Even the fabrics glow in sync with you.

Not painted, as they glow red hot during a fast reentry.

Tarte Tarteist Pro glow Liquid Highlighter, $29, available at Tarte.

sex symbol has maintained her youthful glow after all these years.

Mix the two together and you’ll get a stellar glow that’s out-of-this-world.

And at night, they’re lit from within, the illumination giving their cast white acrylic bodies a bright glow.

Drum roll, please…ABH is releasing a new version of its famous glow Kit in March.

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