Gloves in a sentence | Use of the word gloves examples

Paddock often wore brown cloth gardening gloves to prevent rashes from contact with cleaning chemical residues, the brother wrote.

Their gloves, too, were handcrafted and featured a number of unique designs.

Throw down the boxing gloves and tell them the score.

I mean, if we’re going to take off the rhetorical gloves, then be prepared for everyone to take them off.

Not on accident — of this we’re sure — Paris was wearing fingerless gloves, but no glove could hope to contain that gem.

I thought I would have to wear gloves and sunglasses and walk around with a parasol.

“The weather definitely makes me nervous but I went out and got four season gear, winter jackets, gloves.

Nonbelievers just put on their war wigs and their war gloves and pick from a fanned deck of brute facts.

@DeMarcusWare is back and this time he brought the boxing gloves.

Wilfredo Prieto’s You can’t make a revolution with silk gloves is on view at Kurimanzutto Gallery (Gob.

“Conditions are perfect,” he adds, handing me a pair of neoprene boots and gloves.

No gloves, though.

PR: You need a helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, rib pads, stick … LS: You don’t need rib pads.

They weren’t even wearing gloves (Thais didn’t start using gloves until 1929) but their fists were wrapped with horsehide strips and rope.

She is a red-skinned, green-eyed Draenei with a black bob and black, elbow-length gloves.

I’m not talking about wearing ridiculous goggles or gloves wired to some machine.

A sleek video released by the artists shows the creation and installation of the piece, complete with Indecline-branded gloves and balaclavas.

“Trump has already treated China and Russia with more kid gloves than us.

Kailyn’s ready to strap on some gloves and let her fists do the talking.

“We won’t leave till they scrap the law,” said one young man wearing a black mask and gloves.

Once Hallie is united with her twin sister, Annie, the gloves come off between the trio.

He’s wearing Spider-man-like adhesive gloves, which on cue begin to malfunction requiring him to perform risky acrobatic moves for our viewing pleasure.

Donald Trump, for example, carries huge gloves (“for show”) and five different varieties of self-tanner.

Bring a face mask, they’ll give you gloves.

We don’t need to be treated with kid gloves.

The Netherlands’ King Willem Alexander attended the opening and donned gloves to run his hand through a container of larvae.

The nominee accessorized with long black gloves and a giant, 128-carat yellow diamond necklace.

From her black gown and elbow-long gloves to her sleek updo and glitzy diamond jewelry, Gaga looked like a 21st-century Holly Golightly.

Enter those crisp white gloves.

Those white gloves really make his grand gestures stand out — and they make him seem human.

Watch the video above to learn more about the origins of those cartoon gloves.

Trump participated in a kid gloves AMA with these people just a few days ago, if you hadn’t heard.

Most have brought gloves, one is in a full uniform, and Myers’ is not the only Red Sox tattoo I’ll be shown.

But small details — baseball gloves, pink bows, matching white sneakers — suggest that, despite the oldest children’s skepticism, friendships may be incubating.

We were both wearing black gloves on one hand.

Elbows down, hands up, and chin down slightly behind the gloves.

She shows this with the boxing gloves covered in lace and satin, in intricate beadwork, in flowery filigree, in ribbons and bows.

No one else can tell a fighter to hang up the gloves and expect that he or she would listen.

“Every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves.

Cops also say Sandrock was arrested attempting to break into Taylor’s home while wearing a mask and rubber gloves.

The key was left in the ignition, with his helmet and gloves on the seat, it added.

gloves sold separately.

Mitchell has seen fit to treat Jones with kid gloves, even on a team this young.

Gloving is a rave-style hand dance that involves putting multi-colored LEDs in the fingertips of white gloves to create trippy light trails.

Gloving is a rave-style hand dance that involves putting multi-colored LEDs in the fingertips of white gloves to create trippy light trails.

According to Neustaedter, the gloves are capable of many things.

“Couples have used the gloves for a large range of things,” Neustaedter says.

“It was designed to be very flexible, so couples could use the gloves in whatever way made sense for their relationship,” Neustaedter continues.

First, Comey treated the initial investigation of Hillary Clinton back in March 2015 with kid gloves.

Conversely, if the newly Trumpified GOP holds power, the gloves will really be off in terms of asserting control over the bureaucracy.

The clerical gloves are expected to stay off at least until then.

Before heading downstairs, Mott passed 20-year-old Callan Foran from Ohio a pair of white gloves.

BTW … the Chicago Golden gloves Tournament is arguably the most elite amateur tournament in the country.

BTW … the Chicago Golden gloves Tournament is arguably the most elite amateur tournament in the country.

He had his son lay his gloves in the center of the cage before riding off into the sunset for good.

(Though in fairness, we stopped stowing our gloves there ages ago, too.)

The gloves are coming off in the Silicon Valley race to dominate the self-driving-tech world.

As early as the 1980s, VR pioneer Jaron Lanier, the man credited with popularizing the term, was selling a virtual reality headset and gloves.

As early as the 1980s, VR pioneer Jaron Lanier, the man credited with popularizing the term, was selling a virtual reality headset and gloves.

McKee, a 37-bout veteran in MMA, turned to coaching when he hung up his fighting gloves in 2014.

“Celebrities were treated with kid gloves and were virtually untouchable.”

But you know that the gloves have really come off when cheerful whipped cream company Reddi Wip takes a stand against you.

Excellent deployment of opera gloves.

But, Canelo says he’s out for revenge — and hopes he can convince Floyd to strap on the gloves for one final war.

The 92-year-old Elizabeth II, in coat, hat and gloves, stood under a white awning on the Windsor Castle grounds, waiting for Trump’s motorcade.

The 92-year-old Elizabeth II, in coat, hat and gloves, stood under a white awning on the Windsor Castle grounds, waiting for Trump’s motorcade.

Why is O wearing long red gloves?

“Every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves.

As we reported, even her mom would like to see her hang up her gloves for good.

There were three title fights, including the return of George St. Pierre, a heralded welterweight who hung up his gloves four years ago.

When asked when she would consider hanging up her gloves, Rousey responded to the chat show host in an incredibly candid fashion.

One of his tour looks included an all-white outfit with gold, fingerless gloves.

And who really knows if Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather plan to strap on the gloves?

After being smashed by Rory MacDonald in December of 2012, former UFC lightweight and welterweight champion BJ Penn elected to hang up the gloves.

A year and a half later, he strapped those gloves back on for an ill-advised featherweight bout with Frankie Edgar.

Strampel failed to ensure that Nassar followed protocols that the pair had agreed on, such as wearing gloves, according to the complaint.

You pretty much cannot watch an MMA event without saying “Hmm, they should really do something about those gloves!”

Bonnier dress in Mario hats and gloves.

He picks up these items in the streets, sans gloves, and rarely alters them.

Then again, Silva has been involved with Bellator for almost a year, and he still hasn’t donned their gloves.

We have a strange, enduring fascination with high-profile athletes from other sports put on four-ounce gloves and watching what happens afterward.

Syringes, gloves and other supplies are running out, she said.

The black on my gloves made me uncomfortable.

In fact, I’m not sure anything short of year-round gloves would really help me fully quit.

They wore boxing gloves, but there was no true corner support for fighters.

Toughman provides the 16-ounce boxing gloves, a padded kidney belt, and headgear.”

Back in May, a clown with bladed gloves was accused of hacking a man to death in Denver.

Later that day, the Los Angeles Times roared “Rosie vs. Elisabeth: The gloves Are Off!”

Shop the Everlane Day gloves in 13 colors, $115

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James was told to put on boxing gloves; he’d never worn gloves, or been in a fight.

Charities once gave his three-man crew gumboots, gloves and overalls.

But the equipment wore out and the foreigners went home, so these days he buys the gloves himself.

Staff members will be handing you cappuccinos, disinfectants, and gloves, but not a helping hand.

Initial responders should ensure that they don’t come in contact with the chemical by donning gloves.

We threw on these gloves, iNovas, and started practicing every day and night.”

By the time he reached his mid-twenties, Michael had hung up his gloves to focus on business and traveling.

The honeymoon was over; the gloves were coming off.

For the NETs and their neighbors, this answer will likely researched with a thick pair of work gloves.

No weigh-ins were required and the fighters wore MMA gloves instead of boxing gloves.

The rolling table holds my oil sticks and latex gloves.

Her Look: White crop top, brown shorts, suspenders, gloves, and combat boots.What I’m a Sucker For: A white T-shirt, shorts, and combat boots.

He reviews every wrist wearable, every heart-rate monitor, every bike computer, pedal pods, gloves, sports cameras: You name it, Ray has tried it.

You wear gloves.

They gather in the basement to sing and worship bundled in their coats and gloves.

We treat them with kid gloves.

I’ve got no gloves and my fingers are turning a strange color, but that’s OK.

Vereen was dressed as Williams might have been for a performance of the Ziegfeld Follies: white gloves, cravat, top hat, and blackface.

This enigmatic creature, described as an “archaic human” in exhibition materials, is wearing a plastic proboscis and gloves that resemble simian digits.

And if that wasn’t enough, I was given full, unrestricted access to the test kitchen (along with a hair net and gloves).

Around that time, the scene was completely DIY, and enthusiasts made their own gloves with lights bought at electronic supply stores like Fry’s.

Every month, the Vancouver Island Chapter has a beach cleanup, where volunteers put on work gloves, rubber boots, and pick up garbage.

In January 2011, Insomniac Events, the US-based promoter behind EDC, announced on Facebook that LED gloves would be prohibited from all of their events.

Lane said the guards told him he either needed to give up his gloves or get kicked out.

So I gave him my gloves.”

While people who bring their gloves into Insomniac festivals are obviously breaking the rules, Lim believes the actions of the guards are still extreme.

But some, like former Assemblywoman Ma, still believe that LED gloves are nothing more than accessories to the drug experience.

Wearing just a crown and white gloves, the artist gazes out at the world unflinchingly.

They didn’t know about safe dosages and hygienic issues—making sure that the environment that you’re in is clean, wearing gloves, sharing needles.

He pins his gloves to the side of his head when he must.

It’s not like Khan has donned gloves today, much less given his supporters migraines with his banging.

Except instead of old school rope the fighters wrap their hands heavily and wear no gloves, leaving the fingers open.

Another trick is bundling up, truly bundling up, with many layers and hats, scarves and gloves.

No, “I’m only going to be outside for like 5 minutes so I don’t need gloves,” business.

On the talk pages (where Wikipedia editors take the gloves off), somebody wondered why Hitler himself would bother to give the order.

Luckily, Gray says, being a clinic, they have access to biohazard bags and gloves.

But, even with gloves, shit on the steps is still shit on the steps.

– Tiffany, Los Angeles The story starts with the bright idea to borrow some black leather gloves from my father.

For whatever reason, they honed in on the gloves.

I don’t even remember if they got the gloves in the end, but I’ll never forget the embarrassment.

While hunting, she always wears gloves.

Dude wore plastic gloves and had alcohol.

Simmons tracks a ball in the hole, gloves it, and whistles it across the diamond, and then the next three batters hit clean doubles.

Is the punter wearing any gloves?

For 30 minutes I watched strangers in masks and gloves race around an unconscious old man, trying everything they could to keep him alive.

He decides to drop the gloves for the last three games—not to fight—but to punch away every Capitals shot.

Against Panicos Yusuf, Muangthai clearly felt less comfortable chasing his elbows than he does in the big gloves, at least in the early going.

Music videos and thermal imaging go hand-in-hand like fingerless gloves and video-game protagonists.

But once Muangthai got going we got to see the pros and cons of the small gloves for an elbow wizard.

On the one hand, Muangthai had less target to control when checking his opponent’s hands than when wearing boxing gloves.

The segment goes on to show people wearing “special glasses” and “data gloves” to test out a new VR headset.

The sensors were attached to the glasses and gloves to determine the user’s hand positions and the way they gripped objects.

On some jobs, they’ll pull on protective suits, gloves, and shoe protectors.

The finished piece includes video, archival photographs of the new arrangement, and a series of glass hammers and gloves in mirrored display cases.

These heat resistant cooking gloves let you get close to your food when you need to without burning your hands.

Cut-resistant gloves

At four times stronger than leather, these cut-resistant gloves take the blood, sweat, and tears out of cooking.

According to Arum, the two ring legends would face off in a two-round exhibition match wearing headgear and 16-ounce gloves.

Add the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients–using gloves works really well.

Washington’s trademark at USC was carrying a pair of boxing gloves wherever he went.

Maybe the game doesn’t need gloves anymore.

So maybe let’s keep the gloves.

White perforated leather gloves and an old telephone.

We had these gloves, but there’s a part on the video, you can see it, where Juvie and B.G.

The key was left in the ignition, with his helmet and gloves on the seat, it added.

He has also been accused of molestation, making racist comments during appointments, and conducting pelvic exams without gloves.

He has also been accused of molestation, making racist comments during appointments, and conducting pelvic exams without gloves.

Neither team dropped the gloves for the final 10 minutes of regulation or overtime.

It’s hard, the cap pops off of the chicken, and then I have to pick it up and change my gloves.”

Think of a batter at the plate, adjusting his gloves, grinding his toe into the dirt, his motions as regimented as the rosary.

From then on whenever Verhoeven got close enough to trade and felt Schilt’s gloves taking a hold, he clung for dear life.

When you wear boxing gloves, the damage is prolonged.

“The gloves are off” among abortion opponents, Kristin Ford, the national communications director for NARAL Pro-Choice America, told Vox.

Stinging jellyfish have attached themselves to the line, and we’re not wearing gloves.

And that’s where the gloves come off.

He also refused doctors’ orders to wear gloves and a mask outdoors since his immune system had collapsed.

For example, we’ve talked about working with boxing gloves before, which is both a weapon and a piece of armor,” Yoo says.

The contraceptive use of love gloves only pops up for sure in the historical record the medieval era.

We’re talking 10 dollar guns and half that for hard-to-notice gloves and such.

Adding a little bit of head movement has made his karate far more reliable in the wild world of four ounce gloves.

The nouns are all soft: “white gloves,” “magnolia flowers,” “bedroom window.”

The brothers were caught on camera buying a bunch of supplies before the incident … including ski masks, gloves, bandanas, sunglasses and red hats.

“These gloves are just normal cycling gloves.

Her work, Professionalism, showed a questionable feast out of udon noodles, hat, gloves and coins.

Smearing blood from my gloves onto my trunks, I looked back at my coach, I said, “It’s okay, I’m okay.”

He took the Bronco to her home with his friend, brought a knife and put a hat and gloves on for dramatic effect.

Yes, it certainly seemed like a good time for “The Prodigy” to hang up the gloves.

I’m wearing padded gloves and a high-vis tabard.

They’re not like gloves – you’re never going to lose one and have to buy a whole new set.

“Disabled people do not want to be treated with kid gloves or ‘othered,'” he continues.

And I’ll take the gloves off.

I use a light coverage suit, which includes a Kevlar vest, a mask, and a pair of Nomex gloves, which prevent burns.

At the clinic in Okanautoni, plastic gloves, syringes and disinfectant are in short supply.

On their hands, they wore hard leather six-ounce gloves rather than the usual heavier glove favored by boxing gyms at the time.

She paired the semi-sheer design with long pink gloves.

The pale-pink ensemble featured built-in matching gloves.

In real life, I carry a tourniquet, exam gloves and gauze everywhere I go.

I’ve had to use it before (the gloves and gauze, anyway), as a passer-by to an assault.

Because of the nastiness, Trump vowed to his supporters that the gloves were coming off, and there would be “no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

In fact, she made sure to use protective equipment during the dress-making process: rubber gloves, an eye mask, and a mouth mask.

From the get-go, it treats the messiest bits of life without kid gloves.

Wearing gloves, carefully place the SCOBY into the liquid.

“We won’t leave till they scrap the law,” said one young man wearing a black mask and gloves.

He won the Flint Golden gloves light heavyweight championship in 1955 and 1957.

Soldiers working in contaminated environments may don gear up to MOPP Level 4, which includes the JSLIST suit, boots, gloves, and a mask.

MOPP gloves are thick and unwieldy, making minute tasks “out of the question,” according to Tankersley.

Upgraded gloves alone would increase the ability of MOPP-suited soldiers to perform dexterity-intensive tasks.

TSA agents themselves can trigger false positives if they do not change their gloves between screenings.

He could wear wide receiver gloves sprayed with stickum for an entire quarter and nobody would notice the difference.

TSA agents themselves can trigger false positives if they do not change their gloves between screenings.

Anyway, here is Omarion in a vest and some driving gloves.

The Sydney-born, London-based, 53-year-old designer includes a leather coaster and white gloves with his design’s packaging.

You can eat things slathered in BUTTER without having to wear gloves.

Boxing in ancient Greece was a bloody sport, made bloodier and more brutal by the thin leather wraps that boxers wore as gloves.

“As I said in the last fight, right now I’ll put on the gloves again,” Álvarez responded.

What an emotional week, but on Instagram it was gloves off or whatever that saying is.

While I was pleased with how considerate Malcolm had been to bring gloves, I was horrified that he’d chosen white.

I guess you could wear gloves, but then the gloves would explode, so there you go.

Those gloves had patterns appear if the temp got cold enough.

The judge brings them to the center of the ring and checks their gloves.

But then they have to keep their hands warm enough that they can stop, drop their gloves, and shoot.

I’m handed wheelchair gloves and wheel around the inside of the hospital.

We’re told the team wears gloves so the evidence in question is not contaminated.

Taking over the neighborhood’s basketball court, Frasqueri dons pink boxing gloves for her own match, surrounded by a circle of her friends.

were to try on the famous gloves right there in the courtroom.

Unless you prefer to use your own gloves or microfiber cloths for drying and polishing, everything you need is included.

Working the wildcat against the Dolphins, Williams took the snap without wearing gloves.

That’s a difficult situation for any passer, and Stafford is doing his best to adjust, mostly by futzing with gloves.

Boxing superstar Andre Ward is officially hanging up his gloves — retiring from the sport after 32 straight victories.

When I got home, I rolled up my sleeves, slipped on some latex gloves, and opened the butcher’s bag.

Oh, not the giant shoulder pads, chest protectors or catching gloves.

Except for the rules, the referee and the equipment (boxing gloves were introduced in 1929), Muay Thai has changed little since then.

The NBC has produced Golden gloves champs: Joey Meuse, Jesus Ablan, Ashleigh Moore, Francis Scata.

It’ll be cold so make sure to pack any hats, gloves, blankets, etc.

Nathan is a Newton firefighter and a former Golden gloves champ.

You have 16 ounce gloves or, with me, I’ve got 18 to 20 ounce gloves.

Her hands swelled, a complication of high blood pressure, until she could no longer wear the center’s plastic gloves.

Then after Patrick Kane scored a goal, he sprinted over to Scott, dropped his gloves, and they engaged in fake fight.

With the boots, hat, sash, and gloves, his whole rig clocks in at 39.6 pounds.

Wear black unisex gloves.

Calvin Harris is taking the gloves off and lighting up Taylor Swift over his/her hit song, “This Is What You Came For.”

PRIDE Fighting Championships is blue gloves, 10-minute rounds, and referees handing out yellow cards.

Bundled in parkas, hats, scarves and gloves, protectors and allies huddled around one of two sacred fires Saturday morning.

Be sure to use gloves and disinfect your hands to prevent the spread of any bacteria from the animal.

Each training kit, including limb model, gauze, gloves and other supplies costs about $25, Andrade and her colleagues write in their report.

The get-up which renders one’s own body in virtual space includes dollar-store gloves with the middle two fingers cut off.

There’s a reason chemists wear goggles and gloves.

McGregor and Mayweather will wear 8-ounce gloves in the fight, not the 10-ounce gloves that are specified for the 154-pound weight class.

In theory, lighter gloves make for more powerful punches.

The NSAC voted unanimously to approve the gloves one day later.

Mayweather told ESPN yesterday that he wanted the lighter gloves for “more excitement, the fans want to see more blood.”

He agreed that it would also make McGregor feel comfortable since he usually fights in 4-ounce MMA gloves.

Each revitalized glove in Lost gloves is given a visual and contextual revamp.

The idea for Lost gloves came from the simple observation of NYC outsiders.

You can check out the full repertoire of Lost gloves, as well as background information in Portuguese here.

That’s 209 passes that have escaped black and silver gloves.

It is also a style which highlights the difference between fighting with big gloves, and fighting without.

Shorter punches which look like a flick of the wrist can become more authorative without the gloves on.

He put on a pink plastic apron, some rubber gloves, and filled a bowl with warm water.

One sculpture was dressed in his mom’s cardigan, old hair curlers for a nose, and yellow rubber gloves for hands.

The procedure should also be done over clothes with gloves.

The procedure should also be done over clothes with gloves.

Her new book Kid gloves comes out in February.

“Even if they were wearing gloves, the fumes would have killed them,” he said.

We put our helmets and gloves back on.

At Osan, soldiers in dress uniforms with white gloves slowly carried the 55 cases to waiting vans.

A Minority Report-style gestural interface could be on the horizon—but thankfully it might not require those gloves.

I brought no gloves for my frigid digits and my ears are damn near numb already.

I hope he has those smartphone gloves; they’re superb for multitasking.

I know many have to suffer for their art, but please, wear gloves.

Work gloves Good for cleaning up debris, and any of the many physical tasks you might have to do post-earthquake.

All I cae about is how the hell I can get my hands on some Louis Vuitton monogrammed boxing gloves.

They had gloves on there’s something in here and they tried to get me.

In May, the government began prohibiting key medical supplies from coming in — medical gloves, medical gauze, surgical gowns, eye drops, first aid kits.

Bigger than his puffy red gloves raised up in the sky as he stood over his fallen victims.

My gloves have worn down at the tips.

A collection of 15 NASA astronaut hand casts, originally used to tailor-make spacesuit gloves, mounted on plaques and decoratively gilded.

The driver, still wearing his black steering gloves, proceeds to wail on the dude repetitively and while seemingly also trying to restrain him.

Boxing gloves, heavy bags, and televisions acting as platforms for trophies and combat-born clay sculptures hang from chains affixed to the ceiling.

They also found a backpack with fur-covered gloves and a hunting knife.

LONDON (Reuters) – The gloves are off and the fight is on between Formula One title rivals Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

On Wednesday, South Carolina’s Republican senator Lindsey Graham — who has endorsed Jeb Bush — made it clear the gloves were about to come off.

“Bring your gloves and chill with us!

On Wednesday, South Carolina’s Republican senator Lindsey Graham — who has endorsed Jeb Bush — made it clear the gloves were about to come off.

“After seeing that sparring session, I don’t think the guy would win the New York City Golden gloves.

Wear closed-toe shoes, goggles, gloves, long sleeves, and a helmet.

Footage shows that the team used store-bought dishwashing gloves to handle the buckets, and moved the rocks onto a truck with a mop handle.

The North Face promises it “will redefine the future of technical outerwear” when it debuts the material this fall in pants, coats, and gloves.

Roni Horn photographs the gifts she has received over the years: a pair of leather gloves, an empty ceramic bowl, a watch.

(You are wearing gardening gloves while doing heavy yard work, right?)

To protect yourself from dirt, thorns, chemicals, and other irritants; you need a good pair of gardening gloves.

SL: Yes, I definitely put the gloves on.

He was light on his feet and carried hammers under his gloves.

In another image from the same session, Louis is hunched over, his gloves off, the wounds of previous matches seeming to haunt his face.

But under these rules fighters must wear modified MMA gloves.

Calvert immediately threw off his gloves and fell to his hands and knees, leaking out a bloody puddle on the ice below.

The gloves are slightly more padded than what you would see in the UFC, due to the increased emphasis on striking.

We were first introduced to Muay Thai in MMA gloves by John Wayne Parr and his Australia promotion, Caged Muay Thai.

I found K-1 style fights, but everyone was wearing boxing gloves.

Muay Thai is everything you see in MMA striking anyway, with knees and elbows, just add the cage and small gloves.”

“I’ve had over 120 fights in normal gloves.

A woman gave me a pair of gloves.

gloves up, knees bent.

You get a bucket, you put the weed in there, you put your gloves on, you put the dry ice on top.

But as The Verge points out, VR gloves aren’t the best hand tracking option out there.

It’s also advisable to wear gloves when handling the nicotine, as it can cause serious skin irritation if it gets on you.

Wear fingerless black leather gloves.

He had ammunition, a knife, rope, and gloves in his car when he was apprehended.

But when his cell opened, he recalled, two officers wearing black leather gloves rushed in and rained down blows on him.

And of course, Jackson style hats and gloves in their matching outfits, just to make sure you didn’t miss the reference.

I saw an image of a woman wearing boxing gloves and thought, ‘OK, that’s an option.’

Both competitors will be wearing headgear, shin guards, knee pads, and gloves with thicker padding.

“Luxury used to be one thing to one person but it’s no longer about white gloves and white tablecloths.

(“”WHOAHOAH / Everyone was wearing fingerless gloves,” for example).

During a recent debate, he donned boxing gloves.

Ending your professional career in the place you begun is often a fitting way to hang up the gloves.

Or maybe you’re wearing gloves and your adventurous streak doesn’t extend to frostbite and hospital visits.

The unit features a couple of oversized buttons to make it easy to operate while wearing gloves, too, which is a nice touch.

We sorted—with no gloves or masks, as was the norm back then.

He is wearing surgical gloves.

Bell’s teammate Charlie Bourgeois races in for the fight, and the gloves come off.

Flood, one of the great outfield gloves of all time, misread it and broke in; it went over his head.

DAISY: Sisqo is wearing white leather studded gloves, with just two fingers, like a hoof.

We can wear gloves.

After Julian Edelman made that INSANE catch at Super Bowl 51, he gave the gloves he was wearing to someone very special …

They feature classic stock images like “man at desk frustrated with technology” and “mature business man with boxing gloves fighting co-worker” plastered on T-shirts.

I usually go through a pair of gloves a season.

They’ve had gloves and hats from officials.

Kim also rocked the feline theme head-to-toe on Tuesday … equipped with matching gloves and boots.

We would wear gloves to hide our hands and use tricks to get away with wearing as much makeup as possible.

In the kitchen they found a blender, a whisk, pots, gloves, towels, paper napkins, peroxide, and oils.

In the kitchen they found a blender, a whisk, pots, gloves, towels, paper napkins, peroxide, and oils.

A suit and tie for the men and knee-length dresses, gloves and hats for the ladies.

You’ve never used gloves on them before, said Diana.

Bottom line: Boxers willingly — often happily – step directly into harm’s way each time they lace up their gloves.

I threw lone gloves out with near drunken abandon,” she writes.

“We won’t leave till they scrap the law,” said one young man wearing a black mask and gloves.

Wearing these gloves, you can draw, type on a virtual keyboard, and even shoot webs like Spider-Man.

It looks like the gloves have a slim form-factor.

Notably, the rig appears to employ OptiTrack Prime 17W cameras to sense the gloves’ position, rather than an Oculus-built sensor system.

This could allow Oculus to more rapidly test the gloves at a lower cost than if it tried to build the cameras too.

Oculus previously acquired hand-tracking startup Pebbles Interfaces, which was developing technology that could aid in the creation of VR gloves.

Plenty of other VR hardware companies have worked on haptic and trackable gloves.

Dexta Robotics’ Dexmo gloves look like mechanical exoskeletons that fit over your hands.

I found some gloves to hide her hands, which were too hairy to look like mine.

The guy with the blonde hair and white gloves is gonna be all over it.

Now 25-14, it might be time for the former champ to hang up the gloves.

I’ve got gloves, but what I’ve just learned is all the waste that goes out there.

He had come up in the sport of boxing with gloves and rounds, and he developed a style suited to this.

There are knit-alongs for chunky cowls and cute fingerless gloves.

It likely won’t just be Virginia that takes the gloves off, Rankin tells Axios.

It was a cold, windy day, and she soon offered me her gloves, noticing my freezing hands.

With the stakes rising and no obvious winner, the gloves are off.

“Talking to you in English is like touching you with gloves.”

All over rural Thailand, fighters take up gloves with high frequency, especially during the holiday seasons.

Hitler m​ustache, bow-tie, leather gloves.

“Celebrities were treated with kid gloves and were virtually untouchable,” Smith told reporters.

I spend over a hundred dollars on gloves every year.

The gloves I wear are band gloves that have little grips on them.

To find out, the scientists outfitted 30 subjects with special gloves to track the fine movements of their hands while they performed coordination tasks.

Under the ABO’s codification, wheelchair bouts take place over three three-minute rounds with fighters wearing head guards and 12oz gloves.

The hedgehog now wore white gloves, Mickey Mouse style, and red running shoes with white socks.

Contractors were also less likely to give undocumented immigrants safety equipment, such as gloves, masks, and goggles.

He took a wide step back, put his gloves down, stuck his tongue out like the Joker from Batman.

After his first harvest, he learned to wear gloves.

The Netherlands’ King Willem Alexander attended the opening and donned gloves to run his hand through a container of larvae.

But every good fighter knows when to hang up the gloves.

Methot was clearly wearing gloves, and hockey players get whacked all the time without any appendages being severed.

These heat resistant cooking gloves let you get close to your food when you need to without burning your hands.

Cut-resistant gloves

At four times stronger than leather, these cut-resistant gloves take the blood, sweat, and tears out of cooking.

The boxing gloves worn by Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston during the 1965 rematch fight were sold for nearly $1 million.

Out of it stepped a heavily made-up woman in a black leather coat, black leather gloves, black felt hat, and silk scarf.

There’s latex in a lot of medical equipment, but the biggest problem was gloves.

Rises in HIV and hepatitis during the ’80s led to increased use of latex gloves, to protect healthcare workers from infection.

The gloves not only contained high amounts of allergenic protein, but were lubricated with cornstarch powder, which turned them into airborne allergy bombs.

In response, many hospitals banned latex balloons, and some medical facilities have switched to latex-free gloves or make latex-safe procedures available to patients.

Wearing rubber gloves, Kerkhoff contemptuously produced the defendants’ property that had been held as evidence.

Her gloves were so old and worn that there were holes in the fabric and along the seams where the threads had come loose.

But Kardashian’s got gloves on, so there’s some sort of arm/wrist coordination at play in both looks.

Workers complain they don’t have basic equipment such as boots, gloves and helmets.

gloves were changed.

Right — thus this fireproof, thermally insulated box-within-a-box-within-a-box, complete with safety gloves to wear while handling the phone.

So why the gloves?

Only now, the gloves are completely off.

Something that was a bit like Karate but with boxing gloves and no white pajama suits, right?

Ronnie Green hung up his gloves in 2002 after a fight career dating back to 1979.

Instructions suggest you apply a “generous amount” once a day, then put on some cotton gloves and sit around to let it really absorb.

You use gloves and we don’t have a deep fryer or hot oil around.”

Points for inventive use of boxing gloves.

Whether he was asking me questions—he was endlessly curious—or watching me Velcro his gloves for him in his private gym, his eyes spoke.

In a sea full of (typically black) hats, scarves, gloves, coats, and boots, standing out requires creativity and skill.

She continued into the damning statement that there are no gloves in MMA.

Not only is this false, if you are arguing in favor of more protection for the brain, no gloves would be a good thing.

gloves too add weight to blows, but also allow fighters to throw with more force without fear of injuring their fingers.

The West could strike back in kind once it was willing to take off the virtual gloves.

Sharoff says that dry brushing before you shower, or using exfoliating gloves or a cloth in the shower are your best bets.

He adds that in most instances, police can just wear gloves or wash their hands.

He adds that in most instances, police can just wear gloves or wash their hands.

By 2016, you have Sanders and especially Clinton treating the other candidate with kid gloves.

Animators had a few tricks up their slee … er, gloves.

The workers don gowns, gloves, and hair nets before entering the mixing room.

He put his gloves back on and held the ladder while his dad drove in the nails.

I personally like my Marmot Randonnee gloves as they have a moisture-wicking liner and cinch close at their opening to keep driving winds out.

McLean, the bad sport, cried foul arguing that his gloves had been tampered with.

The doctor was supervising, and Dallas didn’t even wear gloves.

Bradshaw made the mistake of nutting McLean as they touched gloves.

The prosecution finds a receipt that proves Nicole bought the gloves found at the crime scene and Rockingham.

“The gloves…the gloves are our conviction,” Marcia Clark (Sarah Paulson) says excitedly.

Robert Kardashian (David Schwimmer) assures him there’s no proof that they’re the same gloves.

Pretty soon, it won’t matter that there aren’t any other suspects, though, because they’ve got those gloves.

What he means by “it,” though, is having Simpson try on the gloves found at Bundy, the murder scene, and Rockingham (Simpson’s house).

“We have his gloves with all the DNA, everybody’s blood, the fibers…all of it.

Shapiro is handling it for the defense, and he tries on the gloves himself while the trial is in recess.

If you don’t ask him to try on the gloves, I will,” Bailey tells Darden.

Darden completely disregards what Clark tells him and asks that Simpson try on the gloves.

Simpson is given latex gloves to put on underneath the leather gloves from Bundy and Rockingham, which of course make his hands even larger.

When he goes to don the leather gloves, he cannot get them on either hand.

“These gloves are too small, too tight: won’t fit,” Simpson notes, holding his outstretched hands up for the jury to see.

Of the infamous move to ask Simpson to try on the gloves, Clark denies responsibility.

And the worst thing about it is their inclination to treat him with kid gloves makes a lot of sense.

The studio filed legal docs to secure “Holly Golightly” for use on purses, parasols, gloves, coats and a bunch of other bougie gear.

He’s not even the cop who entered the gloves into evidence.

Texting gloves

Most of us are guilty of texting while walking, even in the wintertime.

gloves usually get in the way of texting, but these don’t.

They avoid synthetics because they melt in the intense heat and wear gloves to protect their hands from sharp volcanic rock and glass.

I mean gloves flying everywhere, fists of fury.

Dude was a Golden gloves champ … so never say never.

He still doesn’t wear batting gloves.

Add a pair of nitrile gloves, too.

The boys entered the ring, performed their wai kru, and touched gloves.

Bring an extra pair of nitrile gloves, and an extra gauze pad or cravat you can toss to someone.

We can’t come out of the Golden gloves and just go into MMA.

They like to say you can set it up in freezing weather with gloves on in 5 to 10 seconds.

Well the hand thing, of course the gloves.

Right, right, right, and they did handle with the kid gloves, it was astonishing.

Anyway, not only did you have to dress up, but they made women wear white gloves for no reason.

One week, I realized right as my carpool arrived that I had NO IDEA where my white gloves were.

And even after his mythical career met a grim end, he kept on fighting without lacing up his gloves.

Wear gloves if possible.

Within a year, he’d won the Chicago Golden gloves, and had dropped out of DuSable High School to focus entirely on fighting.

I would imagine that a lot of boys went into the Police Athletic League and the Golden gloves hoping to become the next Bratton.

It’s being called the Brooklyn brawl and the night the gloves came off.

He then calmly slips his hands into his gloves and goes back to work.

Not to be outdone … Bella wore some lace bottoms and slipped on some sheer gloves.

As you quickly cover those wet hands again, your gloves will get soaking wet and freeze in turn.

Most gloves come in small, medium, large, and extra-large, and will run you around $10 per 100 count.

Importantly, the gloves do not provide any motion tracking, so they might not work very well with motion-connected controllers like those for the Vive.

I saw him putting on a gas mask and gloves up to his elbows, and I thought, this seems bad.

But I want to see more than the gloves and the physical exterior.

From Goddard, he received a handful of warnings for grabbing his opponent’s gloves, which resulted in a third-round point deduction.

K-1 was grooming him to get him into the professional ring and fighting with gloves.

The show’s writing for its political guests tends to wear the very gentlest of kid gloves.

Plus, thank God, James F. has brought boxing gloves to show her more about his personality.

Are the workers wearing gloves as they are swapping food out?

One glittering orb from the disco decade of wide collared shirts and flared boxing gloves was Poot Lorlek.

When necessary, we’ll also wear masks and gloves.

Poot Lorlek hung up the gloves and shin pads in 1977.

He was actually a Golden gloves fighter as far as the story goes.

Its gloves have been worn by baseball greats like Roberto Clemente and Mickey Mantle.

“We took the white gloves from behind the scenes to the forefront,” Pritchard said.

No gloves were involved this time.

If you get a pair of boxing gloves on, then it seems more civilized.

The beauty mogul also said that white lint is the result of gloves.

I went through the trailer looking for gloved hands, and all the shots of Rey are bare-handed: But you know who is wearing gloves?

And maybe Rey will don gloves at some point.

Now, Goldin Auctions has obtained the gloves Rizzo and Byrant used … which are now both SIGNED AND INSCRIBED by the Cubs superstars.

He puts on the gloves and everything, and she just kicks his ass.

It forbids smoking, says women should be veiled and wear gloves, and bans men from Western-style dress including jeans and logos.

So really, the weed gloves were an incredibly on-brand, and much appreciated, gift for the two.

In the kitchen they found a blender, a whisk, pots, gloves, towels, paper napkins, peroxide, and oils.

Here’s the basket of condoms and rubber gloves.

Darden famously came up with the plan to have Simpson try on the gloves in court … which, of course, backfired on the prosecution.

When a user signs with the gloves on, each letter in the ASL alphabet results in a different combination of electrical resistance.

I also wore plastic eye goggles and sterile gloves.

(Gonzalez recommended the nitrile gloves, which were softer than the latex gloves.)

“Restocking gloves, restocking shoe covers, making sure chemical waste is picked up—it’s not the most exciting thing,” she said.

Mayweather knocks the whole pile over with his gloves.

After his decisive loss to Maia, his choosing to hang up the gloves seems like an even more likely possibility.

“He’s got pop,” said Rosinsky, a four-time Golden gloves winner and 2005 U.S. amateur champion who Smith has always admired.

Instead of Smith, Stevenson will face 35-year-old Long Island native Seanie Monaghan (28-0, 17 KOs), whom Smith beat in the 2008 Golden gloves Finals.

The arrests follow an ongoing connection made by local authorities across the US linking drug use and rave accessories, including glowsticks and LED gloves.

Or they’ll play with my gloves when I take them off to sign in.

The response is apparently something that boxers will commonly say when asked about hanging up the gloves.

“I can’t believe you don’t wear gloves or anything,” she said, looking at my knuckles.

Maybe I should start wearing gloves, I thought.

Some of the ladies don fancy, hot-pink CrossFit gloves as we walk onto the mats.

No bids had yet been received for the gloves, which are expected to sell for more than $1 million, Goldin said.

Minimum bids were set at $5,000 for the jockstrap and $250,000 for the gloves.

“Similar (Ali) gloves have sold in the millions,” Goldin said.

A videotape from the crime scene appeared to show LAPD criminalist Dennis Fung collecting a piece of evidence without wearing gloves.

The other key point of the episode is the courtroom scene when Simpson tried on the gloves in question.

Clark says in the documentary that she tried to convince fellow prosecutor Chris Darden not to ask Simpson to try on the gloves.

Clowns are a terrifying breed, known to get drunk and brandish machetes, attack innocent bystanders with Freddy Krueger gloves, or even commit cold-blooded murder.

The experience begins in an air-conditioned reception room where staff hand out thermal hooded coats and gloves.

If Rousey were to hang up the gloves, however, the women’s bantamweight division would be forced to trundle on without her.

Basically, I should have worn gloves because the sleeve of my coat was rubbing on my wrist, and it rubbed off the gel.

Yes, you will lose a measure of dexterity when choosing mittens versus gloves.

Using gloves if you have them, get your hands in there and squish away!

The Dutch-influenced style of kickboxing places a great deal of emphasis on simply getting the gloves up high and using an “earmuffs” guard.

He is a world class kickboxer, a two division Glory champion, but his defense still relies entirely on his stationary gloves stopping the blows.

Much of Saki’s game in the big gloves was built around flurrying and overwhelming his opponents with speed.

He stands accused of making sexual comments about students and inappropriately touching them without wearing medical gloves — including digitally penetrating them.

He stands accused of making sexual comments about students and inappropriately touching them without wearing medical gloves — including digitally penetrating them.

There are collages with pressed flowers, white gloves, sachets, locks of long and finely textured hair, a necklace with a key, folded fans.

Meanwhile, another effort, HoloSuit, spreads three dozen or more sensors across the body, including a jacket, pants and gloves.

The gloves are off!

The amount of fighting increased each year, to where, by 2006-07, the league averaged 4.45 fights per game, according to Drop Your gloves.

Why isn’t Aria wearing gloves when touching the stuff she wants to use to frame Elliott?

gloves drop at 8:05.”

Taking the spot kick himself, he chipped it nonchalantly into the keeper’s gloves.

You’ll also find new clothing elements just in time for the winter, such as gloves, scarf and trench coat.

You have to have a very proper fit in the spacesuit for their arms and the gloves and the legs.

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